Yesterday And Today: Republicans Secretly Smile About Election Results – Herman Cain Accusers In Trouble

Update: Republican debate is tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET. It will be on CNBC. The debate is 90 minutes long and will be held in Michigan. The debate is supposed to be about jobs and the economy. Between such lofty discussion we suspect there will be a CAIN court-martial, er, questions.

At tonight’s debate some Republicans/conservatives will be taking a second look at Gingrich. Very few Republicans/conservatives want Romney even as polls show many are crying that Willard is increasingly viewed as “inevitable”.


Tonight is Republican debate night. We’ll cover the debate spun and spin.

As to yesterday’s elections, the spin today is that Republicans (especially Ohio Governor John Kasich) lost big. We have a contrary view.

But first Herman Cain – who really needs to learn how to do these things with a bit more efficiency.


“At least two liens have been filed against Bialek, according to records from the Cook County recorder of deeds. [snip]

Court records also show creditors took legal action against her during the past decade, including at least one lawsuit filed in Cook County.

Bialek’s fiance, however, denied she had any current money problems. Harwood, a corporate executive in the medical equipment industry, said he supports her financially so she can stay at home with her 13-year-old son from a previous relationship.

Bialek has not had a job outside the home in about two years, according to her attorney, Gloria Allred.”


“As newly reviewed records pointed to deeper financial problems for the Chicago-area woman accusing Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment, he wasted no time Tuesday in suggesting she is motivated by monetary gain.

Sharon Bialek’s fiance — who said he is her primary source of financial support — is unemployed and preparing to file for bankruptcy, according to Lake County court documents reviewed Tuesday by the Tribune. And in Cook County, lawsuits show she has been targeted by creditors who claimed she owed them thousands in unpaid rent, personal loans and credit card bills.

In a round of TV interviews, Bialek, 50, said she had no financial reasons for coming forward and had not been promised a job in exchange for accusing Cain of groping her in a parked car 14 years ago. She sought to downplay past financial problems.”

See Herman, that’s how it’s done. Sharon and hubby have lied. They do need money desperately. Cain should have had investigators on the job months ago. Cain has an opportunity at tonight’s debate to make his case in a nationwide broadcast – but he also needs to get better staff quickly.

Cain has to stop relying on silly reasons such as this: “I can’t respond any further than that, but from a common sense standpoint, one would have to ask if that might not have been a motivation for her being subjected to this.” Common sense has nothing to do with it sweetie darling. This is a Chicago gangland war and it’s kill or be killed.

Court records show Bialek’s financial problems include many of recent vintage and the Cain campaign better memorialize these events and publicly distribute them far and wide.

Hint: note that Bialek and her husband have made public claims that they do not need money and money is not the motivation for their actions – then show that hubby indeed does need money and that hubby and Sharon have been lying to the public in a most grotesque way. See, it’s simple. (Oh, and she has repeatedly lied about her finances “She gave differing accounts of her income, saying she was making about $90,000 a year in one court filing but about $64,000 a year in another.”)

Today Mark Levin has more about an interview with CBS anchorman Bill Kurtis (Bialek is a former CBS worker!) who strongly suggests she is not a sweet little Bambie lost in the woods:

Kurtis says there is a lot more to this than Sharon Bialek says. Kurtis says that with Bialek’s record it is more likely that if something happened in the car the aggressor was Sharon Bialek! The DailyMail has more on what a friend calls “a golddigger.”

Today there is also more news about another Cain accuser:

“A woman who settled a sexual harassment complaint against GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain in 1999 complained three years later at her next job about unfair treatment, saying she should be allowed to work from home after a serious car accident and accusing a manager of circulating a sexually charged email, The Associated Press has learned. [snip]

To settle the complaint at the immigration service, Kraushaar initially demanded thousands of dollars in payment, a reinstatement of leave she used after the accident earlier in 2002, promotion on the federal pay scale and a one-year fellowship to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, according to a former supervisor familiar with the complaint. The promotion itself would have increased her annual salary between $12,000 and $16,000, according to salary tables in 2002 from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. [snip]

“The concern was that there may have been discrimination on the job and that I was being treated unfairly,” Kraushaar said.

Kraushaar said Tuesday she did not remember details about the complaint and did not remember asking for a payment, a promotion or a Harvard fellowship. Bennett, her lawyer, declined to discuss the case with the AP, saying he considered it confidential.”

Now Kraushaar and Bennett can’t remember or refuse to comment because it is “confidential”!!!! Not anymore sweetie pie. It’s kill or be killed time.

As with racism, sexual harassment and discrimination against women can be a harrowing fact of workplace life. But apparently Kraushaar’s complaint was a lame email joke about how men and women are like computers (men need to be turned on, women record mistakes in long-term memory for later retrieval). False allegations of racism and sexism for personal profit make a mockery of genuine cases of racism and sexism. As with Obama campaign race-baiting, the Herman Cain accusers appear to be in it for the money. We’re willing and wanting to hear all the evidence.

Herman Cain has a problem for sure. The problem is that much of this could have been avoided. First blaming Perry then the Cain campaign blaming Josh Kraushaar is stupid shadowboxing. It’s Obama that’s doing this Herman. Herman Cain has to not only prove he is ready for prime time but also that his campaign is ready for prime time. Rehearsal time is almost over. You can’t have a campaign that stumbles when attacked by Obama’s drive-by shooters.

Why is all this happening to Herman Cain? David Gregory of sexist/racist NBC/MSNBC says there is no (Ku Klux Klan????) “grand wizard to force out Cain.[See how easy it is to race-bait David?] We answered yesterday as to who is behind all this. The “why?” is even easier to answer. We are now less than one year away from NObama Nirvana. One year from NObama Nirvana things don’t look good for the treacherous boob:

Does Obama deserve second term? One year out, half say no.

Half of Americans say Obama does not deserve to be reelected, versus 40 percent who say he does, finds a new Monitor/TIPP poll. Independents, in particular, have lost faith.

It’s fear and smear from Chicago, baby – and Herman Cain you are the “it” boy for today, Mitt to follow.

Yup, Mitt Romney to follow. And yesterday’s elections should clue Republicans as to what a disaster Willard Mitt Romney will be.

Yesterday there was a very bright spot for Republicans in Ohio. That was that a lot of Ohio voters voted against Obama’s health scam even as they were voting against the collective bargaining bill. As we have repeatedly warned (HERE with a bonus as to why Newt is a disaster too), Republicans will throw away the health care issue – which is so very potent against Obama – if they choose Willard. Consider this yet another warning.

As to the loss for Republicans on the collective bargaining bill – is it really a loss? The unions would have been utterly destroyed if the bill was approved and so they fought with everything they had. But it is not as if they advanced their agenda any.

On election night a lot of people were wondering about why the Republicans/conservatives did not put up much of a fight in Ohio. HotAir cited this from “progressive” Mother Jones magazine:

“After Republicans passed Walker’s budget repair bill, Wisconsinites triggered recall elections targeting nine state senators—three GOPers who backed the bill and three Democratic state senators who fled the state to block the measure. When the dust settled, spending in the nine elections reached a staggering $43.9 million, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, which tracks money in state politics. Left-leaning groups outspent their right-leaning rivals $23.4 million to $20.5 million. That advantage was enough to oust two Republicans, but not enough to flip the state Senate majority back to Democrats.

Ohio is a different story. Here, labor unions have outmuscled pro-SB 5 groups in the money game. Labor-backed We Are Ohio raised $30.5 million and spent nearly $20 million of that through October 20. Building a Better Ohio, the flagship pro-SB 5 group, raised just $7.6 million and spent around $6 million over the same period.”

What passes for the left these days was completely fired up. Ed Shultz spent a week, or weeks, in Ohio and talking about Ohio. MSNBC devoted itself to the Ohio bill. Obama websites focused every day on the Ohio election. Every Obama supporter was focused on the Ohio election knowing a loss there would be Armageddon.

Republicans barely paid attention to Ohio. It was rare to find an article discussing Issue 2 on right leaning websites. Sean Hannity went to Ohio for one night. Fox News rarely if ever discussed Issue 2. It was an odd silence. Our contacts in Ohio kept telling us there was nothing happening in Ohio outside the ordinary to report just that the labor unions and Dimocrats were hosting many events, sending out a stream of emails, and raising money – but that the Republican effort was nary to be found.

So what happened? Did Republicans fumble or is there something else at play? A knowledgeable commenter at HotAir has the answer:

“I have a bit of skin in this Ohio game. One of my kids is running for office locally. First time at bat.

Have seen a number of flyers and ads about Prop 2 and how if passed thousands of Ohio public sector workers will be paid only minimum wage or that entire police departments will be shuttered or that every other house on the street will burn to the ground because there are no firefighters, and thousands of teachers will be laid off immediately.


Hogwash all bought and paid for by unions who spend more money on political action these days than they spend on actually helping members in need.

Funny thing, though. If SB5 goes down in defeat, it can be re-written and passed again, but more to the point is that if SB5 is defeated a lot of municipalities all across Ohio are looking at major budget deficits over the next several years or longer as they try to pay for the benefits packages average citizens can only dream about. There will be layoffs. Some municipal governments will cease to exist. (A few in Ohio already have this year.)

And then what?”

The “and then what” is that Ohio unions and Wisconsin unions and allies across the country have spent tens of millions for pretty much nothing other than survival. In Wisconsin the Republican victory was obvious. In Ohio the game is much more subtle.

Republicans in Ohio forced labor unions to spend tens of millions to fight for their very lives just to get back what they lost. That’s calling running to stay in place.

As we wrote at the beginning of the Wisconsin fight the Republican goal is the neutering of labor unions and thereby the castration of what once was the Democratic Party. The means to accomplish this is the cutoff of government collection of paycheck union dues on behalf of the unions. Force the unions to collect their own dues and allow workers the option of paying or not paying union dues and the Republicans win their goal.

As that HotAir writer states, the Republican legislature and the Republican governor can and will pass what they want, when they want. The unions may continue to bleed their coffers dry.

More importantly however is the claim that Republican Governor John Kasich is cooked. Kasich’s Ohio budget is not going to be hurt in any way by what happened yesterday. That is something that a lot of people do not understand. Yesterday’s election results do not injure Kasich’s budget which is balanced and has already been passed. John Kasich now can sit back and wait.

The Kasich strategy is simple: local governments now have to balance their budgets and their clamor for budgetary relief from the state government will be denied. It will be local governments that will have to cut back union benefits or raise taxes, not Kasich.

Kasich is not the only Republican that is secretly smiling. The Republican “losses” of last night are something to celebrate, not mourn. That badly worded ‘life begins at conception’ measure even had its supporters squirming. Mississippi governor Haley Barbour said he voted for it but we should be forgiven if we think he is lying.

Barbour noted that the measure could have many unintended consequences every time he was interviewed. The hefty Barbour was having his cake and eating it too. On this issue the Republicans won by losing and not having to defend this mess of a measure.

Also in Mississippi the Republicans gained full control of government as the House went to the Republicans as well. That’s another state run totally by Republicans in the wake of the Obama disaster of 2008.

In Virginia, the Republicans have likely won the state house and complete control of government there. Karen Tumulty wailed that Obama is in trouble:

“Tuesday’s legislative elections in Virginia appeared likely to add more evidence — as if national Democrats needed it — that the terrain of the political map will be significantly more rugged for President Obama next year. [snip]

“The enthusiasm gap has been completely reversed in the state. Republicans have it. Democrats don’t,” said political scientist Bob Holsworth, a former professor at Virginia Commonwealth University who now runs a Web site called Virginia Tomorrow. [snip]

“Independents specifically have rejected the Obama agenda, and they are fully supportive of the McDonnell agenda,” said Phil Cox, who managed the governor’s campaign and is now executive director of the Republican Governors Association.

Meanwhile, the energy of the tea party movement has ginned up Republican enthusiasm in Virginia, as have conservative outside groups.”

Republicans won victories that advance their agenda, reach and control of more state governments. Obama Dimocrats spent millions to stay in the frying pan and not fall into the volcanic hell fires. That’s a “victory” only in Hopium dens.


148 thoughts on “Yesterday And Today: Republicans Secretly Smile About Election Results – Herman Cain Accusers In Trouble

  1. For those who can’t watch the video, this is what Bill Kurtis of CBS News says in the interview:

    “A lot of people know her, and she has a history.”

    “There’s a lot more to the story, and it really is just developing.”

    “I’m looking at Sharon Bialek, and she speaks well. She’s attractive. She has the lock of blonde hair sweeping down over one of her eyes…

    Herman’s dead. It’s over. The story is done. And she has details, and of course, they’re just up to the edge. ‘And he grabbed my head and pushed it down.’

    And then I arrived in the elevator at work, and I hear very quickly a different kind of story. And I really haven’t confirmed it so I don’t want Gloria [Allred] to come after me. But I can assure you that there will be far more to the story.”

    “Let’s put Herman and Sharon in the car at the same time, and the roles may even have been reversed, given the track record here.”

  2. Somethin’ stinks in Denmark.

    Personally, I don’t care much about what happens to Cain nor Bialek in this issue, but I care a lot for the smear campaign that Baracko and his thugs aim at anyone that doesn’t believe Barry still walks on water.

    I did see Bialek’s short interview and something with her body language kept screaming out that she was stretching the truth and thinks she is still Marlyn Monroe at 50.

    What’s with the comment she made about Cain forcing her head into his crotch area, and saying back to him, “…you know I have a boyfriend and I didn’t come here for this.” (This may not be her exact words, but is that what an innocent woman says to a man with power that just did this to you or your wife or sister?

    Hell no, Cain would have bruises to go along with his outrageous actions.

    What was Cain’s joke on the late night show about this? Some comment about how he wouldn’t like her to do anything for him… (wink, wink that she is not appealing enough to him).

    I don’t have good feelings about either of them on this.

  3. Ann Coulter, among others, realizes we are right:

    Herman Cain has spent his life living and working all over the country — Indiana, Georgia, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Washington, D.C. — but never in Chicago.

    So it’s curious that all the sexual harassment allegations against Cain emanate from Chicago: home of the Daley machine and Obama consigliere David Axelrod.

    Suspicions had already fallen on Sheila O’Grady, who is close with David Axelrod and went straight from being former Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley’s chief of staff to president of the Illinois Restaurant Association (IRA), as being the person who dug up Herman Cain’s personnel records from the National Restaurant Association (NRA).[snip]

    Herman Cain has never lived in Chicago. But you know who has? David Axelrod! And guess who lived in Axelrod’s very building? Right again: Cain’s latest accuser, Sharon Bialek. [snip]

    The reason all this is relevant is that both Axelrod and Daley have a history of smearing political opponents by digging up claims of sexual misconduct against them.

