Days Of Infamy

We did not commemorate last month’s Veterans Day. We just did not have the heart to do so. We thought of all the sacrifices by generations of Americans, especially our veterans, and tried to convince ourselves that it was all worth it. Was it? Look at how low our nation has fallen.

At Walter Reed National Medical Center those Americans that Obama despises as “clinging” to religion and guns were told “no Bibles.” At a time of great suffering and peril Walter Reed Medical Center bureaucrats told family members they could not bring Bibles to injured soldiers.

After protests the military bureaucrats rescinded the order banning Bibles or any other religious reading materials to loved ones injured in battle. The question that has to be asked is why such an order existed in the first place? What mentality is it, in the most powerful recesses of American government, that would ban ritual practices or readings that many who are in pain seek out?

Why deny the beautiful poetry found in the Bible to those in distress? Why deny believers the right to practice their religion and beliefs at a moment when even ardent atheists sometimes find solace and peace in religious devotions?

The wishes of believers and non-believers should be respected, especially at times of danger to life or limb. Proselytizers leaving unwanted materials might be a problem but to establish a policy banning all religious materials at a hospital is itself sick and betrays a contempt for beliefs many Americans “cling” to especially at desperate hours watching a loved one in pain or withering away. Why is this happening in America?

Today former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison because of his public corruptions. The previous governor of Illinois was sentenced to 6 years for his public corruptions. District Judge James Zagel on why he gave Blagojevich 14 years in prison:

“The sentence is the longest received by any Illinois governor and one of the longest for any politician in state history.

“When it is the governor who goes bad, the fabric of Illinois is torn and disfigured and not easily or quickly repaired,” U.S. District Judge James Zagel said in announcing how long Blagojevich should spend in prison after being convicted of 18 corruption charges that included attempting to sell or trade an appointment to fill the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by the election of President Barack Obama. “You did that damage.” [snip]

Just moments later, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald called the whole case “profoundly sad” and said having two Illinois governors convicted in a century is too many — let alone two in the past five years.

This has to stop,” Fitzgerald said of corruption in Illinois. He said stiff sentences for corruption “can and should change behavior in a significant number of people.” [snip]

The judge also issued fines and assessments totaling nearly $22,000. [snip]

But Zagel noted the damage caused by Blagojevich “is not measured in the value of money and property. The harm is the erosion of the public trust in government; [people’s] confidence in and trust in government.

Prosecutor Fitzgerald and Judge Zagel have done nothing to stop the corruption from erupting again in Illinois. Putting Blagojevich in prison will not deter the public corruption in Illinois.

Blagojevich has been turned into a pauper, that is all Fitzgerald and Zagel have achieved. Blagojevich does not have sufficient money to pay for his own lawyers nor does he have enough money to keep his house. But the more corrupt officials of Illinois will continue to live in splendor in their Rezko housing. The big crooks, the Jackels and Jekylls who made the money and got the property will continue to vacation in the White House in Washington and in the Rezko House of Hyde Park:

“Judge, the defendant is corrupt, he was corrupt the day he took office, he was corrupt until the day he was arrested,” Schar told Zagel. “Judge, the people have had enough. They have had enough of this defendant. They have had enough of people like him.

A message must be sent to the people of Illinois that when they are victimized by corruption — their frustration, their disappointment, their cynicism, their disenfranchisement from the political process, they’re being heard.

Chicago Clown

Blagojevich got caught and punished but the people of Illinois and America will continue to be “victimized by corruption” because Barack Obama remains at large. The corruptions continue to afflict. From the Rezko House to the White House, the corruptions paved the way:

“Charity Rorie, a mother of four, sat in her Mishawaka, Ind., kitchen, stunned that her name appeared on a 2008 Democratic presidential primary petition for then-candidate Barack Obama.

That’s not my signature,” she told Fox News, saying her signature is “absolutely” a fake. She also said she was troubled someone forged both her signature and that of her husband, Jeff, and listed personal details such as their address and birthdays.

“It’s scary,” Rorie said. “It’s shocking. It definitely is illegal. A lot of people have already lost faith in politics and the whole realm of politics, so that just solidifies all of our worries and concerns.”

Robert Hunter Jr. said his name was faked, too.

I did not sign for Barack Obama,” he told Fox News, adding his signature supporting the then-Illinois senator’s effort to get on the primary ballot was also a forgery.

As he examined the Obama petition he held in his hands, Hunter pointed out that “I always put ‘Junior’ after my name, every time … there’s no ‘Junior’ there.” He said the signature on the petition looks “very close” to his real one, but it clearly is not.

My wife and I actually signed a petition for Hillary Clinton,” he said.”

Corruption upon corruption upon corruption – the Obama way:

“The prospect that theirs are two of an estimated 150 signatures that may have been forged on the petitions has raised the question of whether President Obama actually reached the legitimate number of signatures needed to be placed on the ballot in Indiana. Under state law, presidential candidates need to file 500 signatures from each of the state’s nine congressional districts. Indiana election officials say that in St. Joseph County, the Obama campaign qualified with 534 signatures; Clinton’s camp had 704. The certified signatures were never challenged.

“I had always thought that, now-President Obama, had earned his victory in Indiana,” said the state’s Republican chairman, Eric Holcomb. “But then I quickly learned that he had cheated his way on to the ballot in the primary.

The allegations that election fraud touched a race for the highest office in the land are at the center of an investigation by St. Joseph County Attorney Michael Dvorak. He would not comment, but sources say the probe is gaining steam as prosecutors delve into the petitions that sailed through the St. Joseph County Voter Registration Board, located in South Bend. There have been reports that as many as seven people may have been involved in an alleged conspiracy to fake the petitions. [snip]

St. Joseph County Board of Voter Registration worker Dustin Blythe has reportedly been identified as having handwriting that matches the writing on some of the suspect Obama petitions. The South Bend Tribune and the political newsletter Howey Politics Indiana hired a handwriting analyst who examined the documents and says Blythe’s writing can be found on “nine suspicious pages from the Obama petition,” according to the newspaper. [snip]

Blythe’s LinkedIn profile describes him as a “government employee” who is also an “independent contractor/volunteer at Indiana Democratic Party” and a St. Joseph County Democratic Party “volunteer.” His Facebook page includes a photograph of him taken with former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards.”

It was, by all appearances, a “widespread, systematic organized effort by Democrat operatives to cheat the system by forging names of, especially Democrat voters, to put Barack Obama on the presidential ballot for the Democratic presidential primary in 2008.

The corruption will continue until the corrupt are put in prison:

“But voters like Charity Rorie say they feel victimized and are fearful of the message that the scandal sends across the country.

“We have a generation that’s behind us who is not very faithful in making sure that they vote,” she lamented. “I think this isn’t going to help the situation.

“I think that if we need to continue with our children the way that America is supposed to work, then I think it needs to be done correctly.”

Disrespect for the values and institutions of many Americans, public corruptions both punished and unpunished, and the betrayal of friends are the hallmarks in this Age of Fake and Days of Infamy:

“Two of the Democratic Party’s core institutions are challenging a bipartisan consensus on Israel and Palestine that has dominated American foreign policy for more than a decade. [snip]

Events of recent years such as GOP attacks on Obama as insufficiently loyal to Israel, Israel’s controversial raid on a Turkish ship bound for Gaza and debates over the Iranian nuclear program have deepened the divide between some on the Democratic left and the party’s mainstream foreign policy apparatus.

“Like segregation in the American South, the siege of Gaza (and the entire Israeli occupation, for that matter) is a moral abomination that should be intolerable to anyone claiming progressive values,” wrote Matt Duss, a CAP policy analyst and the director of Middle East Progress, last year, after an Israeli raid on a flotilla challenging the blockade of Gaza turned violent.”

That America would even think of abandoning Israel is an Obamination. That anyone doubts Iranian intentions of another holocaust against American ally Israel as well as opposition to American ideals and values is madness. The Obama Dimocratic Left is crazed and dangerous:

“But that more liberal stream of foreign policy thinking, in exile in the Clinton years, was vindicated for some Democrats when its leading voices opposed President Bush’s war in Iraq – a position the rest of the party came to late if at all. And CAP’s new views are, Duss said, in part generational.

“I’m really interested in the way in which America’s experience in the Middle East in the last decade has informed this younger generation of analysts and journalists and veterans,” he said.” [snip]

And Rosenberg told POLITICO that his cadre of writers is looking less to sway votes on Capitol Hill today than to shift the Democratic Party’s conversation and its younger generation. [snip]

But the new tone in Washington is also one that straightforwardly pro-Palestinian voices see as a welcome change, if one that has yet to be accompanied by a shift in American policy.

“What is actually happening is that the discourse that lot of people in the Palestine solidarity community and activists have been engaging in is starting to break down the walls of the Washington bubble,” said Ali Abunimah, a longtime activist and the co-founder of the site Electronic Intifada. “But political intimidation from Israel’s supporters is still a much more powerful force than any change in thinking at the CAP.”

These people are crazed and dangerous. They were kept in a cage when Bill and Hillary Clinton were in the White House. Now, with Obama skewing the rudder, they are uncaged and wild.

They are also deceptive. Recent remarks by Hillary Clinton are twisted to appear to support them. But Hillary Clinton’s remarks in a question and answer session at the Saban Center are the product of hearsay and distortion. Because the Hillary remarks are not direct quotes they are difficult to confirm, condemn or condone. [We will discuss these issues in our next article.]

As the world collapses, almost as if by design not accident, what does Barack Obama do? V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N. 17 days vacation. That is until Willard Mitt Romney stood up:

“President Obama is not vacationing in Hawaii with his wife and children while the extension of the payroll tax holiday remains in limbo, and has warned GOP congressional leaders to stay in town as well.

Obama had planned to fly to Hawaii with his family on Dec. 17 and stay there through New Year’s.

After getting ripped by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney over his vacation plans, Obama told Senate Democratic leaders Wednesday that he will stay in town until Congress finishes work on the payroll tax holiday, unemployment benefits and other issues. [snip]

“I just think it’s time to have a president those idea of being ‘hands on’ doesn’t mean getting a better grip on the golf club,” Romney told potential caucus voters in Iowa.”

Hooray for Romney!

* * * * * *

So, has it been worth it? Is there cause to believe that America might be worth fighting for? Was it worth it veterans? Seventy years later, do we fight on? Will the nation recover from these Days of Infamy the way it recovered from that long ago Day of Infamy?

Yes, it is worth the fight. Yes, there are reasons to believe America will come out of these days of infamy. Step One is remove Barack Obama and his Obama Dimocratic Party from power. That is happening as more and more Americans see things our way:

“President Obama and his re-election team have prided themselves on their well-oiled get-out-the-vote effort. But a new study from the centrist think tank Third Way suggests Democrats are losing ground organizationally in nearly all of the key battleground states in the general election.

The group’s analysis found that, in the eight politically-pivotal states that register voters by party, a significant number have left the Democratic party since 2008, with many choosing to register as independents. Over 825,000 registered Democrats in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina and Pennsylvania have departed the party rolls since President Obama’s election in 2008, a much more significant share than the number of Republicans (378,000) who have done the same. Meanwhile, the number of registered independents has ticked upwards by 254,000.”

Who do you think leads that exodus from the Obama Dimocratic crackpot party of treachery and corruption? It’s Hillary Clinton Supporters that’s who. As Obama disapproval is over 50% in the Gallup polls, hope rises in America for a new day.

That new day is less than a year away.


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    “If our fashion-conscious president still finds the time to read the lad-mags, December’s GQ had to hurt.

    Obama made the magazine’s list of “The 25 Least Influential People Alive,” along with Tiger Woods’s ex-caddie, the prosecutor who couldn’t convict Casey Anthony, and MTV tart Tila Tequila.

    Obama “should be the most transformational figure of the century,” GQ carped, “Instead, he wields all the power of a substitute teacher at night school.” [snip]

    The “thrill up my leg” is gone for MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. Obama has “the worst kind of a notion of the presidency,” the Hardball host railed recently: “Why are we in this fight with him? Just tell us, commander, give us our orders and tell us where we’re going, give us the mission.”

    Sigh. Where to begin? It’s absurd to complain that Obama – who can launch wars without congressional approval and assassinate American citizens via drone strike, a man who sits atop an executive branch of 2.1 million civilian employees claiming authority over everything from how much salt we ingest to what sort of light bulbs we’re permitted to use – is powerless.

    And it’s utterly perverse for anyone – let alone a journalist – to address a politician as “commander” and beg him for marching orders.

