SCOTUS Focus On POTUS Hocus Pocus

Update: Recusal is a red herring indeed. Neither Thomas nor Kagen are going to recuse themselves from this case. This fight will be fought by all sides without restraint.

Obama Dimocrats are biting dirty fingernails:

“Democrats on Capitol Hill are worried that the Supreme Court will rule against President Obama’s healthcare reform law.

Over the last couple weeks, congressional Democrats have told The Hill that the law faces danger in the hands of the Supreme Court, which The New York Times editorial page recently labeled the most conservative high court since the 1950s.

While the lawmakers are not second-guessing the administration’s legal strategy, some are clearly bracing for defeat.”

Four more wasted years when this health scam turkey gets shot down by the high court. We have been proven right when we declared Obama a colossal Mistake In ’08.


Have you ever witnessed such treacherous boobery hit the brick wall of Karma with such a bang?

In 2007 and 2008 treacherous boob Barack Obama attacked Hillary Clinton on the issue of mandates. Hillary Clinton made a case on the need for a health care mandate. Hillary Clinton’s health care plan was based on actually improving health care, expanding accessibility, and bringing down the cost of health care. Barack Obama savaged Hillary.

Enter reality. No sooner was the monumental boob in the White House than he incompetently flipped – and flopped. Obama embraced a boobish and likely unconstitutional mandate plan, grabbed hundreds of millions in ad money from Big PhaRma while trading away any possibility of lower health costs via bulk purchasing power of drugs, as well as a fake accessibility plan too expensive and useless for many to afford.

Barack Obama embraced a health scam that Hillary Clinton rejected decades ago. Obama thought passing his health scam would ensure his place in the history books for doing something no other president was able to do. Enter Karma.

Obama’s health scam is hated by majorities of Americans. Now the Supreme Court will rule on the Obama health scam several months from the November general election. Obama will enter the history books as the treacherous boob he is.

None of this really had to happen if there was a president with half a brain and at least one functioning testicle or a big batch of ovaries. As Hillary Clinton pointed out to the boob when she was attacked on the mandates, the entire Commerce Clause constitutional issues could be mooted with point of contact registration for health care and her proposed regional health boards.

Republicans were honest and open as to how they would attack the Obama health plan. Left Talkers laughed and said that argument would not work. We warned that the argument Republicans made was a potent one and that the Supreme Court could upend the entire silly project.

Whatever happens next year at the Supreme Court, Obama will come out a bloody boob. We’ve made that case before, others have made the case before, and today the Professor at Legal Insurrection makes the case again (we provide the emphasis):

“From a purely political viewpoint, it is more important that the Supreme Court hear and decide the case prior to the 2012 election than it is which way the Court rules.

While of course throwing the mandate out is my strong (overwhelming) preference, politically for Republicans I don’t think it makes a huge difference which way the Court decides the case, as long as it decides the case prior to the 2012 election.

If the Supreme Court finds the mandate to be unconstitutional, it will deflate Obama’s presidency. In one fell swoop, the entirety of Obama’s agenda will come crashing down. It will be a political and personal humiliation.

If the Supreme Court upholds the mandate, Obama will be able to crow a little, but such a decision will leave the majority of people who hate the law with but one alternative: Throw Obama and Senate Democrats out in November 2012.

If the Supreme Court puts a pillow to the face of the Obama health scam it will mean that Obama boobishly wasted years in passing this stink, ignored the voters’ message when Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts, and ignored the need to focus on the economy and JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.

If the Supreme Court upholds the Obamination health scam Americans who hate the plan will realize that the only way to get rid of the scam is to get rid of the scammer and his party enablers. The few Senate and House Obama Dimocrats not yet imperiled will be run out.

But… if Republicans nominate Willard Mitt Romney Obama will attempt to muddy the waters and say that Romney gave birth to Obama’s health scam. Some Republicans know this and that is why Newt Gingrich in a PPP Poll leads Romney and is only two point behind Romney in a CNN poll. We don’t think Newt Gingrich is the solution for Republicans for reasons we have discussed before but the reason polls show Romney and Newt at least tied for the lead is because Romney endangers Republicans on the 1a issue of 2012 – the economy, jobs and the impact of Obama’s health scam.

If Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts was not enough empirical evidence in the political argument of who benefits and who loses when it comes to health care, does anyone remember this November’s election results in Ohio? Anyone?

Obama’s health scam has already caused a lot of troubles for the Obama enablers in the Obama Dimocratic Party:

“House Democrats face their first test of unity over a key provision of their healthcare reform law next week when legislation to repeal the long-term care CLASS Act comes up for a vote.

Republicans are trying to capitalize on the program’s demise after the Obama administration announced last month that it could not find a way to make it work. The House will get that ball rolling on Tuesday when the Energy and Commerce health subcommittee marks up repeal legislation. [snip]

Democrats face a potential lose-lose situation: vote for repeal and implicitly acknowledge that their health law contained a fatally flawed program; vote against, and open up to criticism that they’re in denial.

“It puts the Democrats in a very difficult position,” Rep. Charles Boustany (R-La.), the bill’s sponsor, told The Hill recently. “They have to decide whether they’re going to do the fiscally responsible thing and repeal the program or support something that is fiscally irresponsible.”

The White House is formally opposed to repeal. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has said that the department cannot find a way forward “at this time,” and Congress’ nonpartisan budget scorekeeper has eliminated projected savings from the program as a result.”

No CLASS for the boob means more losses in 2012 for the boob enablers. In 2012 the Obama health scam will be as popular as Sandusky at a Justin Bieber concert.

But what about the constitutional issues? We said the constitutional issues against Obama’s health scam are potent. We scorched the Obama lies of “it’s not a tax.” The New York Times used to mock the legal case from foes of Obama’s scam but now the Times is backtracking and provides a decent overview of the constitutional issues:

“If the federal government can require people to purchase health insurance, what else can it force them to do? More to the point, what can’t the government compel citizens to do? [snip]

“Let’s go right to what is your most difficult problem,” Judge Laurence H. Silberman, who later voted to uphold the law, told a lawyer at an argument in September before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. “What limiting principle do you articulate?” If Congress may require people to purchase health insurance, he asked, what else can it force them to buy? Where do you draw the line?

Would it be unconstitutional, he asked, to require people to buy broccoli? [snip]

Could people making more than $500,000 be required to buy cars from General Motors to keep it in business? [snip]

Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, who ended up in dissent, then jumped in. “How about mandatory retirement accounts replacing Social Security?” he asked.

“It would depend,” Ms. Brinkmann replied.”

Maybe we will all be forced to eat arugula – buy and hang pictures of Obama and Michelle (“made exclusively for Michelle Obama“) in our living rooms along with requisite incense – all in the service of Commerce Clause jurisprudence. Will Roberts turn to Rehnquist?:

“In 1995, when the court struck down a federal law that prohibited people from carrying firearms in school zones, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist wrote that “we pause to consider the implications of the government’s arguments” in defending the law — that stopping activities that could lead to violent crime relates to interstate commerce because it affects “national productivity.”

Under that reasoning, Chief Justice Rehnquist wrote, “It is difficult to perceive any limitation on federal power,” adding that “if we were to accept the government’s arguments, we are hard pressed to posit any activity by an individual that Congress is without power to regulate.”

Chief Justice Rehnquist died in 2005, but three of the justices who joined his majority opinion — Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony M. Kennedy and Clarence Thomas — are still on the court.”

A recent “victory” in the courts might prove as illusory as this November’s elections for Obama Dimocrats. That “victory” might be as costly as Obama’s slap at the Supreme Court at the State of the Union speech:

“The government’s position amounts to an argument that the mere fact of an individual’s existence substantially affects interstate commerce, and therefore Congress may regulate them at every point of their life,” Chief Judge Joel F. Dubina and Judge Frank M. Hull wrote.

