Debt Ceiling Hobbits Versus The ‘I’ Of Sauron – Why We Indeed Do Need An Election Year Debt Ceiling Debate

When the red flags are waved the bulls get moving and attacking and acting foolishly as they are led to slaughter at the hands of the Matador (from “matar” which in Spanish means “to kill”) after first being tormented into rage by the Picador. Republican bulls are being prepared for slaughter as they bellow in triumph. Democratic bulls have been slaughtered yet many of them don’t realize it yet.

Right-wing bulls, left-wing bulls, middle of the road bulls, libertarian bulls, Clinton supporting bulls, Clinton hating bulls, Social Security supporting bulls, Social Security hating bulls – all snort and stomp hooves the very moment the red flags come out. When the red flags wave all the bulls act in their accustomed manner from their respective corners. [For more on how red flags are used by both parties to gull their respective supporters read one of our discussions of the red flag strategy written during the 2008 primaries.]

From early stirrings post-TARP in late 2008 until birth post Obama stimulus scam, the Tea Party has been an object of mockery. Many on the left mocked those in the Tea Party who demanded that “government keep your hands off my Social Security/Medicare”. Instead of recognizing potential allies who appreciated Social Security the “creative class” left delighted in mockery. “Government is Social Security you dumbasses” chortled the “creative class” left to Tea Party activists.

Now Tea Party activists are called “Hobbits” by well known Republicans and hoity-toity editorial pages that never liked the Tea Party rabble. The “Hobbits” battling Mordor and its evil president Sauron won the battles and the war, as Sarah Palin supporters smartly replied, so this was not the wisest of literary choices with which to attack the Tea Party.

Why any Republican who purports to oppose higher debt and deficits attacks the Tea Party or their supporters in Congress is a mystery. The fact of the matter is that for genuine opponents of higher debt and spiraling deficits the current bills under consideration are a joke. Even the much ballyhooed $4 trillion dollar “grand bargain” was a joke – if mathematics is a consideration.

There is an argument to be made by Republican leadership that cutting the legs off from Speaker Boehner by not voting for his proposal was counterproductive in the fight against debt and deficits. But then again, if it wasn’t for the Tea Party resistance to Speaker Boehner’s original proposals the Republicans would have agreed to much weaker terms. Indeed, Speaker Boehner had agreed to Obama’s demand for $800 billion in new taxes and only balked when Obama demanded an additional $400 billion in new taxes.

Tea Party activists also have an argument to make from the experience of Democrats during the Bush years. If the Republican leadership does not share your debt/deficit aims now (all they want are the better offices that come with the majority) they will have the same excuses and less incentive to do what you want once they are in power.

Remember during the Bush years how every demand made to House or Senate Democrats was met with the excuse ‘we can’t do x/y/z until we have a majority and we can’t even so much as try to get x/y/z done because it will hurt us in the elections and then we won’t get a majority and then we won’t be able to do all the wonderful things we will do when we get a majority and a president.’ Then they got big majorities as well as the White House and… nothing but scams and thefts. We wrote about this in “Grand Unified Theory: The Obama Scams And The Dimocrat Scams Exposed (And Why You Can Ignore The Side Stories Like – Nancy Pelosi, Notre Dame, Torture, Gay Rights, The CIA, Wall Street, GM, Chrysler, Guantanamo, Cheney, Military Tribunals, FISA, Renditions, Abortion Rights, Universal Health Care, Swine Flu, Immigration, The Environment, Foreign Policy, The Economy, Inflation, Deflation, Unemployment, TARP, Credit Cards, Israel, Russia, China, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Debt, Deficits, and The Supreme Court)“.

Democrats who mock and attack the Tea Party activists should also recognize the reality that if it was not for the Tea Party activists, Barack Obama would have sold out Social Security. That’s right – if the Tea Party had not torpedoed the “grand bargain” Barack Obama would have sold out Medicare and Social Security, (and if necessary sleeveless Michelle, the two daughters, the dog, Kal Penn, and thrown in the kitchen sink). It was unintentional but the Tea Party saved Social Security from treacherous Barack Obama who wants to gut Social Security.

[Why Obama wants to gut Social Security still deserves a full article but we have addressed the reasons before:

The reasons for Obama wanting to destroy Social Security may be boiled down to two. Reason #1 is the old Willie Sutton reason, “that’s where the money is.” Reason #2 is the Obama coalition hatred of the FDR/Hillary Clinton coalition (hint: black male life expectancy is about 67 while white women live longer and younger voters who loved Obama in 2008 never valued Social Security they way older voters do). But that discussion is all for another day.”]

