We Love Earthquakes

When the tremors hit the east coast many thought it was Michelle Obama out for a jog. But ol’ Scowly was resting in Martha’s Vineyard along with hubby. The hubby who rather be on the links rather than watching Michelle knock birds out of trees just by looking up.

As the Washington Monument imitates that old tower in Pisa and the White House and Congress literally shake, ancient Mayan priests are smiling like La Gioconda.

No need to join Mayan death cults or see vindication in the ancient predictions that the world (or at least a cycle of existence) ends late next year. No, good ol’ Shakespeare (via Jacobean political philosophy) frequently noted that natural events are heralds to the political world. We’ll stick with good ol’ Bill (S and C) and say “We Love Earthquakes”, political earthquakes. We’ll also wait and see if the Obama earthquake is followed by an Obama hurricane.


The Gallup poll reports Earthquake!!!!! as Obama approval golfs to 38%. Rasmussen reports Earthquake!!!!! as Obama index numbers rattles your windows and sinks like a stone.

Earthquake!!!!! Romney in the Gallup beats Obama, Perry after such a short time already ties Obama and “unelectable” Bachmann and “unelectable” Ron Paul are just a few points behind the resident of Martha’s Vineyard.

It’s almost as if Barack Obama was actually at work at the White House and the roof caved in on his grey head. The golden calf can at least say he has something in common with tween star Katy Perry (no relation to that other Perry) who had the roof fall in on her too. Tween star Katy Perry however had the roof fall in on her because she was a good sport and agreed with a fan that “pray for Israel” was a good idea.

Good thing Katy Perry did not ask for prayers to be chanted for Glenn Beck who is in Israel helping to bring about the Apocalypse.

Earthquakes!!!!, Glenn Beck in Israel, Katy Perry in trouble, Romney on top, housing going downObama golfs. Obama bikes. Obama sucks.

Watch out fella. “You have no power here. Be gone – before somebody drops a house on you too.”


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  1. The Libyan earthquake (this Libyan rebel is not only dressed in the latest fashion but he is saying a lot of good things:

  2. When the tremors hit the east coast many thought it was Michelle Obama out for a jog.


  3. yuck
    did abc really show a crotch shot of the loser in chief?
    So gross. And nothing subtle, My five year old taking a pic of the icky man would know how to convey a message with a photo, waffles package would not be a part of it, Double yuck.

  4. When the tremors hit the east coast many thought it was Michelle Obama out for a jog. But ol’ Scowly was resting in Martha’s Vineyard along with hubby. The hubby who rather be on the links rather than watching Michelle knock birds out of trees just by looking up.
    I was thinking that MO had something to do with the quake too Admin, but yours is much kinder than what I came up with.

    No worries for Alfred O. Newman, there are no golf balls raining down from the skies, so why should He care? Everything’s fine here, just move along…

  5. http://www.commentarymagazine.com/2011/08/23/obama-rasmussen-poll/

    President Obama’s rating in the Rasmussen “Presidential Index” has hit a new low. Today he is at Minus 26 – a 56-point swing from the Plus 30 he registered after his first full day in office. The total of likely voters who not only “disapprove” but “strongly disapprove” is now at 45 percent, with 56 percent disapproving overall.

    To put this in perspective, George W. Bush, in his last full month in office, was at 43 percent “strongly disapprove” and Minus 30 overall – at the end of an exhausted eight-year administration pummeled throughout by the MSM. Barack Obama is at virtually that level after two-and-a-half years, having started with historic goodwill and an MSM fully invested in his success. To appreciate the magnitude of the Rasmussen results, it is useful to view them in the chart-form developed by Boker tov, Boulder! Take a look.

    It is a long time until November 2012, but one of the useful aspects of the Rasmussen poll is it reflects “likely voters” (not simply adults or registered voters), and measures their intensity. As Professor Larry Sabato has observed, elections are decided by those who show up; those who strongly disapprove are very unlikely to stay home, and they are approaching an absolute majority. As the BtB chart graphically illustrates, they exceed Obama’s total “approve” percentage (44 percent, of which only 19 percent “strongly approve” his performance). The differential is effectively a force multiplier that makes today’s poll results even more ominous for the president.

  6. hwc
    August 23rd, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    And, hold onto your seat for this one:

    Hispanic Disapprove: 72%

    wow- shocking! Isn’t Obama sure he will curry favor with hispanics with his amnesty project giving the store away?

  7. Dog Won’t Leave Fallen Navy SEAL’s Side (Video)

    Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson had a very close friend in his life – his dog, Hawkeye. Tumilson, a former San Diego resident, was killed August 6 in the Chinook helicopter crash that also claimed the lives of 29 other American servicemembers.

    Tumilson’s funeral was on Friday in Rockford, Iowa at Rockford Senior High. Hawkeye was one of the 1,500 souls who attended. As you can see by the gut-wrenching photo on the right, Hawkeye refused to leave his master’s side during the service.


  8. Obama’s twin disgrace and college room mate representing the same values toward illegals. How he got re-elected, I’ll never know! Dumb and dumber…

    Gov. Deval Patrick’s stand on illegals is indefensible

    By Howie Carr August 24, 2011

    It’s going to take some politician’s kid getting killed by a drunken illegal alien before the hacks finally figure out that there’s a mighty big problem here.

    You know what happened in Milford on Saturday night. A totally smashed illegal from Ecuador is accused of running a stop sign and mowing down a 23-year-old American on a motorcycle, and then proceeding to drag him, screaming, under his truck for a quarter mile.

    When the illegal finally ran off the road, the American became disentangled. He was still alive. But then the illegal backed his truck back over him, according to prosecutors.

    Told later he’d killed the young man, Matthew J. Denice, cops say the illegal shrugged.

    At his first appearance in court Monday, Nicolas Guaman needed a translator, even though he’s been in the country for five years. Apparently he’s picked up at least a bit of our lingo along the line — in the cab of the truck, cops found cans of Budweiser cerveza, which he was somehow able to purchase.

    Right now the pols are fighting over a proposal to round up illegals such as Guaman before they kill. It’s called Secure Communities. You can figure out where the top hacks stand. Gov. Deval Patrick would prefer to give them free tuition to state colleges. Mayor Mumbles Menino recently pronounced that car theft by an illegal alien was not a crime worthy of deportation.

    And of course there’s Attorney General Marsha Coakley’s famous quote: “Technically, it is not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.”

    But even moonbats at least claim to want to get the violent criminals out of society. It’s just that they want to decide what laws will be enforced and which ones won’t.

    So far we know this about Guaman. In addition to being arrested three times since 2007 for driving without a license, the Milford police said he got a year of probation for assault and battery on a police officer. This was apparently the same incident in which the alleged killer, according to the Middlesex News, was also charged with attacking a firefighter “after a 2008 incident in which he interfered with the treatment of a family member who had allegedly attempted to enter someone else’s house.”

    Gov. Patrick’s flack yesterday issued this statement about Matthew Denice: “Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of the victim of this terrible crime. . . . The Governor’s policy is that serious criminals who are here illegally should be deported.”

    Maybe, Deval, you should think about doing it before, rather than after they actually killed somebody.

  9. “When the tremors hit the east coast many thought it was Michelle Obama out for a jog. But ol’ Scowly was resting in Martha’s Vineyard along with hubby. The hubby who rather be on the links rather than watching Michelle knock birds out of trees just by looking up.”

    admin- you described Michelle to a T.. You would think as an advocate for ‘Healthy Eating’, she would set the example shrinking to a stick, instead her size belies her blowing up like a tick.. haha- just made that one up!

  10. Obama all relaxed and feeling soulful telling us how his energy plan will cost consumers mo-money!


    That was then and this is now- Obama’s demeanor has noticeably changed. Where now he feels it is our duty to pay for much of the debt he has created over the last 900 days not counting the money he will fritter away (Trillions) if re-elected to the presidency for 4 more years.

    Shame on the hypocrisy of Sunstein peddling his onerous revisions as assisting Job creation. He is as much a Judas to Americans as his nefarious wife Samantha Power, pointing to Hillary Clinton calling her a ‘monster’ when three of her fingers were pointing back at herself. Projection is the name of this game. Projecting away from themselves for collecting a paycheck every week at the expense of American taxpayers.

    White House unveils plans to trim regs,SAVE ‘COST US’ at least $10 billion

    By Erik Wasson – 08/23/11

    The Obama administration on Tuesday announced plans to streamline hundreds of regulations across all government departments and said that the review will “likely” save at least $10 billion over five years.

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), however, called the effort “underwhelming.” The regulatory review does not address the kinds of major items the GOP would like to eliminate, such as those associated with the Dodd-Frank financial reform, the Obama healthcare reform or a raft of new environmental regulations, including the possible regulation of greenhouse gases.

    With the administration struggling to stimulate the economy, it is unclear how much growth will be boosted by the streamlining.

    In January, Obama issued an order for all the departments to produce red-tape reduction plans. Tuesday’s announcement is the result of that order.

    Cass Sunstein, the chief of regulations at the Office of Management and Budget noted the most significant changes, saving some $4 billion over five years, come from the Department of Labor, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation.

    An additional $4 billion will come from reducing reporting requirements for health providers and hospitals.

    The DOL change will simplify hazard warnings, saving $2.5 billion, while the Transportation Department is relaxing rules on railroads.

    The IRS is simplifying and streamlining reporting rules for stock market transactions, an effort the White House says will allow Americans to spend 55 million fewer hours complying with the tax code in 2011. According to current estimates, taxpayers and businesses spend around 6 billion hours a year on tax compliance.

    The changes also involve speeding payments to small contractors doing business with the Pentagon, Sunstein said.

