Barack Obama Made It Worse – Clunkers And Iraq

Barack Obama made it worse. More evidence every day. More material for Republican truth ads every day.

Here is the last campaign speech, the last list of questions for voters, that Republicans in 2012 will make:

“Next Tuesday is Election Day. Next Tuesday all of you will go to the polls, will stand there in the polling place and make a decision. I think when you make that decision, it might be well if you would ask yourself, are you better off than you were four years ago? Is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores than it was four years ago? Is there more or less unemployment in the country than there was four years ago? Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? Do you feel that our security is as safe, that we’re as strong as we were four years ago? And if you answer all of those questions yes, why then, I think your choice is very obvious as to whom you will vote for. If you don’t agree, if you don’t think that this course that we’ve been on for the last four years is what you would like to see us follow for the next four, then I could suggest another choice that you have.”

The shocking, ugly, truth is that four years before election day 2012 it was very very bad – but Barack Obama has managed – through a combination of corruption, treachery and boobery – TO MAKE IT MUCH WORSE.

Consider Obama and Iraq. Yesterday Barack Obama made a celestial choirs “Mission Accomplished” announcement. However, according to the New York Times “Iraq withdrawal outcome of Obama negotiating failure”.

“When Barack Obama announced yesterday that all US troops would return from Iraq, he framed it as a campaign promise kept, although Obama promised to pull the troops out in 16 months and ended up sticking with the timeline set by George Bush instead.  He also neglected to mention that his administration had spent the last several months trying to avoid the outcome he proudly proclaimed.  This morning, the New York Times makes clear that neither side wanted a full withdrawal from Iraq, and that the collapse in negotiations came as a result of bungling by the White House

“Bungling by the White House”????? How can that not be? Bungling (we call it “boobery”) is an Obama White House specialty, polygamously wedded to treachery and incompetence.

The Obama lovin’ New York Times on Obama lipstick on a pig:

“BAGHDAD — President Obama’s announcement on Friday that all American troops would leave Iraq by the end of the year was an occasion for celebration for many, but some top American military officials were dismayed by the announcement, seeing it as the president’s putting the best face on a breakdown in tortured negotiations with the Iraqis.

And for the negotiators who labored all year to avoid that outcome, it represented the triumph of politics over the reality of Iraq’s fragile security’s requiring some troops to stay, a fact everyone had assumed would prevail. But officials also held out hope that after the withdrawal, the two countries could restart negotiations more productively, as two sovereign nations. [snip]

Over the last year, in late-night meetings at the fortified compound of the Iraqi president, Jalal Talabani, and in videoconferences between Baghdad and Washington, American and Iraqi negotiators had struggled to reach an agreement. All the while, both Mr. Obama and the Iraqi prime minister, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, gave the world a wink and nod, always saying that Iraq was ready to stand on its own but never fully closing the door on the possibility of American troops’ staying on.”

Keep an eye on that “restart negotiations” bit. It has implications.

The New York Times writes that in June Obama agreed to leave 10,000 troops to train and equip Iraqi forces. This past August “debates between the Pentagon, the State Department and the White House” resulted in a 3,000 to 5,000 troop number. The arguments of Hillary Haters Thomas E. Donilon (the “Obama enforcer”, and Denis McDonough (the “sewage pipe”) “prevailed over those of the military.

The Times writes that the Obama boobs forced the issue of “immunity for troops”. We are then informed “they misread Iraqi politics and the Iraqi public.” It was boobery. It was, according to the Obama lovin’ Times “a severe tactical mistake.”

That “restart negotiations” bit? It turns out that “the two sides are continuing to discuss a continuing military relationship.” Ordinarily this would be an occasion for joy in that previous boobery could be redressed and turned to something better than boobery. But remember we are dealing with Barack Obama here, and you can’t spell “boob” without a double dose of “B” “O”.

Prepare for a double dose of boobery:

“On Friday evening, an American official in Iraq, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the deliberations are confidential, said that negotiations would now center on arrangements that would begin next year, after all United States troops leave.

Possibilities being discussed are for some troops to return in 2012, an option preferred by some Iraqi politicians who want to claim credit for ending what many here still call an occupation, even though legally it ended years ago. Other scenarios being discussed include offering training in the United States, in a nearby country such as Kuwait, or having some troops here under NATO auspices.”

Treachery, boobery, incompetence, all in one:

“In other words, Obama wants to make a little political hay on the Left thanks to what looks like incompetence. That may come back to bite Obama, however, as some of the same troops whose return Obama wants to hail may have to make a U-turn in the next few months [snip]

As part of his “mission accomplished” speech yesterday, Obama insisted that we need to focus on rebuilding our own country. How exactly will he sell the return of thousands of American troops to Iraq?”

If you are at all afraid that this Iraq boobery depletes the Obama boobery stockpiles, be not afeard. There’s lots more boobery from this fountainhead of boobery.

Back in 2009 we discussed the real “clunkers”, namely Obama and his team of Geithner tax cheats and liars. We derided, “‘Cash For Clunkers” is when you donate to the Obama Dimocrats.” Now one of those clunkers speaks up –

Yup, the guy that secretly called Canadian officials during the 2008 primaries against Hillary Clinton to secretly tell them that Obama was lying about NAFTA and not to worry about Obama lies on the campaign trail is talking a bit. The latest from Austen “Goolsbee: Cash for Clunkers, home-buyer tax credits were mistakes:”

“Barack Obama told Jake Tapper on Monday that “I believe all the choices we’ve made have been the right ones” on economic policy.  One of the architects of Obamanomics disagreed just a few days later.  Austan Goolsbee, one of Obama’s key economic advisers, admitted on Thursday’s Morning Joe that the gimmicky, short-term stimulus approach was a failure [snip]

Not only did they misjudge the difficulty of recovery, the same short-term, gimmicky approach made it even more difficult to do so.”

Obama made it worse. Yet… Obama thinks he’s perfect. Obama is a clunker. Obama is the problem.


164 thoughts on “Barack Obama Made It Worse – Clunkers And Iraq

  1. In 2012 he will be under it.

    “Obama: Alone on the bus

    He was about to hop aboard the armored motor coach when he spied dozens of cheering supporters beckoning him to come, about a block to his right, on the main road leading to the local air force base.

    He paused, seeming to ponder the logistics of sprinting over. He waved, smiled, waved again. Then — as the thought-bubble, “Nah!” seemed to pop into the presidential cranium — Obama disappeared up the steps of his bus, leaving behind disappointed fans and a missed opportunity on a trip full of them. [snip]

    If this week’s trip proved anything, it’s that Obama’s personal disdain for politicking, which marked him as a reformer last time, now adds an extra impediment to an already daunting political sales job next year. [snip]

    He can’t quite hide his disappointment when people give the cold shoulder.

    Before an enthusiastic audience of black teachers and students in a rural North Carolina High School Tuesday night, he seemed to relax, radiating warmth, confidence, authority and humor.

    But at a roadside eatery a few miles up the road — full of more reserved townsfolk, polite and white — he made a few jokes, hugged a baby or two, shook hands and collected his takeout lunch. Yet he made no real attempt to win hearts, minds or votes. Back on the bus he went, racing to the next point on the map.

    Seldom has Obama’s talent to reflect and amplify —not alter — the mood of those around him been more apparent than in the last few days.

    Bill Clinton would have busted through the conversational ice and demanded affection, with a barrage of personal questions, searching for the needle of common experience in the haystack of hostility. [snip]

    For reasons that remain foggy (aides say the Secret Service makes the rules) Obama always chooses to ride alone on his bus, 40 forbidding feet of armored Obsidian, growling high-tech machinery and high-gloss paint. No locals were invited on board to eat the pie he bought at roadside stands. No reporters were offered chit-chats to underscore the administration jobs-bill talking points, as the rolling country drifted by his tinted glass. Even first lady Michelle Obama left after one stop, hopping into a waiting SUV.

    How much gas and pollution from Michelle’s waiting SUV and Obama’s 40 foot bus – in which he is ALONE (talk about anti-carpooling.)

  2. Admin
    Brilliant as per usual

    I think the best ad any Rethug can offer would be called “played”
    Americans may fall for some shit but none want to be played.
    Even the most ardent waffles supporter i know was appalled by the check writing scheme.
    Frame the ads instead of attack but to the other side is playing you like a dupe.
    Beyond that don’t think i can vote for Romney.

  3. Hahahaha.

    The article title, Obama: Alone on the bus, is far too optimistic.

    I like the under the bus prognosis much better.

  4. For reasons that remain foggy (aides say the Secret Service makes the rules) Obama always chooses to ride alone on his bus, 40 forbidding feet of armored Obsidian, growling high-tech machinery and high-gloss paint. No locals were invited on board to eat the pie he bought at roadside stands. No reporters were offered chit-chats to underscore the administration jobs-bill talking points, as the rolling country drifted by his tinted glass. Even first lady Michelle Obama left after one stop, hopping into a waiting SUV.

    For most of the trip, it was just Obama, body man Reggie Love, press secretary Jay Carney, Deputy Chief of Staff Alyssa Mastromonaco, speechwriter Jon Favreau, a bunch of Secret Service guys, one toilet and several flat-screen TVs.

  5. Basil99
    I am so so so disappointed that our friend turndown is not here. would love to just know how draping a tarp over numerous tents to preserve body heat but in doing so inhibits circulation and there by increases the chances of TB, influenza , bed bug infestations and a host of other diseases.

  6. Awkward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Financial titan Goldman Sachs pulled out of a fundraiser for a small Lower East Side bank that caters to poor people after it learned the event’s honoree was the group bashing them, the Wall Street Journal reported.

    The Credit Union, a local bank that lends to low-income families, secured the sponsorship of Goldman Sachs for its 25th anniversary gala before it announced who it was honoring.

    When Goldman learned recently that Occupy Wall Street was being recognized at the Nov. 3 event, its bosses withdrew its name from the fundraiser and a $5,000 pledge.

    Read more:


    Fear some food stuff but met get slighted in the hoopla.
    Big fan of Catholic Charities and you can make it just about women in jeopardy if you chose to. Think they are great. Provide more to a woman than an escape bed. Please just take a look?


    The Florida mom who ditched her banker husband and four kids to live in Zuccotti Park squalor is a hippie homemaker whose neighbors are horrified by her latest antics — but are hardly surprised that she flew the coop.

    Stacey Hessler, 38 — a self-described “vegan freak” who’s into dreadlocks, roller derby and “unschooling” her kids — acts like a self-obsessed college sophomore who never grew up, said a neighbor in her hometown of DeLand, Fla.

    “I’m not disgusted she took off [to protest] — because I’m not surprised,” seethed one next-door neighbor who asked that her name not be published.

    “ ‘The Man’ she went up there to fight against is the bank where her husband works.

    “She believes everything should be free,” the neighbor added.

    The middle-aged flower child’s trip to New York to sleep under the stars with the Occupy Wall Street protesters was chronicled in The Post yesterday.

    One angry neighbor said yesterday it was hardly surprising that Hessler would leave her kids behind and go radical.

    “She’s very bizarre,” the neighbor insisted.

    On her Facebook page, Hessler wrote about being a surrogate mom. She also boasted of a panoply of California-style beliefs.

    She called herself a “radical unschooling mom of four, midwives assistant, roller-derby queen, rock-star musician, activist, dreadlock princess, African-bee keeper, organic vegan freak and a surrogate for the second time.”

    Hessler has gotten even more hippie since she arrived in New York. In Zuccotti Park, she’s been sharing a tarp with a Brooklyn waiter and plans to stay “indefinitely.”

    The waiter, Rami Shamir, vehemently declined to comment at his job last night.

    While she doesn’t get much love from her neighbor, pals of Hessler clearly support her Occupy Wall Street outing.

    One friend in New York called Hessler and her family “one of the most amazing and beautiful and loving families that I’ve ever encountered.”

    The friend also explained how Hessler came to be part of the protest.

    “She had been following this movement on her own through Facebook and YouTube and whatever, and she decided she wanted to come up to New York. And her family said, ‘Go, mom, go. This is what you want to do,’ ” said Lauren Napoli, 28, a waitress and home health aide.

    “This is what she believes in, and she feels she needs to be here,” Napoli said. “She’s not being irresponsible.

    Napoli said Hessler and her tarp mate are not “bunking up in a little tent.”

    “It’s not like that — everyone who’s there, we’re trying to support each other, and when it rains you need to be under a structure.”

    “I’ve been right next to her when she’s been on the phone with her kids,” she added. “It was [her youngest daughter’s] birthday recently and she called and said ‘happy birthday.’ ”

    Napoli said she’s sure Hessler will return home — “I’m sure eventually she’ll miss them and she’ll say, ‘My goal is done here.’ ”

    Napoli said all in Hessler’s circle of friends are supportive of her political activism, helping getting her kids to activities.

    And she’s also sure Hessler’s banker husband is on board with her demonstrating.

    “From what she said to me, she said, yeah, her family supports her.”

    Hessler wouldn’t comment yesterday, and her family remained mum as well.

  9. “increases the chances of TB, influenza , bed bug infestations and a host of other diseases.”

    We all know some people just refuse to let facts or real science get in the way.


    As freezing winds blew Friday over the epicenter of their protests, Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, the demonstrators were already huddling in significantly reduced numbers.

    At night, the several hundred people who sleep on site in the financial district bundle up as best they can under plastic tarps, hunkering down in sleeping bags and emergency blankets as tents are forbidden on the plaza.

    Many sleep with bonnets and scarves. But the worst has yet to come.
    “The cold affects us already,” admitted Maria Fehlig, a volunteer nurse at the protesters’ makeshift infirmary, a small blue tent marked by a cross that is the only structure so far tolerated by owners of the park ensconced between skyscrapers.

    She noted there had been several cases of hypothermia and respiratory problems. An online petition is asking Mayor Michael Bloomberg to allow protesters to erect tents on the plaza, though it has not yet been sent.
    The protesters’ kitchen, which serves at least 2,000 meals a day, according to cook Chris O’Donnell, offers warm food ordered from nearby businesses or cooked by volunteers with the help of donations.

    “We use a soup kitchen in East New York,” explained O’Donnell, an OWS supporter known as a “point person” as the group does not recognize any official hierarchy.
    But he also acknowledged that there is a definite lack of abundance on cold and rainy days.