    Obama’s current difficulties were entirely predictable, however. It isn’t just that he’s been a terrible president, it’s that no earthly figure could deliver the miracles he promised: among other things, “a complete transformation of the economy, “care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless,” to “end the age of oil in our time,” begin to heal the very planet and, perhaps most unrealistically, “fundamentally change the way Washington works.”

    Like they say, though, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Since Obama has stoked irrational public expectations for presidential salvation in virtually every public policy area, it’s hard to feel sorry for him.

    Yet some folks manage the feat. That’s apparent from an article called, “The Carterization of Barack Obama” in the new issue of Esquire. (Some guys peruse the lad-mags for the racy pictures; I read them for the articles).

    In it, Charles P. Pierce argues that: “The problem with redemptive presidents is that, invariably, they call upon the country to be as good and decent a place as they described when they were running. They ask for sacrifice, for putting ” aside party for the national good.”

    Alas, “They then discover that the country isn’t as good or decent as they had been saying it was …. The redemptive president is caught then,” Pierce said.

    Obama’s problems are all our fault, you see. If only we were good enough to deserve him!”

  2. “So, has it been worth it? Is there cause to believe that America might be worth fighting for? Was it worth it veterans? Seventy years later, do we fight on? Will the nation recover from these Days of Infamy the way it recovered from that long ago Day of Infamy?”

    I agree, it was worth it.

    Again, I’d like to thank ABM90 for his service to the country, not only 70 years ago but today on this great blog.

  3. Thanks Basil and all for your kind words.I still beleive it was worth it all.This is a great country and it is important that we clean out the infestation of crooked politicians the system and the parties.Start from scratch if we lets get to work

  4. Busy Busy Busy.

    The First Lady of The World never stops serving her country.This Was todays schedule.

    Public Schedule
    Washington, DC

    December 7, 2011

    Secretary Clinton is on foreign travel to Geneva, Switzerland and Brussels, Belgium. She is accompanied by Assistant Secretary Posner, Assistant Secretary Gordon, Assistant Secretary Countryman, Acting Assistant Secretary Robinson and Policy Planning Director Sullivan. Click here for more information.
    10:25 a.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton delivers the U.S. national statement to the Biological Weapons Convention Review Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.
    10:55 a.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton delivers remarks at the plenary session of UNHCR 60th Anniversary Ministerial in Geneva, Switzerland.
    3:05 p.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton meets with Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Brussels, Belgium.
    3:30 p.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton participates in the NAC working session on Balkans and Kosovo, at NATO in Brussels, Belgium.
    5:30 p.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton participates in the NAC working session on Russia, Missile Defense, and Deterrence Posture Review, at NATO in Brussels, Belgium.
    7:45 p.m. Secretary Clinton and Slovak Foreign Minister Mikulas Dzurinda sign the U.S.-Slovak Joint Action Plan to Combat Nuclear Smuggling in Brussels, Belgium.
    8:15 p.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton attends dinner with Foreign Ministers Mikulas Dzurinda in Brussels, Belgium.

  5. WTF Blago got 14 years and his buddy Baracko got the Oval office for much, much worse.

    One man cusses and says Obama’s seat should be worth something golden, like a job for his wife, donations or some other pipe dream – he hurts no one but gets his life, finances and family ruined and 14 years in prison.

    The other man is protected by erasing his entire past, never worked a real job in his life, got a free ride to the best University…all the way to a (possible, but who has seen the proof) Ph. D., steals a primary election by thuggary and bribes, sits on his ass as the US President and doesn’t earn a day of his keep.

    Bring on the election, I am ready to vote for the devil himself – to get this fraud out!!!!!!

  6. admin
    December 7th, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    Great article, admin-

    Thanks for posting it.

    Finally the country is seeing it our way.

    We’ve waited long enough for the fence sitters to admit to calling a spade a spade!

  7. After protests the military bureaucrats rescinded the order banning Bibles or any other religious reading materials to loved ones injured in battle. The question that has to be asked is why such an order existed in the first place? What mentality is it, in the most powerful recesses of American government, that would ban ritual practices or readings that many who are in pain seek out?


    This brought tears to my eyes…beautifully stated.

  8. admin
    I am still worried about new media. Google owns youTube and bambi has a bromance facebook founder, yahoo never has a negative waffles trending story but each and everytime he does not pee on the seat it is front and center home page.
    Google/Facebook?Yahoo/AP/msnbc/cnn/ abc/cbs/mbc love the guy. How do you do combat?

  9. Sorry Mrs Smith but the fact that Bill would even sit down with that pack of bambi cheerleaders negates any message he might send. joyless and whoops championed the fraud in 08 and now the has beens are stuck with him. Believe my corn flakes posses more critical thinking than that panel combined. idiots.

  10. The usurper in the WH is a muslim. That fact explains everything – the change in attitude towards Israel; the ban on Bibles and so very much more.

    I don’t know why folks are so hesitant to believe it.

  11. henry,

    One of Bill Clinton’s talents, as the greatest politician in our life time, is sitting down and talking to people who are from an opposing camp. He was smart enough to publish a book, “Back to Work”, a virtual road-map for righting the economy pulling the country back from the abyss putting people back to work. The nexus of his book states that the housing market has to be stabilized and resolved once and for all. The damage done by the financial crisis to the home mortgage industry has to be healed once and for all. What he hasn’t come right out and said is- Obama isn’t doing what he should to heal those wounds. Obama has abandoned the people most affected by this crisis. I suggest you buy his book and read it for a greater understanding of the applications he suggests in it how the president is an integral part of why the economy is stalled because he is not involved in finding solutions with Congress to the problems facing suffering Americans. Obama prefers blaming Congress for what is wrong with the country as part of his campaign strategy for re-election rather than doing what needs to be done for the people and grow the economy.

    In the video interview I posted, Whoppi Goldberg poses a similar question to BC and he responds with what I’ve written above. The take away from the interview is Goldberg is still supporting Obama, who by and large, (i) refuses to do his job or (ii) doesn’t know how to fix it, or (iii) doesn’t care enough to do anything about it and is only concerned about maintaining his own job. Now anyone with an ounce of brains can see he left Goldberg nowhere to run especially running to the racist chant that we are blaming Obama for what is wrong with the country because of his skin color.

    There are two more parts to the interview that should be viewed to get a better feel of what he said overall rather than the cherry picked minutes chosen in the interview I posted… In the two part interview, BC gets no backtalk from Bahar or Goldberg defending Obama. The “he’s doing the best he can” excuse has gone by the wayside because deep down they know if Bill Clinton knows the way out of this mess, then why isn’t Obama taking his advise.

  12. Leanora
    I do not believe he is a muslim per se. I think he harbors great disdain for the typical white working American as do most of his cohorts. Typical white working class couple that gets up and does what they were taught is the right thing(working) is an anathema to that butt plug and his beard. Clinging to religion and guns statement said it all. i am not a christian as my little brain just can not fathom the concept of heaven or rationalize how a severely abused child who becomes a serial killer as an adult can be damned for eternity. Makes no sense to me. Did grow up hard core Catholic. I take issue with lot of stuff from the Vatican but I am so so grateful for the lessons I learned. Impulse control being the most poignant and responsibility not to mention obligation.

    For the record did Santa’s Workshop yesterday and teacher told me my little one is the most refreshing kid she has ever taught(Still think she and the system are a mud puddle) Lavished praise on the brat but the best was when she said she is “unbelievably kind” and aware of those around her. I replied well it’s easy to hurt others when you can’t feel pain. Guess she is not a Hall & Oats fan as she looked at me like I had uttered the most profound thing ever. little one is happy. I ask for nothing else.
    Smarty pants does throw me for a loop every once in awhile. I buy the museum package every year and we frequent them often. Took her to the Warhol Museum two weeks ago and she was not impressed. years old and her take was he was a mean unhappy man. Out of the mouths of babes.

  13. Mrs Smith
    Get what you are saying but I will never forget or forgive the manufactured obama adulation of 08. The coven on the view was a contributing factor. From their comfy million dollar seats they gambled with my nieces/nephews future. Degenerate pigs in my mind. This is not a game it is about the future. Incompetent talking heads having zero capacity for critical thought regurgitating axlerod talking points make me want to vomit.


    One of America’s largest newspaper publisher, MediaNews Group, has come up with an intriguing cost-saving plan.

    Three of its daily titles will stop publishing in print on Mondays later this month and take down paywalls on that day to enable readers to access their content online.

    The initiative is being tried at three California papers – The Reporter (Vacaville), Times-Herald (Vallejo) and Times-Standard (Eureka).

    In addition, three other titles in the state – the Oakland Tribune, The Argus (Fremont) and Daily Review (Hayward) – will no longer be delivered to homes on Mondays.

    But paywalls – using the metered model – will remain in place on other days of the week.

    John Paton, who became MediaNews Group chief executive in September, says he is still monitoring the company’s paywall “experiment” and has not yet decided whether they will stay in place.

    MediaNews Group owns 56 daily newspapers in 12 states.



  15. moononpluto
    unable to find the article but read that FOX is taking a bath by only allowing its content to be viewed online next day if you are a Dish subscriber. If not you have to wait seven days. Significant loss in 7 day adjusted ratings. Nielsen only tracks 7 days for advertising purposes. 18 to 34 is what advertisers want and that bracket is most likely to watch a show when they want to. Appointment TV is a thing of the past. Newspapers are in the same boat. They have to remodel or go under.Drudge makes a mint because he uses salacious tags to generate traffic

  16. henry:

    “From their comfy million dollar seats they gambled with my nieces/nephews future. Degenerate pigs in my mind. This is not a game it is about the future. Incompetent talking heads having zero capacity for critical thought regurgitating axlerod talking points make me want to vomit.”

    The coven as you call them including Bwabwa Walters, as we know, were all in for Obama. Now they have to face their audience on a daily basis and look like stupid fools for letting Goldberg and Bahar talk them into supporting Obama because he’s black and and they wanted change… (I guess change from white to black)

    It’s our future and the futures of all our/the children and grandchildren that are at stake if Obama is re-elected. Because of BC’s appearance on the View, I can’t think how they are going to reconcile Clinton’s explaining how jobs can be created and the economy fixed against Obama’s complacency for doing just that and support his re-election at the same time? Can you?

  17. Mrs Smith
    I get it. Just abhor seeing him slumming with those gas bags. Makes me see red. Think baba wawa is a caricature of her former self, behar is a painfully unfunny comic. shepherd doesn’t even warrant a blip. Once upon a time(2007) I held tremendous respect for Whoopie. Early on she even brought a sense of reason to the show with regards to HRC. Then I guess she took a huge swig of kool-aid and never looked back. Odd because I think she is a person in recovery.

  18. Don’t believe he’s a Muslim either. He’s an Obamaist; believes in himself and whatever is convenient at the time to further his own interests.

  19. Never ceases to confound me that a poor white person with idiosyncratic language is a joke but a poor black person using comparable or same words is cultural. Poor is poor. Bad grammar is bad grammar. Melatonin has dick to do with it.
    off topic where is HillaryforTexas. loved reading her comments but haven’t seen her in awhile.

  20. henry
    December 8th, 2011 at 7:38 am

    Mrs Smith
    I get it. Just abhor seeing him slumming with those gas bags. Makes me see red. Think baba wawa is a caricature of her former self, behar is a painfully unfunny comic. shepherd doesn’t even warrant a blip. Once upon a time(2007) I held tremendous respect for Whoopie. Early on she even brought a sense of reason to the show with regards to HRC. Then I guess she took a huge swig of kool-aid and never looked back. Odd because I think she is a person in recovery.

    I feel as you do towards the panel on the View- I’ve only watched the show once or twice if Hillary was a guest or someone I was interested in knowing more about.

    Getting back to the point. This is the brilliance of Bill Clinton. He left them stuck in a corner where there is no excuse for the way Obama is running the country and he did it without going into an emotional melt down saying anything like… “Well, you could have had Hillary but you tossed her over for an unknown all because of the color of his skin…” Actually making fools out them on tv.. He didn’t do it- He came to them book in hand with published plans to rectify the mess Obama has made of the economy and basically, the whole country. That takes a certain kind of patient determination and commitment to what you believe laying your thoughts on the line in print for anyone to challenge or question. I can’t think of anyone else at the moment that could duplicate his style of political warfare that can change someone’s thinking within a 30 min time frame. I can only imagine how he feels wishing it were him facing Obama in a Primary for the democratic nomination… facing him in a series of debates as a formidable opponent instead of Romney or Gingrich. Clinton would make mince meat out that poser in a heart beat.

    This is beginning to look like the tale of The Three Bears.. Gingrich is too hard, Romney too soft and Hillary would be just right! If only we could have a do-over, Hillary would win hands down.

    ps- I loved your comments about your little sweetheart taking her to the museum and your comments the other day about Christmas gifts for little ones even younger than the princess.

