Jell-O Quivers – Barack Obama Addresses The Nation Tonight In Yet Another Publicity Stunt

Update: Too many Obama flim-flams in tonight’s speech to count. The interesting “metric” of his amazing influence that Obama has set up is the call for Americans to call their congressional representatives. If there is NOT a flood of calls to Congress will Big Media feast on that fact? We doubt it. If there is a flood of calls supporting Obama Big Media will dance in the streets and blare the fact in headlines however. Will Obama melt down the congressional phones lines tonight/tomorrow – or are Americans ignoring the boob?

After Obama waved his flags and called for calls it was John Boner, er Boehner’s, website that melted down after his speech. Boehner did very well tonight simply by appearing as a tube-sock-less man speaking to the nation immediately after Barack Obama. Boehner also managed to swing several gut punches that hit ol’ flabby hard. Where are the jobs?

Afterwards, Charles Krauthammer, who used to have dinner with Obama and say nice things about the Boob, has doubts about his own “cynical” credentials after watching the treacherous Boob in action.

Like us, Krauthammer is watching to see if Obama really can “go to the people”. Our bet is that if the phone lines in Congress melt down tomorrow they will melt down in opposition to Barack Obama – the flim-flam man from Chicago.


In the debt ceiling theater of absurdities Barack Obama has two political goals: (1) appear to be in charge in order to get the credit for whatever happens; (2) get a something/anything deal that extends past election day November 2012.

Those two political goals are the reason Jell-O’bama will torment the heat weary nation tonight. The entire publicity stunt style and substance is “kind of like sticking a balled-up tube sock down the front of the budget trousers.”

Other than a “balled-up tube sock” there is not much more to see from fake Obama’s Jell-O press conference speech. Obama will try to grab credit for getting something done even though he is considered by the negotiators to be a stumbling block boob not a full participant in whatever garbage is produced. Also not to be forgotten is that a fake plan filled with gimmicks, like the Reid plan, will not prevent economic disaster brought forth from credit agencies.

Charles Krauthammer has it exactly right:


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  1. Guaranteed his handlers have once again tightened his puppet strings. Bambi’s speech with be scripted word by word. He needs to look majestic for all to see and genuflect.

  2. Obama and Boehner to Face Off in Primetime Addresses TONIGHT… Developing…


    Heh. Where’s Sarah tonight? I hope she shows up somewhere in person and bumps them both off.

  3. I cannot watch this, my blood pressure cannot take it.

    Let me guess, corporate jets (like the one Meeeeechelle took for Aspen fundraisers), evil businesses, millionaires, billionaires, eat your peas, I am the greatest, I won, radical tea party people, I know everything, I won!

  4. From The Economist, note date JULY 7:

    Shame on them
    The Republicans are playing a cynical political game with hugely high economic stakes
    There is no good economic reason why this should be happening. America’s net indebtedness is a perfectly affordable 65% of GDP, and throughout the past three years of recession and tepid recovery investors have been more than happy to go on lending to the federal government.
    Now, however, the Republicans are pushing things too far.
    The sticking-point is not on the spending side. It is because the vast majority of Republicans, driven on by the wilder-eyed members of their party and the cacophony of conservative media, are clinging to the position that not a single cent of deficit reduction must come from a higher tax take. This is economically illiterate and disgracefully cynical.

  5. The entire publicity stunt style and substance is “kind of like sticking a balled-up tube sock down the front of the budget trousers.”

    Boner’s trousers, Admin? 🙂

    You are right as always Admin, and funny as heck.



    My answer:

    Not quite.

    We have 200B coming in each month. Mortgage payment/interest = 39B. Grandmother gets 50B. Soldiers I forget how much. But these three priorities just add up to about half the monthly income.

    So you pay these three, and postpone some other bills, and skip eating out and handbags for a while.

    Or, you raise the silly mom and dad limit already, and stop blaming Grandma for the fact that Dad borrowed from her Trust Fund and doesn’t want to pay it back.

  7. The article was updated with this:

    Update: Too many Obama flim-flams in tonight’s speech to count. The interesting “metric” of his amazing influence that Obama has set up is the call for Americans to call their congressional representatives. If there is NOT a flood of calls to Congress will Big Media feast on that fact? We doubt it. If there is a flood of calls supporting Obama Big Media will dance in the streets and blare the fact in headlines however. Will Obama melt down the congressional phones lines tonight/tomorrow – or are Americans ignoring the boob?

    After Obama waved his flags and called for calls it was John Boner, er Boehner’s, website that melted down after his speech. Boehner did very well tonight simply by appearing as a tube-sock-less man speaking to the nation immediately after Barack Obama. Boehner also managed to swing several gut punches that hit ol’ flabby hard. Where are the jobs?

    Afterwards, Charles Krauthammer, who used to have dinner with Obama and say nice things about the Boob, has doubts about his own “cynical” credentials after watching the treacherous Boob in action.

    Like us, Krauthammer is watching to see if Obama really can “go to the people”. Our bet is that if the phone lines in Congress melt down tomorrow they will melt down in opposition to Barack Obama – the flim-flam man from Chicago.

  8. The fraud needed to atone for his disastrous meltdown on Friday. Although his defenders praised his righteous anger, deep down they knew he looked bad and is never supposed to lose his cool. So he tried to return to his supposed “adult in the room” persona tonight so that the public might begin to banish that wild-eyed monster image from their minds.

    The fraud still thinks he can win this argument by pretending to be Bill Clinton in 1995. However, aside from the obvious fact that he doesn’t even approach Clinton’s political skill, there are ways for the public to obtain other viewpoints that weren’t available in 1995 (Fox News, Internet, Hillaryis44, etc.) and that makes it harder to sway public opinion (he’s failed so far in that). And it’s important to remember that Clinton won that 1995 battle WITHOUT the media, who never supported him on anything.

  9. Bill Clinton didn’t just feel people’s pain, he got to work and DID something about it: he figured out a way to balance the budget and pay OFF the national debt.

    Obama doesn’t even pretend to care. ASk him if he’s going to stay home Aug 2? And that birthday party?

  10. Boehner is playing this right, cool calm measured against a scare puppy Obama. Obama’s act is tiresome, may have worked well in 2008 but boy does it look tired now.

  11. Have a giggle:

    “In an extraordinary contrast, Boehner delivered a response only minutes later from the Capitol. He sought to flip the script on Obama, accusing him of not being able to take “yes for an answer” in bipartisan debt negotiations while accusing the president of trying to hike taxes and avoiding tough decisions on entitlement reform.

    “The sad truth is that the president wanted a blank check six months ago, and he wants a blank check today,” Boehner said. “That is just not going to happen.”

    Boehner’s decision to deliver his own prime-time rebuttal irked the White House, which had been negotiating quietly with networks for much of Monday. [snip]

    Obama, who has billed himself as the adult in the room, has found himself increasingly isolated after Boehner pulled out of the talks on Friday, the third time a GOP leader has left Obama at the altar. The move, Boehner told radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, deeply frustrated the president who has been trying to find a way back in.

  12. As Mike Mark points out, Baracko tries to appear as smart as the Big Dawg, then pretends to be Raygun, and at other times, Lincoln.

    He knows he is just a pixy speckled unicorn that has nothing but broken promises and lies to offer up from his alter of the golden calf.

    Boob with a tube sock.

  13. As we said its a “what about Meeeeeeeeeeeee!” exercise, he’ll come out singing and dancing next for attention. In fact i dread to think what he’d do for attention.

    He makes a z=list celebrity paparazzi camerahound look like an amateur.

  14. During Obama’s speech, the US dollar briefly fell to a four-month low below 78 yen in Tokyo trade

    He opens his mouth, the currency dives. Theres a connection there somewhere.