    “Over the next five years, the monetized savings from just a fraction of the reforms announced today are likely to exceed $10 billion. Perhaps more important, today’s plans explicitly recognize that the regulatory lookback is not a one-time endeavor. Agencies will continue to revisit existing rules, asking whether they should be updated, streamlined or repealed,” he said.

    He emphasized that the changes do not compromise public safety or the environment.

    Cantor downplayed the announcement. “Every day, business people and job creators cope with burdensome regulations that have a negative impact on both jobs and our economy, and again the President seems reluctant to do everything in his power to help them,” he said in a statement.

    Cantor said the House will proceed in September to end major regulations and that doing so will have a greater impact in helping businesses create jobs.

    Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), who is leading the Senate GOP’s fight against regulations, said that the Obama initiative is insufficient given the tide of new rules.

    “Since the start of the year, the administration has proposed more than 340 regulations at a cost of more than $65 billion to job creators. It is important to note that these are only the regulations for which the administration actually conducted an economic analysis. For hundreds more, it has regulated blindly, with no cost or job numbers associated with its rules,” he said in an op-ed published in the Washington Times.

    Responding to the criticism, Sunstein told reporters that $10 billion in savings is very significant.

    “If $10 billion is a drop in the bucket, I’d like to have access to that bucket,” he said.

    He said that the administration is implementing Dodd-Frank and healthcare reform in a way that is sensitive to costs, and that it is open to public input. He said the January executive order outlined a more robust cost-benefit analysis for new regulations as well as requiring the “lookbacks” announced Tuesday.

    Sunstein said the initiative will create jobs, but he declined to say how many could be tied to the lifting of the regulatory burdens.

    Business was appreciative of the effort but said it falls short.

    “We also applaud the administration for taking the step that Congress first directed in 1980, that federal agencies, including independent agencies … undertake these regulatory lookbacks,” Bill Kovacs of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said in a statement.

    He noted that most of the changes involve avoiding duplication, allowing more electronic filing and harmonizing the process with that of other nations.

    He noted that the review streamlines how EPA handles waterway regulations, but does not stop EPA from overstepping its authority from regulating interstate waterways to regulating all bodies of water.

    “The bottom line is that real regulatory reform would include permit streamlining; requiring transparency in the permitting process so we know exactly which permits are being held up and why; requiring agencies to differentiate between major and minor rules with the agency providing far more factual support for major rules; and finally by mandating that federal agencies apply all the laws Congress passed relating to regulatory reform, including data quality, regulatory flexibility and unfunded mandates,” Kovacs said.

    The nonprofit group Public Citizen said Tuesday that it was still examining the specific plans for any threats to safety or the environment, but was worried that Obama’s emphasis of reducing regulations was feeding a “narrative” against government action.

    “If they the administration has indeed identified rules that don’t serve any purpose, then they should be applauded for taking them off, but we do think that the administration’s over emphasis on needless rules just reinforces the Chamber of Commerce’s narrative of regulation just being damaging to the national economy,” Public Citizen’s Lisa Gilbert said.

    There are 5 pages to this article at the link:

    h… thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/801-economy/177861-white-house-unveils-plans-to-trim-regs-save-10-billion

  11. Mrs. Smith
    August 24th, 2011 at 6:46 am

    Hispanic Disapprove: 72%

    wow- shocking! Isn’t Obama sure he will curry favor with hispanics with his amnesty project giving the store away?


    I have been remembering an old nun who taught me, oh,must be a million years ago. She was teaching on the Civil War and she said: The north won because of its manufacturing base. There was no way a aguarian economy could muster the hardware needed to win a war. She said the same was true for the first and second world wars. When American manufacturing was brought to it’s full potential no one could stand against us.

    So I agree, Obama et el are selling the sovereignty of our nation for a few more days in power. But for how many years has our government silently sold away our manufacturing potential – which according to the old nun is our ability to defend ourselves?

    Remember that old British show in which the person got elected to the House of Commons and was portrayed as a dolt and it was the staffer who ran the government. Do we need to rout the staffers too?

  12. Yes, Betty, as I remember the reason the South lost the Civil War is because the Northeners were able to manufacture their own guns. Gun production in the South remained hand crafted even recycling parts from damaged guns and swords converting them to utilitarian use for owners. However, history does have a way of catching up with value. From a purely value added standpoint, Guns recovered from the South used during the Civil War era are more valuable in today’s collectors market than the guns also considered rare manufactured by the North.

    “So I agree, Obama et el are selling the sovereignty of our nation for a few more days in power. But for how many years has our government silently sold away our manufacturing potential – which according to the old nun is our ability to defend ourselves?”

    Good point, Betty. And where do the funds go from the sale of our outdated aircraft and obsolete military equipment, sold by the government to Third World countries? I can honestly say, I have never seen any accounting of the billions collected from government arms sales reported anywhere..

  13. From yesterday’s Pajama Pundit posting, contemplating the possibility of Obama just walking away LBJ style rather than risk losing in 2012, was another link to this:


    It lambastes Tom Friedman, an Obama golfing partner, for saying that it is STILL too early to tell if the media failed to properly vet Obama.

    But there is this comment below by “Anonymous”:

    To review. The issue of Obama’s qualification arose from the Hillary blogs the year before the primaries. Even McCain was questioned and he produced his records to the Senate where there was a resolution saying McCain met the natural born standard, which was voted on by Obama. That was in April. The DNC and Obama knew the same questions were being asked of Obama. Their response was to have Obama publish a photograph of a certification of live birth on a pro-Obama website. The DNC was completely hinky. Go back and look at the verifications that the DNC used to place Obama’s name on the primary ballot. There are two versions signed by Pelosi one saying Obama meets the standard and one that took that language out. Guess which one was used to place Obama on the ballot.



    This has always been a problem of the lack of vetting by the DNC. Look for a statement from the DNC that says Obama meets the standard of a natural born citizen. It does not exist. There is something in the records of Obama that likely show he is not eligible but by the time it became apparent the social unrest if they pulled his name would have been too great. So they used the birther distraction to redirect the enquiry and the liberal press viciously attacked anyone that dared to question Obama. It is one of the greatest frauds in history supported by the government and courts. Not one of the many cases filed were allowed discovery to obtain the records that have been sealed. Obama’s first act as President was to seal his records. The truth will out some day as the saying goes.

    Comparing the two Pelosi statements about naming Obama and Biden as the candidates that the Democrats would put forth in 2008, the second one says:

    THIS IS TO CERTIFY that at the National Convention of the Democratic Party of the United States of America, held in Denver, Colorado on August 25 through 28, 2008, the following were duly nominated as candidates of said Party for President and Vice President of the United States respectively: (lists Obama and Biden home addresses).

    The first one (not used) contained this additional phrase:

    …and that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to server under the provisions of hte United States Constitution:

  14. Currently, comment stuck in moderation, so I’ll provide an excerpt:

    From yesterday’s Pajama Pundit posting, contemplating the possibility of Obama just walking away LBJ style rather than risk losing in 2012, was another link to this:


    It lambastes Tom Friedman, an Obama golfing partner, for saying that it is STILL too early to tell if the media failed to properly vet Obama.

    But there is this comment below by “Anonymous”:

    To review. The issue of Obama’s qualification arose from the Hillary blogs the year before the primaries. Even McCain was questioned and he produced his records to the Senate where there was a resolution saying McCain met the natural born standard, which was voted on by Obama. That was in April. The DNC and Obama knew the same questions were being asked of Obama. Their response was to have Obama publish a photograph of a certification of live birth on a pro-Obama website. The DNC was completely hinky. Go back and look at the verifications that the DNC used to place Obama’s name on the primary ballot. There are two versions signed by Pelosi one saying Obama meets the standard and one that took that language out. Guess which one was used to place Obama on the ballot.



    This has always been a problem of the lack of vetting by the DNC. Look for a statement from the DNC that says Obama meets the standard of a natural born citizen. It does not exist. There is something in the records of Obama that likely show he is not eligible but by the time it became apparent the social unrest if they pulled his name would have been too great. So they used the birther distraction to redirect the enquiry and the liberal press viciously attacked anyone that dared to question Obama. It is one of the greatest frauds in history supported by the government and courts. Not one of the many cases filed were allowed discovery to obtain the records that have been sealed. Obama’s first act as President was to seal his records. The truth will out some day as the saying goes.

    Comparing the two Pelosi statements about naming Obama and Biden as the candidates that the Democrats would put forth in 2008, the second one says:

    THIS IS TO CERTIFY that at the National Convention of the Democratic Party of the United States of America, held in Denver, Colorado on August 25 through 28, 2008, the following were duly nominated as candidates of said Party for President and Vice President of the United States respectively: (lists Obama and Biden home addresses).

    The first one (not used) contained this additional phrase:

    …and that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to server under the provisions of hte United States Constitution:

  15. Impeach Obama: US Boots Are on the Ground in Libya
    August 24, 2011 • 9:21AM (LPAC)

    Back in April, President Obama promised, just as the U.S. Congress was on the verge of voting against his illegal war in Libya, that there would be no U.S. ground troops involved in the war, thus forestalling a negative vote,— even though Congress’s failure to approve the adventure makes it an impeachable crime anyway.

    The recent rebel offensive into Tripoli, however, required close coordination with NATO forces, including personnel on the ground to guide in the air strikes that helped clear the way for rebel forces. Various news outlets have reported the presence of British and French special operations troops on the ground, and there have been reports of CIA operatives on the ground since the end of March. The Department of Defense continues to deny that there are any U.S. troops on the ground in Libya. Spokesman Col. Dave Lapan, when asked this morning, during the Pentagon gaggle, if there were any U.S. advisors with the rebel forces, flatly said: “There are no DoD personnel on the ground in Libya.”


