Happy Labor Day From President Zero – Zero Jobs, Zero Hope, Zero Change

Hey workers – you know that big “O” in the Obama logo? It’s not an “O”. Its a zero. That zero logo stands for Zero Jobs, Zero Hope, Zero Change, Zero Fight, Zero Brains, Zero Character, Zero Worldview, Zero Personality, Zero Plan, Zero Future.

Go ahead and vote for him in 2012. See what that gets you. Look how well voting for him has benefited his strongest supporters from 2008. Blacks and young people are doing ever so well under Obama it is hard to know where to begin. Don’t look at the unemployment figures for both groups or you will learn the meaning of dour sarcasm.

Go ahead vote for him. If you haven’t had enough, if you haven’t learned enough, if you haven’t suffered enough – send him your money, if you have any.

Go ahead and vote for him. Go ahead and cheer him on. You’ll hear a lot of Obama’s supporters say “he’s doing the best he can.” But isn’t that the problem? Obama is not up to the job. Obama was never up to the job.

Go ahead and vote for him. Give him a call and tell him what a wonderful job he is doing. Call Obama at 3:00 a.m. – that’s usually the time when he is not at the golf course.

Dear workers, listen to the Obama supporters from 2008 and realize that you are in a workers’ paradise:

“No one, not even the president’s defenders, expect his coming jobs speech to mean anything. When the president spoke during a recent market swoon, the market dropped another 100 points. Democrats may soon have to confront an uncomfortable truth, and ask whether Obama is a suitable choice at the top of the ticket in 2012. They may then have to ask themselves if there’s any way they can push him off the top of the ticket.”

Oops, ignore that quote. Must be a one of those racists who extolled Obama in 2008. Let’s try again with another Obama lover and Hopium dealer:

“MSNBC’s Matt Miller offered “a public service” to journalists talking about Obama — a list of synonyms for cave: “Buckle, fold, concede, bend, defer, submit, give in, knuckle under, kowtow, surrender, yield, comply, capitulate.” [snip]

If the languid Obama had not done his usual irritating fourth-quarter play, if he had presented a jobs plan a year ago and fought for it, he wouldn’t have needed to elevate the setting. How will he up the ante next time? A speech from the space station?

Republicans who are worried about being political props have a point. The president is using the power of the incumbency and a sacred occasion for a political speech.

Obama is still suffering from the Speech Illusion, the idea that he can come down from the mountain, read from a Teleprompter, cast a magic spell with his words and climb back up the mountain, while we scurry around and do what he proclaimed.

The days of spinning illusions in a Greek temple in a football stadium are done. The One is dancing on the edge of one term.

The White House team is flailing — reacting, regrouping, retrenching. It’s repugnant.”

Oops, that didn’t work out too well either. Must be another racist who spent decades attacking Hillary Clinton and years fluffing Barack Obama. We’ll keep looking for something/anything to cheer you workers up and get you all pumped up to vote for Obama. But that is not an easy job. The most positive articles we find are from strung out Hopium junkies down on their luck and other articles which are positive only in the sense that they say Barack Obama is irrelevant.

We want to salute and help you workers today, but we’re fresh out of false Hope. Obama consumed all the false hope there was in 2008. Again, the best we can do is remind you, if you are going to vote for Obama, that “misery loves company” and if you vote for Obama you’ll have a lot of company in the unemployment lines.

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Bah, forget about your selfish need for jobs. The only job that matters to Barack Obama is Barack Obama’s job. Destroy your lives to help him.

* * * * * *

If we appear downbeat and scolding schoolmarmish today it is not because we mean to disrespect you. We wanted to write a traditional ‘Hooray On Labor Day’ anthem. But… we are tainted with reality.

The only Hope we have to offer is Change – to leadership with experience and tenacity. But she is not running… yet.


145 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day From President Zero – Zero Jobs, Zero Hope, Zero Change

  1. From the previous thread:

    jbstonesfan: “Israel was 100% justified in boarding the so called flotilla (see “terror ship”) and the IDF did what any competent army would do under the circumstances.”

    However, if it had been armed palestinians boarding a civilian Israeli (see “Jewish”) ship, your judgment would be 100% reversed. The attackers would then be “terrorists” or “pirates” and the brave Israelis would be “defending” themselves.

    I think this is why so many of us (and Bibi) fear the creation of a Palestinian state, because the palestinians will then have some legal guns on their side and will be able to cry out “defense” on their own behalf.

  2. Cheney: “I wouldn’t want to endorse Hillary Clinton, it may be the kiss of death… for her!”

    When you think about it, that’s a backhanded endorsement of Hillary.

    admin: Still trying to guess your forethoughts about “she’s not running… yet.” You’ve been promising us a series on the subject for a long time now. Hey, it’s September – time to come clean (like Rezko)! Out with it!

  3. Just a continuation of your quote from Matt Stoller. His suggestion of running a host of favorite sons resembles Nader’s idea of running a “slate” of candidates opposing The One on various issues.

    “It would be one thing if Obama were failing because he was too close to party orthodoxy. Yet his failures have come precisely because Obama has not listened to Democratic Party voters. He continued idiotic wars, bailed out banks, ignored luminaries like Paul Krugman, and generally did whatever he could to repudiate the New Deal. The Democratic Party should be the party of pay raises and homes, but under Obama it has become the party of pay cuts and foreclosures. Getting rid of Obama as the head of the party is the first step in reverting to form.

    So why isn’t there a legitimate primary challenger to Obama to make this case? Forty years ago, primaries were instituted in the Democratic Party as a response to party insiders having too much influence over nominations. These reforms were implemented before the prevalence of money in politics was as extreme as it is now. At this point, primary challenges are so expensive that a serious 2012 campaign would ironically require support of party insiders for viability. The party, inflexible as it was in 1968, is perhaps even more rigid today. As a result, no candidate has stepped up to challenge Obama in a primary, even though 32 percent of Democratic voters want one.

    This is an institutional crisis for Democrats. The groups that fund and organize the party — an uneasy alliance of financiers, conservative technology interests, the telecommunications industry, healthcare industries, labor unions, feminists, elite foundations, African-American church networks, academic elites, liberals at groups like MoveOn, the ACLU and the blogosphere — are frustrated, but not one of them has broken from the pack. In remaining silent, they give their assent to the right-wing policy framework that first George W. Bush, and now Barack Obama, cemented in place. It will be nearly impossible to dislodge such a framework without starting within the Democratic Party itself.

    In other words, party inflexibility has a price. If the economy worsens going into the fall, and the president continues as he has to attempt to cut Social Security, Democrats might be facing a Carter-Reagan scenario. Reagan, at first considered a lightweight candidate, ended up winning a landslide victory that devastated the Democratic Party in 1980. Carter wasn’t the only loss; many significant liberal senators, such as George McGovern, John Culver and Birch Bayh, fell that year.

    Today, it’s clear that certain Democratic constituency groups — unions especially — are on their deathbed. A reinvigoration of debate over the nature of the American workplace is desperately needed, yet labor leaders seem to prefer supplicating quietly to politicians who betray them. This is not inevitable. People can show dignity.

    So what can party leaders do? History offers one model. In 1892, the Democratic Party nominated Grover Cleveland, and with sweeping majorities in both houses, Democrats had control of the federal government for the first time since before the Civil War. Then a financial crisis, plus Cleveland’s stubborn allegiance to banking interests, turned his presidency into a catastrophe for Democrats.

    When taking state candidates into account, the 1894 midterm elections were comparable to the 2010 wipeout; Cleveland was disliked so ardently that party leaders pushed him out of running for reelection. Instead the Democrats nominated William Jennings Bryan, who introduced many populist themes into the party and began the ideological transformation that would culminate with the election of Franklin Roosevelt in 1932.

    History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. If a few of the key constituency groups in the Democratic Party publicly wondered whether Obama should run for reelection, rumblings would start. Some organized constituency groups — say some components of the AFL-CIO — would need to announce that their support is up for grabs, based on a clear set of criteria. Given the Obama administration’s rampant anti-labor policies, this wouldn’t be an unreasonable posture. And then a senior politician, like, say, a Tom Harkin, would need to decide that he would want to encourage robust intra-party debate about the party’s future.

    Harkin could run as a “favorite son” of Iowa, and encourage people in the caucuses to send a message to the party and to Obama by choosing him. Other candidates could then emerge in early primary and caucus states, as a way of repudiating Obama’s leadership. Candidates wouldn’t have to pretend to be running for president or be presidential quality; they could simply stand in as favorite sons or daughters of their own geographic area. This would immediately fire up a highly aggressive and needed debate about the direction of the Democratic Party and the country at large. It would build a new set of leaders, and elevate others who would like to distance themselves from the Obama policy agenda.

    In a few months, we’ll know better if Obama still looks like a loser next year. If he does, that does not mean the Democratic Party must follow him down the path to oblivion.

    For Obama, the die is cast. He has put forward his economic program, and it will work to return jobs and income, and get the votes, or it won’t. Knocking on doors won’t change that, nor will a donation in a $6 billion election season. What can change the reality of 2012 is if Richard Trumka, the president of the AFL-CIO, begins to take his job of representing workers seriously, and one or two establishment Democrats who remember liberalism decide to model courage for the younger generation. Then a robust debate can happen. Only by shaking up the current political order will solutions emerge.

    Such debates tend to create institutional reforms — the vibrant antiwar blogosphere of 2002-2006, and eventually the Obama campaign itself, emerged out of such a series of debates. Such a debate would also force the Obama campaign to come up with some answers to questions it would prefer to defer until after the election: Where are the jobs, and what is the plan to stop foreclosures? It would allow millions of Americans who have been hurt — and who have benefited — from administration policies, to have their say.

    I wish I could say I was optimistic that party leaders will step forward and start the debate Democratic voters need. As for many, the last few years have shattered my faith in the political process. Obama has basically endorsed every major plank of George Bush’s administration, yet Democrats still grant their approval. What we’re finding out is that Obama’s pathologically pro-establishment and conflict-averse DNA was funded by party insiders and embraced by liberal constituency groups in 2008 for a reason.