  15. Herre’s a very sensible article. Too much good stuff to quote.
    all the measures mentioned above get resounding support in public polling. This while the Republican austerity proposals go down in public opinion flames. Seems like the public intuitively knows what needs doing and the GOP and Blue Dogs are just hell bent to ignore them.

  16. Oregon’s David Wu will not seek election, must have slipped that out in the speech hooha for maximum bad news burying.

  17. Wu was a ‘moderate Dem’, Obotted Ap 24, 2008. His district usually votes Dem. Hopefully a better Dem can replace him.

  18. Sorry to be unable to share in the euphoria. There are at least two dirty tricks going on and both use the TV medium. One is obfuscation of the cause of the FAA situation which is properly framed by this item:
    U.S. Congress Adjourns as FAA Workers Face Furloughs
    July 22, 2011
    The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration will halt some operations at midnight after the House of Representatives and Senate adjourned today without agreeing on legislation to extend the agency’s authority.

    However, it is being combined with reporting of the debt/deficit. For instance, the construction stoppages at airports has been included with the coverage of the debt situation as I mentioned above in a comment about Senator Durbin in Chicago yesterday. Apples and oranges but if the public blinks, they will see it Obama’s way. I am aware of a horrendous mess with canceled connecting flights and luggage delivery of a passenger who flew from Alaska to Scranton over the weekend. More has gone wrong because of confusion over not extending FAA authority than you would care to hear or I would care to type. Blending it with Obama’s cause will bring the public to outrage. I really hope I am wrong.

    Dirty trick #2:
    Philadelphia station 6abc is now advertising a link at their site which connects viewers to congressional emails. It’s a brilliant and filthy strategy for Obama. Viewers watch a slanted view of the deficit debate and then head for the station’s link to fire off an email – strike while the iron’s hot. Surely many TV station websites now have this same capability.
    PS: This Philly station has recently turned toward Obama after years of a more balanced approach in telling news of DC.

    BTW, id any of you catch the video at gateway where Obama wished he could go around Congress (implying on the latino vote) & then the audience began chanting ‘yes you can?’ SEIU no doubt.

    Bilious, vile. If he’s going down, he’s going down real dirty.

  19. Well, I just took time to view Boehner and as you already know, he was brilliant. Feeling better.

  20. In Wash Post poll, 29% say Obama “made things better” and 37% say he has “made things worse.”

  21. turndownobama
    July 26th, 2011 at 2:33 am
    Herre’s a very sensible article. Too much good stuff to quote.

    Very interesting article. There was one important factor not mentioned and that was the cost of illegal immigrants to our economy. I read an interesting article recently which I could not find to post that details the costs with documentation. Removing all illegal immigrants from the US would be a huge stimulus to the economy.

  22. The cause of the DrudgeReport headline:

    New polls confirm Obama’s Democratic base crumbles

    With all of the spotlights on the high-stakes debt maneuverings by President Obama and Speaker John Boehner the last few days, few people noticed what Vermont’s Sen. Bernie Sanders said:
    I think it would be a good idea if President Obama faced some primary opposition.”
    This is political treason 469 days before a presidential election. Yes, yes, this is just a crusty old New England independent for now, albeit one who caucuses loyally with Harry Reid’s Democratic posse.
    But while most of the media focuses on Republican Boehner and the tea party pressures on him to raise the debt limit not one Liberty dime, Sanders’ mumblings are a useful reminder that hidden in the shadows of this left-handed presidency are militant progressives like Sanders who don’t want to cut one Liberty dime of non-Pentagon spending.

    Closely read the transcript of Obama’s Monday statement on the debt talks stalemate. The full transcript is right here. And the full transcript of Boehner’s response is right here.
    An Unbalanced Approach to a Balanced Approach
    Using political forensics, notice any clues, perhaps telltale code words that reveal to whom he was really addressing his Monday message? Clearly, it wasn’t congressional Republicans — or Democrats, for that matter.
    The nation’s top talker uttered 4,526 words in those remarks. He said “balanced approach” seven times, three times in a single paragraph.
    That’s the giveaway. Obviously, David Plouffe and the incumbent’s strategists have been polling phrases for use in this ongoing debt duel, which is more about 2012 now than 2011. “Balanced approach” is no sweet talk for old Bernie or tea sippers on the other side.
    Obama is running for the center already, aiming for the independents who played such a crucial role in his victorious coalition in 2008. They were the first to start abandoning the good ship Obama back in 2009 when all the ex-state senator could do was talk about healthcare, when jobs and the economy were the peoples’ priority.
    Democrats lost the New Jersey and Virginia governor’s offices largely as a result of that and Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in Massachusetts. And then came last November’s midterms when voters chose the approach of that historic pack of House-bound Republicans.

    Republicans have their own poll problems in some areas. But even without an identified GOP alternative, we’ve had a plethora of recent polls showing Obama’s fading job approval, especially on the economy.
    Now, comes a new ABC News/Washington Post poll with a whole harvest of revelations, among them, strong indications that Obama’s liberal base is starting to crumble. Among the nuggets:
    Despite those hundreds of billions of blown stimulus dollars and almost as many upturn promises from Joe Biden, 82% of Americans still say their job market is struggling. Ninety percent rate the economy negatively, including half who give it the worst rating of “poor.”
    Are You Better Off Today Than Jan. 20, 2009?
    A slim 15% claim to be “getting ahead financially,” half what it was in 2006. Fully 27% say they’re falling behind financially. That’s up 6 points since February.
    A significant majority (54%) says they’ve been forced to change their lifestyle significantly as a result of the economic times — and 60% of them are angry, up from 44%.


    “More than a third of Americans now believe that President Obama’s policies are hurting the economy, and confidence in his ability to create jobs is sharply eroding among  his base,” the Post reports.
    Strong support among liberal Democrats for Obama’s jobs record has plummeted 22 points from 53% down below a third. African Americans who believe the president’s measures helped the economy have plunged from 77% to barely half.
    Obama’s overall job approval on the economy has slid below 40% for the first time, with 57% disapproving. And strong disapprovers outnumber approvers by better than two-to-one.

    And don’t miss the Hillary Clinton “I TOLD YOU SO! button at the link. 🙂

  23. “And it’s important to remember that Clinton won that 1995 battle WITHOUT the media, who never supported him on anything.”

    Exactly, right- Obama, the SHRINKING MAN pretending to be president. I’m sure is aware of the cuts available to him outlined by Bill Clinton from the audited GAO Report. Had he taken it to the Budget negotiations and tried selling it a week ago, he would have changed the focus of the Republicans to his proposed cuts rather than on himself. From what I’ve read, the cuts found by BC amounted to $1.5T- halfway to the $3.0T Republicans are looking for to justify raising the debt ceiling. Changing the dynamic of the debate is what Obama needed to do. The Republicans seeing the seriousness of the president having tangible numbers on paper to argue about would have given Obama a modicum of credibility and unspoken justification for his participation at the talks.

    Obama resorted to acting like a “babysitter” to the Speaker of the House. This wasn’t Boehner’s first rodeo. Surprise, he chewed him up and spit him out.

    Valerie Jarret tied a millstone around his neck because he followed her advise. (instead of Clinton’s) Jarret telling Obama, “wait them out”- let the Republicans take responsibility for the cuts.

    I can hear the paranoid Jarret now telling Obama don’t follow Clinton’s advise.. “IT’S A TRAP. DON’T DO IT.”

    The blowback to Obama is as this point… I’m afraid a mortal wound to the possibility of his re-election. From here on in… Obama will have to bring his own posse with him on the campaign trail posing as adoring fans in the audience.

    If they were smart, they’d ask for a raise doubling their pay. LOL

  24. Just read Boehner’s transcript from last night..

    He is a PRO- Setting the tone just right to cut the Cat away from kittens without appearing partisan but as an advocate for the people. He hung Obama high, out to lunch with the bloated job hiring exploding in DC but not around the country.