On Tuesday, on the other hand, a three-judge panel of the District of Columbia Circuit upheld the law. Judge Silberman, who had grilled Ms. Brinkmann so aggressively, wrote the majority opinion, and his discussion of the limits of Congressional power may have handed the administration a bigger victory than it wanted, because it presumably did not want to win on the grounds that Congress could do anything at all. [snip]

“That a direct requirement for most Americans to purchase any product or services seems an intrusive exercise of legislative power,” Judge Silberman wrote, “surely explains why Congress has not used this authority before — but that seems to us a political judgment rather than a recognition of constitutional limitations.”

Judge Silberman said there were Supreme Court decisions on issues like regulating the use of medical marijuana that had endorsed broad Congressional power to legislate in the name of commerce.

It certainly is an encroachment on individual liberty,” he wrote of the health care law, “but it is no more so than a command that restaurants or hotels are obliged to serve all customers regardless of race, that gravely ill individuals cannot use a substance their doctors described as the only effective palliative for excruciating pain, or that a farmer cannot grow enough wheat to support his own family.”

In dissent, Judge Kavanaugh praised the majority for its honesty in describing what followed from its ruling.

“The majority opinion here is quite candid — and accurate,” he wrote, adding: “The majority opinion’s holding means, for example, that a law replacing Social Security with a system of mandatory private retirement accounts would be constitutional. So would a law mandating that parents purchase private college savings accounts.”

Within hours of the decision on Tuesday, opponents of the health care law were issuing statements, and their theme was predictable. “Like the government,” said Randy E. Barnett, a law professor at Georgetown, “the majority could identify no limit to an unprecedented power of Congress.”

The Supreme Court will focus on the Obama health scam this coming March. Americans too will focus on the Obama health scam and how to defeat it.

As Americans focus, along with SCOTUS on Obama’s Hocus Pocus health scam, it is Obama, not a rabbit from a top hat, that will disappear.


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  1. Newt rise is crazy. He had too much baggage. With 72% of te Reps still undecided, he is making this rise with very few people.

  2. It is amazing that Obama’s political future has been taken on by the Supreme Court really at a time that regardless of the outcome it can hurt him. I guess he should not have dissed them at the State of the Union message. Let’s face it, it is the Supreme Court that has made this decision to review the case BEFORE the 2012 elections.

  3. Cops secure venues for Hillary Clinton visit


    Police in Manila on Tuesday secured the venues to be visited by US State Secretary and former First Lady Hillary Clinton during her stay in the Philippines.

    The Manila Police District appealed to groups planning protests to keep their activities peaceful and orderly, radio dzBB’s Carlo Mateo reported.

    MPD spokesman Chief Inspector Erwin Margarejo said they have “sufficient” police personnel to ensure a smooth visit for Clinton, who is scheduled to arrive 5 p.m. Tuesday.

    The specific venues where Clinton is expected to visit, however, were not disclosed.

    For its part, the Department of Foreign Affairs made last-minute preparations to welcome Clinton, according to a separate report by dzBB’s Sam Nielsen.

    The report quoted the DFA as saying that Clinton is scheduled to arrive aboard a chartered flight at 5 p.m.

    Earlier, the DFA said Clinton’s visit seeks to mark the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Philippine-U.S. Mutual Defense Treaty and to launch the Partnership for Growth (PFG) initiative of the Obama administration in the Philippines.

    The DFA said Clinton is to meet with Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario and Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin to discuss new ways of stepping up the alliance to a higher level in 2012.

    “Her visit underlines the enduring alliance and responsive strategic partnership between the Philippines and U.S., and is the latest concrete manifestation of U.S. action and reengagement in the most dynamic region in the world—the Asia Pacific,” Del Rosario said.

    On the other hand, militants led by the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan said they will lead protests during the visit.

    “The Clinton visit aims to perpetuate 60 years of deception and lopsided relations. The MDT continues to be invoked to justify US intervention in our country. There are no benefits from this Cold War relic. In the last 40 years, the MDT was used to justify US military bases in the Philippines, as well as Philippine involvement in US conflicts abroad. To this day, the MDT is being wrongly used to justify the Visiting Forces Agreement even if the MDT pre-dates the VFA by 48 years,” said Bayan secretary general Renato Reyes Jr.

    Bayan added the MDT anniversary will be used to drum up so-called US support for the Philippines and its claims on the Spratlys.

    “We’re being hoodwinked into believing we have the unqualified support of the US for the Philippines Spratly’s claim and that the MDT is the key to all this. The reality is that the US will NOT automatically go to war with China on the basis of the MDT alone. Military action would first require US congressional approval, which would be difficult considering America’s economic ties with China,” Reyes said.

  4. Transcribed elsewhere:

    Richard Wolff on Capitalism

    here’s the nutshell version:

    1) from 1820 to to the 1970s, wages go up, productivity goes up.

    2)Since 1970, productivity continues to rise, but buying power stays flat.
    a) Even in the great depression, wages went down, but so did prices. That’s not happening this time.

    3)Result? Profit! it costs less to make things, but the entrpeneur class gets to pocket the difference.

    4) One consequence of that, is there’s lots of money for them to sink into the political system.
    b) CEOs begin to think that they are geniuses, and award themselves huge

    bonuses… which don’t stop when the company does badly.

    5) On the wage earner’s end, there are two responses:
    a) we begin to borrow at an unprecidented scale.
    b) we work more hours than any other industrialized country.

    So, if you are a business that’s big enough to matter, the last 40 years have been great, and there’s no reason to want to change things. But if you are working for one of these companies, you are working harder and are deeper in debt than at other time in history.

    Fast forward to 1:10:46, here and he begins to talk about ways to make things better.

  5. Zuccotti Park now clear of all protesters, including those chained to trees and each other, says NYPD spokesman Paul Browne.

  6. Admin, this post’s title [sorry, I’m from the old school – the apostrophe stays] deserves an award, perhaps in the rhyming poetry category.

  7. The Evolution of Chelsea Clinton

    Nov. 15, 2011

    The irony that Chelsea Clinton has spent much of her life avoiding the media but now she’s about to join their ranks is not lost on fellow reporters, some of who covered Clinton when she stumped for her mother Hillary Clinton during her Senate campaigns and the 2008 presidential race.

    Responding to NBC’s announcement that Clinton will report on-air for the nightly newscast, Politico’s tweeted, “In ’08, Chelsea Clinton (in N.H.) told me “Sorry, I don’t talk to the media.” I said, ‘But you are all grown up now.’ Now she IS the media.”

    Jodi Kantor at The New York Times tweeted, “The supreme irony of Chelsea Clinton becoming an NBC reporter: I’m pretty sure she’s never granted an interview.”

    Others expressed themselves more strongly.

    Amy Chozick, who covered the 2008 race for The Wall Street Journal, tweeted that Clinton “disdained reporters.”

    Politico’s Ken Vogel tweeted that Clinton gave reporters the “total cold shoulder.”

    NBC announced Monday that Clinton had accepted a job reporting on-air for the network’s “Making a Difference” series, which airs on “NBC Nightly News.” The former first daughter will focus on positive stories about people who are working to make the world better.

    At 31, Clinton has emerged from awkward teenage daughter, whose voice was rarely heard in public, to powerful surrogate for her mother, speaking at hundreds of college campuses and town halls all while shunning media interviews, to her latest incarnation — network television news reporter.

    Her recent public outings may have been a clue to her latest move. In September, during a Clinton Foundation meeting, she interviewed her mother, the secretary of state, on the appropriate role of government. And last week she interviewed her father in New York during an appearance to promote his latest book, “Back to Work.”

    Clinton’s no-interview policy was a decision she made to maintain some level of privacy — the logic being that if she opened the door even an inch, she would become a public persona who would have to talk to everyone.