    Political parties need to be flexible enough to allow for new ideas to come into the process, or else third parties or civil disorder are inevitable. All it would take to provide this flexibility are well-known Democratic elders who understand that rank and file Democrats deserve a choice, and a few political insiders who realize that they can increase their own power by encouraging a robust debate. I don’t think this will happen. But just imagine if it did.”

    Matt Stoller is a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute.

  4. Your link to HotAir is a good article too. Funny surreal but altogether real:

    “… warning signs should have come when Obama was negotiating the extension of the Bush tax cuts. Instead of turning the chore over to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, (as he did on so many other issues like the health care law) he appointed himself chief negotiator with the GOP. Obama wanted the middle class tax cuts, but wanted to end the one for the highest rates. The Republicans, on the other hand, wanted all of the tax cuts. So Obama compromised by giving the GOP everything they wanted, which included the piece Obama wanted. I remember doing a radio hit during that period where I characterized the negotiations like this:

    REPUBLICANS: OK, Mr. President. What we want is for you to buy us this really expensive dinner, complete with filet mignon, truffles and a bottle of sixty year old scotch. We know it’s expensive, but if you’ll do this, we’ll let you buy us lunch too. And that’s going to cost a lot less.

    OBAMA: (scratching chin) Well… I really did want to buy you lunch. OK. I’ll take it!

    Not exactly Donald Trump level deal making skills on display there…

    There were more examples where his base was disheartened, but they were just leading up to the speech debacle this week. Without rehashing the entire thing, it was one of the most childish, petulant displays of an ineffective temper tantrum I’ve seen in ages. But perhaps the worst part – at least in the eyes of his progressive supporters – was that he once again immediately backed down the moment Boehner showed the slightest sign of resistance. And now he is scheduling one of the most rare of Washington occasions – an address to a joint session of Congress which is not the State of the Union speech – and even his die-hard supporters seem to be considering watching a re-run of Benny Hill that night instead. Nobody seems to think this will be more than another flaccid campaign appearance which will waste one of the chief executives’ most powerful tools for zero results.

    Moves like this leave the Democrats adrift in terms of strategy, with the titular head of their party effectively Missing in Action on the political battlefield. Is it any wonder so many of them are throwing up their hands in dismay? It’s not that Obama isn’t pursuing the correct policies to make them happy. It’s that he’s completely ineffective in getting any of them accomplished, despite controlling the White House and the upper chamber of Congress.

    All of this brings us back our joint entry and exit question: can a sitting president ever become completely irrelevant in American politics? And has Barack Obama already achieved that dubious distinction?”

  5. Critical mass was reached last week with the failed dirty trick/historical politicized joint session/pissing and moaning anonymously race and religion baiting. It all jelled and it was ugly.

    After trying to use the horrifying unemployment crisis to tease the nation that he was actually going to think about it, maybe, he announces that he is going to make a big speech to solve all our woes, maybe later, after vacation. He schleps back into town after Mother Nature and the US military tells him he has to fly in a day early or he can ride out the storm and sweat with no A/C.

    With his staff hard at work the big question is where to deliver his opus. There is no speech written because there is no policy, but first things first. The Republicans have been getting too much ink and air time while he has been playing golf and fighting with Michelle. This Perry guy has been swaggering around and talking way too much. How can Obama show everyone that he is the boss of everything, that the media should pay attention only to him, and that the Tea Party congress are evil obstructionist racists.

    With plan hatched quickly, hey they just came off vacation, a call is made to Boehner saying a request in in the fax machine. Boehner says whatever. Then it is leaked to the press to catch Boehner flatfooted. The Speakers office says nada for several hours. Success! Mr. Speaker says maybe later alligator. Have you ever heard of a Congressional calender. And by the way we cannot guarantee your personal safety because you are historic and a chicken.

    Talking points have been sent out during the interim. The conservative media has them all lined up while the White House was running around high fiving and doing end-zone dances. It seems DC runs on a calender that is set sometime in advance for Congress critters who have to fly in from Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon and other weird places. Not all Congressmen can bike to work. Then there is the issue of co-equal branches of government. It sounds familiar but most of the WH was truant or stoned that day in high school. Up pops the issue of protocol and courtesy. They don’t have that in Chicago so this too was a new concept.

    After immediately caving, the big issue became can the NFL reschedule the football game? The answer was NO. So it was decreed that the speech (which is not written) about a policy (that he has not thought about) will be held during dinner time in front of Congress before a football game. Maybe the speech can be catered.

    The hubris, idiocy, whining, backbiting coming out of the WH was disgusting. The disappointment, distrust, dislike, impatience, incredulity, and out right hostility coalesced last week over something that in the issues facing this nation is miniscule. Another &@$(ing speech. He cannot even do that anymore. It is time to announce he is not running again.

  6. The cherry on top was he blew up his jobs speech like a suicide bomber and then the August jobs report came out, its almost as if he’s trying to throw the 2012 election, its like the person that wants to quit but doesnt want to say i failed. Its like a cry for help “please take me out of this”, it really seems like his sub-concious is taking over. He wants to go back to his quiet life of golfing and holidays.

  7. Great thinking by Stoller. But what exactly does he mean by this?


    What we’re finding out is that Obama’s pathologically pro-establishment and conflict-averse DNA was funded by party insiders and embraced by liberal constituency groups in 2008 for a reason.

  8. Mormaer – Too funny! Wherever did you find that?

    moon – He’s got all the golfing and holidays as it is, with a $1 million a year expense account to pay for Me-Shell’s holidays and other major contingencies. If he retired at 51, he wouldn’t have the expense account any more and would have to pay for the golfing basketball holidays out of a measley $400,000 or less, or put the missus to work. I’m sure he’d rather have another four years of goofing off at our expense and retire at the more seemly age of 55.

  9. The cherry on top was he blew up his jobs speech like a suicide bomber and then the August jobs report came out, its almost as if he’s trying to throw the 2012 election, its like the person that wants to quit but doesnt want to say i failed.


    I read that as “the cherry bomb on top”!

    Nice thought about him maybe wanting to quit. He’s been throwing the whole fight he was elected for, so maybe he’s got in the habit so he’ll throw re-election too?

    His backers would probably like that fine (if the GOP nominates Romney). But unfortunately I doubt they’d let him throw the primary.

  10. We have forgotten about this, its absolutely correct and another reason, things will get worse.


    WASHINGTON (AP) — The job market is even worse than the 9.1 percent unemployment rate suggests.

    America’s 14 million unemployed aren’t competing just with each other. They must also contend with 8.8 million other people not counted as unemployed — part-timers who want full-time work.

    When consumer demand picks up, companies will likely boost the hours of their part-timers before they add jobs, economists say. It means they have room to expand without hiring.

    And the unemployed will face another source of competition once the economy improves: Roughly 2.6 million people who aren’t counted as unemployed because they’ve stopped looking for work. Once they start looking again, they’ll be classified as unemployed. And the unemployment rate could rise.

    Intensified competition for jobs means unemployment could exceed its historic norm of 5 percent to 6 percent for several more years. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office expects the rate to exceed 8 percent until 2014. The White House predicts it will average 9 percent next year, when President Barack Obama runs for re-election.

    The jobs crisis has led Obama to schedule a major speech Thursday night to propose steps to stimulate hiring. Republican presidential candidates will likely confront the issue in a debate the night before.

    The back-to-back events will come days after the government said employers added zero net jobs in August. The monthly jobs report, arriving three days before Labor Day, was the weakest since September 2010.

    Combined, the 14 million officially unemployed; the “underemployed” part-timers who want full-time work; and “discouraged” people who have stopped looking make up 16.2 percent of working-age Americans.

    The Labor Department compiles the figure to assess how many people want full-time work and can’t find it — a number the unemployment rate alone doesn’t capture.

    In a healthy economy, this broader measure of unemployment stays below 10 percent. Since the Great Recession officially ended more than two years ago, the rate has been 15 percent or more.

    The proportion of the work force made up of the frustrated part-timers has risen faster than unemployment has since the recession began in December 2007.

    That’s because many companies slashed workers’ hours after the recession hit. If they restored all those lost hours to their existing staff, they’d add enough hours to equal about 950,000 full-time jobs, according to calculations by Heidi Shierholz, an economist at the Economic Policy Institute.

    That’s without having to hire a single employee.

    read on……………………….

  11. Seriously, if he fluffs this jobs speech on Thursday, i’ll be convinced he’s doing it deliberately, it is like like that employee you have that constantly screws up because they want you to fire them and not quit.

  12. jeswezey
    September 5th, 2011 at 8:30 am
    Mormaer – Too funny! Wherever did you find that?

    Where did I find what? Maybe I can answer specifically.

  13. Mormaer – I mean the diatribe you posted just above, beginning “Critical mass was reached last week with the failed dirty trick/historical politicized joint session/pissing and moaning anonymously race and religion baiting. It all jelled and it was ugly.”

    Maybe you didn’t find it funny or I have a twisted sense of humor.

  14. “it is like that employee you have that constantly screws up because he wants you to fire them rather than quit.”

    Makes sense. Actually, it’s encouraging…

    But incidentally, you say we’ve forgotten about the real unemployment numbers, but I haven’t. There are people here (I’m in France now) who buy the ‘slow recovery’ nonsense coming out of the US because they see 9% unemployment, which is the level of unemployment France and other European countries have sustained for decades, so they say “So what?” I have a hard time explaining to them that unemployment is calculated differently in the US.

    Anyway, with the figures you forward in your quote, I can now explain more factually. Thanks.

  15. jeswezey
    September 5th, 2011 at 9:04 am
    I am glad you found it funny because sometimes I wake up in a very sarcastic mood. Instead of popping off at my wife while I drink coffee, which does not usually end well, I will write to vent frustration. I sometimes do it for work but having received the silent treatment, files thrown at me, and occasionally crying I try to keep it to a minimum. It seems that the stars have aligned against our dear president and I admit to vacillating between hilarity and disgust. It seems a lot of scriveners are disgusted.