    I give Boehner a 10 for his speech last night. I won’t be fooled by the Republicans adept at chameleon politics. They will not get my vote. Their commitment in this process for now is all I want.. helping us get rid of Obama. Boehner did a great job last night beginning Obama’s fall from grace. And I feel compelled to give credit when credit is due.

  25. I wonder who put that deliberate swipe at Obama with the Hillary “I told u so” button. Very very un LA Times. I think the general concensus now is we chose “that” over Hillary. Then again she did win California after all.

  26. What maybe you don’ know if that the fedral employees months ago selected 27 July as their day to call congress about their issues. This means that there is already a large group set up to call tomorrow. While many might not be in support of the President, those calls will be interpreted that way.

  27. Listened to Greta last night and saw how pissed she was with that idiot who came on and said “we need to close loop holes” she asked, rightly, why should the American people believe you this time – you were given a list months ago and did nothing. BTW I wish there was a font that a person could use when they are repeating catch phrases like the one in quotes above.

    Any way I woke up thinking the only way they will close loop holes is if we force a balanced budget on them. With only a limited amount of money available to hand out to their cronies, painful as it is for them maybe they will look for ways to pay off their contributes other then taking it out of my hide (excuse me, my great,great grand children’s hide). Then the honey pot appropriation Ronald Reagan or Nixon put in place for political cronies who are now long dead might look like available “revenue” they could rob instead of me.

  28. Meanwhile…there are speeches and then there are speeches…


    The Future of the U.S.-China Relationship

    By Stewart M. Patrick

    In a trip to China, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laid out the U.S. “principles” for Pacific cooperation

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered an important speech in Hong Kong today on “Principles for Prosperity in the Asia-Pacific.” Speaking to the American Chamber of Commerce, she defended a rules-based system of regional economic competition based on openness, freedom, transparency, and fairness. Without mentioning China by name, as the New York Times reports, she cited a litany of worrisome Chinese commercial policies that violate these fundamental principles either in spirit or in substance. She also outlined an encompassing vision of Asia-Pacific economic integration, with the United States at its heart, in contrast to the smaller, China-centric groupings that Beijing has promoted. Unless the Obama administration embraces a more vigorous trade liberalization agenda, however, Clinton’s message may fall on deaf ears.

    Clinton’s first goal was to reassure her audience that the United States, despite its fiscal woes, remains fundamental to economic prosperity and regional security in Asia. She emphasized that the United States under the Obama administration “has made a comprehensive commitment to reinvigorate our engagement as a Pacific power–shoring up alliances and friendships, reaching out to emerging partners, and strengthening multilateral institutions.” In sum, the United States is “a resident power in Asia…. And we are here to stay.”

    At the same time, Clinton insisted that the global economic crisis has underscored the need to “reach agreement on the rules and principles that will anchor our economic relationships in the coming decades.” Those principles include:

    1.The Asia-Pacific economic system must be open–shedding rules that restrict trade and create discriminatory markets. Exclusive trading arrangements fragment the regional economy. It is time for a broader Trans-Pacific Partnership that unites the region.
    2.The regional system must be a free one, in which “ideas, information, products and capital can flow unimpeded by unnecessary or unjust barriers.” Just as the United States seeks to attract foreign investment, so others must be open to U.S. and other foreign capital.
    3.Economic regulations must be developed transparently and communicated to all parties, rather than conjured up when convenient.
    4.Finally, rules must be applied fairly to all, since “fairness sustains faith in the system. That faith is difficult to sustain when companies are forced to trade away their intellectual property just to enter or expand in a foreign market, or when vital supply chains are blocked.”
    (This last critique was aimed squarely at China, which has alienated investors and trading partners through its “indigenous innovation” policies and its embargo on exporting “rare earth” metals to Japan.)

    Clinton’s four principles–which she first articulated at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) senior ministers’ meetings in Washington in March–are hardly original. They have been part and parcel of the U.S. vision of an open, multilateral system of trade and payments since the end of World War II. Then, as now, the overriding U.S. strategic objective was to prevent the world’s fragmentation into competing, discriminatory economic–and eventually political–blocs.

    What is novel in Clinton’s approach is her insistence that developing countries–which have often been granted special treatment–can no longer be exempted from binding rules.

    “In fact, all who benefit from open, free, transparent, and fair competition have a vital interest and a responsibility to follow the rules. Enough of the world’s commerce takes place with developing nations, that leaving them out of the rules-based system would render the system unworkable.”

    The unmistakable message: no longer can developing nations like China or India plead underdevelopment to skirt multilateral obligations. In trade, as in other realms, they must become responsible stakeholders. The Obama administration will find this an uphill struggle, given emerging power temptations to free ride, but it is a cause worth fighting for.

    Furthermore, Secretary Clinton made it clear that the United States considers the inclusive APEC forum–“the premier organization for pursuing economic integration and the growth in the Asia-Pacific”–the most appropriate setting for harmonizing trade rules and leveling the playing field. While celebrating the pending Korea-United States (KORUS) free trade agreement, she cautioned that the emerging “hodgepodge of inconsistent and partial bilateral agreements,” while lowering tariffs, would “also create new inefficiencies and dizzying complexities.” Rather than form new exclusive groupings, “we should aim for true regional integration.”

    This November, President Obama will host the annual APEC summit in Hawaii. Secretary Clinton promised her audience that the United States would use that occasion to flesh out the Trans-Pacific Partnership, envisioned as an eventual “free trade area of the Asia Pacific.” Coming up with a credible U.S. vision will be a tall order, however, given the U.S. electoral calendar and jobless recovery. The president’s political base–and the Democratic caucus on Capitol Hill–remains deeply protectionist, and Congress has not even been able to pass KORUS and two other modest bilateral trade bills with Panama and Colombia.

    In her Hong Kong speech, Secretary Clinton lionized Harry Truman and George Marshall for their enlightened leadership after World War II, in convincing congress and U.S. citizens to take difficult steps. Restoring U.S. trade leadership–both in the Asia-Pacific and globally–will require similar courage.

  29. She is getting the job done…


    John Cornyn strikes deal with Hillary Clinton; Taiwan gets planes, Texas gets jobs

    It took two phone calls and one face-to-face meeting between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Texas Sen. John Cornyn to work out a behind-the-scenes compromise on aspects of a ticklish U.S. arms deal with Taiwan.

    Clinton, a former senator from New York, persuaded Cornyn to lift his “hold” on pending Senate confirmation for William Burns as deputy secretary of state by agreeing to have the Pentagon publicly release a delayed report on the status of Taiwan’s air defenses.

    The deal also called for the Obama administration to formally accept Taiwan’s request to buy 66 F-16 fighters — Lockheed Martin aircraft built in 44 states and assembled in Texas.

    Senators “don’t have a lot of leverage as individual senators beyond `holds’ on nominations,” Cornyn acknowledged during a roundtable with reporters. “I found it to be very effective in this case not because I have any objections to Mr. Burns – he is great patriot and a great public servant – but because I was able to get the secretary’s attention.”

    Cornyn, R-San Antonio, said the Pentagon report on Taiwan air defenses had been held up for at least 16 months and the Obama administration had declined to formally accept the island province’s request for U.S. arms.

    China opposes any U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, an offshore province considered by Beijing to be part of China even though the island was recognized as an independent non-communist nation after the Chinese civil war ended in 1949.

    Cornyn said the United States has an obligation to stand by Taiwan — “one our good allies, a democracy” – as it sought weapons to “be able to defend themselves in a very dangerous neighborhood.”

    Cornyn said he had been concerned that the Obama administration was delaying the Pentagon assessment and acceptance of Taiwan’s arms request because the White House and the State Department were “afraid of irritating communist China at expense of one of our democratic allies.”