  10. basil99
    tired of giving selfish little fucks one more bit of attention
    just more playing — they and turndownobama bore the shit out of me.
    food banks, i really want to work on acknowledgement that women get no help when they are strung out. A guy is confused a woman is a waste a man sleeps around around a woman is a slut, Women are broken and beaten every day many times a day and they are selfish.
    Yet 90% of the FUCKING of homeless shelters cater to men. really.
    Time to pay attention to the 51% that raises close to 100%.
    The law is so screwed up — a guy shows up crying poor me no one cares he was bad., mother different. All the time drugs. Money. A guy can buy himself a two hundred dollar jacket and the courts see it as okay a mother buys a 200 dollar pair of shoes and she is a selfish—-.

  11. Henry,

    Honestly, you are sweet to care so much for women’s plight but I guarantee you they’re just as rotten as men and often even more so. I know that all too well.

    But I really have no idea if strung up women get a worse deal than their male counterparts.

    In the meantime, enjoy these two clips of unlike friends. first, a crow and a german shepherd, second a cockatoo and a kitten and the third a parrot and a bunny.

  12. Henry,

    What did you and your “brat” dress up as?

    I cover an annual Halloween parade in one of the small towns and I think I’ll dress up as one of the 99%ers complete with gut-wrenching sandwich board bio back and front and a tin cup with the words will you please help pay back the $100,000 in student loans I took out for a degree in cyberfeminism and underwater basket weaving?

  13. i wonder how it would work if without itemizing you could donate and reduce your taxable income. Would it increase donations? Not a churchgoer but am up on the spirit of giving. Neighbors kids knock on my door selling cookie dough at eighteen dollars a pop. I’d rather donate 20 bucks and not buy. wouldn’t they make more money that way. As a resident of a small town I’d be happy to donate x amount of dollars to not say no to kids walking door to door. If I were to buy 2 orders of 18 dollar cookie dough I doubt the school would see much more than the 20 I’d give. Wish I could just opt out.

    / I do confess i buy hoagies from the football team and salivate when they arrive. two foot long for 15 dollars and must be loaded with MSG because they kick subways ass.

  14. Police deny excessive force used in Occupy Sydney raid

    Police clear Occupy Sydney site

    In a dawn raid police clear the Occupy Sydney site in Martin Place arresting 40 people.
    Dawn raid on Martin Place
    Protesters linked arms and refused to go
    Violent scenes as police clear site

    NSW Police have denied using excessive force to break up the Occupy Sydney protest, saying they acted with the “utmost professionalism”.

    Claims protesters were bashed and manhandled during a dawn raid on the Martin Place protest site have been “grossly exaggerated”, Assistance Commissioner Mark Murdoch told reporters in Sydney.

    Advertisement: Story continues below

    Riot police quietly kept an eye on the Occupy Sydney rally at Martin Place yesterday, but moved in overnight to clear away protesters.

    Do you know more? Text 0424 SMS SMH (+61 424 767 764), email us or direct message on Twitter @smh

    “It was resolved very quickly, very peacefully,” Mr Murdoch said.

    “My officers conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism.”

    Forty people were arrested after police, including riot squad officers, raided the site shortly before 5am today and cleared the area of more than 100 protesters.

    The group had been at Martin Place for over eight days as part of a global campaign against capitalist greed.

    Protesters said they were given little warning before police descended on the group and manhandled them off the site.

    But Mr Murdoch said protesters were given plenty of warning and refused to leave by linking their arms together.

    “We encountered varying levels of resistance from the protesters,” Mr Murdoch said.

    “That resistance was met with a commensurate use of force.

    “Some people had their arms bent behind their backs, I make no apologies for that, absolutely none.

    “It was to ensure compliance and their own personal safety and the safety of my police.”

    Mr Murdoch said police had gone out of their way to negotiate with the group and said a meeting took place on Wednesday afternoon to try and reach an agreement that would allow the protest to continue.

    The protesters were told they could continue the protest during daylight hours and leave the site every evening, he said.

    “We tried to work with them every step of the way for the last eight days,” Mr Murdoch said.

    But when the activists refused to confine their protest to day time, police made the “deliberate decision” to end it this morning, he added.

    “It was time that we took steps to return Martin Place to the community of Sydney,” Mr Murdoch said.

    “They certainly can’t say they weren’t warned.”

    The dawn raid was timed so that there would be a smaller group of protesters and so surrounding roads could be closed without causing traffic chaos, he said.

    Forty people were arrested and 29 of those were issued with infringement notices for breaching a local government act, police said in a statement.

    Four people are expected to be charged with assaulting police and seven were issued filed court attendance notices for breaching a local government act.

    Read more:

  15. You can’t make this Sh*t up…

    Wiccan prison chaplain pleads not guilty in hostage ploy

    By Associated Press, Associated Press

    Oct. 22, 2011 12:52 p.m. | Oshkosh – An Oshkosh prison chaplain has pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from an alleged fake hostage situation in August.

    Fifty-two-year-old Jamyi Witch was in Winnebago County court Friday. She is a Wiccan chaplain at the state prison in Oshkosh.

    Witch is accused of sexually assaulting the inmate and drugging him during an allegedly staged hostage incident. Witch claimed she was taken hostage and sexually assaulted by the inmate, but prosecutors say those claims were part of a failed scheme to get the chaplain and the inmate a transfer to another prison.

    Witch, the first Wiccan chaplain hired by the state in 2001, is charged with sexual assault by corrections staff and delivering narcotics and illegal items to an inmate.

    WLUK-TV reports Witch is on paid administrative leave.

  16. Is Immelt still a bad guy?

    From Forbes:

    “In the land of the free they tax me but not G.E.!” read the invitation to protesters to take an hour bus ride to Immelt’s family home. “General Electric made billions last year; they paid no taxes, outsourced thousands of jobs, and got over $3 billion in tax refunds! [….]”

    A crowd of about 100 protesters, both from New York and local offshoot Occupy New Haven, spent the afternoon standing outside Immelt’s 6-bedroom, 10-bathroom, $5.25 million home. Photos from local news site New Canaan Patch show a police officer guarding Immelt’s gates while protesters hold placards reading “Mr. Immelt, Meet the 99%” and “Jobs Not Bailouts”.

  17. DC protest growing.–sensitivediscussions/2011/10/22/gIQABUgX7L_blog.html
    With the number of tents in the park growing and with protesters vowing to stay into winter, officials with the National Park Service, Park Police, District mayor’s office, U.S. Attorney’s office, D.C. Attorney General’s office, District police department and Interior Department have been in constant contact about the situation.
    Since the Occupy Wall Street movements began in New York in late September, two groups have set up similar camps in Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square. A group called Stop the Machine has a permit to use Freedom Plaza until late December, but it could be in violation of a Park Service ban on camping in District federal parks. The larger Occupy DC group never had a permit for McPherson Square, and may also be violating the camping ban.
    On Friday night, in response to concerns from Downtown business owners about trash build up, a decision was also made to add another daily garbage pick up at McPherson Square.

  18. Bobby Jindal re-elected as Gov of Louisiana last night, did we even know this was happening, fly so far under the radar it at ground level.

  19. admin
    October 22nd, 2011 at 5:52 pm
    “Obama: Alone on the bus

    This is the perfect metaphor for Obama. Alone and careening down the road without a clue. No one allowed around him to tell him that he is wasting his and our time as no one cares what he has to say. Pay to play scandals structured on the old Illinois Combine being unwound by the Congress and media (belatedly), foreign policy debacles due to ignorance and hubris, and his own party increasingly antagonistic and publicly hostile.

    The Occupy Wall Street agitation bait and switch plan is/was a gamble the Obama administration had to take. As a movement it certainly had some promise to show Obama in a fake populist mode. But with all things Obama it has drawn too many nuts and freaks and the media cannot help but focus on the absurdity of them. There seems to be an unintended consequence. It is making people even more aware of the economic desperation that increasing numbers of people are feeling. And with characteristic lack of forethought, Obama is calling attention to the misery with absolutely no solutions except more crony capitalism just as his history of rigging government for his friends and contributors is being dug out and exposed. The net effect is people more unhappy, and specifically more unhappy with him alone on the bus.

  20. From admin’s first comment: Even first lady Michelle Obama left after one stop, hopping into a waiting SUV.
    I’d seen a headline about her joining him for the last day of his latest bus tour so was amazed when the subsequent evening news did not mention anything about his tour, anything about him, or anything about DC. Now I understand.

    It’s so good to learn that Favreau is stuck on the bus with him! Wonder if cardboard Hillaries still do the trick for them.

  21. According to Reuters:
    UPDATE 5-Huge turnout in Tunisia’s Arab Spring election |
    TUNIS, Oct 23 (Reuters) – Tunisian voters poured into polling stations to vote on Sunday in their country’s first free election, 10 months after a vegetable seller set fire to himself in an act of protest that started the Arab Spring uprisings. The leader of an Islamist party predicted to win the biggest share of the vote was heckled outside a polling station by people shouting “terrorist” — highlighting tensions between Islamists and secularists that are also being felt in other countries touched by the Arab Spring. Mohamed Bouazizi’s self-immolation, prompted by his despair at poverty and government repression, provoked mass protests which forced President Zine al-Abidine to flee Tunisia. This in turn inspired revolts in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria….

    According to Rasmussen:
    Sunday PT is minus 23. BO received no bounce for Gadhaffy.

  22. It seems the nursery rhyme line “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men…” may be in play. I’ll bet admin already has this one pegged for the future.

  23. That’s it for me.

    “Pres BO has passed with flying colors every leadership challenge thrown at him.”

    “He knows how to mange an increasingly complex world. He has done extraordinarily well. The pubic wants a steady exeperienced hand at the helm of state and that person is BO.”

    Sorry but I have lost all respect for her at this point.

  24. I don’t care what Hillary says at this point; it’s what she does that counts!

    I’ve been keeping track and so far she hasn’t made a mistake.

    Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

    Obama proves the axiom, as night follows day.

  25. Honestly, Mrs. Smith, I’m afraid she made a deal with the devil. She doesn’t have to sound quite so enthusiastic, does she?

    I still love HRC but I can’t go along with this BO adoration. Honestly, I just can’t.

    October 23rd, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Basil, the timing of my previous comment could not have been worse

    What do you mean? I a bit dense and hungover today.

  26. On a lighter note – this article is a riot. OWS fighting over money!

    Even in Zuccotti Park, greed is good.

    Occupy Wall Street’s Finance Committee has nearly $500,000 in the bank, and donations continue to pour in — but its reluctance to share the wealth with other protestErs is fraying tempers.

    Some drummers — incensed they got no money to replace or safeguard their drums after a midnight vandal destroyed their instruments Wednesday — are threatening to splinter off.
    “F–k Finance. I hope Mayor Bloomberg gets an injunction and demands to see the movement’s books. We need to know how much money we really have and where it’s going,” said a frustrated Bryan Smith, 45, who joined OWS in Lower Manhattan nearly three weeks ago from Los Angeles, where he works in TV production.

    William Farrington
    NEST IN PEACE: Protester Dylan Spoelstra smirks yesterday from his high perch amid the workings of the sculpture “Joie de Vivre” in Zuccotti Park.

    Smith is a member of the Comfort Working Group — one of about 30 small collectives that have sprung up within OWS. The Comfort group is charged with finding out what basic necessities campers need, like thermal underwear, and then raising money by soliciting donations on the street.

    “The other day, I took in $2,000. I kept $650 for my group, and gave the rest to Finance. Then I went to them with a request — so many people need things, and they should not be going without basic comfort items — and I was told to fill out paperwork. Paperwork! Are they the government now?” Smith fumed, even as he cajoled the passing crowd for more cash.

    The Finance Committee dives on whatever dollars are raised by all the OWS working groups, said Smith, and doesn’t give it back.

    The Comfort group has an allowance of $150 a day, while larger working groups, like the Kitchen group, get up to $2,000.

    “What can I do with $150?” said Smith. “We have three tons of wet laundry here from the rainstorm — how do I get that done? We need winter gear, shoes, socks. I could spend $10,000 alone for backpacks people need. We raise all this money. Where is it?”

    Pete Dutro, 36, a Brooklyn tattoo artist who is getting a master’s in finance and sits on the Finance Committee, said big purchases like Smith’s can’t get immediate approval.

    “We don’t have the power for that. They have to go to the General Assembly. If it’s approved, we pay out that amount and make sure everything is accounted for,” he said.

    Within the next few days, the Financial Committee will release a detailed report, he said.
    Yesterday, a huge flat-screen TV went up in Zuccotti Park for a movie night and pajama party with popcorn. Organizers hoped it would attract new recruits — even as some long-timers complained that the movement was getting too diffuse after yesterday’s lackluster showing at a police-brutality event in Union Square that barely attracted 50 participants.

    “I think it’s getting too spread out,” said John Glowa, 57. “My sense from where I live is that it’s losing steam. We gotta plug the holes.”

    Some activists, like those in Pulse, the committee that represents Zuccotti Park drummers, are a bit worn out by all the collective activity.

    Last week, on a rainy night, someone stabbed holes in many of the protesters’ drums with a knife, said Elijah Moses, 19, of Queens, a founder of the Pulse Working Group. Moses asked the General Assembly — the nightly meeting where protesters collectively vote on OWS decisions — for $8,000 to replace the drums, and build a small shed to lock them up.
    “They said no — they turned us down. I’m really frustrated,” said Moses

    Read more:

  27. A giant flat screen TV? Popcorn night and movies? OMG, this is turning into a circus. LMAO!! Keep the homeless and the stray weirdos fed and entertained, so they don’t wander off. The organizers have no goal and no plan, other than “let’s keep a bunch of people in the park causing disruption for as long as possible. We don’t even care why they are there.”

    Sheesh, what a bunch of clueless idiots. I really hope that the Dimocrats and Obama continue to embrace OWS, as they have been doing.

  28. I have to say I am tired of all the flip-flopping about whether someone respects Hillary or doesn’t based on what she says in interviews.

    We all have the right to critique and decide for ourselves how we feel, but for me at least it is a moot point.

