American Groan

The hypocrisy chokes.

From little things to big things to even bigger things the hypocrisy is astounding.

Michelle Obama the patient dumper of Chicago hospitals has yet another Obama makeover publicity stunt, this time a book called “American Grown.”

The full title of this campaign 2012 product (due on April 2012) is “American Grown: How the White House Kitchen Garden Inspires Families, Schools and Communities.” Consider that full title.

“American Grown” – from a women who has only cared about herself and only until recently was proud of America is a sickening inversion of reality. But as bad as that attempted duplicity is, consider how immodest and pompous the entire title is. It’s Michelle Obama writing “see how I inspire!, Aren’t I just wonderful!”

The pomposity is reminiscent of Obama’s pre-inaugural seal. Only the wife of a man, who having accomplished nothing nor attempting to accomplish anything for anyone other than himself writes two autobiographies, could indulge such a verily pompous title.

It is possible that Michelle Obama’s model in writing this book is not Barack Obama, but rather Oprah Winfrey. You remember Oprah? She’s the 1% almost billionaire black woman who for decades postured as a pro-woman-blind-to-color TV hostess until she met a black man running against a woman for president (Happy Birthday Hillary).

Oprah, who for decades pushed useless diet plan after diet plan even though Oprah – with a small army of nutritionists, persona trainers, home gyms, cooks, doctors, advisers , stress reducers, assistants, go-phers, sycophants somehow could not hide the fat or her real life eating/exercise habits.

Likewise Michelle. Michelle Obama – with her small army of nutritionists, persona trainers, home gyms, cooks, doctors, advisers , stress reducers, assistants, go-phers, sycophants will lecture American on what to eat and how her garden (cultivated by her army of staffers, most definitely not her, to cultivate an fake image for her) is such an inspiration to the little people who do not have at their disposal a small army of nutritionists, persona trainers, home gyms, cooks, doctors, advisers , stress reducers, assistants, go-phers, and sycophants . Hypocrite Michelle Obama shares with Oprah a private life at odds with her public pronouncements:

“First lady MICHLLE OBAMA fuming as PAULA DEEN dishes on her unhealthy eating habits despite new book “American Grown” PR blitz!

MICHELLE OBAMA is now furious with Southern cooking queen PAULA DEEN for crowing that the first lady, a healthy-eat­ing advocate who’s waging a war against childhood obesity, pigs out on fatten­ing foods.

While plugging her new book, “Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible,” the feisty TV chef took a pot shot at Michelle for gorging herself on greasy french fries, fatty hot chicken wings and sug­ary deep-fried Snickers bars!

“Michelle’s spitting mad,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“She thinks Paula is trying to smear her and her family just as the 2012 presidential election race swings into gear.”

The trouble first be­gan before Barack Obama was even elected president in 2008, when Michelle made a guest appearance on Deen’s popular “Paula’s Party” show and revealed that fried shrimp was her family’s favorite meal.

Then in an interview af­ter filming the program, Paula quipped that Michelle would be serving high-fat, greasy and sugary foods in the White House if Obama won the elec­tion! [snip]

Paula added: “She probably ate more than any other guest I ever had on the show! She kept eating even dur­ing commercials. Know what (the Obamas’) favorite foods are? Hot wings. Y’know – those kinds of foods that aren’t necessarily top-of-the-list healthy foods.”

The chutzpah of Michelle being upset that someone is targeting her clearly political book for political reasons! But that is small potatoes on the list of why Americans groan every time they hear the pompous Obamas. It’s the much bigger, more important hypocrisies and corruptions that make us heave the collective groan.

Remember back in 2007 when we wrote about the then big issue on the left – the unitary executive? Hillary Clinton was attacked on this issue and Obama was extolled to high heaven by, the now exposed as total hypocrites, Dimocratic left. Once the Dimocrat left attacked the “unitary executive”. Now the hypocrite Dimocratic left applauds the “unitary executive” when it proclaims student-loan regulation relaxations. All that 2007/2008 talk about the Constitution and the corruptions of a unitary executive was just talk by a fake hypocrite crew which postures as the left.

Remember all that anti-lobbyist talk from the fake Obama Dimocrat left? Now Obama hires lobbyists and the Obama Dimocrat left does not care. Obama never cared about this nonsense issue but Obama profited by fleecing these easily duped and willingly duped dopes. Only when the lobbyist is a lobbyist whose highest level appointment is a clear premeditated slap at environmentalists does the fake left even notice.

The biggest deserved groan from us is when we hear Obama Dimocrats or even the truly concerned Bill Clinton, yammer about election intimidation or voter ID laws. The argument is that the evil Republicans are out to keep millions of Americans from the ballot box.

For years we worked to ensure election integrity and voter rights. But then in 2008 a committee of the Democratic National Committee stole Hillary Clinton delegates, duly elected in an election, in order to gift those delegates to Barack Obama who was not even on the ballot.

The same Rules and By-laws Committee violated every major fundamental principle of democracy in order to gift Obama the nomination and ignore 18 million voters. We don’t forget.

When we hear about Rush/Holt or other initiatives aimed at voter integrity we groan. It wasn’t Republicans on that Rules and By-laws Committee. It wasn’t Republicans who imposed Barack Obama on the Democratic Party. It wasn’t Republicans who stole our votes. It was Obama Dimocrats. 18 million votes stolen.

The integrity of our elections was violated in 2008. It was Obama Dimocrats who violated our elections. It was Obama Dimocrats who race-baited and lied.

It’s a tough lesson to learn. Many don’t want to learn the lesson and that is why they support contraptions and fakeries such as Occupy Wall Street. The enemy is fake progressives. The enemy is Obama Dimocrats. The enemy is in the White House.


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    On life support. Dead man walking. Down for the count. He’s toast. Stick a fork in him; he’s done. Pick your own metaphorical cliché as long as it acknowledges that this president is a goner. If you need proof, consider Gallup’s recent assessment of the president’s job-approval numbers: “Only one elected president since Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter, had a lower 11th-quarter average than Obama.” And we all know what happened to Mr. Peanut. Gallup brings the president’s lousy numbers to the bottom line by showing that Obama is losing to a generic Republican in its surveys, as well as in a head-to-head with the leading Republican, Mitt Romney.

    The killer data point, in my view, is that the decline in Obama’s job approval has been so systematic and lockstep, declining in Gallup’s surveys by an average of about 3 points per quarter, never increasing outside the margin of error from one quarter to the next and staying below 50 percent since his fourth quarter in office. This means that most Americans have lingered over his failures for seven or more quarters, deepening and reinforcing their malaise about the man. Once you get into a groove like that, it’s hard to get out.

    Facing such odds, what do the Obama strategists recommend? First, they have to get their candidate’s partisan base back. Right now, using Gallup’s numbers, 9 percent of registered Democrats defect to a generic Republican and 13 percent of Democrats vote for Mitt Romney. There is simply no way to formulate a minimum winning coalition scenario for Obama if more than 5 percent of Democrats defect. So they decided to play peacenik and Santa Claus all at once, bringing the troops home from Iraq for Christmas. Normally I would say this is well-played, but when Christmas comes, the media will dutifully interview troops in Afghanistan and elsewhere, reminding everyone that the Iraq withdrawal was mostly a symbolic cover-up of the fact that war continues. And when terrorists blow up one of the few Christian churches still operating in Iraq on Christmas Eve, the potential Democrat defectors will realize that this president needs to go. Playing the peace card also blocks Obama from using a national-security ruse, or even benefiting from one, if a major foreign or terrorist threat develops.

    Of course, the main hindrance to Obama’s reelection is the sorry state of the economy. I suspect the Obama strategy team checks with the Conference Board, the University of Michigan and Gallup hourly to see if their consumer confidence indicators show any signs of life. Nothing’s happening lately on that front, however. The fact is that the president’s men and women can’t move this rock. It reminds me of an election year when the Bush administration and Republican prospects were struggling under the weight of high energy prices. I recall wondering, “Why can’t they fix this?” Of course, macroeconomic conditions are nowadays often beyond even the White House’s control. But, like Cubs fans believing a World Series is possible next year, the Obama campaign planners maintain belief that recovery is within their grasp.

    Once it’s clear that there is no reason to vote for Obama, his handlers will refocus on reasons to vote against the Republican. This is where the problems they face are myriad. When a candidate with high negatives starts attacking one with low negatives, the result is usually a boomerang. Romney’s name ID is so high, and his unfavorable impressions so low, that I just don’t see how this will work for the Obama attack dogs.

    Obama himself might call them off, choosing instead to preserve whatever remnant of a legacy survives. If we see conciliation rather than fight, we’ll know he’s quit. It might not be much longer now.

  2. The full title of this campaign 2012 product (due on April 2012) is “American Grown: How the White House Kitchen Garden Inspires Families, Schools and Communities.” Consider that full title.

    Yea, it has even more meaning when you consider that ground is full of sludge…


  3. admin
    They left out the best part of the Dean/obama drama.
    Paula also gave her one of those back handed compliments that certain southern women do so well, saying what a delightful wonderful woman she was and then going into the rapacious eating. Kind of like my don’t you look lovely in that dress. Then after being thanked saying something like. You know most women your size can’t pull off stripes.

  4. The enemy in my book is any Democrat that reamed Hillary or her 18 Million Voters.

    Those in the DNC, those in power,
    Union leaders
    Delegates and Super delegates that caved in
    Congressfolk (Reid, Nasty, etc)
    ACORN workers that cheated the votes, caucus states that bussed in out of the area- underage ‘voters’ and intimidated and misled older Hillary voters
    In-the-pocket Media that lied and hid Obama’s history
    …and those on the right that joined in.

  5. The more I learn about MO and BO and their attitude, the more I dislike them…as if that is even possible.

  6. sneak preview of Michelle’s Gardening Book:

    Chapter 1: How to compost sleeves ripped off designer dresses.

  7. Eric Schneiderman, NY AG:

    this was a man-made crisis, it was caused by regulatory neglect and greed… we think we’re going to be able to obtain real, meaningful relief… we think we have to hold accountable the people who caused this disaster, and just as important, we gotta get this out in the open so they can’t rewrite history.

  8. No group despises the Fraud-in-Chief than the Trotsky-ites.

    “Obama’s mortgage relief fraud”

    (Just had to wait for someone to read the fine print to see where the pay off the to “big money” was in the latest scam….he is the kicker in the latest mortgage relief:)

    “While the benefit to homeowners is minimal, amounting to a temporary adjustment to payments, the banks stand to gain significantly from the measure. Loans sent for modification under the program are transferred to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two government-sponsored mortgage giants. Under the previous terms of the program, any losses on mortgages transferred to Fannie and Freddie that were the result of improper lending practices were paid by the original lenders. But the updated version now leaves Fannie and Freddie—and ultimately taxpayers—on the hook for losses.”

  9. Ohh,damn… every time I see the image of Ickes at that abominable RnB gangster farce, my eyes water.

  10. Michelle is an idiot. Does she think she is pitching for organic gardening, farming, when the organic movement has been growing for over 50 years and organic foods are common in the markets? It’s like writing a book called “ROCK MUSIC IS IN!”

  11. votermom

    sneak preview of Michelle’s Gardening Book:

    Chapter 1: How to compost sleeves ripped off designer dresses.
    Chapter 2: How to hide your enemies so they fertilize your tomatoes.
    Chapter 3: Specialized DNA altered seeds to grow corn that tastes like fried chicken wings.

  12. lil ole grape

    Ohh,damn… every time I see the image of Ickes at that abominable RnB gangster farce, my eyes water.

    Yea, me too…I don’t have the strength to watch it today, it brings back so many bad memories…it was like Day 1 of a terminal disease.

  13. From Spiegal:
    Don’t Just Bash the Bankers
    ‘It’s Politics, Stupid!
    ‘ Enraged crowds have been gathering in New York and other cities around the world to protest against presumed bank misconduct. Many in politics have sought to profit from their anger. But blaming the financial industry misses the point. It is the politicians themselves who are to blame.
    It’s a political world chronically addicted to debt. And it’s one that pats itself on the back whenever it merely succeeds in reducing the net amount of fresh borrowing — in other words, diving just a bit less into the red. It’s a political world that didn’t have the courage to address the urgently pressing issue of regulating global financial markets even in the years when everything was still booming.
    In 1992, when Bill Clinton was campaigning to become president of the United States, one of his best-known campaign slogans against George H.W. Bush read: “It’s the economy, stupid!” Today, the slogan ought to read: “It’s politics, stupid!”,1518,794084,00.html#ref=rss

  14. Oh, sure….


    Dozens of New York homeless people recruited from shelters are also being paid to support the protests, at the rate of $10 an hour, the sources said….

  15. from post: a sickening inversion of reality.
    admin – a brilliant summation of the Obamas’ influence upon [most incredibly] everything.

  16. The actual message of OWS seems to be spreading. Here’s the Conservtive News Service email talking about “Top 1%”. (Tho they’ve got the figures wrong, actually the top 1% is income over $350/380/400,000.)

    “Top 1%? Wall Street Federal Regulators Earn Six-Figure Salaries; And House Democratic Whip Not Optimistic on Deficit Super Committee”

    And we haven’t been hearing much about the deficit elsewhere, either.

  17. Which was the entire point, as admin noted weeks ago: OWS is an Obama protection bund. The organizers’ goal was to distract from the complete wreck Obama has made of everything. Get all the scandals off the news; quit talking about the destructive deficit …

  18. lil ole grape
    That Die Spiegel op-ed is good, but I am puzzled that the photo on it which is supposed to show OWS protesters in Berlin has english signs on it?

  19. So Acorn is behind OWS, what a surprise.

    The former New York office for ACORN, the disbanded community activist group, is playing a key role in the self-proclaimed “leaderless” Occupy Wall Street movement, organizing “guerrilla” protest events and hiring door-to-door canvassers to collect money under the banner of various causes while spending it on protest-related activities, sources tell

    The former director of New York ACORN, Jon Kest, and his top aides are now busy working at protest events for New York Communities for Change (NYCC). That organization was created in late 2009 when some ACORN offices disbanded and reorganized under new names after undercover video exposes prompted Congress to cut off federal funds.

    NYCC’s connection to ACORN isn’t a tenuous one: It works from the former ACORN offices in Brooklyn, uses old ACORN office stationery, employs much of the old ACORN staff and, according to several sources, engages in some of the old organization’s controversial techniques to raise money, interest and awareness for the protests.

    Sources said NYCC has hired about 100 former ACORN-affiliated staff members from other cities – paying some of them $100 a day – to attend and support Occupy Wall Street. Dozens of New York homeless people recruited from shelters are also being paid to support the protests, at the rate of $10 an hour, the sources said.

  20. Chelsea Clinton Mulls Congressional Run from New York State, 18th District in Westchester County Considered Likely Choice

    Talk of the Sound has learned that Chelsea Clinton may run for Congress next year.

    Clinton has been approached by “the right people” in the New York Democratic Party, according to one source in Albany. While no decision has been made, Clinton is said to be “actively considering” a Congressional run from New York State in 2012.

    Chelsea Clinton, 31, is the only child of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    The discussions of running Chelsea Clinton for a house seat grew out of the redistricting plans currently underway in the New York State legislature in Albany.

    The plan is to identify an open seat for Clinton in or around New York City where she currently resides with her husband, Marc Mezvinsky. While no specific district has been determined, New York City and Westchester are said to be the focus with New York’s 18th District considered a strong possibility. The 18th encompasses much of Westchester County, just south of where her parents have maintained a home for the past 12 years.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton have owned a home in New York’s 19th Congressional District since 1999. The 19th is a swing district that went for Republican Nan Hayworth in 2010. The 18th District on the other hand is solidly Democratic. Barack Obama won the district in 2008 by 62% to 38%, John Kerry won in 2004 by 58% to 42%. Al Gore won the district 58% to 39%.