    Cornyn said Clinton, “to her credit,” was able to win scheduled release of the Pentagon report by Oct. 1 as well as a promise for the administration to make decision by then on Taiwan’s arms’ request.

    Clinton managed to “get Bill Burns on board,” Cornyn said. “I’m just grateful that we were able to work out something that was a fair resolution.”

  30. Obama Backs Destruction of Texas Cattle
    July 26, 2011 • 9:52AM (LPAC)

    U.S. cattle herd numbers are falling drastically, as ranchers resort to downsizing or liquidating their herds, under the combined impact of the severe drought in Texas and the South, worsening economic chaos, and inaction by the Federal government under the Obama Presidency. As of January 1, the U.S. cattle herd size (all beef, dairy, and calves), totaled 92.582 million head, putting it at the lowest since 1958. The July 1 herd inventory–typically higher because of Spring calving–was estimated Friday, July 22 to be 100 million, by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which, even if it is an unreliable count, still puts the mid-year herd size at the lowest since 1973 when the USDA began its mid-year estimate.

    In Texas, which has double the number of beef cattle than the next biggest state, thousands of head are now going to slaughter for lack of water, pasture, and emergency aid. In Wise County, northwest of Dallas/Ft. Worth, for example, there have been 20 days straight of triple-digit temperatures. The Decatur Livestock Market in the county, which typically would handle 1,200 to 1,500 head a week, now is handling over 3,000 a week. The sale barn, whose capacity is over 3,500, is asking ranchers to hold off sending more livestock, to avoid keeping the animals penned up too close in the fierce heat. The scorched pasture is described as like that of Winter, because of lack of rain and high temperatures.

    The combination of the increase price of hay and feed and the water shortage, have left ranchers with no way to maintain their herds. On many cattle ranches, the reserve water for stock tanks were drained by firefighters, to quell wildfires while corn prices are 90% higher than a year ago. And with a mature cow only expected to produce one calf a year, this means it will take many years to rebuild the U.S. beef cattle inventory, and that only, provided we dump the prevailing monetarist policy fast. Ranchers, agriculture extension service staff and even USDA old hands know what can and should be done. In the past, the Federal government moved in to both help move livestock to temporary pastures, organize interstate “hay-lifts” and otherwise provide aid, including backing the objective of staying on the ranch and rebuilding. But the Obama Administration is hands-off.

    State officials are scrambling. Last week, a hay hotline was established by the Texas Department of Agriculture, to help farmers find scarce supplies. Donations are being accepted to help defray the cost to desperate ranchers. The Texas Department of Transportation also recently waived all restrictions on hay bales being trucked across state lines, and within Texas. Water remains a crisis; Texas has a burn-ban in 246 out of 254 counties.

    As for the “markets,” and prices of cattle, feed and such monetary measures, the whole situation is non-functional. For example, look at feedlots. A year ago this time, feedlots were making an average profit of $18 per head of beef animals fattened and marketed. Last month, feedlots lost an average of $155 per head on cattle sent to slaughter, up from losing $126 per head in May.

  31. Lots of good stuff in this thread! Clinton, H. R., negotiator extraordinaire 9with Cornyn) solving problems world wide while Obie stumbles at home.
    I’ve long forgotten why I signed up for emails from VisionToAmerica, but today’s points to a video and transcript of Pete Stark at a Saturday appearance:

    Here’s some straight talk from a Democratic Congressman that pops the Washington drama balloon about the Debt Limit – Pete Stark (D-CA) told an audience Saturday morning that the Debt Limit debate is a ‘’political charade’. Not exactly anything that President Obama wants the American people to hear while he’s trying to convince them of the utter, complete and immediate need to raise the limit.
    Video and transcript at:

  32. I couldn’t get myself interested enough to watch the fraud last night. I figured I would come here and read the usual superb critiques of what the fraud had to say.

    All I can write right now is “Øbama, your bluff HAS BEEN CALLED, DOUCHE!”

  33. EDITORIAL: Hijacking Reagan
    Obama misappropriates the Gipper to justify tax hikes

    For the past few years, liberals have tried various ways to appropriate Ronald Reagan’s legacy. The latest sad attempt has been to enlist the Gipper to defend the notion that the only way to deal with the debt-ceiling crisis is to impose a trillion dollars of new taxes. “I find myself these days quoting Ronald Reagan,” said Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Democrat. ” ‘The full consequences of a default,’ she said, ‘or even the serious prospect of a default by the United States are impossible to predict and awesome to contemplate. … The nation can ill afford to allow such a result.’ ” Last week, MSNBC host Chris Matthews took some of Reagan’s quotes on taxes out of context and chided, “Would Reagan even be a Republican today?” A.B. Stoddard of The Hill said that Ronald Reagan “would not be able to win the Republican party nomination in 2011, period.” Even President Obama got into the act in his Monday night speech. No doubt the 40th president is in heaven smiling sadly and shaking his head. There they go again.

    Reagan would never be a willing co-conspirator in a plan to impose the largest tax increase in American history. The big-tax proponents are willfully misrepresenting his views, something easily demonstrated by looking at Reagan’s record. When the debt ceiling was being debated during the 1980 campaign season, Republicans in Congress introduced a plan by then-candidate Reagan that would have tied an across-the-board 10 percent tax cut to any expansion of the government’s ability to borrow. Democrats dismissed this as a campaign stunt, but it accurately reflected Reagan’s policy priorities.

    In his speech Monday night Mr. Obama quoted Mr. Reagan speaking August 11, 1982 in Billings. Montana: “Would you rather reduce deficits and interest rates by raising revenue from those who are not now paying their fair share, or would you rather accept larger budget deficits, higher interest rates, and higher unemployment? And I think I know your answer.” At that time Mr. Reagan had reluctantly agreed to a deal in which the Democratic Congress promised to reduce spending by $3 for every $1 in new revenue. But this Faustian bargain only demonstrates why House Speaker John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican, is holding the line on taxes today. During the Reagan years, Congress went ahead and imposed the agreed-on taxes but quickly broke the spending-cut pledge and instead pursued even greater budget increases. As Reagan later lamented, “Congress never cut spending by even one penny.”

    But Mr. Reagan would not be fooled again. In a 1983 debt-ceiling debate, Reagan threatened to veto any measure that contained tax hikes. “I am unalterably opposed to Congress‘ efforts to raise taxes on individuals and businesses,” he said. His administration “did not come to Washington to raise the peoples’ taxes. We came here to restore opportunity and get this economy moving again. We do not face large deficits because Americans aren’t taxed enough. We face those deficits because the Congress still spends too much.”

    The only area in which today’s liberals are eager to slash spending is in America’s military budget, something they also tried during the Reagan era. The Great Communicator, however, was a man of strong principle and straight talk. In a 1987 radio address to the nation, he decried the Democratic drive to weaken America and put the country in more debt. “For those who say further responsible spending reductions are not possible,” Reagan said, “they are wrong. For those who say the only choice is undermining our national security … they are wrong. For those who say more taxes will solve our deficit problems, they are wrong.”

    If Mr. Obama and the tax-and-spend liberals want to quote from the Reagan record, let them use that one. They were wrong then, and they are wrong now.

  34. I love the Hillary “I told you so” button in the link provided by the admin. That cheshire cat grin is priceless.


    “Eric, don’t call my bluff. I’m going to the American people with this.” — Barack Obama to Eric Cantor, July 13, 2011

    And Obama did go to the American people over the fiscal crisis — repeatedly — since that time. How well has it worked out for Obama? Two polls suggest that Obama was right … he was bluffing. First, Gallup’s latest survey puts Obama at 43% approval, equaling his lowest weekly approval of his presidency, and lower than that of Bill Clinton during the 1995 budget standoff: [snip]

    Obama has grabbed the national media spotlight at least three times with the White House press corps and two other times at nationally-covered town halls since warning Cantor that he would take his case to the American people. The American people remain deeply unimpressed. [snip]

    After numerous attempts to take his case to the American people, Obama may be chagrined to find that no one’s buying it. That’s what happens when bluffs get called.