    John Brooks, Chicago’s former fire commissioner, filed a lawsuit against Daley six months ago claiming Daley threatened to smear him with sexual harassment accusations if Brooks didn’t resign. He resigned — and the sexual harassment allegations were later found to be completely false. [snip]

    One month before the 2004 Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, Obama was way down in the polls, about to lose to Blair Hull, a multimillionaire securities trader.

    But then The Chicago Tribune — where Axelrod used to work — began publishing claims that Hull’s second ex-wife, Brenda Sexton, had sought an order of protection against him during their 1998 divorce proceedings. [snip]

    The Republican nominee was Jack Ryan, a graduate of Dartmouth and Harvard law and business schools, who had left his lucrative partnership at Goldman Sachs to teach at an inner-city school on the South Side of Chicago.

    But in a child custody dispute some years earlier, Ryan’s ex-wife, Hollywood sex kitten Jeri Lynn Ryan, had alleged that, while the couple was married, Jack had taken her to swingers clubs in Paris and New York.

    Jack Ryan adamantly denied the allegations. In the interest of protecting their son, he also requested that the records be put permanently under seal.

    Axelrod’s courthouse moles obtained the “sealed” records and, in no time, they were in the hands of every political operative in Chicago. Knowing perfectly well what was in the records, Chicago Tribune attorneys flew to California and requested that the court officially “unseal” them — over the objections of both Jack and Jeri Ryan. [snip]

    And that’s how Obama became a senator four years after losing a congressional race to Bobby Rush. (In a disastrous turn of events, Rush was not divorced.)

    Axelrod destroyed the only two men who stood between Obama and the Senate with illicitly obtained, lurid allegations from their pasts.

    In 2007, long after Obama was safely ensconced in the U.S. Senate, The New York Times reported: “The Tribune reporter who wrote the original piece (on Hull’s sealed divorce records) later acknowledged in print that the Obama camp had ‘worked aggressively behind the scenes’ to push the story.”

    Some had suggested, the Times article continued, that Axelrod had “an even more significant role — that he leaked the initial story.

    This time, Obama’s little helpers have not only thrown a bomb into the Republican primary, but are hoping to destroy the man who deprives the Democrats of their only argument in 2012: If you oppose Obama, you must be a racist.

    Big Pink readers knew this in 2007.

  4. Debate is on. They all get big applause. Michigan is Willard’s Dad’s home state.

    Maria Bartolomo and John Harwood along with Jim Cramer host.

  5. CNBC: Dow dropped 400 points today. Italy has problems. As president what would you do?

    Cain: We are the big economy. We must grow the economy. Our currency must be sound. Cut spending.

    CNBC: So focus on the domestic economy and forget Italy?

    Cain: Domestic economy first.

    Romney: We do not need to step in to help banks with Italian debt.

    CNBC: Should we continue to be in the IMF?

    Romney: We should remain in the IMF but Europe must help Europe and we must help ourselves. We have to cap our expenditures or be in the same spot as Itay.

    CNBC: (Cramer shouting) We can’t let this happen (or something)?

    Paul: We must not prolong the agony. Liquidate the debt. We piled debt on debt and can’t keep bailing people out. The market must be allowed to function or this will go on for a decade or more.

    CNBC (Cramer shouting) If this goes the world banking system goes?

    Huntsman: Our future will be what Europe looks like if we don’t get our finances in order. We’re setting ourselves up for disaster with banks too big to fail.

    CNBC: Your record – you said let Detroit go bankrupt. Then you said Obama bailouts were your plan?

    Romney: I was born and raised here. Years ago I said the federal government was hurting Detroit with CAFE standards. I was for managed bankruptcy in recent times.

    CNBC: Follow-up. Your opponents say you change on a lot of issues.

    Romney: People know me pretty well. I am steady and constant. I’ve been married to the same woman for 42 years, same with church. The Obama campaign pushes this idea. I will be true to my family, faith and country as president.

    CNBC: Reagan and other presidents also changed their positions?

    Perry: The next president needs to send the message that America will be America again.

    CNBC: Unemployment. Why is tax reform the path, only path, to job creation?

    Gingrich: Bernanke is part of the problem and should be fired. Fed should be audited. Explain and identify who was bailed out and why. Reagan was consistent, not a Saul Alinsky radical with class warfare.

  6. CNBC: Create jobs?

    Bachman: Taxes kill jobs. We must lower tax rate, cut regulations. I will do it.

    CNBC: Are you picking winners and losers with your plan?

    Santorum: Government has made us uncompetitive. Repeal Obama regulations. America will compete. I don’t want to tax. Lower taxes, repatriate funds along with an energy policy.

    CNBC: Leadership and character. 4 women. Character and judgement. Character issues?

    Cain: The American people deserve better than a trial based on public opinion and unfounded accusations. I value my character and integrity more than anything else. For every accuser there are thousands who disagree about Herman Cain. Over the last 9 days the voters have voted with dollars. They don’t want character assassination.

  7. CNBC: You ran Bing capital. Would you hire Cain as a CEO with what you know?

    Romney: The American people will decide.

    CNBC: Most Americans think there is something in our economy that tilts towards the rich?

    Huntsman: I will be the president of the 99% and the 1%. We must never again bail out corporations. We have wasted billions of dollars and have nothing to show but debt. There are banks too big to fail and that sets us up for disaster.

    CNBC: So the Michigan bailout was good?

    Huntsman: I don’t think that is a good use of American taxpayer money. No more bailouts.

    CNBC: (Cramer shouting) Should corporations only care about their profits?

    Romney: Profits go to grow the business. Working capital hires people. Obama does not like business. They like jobs but they don’t like business.

    CNBC: (Cramer) profits?

    Perry: We have to say “Open for Business”.

    Gingrich: Ford, Gates, history tells us corporations create profits and jobs. The news media does not tell us how the economy works.

    CNBC: What is the media misreporting?

    Gingrich: No media is asking rational questions of OWS.

  8. CNBC: (Cramer shouting) Should the government help oil business?

    Santorum: Let the marketplace work. My manufacturing plan helps those who are like those who helped build this country.

    CNBC: Fairness in taxation? Why 9-9-9?

    Cain: My proposal throws out the current tax code. Simple. Transparent. Fair. Will boost the economy.

    CNBC: Won’t it go up to 19-19-19?

    Cain: The politicians raise taxes and the American people will prevent that.

    CNBC: Why a progressive tax not a flat tax?

    Romney: Our precious dollars must help the middle class. Obama has failed us. I want a tax break for the middle class and after that develop a new tax code.

    CNBC: Romney accepts the Dems fairness argument?

    Bachmann: Obama should go to job creators to fix the economy not Axelrod. 47% of American pay no federal income taxes. My plan makes everyone pay something. Freedom isn’t free.

    CNBC: Closing federal agencies?

    Paul: My plan attacks spending. Spending is a tax. What you want is the market to determine the money supply.


  9. CNBC: Housing and the recovery?

    Gingrich: Romney is right in that we need to let the market find the true value of housing. Dodd-Frank kills small banks and housing. Maybe do short sales on houses. But to bring back housing the economy must come back.

    CNBC: Your 59 points do not address housing. Why?

    Romney: It’s a jobs plan not a housing plan. To bring back the economy do the exact opposite of what Obama has done.

    CNBC: Soon housing will be at 1999 levels?

    Romney: Do you want the federal government to buy all the housing? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the wrong way to go. Let the markets work.

    CNBC: We’ve lost 2 million jobs due to weak housing?

    Perry: Haven’t lost jobs in Texas. Let’s get our energy industry back. It’s the regulatory world that’s killing America. Pull back every regulation since 2008 and if it’s killing jobs get rid of it.

    CNBC: Fix the economy by letting the foreclosure process go ahead?

    Bachmann: Freddie and Fannie want another $6 billion while giving bonuses to top executives. Get the government out of housing.

    CNBC: In 2007 Freddie Mac paid you for advice?

    Gingrich: I gave advice but never lobbying. Freddie Mac did not do what I advised. “This is a bubble” I said.

    CNBC: 90% of housing owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. What do you do?

    Cain: Fix the economy. Get the regulators out of the way. Then small banks will help homeowners to reset mortgages. 9-9-9.

    CNBC: But what would you do with Fannie and Freddie?

    Cain: Fix the economy first then turn them into private entities. Let the marketplace determine the housing market.

    CNBC: Too big to fail banks. Break them up or what?

    Huntsman: The economy must recover for housing to recover. The banks have an implied guarantee. We need to right-size them. Set up a fund to get the banks, not the taxpayers to foot the bill.

    CNBC: What comes after repeal of ObamaCare?

    Huntsman: Sit down with the 50 governors and address cost containment, empower patients. Harmonize medical records. Let the free market bring in the uninsured.

    Paul: Get the government out of the insurance business. Medical savings accounts.

    Perry: Need an insurance program with options for Medicare. Incentives for health care rather than sick care. Send it back to the states to figure out how to get Medicaid working.

    Cain: Legislation is already there. H.R. 3000.

    Romney: Return the uninsured to the states. Let individuals purchase their insurance. Get health care to work like a market. Malpractice system is nuts.

    Gingrich: It’s ridiculous to sum this issue in 30 seconds. I’ll challenge the president to three hour debates.

    CNBC: What to do after Obamacare?

    Gingrich: Go back to doctor patient relationship. Medicaid to the states. Fix our health instead of the health system.

    Bachmann: It’s too expensive. Obama said he would bring the cost down but we have no savings. I would have no federal insurance monopoly.

    Santorum: In 1992 I led on this issue. Block grants for Medicaid. Get government out of healthcare. BTW, I wanted to put curbs on Fannie and Freddie. I did not support the Wall Street bailout.

    Romney: Markets work. Government is playing too heavy a role.

  10. CNBC: You said states should have the responsibility and you started Romneycare?

    Romney: I would not get rid of Medicaid. Return uninsured to the states. Obamacare is wrong.

    Paul: My plan preserves Medicaid but eventually not. My plan deals with bailouts and banks. The housing crisis is price fixing. This is done to prop up the banks. The banks are getting bailed out. We will most likely bail out Europe.


  11. Mrs. Smith, they all seem a lot sharper tonight. Gingrich has been very good and Romney has been, as usual good too. It does seem the focus is on Gingrich and Romney. Perry is an infrequent appearance and Cain is there but not the center of attention.

  12. CNBC: You were a partisan and most Americans don’t like that. How will you put America before country, specifics?

    Santorum: Create a plan that Democrats see the sense in.

    CNBC: You worked with Democrats like Kennedy. Should Republicans be worried?

    Romney: I had to deal with 80% of Democrats in the legislature. Leadership matters. Obama is driven by his reelection.

    CNBC: Does Romney get points?

    Perry: Caterpillar moved to Texas because we are good for business. We can all work with Democrats and Republicans but it’s the American people we have to worry about. My flat tax plan. I get rid of Commerce, Education and EPA. Education… Commerce… can’t remember the third one.

    CNBC: What about the EPA? What would you tell Boeing to do?

    Cain: The government has no business picking winner and losers. We should help everybody. 9-9-9. Provide a compelling solution and the American people will demand it.

    CNBC: Payroll tax cuts have put Social Security in the red.

    Cain: In 1968 LBJ brought Social Security into the budget. Since then it has been a problem. We need to go to a Chilean style system. The key is that the trillions of Social Security money should be protected.

    CNBC: Should payroll tax be extended?

    Romney: I don’t want to raise taxes during a recession. But massive debts to the next generation is a moral issue. I want to cut spending. I will bring management expertise.

    CNBC: Anyone disagree on extending payroll tax?

    Bachmann: I knew it would blow a hole into the Social Security trust fund.

    CNBC: How to reverse government obligations?

    Huntsman: Obama has failed miserably. We are running on empty when it comes to trust in government. In Utah I instituted a flat tax.

    CNBC: Student loan debt. How to make college available if you get rid of education department?

    Paul: It’s clear that the current programs have failed. But inflation is the big problem when government inflates. Competition is the key. The government as the deliverer of services is not up to the job. Audit the Fed, end the Fed.

    CNBC: Student loan debt cannot be wiped out in bankruptcy?

    Gingrich: The student loan program makes students stay in school longer and not care about the price. The College of the Ozarks is a work study school which is a good model.

    CNBC: What programs would you cut to bring down spending?

    Perry: On Social Security you need changes that are blended. I do not think the government should be in the business of being in this program.


  13. CNBC: California paid money to a company in China to build a bridge?

    Cain: That’s why we need 9-9-9. It makes America more competitive. The tax code is hurting America.

    Romney: China is cheating. Free trade is normally a good thing but China is cheating. Currency manipulation and stealing intellectual property. I will crack down on cheaters like China.

    CNBC: How to crack down?

    Romney: Label China a currency manipulator then go to the WTO. If necessary apply tariffs to get a level playing field.

    CNBC: How to get China to play fair?

    Gingrich: Huntsman speak fluent Chinese. So I would listen to him. Decide how we can be more competitive and cheaper. On strategic levels we need to increase the hurt on China.

    Huntsman: China is very complicated. You start a trade war if you slap tariffs. It’s hard work to sit down and negotiate.

    CNBC: Is Romney pandering?

    Huntsman: Yes. China will say that we are manipulating our currency too with quantitative easing policy.

    Romney: I am a business. I understand predatory pricing. China is trying to drive us out of business by keeping prices low.

    CNBC: How to open the markets in China?

    Bachmann: They recently dumped computer chips here. They’ve built 3000 miles of tunnels for nuclear weapons. We are helping build them with the interest we are paying them. Stop spending money we don’t have.

    CNBC: (Cramer shouting) No 9-9-9. Markets are now a casino. How to make the markets safe and restore faith for the little guy?

    Cain: Restore faith in business. Do that by getting rid of regulations and grow the economy. We need a bold plan. (Cramer shouting). I feel your pain. Dodd-Frank must be repealed. The two big problems with Dodd-Frank are Dodd and Frank.

    Perry: We have the regulations in place. It’s the culture in Washington with lobbyists and regulators too cozy. Individuals who break the law must be prosecuted. You must be committed to the law.

    CNBC: Did Perry practice crony capitalism in Texas?

    Paul: We have to distinguish capitalism from crony capitalism. Crony capitalism should not be confused with capitalism. There is a lot of crony capitalism going on.