  21. Mrs Smith
    The Clintons astound me. Single nurse mother. Rhodes scholar. midlle class girl. Secretary of State? My primary job in life is to give a little guidance to my pup. Love making up stories. Best way i know of to teach about repercussions to a child. Hill and Bill provide me with ample material with regards to a purpose driven life. baby girl loves the damsel in distress spiel promulgated by media, but that’s not what I want for her. Should she elect to be a stay at home mom making cookies I will grind my teeth to the gums but endure. Just wanna make damned sure she has options. She can be an astronaut. Only person telling her no might be a little voice inside her head and I will do my damnedest to out shout her innate insecurity.
    Anywho. I get why the first President Clinton did the view thing. Just wish he hadn’t.

  22. “I get why the first President Clinton did the view thing. Just wish he hadn’t.”

    Could it be he’s paving the way for Hilary should she accept a draft? Too hard to call at this point in time. I make it a practice of withholding judgement on people until I’m satisfied I have all the facts.

    BC has planted the seeds of thought in the heads of the wimmins on the View- Only one of them has to buy and read the book (I have it on my Kindle which, btw, I love-) and talk about it to the rest of them… and voila, he’s accomplished what he set out to do… change minds… Had he not taken the opportunity or created it… he would not have advanced one iota for the day… thats the name of the game. Even if he had to change one mind at a time, one day at a time, he would do it to get where he wants to be. His Clinton Global Initiative is so successful because he took an idea and turned it into action. People are calling him to join the project because they know how well received his brainchild has become over the years- and we know for a fact, success breeds success..

  23. Last night FOX had Ms Malkin on covering her new bTies to Barack Obama[edit] HistoryIn 1990, after Barack Obama was elected president of the Harvard Law Review, Rezmar Corp. offered him a job, which Obama turned down. Obama instead took a job with the firm of Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland,[29] which primarily worked on civil rights cases. The firm also represented Rezmar and helped the company get more than $43 million in government funding. The firm’s former senior partner, Allison S. Davis, later went into business with Rezko and, in 2003, was appointed to the Illinois State Board of Investment by Governor Blagojevich at Rezko’s request.[8][30] On July 31, 1995, the first ever political contributions to Obama were $300 from a lawyer, a $5,000 loan from a car dealer, and $2,000 from two food companies owned by Rezko.[31] Starting in 2003, Rezko was one of the people on Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign finance committee, which raised more than $14 million.[8] Rezko threw an early fundraiser for Obama that Chicago Tribune reporter David Mendelland claims was instrumental in providing Obama with seed money for his U.S. Senate race.[2] Obama in 2007-08 identified over $250,000 in campaign contributions to various Obama campaigns as coming from Rezko or close associates, and said that he donated almost two-thirds of that amount to nonprofit groups.[32][33]

    [edit] Real estate dealingsIn 2005 Obama purchased a new home in the Kenwood District of Chicago for $1.65 million (which was $300,000 below the asking price but represented the highest offer on the property) on the same day that Rezko’s wife, Rita Rezko, purchased the adjoining empty lot from the same sellers for the full asking price.[34] Obama acknowledged bringing his interest in the property to Rezko’s attention,[35] but denied any coordination of offers. According to Obama, while the properties had originally been a single property, the previous owners decided to sell the land as two separate lots, but made it a condition of the sales that they be closed on the same date. Obama also stated that the properties had been on the market for months, that his offer was the best of two bids, and that Ms. Rezko’s bid was matched by another offer, also of $625,000, so that she could not have purchased the property for less.[36]

    After it had been reported in 2006 that Rezko was under federal investigation for influence-peddling, Obama purchased a 10 foot (3.0 m) wide strip of Ms. Rezko’s property for $104,500, $60,000 above the assessed value.[8][34] According to Chicago Sun-Times columnist, Mark Brown, “Rezko definitely did Obama a favor by selling him the 10-foot strip of land, making his own parcel less attractive for development.”[37] Obama acknowledges that the exchange may have created the appearance of impropriety, and stated “I consider this a mistake on my part and I regret it.”[36]

    On December 28, 2006, Ms. Rezko sold the property to a company owned by her husband’s former business attorney. That sale of $575,000, combined with the earlier $104,500 sale to the Obamas, amounted to a net profit of $54,500 over her original purchase, less $14,000 for a fence along the property line and other expenses.[38][39] In October 2007, the new owners put the still vacant land up for sale again, this time for $1.5 million.[40]

    [edit] Obama’s lettersIn June 2007, the Sun-Times published a story about letters Obama had written in 1997 to city and state officials in support of a low-income senior citizen development project headed by Rezko and Davis. The project received more than $14 million in taxpayer funds, including $885,000 in development fees for Rezko and Davis. Of Obama’s letters in support of the Cottage View Terrace apartments development, Obama spokesman Bill Burton said, “This wasn’t done as a favor for anyone, it was done in the interests of the people in the community who have benefited from the project. I don’t know that anyone specifically asked him to write this letter nine years ago. There was a consensus in the community about the positive impact the project would make and Obama supported it because it was going to help people in his district.” Rezko’s attorney responded that “Mr. Rezko never spoke with, nor sought a letter from, Senator Obama in connection with that project.[41]

    In the South Carolina Democratic Party presidential debate on January 21, 2008, Senator Hillary Clinton said that Obama had been associated with Rezko, whom she referred to as a slum landlord.[42] The LA Times said that a review they did showed that Rezko played a deeper role in Obama’s political and financial biography than Obama had acknowledged.[43] Within days of the debate, a photo of Rezko posing with Bill and Hillary Clinton surfaced. When asked about the photo, Hillary Clinton commented “I probably have taken hundreds of thousands of pictures. I wouldn’t know him if he walked in the door.”[44]

    [edit] Ties to other politiciansTony Rezko’s first significant political act was hosting a fundraiser for Harold Washington during Washington’s successful campaign to become Chicago’s mayor.[5] He has since raised funds for many other politicians.[45] In addition to Blagojevich and Obama, prominent Democrats that Rezko or his company, Rezmar, have contributed money to, or fund-raised for, are Congressman Luis Gutierrez, a friend for over two decades,[46] Comptroller Dan Hynes, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn, former Chicago Mayors Daley and Washington, and former Cook County Board President John Stroger.[3] Rezko has also raised money for Republicans, including former Illinois Governors Jim Edgar and George Ryan.[2] The late Rosemont, Illinois, Mayor Donald Stephens and Rezko co-chaired a multimillion-dollar fund-raiser for President George W. Bush in 2003.[4][45]

    Rezko headed the 2002 campaign finance committee for Stroger. Stroger appointed Rezko’s wife, Rita, to the Cook County Employee Appeals Board, which hears cases brought by fired or disciplined workers. The part-time post pays $37,000 a year.[2] A Rezko company had a contract to maintain pay telephones at the Cook County Jail under Stroger. The Chicago Sun-Times puts Rezko’s contributions to Stroger at $148,300.[47]

    [edit] Referencesook about the Obama relationship with Tony Rezko and many Chicago racketeers that Obama has made his advisers and staff members.Criminal investigative
    journalist Evelyn Pringle of THe Tribune covered the entire trial and all the related Obama ties.It is not a pretty scenario.


  24. Mrs Smith
    Agree but i just can’t go for that(no can do) Sorry hall and Oates on the brain– by the way i think they originated twinkles up twinkles down in that video

  25. henry-

    making an appearance on a talk show can’t be equated to a ‘no can do’ proposal of marriage. gimme a break!

  26. ABM90
    December 8th, 2011 at 8:59 am

    Blagojevich should get 14 yrs in prison for facilitation of the plague he brought on this country…

  27. Corzine testifying on Capital Hill today- another distraction.. I bet the media… Obama’s media, will use the opportunity to draw Bill Clinton’s name into it for some supposed business deal. A smear a cometh!

  28. “The question that has to be asked is why such an order existed in the first place? What mentality is it, in the most powerful recesses of American government,…”

    Same thought occurred to me yesterday while driving. Pushed a radio button in my new car and on comes the hated MPR and this smartypants woman intervewing someone. She says: what is a congress critter to do when they believe they should vote a certain way on an issue and their constituents, who are mostly uninformed – not, however, her listeners, or follow their conscience? How do you think she wanted that question answered? And why did she want it answered that way? Where is her head, what is normal for her? Or “What mentality is it, in the most (not so) powerful recesses (of her mind).

    I tried to call in but got put on hold. Wanted to tell her that if a legislator wanted to vote in a way contrary to how the majority of their constituents wanted them to vote it was up to the legislator to come home, either physically or virtually, explain, debate, do what it takes to convince us he/she is right. But that would take work/effort and clear thinking on the part of the legislator as opposed to just following orders. And just might end up with an informed involved electorate – something they mean to avoid like the plague.

  29. Here’s a knock your socks off grand idea. One of the kid’s mother is in Afghanistan and his dad wants to buy chalk and have all of the kids at the school make a huge Merry Christmas card using the playground as a canvas that he will photograph from the roof. Email politely asked me if I would be willing to let my child participate. Pizza and games included. Asked for no money just participants. Uncomfortable that he had my email address and after the event takes place will get to the bottom of that as its my immediate family only addy and gave it only to the school for emergency purposes,

  30. heres something to chew on- it could be worthwhile if they can tie Obama and Holder for participation in the corruption like two peas in a pod Chicago style..In this article Issa sounds like a pussy prosecutor with his carefully chosen words…

    December 8, 2011

    DEA now laundering drug money

    Combating drug traffic requires the ability to track money.

    That is a given. After all, even Al Capone could only be brought down by following the money.

    We now have several news outlets reporting that the DEA has decided to be in the business of laundering the money for Mexican drug cartels. Apparently, it is a new program and involves significant sums of money. The NY Times sums it up in one paragraph:

    “One D.E.A. official said it was not unusual for American agents to pick up two or three loads of Mexican drug money each week. A second official said that as Mexican cartels extended their operations from Latin America to Africa, Europe and the Middle East, the reach of the operations had grown as well. When asked how much money had been laundered as a part of the operations, the official would only say, “A lot.”

    As this program involves millions of dollars, it is safe to say that the DEA is “all in” on laundering drug money. Perhaps the program can be justified and be seen as effective in the tracking of money and possibly lead to the arrest of the banking culprits who violate the law. Such a program requires extensive safe guards and oversight, and given the total lack of sanity in fast and Furious, there is real cause for concern. Darrel Issa wrote a letter earlier to Eric Holder mentioning just such concerns:

    “The existence of such a program again calls your leadership into question. The managerial structure you have implemented lacks appropriate operational safeguards to prevent the implementation of such dangerous schemes”

    Indirectly such a program, even when done properly and professionally, comes with a severe cost. By aiding in money laundering, you are abetting in the flow of narcotics, drugs and violence. Business Insider reports this as a significant problem with the program.

    But it is not clear whether the DEA stings are doing anything to put a dent in drug profits or significantly disrupt cartel operations. In fact, as one former agency official told the NYT, “the D.E.A. could wind up being the largest money launderer in the business, and that money results in violence and deaths.”

    First it was guns, and now it is their money. A person could be excused for thinking that these recent revelations smell of a conspiracy to raise violence and trouble along the southern border for crass political purposes. Just like Fast and Furious, what could possibly go wrong? Some say this is exaggerated and is simply the product of a conspiratorial mindset. The problem is that, as of late, the conspiracy nuts have been mostly right.

    By any legal means, there needs to be a change at the very top of our government.

    Read more:

  31. Betty, there’s definitely a campaign designed to alter Main Street’s morality. Your instance is one example. Mine involves an anchor familiar to NYC audiences named Jody Applegate. I’ve admired her for years. Currently on WPIX, she is shilling that all news casts are slanted; then extends an invitation to watch WPIX’s unique slant. I will grant her that I consider them worth watching. Just hate her major message.

    Came here to inform you all that the payroll tax cut extension is now known as Bob Casey’s bill. At least in The Morning Call out of Allentown PA. The link below refers to it as such throughout.,0,2473157.story

    Here’s the guy who escorted Obama through Pennsylvania in 2008 for the sole purpose of diminishing Hillary. In the process he effed the white working class. Now he’s gonna be the middle class savior.

    Please, Republicans. Bring us a good competitor.

  32. Look out I was almost succored by the above request but was annoyed that school district had given out my email. So I called them to say I did not want my address given out under any circumstances. Turns out there is no kid with a mother serving in Afghanistan enrolled at the school and no plans to let a man create a Christmas card from the basketball court. Will give him this he had me

  33. Corzine tells Congress he doesn’t know where all the millions of $’s went


    Oh please, pull the other one, it has bells on.