    NATO’s Post-Westphalia Overthrow of Qaddafi
    August 23, 2011 • 9:25AM (LPAC)

    U.S. intelligence sources have provided a picture of the heavy role of NATO and the U.S. in the so-called “rebel” move into the Libyan capital of Tripoli over the past 72 hours. On the eve of the rebel forces’ move into the city, primarily British fighter planes bombed critical Libyan military positions, using targeting intelligence provided by NATO and U.S. AWACS. The key, according to one senior U.S. intelligence source, was that NATO and U.S. “assets on the ground” negotiated the defection or stand-down of crucial Qaddafi loyalist military units inside the capital city, so that when the rebels entered the city, they were able to move to surround the Qaddafi command compound, before sustaining any serious resistance.

    A second senior U.S. military source confirmed the account, adding that it was primarily French Special Operations Brigade and U.S. Special Forces troops from the 5th Special Forces Group who were on the ground in Tripoli, neutralizing the pro-Qaddafi resistance forces in advance of the rebel moves. Staging out of Tunisia in the west, the largely French commando teams also provided key military support to Berber tribes in the mountain areas south of the coastal region. British operations were largely centered to the east of Tripoli.

    While the final outcome is still not settled—and Muammar Qaddafi’s whereabouts were still unknown, as of the close of the day on Monday, what is absolutely clear is that the operation was militarily dominated by NATO and the United States, in violation of both the U.S. Constitution and the United Nations Security Council resolution, which did not authorize regime change. The Libya “success,” assuming the final collapse of the Qaddafi government, will be heralded as a precedent for the post-Westphalia doctrine of “R2P” (“Responsibility to Protect”), which overturns the entire Westphalian system of sovereignty.

    Just a few years ago, Qaddafi was hailed as the darling of the West for his decision to jettison his nuclear and other WMD programs, in order to achieve “normalization” of relations with the United States and Europe. As of this moment, the anticipated head of the National Transitional Council will be Mustafa Abdul Jalil, who was Qaddafi’s Justice Minister until his defection in February 2011. Jalil was appointed to the post by Saif al-Islam Qaddafi, the London School of Economics-trained, British-loving son of Muammar Qaddafi, who was either captured or surrendered to the “rebel” forces in the past 24 hours. He was the main MI6 contact point in the Qaddafi court and an intimate of Prince Andrew and other British Royals.

  16. Mrs. Smith
    August 24th, 2011 at 6:51 am

    Dog Won’t Leave Fallen Navy SEAL’s Side (Video)
    As a dog lover, that just breaks my heart.

  17. Obama will only walk away if his corporate owners let him. I think they are keeping him in to lose against Romney, whom they also own.
    I don’t see anyway they will let him walk away and let Hillary come in — they created Obama specifically to shut Hillary out.
    I really think out only hope for Hillary in 2016 is to let the whole corrupt Dem machine go down in flames with Obama.

  18. Obama will only walk away if his corporate owners let him. I think they are keeping him in to lose against Romney, whom they also own.
    I don’t see anyway they will let him walk away and let Hillary come in — they created Obama specifically to shut Hillary out.


    SAdly I tend to agree. He does have a clear record of faithful service to the establishment/donors, from Daley on.

    But Admin seems to have, er, hope?

  19. #
    August 24th, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Mrs. Smith
    August 24th, 2011 at 6:51 am

    Dog Won’t Leave Fallen Navy SEAL’s Side (Video)
    As a dog lover, that just breaks my heart.

    No kidding- Hawkeye probably saved his soldier’s life several times in the past. Wondering, what in the world have these humans done with my friend?

  20. Please accept my deep and sincere thanks for your birthday message.

    The Big Dawg sent a generic email message, thanking folks for their B-day messages and attaches a link to a thank you video. The message sounds like Chelsea collected them and he is working though reading them.

    I hope he reads my message, also asking him to talk Hillary into running for President again and that her army is waiting to fight for her and take her to DC where she belongs.

  21. Expensive massages, top shelf vodka and five-star hotels: First Lady accused of spending $10m in public money on her vacations

    The Obamas’ summer break in Martha’s Vineyard has already been branded a PR disaster after the couple arrived four hours apart on separate government jets.

    But according to new reports, this is the least of their extravagances.

    White House sources today claimed that the First Lady has spent $10million of U.S. taxpayers’ money on vacations alone in the past year.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2029615/Michelle-Obama-accused-spending-10m-public-money-vacations.html#ixzz1Vyb38xF7

  22. If anyone wants some ammunition, here’s what I just posted at the Guardian site:

    Okay, my graph originally came from the Congressional Budget Office; I remember getting it from the official site to post at my Livejournal site.

    Here’s a larger version with added comments. Note the credit to CBO in the lower left hand corner of the image.


    I can’t find the original of mine, but here are some related charts at the Congressional Budget Office site (cbo.gov).


    Here’s a variety of related graphs showing the same basic pattern: budget better in the 90s (Bill Clinton president) than before or since. (It went Reagan/Bush/BillClinton/Bush/Obama).


    In the US, the President has a veto* on Congressional bills. Under Reagan and both Bushes, the budget went to hell. The only balanced budget we’ve had in several decades was in the 90s Bill Clinton presidency. (With a President Hillary, we’d have the same configuration as in the 90s: Democratic President with Republicans controlling all or part of Congress.)

    *Congress can override this with a super-majority

  23. Michelle spent $10M on vacations and excess in just one year. Multiplied X 4 = $40M by the time she leaves the WH in 2012. They think they won the lottery when they suckered American and AA voters into getting him elected. They should be told, consider it a loan on your WH-express Card due and payable before you leave the WH for parts unknown. Forget Americans making more sacrifices- Pay the Piper!

  24. admin
    August 23rd, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    I do hope that this is the common type of thinking by the Libyans who overthrew Ghadafi. It’s almost too good to be true. I sure hope that Libya becomes a model of democracy in North Africa, and that the new rulers kick China and Russia to the curb.

  25. turndownobama
    August 24th, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    I liked the message sent.

    A point to ponder…for those who say the Øne inherited a financial mess from George Bush, what do they have to say about the economic stagnation that Jimmy Carter handed off to Ronald Reagan? One can’t have it both ways.

  26. Mrs. Smith
    August 24th, 2011 at 6:51 am

    (ಥ_ಥ) I love dogs, and to know that this dog knew his master was in that casket makes my heart even heavier.

  27. The quakes was precipitated by the mass quaking in their boots of Øbama strategists who see the writing on the wall. This quake forebodes the coming 2012 election. Øbama is toast, history, a dark blot on American history.


    Transparency? Fairness?


    Attorney General of N.Y. Is Said to Face Pressure on Bank Foreclosure Deal
    Published: August 21, 2011

    Eric T. Schneiderman, the attorney general of New York, has come under increasing pressure from the Obama administration to drop his opposition to a wide-ranging state settlement with banks over dubious foreclosure practices, according to people briefed on discussions about the deal.

    In recent weeks, Shaun Donovan, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and high-level Justice Department officials have been waging an intensifying campaign to try to persuade the attorney general to support the settlement, said the people briefed on the talks.

    Mr. Schneiderman and top prosecutors in some other states have objected to the proposed settlement with major banks, saying it would restrict their ability to investigate and prosecute wrongdoing in a variety of areas, including the bundling of loans in mortgage securities.

    But Mr. Donovan and others in the administration have been contacting not only Mr. Schneiderman but his allies, including consumer groups and advocates for borrowers, seeking help to secure the attorney general’s participation in the deal, these people said. One recipient described the calls from Mr. Donovan, but asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation.

    Not surprising, the large banks, which are eager to reach a settlement, have grown increasingly frustrated with Mr. Schneiderman. Bank officials recently discussed asking Mr. Donovan for help in changing the attorney general’s mind, according to a person briefed on those talks.

    In an interview on Friday, Mr. Donovan defended his discussions with the attorney general, saying they were motivated by a desire to speed up help for troubled homeowners. But he said he had not spoken to bank officials or their representatives about trying to persuade Mr. Schneiderman to get on board with the deal.

    “Eric and I agree on a tremendous amount here,” Mr. Donovan said. “The disagreement is around whether we should wait to settle and resolve the issues around the servicing practices for him — and potentially other A.G.’s and other federal agencies — to complete investigations on the securitization side. He might argue that he has more leverage that way, but our view is we have the immediate opportunity to help a huge number of borrowers to stay in their homes, to help their neighborhoods and the housing market.”

    And Alisa Finelli, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department. said: “The Justice Department, along with our federal agency partners and state attorneys general, are committed to achieving a resolution that will hold servicers accountable for the harm they have done consumers and bring billions of dollars of relief to struggling homeowners — and bring relief swiftly because homeowners continue to suffer more each day that these issues are not resolved.”

    Terms of the possible settlement under consideration center on foreclosure improprieties like so-called robo-signing and submitting apparently forged documents to the courts to speed up the process of removing troubled borrowers from homes. Negotiations on this deal have been led by Thomas J. Perrelli, associate attorney general of the United States, and Tom Miller, the attorney general of Iowa.

    An initial term sheet outlining a possible settlement emerged in March, with institutions including Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo being asked to pay about $20 billion that would go toward loan modifications and possibly counseling for homeowners.

    In exchange, the attorneys general participating in the deal would have agreed to sign broad releases preventing them from bringing further litigation on matters relating to the improper bank practices.

    The banks balked at the $20 billion figure. And the talks seemed to stall over the summer, as Mr. Schneiderman and a few other attorneys general — Beau Biden of Delaware and Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada, for example — questioned aspects of the deal.

    Mr. Schneiderman began objecting a few months ago to the proposed releases barring future litigation, declining to participate as long as they were included.