    Hillary is playing the game. She is saying what she needs to say in order to get the job done. In other words, she doesn’t care who gets the credit as long as her mandate is met.

    I understand that perfectly.

    It’s not what she says, it’s what she does.

  29. HRC defending BO’s plan to pull out of Iraq and just shilling her head off for him.


    Hillary wanted to pull out of Iraq back in 2008. She said that no one knew how it would affect Iraq one way or another, but we did know that our soldiers and our interests would be safer. (This was before Bush’s ‘surge’ appeared to work.)

  30. A global temperature measurement project designed for ‘sceptics’ — turned out to support NASA/NOAA.

    Good commentary:
    the authors and editors of a new, independent climate study, called the Berkeley Earth Project, bent over backwards to keep representatives of those folks [ie ‘sceptics’] in the loop on the data collection and analysis process. Their scientific task was to collect and correlate temperature data on their own, independently, and compare. According to the homepage for the Earth Project, the scientists involved all highly value complete transparency and made a particular effort that a wide variety of concerns — including the controversial notion that a critical portion of the thousands of thermometers and other devices used by the climate science community were, over many decades, inadvertantly or intentionally placed near open firepits or air conditioning exhaust vents or in obsolete buildings or whatever — were addressed.
    The project concluded the earth is warming, roughly one degree C over the last century or so. And that’s not all! After collecting and crunching the data, the study got results statistically identical with those produced at NOAA, NASA, CRU, and a bunch of other organizations, as shown in the graph at the top of this post. The beautiful part is the study was largely funded by the kind of money — including Koch money — usually intended to buy much more friendly [ie pollution-friendly] results. It’s madness!

    So unless yet another group of research scientists are utterly incompetent, or part of a worldwide conspiracy, the wobbly claim that data stations are run by ignoramuses and frauds is mortally wounded.

  31. “I have to say I am tired of all the flip-flopping about whether someone respects Hillary or doesn’t based on what she says in interviews.”

    I am not flip-flopping. I have not been pleased with her stance on many recent issues. And I don’t know whether you saw her on MTP but IMHO she was over the top in praising Dear Leader.

    Like you said, we are all entitled to our opinions. If you are tired of mine, scroll by. I am certainly not going to STOP posting them.

  32. BASIL99 October 23rd, 2011 at 11:04 am : hta, what do you mean?
    In using the Humpty Dumpty comparison, there would be no way for Obama to be propped up. But Hillary appeared as a possible “one of the king’s Men” in the process of putting him together again. That left me exactly 180 degrees out of sync with what was being broadcast on TV – terrible timing on my part.

    But perhaps more people than we realize will recognize it as something her position required her to say. There have been quite a few articles around the web prior to today saying that he blew Iraq. This could turn out to be some fun for us.

    Let us not forget 2008 when the shills for teh one said his experience [as a child in Indonesia + a college(?) student in Pockeyston] trumped Hillary’s. It will be hilarious if the shills go quoting what she said today as proof that Obie did good.

  33. Basil I just did it again. Am signing off for the day so no more of our comments cross in the posting. 🙂
    PS: I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind – I am just trying to be more cerebral. It is not working.

  34. Basil, she is doing her job. Part of THAT job is to make sure that POTUS appears as strong as possible to the outside world for OUR security and the security of our allies. Leave the partisan pandering aside and just consider the fact a united front on foreign policy is essential to security. She likely thinks little of BO or his polls, but more about her job to protect us and our allies with as little bullshit as possible. FI, we all know she ordered OBL’s death along with LP- they let BO have the credit bc in the end sum he personally means shit. Yes, shit. But that office as a symbolic front for the whole of our country means something.

    If you can’t get that and still worry about use against HRC (who is not going to run despite our best intentions), then you may be one of the dumbest posters I have ever run across.

    Not everything is about BO. Sometimes it’s just about doing the goddamn job competently regardless of accolades or individual respect. That’s what a patriot is.

    BTW- fuck OWS and the 99%ers. They can suck BO’s hairy balls for all I care.

  35. It seems the chances are that Hillary will not run again, in any situation.


    In terms of her praising BO to the high heavens, it makes me think of this:

    If she were going to challenge him in 2012, she would have to be separating from him and calling him out, to show why she would be better.

    If she wants to keep 2016 a possibility, and as she would not then be running against him at that time, she would need to praise him to get the BO supporters in 2016. She might separate from him a bit at that time, but still wouldn’t totally trash him, as she is very party oriented.

    If there is some private talk of him stepping down for 2012, perhaps her being nominated at the convention, she’d have to be praising him until that time, again for the BO supporters and party unity. But in the general she could separate some.

    So, as I don’t want to give up ALL hope until I have to, I’m quietly hoping for the latter option…

  36. Not everything is about BO. Sometimes it’s just about doing the goddamn job competently regardless of accolades or individual respect. That’s what a patriot is.

    BTW- fuck OWS and the 99%ers. They can suck BO


    LOL! Maybe OWS aren’t all “about BO” either. Maybe they’re people getting their message out regardless.

    (Most of them disapprove of him now, like most of the US do. They say he’s sold out, he’s a tool, etc.)

  37. Basil and Henry –

    Most homeless are alcohol/drug addicted, and/or have mental illness. It’s true that most shelters “cater” to men, but most homeless *are* men. Generally, these are overnight shelters, meaning the person shows up in the morning, probably has to enter a lottery. If they win one of the spots, they show up that night for a bed. A bed in a not very safe environment. Then if they want a bed the next night as well, they have to repeat the process the next morning.. again and again… It’s generally just a bed, no social services offered, no programs for work on their life – so they can show up inebriated and still have their bed, as long as they aren’t a behavior problem.

    There are generally some longer term beds for men, such as year long programs, but those programs are all encompassing. And some, like Salvation Army, require them to work for them part of the day, part of the day they are in programs/classes, and then they have a bed each night and food provided. They have to be willing to accept counseling and psychotropic meds (if indicated). At the very least, they’re probably depressed – it may have contributed to the homelessness, or may have been a result. And if they’re a drinker, remember, alcohol is a depressant, so that contributes to their staying down. The big kicker for long term programs – the clients have to become clean and sober. That is a HUGE step for many of them. That can take a lot of attempts before they really succeed. And before that, of course, they have to WANT to reach that goal. That’s an even HUGER step.

    For women, who usually have children, the shelters are usually long term, not overnight. They usually get taken into the system earlier than men or than women without young children in their custody, because there’s a lot of societal concern for the children. Plus, a woman with children is more likely to accept help, than a man or woman without custody of children, who wants to keep their freedom, perhaps to keep their freedom to drink or use drugs.

    For the women who don’t have young children, or who have lost custody of them, sometimes there are separate overnight shelters for them. Shelters are dangerous for the men, but for obvious reasons, coed shelters are even more dangerous for women.

    So basically –

    Most shelters are overnight shelters, just a bed, no programs.
    Most overnight shelters are for men, as most homeless are men.
    Homeless women generally have the children, and they are “snatched up” sooner, and they are more willing to accept more all-encompassing help, so their programs are long-term not overnight and provide education, housing, and benefits assistance for the family.

    The biggest barrier to helping homeless people is their lack of willingness to accept that help. On the one hand, it’s understandable, their desire to remain independent. But on the other hand, from the outside we know that their addiction/mental health issues mean that these people are very unlikely to rise above their current situation without being willing to become sober and accept help.

  38. h4t,

    Which of these POSITIONS of OWS members do you actually disagree with?

    30% target Influence of corporate/moneyed/special interests
    21% target Partisanship [ie ‘crony capitalism’]
    15% target Joblessness

  39. “If you can’t get that and still worry about use against HRC (who is not going to run despite our best intentions), then you may be one of the dumbest posters I have ever run across.”

    Honestly, okieatty, I have no idea why you are insulting me.

    I don’t know whether or not you saw HRC on MTP but IMHO she was overly emphatic in praising BO.

    And I didn’t like it. Check it yourself. And if you disagree with me, fine.

    I also never said I thought she was going to run for office in 2012 which may be one of your “best intentions” but is not mine.

    About her competency – agreed she is competent. And a patriot. She can be both without appearing overly-enthused about BO.

    Like I said, I have no idea why all of a sudden you want to attack me. I have certainly never done that to you.

    And “dumb” or not, I have the right to express my disappointment in any politician, no matter who they are. As far as I know there has never been an “IQ” criteria for this blog. If there were, apparently you are one of the only posters who would meet it, based on your amazing ability to gauge “intelligence” solely on the basis of a poster criticizing HRC.

    Oh, and since I’m so “dumb” why waste posting space on me? Surely I’m not worthy of consideration by anyone as brilliant as you apparently think you are.

  40. holdthemaccountable.

    NP. I appreciate your valiant attempts at explaining to me. Like I said earlier, I had a hangover today.

    So what I get from your explanation is that HRC is attempting the impossible – being one of the king’s soldiers to try and put humpty-dumpty back together again despite the fact it can’t be done – because he so clearly blew the Iraq situation.

    And her coming to his aid so enthusiastically is even more of a tip off of just how badly he has screwed up.

    Damning with faint praise or in her case with vociferous praise. The greater the praise the worse the offense?

  41. IMO, Hillary cannot talk negatively about Obama while SOS–it would dominate the news for days. She is not running for anything at this time–she is working in the current administration and has to appear a loyal Democrat despite what she must certainly feel about Obama’s weaknesses.

    On the other hand this new report struck me as interesting. Is she doing damage control for the inept way Obama has handled the Iraq withdrawl? Why wouldn’t Obama himself say this?

    “Clinton to Iran: Don’t Misread Departure from Iraq”

  42. AmericanGal,

    I thought the same thing.

    “Is she doing damage control for the inept way Obama has handled the Iraq withdrawl?”

  43. AmericanGal

    “Why wouldn’t Obama himself say this?”

    His puppet masters think he’s said enough. Better to let Hillary take care of the fallout from the Boob’s incompetency.

  44. Is she doing damage control for the inept way Obama has handled the Iraq withdrawl? Why wouldn’t Obama himself say this?

    “Clinton to Iran: Don’t Misread Departure from Iraq”


    If this is a message to Iran and the ME, it needs to be said by someone who knows what she’s talking about, instead of being entrusted to TOTUS (the Teleprompter of the US). International news won’t censor Obama’s misspeaks like the US media would.

  45. Sorry folks, my mother was rushed to hospital last Sunday and we’ve been trying to get her situated in rehab now that her conditon is stabilized.

    Anyway, for one thing, a point of fact, Hillary is not politicaly motivated because she is not a politician…She is a
    member of BO’s cabinent. Her actions are based on America’s
    best interests.

    Obama was called out earlier today by news reports saying the Iraq government wanted us out of there.. As Obama was playing the hero getting the troops
    home for Christmas, Hillary was doing damage control saving face of America’s prestige after the Iraqi government kicked us out!

    I never second guess Hillary, because I am not aware of all the facts, except what has been said on tv and the
    news. I will always defend her when she is
    unjustly accused until she can be proven wrong. For now, it might be a good idea the troops are coming home to protect Americans from Civil War in our country, from the radicals this president is content to allow to destroy America as we know it.

    The lesson here is don’t post shit when you’re hung over!

  46. “The lesson here is don’t post shit when you’re hung over!”

    Oh PUl-LEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Watch the clip yourself. I stand by my remarks. I certainly don’t need you to give me any lessons!

    I didn’t like what she said, how she said it and the excessive degree of fawning in her tone.

    So for that opinion you have the nerve to preach and order posters when and what to post?

    No no no. Last I read this is a free speech forum. I refuse to give anyone, even someone I usually admire, a free pass on everything. You don’t share my opinion, fine, but stop with the juvenile insults.

  47. Oh, lovely.

    Libya Interim president supports Sharia law, including allowing polygamy.

    Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the chairman of the National Transitional Council and de fact president, had already declared that Libyan laws in future would have Sharia, the Islamic code, as its “basic source”.

  48. You know I can’t say anything about my employer without getting fired….so neither can Hillary….that is just how its done…

    We have to look to Bill somewhat about how she really feels. I also agree with Okieatty, she just wants to make sure we are safe..and she’s doing a fantastic job….

    Well I also think Obama has got a hold on her….or an agreement was struck or something…but go back and look at how she looks at him at his last state of the union message….she looks as if she’s looking at an idiot that is truly making her nauseous….I watch her face constantly…she can’t have her poker face on all the time..

    Mrs. Smith, Your Mom…is she OK….did she have a stroke or something…..

    I went to see my ex-husband with my daughter and granddaughter…we had a good time…what a difference it makes when your NOT the only caretaker…caring for dementia patients on a 24 hours basis is not good for them or you….He’s getting worse, but he looks good…does that make sense…LOL! He was glad to see us…

    it’s wrong to tell people that what happened is “hard to understand.” There were no “insanely complex financial shenanigans.” Once you believe that, you will discover that the entire problem was actually quite simple to grasp.

    There were “insanely complex financial instruments” created in the period leading up to the crisis. These instruments were deliberately designed to be opaque and hard to trace; this forced the credit rating agencies to try and understand them, and allowed the manufacturers of those instruments to get the AAA ratings they wanted despite the fact that the underlying real-world components of those instruments were utter crap. But deliberately designing a maze to be impossible, and understanding the intentions of the maze-maker, are two different things.

  50. Oh my aching back!

    Clinton speak for the nitwit in the wh!
    Seeing the only example she gave was getting Bin Laden, we all know, it was Panetta who gave the order because Obama couldn’t make up his mind….but he took the credit.. Laughable.

    Hillary was pointing out what a dumbass he really is….
    If you consider that shilling? David Gregory handed her a loaded question and she blew it up in his face…haha

    Basil, I know you mean well, but your fearx of a sellout just aren’t juxtified.


  51. Oh my aching back!

    Clinton speak for the nitwit in the wh!
    Seeing the only example she gave was getting Bin Laden, we all know, it was Panetta who gave the order because Obama couldn’t make up his mind….but he took the credit.. Laughable.

    Hillary was pointing out what a dumbass he really is….you consider that shilling? David Gregory handed her a loaded question and she blew it up in his face…haha

    Basil, I know you mean well, but your fears of a sellout just aren’t justified.