    Lisa Caputo, Hillary Clinton’s press secretary when she was first lady, told ABC News in 2008 that Chelsea Clinton’s no-interview rule was an extension of what her parents began.

    “When President Clinton was elected, he and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton made a decision to draw a line in the sand around Chelsea and her zone of privacy,” Caputo said.

    Hollywood film director Harry Thomason, a close friend of the Clintons, said that during her father’s presidency, his daughter kept a low profile.

    “I don’t think Chelsea is one of those people that has ever wanted to be the center of attention,” Thomason told ABC News in 2008. “We can all see that over the following years. She had plenty of chances to be the center of attention in the White House and in her college years, and she’s just always chosen not to.”

    That will likely remain the case, despite her raised profile.

    “It’s not about Chelsea Clinton saying, ‘Here I am; I want to be a TV star,'” NBC News President Steve Capus told The New York Times.

    Clinton, who did not give an interview for the Times’ article but sent a statement instead, said: “I hope telling stories through ‘Making a Difference’ — as in my academic work and nonprofit work — will help me to live my grandmother’s adage of ‘Life is not about what happens to you, but about what you do with what happens to you.'”

    Capus told the Times that he learned through a third party that Clinton “was kicking around what she wanted to do next.”

    When he met with her, Clinton told Capus that she had been moved during her mother’s campaign by stories of people making personal contributions to the world, and that those are the kinds of stories she’d like to tell.

    “Having somebody who was going to do really captivating feature assignments for the ‘Making a Difference’ franchise really kind of synched up,” Capus said, while stressing that the former first daughter would be more than just a talking head. “She wants to be in the field for the shoot and in the edit room for the edit,” he said.

    After graduating from Stanford and completing a master’s at Oxford, Clinton worked in New York for a hedge fund, earing more than $200,000 a year. Last year, she completed a master’s in public health at Columbia University in New York and began working with Clinton Foundation. She also married investment banker Marc Mezvisnky.

    While working for NBC, Clinton will continue her work with her father’s foundation, as well as her doctoral studies at New York University and her board work for the American Ballet School.

    “We both want to see how this goes,” Capus said. “It will be full-time for the near-term future. But I hope it’s the beginning of a nice, long-term relationship.”

    Clinton is the second daughter of a president to be hired by NBC News. Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of President George W. Bush, works as a correspondent for NBC’s “Today” show. At sister network, MSNBC, Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain, is a contributor.

  8. Having seen Chelsea at the Democratic Women’s convention in 2008, where she wooed the crowd, I have no reservations, she will do well at this. As I stated before, at the end of her talk here, people were asking her to run for President.

  9. At 31, Clinton has emerged from awkward teenage daughter
    Although I recall nothing specific, the press was less than kind to Chelsea as she grew up in the WH. No wonder she avoided them until she’d gained the confidence she now has.

    Just received an email from Senator Bob Casey, the Benedict Arnold of PA during primaries. Both he, and Chris Carney Democrat (PA-10) who wants his seat back from Tom Marino, have facebook pages. Bob is also circulation a petition to stop the gridlock. Obies best friends are arm-locked for him.

    Admin, this is a wonderful post. Honestly I’ve read through it just once, and will need several more run-throughs to digest the meaty content. Thank you for it.

  10. Blockbuster: Obama administration pressured Solyndra to delay layoffs for political gain until after elections at midterms: Whoa.

    The DoE requested that a publicly-traded corporation withhold important financial information from investors until the day after a national election. But that’s just a coincidence … right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    This means that the DoE knew that Solyndra had begun to fail, and that the cash they provided as part of Barack Obama’s job stimulus wouldn’t actually create jobs. In fact, it wasn’t even going to save jobs. And yet the DoE not only succeeded in pressuring Solyndra into hiding that fact from the public and their investors, this sequence makes it look as though the Obama administration used the $40 million in loans as a bribe to keep Solyndra from making its layoff announcement in a timely manner. [See update.]

    Guess where this thread leads? Right to the White House:

  11. I do not like nepotism, no matter who it involves.

    I didn’t like that Andrew Cuomo got a free ride on his daddy’s dime.

    I didn’t like that Jesse Jackson Jr. rode his father’s coattails.

    I don’t like that Chelsea has been named to a reporting position with no credentials.

  12. “publicly-traded corporation”
    Solyndra is not publicly traded so the behavior is likely only morally, ethically, politically corrupt; not illegal.

  13. yes SHV, they have since corrected themselves in an update at the bottom but yet, does not surprise me at all what they did.

  14. Basil99, call me cynical since 2007, and the propping up of The Won by the Clintons since the primary was stolen from Hill. I can not help but wonder if the assignment on the worst of the worst LSM outlets is a quid quo pro for Clinton help in promoting his re-selection.

  15. Update: Recusal is a red herring indeed. Neither Thomas nor Kagen are going to recuse themselves from this case. This fight will be fought by all sides without restraint.

    Obama Dimocrats are biting dirty fingernails:

    “Democrats on Capitol Hill are worried that the Supreme Court will rule against President Obama’s healthcare reform law.

    Over the last couple weeks, congressional Democrats have told The Hill that the law faces danger in the hands of the Supreme Court, which The New York Times editorial page recently labeled the most conservative high court since the 1950s.

    While the lawmakers are not second-guessing the administration’s legal strategy, some are clearly bracing for defeat.”

    Four more wasted years when this health scam turkey gets shot down by the high court. We have been proven right when we declared Obama a colossal Mistake In ’08.

  16. ““That a direct requirement for most Americans to purchase any product or services seems an intrusive exercise of legislative power,” Judge Silberman wrote, “surely explains why Congress has not used this authority before — but that seems to us a political judgment rather than a recognition of constitutional limitations.”
    When the DC circuit up held Obamacare, the Obots were fist bumping. After reading parts of Judge Silberman’s majority opinion; it’s more like: “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it”. His opinion seem to be waving a red flag in from of the SCOTUS, challenging it to put some constitutional restraint on a out of control commerce clause.

    More on judge Sliberman:

    “Moreover, there’s some thought that the dividing lines between “conservative” and “liberal” justices might not even apply in any usual way. For instance, Judge Laurence Silberman, the appeals court judge in D.C. who authored an opinion upholding the constitutionality of health reform, was appointed to the court by President Reagan, and has been active in the Federalist Society, a conservative legal society.”

  17. Occupy Wall Street protester Amos Fisher tells CNN that OWS “much” more important than the Civil Rights movement. talk about delusional.

  18. If I told u Penn St Board of Trustees sold Sandusky school land to build ‘learning center’ for children w/ ‘dormitories’ would u believe me?

    At least PSU didn’t sell Sandusky land @ cut-rate price after police caught him showering w/ kids. Oh wait, they did


    This thing goes from bad to worse. Sandusky would have had his own rape centre/whorehouse full of vulnerable young boys. You cant make this shit up.

  19. Basil 99: The three examples you give are not examples of nepotism. They are simply people who trade in on their name brand, or that of their parents, to get a leg up. So far, it seems Cuomo is going to be a good governor, Jesse Jackson Jr has a different brand from his Dad. Chelsea has plenty of baggage in addition to being a First Daughter.
    Following your reasoning, you would not favor an HRC bid for the presidency because she is closest of kin to a former president. Again, this is not nepotism. Nepotism is JFK hiring RFK as attorney general.

    Turndown: Thanks for the Richard Wolff video – an enlightening presentation from someone who knows his facts and theory and doesn’t shrink before the name Karl Marx. Also, he takes alternative suggestions from his knowledge of the European approach. I know of one such “communal” or “communist” company called AOIP, which manufactures electronic instruments. When the company went bankrupt, the employees banded together and bought the company for some paltry sum. It employs about 500 people and everyone is involved in company management. They don’t make a lot of money but the people have guaranteed employment and a lot of fun at work.