    One senior Democrat, a former elected official in New York, told Talk of the Sound that Democrats involved in the discussions are excited, seeing Chelsea Clinton as an “automatic win” for the Democrats in 2012.


    Sincerely hope so, heres to you Chelsea, should you choose to run, we got your back.

  21. notice the Chelsea approached by “the right people”….i take that to mean Clintonites not Obamists.

  22. lol, morons.

    Drama–Rahm, Obama: #OccupyChicago Invades City Hall to Demand Amnesty for Arrested ‘Community Organizers’

    President Barack Obama’s friends in Occupy are clashing with Obama’s former White House chief of staff, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, in an ongoing protest at Chicago’s City Hall.

    Activists are staging a sit-in outside Mayor Emanuel’s office, demanding to speak with him about dropping charges against Occupy activists who have been arrested for various offenses, including battery against a police officer.

    Occupy organizers are calling their demonstration a defense of First Amendment rights.



    hilarious backfire in all their faces.

  23. Shit hitting the fan today.

    BREAKING: Homeland Security Adviser Allegedly Leaked Intel to Attack Rick Perry

    TX Dept. of Public Safety Director: “We know [Mohamed Elibiary] has accessed DPS documents and downloaded them.

    Texas Department of Public Safety officials are asking questions following a report that Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council member Mohamed Elibiary may have been given access to a sensitive database of state and local intelligence reports, and then allegedly shopped some of those materials to a media outlet. He allegedly used the documents to claim the department was promoting “Islamophobia” — claims that the media outlet ultimately rejected. They declined to do the story.

    Earlier today, I received confirmation from a left-leaning media outlet that Elibiary had recently approached them asking to do a story attacking Texas DPS:

    Yes, he approached us and gave us some reports marked FOUO [For Official Use Only] that he said showed a pattern of Islamophobia at the department. He emphasized that some of the regional fusion centers were shut down a few years ago after the ACLU complained that they were targeting Muslim civil rights groups and said that this was being directed by [Texas Gov.] Rick Perry.

    We looked at the reports and they weren’t as he had billed them to us. They seem to be pretty straightforward, nothing remotely resembling Islamophobia that we saw. I think he was hoping we would bite and not give it too much of a look in light of the other media outfits jumping on the Islamophobia bandwagon.

    I asked if there was any sense of his possible motivation:

    Oh, self-promotion definitely. It was clear up front that he wanted to be a quoted source in the story. We’ve used him as an unnamed source in previous stories. There’s nothing unusual or unseemly about that because officials do it all the time, but this was the first time he approached us with documents. Honestly, if they had been what he represented them as we would have probably run with the story. But we looked at them and saw this was a partisan hatchet job that could blow back on us so we passed on it.

    In light of these allegations, I spoke today with Texas DPS Director Steve McCraw. He confirmed that Elibiary has access to the Homeland Security State and Local Intelligence Community of Interest (HS SLIC) database, which contains hundreds of thousands of intelligence reports and products that are intended for intelligence sharing between law enforcement agencies.

    (Full disclosure: I gave a briefing in April 2010 to the TX DPS on historical terror incidents and terror connections to Texas. I’ve also been critical of Elibiary’s involvement with DHS considering his past extremist statements and activities.)

    I asked Director McCraw if he knew whether Elibiary had access to TX DPS reports on the HS SLIC, to which he replied:

    We know that he has accessed DPS documents and downloaded them.

    McCraw stated that he will be requesting that DHS conduct an investigation to determine whether or not Elibiary improperly handled any sensitive intelligence products, and said that he will reserve judgment until an investigation is complete. He added:

    If in fact this happened we will be extremely disappointed in him. We’ve worked with him and other groups to get their comments regarding a wide range of issue in order to be inclusive.

    In fact, Elibiary received his first official position serving on the TX DPS Advisory Board and leveraged that position into his current positions with DHS and the National Counterterrorism Center. Elibiary was appointed to the Homeland Security Advisory Council in October 2010.

    I asked Director McCraw about the nature of their work product:

    We do have a process in place that ensures the quality of our product going all the way to our assistant director of intelligence and counterterrorism. Our training of employees has been extensive and adheres to all Department of Justice and Homeland Security privacy and civil liberties policies. The ACLU was involved in our process for establishing the fusion center statute passed by the state legislature.

    I asked about the potential impact of a security breach that has been alleged to have occurred in this instance:

    This system allows intelligence agencies to share products. These products are meant to be for official use only and anyone working for the Department of Homeland Security attempting to use it in any other way undermines the efficacy of the program. If DHS has cleared somebody for access we have no questions, but if they violate the confidentiality of the system it has a chilling impact on sharing information, and that’s the last thing we need.

    Following these interviews, I contacted both Mohamed Elibiary and the Department of Homeland Security asking for comment. At present I have not received a response from Elibiary, but I did speak with DHS spokesman Chris Ortman, who immediately demanded to know who my source was.

    When I explained that I had become aware of Elibiary’s alleged approach to the media organization from a third party and directly contacted that publication for comment (which they gave under the condition of anonymity) and began reading the quotes I had been given, Ortman immediately interrupted and expressed skepticism:

    In all my eight years working in media I have never heard of such a situation where a third party contacts a reporter at one outlet and tells them that another news outlet has spiked a story.

    Mr. Ortman is significantly out of touch regarding this; it is likely a daily occurrence at a number of outlets.

    When I directly asked Ortman about who gave Mohamed Elibiary access to the HS SLIC system, he abruptly ended the conversation and said he would need to call me back. After more than an hour wait and knowing from other sources that senior aides for DHS Secretary Napolitano had been fully briefed late last night on the matter and that the story is quickly leaking out, we are publishing what we have so far.

    We’ll bring you any additional details, including any further comment from Elibiary or DHS on this story. Patrick Poole is a national security and terrorism correspondent for PJMedia.

  24. Illinois fails on ballot security.

    On April 5, 2011 a group of citizens from various political parties and the tea party, equipped with audit questionnaires based on the Chicago Board of Election’s, Election Judge Training Guide, visited 239 polling places in Chicago to score the CBoE’s compliance with their own security protocols. The objective of the security assessment (the Audit) was to test enforcement of security protocols that are in place to protect our ballot.

    The results were stunning: 210 precincts (91%) failed on one or more of the 11 critical security measures that were evaluated, 66% of them failed on more than one measure. 59% of the time, the CBoE failed to secure the ballot box. The report can be read here.

    Included in the report is an analysis of the security around the memory devices and the seals that safe guard them. The stack of boxes pictured below next to the open door, contain all of the memory devices used in voting equipment on Election Day in Chicago. Each box has the memory devices for one Ward. These boxes were observed in this location during two separate trips to the warehouse.

    With the release of this report we are introducing the VAP program (Voter Auditor Pollwatcher) in Illinois. This is the first-ever citizen run audit of elections in Illinois. Across the entire state of Illinois, voters will be trained on security for their polling place. Once trained, VAPers will be given credentials and a scoring sheet to take a snapshot of security at their poll. The audit will take about 20 minutes and pollwatchers can be credentialed for multiple polling places. Audit sheets will be returned to Defend the Vote for analysis and further action.

    The VAP program is only one of several programs Defend the Vote is sponsoring. Defend the Vote first discovered and reported that Illinois has never audited Early Voting for accuracy of the vote. Early voting, 18% of Illinois vote, has never had the paper trail and the electronic tally reconciled. Separately, we reported that the Chicago Board of Elections employs non-citizens to run early voting locations, and that the I-9 employment verification forms for these employees are not in compliance with federal law.

  25. Perry says it was a ‘mistake’ for him to participate in 2012 debates

    Many political observers agree that Rick Perry’s dismal debate performances have helped spark his dramatic collapse in recent polls. Now, not surprisingly, the Republican presidential hopeful insists his biggest mistake in the campaign so far was agreeing to participate in the forums at all.

    “These debates are set up for nothing more than to tear down the candidates. It’s pretty hard to be able to sit and lay out your ideas and your concepts with a one-minute response,” the Texas governor told Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly. “So, you know, if there was a mistake made, it was probably ever doing one of the [debates], when all they’re interested in is stirring up between the candidates instead of really talking about the issues that are important to the American people.”

    But Perry also conceded he had made mistakes during the debates, including when he said critics of a push he led in Texas to allow the children of illegal immigrants to attend state colleges and universities at in-state tuition rates did not “have a heart.”

    “I used the wrong word there,” Perry admitted.

    The governor largely used the appearance to trash his opponent Mitt Romney, essentially admitting there is no love lost between the two. Asked about tension between the two, Perry at first insisted he didn’t know if “there’s a strain.”

    But it didn’t take long for Perry to twist the knife, admitting that he and Romney don’t quite see eye to eye.

    There’s certainly a difference of opinion about philosophically where you stand,” Perry said. “I mean, you can’t change from one election to another.”

    Asked if he “likes” Romney, Perry didn’t quite answer and used the question to again hit his rival as a flip-flopper.

    “You can’t be for banning guns and then all of a sudden you’re, you know, for the Second Amendment. You can’t be for the issue of abortion, then you’re pro-life,” Perry said. “How do you change at the age of 50 or 60 positions on life, positions on guns, positions on traditional marriage. I mean those aren’t minor issues . . . . So to change those at the age of 50 or 60 tells you all you need to know about that.”

    Watch the interview below
    The man is a putz.

  26. Shadowfax
    October 26th, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    sneak preview of Michelle’s Gardening Book:

    Chapter 1: How to compost sleeves ripped off designer dresses.
    Chapter 2: How to hide your enemies so they fertilize your tomatoes.
    Chapter 3: Specialized DNA altered seeds to grow corn that tastes like fried chicken wings.

    …and as any good organic gardner knows…”always begin your gardening by applying your false eyelashes…never…ever…leave home without them…and never…ever…go gardening without having them properly secured and ready to flash…”

  27. And if your falso eyelashes fall off into the garden, they will attract other bugs and spiders to enrich the soil.

  28. S

    Yup, and every pair of fake lashes needs to be accompanied with a huge Pepboy belt, expensive ugly shoes for those Big Feet and grease to shine up those arms.


    As historian Ruth Schwartz Cowan states in More Work for Mother, “By 1960
    the numbers of Americans who could afford to live at a ‘decent’ and ‘healthful’
    standard of living had become the average American; decency, cleanliness, rudimentary
    nutrition, and rudimentary healthfulness were no longer the privileges
    of the elite. The minimum subsistence budget that was used to determine welfare
    payments in New York City in 1960 would have been regarded as luxurious in
    1910 or in 1930. A four-person family was permitted to rent a five-room flat so
    that each member could be ‘alone in a room’ — a luxury inconceivable earlier in
    the century. The flat was to be outfitted with a complete bathroom (hot and cold
    running water), a complete kitchen (. . . refrigerator, gas or electric range), and
    central heat. The diet . . . was not to contain luxurious foods such as steak, but did allow meat, milk, fresh fruits, and vegetables to be served at least once a day. “7

  30. Continued:
    7 Ruth Schwartz Cowan, More Work for Mother (New York, 1983), p. 194. Cowan continues: “The flat was to be
    outfitted with a compete bathroom (hot and cold running water, toilet, bath, shower, and sink), a complete kitchen
    (sink with drain, hot and cold water, refrigerator, and a gas or electric range), and central heat. Plain but adequate
    furnishings were allowed (each person was to have a bed and a complete set of eating utensils) as well as annual
    replacement clothing for the children (shoes that fit, dresses that were new and not made over from hand-medowns).
    The diet for such a family was not to contain luxurious foods such as steak, but did allow meat, milk, fresh
    fruits, and vegetables to be served at least once a day. The family was allowed an iron and a vacuum cleaner
    (although not a washing machine or a dryer) and linoleum, not carpeting, to cover all floors. That set of material
    conditions is doubly significant: first, because it was regarded as a deprivation in terms of the general standard
    applying throughout the country in 1960; and, second, because it was luxurious in comparison with how people
    had lived in earlier decades.”

  31. Hm, part of this sounds familiar. 😉

    However, the single least interesting, least useful criticism of Occupy in circulation is that it lacks a concrete set of demands, that it needs some kind of concrete policy platform that politicians could adopt. This misses the point in every way possible. First, that Occupy’s critique can’t be boiled down into something like “Pass a new version of Glass-Steagall”, that the real issue is “Why did we get rid of sensible governance and guardianship of that type in the first place, and why can’t we have it back now?” You can’t solve our current situation with the passage of some laws if the institutions charged with implementing them will subvert, ignore or supercede those laws. You can’t solve our current situation if the next regulation you create will promptly be evaded or mocked by those it was intended to regulate. (Bank of America’s debit-use charge, I’m looking at you.) It’s the system that’s broken: you don’t solve systemic failure with a five-point legislative plan. Demands in this context have to be something more like, “Unelect everyone and comprehensively reform the process of electing a new group of representatives and leaders, expect accountability in both economic and political life and set real consequences for the failure of that expectation, make transparency in both business and government one of the sacred watchwords of a democratic society”. Maybe Occupy needs more of a boiled-down, two-sentence root-level philosophy or viewpoint (parity with something like “down with big government”) but it doesn’t need a set of demands that the political-financial complex can promptly ignore or play pointless legislative shell games with.

  32. Some Cities Begin Cracking Down on ‘Occupy’ Protests At Last!

    OAKLAND, Calif. — After weeks of cautiously accepting the teeming round-the-clock protests spawned by Occupy Wall Street, several cities have come to the end of their patience and others appear to be not far behind.

    Here in Oakland, in a scene reminiscent of the antiwar protests of the 1960s, the police filled downtown streets with tear gas late Tuesday to stop throngs of protesters from re-entering a City Hall plaza that had been cleared of their encampment earlier in the day. And those protests, which resulted in more than 100 arrests and at least one life-threatening injury, appeared ready to ignite again on Wednesday night as supporters of the Occupy movement promised to retake the square. Early Wednesday evening, city officials were trying to defuse the situation, opening streets around City Hall, though the encampment site was still fenced off.

    But after about an hour of speeches, the crowd removed the fences. The number of protesters swelled to about 3,000 people, but the demonstration remained peaceful. Leaders led a series of call-and-response chants. “Now the whole world is watching Oakland,” was one phrase that was repeated as passing cars honked in approval. That police had gone, compared with a heavy presence the night before.

    Across the bay, meanwhile, in the usually liberal environs of San Francisco, city officials there had also seemingly hit their breaking point, warning several hundred protesters that they were in violation of the law by camping at a downtown site after voicing concerns about unhealthy and often squalid conditions in the camp, including garbage, vermin and human waste.

    In Atlanta, Mayor Kasim Reed ordered the police to arrest more than 50 protesters early Wednesday and remove their tents from a downtown park after deciding that the situation had become unsafe, despite originally issuing executive orders to let them camp there overnight.

    And like many of his mayoral colleagues nationwide, Mr. Reed openly expressed frustration with the protesters’ methods.

    “The attitude I have seen here is not consistent with any civil rights protests I have seen in Atlanta,” Mr. Reed said in an interview, “and certainly not consistent with the most respected forms of civil disobedience.”

    Similar confrontations could soon come to pass in other cities, including Providence, R.I., where Mayor Angel Taveras has vowed to seek a court order to remove protesters from Burnside Park, which they have occupied since Oct. 15.

    And while other, bigger cities, including New York, Boston and Philadelphia, have taken a more tolerant view of the protests — for now — officials are still grappling with growing concerns about crime, sanitation and homelessness at the encampments. Even in Los Angeles, where the City Council passed a resolution in support of the protesters, Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa warned Wednesday that they would not be allowed to remain outside City Hall indefinitely.

    Dot Joyce, a spokeswoman for Mayor Thomas M. Menino of Boston, echoed that. “It’s a daily assessment for us,” she said.

    More and more, mayors across the country say they have found themselves walking a complex and politically delicate line: simultaneously wanting to respect the right to free speech and assembly, but increasingly concerned that the protests cannot stay orderly and safe.