  14. Is this the killer that so many are saying it is? Or is it something that happens to everyone and can be easily excused?

  15. admin
    November 9th, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    Thanks admin for catching me up- Was unable to watch it happening live but did hear enough of the post debate interview w/Cain. He seemed confident and handled the interviewer just right when asked what he thought when being booed and he identified the target as the ‘question’ the audience was booing, not him. Good answer- I also did have myself a giggle when Cain called Pelosi, Princess Nancy. Labeling her an obstructionist[sic] for tabling the HR Bill 3400.

  16. Repost: Good read on Bill’s book. I’ve only read to Ch 4…

    How Bill Clinton Created Jobs

    WASHINGTON – Bill Clinton’s new book doesn’t mince words about the dismal state of the Obama economy. The former president flatly declares, “We’re in a mess now.”

    Are we ever! But the fact that this withering indictment comes from a former Democratic president, who is widely credited for the strong job-creating economy that emerged in his second term, makes it an embarrassing lecture from a political master who thinks Obama is in over his head.

    This is the news equivalent of “man bites dog,” or in this case, “Democrat bites Democrat.”

    Clinton not only criticizes Obama’s economy but also his relentless attacks on Wall Street executives (though he is happy to take their money for his campaign).

    “Many of them supported me when I raised their taxes in 1993, because I didn’t attack them for their success,” Clinton writes in his book “Back To Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy.”

    That cutting criticism, among others in the book, led to “some eye-rolling among senior Obama advisers,” said the Washington Post, and maybe a few expletives to boot.

    Even the title of Clinton’s book is a slap at the Obama’s economic incompetence.

    If “we need smart government for a strong economy,” as Clinton correctly states, it necessarily follows that we now have incompetent government and a dangerously weak economy.

    “It is heartening that people all over the world want to pursue their version of the American Dream but troubling that others are doing a better job than we are of providing it to their people,” Clinton says.

    He also takes Obama to task for not dealing with the debt ceiling issue in his first two years when he had huge Democratic majorities in Congress, and for failing to come up with a coherent campaign message to blunt the GOP’s political attacks in the 2010 midterm elections.

    Clinton offers his own prescriptions for economic growth, including passage of President George W. Bush’s free trade agreements that Obama belatedly signed last month after nearly three years of inaction.

    But Clinton had already been offering more far-reaching advice on the economy that Obama has been ignoring to his own political peril: This is no time to be raising taxes.

    “I personally don’t believe we ought to be raising taxes or cutting spending, either one, until we get this economy off the ground.”

    Notably, he warned against imposing new government regulations, “particularly in a fragile time [when employers] don’t like to have too many things changing at once,” he said. “A business can’t do five things at once and decide whether to get back into the investment business after it’s slow.”

    Obama rejects Clinton’s advice on both grounds. His nearly $500 billion jobs bill calls for raising taxes on higher income Americans, investors, corporations and small businesses. He’s made no effort to roll back the massive business, healthcare and financial regulatory apparatus he put in place in his first two years.

    However, there’s one economic initiative Clinton took in his second term that had a lot to do with his success on the economy but which he never mentions. One that the president would do well to study.

    In 1997, he signed a Republican tax-relief and deficit-reduction bill that reduced the top capital gains tax rate from 28 percent to 20 percent; created tax free Roth IRAs that encouraged millions of Americans to save and invest for their retirement tax; and added a new $500 child tax credit, among other pro-growth initiatives.

    Until that time, after a short and shallow recession, the economy was doing just okay, growing at a modest annual rate of 3.2 percent in inflation-adjusted terms between 1993 and 1996. A solid, “but not spectacular performance in the overall economy,” says chief Heritage Foundation economist J. D. Foster.

    But it was the capital gains tax cut that really lifted the Clinton economy into the stratosphere, unlocking venture capital investment that is the life blood of new enterprises and new jobs.

    “By 1998, the first full year in which the lower capital gains rates were in effect, venture capital activity reached almost $28 billion, more than a three-fold increase over 1995 levels, and by 1999, it had doubled again,” Foster said in an economic analysis.

    “The explosion in venture capital activity cannot be credited entirely to the cut in capital gains tax rates,” he acknowledges, because it came at a time when the high tech Internet-based economy was exploding with start-ups and the jobs that came with it.

    Nonetheless, “the rapid development and application of these new technologies could not have occurred at such a rapid clip absent the enormous investment flows made possible largely by the reduction in the capital gains tax rate,” Foster said.

    The economy during this 1997 to 2000 tax cut period averaged 4.2 percent real growth per year, a percentage point higher than the expansion that followed Clinton’s 1993 tax increases. Employment exploded with another 11.5 million jobs and real wages rose by 6.5 percent, far stronger than the 0.8 percent growth in his first term.

    The data offers persuasive proof that Clinton’s tax hikes slowed the economy’s full potential, while his ‘97 tax cuts accelerated real growth in his second term.

    Clinton never talks about the capital gains tax cuts he signed because that’s not what his tax-happy party wants to hear. But there is a lesson here that Congress can learn from.

    The anemic, jobless Obama economy is in desperate need of a sustained transfusion of venture capital investment. Clinton proved that cutting the capital gains tax rate produces new businesses and enlarges existing ones which in turn creates more jobs. It’s too bad that he doesn’t have the courage to come forward and publicly explain this to his party and his president.

  17. admin
    November 9th, 2011 at 9:59 pm
    Is this the killer that so many are saying it is? Or is it something that happens to everyone and can be easily excused?
    Well I guess if Barry can get away with 57 states then Perry might skid by….but when I watched it on Greta I was shocked, yup….shocked that someone that had worked in the government for so may years could either be so clueless or inept under stress.

    Either way, he is starting to make old George W. sound like a Rhodes Scholar.
    ( …and ol’ George ain’t no Bill Clinton.)

    Perry never had my vote, but now he is nothing more than a nice haired bozo with a huge, unfounded ego = toast.

  18. BTW – thanks Admin for giving us the debate Cliff Notes….again. Where would I be without you? In the dark.

  19. Good video admin of Bill vs The Fraud.

    What a debate it would be these two against each other, almost as good as Hillary was against him…..”What she said…..”

  20. Shadowfax, it’s almost as if the Republicans are finally listening and acting on our advice. Use Bill and Hillary to bring down the boob.

  21. Did they break up…..

    Reggie Love, Obama ‘body man,’ to leave White House by year’s end

    Reggie Love, a key member of the Obama entourage, is planning to leave the White House by the end of the year, people close to the administration said.

    Love, 30, is a popular, gregarious figure in the White House. A onetime forward for the Duke Blue Devils basketball team, Love started out as a staff assistant in Obama’s Senate office after college, rising to become his personal assistant, known as the “body man.”

    Love’s exit comes at a time of transition for the administration: several longtime advisers have left over the last year, in keeping with the time-honored tradition that close aides do not abandon the president immediately before an election. But Love’s position may be among the most difficult for Obama to fill.

    Obama has described Love as “the person who keeps me on schedule.” But like many young loyalists on the Obama staff, Love has evolved into a much more important role over time, acting as a gatekeeper and a liaison – and basketball buddy. Obama once described him as a “little brother.” Among the recognizable members of the Obama team in public – he is a towering 6-foot-4 — Love is also a constant presence in the West Wing and by the president’s side during every trip away from home. He is in the background of countless official photos, even if he rarely speaks in a public setting, apart from the occasional interview on ESPN.

    White House officials did not immediately offer details about Love’s departure.


    Thats both of Obama’s BFF’s leaving him this year Penn and Love. Must be election year.

  22. If I was Reggie Love, i would not be talking any unaccompanied walks in the woods or he may find himself like that poor deceased choir director from Chicago…….

  23. Well, the goldbrick in our office that is continually running for local offices and losing finally won an election for state senator against a “reform party” whatever that is, candidate. How he can do any less work around there and remain employed as an associate, I do not know, but he’ll probably find a way.

  24. and another reason why it should never happen.

    Chris Rock giddy for 2nd Obama term: ‘He’s going to do some gangsta sh*t’…

  25. I agree with the admin’s take on what happened in Ohio’s election results on Tuesday. Unions are no better off than they were before the election, and they will have to face the same economic issues in the coming years which could conceivably lessen their political influence. Kasich wasn’t hurt by the results. He’ll be remembered as the one who initially championed a fix that the public was not quite ready for, but will have to now readdress in the near future. The voters just put off what mostly needs to be done for a future date. Shifting responsibility to local governments ensures that the unions are the real losers in all this, imo.

  26. Mrs. Smith, thank you for the excerpts from Bill Clinton’s book. One thing that I have realized is that Bill’s success was not his alone. The compromises between him and the Gingrich controlled Congress are, imo, what got America rolling in that time period. Newt made a strategic error in shutting down Congress, but redeemed himself when he began to work with Clinton to get the economy going again. I sometimes wonder what the economy would have been like if Bill Clinton did not originally have to deal with an obstructionist Congress (ie. he got his way on everything without Republican input). I suspect that there would have been a lot of leftist gooblygook attempted that would have probably caused a different end result as far as the economy was concerned. I therefore am not afraid of a Gingrich presidency as I give him some credit, too, for the economy of the 1990’s.


    Jerry Sandusky Rumored to Have Been ‘Pimping Out Young Boys to Rich Donors,’ Says Mark Madden

    In April, Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden wrote a story revealing Penn State for much of the cover-up of Jerry Sandusky’s alleged child rape that has been exposed in the past week. While it didn’t raise many eyebrows back then, six months later it looks to be incredibly accurate.

    On Thursday morning, just hours after legendary head coach Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier were fired by the school’s board of trustees, Madden was asked on The Dennis and Callahan Show what he believes the next piece of news will be.

    What he said was twice as shocking as anything that’s been released thus far.

    “I can give you a rumor and I can give you something I think might happen,” Madden told John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. “I hear there’s a rumor that there will be a more shocking development from the Second Mile Foundation — and hold on to your stomachs, boys, this is gross, I will use the only language I can — that Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich donors. That was being investigated by two prominent columnists even as I speak.”

    Madden also spoke more definitively to the cover-up efforts at the school and beyond that he expects will be made public soon.

    “The other thing I think that may eventually become uncovered, and I talked about this in my original article back in April, is that I think they’ll find out that Jerry Sandusky was told that he had to retire in exchange for a cover-up,” Madden said. “If you look at the timeline, that makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

    “My opinion is when Sandusky quit, everybody knew — not just at Penn State,” Madden added. “I think it was a very poorly kept secret about college football in general, and that is why he never coached in college football again and retired at the relatively young age of 55. [That’s] young for a coach, certainly.”


    revolting to say the least.

  28. They can file civil suits against him, the victims, if I understand this correctly.

    I guess morals and doing the right thing is only for the little people. They are rioting in PA. Obviously they think Football is more important than molestation of a child.

  29. I am not a Perry fan, but they really are going after him about the flub. However, the open mike, and many other flubs of O seem to just drift away. How is forgetting a Department more inportant than knowing the number of states in the US, the country you are asking to lead. Obviously, that was a major flub, but just ignored.


    “Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher claims the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) asked her some pretty frank questions while dining out with the star and former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.).

    According to published excerpts from Fisher’s new book, “Shockaholic,” the entertainer, best known for her role as Princess Leia, was fresh out of her first stint in rehab and on a date with a then single Dodd back in 1985. Kennedy joined the pair at dinner in D.C..

    Fisher writes, “Suddenly, Senator Kennedy, seated directly across from me, looked at me with his alert, aristocratic eyes and asked me a most surprising question. ‘So,’ he said, clearly amused, ‘do you think you’ll be having sex with Chris at the end of your date?’”

    The celeb adds, “Chris Dodd looked at me with an unusual grin hanging on his very flushed face.”

    While Fisher writes that she calmly quipped to Kennedy, “Funnily enough, I won’t be having sex with Chris tonight…No that probably won’t happen…Thanks for asking, though,” the author claims that the rather candid line of questioning didn’t end there.

    Fisher continues in her latest tome: “’Would you have sex with Chris in a hot tub?‘ Senator Kennedy asked me, perhaps as a way to say good night?”

    “’I’m no good in water,’ I told him.”

  31. shudders, the very thought of getting down and dirty with Teddy or Dodd is just actually the best excuse for contraception ever.

  32. Trump said Rick Perry’s flub as he tried to name the three government departments he would abolish as president “was terrible” and will haunt the Texas governor’s campaign.

    “It will always be the lede, and when you are in those positions, and we’ve all been there…you just have to keep talking,” Trump said, who said he has talked to Perry many times and “obviously debates aren’t his thing.”

  33. Obama back up to even with generic republican. Looks like he will get easily re-eleced as I have posted so often.

  34. even…..what you smoking, Gallup has it 43/42, seriously a president sitting on 43% against an opponent does not get you an easy re-election it means trouble. Obama is not going to coast to this at all.

  35. And you know exactly what the polls will say on election day 2012? And what will transpire during the debates ? And what controversies will come up before then? And what the economy will be doing at that time? IMO it’s pointless to try to read anything into popularity polls at this point in time..

  36. jbstonesfan – eventually all Obama’s TEA Party Republican talk along with his allegations of gridlock for the sake of gridlock were bound to buy him something. I am struggling now to find a concise surefire counter argument and that is not a strong suite in my list of capabilities. I’ve already mentioned to this group of mine that he should have done jobs during the first two years, but they are easily led astray. It may also take some prayer, some karma – lady luck – whichever fits.

  37. TB breaks out at ‘Occupy Atlanta’…

    Shooting at ‘Occupy’ camp in Vt…

    Man arrested at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ for breaking EMT’s leg…

    Mayor serves eviction notice to ‘Occupy Portland’…

  38. It may also take some prayer, some karma – lady luck – whichever fits.

    Agree…I am not trying to be pessimistic , but I just don’t see any of the current GOP’ers beating him. Plus, his numbers have bottomed out imo, and will gradually improve as Americans compare him to what the republicans have offered.

  39. “It’s too bad that he [Clinton] doesn’t have the courage to come forward and publicly explain this to his party and his president.”

    Timing is everything in this game. Believe it!

    Check out the video @10:51.. hear the Lion roar, if your ears are attuned to Lion-whistles.

  40. admin:

    Dodd/Kennedy combo….were real slobs…weren’t they? Geez! No wonder he wrote the Pope for forgiveness….he was a slut. YUK!

    Yahoo is saying Mr. Love is leaving his boss Obama….hmmm, hmmm, there’s gotta be story behind that one….no pun intended!