  16. “they want you to fire them and not quit.”

    Now here’s a thought-

    Firing results in a 6 wk penalty before you are able to collect unemployment, so I’ve heard. Do you think Obama has been dawdling because he is reviewing the unemployment eligibility rules?

    If he were considered layed-off- he would file with unemployment, wait a minimum of a week, before he received his first check the following week.

    On the other hand, if he announced he WILL NOT RUN for a second term, then would that be considered quitting?

    I think it would- Then again knowing him, he could never opt waiting six weeks for a paycheck.

    The Third option would be if Obama was diagnosed with a medical condition considered chronic and permanently disabling. He, therefore would be eligible for a higher payout and would avoid the “quitting” penalty because as we know, it’s never Obama’s fault.

    I am curious though, if a debilitating medical condition would mean ‘NO MO Golfing’ in order to collect a higher paycheck premium until he’s 65- which do you think Obama would choose?

  17. Obama hosting and trial balooning his jobs speech at a labor day union parade in Detroit, talk about contradictions.

    He hosts his jobs speech in a city which is 82.7% black (friendly audience or what), on labor day of all days with union audience in a city with one of the worst rates of unemployment in the country. Talk about complete slap in your face. Preaching to the sheeple, now thats Audacity.

  18. Pursuant to Stoller’s proposal, Tom Harkin was already a presidential contender in 1992, later supporting WJC. He indeed could be a good stalking horse and dump Waffles right at the outset in his home state of Iowa.

  19. Mrs. Smith – Labor law is for the little folk. I think a POTUS gets full pay till death whether he quits or not. He doesn’t get the perks, though, like the expense account, 300-room house and a 747 all to himself and another for the Mrs.

  20. jeswezey
    September 5th, 2011 at 10:40 am

    Mrs. Smith – Labor law is for the little folk. I think a POTUS gets full pay till death whether he quits or not. He doesn’t get the perks, though, like the expense account, 300-room house and a 747 all to himself and another for the Mrs.

    I was just kidding anyway, jeswezey. I’m not kidding though, about what I was thinking when Obama was touring the countryside in his new Canadian made Tour Bus- How wonderful for him to have ordered the 2 (now hardly used) new buses for use by Hillary and Bill and the Secret Service… with a few alterations, like doing something about the BLACK exterior.. Something friendly rather than race oriented..I think would work out well.

  21. MoonOnPluto, regarding your theory of Obama as the employee who deliberately wants to be fired. There is another possible explanation: Possibly he wants a Nobel Prize for Boobery! That prize he would deserve and won legitimately. 🙂

  22. Mrs. Smith
    September 5th, 2011 at 10:53 am

    I think the bus should be PINk! and HILLARY IS 44 on the side.

    September 5th, 2011 at 11:26 am


  23. Labor Day gloom from Samuelson:


    “On this Labor Day, there is little good news about labor. We have entered a long period of crushing unemployment and downward pressure on wages that may well transform the nation’s economic and political landscape. There was no job growth in August, and the overall numbers are stupefying: 14 million unemployed; nearly 9 million part-time workers wanting full-time jobs; 6.5 million who want jobs but have given up looking and are, therefore, not counted in the official labor force. People are only gradually recognizing the magnitude of the problem. [snip]

    To reduce unemployment, the economy must create enough new jobs to absorb the existing out-of-work and entrants into the labor market. Shierholz has calculated how many jobs would be needed to lower unemployment (9.1 percent in August) to 5 percent over five years. Her estimate: 16.9 million. That’s an average of 282,000 jobs a month. The trouble is that this rate of job creation far exceeds the present level (105,000 a month since early 2010) or even the level (240,000) achieved during the boom between 1993 and 2000.

    You can tinker with Shierholz’s assumptions, but the main conclusion doesn’t change. Even with rapid job growth, unemployment will descend slowly. With sluggish growth — or another recession — it may remain high indefinitely. There are no quick fixes. Unemployment will increasingly define our economic prospects and politics.

    It’s not only the jobless who will be affected.”

  24. Trump:


    Donald Trump may have passed on a presidential bid for now, but his supporters intend to keep hope alive.

    Trump’s top political operative, Michael Cohen, who founded the website, ShouldTrumpRun.com has morphed it into a so-called 527 group, which is allowed to raise money for political activities and issue advocacy.

    Cohen says the purpose of the group is to continue to encourage Trump, who announced in May that he would not seek the Republican presidential nomination, to change his mind and run. Trump has been hinting he might jump into the race as an independent.

    “Americans are tired of listening to the same, old promises election year after election year,” Cohen told ABC News. “Mr. Trump’s positions resonate with the American people because they are no-nonsense, straightforward and practical.”

    Cohen, who is an executive vice president and special counsel at the Trump Organization, said the group will continue to promote the principles and issues that Trump espouses. And he predicted that it would “raise an enormous among of money right away.”

    The new group, Should Trump Run, Inc., was filed on Thursday as a California non-profit by attorney Paul Jensen of Jensen and Associates and is headquartered in Orange County. Cohen said the group would “fully comply with all IRS rules and regulations.”

    The plan is for the group to cultivate grassroots support among Trump’s supporters. The original ShouldTrumpRun site attracted over 1.5 million visitors.

  25. Disgusting!

    Could the “Entitled” Elect Obama?

    Tait Trussell
    Sep 5th, 2011

    Although a dismal economic forecast spells defeat for Obama in 2012, a huge proportion of people ignorant of political issues or dependent on government handouts, or both, will support him.

    A CNN reporter recently asked First Lady Michelle Obama about the 2012 election, “It’s going to be quite vicious, isn’t it? How do you prepare for that?” Her answer: “You know, it’s…we’re ready…Fortunately, we have help from the media.”

    This election season, just as in 2008, journalists have partnered fully with the Left, as a CNSNews.com commentary points out. The politically ignorant supporting Obama will comprise millions counting on federal programs. The Federal Catalog of Domestic Assistance (FCDA) lists 2,185 federal assistance programs for specialized groups and individuals. The most familiar entitlement programs, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, are not even included in that listing. These three programs, plus the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Supplemental Security Insurance, altogether, cover more than 100 people.

    Many of those depending on Federal entitlements are misinformed, ignorant, over-promised and have been lied to for 2 ½ years. For instance, in the Sept. 2 Wall Street Journal, Stephen Moore wrote “Congressional Research study finds that per unit of electricity produced, for every two cents of tax subsidy for Big Oil, Big Green (wind and solar) get close to $1 in handouts.

    The Administration’s myth of “Green” energy is almost universally believed by voters. Obama has told us renewable energy will replace fossil fuels. But they won’t, even though heavily subsidized, as they are today.

    A huge voting block, the elderly, has been told by Democrats and the media repeatedly that Republicans want to “end Medicare as we know it.” No one provides the truth that Republicans are trying to save Medicare before it goes bust.

    Ignorance abounds among some of Obama’s strongest supporters, Subjects in Harlem, interviewed after the 2008 election, when prompted, said they like Obama because of his stand for the surge in Iraq and for abortion, neither of which he supported. They even said they approved of his “vice presidential choice of Sarah Palin.”

    True democracy demands an informed public. “Voters who lack sufficient knowledge may be manipulated by the elites,” according to Ilya Somin, assistant professor of law at George Mason School of Law. It is true today as in past election cycles, he told me. Probably much more so today.

    “Scholars have long documented the limits of voter knowledge about the institutions and policies of government,” Somin has written. Today’s federal government, under Barack Obama, is more enormous than it has ever been. Never before have so many Americans been dependent on its largess.

    So, our Pied Piper President leads the “have-nots” and labor unionists, deeply resentful of the capitalist millionaire and billionaire “haves.” All, of course, have jet airplanes.


  26. Obama slap…..

    Perry says wife says “on Sun morning u won’t see my husband playing golf. he’ll be at church”

  27. No Labor Day is complete without the cynically brutal “Salt of the Earth”


    Lets drink to the hard working people
    Lets drink to the lowly of birth
    Raise your glass to the good and the evil
    Lets drink to the salt of the earth

    Say a prayer for the common foot soldier
    Spare a thought for his back breaking work
    Say a prayer for his wife and his children
    Who burn the fires and who still till the earth

    And when I search a faceless crowd
    A swirling mass of gray and
    Black and white
    They don’t look real to me
    In fact, they look so strange

    Raise your glass to the hard working people
    Lets drink to the uncounted heads
    Lets think of the wavering millions
    Who need leaders but get gamblers instead

    Spare a thought for the stay-at-home voter
    His empty eyes gaze at strange beauty shows
    And a parade of the gray suited grafters
    A choice of cancer or polio

    And when I look in the faceless crowd
    A swirling mass of grays and
    Black and white
    They don’t look real to me
    Or don’t they look so strange

    Lets drink to the hard working people
    Lets think of the lowly of birth
    Spare a thought for the rag taggy people
    Lets drink to the salt of the earth

    Lets drink to the hard working people
    Lets drink to the salt of the earth
    Lets drink to the two thousand million
    Lets think of the humble of birth

  28. NewMexicoFan
    September 5th, 2011 at 11:34 am

    Mrs. Smith
    September 5th, 2011 at 10:53 am

    I think the bus should be PINk! and HILLARY IS 44 on the side.

    Obama SO does not represent America or Americans. We never see anything but a black suit and golf clubs. Obama is consciously or unconsciously sublimating our identity as Americans

    I found a wonderful picture of our flag. Our poor flag has been so forlorn almost forgetting who we are within the colors of the Red and White Stripes waving in a Starry field of Blue.

    The reason I liked this painting is because it’s worn yet resilient representing all we’ve been though..the Wars, the austerity presented us by this president.