    “We can do lots of different things to help them on our end,” said Mr. Taveras, who estimates that roughly 200 people have camped out in Providence despite a city rule forbidding such behavior. “But we cannot allow an indefinite stay there, and we can’t allow them to continue to violate the law.”

    The protests showed little sign of slacking. In Chicago, for example, demonstrators gathered Wednesday outside the office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel requesting 24-hour access to Grant Park and demanding that charges be dropped against the more than 300 protesters arrested there in the past weeks.

    “He’s denying us our constitutional right to not only free speech, but peaceful continual assembly,” said Andy Manos, 32, one of the protesters.

    more @ pg (2):

  33. Disappointed Democrats protest Obama’s SF visit

    In a powerful display of profound disappointment with President Obama, some of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors gathered Tuesday – not inside his tony San Francisco fundraiser at the W Hotel, but outside on the sidewalks carrying signs in protest of his policies.

    “I don’t even know what he stands for,” said Susie Tompkins Buell,

    a co-founder of the Esprit clothing company and one of the most generous Democratic Party donors in the nation – instrumental in backing such powerhouse progressive organizations as the Democracy Alliance and Media Matters.

    Tompkins Buell, who is a longtime friend of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and was among her biggest donors in the 2008 presidential race, has long played a starring role in San Francisco as a hostess for presidents, top legislators and world leaders at fundraisers for progressive campaign causes.

    But on Tuesday, instead of dining with the elite crowd of about 200 who paid at least $5,000 a head – and up to $7,500 for a photo with the president – at the two-hour luncheon, the Democratic activist, who could easily afford the fundraiser, said it was more important to stand outside with an estimated 1,000 demonstrators.

    Read more:

  34. New research: warmth produces these carbon dioxide concentrations

    Andrew Bolt

    Professor Murry Salby, chair of climate at Macquarie University, has unleashed on global warming alarmism in a lecture this week to the Sydney Institute.

    Salby has worked at leading research institutions, including the US National Center for Atmospheric Research, Princeton University, and the University of Colorado, and is the author of Fundamentals of Atmospheric Physics, and Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate, due out in 2011.

    Salby’s argument is that the usual evidence given for the rise in CO2 being man-made is mistaken. It’s usually taken to be the fact that as carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere increase, the 1 per cent of CO2 that’s the heavier carbon isotope ratio c13 declines in proportion. Plants, which produced our coal and oil, prefer the lighter c12 isotope. Hence, it must be our gasses that caused this relative decline.

    But that conclusion holds true only if there are no other sources of c12 increases which are not human caused. Salby says there are – the huge increases in carbon dioxide concentrations caused by such things as spells of warming and El Ninos, which cause concentration levels to increase independently of human emissions. He suggests that its warmth which tends to produce more CO2, rather than vice versa – which, incidentally is the story of the past recoveries from ice ages.

    His findings, he says, have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication, so more will follow.

    Some other highlights of his talk:

    He said he had an “involuntary gag reflex” whenever someone said the “science was settled”.

    “Anyone who thinks the science of this complex thing is settled is in Fantasia.” The climate models used by global warmists suggest we should have twice the warming we’ve actually seen recently.

  35. Obama to nonunion Americans: Get lost

    Here is a message for those nonunion folks who are looking for jobs: Don’t expect any help from President Obama. If there is any doubt about this, just examine the record.

    Starting with the president’s pending $447 billion “jobs” bill, Mr. Obama himself has repeatedly stated that his plan is to keep teachers, policemen and firefighters on the job and to provide money to put construction people to work. Now just what do these folks have in common? If you have not guessed it, they are all union members. As noted by The Washington Times in an Oct. 18 editorial titled, “Obama’s jobs bill mulligan,” there is no provision whatever for helping nonunion, private-sector workers. Mr. Obama does not try to hide this fact.

    Of the $825 billion stimulus package, more then half went to state and local governments to keep those unionized teachers, policemen and firefighters on the job.

    It should be obvious now that Mr. Obama’s grand scheme is to use taxpayer money to keep public-sector union members on the job so that they can continue to pay dues to their respective unions, who then will have the cash to make big contributions to Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign. It’s all a colossal scam to help get Mr. Obama re-elected.

    So the sad message is that those non-union Americans looking for private-sector jobs will simply have to fend for themselves as far as Mr. Obama is concerned. In his eyes, those Americans just do not count because they do not pay the union dues that translate in fat contributions to his campaign fund.

  36. Hey, you dumb Americans, it’s your fault things are they way they are! Baaah- Baaa! Scapegoating… angering many people increasing the need for his own personal security maybe(?)… from disrespecting America and attracting death threats(?)

    President Obama’s *Blame-Americans*-First Tour


    Economy: Having run out of excuses for the economic crisis his own policies have produced, President Obama has taken to blaming the American people. Has he no shame?

    At a San Francisco fundraiser this week, Obama told the assembled fat cats that:

    “We have lost our ambition, our imagination, and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge.”

    Earlier this month, Obama complained that “we used to have the best stuff. Think about it: The world used to say ‘Let’s travel to America. Let’s see the Golden Gate Bridge. Let’s see the Hoover Dam. Let’s see the amazing things that America built.'”

    And in September, he said the country “had gotten a little soft and, you know, we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track.”

    Lost our ambition? Gone soft? Can’t make the best stuff? For the president of the United States to talk like this is beneath reproach. Yet it’s more or less par for the course for Obama, who constantly casts aspersions on the country’s institutions, business leaders or any other convenient scapegoat when things don’t go his way.

    During his campaign, Obama complained about “bitter” middle-class voters who “cling to guns or religion, or antipathy to people who aren’t like them” and vote Republican.

    Since being elected, he’s blamed the lousy recovery on President Bush, an “ethic of greed,” “reckless fat-cat bankers,” selfish millionaires and billionaires, and corporations who he says are sitting “on the sidelines.”

    He complains about the nation’s political system. “What’s broken is our politics,” he said over the summer, after he was forced to work with Republicans on a debt ceiling increase deal. He derides “this big, messy, tough democracy.”

    He’s even complained that the “the erosion of our confidence in the future is threatening to destroy the social and political fabric of America.” Oh wait. That one wasn’t Obama. That was Jimmy Carter in his infamous “malaise”

  37. Hillary to sit before a cong answere questions on military plans coming up.

    C-SPAN-2 at 10 am est.She is also hosting a dinner
    this evening. She gives her all for our country while “Home Burns” and BO and MO milk the American

  38. ABM90, thanks for keeping tabs on HRC for us. Within a month I should have time to watch C-SPAN. FWIW, I was a devotee of that cable station until just before the first election of GWB when, incredibly, Brian Lamb gave hours of air time to conservative radio hosts – them broadcasting their own shows right over the C-SPAN airways. It was a long time before I would consider going back. Then other situations made the station unavailable to me. Now I have good computer service, and soon I’ll have the time.
    The Tea Party Express organization has announced it will target Senatorial RINO’s Olympia Snowe and Dick Lugar along with Dems Ben Nelson and Debbie Stabenow.

  39. I keep thinking his bus tours are going to help him, but … today at Rasmussen:
    Presidential Approval Index rating of -23 (see trends).
    Meanwhile perceptions of President Obama’s handling of the economy – the most important issue on voters’ minds – have fallen to a new low.

  40. Obama’s Target List
    While calling for civility, Obama demonizes everyone in sight.

    What with exhaustion, overexposure, and the temptation to comment on just about anything in the news, presidential candidates and presidents alike naturally often slip up. Given their hectic speaking schedules, they frequently mispronounce words (“nucular,” “corpse-man”), engage in the trivial (inflating tires and tuning up cars in lieu of drilling for more oil), and simply get things wrong (57 states). “Bushism” was coined about 2001 to refer to all the various ways that George W. Bush mangled the English language. There are, of course, just as many “Obamaisms,” though they are rarely commensurately lampooned by the media.

    FDR unfairly and often demonized his political opponents. Truman could be coarsely blunt; Nixon far more so and in paranoid fashion. Jimmy Carter’s beatific façade seemed to hide all sorts of inner mean streaks. But what seems somewhat different from past presidential sermons, malapropisms, and flat-out wrong statements is the tendency of Barack Obama to lecture, talk down to, caricature, or even insult various people and groups — even as no other president in recent memory has reminded the nation so often of the need for civility, unity, and tolerance.

    After only one year plus of campaigning and three years of governance, there is already a sizable corpus of Obama’s targets. The common theme is less ideology, politics, race, class, or gender than a sense that many groups and people simply don’t measure up to Obama’s high standards. Some are deemed lazy, stupid, greedy, fearful, or clinging; others are too affluent, of questionable ethics, and ill-informed and ill-intentioned — and thus are culpable for our current problems.

    Where did the president pick up this habit of hypercriticism and easy caricature? Who knows? Michelle Obama showed similar tendencies during the campaign, when she labeled the U.S. a country that is “just downright mean,” until recently not worthy of pride, and variously talked about unnamed persons who perennially “raise the bar” on those struggling to get ahead.

    Yet lecturing, demonizing, and caricaturing are not just symptoms of narcissism or being socially dense, but are also a revelation that Obama feels that he can say almost anything he wants, with the expectation — always borne out in the past — of few consequences. Still, his handlers worry about this habit, which explains both the serial use of teleprompted scripts even for the briefest of commentary and the almost lightning response from the White House, either that the latest target had it coming, or that the president’s critics themselves were suspect in noticing such insults, or that the remarks were meant only in jest. Note as well that while almost everyone else is culpable, the president himself rarely is — at least not as much as ATM machines, George W. Bush, tsunamis, the European Union, the nine-month-old Republican-controlled House, the Arab Spring, and skyrocketing oil prices. Others err; but the president has made all “the right choices.”

    Here is a tiny sampling of those who have been on the receiving end of the president’s disdain:

    African Americans: “Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’.”

    Americans: Are “not a model for the world” and have a “tragic history.” Also, “we’re hardwired not to always think clearly when we’re scared,” and, more recently, we have gotten “a little soft” and lost our “competitive edge.”

    Bankers: “Fat cats”

    Border enforcement: Its overzealous adherents want “alligators and moats” on the border and would arrest children on their way to get ice cream.

    The Cambridge, Mass., police: “Acted stupidly” and, like law-enforcement officers in general, racially profile

    Corporate-jet owners: “Are you willing to compromise your kids’ safety so some corporate-jet owner can get a tax break?”

    Democratic base: Must “shake off this lethargy. People need to buck up . . . if people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren’t serious in the first place.”

    Doctors: Needlessly chop off the limbs of diabetics and take out tonsils to increase their own profits

    Donald Trump: A “carnival barker”

    Grandmother: “Typical white person”

    Las Vegas: Where you are likely to “blow a bunch of cash when you’re trying to save for college”

    Millionaires: They don’t pay their “fair share” and are synonymous with those who have 1,000 times more.

    Nancy Reagan: Don’t “get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any séances.”

    Rural Pennsylvanians: “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment.”

    Sarah Palin: “You can put lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig.”

    Special Olympics: Comparable to the president’s dismal bowling scores

    Super Bowl: Where you go “on the taxpayer’s dime”

    Supreme Court: Would “open the floodgates for special interests”

    Supreme Court Justice Thomas: “I would not have nominated Clarence Thomas. I don’t think that he, I don’t think that he was a strong enough jurist or legal thinker at the time for that elevation.”

    Tea Party: “The teabag, anti-government people”

    The target list grows weekly. By the end of 2012, those on it may outnumber those not.

  41. But what seems somewhat different from past presidential sermons, malapropisms, and flat-out wrong statements is the tendency of Barack Obama to lecture, talk down to, caricature, or even insult various people and groups — even as no other president in recent memory has reminded the nation so often of the need for civility, unity, and tolerance.
    this is right on the mark.

  42. Clinton seeks ‘unequivocal’ Pakistan action on militants

    WASHINGTON — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday renewed her call on Pakistan to close safe havens for militants, saying the uneasy partner must be “unequivocal” in its approach.

    Testifying before Congress after a trip to the region, Clinton said she delivered a “frank” message to Pakistan that it was urgent to act against the extremist Haqqani network, which she blamed for anti-US attacks in Afghanistan.

    “I explained that trying to distinguish between so-called good terrorists and bad terrorists is ultimately self-defeating and dangerous,” Clinton told the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

    “No one who targets innocent civilians of any nationality should be tolerated or protected.

    “We look to Pakistan to encourage the Taliban and other insurgents to participate in an Afghan peace process in good faith — both through unequivocal public statements and by closing off the safe havens,” she added.

    Clinton used unusually strong language on last week’s trip, saying that US tolerance has worn thin after indications that the Haqqani network is targeting Americans, including through a 19-hour siege of the US embassy in Kabul.

    The top US diplomat supported the assessment of the outgoing US military chief, Admiral Mike Mullen, who last month said that the Haqqani network was a “veritable arm” of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence.

    During Clinton’s visit, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said that both her country and Afghanistan can do more against militants but denied any official support for the Haqqani network.

    Pakistan, once the primary backer of Afghanistan’s Taliban regime, switched sides to join the United States in its military campaign after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

    But the partnership has been unpopular with the Pakistani public and US officials say that official elements — perhaps acting outside the control of the civilian government — have maintained support to militants.

  43. What an amazing picture of Hillary at the link…

    Hillary Clinton and the Limits of Power

    By Massimo Calabresi | October 27, 2011

    Hillary Clinton argues in our cover story this week, now available online to subscribers, that America is not so much in decline as adjusting to a world of increasingly diffuse power, where like-minded networked individuals, non-governmental organizations and other non-traditional global actors may steer events as much as great power capitals. Clinton lays out “smart power” strategies for protecting and advancing U.S. interests in that new non-polar world.
    We argue that Clinton is something of an expert at coming up with strategies for maximizing limited power given her life experiences, including being a First Lady with high visibility but little official swat, and a Secretary of State in the administration of her former rival, President Obama, who makes the final call on most major foreign policy and national security decisions with a small group of aides at the White House—and without Clinton.

    The story is told largely through the lens of the very limited war in Libya, which is in many ways Clinton’s war, thanks to her efforts lining up the Arab and European coalitions that fought it. We have some good reporting on her trip there last week, as well as on the internal and external challenges she faced in advancing the cause of intervention. We also lay out the ways in which Libya remains dangerously unpredictable, and underscore areas where her new strategies are more talk than action.

    Lastly, we polled her against Romney and Perry, and found that she does better, by far, than Obama, leading Romney by 17 points and Perry by 26*. Her closest aides strongly dismiss any 2012 ambitions and say 2016 is very unlikely: she’d be 69 the day of the vote that year. We don’t speculate on the source of her popularity.

    One item that came up in research but didn’t fit with the piece. Clinton has been talking about the limits of power from her first moment on the public stage–her rambling, idealistic speech to the graduating class of 1969 at Wellesley. In it, she refers to her favorite passage from T.S. Eliot’s “East Coker” about trying again and again in the face of resistance. It’s not my favorite poem—I like my inter-war humanism without the religious overlay. But it gives a sense of just how long Clinton has been thinking about power and how to leverage it:

    …What there is to conquer

    By strength and submission, has already been discovered

    Once or twice, or several times, by men whom one cannot hope

    To emulate—but there is no competition—

    There is only the fight to recover what has been lost

    And found and lost again and again: and now, under conditions

    That seem unpropitious. But perhaps neither gain nor loss.

    For us, there is only the trying. The rest is not our business.
    *A national poll conducted for TIME on Oct. 9 and 10 found that if Clinton were the Democratic nominee for President in 2012, she would best Mitt Romney 55% to 38%, Rick Perry 58% to 32% and Herman Cain 56% to 34% among likely voters in a general election. The same poll found that President Obama would edge Romney by just 46% to 43%, Perry by 50% to 38% and Cain by 49% to 37% among likely voters.