  41. Tie Obama to his failed, corrupt stimulus, the gun running, his lax response to the gulf oil spill, his support of cap and trade with its $6.00+ per gallon gas and exhorbitant costs of electricity. Most importantly, beat him on corruption as in Solyndra, et al. Rezko talking would be a blessing, too, but I don’t know if he ever will. It just seems to me that there is a myriad of things to point out. We need to play like the journolisters snd have a clearinghouse site with all the many talking points that can and should be used against him. Additionally, with his “triumphant” removal of troops from Iraq by the end of this year, no one knows how that will pan out. That very decision may come back to haunt him in a big way. A teleprompter failure would also be both fun, and beneficial to his opponents.

  42. nomobama
    November 10th, 2011 at 9:39 am

    Mrs. Smith, thank you for the excerpts from Bill Clinton’s book. One thing that I have realized is that Bill’s success was not his alone. The compromises between him and the Gingrich controlled Congress are, imo, what got America rolling in that time period. Newt made a strategic error in shutting down Congress, but redeemed himself when he began to work with Clinton to get the economy going again.

    You’re welcome- Agreed, Gingrich is a brilliant
    policy wonk with superb memory recall skills. However, I do not agree he has redeemed himself in the eyes of Americans. He has demonstrated a chilling cold streak ( his own family) that is a turnoff to most people. Gingrich’s forte is his legislative strength. His egotistical weaknesses overpower his ability to govern in Americans best interests and why he has been left stagnated in the world of politics.. IMO

  43. Your “not trying to be pessimistic” approach is disheartening. You are also failing miserably at it. I am all for free speech, but in this case, maybe you can temper your eeyore-ism. It’s best left unsaid.

  44. I understand your disgust with Gingrich’s treatment of his ex-wife, yet others woukd apply the same standard to Bill Clinton. in my opinion, they were both dogs in the way that they treated their spouses. Yet, I still voted for Bill based on his perceived capabilities, even knowing that he was a man whore. I want competence right now, not feigned knowledge, or media built faux capabilities.

  45. Sorry I haven’t had much time to participate….I am sitting here right now swilling down Golightly for another colonoscopy……and cussing the person who dreamed this crap up….

    Reggie Love leaving….Wonder if the insider will say anything about that…..???

  46. i posted the Reggie leaving story very early this morning from WaPo.

    Seems curious Reggie is getting the heave ho or “leaving”. Curious timing, i would’nt be taking late night walks or trekking in the woods if i were him.

    First Kai Penn drops Obama like old socks now Reggie………………..?

  47. Yes, Perry bungled the debate and his campaign is unlikely to recover from it. But Trump is hardly the one to throw stones here. Anyone remember the Trump 2012 campaign that wasn’t? Or the birth certificate fiasco?

  48. nomobama- @ 4:15pm

    It must be me then- Clinton and Gingrich are as much alike to me as apples and a potted cactus plant. imo 🙂

  49. So, is DeMarco saying, the more we pay in bonuses to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Xcs for the handling of taxpayer money, our money is less secure? If this is true, rather than big bonuses, paying FM and FM executives $120,000/yr would be about right as a baseline for securing Tax Payer dollars for lending. I wouldn’t have a problem with that- LOL !

    Regulator defends bonuses at Fannie, Freddie

    Agency chief says payouts protect taxpayers from deeper losses


    WASHINGTON — The government regulator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac said Thursday that million-dollar bonuses paid to executives at the companies were necessary to keep the mortgage giants running.

    Edward DeMarco, acting director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, sent a letter to U.S. lawmakers that paying a total of $12.8 million in bonuses was a way of keeping talented executives with the companies. Without them, U.S. taxpayers would incur greater losses, he said.

    “We will need expert management of those guarantees for years to come,” DeMarco wrote in the letter to a bipartisan group of 60 senators who have urged him to stop the bonus payouts. “Given the amount of money at risk here, small mistakes can be easily amplified to losses far greater than the compensation paid to enterprise executives.”

    The government rescued Washington-based Fannie and McLean, Va.-based Freddie three years ago after they nearly folded because of big losses on risky mortgages they purchased. Taxpayers have spent about $170 billion to rescue the two firms, the most expensive bailout of the 2008 financial crisis. The government estimates the bailout could reach up to $220 billion through 2014.

    DeMarco said the executives were hired after the companies were taken over by the government in 2008. After the takeover, the salaries for those positions had been reduced by an average of 40 percent, and some senior positions were eliminated.

    Fannie and Freddie own or guarantee about half of all mortgages in the U.S., or nearly 31 million home loans. Along with other federal agencies, they backed nearly 90 percent of new mortgages over the past year.

    This month, Fannie asked for $7.8 billion and Freddie requested $6 billion in extra aid to cover large quarterly losses, mostly caused by low mortgage rates reducing profits.

    The House Financial Services Committee will meet Tuesday to consider a bill to stop the bonuses from being paid. Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) have also proposed ending all bonuses for Fannie and Freddie executives.

    DeMarco is slated to testify Tuesday before two congressional committees.

  50. Missing federal deadlines… are deadly?

    White House Misses Deadline for Solyndra Subpoena

    The White House on Thursday missed the noon deadline for responding to the Republican-approved subpoena issued last week demanding the White House turn over “all documents” pertaining to the Solyndra loan guarantee.

    But while White House aides earlier told Fox News there are no plans to produce more documents on the bankrupt solar panel firm until Republicans agree to narrow the scope of their request, House Republicans issued a statement saying they expect some response from the White House by the end of the day

    much more at link:

    Read more:

  51. Too bad the Republican’s have so many poor candidates running that folks can’t get fired up about any of them. Ron Paul does fire up his base, but the mainstream Rethugs don’t like him.

    God, please send Hillary messages in her dreams to run…

  52. jbstonesfan

    On Drudge they had the link to the Gallup poll showing him now even.
    Why, tell me why do you always post the polls ONLY when Obama’s ratings move up????

  53. Confloyd – poor girl having to go though this procedure. Is this where he will tell you if you have colitis/Chrones or not? Best of luck to you, my thoughts will be with you.

  54. Heh, not for pearl clutchers…

    Off of Larry Sinclair’s site. I just googled this: What is the real reason Reggie Love is leaving?”

    and Sinclair’s site came up…


    Obama’s “Body” Men Past & Present: Nick Colvin & Reggie Love

    Barack Obama with Reggie Love

    With today’s multiple news stories over Obama personal assistant Reggie Love’s plans to leave the White House by years end we thought it would be worth it to remind people about the Obama “Body” man who Reggie Love replaced. That’s right Reggie Love is not the first “boy toy” to tuck Obama in at night and wake him in the morning. However Reggie Love is the first one to be in the position after having photos of himself posted on the Internet passed out drunk at a University of North Carolina frat party being xxxx by frat boys.

    Reggie Love, a key member of the Obama entourage, is planning to leave the White House by the end of the year, people close to the administration said.

    Love, 30, is a popular, gregarious figure in the White House. A onetime forward for the Duke Blue Devils basketball team, Love started out as a staff assistant in Obama’s Senate office after college, rising to become his personal assistant, known as the “body man.”

    AP Source: Obama’s personal assistant leaving job

    The media reporting on Love’s departure from the White House have failed to mention that Love is alleged to be Barack Obama’s current gay boy toy. We can confirm according to a woman who has dated Love “Reggie has in fact engaged in sexual acts with President Obama.”

    Nick Colvin Barack Obama’s First “Body” Man

    While Reggie Love has received much media attention since replacing former Obama “Body” man Nick Colvin (Left), we thought people should be reminded that Love is not the original “Obama body man,” but in fact is the second. In 2008 when reports that Nick Colvin was involved in sexual relations with then Senator/Candidate Obama Colvin was replaced with Reggie Love.

    Senator/Candidate Barack Obama with original “Body” man Nick Colvin

    Colvin in 2006 Colvin gave an interview to The Michigan Daily titled Alum’s job: Be friends with a senator where he describes his job duties as Senator Obama’s personal assistant. Below are excerpts from that article.

    The job of waking up Obama often belongs to Colvin. After the wake-up call, the agenda changes daily. On Thursdays, it’s “Constituent Coffee” with Illinois residents and senior Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin. Another day, it might be delivering a speech about genetic research.

    According to Colvin, only a handful of senators have personal assistants.

    He said the personal assistants often gather to trade stories about their jobs. Colvin always has a story to tell.

    In his short time with the senator, Colvin met Muhammad Ali, dined with U.N. ambassadors and talked on the phone with Stevie Wonder. He saw Obama mobbed by admirers in Kenya and at political rallies nationwide.

    But the public face of Obama isn’t the only one Colvin knows.

    Instead, Colvin revealed an Obama who jokes with him in between press conferences, trading friendly jibes back and forth.

    “A lot of people wouldn’t get in a car with Barack Obama and tease him back,” Colvin said.

    The meat of Colvin’s job is in these “in-between” moments in the car on the way to the next events.

    A lot of the time, Colvin and Obama just talk.

    It will be worth watching to see who is selected to replace Reggie Love and become the 3rd Obama “Body” man “boy toy?” We would be surprised if Kal Penn is not at least on the short list.

  55. Top Middle East adviser to Obama to step down

    By Joby Warrick,
    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    Top White House adviser on the Middle East Dennis Ross plans to step down next month, the Obama administration said Thursday, in what would be the second high-profile departure from the administration’s policy team for the region in six months.

    Ross, who helped set the administration’s course on relations with Iran as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is returning to private life after a tenure marked by frustrations and setbacks as well as tumultuous change.

    The White House accepted the resignation and hailed Ross’s “extraordinary record of public service.”

    Ross “played a critical role in our efforts to apply unprecedented pressure on the Iranian government, support democratic transitions in the region and deepen our security relationship with Israel while pursuing Israeli-Palestinian peace,” press secretary Jay Carney said.

    Current and former colleagues said Ross’s decision was not precipitated by policy disagreements, though some said his departure reflected the diminishing chances for a breakthrough in either Iran or the Arab-Israeli peace process through next year’s presidential elections.

    “The odds for quick success on either of them is slim to none,” said Aaron David Miller, a former State Department adviser on Israeli-Palestinian negotiations who worked with Ross. Miller attributed the setbacks on Middle East peace to a combination of early mistakes by the president and “the reality of how hard this job is, and the size of the mountain that has to be climbed.”

    Ross, in a brief statement released by the White House, said he was leaving his post with “mixed feelings.”

    “I am grateful to President Obama for having given me the opportunity once again to work on a wide array of Middle Eastern issues and to support his efforts to promote peace in the region,” he said.

    Ross, 62, has served as an adviser on Middle East affairs during four administrations and was the chief Middle East envoy for former President Bill Clinton. Weeks after Obama’s inauguration he was appointed special adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and then, in June 2009, moved to the White House to become a special assistant to the president on the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and South Asia. The administration’s special envoy for the Middle East peace process, former senator George Mitchell (D-Maine), quit his post in May.

    Ross’s nearly three years with the administration included several notable setbacks and challenges, including stalled Arab-Israeli peace talks and a rejection by Iran of Obama’s early efforts to improve relations between the countries. Then, early this year, the Arab Spring rebellions swept away pro-U.S. governments in Egypt and Tunisia and triggered civil war in Libya and violent government crackdowns in Bahrain and Syria.

    Ross was often accused by Palestinians of being pro-Israel, though his negotiating stances sometimes drew equally angry denunciations from hard-line Israelis. In recent months he repeatedly warned both groups that time was running out for a negotiated settlement that would avert bloodshed.

    “The longer it takes to forge an agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, the harder it will be to forge a two-state solution that meets the needs of both sides,” he told a Jewish group in May.

  56. Clinton: US to expand engagement in the Asia-Pacific, while continuing to press for reform

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    HONOLULU — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday vowed to expand U.S. engagement in the Asia-Pacific by building trade ties, reinforcing alliances and continuing to press for democratic reforms in authoritarian nations like China and Vietnam.

    In a nearly hour-long outdoor speech, Clinton addressed a few hundred invited guests including Hawaii’s political leaders, heads of a dozen Pacific island nations and senior U.S. military officials. Clinton was in Hawaii to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, calling the event’s host state “America’s gateway to Asia.”

    “It is becoming increasingly clear that in the 21st century, the world’s strategic and economic center of gravity will be the Asia-Pacific, from the Indian subcontinent to western shores of the Americas,” Clinton said. “One of the most important tasks of American statecraft over the next decade will be to lock in a substantially increased investment — diplomatic, economic, strategic, and otherwise — in this region.”

    Clinton spoke at length about China and the need for the two nations to work together to ensure “strong, sustained and balanced future global growth.” But China first needs to take steps to reform, she said, such as ending unfair discrimination against U.S. and other foreign companies, allowing its currency to appreciate more rapidly and ending measures that disadvantage or pirate foreign intellectual property.

    “We believe that making these changes would provide a stronger foundation for stability and growth — for China and for everyone,” she said.

    She also declared her “alarm” over the recent self-immolation of 11 Tibetan monks and nuns in protest of Chinese policy. It was the strongest U.S. wording so far on these incidents.

    “We have made very clear our serious concerns about China’s record on human rights,” she said.

    Clinton said it was critical to “engage and seize new opportunities” in the Asia-Pacific, which has nearly half of the world’s population, several of the largest and fastest-growing economies and some of busiest ports and shipping lanes. She also talked about the challenges, such as military buildups, concerns about nuclear weapons, natural disasters and greenhouse gas emissions.

    She said events elsewhere, such as the winding down of the war in Iraq and the transition in Afghanistan, helps makes the focus on the Asia-Pacific possible.

    “After a decade in which we invested immense resources in these two theaters, we have reached a pivot point,” she said. “We now can redirect some of those investments to opportunities and obligations elsewhere. And Asia stands out as a region where opportunities abound.”

    With Adm. Robert Willard, head of the U.S. Pacific Command, and Pacific Fleet Commander Adm. Patrick Walsh sitting in the front row, Clinton spoke about the role the U.S. plays in the region militarily with 50,000 troops stationed in Japan and South Korea.

    “As this region changes, we must change our force posture, to ensure that it is geographically distributed, operationally resilient, and politically sustainable,” she said. “A more broadly distributed military presence provides vital advantages, both in deterring and responding to threats, and in providing support for humanitarian missions.”

    Clinton said she is aware of concerns of Americans who have been hard hit financially and may question reaching out to Asia when now is the time to scale back.