  52. jbstonesfan
    October 23rd, 2011 at 7:38 pm
    Obama back up to 44% APPROVAL..bounce apparently from Quadaffi killing.
    Stop it

  53. Dear Basil,
    I totally agree with your comments about Hillary sounding so over the top about the fraud. Blech.

    And anyone trying to read her mind about what her intentions are for the future is foolhardy. No one knows what Hillary will do or won’t do. She probably doesn’t know at this point as she’s so busy trying to do her job.

    BTW we’re all entitled to our feelings and posting them – unless Admin decides otherwise. That includes Turndown and Basil in this case.

  54. Early AM TV news wrapup on Iraq withdrawal:
    ABC showed some Repub candidates’ disapproval; then o’nite anchors bashed these candidates.
    CBS replayed Bachmann and Santorum’s objections to Bob Schieffer. Both sounded pretty good.
    NBC said nothing but introduced a new scandal about US training of Iraqi police under RECENTLY introduced program which is under the auspices of the State Department. They did not mention Hillary when reporting this segment but did “conveniently” air a clip of her immediately after.

    BTW NBC has a new take on the news. Latest ad has Brian Williams saying we slant the cameras a little bit. BwaHaHa.

  55. Mrs. Smith, sending good wishes for you and your Mom.
    Jobs Outlook in U.S. Worst Since 2010: Survey
    By Shobhana Chandra – 2011.10.23 09:01 PM

    U.S. companies’ hiring plans reflect the worst employment outlook since January 2010 as demand slows in the world’s largest economy, a private survey showed. Fewer companies project payrolls to rise in the next six months compared with a July survey, while more plan to cut workers, the National Association for Business Economics said today in Washington. The share of firms planning to raise prices was the smallest in almost two years. Businesses are concerned about the European debt crisis, with 30 percent of participants anticipating it will cause a decline in sales through early 2012, the survey showed. While companies said they expect the U.S. will keep expanding, they trimmed projections for the pace of growth and pared capital spending plans, helping explain why the recovery has failed to gain momentum. “Expectations are muted,” Shawn DuBravac, chief economist at the Consumer Electronics Association in Arlington, Virginia, who analyzed the results, said in a statement. The latest survey’s “respondents remain cautiously confident….”

  56. I appreciate the kind words, confloyd and hta. Mom has the constitution of a Kossak. God willing, she should be fine.

    fingers crossed…

  57. Basil,

    I did not mean to insult you in particular. My comments, I thought, were of a general nature.

    I will say though that when I heard Hillary say ” Obama has passed foreign policy tests with ‘flying colors’, I started laughing. He has no foreign policy experience…lol…and I am thinking she meant that he has listen to her advise and gone along with her goals.

  58. Surprised? NOT.

    NYC Shootings Up 28% as Police Divert Resources to OWS Protests

    Scarce resources, isn’t that always the problem? Since the protests began, shootings in other areas of the city have spiked:

    The number of people shot surged 154 percent two weeks ago — to 56 from 22 over the same week last year — and spiked 28 percent in the last month…

    Four high-ranking cops point the finger at Occupy Wall Street protesters, saying their rallies pull special crime-fighting units away from the hot zones where they’re needed.

    Since Occupy Wall Street took over Zuccotti Park on Sept. 17, the NYPD has relied heavily on its borough task forces, the department’s go-to teams for rowdy crowds.

    But such protest duty takes the special units away from their regular jobs — patrolling public housing and problem spots and staking out nightclubs plagued by violence, supervisors said.

    “Normally, the task force is used in high-crime neighborhoods where you have a lot of shootings and robberies,” said one source.

    “They are always used when there are spikes in crime as a quick fix. But instead of being sent to Jamaica, Brownsville and the South Bronx, they are in Wall Street.”

    Of course the protesters have a right to protest, but there is a cost associated with it. Police have spent more than $3 million so far dealing with OWS. Pulling those cops from their high crime areas has also resulted in a spike in violent crime. At some point the city needs to say enough, limit the time and place these protests take place, and get back to work dealing with the real troublemakers.

  59. Our real POTUS is busy and needed 24/7.Take a look.

    Public Schedule: Public Schedule for October 24, 2011
    Mon, 24 Oct 2011 09:01:32 -0500
    Public Schedule for October 24, 2011

    Public Schedule
    Washington, DC

    October 24, 2011


    6:00 p.m. Secretary Clinton presents the World Food Program’s 2011 George McGovern Leadership Award to Howard Buffett and Bill Gates and participates in a conversation with the awardees and WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran, at the Department of State.

  60. I am sorry to say that I also do not like Hillary so ‘effectively’ making the case for O and giving him so much credit for everyone else’s hard work and risks…yeah, sure, it’s her job and all that…but really…she comes across a little too convincing for my taste…as i mentioned before, my big fear and nightmare is that she and bill will jump in an actively campaign for him next year…that would be just too much to bare…the first time around was bad enough…

    hopefully there is some “secret” strategy and Bill’s upcoming book will ‘slap’ O…but something tells me they will campaign for him down the road…unless O is forced out…when Hillary sings O’s ‘accolades and accomplishments’ she tarnishes herself by association…

  61. No matter what Hillary may think privately, it is NOT in the best interests of our national security for the SOS to be seen as publicly non-supportive of the president. And yeah, Hillary would lie through her teeth until 2013 if it means keeping up a facade TO OUR ENEMIES that the USA knows what it is doing.

    She doesn’t make policy, she can only try to work with the policies the whitehouse gives her. Her only choice at this point is to try to sell it to the world as strength. Because the Secretary of State cannot go forth and say: “This is crap, and the USA is weaker than ever before.” What good would that do, besides visceral satisfaction for us? It’s not like she can change what he is doing. He’s handed her a crap hand, and she is doing her damndest to convince the world it’s an inside straight.

    For her to publicly trash Obama would be an admission to the world of US weakness. You don’t admit weakness to your enemies. Ever. Even if you figure they know you are bluffing, you ALWAYS still bluff, and make them have at least a little doubt.

  62. I disagree with Hillary a lot. But I do think that sometimes we forget that her audience is not primarily us, or even the USA. Her audience is the rest of the world, many of whom mean us harm. She’s playing for them, not us.

  63. Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the chairman of the National Transitional Council and de fact president, had already declared that Libyan laws in future would have Sharia, the Islamic code, as its “basic source”. …

    Mr Abdul-Jalil went further, specifically lifting immediately, by decree, one law from Col. Gaddafi’s era that he said was in conflict with Sharia — that banning polygamy.

    In a blow to those who hoped to see Libya’s economy integrate further into the western world, he announced that in future bank regulations would ban the charging of interest, in line with Sharia.

    One of the lasting legacies of Obama’s presidency will be the willy-nilly toppling of admittedly bad men, only to replace them with extremist Islamic theocracies. Lots of little Irans. Great.

  64. Even though we might not like the position that H has taken, and the support she gives O, there is a large audience out there, specifically older people, oh feel that the President should be supported, and should be shown loyalty.

    I found that out when I was calling for Kerry. A number of older people told me that we should show repect and loyalty to President Bush, and I was calling Dems and Independence.

  65. Hillary for Texas…for the record…no one…no one…is asking Hillary to trash O publicly…it is the lavish praise she dumps on his so called ‘leadership’ etc, on and on…that some of us have a problem with…

    of course, I, we, get that she has to play to a world audience…however there are many ways of doing that…singling out O as some great leader, bla, bla, bla…offends many of us Hillary supporters…bottom line…sorry, but that’s the truth and not the polically correct way of analyzing it…or a way to make excuses for it…and we don’t need all those soundbites on tape…

  66. gonzotx
    October 24th, 2011 at 1:13 am

    October 23rd, 2011 at 7:38 pm
    Obama back up to 44% APPROVAL..bounce apparently from Quadaffi killing.
    Stop it
    😉 Black cloud.

  67. Baracko is going to be a one term Prez and Hillary will run for President again and win.

    It’s in the cards.

  68. I also do not like the “enthusiasm” that Hillary slathers on BO and do not want to hear that in sound bites. I will lose it.

  69. This public display of Daffy’s body sounds appropriate to me –

    Libya’s interim rulers ended the public display of the bodies of Muammar Gaddafi, his son and army chief on Monday after four days in which thousands of Libyans came to see for themselves that the dictator was really dead.

    Guards locked the gates to the compound surrounding the cold storage container where the grim parody of the lying in state typically accorded to deceased leaders had been played out.

    That may signal a decision is near over how and where to bury the bodies or simply that they are seen as a health hazard. Two National Transitional Council (NTC) officials confirmed the decision to shut off the area to the public, giving no reason.

    “That’s enough,” said one of the guards. “He’s been causing us as much trouble dead as he did alive.”

    A steady stream of visitors filed in to view the spectacle on Monday before the closure, but far fewer than on previous days when crowds flocked to the container where the three rotting bodies were laid out on filthy mattresses.

    There were still a handful disappointed however.

    “Can I just bring my son in?” one old man pleaded.

    “No, we’re closed,” the guard replied angrily.

    Later, fresh guards came on duty and allowed about 100 people to see the bodies then shut the gates once again.

    Fighters guarding Gaddafi’s darkening body and that of his son Mo’tassim and his former army chief had placed plastic sheeting under them as fluids leaked into the market cold store in Misrata where they had been taken after their capture and killing near Gaddafi’s home town of Sirte on Thursday.

    With the door constantly opening to allow a procession of onlookers, the refrigeration unit failed to stop rapid decomposition. Guards handed out surgical face masks against the stench and had sprayed disinfectant over the corpses overnight.

  70. “It is the lavish praise she dumps on his so called ‘leadership’ etc, on and on…that some of us have a problem with.”

    Absolutely right, S. I don’t recall ever having said I felt HRC was “selling out” but there are many ways to get a message across without sounding so rah-rah cheerleaderish.

    Oh well, I guess I have never felt that one has to agree with any preferred candidate, potential or actual, on every issue. To be shouted down for criticizing HRC seems awfully undemocratic.

  71. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a fiery warning to Iran Sunday, demanding that the rogue country’s leaders keep their hands off Iraq after the complete pullout of US troops this year.

    “Iran should look at the region. We may not be leaving military bases in Iraq, but we have bases elsewhere,” Clinton said on NBC’s Meet the Press.

    “No one should miscalculate America’s resolve and commitment to helping support the Iraqi democracy.

    –looks like Hillary is worried about this happening too.

  72. A partial list of recent OWS shenanigans.
    Definition of occupy – to overtake using force.

    Police Investigating Alleged Sexual Activity with 14 Year Old at Occupy Dallas

    Video: Occupy Boston Vandalism of Banks

    Occupy Vancouver Occupies Banks
    A mob of 20-somethings enters a bank with a bullhorn, clearly freaking out the bank tellers:

    Man in Joker Make-Up Gets Angry, Pulls Knife at Occupy Austin

    130 Arrested at Occupy Chicago
    From Reuters:

    Banks Vandalized by Occupy Boston Anarchists
    John on October 22, 2011 at 11:14 pm
    here’s a list of sites targeted including:
    • 100 Federal Street (Bank of America) – graffiti that reads: “Occupy” – “Bad for America” and “Yer building is crowding our skyline”
    • 60 South Street (Two Financial Center) – graffiti described as an Anarchist symbol
    • 77 Franklin Street (Citizens Bank) – graffiti blue in color
    • 65 Franklin Street (Bank of America) – graffiti in the shape of the letter ‘A’
    • 30 Winter Street (Sovereign Bank) – graffiti that reads: “Corporate Persons Suck”

    NYC Shootings Up 28% as Police Divert Resources to OWS Protests
    John on October 23, 2011 at 4:24 pm

  73. Soros move-on take over has begun. The anarchists are paid agitator protestors as was the plan all along.

    To those who read here, I mentioned this would happen a month ago. This is a concerted
    effort by Obama to declare martial law. He intends to hi-jack our government.

    As for Hillary, besides me, there are people here who know and understand her reasons for saying what she does. The armchair critics will just have to trust people who know the way the Clintons think far more than they do- rather than undermine her credibility in her own namesake forum.

  74. we don’t need all those soundbites on tape…


    I never hear a soundbite unless I click on it (and I don’t click on those). Is your browser playing them automatically or something?

  75. Well, one of the OWS organizers admits on video that Glenn Beck was right – many of them DO want violent revolution and the overthrow of capitalism:


    Iirc, when the Wall St Journal person went to Zucotti looking for damaging statements, he found much milder priorities. Raw data is here:

  76. we don’t need all those soundbites on tape…


    I don’t like to hear them so I don’t click on them. But anything Hillary says is on topic, and it’s good to have it all here so those who want to discuss it can find it easily. It’s good to discuss all sides.

  77. I’m of the persuasion of skipping over the posts that are expressing disappointment with Hillary. I prefer to keep my blood pressure at a normal level, and it only makes me angry…so I just ignore.

    Life is in the dumpster as it is and this is one of the things I do have control over. 😉

  78. Same goes for me most of the time when folks talk about how crappy the people are in the OWS protests or the Unions suck…I just move along, nothin’ happening here.

    That’s why I haven’t posted much lately…

  79. Clinton & Geithner to be in Hawaii for APEC Meetings

    October 24, 2011

    The U.S. State Department announced the arrivals of Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to this year’s Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Honolulu.

    According to a foreign press center release, Secretary Geithner will convene the APEC Finance Ministerial Meeting on November 10 and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk will co-host the APEC Ministerial Meeting on November 11.

    President Barack Obama will convene the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting, November 12-13.

    The November 8 – 13 event has ramped up security all around Oahu.

  80. Lawmaker Invites Voters To Question Clinton Ahead Of Hearing

    Monday, October 24, 2011

    Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) is inviting members of the general public to submit questions to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before she testifies at a House hearing on Thursday.

    Clinton will be grilled by members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee — which Ros-Lehtinen chairs — during a hearing entitled, “Afghanistan and Pakistan: Transition and the Way Forward.”

    In a statement, Ros-Lehiten said, “I am pleased that Secretary Clinton has agreed to come before our Committee on Thursday to discuss these critical matters, as well as other topics of immediate relevance. I would like to encourage members of the public to visit our Committee website and utilize our ‘You Ask a Question’ feature, so that they can suggest questions for our Members to ask Secretary Clinton. We want to know what’s on your mind, and what’s important to you.”