    “The attorney general remains concerned by any attempt at a global settlement that would shut down ongoing investigations of wrongdoing related to the mortgage crisis,” said Danny Kanner, the spokesman for Mr. Schneiderman. His office has opened several inquiries into mortgage practices during the credit boom.

    Representatives for the four big banks declined to comment. Mr. Schneiderman has also come under criticism for objecting to a settlement proposed by Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of America that would cover 530 mortgage-backed securities containing Countrywide Financial loans that investors say were mischaracterized when they were sold.

    The deal would require Bank of America to pay $8.5 billion to investors holding the securities; the unpaid principal amount of the mortgages remaining in the pools totals $174 billion. Lawyers representing 22 institutional investors, including the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, BlackRock and Pimco, contended that the deal was favorable.

    This month, Mr. Schneiderman sued to block that deal, which had been negotiated by Bank of New York Mellon as trustee for the holders of the securities. The lawsuit contends that the deal could “compromise investors’ claims in exchange for a payment representing a fraction of the losses” experienced by investors and that it had been negotiated without the knowledge of all of the holders of the securities.

    The lawsuit angered Bank of New York Mellon, and as Mr. Schneiderman was leaving the memorial service last week for Hugh Carey, the former New York governor who died Aug. 7, an attendee said Mr. Schneiderman became embroiled in a contentious conversation with Kathryn S. Wylde, a member of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York who represents the public. Ms. Wylde, who has criticized Mr. Schneiderman for bringing the lawsuit, is also chief executive of the Partnership for New York City. The New York Fed has supported the proposed $8.5 billion settlement.

    Other investors in the Countrywide mortgage pools who were not part of the settlement talks between Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of America have called the terms inadequate.

    Characterizing her conversation with Mr. Schneiderman that day as “not unpleasant,” Ms. Wylde said in an interview on Thursday that she had told the attorney general “it is of concern to the industry that instead of trying to facilitate resolving these issues, you seem to be throwing a wrench into it. Wall Street is our Main Street — love ’em or hate ’em. They are important and we have to make sure we are doing everything we can to support them unless they are doing something indefensible.”

    Mr. Schneiderman declined to comment on the encounter.

    Mr. Schneiderman has opened an investigation into Wall Street’s mortgage machinery, especially examining whether loan documents were provided to the trusts as required under securitization contracts.

    The New York attorney general’s office has hired Lynn E. Turner, former chief accountant of the Securities and Exchange Commission, as a consultant on the investigations, people briefed on the inquiries said.

    Damon A. Silvers, associate general counsel for the A.F.L.-C.I.O., is also serving as a special counsel on a pro bono basis. Both men declined to comment.

  29. Even allowing for the bias of the O’loving LA times, That One should start packing his bags…

    —– Obama in dead heat with four GOP contenders.

    President Obama is polling neck-and-neck with four Republican presidential candidates, according to a Gallup survey of registered voters.

    When matched against Obama in a hypothetical election, the four GOP contenders — Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann – are statistically tied with the incumbent president.

    Romney has a slight edge over Obama (48% to 46%), while Perry and Obama are tied at 47%. Obama has a slight edge over Paul (47% to 45%) and a slightly larger edge over Bachmann (48% to 44%).

    Respondents were surveyed Aug. 17-18 and were asked whom they would support if the 2012 election were held now. The survey has a sampling error of 4 percentage points.

    Republicans appeared to prefer Perry – 92% said they would vote for him – followed by Romney (91%), Bachmann (86%) and Paul (82%) in a match-up with Obama.

    Independents chose Romney, Perry and Paul over Obama, but favored Obama over Bachmann by 6 percentage points.

    Obama’s support from Democrats did not exceed 86% when he was matched against any of the four Republicans. Twelve percent of Democrats said they would vote for Romney or Paul over Obama.


  30. Here is something new to add to the mix. Watching a movie the other night made in 2009 “The International”, explains the heavy involvement of a major Bank (say the IMF) handing the sales of Arms to foreign countries. Not only do they control the flow of money but they control the DEBT. Debt is their goal and most important prize because who ever controls the debt controls the country (through it’s indebtedness to the Banker’s running the banks.) Thereby controlling the corrupt politics of governments and it’s corrupt elected officials.

    Here is a link to a brief synopsis. However, the dialog in the movie is where the connection to the banking skulduggery becomes apparent. Also relates to the damage done by Obama for enlarging our Debt into the Trillions by way of the handling of the Banking crisis. (all part of the plan)

    Really should be a film required to view for a greater understanding of the magnitude of the problem we are facing and hoping to resolve.


    Betty brought up an interesting point today concerning the loss of manufacturing jobs and how it relates back to the winners and losers of the Civil war. If you missed reading that post, it’s upthread from this morning…

  31. Apologies in advance for this way off topic mini rant.

    After all the trillions of dollars of bailouts to banks and unions and car manufacturers, the feds are trying to recoup that money off our backs.

    I just got a letter from NYS saying the IRS had informed them that my 2008 tax return for the 2007 year had shown a NYS address but I hadn’t filed a NYS state income tax return.

    That’s because – DUH – I didn’t LIVE in NYS until the very end of 2007 when I moved there because of health issues.

    And I had no NYS generated income.

    They don’t care. They said I have to file for part year residence income tax even though I made NO money that year because I couldn’t work and nor was I able to work for the next few years.

    I am so furious. Three years later, the IRS sends notices to states warning them to be on the lookout for people who didn’t file income tax? Although I did file for NJ – I think. I was in such a chemo haze.

    Now I can’t find the 2007 tax return and can’t remember which tax preparer did it although I think it was at the local WalMart. Well I will find out tomorrow.

    I can’t imagine how much they think I owe them – but that’s not the point. It’s that the IRS is hounding tax-payers – hunting them down – notifying states and sending letters stating that if no response is made “We will send you a bill that will include penalties and interests and may also include penalties for your failure to respond to this notice.”

    In the meantime more than a trillion was sent to bail out banks, GE paid no taxes, 51% of the population pay NO taxes and saps like me are being squeezed for every last penny.

    I have lived in NYS for almost 4 years and this is not the first time the tax office has harassed me. It’s no wonder 1.6 million have left the state. I’m thinking about doing the same.

    Honestly – I could *********************** $#@!^&%$#@!

  32. NewMexicoFan
    August 24th, 2011 at 3:14 pm
    Great catch! Well…Forbes may rank her 2nd, but Greta ranks her #1! Complete with Hillary photo gallery…


    Greta Van Susteren Names Hillary Clinton “Most Powerful Woman In The World”

    Of all of the women we interviewed for this year’s Most Powerful Women list, we asked some similar questions. “How do you define power?” “How do you wield your power?” and my personal favorite, “Are you powerful?”

    (Puts them on the spot, every time.)

    But this year there was only one woman that I asked to make her own judgment call. Her unique perch in Washington DC—and as the top rated 10 pm cable newscaster–made Greta Van Susteren, No. 75 on this year’s list, just the woman for the job. The On The Record host has interviewed many of our PowerWomen herself—she says the fact that her newsroom is the only DC-based show in her time slot helps her wrangle the best of the best politicians on her nightly show—and traveled around the world with others.

    So when she joined me in our own newsroom at 60 Fifth Avenue this month for a video (on the very day our list was finalized), I decided to ask her: Who do you think is the most powerful woman in the world?

    I naively anticipated a long pause as Greta stopped to think about her answer. I sat back in my chair, recrossed my legs—and was cut off by the no-nonsense host. Clearly I don’t watch enough On The Record to know that she’s not shy with her opinions—and she knows her stuff.

    “Well, right now I suppose the most powerful woman is Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton,” Van Susteren responded without missing a beat (my legs were still trying to re-cross themselves, it was that fast). “She’s different than most Secretaries of State. I’ve traveled with her a couple of times, and when she lands in a country it might as well be the President of the United States… The whole world knows her.”

    They knew her as First Lady. She’s tireless. She works nonstop. I’ve never seen a woman work like she does. She’s smart. She doesn’t give up. She cares. You know, people may not agree with her, but I can tell you she works very hard for the American people.”

    “And unlike some political people, like, whether it’s Governor Palin or Representative Michele Bachmann who are in the papers now, [Hillary Clinton] actually has the power now. They may ultimately get the power, but she has it now. She also has the ear of the President of the United States. And he of course is the most powerful person in the world, who’s ever in the Oval Office. So… Hillary Clinton.”

    At the time, I smiled to myself, knowing that Clinton would be only number two on our list, second to Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, who’s been tasked with untangling the growing financial crisis in the Eurozone. But Van Susteren was so authoritative that for a minute there she almost had me running to my editor to argue against our list criteria and rankings. But not quite.


  33. Holy Smokes, what an endorsement by Greta. I have always loved Greta for her intelligence and fairness to women, but in this video, she really speaks up about all the assets Hillary has.

    Admin, please embed the video that JanH posted above!
    Thanks JanH for that post, it made my day.

    Greta Van Susteren Names Hillary Clinton “Most Powerful Woman In The World”

    Whoooo hoooo Hillary, you go girl!!!

  34. JanH
    August 24th, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    Greta is a great Hillary supporter as she has always been. I didn’t mind at all Hillary was listed as the second most powerful woman in the world. She is first in our country and in our minds. I’ll tell you why. The ultimate goal is to fix what is wrong with our country as quickly as possible. The alliance of Chancellor Merkel and a President Hillary Clinton is exactly what is needed to map out a strategy for both women working in tandem together getting things done at the same time in Europe and the US. The state of our economy drives the world economy because the USD is globally accepted as the universal currency. A win-win situation for all of us. The strength of Ms. Merkel’s background and the high regard she is held worldwide is a great asset to Hillary for the work that lays ahead of her should she ascend the presidency.