    When you view this picture in an enlargement.. you feel the depth in meaning the artist captured so beautifully in the layers of paint…


  29. JanH: “Could the “Entitled” Elect Obama?”

    Quite an article. Someone has quoted Mencken several times here: “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

  30. Slept in late on this holiday from work, grabbed some java and went to my garden to see what was up on the blog and nets… What a wonderful surprise to see Admins newish post. Insightful and chocked full of humor, what a way to start out my morning! Thanks Admin, high fives from the space station !!!!!

  31. admin: Still trying to guess your forethoughts about “she’s not running… yet.” You’ve been promising us a series on the subject for a long time now. Hey, it’s September – time to come clean (like Rezko)! Out with it!


    Me too, I can’t wait to hear why September is the due date, and this is LABOR day!

  32. Just reported on Fox News…at a Detroit rally for Obama to preview his joke of a jobs bill, Jimmy Hoffa Jr. warming up the crowd said of the GOP and the Tea Party “Let’s take these sons of b-tches out!” This is a clear incitement to violence which Obama must condemn at once. If he does not, then he is a rank hypocrite accusing conservatives of incivility and incitment as part of his attempt to politicize the Gabby Giffords shooting.

  33. Excellent post as usual. As for the ologo-

    you know that big “O” in the Obama logo? It’s not an “O”. Its a zero.

    Back in the 08 I always thought he ripped off the Pepsi logo. Thought he did it on purpose to get the younger crowd that drinks Pepsi. I grew up drinking Coca-Cola. But I voted for “The Real Democrat” too.

  34. full quote, front page of DRUDGE :

    Jimmy Hoffa: ‘President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of bitches out ‘…


  35. Obama just tipped his hand on tv.

    He is going to try to blame the Republican congress for all of the joblessness.

    Is this a preview of his speech to Congress on Thursday?..Good luck with that…..it’ll be a freakoid disaster.

  36. Listening to Obama giving the most partisan speech I’ve ever heard

    Obama says of Detroit “he sees a City that is coming back” bwahahahahahah, when the year 3000.

    This is one of the worst speeches ever, its incoherent again.

  37. Lucky for prez that our stock market was closed today. Lucky that USPS default within sight broke on the weekend. Lucky that key Al Qaeda operative (yes, they never seem to run out of them) has been killed. The latter is what we will here tonight and tomorrow morning.

  38. “it is like that employee you have that constantly screws up because he wants you to fire them rather than quit.”
    This analogy works if Obama is smart enough to drive his own wagon, I think he has been carried on others backs so long he thinks others will continue to do the hard lifting while he escapes to the golf greens and expensive vacation spots. Besides that, what ‘job’ title will he hold in the future if he is a one termer and looks weak compared to his rivals the Clintons? Maybe he can buddy up with a sports team and be given some phony title?

  39. Sept 5, 2011 (immediately preceding Obama’s Labor Day remarks)

    Hoffa: “We gotta to keep an eye on the battle that we face-—a war on workers. You see it everywhere and it is the Tea Party. And you know there’s only one way to beat and win that war. The one thing about working people is we like a good fight, and you know what, they got a war, they got a war with us, and there is only gonna be one winner, and it’s going to be the workers of Michigan and America. We are gonna win that war…..

    Pres Obama, This is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these SOB’s [Hoffa uses the full phrase] out and give America back to America where we belong. Thank you very much.”

  40. Mormaer

    I am glad you found it funny because sometimes I wake up in a very sarcastic mood. Instead of popping off at my wife while I drink coffee, which does not usually end well, I will write to vent frustration.

    Best to pop-off here, I thoroughly enjoyed it too.

  41. The new group, Should Trump Run, Inc., was filed on Thursday as a California non-profit by attorney Paul Jensen of Jensen and Associates and is headquartered in Orange County. Cohen said the group would “fully comply with all IRS rules and regulations.”

    Thanks for this post Admin, are you warming up to Trump. 😉
    I wonder what would happen to this money if he doesn’t run?

    I hope he runs if our girl flips the primary the bird,

    and Trump couldn’t jump into the race until May as an independent, he has plenty of money he would put in, is on tv all the time with his policies, writing a new book with this info and his fear is if he doesn’t pull off enough votes over Baracko, he may split the Rep vote and it would help the big zero win the election.

  42. Shadowfax: “…what ‘job’ title will he hold in the future if he is a one termer…”

    As Waffles himself once said (and he was right!), once you’re president, you’re always president (ie, people refer to former presidents as “president”, or “governor” for Palin and so forth). So his ‘job title’ remains ‘president’.

    But your idea of doing “0” Pepsi commercials, golf club manufacturer or rooting for a particular basketball team would probably appeal to him – easy way to make an extra buck. And remember, the motto on his desk is “The bucks stop here!”

  43. in the Sept. 2 Wall Street Journal, Stephen Moore wrote “Congressional Research study finds that per unit of electricity produced, for every two cents of tax subsidy for Big Oil, Big Green (wind and solar) get close to $1


    If there is any truth to this at all, pls note that he’s saying “per unit of electricity produced”. Green subsidies are for DEVELOPING NEW SOURCES.

  44. moononpluto – You often have an inside track on TV appearances and yet I thought you lived in Turkey or somewhere. How do you do it, do you have worldwide cable or something? I’m in France and everything comes in video snatches after the fact, or is reported in this blog. Those are the only handles I have on zero-land and its TV unrealities.

  45. No Labor Day is complete without the cynically brutal “Salt of the Earth”

    Yup, all these working class soldiers should have to work until they drop, raise the age of their Social Security, take away their benefits, bargaining rights, and don’t let them have the same tax breaks as the elites. Keep them on that hamster wheel until they are bitter, broken and disrespected.

    Barry is the enemy of the working class.

  46. moononpluto
    September 5th, 2011 at 2:45 pm
    I have a 3m motorised dish with about 5000 channels, i can find all sorts of shit.

    You found Barry’s speech and Jr. Hoffa’s rant…that is a lotta SHIT 😉

  47. More desired spending by the woman of delusion…

    Rep. Maxine Waters Calls For A Trillion-Dollar Jobs Program

    “I’m talking about a jobs program of a trillion dollars or more. We’ve got to put Americans to work. That’s the only way to revitalize this economy. When people work they earn money, they spend that money, and that’s what gets the economy up and going,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) told NBC’s “Meet the Press.


    She’s from CA…oh what a shocker….not.

  48. Twitter is an instant source for what news is happening now- If you have the right cues plugged in- apparently, she does…

  49. I’m glad the crowd standing/sitting in front of Hoffa weren’t really in tune with his words like war and rallying the troops around calling each other SOBs!

    The audience response seemed like young voice responders-

  50. #
    September 5th, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Twitter is good, it can give you good advance warning of whats up.

    Exactly- I remember when Egypt was blowing up- you were getting much appreciated news that hadn’t even reached the wires yet from people on the ground there..

  51. Hoffa: ‘President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of bitches out ‘…


    Dangerous words and correct, Gaby Giffords is the reminder- I hope people don’t fall for this! Obama the ‘USER’ having people do his dirty work for him.

    Someone needs to SPANK Hoffa! You’ll need both hands, I’m afraid!

  52. #
    September 5th, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    Hey what can i say, have to keep all my girls and boys informed.

    Yes, and we give our source {{hugs}} everyday!

  53. and if you are in any doubt, we he refers to “lets take those bitches out”, he means us here at Big Pink also.

  54. Nevermind the POs they intend on closing down- This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of- As it is- we usually only have one or two the most, postal clerks on duty in our post office..

    Postal Service Is Nearing Default as Losses Mount


    September 4, 2011

    The United States Postal Service has long lived on the financial edge, but it has never been as close to the precipice as it is today: the agency is so low on cash that it will not be able to make a $5.5 billion payment due this month and may have to shut down entirely this winter unless Congress takes emergency action to stabilize its finances.


  55. #
    September 5th, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    and if you are in any doubt, we he refers to “lets take those bitches out”, he means us here at Big Pink also.

    His cod piece isn’t big enough… 🙂

  56. Look at this in NY… and Hoffa advocating armies and take-outs. He’s watching too much TV.. sure ain’t a vegan- Drunk on pop-corn and potato chips…

    31 people shot citywide in 48 hours


    Last Updated: 3:03 PM, September 5, 2011

    In one of the bloodiest weekends in recent city history, 31 people were brutally shot in roughly 48 hours this weekend — including three kids at a house party-turned-shooting gallery in The Bronx.

    25 people had been shot as of Sunday night, but by early Monday morning, six more people were shot in three separate incidents in Brooklyn.

    Four people were shot at 12:45 a.m. at what appeared to be a barbecue on East 54th Street. One of the victims, 18-year-old Tyrief Gary, has died. The other three are in stable condition.


    A man and a woman were each shot in the chest at 4:24 a.m. and 6 a.m., the first at Linden Boulevard and Nostrand Ave and the second at 57 Empire Boulevard. Both victims were taken to Kings County hospital where they’re in critical condition.

    Police sources believe the three shootings this morning are connected to the pre-dawn festivities leading up to today’s West Indian Day parade. The traditional celebration, known as J’ouvert, has been the scene of numerous shootings in the past, although cops have had it under control in recent years.

    Calling the chilling violence “just unconscionable,” Mayor Bloomberg demanded that the feds step up their efforts to get illegal weapons off the streets.

    “We just cannot continue to have these guns in the hands of kids who don’t understand the value of human life,” he said.

    Two dozen of the victims were shot in 13 incidents between 6 a.m. Saturday and 6 a.m. yesterday, authorities said.

    More than half of those were wounded — one fatally — within a five-hour stretch, from 3 to 8 a.m. yesterday.


  57. But your idea of doing “0″ Pepsi commercials, golf club manufacturer or rooting for a particular basketball team would probably appeal to him


    And he’d have some great moralistic preachy reason for it, too! To keep alive the spirit of what our generation shared in 2008, or something.

    Actually after 2008 Pepsi changed their logo to look more like Obama’s, and started appealing to his young bots with “do good” polls etc. So there may already be some collusion there. Maybe he got permission from Pepsi for his logo in the first place, maybe they combined their pitches.