    “This thinking is understandable, but it is mistaken,” she said. “What will happen in Asia in the years ahead will have an enormous impact on our nation’s future. We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines and leave it to others to determine our future for us.”

    This was Clinton’s third speech at the East-West Center, which was established by Congress in 1960 to promote understanding between the U.S. and Asia-Pacific nations.

    Clinton was scheduled to hold bilateral meetings later Thursday with a number of foreign ministers. After APEC, Clinton is to visit U.S. treaty allies Thailand and the Philippines before attending the annual East Asia summit in Indonesia with Obama. Clinton said she will visit South Korea later this month.

    The State Department said the visits underscore U.S. efforts to strengthen key alliances in the region.

    In Manila, Clinton on Tuesday will mark the 60th anniversary of the U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty. The next day she goes to Bangkok, where Thai authorities are battling severe floods.

    Clinton is scheduled to return to Washington on Nov. 19.

  57. For those who continue to predict an “easy” re-election for the fraud, without providing any evidence other than meaningless head-to-head national polls, you might want to consider checking out this link to a Gallup poll from about 6 days ago which is, of course, a much better indicator of how the election will play out in the states that matter. This poll shows that the fraud is not doing well in at least 12 swing states that he won in 2008, and which he must win in 2012 in order to be re-elected.

    As usual, this information does not guarantee an Obama defeat next year, as many things will happen in the meantime; however, if one is going to make predictions about next year’s election result, one might try to base it on more meaningful information than national match-ups. Presidential elections are won in the electoral college, not with the popular vote.

  58. Rats leaving a sinking ship….seems amazing to me about Reggie leaving…something is about to pop…the man has a year left of his four years….why would everyone be leaving now….

    Has Hillary given an exact date when she’s leaving??

  59. No surprise to our readers:

    Republicans eked out a narrow win in the last remaining Virginia state Senate race Thursday, after Democratic state Sen. Edd Houck conceded to challenger Bryce Reeves.

    Houck said Thursday he will not contest Tuesday’s election results, which had him finishing just 222 votes behind Reeves, The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported. [snip]

    With his concession, the state Senate chamber is at a 20-20 draw. That leaves Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling to break tie votes, and he told the Times-Dispatch that means he’ll side with his party.

    “Make no mistake about it, there is a Republican majority in the state Senate,” he said, according to the Times-Dispatch.

  60. Mike Marks that another Gallup poll you don’t cite is very important and very unusual in that it is a stunningly massive sample of 39,000 adults. Democrat William Galston discussed the implications of that poll and other information in his article: Why Obama’s 2008 Coalition Won’t Save Him This Time.

    We’ll be writing about this in another installment of Mistake in ’08 and Obama’s Situation Comedy series. Before then, check out Galston. Here are some excerpts to consider:

    The latest Gallup report, based on a massive sample of more than 39,000 adults, contains troubling news for Democrats. Individuals identifying with the Democratic Party are a smaller share of the American people than they were early in 2008, and their views are less representative of the people as a whole. [snip]

    While the ideological center of gravity of the Democratic Party has moved left, the country as a whole has moved in the opposite direction. [snip]

    These may not appear to be notable changes, but they are. The sample is so large that the margin of error is only plus or minus one percentage point, so nearly all the shifts are statistically significant. And these results are politically significant as well, because they portend a much closer election than 2008 turned out to be. If the electorate of 2011-2012 is closer to the one that prevailed during the first Bush administration, then the Obama campaign would have to do an even better job of mobilizing the base than it did in 2008.

    This casts in high relief the fundamental choice facing the Obama team: The first option is to run a campaign that amounts to 2008 on steroids, mobilizing huge numbers of upscale professionals, unmarried women, young adults, and minorities—the coalition that reelected Colorado Senator Michael Bennet in 2010. [snip] Option two would focus on rebuilding support among Independents, which include large numbers of white working-class and middle-class families—an approach compatible with an all-out effort to win the heartland states stretching from Pennsylvania to Iowa that gave Obama one-third of the 365 electoral votes he ended up winning.

    For reasons that I’ve laid out at length in “One Year to Go: Barack Obama’s Uphill Battle for Reelection in 2012,” the latter is the course more likely to succeed in the end. Briefly: It won’t be possible to recreate the political context that permitted the extraordinary mobilization of young adults and Hispanics in 2008. [snip]

    Most Democrats remember that Obama’s share of the popular vote topped John Kerry’s by 5 percentage points. They are likely to forget, however that liberals contributed less than one point to that increase, while moderates contributed about two and a half points and conservatives, about one and a half. Reenergizing the party’s liberal base is a necessary but not sufficient condition for victory next year.

  61. Has Hillary given an exact date when she’s leaving??


    She said she’d stay into the new admin long enough to make a smooth transition wwith her rreplacement. I suppose tthat would mean well into 2013 after the replacement is named.

  62. Admin@9:58PM

    Admin, thanks for the link. There have been several articles along those lines in recent weeks, but those articles and polls are never considered by those that continue to cite either the national head-to-head match-ups or the fraud’s fluctuating approval ratings as evidence of an easy re-election next year. Other factors to consider are the enthusiasm factor against the fraud, the fact that independents have deserted the fraud and will not be that easy to pull back in the swing states, and the fact that conservatives stayed home in 2008 rather than vote for McCain. I don’t think that’s likely in 2012, regardless of the GOP candidate.

    By the way, I’ve been reading a lot lately about what a great debater the fraud is. How did this come about? My recollection is that he was a lousy debater, given preferential treatment in the primary on Hillary’s back, and looking mediocre even next to McCain in the general.

  63. He has demonstrated a chilling cold streak ( his own family) that is a turnoff to most people.


    That and his hypocracy! And the fact that he impeached Bill Clinton, regardless of pretext. If he knew and cared about the country, he would ghave cooperated with Bill, not fought and impeached him!

    Actually hypocrisy is too mild: to impeach Bill for a sex thing while doing worse himself, is not just hypocrisy — it’s insanity or worse.



    10. Actually, there were three reasons I messed up last night: 1) was the nerves and 2) was the headache and 3) um…uh…oops.

    9. I don’t know what you’re taking about – I think things went well.

    8. I was up late last night watching “Dancing with the Stars.”

    7. I thought the debate was tonight.

    6. You try concentrating with Mitt Romney smiling at you. That is one handsome dude!

    5. Uh, El Nino?

    4. I had a five-hour energy drink six hours before the debate.

    3. I really hoped it would get me on my favorite talk show, but instead, I ended up here.

    2. I wanted to help take the heat off my buddy Herman Cain.

    1. I just learned Justin Bieber is my father.


    The Earth’s surface really is getting warmer, a new analysis by a US scientific group set up in the wake of the “Climategate” affair has concluded.

    The Berkeley Earth Project has used new methods and some new data, but finds the same warming trend seen by groups such as the UK Met Office and Nasa.

    The project received funds from sources that back organisations lobbying against action on climate change.
    The project was established by University of California physics professor Richard Muller, who was concerned by claims that established teams of climate researchers had not been entirely open with their data.

    He gathered a team of 10 scientists, mostly physicists, including such luminaries as Saul Perlmutter, winner of this year’s Nobel Physics Prize for research showing the Universe’s expansion is accelerating.

    Funding came from a number of sources, including charitable foundations maintained by the Koch brothers, the billionaire US industrialists, who have also donated large sums to organisations lobbying against acceptance of man-made global warming.

    Continue reading the main story

    Start Quote

    Our biggest surprise was that the new results agreed so closely with the warming values published previously”

    Richard Muller
    Berkeley group founder
    “I was deeply concerned that the group [at UEA] had concealed discordant data,” Prof Muller told BBC News.

    “Science is best done when the problems with the analysis are candidly shared.”
    The group’s work also examined claims from “sceptical” bloggers that temperature data from weather stations did not show a true global warming trend.

    The claim was that many stations have registered warming because they are located in or near cities, and those cities have been growing – the urban heat island effect.

    The Berkeley group found about 40,000 weather stations around the world whose output has been recorded and stored in digital form.

    It developed a new way of analysing the data to plot the global temperature trend over land since 1800.
    What came out was a graph remarkably similar to those produced by the world’s three most important and established groups, whose work had been decried as unreliable and shoddy in climate sceptic circles.
    “Our biggest surprise was that the new results agreed so closely with the warming values published previously by other teams in the US and the UK,” said Prof Muller.

    “This confirms that these studies were done carefully and that potential biases identified by climate change sceptics did not seriously affect their conclusions.”

    Since the 1950s, the average temperature over land has increased by 1C, the group found.

    They also report that although the urban heat island effect is real – which is well-established – it is not behind the warming registered by the majority of weather stations around the world.

    They also showed that in the US, weather stations rated as “high quality” by Noaa showed the same warming trend as those rated as “low quality”.
    The Berkeley team has chosen to release the findings initially on its own website.

    They are asking for comments and feedback before preparing the manuscripts for formal scientific publication.

    In part, this counters the accusation made during “Climategate” that climate scientists formed a tight clique who peer-reviewed each other’s papers and made sure their own global warming narrative was the only one making it into print.

    But for Richard Muller, this free circulation also marks a return to how science should be done.

    “That is the way I practised science for decades; it was the way everyone practised it until some magazines – particularly Science and Nature – forbade it,” he said.

    “That was not a good change, and still many fields such as string theory practice the traditional method wholeheartedly.”

    This open “wiki” method of review is regularly employed in physics, the home field for seven of the 10 Berkeley team.

  66. admin November 9th, 2011 at 10:51 pm: Video, Crossroads GPS Two Presidents
    It gave me great pleasure to see this video aired twice last night. It packs a pretty good punch.

  67. Talk about disgusting, just what is going on when people are defending paedophiles and threatening people who report it.

    Assistant coach who reported Penn State incident threatened, won’t be at game

    A Penn State assistant football coach who reportedly told Joe Paterno in 2002 he witnessed a young boy being sexually assaulted in a shower won’t be at Saturday’s Nebraska game because of “multiple threats,” the university athletics website said Thursday night.

    A graduate assistant at the time, Mike McQueary told a grand jury he had witnessed former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, now 67, assaulting the boy at the campus football complex.

    Questions over how university officials responded to reports of alleged abuse cost coaching legend Paterno and university President Graham Spanier their jobs. McQueary has been criticized for not calling police, but he has not faced any legal charges.

    According to a grand jury report, the graduate assistant entered a locker room on a Friday night in 2002 to stow away some sneakers.

    “As the graduate student entered the locker room doors, he was surprised to find the lights and showers on,” the grand jury report stated. “He then heard rhythmic, slapping sounds.”

    The assistant looked into the shower and “saw a naked boy … whose age he estimated to be 10 years old, with his hands up against the wall, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky,” the grand jury report stated.

    Read the indictment (PDF) (warning: graphic content)

    The graduate assistant reported the incident to Paterno, who in turn alerted Athletic Director Timothy Curley, Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly said earlier this week.

    Kelly said the alleged failure of Curley and Gary Schultz, the university’s senior vice president for finance and business, to report abuse claims to authorities “likely allowed a child predator to continue to victimize children for many, many years.”

    Instead of reporting the incident to authorities, Curley and Schultz banned Sandusky from having children from the charity he founded, Second Mile, visit the football building, Kelly said.

    Sandusky’s lawyer told CNN Thursday evening his client has already been tried in the court of public opinion.

    Sandusky, who faces child rape charges, disputes the 23-page grand jury summary of graphic testimony, said attorney Joseph Amendola.

    Penn State’s new interim head coach carried a blunt message of solidarity for the alleged victims of sex abuse, firm confidence in his embattled players and a paean for Paterno.

    Tom Bradley, the longtime defensive coordinator for the team, faced a roomful of relentless reporters Thursday working to glean more details about a case rocking the sports world.

    Bradley didn’t discuss the investigation, but he said he and his players were thinking about and grieving for the victims of the abuse and their families.


    Just wtf was going on in this place, institutionalised rape, its like what happens in prison.

    Everyone involved in this needs to be charged for letting it continue and not doing anything, its just as complicit as the act itself.

  68. First Lady of The World our dear Hillary is in HI and I must post the words of welcome that only She gets at all stops in her stops as she is welcomed by the leaders of her Domain.

    America’s Pacific Century

    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Secretary of StateEast-West Center

    Honolulu, HI

    November 10, 2011

    DR. MORRISON: Aloha.
    AUDIENCE: Aloha.
    DR. MORRISON: How do you introduce the Secretary of State? And I think the first thing I think of as a public servant, we sometimes hear the word public servant spoken in a kind of derogatory tone. But the public servants that I’ve known, the members of our state and local government, members of our Congress, members of the international community, with a lot of volunteers and within a certain (inaudible) of the Department of State, are people who are incredibly dedicated and work tirelessly.
    But there’s no one, I think, who is more tireless than the Secretary of State, and our own little vignette on this is that there was 25 years that the East-West Center saw no Secretary of State come to our campus. And in the last two years, we’ve seen this Secretary of State three times. (Applause.) Now I have learned one other thing about her this time. She is a risk-taker. We told her that the weather was going to be raining, the program should be on the inside, and she told us that the weather was going to be fine – (laughter) – that the program was going to be on the outside. And you can see who won the argument – (laughter) – but I think calculated and intelligent risk and something we also need in public service.
    So I’m very pleased to present our Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Applause——————————————————————–

  69. ABM: And teh one will join her after he watches a basket ball game on the boat that sank bin Laden.
    Obama to Watch College Basketball Game on Carrier that Buried Osama bin Laden

    …The carrier will serve as a backdrop for one of the president’s favorite past-times, as he’s an avid basketball fan – both as a player and observer. Obama plays often in Washington and even helped coach one of his daughter’s school teams last year. He’s also attended several NBA games as president. This will be the first game on an active carrier of this kind. Before heading to San Diego, Obama will host Veterans at the White house and lay a wreath at Arlington Cemetery. After the game he heads to Honolulu to host the APEC summit

  70. mop: threatening people who report it.
    Not that I’m condoning threats…. Just pointing out that some think that guy should also be canned for not reporting to the police what he witnessed. They are angry that another who let the ball drop has survived the purge.

  71. To honor the veterans of the world today and every day.


    )The World’s Most Famous WAR MEMORIAL POEM
    By Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae)

    In Flanders fields the poppies blow
    Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place: and in the sky
    The larks still bravely singing fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the dead: Short days ago,
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved and were loved: and now we lie
    In Flanders fields!