  81. 10/24/2011

    John Podesta stepping down from Center for American Progress

    By Allen McDuffee

    John Podesta, the founding president of the Center for American Progress (CAP), will step down from his post, according to a Politico report.

    Podesta will continue his role as CAP’s chairman and will volunteer for Secretary Hillary Clinton. It is unclear whether Podesta will take on any other roles.

    Podesta will be succeeded by the Center’s Chief Operating Officer, Neera Tanden, who told Politico that Podesta “will continue to provide long-term strategic advice.”

    The Center for American Progress did not respond to requests for comment.

  82. Oh now ,if us here at 44 got hold of this guy, i’d happily show him the errors of his ways. What kind of person does this?

    Man accused of beating his slow-driving grandma

    Vittorio Vincent Valdez, a 27-year-old Half Moon Bay man, appeared in court last week for allegedly beating his grandmother for driving too slowly.

    According to the San Mateo County district attorney’s office, Valdez’s 82-year-old, 105-pound grandmother was driving him from Palo Alto to Half Moon Bay in her BMW on Sept. 24. Turns out he needed the ride because his license had been suspended due to a citation for driving under the influence.

    Shortly after reaching Half Moon Bay, Valdez allegedly started pounding on the dashboard and pushing his grandmother’s right leg down to get her to speed up.

    When his grandmother pulled into a gas station, Valdez allegedly pulled her out of the driver’s seat and threw her into the passenger seat. When she tried to leave, he punched her in the face several times, the district attorney said.

    As a witness at a nearby 7-Eleven called police, Valdez sped off on Highway 92 while holding down his grandmother in the passenger seat, authorities said.

    Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Marty spotted the car and began following it. Through the rear window, he said, he saw Valdez grab his grandmother’s hair and slam her head against the passenger-side window.

    When Marty pulled them over, the grandmother jumped out, screaming for help, while her grandson tried to run, authorities said. He stopped when ordered by Marty, and a subsequent search turned up 0.05 grams of heroin in the car’s center console, authorities said.

    The grandmother refused medical attention and told Marty that her grandson hadn’t hit her. Despite her pleas, Valdez was arrested.

    Valdez pleaded not guilty Friday to charges of elder abuse, false imprisonment of an elder, false imprisonment with violence, kidnapping, possession of a controlled substance, driving on a suspended license and contempt of court for disobeying a court order to not drive on a suspended license.

    The case was set for a jury trial on Dec. 5.


    seems this type of person has no respect for ANYONE if they can do that to their 82 yr old grandmother.

  83. Jan 7:01

    Holy Smoke!

    Podesta? Leaving CAP and they have no comment about it?

    This is a major development, I believe, in our favor! Podesta was the architect of Soros’ World Government plan. This is avery

  84. Letter: Keep Hilary Clinton and fire rest of the State Dept.
    Staff Reports

    Monday, October 24, 2011
    Brian P. Kenedy, Bonita Springs

    It’s official

    A new slogan for the White House and all of its current residents: “Ineptitude R Us.”

    The news has made it official — Libya will function under Sharia law.

    This of course is the same track taken by Iran, Egypt, Iraq and a dozen other Muslim countries.

    I guess it’s our current government that felt that once a country was exposed to liberty, they would all run around shaking hands with the free countries of the world. They felt that once they removed their current dictators, all of these folks would then become a bunch of gum-chewing Democrats.

    We, of course, played a big role in this, not because of any thought out sense of aid, but as the creators of what I call one-step diplomacy.

    This is where the great thinkers of our government totally disregard the unintended consequences of their actions.

    My solution is simple. Keep Hillary Clinton and then fire the rest of the State Department. Take the rest of those who brokered this idiocy and have them join the Peace Corps.

    I would suggest that a long stay in Labrador would do them all the world of good.

  85. sigh…he needs idiot strings…

    WH: Obama to use executive authority more

    Oct. 24, 2011

    ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE, Oct. 24 (UPI) — President Obama likely will use executive orders more often as he does all he can to grow the economy and spur job creation, a White House aide said Monday.

    Changes by executive order don’t “substitute for the action that Congress absolutely must and should take … it is simply a part of doing everything you can: Focusing on what is the No. 1 issue for most Americans, which is an economy that’s not growing fast enough, an economy that’s not creating enough jobs,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said during a media briefing aboard Air Force One en route to Las Vegas.

    Obama announced Monday the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. (Freddie Mac) and the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) took three steps to help responsible homeowners refinance and take advantage of low mortgage rates.

    Why use the executive order?

    “Because we have to do everything we can,” Carney said.

    Using executive authority doesn’t mean Obama is giving up his pleas to Congress to pass his American Jobs Act, Carney said.

    “It is not a substitute for congressional action,” Carney said. “Congress must pass the individual components of the jobs act.”

    Carney said the White House was “puzzled” by the lack of congressional proposals that would have an immediate near-term impact on growth and employment.

    “Yes, they’ve put forward proposals, but not just by our observations, by the observation of independent outside economists, those proposals at best would have no positive impact on economic growth or job creation in the near-term,” he said.

    Carney read from a Macroeconomic Advisers blog concerning the Republicans’ Jobs Through Growth Act, which said, “Without more detail on the Republican plan, we cannot offer a firm estimate of its economic impact in either the long- or short-term. However, if what we do know of the JTGA were enacted now, we would not materially change our forecast for either economic growth or employment through 2013.”

    If congressional Republicans “are saying essentially there’s not a problem that needs to be fixed for the next two years, then this is the jobs plan for you, OK?” Carney said.

    Ideas such as tax reform should be discussed, agreed upon and put into place for long-term economic benefit of the country, he said.

    “But we have an immediate need now, and right now the president has put forward a plan that has — addresses that immediate need,” Carney said. “It’s paid for and the Republicans … instead they’re just voting against it in lockstep.”

    Carney held out hope Republicans would budge because “every time Republicans go home … it is entirely possible, if they break out of their bubbles and actually engage with their constituents, that they will learn that the No. 1 priority in their states is the economy [is] jobs. … And that hopefully that will have an impact on how they behave when they come back, and the issues that they think are significant.”

    He said the White House would work with the Senate Democratic leadership and “certainly intend to give Senate Republicans every opportunity to vote on all the provisions of the jobs act, to demonstrate their commitment to growing the economy and creating jobs.”

  86. Amy Goodman and Chris Hedges “shilling” for OWS on Charlie Rose. Both enamored with the OWS movement. How blind can they be?

  87. Mrs. Smith, what is the meaning of Jon Podesta “volunteering” for Hillary? To work on behalf of the state department?

    Explain the significance of this to a clueless person like myself…you have me intrigued…

  88. Recommended viewing. Two minute video at
    Currently video is positioned at top right of screen. Its title is “Iraq War is Over, Again”
    Polite but to the point commentary on election value to O, futility of leaving without a military base, likelihood that negotiations continue and will succeed.

  89. 1) It’s good to watch Poopsie beg! From DCCC over her signature, “Million Dollar Matching Gift Campaign Deadline … Deadline Extended 10 Days!” And, “Our One Year Out Campaign is so critical to our plans for taking back our Majority that a group of generous Democrats has agreed to match your contribution dollar-for-dollar, up to $1 million.” At least she cuts to the chase – does not claim that these efforts will restore the Republic … taking back the Majority is what’s important, folks.

    2) A first for me in learning today that there is a private vehicle nearly ready to begin supplying the Space Station. Think it is at Cape Canaveral. Think its first flight is in December. Please don’t quote me. Just wondering about how many people knew this was coming and how it was financed. Another stimulus, per chance?

  90. American Gal

    Podesta is a Human Rights activist. He also knows the Clintons well serving under BC as his
    Chief of Staff until the end of his term. Podesta accompanied BC to N. Korea to secure the release of two journalists held hostage in 09′.

    Some are saying, Clintonistas are deserting the BO WH sinking ship. Whatever it is, it’s a good sign.

  91. Well with Libya announcing yesterday, Sharia will be the law of the land, the ME has become a nest for vipers.

  92. Abbas to Pay Released Murderers’ Pensions With U.S. Aid Money

    Jonathan S. Tobin

    It is no secret that Hamas was strengthened by the conclusion of its ransom deal with Israel in which over one thousand Palestinian terrorists were freed in exchange for the safe return of Gilad Shalit. But its Fatah rivals are not taking this triumph lying down. In the wake of the announcement that Hamas will be paying each of the released killers, almost all of whom are either directly or indirectly responsible for the murders of Jews, a bonus of $2,000, the Palestinian Authority has also decreed that it will be paying every one of the murderers a separate honorarium though the amount was not specified. That PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, the man that is supposed to be Israel’s peace partner, will pay this cash reward for murder, is an irony that is lost on an Obama administration that continues to urge the Jewish state to make concessions to the PA.

    This is of more than passing interest to American readers since hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. taxpayer funds are transferred to the Palestinian Authority every year. That makes Uncle Sam is paying a subsidy to mass murderers. That’s a not insignificant point to remember when Congress decides whether or not to continue the flow of aid to the PA.

    While the Shalit deal highlights this practice of official Palestinian support for terrorism, it is, in fact, nothing new. The PA has been paying pensions to every Palestinian serving time for terrorism in Israeli jails for years. And its official media and other government organs continue to lionize these killers, treating their bloodthirsty crimes as a form of heroism and their imprisonment as an injustice. When you consider that the PA has abandoned the peace process via their United Nations gambit as well as cozying up to Hamas in a unity deal, it all adds up to unassailable case for an end to U.S. aid to this noxious entity.

    There will be those, including some in Israel, who will argue that a U.S. aid cutoff will create chaos or harm the chances for peace. The answer to that there is no chance of getting the PA to come to its senses without a credible threat of a cutoff of funds. The Palestinians have come to believe that they can act with no fear of the consequences. That is as true in their Western-supported government in the West Bank as it is for their Islamist independent state in Gaza.

    The Obama administration and Congressional Democrats have opposed the efforts of Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the House Foreign Relations Committee chairwoman, to impose conditions on the continuance of U.S. aid to both the PA and the UN agencies that facilitate their misconduct. These latest events ought to mobilize concerned Democrats to reach out to both the White House and Congressional Democrats to get them behind Ros-Lehtinen’s bill.

  93. Erdoğan Would Rather See Turks Die Than to Have Them Rescued by Israelis


    ow determined is Turkey to repudiate its decades-long alliance with Israel? Today’s decision by the Turks to reportedly refuse assistance from Israel is a stunning indication of how far the Islamist government in Ankara is willing to go to make a point.
    More than 1,000 persons are feared dead in the aftermath of a quake that measured 7.2 on the Richter scale. With workers battling to save those trapped in collapsed buildings in towns and cities near the Iranian border, it’s more than likely that Israel’s experienced rescue teams — which participated in previous earthquake relief efforts in Turkey — would be of value to the effort. But according to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, the government of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has told the Israelis they are not wanted. Erdoğan would apparently prefer to see his compatriots die rather than to allow Jews to help them.

    A Reuters report on Turkey’s refusal recalled Israel’s record of assistance to its former ally:
    In 1999, an Israeli military rescue team pulled a 10-year-old Israeli girl from the rubble of a collapsed building in Cirarcik in northwest Turkey, where her family was on holiday. She had been trapped for nearly 100 hours. The team spent a week in Turkey, rescuing 12 people and recovering 140 bodies. Israel also set up a field hospital in the region, where two large quakes that year killed more than 20,000 people, treating more than 1,000 victims.

    Erdoğan’s decision to embrace Hamas terrorists and discard the Israeli alliance appears to be part of a push for Turkey to reclaim the position it claimed during the Ottoman era as the leader of the Islamist world. It’s far from clear that most Arabs have any interest in being led by the Turks, but hostility toward Israel is an integral element in this campaign. Whether Turkey’s people prefer to see their compatriots die rather than be rescued by Jews is also questionable.
    Israel’s government did the right thing by offering aid despite Turkey’s atrocious behavior toward the Jewish state in recent years. By repudiating even humanitarian assistance from Israel, Ankara has demonstrated the depth of its malevolence. While the United States should also do what it can to help the Turks, Erdoğan has given the Obama administration one more reason to reassess its heretofore-supine stance toward his country. A government that would rather see its people perish than acknowledge assistance from Israel has lost any moral legitimacy.

  94. more and more spin…

    Hillary Clinton in spotlight’s glare

    By Bob Cusack and Pete Kasperowicz – 10/25/11

    Hillary Clinton’s status as one of the country’s most popular public figures could take a hit over the next several months.

    Clinton’s approval ratings hover close to 70 percent and are far higher than those of Republican White House hopefuls and President Obama.

    Her popularity has led to chatter in the nation’s capital that she could run for president again, or even replace Vice President Biden as President Obama’s running mate.

    Clinton, who will turn 64 on Wednesday, has repeatedly said she will never run for president again, but has been somewhat coy on her long-term future.

    The former senator will not stay on at the State Department beyond Obama’s first term, triggering a flurry of speculation as to what she will do next.

    But first she must deal with a series of challenges that puts her at odds with lawmakers in both parties.

    Clinton finds herself in the middle of a domestic issue with repercussions for the environment and energy. The State Department later this year must decide whether to approve or scuttle the controversial Keystone XL pipeline carrying oil-sands-based crude from Canada to Texas.

    Meanwhile, Clinton is at the forefront of a fight between the administration and Congress over how the U.S. should best handle friends and foes in a rapidly changing Middle East, where new governments have emerged in the wake of the Arab Spring and as the U.S. transitions forces out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Keystone decision is perhaps the most politically perilous issue in Clinton’s portfolio.

    Environmentalists and Democratic heavyweights in Congress have urged Clinton to deny the project a permit, but State will feel pressure to allow the pipeline to go forward given the effects it could have on the U.S. economy. Unions say the project will create jobs, and advocates also argue it would reduce U.S. reliance on oil from the Middle East.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) earlier this month indicated to Clinton he had “serious concern” with the proposed TransCanada initiative, while House Energy and Commerce ranking member Henry Waxman (Calif.) told The Washington Post: “I’ve always felt uncomfortable that the State Department is heading this process.”

    Most of Clinton’s policy skirmishes are on more familiar ground for a secretary of State.