  34. Starbucks general counsel retires to work on Obama campaign

    Starbucks general counsel and secretary Paula Boggs will retire April 2 to join President Obama’s re-election campaign. She has been at the coffee company since 2002.

    Boggs will be based in Seattle and Santa Fe and work for the campaign in communities across the country.

    In 2010, Obama appointed Boggs to the White House Council for Community Solutions, which has worked on community-developed solutions to youth development, education and employment.

    Boggs is well-known at Starbucks headquarters for her singing and songwriting. She is a voting member for the Grammy’s and serves on the advisory board for KEXP.

    Her legal career began in 1984 when she was a U.S. Army officer assigned to the Pentagon. She was a staff attorney for the White House before leaving the service in 1988, after which she served as assistant U.S. attorney in the Western district of Washington prosecuting fraud and regulatory crimes.

    Boggs was a partner at Preston Gates & Ellis in Seattle from 1995 to 1997, working as a trial lawyer specializing in corporate civil litigation.

    She was an executive at Dell Computer from 1997 to 2002.


    Another corporatist falling at bambi’s feet.

  35. Just in: President coming to briefing room at 1130am ET to blast GOP over Cordray blocking …

    Tune in for the latest rant from his lordship.

  36. moononpluto
    December 8th, 2011 at 11:12 am
    Just in: President coming to briefing room at 1130am ET to blast GOP over Cordray blocking …

    Tune in for the latest rant from his lordship.

    Let him go ahead and throw his little fit. We’re supposed to feel sorry for this guy hell bent on destroying everything? F U Big Media.


    Progressives in Name Only are mildly enthused by Obama “taking on Teddy Roosevelt’s mantle”. As if.

    But if you WANT to be duped, Obummer is happy to oblige.

    NY Times had one of these, and here’s another, from the New Yorker, the mag with the snooty logo.

    You gotta the poster’s picture; John Cassidy (who confesses to being “broadly supportive” of OWS) looks rougher than Dick Butkus on game day. “My word, such a brute!”

    Yet even in giving him decent grades for the speech, you could tell that he’s already given up on having real hope for the Resident at 1600. You could sense the underwhelmingness. This is Obama-fatigue and the “thrill is gone” is what is really going to sink him, because his base is not going to be anywhere near as excited to rush out and vote for him as they did in 2008. Cassidy’s second to last paragraph reveals this:

    “Like many people who voted for Obama in 2008, I have been critical of some of his actions and inactions. What has bothered me most has not been any one thing in particular, but his overall failure to articulate and defend the vision of an activist government tackling market failures and protecting the public interest, which Teddy Roosevelt helped to create. Yes, the President has done some positive things and made some good speeches, and, yes too, he has faced enormous difficulties, but all too often his heart hasn’t seemed to be in the fight.”

    Invoking Teddy Roosevelt, Obama Finds His Voice

    Posted by John Cassidy
    December 6, 2011

    First an admission: just before President Obama followed in the footsteps of Theodore Roosevelt and went to Osawatomie, Kansas, to deliver a populist speech about inequality and the middle class, I had prepared a post criticizing the White House for having the temerity to compare him, at least implicitly, to one of America’s truly great Presidents.

    Here is part of what I had written:

    From a tactical perspective, summoning the ghost of Roosevelt is a clever move. It reinforces the White House line that the Republican Party has strayed from its center-right roots and morphed into an extremist organization populated by firebrands like Ron “abolish the Fed” Paul, Michele “send illegal immigrants home” Bachmann, and Newt “put poor kids to work” Gingrich. On a broader level, though, I am not sure that invoking Teddy Roosevelt is such a wise idea for the White House. When it comes to actual achievements, as opposed to rhetoric, Obama’s record cannot seriously be compared with Roosevelt’s.

    During his seven years in office (1901-1908), Roosevelt pushed through a series of reforms that largely define what historians now call “the Progressive Era.”

    As a matter of history, I stand by that. But once I read Obama’s speech, I realized I had missed the point, and the news. This isn’t the President saying he deserves to be on Mount Rushmore. This is Obama seeking to define the themes he intends to run on next year, to energize his disillusioned base, and to capitalize on a big change in the political climate. Teddy Roosevelt, whose famous “New Nationalism” speech in 1910 called upon the three branches of the federal government to put the public welfare before the interests of money and property, merely provided a convenient framing device.

    Whatever one thinks of Occupy Wall Street—I’m broadly supportive—it has focussed public anger and changed the terms of the political debate, elevating issues such as bankers’ pay, tax evasion by rich people, and corporate lobbying. That’s all to the good. But from the White House’s perspective, it has also had the unfortunate effect of sidelining a President vulnerable to the charge of cozying up to Wall Street and wary of giving the Republicans another cudgel to beat him with. (Think 1968, hippies/anti-war protestors, and Hubert Humphrey.)

    Today, Obama gave his first considered response to O.W.S., and it was surprisingly positive. He even adopted some of the protestors’ language, saying:

    “I believe that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, and when everyone plays by the same rules. Those aren’t Democratic or Republican values; 1% values or 99% values. They’re American values, and we have to reclaim them.”

    Of course, Obama has talked before about rising inequality and falling tax burdens on the rich. (In the summer of 2010, he made a futile effort to rally support in Congress for ending the Bush tax cuts.) But what was new about today’s speech was the acuteness and depth of Obama’s analysis, and the way he turned it on the Republicans. Rising inequality isn’t only morally repugnant, he said, it is economically inefficient and damaging to the country.

    In what was a long speech, here are what I consider to be the six nut grafs:

    1. “Look at the statistics. In the last few decades, the average income of the top one percent has gone up by more than 250%, to $1.2 million per year. For the top one hundredth of one percent, the average income is now $27 million per year. The typical CEO who used to earn about 30 times more than his or her workers now earns 110 times more. And yet, over the last decade, the incomes of most Americans have actually fallen by about six percent.

    2. “This kind of inequality—a level we haven’t seen since the Great Depression—hurts us all. When middle-class families can no longer afford to buy the goods and services that businesses are selling, it drags down the entire economy, from top to bottom. America was built on the idea of broad-based prosperity—that’s why a CEO like Henry Ford made it his mission to pay his workers enough so that they could buy the cars they made. It’s also why a recent study showed that countries with less inequality tend to have stronger and steadier economic growth over the long run.

    3. “Inequality also distorts our democracy. It gives an outsized voice to the few who can afford high-priced lobbyists and unlimited campaign contributions, and runs the risk of selling out our democracy to the highest bidder. And it leaves everyone else rightly suspicious that the system in Washington is rigged against them—that our elected representatives aren’t looking out for the interests of most Americans.

    4. “More fundamentally, this kind of gaping inequality gives lie to the promise at the very heart of America: that this is the place where you can make it if you try. We tell people that in this country, even if you’re born with nothing, hard work can get you into the middle class; and that your children will have the chance to do even better than you. That’s why immigrants from around the world flocked to our shores.

    5. “And yet, over the last few decades, the rungs on the ladder of opportunity have grown farther and farther apart, and the middle class has shrunk. A few years after World War II, a child who was born into poverty had a slightly better than 50-50 chance of becoming middle class as an adult. By 1980, that chance fell to around 40%. And if the trend of rising inequality over the last few decades continues, it’s estimated that a child born today will only have a 1 in 3 chance of making it to the middle class.

    6. “It’s heartbreaking enough that there are millions of working families in this country who are now forced to take their children to food banks for a decent meal. But the idea that those children might not have a chance to climb out of that situation and back into the middle class, no matter how hard they work? That’s inexcusable. It’s wrong. It flies in the face of everything we stand for.”

    Maybe I’m wrong. But to me that seems like strong and cogent stuff. Doubtless, the Republicans will dismiss it as “class warfare.” That is largely because they don’t have anything more convincing to say. And anyway, Obama has already anticipated their response:

    “It is wrong that in the United States of America, a teacher or a nurse or a construction worker who earns $50,000 should pay a higher tax rate than somebody pulling in $50 million. It is wrong for Warren Buffett’s secretary to pay a higher tax rate than Warren Buffett. And he agrees with me….

    “This isn’t about class warfare. This is about the nation’s welfare. It’s about making choices that benefit not just the people who’ve done fantastically well over the last few decades, but that benefits the middle class, and those fighting to get to the middle class, and the economy as a whole.”

    Like many people who voted for Obama in 2008, I have been critical of some of his actions and inactions. What has bothered me most has not been any one thing in particular, but his overall failure to articulate and defend the vision of an activist government tackling market failures and protecting the public interest, which Teddy Roosevelt helped to create. Yes, the President has done some positive things and made some good speeches, and, yes too, he has faced enormous difficulties, but all too often his heart hasn’t seemed to be in the fight.

    Today, at last, he found his voice, or Teddy Roosevelt’s voice—or, as some are suggesting, Elizabeth Warren’s voice. Anyway, it was a big improvement.


    RCP shows it getting worse, not better: -8.4%!!!

    51.6% disapprove
    4.32 idiots

    Here is the “unpleasantness”, broken down:

    RCP Avg 11/13-12/7 43.2 51.6 -8.4
    Rasmussen 12/5-7 45 55 -10
    Gallup 12/4-6 41 51 -10
    CNN/OpRes 11/18-20 44 54 -10
    Quinnipiac 11/14-20 44 50 -6
    FOX News 11/13-15 42 48 -6

  39. 43.2% approve?

    That is absolutely bogus. Must be heavily biased sample.

    I don’t know ANYONE who approves of this guy.

  40. Holder Suggests ‘Fast and Furious’ Guns Will Be Used in Crimes for ‘Years to Come’
    Published December 08, 2011|
    “We cannot afford to allow the tragic mistakes of ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ to become a political sideshow or a series of media opportunities,” [Holder] said. “Instead, we must move forward and recommit ourselves to our shared public safety obligations.” He used the occasion to prod Congress to support efforts to give the Justice Department broader legal tools to track firearms purchases.
    But Republican lawmakers continued to put pressure on Holder about how he’s responding to the operation. “This project was failed and flawed from the beginning,” said Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., questioning why Holder has not terminated the “many people involved” with the program. “Mr. Attorney General, the blame must go to your desk,” Issa said.
    Holder later said that he’s “ultimately responsible” for actions in the department, but stressed the actions he’s taken to get to the bottom of the operation once he learned about it.
    Despite the controversy over the inaccurate February letter from Justice, Holder also stated: “Nobody in the Justice Department has lied.”

  41. There is no person in DC that can match a Hillary SOS schedule.She is truly a workaholic.Take a look Public Schedule for December 8, 2011

    Public Schedule
    Washington, DC

    December 8, 2011


    Secretary Clinton is on foreign travel to Brussels, Belgium and The Hague, Netherlands. She is accompanied by Assistant Secretary Posner, Assistant Secretary Gordon, and Policy Planning Director Sullivan. Click here for more information.

    8:05 a.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton meets with Kosovar Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, in Brussels, Belgium.

    8:45 a.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton participates in the NATO-Russia Council Meeting, in Brussels, Belgium.

    9:45 a.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton meets with Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze, in Brussels, Belgium.

    10:45 a.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton meets with Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics, in Brussels, Belgium.

    10:55 a.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton participates in a meeting of NATO and non-NATO ISAF contributing countries, in Brussels, Belgium.

    12:00 p.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton meets with Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Dimas, in Brussels, Belgium.

    2:00 p.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton participates in the unveiling of the Chicago NATO Summit logo with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in Brussels, Belgium.

    2:15 p.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton holds a solo press availability, in Brussels, Belgium.

    5:35 p.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton meets with Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal and delivers press statements, in The Hague, Netherlands.

    6:25 p.m. LOCAL Secretary Clinton delivers remarks at the Conference on Internet Freedom, in The Hague, Netherlands. Click here to watch the live stream.
    (OPEN PRESS COVERAGE) at what she has on her plate today that includes a speech tonight at The Hague in Switzerland.Subject
    Internet freedom.


  42. The award for Whopper testimony of the year goes tooooooooooooooooooo

    HOLDER: ‘Nobody at DOJ lied’.

  43. Give it back……………..

    Former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine is 1 of 41 people who bundled at least $500K for Obama & DNC so far this year. So thats where the money went.

  44. Ooh some celebrities didnt get the message

    Korn: Obama’s an Illuminati puppet

    President Barack Obama is loved by a lot of actors and musicians, but one band won’t be performing at any of his campaign rallies: Korn.

    The metal band, which rose to fame in the 1990s when its “Follow the Leader” album, spoke with to promote their new album, “The Path of Totality,” and explained the meaning behind some of their songs, including “Illuminati.”