    Ms Merkel’s leanings are in sync with that of Hillary Clinton’s. (from Chancellor Merkel’s wiki)


    “According to the news agency Mehr (as reported in the Mail & Guardian Online and Deutsche Welle, quoting AFP), in August 2006, Merkel received a letter from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran.[27][28] According to the reports, Merkel said that the letter contained “unacceptable” criticism of Israel and “put in question” the Jewish state’s right to exist, and that therefore she would not formally respond to the letter.”


    “On 16 March 2007, Merkel arrived in Israel to mark the 60th anniversary of the Jewish state. She was greeted at the airport by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, an honor guard and many of the country’s political and religious leaders, including most of the Israeli Cabinet.[29][30] Until then, US President George W. Bush had been the only world leader Olmert had bestowed with the honor of greeting at the airport.[31][32] Merkel spoke before Israel’s parliament, the only foreigner who was not a head of state to have done so,[33] although this provoked rumbles of opposition from Israeli MPs on the far right.[34] At the time, Merkel was also both the President of the European Council and the chair of the G8, thus arguably the world’s most influential person ”


    Together, their partnership untangling the financial morass created by BushII and happily accelerated by Obama. That between Hillary and Angela they can and will reverse the damage done by the Neocon Bush and the unholy alliance of Soros and Obama. Bringing stability to the world economy allowing Americans to begin again rebuilding their lives and their futures taken away in the biggest banking scam of the 21st century.

    All of the named dastardly presumptive individuals are working in concert together promoting a preconceived agenda with one dual goal in mind, an unending determination to destroy America as we knew it and… to that end, enslaving the Middle Class.

  35. They (O Dems, etc), really did not realize who they were dealing with. They Tried to write her off after IOWA. Not even the smallest
    light bulb in the group would have stood for that, as IOWA is Rep, so who CARES who they choose in IOWA. In fact a democracy takes note of that, and then goes on with the voter majority.

    They felt after they rigged the Primary, she would fade into the background. However, O names her Sec of State (I still think she has something on him to get that job). H knew that the mystic that was O would not only wear out, but crush him. She knew what he was. She placed herself in the exact position to exhibt her executive skills, and boy has she displayed them. Her calls have been Presidental and right on.

    H might get knocked down a few times, but she knows the ropes of discrimination as much as O does, and probably more.

    H IS BACK! It is the rest of them that will be forgotten shortly.

  36. Oh, and the Democratic machine is as loyal as who is winning. The only question is, who is going to tell O that they are turning out the lights on his re-election, and next term. They better do it quick, as the American People might start liking and believing what the Reps say. After all it is the Dems that have had 4 years of doing ANYTHING THEY HAVE PROMISED, and we are still looking for something anything that falls into that catagory.

  37. Illegal immigrant charged.
    Family of motorcyclist who died is ‘broken-hearted’ – Milford, MA – The Milford Daily News
    …Police said Guaman, driving his 2004 black Ford pickup truck, failed to yield at a stop sign at Congress and Fayette streets, striking Denice on his 2003 Buell motorcycle and dragging his body about a quarter mile.

    Denice was alive when Guaman dragged him with his truck, said Worcester County District Attorney spokesman Paul Jarvey. Denice’s body was dislodged from under Guaman’s truck when he ran off the road at the corner of West and Bancroft streets, police said. A prosecutor said that when Denice became dislodged from the truck, Guaman backed up over Denice and drove off. Officers pursued the pickup truck down several roads before stopping it near the intersection of Lee and West streets, according to a police report by Officer Angel Arce that was included in court documents. Arce saw Budweiser beer cans in the pickup truck. The driver, later identified as Guaman, had “bloodshot and glassy eyes,” Arce wrote.

    A boy, later identified as Guaman’s 6-year-old son, got out of the truck and started punching and kicking officers. The boy yelled at officers to leave his father alone, Arce wrote. [NOTE the attitude already instilled in this young child]

    The boy’s mother, Maria Yupanqui, came to the station and took custody of the boy, according to the report. Guaman told police he had a green light at the intersection and, while making the turn, the motorcycle came out in front of him and caused the accident. He said he did not stop because the truck was damaged and he didn’t know what to do, according to the report. The pickup truck was registered to Guaman’s bother, Pablo Guaman. He was issued a summons for allowing an unlicensed driver to drive the pickup, police said. “It’s a distressing event,” O’Loughlin said. “You have a young man, his whole future ahead of him. He was 23, just finishing college, by all accounts a good guy. Professionally, it was a horrific scene to be involved in. … Your heart aches for the family.”

    Guaman had been arrested three times since 2007 for driving without a license in Milford, Uxbridge and Attleboro, O’Loughlin said.
    The Attleboro charge was dismissed. Guaman also served one year of probation from May 2008 to May 2009 for charges that included assault and battery on a police officer and assault on a firefighter after a 2008 incident in which he interfered with the treatment of a family member who had allegedly attempted to enter someone else’s home, O’Loughlin said.

    O’Loughlin said Saturday’s incident underscores the importance of the Secure Communities Act, which would allow fingerprints to be sent directly to Homeland Securities officials. In this case, Milford Police had to call federal officials to send them the fingerprints.

    “As Worcester County Sheriff I want to be emphatically clear that if the Secure Communities Act was already in place, a criminal alien such as Nicholas Guaman with a prior arrest record could have been identified by the Department of Homeland Security and ICE giving them the opportunity to deport Mr. Guaman in advance of this horrific crime on Aug. 20,” Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis said in a statement….

  38. HTA-

    I read that article yesterday.. spurring me to write about the disgusting MA governor, Deval Patrick. The one we call Obama’s secret twin brother-

  39. Here is the followup story on Deval Patrick ignoring people’s pleas!

    Gov. Deval Patrick ignores real victims

    August 25, 2011

    And still Gov. Deval Patrick says “no.”

    Even after the horror from Milford, Patrick says “no.”

    After hearing how a 23-year-old young man named Matthew Denice screamed in anguish as his body was ripped apart beneath a truck; how the victim was still alive when an illegal immigrant driver allegedly backed over him as he fled the police; how the accused killer, Nicolas Guaman, merely shrugged at the police after being arrested.

    Even after all this, Patrick rejects Secure Communities. He still believes that when Guaman was arrested in 2008 for assault, breaking and entering, and resisting arrest, Massachusetts did the right thing by not handing him over to immigration authorities.


    I hope when Hillary is president, she denudes the country of illegal aliens and returns to the former successful immigration policies that worked- Having a sponsor in the US willing to take responsibility for the immigrant even if s/he is here temporarily on a work visa.

    When things are so far out of control a return to basics is the only way to get a handle on a situation until they think of new ways to circumvent the old system.

  40. Mrs. Smith August 25th, 2011 at 8:29 am HTA-I read that article yesterday..
    That’s probably what triggered my radar for the incident,which is truly an unspeakable horror which must make its way around to the people.

    Words rarely come easily for me but I am working my way up to some kind of a rant which would define this despicable set of elected officials we have who are absolutely bullying those they swore to represent. Bullying is going out of style for some generations. In my grandchildrens middle school the D.A.R.E. program now includes a segment on bullying. Those kids’ Their DARE graduation speaker gave a wonderfully inspirational address embracing the course subset of bullying. In NJ there is now a bullying law of some kind; it was triggered by the infamous web-streaming of a private sexual act by two college males leading to the one’s suicide.
    However, even as efforts to diminish bullying gain the spotlight within some layers of society, the heinous habit continues unabated within the political world. DeVal now and Obama in that incredible accusation video you submitted at 8:49 am, know they are speaking rubbish. Two of the biggest bullies of all.

    [sorry I cannot hang around much for awhile.]

  41. “DeVal now and Obama in that incredible accusation video you submitted at 8:49 am, know they are speaking rubbish. Two of the biggest bullies of all.”

    Yes, and by the example set by politicians. Lie with ease without facing consequences. Children are imitating politicians. Realizing, he who has the power controls those that don’t.

    I’m at the point of advocating for home school.

  42. Jesus, i despair.

    Actual news report, “President Obama was briefed on the status of Hurricane Irene. He then played his 4th round of golf.”

  43. #
    August 25th, 2011 at 9:56 am

    Jesus, i despair.

    Actual news report, “President Obama was briefed on the status of Hurricane Irene. He then played his 4th round of golf.”

    Just goes to show ya how much he doesn’t want to be alone with the Big Foot intimidater- He must have done something really unctuous for her to be carrying on this long.. A secret affair- maybe? He does flirt whenever he can with Debbie Wasserman Shultz when she is around..

  44. Elaborating on some calculations by CBS News’ Mark Knoller…

    On January 20, 2009, the total outstanding public debt was $10,626,877,048,913.08 ($10.62 trillion).

    As of Tuesday, the debt is $14,649,289,670,347.85 ($14.64 trillion).

    In 946 days, Obama has increased the national debt by $4,022,412,621,434.77 or $4.02 trillion.

    That amounts to $4,252,021,798.56 per day ($4.25 billion).

    When the debt increases another $877,587,378,565.23, ($877.58 billion) the debt accumulated under Obama’s presidency will equal the debt accumulated under Bush’s two terms.

    Obviously, this can change, but barring some sudden change in the federal government’s borrowing and spending habits, this milestone will be reached in 206 days from August 23, 2011. That would be March 15, 2012.

    Beware the Ides of March.

    If spending continues at the normal pace through Inauguration Day 2013, it would add an additional $1,326,630,801,150.72 ($1.32 trillion) to the debt total.

    Obama will have, in one term, raised the national debt by $6.22 trillion, 22 percent more than George W. Bush did in two terms.


