The Very Bad News For Newt Gingrich

Update: Mike Huckabee is hosting a presidential “forum” for the Republican presidential candidates tonight. It’s at 8:00 p.m. ET until 10:00. On Fox News cable channel.

Herman Cain will not be there because of today’s events. Jon Huntsman has chosen not to participate. Huckabee has stated attacks will not be tolerated at tonight’s event.


No black man at tonight’s 8:00 p.m. Republican forum which we will monitor. The Obama campaign Big Media affiliate rejoices.

On November 10 of this year panty sniffing JournoListers of Politico orgied in full Herman Cain craziness. Politico JournoListers had already published more Cain sex stories than ever published about the Case of the Missing State Senator. Having never bothered to seek out or interview shivering Rezko tenants and what they had to say about Barack Obama, the Politico Journolisters frenzied on women who had anonymous dirt to throw at Herman Cain.

That tumultuous November day the Herman Cain website celebrated a remarkable fund raising event with a typical graphic of a fund raising thermometer breaking through the goal set by the campaign. JournoLister Ben Smith rubbed his legs and declared the graphic was too graphic. Ben Smith used the fig leaf of “a reader” who thought the “imagery” was “jarring” to expose his own little boy mind. To JournoLister Ben Smith the fundraising thermometer was an ejaculating thermometer.

Today Herman Cain has “suspended,” meaning ended, his campaign for president. No doubt the panty sniffers at Politico will giggle and twitch, rub themselves raw, and declare Cain has “pulled out” giggity giggity, giggle giggle.

Herman Cain has not been blameless in this entire episode. But certainly Herman Cain has been subjected in the past few weeks to more investigation and speculation than Barack Obama has ever endured. Meanwhile the Fast and Furious Friday document dumps continue without much Big Media attention. And that’s why (Chutzbama indeed!) Barack Obama can go on a 17 day vacation to Hawaii this Christmas secure in the knowledge that Big Media is on watch protecting him.

Herman Cain has ended his campaign but there is little to cheer in this episode. If there is any good news it is the report that Politico’s readership has taken a dive (in Politicospeak “readership numbers are flaccid”.) The Professor is correct to write that Politico is following in the dirt path down of MSNBC.

The Professor is also smart to note that the JournoListers have taken an increased interest in someone new[t], now that they have finished off the black man in the race. Yup Newt Gingrich is the new target of the Obama protecting activist base of JournoListers.

To his credit Newt Gingrich has repeatedly warned the other Republican candidates that their enemy is not one another. As we have warned since 2007 the enemy for anyone not actively worshiping Obama is Big Media and the Big Media Party.

The Big Media Party has its own agenda and candidates. The Big Media Party is not, as Big Media “personalities” propagandize, an equal opportunity abuser. The Big Media Party is not about news or “opinion”. The Big Media Party is an activist advocacy apparatus which distorts our politics in more harmful ways than the loathed “big money” fundraisers and lobbyists.

The Big Media Party disposed of Herman Cain today and the very bad news for Newt Gingrich (who will likely inherit the bulk of Cain’s support) is that they are now free to target free-fire zone Newt Gingrich. After Newt is Mitt, Huntsman, whoever is not Obama.