  58. Administrator, kudos for playing “Salf Of The Earth” which most causual rock fans have never heard of. 🙂

  59. “Administrator, kudos for playing “Salf Of The Earth” which most causual rock fans have never heard of.”

    True, I had never heard it.

  60. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/tobyharnden/100103267/will-barack-obama-condemn-joe-biden-and-jimmy-hoffa-for-calling-republicans-barbarians-and-sons-of-bitches/

    Will Barack Obama condemn Joe Biden and Jimmy Hoffa for calling Republicans ‘barbarians’ and ‘sons of bitches’

    I enjoy political hardball as much as the next reporter. It’s barely concealed truth that campaign reporters, like the operatives we cover, love negative campaigning and revel in OTT insults and martial rhetoric. Even candidates often lapse into the language of “rip his throat out”, “tear his eyes out” or “drive a stake through her heart”.

    It’s no secret either that many Republicans despise Democrats with a passion and vice versa. Just as British MPs hide their contempt of their opponents by referring to them as “the honourable member’, American politicians have their own, albeit less formal, ways of masking their true feelings with anodyne language for public consumption.

    But the statements today by Jimmy Hoffa Jr and Vice President Joe Biden demean the presidency and, tactically speaking, are stupid own goals.

    Hoffa, the Teamsters president, was warming up a Detroit crowd when he said: “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of a bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.”

    Biden, whose mouth has long been a liability for Obama, was at an AFL-CIO rally when he told union members: “You are the only folks keeping the barbarians from the gates…the other side has declared war on labour’s house.”

    These comments were not nearly as bad as the statement last week by Congressman Andre Carson last week that members of the Tea Party want black people “hanging from a tree”. Let’s not get too sanctimonious here – they’re fairly common sentiments behind the scenes on both sides of the political divide.

    The difference, of course, is that they were uttered publicly by someone chosen by the White House to introduce Obama and by the sitting vice-president at a time when Obama is calling for a bipartisan coming together to tackle the economy. To add to their foolishness, they follow on from Obama’s sensible call in January for “civility” in public discourse and for people to talk “in a way that heals, not a way that wounds”.

    Hoffa’s comments were much worse than Biden’s, though the vice-president’s demeanour suggests he could be a liability on the campaign trail (I’d wager there’s a campaign plan for him to be used only in “rev up the base” type events). Put together, they are embarrassing enough to require an apology from Obama.

    But will Obama have the political and moral courage to repudiate a powerful union boss and his own vice-president?

  61. I post this only to show that I truly believe that the average Palestinians holds a more peaceful view of relations with Israelis than their leaders and terrorist groups. It is unfortunate that what they want matters very little in the hostile Arab political climate of today.

    85% of Palestinians interested in cooperation with Israel

    Far fewer Jordanians and Moroccans want to cooperate with Israel.

    5 September 11
    Lilach Weissman

    85% of Palestinian residents in the West Bank are interested in cooperation with Israel, according to a survey by Geocartography Knowledge ahead of the regional cooperation conference, chaired by Minister of Galilee and Negev Development Silvan Shalom.
    The survey examined Palestinian attitudes about cooperation with Israel. It found that as Palestinians’ geographical proximity and familiarity with Israel increased, there was greater willingness to cooperate, and vice versa.

    The survey asked 1,000 people living between Jenin and Hebron whether they were interested in joint projects with Israel in several fields, including humanitarian aid, emergencies (such as rescue teams in case of fires or earthquakes), sewage, water, and electricity, as well as social issues, such as exchanges of youth delegations and soccer games.

    Similar to the results of the Palestinian survey, Israeli respondents expressed willingness for greater regional cooperation, but at a lower percentage of 65-80%. While most Palestinians in the West Bank expressed willingness for all types of cooperation, there was a marked decline in favor of cooperation in Arab states. 25-40% of respondents in Jordan were interested in joint projects with Israel, and 20% of respondents in Morocco expressed such willingness.

    The results indicate a reverse correlation between greater information about Israel based on media sources rather than personal familiarity and the willingness to cooperate with Israel. Local pollsters conducted the surveys in the Arab countries; each survey included 1,000 respondents.

    While the survey found that the decisive majority of West Bank Palestinians want continued relations with Israel, it also shows a gap between the public’s position and the position of the political leaders, who do not want direct official cooperation. For example, the Palestinian national economy minister was fired two years ago after media leaks that he had met Silvan Shalom.

    Participants at the regional cooperation conference said that most Israeli-Palestinian ties are held through mediators and international parties. The conference gave an award to Quartet Emissary to the Middle East Tony Blair, who is a critical personality in establishing Israeli-Palestinian ties.


  62. moononpluto
    September 5th, 2011 at 1:38 pm
    Has Obama gone all jive lingo in his Detroit speech, sure looks like it.

    September 5th, 2011 at 1:43 pm
    He’s screaming like some deranged harpie on tv.

    moononpluto…if you get a chance take a look at the Obama scriptures series above and the funnier one posted and highlighted in a thread or two back…

    based on what you described seeing today (me, too!)…it would be funny to see one of those cartoon clips (in character) with ‘Jive Obama’ doin his thing…er, giving his presidential speeches…(he sure knows how to turn it on and off at will)

  63. It’s hard to imagine how BO survives the dueling flaming spokes-idiots remarks today.

    Biden calls American “barbarians at the gates” followed by Hoffa calling for war against Americans.

    BO got away with it in the past because the press allowed him to “distance” himself from his advisers and ran with the meme that they weren’t speaking for him.

    It’s hard to see how even the most diehard MSM obots can ignore the fact that BO was sitting there as Hoffa made his vile remarks. And, even if the MSM gives him another pass it’s hard to see how most Americans won’t be turned off by this.

    It looks and sounds absolutely desperate.

  64. I just watched the clip (refuse to listen to live coverage of BO on TV) and he used the term “straight-shooters” when asking if there were repubs willing to fly in the face of general consensus and side with him.

    Think he’ll be flagged by MSM for violent rhetoric use?

    What a POS. Honestly, if they pull any violent cr@p they will have their a$$es handed to them. Just a hunch. Bo and the dims are going down in 2012.

    502 days to go unless we get lucky and he resigns.

  65. I agree 100% Basil. Someone has to step out front and remind them this is not the new America we want.

    Obama absolutely revels in divisive rhetoric always putting the onus of getting the job done on someone else. In this case he’s attacking Congress when small business knows all to well, it’s his restrictive regulations he’s put in place that is the JOBS KILLER!

    He fights like a girl and doesn’t know how to work. What he does know is how to take vacations and T-up for another wasted afternoon.

  66. S
    September 5th, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    The scriptures series are hilarious. Jo By-Den.. haha!

    Kept that window open to listen to the ones I missed..

    Thanks for posting it-

  67. You trickster admin –

    The last video you posted was black inside the frame (I must be a racist) and there was no lead in title….made me watch Barry talkin’ to his little kook aid drinkers…

    Yea, his jobs bill is to spend MORE of our tax money for the shovel ready jobs he spent almost a trillion dollars a short time ago, that Joe was going to watch over night and day…that weren’t as shovel ready as He thought they would be. Now he thinks we will fall for it a second time, and we will only get PART of his plan Thursday, more bullshit to come in future days when someone else thinks it up.

    I also heard he wants to tack on a consumer tax of 5% that will kick in in 2 years to encourage folks to………..

    wait for it……….

    to encourage folks to SAVE.

    So if you want to buy that used car, save your money for the next two years so it will cost you an extra five percent.

    Wadda guy.

  68. JanH
    September 5th, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    I post this only to show that I truly believe that the average Palestinians holds a more peaceful view of relations with Israelis than their leaders and terrorist groups. It is unfortunate that what they want matters very little in the hostile Arab political climate of today.

    Jan- It’s a pity news always covers the negative aspects of problems when the people are shut out of the process and cannot be heard. The job offers in that article are a fruitful beginning if the PAs will allow their people to participate.

  69. “So if you want to buy that used car, save your money for the next two years so it will cost you an extra five percent.”

    If he is re-elected he will use the coming Tax as an incentive to boost auto sales and use it to take credit for boosting the economy-

    The soldier band was awesome… watch if they become popular, for sure, they will get a WH invite.. Play for the King wearing NO clothes…

  70. Shadowfax
    September 5th, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    yes, like the additional, I believe it is, 3.8% tax added to any home bought after 2012…hidden and slipped into Obamacare to pay for it…

    real smart…the housing industry has collapsed, is swimming in foreclosures, overloaded with inventory…and the dims and O stick an additional tax on buying a house to pay for healthcare…

    (reminds me of that regulation they stuck in that forced every business to report everything over $600…as if all businesses have to do, day in and day out, is submit paperwork to the federal government and be micromanaged to death…the Congress was shamed into killing that after the fact…I would love to know who was responsible for that)

    every damn one of them should be voted out…

    btw…my two cents…Palin has one of the better speech writers cranking it out right now…(none of the candidates are pushing details…she has the best soundbites and populist flair, imho)

  71. “I believe it is, 3.8% tax added to any home bought after 2012”
    IIRC, it’s a 3.8% capital gains tax on profits over $250,000 ($500,000 for married couple) on sale of property, including homes. (I’m too lazy to research the legislation, so I could be FOS)

  72. Shadowfax
    The Voice? Really? Don’t the judges sit with their backs to the contestants for that show? Seems with her million plus youtube hits her anonymity might not play so well on that show.
    I have a friend who works for a publishing company in New York(she deals with royalties when music is used on tv or in movies) She claims Adele is tickled pink by the cover and that she has given it her blessing.
    No idea how true it is but I heard the reserve officers are recording an EP with Midnight Train to Georgia, Son of a Preacher Man, Dream a Little Dream. The Carpenter’s Superstar and my absolute favorite Read the Letter
    Might be true as if they are selling a record they’d need permission and according to my friend they got it.

  73. Just where does obama get off preaching that the GOP should put the nation first?

    I’m still waiting to see when this idiot and his equally selfish wife have ever put the nation first.