  36. This deserves at least a chuckle from the gloomy Gus’ – from RedState:

    Of course Sanders has a problem here. He isn’t a Democrat himself, and would look like a carrion bird if he suddenly became one just to grandstand on the same debate stage as a sitting Democratic President. Before Sanders can get his way, and mount this quixotic primary challenge to force Barack Obama a little further to the port side of Che Guevara’s poltergeist, he needs to find someone to bell the big, fat cat.

    This is where I think Bernie, and many other like-minded Progressives are stuck. Ralph Nader has been consigned to the 9th circle of Progressive Perdition for taking several thousand votes in Florida that would have presumably gone to Al Gore back in 2000. Fresh off of losing a Senatorial Election in 2010, Russ Feingold has been bruited about as a challenger to Mein Obama. According to Feingold’s top staffer (why do guys in the private sector need top staffers?) this particular dog ain’t gonna hunt.

    “Senator Feingold is not running for president in 2012. Any suggestion he is thinking of running, planning to run, or interested in running is untrue,” said Mary Irvine, Feingold’s chief of staff. “Senator Feingold is a strong supporter of President Barack Obama and wants to see him reelected in 2012.”

    Thus, it looks like Barack Obama will not face condign rebellion amongst his disordered liberal ranks. However, the possibility keeps on getting floated around by deeply frustrated Progressives. Of course we ALL know who Barack Obama really doesn’t want to see again in the primaries. Is she tanned, rested and ready?

  37. Admin, I agree. Regardless of how tomorrows phone calling turns out, even if they support his position, they have decided to support him. The people waffling in the middle are now turning more permanently away from him.

    Reagan was a good Actor, O is not.

  38. admin
    July 26th, 2011 at 12:01 pm
    This deserves at least a chuckle from the gloomy Gus’ – from RedState:

    She might be tanned and ready, but I don’t see with her schedule how she can be rested.


    Democratic Rep. David Wu will resign from the House of Representatives after being accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward a fundraiser’s daughter, his spokesman said Tuesday.

    Wu’s spokesman said Monday Wu would not seek re-election and was “considering all options” regarding the rest of his term.

    On Friday, The Oregonian newspaper reported that the daughter of a fundraiser of Wu’s accused him in May of unwanted sexual advances that allegedly occurred in November

  40. EDITORIAL: Hijacking Reagan
    Obama misappropriates the Gipper to justify tax hikes

    Raygun was gov. of my state and he effed up things so badly here for education and many areas that I don’t care who lies, hijacks or slams the gipper from now to the end of time.

    He walked on water for the Rethugs just like Barry walks on water for his obots…in that respect, they have the same followers.

  41. At least 122 firearms from a botched U.S. undercover operation have been found at crime scenes in Mexico or intercepted en route to drug cartels there, according to a Republican congressional report being issued on Tuesday.

    Mexican authorities found AK-47 assault rifles, powerful .50 caliber rifles and other weapons in late 2009 that were later linked to the U.S. sting operation to trace weapons going across the border to Mexico, the report said.

    Guns from the program, dubbed “Operation Fast and Furious,” also were found at the scene of the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in the border state Arizona last December. It is not clear if they were the weapons responsible for his death.

    The sting has become an embarrassment for the Obama administration and its Justice Department, rather than a victory in cracking down on the illegal flow of drugs and weapons to and from Mexico.

    It has also hurt ties with Mexico, which has been battling the violent cartels in a war in which thousands have died.

    The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and federal prosecutors had hoped the sting would help them track gun buyers reselling weapons to cartels. But U.S. agents did not follow the guns after the initial purchaser re-sold them.

  42. In Wise County, northwest of Dallas/Ft. Worth, for example, there have been 20 days straight of triple-digit temperatures. The Decatur Livestock Market in the county, which typically would handle 1,200 to 1,500 head a week, now is handling over 3,000 a week. The sale barn, whose capacity is over 3,500, is asking ranchers to hold off sending more livestock, to avoid keeping the animals penned up too close in the fierce heat. The scorched pasture is described as like that of Winter, because of lack of rain and high temperatures.


    Naw, that’s just them scientists with their phoney numbers. Gotta be a hoax. Ain’t no such thing as global warning.

  43. the only way they will close loop holes is if we force a balanced budget on them. With only a limited amount of money available to hand out to their cronies, painful as it is for them maybe they will look for ways to pay off their contributes other then taking it out of my hide (excuse me, my great,great grand children’s hide).


    We haven’t run out of hide yet. First they take SS/Med, etc etc.

  44. While many might not be in support of the President, those calls will be interpreted that way.


    Yep. Including any our our calls.

  45. ohanson
    July 26th, 2011 at 11:24 am
    Obama Backs Destruction of Texas Cattle
    July 26, 2011 • 9:52AM (LPAC)

    ohanson, Obama is very petty, and is doing everything he can to destroy and snub TX, since the job growth here makes him look bad.

    His administration refused and dragged their feet on having areas declared emergency areas during the recent wildfires, even though much smaller fires in other states received their designation promptly.

    He has sicced the EPA on the coal plants here, despite the fact that our plants, operating under simple, easy to understand state regulations, have done a better job of cleaning up the air than most other states. The EPA actually said RESULTS don’t matter, you still have to be burdened with their forms and expensive compliance standards – even if you can PROVE that your air quality under your much simpler, cheaper state regulations EXCEEDS their goals.

    He has refused to let the Houston Space Center have one of the decommissioned shuttles for their museum, instead giving them to LA and NY. This despite the fact that Houston has been the heart and soul of the space program from the beginning.

  46. Removing all illegal immigrants from the US would be a huge stimulus to the economy.


    Well, it would sure stimulate the transportation industry.

  47. I am aware of a horrendous mess with canceled connecting flights and luggage delivery of a passenger who flew from Alaska to Scranton over the weekend. More has gone wrong because of confusion over not extending FAA authority than you would care to hear or I would care to type. Blending it with Obama’s cause will bring the public to outrage.


    So why has Congress not extended the FAA authority? The House should know the Republicans will get blamed for the mess.

  48. tdo:
    too busy with deficit negotiations?
    hoping public will confuse it with deficit problems? [and this is my fear]
    I don’t know.

  49. lol quote of the day……

    In retrospect, maybe we shouldn’t have elected a president on the basis of nice graphic design.

  50. the power went out just before O’s speech and did not come until after the speech was over…divine intervention? we were spared…

  51. WTF?

    “Children don’t have what they need to succeed, the first lady said, and too many people are struggling to pay the bills. “‘Michelle, it’s not right,’” Obama recounted her husband telling her. “‘We have to do more, and we have to fix this.’”

    “Are you in? Are you ready for this?” she urged the crowd amid loud cheers. “Because I am in this. I am in this. I want you all fired up. I want you working like nothing else.”

  52. You wanted them in Mr President… this is what happens when you forsake your own party and party with the opposition. How’s Val’s advise workin’ for ya?

    Debt-limit bill yanked by House GOP

    House Republicans delayed by at least a day a floor vote on their package to raise the debt ceiling, the latest challenge facing Speaker John Boehner and GOP leaders as they try to avoid a default on the nation’s debt.

    The decision to move the vote to Thursday or beyond came after the Congressional Budget Office reported late Tuesday night that the package Boehner crafted would only reduce deficits by $850 billion, $150 billion short of the speaker’s goal of $ 1 trillion in budget and spending cuts.

    Read more:

  53. “I want you working like nothing else.”

    How about you working for us like nothing else and cut the spending on lavish vacations spending millions of taxpayer dollars we can give to the children that DON’T HAVE what they need to succeed?