    It seems that a lot of Japanese companies are run by consensus. This is even more rigidly democratic, but the companies have staying power.

    So, I think his suggestion of democratizing companies is a good one.

    I feel that Wolff’s entire description of how the US economic religion has evolved over the past 30-35 years is accurate, as it fits in with my observation of the beast.


    The Court is mindful of movants’ First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and peaceable assembly. However, “[e]ven protected speech is not equally permissible in all places and at all times.” (Snyder v Phelps, 131 S Ct 1207, 1218 [2011], quoting Cornelius v NAACP Legal Defense & Ed. Fund, Inc., 473 US 788, 799 [1985].) Here, movants have not demonstrated that the rules adopted by the owners of the property, concededly after the demonstrations began, are not reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions permitted under the First Amendment.

    To the extent that City law prohibits the erection of structures, the use of gas or other combustible materials, and the accumulation of garbage and human waste in public places, enforcement of the law and the owner’s rules appears reasonable to permit the owner to maintain its space in a hygienic, safe, and lawful condition, and to prevent it from being liable by the City or others for violations of law, or in tort It also permits public access by those who live and work in the area who are the intended beneficiaries of this zoning bonus.

  21. November 14, 2011

    New Reports Link N. Korean, Iranian Nuclear Programs

    Steve Herman

    News media in Northeast Asia are reporting details of alleged cooperation between Iran and North Korea in trying to build atomic bombs. Such joint activities have been suspected for years.

    South Korea’s foreign ministry and the national intelligence service say they cannot comment on fresh reports linking Pyongyang’s atomic efforts to Iran.

    Officials with the agencies considered at the forefront of monitoring North Korea’s nuclear programs say the allegations, apparently leaked by diplomats in recent days, involve classified information.

    IAEA assessment

    The allegations follow last Tuesday’s report by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog.

    The IAEA’s most comprehensive assessment yet about Iran’s nuclear programs details what it says is evidence of Iran’s covert and continuous effort, since 2003, to build a nuclear bomb, going far beyond the stated goals of energy and medical research.

    Last Friday, Iran’s top envoy to the IAEA, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, called the report a fabrication based on “lousy” intelligence by the United States and its allies.

    The 25-page report has since been leaked and makes no mention of a link between Iran and North Korea. But last Friday U.N. investigators gave a private technical presentation to the 35 member states of the IAEA Board of Governors. Since then, diplomats have been quoted anonymously by South Korea media alleging that hundreds of North Korean scientists and engineers have been working at nuclear and missile facilities in Iran.

    cont. at…–133796683.html

  22. I’ve been hearing about the net neutrality bill for a long time and hoping that it would never come to pass. But, it looks like it is here.

    On Sunday, Nov. 20, ‘Net Neutrality’ will take effect. Proponents have claimed that the regulation is necessary to insure neutrality of internet service; however, they are not being forthright in their depiction.

    I’m not sure that I understand it completely, but I do dread the thought of the obama administration controlling the Internet. It is now the easiest, quickest and freest source of news. Once the government gets involved that will surely change.

  23. “They are simply people who trade in on their name brand, or that of their parents, to get a leg up.”

    (Definition: nepotism
    patronage bestowed or favoritism shown on the basis of family relationship, as in business and politics):

    Maybe you prefer cronyism? I didn’t want to go there.

    “cronyism –
    the practice of appointing friends to high-level posts regardless of their suitability.”

    And that makes it OK??????????? Even if they’re not qualified, trained or have no background in a particular profession? So we should be reduced to a world of “branding?” And I should stand aside while someone gets a leg up on my back because they have brand recognition and they get to try out their abilities on my dime? Sounds an awful lot like the dysfunctional town, village and school board meetings I cover which, IMHO, are simply a pared down version of what happens in state and federal government. Not to mention the current crew at the WH who have never run a lemonade stand much less a trillion dollar economy.

    I am not talking about CC, now, but just about the concept you so breezily espouse.

    I want qualified, capable, tested people in influential positions whether it’s running a state or hosting a plum news job. Of course I don’t get what I want but the wealthy privileged kids of wealthy influential parents do.

    Cuomo is NOT a good governor. I live in NYS. He’s a guy who got the gov position ONLY because of his dad who, btw, was a decent gov.

    Jackson – senior and junior – are both fools.

    Chelsea has no journalism or editorial experience that I know of. She should not be handed a top position at a major network. Maybe, if she had some skills to back up her appointment it wouldn’t be so bad. She has not earned the right to that job and I don’t like it.

    A far as kids banking on their parents, well, yeah, of course that’s what happens. At least when one’s parents are wealthy and or influential, or when a kid is fortunate enough to have such parents. That doesn’t mean it’s right.

    When name recognition is based on another’s accomplishments, and not your own, I put no stock in it. Nor do I support it.

  24. Basil99
    I seldom disagree with you but here I must.
    What can she ever do where it will not be said she got the job because of her parents?
    Is she supposed to start out in the mail room? Someone with a different disposition might have been able to do undergrad and then something like that. She spent time and energy learning. She is never going to get the opportunity to enter on the ground floor and work her way up. Her mother-in-law is a five time Emmy winning reporter who worked for the Today Show. She was the first single woman in America to adopt a child from a an impoverished country and give her a better life. Maybe Chelsea was inspired by her and sees the chance to use the medium of television to have an affect as well. I read she is donating her salary to charity. Do not know if that is true. But if the nightly news can offer 3 minutes of substantial “fluff”. I will give her a shot. She may not have covered sports for 5 years at a local newspaper before getting a break but she has traveled the world since childhood and as such will offer a different perspective.
    I will not watch as I despise NBC but I say give the woman a shot. I seriously doubt she is doing it to be a celebrity. She’d of kicked Kim Kardashians ass with her wedding if that was her wish.
    So maybe she does just want to relay uplifting stories for a few minutes?

  25. Henry,

    I respect your opinion but we will (I Hope) agree to disagree. She could have started off with a less high-profile stint for her first foray into ‘journalism.’ I can only imagine what the resentment level will be like, especially in light of all the layoffs from the Post to CNN in recent weeks.

    Not that I am a big fan of most so-called journalists but honestly, dipping your toes into a field at the top of the charts is not a good thing, no matter what the profession or avocation.

    And if she is ‘donating her salary to charity’ well – all I can say is what a kick in the teeth to any aspiring journalist or news reporter who barely survives on the salaries most in the trenches live on.

    I have nothing personally against CC and she seems like a nice young woman but I do not like this and I will not be watching.

  26. Basil99
    I actually do agree with you to an extent. Why take such a high profile job. Number of networks she could have done it on her own that would love the publicity. Even bite my tongue OWN.
    And to be honest I have been quilted into donating a buck or two to feel good causes and the last weeks news has caused me to re-evaluate everything I donate to. Never did the United Way. Too hard sell but often gave to institutions or bought goods from so-called do-gooders. No more. I am not necessarily a Christian but I was raised on tithe. Will gladly go grocery shopping for food and drop it off at a church but have no faith in cash donations.

  27. Occupy Wall Street protester Amos Fisher tells CNN that OWS “much” more important than the Civil Rights movement.


    I haven’t seen the context of this, but Blacks are c. 13% of the population, while OWS is about the rights of 99% (including most Blacks).

  28. It’s about time the rid the park of these Obama plants.


    How long till someone takes this conspiracy theory to the next level? Isnt’ Bloomberg himself an Obama/Soros plant? So he’s got police in NY and elsewhere to shoot themselves in the foot (feet?)! By blocking media, alleged violence to reporters and to a Councilman(?)

    A new big headline about OWS — more police misconduct — more sympathy for OWS — and an excuse for them to stop winter camping. They can go home with honor now. Or at least someplace warm.