    She is battling Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) over conditions attached to $1.3 billion in military aid to Egypt.

    Leahy, chairman of the Appropriations subcommittee on the Department of State, foreign operations and related programs, is tying the aid to Egypt enacting democratic reforms. He has backing from panel members on both sides of the aisle, including Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Mary Landrieu (D-La.).

    Clinton, working with officials in Egypt’s new government, has made the case against conditionality, saying “we don’t want to do anything that in any way draws into question our relationship or our support.”

    Clinton is also taking on Republicans in the GOP-led House.

    Clinton recently repeated her warning to House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) that she would recommend a veto of the lawmaker’s U.N. reform bill.

    The measure, which has cleared Ros-Lehtinen’s committee along party lines, would withhold half of U.S. funding until the U.N. shifts to a voluntary funding scheme for most of its programs.

    Clinton has made several arguments against the legislation, including that it might hurt U.S. efforts to withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Another Ros-Lehtinen bill that would tighten Iran sanctions has not been attacked or embraced by the Obama administration.

    Congress and the administration worked closely together last year to pass the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions and Divestment Act, and might do so again.

    Still, the origin of the 2010 law was a growing frustration in Congress about the lack of progress State was making in negotiations to get Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

    And while Obama ultimately signed the bill, he did so only after working to delay passage of the bill until a U.N. resolution against Iran was approved.

    Ros-Lehtinen’s committee was originally scheduled to mark up the new Iran sanctions bill this week. But the markup was postponed because Clinton will testify before the committee on U.S. policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan on Thursday.

    Clinton’s appearance is likely to bring up another tense issue between Congress and the administration — whether the U.S. should strip funding for Pakistan.

    Ros-Lehtinen has said the discovery Osama bin Laden was hiding deep within Pakistan has raised new questions in Congress about whether Pakistan is really an ally of the U.S.

    “Everything that we’ve sold to Pakistan, all the intelligence we shared with Pakistan, it’s all been called into question,” Ros-Lehtinen told The Hill.

    The Obama administration has already withheld $800 million in aid to Pakistan, but Ros-Lehtinen has said she expects the House to approve language withholding $2 billion in aid until State certifies that Pakistan is fully assisting the U.S. in examining bin Laden’s support network in Pakistan.

    Clinton has been traveling extensively in October. She was in Libya as rebel forces were closing in on Moammar Gadhafi, who was killed last week. Clinton also touched down in Afghanistan, Oman, Uzbekistan and Pakistan.

    On her jaunt, Clinton strongly urged Pakistan to pursue terrorists in the country, warning of “dire consequences” if it doesn’t.

    She chided Uzbekistan on human rights in a move that could precede increased cooperation between the U.S. and the Central Asian country. As relations between Washington and Islamabad have worsened, the U.S. is eyeing Uzbekistan as a new supply route to the military operation in Afghanistan.

  95. JanH
    (Hillary) Clinton’s approval ratings hover close to 70 percent and are far higher than those of Republican White House hopefuls and President Obama.

    And that being said is why Hillary is not only respected and admired, but she does what SHE thinks is best for our country and not what is necessarily best for either party. Hillary’s army already knows this is one intelligent leader, but now almost 70% of our countrymen/women also see it.

    Hillary is a gift, may God help her become our President, one way or the other.

  96. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — European leaders insist they are making progress on a comprehensive plan to tackle the eurozone’s debt and banking crisis.

    But the details are foggy and last-minute delays suggest that significant disagreements remain unresolved.

    On Wednesday, government heads from all 27 members of the European Union will gather for a second time, following a summit over the weekend.

    EU politicians have promised to deliver an ambitious and durable solution to a crisis that poses the biggest threat to the euro since the common currency was launched over a decade ago.

    “The sovereign debt crisis threatens the very existence of the eurozone,” said Howard Archer, chief European economist at IHS Global. “It is therefore absolutely imperative that European policymakers finally deliver a major package.”

    The latest talks have focused on a three challenges: restructuring the Greek government’s crushing debt load, strengthening European banks and boosting the effectiveness of a limited rescue fund.

    While the stakes are high, expectations are dim. It took three months for comparatively modest crisis measures announced in July to be approved by all 17 euro area governments.


    Looks like the way we have all done business is in the crapper. Some of the protesters may not have their facts right, for the corruption with our banking, housing loans, trades etc is riddled with dishonesty and corruption that non of us are sure what is really going on or went on behind closed doors.

    Anyone see the movie Margin Call? Yea it is a Hollywood drama, but it sure isn’t off track for the average Joe to understand the window on what might have gone on in one of many financial companies.

  97. Wall street definitely needs reform. Leveraged derivatives need tighter margin maintenance requirements if they’re allowed at all.

  98. and in the screwiest choice ever by Obama, we have a winner……………

    Obama defies base, hires Wall Street lobbyist for re-election campaign

    President Barack Obama’s new senior campaign adviser is a longtime Wall Street lobbyist, and has the potential to damage the president’s aspirations to appeal to the protesters currently “occupying” New York City’s Zuccotti Park.

    Obama’s new adviser, Broderick Johnson, has an extensive history of lobbying for big banks and corporations, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. In 2007, he lobbied for JP Morgan Chase and in 2008 Johnson lobbied for Bank of America and Fannie Mae. From 2008 through 2010, he lobbied for Comcast and in 2011 he lobbied for Microsoft.

    Johnson is currently a partner at D.C.-based communications firm Collins Johnson Group, which boasts that it excels at “providing superior strategic planning and political consulting services to multinational corporations, government entities, political campaigns and parties, elected leaders, nonprofit organizations, issue groups, investors and entrepreneurs.”

    Including open houses and social events, Johnson has visited the White House 17 times since 2009, according to White House visitor logs. One of those meetings was with Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.

    In early 2009, Johnson was named partner at lobbying firm Bryan Cave LLP’s Washington, D.C. office. In that role, his responsibility was to “establish and lead the firm’s new Public Policy & Governmental Affairs Client Service Group.”

    That means that during those White House visits, Johnson was a registered lobbyist.

    Johnson also donated more than $150,000 of his own money Democratic candidates and causes since 2008. Public political donation records show Johnson has, since 2006, never donated to a conservative or a Republican.

    Perhaps most troubling to those who normally would consider themselves Obama’s 2012 base, though, is how Johnson has lobbied on behalf of the Keystone XL pipeline. The Huffington Post previously reported that Johnson is a “former Bryan Cave LLP lobbyist registered on the Keystone XL account” and that Bryan Cave LLP earned approximately $1.08 million lobbying for TransCanada between 2009 and 2011.

    Environmentalists are upset about the near-finalized pipeline proposal that would allow TransCanada to build a $7 billion, 1700-mile pipeline through the heart of the United States. If the State Department approves the proposals and the pipeline is built, it would transport crude oil from tar sands in Alberta, Canada to U.S. refineries along the Gulf of Mexico.

    Liberal group Friends of the Earth, which adamantly opposes the Keystone XL pipeline, is furious with Obama’s decision to hire a former pro-pipeline lobbyist. The group is disgusted with what it considers Obama’s blatant support for crony capitalism.


    You could not make it up, who advises this chump.

  99. blowme0bama

    Wall street definitely needs reform. Leveraged derivatives need tighter margin maintenance requirements if they’re allowed at all.
    I agree and some sort of control needs to cut corruption across MOST areas of our financial system, why weren’t any of the people that pushed though bad loans brought up on charges and why did our tax money bail out these crooks? Too big to fail, too many thumbs in the pie to prosecute? Now everyone is PAYING for their greed and corruption.

  100. President Barack Obama’s new senior campaign adviser is a longtime Wall Street lobbyist, and has the potential to damage the president’s aspirations to appeal to the protesters currently “occupying” New York City’s Zuccotti Park.

    Ha ha, isn’t that just like Barry, he will knife his own mother in the back if he thinks it will help his career.

    Obots should have steam coming out of their ears soon, thank goodness some of the protesters are smart enough to educate the lame ones that drum, chant and pass the bong too much to have a clue.

  101. New WH Insider interview at Ulsterman … I think this person is so far inside he can’t see outside.
    i.e. doesn’t understand the effect this administration’s ploys have on the public.
    I honestly think the race issue is dead. The more they make of this issue, the more most of us are disgusted by it, bored by it, and immune to it. As a guy said to me recently, “I don’t give a shit about the race thing. We elected a black guy – so what? — he’s turned out to be a dumb a..h…, now let’s move on, get somebody who can do the job.”

  102. Thanks for the heads up on the Insider lil ole grape!


    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: “President Obama Gets Off On It”

    by Ulsterman on October 25, 2011

    With decades of experience as a political operative within the Democratic Party, including service to both the Clinton and Obama administrations, our ongoing dialogue with the figure simply known as “Insider” continues…

    Ulsterman: I was hoping for some quick word association here. Give you a name, or a topic, and you tell us what you think? Is that ok with you?

    Insider: Won’t promise to give you an answer every time, but fine-fine. I have to be done with this quick though – no time to waste here. Something needs done right – gotta do it yourself. Yeah?

    Ulsterman: What needs to be done?

    Insider: Next question. The word association…let’s go. Ask away.
    Read more in News
    « New White House Insider Coming Soon

    Ulsterman: “Occupy Wall Street”

    Insider: Part of the plan I told you about already. Chaos. The imminent threat of violence. Try and mobilize Obama’s base – whatever the f-ck that is these days. That interview you did with –name withheld- was right – it’s mainly the union boys behind the organizational stuff – the funding. The boots on the ground when needed. If there is a march…they brought in a couple thousand for that. Bussed them in. Dropped them off. Then took them back home. Nothing new there. Media wont’ dig too deep into that…not theNew York media anyways. No surprise there. I ain’t afraid of the Occupy sh-t as much as some people…it’s what was coming at us months ago. It’s part of that plan. And…I don’t think they are gonna pull it off. It’s gonna backfire on them. Too unpredictable. Too volatile. For them – the Obama people…some of the foolish Dems…for them to be wrapping their arms around something like that…stupid. Gonna backfire on them. Middle America isn’t liking this sh-t. AndMiddle America is who will decide the next president. Occupy won’t work unless they pull off something…something radical. A staged event – a serious one. A big deal. A threat. That could happen. It’s been bounced around…the idea of it – for a couple years. Since the Tea Party stuff. They might just prove desperate enough to try something like that.

    Ulsterman: Like what? What are you talking about?

    Insider: We have the first so-called Black president, right? What would be the extreme of the race-based re-election plan I told you about? The ace in the sleeve for this kind of program? Something that would make White America recoil at the thought of voting against this president? Make them feel just so very bad for this poor little doing the best he can it’s Bush’s fault president of ours?

    Ulsterman: Riots? Race Riots?

    Insider: No…that card will be played out sooner. And it’s too broad. They would need something much more…specific to Obama. The ultimate in a sympathy vote. And it’s been talked about. I assure you of that. These people are laying out every conceivable possibility to remain in power. Gettin’ real serious now…

    Ulsterman: I don’t know.

    Insider: All the ingredients are in place. Falling approval ratings. A big uptick in divisive racial talk…the GOP primary race gettin’ on, which has upped the anti-Obama rhetoric. Occupy Wall Street stuff. An aborted terrorist attack inAmerica. The president crisscrossing the country talking the same old sh-t, except playing the victim card even more than before…don’t tell me for a second some of this isn’t all being played out for a very specific possibility. If needed, they will try and pull it off. I got no doubt about it now. None.

    Ulsterman: So what is it? Pull what off?

    Insider: A manufactured threat against the President of theUnited States. Something easily digested by the media and the American public. Not a real threat – something totally of their own making. They will use it if they need to – got no doubt whatsoever about that. Jarrett has approved the idea…and did so a long time ago. There were whispers of it during the 2008 campaign. McCain was so god-awful it never reached a serious consideration…but the plan was discussed. If needed – they were willing to go that route. It would be the ultimate use of the race card in the history of American politics. And…it would likely work if they got away with it.

    Ulsterman: They would go that far? Risk something like that?

    Insider: You don’t need to ask that question. Not after what we’ve discussed this past year. Not after what I’ve told you has proven out over and over again. So stop asking the fu—ing question. You need to accept the fact…if you haven’t done so yet – you need to accept the fact these people are playing for keeps. I told you – how many times? How many times have I said it? These are not Democrats. These folks are something else entirely. And they are willing to push the country – all of us, right against the fu—ing wall. Hard. I’m pushing back. Others are too. All of this is part of that effort. A small part, but an important one.

    Ulsterman: “Herman Cain”

    Insider: What?

    Ulsterman: Back to the word association – Herman Cain.

    Insider: That’s quite a transition there. Think you gave me whiplash…

    Ulsterman: Sorry – like you said, we don’t have much time.

    Insider: Herman Cain? Interesting move. Likeable guy. No way in hell he gets the nomination. None. He’s already setting himself up for free-fall. The guy is winging it 24/7 and that can’t hold up. Not at this level. Guy should have hired a team to help navigate this stuff. Get up to speed on the issues. He seems to be a nice guy – and frankly, the message…the economic message – it’s a hit with the voters. The polling shows that. He’s cut thought the bullsh-t and hammered that home. I give him credit for that – but everything else has been amateur hour with Cain, and it just won’t hold up under more scrutiny. Maybe he’ll get some pros in there to tighten up the campaign – but time is running out. His mistakes are becoming overwhelming and it’s hurting his image. I just don’t think he would hold up against what the Obama team will throw at him.

    Ulsterman: The rest of the GOP field – who do you like? Who can defeat Obama?

    Insider: I’ve always said Romney is the frontrunner. He has the money, he has the right people in place – got a state-to-state operation ready to go. That’s how you do it. That’s how you win a national campaign. And the man has put in the time. Told he spends hundreds of hours each month pouring over briefings. That shows a person very serious about the road ahead. He’s ready – and his debate performances have proven that out. But can he beat Obama? Way too early to say. He’s gotta be ready for the race issue that will try and kick the sh-t out of him. It’s coming his way if he gets the nomination. Big time. The Obama team has been preparing for Romney for some time now.