    Frontman Jonathan Davis says: “I feel like Obama’s an Illuminati puppet. He’s basically dragged this country down into the worst it’s ever been. Like I say about the White House, ‘You’ve built this house of shame.’ Everybody looked up at the White House and America and now I think it’s like a house of shame. I miss the old days when people were proud to be American.”

    It’s a rare expression of politics by Davis, who told MTV in 2006 that he wrote the song “Politics” because “It’s just about how I don’t like to talk about politics…Korn has never been a real political band.”


    I like this guy.

  45. BREAKING NEWS — At least two dead at Virginia Tech, University tells Reuters

    Gunman goes on rampage at VA Tech.

    WTF is wrong with these people and WTF is up with security.

  46. The damage done by the financial crisis to the home mortgage industry has to be healed once and for all. What he hasn’t come right out and said is- Obama isn’t doing what he should to heal those wounds.


    Thanks for a good post.

    Can you give us a little more about just WHAT Bill says should be done for the housing industry?

  47. Don’t believe he’s a Muslim either. He’s an Obamaist; believes in himself and whatever is convenient at the time to further his own interests.


    Right. To actually ‘be’ a Muslim, or a Christian, or whatever religion — you need some sincerity.

  48. Right. To actually ‘be’ a Muslim, or a Christian, or whatever religion — you need some sincerity.


  49. admin- please post video


    Holder Says Definition Of “Lying” To Congress Depends On “State Of Mind” (Video)

  50. Obama Promises to Save the Middle Class by Enslaving It

    December 08, 2011

    Nothing says middle-class triumph like more regulation, unionism, cronyism and endless spending. In Teddy Roosevelt’s era, President Barack Obama explained to the nation this week, “some people thought massive inequality and exploitation was just the price of progress….But Roosevelt also knew that the free market has never been a free license to take whatever you want from whoever you can.” And he’s right. Even today there are people who believe they should have free license to take whatever they want from whomever they can. They’re called Democrats.

    Yet the president, uniter of a fractured nation, the mighty slayer of infinite straw men, claims that some Americans “rightly” suppose that the economy is rigged against their best interests in a nation awash in breathtaking greed, massive inequality and exploitation. Or I should say, he’s trying to convince us that it’s the case.

    The middle-class struggle to find a decent life is the “defining issue of our time,” the president went on. And nothing says middle-class triumph like more regulation, unionism, cronyism and endless spending. Hey, Dwight Eisenhower (a Republican!) built the interstate highway system, for goodness’ sake. Ergo, we must support a bailout package for public-sector unions—you know, for the middle class.

    In what other ways will Obama secure the dream in this “defining” moment? Is the middle class going to be salvaged by raising the top marginal tax rates a few points on 1-percenters and adding $1 trillion to the federal budget in 10 years (equal to one year of federal deficit spending)? Or is the middle class going to rise again on the strength of a temporary tax holiday from programs it actually uses?

    Surely, that won’t do. If not, what are you talking about exactly, Mr. President? Give us the big plan. What program have you devised that offers middle-class Americans more opportunity, not just more dependency? How have you expanded the fortunes of the bitter, occasionally clingy bourgeois in the past three years—by adding $4 trillion to their offspring’s tab?

  51. “Is Obama a Muslim?”

    There’s no conclusive evidence that I know of unless it is stated on his original BC. Most likely why he has never produced it for verification.

    When Obana was adopted by his step father Soetoro in Indonesia, in order to attend school there, you are required to learn the Koran and be of Muslim faith…

    These facts raise more questions than they answer- I’m sure Trump will get to the bottom of it next year. Many forensic computer geeks say they have proof the BC Obama submitted to the press earlier this year was a hoax and a forgery. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck- …..

  52. “Socialism: “Free Sh*t for Everyone!”

    Now I get it, why the occupiers love, love, love, the protest movement. Also why the AA woman at Obama’s victory speech was so excited Obama is going to pay her mortgage… ( he’s giving her a house for free.. same thing? ) Obama sure is generous with things that belong to others especially the banks!

  53. blowme0bama
    December 8th, 2011 at 7:52 am

    Don’t believe he’s a Muslim either. He’s an Obamaist; believes in himself and whatever is convenient at the time to further his own interests.
    A big yup to that.

  54. ABM90
    December 8th, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    There is no person in DC that can match a Hillary SOS schedule.She is truly a workaholic.

    Our Hillary needs to kick off her shoes, stay home with the big Dawg and have some well earned fun.

  55. I almost wish Barry was a true Muslim, then he could tell MO to wear a burqua and quit spending our money on lavish vacations. 😉

  56. Obama celebrates Hanukkah at White House Lights all the candles.. 🙄

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is marking Hanukkah as a story of “faith over doubt.”

    Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden convened a Hanukkah celebration at the White House Thursday in an early celebration of the Jewish Festival of Lights.

    Obama said the Hanukkah story was about “right over might, faith over doubt.” In the Hanukkah story, a small band of Jews rededicating a Jerusalem temple found that a one-day supply of oil kindled a flame instead for eight.

    The president noted “our unshakeable support and commitment to the security of the nation of Israel.”

    Hanukkah begins at sunset on Dec. 20. Obama joked that everyone needs to be “careful that your kids don’t start thinking Hanukkah lasts 20 nights instead of eight.”

  57. PM Cameron told the EU to basically to F off with their damaging treaty changes. Germany and France having a fit.

  58. Attorney General Holder vows not to quit in gun sting case

    (Reuters) – Congressional Republicans grilled Attorney General Eric Holder Thursday over a botched gun-smuggling sting in Mexico, with one lawmaker comparing Holder to Nixon-era Attorney General John Mitchell and another saying “heads should roll.”

    “I have no intention of resigning,” said Holder, who has headed the Justice Department since early 2009.

    “I’m the attorney general who put an end to these misguided tactics,” he said, defending his handling of an episode that has become an embarrassment for the Obama administration.

    The 2009-2010 sting, dubbed “Fast and Furious,” involved selling weapons to “straw buyers” and then tracking them as they made their way south of the border to violent Mexican drug cartels, with the goal of finding top cartel leaders.

    But federal agents rarely pursued the weapons as planned. An estimated 2,000 guns went missing. Several hundred have been recovered, while many have been found at crime scenes on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Obama has shown no signs of moving to sack Holder or his subordinates. Republicans eager to score political points against the White House have been investigating for months.

    “Some heads should roll,” Republican Representative Jim Sensenbrenner said at an occasionally combative hearing before the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee.

    Republican Representative Darrell Issa said “Fast and Furious” was “failed and flawed from the beginning.”

    He pressed Holder on why Justice Department documents given to investigators about Fast and Furious have included no e-mails from Holder.

    “Don’t you think it’s a little conspicuous?” he asked.

    Holder said the department’s response to investigators’ inquiries has been “unprecedented” and “responsive.”

    He said, “We have not withheld any documents that are responsive. We have withheld information about ongoing investigations.”


    Near the end of the more-than-five-hour hearing, Issa pressed again on the documents, saying Holder would be in contempt of Congress unless he gave a constitutional reason for holding them back.

    When Holder demurred again, Issa said, “That’s how John Mitchell responded.”

    Holder replied: “The reference to John Mitchell, let’s think about that … . Have you no shame?”

    Issa shot back: “Have you no shame?”

    John Mitchell was attorney general under President Richard Nixon. He was found guilty of charges related to the Watergate break-in and spent 19 months in prison.

    The failures of “Fast and Furious” have already led to the resignations of two officials: the U.S. attorney in Arizona, and the acting head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

    “What are you going to do to clean up this mess?” Sensenbrenner asked. “The answers that we’ve been getting so far are that ‘Well, somebody else did it.'”

    Sensenbrenner said Lanny Breuer, head of the department’s criminal division and a key lieutenant to Holder, should resign. He also raised the possibility of impeachment, without specifying who should be impeached.

    Senator Charles Grassley, a senior Republican, Wednesday called for the ouster of Breuer.

    Holder said at the hearing the errors of Fast and Furious were “wholly unacceptable” and “must never happen again.”


    Holder was also asked about Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan’s role in the 2009 health care reform debate.

    Smith pressed Holder for access to documents related to Kagan’s role as Obama’s solicitor general in health care reform. Kagan has since become a Supreme Court justice. The high court is due to hear arguments on the constitutionality of the requirement that people buy health insurance.

    Some Democrats have called for Justice Clarence Thomas to be recused because of his wife’s work for the right-leaning Heritage Foundation think tank, while Republicans have called for Kagan’s recusal because of her work for Obama.

    Smith, who is pressing for more data about Kagan’s role in the discussions, asked Holder for data on who attended meetings on legal challenges on health care reform.

    “I can’t imagine a good reason for you to withhold them unless you assert a legal privilege,” Smith told Holder.

  59. Right. To actually ‘be’ a Muslim, or a Christian, or whatever religion — you need some sincerity.

    No – not to be a muslim you don’t. They are allowed to lie if it is for the cause of islam. The procedure is called ‘takyia’.

  60. Scroll down to this headline: GOP blisters Holder over Fast and Furious

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 (UPI) — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. criticized politicizing of the failed operation against firearm trafficking from the United States to Mexico. Holder testified before the House Judiciary Committee Thursday on Operation Fast and Furious, saying many of the 2,000 firearms lost in the failed gun-tracking program will show up at crime scenes along both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border “for years to come.” Republican members repeated demands for the resignation of Holder and other key Justice Department personnel, calling Holder’s resignation and for “heads to roll” in the department’s top tier, the Los Angeles Times reported. “Why haven’t you terminated the people involved?” demanded Rep. Darrell Issa, D-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and who helped spearhead the congressional investigation into Fast and Furious for nearly a year. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., said some political appointees in the department should be fired immediately and asked Holder when he would “clean up this mess.” “If you don’t get to the bottom of this,” Sensenbrenner said, the only other option might be “impeachment.”

    In Operation Fast and Furious, federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents allowed weapons to be illegally bought and circulated on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. Two weapons turned up after a U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed in southern Arizona a year ago, and many others reportedly were used in crimes in Mexico.

    PS: I read somewhere (probably FOX) that the records involving the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry have been sealed.

  61. Pam Geller writes that barack hussein obama rejected numerous proposals to retrieve the drone because it could have been seen as an act of war.

    After going into Libya without congressional approval; having their president assassinated; sending our troops into Africa, also without approval; supporting the MB in Egypt – he is all of a sudden concerned about appearing aggressive?

    That excuse won’t work.

  62. Charges Dropped Against Man Who Faced Life In Jail For Recording Cops — “Michael Allison, the 41-year old Illinois mechanic who faced life in jail for recording police officers, has had all charges against him dropped after a state judge ruled that his First Amendment rights had been violated, following a trend of similar rulings across the country that underscore the fact that it is not illegal to film cops. Allison was the victim of a vendetta that was being pursued by the state despite the fact that every other case brought against citizens for filming cops had collapsed. A judge slapped Allison with five separate 15-year sentences for ‘eavesdropping,’ four of which involved Allison filming police officers during a dispute over cars he was working on at his home in Bridgeport, and another related to Allison bringing a tape recorder to trial after he was told there would be no official transcript of proceedings. ‘A statute intended to prevent unwarranted intrusions into a citizen’s privacy cannot be used as a shield for public officials who cannot assert a comparable right of privacy in their public duties,’ wrote Circuit Court Judge David Frankland. ‘Such action impedes the free flow of information concerning public officials and violates the First Amendment right to gather such information.’ The ‘eavesdropping’ charge was also dismissed by Frankland as completely inappropriate.”

  63. Love that pic of Obie smoking….
    thehill is not impressed either.

    Obama makes Boehner’s job easier with payroll veto threat
    For House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), there’s nothing like a presidential veto threat to make his job easier. The Speaker earned positive reviews for the revised payroll tax cut package he presented to the House Republican conference Thursday, a sharp turnaround from the resistance he faced from conservatives when he first outlined his plan last week. Republican leaders added a number of sweeteners to the package to win conservative support, but several lawmakers said that more than anything else, the turning point was President Obama’s threat on Wednesday to reject the payroll tax bill if the House attached a provision forcing administrative action on the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline. Boehner defied the president on the issue and won over many skeptics in the process.
    “The difference between this conference and the last one was palpable,” lamented one outspoken critic of extending the payroll tax cut, Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). “I think a lot of it was the president and that threat.” Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) called the shift in attitude “a stunning change.” “It was a 180-degree difference,” he told reporters.