  44. U.S. plans “virtual embassy” for Iran: Clinton

    Wed, Oct 26 2011
    By Andrew Quinn

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States plans to open a “virtual embassy” for Iran that will give Iranians online information about visas and student exchange programs despite the lack of formal diplomatic ties, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday.

    Clinton, in interviews with the Persian language services of the BBC and Voice of America, defended U.S. sanctions against Iran and said Washington had a strong criminal case linking Tehran to a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington.

    Clinton used both interviews to stress that the United States hoped to broaden contacts with regular Iranians despite tensions with the Tehran government, which she said was being transformed into a military dictatorship.

    “My goal in speaking to you today is to clearly communicate to the people of Iran, particularly the very large population of young people, that the United States has no argument with you. We want to support your aspirations.

    “We would be thrilled if tomorrow the regime in Iran had a change of mind,” she told the Voice of America.

    Clinton said the “virtual embassy” web site would be open by the end of the year and it would provide Iranians with information on visas and other programs.

    The United States broke formal diplomatic relations with Tehran in 1980 following the Iran hostage crisis, and ties have remained tense amid disputes over Iran’s nuclear program and U.S. charges that Iran is the most active state sponsor of terrorism around the world.

    In his waning months in office, President George W. Bush weighed opening a U.S. Interests Section, which could issue visas, in Tehran, but ultimately decided against it.

    Clinton said the United States was providing both technology and training to help Iranians circumvent government limits on the Internet and other forms of communication while seeking to expand sanctions on Tehran.

    She acknowledged economic sanctions sometimes caused difficulties for average Iranians, but said they were the best tool to pressure Iran’s leaders.


    “We see disturbing trends and actions having to do with the continuing covert effort to build a nuclear weapons program … with a lot of deception, a lot of lying to the International Atomic Energy Agency and the rest of the international community,” Clinton told the BBC.

    “We see aggressive behavior toward neighbors in the region, we see efforts to try to hijack and undermine the so-called Arab Spring awakening,” She said. “We do not want a conflict with Iran but we do want to see the rulers of Iran change their outlook and their behavior.”

    Clinton said the door remained opened to talks with Tehran on its nuclear program, although she suggested the outlook was complicated by political divisions within the Iranian government itself.

    “I believe there’s a power struggle going on inside the regime and they can’t sort out what they really are willing to do until they sort out who’s going to do what,” she said.

    Clinton said she was aware that many people around the world were skeptical about U.S. charges this month that Iran was tied to a plot to kill the Saudi ambassador, but said she believed Washington had a strong case.

    “I taught criminal law some years ago. It’s a very strong case. It certainly raises the right questions and I think it will be a successful case,” she told the BBC.

    Iran has rejected the U.S. accusation as a fabrication designed to sow discord in the oil-rich Gulf.

    Clinton said details of the case, in which two Iranians with security links are accused of seeking to kill the Saudi ambassador with help from members of a Mexican drug cartel, reflected a broader pattern of dangerous behavior by the Quds Force, the covert operations arm of Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

    “I understand people questioning it because it was such a shocking plot. It was shocking to us when we uncovered it,” Clinton told Voice of America.

    “They’ve gotten more reckless,” Clinton told the BBC, saying the alleged plot was an attempt by the Quds Force “to thumb their nose at the Americans.”

  45. For all of you that make fun of the protesters and think all of them are pot smoking drummers with no clue…hows about them apples?

    War vet hurt in Oakland occupy protest improving…

    Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen lays on the ground bleeding from a head wound after being struck by a by a projectile during an Occupy Wall Street protest in Oakland,Calif. Olsen suffered a fractured skull while marching with other protesters attempting to reestablish a presence in the area of the disbanded camp, said Dottie Guy, of the Iraq Veterans Against the War. Police Chief Howard Jordan says an internal reviewboard and local prosecutors have been asked to determine if officers on the scene used excessive force.

    An Iraq War veteran was critically injured by a projectile that struck him in the head…

    (10-27) 07:14 PDT OAKLAND —

    An Iraq war veteran who was injured during the raucous Occupy Oakland protest on Tuesday night has been upgraded this morning to fair condition at Highland Hospital in Oakland, a nursing supervisor said.

    Scott Olsen, 24, of Daly City, a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, was among the hundreds of protesters who filled the streets of downtown Oakland to protest the police dismantling of the encampment at Frank Ogawa Plaza outside City Hall.

    Keith Shannon, Olsen’s roommate who served in Iraq with him, said doctors told him Wednesday night that Olsen was unconscious and breathing with the help of a respirator.

    The antiwar group said Olsen, a systems administrator at a San Francisco software firm, suffered a skull fracture when he was hit by a “blunt object.”

    Video footage shows a protester, identified by the antiwar group as Olsen, being knocked to the ground at 14th Street and Broadway after police lobbed an object – possibly a tear gas canister – at a group of protesters. The object emits a loud “bang” after landing on the ground.

    While he lay dazed wounded on the street, other protesters came to his aid. The footage then appears to show an officer tossing another canister toward the group helping him. There was another blast heard, and one protester can be heard screaming “What the f- ” at police while a demonstrator angrily bangs his sign on the street again and again.

    The group drags Olsen away. He appeared to be conscious after the incident and pressed his hand to his head while looking at his cell phone.

    Olsenhad spent most nights over the last few weeks at the Occupy SF camp, Shannon said.

    “He’d leave work, head there, sleep there and go to work the next day,” Shannon said. “We were really against the fact that the banks and corporations were not held accountable for what they did.”

    When Olsen heard that protesters at Occupy Oakland were asking for support, he took BART to Oakland and joined in the protest, Shannon said.

    Olsen knew he might have been arrested but didn’t seem to have any idea the demonstration would get as violent as it did, Shannon said.

    Olsen joined the U.S. Marines in 2006, served two tours in Iraq, and was discharged in 2010, the group said.

    “I think it is a sad state of affairs when a Marine can’t assemble peacefully in the streets without getting injured,” said Jose Sanchez, executive director of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

    Read more:

  46. Ryan: Obama ‘sowing social unrest’
    By: Seung Min Kim
    October 26, 2011 08:35 AM EDT

    House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) took direct aim at President Barack Obama in a speech Wednesday morning, accusing him of “preying on the emotions of fear, envy and resentment” as he travels the country to sell his jobs plan.

    In a speech at the Heritage Foundation, Ryan said Obama’s method of rallying public support for his $447 billion jobs package was “sowing social unrest and class resentment” and could be “just as damaging as his misguided policies.”

    “Instead of working together where we agree, the president has opted for divisive rhetoric and the broken politics of the past,” Ryan said. “He is going from town to town, impugning the motives of Republicans, setting up straw men and scapegoats, and engaging in intellectually lazy arguments, as he tries to build support for punitive tax hikes on job creators.”

    Ryan accused Obama of using “class-based rhetoric” in his re-election campaign. Obama’s tactics, he said, make “America weaker, not stronger.”

    “Instead of appealing to the hope and optimism that were the hallmarks of his first campaign, he has launched his second campaign by preying on the emotions of fear, envy, and resentment,” Ryan said.

    “This has the potential to be just as damaging as his misguided policies. Sowing social unrest and class resentment makes America weaker, not stronger. Pitting one group against another only distracts us from the true sources of inequity in this country – corporate welfare that enriches the powerful, and empty promises that betray the powerless.”

    The speech at the Heritage Foundation marked another high-profile moment for the rising GOP star who many conservatives publicly longed for as their party’s nominee to challenge Obama in 2012. Ryan also gave a health-care heavy speech at Stanford University last month, calling for a comprehensive “replacement” to the health care law – not just a repeal of Obama’s signature domestic policy feat.

    In Wednesday’s speech, Ryan defended his budget proposal – which passed the House earlier this year and has been much maligned by Democrats – as a sensible one that gets rid of “corporate welfare and crony capitalism” and “modestly income-adjust[s]” Social Security and Medicare.

    Ryan said the class warfare that threatens the U.S. is “[a] class of bureaucrats and connected crony capitalists trying to rise above the rest of us, call the shots, rig the rules, and preserve their place atop society. And their gains do come at the expense of working Americans, against entrepreneurs, and that small businesswoman who has the gall to take on the corporate chieftain.”

    “It’s disappointing that this President’s actions have exacerbated this form of class warfare in so many ways,” he said.

    Obama has called on the wealthy to pay a larger share of their income in taxes, and Senate Democrats have proposed surtaxes on millionaires to pay for various chunks of the president’s jobs package – efforts that so far failed to garner the 60 votes needed to start debate in the upper chamber.

    “According to the President’s logic, we should give up on trying to reform our tax code to grow the economy and get more revenues that way,” Ryan said. “Instead, these goals are taking a backseat to the President’s misguided understanding of fairness.”

    “The president’s political math is a muddled mix of false accusations and false choices,” he added. “The actual math is apolitical: By the time my kids are my age, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office projects, the size of government will be double what it is today.”

    During the question and answer session, Ryan told the audience he thinks the Occupy Wall Street protests are “fine.” The demonstrators, he noted, have the right to petition the government and air their grievances.

    “As long as no one gets hurt and property doesn’t get destroyed, that’s fine,” Ryan said.

    But, Ryan added, he’s “not precisely sure what policies they’re shooting for.”

    Mackenzie Weinger contributed to this story.

    © 2011 POLITICO LLC

  47. You know he is telling a lie, if his mouth is open…
    This is why he is sending the troops home, without a plan and any health care bill, even if it stinks and will make things worse…

    President Obama is claiming at political rallies that he has fulfilled “60 percent” of his campaign promises from 2008, but the scorecard of an independent arbiter suggests Mr. Obama is grading himself on a curve.

    The watchdog organization, which evaluates the veracity of politicians’ statements, said Mr. Obama made 506 promises during the campaign three years ago, and he has kept 151, or 30 percent. Add the campaign pledges on which Mr. Obama has compromised to get part of what he wanted, and his “mission accomplished” tally rises to 39 percent.

    Nonetheless, the president is telling supporters that he has worked three-fifths of the way through a checklist of initiatives that he keeps in his desk and that he needs to be re-elected to finish what he started.

    “We’re through about 60 percent of it, which isn’t bad for three years,” Mr. Obama told a crowd at a fundraiser in Denver on Tuesday night. “So we know change is possible. But here’s the thing: There are a lot of people who are still hurting, and there’s still a lot more work to do. And so that other 40 percent that is not done. I’m going to need you because I need five more years. I need five more years to get it done.”

  48. Is this Soros, Move-On, ACORN, Unions or Barry trying to buy the protesters in NY?

    ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters Debate How to Deal With $500,000 in Donations


    Oct. 26, 2011: Occupy Wall Street protesters play drums and other percussion instruments at Zuccotti Park in New York.

    NEW YORK – Once a rag-tag group that relied on donated pizzas for sustenance, the protesters camped out in a Lower Manhattan park are grappling with a new problem: how to manage and spend the nearly $500,000 they’ve raised in five weeks.

    Donors have showered the Occupy Wall Street protesters with more cash than many expected, and that has prompted a flurry of requests for spending. It has also spurred members of a movement that has thus far prided itself on its decentralized structure to consider steps that would require the formation of a real organization, with officers and a board of directors.

    Members of the group’s finance committee are meeting with lawyers and accountants to get a handle on its spending and consider next steps, like whether Occupy Wall Street should incorporate and apply for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Such a move would require doing something that’s so far been anathema to the protesters: naming leaders.

    At the moment, Occupy Wall Street protesters say they don’t have leaders. The only way big decisions can be made and money can be spent is if the General Assembly—a daily meeting at which everyone who shows up has equal standing—reaches a consensus.

    Where the group’s money goes isn’t entirely up to the General Assembly, either. As far as the Internal Revenue Service is concerned, Occupy Wall Street does not exist.

    Read more:

  49. Is this Soros, Move-On, ACORN, Unions or Barry trying to buy the protesters in NY?

    ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters Debate How to Deal With $500,000 in Donations

    Maybe they can pay off their student loans

  50. Where the group’s money goes isn’t entirely up to the General Assembly, either. As far as the Internal Revenue Service is concerned, Occupy Wall Street does not exist.

    Read more:


    Interesting. So if each donor gives a small amount to an individual protestor, whose income is too low to be taxed…. OWS had better break up their cash flow too. 😉

  51. “I think it is a sad state of affairs when a Marine can’t assemble peacefully in the streets without getting injured,” said Jose Sanchez, executive director of Iraq Veterans Against the War.”
    This is emotional bullshit.
    If an individual voluntarily participates in a protest and there is a threat of violence, that individual accepts the risk. When I (in the early 60s) participated in demonstrations for Civil Rights, I knew I might be injured – either by “authorities” or aggressive fanatics. I accepted the risk. Standing for what you believe is a just cause brings no guarantee of protection against the consequences.

  52. Great news: Obama’s student-loan changes puts $8 in borrower pockets per month

    In trying to contrast himself with a supposedly balky Congress, Barack Obama has rolled out the first two in a series of unilateral executive actions to “heal this economy.” The first attempted to rescue homeowners from foreclosures by refinancing mortgages that are, er, current with their payments. The second adjusted caps on student-loan payments in an effort to give college graduates more money to spend each month. More disposable cash means more spending, which in a consumer-driven economy means growth … right?

    In theory, yes. But buying an extra four Slurpees a month probably won’t cut it. The Atlantic runs the numbers on Obama’s changes, and finds that Obama must have meant change literally.

    The most significant change announced was the ability to consolidate balances and trim the interest rates on the loans, a change that applies to all student loans, not just direct loans. So how much will this consolidation save former students? Two Starbucks lattes at best.

    Obama’s biggest change will, on average, put $8 in the pockets of student-loan debtors. In contrast, Obama’s Making Work Pay tax cut added about $8 per week to the paychecks of all workers in the US for more than two and a half years. Did this lead to an economic renaissance? Not exactly.

    More of Obama’s anemic Campaign handouts amounting to naught!

  53. Poll: If Hillary Clinton ran in 2012…

    CNN Producer Gabriella Schwarz

    (CNN) – If Hillary Clinton were on the ballot in 2012 as the Democratic presidential nominee she would fare better against the Republican candidates than her current boss, President Barack Obama, according to a new national poll.

    Although the secretary of state has repeatedly said she will not run for president in the next election, Clinton beat the top GOP candidates among likely voters in hypothetical matchups.

    The TIME survey taken on Oct. 9 and Oct. 10 showed Clinton ahead of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney 55% to 38%, Texas Gov. Rick Perry 58% to 32% and former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain 56% to 34%.

    Obama did not fare as well against the same candidates, edging out Romney by three percentage points, 46% to 43% and beating Perry and Cain by 12 percentage points, 50% to 38% and 49% to 37% respectively.

  54. Wow Shadowfax! I was wondering when someone would get around to doing a poll with Hillary against the GOP candidates. Maybe more will follow…

  55. I just found this on the LA Times, and am still reading it:

    McManus: The third-party wild card
    There is likely to be a wild card in the 2012 election with the group Americans Elect planning to hold a national primary election on the Internet.

    October 27, 2011
    American voters have fired two modern presidents after just one term, Jimmy Carter in 1980 and George H.W. Bush in 1992. Both suffered because the economy was in poor shape, and both faced disaffection within their own parties. But there was another thing those candidates had in common: They both faced relatively strong third-party candidates in the November election.

    John B. Anderson in 1980 and H. Ross Perot in 1992 both ran as independent centrists, and while they weren’t the only reason the incumbents lost (Ronald Reagan won a majority of the popular vote in 1980), they were certainly a factor.

    Until now, handicapping for next year’s presidential election has focused on how President Obama might fare in a two-candidate race. Could Obama beat Mitt Romney? Rick Perry? Herman Cain? (In all three cases, the answer is probably yes.)

    But there’s likely to also be a wild card in this election. Americans Elect, a well-funded “virtual third party,” plans to put a centrist presidential candidate on the ballot in all 50 states, and while he or she is unlikely to win the presidential election, the presence of a third candidate could still have a major impact on the outcome.