  45. Mrs Smith: “…who ever controls the debt controls the country…”

    This is a statement that has zing to it, but it’s not entirely true.

    To illustrate, imagine yourself in debt to a bank under a loan for your business or a mortgage on your home. Before you contract your debt, the bank will look into the viability of your business strategy and the market, or your ability to repay the mortgage, but will only give you an up or down. In between up and down, which is almost always the case, they have some influence over what you will do. However, they are not businessmen or homeowners, so they can’t dictate strategy or tell you how to redecorate your home. Furthermore, their interest is to lend money and they have competitors. So, their influence is really limited to assessing risk and fixing interest.

    Once the bank lends the money, even if your are in danger of default the bank’s power remains the same: all it can do is renegotiate your debt or take over the business or home. But even in this worst-case scenario, the bank’s only handle on the business or home is to resell it and take it’s losses.

    So the financial sector will impose financial constraints, but it does not dictate policy unless you want it to or let it. In the case of the Waffles administration, the attitude seems to be “let it be”, ie he will let the banks dictate policy. My point is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

  46. ahuh.

    Jobless claims in U.S. rise to 417,000

    New applications for U.S. unemployment compensation rose 5,000 to 417,000 , the Labor Department said Thursday. Initial claims from two weeks ago were revised up to 412,000 from an original reading of 408,000…

    The average of new claims over the past four weeks, meanwhile, increased by 4,000 to 407,500…In addition, the Labor Department said the number of Americans who continue to receive state unemployment checks fell by 80,000 to 3.64 million in the week ended Aug 13. Continuing claims are reported with a one-week lag.


    seems to be going swimmingly well, lets go bike and play golf.

  47. I’ve been thinking this too watching the signs.

    Market crash ‘could hit within weeks’, warn bankers

    Market crash ‘could hit within weeks’, warn bankers

    A more severe crash than the one triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers could be on the way, according to alarm signals in the credit markets.

    The cost of insuring RBS bonds is now higher than before the taxpayer was forced to step in and rescue the bank in October 2008

    By Harry Wilson, and Philip Aldrick

    9:50PM BST 24 Aug 2011

    Insurance on the debt of several major European banks has now hit historic levels, higher even than those recorded during financial crisis caused by the US financial group’s implosion nearly three years ago.

    Credit default swaps on the bonds of Royal Bank of Scotland, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank and Intesa Sanpaolo, among others, flashed warning signals on Wednesday. Credit default swaps (CDS) on RBS were trading at 343.54 basis points, meaning the annual cost to insure £10m of the state-backed lender’s bonds against default is now £343,540.



    Bloomberg says NYC may have to be evacuated. Well that’ll be a barrell of laughs to try and do and no time to do it.

  49. On Good Morning America they had one of their fashion experts, take three Movie Stars outfits, and duplicate the look from Costco, Walmart, and I think Target (although I am unsure of the last one). Some of these outfits cost like over $5K. The outfits put together look every bit as good as the expensive ones and it cost like 1% of the outfits they purchased.

    So I would like to challenge the Movie Stars to shop at these stores for a year, and put asside the money saved, and donate toward a worth cause here or internationally. I would like them to do specifc things like buy vaccines, purchase tents for starving refugees to live in, purchase school bags, school uniforms or clothes/shoes for kids in the US. Or together put together a summer program to feed the kids that only get one meal in the school day. They could also feed them over the weekends.

    It is about time that they realize that they hit the jackpot, but that they are nothing special, and they should use their wealth to help those that truely need it.

    ALSO,I would rather you throw your political money into this pot. I don’t mind you given the max ($2K), but I would like you not to endorse, or promote anyone in the political arena. Your money would be better used donating to a charity. You obviously don’t know a good President when you see one, or we would not be in the shape we are now.

    Quit being full of yourselves, and lavashing Thosands on your skin and wardrobe. Give some shoes to someone that needs it and pull the lever in the voting booth silently.

    OH by the way, Kim K has sold her wedding rights, so her wedding will not cost her a thing. Now really, she can afford to pay for that wedding and donate that money someplace else. Oh ya, she needs all that cream to stay beautiful.

    Sorry, I am just getting tired of the selfishness in this country. It sucks.

  50. Ha this will be fun

    Judicial Watch sues for Michelle travel documents:

    Judicial Watch is filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) against the United States Air Force to obtain records related to the June 21-27, 2011, trip taken by First Lady Michelle Obama, her family, and her staff to South Africa and Botswana.

    Earlier reports suggested that the cost for air travel cost taxpayers $430,000, but Judicial Watch believes that additional Secret Service officers and White House staff security tallied further expenses.

    “How much did the American people spend to send the First Lady on a family outing in Africa? That’s what we want to know,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “On the surface, the trip seems to have been totally unnecessary and was as much an excuse for the Obama family to go on a safari as it was a mission intended to advance the nation’s business in Africa.”

    Yesterday, a widely circulated british tabloid article suggested that Michelle Obama’s trip were costing taxpayers $10 million, thanks to her expensive tastes.

  51. Oh hell

    Irene will not just be a coastal storm for U.S. east coast, will have impact “well inland” – U.S. federal emergency chief

    Major problems expected for NC, NY, NJ, Mass.

  52. jeswezey
    August 25th, 2011 at 10:53 am

    Mrs Smith: “…who ever controls the debt controls the country..

    Yes, jeswezey- what you say is true if you ascribe the tenets you mentioned to private parties. I worked in the financal sector as a broker and know all too well of what you speak.

    My example was of corruption oriented International Bankers lending Billions to (3rd party elites ) privately funded Arms Traders for use by countries for causing consternation within a foreign republic detrimental to the government itself and of course for control of the people. [Exhibit 1 : Mexico/US Gunrunner Scandal] The bottom line is there is no way to stop it … As the agent said before he was assassinated, you would have to go outside of the usual channels available through the Justice System. What that path would be, was never presented (for the success or failure of doing so) in the movie’s scenario.

    What was said- “If you think shutting down a bank will make a difference, you are mistaken. Another Bank will surface to replace it..”

    Here are the high points of the movie released in 09′ in this trailer. By consensus, this movie is more about our new reality that a fictionalization of the control Banking exerts over the new Global economy and us.

  53. Warren Buffett to invest $5 billion in Bank of America
    He did the same to Goldman Sachs in 2008.
    Buffet is making tons of money off all of these Wall St shenanigans.

  54. Shadowfax
    August 24th, 2011 at 9:57 pm .

    Greta Van Susteren Names Hillary Clinton “Most Powerful Woman In The World”

    What does she bench press?

    How far can she throw one of the Scottish poles?

    And why is Me-Me-Meeechelle in the running? What is she, number 279?

  55. RCP = Real Crummy Poll numbers


    Obummer’s -7.5% approval is artificially being proppped up by two polls:
    * only -2 from McClatchy from 3 weeks ago??
    * only -2 from WashPost from 2 weeks ago??

    Also notice that 6 of the 9 polls that comprise the RCP Avg have him at over 50% disapproval.

    Enjoying your vacation, sir? Would you like fries with your SadBurger?

    RCP Avg… 8/2-24 43.4 50.9 -7.5
    Rasmussen. 8/22-24 42 57 -15
    Gallup…. 8/21-23 39 53 -14
    AP/GfK…. 8/18-22 46 52 -6
    Dem Corps. 8/6-10 45 50 -5
    WashPost.. 8/9… 44 46 -2
    FOX News.. 8/7-9 42 48 -6
    Reuters/Ip 8/4-8 45 52 -7
    CNN/OpRes. 8/5-7 44 54 -10
    McClatchy/Marist 8/2 – 8/4 807 RV 44 46 -2


    “Where’s the dealer, man? I need a fix. Bad.”

    Poor Ezra…

    In this piece, he gives Obama a mile of slack. Basically, he presents the case that given how many bad things have cropped up, Obama has managed fairly well. And he gives Obama full credit for getting bin Laden and putting pressure on Gaddafi. It is a piece that is curiously underwhelming. It is essentially a non-op-ed, almost zen-like in a “one-hand-clapping” sort of way.

    I hereby nominate it for the Least Impressive Article of the year. Enjoy!


    Posted at 12:56 PM ET, 08/22/2011
    What could Obama have done?

    By Ezra Klein

    As Jon Chait says, the New York Times tried to run a feature in which they “asked a range of Americans who don’t labor in politics or the media what they’d do if they were president” and returned with a feature in which an range of wealthy and accomplished Americans explained what they would do if they were king. They didn’t explain what they would do if they were president and had to persuade Congress to do things in order to get anything done.

    I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about ways in which the past few years could have gone differently. I’ve even come up with a few. But none of them lead to dramatically better outcomes today.

    I can come up with scenarios in which President Obama accomplished somewhat less — perhaps by scaling back the health-care plan — and lost fewer seats in the midterm election. I can come up with scenarios in which the White House accomplished marginally more — perhaps by using the reconciliation process for an energy bill — but paid a greater political cost. I can come up with scenarios in which the stimulus was slightly more visible — perhaps it could have wiped out the payroll tax entirely — or slightly larger or included a long-term deficit reduction component.

    But I’ve never been able to come up with a realistic scenario in which a lot more got done, the economy is in much better shape, and the president is dramatically more popular today. Anything that even comes close is really a counterfactual of what the chairman of the Federal Reserve could have done, and I’m not confident that I understand Bernanke’s constraints nor that a more massive intervention on the part of the Fed would have been the cure-all some suggest.