    Take up our quarrel with the foe
    To you, from failing hands, we throw
    The torch: be yours to hold it high
    If ye break faith with us who die,
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields

    Composed at the battlefront on May 3, 1915
    during the second battle of Ypres, Belgium

  72. Re-election??? He was not elected on the primary level to begin with – he was SELECTED!!!!!
    Some reasons that he was [s]elected in 2008 include but are not limited to:
    – thievery
    – thuggery
    – caucus fraud
    – dead people and Mickey Mouse votes
    – shutting down any vetting
    – lying, misinformation, disinformation
    – conservative Republicans failing to vote
    – and a Mystical Magical MainStream Media that propped him up with misinformation, disinformation, distortion, lies, and who applied the politics of personal destruction on any and all opponents
    – did I miss anything?

    His re-election will be easy…
    Just add to the above these things:
    – masses of people can be bought off, again, with welfare and provisions of a nanny state
    – the other party does not seem to realize the import and the degree of Chicago style politics that will be brought forth and have not prepared for such
    – one would be suicidal to want to be President after the mess The Won has made of our country; fixing the country would be a Herculean project
    – class warfare and destruction of the republic is the goal of the Dimocratic party…and they will take a red pill before they will concede…there is likely to be marshal law and a civil war within to prevent his defeat. Most Americans, imho, would rather switch than fight…
    – the country has become so dumbed down that they rely routinely on sources like wikipedia, a completely failed educational system that doctrinates instead of educates, and LSM for their sense of history, their purpose in living, and current events…they will be defeated without firing a proverbial shot. Now, threaten to take away their hopium, ipod, ipad, music, tweets, FaceBook and computer and they would easily be manipulated in the other direction.
    – voting rolls have not been purged; unfair caucuses remain,and more and more bureaucratic agencies have been implemented, congress is made irrelevant, and executive orders have circumvented the Constitution.
    – did I miss anything?

    So those who worry over polls need not worry; he is likely to be re-[S]elected….why?

    Because they CHEAT!!!!!

  73. I salute those veterans, past and present, who have sacrificed for much for such an ungrateful nation.

    My heart goes out to a soldier/sailor/marine who I know only as Victim #6 who is currently serving overseas in our military. May God bless you, America’s son.


    Since when did FOOTBALL (spelled money) become more important than even one precious innocent child?

  74. May G-d bless all who have served and are currently serving in our armed forces. Thank you to all Veterans and those who gave their lives to protect our Nation.

  75. holdthem, the whole damn lot need to be in jail for what they did, not reporting it means you are complicit and as bad as the person doing it.

  76. Jay Leno: “You know what you call a Democrat who makes as many verbal gaffes as Rick Perry? Mr Vice President.”

  77. Conservatives target Newt with accuracy:

    Newt Gingrich cheated on his first wife with the woman who would become his second, and then cheated on her with the woman who became his third wife. He was leading the impeachment of Clinton, while diddling his Congressional aide. And now he makes little documentaries about God. In these films he wears tailored suits, not sackcloth and ashes.

    The Obamas are the picture of blue-state family-stability. Gingrich is the face of red-state family dysfunction and hypocrisy. If you somehow nominate this man, say goodbye to “character counts” arguments. You’ll have lost them already.

    “But,” you’ll say, “he has ideas!”

    Of course he does. Newt Gingrich has all the admirable qualities of an autodidact. He’s energetic and occasionally lobs a challenge at weak intellectual orthodoxy.

    Unfortunately, he has all the horrible qualities of an autodidact:a tyrannical streak and an egomania that is impervious to the reality of other people.

    And, yes, Newt Gingrich always has ideas. He has 5-point plans for fixing everything. He’s constantly pitching these “solutions.” Ever wonder why Newt Gingrich has so many ideas?

    It’s pretty simple. Ideas come to you easily when you have no principles to get in the way of your roaming untrained intellect. So what are some of the ideas Newt Gingrich has promoted? Are they even conservative ideas?

    He promoted the return of the Fairness Doctrine.
    He was for a federal individual health-care mandate, the lynchpin of ObamaCare.
    He was practically spooning Nancy Pelosi in commercials about the need for government action on global warming.
    He supports green energy projects [Solyndras] and farm-subsidies.
    Even as late as this year he was pitching for more government intervention in the health-care system at the progressive Brookings Institution.

    How is Gingrich an improvement on Mitt Romney?

    When Gingrich was betraying his own Republican revolution in 1998, he lashed out at the conservative congressmen who opposed his leadership. “They’re hateful,” Gingrich said of the Republicans holding firm. “They’re cannibals.”

    If you grant him high office and complain about what he does with it, he’ll be saying the same about you.

    Please, conservatives, spare yourselves Newt Gingrich.

  78. The Obamas are the picture of blue-state family-stability. …………………………………..and they wrote that line with a serious face?

  79. nomobama said:
    if Bill Clinton did not originally have to deal with an obstructionist Congress (ie. he got his way on everything without Republican input). I suspect that there would have been a lot of leftist gooblygook attempted that would have probably caused a different end result as far as the economy was concerned. I therefore am not afraid of a Gingrich presidency


    Good grief. Bill Clinton’s attempts were “lefttist gobblygook”? Such as Hillarycare? Full rights for gays in the military?

  80. For those that like stats, please think again about the one stating 70% of the Republicans have not made up their minds.

    I wonder what this stat is for Democrats? If you know, please post it.

  81. Despite scandal, Cain draws huge crowds in Michigan
    November 11, 2011

    TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – The sexual harassment scandal surrounding Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain so far has done little to diminish his ability to bring out a crowd. At the end of a series of well-attended events in the state Thursday, Cain drew 1,000 people to the Streeters Center, some of whom arrived hours ahead of time to get a seat.

    Cain made only brief mention of the issue that has defined his campaign over the past two weeks – allegations that he made sexual overtures to four subordinates when he headed the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. But he did reveal more reasons he thinks he is the target of four separate complaints from woman who worked at the NRA.

    “The thing about me, which is why I’m being attacked, the reason I’m being attacked is because I’m not part of the political class. That’s why I’m being attacked. I know that and you know that,” Cain said. At another Michigan earlier on Thursday, Cain said he believes he is a target because he refuses to be “politically correct.”
    CBS News Poll: Cain tops 3-way race with Romney, Gingrich

    Since the scandal began, Cain and his campaign operatives have floated several explanations for the multiple accusations against the former pizza chain executive, variously blaming the mainstream media, the Rick Perry campaign and a conspiracy by unidentified Democrats. Most of those claims have not held up to scrutiny. The Cain campaign even blamed a former Politico reporter (who now works for this publication) whom it misidentified as the son of one of his accusers. Though they share a surname, there is no relationship between the two.

    On Thursday evening, Cain told the cheering Traverse City crowd, “Whenever I made a decision in my career, I never looked back. Once I made a decision after a lot of prayer–a lot of consideration and a lot of prayer–I never looked back. And I haven’t looked back on this, so I have absolutely no regrets for this journey I’m on right now. Not a one.”

    Cain gave his standard stump speech promoting his 9-9-9 tax plan, his call for repeal of the Democratic health care law and greater investment in the military to restore the country to former President Reagan’s “shining city on a hill.”

    At earlier events in Michigan on Thursday, Cain told supporters that he has “been through hell” after nearly two weeks of headlines about sexual harassment allegations. But he also claimed In an e-mail that his campaign claimed collected $2.25 million since the story broke in Politico on Oct. 30. The amount can’t be verified until the required disclosures are made public in January.
    At a stop in Ypsilanti, he backtracked somewhat on his flip description of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as “Princess Nancy” during Wednesday’s GOP candidate debate. When reporters asked him if the comment could be considered disrespectful of the former House speaker, Cain apologized but said he was only doing so to stop reporters from asking more questions about the matter.

  82. nomobama,

    Here is the “leftist gogglygook” that Bill Clinton himself said he was working for, in his “100 days” speech on April 30, 1993.

    the ideas that I’ve advocated since I’ve been in Washington from setting a limit on welfare and putting people to work to police reform and community policing to rewarding work of low-income working people by having an earned-income tax credit that would lift the working poor with children out of poverty. So we could say if you work 40 hours a week in this country, you have a child in the house, you ought not to be poor.
    In the past 99 days we tried to address the problems the American people told me they wanted to be addressed. We focused more than anything else on the economy, passing the outline of a budget that will reduce the deficit by more than $500 billion, increase investment in education and technologies and the things that will create the economy of the 21st century
    Just in 100 days we’ve announced a policy to help to convert the defense cutbacks and the economic opportunities for people who are losing their jobs because of the military cutbacks; to take a new direction in technology to create more opportunities for our people; to be more aggressive in preserving the environment, but do it in a way that creates jobs
    The House of Representatives voted yesterday to give the President of the United States a modified line-item veto, and I hope the Senate will follow their lead. I hope soon they will send to my desk the motor voter bill which will make it easier for young people and other people to vote and participate in their country’s political process. And there will be campaign finance reform and lobby reform legislation and a crime bill that will put more police on the street
    You will see the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development talk about how we can empower even the poorest Americans to start their own businesses, save their own money, and take control of their own future. You will see other people talking about how we can reform the welfare system.
    As a first step we’re going to ease the terms of college loans, helping students from middle and lower-middle income families to clear a major path to the American dream, the path of higher education. In return we’ll demand responsibility from young people. We’ll make it easier to borrow money and much easier to pay it off, but this time you have to pay it off. You can’t just default on the loan. And we will also offer the young people of America the opportunity of paying their loans back by serving their communities in a new program of national service.
    I propose a new way to finance college for millions of students who seek loans every year. We call it an EXCEL account. With it, students can repay the loans they take out not with a percentage of the loan they borrowed but with a percentage of their actual earnings.


    Good thing we had Gingrich and the GOP to save us from Billary’s full leftist gobblygook, and Bush Jr to complete the job.

  83. You have to imagine what the american public really think of this.

    Obama spurns Congress for overseas trip

    President Barack Obama leaves on a nine-day trip Friday just as the deficit-cutting supercommittee stumbles into its critical final phase and lawmakers race to avert a government shutdown.

    And neither Congress nor the White House really seem to care.

    It’s the latest sign that the two ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, once locked in a co-dependent relationship, are officially in the breakup phase.

    Obama has embraced his single status over the past two months by mocking Congress for blocking most of his jobs agenda and issuing executive orders to work around it. Now, he’s resisting any temptation to engage in presidential hand-holding on the deficit fight and he’s heading out of town.

    This is the new Obama, determined to keep his distance from Congress rather than get dragged into its drama, as he often did during his first two-and-a-half years in office.

    Twice before, the president cancelled the very same trip, once to round up votes on the health care bill and once to deal with BP oil spill fallout. This time, his message to Congress is: You’re on your own.

    The government will run out of money Nov. 18, a day before Obama returns, setting up a potential government shutdown. But Congress is working on a bill keep the government open, possibly requiring the president to sign it by autopen, a mechanical signature, for only the second time in history. (Obama first used it in May to renew the Patriot Act while traveling through Europe.)

    The supercommittee must report its plan for shaving at least $1.2 trillion from the deficit by Nov. 23, only four days after Obama returns. But automatic cuts will kick in even if the panel fails, so the political risk could pale in comparison to the summer debt-limit fight, when the country screeched to the brink of default.

    The split screen of the president’s trip through Hawaii, Indonesia and Australia and the high-stakes wrangling in Washington could prove politically tricky for Obama, particularly if Congress suffers a total breakdown or gets close to one — not exactly a stretch, given its recent track record. But the White House has made a calculated decision that the latest set of challenges aren’t the president’s to solve and that he will do more good far away from Washington, pressing a jobs message on the global stage by trying to open the lucrative Asian markets to American-made products.

    “We have no plans to change the president’s schedule,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said in an interview. “It is a congressional committee with a mandate given by Congress and made up entirely of members of Congress. They should do their job. It is not that complicated.”


    Carney, i’d have more respect for you if you said, “we really dont give a shit”

  84. The truth is slowly coming out:

    A northwest suburban man says he needs to clear the air after coming to the support of his fiancee, who accuses GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain of making a sexual play for her.

    For starters, Sharon Bialek isn’t his fiancee, said Mark Harwood in an exclusive interview on Wednesday night.

    “We were engaged last year in June but I think there have been some assumptions that Sharon still lives here in Mundelein with me” Harwood told the I-Team. “Sharon and her son moved out in February of this year and now live in their own home … so effectively we’re no longer engaged.”

  85. and here you have the reason why Paterno needs charged……

    “Paterno wasn’t concerned because he just thought there had been “fondling” & “touching” of child in showers, not “sodomy”or “rape”


    Seriously WTF.

  86. Mrs Smith, i’m very close to giving up on this world, its starting to reach sewer level where life and morals frankly are hitting rock bottom, between the whole Penn state thing, kids raping kids, kids murdering kids and everyone seems like they couldnt give a shit.

    If a zombie or viral plague did hit right about now, you have to wonder whether God had given up too.

  87. MoonOnPluto:

    Report: Polled Americans prefer Israel PM to Obama

    President Obama’s hot-miked conversation with French President Nicolas Sarkozy suggested that he is frustrated with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — but Americans might be more frustrated with Obama than they are irritated by Netanyahu.

    “A poll conducted by the group Greenberg Quinlan Rosner found that 52.3 percent of Americans rate Netanyahu positively, compared to 51.5 percent for Obama,” reports Israel Today Magazine. “The results of the poll were enthusiastically discussed on Israel’s Channel 10 News on Thursday.”

    The Washington Examiner called the polling firm to confirm and request the full data, including margin of error, but hasn’t heard back yet. The poll reportedly asked questions of 800 U.S. citizens.

  88. Yep, I agree, evil is running rampant in America. and as you say, no one seems to care- the days of being shocked and appalled by slovenly behavior has become everyday drama as commonly accepted as the sniffle of a cold.

    Someone had better step forward pretty soon and guide this country back into the light. The Dark Days of Obama are taking a toll on people. Dramatic despicable behaviors just 15 or 20 yrs ago happening in this country brought unequivocal shame to families becoming a lesson learned not to be repeated.

    If tv is a child’s babysitter, it’s no surprise latch key kids are imitating behaviors seen as entertainment until the parent has time to spend with their children.