    Americans Elect is a collection of Republicans, Democrats and independents who say they’re fed up with the polarization that has poisoned American politics. Some of its backers have previously contributed to Obama, Romney or other candidates. Several are fans of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has flirted with the idea of running as a third-party centrist. The group’s central figure is Peter Ackerman, a wealthy investor and former banker who considers himself an independent and who was active four years ago in a similar effort called Unity08.

    The group plans to hold a national primary election on the Internet — a mass-participation exercise that anyone can join. Candidates can nominate themselves, and voters can form committees to “draft” candidates, including politicians drawn from the major parties — Hillary Rodham Clinton, for example, or Jon Huntsman. Candidates who don’t want to be drafted can take their names off the ballot, but only after several rounds of voting — so a Clinton boomlet could happen even if the secretary of State says she’s not playing. Meanwhile, the group is collecting signatures to put itself on every state’s ballot; it says it has collected 1.6 million signatures in California, which should enable it to qualify.

    Who will its candidate be? Bloomberg is frequently mentioned, even though he says he doesn’t plan to run. So is Huntsman, even though he says he’s only interested in the Republican nomination. It might be former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer, who has been trying to break into the Republican race; former Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), who retired after denouncing both parties; or independent business figures such as Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who has called on his fellow moguls to stop giving money to politicians.

    Americans Elect says it plans to choose a presidential nominee (and a vice presidential candidate, who by the group’s rules can’t come from the same party) by June.

    What happens then depends mostly on the shape of the contest between the Democratic and Republican candidates.

    A candidate like Bayh might draw disaffected moderate and independent voters away from President Obama, making it easier for a Republican like Romney to win. Or a candidate like Bloomberg could attract moderate Republicans if the GOP nominee is seen as too extreme a conservative, a scenario that would benefit Obama.

    Both Democrats and Republicans in Americans Elect insist that there’s no conspiracy here. They don’t have a preferred candidate, they say, and they’re not launching this effort with a “spoiler” outcome in mind.

    “I’m in this because I think the system is broken, and this is a way to begin fixing it,” said Darry Sragow, a Los Angeles lawyer and veteran of California Democratic politics who is the group’s national political director. “There’s no intention here to spoil anybody’s candidacy.”

    On the other hand, he acknowledged, that could be the effect. “The law of unintended consequences is alive and well,” he said.

    One potential pitfall for this well-intended effort is the opportunity for mischief. Americans Elect, because of recent court rulings, doesn’t have to report who its donors are. Its organizers don’t intend it to become a spoiler, but Republicans or Democrats could flood it with money to try to make it one.

    Another is that the group is aiming at the wrong target. Presidential elections aren’t the main source of polarization in American politics; neither Obama nor Romney is an extremist. Most of the polarization we’re seeing comes from Congress, where districts have been drawn to protect incumbents and where donors and interest groups have more influence on the nominating process.

    The group’s organizers say they understand that. “To change the system, you have to change it at the level of Congress and state legislatures,” Sragow said. “But we think the national level is the best place to get started.”

    That start is certain to be an interesting experiment no matter what happens. But its real potential will come in 2014 and beyond — if it can stay on the ballot and break the two parties’ oligopoly in congressional elections, where the real problem lies.,0,4671890.column

  56. Here’s the link to that website mentioned above…

    Americans Elect 2012


    What if you had the power to choose a president? Americans Elect is creating the first nonpartisan presidential nomination in U.S. history.

    You decide the issues.
    You choose the candidates.
    You nominate the president.
    And the winner will be on the 2012 ballot in every state.


    One guess at who I will vote for, hint….

    Yesterday she turned 64.

  57. interesting tweet……

    Alex Castellanos : wonder what obama campaign knows about this? MT @LarrySabato: Too many anti-Rubio stories 2b coincidental. campaign to stop him is on.


    The Kardashian sisters mocked Michelle Obama’s outfits in a recent interview.
    The Daily Mail reported:

    They are two of America’s most high profile families, but a rift seems to be developing between the Obamas and the Kardashians.

    The famous sisters are reportedly angry after Michelle Obama last week revealed that the President had tried to stop his daughter watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.

    They have allegedly responded by insulting the First Lady’s dress sense with one of the sisters reportedly calling her wardrobe ‘pretend poor’ while another said her outfits are ‘cheap suburban tack’.

    But last night the President revealed that he has never even seen the sisters’ E! show.

  59. Hope OWS likes snow! hehehehehe.

    Ulsterman, BTW has finally latched on to what many of us discovered weeks ago – the Adbusters – OWS – BO connection.

    Here’s his latest installment.

    The Same People Who Created Barack Obama Have Created Occupy Wall Street

    by Ulsterman on October 27, 2011 with 0 Comments in News

    While attempting to give the appearance of a “leaderless” movement, Occupy Wall Street is in fact the result of a very calculating and dangerous organization of radicalized anti-Americans who have infected U.S. politics at the highest levels of government – including the White House.

    A quick review of the website revealed a very telling passage at the bottom of the site’s ”About” page that states the following:

    On 13 Jul 2011, the group Adbusters released this call: Occupy Wall Street!

    In Solidarity, and as a response to this call, a planning group was formed [], and an info sharing site established. The participation of every person, and every organization, that has an interest in returning the US back into the hands of its individual citizens is required.
    Read more in News
    « Barack Obama’s War From Within

    Our nation, our species and our world are in crisis. The US has an important role to play in the solution, but we can no longer afford to let corporate greed and corrupt politics set the policies of our nation.

    We, the people of the United States of America, considering the crisis at hand, now reassert our sovereign control of our land.

    Solidarity Forever!

    While giving a rathe weak denial to being associated with the Adbusters group (based out of Vancouver BC of all places), the “About Us” page on the occupywallst. shows a clear and direct link to that group – for according to those responsible for the Occupy webpage, the movement’s genesis was the call to arms initiated by Adbusters. So who then is Adbusters?

    That search leads to the Adbusters website, where the following shocking description of their particular agenda is outlined:

    United in Hate

    Sometimes Adbusters can seem disjointed, including polemics against tobacco companies, food companies, logging, fashion designers, and more. What unites this motley crew and keeps them working together?

    At the heart of Adbusters is hatred of big business, in any form.

    Reading Adbusters, one learns that the authors do not like people very much, particularly Americans. “About a third of Americans today are certifiably fascist,” declares Anis Shivani in the September/October 2003 issue.

    Adbusters generally prefers rage to discernment. “Let your anger out. When it wells up suddenly from deep in your gut, don’t suppress it — channel it, trust it, use it. Don’t be so unthinkingly civil all the time,” Kalle Lasn advises. “Rage drives revolutions.”

    And just who does Adbusters receive their funding from? The largest contributor to this anti-American, anti-capitalist group is none other than the Tides Foundation/Tides Center. For those who might be unaware, the Tides Foundation is described by as follows:

    Now comes the Tides Foundation and its recent offshoot, the Tides Center, creating a new model for grantmaking — one that strains the boundaries of U.S. tax law in the pursuit of its leftist, activist goals.

    Set up in 1976 by California activist Drummond Pike, Tides does two things better than any other foundation or charity in the U.S. today: it routinely obscures the sources of its tax-exempt millions, and makes it difficult (if not impossible) to discern how the funds are actually being used.

    The Tides Center board of directors has been especially busy of late. In 2001 the first Tides “franchise” office (not counting Tides’ presence in Washington and New York) was opened in Pittsburgh. This new outpost, called the Tides Center of Western Pennsylvania, was erected largely at the urging of Pittsburgh native Teresa Heinz (the widow of Senator John Heinz, the ketchup heir). Heinz pulls more strings in the foundation world than almost any other old-money socialite; she’s presently married to U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA). The Tides Foundation has collaborated on funding projects with the Heinz Endowments (Teresa Heinz’s personal domain) for over 10 years.

    Tides also maintains an interesting relationship with the multi-billion-dollar Pew Charitable Trusts. Since 1993 Pew has used the Tides Foundation and/or Tides Center to “manage” three high-profile journalism initiatives: the Pew Center for Excellence in Journalism, the Pew Center for Civic Journalism, and the Pew Center for the People and the Press.

    In practice, the social reformers at the helm of the Pew Charitable Trusts use these media entities to run public opinion polling; to indoctrinate young reporters in “reporting techniques” that are consistent with Pew’s social goals; and to “promote” (read: subsidize) actual reporting and story preparation that meets Pew’s definition of “civic journalism.” Civic journalism, by the way, is defined as reporting that “mobilizes Americans” behind issues that Pew considers important.

    Among the most unbelievable “projects” of the Tides Center is something called the Institute for Global Communications ( IGC is a clearinghouse for Leftist propagandists of all stripes, including living-wage advocates, anti-war protesters, slave-reparations hucksters, and a wide variety of extreme environmentalists.

    Now who then is Tides founder Drummond Pike? Investigative blogger JoAnne Moretti does a fantastic job of outlining the history of Mr Pike – and connected him directly to none other than President Barack Obama:

    As we know, Drummond Pike is the founder of Tides Foundation. Tides funds ACORN. As a matter of fact, it was Tides who came up with the money to reimburse ACORN the million dollars Dale Rathke embezzled. (Dale Rathke is Wade Ratheke’s brother.) (Wade Rathke is founder of ACORN).

    Drummond Pike is also the Treasurer of George Soros’ Democracy Alliance.

    Drummond Pike was an original SDS member –

    What a coincidence. Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Rathke, Zach Pollett, Alan Haber, Tom Hayden were all original SDS.

    Occupy Wall Street is far from the “grassroots” or “peaceful” activist movement it currently pretends to be – but rather a highly organized and well funded organization with direct ties to the current President of the United States. A movement not born of fair and equitable concerns, but rather one based upon long standing anti-American radicalism from the likes of Bill Ayers, George Soros, and Drummond Pike.

    Prepare yourself America – the barbarians are now manning the gate…


    Related Links:

  60. Also from Ulsterman (the article before the one posted).

    A recent New York Times report cited other city mayors growing concerned and frustrated over the seemingly clueless motivations of the Occupy protesters, and those protesters willingness to create unsanitary and potentially dangerous conditions within their respective cities. In Boston, a protest couple with a young child living in a tent was arrested for selling heroin. In Oakland, a protester was seen carrying a sign reading KILL PIGS, while in Atlanta a man was arrested walking about the protest encampment carrying an assault rifle.

    The question now looms – how far are the Big Labor union organizers of the Occupy Protest movement willing to push the young men and women who are being manipulated at each Occupy location to challenge authority and threaten violence – for it now appears certain that the true motivation of those behind the Occupy protests is not some measure of peaceful activism, but the far more dangerous and potentially deadly example of outright conflict upon American society.

    It is often said that President Obama is overseeing a number of wars abroad. What is now being realized is the fact he appears intent on initiating another war from within America itself.

  61. Yup, Obama is stirring up Anger and Hatred within Americans blaming them for the state of the country’s economy and joblessness, calling US Lazy and Soft.

    Obama will claim he is getting hundreds of death threats daily, the closer we get to election day.

    I see him playing a tragic, horrible stunt to win re-election that will trigger race riots nationwide ending in martial law.

  62. Well isn’t this just wonderful! And the U.S. is still asking Israel to stop building but demanding nothing from the Palestinians…

    Palestinians Set Conditions for Talks: Give Us Everything

    Thursday, October 27, 2011

    Top Palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath has just announced that his people are prepared to negotiate with Israel at any time Israel agrees to all Palestinian demands beforehand.

    The above paragraph ought to be a parody, but unfortunately is not. According to Haaretz,

    Palestinians have said they will not return to the talks until Israel stops all settlement activities in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, and recognizes the lines which existed before the Six Day War in 1967 as the borders of the future Palestinian state.

    “Our demands are very clear and they will not change for any reason,” said Shaath.

    Unless Israel complies with these conditions, he said, “we will not return to negotiations. There is just no use from them.”

    Needless to say, there is little point to negotiations in which the major points to be negotiated have already been conceded.

    Shaath’s statement seems to confirm the impression that the Palestinians believe they will be able to get everything they want through their bid for statehood at the U.N., and see no need to negotiate for concessions that Israel will be forced to make in the end anyway.

    Whether this will, in fact, be the case is uncertain, but seems unlikely. The Security Council appears relatively certain to vote down the Palestinian proposal, which will be seen as a major defeat for the Palestinians, given the U.N.’s notorious bias in their favor.

    Nor is the U.S. likely to intervene on their behalf, as President Obama faces an uphill battle for reelection that will demand support from Jewish voters and an electorate that is overwhelmingly pro-Israel.

    The Palestinians, however, or at least the Fatah faction that runs the Palestinian Authority, appears determined to see the U.N. bid out to the end, and given the momentum that has built up in its favor, they probably have little choice in the matter.

    Once again, it seems, the Palestinians have painted themselves into a corner.

  63. So how is that Arab Spring working for everyone???


    Hamas boosting anti-aircraft arsenal with looted Libyan missiles

    Anti-aircraft missiles smuggled into Gaza at Iran’s initiative, but fall of Muammar Gadhafi regime provided Hamas with higher quality missiles; rocket hits south Israel Wednesday night after period of relative calm.

    rocket fired by Palestinians from Gaza Wednesday night landed between Ashdod and Gedera, in the first such attack after a two-month period of quiet. Sirens sounded in Ashdod and nearby communities and residents were told to enter protected rooms and shelters. There were no injuries.

    Since the terrorist attack on the Egyptian border near Eilat that killed eight on August 18, the Gaza border has been relatively calm with only a few rocket launches, most directed at small communities near the Gaza Strip. Last night’s rocket, fired around 11:10 p.m., landed in a field. It seems to have been fired from the northern end of the Gaza Strip, from a distance of about 30-35 kilometers . The explosion was heard clearly all over Ashdod, which means it had a relatively large warhead.

    It was not clear last night which Palestinian organization fired the rocket, though Israeli intelligence officials believed that in recent months Hamas had little incentive to launch such attacks and cause an escalation. It is possible a small faction fired the rocket in defiance of Hamas, which is trying to leverage its success in freeing prisoners in the Gilad Shalit swap.

    Libyan anti-aircraft missiles reach Gaza

    The improved quality of anti-aircraft missiles held by Hamas in Gaza is increasingly worrying the Israeli defense establishment. Hamas recently managed to smuggle relatively advanced Russian missiles, which were looted from Libyan military warehouses, into the Gaza Strip. Israel is worried about the presence of the missiles, both because they curb the air force’s almost unlimited freedom of movement over Gaza today, and because of their possible use against civil aviation in Eilat.

    Shoulder-fired anti-aicraft missiles have been smuggled into Gaza in recent years at Iran’s initiative. But the fall of Muammar Gadhafi’s regime has enabled Hamas to bring in much higher quality missiles – and in much larger quantities.

    Rings of smugglers utilized the riots in Libya to break into military storage facilities and steal large quantities of weapons, some of which have relatively advanced capabilities. The weapons were then sold to terrorist organizations, first and foremost to various Palestinian factions. It seems that extremist Islamist organizations in Somalia also bought large quantities of weapons.

    The United States is also worried by the developments. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who visited Libya last week, announced the U.S. would grant the new Libyan regime millions of dollars in aid in an attempt to fight the arms smuggling. American experts expressed their fears in particular over the transfer of shoulder-launched missiles to terrorists, and said the aid was intended to allow the Libyans to locate where such weapons are stored – and destroy them.

    There have been previous reports of the smuggling of Russian SA-7 anti-aircraft missiles into Gaza. Now there are reports of more advanced missiles.

    A few weeks ago, the cabinet discussed the issue of protecting civilian aviation in Eilat, including the possible purchase of systems to defend planes against anti-aircraft missiles. The issue has been put off for nine years since the failed attempt by an al-Qaida faction to shoot down an Israeli passenger plane in Mombasa, Kenya.