    As for the rest of the field…I’ve always admired Gingrich. I have hated him at times – but always admired him. That kind of contradiction only makes sense in D.C. Nobody is smarter…he’s sneaking up in the polling. Lots of baggage though – got the smell of old DC on him. That might prove too tough to overcome. Perry has been a big letdown. The man is much brighter than he has come off in these debates – he really is. Not Gingrich smart – not even close. But for fu—s sake he looks like a moron…I have been stunned at how poorly he has performed. He’s gotta shake this out in about a month or he’s done – and frankly, that disappoints me. I hear his team is ready to make a big push in the coming weeks – make or break time. They ain’t giving up just yet, and they got a bunch of cash to help get their message out.

    If you don’t mind I wanna step off your little word association thing for a moment. Tell you about the other big plan the White House has for pushing up the president’s poll numbers heading into 2012. The internals continue to be very bad for them. Worsening in fact. So there was something I spoke to you about some time ago. That’s now being pushed to the forefront – at the expense of national security I might add. It’s got some in the military very-very upset. There’s quite a power struggle between the administration and the Pentagon – and it’s worsening.

    Ulsterman: Go ahead – what is it?

    Insider: “Home for the holidays”.

    Ulsterman: What?

    Insider: Home for the Holidays – there is gonna be a huge PR campaign underway to trumpet the Obama administration’s successes in Iraq – their killing off of terrorists, Libya, all of it rolled up into one big made-for-TV Obama infomercial. Home for the holidays – that’s the theme. It’s already underway. Troops coming home from Iraq with the President there to welcome them home, job well done…all that bullsh-t coming from the same man who not long ago was describing what they were doing as carpet bombing villages and killing civilians. Remember that?

    Ulsterman: I do.

    Insider: So it will be a big deal for the administration – or at least that will be the attempt. Take the attention off of the economy, off of the gaffes, off of the class warfare – use the troops to focus the attention back on the president and his so-called success inIraq.

    Ulsterman: So called? Your description begs the question…

    Insider: This president has so little to do with the Iraq situation – with any of the military actions of the last two years…he was dragged kicking and screaming the entire time. For months the military has simply been doing its own thing with very little input from the White House – the word went out that as long as they didn’t do anything to embarrass the president, more power to them. The only thing Obama has taken a real interest in are the drones. Apparently he loves those drone attacks. Thinks they’re cool – how they fly in and just blow the sh-t out of people. No fuss. No muss. President Obama gets off on it. The same guy who was so concerned with giving those GITMO fellas a nice citizen trial because he was concerned with their rights – he loves blowing the hell out of people. A real power trip for him apparently. So much so the military brass are becoming increasingly uneasy. Hillary has heard the complaints, but she’s washing her hands of it all. I’m disappointed in her you know – wanted her to be stronger. She ain’t her husband though… [How many knives in the back should Hillary endure before folks think enough is enough?}

    Ulsterman: Are you still working on a primary candidate against Obama? You said before you wanted that scenario underway by before winter, right?

    Insider: Of course…that is still happening – yes.

    Ulsterman: Care to tell us who it is?

    Insider: No…it’s not one person yet. We are still attempting to convince them to proceed. Negotiating the terms if you will. They won’t defeat the president of course – political collateral damage is what we are after. Have the GOP candidates slam the president from the right, have the primary candidate slam him from the left. Isolate him for a few months – maybe more. The guy is wobbly – we are trying knock his ass down before voters really start to pay attention.

    Ulsterman: Fast and Furious.

    Insider: Ah…it…it is either going very well for us – or very bad. Information coming out of Congress is in lockdown mode again. Nothing. Nothing is coming out from there. My gut says that is a good sign – they are now waiting for the top tier news items to cycle out…the Occupy bullsh-t, the Libya bullsh-t… then push this thing onto the front page. You really need to step back and see how far we have come in all of this. Subpoenas announced just as I promised. Calls for a special prosecutor. I have personally confirmed recent preparations at the White House for Holder’s departure – Jarrett is handling all of that herself. They are preparing for worst case – just as we hoped. Still gonna be a fight, still gotta count on Issa and others following this through to a real conclusion…but so far so good.

    Ulsterman: Bill Daley.

    Insider: Finally – about time you asked about that.

    Ulsterman: He announced he is leaving – I assume that was what you were referring to. The significant staff departure announcement you promised was coming soon.

    Insider: Yeah – something like that. Not sure how exactly I put it to you , but that sounds about right. It’s a signal you know – to the Dems, to the donors. To Wall Street, the business community, operatives – people back inChicago. A big flashing neon sign – the White House is officially out of order.

    Ulsterman: Why are you so certain of that?

    Insider: Because I know. Some of this stuff I get from secondary sources. Some of it I have to rummage through…find the facts among all the garbage. But some of it I get first-hand. Some of it is almost real-time as it happens information. This was one of those times. Daley’s announced departure is huge. I cannot stress that enough. The guy has been on the job for less than a year. The secondChicago boy to leave the position as Obama’s White House Chief of Staff.

    Ulsterman: So does that mean Valerie Jarrett won the power struggle between herself and Daley? She is remains there and he is leaving?

    Insider: Did the people who stayed on the Titanic as it was sinking into the water win? Bill Daley is much brighter, much tougher, much better connected than Valerie Fu—ing Jarrett could ever hope to be. He went in trying to remedy a situation because he’s a loyal guy – a party guy. Like a lot of us. Sure, ego played a part. Always does… when he realized just how difficult the situation was…other options were put in place. His announcement is according to plan. Right on schedule in fact.

    Ulsterman: According to plan?

    Insider: According to plan.

    Ulsterman: Can you elaborate?

    Insider: Yes.


    Ulsterman: Will you elaborate?

    Insider: No…this is…this is part of something you won’t get. Not the specifics. Not yet. I can’t piss these people off. Just take what I said and leave it at that. For now. According to plan. That’s as accurate as we need to be for now.

    Ulsterman: Would it be accurate to say that the Obama White House needs Bill Daley far more than Daley needs the White House?

    Insider: That would be a big fu—ing understatement. Look at the clues here – Bill Daley has acted with immunity since day one. Remember that time he took the president to task when he was speaking to the business community? When he agreed with them – their anger and frustration at how the administration was killing jobs? How their policies were…hell, he came right out against the president. He called what Obama was doing “indefensible”, right? The White House Chief of Staff ripped into the President of theUnited States publicly. And nothing happened to him. No response from Obama. None. During the debt negotiations not so long ago, Daley was getting an earful from both the Dems and the Republicans about how clueless this administration was – how little the president seemed to care about working out a deal. How Obama would abdicate his role over to a few advisers and repeatedly ask that they just get him something to sign – and Daley…privately with them – he agreed things were not right. Not good. Fu—ed up. Bill Daley’s announced departure is very good news. It’s the message some of us realized a while back – this White House cannot be saved from itself. The dysfunction runs way too deep. You saw – read about…confirmation of the description I gave you about the president’s White House setup. His second floor study. The time spent watching TV up there in that room, smoking away. How he defers to Valerie Jarrett and a couple other advisers. Little or no communication his own Cabinet. As outrageous as what I told you was – as borderline insane it sounded – what was the result? What was reported later?

    Ulsterman: It became – your description …it was verified in the media. The Heileman book…other reports.

    Insider: That’s right. And now Daley’s leaving. The walls are collapsing in on the administration. They are gonna spend millions and millions trying to portray a different version of reality. Call in every media favor they can. It’s our job to make sure they don’t succeed, right? It’s our job to keep pushing the truth out there. Daley is leaving. The party…hell, you got Democratic Party candidates purposely avoiding being seen with the president. That is about as bad as it gets son. You have the military boys ignoring the Commander in Chief time and time again – given the ok to do their own thing as long as they don’t embarrass the president. Wall Street is turning against him – telling his campaign to f-ck off. The Chamber of Commerce is planning to spend “whatever it takes” to defeat him in 2012. Poll numbers are at all time lows. The internals are even worse for them. The likelihood of a primary opponent increasing. Fast and Furious and other scandals finally getting a bit of media traction…that White House…if they thought things were tough for them before – it’s about to hit a whole other level of sh-tstorm.

    Ulsterman: Still confident?

    Insider: …Absolutely.

  103. After watching a couple of the GOP debates, and reading Admin’s summaries of the others, I’ve about concluded that stinkin’ GinGRINCH is the most capable of the lot.

    In my mind I have the personal impression of him from the mid-90s when I recall him as obnoxious and overreaching, but looking at the rest of them, they each appear to be fatally flawed.

    Bachman – man I like her a lot, but she lets her mouth get ahead of her mind and speaks beyond her facts. Doesn’t inspire confidence. Very attractive woman for her age (I know, but it doesn’t hurt).

    Cain – His lack of government experience, like it or not, would be a real handicap his effectiveness. You can believe the LSM would have no qualms with white guilt when it comes to painting every utterance and act of his as evidence of dumbassery. I do like his straight answers, but he comes back and bactracks whenever someone calls him on it.

    Huntsman – wants to polish zero’s knob.

    Romney – fakeass PoS, crony capitalist probably would be as bad as Obama except he may feel constrained by personal ethics; a problem Obama clearly does not have.

    Paul – sorry – ideologue with some notions which are as out of touch with reality as any leftist.

    Perry – Crony capitalist; has a history of giving away TX taxpayers’ $ to illegals.

    Santorum – who cares – just personally reminds me of this gold brick in our office who is constantly running for, and losing, local elections. Don’t like his face.

  104. Wall street definitely needs reform.


    But that can’t be true! That would mean that some protestors were right about something.

  105. No Photos, Please, of Obama’s L.A. Fundraisers

    by Keith Koffler on October 25, 2011, 11:28 am

    The White House wants you to see President Obama bash the rich, and everyone in the press corps is invited to cover the various rallies and speeches where he claims average people can’t get a break and the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share of taxes.

    What the White House doesn’t want you to see is Obama schmoozing the rich so that he can pocket some of their money for his campaign.

    Nothing could be more ostentatious than a Los Angeles fundraiser, replete with movie stars, athletes, and cinema moguls who embody the very exclusivity and bejeweled abundance Obama is not supposed to be about.

    So not surprisingly, news photographers were barred from both of Obama’s L.A. fundraisers Monday. The best the public could do was get bare-bones written descriptions of the events that give only a hint of the lavishness that surrounded the president.

  106. Obots should have steam coming out of their ears soon, thank goodness some of the protesters are smart enough to educate the lame ones that drum, chant and pass the bong too much to have a clue.


    Exactly! It’s a gathering where a lot of drumming types who already are disappointed in Obama, can get together and talk to each other about him having no clothes.

    Some of them are already marching ON Obama’s hq (midwest?).

  107. ROTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even OWS 99 percenters are sick of the drummers. Knew the cuicles were a tell about the movement’s insane chaos.

    From AOS and the GA

    “We, the 99%, object to 1% controlling the financial system. Should will let a tiny minority of drummers dictate noise levels that affect everyone’s ability to speak and our continued ability to stay in the park?

    What if we wanted to read poetry or play acoustic guitar in the space that the drummers occupy?

    One of the ways the US “tortured” prisoners in Guantanamo was by playing music so loud the prisoners were unable to sleep. So, what is the volume at which drumming ceases to be non-violent and cause sleep deprivation?

    The drummers are reinforced by people watching them and dancing. Should we organize flash mobs to show our disapproval of the drummers with the non-verbal signs that are practiced in General Assembly?

    With one or two exceptions it is impossible to speak to any of the drummers.

    Rational discourse with the drummers has failed, there is no point in attempting to talk to them, as opposed to using body language in a non-violent and non-aggressive manner, while still showing our disapproval.”

  108. Oh joy! OWS has apparently reached an accord with the drummers to limit them to 12-2 and 4-6 but not despite the best effortt of some.

    From AOS.

    Friends, mediation with the drummers has been called off. It has gone on for more than 2 weeks and it has reached a dead end. The drummers formed a working group called Pulse and agreed to 2 hrs/day at times during the mediation, and more recently that changed to 4 hrs/day. It’s my feeling that we may have a fighting chance with the community board if we could indeed limit drumming and loud instrumentation to 12-2pm and 4-6pm, however that isn’t what’s happening.

    Last night the drumming was near continuous until 10:30pm at night. Today it began again at 11am. The drummers are fighting amongst themselves, there is no cohesive group. There is one assemblage called Pulse that organized most of the drummers into a group and went to GA for formal recognition and with a proposal.

    Unfortunately there is one individual who is NOT a drummer but who claims to speak for the drummers who has been a deeply disruptive force, attacking the drumming rep during the GA and derailing his proposal, disrupting the community board meeting, as well as the OWS community relations meeting. She has also created strife and divisions within the POC caucus, calling many members who are not ‘on her side’ “Uncle Tom”, “the 1%”, “Barbie” “not Palestinian enough” “Wall Street politicians” “not black enough” “sell-outs”, etc. People have been documenting her disruptions, and her campaign of misinformation, and instigations. She also has a documented history online of defamatory, divisive and disruptive behavior within the LGBT (esp. transgender) communities. Her disruptions have made it hard to have constructive conversations and productive resolutions to conflicts in a variety of forums in the past several days.

  109. OWS is marching on Obama! (Or maybe they did this last week?)


    Join us Saturday beginning at 9:30am as we march on Obama’s campaign HQ, tell our personal stories, and demand action that puts communities before corporations and people before profits.
    Later Saturday afternoon, we’ll vigil outside the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Republican presidential candidate f, starting at 4:00pm at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, East 33rd and East University.


    October2011 Occupation of Washington, D.C., Supports Occupy Obama Campaign and Protest at Republican

  110. Of course this will be dismissed without reading, because it happened in Berkeley. ;-/

    “When we began our study, we felt that skeptics had raised legitimate issues, and we didn’t know what we’d find,” Muller wrote. “Our results turned out to be close to those published by prior groups. We think that means that those groups had truly been careful in their work, despite their inability to convince some skeptics of that.”

    In other words, the deniers’ claims about the alleged sloppiness or fraudulence of climate science are wrong. Muller’s team, the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project, rigorously explored the specific objections raised by skeptics — and found them groundless.

    Muller and his fellow researchers examined an enormous data set of observed temperatures from monitoring stations around the world and concluded that the average land temperature has risen 1 degree Celsius — or about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit — since the mid-1950s.