    Indeed, if you had taken me aside in 2008 and sketched out the first three years of Obama’s presidency, I would have thought you were being overoptimistic: an $800 billion stimulus package — recall that people were only talking in the $200-$300 billion range back then — followed by near-universal health-care reform, followed by financial regulation, followed by another stimulus (in the 2010 tax deal), followed by the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” followed by the killing of Osama bin Laden and the apparent ousting of Moammar Gaddafi? There was no way. And yet all that did get done. But the administration hasn’t able to get unemployment under control — perhaps it couldn’t have gotten unemployment under control — and so all of that has not been nearly enough.

    But perhaps I’m missing something obvious. If you have a realistic vision for what an actual president operating in the American political system could have done differently, leave it in comments.

  57. Found this interesting:

    “Obama’s health care “reform” and the Verizon strike”

    “n demanding deep cuts to workers’ health insurance plans, telecommunications giant Verizon has cited President Obama’s 2010 health care “reform” and its tax levies against so-called “Cadillac plans.”

    The element of the health care law in question, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), imposes a staggering 40 percent tax on plans with an annual cost exceeding $10,200 for individuals or $27,500 for a family, beginning in 2018. Reportedly all of the workers who struck at Verizon this month would fall under the new tax levy. These workers currently pay no health care premiums. Verizon is demanding that they contribute $1,200 to $3,000 per year, part of the $20,000 per worker pay and benefits cuts the corporation is demanding.

    Verizon’s demands reveal the reactionary character of Obama’s health care law. The plan was never about “extending health coverage to all Americans,” as Obama repeatedly asserted. Its intention was to drive down the health care costs for American corporations and the government, while ensuring the profits of the insurance, pharmaceutical, and HMO industries. The punitive taxation of “Cadillac” or “luxury” plans—euphemistic terms for decent health care plans that cover workers and their dependents—is an invitation for corporations to slash health care coverage.

    It also illustrates the treacherous role of the trade union executives and their cheerleaders in “left” groupings like the International Socialist Organization (ISO). Obama’s 2010 health care law was enthusiastically backed by the AFL-CIO, including the two unions involved in the Verizon strike, the Communication Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). In little more than one year, that reform has been used as the hammer to dismantle the benefits and incomes of 45,000 CWA and IBEW workers.”


    By 2018, “junk” health insurance will cost >$10,000. Unless Obamacare is thrown into the garbage pile, it will accomplish the intended goals that were behind the “stop” Hillary coup of the Dem party. (It was no accident that an HMO CEO and “big deal” in the heath care bidness was head of the Dem Rules Committee) The >$2.4 trillion/years health industry is, by far, the largest business in the US. Sick people are just the raw material to generate the profits.

    IMO, top 3 goals were/are:

    1) utterly discredit the Fed Gov’t as an honest broker in reforming the US health care system. (done)
    2) protect and increase the profits of the health care industry (done)
    3) increase corporate profits by destruction of the traditional employment based health care system (just beginning but moving very fast)


    Obama’s some time golf partner Thomas Friedman, who specializes in a rare style of pompous pseudo-psychoanalytical sociology (David Brooks is like that too), manages to convey Obama’s ineptitude while trying to recapture what he saw in Obama in the first place.

    Friedman likens Obama to a great athlete going a rough spell. He should be comparing to the Machurian Candidate.

    My $$$ comments interspersed with Friedman’s obsequious prose.


    Obama, Tiger, Golf and Politics

    Published: August 23, 2011

    Despite the carping by critics, I’m glad the president went on vacation because one of the most useful things he could do right now is play golf — a lot of golf — but not that friendly foursome thing with his aides that he usually does. No, real golf: Match play, head to head, with real money on the line. Match-play golf is a great teacher. As any good golfer will tell you, the first rule of match play is this: Never play not to lose. Do not wait and hope for your opponent to make a mistake. Always play the course, always play to win and always assume your opponent will do well — will make that long putt — so you have to do better.

    $$$ Already in the first paragraph, many wasted words. But we see that TF hopes golf can teach Obama something about character, implying that Obama can learn and Obama can grow. Good luck wiht THAT.

    For months now, Obama has been playing not to lose, keeping his own plans for a “Grand Bargain” on debt, deficits, taxes, jobs and investment vague, while waiting for the Republicans to say crazier and crazier stuff — like promising the return of $2-a-gallon gasoline, or insisting that climate change was made up by scientists to get research grants (but politicians taking millions from oil companies can be trusted to tell us the truth on this issue), or that Texas has a right to secede. But while the G.O.P. candidates have been obliging the president with their nuttiness, it has not helped Obama’s poll ratings.

    $$$ So Obama is so inept that he can’t even take advantage of Those Nutty Republicans.

    Many Americans can see that most of these G.O.P. candidates are closer to professional wrestlers than politicians — with their fake body slams and anti-Obama bluster. All they are missing are the Tarzan outfits. This is the silly season. But I would not assume that Republicans won’t come up with more serious candidates when it counts, or that some of these candidates won’t move to the center. I would definitely assume that they’ll do better.

    That’s why the last few months have been so worrying to Obama supporters. Obama surprised everyone by broaching the idea during the debt negotiations of a “Grand Bargain” — roughly $3 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade and $1 trillion in tax increases — as a signal to the markets that we’re getting our fiscal house in order. It was absolutely the right idea — as long as it is coupled with investments in infrastructure, education and research — but House Speaker John Boehner could not deliver his Tea Party-led G.O.P. caucus.

    Yet rather than flesh out his Grand Bargain in detail and take it on the road — and let every American everywhere understand and hear every day that he had a plan but the Republicans wouldn’t rise to it — Obama dropped it. Did he ever try to explain the specifics of his Grand Bargain and why it was the only way to go? No.

    $$$ TF asks why Obama caves in all the time. Why Obama is spineless, and lazy, and a terrible negotiator. Why he didn’t work for something he allegedly believes in…

    This left his allies wondering whether he was committed to it — and really did have his own party on board for it. And it left his opponents thrilled and setting the agenda themselves. It is why Obama’s recent bus tour fell flat. People don’t want to cheer just the man anymore. They want to cheer the man and his plan — a real plan, not just generalities and tactics to get him re-elected with 50.0001 percent and no real mandate to do what’s needed to fix the country now.

    $$$ TF admits the Tragical Misery Tour was not just a waste of the US tax payers’ money, but a mis-spent three days in which his approval ratings went down further. TF also wonders about “a plan”. Obama don’t do specifics. “You people work out the details while I work on my putting”.

    Without his own Grand Bargain on the table — imprinted on the mind of every American — Obama has been left playing defense, playing to get the least-bad deal, or playing not to lose. That’s what’s producing all the “What happened to Obama?” talk and its silly variants. (He’s a loser; he’s not very bright; he’s Jimmy Carter.)

    $$$ Obama is a loser. He is not bright. He’s worse than Carter.

    It’s all nonsense. Obama is smart, decent and tough, with exactly the right instincts about where the country needs to go. He has accomplished a lot more than he’s gotten credit for — with an opposition dedicated to making him fail. But lately he is seriously off his game. He’s not Jimmy Carter. He’s Tiger Woods — a natural who’s lost his swing. He has so many different swing thoughts in his head, so many people whispering in his ear about what the polls say and how he needs to position himself to get re-elected, that he has lost all his natural instincts for the game. He needs to get back to basics.

    $$$ “smart, decent, and tough”? Really? “Accomplished a lot”?? Then come the excuses, that Obama is so smart that he’s overthinking his game. As if. If he had been subjected to media scrutiny in 2008, he would never have even won a single primary state, let alone the primary, or the general election.

    It’s crazy what’s happening in America today: We’re having an economic crisis and the politicians are having an election — and there is almost no overlap between the two. The president needs to bring them together. But that can only happen if he stops playing not to lose and goes for broke himself. Our problems are not insoluble. We need a Grand Bargain — where each side gives something on spending, taxes and new investments — and we’re on our way out of this.

    Run on that, Mr. President: At best you’ll generate enough public pressure (now totally missing) to shame sane Republicans into joining you, and we’ll get a deal, and at worst you can run in 2012 on a platform, which, if you win, will actually give you a mandate for the change the country needs.

    Meanwhile, Mr. President, on a rainy day, rent the movie “Tin Cup.” There is a great scene where Dr. Molly Griswold is trying to help Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy, the golf pro, rediscover his swing — and himself. She finally tells him: “Roy … don’t try to be cool or smooth or whatever; just be honest and take a risk. And you know what, whatever happens, if you act from the heart, you can’t make a mistake.”

    $$$ TF, you’ll have plenty of time for golfing with your buddy after he loses or quits.

  59. Mrs Smith – I see that your context was different and agree with you. Since you are referring to movies, I would also refer you to another movie, “Blood Diamond”, which is a well-researched fictional account of mercenary warfare in Africa to gain control of diamond resources. The winner is always De Beers, the people pay the price in blood and the government is completely destabilized. Bankers do not finance such wars, unless you view them as the financial resources behind De Beers.

    You also referenced resale of outdated US military equipment to 3rd world countries. This was a widespread practice during the Cold War, as we overthrew democratic (maybe not) governments in Latin America in particular, and replaced them with military puppet regimes (see Iran-Contra) to ‘fight communism’. I always assumed that the winner here was the US military-industrial complex. I don’t see where banks came (or now come) into play.

  60. What could Obama have done?

    Well, if he wanted to claim credit for Libya, he could have helped the rebels much earlier — when Hillary was throwing rocks to wake him up.

  61. jeswezey- “The winner is always De Beers, the people pay the price in blood and the government is completely destabilized. Bankers do not finance such wars, unless you view them as the financial resources behind De Beers.”