  54. Interesting. That whitehouse insider dude says a deal is done, and that both the D’s and the R’s cut Obama out of it:

    Information has just come in – again, from our D.C. Insider that a deal forged between House and Senate leaders is “all but done”, with a bit of “political posturing and minor contextual revisions” now taking place between Democrats and Republicans. Apparently the final product will be a hybrid between the plans already put forth by Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republican House Majority Leader John Boehner, with direct input and assurances from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that the votes for passage would prove bi-partisan.

    Notably absent from the process is President Barack Obama, who during the weeks-long negotiation process has managed to offend both Democrat and Republican members of Congress. Contrary to mainstream media reporting, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has already personally informed the president that a general consensus between Congressional leaders has already been met, and that it would be a mere matter of days before a debt ceiling agreement bill was to sent to the president’s desk, at which time, “…you and you alone will be responsible for the outcome Mr. President.” According to this same insider source, both Senator Reid and Congresswoman Pelosi were “personally offended” at the repeated rebukes the president had levelled against Congress. Reid and Pelosi were “fuming” following recent comments by President Obama that he was “ordering” Congressional leaders back to the White House for further talks. A source within Nancy Pelosi’s office apparently made it clear,

    “The president does not order Congress – ever.”

    Today, media reports are indicating the White House is once again threatening to veto the debt ceiling bill most recently proposed by House Speaker Boehner – a bill that has also been received with a rather lukewarm response from a number of conservative Republicans in Congress. This threat comes mere hours after President Obama urged compromise between both sides, once again exposing the repeatedly contradictory and inflamatory nature that has been the president’s role throughout the process – the very thing that has likely led to Democrats and Republicans deciding to negotiate directly among themselves while ignoring the president’s own amaterous efforts at legislative leadership.

    Read more:

  55. The Politico report was updated at 9:46pm tonight. It is a later version of the budget events posted by The Insider.

    The bill needed more revisions, when word came from the GAO they are $150B dollars short of the Trillion they need to meet the mark.

  56. Carville last night “It’s a rout…surrender, Democrats want to surrender but no one will take their white flag…”

  57. The Republicans want to keep this crisis going even if the proposal does effectively lift the debt ceiling and have the necessary cuts. It’s a temporary fix. They want to keep Obama exactly where they have him for a second round of budget fights closer to the election.

  58. Henry 12:10 a.m.

    I really miss him as well. I think he was posting over at No Quarter recently. I hope he comes back soon.

  59. moononpluto
    never read the iowahawk site but there was a regular here during the primaries who if I remember correctly was a student at a university who went by the same name. He was Hillary to the end. Is the site the same person?

  60. No response from moononpluto
    so I will ask the others who have been her for awhile is iowahawk the same young hispanic man who fought diligently for HRC in 08

  61. sorry fell asleep, no idea, just follow him on twitter, iowahawkblog comes up with some brilliant lines.

  62. Fleeting, but none-the-less sweet [as jello] moment from the lips of Chuck Todd yesterday evening:
    There’s even talk of a 30 day extension and the President will sign anything that is put before him.

  63. This article is somewhat dated but an indication denial is shrinking to a puddle. Bill Maher criticizing Obama? After all the BS he’s shoveled for him protecting the prognosticator of epic proportions. Four years in and he has an epiphany?

    July 12, 2011

    The Left Starts to Dump Obama
    By J.R. Dunn

    It appears that the left is washing its hands of Obama.

    In recent days we’ve seen a number of left-wing spokesmen ranging from Bill Maher to Frank Rich dismissing Obama as a disappointment — too centrist, too moderate, not at all the American Lenin they’d ordered. Even Mark Halperin, who would fracture his nose if any Democratic politician ever stopped short, dismissed the messiah as a “dick” on MSNBC.

    On the face of it, this is nonsense. Barack Obama stands as the most left-wing president on record. No other president comes close to matching him. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a pragmatist, willing to try anything that worked, even when it didn’t. He was also pliable enough to be manipulated by people like Adolf Berle and Rexford Tugwell, authors of the NRA and AAA, and both pure leftists. (In the Goldbergian sense — they both admired fascism just as much as they did communism).

    Lyndon B. Johnson exhibited a political split personality in combining a domestic leftism with an international anti-communism that made no political sense and finally wound up destroying him. As for Jimmy Carter, he probably matched Obama for left-of-center tendencies, but he was so ineffectual that it went nowhere. Bill Clinton, under the direction of Dick Morris, governed as a moderate conservative, whatever his personal proclivities.

    Which leaves Obama standing alone in the far-left twilight. The seizure of GM and Chrysler, ObamaCare — the most blatant left-wing attack on individual rights in my lifetime — the endless efforts to push carbon regulations, the college-kid Keyesianism, and the bitter contempt for American exceptionalism, leave no room for argument.

    Not so, say Frank Rich and Bill Maher. (Isn’t this pair an example of the collapse of the liberal intellect all by themselves? A half-century ago it was people of actual intellectual accomplishment like Lionel Trilling and Reinhold Neibhur. Now the best they can do is a stand-up comic and a washed-up drama critic.)

    ObamaCare, insists Maher, is “a pro-business very Republican healthcare plan,” which of course explains why the GOP has sworn repeatedly to overturn it. Darling Frank, for his part, believes that Obama’s fatal flaw lies in his failure to carry out a “legal, moral, or financial reckoning for the most powerful wrongdoers” involved in the financial crisis, overlooking the fact that this would send half the Democratic Party to the jug. (All the same, I was deeply impressed by his New York magazine piece — close to 5,000 words and not once did Frank leap up and start bellowing “there’s no business like show business”

    The explanation for this is quite simple: Obama has failed, but the ideology must go on. Obama’s biggest achievement was kicking off the Tea Parties, possibly the most serious threat to left-liberalism of the past thirty years. Movement conservatism has always been limited by its connection with Northeastern elitists, while the Neocons, though much more effective, appealed to an urban university-oriented following. But here we have an actual middle-class, middle-American movement, enlightened, informed, and outraged — the darkest nightmare of any thinking leftist. And who created it? Obama and none other. It would take a lot of accomplishments to outweigh that single error, and Obama can’t show any. His gimcrack auto company scheme worked only with aid of bogus paperwork. His “health-care reform” will not outlast judicial testing. His attempt to revive the New Deal as a solution to 21st-century problems is a sour joke to millions of unemployed. He is racing for the exits in Afghanistan, the leftist “good war,” like a scalded rat. And now his deeply corrupt Justice Department is blowing up in his face. I’ve said all along that he would spend his last two years overwhelmed by the problems he created in his first two, and it is coming to pass in detail.

    The facts of the case are that Obama has revealed the hollowness of liberalism. He had it all his own way the first half of his term, and was able to push through the complete left-wing domestic agenda in all its Keynesian, Newer Deal glory. It went nowhere — as anyone could have predicted — and that is the end of it.

    But here’s the thing: from the liberal point of view, Obama does not exist as a separate entity, but only as a momentary expression of the liberal dogma. Liberalism will still exist long after Obama is gone — or so they hope. So if it comes down to a choice between the messiah on one hand and the creed on the other, the messiah has to go. (I need scarcely point out that this is the traditional fate of messiahs — false ones in particular.)

    This is why Obama has been stung so badly by such deep thinkers as Halperin, Rich, and Maher. They are performing a salvage job, assuring that there will be plenty of daylight between Obama and liberalism by the time November 2012 rolls around. We will hear a lot more of it before then, covering all of the administration’s policies, everything Obama has ever touched. It is their own version of the stab in the back legend — everything would have been fine if it hadn’t been for Obama, that centrist, that moderate, that traitor. Revolutions always eat their own — the moderate social democrat Aleksandr Kerensky was a hero in early 1917 only to flee Russia one step ahead of the Bolsheviks six months later. Obama is undergoing the same process as regards his own failed revolution.