  74. Some of Palin’s camp’s rhetoric uses the same kind of metaphors that Hoffa did. Military metaphors, ‘army’ of voters ‘pushing back’ the ‘opposing forces’, etc, ‘target them’, ‘take them out [of office]’ etc.

    Imo we’ve all got better things to criticize than such metaphors, whoever uses them.

  75. Tipping point breached.

    Obama hits all-time lows, according to NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll
    President ‘is no longer the favorite to win re-election,’ Democratic pollster says

    After the bruising debt-ceiling fight — as well as Standard & Poor’s subsequent downgrade of the nation’s credit rating — Obama’s job approval rating has sunk to a low of 44 percent, a 3-point drop since July. His handling of the economy stands at a low of 37 percent. And only 19 percent believe the country is headed in the right direction, the lowest mark for this president.

    Perhaps most ominously for Obama, a majority of poll takers — 54 percent — think he’s facing a longer-term setback from which he’s unlikely to recover. Back in January, just 39 percent agreed with that assessment.

    Indeed, that 54 percent is virtually identical to George W. Bush’s score on the same question in the Nov. 2005 NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, which was released just months after Bush’s widely criticized handling of Hurricane Katrina.
    Read full poll here (.pdf)

    “When [Obama] addresses the American public, he is going to have one more chance to provide some sense of hope and optimism that he … can provide answers to what is a woeful economy,” said Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted the survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff.

    But both Hart and McInturff contend that Obama wasn’t the only party damaged by the debt ceiling debacle. A whopping 82 percent now disapprove of the job Congress is doing. In the history of this poll, it’s an all-time high level of dissatisfaction with Capitol Hill.
    Story: Obama says Congress must pass jobs program

    In addition, when asked who is most to blame for the S&P downgrade, a plurality points to congressional Republicans. And a majority of respondents say they would vote out every single member of Congress if they could.
    Advertise | AdChoices

    “Everybody in Washington is taking a substantial hit,” McInturff said.

    Silver linings for Obama
    Yet Obama, in particular, took a gut punch. According to the poll, just 42 percent give the president high marks for possessing strong leadership qualities. That’s a 12-point drop from May (in the days following Osama bin Laden’s death).

    In addition, his high marks for being a good commander in chief have plunged 10 points (from 51 percent in May to his current 41 percent rating); his high marks for having the ability to handle a crisis have dropped 14 points (from 53 percent to 39 percent); and his high marks for achieving his goals have declined another 14 points (from 41 percent to 27 percent).


    If there’s a silver lining for Obama, it’s that a combined 70 percent of respondents still find him likeable (though nearly six in 10 say they disapprove of many of his policies). And 50 percent approve of his handling of foreign policy, which Hart says is significant because it suggests that the public doesn’t think that everything Obama touches can be viewed negatively.


    Dare i say “you’re likeable enough” ……..not.

  76. I think this is the general view.

    “When [Obama] addresses the American public, he is going to have one more chance to provide some sense of hope and optimism that he … can provide answers to what is a woeful economy,” said Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted the survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff.


    Watch the polls tank quicker than the Titanic Friday Morning.

  77. Mrs. Smith: “…He fights like a girl and doesn’t know how to work…”

    Hey, them’s fightin’ words in my view. Please take them back. 0 doesn’t fight, period. Besides, fighting like a girl (Palin’s words) is exactly what we need now. I oughta write a song “Fight like a woman and cry like a man” – the winning combo.

  78. President Obama’s ‘are you better off’ problem


    Every re-election race — from city council to president — ultimately comes down to a simple question: Are you better off than you were (fill-in-the-blank) years ago?

    To win, the incumbent has to convince a majority of voters that the answer to that question is “yes” (or that it will be “yes” in the not-too-distant future).

    As of today, according to new polling conducted by the Washington Post/ABC News, nearly nine in 10 adults say they are either “about the same”(50 percent) or worse off (35 percent) financially than they were four years ago. Just 15 percent describe themselves as “better off”.

    And that is a major problem for President Obama heading into his re-election race next fall.

    The president has argued — and will continue to make the case — that he inherited an economy on the verge of collapse and took a number of actions to simply keep the country’s finances afloat.

    Obama has acknowledged that the economic doldrums have lasted longer than anyone expected while also trying to convince the public that better times lie ahead. He’ll try to make that case again Thursday night when he delivers what his administration is billing as a major jobs speech to a joint session of Congress.

    But the Post/ABC poll suggests that Obama has his work cut out for him. Among electorally critical independents, more than one in three (36 percent) said they were in worse financial shape than four years ago — double the percentage who said they felt that they were in better shape.

    Even among his base of self-identified Democrats, the “are you better off” numbers are far from encouraging for Obama; 17 percent said they were better off than four years ago while 18 percent said they were worse off and 65 percent said they were roughly in the same place financially.

    And, while Obama continues to not bear the brunt of the blame for the current state of the economy, the new Post/ABC poll suggests that people don’t believe his solutions are helping matters.

    Just 17 percent of adults said his economic programs were making things better, while double that amount — 34 percent — said he was making things worse. Another 46 percent said Obama’s policies had so far had little effect on the nation’s economy.

    The numbers were even more bleak for Obama among independents; just 13 percent said his policies were making things better, as compared to 33 percent who said his programs were making things worse and 53 percent who said he was having no effect.

    Viewed broadly, the two questions referenced above amount to a political double whammy for the president. Not only do people feel as though they are in worse shape financially than they were four years ago, but they also believe that Obama’s policies are either doing nothing or making things worse.

    more at link………….

  79. and it gets worse.


    More than half of Americans now disapprove of Barack Obama’s job performance, six in 10 rate his work on the economy and job creation negatively and more than one in three say they’ve become worse off financially under his presidency – a high in ABC News/Washington Post polls since Ronald Reagan trademarked the question a generation ago.

    Those results and others underscore the depths of this summer of economic discontent. With unemployment stubbornly over 9 percent, 77 percent say the country is headed seriously off on the wrong track, up 17 points this year to the most since the end of George W. Bush’s presidency.

    In a further sign of the deep hazards to Obama, Americans by a 2-1 margin, 34 percent to 17 percent, now say his administration’s efforts have done more to harm rather than help the nation’s economy. The number who say his economic program has improved the economy has plummeted by half since January. And 47 percent say it’s had no effect.

    Obama has scheduled a major address on the employment situation Thursday evening before a joint session of Congress. He’ll face a tough public audience: In this poll, produced for ABC News by Langer Research Associates, a record 62 percent disapprove of his work on the economy, as many disapprove of his work on job creation specifically, and by 50-45 percent slightly more describe themselves as pessimistic rather than optimistic about employment in the year ahead.

    ……………..and they still try and prop him up.

    more at link.

  80. CA voters on Obama: jobs (38% approval), taxes (37%), government spending (34%) and the federal deficit (32%).

    California voters by 49-37 prefer cutting spending to more public “investment” to boost economy


    You lose California like that, you may as well give up.

  81. IL Gov. Pat Quinn plans to issue layoff notices to thousands of state workers this week

    This is going to make illinois very sticky territory in 2012 for Obama.

  82. Quinn plans layoffs, facility closings
    Governor to take steps in wake of state’s deep deficit, source says


    Gov. Pat Quinn plans to issue layoff notices to thousands of state workers this week as he deals with a budget shortfall he pegs in the hundreds of millions of dollars, a state government source with knowledge of the situation told the Tribune.

    The governor also intends to announce the closing of several state facilities, including a prison, juvenile detention center and homes for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled, sources confirmed. Without action, Quinn’s budget office says, several agencies would run out of money by the spring.

  83. Poll: 81% say Obama economic policies not working


    There’s a lot of terrible news for President Obama in new polls by the Washington Post-ABC News and the Wall Street Journal-NBC News. The number of Americans who say the country is on the wrong track has risen to its highest level since just before Obama took office — into what one commentator calls the “incumbent death zone.” His job approval rating is down. The number of people who disapprove of his handling of the economy is rocketing upward. And then there is this question, asked by the Post-ABC:

    Do you think Obama’s economic program is making the economy better, making it worse, or having no real effect?

    Just 17 percent say the president’s program is making the economy better, while 34 percent say Obama’s program is making the economy worse and 47 percent say it is having no real effect. Combine those last two numbers, and 81 percent say the Obama economic program is not working — a devastating number in a country in which economic concerns top all other issues in voters’ minds.

    As far as the traditional right-track/wrong-track question is concerned, 77 percent of those surveyed by the Post-ABC say the country is on the wrong track, while just 20 percent say it is on the right track. The last time that number was so high in the Post-ABC poll was January 16, 2009, on the eve of Obama’s inauguration, when 78 percent of those surveyed said the country was on the wrong track. If Obama does not reverse the trend in the wrong-track number, it could approach the levels it reached in the last months of the George W. Bush administration, when it topped 80 percent.

  84. On the “are you better off now” question, Obama is in worse shape than George H.W. Bush in August 1992:

    Welcome back from Labor Day weekend, Mr. President: “Public pessimism about the direction of the country has jumped to its highest level in nearly three years, erasing the sense of hope that followed President Obama’s inauguration and pushing his approval ratings to a record low, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. More than 60 percent of those surveyed say they disapprove of the way the president is handling the economy and, what has become issue No. 1, the stagnant jobs situation. Just 43 percent now approve of the job he is doing overall, a new career low; 53 percent disapprove, a new high… By this time in their presidencies, approval ratings for both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton — who also suffered serious midterm setbacks during their first term — had settled safely above the 50 percent mark. Both then stayed in positive territory throughout their reelection campaigns… Of the more than six in 10 who now disapprove of Obama’s work on jobs and the economy, nearly half of all Americans “strongly” disapprove.”

    But wait, there’s more: “Only 38 percent of those polled say they favor a larger government with more services, while 56 percent say they favor a smaller government with fewer services. Things are also bad for Obama when Americans are asked a version of the famous “are you better off today” question that Reagan used to bludgeon Jimmy Carter on his way to defeating Carter in 1980. By better than 2 to 1, more say they are not as well off financially as they were at the start of Obama’s term.”