    And their sympathizers will be eager to hear what new idea they come up with next (camping was getting old). Maybe they’ll Occupy Chase Elevators or something.

  29. I feel that Wolff’s entire description of how the US economic religion has evolved over the past 30-35 years is accurate, as it fits in with my observation of the beast.


    I haven’t played the video, but I thought the short transcription I posted was excellent. It was all simple facts, verifiable. Put together just right to show what they added up to.

    Gore saw this pattern in 2000. Remember his talk about ‘working families’? 2000 was in ‘good, prosperous’ times — but even then, it was starting to need both spouses working, sometimes two jobs each, to make ends meet.

    And we can’t blame it all on consumers wanting more stuff. Even the same house they could afford in the past, now cost more; so would the same amount of gasoline as used in past years.

  30. The First Lady of The World is out there showing her skills in diplomatic affairs while the potus is displaying his ignorance in every subject about campaign funding and racial baiting .What an ignorant A–Ho–e.No records no BC no idea about anything except having fun and avoiding MO.


    Remarks Aboard USS Fitzgerald Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty

    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Secretary of StateManila, Philippines

    November 16, 2011

    Thank you very much, and it is indeed an honor for me to be in Manila to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty and it is wonderful to be onboard the USS Fitzgerald, a fine ship with a dedicated crew under the leadership of Commander Mutty. If only we were underway. And I thank you greatly for hosting us today.
    I want to acknowledge Secretary Del Rosario, with whom I am working very closely, Secretary Gazmin as well, and all those who are representing the Government of the Philippines. But we also acknowledge General Oban, Vice Admiral Pama, Admiral (inaudible), and Brigadier Bautista, Lieutenant General Rabena, and Mayor Lim, the mayor of Manila.
    On the United States side, we have a very distinguished delegation. I think it’s fair to say that this combination of representatives from the State Department and the Defense Department symbolizes the strength not only of the past but even more importantly our future together.
    It is a special honor also for me to meet anywhere with U.S. servicemen and women, and I say thank you on behalf of all Americans. You protect us faithfully and courageously, often from faraway cities or remote corners of the ocean. And it’s been a great honor of my life to be able to work with you to ensure that you’re given the support and treatment you deserve from a grateful nation.
    As each of us can attest, our mutual defense treaty has provided for our common defense and helped to create cooperation between our countries, not only military cooperation but also political and economic, and not only between governments but most importantly between our people.
    That summer day in 1951 when this treaty was signed, our nations faced a very different world. Then we were united against the spread of communism. Filipino and American soldiers had fought side by side in World War II not long before, and this treaty was a testament that we stood united against the challenges of a dangerous world. Our hope was that we could pursue the peace together. And that common devotion to peace has sustained our alliance through the years.
    Well, today we meet in a new era where we face new challenges but also where we confront new opportunities. So we must ensure that this alliance remains strong, capable of delivering results for the people of the Philippines, the United States, and our neighbors throughout the Asia Pacific. We are now updating our alliance and all of our alliances in the region with three guidelines in mind. First, we are working to ensure that the core objectives of our alliances have the political support of our people. Second, we want our alliances to be nimble, adaptive, flexible so they can continue to deliver results in this new world. And third, we are making sure that our collective defense capabilities and communications infrastructure are operationally and materially capable of deterring provocation from the full spectrum of state and non-state actors.
    To that end, the United States is working with our Filipino allies to ensure that we can meet threats like proliferation and terrorism, and to support the Philippines particularly in the maritime domain as you move to improve your territorial defense and interdiction capabilities. In August, we transferred a Coast Guard cutter here, thanks to the escort that you provided, and we are together considering transferring a second one as well.
    We are seeking to broaden and strengthen our partnership beyond defense. The Manila Declaration that we have just signed sets forth a shared vision for strategic, political, economic, and people-to-people cooperation. And later today, Secretary Del Rosario and I will sign a Statement of Principles for our Partnership for Growth to help the Philippines break into the ranks of the world’s high-performing economies. We are working together to increase trade and investment and to strengthen regional institutions like ASEAN, APEC, and the East Asia Summit. The United States-Philippines alliance has been a force for regional security for decades, and through our direct cooperation we are bringing that same spirit to regional forums as well.
    As always, the foundation of what we do is really based on the ties connecting our peoples. The United States is home to more than four million Filipinos and Americans of Filipino descent, including several members of the crew of this ship. All told, Filipinos represent the second largest Asian American community in the United States, and we are proud and grateful for the invaluable contributions they make to our democracy, our economy, and our culture.
    Looking back, there is much to celebrate, I agree, and we wish to make sure that both of our people understand the benefits that this relationship has brought, is bringing, and will provide for the future.
    Now, consider this ship. The USS Fitzgerald has patrolled the entire Western Pacific region this year. It traveled to Australia, Russia, Guam, Saipan, the Marshall Islands, before docking here in Manila Bay. As part of Operation Tomodachi, the search, rescue, and recovery mission following the earthquake, the tsunami, and the nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan, the Fitzgerald operated closest to shore. And this summer, it transited the Gregorio del Pilar the flagship of the Filipino Navy on its maiden voyage across the Pacific. The ships cross-decked and held training sessions for 16 days on emergency response and onboard medical procedures. By the end of the exercise, the officers and crews onboard both vessels achieved new levels of proficiency and partnership.
    That is just one example of the work we do every day together not only between our militaries and our governments, our diplomatic corps, but between our businesses, our universities, and our citizens. The vital ties between the Philippines and the United States are strong and growing stronger, and we must continue to invest in them to serve the interests and answer the concerns of the Filipino and American people, to maintain security and the conditions for progress, and to keep following the fruitful pursuits of peace. The United States remains committed to this goal, just as we are committed to our alliance. We are grateful for 60 years of partnership and the progress we have made together, and we look forward to many more years of working closely together on behalf of our two nations, our people, and the world. Thank you all very much. (Applause.)

  31. TFE FIRST LADY OF THE WORLD is on CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer this evening and she will show the world why she must run again.

  32. turndown: “And we can’t blame it all on consumers wanting more stuff.”

    Indeed not, but Wolff does point out that the American penchant for Bigger = Better= More trapped the little guy into taking “free” money on credit to sustain a bloated lifestyle… until the inevitable crunch came.

    Of course, Wolff is not the first or only person to point this out. Gore knew it, but also WJC once said (when? dunno but I think it was during his presidency) that Americans couldn’t go on borrowing money from abroad to buy products from abroad, and that it all had to stop sometime. This was also a theme in HRC’s campaign.

    What Gore, WJC or HRC could possibly do to recover from this disaster is something of a mystery to me. Wolff does have one suggestion – to democratize the corporation by getting rid of stockholders and their executive cronies and having the employees direct the businesses. This is a Marxist idea.

    Eurojap experiments in this direction have been successful – not wildly successful, but successful nonetheless. In addition to the successful company AOIP that I referred to above, and the many Japanese companies that are run this way, there is the example of mutual banks of which there are two in France: Crédit Mutuel (where I have two accounts) and Banque Populaire (where I used to have twp accounts). The shareholders in these banks are the account holders and the employees, and there are yearly shareholders’ meetings. They are both pretty conservative in their investment policies, requiring heavy collateralization for their loans, coupled with a sensible business plan. They have both contributed considerably to the development of France’s financial code and regulations. Neither has been told to re-capitalize and neither has been involved in any of the madhouse casino antics of the big “money-making” banks like Société Générale, which is perpetually on the verge of collapse.

    Another thing that Wolff would probably agree with is that the government should regain rightful control of the market. Still on the subject of the financial sector, one thing that should be noted about Europe’s solution to the Greek crisis was that (i) 50% of Greece’s debt was forgiven, which is something only governments can do, because the interest of the banks must ne overridden (a bank would never forgive a debt on its own), and (ii) the banks were told to recapitalize on their own, by refraining from paying out dividends to their stockholders and bonuses to their executives.