    The most interesting point here is that the left is turning on Obama now, sixteen months before the election, even as his billion-dollar campaign swings into motion. It’s still early in the game and they’ve already written him off. Do they know something we don’t or do they simply see what he is on an even deeper level than even the most perceptive tea party advocate?

    And we’ve still got the latest revival of the civilian terror trial obsession and O’s “reasonable” gun-control plan to go. As Napoleon put it: “never interrupt your enemy when he’s committing suicide.”

    (The kinder gentler version involves standing in a hole and continuing digging.)

  64. July 27, 2011

    The Danger of a Weak American President

    By James G. Wiles

    It’s now clear that the emperor has no clothes. By August 2, President Barack Obama could become largely irrelevant in our domestic politics.

    Unless Monday night’s presidential address turns things around, Mr. Obama is about to be a lame duck before his time. If so, the American people can breathe easier. To borrow a slogan from the 2004 John Kerry-John Edwards campaign: “Help Is on the Way.”

    But conservatives should not necessarily offer three cheers for this outcome — which is, let me hasten to add, entirely of the president’s own making.

    As I catalogued here last week, the United States is currently passing through a moment of danger — both domestically and abroad. The U.S. economy has now stalled, with the highest level of unemployment since before the Second World War. Indeed, we haven’t had a moment like this since Jimmy Carter became president in the wake of Watergate, the First Oil Shock, stagflation, and the fall of Southeast Asia to the Communists.

    Now that it’s clear that something like Speaker John Boehner’s package will be passed to resolve the debt ceiling crisis and whittle away a bit more at the deficit, it’s doubly clear that President Barack Obama has shot his wad. Unless Mr. Obama is reelected in 2012, this president is now largely unable to do further damage domestically. Only his veto pen retains its potency.

    It’s a different matter abroad. There, Mr. Obama remains in charge of America’s position in world affairs. As president, he is commander-in-chief of the American military, America’s head of state and the Leader of the Free World.

    The world, however, now sees that America’s president is weak. He does not command the Congress or the confidence of the American people. He refused to pull the trigger on Moammar Gaddafi, matching his actions to his words. With seventeen months to go in his term, the president presently appears unlikely to win reelection — or his party to retain control of one House of Congress.

    This is dangerous. In this wicked world, it is important that the American president be feared. This one is not.

    The last time this happened, the year was 1979. And America’s enemies moved very aggressively to take advantage of the failure of the Carter presidency.

    The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. It air-lifted Cuban troops into Angola, Mozambique, and the Horn of Africa, while simultaneously funding a Communist takeover in Nicaragua and a Communist insurgency in El Salvador. The USSR also began building a blue-water navy. A Soviet brigade was planted in Cuba, and Russian bombers began flying long-range patrols along the American coast.

    In the Middle East, the Iranian Revolution occurred. Soon the entire U.S. Embassy staff had been taken hostage.

    It is a different world today. But the issue remains the same. In the wake of the failure of Obama’s presidency, will America’s enemies move? Our moment of maximum weakness — and the moment of maximum danger for American allies like Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, the Philippines, and Georgia — begins now.

    Will they move? Where will they move?

    Those now become the questions.

  65. Yup, i thought i was seeing things, the lefties have started the divorce. Its hard to see how Obama handles this other than a cobra backed into a corner, he is the sort of man who will seek revenge on the very people who put him there, he knows no different than a child having his toy taking away.

    Something is afoot, could we see Obama dropped like a hot stone, this makes it all the harder if he continues on that re-election path, it will be 2010 all over again, no one will want to be seen with him, Pariahville here you come.

  66. At right now:
    The proposed debate and vote on debt reduction legislation that House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) proposed will have to wait until at least Thursday to be debated on the House floor. The Congressional Budget Office released an analysis of Speaker Boehner’s plan. It says it cuts $850 billion over ten years, less than the $1.2 trillion Boehner claimed it would cut. The Speaker and others are rewriting the bill so there are more cuts to bring the number closer to the $1.2 trillion, which delayed the debate. Additionally, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) also postponed debate of his debt ceiling proposal until Thursday. Media reports say he is waiting to see the outcome of House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) bill in the U.S. House. Some Republicans have come out in opposition to Boehner’s plan to cut spending and lift the debt ceiling in two parts. Rep. Jim Jordon (R-OH), a conservative member of Congress, is one of several House members who said he would not support it. He said it does not cut enough spending and he is opposed to creating a bipartisan committee to determine additional savings. The House Republican conference is meeting this morning and more details about the path forward could become apparent following that meeting. Speaker Boehner’s proposal would lift the debt ceiling by $1 trillion, cap discretionary spending and require both legislative bodies to vote on a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Senator Reid said Tuesday that Boehner’s bill is “dead on arrival” in the Senate. He also said he is “open to compromise,” leaving the door open for an alternative bill to be drafted, but time is running low before the August 2nd deadline imposed by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Reid’s proposal, which has not gained noticeable Republican support, would cut spending by $2.7 trillion dollars and lift the debt ceiling enough to last through 2012.
    On the Washington Journal, three guests will discuss the debt limit debate. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) will appear at 7:45 am ET and Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) at 8:30 am ET.

  67. Obama’s Pick to Lead Counterterrorism Center Faces Accusations of Misleading Congress
    …Earlier this month, Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va.,who represents the district where the center is located, wrote to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, objecting to the nomination. Wolf said he believes Olsen, general counsel for the National Security Agency, under White House pressure downgraded the threat level of some potentially dangerous detainees to allow for their expeditious release to unstable countries like Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan as part of the administration’s failed effort to shut the facility. Wolf also wrote that Olsen misled him about the status of detainee transfers to the U.S. during an April 2009 meeting. At that meeting, Olsen chose only to discuss the process and not the decisions that he had already made, Wolf contended. “I do not question Mr. Olsen’s professional qualifications for this position, but from my observations of his recent leadership positions, I believe that he lacks the judgment to lead the NCTC,” he wrote.
    Against that backdrop, a Senate hearing on Tuesday turned contentious

    We really need to know where Obama gets these people.


    Carney slips up at 2.20

    In his interview Tuesday with Bret Baier on Fox News’ Special Report, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney explained why any bill failing to push the debt ceiling problem past the next election is unacceptable.

    “It would leave the cloud hanging over our ca–economy.”

    He was about to say CAMPAIGN confirming suspicions this is all campaign loaded.

  69. Matthews, what a bastard.

    You could have had 2 Clintons in the WH but nooooooooo you had to have that tingle up your leg and now you are crawling lower than a worm’s tit to say that Bill Clinton should rescue Obama’s fuck up as Sec of Treasury. No No and thrice No.

    Ask Obama to stand down and let Bill and Hill gor the WH…anything less than this Matthews is a NO GO.

  70. Coming to your neighborhood soon!

    Flash Mob Robbery Occurs at Victoria’s Secret Store in Georgetown

    By WILL THOMAS/myfoxdc

    WASHINGTON – D.C. Police detectives are investigating a theft at a Victoria’s Secret store Monday afternoon located inside the Shops at Georgetown Park.

    Lt. John Hedgecock said two men and two women entered the store at 2 p.m. and within a matter of seconds, scooped up lingerie and took off on foot.

    “We have some information that they may be using some of the social media such as Facebook and Twitter to schedule an event if you will,” Hedgecock said.

    Similar incidents have occurred throughout Georgetown and other parts of the city and D.C. Police has officers patrolling retail districts on foot and on segways to be able to respond faster.

  71. JanH
    July 27th, 2011 at 10:49 am

    lol…now I’ve heard everything…

    Matthews – Bring back Bill Clinton [NBC 7-26-2011]

    Tweety rubbing salt in the wound-

  72. henry
    July 27th, 2011 at 12:29 am
    Southern Born
    Thanks maybe I’ll stroll on over. Loved reading his overnight posts in the am.