    In the August 18 battle between the IDF and terrorists, the terrorists fired a missile at an Israeli attack helicopter. The missile missed. But the Air Force has been operating for a number of years over Gaza on the assumption that various Palestinian factions possess anti-aircraft missiles.

    The anarchy in Sinai in recent months has allowed the Palestinians in Gaza to operate almost without interference, and improve their training and weaponry.

  64. “Obama offers a drop in the bucket for student loan crisis”

    The Denver rally was the latest in what might be described as Obama’s scam-a-day campaign swing through the western United States, during which executive actions announced with maximum fanfare and populist demagogy (three) have been outnumbered by fundraising appearances before audiences of multimillionaires (six).
    Student loan debt in the United States now tops $1 trillion, more than credit card debt.

    Only a relative handful of students—and none of those who are actually in default on their loans—will benefit from Obama’s order that the Department of Education speed up by two years the introduction of a slight relaxation in the repayment schedule for federal student loans, which has already been approved by Congress.

    Some students who consolidate multiple loans into a single one may be able to save one-half of 1 percent on the interest rate as well.
    Obama did not bother to explain why the Democrats did nothing to alleviate the conditions facing working people and youth during the first two years of his administration, when they controlled both houses of Congress by large majorities.




    Might take a look at this thing for fine print benefits to the bankers. I saw somehwere that it is moving these loans from the bankers who wrote them, to Fannie/Freddy, with the result that the bnakers are protected and any losses will be absorbed by F/F, ie the taxpoayers.

    As for consolidating loans, that usually means adding collateral. And/or making them easier to collect, one way or another.

  66. voters can form committees to “draft” candidates, including politicians drawn from the major parties — Hillary Rodham Clinton, for example, or Jon Huntsman. Candidates who don’t want to be drafted can take their names off the ballot, but only after several rounds of voting — so a Clinton boomlet could happen even if the secretary of State says she’s not playing.


    Of course Hillary will have to say that. But I wish the project would chang its rules so that a large enough number of voters could KEEP her on the ballot, regardlses of what she says.

    Then a good enough showing could put the onus on Obama to withdraw to avoid splitting the vote. 😉

  67. Chelsea thanked to all of us who sent a birthday message to Hillary on her facebook site yesterday.She said that she passed them to her and H said “thank you”. Ch says that the family is going to celebrate her over the weekend; a lot of people is sending hillary warm wishes and some encouraging her to run in 2012! If you want to be heard by Hillary, please go to Chelsea’s facebook and all let’s her hear our voices! She’s going to read what we have to say to her!

  68. Yup, Obama is stirring up Anger and Hatred within Americans blaming them for the state of the country’s economy and joblessness, calling US Lazy and Soft.

    He is only blaming some of the Americans for the trouble we are in. Specifically he is blaming those who have worked their asses off to become successful and provide a good life for themselves and their families.

    He panders to those who are non-achievers, failures and losers. By increasing their already strong feelings of jealousy and envy, he believes he can convince them to steal the wealth from those who have it and spread it among themselves.

    It’s the same old story. But it will only bring violence and suffering.

    Remember – the word UTOPIA comes from a Greek word meaning ‘Noplace”. There is no such thing!

  69. Here’s another Muslim catered to: “Don’t rush to conclusions Hasan – US Military Officer disgraced but protected to the hilt:
    Hasan defense seeks expert reinforcements
    United Press International
    A military judge is considering whether the government will pay for defense consultants in the trial of a U.S. Army officer accused of killing 13 people.
    A pre-trial hearing at Fort Hood, Texas, was convened Thursday to debate whether or not Maj. Nidal Hasan can receive various types of expert defense assistance at government expense before his trial in March.

    The Austin American-Statesman reported attorneys asked the judge, Col. Gregory Gross, for permission to hire two consultants on pre-trial publicity and jury selection. There was no immediate ruling.

    KXXV-TV, Waco, said the hearing was the first court appearance for Hasan since his arraignment in July. He has yet to enter a plea.

    Hasan, who was shot and paralyzed in the incident, was captured after he allegedly opened fire on soldiers and civilians at the base during the run-up to his deployment to Iraq. He faces 32 counts of attempted murder as well.

    A service of YellowBrix, Inc.

  70. Leonora:

    Mrs. Smith
    October 27th, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    “Yup, Obama is stirring up Anger and Hatred within Americans blaming them for the state of the country’s economy and joblessness, calling US Lazy and Soft.

    Obama will claim he is getting hundreds of death threats daily, the closer we get to election day.

    I see him playing a tragic, horrible stunt to win re-election that will trigger race riots nationwide ending in martial law.”

    October 28th, 2011 at 6:13 am

    “He is only blaming some of the Americans for the trouble we are in. Specifically he is blaming those who have worked their asses off to become successful and provide a good life for themselves and their families.

    He panders to those who are non-achievers, failures and losers. By increasing their already strong feelings of jealousy and envy, he believes he can convince them to steal the wealth from those who have it and spread it among themselves.

    It’s the same old story. But it will only bring violence and suffering.”

    You almost got it right!

    “It’s the same old story. But it will only bring violence and suffering.”

    Obama is setting the stage for “the violence and suffering” to be aimed at him. The reason why the quotes in my post shouldn’t be analyzed separately, but thought of as a linear progression towards his end game, re-election.

  71. Leonora:

    “He is only blaming some of the Americans for the trouble we are in.”

    “He panders to those who are non-achievers, failures and losers. By increasing their already strong feelings of jealousy and envy, he believes he can convince them to steal the wealth from those who have it and spread it among themselves.”

    What you have identified is the two groups The HAVES and the HAVE NOTS- He intends amplifying their emotional states (guilt v anger) USING this as a tool for being at odds with each other. Playing into his end game as proof, he is a perennial VICTIM of Racism! (thus deserving re-election)

  72. While Maxwell Smart fought CHAOS, Obama embraces it.
    For the last two days Rasmussen has had a new low category for President although it is not the pres tracking figure on either of the days:

    Thursday, October 27, 2011
    Perceptions of President Obama’s handling of the economy – the most important issue on voters’ minds – have fallen to a new low.
    The latest national telephone survey finds that 28% of Likely Voters believe the president is doing a good or excellent job on the economy. While this finding has been hovered around 30% since early August, it’s the lowest level measured of Obama’s presidency. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

    (Want a free daily e-mail update? If it’s in the news, it’s in our polls). Rasmussen Reports updates are also available on Twitter or Facebook.

    The survey of 1,000 Likely Voters was conducted on October 24-25, 2011 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

  73. A long but very worthwhile read…

    Q&A: Hillary Clinton on Libya, China, the Middle East and Barack Obama

    By Richard Stengel | October 27, 2011

    TIME Managing Editor Richard Stengel accompanied Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her recent trip to Libya, Oman, Afghanistan and Pakistan. On Oct. 19, in the course of reporting for TIME’s cover story, which is now available online to subscribers, he conducted a wide-ranging interview with her, discussing among other things, the Middle East, China and American exceptionalism. A transcript of most of that conversation follows.

    Well, thank you so much for this. Let’s start with the trip.


    So I thought your remarks in Libya were very upbeat, very optimistic. Is what we did in Libya, is that a model for U.S. engagement going into the future?

    Well, let me just take a step back and put Libya into a context that I think answers the question. Part of my mission has been to make it clear that American leadership was back. What I found when I became Secretary of State was a lot of doubts and a lot of concerns and fears from friends, allies, around the world. And so part of what I have tried to do as Secretary of State is to reassert American leadership, but to recognize that in 21st century terms we have to lead differently than the way we historically have done.

    (COVER STORY: Hillary Clinton and the Rise of Smart Power)

    And it might seem a little bit unusual at first to understand that my goal is to assert our leadership in the most values-centered way, using the new tools and techniques available for diplomacy and development, so-called smart power, to build more durable coalitions and networks of which we are — into which we are imbedded. And it is one of my goals that we will have, to a significant extent, changed the way we do business and more smartly align our leadership needs today with the way that we assert our power.

    So that means going to Asia first because that’s the land of opportunity, not just the land of threats. And obviously, the previous nearly a decade was focused on threats and dangers, understandably so, and we can’t let our attention deviate too far. But we have to be looking at opportunities in areas, particularly for leadership, economic development, et cetera, and we have to be thinking differently about how we lead.

    So that takes me to the Arab Spring, the Arab Awakening. Libya gave us a chance to demonstrate what it means to really put together a strong commitment led by the United States, make no doubt about that, but fully participated in by not just our usual allies, but new allies as well. And taking the time to construct that, which we did, I think strengthened our position. But as you saw yesterday, there’s no doubt in Libya’s mind that we were there for them and we provided the leadership that they needed in their fight for freedom.

    So as we look at how we manage the Arab Spring, we are trying to influence the direction, with the full recognition that we don’t have ownership and we don’t have control. And there’s a lot that’s going to happen that is unpredictable, but we want to lead by our values and our interests in ways that, regardless of the trajectory over the next decade, people will know the United States was on the side of democracy, on the side of the rule of law, on the side of economic opportunity, on the side of rights for all, in particular women. And that will, I hope, be a strong antidote to the voices of either fatalism or extremism…

    And we did a lot in our response, starting in Egypt and Tunisia and certainly in Libya, that was tailored to each individual situation, but which I believe set a good template for how we want to be of assistance, recognizing the limitations of what we can achieve.

    Do we need a new language for American leadership? Because after the intervention in Libya, the President was criticized by some people, Republicans, of leading from behind, using that phrase. We’re so used to the U.S. is the number one kind of language. Do we need some other way to talk about this?

    I think that’s an interesting question. I reject the premise, obviously, because I think we are quite out front in leading. If not for us, there would have been no Security Council resolutions. If not for us, there wouldn’t have been the kind of muscular military intervention that got the job done. If not for us, I don’t think it would have turned out the way it did. But I also believe we are the stronger for demonstrating unequivocally that we’re not only still leading, but we’ve got people who are going with us.

    (PHOTOS: Inside the TIME Cover Photo Shoot with Hillary Clinton)


    I think one of the big questions that I certainly faced becoming Secretary of State is: okay, we’re ready to lead, are there others ready to be there on whatever agenda we are seeking? There was a lot of broken pottery, so to speak, in our relationships and a sense of turning inward or assuming that we were not going to be fully engaged, let alone fighting for leadership. The economic crisis got a lot of people wondering whether we would ever come back.

    So I think that’s maybe a clever turn of phrase, but I think this is the point: that we’re living in now today, a much more networked, multipolar world. Now, there are those who may wish to reject it and deny the reality, but I’m not one of them. My feeling is if you’re going to be a leader, you have to carefully assess where people are and where people want to go. And if that is in line with what you believe, then great; you can move in that direction and bring people along. If you’ve got people who are moving away from you, if you’ve got people who are choosing a different path, then you have to use all the tools of your suasion to try to convince them that the path that you wish to follow is also the one that is in their interest as well. We’ve done a lot of that in the last two and a half years.
    You may reject the premise of this question, too. But ever since — even since your speech at Wellesley … about limits to American power, that has been something you continue to talk about as Secretary of State. How — in what ways is American power more limited now than it was when you were a senator, when you were a first lady, even going to back to when you were at Wellesley?

    Well, I think, by definition, all power has limits. I don’t think there is such a thing on this earth as absolute power; and those who try to exercise it, like Gaddafi, find out eventually that that is a Potemkin village when it comes to the exercise of power and leadership. So our country — we have always had budgetary limits. Now they’re perhaps more constraining than they were before, so we have to be smarter. We can’t do the Marshall Plan, so how do we zero in on what’s important to people? As I heard over and over again in Libya yesterday: help us take care of our wounded; that’s a way of helping us heal our nation. Why don’t we zero in on that and deploy resources in ways that get results?

    (MORE: Poll: Hillary ClintonWould Outperform Obama Against Top Republicans in 2012)

    We are limited in the geostrategic context because other countries are rising. That’s a historical fact. It’s happened at different points in history. But I don’t view that as in any way a limit on our power. I view it as a challenge to how we can better exercise our power for the advancement of American security, interests, and values.

    So we can’t wave a magic wand and say to China or Brazil or India, “Quit growing, quit using your economies to assert power now in the global economic realm.” That’s ridiculous. And I don’t know that any country ever just did American bidding. We always led with our values, and the idea that, unlike most other leading nations in history in the world, we weren’t out to build an empire, we were not out to impose an ideology on the unwilling. We happen to believe that we best represent the full flowering of the human potential, and therefore, we want to exemplify it, we want to stand for it, and we want to lead toward it.

    So have we always had constraints? Yes. Of course, we’ve always had constraints. The constraints change as the times change, and that requires leadership on our part that keeps thinking about tomorrows. How do we throw our interests and our needs into the future? The future preference has to be who we are, and the greatest threat to us as a nation is that we start looking both inward and backward, and that we begin to doubt ourselves, and that we don’t even believe as much in ourselves as others still believe in us. And I think that since I am so completely imbued with that sense of American exceptionalism and the conviction that we are called upon to lead, then it’s up to us to figure out how we position ourselves to be as effective as possible at different times in the face of different threats and opportunities.

    You’ve talked about that we’re entering this participation age, and in terms — and move beyond the notion of limits to American power, but there is a new — because of social media, because of technology, there seems to be a new relationship between citizens — I think governments, citizens, and each other. Is that a net positive for the U.S.? And if so, why? And how do we exploit that?

    I think it is a huge net positive for us. One of my goals upon becoming Secretary of State was to take diplomacy out of capitals, out of government offices, into the media, into the streets of countries. So from the very beginning in February of 2009, I have tried to combine the necessary diplomacy of government meetings, of creating structures in which we enhance our participation government-to-government with people-to-people diplomacy. Because given social media, given the pervasion now of communications technologies everywhere, no leader is any longer able to ignore his people.


    What was possible for autocrats and dictators in the past, no longer is. You have to have to be conscious of what is bubbling below. And so for me, it’s this top- down, bottom-up combination, because if people have a good feeling about or understanding of who we are as Americans, that influences what a leader who is inclined to work with us is able to do, and it also sends a message to those who are not.

    (PHOTOS: The Last Days of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign)

    So for example, when we began doing this, and we did town halls and we did these interviews in front of audiences and we did a lot of outreach to people and gave them a chance to question me, I did it against the backdrop of polling data that showed the younger generation in the world in many regions, Asia for example, was really not that familiar with what we had done in the time I was growing up, that we were not messaging to huge parts of the world during the previous eight years.

    And again, I’m not making a judgment or a critique. It’s just a fact that there was not the kind of who’s America, what is America. And Barack Obama and my election really captured people, and then President Obama’s election was a very big signal to young people. And so when I started traveling, there was a real curiosity because we were, frankly, quite concerned about global polling data that showed not that people were negative toward us, but kind of indifferent toward us.

    After 9/11, we shut down our visa system, we made it much more difficult for students from everywhere to come to school in the United States. And other countries began filling that void. They began going to Australia or China or Europe or somewhere else. And so the familiarity, the exchanges that had been a hallmark of who we had been for so long in our foreign relations, had really fallen to the wayside.

    So yes, the idea that we have to communicate directly to people is now, I think, a given. And when I commissioned the first ever review of our diplomacy and our development, called the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, the so-called QDDR, there was a heavy emphasis on how we do our work differently, how do we use social media.

    When I got to the State Department, I mean, we weren’t even using Blackberrys to any great extent. We were just not using 21st century communication tools. Some of it was because people weren’t sure how they could be secure and all of that. But the fact is, we began to push our message out on Twitter feeds and Facebook and all kinds of outreach. And we also began to say to especially our young Foreign Service officers, “You know what, get out there and talk.” Because of 9/11, we began pulling inward. Our embassies were fortresses. We don’t have the American Corners and centers that we used to have in the abundance that people could walk in and learn about America.

    So we said we’ve got to do this differently. Where do people go? So we put an American Center in the biggest mall in Jakarta. And at first people said, “Oh, my gosh. What does that mean?” Well, it means that we’re going to take America’s message to where people actually live and work.