    I think Wolff would applaud these decisions because they put the executives and their stockholders in their place and makes them responsible – or liable – for their own actions and, according to Wolff’s analysis, it is the executives and their stockholders who are responsible for all the crazy greed that has inhabited the elite since the late 1970s.

    Plus, putting the government in the driver’s seat is also Marxist theory and socialist practice; which Wolff respects. As Wolff says, the only problem with things like mutual companies and government decision-making in the US is that you can’t couch them in terms of “Marxism”, “socialist”, “communal” or “communist” because the American economic religion has banned those labels. So he provides a few alternate expressions like “freedom of choice” or “democracy” that are more palatable.

    This calls to mind Hillary’s universal health care plan which she carefully called the “American Health Choices Plan” to suit American political religion. “Universal health care” sounded socialistic, so she termed it a “health choices plan” in which there were actual choices but, if you thought about it, it would lead to a single-payer system within 10 or 15 years.

  33. Honors for the First Lady of The World.

    SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, thank you very much, and let me begin by expressing what a personal pleasure it is for me to be back here in Manila. I want to thank President Aquino and Foreign Secretary Del Rosario for extending such a warm welcome and also extend my appreciation to all of the officials of the Government of the Philippines. And I am grateful to all of you and to the people of the Philippines for the Order of Lakandula. This is an honor that I will always treasure.

  34. First Lady Of The WORLD;No one else can handle this troubled world as she has shown her skills and real love of country compared to the awful group of ‘Cradle to Gravers’ that hate all women of power
    and more qualifide.

    PRESIDENT AQUINO: Today we confer upon the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Order of Lakandula, one of the highest honors that can be (inaudible). For deepening and broadening the engagement between United States and the Philippines (inaudible). One of cornerstones our engagement is the Mutual Defense Treaty between our two countries. Today we celebrate the 60th anniversary (inaudible).
    Let me also take this occasion to launch our new Partnership for Growth (inaudible). The Partnership for Growth is a new framework for strengthening our economic engagement to promote and support broad base economic growth. These are (inaudible) the relationships between our two countries. Your visit shows us that alliance between the United States and Philippines (inaudible) that this bond (inaudible). Our countries enjoy a friendship forged by shared history, goodwill and (inaudible). The Pacific may separate our countries, but the words and deeds of the past provide us with a bridge that is able to reach across the vast ocean.
    With this, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to propose a toast to Secretary Hillary Clinton may (inaudible) stronger relationship (inaudible) United States (inaudible) cooperation (inaudible) mutual benefit and the sincere desire to work for our people (inaudible) American (inaudible) between our two countries as we work to institute lasting and inclusive progress in our two nations (inaudible) as we say in the Philippines (inaudible).
    SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you very much, Mr. President, for that warm welcome. We are so honored to be here for many reasons. Yes, it is the 60th anniversary of the Mutual Defense Treaty that has demonstrated for all to see the strong bonds of solidarity and partnership between our two nations. Yes, it is the 50th anniversary of USAID and the Peace Corps. Both organizations have been partners with Filipino people for those decades. Yes, we did have the opportunity today to renew our bonds in a very tangible manner, first on the deck of the USS Fitzgerald with the signing of the Manila Declaration, and just now with the signing of the Partnership for Growth. Because this relationship is about the future. It certainly honors the past and all that we have done together, but it looks forward and it is about the strong ties between our peoples, because we know that governments and public officials, political leaders exist to support the better lives and futures of the people they serve. And you, Mr. President, and your family have exemplified that principle.
    So it is for all of the reasons of the ties, of partnerships, solidarity, cooperation, familial affection between us, that I propose a toast: To the president and to all who serve with him, on behalf of a better future for the children and the next generation, to the bonds between our two countries, and particularly the strong personal relationships that go beyond governments, go beyond treaties and declarations, between the people of the United States and the people of the Philippines, may God bless our common endeavors.

  35. The occupiers are angry about losing Zucotti Park and now they plan on carrying their anger through the rest of the city. There is talk of burning down NYC and blowing up Macy’s

    Tomorrow the union thugs are going to give them some help. They are calling for an occupation of all bridges.

    It’s going to be dangerous out there tomorrow – be warned.

  36. Some good ideas:

    1.PASS HR 1489 REINSTATING GLASS-STEAGALL. – A depression era safeguard that separated the commercial lending and investment banking portions of banks. Its repeal in 1999 is considered the major cause of the global financial meltdown of 2008-2009.


    3. FULLY INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE THE WALL STREET CRIMINALS who clearly broke the law and helped cause the 2008 financial crisis.

    4.OVERTURN CITIZENS UNITED v. US. – A 2010 Supreme Court Decision which ruled that money is speech. Corporations, as legal persons, are now allowed to contribute unlimited amounts of money to campaigns in the exercise of free “speech.”






    10. INSIST THE FEC STAND UP FOR THE PUBLIC INTEREST IN REGULATING PRIVATE USE OF PUBLIC AIRWAVES to help ensure that political candidates ARE GIVEN EQUAL TIME for free at reasonable intervals during campaign season.


    12. FORGIVE STUDENT DEBT – The same institutions that gave almost $2T in bailouts and then extended $16T of loans at little to no interest for banks can surely afford to forgive the $946B of student debt currently held. Not only does this favor the 99% over the 1%, it has the practical effect of more citizens spending money on actual goods, not paying down interest.

  37. Always gracious and ready for everything that comes her way…


    ‘What’s in your purse Hillary?’ Clinton faces student grilling over her favourite music and daughter Chelsea’s future in politics

    •U.S. Secretary of State reveals her love of the Beatles and Rolling Stones
    •Tells Phillippines students she hopes to experience being a grandmother
    •But doesn’t want daughter Chelsea Chelsea to become politician like her
    •Says her purse contains make-up, BlackBerry and all sorts of papers

    By Mark Duell
    16th November 2011

    Hillary Clinton found out how vibrant it can get in the Philippines as she was bombarded with a series of personal questions on subjects from what she keeps in her purse to the music on her iPad.

    The U.S. Secretary of State, who is America’s outspoken advocate for democracy, was questioned by students about her daughter Chelsea – and told them she doesn’t want her to go into politics.

    Meanwhile the 64-year-old revealed her favourite music artists are the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Doors – but she also listens to classic music for relaxation.

    What’s in your purse?’ someone asked via Twitter. ‘In addition to makeup and all that go with that, usually my Blackberry and papers of all kinds,’ Mrs Clinton replied at Manila’s National Museum.

    She spoke to students after meetings with President Benigno Aquino III and other officials to tackle heavy issues such as South China Sea territorial disputes and the U.S.-Philippines defense alliance.

    More…At least it wasn’t Bill: Hillary Clinton interrupts photo op with howls of laughter as half-naked man in loincloth runs past her carrying fire

    Mrs Clinton said she uses her iPad mainly to view news sites but also uses it for music, and revealed her favourite artists. ‘I’m a child of the ’60s, which is before any of you were born,’ she said.

    ‘So everything I grew up with – the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Doors. I mean, all of that, plus I like classical music because I find it relaxing when I’m thinking about stressful things.’

    Mrs Clinton also told the audience that she wants a grandchild but is ‘leaving that to my daughter and her husband’. ‘Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to experience that,’ she said.

    ‘I’m a child of the ’60s, which is before any of you were born. So everything I grew up with – the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Doors. I mean, all of that, plus I like classical music because I find it relaxing when I’m thinking about stressful things’

    Hillary Clinton
    Her daughter Chelsea got married to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky last year and told New York Magazine that she wants to have children with him. She also began working at NBC News this week.