    Hey the last time he posted anything here was on June 28th, I don’t know why he left, but I miss him. I haven’t seen him on NQ for about 4 days now.

    WWB where are you????

  73. Whitehouse Busted. Time to supoena.

    ATF official: I told the White House about Fast & Furious

    What did Barack Obama know about Operation Fast and Furious, and when did he know it? Rep. Darrell Issa’s committee uncovered an explosive nugget of information from the subpoena of ATF e-mail, which went public in yesterday’s hearings. The ATF manager of the Phoenix office notified a White House official of Operation Fast and Furious as an update on the overall Project Gunrunner effort, connecting the controversial operation directly to the White House for the first time:

    At a lengthy hearing on ATF’s controversial gunwalking operation today, a key ATF manager told Congress he discussed the case with a White House National Security staffer as early as September 2010. The communications were between ATF Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix office, Bill Newell, and White House National Security Director for North America Kevin O’Reilly. Newell said the two are longtime friends. The content of what Newell shared with O’Reilly is unclear and wasn’t fully explored at the hearing. …

    Congressional investigators obtained an email from Newell to O’Reilly in September of last year in which Newell began with the words: “you didn’t get this from me.”

    “What does that mean,” one member of Congress asked Newell, ” ‘you didn’t get this from me?’ ”

    “Obviously he was a friend of mine,” Newell replied, “and I shouldn’t have been sending that to him.”

    Issa asked him why O’Reilly would have been asking about Project Gunrunner, the overall interdictment effort, but that’s fairly clear. As a national-security advisor with responsibility for North America, the cartels in Mexico would be one of the primary threats O’Reilly would watch. O’Reilly told Newell that he planned to travel to Mexico to work on the issue, which would explain the need for an update.

    What’s less clear is why Newell informed him with the caveat “you didn’t get this from me”. Why wouldn’t the ATF report on Fast and Furious results to the White House when asked? Was Newell told to avoid linking the operation directly to the White House, or was the ATF worried about the implications of the operation even before it blew up in their faces? Given the hostility towards Congressional oversight already demonstrated at the ATF and Department of Justice during this investigation, this looks like even more evidence that the Obama administration let the ATF run wild, perhaps on purpose.

    The more important question will be who O’Reilly told at the White House about the operation. Clearly, O’Reilly wanted the information to prepare for key meetings on a very sensitive subject. It’s hard to believe that O’Reilly would have kept that information to himself. Issa’s committee needs to get O’Reilly into the hearing and on the record, and it may be time to subpoena some White House records, too.

  74. Tweety rubbing salt in the wound-

    Any sacrifice to protect the emperor without clothes.

  75. Bill and Hillary are equaling smart but Bill has the creativity gene maximus. Together, they act as “one” brain.

  76. Bill and Hillary are equally smart but Bill has the creativity gene maximus. Together, they act as “one” brain.

  77. GHEI: Obamacare, a death panel for jobs
    Government health care takeover imperils economic recovery

    July 26, 2001–Washington Times

    Rep. Nancy Pelosi once said we’d have to wait until the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed before we’d know what was in it. The San Francisco Democrat was right. Only now is it becoming apparent just how much the Obamacare law is oppressing small business, the engine of job growth in this country.

    The situation is growing worse. The unemployment rate is 9.2 percent – and rising – while consumer confidence sits at its lowest level in seven months. A recent Heritage Foundation analysis found that the recovery began to stall shortly after Obamacare’s enactment. In August 2010, unemployment was supposed to fall to 8 percent by the end of 2011. At the time, that was a reasonable prediction given that the economy had added almost 230,000 jobs in April 2010. Obamacare was signed into law that month, but it took more time for businesses to absorb its impact – and the economic slowdown has been measurable.

    Through 2010, the gross domestic product grew at a clip of 2.9 percent. In the first quarter of this year, that figure dropped to 1.9 percent. In the second, it crawled at 1.5 percent. Last year’s vain hopes of a “recovery summer” have given way to the present bummer summer. It’s not going to get any better until the job market improves, but employers aren’t interested in hiring because they just don’t know what’s going to happen when Obamacare’s regulations kick in. A recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey determined that almost 40 percent of small businesses named the health care bill among the top five challenges they faced.

    The National Federation of Independent Businesses asked companies employing fewer than 50 people what they expected. While none of these businesses plan on dropping health insurance for their employees, one in eight employers have found the plans they used to offer their workers terminated or they have been told the plans will go away in the future. This means either the employer will have to find a plan that is more expensive – making each additional hire more costly – or letting their employees find insurance on the taxpayer-subsidized exchanges Obamacare will establish. In either case, that means costs go up.

    Obamacare thwarts potential hiring in three ways, as the Heritage study points out. The law excludes firms with fewer than 50 employees from its mandates, so companies aren’t going to expand and hire if it means exceeding that cap. Companies that employ more than 50 workers already will see their costs rise as they must provide insurance that meets the government-defined minimum requirements or pay a penalty. The biggest problem of all, of course, is the uncertainty Obamacare creates.

    Employers still have no clear idea what plans and what coverage will pass muster under the law and what won’t. They don’t know how much it will cost, making long-term planning difficult. The combination of almost-certain labor cost increases and a murky regulatory environment is a recipe for a stagnant economy. We’re already starting to feel the side effects of the Obamacare prescription for a disease we never had.

  78. These days I mostly lurk here, but as I recall, Wobbie was disrespected (if not attacked) by a poster here who appears bent on attacking other regulars for whatever reason. At least this is my view. I find this disturbing as well as curious since we on this blog support HRC, although we may disagree on other things from time to time. Unfortunately, the in-fighting and gratuitous attacks have also driven away others. I’m very suspicious about this. It’s as if we have a mole or a troll trying to split our Big Pink community. Again, these are my personal views and sentiments. Love this blog, in any case!

  79. The Matthews clip reminds us of our suggestion from years ago: Hillary Clinton to run foreign policy, Bill Clinton to run domestic policy, Barack Obama back to Chicago.

  80. “Or the brain behind Bill — Hillary!”
    “Bill and Hillary are equally smart but Bill has the creativity gene maximus. Together, they act as “one” brain.”

    Having met the Clintons a few times, IMO that is much closer to the “reality”. Bill has more “raw” intellect; Hillary is nearly as smart but is much better organized and disciplined. Hillary was co-governor and co-president; which drove the Rethugs bat-shit crazy. If the Clintons were in the WH, the roles would have been reversed with no question who was in charge and the Country wouldn’t be in the shitter.

  81. Moon

    Maybe this email is the smoking gun. I hope Issa keeps digging.

    “What does that mean,” one member of Congress asked Newell, ” ‘you didn’t get this from me?’ ”

    “Obviously he was a friend of mine,” Newell replied, “and I shouldn’t have been sending that to him.”

  82. Mrs. Smith
    July 27th, 2011 at 11:22 am

    Bill and Hillary are equally smart but Bill has the creativity gene maximus. Together, they act as “one” brain.
    Or looking at it another way, Hillary is the loyal, hardworking smarty pants…while the Big Dawg is the charmer that thinks outside the box to reach a goal.

    Together they compliment each other perfectly and become the super-duo.

  83. Yes, Trixta, I believe you are right.

    “posters here who appear bent on attacking other regulars for whatever reason.”

    There are several and unfortunately it is simply not worth the energy most times to wade in. It is a shame.

    Then there are the idealogues with one track minds who only want to discuss one issue – one that most disagree with but who cares?

    Monopolization of a blog is never a healthy thing and has the impact of driving people away. I hope it will change. This can be is a great forum.

  84. Shadowfax, its the old wink wink nudge nudge.

    “you didnt get this from me”….the obviously follow up then is if it was so bad why didnt you just challenge and ask in the open without the old nudge wink.

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