    The plan Boehner unveiled would extend the payroll tax cut, reform and extend unemployment insurance benefits and fix the Medicare reimbursement rate for doctors. He proposes to pay for those measures by extending a federal worker pay freeze, increasing fees for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and trimming certain federal and Medicare benefits for the wealthy, among other items. In addition to the Keystone measure, the package will include provisions to delay Environmental Protection Agency regulations on industrial boilers and to restrict tax credits for illegal immigrants. “I think the leadership put a package together that sells in much of the conference. The comments were very positive today,” Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) said. He added: “Members want to fight for this.”

  64. Republicans Passed Legislation to Veto Executive Regulation Orders

    Republicans in the House yesterday passed legislation giving themselves even more power. The “Regulations from the Executive In Need of Scrutiny Act” – or REINS Act – gives either chamber of Congress complete veto power over new regulations put in place by White House executive orders. The bill most helps corporate polluters – as Republicans would be able to shoot down new environmental regulations that keep our children and environment safe – and to hell with the balance of power that’s supposed to exist in our government. The ironic thing about this legislation is that President Obama has enacted far fewer regulations than the George W. Bush – but there was no outcry about over-regulation during Bush’s presidency. So while Republicans pass legislation that won’t create a single job – and won’t even pass the Senate – the clock is ticking on middle class Americans who face a $1,000 tax hike at the end of the year unless House Republicans agree to extend the payroll tax cut.

  65. Wacky Alert! Step away from that banana!

    A Muslim cleric in Europe has banned women from touching phallic-shaped foods. According to an Egyptian news website – the cleric issued the ban on women touching long and slender fruits and vegetables because they could cause women to “think of sex.” The horror! The list of forbidden food includes bananas, cucumbers, zucchinis, and carrots. But that doesn’t mean women can’t still enjoy these foods – as the cleric said, “If women wish to eat these food items, a third party, preferably a male related to them such as their a father or husband, should cut the items into small pieces and serve.”

    Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump have proposed that zucchinis, cucumbers, and carrots be considered “essential foods” in the new food pyramid.

    And that’s the way it is today –

  66. Over at gretawire:
    I have been trying to figure out why Attorney General Eric Holder will not simply say WHO authorized Fast and Furious and how high up it went. This has dragged on for almost a year. Is he covering for someone? I remember when he was a Judge on the local court here in Washington, DC and he was always a straight shooter and fair guy — so this is weird that he simply does not tell all.

  67. From the Sublime to the Ridiculous- the way most people feel about what we know about Gingrich and how much we still don’t know about Obama!

    Gingrich Is Inspiring—and Disturbing
    The first potential president about whom there is too much information.

    Peggy Noonan

    I had a friend once who amused herself thinking up bumper stickers for states. The one she made up for California was brilliant. “California: It’s All True.” It is so vast and sprawling a place, so rich and various, that whatever you’ve heard about its wildness, weirdness and wonders, it’s true.

    That’s the problem with Newt Gingrich: It’s all true. It’s part of the reason so many of those who know him are anxious about the thought of his becoming president. It’s also why people are looking at him, thinking about him, considering him as president.

    Ethically dubious? True. Intelligent and accomplished? True. Has he known breathtaking success and contributed to real reforms in government? Yes. Presided over disasters? Absolutely. Can he lead? Yes. Is he erratic and unreliable as a leader? Yes. Egomaniacal? True. Original and focused, harebrained and impulsive—all true.

  68. A Muslim cleric in Europe has banned women from touching phallic-shaped foods. According to an Egyptian news website – the cleric issued the ban on women touching long and slender fruits and vegetables because they could cause women to “think of sex

    I have a better idea, why not just eliminate all the muslin men’s di@ks so women don’t have to worry about having sex with these idiots.

    Bobbit’s for all. Declare every Sunday a national holiday – Bobbit Day.

  69. This is the thing- they ( the cavemen ) add insult to injury… here:

    “But that doesn’t mean women can’t still enjoy these foods – as the cleric said, “If women wish to eat these food items, a third party, preferably a male related to them such as their a father or husband, should cut the items into small pieces and serve.”

    Keeping women dumbed down is the only way they can exist in this world because they fear them-

  70. Donald Trump looks into canceling GOP debate he’s set to host

    With the wheels coming off the GOP debate he is supposed to host, Donald Trump admitted Friday that he’s looking into canceling the sparsely-attended forum.

    But Trump, in a typical display of chutzpah, said there’s another reason why he might pull the plug – he still may run for President.

    “If the Republican, in my opinion, is not the right candidate [to defeat President Obama\],” Trump declared, “I am unwilling to give up my right to run as an independent candidate.”

    The Donald had blamed TV equal-time provisions that prohibited him from simultaneously running for President and hosting NBC’s “The Apprentice” until the show’s May season finale for bowing out of the race.

    He also claimed that several GOP candidates told him they’d only do the December 27 debate if Trump vowed to not launch a late bid for the White House once “The Apprentice” was off the air.


    “I must leave all of my options open,” the flamboyant real estate magnate said in a statement released Friday, “because above all else, we must make America great again!”

    Only two of the Republican White House hopefuls, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, have agreed to the Trump debate, which is slated to be held just days before the Iowa caucus.

    The other candidates have bowed out, and some – namely Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman – slammed the event as a circus.

    Their decision to skip the event has damaged Trump’s reputation as a GOP kingmaker – and it was Michele Bachmann’s refusal that appeared to wound The Donald most of all.

    “She came up to see me four times,” Trump said. “She would call me and ask me for advice. She said if she wins, she would like to think about me for the Vice Presidency.”

    But while Trump slammed the Minnesota Congresswoman for her lack of “loyalty,” he heaped praise on Gingrich, the new GOP frontrunner.

    “He had the courage to immediately say yes,” Trump told Fox Business Network Friday.

    But Trump was non-committal about going through with the Iowa debate if only Gingrich and Santorum show up.

    “I have to look into it,” he said.

    Read more:

  71. The First Lady Of The World is being kept busy and in news by her admirers. She is the most honored and respected by world leaders and welcomed world-wide.I sure hope that a draft will soon be ready.We
    need her as soon as she leaves her SoS appt.

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sister Colleges Launch First Women in Public Service Project to Build Gender-Equality in Global Government Leadership and Public Service

    Media Note
    Office of the Spokesperson
    Washington, DC

    December 9, 2011

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, in collaboration with the Seven Sister Colleges of Barnard College, Bryn Mawr College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and Wellesley College, will launch a new initiative Thursday to increase the number of women in public service at the local, national, and international levels. The Project will identify and educate a new generation of women committed to public service, create an infrastructure of support and mentoring, and help enable more women to enter public service and political leadership.
    On December 15 in Washington D.C., The Women in Public Service Project will host a colloquium featuring Secretary Clinton and a global representation of government leaders, policy makers, public officials, scholars, students, researchers, and leaders in public service.
    “Women have to be part of the future. And it’s imperative that as constitutions are created, as political parties are organized, as elections are waged and won, nobody can claim a democratic future if half the population is marginalized or even prevented from participating,” said Secretary Clinton. “We must support the rise of women leaders because frankly, they are more likely to have firsthand knowledge and understanding of the challenges women face. This is going to require legal change, it’s going to require political will, and it’s going to require cultural and behavioral changes.”
    Confirmed speakers include Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund; Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State; Irina Bokova, Director-General of the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); Dr. Florence Chenoweth, Minister of Agriculture for the Republic of Liberia; Helen Clark, Administrator of the United Nations’ Development Programme; Jane Harman, former Congresswoman and Director of the Woodrow Wilson Center; Atifete Jahjaga, the President of Kosovo; Kathleen Sebelius, U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services; and author and activist Gloria Steinem.
    A live webcast of the colloquium will be available at Updates on the events and the Women in Public Service project can be found on Facebook at or on Twitter @WPSProject.
    The colloquium will highlight the details of The Women in Public Service Project, including a 2012 pilot summer institute at Wellesley to help train promising women leaders from around the world. The pilot will lay the groundwork for further development of curricula for similar educational activities at other institutions and in other regions of the world and will identify areas of research to help combat obstacles to women entering public service and government leadership. Attendees of the program will include rising young leaders from across the globe, including women from Middle East and North Africa transition countries.
    “The Sister Colleges have a deep-rooted legacy of educating women leaders on a global level and are enthusiastic about this unique opportunity to help motivate and inform the next generation of women to focus specifically on public service,” said the Sister College presidents as part of this announcement. “We are proud of our Sister College alumnae who have embarked on careers in public service, and are committed to providing women with the tools and resources they need to help increase their leadership skills in the public sector.”
    As part of The Women in Public Service Project, 40 women from 37 countries traveled to the United States to participate in an International Visitor Leadership Program. For two weeks, these international public servants collaborated with their American counterparts in cities across the United States to discuss ways in which to strengthen women’s roles in public service. Click here to learn more.
    The Women in Public Service Project will also begin to introduce plans to build an online network of support and mentorship to link women in government and public service globally.
    About the Women in Public Service Project
    The Women in Public Service Project is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the Seven Sisters women’s colleges – Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Mount Holyoke, Smith and Wellesley – to advance women to positions of influence in governments and civic organizations worldwide. The initiative is distinguished by the partners’ demonstrated legacy of educating women leaders across the globe and linking them to each other through powerful intergenerational networks. The Women in Public Service Project envisions a world in which political and civic leadership is at least 50 percent female by 2050. The Department of State and the Sister colleges are committed to building the infrastructure and convening the conversations necessary to achieve this vision.

  72. The Globe tabloid is reporting that Michelle Obama is having an affair with a secret service agent. The story says he is not on her personal detail but has on at least one occasion ridden together with Michelle in a White House limo when she has been out and about town supposedly with friends. Michelle said in a recent interview that she likes to sneak out of the White House at night to party with friends without her husband. According to the Globe, the Washington rumor is that she is using this as a cover to hide her affair. The rumors started a couple months ago–her latest outing was Nov. 28 at the Co Co Sala restaurant. The article also says Michelle told the Today show that she goes out more frequently than people realize and that “it’s amazing how people don’t recognize you. In another interview she said she considers the secret service like family. The Globe also notes that when she leaves the White House for these excursions her secret service detail is small and the outings are not announced to the press.

    Don’t know if any of this is remotely true but it’s a fun read….

  73. AmericanGal

    The Globe tabloid is reporting that Michelle Obama is having an affair with a secret service agent.

    If, if, if it’s true…then it would confirm my idea that her ‘husband’ BO prefers the company of men…

  74. Shadowfax
    Thanks but no thanks. I took a poll and my peeps do not want bambi. We get enough bad press as it is. You breeders are stuck with him and sasquatch. We do not want,

  75. Henry…

    Breeders, makes us sound like a bunch of cows…

    Us hetero women don’t want him either…guess he is on his own with his boy toys and sports dudes.

  76. Shadowfax
    he almost never mentions his daughters save for some media op manipulation. Think that is kind of strange. Every decision i have made over the last 5 years is filtered through the effect my choices have on a kid. Think anyone who has ever had one is subject to seeing the world in a whole new way. You become protective once there is a snot in the picture. Maybe he is just making sure they are not hurt but hill and Bill did it and never stopped talking about kids. No stories pop up from college/childhood friends. Find that inexplicable. When Chelsea and Mark announced their engagement i got hit up by a pig writer who offered me money to diss Holly. Marks sister. We shared an apartment and worked together almost 20 years ago. No story there. yet this guy found me and wanted dirt about the Vietnamese adopted daughter who just happened to be a sibling of an ex-presidents daughters fiancee. Offered me cash for dish. Sadly only dish i would give him was that we were both slobs and more often than not we had a sink full of dishes. hack writer found me but no one has a salacious story about young obama in NYC. Give me a fucking break

  77. Well, there’s an idea.

    The leaders of France and Germany have called jointly for eurozone countries to have common corporation and financial transaction taxes.
    The tax policy would apply initially to the 17-member eurozone. France has long complained about Ireland’s low corporation tax rate of 12.5%.

  78. holdthemaccountable
    December 9th, 2011 at 5:52 am

    Obama is definitely a Muslim. He and his wife sat in front of Rev Wright for 20yrs listening to anti-American Muslim themed sermons. There isn’t one thing American about either one of them and their Pastor.

    Lowe’s Among Companies That Have Pulled Ads From TLC’s ‘All-American Muslim’ Reality Show

    (RNS) Lowe’s, the national hardware chain, has pulled commercials from future episodes of “All-American Muslim,” a TLC reality-TV show, after protests by Christian groups.

    The Florida Family Association, a Tampa Bay group, has led a campaign urging companies to pull ads on “All-American Muslim.”

    “‘All-American Muslim’ is propaganda clearly designed to counter legitimate and present-day concerns about many Muslims who are advancing Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law,” the Florida group asserts in a letter it asks members to send to TLC advertisers.