    On that last question, it appears Americans at least perceive themselves as losing ground as Obama’s term progresses. In July 2009, 8 percent said they were already doing better financially since Obama took office; 27 percent not as well off, and 64 percent “about the same.” Now, 15 percent say they’re better off, 35 percent say they’re not as well off as they were when Obama became president, and only 50 percent say “about the same.”

    In August 1992, those numbers split 22 better off, 32 worse off, and 45 percent about the same. And we all remember how that turned out for President George H.W. Bush…


  85. Obama’s Solyndra-Gate Won’t Go Away

    In a preview of what’s likely to become a common occurrence in the Obama energy strategy, a California manufacturer of solar systems that was financed by a half-a-billion loan through the Obama administration announced that it would seek bankruptcy protection last week.

    Last month publicly-traded Evergreen Solar filed for bankruptcy protection as the solar market continues to shake out on declining government handouts and fierce competition.

    More trouble is expected in the solar industry in the weeks to come. Some of it will come from Congress.

    “Last February, the House Energy and Commerce Committee launched an investigation. Now that Solyndra has bit the dust, the DOE loan guarantee program will be Republican’s crosshairs,” says the blog on SmartPlanet.com. “This joint statement issued Wednesday from committee chairman Fred Upton and the panel’s oversight subcommittee chairman Cliff Stearns is a good indicator of how intense this investigation is about to become.”

    We smelled a rat from the onset. As the highly celebrated first stimulus loan guarantee awarded by the DOE, the $535 million loan for Solyndra was suspect from day one.

    It is clear that Solyndra was a dubious investment, but the DOE doubled down in March of this year and restructured the loan, possibly further increasing taxpayers’ liability. That is a question we want answered. In this time of record debt such disregard for taxpayer dollars cannot be tolerated.

    It doesn’t help the administration that the decision to make the loans in the first place has crony capitalism written all over it.

    Big time Obama donors and bundlers have a financial interest in Solyndra.

    In May, the left-wing leaning Center for Public Integrity blasted Obama for putting the welfare of donors above that of taxpayers by killing important safeguards in the process of making the loans.

    “The Energy Department in March 2009 announced its intention to award Solyndra Inc.a $535 million loan guarantee before receiving final copies of outside reviews typically used to vet such deals,” wrote CPI. “An independent federal auditor who has reviewed the energy loan program said moving so quickly without completing thorough reviews exposed the program to perceptions of political influence and put taxpayers at greater risk.

    From CPI:

    There’s a consequence if you don’t follow a rigorous process that’s transparent, said Franklin Rusco, an analyst with the Government Accountability Office . It makes the agency more susceptible to outside pressures, potentially.

    “Fueling that perception was the fact that George Kaiser, one of Solyndra’s top investors, raised about $50,000 for Obama’s presidential campaign,” writes the Hertiage Foundation.

    “The company benefited from another loan guarantee, this one for $10.3 million, as part of the Export-Import Bank’s Renewable Express program, which was created to encourage exports in the renewable energy industry. The Export-Import Bank’s president and chairman, Fred Hochberg, was also a major Obama donor, bundling an estimated $100,000 for his campaign.”

    The bankruptcy by Solyndra puts at risk $535 million in government loan guarantees granted in 2010 by the administration. Ironically, the company cited “regulatory and policy uncertainties in recent months” as one of the prime reasons the company “could not achieve full-scale operations.”

    1,100 employees lost their jobs immediately by the move, although the administration previously claimed that the company “saved or created” 3,000 jobs with the loan.

    Regulatory and policy uncertainties from this administration? Nah.

    In 2010, Solyndra spent $550,000 on lobbying the federal government. In 2011, so far they have spent only $220,000 on lobbying. The administration is likely hopeful that this will teach others not to cut their lobbying budget.

    Solyndra employees contributed over $10,000 to various Democrat candidates and committees in 2010 including Harry Reid, Gabrielle Gifford, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Diane Feinstein and Barbra Boxer.

    The bankruptcy announcement by the struggling solar company comes amidst a glut of solar panels on the market, combined with tough financing conditions for an industry that can’t compete with old-fashioned fossil-fuel created electricity.

    “Solyndra could not achieve full-scale operations rapidly enough to compete in the near term with the resources of larger foreign manufacturers,” “This competitive challenge was exacerbated by a global oversupply of solar panels ,” and a severe compression of prices that in part resulted from uncertainty in governmental incentive programs in Europe and the decline in credit markets that finance solar systems.”

    In May, Italy announced that they would be cutting back subsidies to solar companies by about 35 percent with another 23 percent to be chopped off in 2012. With other European subsidies in doubt, private financing is becoming tougher for an industry that can’t scale up to commercial size without significant spending by governments.

    In fact, Solyndra was forced in March to scrap plans for a $300 million initial public offering as the financial markets deteriorated and competition from China made the economics a tougher sale for the company.

    Instead, the company was forced to take money from inside investors, according to the website Seeking Alpha.

    “[Solyndra] had to take $175 million more from their existing investors,” wrote the site in June, “likely at onerous ‘cramdown terms.’ Earlier investors and stock-holding employees end up with shrinking equity shares of the company.”

    All told, Seeking Alpha reports that the company received a billion dollars in venture capital plus the $535 million federal loan guarantee. While not all of the money included in the guarantee has been doled out apparently, it’s unclear how much money the government is on the hook for.

    Even in June, the company’s viability was being questioned by Seeking Alpha’s green correspondent Green Tech Media, “a business to business site [that covers] daily news and market analysis” on green technology: “What are the repayment terms for the DOE loan?” asked Green Tech. “How does the U.S. expect to get this money back from a company that is losing cash with every shipment?”

    Those are good questions that probably should have been asked by the Department of Energy before guaranteeing a half-a-billion in project financing.

    Are the Obama folks the only ones now who believe their own rhetoric? I mean if you’ve lost Green Tech Media, haven’t you lost the war?

    Last week we criticized the Department of Energy for guaranteeing a $133 million loan to Abegnoa, a Spanish biomass company. The loan will help build a biomass plant with technology that has yet to prove commercially viable despite decades of research and test plant construction.

    “If the biomass plant made any sense at all economically the company would be able to get a loan on the strength of its balance sheet,” I wrote in Palin Thumps Harvard, “rather than having to rely on guarantees from the Department of Energy. Because in the end, this plant won’t make money, won’t make the rent and certainly won’t make enough ‘green’ fuel to power Kyle Orton’s Prius for a week.”

    So far the Department of Energy has guaranteed $38.7 billion in green loans under Obama, loans that are little more than empty calories salted generously by government cash.

    They claim that the program “created or saved” 68, 578 jobs.

    Minus 1,100.

    Expect the fallout to continue with proposal expected by Obama that will propose fruther stimulus spending on supposed job-creation.

    Timeline of Energy and Commerce Committee Investigation

    February 17, 2011 – Committee Leaders submit a letter to Energy Secretary Chu seeking documents and information about the $535 million loan guarantee that the DOE Loan Guarantee Program awarded Solyndra, Inc. DOE complies with the request.

    March 14, 2011 – Committee Leaders submit a letter to OMB requesting key documents and information concerning the review of the Solyndra loan guarantee. A two week deadline is set.

    March 17, 2011 – Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations holds a hearing on DOE Recovery Act Spending.

    March 28, 2011 – OMB fails to meet the Committee deadline.

    June 7, 2011 – After weeks of back and forth, an in camera review takes place with Committee staff and OMB staff. OMB selected eight emails between OMB and DOE to make available to Committee staff, and refused to produce the rest of the emails or the agreed-upon internal OMB emails and documents.

    June 23, 2011 – Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Cliff Stearns responded in a letterto OMB after it refused to share requested documents by the Committee regarding the Solyndra loan guarantee investigation.

    June 24, 2011 – The Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held a hearing regarding OMB’s Role in the DOE Loan Guarantee Process. Sole witness Jeffrey Zients, Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget was a no show.

    July 11, 2011 – Committee staff conduct a second in camera review. Committee staff asked OMB about the production of the other categories of documents sought by this Committee, specifically, OMB’s internal communications and documents relating to Solyndra, and its communications with the White House. As the OMB had done for months, OMB staff refused to provide and answer about whether they would produce these materials, and instead maintained that the OMB-DOE communications sufficiently show whether or not OMB had has done its job with regard to Solyndra.

    July 12, 2011 – Energy and Commerce Committee leaders announced the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations were to hold a business meeting on Thursday, July 14, 2011 to consider a motion authorizing the issuance of a subpoena for certain records of the Office and Management and Budget relating to the Department of Energy’s issuance of a loan guarantee to Solyndra, Inc. on September 2, 2009.

    July 13, 2011 – Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Cliff Stearns wrote a letter to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to provide a final opportunity to avoid the issuance of a subpoena. OMB refused.

    July 14, 2011 – The Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held a business meeting to consider the issuance of the subpoena. The Subcommittee voted to issue the subpoena 14 to 8.

    July 15, 2011 – The subpoena is issued to OMB, setting a July 22, 2011, deadline.

    July 22, 2011 – OMB fails to meet the subpoena’s dealing. Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Cliff Stearns informs OMB that they have failed to comply with the subpoena issued on July 15, 2011 regarding the Solyndra loan guarantee. Chairman Stearns requested that OMB produce the documents no later than 9:00 a.m. Monday, July 25, 2011.

    July 25, 2011 – OMB fails to produce the documents by 9:00am deadline.

    August 2011 – OMB agrees to produce all documents necessary to the Committee’s investigation, with appropriate safeguards relating to proprietary information. Production continues.


    and he wants to tout infrastructure and green jobs in his jobs speech…..