    Public schools aren’t much better- sex education beginning in KG- ridiculous.. If I had little kids a home, they would be home schooled, rather than subjected to a barrage of government mandates by supposed academic professionals..Home schooled and travelers- seeing the world first hand- studying the customs and ethnicities of foreign lands. That would be my ideal for a do-over.. although, I can’t complain- My kids were raised on a farm. They were taught the life of every single thing on this earth has value and should be respected.. Mutual Respect for life has fallen by the wayside. Can it be brought back for future generations? Heaven knows-


    Of all the noise of this week’s state election results, what mattered most for Election 2012 came out of Virginia. It was the sound of the air leaking out of the Plouffe plan.

    That would be David Plouffe, President Obama’s former campaign manager and current senior strategist, who is focused today on how to cobble together 270 electoral votes for re-election. That’s proving tough, what with the economy hurting Mr. Obama in states like Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania that he won in 2008. The White House’s response has been to pin its hopes on a more roundabout path to electoral victory, one based on the Southern and Western states Mr. Obama also claimed in 2008. [snip]

    So the White House is pouring resources into what Tim Kaine, the state’s former Democratic governor, now pridefully refers to as Democrats’ “New Dominion.” The Obama campaign has held some 1,600 events in the state in the last half-year alone. Only last month Mr. Obama hopped a three-day bus trip through Virginia and North Carolina. Obama officials keep flocking to the state, and Tuesday’s election was to offer the first indication of how these efforts are succeeding.

    Let’s just say the New Dominion is looking an awful lot like the Old Dominion. If anything, more so.

    Democrats were trounced in Tuesday’s state legislature election, despite the president’s heavy investment of time in the state.

    Virginia Republicans added seven new seats to their majority in the House of Delegates, giving them two-thirds of that chamber’s votes—the party’s largest margin in history. The GOP also took over the Virginia Senate in results that were especially notable, given that Virginia Democrats this spring crafted an aggressive redistricting plan that had only one aim: providing a firewall against a Republican takeover of that chamber. Even that extreme gerrymander didn’t work.

    Every Republican incumbent—52 in the House, 15 in the Senate—won. The state GOP is looking at unified control over government for only the second time since the Civil War. This is after winning all three top statewide offices—including the election of Gov. Bob McDonnell—in 2009, and picking off three U.S. House Democrats in last year’s midterms. [snip]

    Elected state Democrats—who form the backbone of grass-roots movements—couldn’t distance themselves far enough from Mr. Obama in this race. Most refused to mention the president, to defend his policies, or to appear with him. The more Republicans sought to nationalize the Virginia campaign, the more Democrats stressed local issues.

    State House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong felt compelled to run an ad protesting that it was a “stretch” for his GOP opponent to “compare me to Barack Obama.” After all, he was “pro-life, pro-gun and I always put Virginia first.” (Mr. Armstrong lost on Tuesday.)

    Virginia Democrats were happy to identify with one top official: Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, who is providing a lesson in the benefits of smart GOP governance in battleground states. [snip]

    Mr. McDonnell has been particularly adept at connecting with the independent, white-collar voters Mr. Obama used to win Virginia in 2008. That crowd lives in North Virginia’s booming exurb counties of Prince William and Loudoun, and presidential races hinge on their votes. Mr. Obama’s 2008 victory in Virginia rested on his significant wins in both Loudoun (8%) and Prince Williams (16%).

    Yet Tuesday’s results showed the extent to which that support has reversed. Loudoun in particular proved an unmitigated rout for Democrats. Republicans won or held three of four of the county’s Senate seats. It swept all seven of the county’s House seats. It won all nine slots on the county’s Board of Supervisors, and pretty much every other county office. In Prince William, the story was much the same. This is what happens when a recent Quinnipiac poll shows Mr. Obama’s approval rating among Virginia independents at 29%.

  90. I don’t think going on Lettermen and dissing yourself, besides Lettermen not even giving him eye contact with the hand shake, is a way to look Presidential.

  91. Admin-
    Newt Gingrich cheated on his first wife with the woman who would become his second, and then cheated on her with the woman who became his third wife. He was leading the impeachment of Clinton, while diddling his Congressional aide. And now he makes little documentaries about God. In these films he wears tailored suits, not sackcloth and ashes.

    The Obamas are the picture of blue-state family-stability. Gingrich is the face of red-state family dysfunction and hypocrisy. If you somehow nominate this man, say goodbye to “character counts” arguments. You’ll have lost them already.
    Yup, no matter how Newt may be a little ‘smarter’ than all the Rethug candidates runnin, except Ron Paul….there is no way in Hell he will win the nomination and therefore He will not be the broken tea cup.

    He was and still is a snake that talks out of both sides of his mouth.

  92. Jobs Cut at CNN; New York, Atlanta, DC, Miami, LA Staffers Pink-Slipped.

    Breaking: Layoff notices are being handed out across CNN/U.S. today. Photographers, editors and other staffers in Atlanta, New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles and Miami are being let go. In all, at least 50 positions are being eliminated. As many as 12 staffers in the Washington, DC bureau alone, four of whom are longtime photojournalists.

    CNN Senior VP Jack Womack writes in a note to staff that the cuts come after a 3-year analysis of the company’s work processes.

    The CNN Library, which houses CNN’s archives, is centralizing in Atlanta. The library in CNN New York is closing, while there will be cuts in staff at the library in Washington, DC. New positions will be added to the CNN Library in Atlanta.

    “As a result of these technology and workflow changes, CNN is reducing the number of media editors in our work force in Atlanta,” Womack writes, adding, “Some photojournalists will be departing the company.”

    “We cannot begin to thank these individuals enough for their service to CNN. They leave with our respect and our sincere best wishes.”

    Even with today’s cuts, CNN anticipates adding staffers in the New Year with overall staff levels at this time next year, around the same.

    In a separate note to the DC staff, bureau chief Sam Feist announced the reorganization of the Live Production Unit which is seeing staff cuts today, and the posting of two new positions in the near future. “I realize that these transitions can be very difficult and create many questions,” writes Feist. “However, we believe that the changes we are making here in Washington and across CNN will make us even stronger going forward.”

    The note from Womack after the jump…

    From: Womack, Jack
    Sent: Friday, November 11, 2011 3:59 PM
    To: *CNN ALL Cities ImageSound (TBS); *CNN ALL Cities Tech Ops
    Subject: NOTE TO STAFF

    For the past three years, we have been analyzing our work process across Image + Sound, both in the field and in our editing and production areas.

    Our goal has been to make sure we have the right resources in the right places to meet the demands of all of our programs. Technology investments in our newsrooms now allow more desk-top editing and publishing for broadcast and online. This evolution allows more people in more places to edit and publish than ever before. As a result of these technology and workflow changes, CNN is reducing the number of media editors in our work force in Atlanta. CNN Image + Sound will continue with high end craft editing that has positive impact on our networks and platforms.

    We also spent a great deal of time analyzing how we utilize and deploy photojournalists across all of our locations in the U.S. We looked at the evolution of daytime and evening line-ups. We analyzed how stories are assigned and more importantly the ratio of stories assigned that actually make it on to our networks or platforms. We know that we have to sharpen our focus on stories assigned to ensure that this great work gets on air. We looked at production demands, down time, and international deployments. We looked at the impact of user-generated content and social media, CNN iReporters and of course our affiliate contributions in breaking news. Consumer and pro-sumer technologies are simpler and more accessible. Small cameras are now high broadcast quality. More of this technology is in the hands of more people. After completing this analysis, CNN determined that some photojournalists will be departing the company.

    We cannot begin to thank these individuals enough for their service to CNN. They leave with our respect and our sincere best wishes.

    Now that we have completed this three-year review, we believe that we have the right resources in the right places and the proper staffing at Image + Sound, and that the unit is well-positioned to have an even more positive impact on our networks and platforms.



    Why couldnt they just get rid of the boneheads on air, like fat roland, gloria, gergen and the rest of obama’s on their knees crew. They’d have saved a lot of cash and saved us a lot of annoyance.

  93. Mexican Trucks Are On Our Roads

    by Phyllis Schlafly November 9, 2011

    After years of negative votes in Congress and the opposition of the American people, on October 21 Barack Obama allowed the first Mexican truck to cross the border at Laredo, Texas and head north to deliver door-to-door service of its load of industrial equipment. This implemented an agreement quietly signed by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in Mexico City on July 6 with Mexico’s secretary of Communications and Transportation.

    Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) calls this deal a major anti-jobs program, saying: “We’re literally taking good jobs here in America and passing them over the line to Mexico.” Todd Spencer, executive vice president of the Independent Drivers Association, a non-union trade association, said 100,000 trucking jobs will be lost.

    The Mexican company that won the distinction of being first in line to cross the border was Transportes Olympic. FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) immediately granted it “Permanent Operating Authority,” instead of making the company abide by the specified 18-month waiting period, which means Transportes’ trucks will not have to be inspected at the border every time they cross.

    FMCSA has announced that all Mexican trucks participating in this project will be given Electronic On-Board Recorders (EOBR) equipped with global positioning capabilities and paid for by the U.S. taxpayers. FMCSA also announced that U.S. trucks must install similar equipment at their own expense.

    U.S. taxpayers are also being required to pick up the cost of replacing old mufflers on dozens of Mexican trucks at a cost of $1,600 each, while U.S. truckers must buy their own mufflers. The excuse is that this will improve air quality on our highways.

    Ads are provided by Google and are not
    selected or endorsed by Eagle Forum
    But EOBRs and mufflers are only part of the expensive regulations hitting U.S. truckers. Obama has imposed new fuel-efficiency regulations, new emissions targets, and new safety regulations.

    The large trucking firms may be able to absorb the cost, but independent truckers will be hit hard. If they can’t afford to buy compliant rigs, they will have to cease operation.

    It’s apparently Obama’s conscious policy to disfavor small trucking firms by regulatory favoritism. It’s also Obama’s conscious policy to favor Mexican trucks with U.S. taxpayer handouts.

    The chatter in Washington is about creating jobs for Americans and cutting spending. However, Todd Spencer says “this program does exactly the opposite for both” and will “jeopardize the livelihoods of tens of thousands of U.S.-based small-business truckers” as well as “undermine the standard of living for the rest of the driver community.”

    Americans who drive daily on U.S. highways are very concerned about safety when Mexican trucks are added to U.S. trucks already on our roads. The U.S-Mexico agreement requires us to accept Mexican commercial driver licenses, but Mexico has no real system of driver licensing, training, drug testing, or physical requirements, or truck safety inspection or brake standards that match U.S. rules.

    Mexico cannot produce records of drivers’ accidents or drug or alcohol use, or a truck’s record of brake safety or emissions. Also, Mexico is a country where bribes are the customary method of bypassing regulations.

    George W. Bush’s Transportation Secretary Mary Peters admitted at a Senate hearing that the U.S. regularly checks “proficient in English” when Mexican drivers answer questions and explain U.S. traffic signs in Spanish. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) was so incredulous at this reply that he had her repeat it, which she did.

    The LaHood-Mexican agreement pretends to address this prevarication, stating that the exams are to be conducted orally in English. However, the agreement does not specify that the Mexican driver must speak English when he responds and explains U.S. laws and signs.

    Even though Obama is a big advocate of clean air and green jobs, there is no mention in the agreement that Mexican trucks should adhere to the environmental standards imposed on American trucks. Juan Carlos Mu�oz, president of Mexico’s National Chamber of Motor Transport of Freight, said that Mexican companies “do not have sufficient capacity to supply the diesel suitable for these new technologies,” and that, if held to these requirements, Mexican truckers would be unable to “ever enter the United States, at least not for the next 20 years.”

    The reciprocal promise to allow U.S. trucks to drive into Mexico doesn’t pass the laugh test. A U.S. trucker would be taking his life into his hands if he drives his truck into northern Mexico where he would become a target to be robbed and killed by the Mexican drug cartels.

  94. ’60 Minutes’ probes Pelosi’s investments 11/11/11 | Carolyn Lochhead

    Washington — House minority leader Nancy Pelosi is bracing for a report on the stock investments of members of Congress that is to air Sunday on CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

    The San Francisco Democrat and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, were questioned separately at their weekly news conferences Nov. 3 by reporter Steve Croft. Neither had granted Croft’s previous requests for interviews.

    Croft asked both leaders about stock transactions they made while Congress was considering legislation that could affect the financial and insurance industries. Pelosi and Boehner vigorously denied any connection.

    Laws against insider trading – making stock bets based on information the public doesn’t have – do not apply to Congress. Studies have shown that stock portfolios on Capitol Hill outperform the market. Legislation that would ban insider trading by members and staff has languished.

    Croft asked Pelosi why she and her investor husband, Paul Pelosi, bought an initial public offering of stock in Visa, the San Francisco-based credit card company, in March of 2008.

    The same month, former House Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers, D-Mich., introduced the Credit Card Fair Fee Act, which would have given merchants the power to negotiate lower fees with credit card companies. The bill, hostile to the credit card industry, was passed by the committee but never brought to the floor. Pelosi was speaker at the time, and controlled which legislation came to a vote.

    The Pelosis bought the Visa stock in three transactions totaling $1 million to $5 million, according to financial disclosure reports. The first was the IPO, followed by two other purchases of the stock at higher prices, Pelosi said.

    Pelosi said the Conyers bill had no chance of being signed by then-President George W. Bush. She said she brought even tougher legislation,
    the Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights by Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., to passage after President Obama took office.

    Pelosi said the credit card industry spent $3 million in an unsuccessful attempt to defeat Maloney in 2010.

    “First of all, what you are contending is not true,” Pelosi said at her news briefing last week. “But second of all, we are very proud of our record of what happened.”

    Kroft asked what was untrue given that the Pelosis had bought the Visa stock two years earlier.

    “Well, I have many investments … I will hold my record in fighting the credit card companies, as a speaker of the House or as a member of Congress, up against anyone.” Pelosi said. ” We had passed the Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights. I don’t know what your point is.”

    Kroft then asked whether there was an appearance of a conflict of interest. “No, it only has the appearance if you decide that you are going to elaborate on a false premise,” Pelosi said. “But it is not true, and that is that.”

    When Kroft said, “I don’t understand what part is not true,” Pelosi replied, “That I would act upon an investment.”

    Read more:

  95. Obama Kills Pipeline, 25,000 Jobs and Cheaper Energy

    Obama has killed a desperately needed pipeline. We lose 25,000 jobs and CHEAPER energy costs, while bitchslapping one of America’s greatest allies. Obama needs to be called out.

    Where are the Republican warriors on the right? Aren’t they more afraid of what Obama and the uber left are doing to destroy this country than they are of the ankle-biting press?

    Considering the dire straits this nation is in, this is criminal.