    Mrs Clinton said she would not recommend her daughter getting into politics. Last month it was claimed Chelsea was on the verge of launching her own political career with a run for Congress.

    Her mother recalled former president Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wife Eleanor’s advice to would-be politicians.

    ‘If you get into politics, you have to grow a skin as thick as the rhinoceros because it can be very painful if you’re not prepared – you’re going to be subjected to all these criticisms,’ Mrs Clinton said.

    Moments after saying this a student activist stood up from the crowd and held up a poster opposing a treaty that allows U.S. troops and ships to visit the Philippines, a former American colony.

    ‘If you get into politics, you have to grow a skin as thick as the rhinoceros because it can be very painful if you’re not prepared – you’re going to be subjected to all these criticisms’

    Hillary Clinton, on ex-president Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wife Eleanor’s advice
    As he was led out by security, the student yelled, ‘Junk U.S. imperialism.’ The moderator then asked Clinton about her attitude toward protesters, who hound American officials like her everywhere.

    ‘People have the right to have opinions that are different from others – that what’s democracy is about,’ she said.

    ‘And the Philippines has a very vibrant democracy, where people are unafraid to express themselves. I’m pretty much used to it. But it goes with that rhinoceros skin’

    Her comments came days after she roared with laughter when a half-naked man interrupted a photo call in Hawaii when he ran behind her carrying a flaming torch and wearing nothing but a loincloth.

  38. As for the practical effect of “spending money on actual goods, not paying down interest”, wasn’t that part of Bill Clinton’s success with paying down the National Debt? More money could be spent where it keeps trickling up through the US economy, instead of going to pay interest to the fatcats who invest it in other countries, or sit on it.

    Follow the money — and see who profits from the National Debt. When the US bombs Iraq, the investors win more than once: their bomb factory makes a sale — paid for by money borrowed from the same investors, who then get interest on that same money.

    No wonder Bush spent Bill Clinton’s surplus as fast as he could, and started a war.

  39. Remember, it was Obama that promised riots if he got the popular vote, but not the Super Delegate vote. Maybe you are right, this is an Obama initiative. He is just performing the violence because he is not getting his way.

  40. Leanora
    November 16th, 2011 at 1:37 pm


    I don’t get down to Long Island often to see my almost 90-y-o mom and tomorrow I’m taking Amtrak to Penn Station and then the LIE from Penn Station to LI. Then doing the whole thing in reverse later in the day.

    I PRAY Penn Station is not one of the areas these clowns decide to “occupy.”

    I would consider driving but between having to cross the GWB, the CBE, the Throggs Neck, the LIE and a handful of other notoriously awful routes, I honestly don’t know which is worse – potentially being suck in traffic or getting stuck in Penn Station with a horde of scabies-infested lowlifes.

    Honestly, Bloomberg is such a f**kin’ jerk, allowing those parasites to suck off the public teat for the past two months. The busiest and most profitable time of the year is starting in NYC (Thanksgiving to Xmas) and what kind of incentive will out-of-towners have to visit, spend money, shop if they’re at risk of being confronted with jacka$$es threatening to throw molotov cocktails into Macy’s and take over the subways?

    :shaking head in disgust:

  41. votermom
    November 16th, 2011 at 12:20 pm


    Best post title ever.

    Agree! Absolutely brilliant!

  42. BASIL 99 I don’t know how Penn Station will be. I haven’t heard anything about it So far the LIRR hasn’t had any major problems due to protests. But I’m afraid the roads might not be safe for driving. Tomorrow the union thugs are calling for an occupation of all bridges.

    I think taking the train(s) to Long Island will be safer in this case.

    Good luck. Your Mom will appreciate your visit.

  43. Juan Williams’s article at FoxNews notwithstanding ( The bottom line on last Tuesday’s election results, according to The Wall Street Journal, is that “voters in battleground states have a limited appetite for dramatic efforts to reshape government.” USA Today’s story hit the same theme, describing voters as sending a message against “what they interpreted as extreme policies and proposals…”)

    The Examiner has this to say:

    PPP: #Occupy makes voters nostalgic for Tea Party |
    Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm that has been correct with most of its election surveys this year, has a new survey that indicates the Occupy movement is grating on people. Surprisingly, after two months of Occupiers defiling public spaces across America, voters are suddenly more fond of tea partiers than of occupiers. Even better, Tea Party favorables are up ten points from a month ago among independent voters.
    The Occupy Wall Street movement is not wearing well with voters across the country. Only 33% now say that they are supportive of its goals, compared to 45% who say they oppose them. That represents an 11 point shift in the wrong direction for the movement’s support compared to a month ago when 35% of voters said they supported it and 36% were opposed. Most notably independents have gone from supporting Occupy Wall Street’s goals 39/34, to opposing them 34/42.
    Voters don’t care for the Tea Party either, with 42% saying they support its goals to 45% opposed. But asked whether they have a higher opinion of the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street movement the Tea Party wins out 43-37, representing a flip from last month when Occupy Wall Street won out 40-37 on that question. Again the movement with independents is notable- from preferring Occupy Wall Street 43-34, to siding with the Tea Party 44-40.

    Juan wishes. I guess the Journolistas, Dems and WH just cannot man up about that TP. Did I tell you already that Senator Casey is sponsoring an online petition drive to pressure Republicans to cut the gridlock?

  44. Pls forgive: I should have included title of Juan’s opinion:
    The Public’s Focus Shifts from the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street

  45. Oh JEEZUS!

    I am hearing more about the actions planned tomorrow for NYC. A video saying they’re “going to burn NYC to the ground. They’ve got guns, we’ve got stones. We’re gonna throw a Molotov cocktail in Macy’s.”

    SH!TTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! Macy’s is a block east of Penn Station. Pisses me the f**k off that I, and thousands, millions of other Tri-State-area residents may have to reconsider traveling plans because of these fothermuckers.

  46. Leonora,

    Interestingly, when I called Amtrak this morning to make my reservation they asked me for a cell phone contact or the number of where I am going to visit “in case schedules change.”

    I thought it was odd as they have NEVER made such requests in the past five years I have been making these trips.

    The ticket agent said it was a new policy “just in case.”

    They have also implemented much longer pre-boarding arrival times for train travel. Now it’s 45 minutes before departure if picking up tickets at a booth, 30 minutes if getting a ticket from the kiosk.

    Now that I’m aware of what the pigfreaks of OWS are planning I’m wondering if Amtrak is just trying to manage a potentially chaotic situation. As you probably know, Penn Station, where Amtrak is located, along with the NJ train lines and the LIE, is a zoo on the best of days.

    Do you have any links to info about closing bridges? Honestly, I may just have to cancel this little trip.

    Triple PISSES me the F**K off that millions of us are inconvenienced, threatened, insulted and used by these mindless slugs.

    Double SH!!!TTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

  47. In case anyone else is foolish enough to travel through NYC tomorrow, here’s the OWS schedule.

    Honestly, I am so furious I could ______. These POS’s need to have their a$$es whipped and be sent back to the rocks they crawled out from under. For those with a strong enough constitution to tolerate it, check their site and the disgusting clips posted. They are trying to make the long-suffering NYPD look like instigators. Those fothermuckers. I WANT the police protecting me, my property, my rights, my public right-of-way.

    And where the f*8k is Bammy? Traveling the world bashing America.

    From the audio: “On Novemberbr 17 we’re gonna burn this piece of mother-fucking sh!t down. We’re going to burn NYC down. They got guns, we got bombs. In a few days you’re gonna see what a molotoiv cocktail can do to Macy’s.”

    LUNCH: Occupy The Subways – 3:00 p.m.

    We will start by Occupying Our Blocks! Then throughout the five boroughs, we will gather at 16 central subway hubs and take our own stories to the trains, using the “People’s Mic”.