    The show profiles only Muslims that appear to be ordinary folks while excluding many Islamic believers whose agenda poses a clear and present danger to the liberties and traditional values that the majority of Americans cherish,” the FFA’s letter continues.

    It was not clear whether the companies cited by the Florida Family Association, which has also targeted shows like MTV’s “Degrassi,” stopped advertising on “All-American Muslim” because of pressure or for other reasons.

    Emails from Home Depot and Sweet’N Low posted on the Florida Family Association’s website suggest the companies had simply bought one commercial spot, and didn’t cancel any commercials.

    A spokeswoman for Amway, also cited by the Florida group, denied the company pulled advertising from “All-American Muslim,” and said those reports were “misleading” and “falsely named.”

    Lowe’s acknowledged pulling commercials from “All-American Muslim” following consumer complaints, but denied they came from one group.

    “We understand the program raised concerns, complaints, or issues from multiple sides of the viewer spectrum, which we found after doing research of news articles and blogs covering the show,” said Katie Cody, a Lowe’s spokeswoman.

    Cody declined to specify whether the complaints were anti-Muslim, and whether Lowe’s advertises on shows with Christian, Jewish, or other religious characters or themes. “It is certainly never Lowe’s intent to alienate anyone,” Cody said.

    “Shame on Lowe’s, and shame on every one of these companies if they really did cave in to such bigotry and hatred,” wrote Sheila Musaji, who blogs at If the Florida Family Association and other reports are misrepresenting these companies, she added, “then they need to speak up.”

    The first of eight weekly episodes of “All-American Muslim,” which follows five Lebanese families in Dearborn, Mich., premiered on Nov. 13.

    A TLC spokeswoman, Laurie Goldberg, said the network could not comment about the alleged advertising defections, but that the show maintained ”strong” advertising. “There are no plans to pull the show. The show is going to continue as planned,” said Goldberg.

  79. JanH- this ones for you! Gingrich speaks the Truth! Hope you are feeling better! Come back soon- We miss you…

    Gingrich calls Palestinians an ‘invented’ people GOP presidential candidate suggests reversal of Mideast policy

    WASHINGTON — Does Newt Gingrich believe in a two-state solution to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Democratic and Republican administrations since the 1990s have adopted that framework for peace in the Middle East, but Mr. Gingrich suggested that he might break with it, calling Palestinians an “invented” people and the current stalled peace process “delusional.”

    See video at link:

  80. Obama is definitely a Muslim. He and his wife sat in front of Rev Wright for 20yrs listening to anti-American Muslim themed sermons
    Yep. It’s been said that he has channeled Lincoln, …, Roosevelts (both?). I’ve wanted to state for the longest time that he channels Wright the most. Although Wright still lives. Everytime he lectures Supreme Court, Republicans, TEA Party he is spewing the hate he absorbed at Trinity United Church of Christ. Believe his big buddy Oprah quit that church due to the hate. Obie liked it, but whan caught, claimed he wasn’t listening those 20 years. stupid americans believed.

    That he is channeling Wright is SO obvious. Yet media don’t dare utter the thought. Many surely think it. I’ve wanted to say it. And you Mrs. Smith, gave me the opportunity I needed. Thank you.

  81. I’m posting this because I think it is important for people to know and be aware.

    Yesterday’s shooter in Hollywood, as he ran down the street taking shots at various people, was shouting what’s come to be seen as the islami war chant – allahu akbar.

    We can’t trust the media anymore – if we ever could. They are not on our side.

  82. Leanora
    December 10th, 2011 at 5:40 am

    George Soros Buys Italian Government S/T Debt, Part of ~$2 billion Purchase of European bonds formerly owned by MF Global:

    Soros should have been thrown in jail a long time ago – with Corzine and the rest of the mob in the next cell!

    Corzine is indirectly the object of the investigation. The main objective is implicating Clinton. When Corzine said, he doesn’t know where the money went- I believe him.

    Whenever Soros is involved, you know if he’s dared put his money up for an inexplicable reason, he does have a motive and it’s not always for profit- It just isn’t obvious yet. Bill Clinton has to be the biggest threat to the Soros cartel bent on destroying America. Bill Clinton stands in the way of the Soros/Obama alliance finishing the job of bankrupting America and turning it into a totalitarian state.

  83. Islam’s Jihad against Christmas

    Jihad on Earth and ill-will toward Kuffars

    The Christmas message of ‘Peace on Earth and goodwill to all’ is diametrically opposed to everything that Islam stands for, which is ‘Jihad on earth until unbelievers are exterminated or converted, then more jihad to exterminate the wrong kind of Muslims’.

    So it’s no wonder that Islamists hate Christmas. Sometimes they attempt physical attacks in order to turn a time of celebration into a time of disaster, but more generally they work by infiltration and subversion to gradually remove Christmas from the public sphere (scroll down to ‘Downgrading Christmas’ for discussion of this aspect of cultural jihad).

    Examples of Christmas bombing attacks are…

    Muslims’ failed Strasbourg Christmas Market attack 2000

    Ten Islamic militants narrowly failed plot to blow up a Christmas market in Strasbourg in December 2000. The German court said the group had planned to blow up pressure cookers packed with explosives, a technique they allegedly learned in Afghan camps.

    This site has a list of the Jihads committed during our holidays- You see, it’s not only the Jews they persecute but the Christians as well. The US is a Christian country founded on Christian principles.

  84. Leanora
    December 9th, 2011 at 5:48 am

    Right. To actually ‘be’ a Muslim, or a Christian, or whatever religion — you need some sincerity.

    No – not to be a muslim you don’t. They are allowed to lie if it is for the cause of islam. The procedure is called ‘takyia’.

    Just goes to show you how the much their defenders know of what they speak…

  85. Leanora- repost your article in full. The fools still supporting this protest never do their own homework-


    12-09-2011 – Aaron Klein –

    The so-called leaderless Occupy movement has just been caught red-handed operating what appears to be a nerve center staffed by professional agitators deeply tied to groups funded by billionaire activist George Soros.

    The groups, most prominent among them being the Tides Center, have been involved with Occupy since the anti-Wall Street movement’s inception.

    The radical connections have been largely missed by the general public. CNN, the only news media outlet to receive exclusive access to Occupy’s alleged headquarters, did not fully identify the activists found running it.

    Last week, CNN ran a piece titled “Exclusive: Inside the offices of Occupy Wall Street.”

    Here’s the rundown on Obama’s ties to “communists, socialists and other anti-American extremists” – all in “The Manchurian President” – Autographed!

    The article and accompanying video purport to depict “a few dozen Occupy Wall Street organizers” who “show up to work every day at an office building in the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District.”

    CNN surmised “the office space appears to be the movement’s nerve center,” a notion denied by Occupy leaders interviewed by the news network.

    Continued the piece: “But the volunteers who plan future actions, network with other Occupy protests and deal with logistical issues insisted the location is not Occupy Wall Street’s headquarters.”

    The news network maintained it visited Occupy’s nerve center. CNN reported the Occupy office boasts a finance committee that manages expenses and donations; a communications group that disseminates information agreed upon by consensus and a housing group to make sleeping arrangements for protesters.

    CNN quoted activist Han Shan, identifying him only as “a member of Occupy Wall Street’s press relations and direct-action working groups.”

    “This is just an office space that a handful of people have tried to make a resource for the Occupy Wall Street movement,” Shan stated.

    “Everybody is looking around trying to figure out where the heck the headquarters is, and the truth of the matter is this movement is bigger than any piece of geography, than any piece of real estate, than any square block.”

    Shan’s radical resume goes far beyond Occupy. He is the former program director for the Tides Center-funded Ruckus Society and an activist with the Tides-funded Adbusters.

    Shan was listed as the contact person for protests outside the 2000 Democratic National Convention. Those protests were sponsored by both Adbusters and Ruckus.

    Shan previously pulled off a stunt at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, where he reportedly climbed to the top of the building and unfurled a 600-square-foot cartoon that depicted the earth falling through a broken shopping bag. The action was aimed at getting mall visitors to ditch their purchases, go home and observe Thanksgiving Friday as “Buy Nothing Day.”

    Since 1992, “Buy Nothing Day” has been sponsored annually by the Vancouver-based Media Foundation, which publishes Adbusters.

    Adbusters magazine is reported to have come up with the Occupy Wall Street idea after Arab Spring protests toppled governments in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. The Adbusters website serves as a central hub for Occupy’s planning.

    Working with the Ruckus Society, Shan was a leader of the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle that turned violent. Ruckus helped to spark those riots.

    Ruckus is directly tied to Occupy. WND previously reported how official direct-action training resources for recent Occupy events include several manuals from the Ruckus Society, which trains radical activists in “direct action” techniques.

    Ruckus was also listed as a “friend and partner” of the Occupy Days of Action held last month.

    Ruckus is funded by the Tides Center, which has been involved in Occupy since the movement’s onset.

    Another grantee of Tides is the Adbusters magazine., which has joined Occupy, is funded by Tides.

    Tides functions as a money tunnel where major leftist donors provide large sums that are channeled to hundreds of radical groups. One prominent Tides donor is Soros.

    Besides accepting major donations from Tides, Ruckus is also funded directly by Soros’ own Open Society Institute.

    Meanwhile, another Occupy staffer loosely identified by CNN is Haywood Carey, who is labeled simply as an Occupy “activist.”

    As the Heritage Foundation pointed out, Carey was a paid employee of the Change to Win labor federation from 2008 to 2009.

    The federation is a coalition of four member unions: The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Service Employees International Union; United Farm Workers and the United Food and Commercial Workers.

    In his book “Beyond the Fields,” labor historian Randy Shaw notes the groundwork for the founding of Change to Win were laid out by SEIU activist Stephen Lerner.

    Shaw relates: “Lerner’s December 2002 Labor Notes article, ‘There Steps to Reorganizing and Rebuilding the Labor Movement,’ laid the groundwork for the decision by SEIU and other unions to break away from the AFL-CIO in 2005 and form the new labor federation Change to Win.”

    As WND was first to report, the tactic of blocking bridges, already used by Occupy Wall Street to hold up the Brooklyn Bridge amid other recent attempts, was institutionalized by Lerner.

    Meanwhile, another professional radical running Occupy yet not fully identified by the news media is Beth Bogart, who has been widely quoted as helping to run the movement’s press relations department in New York and other cities.

    Not mentioned in most media accounts is that Bogart, formerly known as Beth Bogart Fenton, is co-founder of Fenton Communications.

    Fenton is an extremist-led outfit that crafts the public relations strategy of Tides grantees. It came under new scrutiny after WND published a series of exposés tying it to Occupy Wall Street. One of its senior employees represented the anti-Wall Street march past millionaires’ homes in New York in October.

    After WND’s report, Fenton denied ties to the Occupy movement.

    Fenton’s Chris Potter denied the firm was working for Occupy, claiming his group was doing a “favor” for a friend in New York by helping with recent publicity.

    However, with Bogart now serving as an Occupy media strategist, the Fenton links to the movement continue.

    Fenton Communications has been behind the public relations strategy of a who’s who of far-left causes, organizations and activists, from representing Soros himself to Health Care for America Now to crafting strategies for and a litany of anti-war groups.

    Fenton, which works closely with Tides, first made its name representing communist dictatorships in the 1980s.

    Fenton Communications was founded in 1982 by David Fenton, an activist who served as a photographer for Bill Ayers’ domestic Weather Underground terror group.

    Fenton used the Tides Center to set up Environmental Media Services in 1994. Tides reportedly originally ran EMS’ daily operations.

    David Fenton serves on the board of numerous Tides-funded groups, while his firm represents more than 30 Tides Center grantees, as well as Soros himself and the billionaire’s Open Society Institute. Fenton helped to craft’s attacks on Gen. David Petraeus.

    An example of the close public relations relationship between Fenton and Tides is the Social Venture Network, which was established and operates as a project of the Tides Foundation, while its strategy is represented by Fenton. SVN’s board has included Tides’ founder Drummond Pike as well as Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink.

    Another group, September Eleventh Families For Peaceful Tomorrows, is an anti-war organization founded by individuals who lost loved ones in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The group’s campaign was coordinated by Fenton while the group was funded by Tides.

    Also represented by Fenton is the Win Without War group, which was funded by Soros and Tides.

    WND found more than 30 recent examples of Tides grantees whose strategy was coordinated by Fenton.

    Thanks Aaron and Brenda J. Elliott for your due diligence…

  86. no surprise to us that Soros is behind OWS but it’s nice to see the facts laid out. Now, maybe some people will get off the OWS bandwagon. OK. I won’t hold my breath.