    This agrees with the increase estimated by the United Nations-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Muller’s figures also conform with the estimates of those British and American researchers whose catty e-mails were the basis for the alleged “Climategate” scandal, which was never a scandal in the first place.

    The Berkeley group’s research even confirms the infamous “hockey stick” graph — showing a sharp recent temperature rise — that Muller once snarkily called “the poster child of the global warming community.” Muller’s new graph isn’t just similar, it’s identical.

    Muller found that skeptics are wrong when they claim that a “heat island” effect from urbanization is skewing average temperature readings; monitoring instruments in rural areas show rapid warming, too. He found that skeptics are wrong to base their arguments on the fact that records from some sites seem to indicate a cooling trend, since records from at least twice as many sites clearly indicate warming. And he found that skeptics are wrong to accuse climate scientists of cherry-picking the data, since the readings that are often omitted — because they are judged unreliable — show the same warming trend.

  111. Obama freezes local reporters out of S.F. event
    Joe Garofoli, Chronicle Staff Writer

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011

    President Obama is scheduled to appear before hundreds of donors at a $7,500-a-plate noontime fundraiser today at San Francisco’s W Hotel – but not a single local reporter will be allowed inside to cover his only stop in the area, the White House said Monday.

    Coverage instead is being restricted to a small pool of Washington-based reporters – a move that is a sharp departure from the practices of past administrations, political observers said.

    Three former top White House press aides called the move insular and politically short-sighted. And some press watchers said it is hypocritical for an administration that Obama promised would be “the most transparent in history.”

    The White House declined Monday to say why no local reporters would be allowed to attend today’s event, nor whether the ban on local media was part of a new national policy.

    “As per usual, the White House traveling press pool will cover the President’s remarks at his Bay Area campaign event and a transcript of his speech will be circulated to local and national media outlets,” White House spokesman Adam Abrams wrote in an e-mail response to The Chronicle.

    But barring local reporters from presidential events is not usual at all, according to veterans of past White House press operations and longtime Bay Area journalists.

    Until recently, The Chronicle and other Bay Area papers including the Oakland Tribune and the San Jose Mercury News regularly served as local pool reporters in their home regions, feeding coverage of events to other media. Local journalists generally know big-monied donors and political players best.

    Nicolle Wallace, a former press secretary to Republican President George W. Bush, called the ban “idiotic … inexplicable on the politics side, let alone the press side.”

    “For a Democrat to go to San Francisco and not invite the local press is like George W. Bush going to Crawford, Texas” and doing the same, she said. “This is a place where people want to be reminded about what they love about the guy.”

    Chris Lehane, a former spokesman for Democratic President Bill Clinton, was also baffled by the move, saying they always had local pools.

    “It’s not only the right thing to do in terms of respecting the Fourth Estate, but it typically translates into better press coverage,” he said. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that access results in the occupying of more real estate in the newspaper and on television.”

    Ken Lisaius, who oversaw local White House press coverage as a former deputy director of the office of media affairs in the Bush administration, said he “simply can’t recall a time where we didn’t provide for a local pool. It’s part of a transparent and identifiable government.”

    Obama has made headlines during previous fundraisers in San Francisco, as when he told one audience during an April 2008 appearance that small-town voters “cling to guns or religion” – a comment that he was forced to defend for months.

    Earlier this year, the White House threatened to ban The Chronicle from future local pool coverage after political writer Carla Marinucci, serving as a print pool reporter, recorded a video of a protest inside a fundraiser.

    The White House said Marinucci had violated a rule forbidding print reporters from recording video. But there is no such rule. The White House denied making the threat.

    Afterward, First Amendment advocates and new-media experts thought the administration’s concerns about a print reporter shooting video were absurd in an age when anybody with a smart phone can record video.

    “It seems the Obama campaign has calculated that taking a small hit from political reporters being denied access is a safer course of action than opening the event to reporters and cameras and risking an embarrassing YouTube moment,” said former longtime KTVU-TV political editor Randy Shandobil.

  112. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton’s birthday is tomorrow, October 26.

    She will be 64 years young.

    I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, Ms. Hillary! 🙂

    HILLARY CLINTON – Phenomenal Woman by Ruthie Foster


    The Case Against Global-Warming Skepticism
    There were good reasons for doubt, until now.


    Without good answers to all these complaints, global-warming skepticism seems sensible. But now let me explain why you should not be a skeptic, at least not any longer.

    Over the last two years, the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project has looked deeply at all the issues raised above. I chaired our group, which just submitted four detailed papers on our results to peer-reviewed journals. We have now posted these papers online at to solicit even more scrutiny.

  114. West Coast Obot donors are turning on Dear Learder…

    Disappointed Democrats protest Obama’s SF visit
    (10-25) 17:26 PDT SAN FRANCISCO —

    In a powerful display of profound disappointment with President Obama, some of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors gathered Tuesday – not inside his tony San Francisco fundraiser at the W Hotel, but outside on the sidewalks carrying signs in protest of his policies.

    “I don’t even know what he stands for,” said Susie Tompkins Buell, a co-founder of the Esprit de Corps clothing company and one of the most generous Democratic Party donors in the nation – instrumental in backing such powerhouse progressive organizations as the Democracy Alliance and Media Matters.

    Tompkins Buell, a longtime friend of Hillary Rodham Clinton who was among the former presidential candidate’s biggest donors in 2008, has long played a starring role in San Francisco as a hostess for presidents, top legislators and world leaders at fundraisers to generate money for progressive campaign causes.

    But on Tuesday, instead of dining with the elite crowd of about 200 who paid at least $5,000 a head – and up to $7,500 for a photo with the president – at the two-hour luncheon, the Democratic activist, who could easily afford the fundraiser, said it was more important to stand outside with an estimated 1,000 demonstrators.

    Her goal: to urge Obama to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, a proposed 1,700-mile underground conduit linking the tar sand fields in Alberta, Canada to Texas refineries. Environmentalists say the pipeline would result in untold environmental damage. “I think this is a huge issue about our future, about the planet, not just America,” she said. “And he needs to be a leader … to have the awareness of it. To fight for it.”

    David des Jardins, a leading IT consultant who donated $60,000 to Democratic causes in 2010 alone, agreed.

    “The concern of the donor community is that he really doesn’t get the picture of how important this is,” said des Jardins, also protested the Keystone project outside the W.

    Variety of causes

    While the largest faction rallied against the pipeline, there were also anti-war protesters; supporters of Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier accused of giving documents to WikiLeaks; people from the Occupy SF camp and a group protesting the Obama administration’s recent crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries across California.

    While the causes varied, many of the protesters at Third and Howard streets appeared to share a deep disappointment with Obama. While many said they were unprepared to support a Republican presidential candidate next year, some vowed to withhold money, volunteer time and manpower from Obama’s campaign. Others considered sitting out the election altogether.

    “I’m not writing a check to the president until he does something to stop the Keystone pipeline,” said Anna Hawken McKay, wife of Rob McKay – a wealthy philanthropist whose father founded the Taco Bell empire. As she stood on the sidewalk with other protesters, McKay vowed to be part of a protest of 5,000 Americans who will circle the White House on Nov. 6 – a year to the day from the 2012 election.

    With Obama’s approval ratings at an all-time low, the choice of such wealthy Democratic donors to reject the opportunity to dine with their president while protesting his policies underscores his increasingly tenuous relations with his political base.

    “If he says yes (to Keystone), I won’t give him money,” said Michael Kieschnick, president and co-founder of CREDO Mobile and Working Assets, which has donated $60 million to progressive causes, as he stood outside the W Hotel. Added Kieschnick, whose CREDO Action, the activist arm of his cellular service company, rallied a large band of protesters Tuesday: “But I’ll work to defeat his opponent – who will be worse.”

    San Francisco Chronicle

  115. Oooops…. Dear Leader…

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Tell your boss to take a hike and have fun with your Big Dawg and family.

  116. Happy Birthday Madam President HillarY Rodham Clinton. I feel in my bones, your day is near. This country is going to be in one big MESS when you take over. But just like you hit the ground running as SOS, you will do the same as our President.

    I don’t doubt that you have a plan, in fact it is a detailed plan which I know you will monitor, and make ajustment to. You will also win the support of the Reps, and in the General election, you will receive many Rep votes.

    We cannot afford to Screw this up again. How many bad Presidents (Who like pom and circumstance, but not the job), can we survive before our Democracy does not. HRC, we need you, and we need you SOON!

  117. Romney – fakeass PoS, crony capitalist probably would be as bad as Obama except he may feel constrained by personal ethics; a problem Obama clearly does not have.
    Anyone that would put their dog in a crate on top of their car and drive hundreds of miles, taking it down only to sray the poor thing @ a car wash and put him back up and be thrilled that he did this, is NOT restrained by personal ethics!

  118. October 26th, 2011 at 1:52 am


    I’m not sure it was at a car wash, may have been a gas station. Otherwise you’re right!

    Iirc SNopes etc has the details. And links to the puff piece that his family and a supporter wrote about it!
    Somebody should archive that.

  119. Shadowfax re: [Buell] goal: to urge Obama to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, a proposed 1,700-mile underground conduit linking the tar sand fields in Alberta, Canada to Texas refineries.
    I did not know about Keystone XL Pipeline, but it does explain all those oil company ads touting Kerl Oil Sand Project. [What about their unintended oil sand project in the Gulf???}
    It also intensifies my belief that Sarah Palin’s success with Alaskan-supplied oil was a threat to the oil plans of the elite.

  120. Food-borne illnesses, a flu outbreak, hypothermia, sexually transmitted diseases and vermin are just some of the hazards experts say make Occupy Boston a public health disaster waiting to happen — as City Hall turns a blind eye.

    “The longer you’ve got a big group of people in an unsanitary location, the more at risk they’re going to be for infectious diseases. Time is only beginning to tell where this is going to go,” said Janelle Vaesa, a public health researcher who has studied similar deteriorating conditions at Occupy Wall Street in New York.

    San Francisco health officials report they’ve subjected that city’s two Occupy sites to twice-daily inspections, and have found a rash of food, garbage and other sanitation issues.

  121. Absolutely off topic. I’ve been lamenting the poor quality of TV commercials, remembering how entertaining they were in the 1950’s & 60’s. Therefore I really welcomed the following one which it turns out, has been around for awhile.
    J.G. Wentworth Launches New Television Commercial – YouTube
    Uploaded by BusinessWire on Mar 16 2010

    It’s a mini-opera about a telephone number, and performed on a bus.

  122. Hillary I have lived too long to watch our great country being destroyed by a two-bit race baiter being supported by his gathering of share the wealth extremists.I get some pleasure watching pres.candidates from all sides debating and trying to hang on to their seats on the gravy train.In Japan itis called HARAKIRI (self destruction).”AND THEN THERE WERE NONE” except of course President
    Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Happy Birthday Hillary Your country needs you now

  123. HAPPY BDAY HILLARY! You’re the most extraordinary woman of all times! No poses, no hate, but only hard work, pasion and dedication to your country!

    Go to Chelsea’s face book and write a HB message to her.

  124. Found the script used to orchestrate OWS. In the original the role of obama was played by Charlie Chaplin and the protesters by a small child(Save it I believe many of the protesters have a legitimate grievance I just think they are being used.) Wait and see I bet when the time is right the puppeteer will yell action and the shit will hit the fan. People will be distressed. But then low/lo(?) and behold bambi will come riding in on his trusty teleprompter and give a speech and there will be peace in the streets. Hope this plays out like it does in this scene.

  125. Oakland CA riot videos on – among the comments, is this which sounds like one of us!
    18. g h miller
    All brought to by the Obama takeover of the Democratic party – there will be no peace and prosperity in this country until we remove this administration from office and send them all back to the Chicago gangsters who put him in the White House.

    Happy Birthday, Hillary — may you have many, many, many more!!!

  126. Happy birthday, dearest Hillary. No matter how the following breaking news turns out, the initial headline is so appropriate for appearing on your birthday. You gave us ample warning. Perhaps now teh one, or at least some of his minions, will have to pay a price.

    EXCLUSIVE: ACORN Playing Behind Scenes Role In ‘Occupy’ Movement |
    The former New York office for ACORN, the disbanded community activist group, is playing a key role in the self-proclaimed “leaderless” Occupy Wall Street movement, organizing “guerrilla” protest events and hiring door-to-door canvassers to collect money under the banner of various causes while spending it on protest-related activities, sources tell The former director of New York ACORN, Jon Kest, and his top aides are now busy working at protest events for New York Communities for Change (NYCC). That organization was created in late 2009 when some ACORN offices disbanded and reorganized under new names after undercover video exposes prompted Congress to cut off federal funds. NYCC’s connection to ACORN isn’t a tenuous one: It works from the former ACORN offices in Brooklyn, uses old ACORN office stationery, employs much of the old ACORN staff and, according to several sources, engages in some of the old organization’s controversial techniques to raise money, interest and awareness for the protests. Sources said NYCC has hired about 100 former ACORN-affiliated staff members from other cities – paying some of them $100 a day – to attend and support Occupy Wall Street. Dozens of New York homeless people recruited from shelters are also being paid to support the protests, at the rate of $10 an hour, the sources said….

  127. WTF

    I just got a robo-spam email from Donna Brazillnut complaining about poor Barry needing money, bla, bla, bla.

    This was my reply:

    Donna Brazile, don’t start telling me stories about YOUR poor President Obama…you didn’t care about the DNC and Democrats turning on Hillary Clinton, so you made this bed and you now have to sleep in it on your own.
    Don’t send me any more emails.

  128. “I just got a robo-spam email from Donna Brazillnut complaining about poor Barry needing money, bla, bla, bla.”
    Thanks for reading and reporting, mine went directly to trash

  129. Hillary had better be taking a day off and having fun on her Birthday or I am gonna be pist.

    They say it’s her Birthday, Happy Birthday to YOU!

  130. SHV
    October 26th, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    “I just got a robo-spam email from Donna Brazillnut complaining about poor Barry needing money, bla, bla, bla.”
    Thanks for reading and reporting, mine went directly to trash
    I let them come though, I get some enjoyment from watching them beg and suffer.
    Can’t wait until he has to clean out his crap and move out of the Whitehouse.

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