  86. The one from the LA times is a riot…California et tu Brutus, cant find the link though, dont know where thats gone.

  87. Oh dear oh dear, how bad can it get if the NYSE is protecting.

    Stocks open sharply lower; Dow down more than 250 points. NYSE invokes ‘Rule 48’ to smooth market’s open – MarketWatch

  88. If you’re interested. Here’s the text of “Rule 48,” which the NYSE invoked to smooth the open today. Here’s the Cliffs Notes version:

    (a) In the event that extremely high market volatility is likely to have a Floor-wide impact on the ability of [Designated Market Makers] to arrange for the fair and orderly opening, reopening following a market-wide halt of trading at the Exchange, or closing of trading at the Exchange and that absent relief, the operation of the Exchange is likely to be impaired, a qualified Exchange officer may declare an extreme market volatility condition with respect to trading on or through the facilities of the Exchange.

    (b) In the event that an extreme market volatility condition is declared with respect to trading on or through the facilities of the Exchange, a qualified Exchange officer shall be empowered to temporarily suspend at the opening of trading or reopening of trading following a market-wide trading halt: (i) the need for prior Floor Official or prior NYSE Floor operations approval to open or reopen a security at the Exchange (Rules 123D(1) and 79A.30); and/or (ii) applicable requirements to make pre-opening indications in a security (Rules 15 and 123D(1)).

    Dow Jones’ Kristina Peterson explained it pretty well in a story earlier this month. She writes that basically it means the designated market makers “will not have to disseminate price indications before the bell, making it easier and faster to open stocks. The rule was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on Dec. 6, 2007 and has been used rarely since then.”


    Translation a clusterfuck of a day on the markets. Get out while you can.

  89. So Bachmann has lost her Campaign chairman and deputy, standing down to “ill-health”…..

    In other words, she’s done, finished and they are going over to Perry probably.

  90. and the poll hits keep coming……


    Battleground Poll: Obama approval rating down amid deep economic fears

    The debt-limit showdown and the stalled economy have tarnished President Barack Obama’s standing with voters and dampened their optimism about America’s future, with nearly three out of four voters now saying the country is headed in the wrong direction, according to a new POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Poll.

    The dim public outlook is a blunt reminder of why the White House has so much riding on the president’s high-stakes economic speech Thursday and the success of his latest push for a jobs package.

    Capturing a rapid erosion of confidence through the summer months, the poll found 72 percent of voters believe the country is either strongly or somewhat headed in the wrong direction, a jump of 12 percentage points since May. Only 20 percent of voters say the country is going in the right direction, a 12-point drop in the same period.

    The sudden shift in attitudes reflects the deepening sense in Washington that Obama is increasingly vulnerable as the Republican presidential primary campaign ramps up this month with three debates in the next three weeks.
    Get the full poll results.

    More Americans disapprove of the way Obama is handling his job, 50 percent, than approve, 45 percent — a drop of seven percentage points since May. Obama receives particularly low marks for his economic stewardship, with only 39 percent saying they approve and 59 percent saying they disapprove.

    And yet, in a seeming contradiction, voters still really like Obama.


    Like him or is that another way of saying “i aint saying for fear of being called a racist”

  91. Wow, talk about explicit help.

    AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka flew on Air Force One to Labor Day rally in Detroit with Obama. He has urged Obama to go big in jobs speech.

    Is that allowed with Taxpayers money?

  92. SEIU President Mary Kay Henry and UAW President Bob King also flew to Detroit with Obama and attended his Labor Day speech.

    I mean if he is that explicit, its obvious the unions are really in his back pocket and this will be the biggest pro union speech ever.

  93. This is a riot!

    RL playing Hoffa’s sonofbytches comments over the Godfather soundtrack.

    O.M.G. You have to hear this!

  94. There are fires all around me….my power went out for about an hour…I was scared to death…apparently this one was started by someone mowing hit a rock and started a fire…things are so dry here its downright scary…

    I have been hoping to hear that the fool isn’t running….but I see with the Union guys behind him….he will run…I can’t imagine what he’s promised to them this time for their support…??

  95. Command & Control: The Careful Job Of Piloting The President On Sept. 11, 2001

    “The plane was getting ready to go and then when I was actually on the aircraft, the radio operator called me and said ‘Hey you need to come upstairs right away; take a good look what I have on the television right now.'”

    I know all here have guffawed many times over the reading of that goat story and GWB’s WTF visage, but in the context of the present time, I am happy to see a reminiscence (?) of THE day by someone who was there. As opposed to what Obama’s rendition of it might be. Yes Barack, there was an America before you, and hopefully in spite of you, a similar America will re-emerge, and may it be soon.

  96. Those Texas fires are a disaster. I don’t know which is worse, fires or flooding. My area got hit with 100-year storms from Hurricane Irene. People lost everything. I feel so lucky I had no damage but also guilty.

    I just thought about it and I think fires must be scarier. Why can’t Texas get some of the rain inundating the north east?

  97. OT,

    I just had a horrible thought about BO. Does everyone remember how many of us didn’t think it was possible for him to get the (s)election after HRC won primary after primary? How we believed up to the last minute that he would be defeated?

    And then he wasn’t?

    What if it’s the same thing in 2012?

    Now that’s scary.

  98. Basil anythings possible, we’ve seen how the devil and his men work, would not surprise me, still wont stop me fighting him tooth and nail.

  99. He fights like a girl

    Yup, this kind of struck a cord with me too. This girl knows how to fight, enough to save my life a few times from big men…so not all girls are wimps. 😉

  100. well…of all things, this is from Huffingtonpost…

    Why Hillary Clinton Must Run

    Andy Ostroy

    Dear Secretary Clinton…

    It’s time for you to announce that you’ll be running against Barack Obama in next year’s Democratic presidential primaries. Your party and your country need you now more than ever.

    Yes, we all know how rare it is to take on a sitting president from your own party. But this is no normal election year and the circumstances are dire and the stakes too high. By next November if there isn’t significant improvement in the economy and appreciably reduced unemployment, President Obama will likely lose to a Republican. And it might be a Tea Party Republican like Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry, who will set America back 200 years from an economic, policy and social standpoint. Government as we Democrats know it will be unrecognizable, and the advancements we’ve made in the areas of education, healthcare, science, environmental protection and civil/human rights will fall to ignorance, intolerance and religious zealotry. We simply cannot lose next year’s election, and you must be a part of the strategy to keep the White House in Democratic hands.

    You’ve seen Obama’s poll numbers. You know the state of the economy. You saw Friday’s employment report that showed zero job growth for August. The Obama administration projects that unemployment will be at 9% by the election, yet no president since FDR has been elected when unemployment tops 7.2%. And you’ve seen how Obama’s former supporters are hugely disappointed and disillusioned by his constant caving to the right. Most Americans now believe our government is broken and not functioning properly. Democrats need and want a president who knows how to fight. A president who knows what she stands for, has a vision to achieve her goals, and the passion and gravitas to battle the ruthless obstructionist GOP machine to push through her agenda. A president who’d rather wage war with Republicans than succumb to them. There are tens of millions of voters ready to dump Obama and support you.

    There’s been much speculation that you’ll be running in 2016. But that will be too late. Your time is now. Regardless of whether a Republican or Democrat is in office, the economy is sure to turn around well before the 2016 election. Economies are cyclical, and this one too will improve. And if Obama loses next year, a Republican incumbent running in a strong economy will no doubt win re-election. Which means your next real chance to actually occupy the White House will be 2020 when you will be seventy-three; too old to be president and too old to want to be.

    If you run next year you will win. Remember how close you came to beating Obama in 2008. Think of how easy it will be to beat him this time. And I’ll bet my life savings on a match-up between you and any Republican. Should you run, I and countless others will do everything in our power to support you… from blogging to raising money to campaigning in the streets.

    Madam Secretary, please run. America’s future depends on you.


  101. Democrats need and want a president who knows how to fight. [….] A president who’d rather wage war with Republicans than succumb to them.


    True. Even if Hoffa is using the same metaphor.

  102. Democrats need and want a president who knows how to fight. [….] A president who’d rather wage war with Republicans than succumb to them.


    True. Even if Hoffa is using the same metaphor.

  103. moononpluto,

    I guess that’s all we can do – keep fighting – and pray.

    I have been covering some 911 events in the area and wrote up a brief chronology from that day through the beginning of the war in Afghanistan in October 2001 and then to Bin Laden’s death in 2011 followed by the murder of 22 SEALS and as I was writing it I was reminded of all the lies Bush inflicted on the country, the most egregious of which was starting a war in Iraq in 2003 under false pretenses- WMD – which he knew was a lie.

    The only thing better about Bush was at least I always felt he was pro-America although his main mission seemed to be lining the pockets of his wealthy friends who, by and large, were also pro-America.

    Bo has sold America to the highest bidders and they do not have a pro-America agenda. They want to destroy, eradicate and humiliate the country.

    Why did BO apologize to Muslim countries for America and yet won’t apologize to Americans about Hoffa’s despicable remarks against other Americans. He was (s) elected as POTUS of the entire country.

    I alternate between sadness and fury.

    ., humiliate and

  104. BASIL99
    September 6th, 2011 at 12:51 pm


    I just had a horrible thought about BO. Does everyone remember how many of us didn’t think it was possible for him to get the (s)election after HRC won primary after primary? How we believed up to the last minute that he would be defeated?

    And then he wasn’t?

    What if it’s the same thing in 2012?

    Now that’s scary.

    I have been thinking this for awhile now, if the Rethugs don’t get a better candidate, will the O’jackboots cheat and scam more votes of dead people, illegals and bus in more school kids at the caucuses again? ACORN by any other name is still corruption. The only hope is that even the young people are no longer interested, and hopefully the guilty white folk think he is a ‘douche’. 😉

    Many of these young people have no jobs and can’t pay for college now, so maybe he will use his campaign money to hire them to scam the system again? But will that be enough????

  105. Public Schedule
    Washington, DC

    September 6, 2011

    How soon Hillary

    3:00 p.m. Secretary Clinton officiates the swearing-in ceremony for Ambassador-designate to Mexico Anthony Wayne, at the Department of State.

    3:30 p.m. Secretary Clinton meets with Gary Gensler, Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, at the Department of State.

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