    You mentioned yourself being an American exceptionalist. Is the President an American exceptionalist in that same way? And how does that — does it manifest itself differently, and how does it show abroad?

    Well, I think that the President is an American exceptionalist almost by definition. He exemplifies American exceptionalism. But I think he also governs with that belief as well. He has a deep respect for other people’s opinions and their own values of their culture and their history, which I think makes sense, because if you’re going to work with people, you need to know where they’re coming from and not just assume you can assert your own position. And I think that what captured people about his election was that they knew nowhere else in the world could that have happened than the United States of America.

    (PHOTOS: Behind the Scenes with Hillary Clinton)

    So you don’t have to go around wearing a big sign, which says, “I am an American exceptionalist.” You just merely show up, and it is — the medium is the message, so to speak. And I think I was struck by my early travels, where one of the most common questions I kept being asked, especially in the audience of young people at universities and elsewhere, is: How could you work with President Obama? You ran against him. Because still in democracies, even ones that we think of as fairly mature, that was just a totally bizarre idea that two people who were political foes could ever end up working together. So that also was a subtle but significant message of American exceptionalism.

    And my answer always was: Yes, I mean, we ran hard against each other. He tried to beat me, I tried to beat him. But he won, then he asked me to work for him. And I said yes because we both love our country. So I think that that message resonated with a lot of people and, again, I would stress particularly young people.
    If you look at what’s happening in Egypt now, regular people saw this as sort of a sweetness and light revolution. Now [people] look at Egypt and say, well, they’re transferring from one military government to another. If you had to play out the Arab Spring, not just in Egypt but elsewhere, how do you see it going? Do you see it as a world historical shift?

    I do see the latter. I think it is a potential historical shift. I’m kind of a — or at least certainly I can’t say I predicted it, but having worked in the area for many years, it was unsustainable. And I gave a speech in Doha in early January in which I said that the sands were shifting, that, in fact, the institutions were going to be falling. And people said, oh, that was so prescient of you. It wasn’t prescient. It was after the Tunisian vegetable vendor. But it was reflective of the recognition that in this new age of participation, in this new age of accountability and instant communication, it is going to be harder and harder for leaders to be autocrats in the way they used to be.

    Now, there’s going to be a lot of them left in the world, and it’s going to take a long time for this to evolve, so I don’t think that we should get really excited and expect some miraculous transformation overnight. That’s not the way historical trends, in my opinion, unfold.

    So I don’t know exactly how this is going to play out. And much of it will depend upon whether the forces that were at work initially in Tunisia, in Egypt, are able to organize themselves and figure out how to translate their aspirations into actions.

    That’s true in any revolution or any great movement. Because often what happens is that the revolutionaries, so to speak, the people of the Tahrir Squares of the world, they open the door, but they’re not the ones who really have the expertise or the know-how, has to organize to take advantage of what comes next. Organized forces — forces, whether it be militaries or Islamic groups that are already institutionalized in a society, are much better poised to take advantage.

    So I think there will be a lot of give and take over the next several years as to how this unfolds. But I believe that, at root, the forces of freedom, the forces of openness, are very powerful. How they get channeled is what I’m very anxiously watching. And therefore, the more we can support not only political reform but economic reform — because I’m a huge believer that the middle class is the pillar of democracy. People have to feel they’re on an upward mobility in order to accept the rules of the game, so to speak, to be governed effectively by their leaders. And we’ve been blessed with that for a long time, and we can’t afford to lose it.

    In other places, the economic disparities, the wealth in the hands of the few, all of that has to be altered, not just because you’re having elections and forming political parties, but how you open up economies and spread the prosperity more broadly.

    So there’s an enormous amount of work to be done all at once. And I think that many of the people that I’ve met with over the last year in Tunisia and Egypt in particular understand where they want to end up, but they don’t really know yet how they’re going to follow the path that gets them there. And many May revolutions begin in great hope. It then gets crushed by the reality of politics, which is practiced everywhere in one form or another. And we have worked very hard to convey to people in places like Egypt that politics is not a dirty word, that you don’t go from spontaneous demonstrations to governance, that a democracy requires the building of these democratic institutions. And that’s not something the people yet really feel comfortable with.

    So we’re doing everything we can to try to provide examples and provide non-partisan support. We’re not betting on anybody or against anybody. We’re just trying to make sure that people have a grasp of what it takes to get to where they think they’re trying to go.
    I think some of the main Occupy Wall Street protestors estimate (inaudible) now seems to be spreading internationally, would find some solace in what you’re saying. Have police abused their authority…? Have you been following that at all?

    Just on the news. But no, I mean, I can’t pretend to know everything that they’re advocating because they don’t really have an agenda. But I think that before that was ironically the same motivation of the Tea Party. And I know the Tea Party hates to hear that, but a lot of the Tea Party was really upset about bailouts. They thought, why on earth would you bail out those huge banks and let them keep foreclosing on my neighbor? I mean, it made no sense to people. And I think it’s a fair question.

    So a lot of the so-called Occupy Wall Street people were coming from the same place, like, this doesn’t add up. My father was a Republican, small business man. I mean, really small. It was, again, one or two other guys from time to time; mostly it was my mother, my brothers, and me. And he was of the view, it’s kind of Jeffersonian in a way, that bigness of any kind is what we have to look out for, because if you get a big bureaucracy, or you get big money, they lose touch with what it is that makes America so special.

    And I always think about that, because it’s been a long time, but he would relate to both the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street. Wait a minute, you’ve gotta be responsive, don’t get so big. You gotta be effective, don’t waste our money, and don’t let the big guys get away with it. That was his mentality.

    Speaking of big, let’s talk about China for a second.


    I know you’ve been talking a lot lately about Asia, just in the way that you’ve put American diplomacy towards smart power and our soft power, it seems like China is using good old-fashioned hard power in ways that we once did but can no longer do. Do you see that — and that — this is something that we could talk about all the time. Obviously, they are competitive with us, but what is the — what do you see the future of Chinese power in terms of their statecraft and [becoming the] hegemon like we once were?

    Well, I think that it’s important that we’ve made this pivot toward Asia. And again, I would emphasize not that we are ignoring the continuing risks and dangers from South Asia, from the Middle East, North Africa, et cetera, but that we now have to get back into the opportunity business. We have to be looking for ways that America can expand our economic presence, exercise our influence, and work with China. Part of my goal has been to imbed the United States into the preexisting regional architecture in Asia.


    And many Americans really dismiss it. When I went to Indonesia in February of ’09 and said we were going to sign something called the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation and join ASEAN, a big yawn. Huge excitement in Asia, because for those who value their institutions, it was showing respect. And for those who want to be sure the United States is a resident Pacific power for now into the far future in order to help balance China, it was a huge relief. And then [the] East Asia Summit. We wanted to do an ASEAN-U.S. summit. All — showing up is a lot of what we had to do in Asia, and both the President and I have made that a real priority.

    When you look at China, what they have been doing for the last decade or so, is very effectively using their soft power.


    If you think of soft power as being diplomatic power and economic power, they have been very effective in spreading throughout the region, making investments, building things that countries wanted, working to create relationships to displace some of the historic animosity or suspicion. And it’s not only in Asia. I mean, they have moved into Africa, moved into Latin America, doing the very same thing.

    Now, they have every right to do that. I believe in a global economic market, so if they want to get in there and compete with the mining industry or anything else, they have every right to do so. But I did not and do not believe we should cede that to them, that we need to be also competing for soft power influence. So whether it’s joining more organizations or making investments that are important to people, responding to natural disasters that have been plentiful in the world and that region, we have our story to tell and we will be missing a great opportunity if we are not on the ground telling it.

    At the same time, we know — it’s no classified secret — that China is increasing its military assets. Yeah, as a country used to do if they’ve got the resources, which China has. And it’s our obligation to make sure that we are present where we have treaty allies, like the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, for example, where we have close working relationships, as we do in Australia, and where we have very important partnerships all across Asia.

    And so when China began to show some muscle, and in part I think it was motivated by their assessment that, given our economic position, we couldn’t really be as involved as we once had been. [The] future, I think, demands us to be. There was a lot of activity in the South China Sea, about China asserting itself, China moving to block oil exploration to countries, and more along that line. So I felt strongly that we had to say freedom of navigation is an international right. There are methods for resolving disputed claims over territories, so we’re going to be not choosing sides. I’m not going to say this island belongs to Indonesia, that one belongs to China. That’s not the role of the United States. But we’re going to strongly assert the rule of law and a rules-based approach to solving these issues.

    And that leads me to a larger point that part of what we have to do for the 21st century is to create a new rules-based framework. What worked in the 20th century, which certainly benefited us but I think benefited the rest of the world as well, is showing some signs of wear and not fully reflective of new developments. So we need a rules-based approach that deals with economic issues and political disputes. I call it rules-based reciprocity; we’ve got to have a set of rules that people will abide by and may get something for it because the other side is abiding as well.

    And it is a long-term project. But as — I’ve said this to the Chinese. Take the South China Sea. If we don’t have a rules-based approach in the South China Sea that looks at international law and custom, and resolves disputes through these mechanisms that either are already established or need to be created, then what are you going to say when you decide you want to go through the Arctic because now there’s less ice, and the Russians say no, it’s ours, or anywhere else that people are going to start claiming by force as opposed to international norms?

    And so this is not just about any one nation. This is about how we’re going to have a global set of rules that people are going to follow in order to maximize the positive results for everyone.

  74. the word UTOPIA comes from a Greek word meaning ‘Noplace”


    Perhaps you’re thinking of Erewhon. Iirc, ‘utopia’ actually comes from ‘good place’, ie ‘eutopia’.

  75. turndownobama
    Perhaps you’re thinking of Erewhon. Iirc, ‘utopia’ actually comes from ‘good place’, ie ‘eutopia’.

    I think I had the Greek meaning right, but the word has a double meaning if the English homophone is used:

    From Wikipedia —
    Utopia – The word comes from the Greek: (“not”) and (“place”) and means “no place”. The English homophone eutopia, derived from the Greek (“good” or “well”) and (“place”), means “good place”. This, due to the identical pronunciation of “utopia” and “eutopia”, gives rise to a double meaning.

  76. Here’s another interesting quote from that Wikipedia page:

    This idea was long before never tried in India in terms of the Caste system, as a result their system slowly got corrupt and made things worse.

  77. Obama’s plan of using protesters for the destruction of Capitalism, as a means to an end, has fizzled- Apparently, the OWS hysteria has also gone by the wayside.. as it should, now that Americans are wide awake and wise to the shadow hegemony-!


    October 19, 2011

    Americans Blame Gov’t More Than Wall Street for Economy

    Republicans largely blame government, Democrats split blame between the two

    by Frank Newport

    PRINCETON, NJ — Americans are more than twice as likely to blame the federal government in Washington (64%) for the economic problems facing the United States as they are the financial institutions on Wall Street (30%).

    If you had to choose, who do you blame more for the economic problems facing the United States —

    [ROTATED: financial institutions on Wall Street (or) the federal government in Washington]?

    October 2011 results

    Both of these large entities have been the target of protest groups this year. The Occupy Wall Street movement has focused on large financial institutions on Wall Street, while the Tea Party movement continues to focus mainly on the federal government.

    There appears to be no shortage of blame for either of these entities. The Oct. 15-16 USA Today/Gallup poll asked Americans how much they blame the federal government for the economy and, separately, how much they blame financial institutions on Wall Street. More than three-quarters of Americans, in both cases, say these entities deserve a great deal or a fair amount of blame for the economic problems facing the U.S. Still, reflecting the results of the forced-choice question, the percentage saying the federal government deserves a great deal of blame is 11 points higher than the percentage for financial institutions on Wall Street.

  78. Ulsterman has the dots connected and they lead straight to the WH punks running the government behind the scenes.

    The Same People Who Created Barack Obama Have Created Occupy Wall Street

    While attempting to give the appearance of a “leaderless” movement, Occupy Wall Street is in fact the result of a very calculating and dangerous organization of radicalized anti-Americans who have infected U.S. politics at the highest levels of government – including the White House.

  79. Michelle Obama’s Hate-Rhetoric Political Fundraiser

    Remember when Democrats were calling on political civility and an end to divisive rhetoric? It appears First Lady Michelle Obama didn’t get the memo…

    Speaking at a private big money political fundraiser in Florida yesterday, the First Lady warned any and all who would listen that if a Republican were to defeat her husband in 2012, a nationwide loss of religious and speech freedoms would likely result. Here are the First Lady’s words:

    “Let’s not forget about what it meant when my husband appointed those two brilliant Supreme Court justices — (applause) — and for the first time in history, our daughters — and our sons — watched three women take their seats on our nation’s highest court (?). (Applause.) But more importantly, let’s not forget the impact those decisions will have on our lives for decades to come — on our privacy and security, on whether we can speak freely, worship openly, and love whomever we choose. That is what’s at stake here. (Applause.)

    It is interesting to note Michelle Obama’s emphasis on gay rights in the latter portion of the quote – is she not aware her own husband repeatedly came out against gay marriage when he was running for president in 2008 – and to this day has never openly advocated for political support of gay marriage in America?


    Has Paula Deen’s revelations, so upset the First Lady’s propensity to “piggery” of sugary, hi-fat foods; she has lost her ability to count?

  80. Still, reflecting the results of the forced-choice question, the percentage saying the federal government deserves a great deal of blame is 11 points higher than the percentage for financial institutions on Wall Street.


    11 whole points, wow! Still, in a forced choice, I’d also blame the government. It’s supposed to be government’s job to look at the larger picture and protect the citizens.

  81. Where everyone else bailed out the bankers and made the public pay the price, Iceland let the banks go bust and actually expanded its social safety net. Where everyone else was fixated on trying to placate international investors, Iceland imposed temporary controls on the movement of capital to give itself room to maneuver.
    So how’s it going? Iceland hasn’t avoided major economic damage or a significant drop in living standards. But it has managed to limit both the rise in unemployment and the suffering of the most vulnerable; the social safety net has survived intact, as has the basic decency of its society.
    — Krugman

  82. I read this essay this morning and have been thinking about it all day. I am only posting part but the whole article is short.

    Who is Barack Obama?
    By Mondo Frazier

    In 2005, then-Senator Barack Obama went on a mission to Russia with Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN). The newly-minted U.S. senator was invited to be part of a Russian fact-finding tour that inspected a nuclear weapons site in Perm, Siberia. The base Lugar and Obama visited was where mobile launch missiles were being destroyed under the Cooperative Threat Reduction program (CTR), which also went by the name of the Nunn-Lugar program.

    What happened next — after the inspections were over — was at the time reported by several foreign news sources but was never reported in the USA by the CMM. The Russians detained Obama and Lugar for three hours at the airport, demanding to examine both Obama’s and Lugar’s passports and search their plane. Some sources reported that the Russians accused Barack Obama of being a spy.

    But wait — there’s more!

    According to an Italian source, the Russians did not accuse Obama of being an American spy; they accused him of being a spy for the British! The report went on to say that the incident ended up involving the White House, the U.S. State Department, and military officials, along with their counterparts in Moscow.

    That is a lot of high level people scrambling to get Obama out of Russia. Another paragraph tell us:

    “In the summer of 1981, 20-year-old Barack Obama embarked on a two-week trip to Pakistan… Not only did a poor, nearly destitute Obama manage to afford the trip to Pakistan, but once there he somehow financed two weeks in the Lahore Hilton International. In addition, Obama was introduced to the future prime minister and president of Pakistan — and went bird-hunting with him. Which the prime minister mentioned in the Pakistani press in 2008.

  83. A-hole Michael Moore needs to get his fat mug on teevee so what does he do, he goes down to facetime in front of the cameras at OccupyOakland and tells them to go to a nearby city to protest, a city that has nice homes, is peaceful, and tells them to protest there. Why not tell them to go to Beverly Hills or Malibu- Senior Moore?