    And on another front;

    “International Climate Court of Justice” would force western nations to pay “climate debt”
    Paul Joseph Watson
    Friday, December 9, 2011

    Bureaucrats at the UN Climate Summit in Durban have outlined plans for the most draconian, harebrained and madcap climate change treaty ever produced, under which the west would be mandated to respect “the rights of Mother Earth” by paying a “climate debt” which would act as a slush fund for bankrolling an all-powerful world government.
    Even as the tattered shreds of whatever credibility global warming alarmists had left evaporate in the aftermath of Climategate 2.0, the monstrous bureaucracy behind ManBearPig continues to lurch forward.

    Lord Christopher Monckton’s extensive report breaks down the key aspects of the current draft text.

    “Here – and, as always, you heard it here first, for the mainstream media have conspired to keep secret the Madness of King Rajendra and his entire coterie of governmental and bureaucratic lunatics worldwide – is what the dribbling, twitching thrones and dominions, principalities and powers of the world will be asked to agree to,” he writes, adding that actual climate science has not been a topic of debate at the summit.

    – The treaty calls for the west to achieve a 50% CO2 emissions reduction within the next eight years, a feat that would completely bankrupt the global economy and spark a new great depression, as well as a “more than 100%” reduction by 2050, which presumably could only be accomplished by killing billions of humans to prevent them from exhaling carbon dioxide.

    “So, no motor cars, no coal-fired or gas-fired power stations, no aircraft, no trains. Back to the Stone Age, but without even the right to light a carbon-emitting fire in your caves,” writes Monckton.

    – The text calls for a 2 degree Celsius drop in global temperatures, which as Monckton points out “would kill hundreds of millions” and herald a new ice age.

    – The reduction in CO2 concentration the text calls for would actually begin to kill all plant life and trees on the planet because they need levels of carbon dioxide above 210 ppmv to survive.

    – All military forces would be abolished because they contribute to climate change. Presumably the United Nations would then take on the role of world army to police the globe.

    – The process will be enforced by an “International Climate Court of Justice” under a bureaucracy of world government that will force western nations to pay “climate debt,” as well as reparations to third world nations to pay for carbon cuts that wouldn’t be as drastic. The burden of “historical responsibility” has been applied to industrialized nations, implying they are guilty for whatever the weather decides to do and must be punished for it.

    – All the money will be collected by the UN and whatever is left after they have taken their considerable cut will be doled out according to the wishes of UN bureaucrats. “As a senior UN diplomat told me last year, “The UN exists for only one purpose: to get more money. That, and that alone, is the reason why it takes such an interest in climate change,” writes Monckton.

    – Environmental enforcement arms of the UN will be given the power of a global government in the name of fighting climate change. “The draft “agrees that common principles, modalities and procedures as well as the coordinating and oversight functions of the UNFCCC are needed” – in short, global centralization of political, economic and environmental power in the manicured hands of the Convention’s near-invisible but all-powerful secretariat. No provision is made for the democratic election of key members of the all-powerful secretariat – in effect, a world government – by the peoples of our planet,” writes Monckton.

    – This world government will mandate that western nations submit reports every two years on their progress and then implement the measures demanded by the world government.

    – The UN will create several new slush funds from which to enrich its coffers, including a tax on shipping and aviation fuel, a new “green climate fund” and a worldwide cap and trade. Most of the costs will be handed down to taxpayers.

    This merely scratches the surface of what the UN is trying to include in its “legally-binding treaty,” which represents eco-fascism on steroids. Despite press reports that the text is once again likely to be rejected, Monckton points out that UN bureaucrats are confident they can get some form of deal rammed through on this occasion.

  87. “deeply TIED to groups FUNDED by billionaire activist George Soros.
    Tides functions as a money tunnel where major leftist donors provide large sums that are channeled to hundreds of radical groups. ONE prominent Tides donor is Soros.”

    So — as in a previous claim — “funded by” doesn’t mean “funded only by” or even “funded largely by”.

    Many groups and candidates could be described as directly “funded by” Soros — including Hillary Clinton. (ref—koch-brothers.html )

  88. Mrs. Smith
    December 10th, 2011 at 7:23 am
    Islam’s Jihad against Christmas


    The part about the pressure cookers was interesting. But pls learn to cut the generalized defamation of a whole religion.

  89. Despite press reports that the text is once again likely to be rejected, Monckton points out that UN bureaucrats are confident they can get some form of deal rammed through on this occasion.

    So this whole anti-UN rant is like someone claiming the GOP is working for some extreme proposal by Rand Paul — then admitting it’s not really going to pass.

  90. Here’s the most recent list of Tides grantees. Some of them sound pretty colorful, but most are innocent. Here are some samples.

    Since Soros is ONE donor to Tides, and Tides is ONE source of funding for these groups, I guess WND would call them all “Soros-funded” and condemn everyone “linked” to any of the following:

    [ the Soros-funded ] United Blind Persons of Fiji

    [ the Soros-funded ] United Way of Thurston County

    [ the Soros-funded ] Tufts

    [ the Soros-funded ] Stanford University

    [ the Soros-funded ] St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

    [ the Soros-funded ] Seattle Opera

  91. Fight Night tonight. ABC News hosting debate in Iowa tonight 9pm.

    Newt Gingrich vowed this afternoon to stay “relentlessly positive” as Fight Night looms in Iowa, as he talked to the roughly 200 people crammed into his recently-opened Urbandale headquarters for a kick-off event.

    But Gingrich also drew a distinction between “attack ads” that are distortive of records, and contrasts about differences, which he said are different, and acceptable.

    “We should focus on solutions,” Gingrich said, adding that the discussion has to be “positive” or the nominee will never be strong enough to take on President Obama.

    “We have a very, very good chance to do very well on Jan. 3. we will only do well if each of you helps us,” he said, drifting into a bit of process saying: “Historically over a third of the people who go to caucus are not quite sure when they walk in the door.”

    “My campaign will be relentlessly positive,” he said. “There’s not a problem (when people) compare records…there’s a big difference…between negative attack ads that are destructive, and legitimate comparisons.”

    “We’re not going to be tearing people down,” Gingrich said, adding he would “attack” any super PAC supporting him that runs ads slamming another candidate, a day after the pro-Mitt Romney super PAC started airing attack ads agains the former House Speaker.

    This is, of course, where the definition of “is” comes into play – one candidate’s “comparison” is another candidate’s “attack,” and Gingrich has given himself some cover for doing the latter in the name of the former, all while insisting he is “staying positive.”

    He joked that he was taking the debate “seriously,” and that he had flown in “my two debate coaches” – his two young grandchildren. He said he writes himself notes with each of their names at the outset of each debate, one reminding him to smile more, the other reminding him to keep his answers short and not too “professorial.”

    He thanked supporter Linda Upmeyer, who he said “explained in quite Iowa terms …what she thought of the negative ads,” on a pushback surrogate call with reporters Friday. He joked his staff didn’t want him to repeat her lines.

    In the crowd were his two rehires, Craig Schoenfeld and Katie Koberg, political veterans who had left his campaign back in the spring during a larger walkoff, but who he thanked for coming back. Also in the room was New York political operative David Levers, who worked with Schoenfeld handling George Pataki’s Iowa exploratory work years ago.

    Gingrich warned the crowd about the election, “This is not a game. This isn’t some Hollywood show. This isn’t reality TV.”

    He said the national didn’t need “some genius who wanders off as a magician.” And he said he would focus on “solutions” for the nation.

    Afterward, he and wife Callista, who stood on the podium with him, stood against a wall for a photo line and book-signing for those on hand.

    He had previously described the Citizen United ruling as “basically insane.”

    “Nobody that I know thinks that Exxon Mobil is a person,” Sanders said in November.

    The Saving American Democracy Amendment would state that corporations are not entitled to the same constitutional rights as people. It would also ban corporate campaign donations to candidates, and give Congress and the states broad authority to regulate spending in elections.
    Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL), who has introduced a companion measure in the U.S. House.
    The amendment comes only days after the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to support a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment that would assert that corporations are not entitled to constitutional rights.
    Sens. Tom Udall (D-NM) and Michael Bennet of (D-CO) have also introduced a constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United by granting Congress and the states the authority to regulate the campaign finance system.

    The amendment would not dictate any specific policies or regulations, Udall said, so that it could garner some support from Republicans, who have blocked attempts to overturn the ruling in the past.

    Democrats had previously attempted to pass a law — the DISCLOSE Act — to mitigate the effects of Citizens United, but it was opposed by conservatives and failed to clear Congress thanks to a Republican filibuster.

  93. Newt denying the existence of Palestinians causes a firestorm stirring the pot..

    RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) –

    Palestinian leaders said on Saturday U.S. Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich had invited more conflict in the Middle East by calling the Palestinians an “invented” people who want to destroy Israel.

    Saeb Erekat, a senior Palestinian official, described his comments in an interview as “despicable.” Hanan Ashrawi, another top official, said Gingrich’s “very racist comments” showed he was “incapable of holding public office.”

    “This is the lowest point of thinking anyone can reach,” Erekat, a close advisor to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, told Reuters. Such comments served only to “increase the cycle of violence,” he added.

    “What is the cause of violence, war in this region? Denial, denying people their religion, their existence, and now he is denying our existence,” said Erekat, for years a leading figure in peace talks aimed at the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

    In an interview on Friday with the Jewish Channel, Gingrich predictably sided with Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians, who are seeking a state of their own on land occupied by Israel in a 1967 war.

    But the former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives departed from official U.S. policy that respects the Palestinians as a people deserving of their own state based on negotiations with Israel.

    “Remember, there was no Palestine as a state. It was part of the Ottoman Empire” until the early 20th century, said Gingrich, who has risen to the top of Republican polls with voting to start early next year to pick a nominee to challenge Democratic President Barack Obama in the November 2012 election.


    “I think that we’ve had an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs, and who were historically part of the Arab community. And they had a chance to go many places, and for a variety of political reasons we have sustained this war against Israel now since the 1940s, and it’s tragic,” he said.

    There are around 11 million Palestinians around the world, Palestinian officials say. They include refugees and their descendants who left or were forced to flee their homes during the 1948 war that led to the creation of Israel. More than 4 million of them live in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    The 1948 war erupted after Arab states rejected a U.N. plan that would have divided British mandate-ruled Palestine into Arab and Jewish states.

    Gingrich along with other Republican candidates are seeking to attract Jewish support by vowing to bolster U.S. ties with Israel if elected.

    He said both the Hamas militant group, which controls the Gaza Strip, and the Palestinian Authority, which receives financial backing from the United States, represent “an enormous desire to destroy Israel.”

    While Hamas remains committed to armed “resistance” and will not recognize Israel, the Palestinian Authority based in Ramallah states that only peaceful means can deliver Palestinian statehood and its security forces cooperate with Israel.

    Ashrawi, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organisation Executive Committee, said Gingrich’s remarks harked back to days when the Palestinians’ existence as a people was denied by Israelis such as Golda Meir, prime minister from 1969 to 1974.

    “It is certainly regressive,” she said. “This is certainly an invitation to further conflict rather than any contribution to peace.”

    “This proves that in the hysterical atmosphere of American elections, people lose all touch with reality and make not just irresponsible and dangerous statements, but also very racist comments that betray not just their own ignorance but an unforgivable bias,” she said.

    Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza, said the Gingrich remarks “were grave comments that represented an incitement for ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians.”

    (Additional reporting by Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza; Editing by David Cowell)

  94. Mrs. Smith – I don’t know how long we have. From everything I’ve read and heard, the collapse will be soon.

    The last sentence of that article I posted is enough to fill me with fear –

    “Quite simply, if you don’t have your assets in your possession- they are not your assets”.

  95. Leanora
    December 10th, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    “Quite simply, if you don’t have your assets in your possession- they are not your assets”.

    Yes, I read that as well- the article states “a” bank in Europe is close to collapse. It said within weeks-

    HSBC Sues MF Global Over Disputed Ownership Of Physical Gold

    2011-12-09 —

    “JP Morgan is suing MG Global “to establish whether he or another person is the rightful owner of gold worth about $850,000 and silver bars underlying contracts between the brokerage and a client.” The notional amount is irrelevant: it could have been $0.01 or $1 trillion: what is very much relevant however, is whether or not MF Global was rehypothecating (there is that word again), or lending, or repoing, or whatever you want to call it, that one physical asset that it should not have been transferring ownership rights to under any circumstances.”

  96. Americans leaving US in record numbers

    2011-12-07 —

    “In the 24 months before polling began, the number of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 living abroad managed to surge from barely 1 percent to over 5.1 percent. For those under the age span wishing to move overseas, the percentage has jumped in the same amount of time from 15 percent to 40.”

    I’ve been looking around for months for an alternate place of residence. Ireland, seems to be the best place available for now anyway- their re prices have come way down since the crash.

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