    U.S. punts tricky pipeline decision past 2012 election hat tip Van

    (Reuters) – The U.S. government on Thursday delayed approval of a Canada-to-Texas oil pipeline until after the 2012 U.S. election, bowing to pressure from environmentalists and sparing President Barack Obama a damaging split with liberal voters he may need to win reelection.

    The decision to explore a new route for TransCanada Corp’s Keystone XL oil pipeline to avoid fragile territory in the Sand Hills of Nebraska dismayed the Canadian government, which had lobbied assiduously for the $7 billion project.

    It also drew a harsh reaction from the oil industry and from Republicans in Congress who accused Obama of sacrificing jobs for the sake of his reelection.

  96. Another Debate set for Saturday night- Republican Soap Opera..of donothingness but will not be discussing how Republicans got us to where we are today in the first place….

    yoohoo! Obama is ruining the country and y’all just sit back enjoying every minute of it! Booh!

    The propaganda written about in this article is worthy of a look. The Foreign Policy poll was hidden behind the announcement of the Repubs Saturday night debate advertized on Drudge…creatively merged into this FP Poll..We always knew Congress and Obama were Siamese Twins, although demonstrating a unique anomaly even for Siamese Twins. They are not joined at the head or the hip, but guarantee they are candidates for the Guinness World Book of Records for an obsequious joining at their re-elective pocketbooks.

    Poll: Americans’ views on foreign policy

    CBS News Poll analysis by the CBS News Polling Unit: Sarah Dutton, Jennifer De Pinto, Fred Backus and Anthony Salvanto.

    Ahead of the CBS News/National Journal Republican presidential debate on national security and foreign policy taking place on Saturday night in South Carolina, CBS News surveyed Americans to find out their views on Iran, China, Israel, North Korea and other countries; their feelings about whether the Afghanistan and Iraq wars have been worth the cost; and which of the Republican candidates are most ready to serve as commander-in-chief and to handle an international crisis.

    Must read- special attention given to the Israel-Palestinian- Islam Poll.

  97. Mrs. Smith: Obama Kills Pipeline
    [I’m shooting from the hip here; research not done. Just a few impressions since the subject is on the table here.] An an on TV has been running for months. Sponsored by Mobile/Exxon. Mentions America’s need for security and energy, then a lot of fancy words, the toward the end some words and video of the promise of Kearl Oil Sands in Canada. I’m coupling that with something I watched in Palin’s Undefeated DVD about finally forcing Exxon (?) get a northside gas project underway. Turns out Exxon had been sitting on it for 30 years. Point being I’m thinking we are all about buying everyone else’s petroleum products. It would be particularly distasteful for Obama to use that stuff in Alaska because the way their constitution is set up, the petroleum below belongs to the state …. not to the individual land owners.

    I promise to follow up on this in several weeks.

  98. moononpluto
    November 11th, 2011 at 7:22 pm
    Mrs Smith, i’m very close to giving up on this world, its starting to reach sewer level where life and morals frankly are hitting rock bottom, between the whole Penn state thing, kids raping kids, kids murdering kids and everyone seems like they couldnt give a shit.
    Chin up, dear moononpluto! Sometimes I feel the same way you do, but it helps to remember that these sorts of behavior existed all through the generations of the past. Ancient civilizations recorded the same complaints — and oh, what I could tell you about my home town while I was growing up!– all hushed up and hidden because nobody wanted to hear about such things! As I see it, the only thing that’s new is that it’s become a lot harder to hide deplorable behavior – and that’s the good thing!

  99. I wondering when we’d see Bambi’s pharma friends and their payoffs…………….et voila

    Cost, need questioned in $433-million smallpox drug deal.

    A company controlled by a longtime political donor gets a no-bid contract to supply an experimental remedy for a threat that may not exist.,0,4293298.story

    Reporting from Washington—
    Over the last year, the Obama administration has aggressively pushed a $433-million plan to buy an experimental smallpox drug, despite uncertainty over whether it is needed or will work.

    Senior officials have taken unusual steps to secure the contract for New York-based Siga Technologies Inc., whose controlling shareholder is billionaire Ronald O. Perelman, one of the world’s richest men and a longtime Democratic Party donor.

    When Siga complained that contracting specialists at the Department of Health and Human Services were resisting the company’s financial demands, senior officials replaced the government’s lead negotiator for the deal, interviews and documents show.

    When Siga was in danger of losing its grip on the contract a year ago, the officials blocked other firms from competing.

    Siga was awarded the final contract in May through a “sole-source” procurement in which it was the only company asked to submit a proposal. The contract calls for Siga to deliver 1.7 million doses of the drug for the nation’s biodefense stockpile. The price of approximately $255 per dose is well above what the government’s specialists had earlier said was reasonable, according to internal documents and interviews.

    Once feared for its grotesque pustules and 30% death rate, smallpox was eradicated worldwide as of 1978 and is known to exist only in the locked freezers of a Russian scientific institute and the U.S. government. There is no credible evidence that any other country or a terrorist group possesses smallpox.

    If there were an attack, the government could draw on $1 billion worth of smallpox vaccine it already owns to inoculate the entire U.S. population and quickly treat people exposed to the virus. The vaccine, which costs the government $3 per dose, can reliably prevent death when given within four days of exposure.

    Siga’s drug, an antiviral pill called ST-246, would be used to treat people who were diagnosed with smallpox too late for the vaccine to help. Yet the new drug cannot be tested for effectiveness in people because of ethical constraints — and no one knows whether animal testing could prove it would work in humans.

    The government’s pursuit of Siga’s product raises the question: Should the U.S. buy an unproven drug for such a nebulous threat?

    “We’ve got a vaccine that I hope we never have to use — how much more do we need?” said Dr. Donald A. “D.A.” Henderson, the epidemiologist who led the global eradication of smallpox for the World Health Organization and later helped organize U.S. biodefense efforts under President George W. Bush. “The bottom line is, we’ve got a limited amount of money.”

    Dr. Thomas M. Mack, an epidemiologist at USC’s Keck School of Medicine, battled smallpox outbreaks in Pakistan and has advised the Food and Drug Administration on the virus. He called the plan to stockpile Siga’s drug “a waste of time and a waste of money.”

    The Obama administration official who has overseen the buying of Siga’s drug says she is trying to strengthen the nation’s preparedness. Dr. Nicole Lurie, a presidential appointee who heads biodefense planning at Health and Human Services, cited a 2004 finding by the Bush administration that there was a “material threat” smallpox could be used as a biological weapon.

    Smallpox is one of 12 pathogens for which such determinations have been made.

    “I don’t put probabilities around anything in terms of imminent or not,” said Lurie, a physician whose experience in public health includes government service and work with the Rand Corp. “Because what I can tell you is, in the two-plus years I’ve been in this job, it’s the unexpected that always happens.”

    Negotiations over the price of the drug and Siga’s profit margin were contentious. In an internal memo in March, Dr. Richard J. Hatchett, chief medical officer for HHS’ biodefense preparedness unit, said Siga’s projected profit at that point was 180%, which he called “outrageous.”

    In an email earlier the same day, a department colleague told Hatchett that no government contracting officer “would sign a 3 digit profit percentage.”

    In April, after Siga’s chief executive, Dr. Eric A. Rose, complained in writing about the department’s “approach to profit,” Lurie assured him that the “most senior procurement official” would be taking over the negotiations.

    “I trust this will be satisfactory to you,” Lurie wrote Rose in a letter.

    In an interview, Lurie said the contract was awarded strictly on merit. She said she had discussed buying a smallpox antiviral for the nation’s emergency stockpile with White House officials and with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, but that the conversations focused on policy, not the manufacturer.


    read on its 4 pages long…..not surprised, another solyndra only in pharmaceuticals.

  100. CBS poll shows Obama approval on economy still falling

    If the 2012 election will be won or lost on the economy, then the latest CBS poll shows that Barack Obama will lose it — badly. His approval rating on this measure has dropped to the lowest point of his presidency in the CBS series, with only 34% approving and a stunning 60% disapproving. That’s also after more weighting shenanigans by CBS in the sample, too:

    President Obama’s ratings on the the most important issue for his re-election — the economy — have posted the weakest showing of his presidency, according to a poll released Friday by CBS News.

    About 60 percent of voters said they disapprove of Mr. Obama’s handling of the economy, the highest on record. Just 34 percent approve of the job he is doing on the matter.

    His overall approval ratings are just 43 percent, while 47 percent disapprove of the job he is doing as president.

    Among independents, just 39 percent are satisfied with his performance, while 76 percent of Democrats and 12 percent of Republicans approve of his job performance.

    This comes in a weighted sample that has a six-point Democratic advantage, too. The original survey sample had a D/R/I of 31/29/40, which would have been a better approximation of relative strength among registered voters — although it would have oversampled independents a little too much at the expense of both Democrats and Republicans. Instead, CBS weighted the results for a D/R/I of 32/26/42, which made the oversampling of independents worse at the explicit expense of Republicans. Don’t forget that the 2010 turnout model from exit polls showed a D/R/I of 35/35/29, and even the 2008 election that produced a seven-point popular-vote victory for Obama only had a seven-point Democratic turnout advantage.

    Even that manipulation doesn’t make the situation any rosier for Obama. On the economy, though, the sense of failure hangs like the stench coming from the Obamavilles of the Occupy movement:

  101. There is a huge copyright notice at this link so I’ve provided only the caption above the warning:

    Occupy Burlington shooting triggers grief then ang…: Occupy Burlington mourns shooting death of man staying at encampment but then direct their anger at police, walking out of meeting at City Hall as officers close off park admist a crime scene investigation and safety concerns.|breaking|text|FRONTPAGE

  102. another solyndra only in pharmaceuticals.


    Which proves all thst theory about germs is a hoax, there are no such things!

  103. Another Debate set for Saturday night- Republican Soap Opera..of donothingness but will not be discussing how Republicans got us to where we are today in the first place….


    Good point.

  104. Obama has killed a desperately needed pipeline.
    U.S. punts tricky pipeline decision past 2012 election hat tip Van
    (Reuters) – The U.S. government on Thursday delayed approval of a Canada-to-Texas oil pipeline until after the 2012 U.S. election


    Delayed does not mean killed. Unfortunately.

  105. I still contend many of the worlds disease are man made lab jobs and are released and used to sell drugs and it will be most probably some idiot in a lab fucking around with germ spores or biological warfare germs that escape accidentally, get out of control and finish the lot of us off.

  106. I still contend many of the worlds disease are man made lab jobs and are released and used to sell drugs



  107. turndown – I can’t get my comment to post over there. Below is what I was trying to post – but I can’t remember what that “extra” voting choice was called – “noncommitted”, or something else…? Maybe you can post to them mentioning the violation of DNC rules…

    It is literally a violation of DNC rules to take electoral votes from one candidate and give them to another, and also a violation to take electoral votes from the “noncommitted” choice and give them to one of the candidates. The RBC, a part of the DNC, did both when they stole delegates from Hillary (thousands and thousands of people who voted for Hillary had their vote STOLEN and given to Obama) and took all the noncommitted delegates and gave them to Obama. THOSE are the “motivations” you should be impugning, not Hillary’s.

  108. Families of Fort Hood Shooting Victims Suing Obama Government

    In what is likely the first lawsuit over out of control and ultimately deadly political correctness, the families of the November 5th 2009 Fort Hood shooting victims are preparing to sue the Obama government for $750 million in damages.

    It was well known within the military that Nidal Hasan was repeatedly expressing warning signs of an unbalanced and potentially dangerous individual. His Muslim extremism manifested in his repeated demands for Sharia Law in America, and for “true” followers of Islam to detonate bombs in New York’s Times Square.

    Despite this clear evidence of a soldier engaging in at the very least, verbal threats of sedition against the country and the uniform he wore, his military commanders ignored the threats and went so far to promote Hasan to the rank of Major just months prior to his shooting spree within the confines of Fort Hood that killed 13 and injured many more. The shooting remains perhaps the most telling sign of an Obama administration mandate to treat Muslim Americans with the utmost respect – a mandate that in the Hasan example, directly contributed to the deaths of American soldiers on American soil.

    Just how known was the imbalance that guided the motives of Major Hasan? A subsequent investigation into the Fort Hood tragedy revealed a Senate report describing Hasan as a “ticking time bomb” – and yet, no action was taken to intervene. It was also known that Hasan had been in communication with an Al Qaeda operative outside of the United States. And still, no action was taken to intervene.

    How could such a culture of incompetent and dangerous political correctness infect the very operational fabric of the United States military? One need look no further than the following action from the Obama Justice Department in this quote from then and current Obama Attorney General Eric Holder spoken just a few months before the Fort Hood shootings:

    The President’s pledge for a new beginning between the United States and the Muslim community takes root here in the Justice Department where we are committed to using criminal and civil rights laws to protect Muslim Americans. A top priority of this Justice Department is a return to robust civil rights enforcement and outreach in defending religious freedoms and other fundamental rights of all of our fellow citizens in the workplace, in the housing market, in our schools and in the voting booth.

    At approximately the same time Eric Holder spoke those words, Obama Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett (herself born in Iran) was the keynote speaker at the inaugural session of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Convention where she praised the efforts of Muslim American activists and pledged the adminsitration’s support for the rights of Muslim Americans throughout the country.

    And just weeks prior to Hasan’s deadly rampage, President Obama himself was sharing to an audience of Muslims gathered at the White House for an Iftar dinner how proud he was of his Department of Justice’s successful intervention on behalf of a Muslim student who was to be allowed to wear her religious attire at school. (Despite the fact that the hijab the student wished to wear was in direct violation of school dress code policies.)

    What is clearly outlined by the above examples, (and there are many more) is an Obama administration that undertook an aggressive campaign to demand acceptance by American society for Islamic culture – and if that demand was not met, the Obama Department of Justice would be there to enforce it.

    This most certainly became a substantive part of the United States military’s decision to ignore the repeated warning signs surrounding the Muslim-American Nidal Hassan. A directive had gone out from the Commander in Chief himsel – President Barack Obama, to stand down when it came to dealing with the anti-Americanism of the more radicalized elements of the Muslim-American community. The resulting tragedy of that directive is directly tied to the tragic actions of Major Nidal Hasan. Not only tragic because of the loss of life and injury to the victims – but because it was a tragedy easily avoided if military personnel has simply not followed through on the political correctness being demanded of them by an Obama administration seemingly obsessed with winning favor from the Muslim community both at home and abroad.

    President Obama did not himself pull the trigger on November 5th, 2009 – but he certainly helped put the gun in Nidal Hasan’s hands.

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