  84. Obama reshuffling his marked deck choosing ‘the horse before the cart’ template. As the reminder, I need to bring total chaos and violence to America, if, I am to succeed.

    Obama’s Chief of Staff: It‘s Been ’Brutal,‘ ’Ungodly,‘ We Need to ’Push the Envelope!’…& ‘F**k’

    Obama’s new (sort of) chief of staff, Bill Daley, sat down with Politico for an exclusive interview. And boy did he deliver. The political veteran didn‘t hold back when talking about Obama’s first three years, the deplorable poll numbers, and especially Obama’s plans to circumvent Congress.

    For starters, when it comes to the first three years of Obama’s presidency, Daley called the period “brutal” and “ungodly.”

    “It’s been a brutal three years,” he explained. “It’s been a very, very difficult three years, an incredible three years. And we are doing all this under the overhang of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. F—k! It wasn’t like all this was happening in good times.”

    There’s more.

    “Considering the debacle that he came in with, the tough choices he’s made and how there have been few, if any breaks, he says it himself all the time,” Daley said . “He doesn’t know why he’s as high as 44 percent.”

    That was supposed to be a joke.

    And then there’s the plan on running an end-around on Congress. Daley was very candid about that:

    “On the domestic side, both Democrats and Republicans have really made it very difficult for the president to be anything like a chief executive,” Daley says. “This has led to a kind of frustration.”

    The president’s solution? “Let’s figure out what we can do [without Congress] and push the envelope on some of these things,” Daley says.

    Daley recognizes that there are three branches of government and the president leads only one of them, but now is the time for him to flex his muscles and show what he can do without the squabbling, ineffective — and far less popular than even he — Congress.

    “On the foreign policy-military side, you can act pretty quickly,” Daley says. “That is why the president, based upon frustration, is doing this ‘we can’t wait.’ He is going to every agency, every department, and saying, ‘What can you do on your own? What can we not have to wait for legislation to do?’ ”

    Daley slaps one hand into the other with a sharp crack. “Let’s re-emphasize what powers we have! What we can do on our own! Push the envelope!”

    Which is why the president has recently announced new plans to refinance homes, ease the debt burden of some college students and fast-track former military medics into private-sector hospital jobs.

    Congress? He don’t need no stinkin’ Congress! There is an obvious downside: Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress soon will grow furious over this. But that is for the future. Obama has to address the here and now, and Congress is getting in the way of that.

    “We are trying to do something in this modern presidency that has been very much engulfed by the legislative process, Democrat and Republican, over the last 40 years,” Daley says.

    Instead of continuing to butt heads with Congress, the White House is going to turn its back on it when it can. (“Whether it will rise to the level of building a dam without going to Congress, that’s not realistic,” Daley says.)

    To be fair, the executive branch does have powers the others don’t. But has that ever been flaunted, or combed through, like Daley is suggesting?

    Either way, Daley‘s preparing for what’s ahead.

    “You can just feel this electorate is very volatile. So strap yourself in.”

  85. Tents return as documentary filmmaker Michael Moore energizes protesters
    The Oakland Tribune
    OAKLAND, Calif. — Mayor Jean Quan Friday backed off her no-camping request to Occupy Oakland protesters, who seemed determined to ignore the edict anyway by covering Frank Ogawa Plaza with dozens of tents.

    City Hall issued a list of guidelines, the protesters seemed to be setting their own agenda. A Friday afternoon visit by documentary filmmaker Michael Moore to the plaza only strengthened their determination and defiance. Moore, in turn, credited Occupy Oakland for energizing the national movement.

    People all over the country watched as police on Tuesday hurled tear gas and other projectiles at Oakland protesters, Moore said.

    “This week in Oakland, California, will go down as a watershed moment,” he told an adoring audience that had mobbed him when he arrived in front of City Hall at 3:30 p.m. “People across America were disgusted by what they saw here. Millions have been inspired by you because, the next night, you didn’t go away.

    “You have altered the national discussion….”

    Groan is right, admin; it’s more than we may have suspected. . This appears to augment Mrs. Smith’s dire premonitions.

  86. I had intended to post something in reference to the Republican majority in the House. Where it is THEY who hold the key to the removal of Barack Obama preventing further destruction of America. Why haven’t we heard a peep from House Republicans about removing this president; when they had no problem persecuting the Clintons during his presidency? So, I’m posting comments from the above link where others are asking the same questions. PROTESTING WALL ST., is a waste of time.

    Protesting ‘Do-Nothing Republicans’ is where the pressure needs to be applied if we expect to change things!

    Posted on October 28, 2011 at 8:52am

    0bama is paving that road to Hell…but, he has good intentions. (Note the sarcasm) Talk about a do nothing C0ngress! Boehner should be out there doing everything he can to expose this administration instead of quietly sitting back allowing this country to go to Hell.

    It’s about time for Ohio to dump him next year and put in a real conservative! John Kasich comes to mind. But, he is currently doing a good job of cleaning up some of the Dem’s messes in that state.

    Posted on October 28, 2011 at 9:13am

    You said it. As mad as I can get about Obama, I get even madder at congress. It is their job to stop this mad man! They should have impeached him by now. It is their job to protect our constitution and make sure Obama and his administration cannot shred it. I know they think the senate would never follow through, but they can bog him down a lot more than they are doing! They are not sending any message at all to the nation that they are willing to protect us. Instead, it is this passive/aggressive political pontificating. Get ‘em all out of there next year.

    Posted on October 28, 2011 at 9:34am

    Right on RichNGadsden
    Just this morning there’s an article about Boehner “Keeping A Close Eye” On Obama Making Sure Law Is Followed…What a laugh. BO & his boys have been breakin law after law, and NOBODY does ANYTHING about it. Johnny needs to be replaced by someone with — well, you know.

  87. holdthemaccountable
    October 29th, 2011 at 9:00 am

    Michael Moore is capitalizing on a HOT topic for this next movie. Moore has succumbed to his new found monetary good fortune he has used as criticism of the rich in his previous docu-dramas.

    I read the other day, Moore is bragging to protesters, he is in the lucky 1%. (sigh)

  88. Breaking : US official: 13 Americans killed in Afghan bombing

    KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A U.S. official says all 13 NATO service members killed in a suicide bombing in the Afghan capital were American troops.

    The official confirmed the nationalities shortly after NATO issued a statement saying that 13 of its forces were killed in Saturday’s blast. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

    The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, which also killed four Afghans, including a policeman.

  89. Tony Stark
    October 28th, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    Do you have a link to that essay?

    October 28th, 2011 at 11:40 pm

    Thank you lorac for hunting up the link. I apologize for not including it in my comment.

    What worries me is the complicity necessary, it is more then I can grasp.

    Among other questions, did the Pakistan prime minister really mention to the Pakistani press in 2008 that he went bird hunting with the 20-year-old Obama in 1981?

  90. moononpluto
    October 29th, 2011 at 9:40 am
    Breaking : US official: 13 Americans killed in Afghan bombing

    May they rest in peace.

  91. This was sent to me by my daughter and I just have to share it with all of my Hillary supporters.Happy birthday Our country needs you more each day.


    Watch your thoughts; they become words.
    Watch your words; they become actions.
    Watch your actions; they become habits.
    Watch your habits; they become character;
    Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.
    This is AWESOME … something we should all remember.

    A 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and proud man, who is fully dressed each morning by eight o’clock, with his hair fashionably combed and shaved perfectly, even though he is legally blind, moved to a nursing home today.

    His wife of 70 years recently passed away, making the move necessary. After many hours of waiting patiently in the lobby of the nursing home, he smiled sweetly when told his room was ready.

    As he maneuvered his walker to the elevator, I provided a visual description of his tiny room, including the eyelet sheets that had been hung on his window. I love it,’ he stated with the enthusiasm of an eight-year-old having just been presented with a new puppy.

    Mr. Jones, you haven’t seen the room; just wait.’

    ‘That doesn’t have anything to do with it,’ he replied.

    Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time.

    Whether I like my room or not doesn’t depend on how the furniture is arranged … it’s how I arrange my mind. I already decided to love it. ‘It’s a decision I make every morning when I wake up. I have a choice; I can spend the day in bed recounting the difficulty I have with the parts of my body that no longer work, or get out of bed and be thankful for the ones that do.

    Each day is a gift, and as long as my eyes open, I’ll focus on the new day and all the happy memories I’ve stored away.. Just for this time in my life.

    Old age is like a bank account. You withdraw from what you’ve put in.

    So, my advice to you would be to deposit a lot of happiness in the bank account of memories!

    Thank you for your part in filling my Memory Bank. I am still depositing.

    ‘Remember the five simple rules to be happy:
    1. Free your heart from hatred.
    2. Free your mind from worries.

    3. Live simply.

    4. Give more.

    5. Expect less

  92. If the Oakland police are so worried about sanitation, they should bring in portable toilets (with or without permit or red tape).

    Did they have a permit to brain an Iraq veteran, then throw a grenade into the crowd trying to help him?

  93. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Snow now falling on wall street. OWS without generators. Hope they get a foot of snow. Honestly between the Moveon video claiming the US is a police state and the other despicable lies hurled by leftists everywhere coupled with the completely skewed treatment of OWS vs the TP I hope they’re snowed out.

    Their illegal activities are beyond the pale. Everyone should be subjected to the same friggin rules. The 99 percenter tales of woe show this group is a bunch of entitled, whiny know-it-alls who either need to go back to monmmy’s basement or face the real world. They are living a fabricated divorced-from-reality manufactured made-for-TV miniseries based on fluff and BS with them as the main characters in the movie-of-their minds.

    “A fed-up Rudy Giuliani said the city should move the protesters out, citing public safety and health hazards.

    “Enough is enough,” the former mayor said. “We can’t allow this to go on forever and ever. It sets a bad precedent … [and] diverts police resources from public safety.”

    Read more:

  94. I agree with Mrs. Smith’s assessment of the prognosis. Doom is here. Doom is now. And yet we squabble over irrelevant little stuff. I posted here and other places beginning in 2007 that the outcome would be a totalitarian government and that if we get to have another Presidentidal election there might be only one name on the ballot. Now I fully believe it will be a global caliphate.

    DNA testing for one of my family lines caused me to do some extensive historical research, and what I found out scared the holy sh!t out of me. I had to stop because I was continually in tears because I saw a reflection of what is happening now. The big picture of what I saw in ancient history is a repetition of current events – but now it is worldwide; one country at a time being conquered and the whole area turned into a caliphate with full on Sharia Law. This always started out with countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea just as it is now. Then one or two countries would break free and the storyline would begin again and repeat itself, over and over again in history. While I am well educated, I had NEVER heard the word caliphate (or paid no attention) before Glenn Beck to my memory; and now that word scares me more than hezbollah, al qaeda, taliban, nukes,etc .We are reliving history that we should have learned about and avoided at all costs. Stupid us.

    It is my belief that DinnerJacket and you-know-who are and have always been in cahoots to destroy this country and to effect a global caliphate. Remember, the …will talk to him without any preconditions? But, like others, I am astounded at the complicitness of others…all others, especially those who might overwise love this country and not want to work for its destruction. He who says nothing, says it all, you know. May God forgive those who effect this, as I certainly never will forgive them. It is playing out in living color right before our very eyes. Henry, are we willing to let our little girls (or boys) live under such conditions?

    I miss wbboei; but I understand his disenchantment. I exited here as a poster way before he did. There was just so much ‘bathering’ by too many. Those who were sensible and serious were often drowned out by the drones. I not so long ago came back and started lurking here. I always loved this site and frequently quote from the articles and the posts to my friends. I almost always enjoy the reading…serious reading and news. I started to write to admin about one particular poster who has many monikers it seems; but thought better of it. I am in agreement with others who do not wish to hear from, and I used to consider her logical and knowledgable, turndownobama. She is radical and goes to the extreme extreme in trying to get her narrow point-of-view across…over and over and over and over and over. Turndownobama, I love you but you have got to stop this nonsense before everybody leaves. If you are FOR the other side, then go where they are. I have tried to ignore her posts, but there are soooooo many of them they can not be ignored. Enough. Enough I say.

  95. Excellent comments, ShortTermer,

    I have been tempted to give up on the site for the same reasons.

    I agree that what is happening nationally and globally is terrifying. I fear for the future.

    “one country at a time being conquered and the whole area turned into a caliphate with full on Sharia Law.”

    That women, in particular, do not understand the horrific consequences of sharia is astounding. Those who do not dig a little deeper into the “Arab Spring” fantasy touted by LSM and its lapdogs have endangered all of us. But I honestly believe there are still enough American Patriots left who will not let the country go down in flames. I have to believe that, for my sanity. I do believe that as I leave now for the oldest surviving Dutch House in NYS – circa 1683 – for a historical program about American customs.

    Good to see you here. Don’t give up the ship!!!!!!!

  96. That women, in particular, do not understand the horrific consequences of sharia is astounding.

    Agree 10000000%

  97. “That women, in particular, do not understand the horrific consequences of sharia is astounding.”

    What about fathers, brothers, sons, uncles. The thought of my baby girl ever being a thugs possession makes me a danger to society.

  98. not kidding. I have already gone to jail once for taking a baseball bat to my little one’s mothers latest live in boyfriend. He felt it was okay for him to spank her and the mother let it happen. On top of that he threatened her not to tell. She wouldn’t at first but she wet the bed and couldn’t sleep through the night. Knew something was wrong but i couldn’t get it out of her. When she finally told me how he made her drop her pants and then using his hand he spanked her ass I lost my mind and he lost a windshield headlights and everything i could hit, i got arrested but best part was he had a warrant so he went bye bye and charges against me were dropped

  99. Henry!!!!!!!!!


    I did NOT mean to leave you or any other guy out! I just meant that it’s not surprising for the frat-boy culture rampant at the WH to have no regard for the plight of women, period. It
    is bad enough that women voted for BO in overwhelming numbers after what he did to HRC and – symbolically – to all women, IMHO.

    But sharia law – :shudder: – I have read enough about FGM and other barbaric practices imposed on women in sharia societies to feel that women, especially western women, who in any way condone sharia are suicidal and, frankly, even more misogynistic than the men who made the laws.

    I APPLAUD you and all other empathetic, big-hearted true red-blood males who stand up for women’s rights. THANK YOU!


  100. Leanora
    October 29th, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    O.M.G!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a post!

    I used to know women (mostly married to black jazz musicians) who converted to Islam at the insistence of their hubs and honestly it was the most sickening thing. Almost made me want to give up music. Western women who convert to sharia-based Islam should be rounded up and sent to live in Islamic countries. I find it disgusting, the whole veiled thing from head-to-toe, the stupid blind belief in male superiority, the nauseating women-should-know-their-place BS.

    You can bet that if sharia and Islam rear their ugly heads near where I live this old broad will dust off the rifle in the closet and protect AGAINST that abhorrent life-style to my last breath.

    Ladies, we didn’t come this far and go through this much to rollback the pages of the miniscule progress we’ve made to prehistoric levels. Well, at least I didn’t!


  101. OK, Leonora,

    I just watched some of the clips in more detail and I am triply disgusted.

    Those stupid cows are almost as bad as the Al Sharpton in a skull cap preaching against Americans.

    I hope everyone here understands that the reason Muslim women have to sit behind the men at prayer service is because the Koran blames women for inciting men at the sight of their upraised buttocks – one of the positions assumed during their absurd five times a day ritual.

    Women are to blame, not the man who can’t control himself. Women are to blame for everything bad a Muslim man does and must therefor be rounded up, separated and controlled so as not to interfere with the business of the world which belongs to males, only. Women have power in Islamic society only on the domestic front and even there women’s influence is far less than in western societies.

    I’ll shut up now. But like I said before, any western women who condones this sh!t is a traitor to her gender.

    If you don’t believe me, google the many sources on women’s treatment in Muslim Society starting with Beyond the Veil and any of several dozen expose’s on FGM.

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