    In the case of Blood Diamond, the setting is Sierra Leone in 1999, torn apart by civil war, smuggling, and meddling by foreign powers. I don’t believe Banks or a Central Bank has always been as visible as they are now since the banking crisis and the need for a Tax payer Bail-Out to become solvent. Then you have to ask yourself, what were the Banks gambling on/with? – OP’s.. Other People’s money.. Our money.. and the realization there is a label for their losses called “derivatives”.

    1999 seems about right for when this gambling began. 2007 would be about right when things began crumbling around the ears of the bankers. Seeing the cresting of the big wave clearly on the horizon. Bracing themselves with an outrageous story (Henry Paulson making billions) getting out in front of the breech at the end of 2008 into 2009 as something called a Banking Crisis throwing the country into a economic tailspin, the Fed using the reign of fear threatening the taxpayer with an economic cataclysm.

    Yes, the Banks have always been there, like the no-see-ums that appear in May you swat from your nose, the prequel to summer just around the corner.

  62. last paragraph

    “Chamberlain did one bold thing. He finally realized he was not the right man to lead Britain in dangerous times. He resigned so that Churchill could take over. There is one bold thing Obama could and should do. He should bow out of the race for reelection and throw his support behind Hillary Clinton—the leader we should have chosen in the first place.”

    No shit. Except, how many times can we say it, we did choose her, the establishment screwed her.

  63. The analogy of Chamberlain is skewed. Chamberlain was his own man with backers. Obama is not and never was his own man and why he’s been set adrift by the ones that brung him. Obama was programmed to receive and repeat via teleprompter what is/was in the minds and thoughts of others. And the reason why he is so overwhelmed in so deep he cannot sort things out enough to recover. Obama is doomed and is in need of a face saving strategy… an out. Michelle may give the assist and refuse to support him in her capacity as FL for another 4 years which works fine for us… She may just dump him after he bows out of the 2012 election.

    Viva la Resistance- Long Live Hillary!


    Another media bigwig who was charmed in 2008 but can no longer ignore the obvious.


    Obama and the ‘Competency Crisis’

    Like many Americans who supported him, I long for a triple-A president to run a triple-A country.

    The rising impatience with the leadership of President Obama was epitomized on Aug. 8 in the middle of one of the now-habitual Wall Street roller coasters. His speech on the economy was 53 minutes late. What showed on TV screens was an empty White House podium, an image suggestive of the absence of leadership. When the president did speak, the best he could come up with was “We’ve always been and always will be a triple-A country.” The market’s response was a Bronx cheer, a drop of another 300 points.

    Mr. Obama seems unable to get a firm grip on the toughest issue facing his presidency and the country—the economy. He now asserts he is going to “pivot” to jobs. Now we pivot to jobs? When there are already 25 million Americans who are either unemployed or cannot find full-time work? Does this president not appreciate what is going on?

    Fewer Americans are working full-time today than when Mr. Obama took office. We have lost over 900,000 full-time jobs in the last four months alone, and long-term unemployment is at a post-World War II high. The public’s faith in his ability to deal with the economy has plunged. As Doyle McManus of the L.A. Times put it, “Can this president persuade voters to let him keep his job when so many have lost theirs?” Even Jimmy Carter didn’t plumb the depths of national dissatisfaction revealed in the stunning Gallup poll taken Aug. 11-13. The president’s approval rating was only 39% with a mere 26% approving of his handling of the economy.

    Meanwhile, everyone in the business world is pleading for some kind of adult supervision to build a national platform for sustained growth that includes a long-term fiscal plan that addresses our ballooning debt. They are desperate for strong leadership and feel that all we are getting out of Washington is a lot of noise as Democrats and Republicans blame one another.

    Since the president is the one who represents all of America and all Americans, the buck stops with him rather than with the Congress. It is the president’s job to offer a coherent program for the twin threats of a static economy and an unsustainable explosion of our debts and deficits. But the only core issue on which he took a clear position in the recent debt-ceiling negotiations was that it would have to include new taxes on the wealthy—and he didn’t even hold to that.

    He made the politically tested and calculated statement that if you raise taxes on billionaires and millionaires you could solve the problem. This is not so. Even for those who support higher taxes on the wealthy, as I do, we must remember that we have an income tax system in which fully half the “taxpayers” pay no tax at all, and in which the variety of loopholes cries out for a real reform of the tax code. Even if the government instituted a 100% tax on both corporate profits and personal incomes above $250,000 per year, it would yield enough revenue to run the government for only six months. Why? Because under Mr. Obama’s presidency, government spending has swelled to 24% of GDP from 18%.

    We need real reform of the tax code in which everyone is asked to make some contribution, however small. Hardly anyone on either side of the aisle has a good word to say for the present hodgepodge of selective punishment of the middle class—replete with exceptions, loopholes, and special allowances. Worse, there are no serious proposals being canvassed among the White House, the Congress and the Treasury.

    Erskine Bowles, co-chair of the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles commission appointed by the president in 2010 to devise a plan for dealing with the fiscal crisis, put it well: “It is one that is completely predictable and from which there is no escape.” The president said he would stand by his commission, but as of today he’s remained silent on its many proposals, seemingly unable to speak honestly on the subject.

    Everyone recognizes that as populations age, the ratio of worker-to-retiree dependency plummets. Remember that the first baby boomers statistically retired on Jan. 1 of this year. There are now 79 million more of them to be supported in their retirement and with their medical requirements. This has obvious implications for our debts and deficits. How are we to meet this obligation in the face of long-term deficits that stem from approximately $60 trillion of unfunded entitlement liabilities?

    It is no surprise that many have begun to doubt the president’s leadership qualities. J.P. Morgan calls it the “competency crisis.” The president is not seen fighting for his own concrete goals, nor finding the right allies, especially leaders of business big or small. Instead, his latent hostility to the business community has provoked a mutual response of disrespect. This is lamentable given the unique role that small business especially plays in creating jobs.

    The president appears to consider himself immune from error and asserts the fault always lies elsewhere—be it in the opposition in Congress or the Japanese tsunami or in the failure of his audience to fully understand the wisdom and benefits of his proposals. But in politics, the failure of communication is invariably the fault of the communicator.

    Many voters who supported him are no longer elated by the historic novelty of his candidacy and presidency. They hoped for a president who would be effective. Remember “Yes We Can”? Now many of his sharpest critics are his former supporters. Witness Bill Broyles, a one-time admirer who recently wrote in Newsweek that “Americans aren’t inspired by well-meaning weakness.” The president who first inspired with great speeches on red and blue America now seems to lack the ability to communicate any sense of resolve for a program, or any realization of the urgency of what might befall us. The teleprompter he almost always uses symbolizes and compounds his emotional distance from his audience.

    We lack a coherent and muscular economic strategy, as Mr. Obama and his staff seem almost completely focused on his re-election. He should be spending most of his time on the nitty-gritty of the job instead of on fund raisers, bus tours and visits to diners, which essentially are in service of his political interests. Increasingly his solutions seem to boil down to Vote for Me.

    Clearly the president will have to raise his game to win a second term, especially if the Republicans find a real candidate. Will voters be willing to give him another four years? Like many Americans who supported him, I long for a triple-A president to run a triple-A country.

  65. We hd some heavy wind and high winds, but nothing out of the ordinary S. Florida storm season. Good luck to those in the Carolinas and Northeast.

  66. It’s been a long time since last posting but on a different note:

    Ended up in Little Rock, Arkansas for a few days….visited the Pres. clintion library….quite an impressing building…..

    Since the current and future is bleak, I was glad to go back to the history I can relate to!!!

    The best thing I saw was a black/white pic. of Bill & Hillary playing table tennis…..Hillary had one leg in the air 🙂

  67. jbstonesfan
    August 25th, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    The 5pm news has our Emergency Mgmt Agency reminding everyone to get what they need tomorrow in preparation for the hurricane. They consider it a serious threat…

    I know I need new batteries for my trusty flashlight. Although, I did purchase a Swiss Emergency Crank Radio a while back that should suffice for this storm. will go out for last minute items tomorrow because there won’t be anything else to do but read by available light and snacking throughout the day once the storm hits. Our power goes out if you break a nail… The cell phone will be invaluable if it holds. Fortunately we have a gas stove.. will be like camping out for a few days over the weekend.

  68. “CBC: Impotent, Irrelevant, and Tied to the President in 2012, Even If Obama is the Black Herbert Hoover”

    “Evidently feeling like the hostage she was, Los Angeles congresswoman Maxine Waters tried to tell an angry crowd in Detroit that the CBC’s own constituents were to blame for its failure….

    We don’t put pressure on the president. Let me tell you why. We don’t put pressure on the president because y’all love the president. You love the president. You’re very proud . . . to have a black man [in the White House] . . . First time in the history of the United States of America. If we go after the president too hard, you’re going after us. . . . When you tell us it’s all right and you unleash us, and you tell us you’re ready for us to have this conversation, we’re ready to have the conversation. . . . All I’m saying to you is, we’re politicians. We’re elected officials. We are trying to do the right thing and the best thing. When you let us know it is time to let go, we’ll let go.

    Maxine knows this is BS. What keeps her and the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus from doing their jobs isn’t somebody else’s blind love for the president. It’s the very nature of the Colt 45 bottle the CBC and the rest of the black political class have crawled into. The black masses never told their so-called leaders to shut down, to shut up or to shut them up. The leaders thought that one up themselves. If the CBC had held Bush and Obama accountable the last several years, they’d be bringing back actual jobs to their communities, not long lines for resume-writing workshops and empty promises.

    No mater what the First Black President does between now and November 2012, the CBC will support his re-election, even if he does absolutely nothing on jobs, foreclosures and growing black poverty. He knows it. They know it. He knows they know it. Which is a great reason for the black Herbert Hoover to do for the CBC and its constituents pretty much what he has up till now. Nothing.”


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