    Fordham Rd
    3rd Ave, 138th Street
    163rd and Southern Blvd
    161st and River – Yankee Stadium
    Broadway Junction
    Borough Hall
    301 Grove Street
    St Jose Patron Church,185 Suydam St, Bushwick
    Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave.
    Jamaica Center/Parsons/Archer
    92-10 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights
    125th St. A,B,C,D
    Union Sq. (Mass student strike)
    23rd St and 8th Ave
    Staten Island
    St. George, Staten Island Ferry Terminal
    479 Port Richmond Avenue, Port Richmond

    DINNER: Take The Square – 5:00 p.m.

    At 5 pm, tens of thousands of people will gather at Foley Square (just across from City Hall) in solidarity with laborers demanding jobs to rebuild this country’s infrastructure and economy. A gospel choir and a marching band will also be performing.

    Afterwards we will march to our bridges. Let’s make it as musical a march as possible – bring your songs, your voice, your spirit! Our “Musical” on the bridge will culminate in a festival of light as we mark the two-month anniversary of the #occupy movement, and our commitment to shining light into our broken economic and political system.

  48. Video at link
    NYPOST.COM | NEWSCORE – Occupy Wall Street leaders announced Monday their plans to ratchet up their wild antics — vowing to wreak havoc on Thursday by shutting down Wall Street and the subways to mark the renegade group’s two-month takeover of Zuccotti Park.

    According to their website, the day will include “Mass, Non-violent Direct Action” to “Shut Down Wall Street” at 7 a.m., “Occupy the Subways” in all five boroughs at 3:00pm and “Take the Square,” referring to Foley Square, at 5 p.m.

    Protest organizers were also touting signs alluding to China’s infamous Tiananmen Square revolt. The poster advertising the event uses the image of the lone Chinese protester confronting tanks in China’s Tiananmen Square as rows of supporters stand in the background.

    The demonstrators, the poster reads, aim to “resist austerity, reclaim the economy [and] recreate our democracy.”

    The protesters also plan to march from City Hall to the Brooklyn Bridge at some point. They said they are expecting a turnout larger than that of Oct. 1, when more than 700 arrests were made on the bridge.

    Organizer Senia Barragan said the group’s goal is to “rebuild our economy, and the bridge is a quintessential symbol of that message” because infrastructure projects would create jobs.

  49. holdthemaccountable,

    Don’t you find it odd that the protests were allowed to continue for the past two months, the rights of the few have been upheld over the rights of the many and POTUS is conveniently out of the country during the crackdown?

    I can’t decide whether Bloomberg is naive, incompetent, stupid or all three. His management of the city has been a disaster. Remember the snowstorm that hit NYC last year? Remember the shutdown of the city pre-911? And now the threatened shut-down of NYC by a band of clueless spineless whining 20-somthings?

    I remember all 3. Those are among the handful of times I was going to visit or pass through NYC. Think of how much this has cost the taxpayers, how much it has affected business, how horrible it has made daily life for millions of innocent inhabitants.

    What is your theory about the movement, it’s connection to POTUS, its future?

    I have some ideas including the OWS being a dry run for possible action in the summer of 2012 if POTUS’s numbers are still bad.

  50. BASIL99
    November 16th, 2011 at 4:29 pm
    Thanks. I saw your link upthread. It’s Michigan bridges, not NYC bridges.

    My mistake. I guess I read through the site too quickly. I thought the bridge occupation was going to extend across other parts of the country.

    Shut my mouth – I don’t want to give them any ideas.

  51. admin, can you please embed?!

    In a video posted on YouTube after protesters were evicted from Zuccotti Park, a demonstrator in the crowd says “On the 17th, we’re going to burn New York City to the ground.”

    Later in the video, he then goes on to say “No more talking. They’ve got guns, we’ve got bottles. They’ve got bricks, we’ve got rocks…in a few days you’re going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.”

  52. Corzine’s company bailed on $600 million, laid off over 1,000. Down the friggin tubes.

    Where’s the outcry from OWS about that? Oh, that’s right, Bo and JC are BFF’s.

    Where’s the outrage that the federal debt hit $15 trillion today, $6 trillion higher than when the POS took the country over? Where’s the protest against the WH for indebting EVERY citizen in the country to the tune of over $40G and every TAXPAYER (NOT what the OWS crew are) over $133G??????????

    The POS and his cronies raised the debt by more than 70 percent over the past 3 years. I want his A$$ impeached. Let’s occupy and remove it. Until I see the blame assigned where it belongs the crappers at OWS have zero credibility. They just want to party, hang out, and make the real workers miserable. And now they are THREATENING an entire CITY????? And no one is stopping them?????

  53. Seems Blooming idiot coordinated the OWS shutdown with other idiot dim leaders.

    Embattled Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, speaking in an interview with the BBC (excerpted on The Takeaway radio program–audio of Quan starts at the 5:30 mark), casually mentioned that she was on a conference call with leaders of 18 US cities shortly before a wave of raids broke up Occupy Wall Street encampments across the country. “I was recently on a conference call with 18 cities across the country who had the same situation.”…

    Many witnesses to the wave of government crackdowns on numerous #occupy encampments have been wondering aloud if the rapid succession was more than a coincidence; Jean Quan’s casual remark seems to clearly imply that it was.

    Might it also be more than a coincidence that this succession of police raids started after President Obama left the US for an extended tour of the Pacific Rim?

    Gooooood question. If today’s news cycle has taught us nothing else, it’s that Team Hopenchange is very sensitive about timing. And it makes all the sense in the world for cities to coordinate their evictions given the pressure they’re under. Joint action spreads the political heat among them so that no single administration has to take too much.

  54. Putting A Founding Father Back In Context
    Every now and then I get mass mails with supposed quotes about religion from Founding Fathers. These messages are usually trying to put forth the idea that the Founders really intended to create America as a wholly (fundamentalist) Christian nation. Most are from the big names: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams.
    And in almost every case the quotes are false.

    More detail at

  55. 11/16/2011

    Cabinet secretaries as bosses: Hillary Clinton’s tops

    By Al Kamen

    So how well are President Obama’s Cabinet members and top aides doing? Well, not so great — though some far better than others — according to the Partnership for Public Service.

    Thee rank-and-file ranks the top brasse Partnership for Public Service’s new report, “Best Places to work in the Federal Government,” rates the leadership performance of President Obama’s cabinet ministers and top aides. The group’s “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government” report is avidly studied by federal workers, job seekers and top officials as a barometer on which agencies are performing well and which aren’t, and its 2011 edition is now out.

    The massive study slices and dices the data every which way, as our colleague Ed O’Keefe reports. But “a fish rots from the head first,” as Michael Dukakis pointed out in the 1988 presidential campaign, and so we decided to focus on the secretaries and senior aides at the top of the larger agencies.

    The study says the “Effective Leadership — Senior Leaders” category “measures the level of respect employees have for senior leaders, satisfaction with the amount of information provided by management, and perceptions about senior leaders’ honesty, integrity and ability to motivate employees.” Only five Cabinet members — led by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who scored 56.9 — managed to get above 50 on a scale of 1 to 100. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who, we should point out, never, ever, ever worked at Goldman Sachs, improved by 2.6 points to come in second at 52.3. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano dropped 1.7 and came in last at 41.4.

  56. basil99 @ 4:55 What is your theory about the movement, it’s connection to POTUS, its future?
    Hi Basil, I ‘backed into’ your question, having read admin’s latest post before checking in here. As best I can tell, I am pretty good at noticing details which may turn out to be pertinent – but seeing the big picture is not within my abilities. Prior to reading the stunning current post, the most I thought about OWS was that it is CHAOS and chaos is Obama’s favorite state. Not earth-shattering stuff. But thanks for asking.

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