The red flag strategy works because the brain shuts down and few question their assumptions. Inadvertently perhaps, but the Tea Party saved Social Security from Obama’s clutches. Still, Social Security supporters see the Tea Party as the enemy even though many (certainly not those in the Tea Party leadership which have been co-opted by the Republican leadership) support Social Security. The “creative class” left prefers to be clever and snobbish – too stupid and over-educated to see the opportunity staring them in the face.

For those willing to shut their eyes to the red flags waving and keep the brain functioning, the bottom line in the entire debt ceiling tempest in a Tea pot is exactly that – not much – a tea pot tempest. The fact is, as we have written before, there is only one issue that remains a controversy.

The only issue that remains at all a controversy, the only issue that Barack Obama will fight on, the only issue Obama demands Harry Reid protect him on is this: keep the discussion dead until after the 2012 election.

The danger is that this strategy is one that many Republicans share with Obama. Many establishment Republicans do not want to see the Tea Party take center stage again during the general election and thereby heighten their influence even more. And has anybody seen Willard “Mitt” Romney lately?

Willard Romney wants to avoid the debt and deficit discussion almost as much as Barack Obama. While everyone has asked “Where’s Waldo” about Obama, the same can be asked of Willard Romney.

Tea Party activists want an election year discussion of the debt and the deficit and what cuts need or don’t need to be made. Does the Pentagon deserve a trillion dollar cut over the coming years? Get rid of agriculture subsidies that bribe Iowa voters? Dismember the Hitlerian monstrosity called the Department of Homeland Security and restore many of its functions to manageable agencies? Kill the Education Department, the Energy Department, the Commerce Department, and turn their operations to agencies that are less expensive? These are all issues that should be discussed. And where is all the money taken from Social Security to fund general government purposes?

Barack Obama and Willard Romney as well as the establishment of the Republican and Obama Dimocrat parties do not want a discussion about the economy/debt/deficits when the American people are paying attention.

Activists from the left and the right are constantly admonished ‘now is not the time to have a divisive fight’. Hillary Clinton supporters recall how Obama Dimocrats demanded she remove herself from the primary challenge to the treacherous Boob especially as she beat him repeatedly. We were told ‘primaries are not the time to have a divisive discussion’ because those evil Republicans will profit – the red flags were waving.

Now we are told by Barack Obama ‘we must not have a divisive fight over debt and deficits in an election year because look how bad this fight has been.’ But isn’t that what elections are for?

Elections are a time to fight over principles, ideas and policies. Elections should be the time to discuss what course, what direction, the country wants to pursue.

Drug addict or not, Obama does not want to have that discussion. That is the Barack Obama plan so many can’t seem to find. Stop looking for the plan, reelection is the plan. Sauron Obama will agree to just about anything as long as the next debt ceiling hits him on the head after the November 2012 elections. That is why the only thing Obama cares about in this debt ceiling debate is that he avoid having to explain himself to the American people during the election of 2012. Willard Romney does not want to have that discussion either.

Elections are also about leadership.

Barack Obama is not a leader and his only concern is self advancement and self interest – even Obama Dimocrats know that now:

“Joe Scarborough: “I have got to clear this up. Mika heard two days ago on Capitol Hill Democrats all saying the same thing. And that is, this president has been invisible, he is not a leader. They said this all behind closed doors. Democratic leaders, Democratic rank-and-file. In fact, 40, 50 of the most powerful Democrats on the Hill. I will just stop right there. The complaints were all the same. The president has vanished. He has left us here alone again like he did with health care. Where is he? Now, they didn’t call him a loser, but they sure as hell didn’t call him a leader.”

Tea Party activists do not have as their top priority helping the Republican leadership. Harry Reid, who worked behind the scenes in 2008 to destroy Hillary Clinton and gift the nomination to untested corrupt Boob Barack Obama will do anything now to save the Boob. The tricks and “deals” and gimmicks will multiply – from all sides – as the fake deadline approaches this Tuesday.

The debt/deficit debate is not about money or numbers. The debt/deficit debate is about the bankruptcy of the political parties as they collude to delude, distract, and circumvent, the will of the American people.

Elections are the time for citizens to seize the reins of power and decide who will be entrusted with the majesty of their authority. We don’t need phony “grass-roots” campaigns designed to bamboozle. We need a debt/deficit/economic debate in the full heat and light of an American election decided by the American voter – not debt Kabuki. Isn’t that what elections are still for?


Christmas In July

Update: Sometimes you just stupid your way into taking the smart course. That’s what happened tonight with the Republican caucus. Read the first two paragraphs with our suggestions to Boehner (below this update) and see how the Republicans might wind up doing what we think would be smart for them.

Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post understands what we wrote:

“A more optimistic take came from a senior House leadership advisor, who told me that some key members had asked to sleep on it. There is sometimes a point in a negotiation (which is what this is) when it is counterproductive to push on. As the advisor explained: “The speaker was not going to force a midnight vote. We’re not going to do that on something this big.” [snip]

There are a couple of benefits to drawing this out (although I have no indication whatsover from conversations with half a dozen House Republican offices this evening that the delay is attributable to anything other than difficulty in rounding up the votes). First, Boehner will certainly have a strong argument that nothing OTHER than this bill can get through the House before August 2. And second, as time slips away, there is less and less time for the Senate to come up with an alternative that can pass both houses by August 2.

The smart money is still on the eventual passage of the Boehner bill. But it’s not going to happen without extracting every last drop of patience from the American people, not to mention the media covering one of the most agonizing votes in recent memory. [snip]

As for the Senate, the aide reminded me that the bill now under consideration is essentially the same bill that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) had, along with the speaker, taken to the White House last weekend. In other words, if the House can manage to get the bill out, Reid may in fact drop his own bill, bring up the Boehner bill, and be done with this.”

Isn’t that what we suggested and isn’t that the smart thing to do? Just wait it out. Pass the bill next week. When Boehner passes the bill everyone will forget about tonight’s delay. The really dumb thing for Boehner would have been to vote without having the votes.

Boehner actually had a bit of good news tonight:

“The House first approved what’s known as the “rule” for the bill in a 238-186 vote, in a boost of confidence for the speaker.”

Bret Baier on what’s next as the Republicans stumble onto smart from their original stupid:


Frankly, we don’t understand why John Boehner is holding a debt ceiling vote tonight. Harry Reid has threatened to hold a Senate vote designed to kill the House passed bill almost immediately after the House passes the bill. Wouldn’t it be smarter for the House Republicans to vote early tomorrow and force Reid and the Senate to vote in the light of day?

Indeed, wouldn’t it be smarter for House Republicans to vote early next week as August dawns and there is even less time for Reid to roast debt chestnuts over an open fire?

Color us perplexed on that one. But on this, we knew it would happen. Last year we celebrated Festivus In July. This year we already celebrated Hanukkah In July. Now in this August-time heat, Obama Dimocrats are dressed in the red and white furs of Santa Claus – bags filled with hate and fear.

But these Obama Dimocrats are not crazed Santas. They are actually clever. Probably too clever, but clever. Republicans take note: you are being set up with a shoddy Obama trap.

With Republicans/conservatives in legitimate argument(s) amongst themselves about whether or not to vote for the Boner, er Boehner, debt ceiling bill the sounds of sleigh-bells hit the air. Carol singing Hobbits are being heard. The Michelle Malkin elves track the Santa clause debt defense via the Washington Post:

“So the White House is circulating a new set of talking points to outside allies and surrogates, instructing them on a new way to make this case: If Boehner has his way, the debt ceiling debate will steal Christmas.”

It’s a silly argument but the Malkin elves uncovered the Christmas plot:

“House Speaker and national grinch John Boehner is planning to spoil Christmas, White House officials are claiming, as they try to head off passage of Boehner’s two-stage debt ceiling bill.

“Happy Holidays America: Boehner plan would have the debt ceiling all over again during the holiday season, which is critical for the economy,” White House deputy spokesman Dan Pfeiffer declared today at 9.50 a.m.

White House political adviser David Plouffe made the same claim about Christmas almost one hour earlier when MSNBC’s Chuck Todd quizzed him about the White House’s opposition to Boehner’s two-stage debt ceiling proposal.”

What about the reindeer and children??? Fear not the Carney clown is on the job:

“Spokesman Jay Carney and other aides said Boehner’s short-term extension of the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling sets up a replay of the ongoing political fight in December, the middle of the holiday shopping season.

The Boehner plan would require “all of us to go through this again before the end of the year, in the most important economic season in the country,” Carney said. “At a time when people don’t want to worry about whether or not their interest rates are going to go up, their mortgage payments and their car payments and their student loan bills, and their credit card payments, especially as they’re buying gifts for the holidays.”

The White House time line is subject to dispute.”

How and why did Christmas become such an urgent talking point? Consider – if the 2nd quarter gdp numbers are revised and just the slightest dip into negative territory occurs. Consider if the 2nd quarter gdp numbers dip and many expect the 3rd quarter and the 4th quarter to dip deeper into negative territory. Consider what happens if the 2nd, 3rd, 4th quarters are officially declared negative gdp quarters. After three consecutive quarters of negative gdp, the National Bureau of Economic Research declares it an official recession.

Would you like to be running for reelection in January 2012 as a double dip recession is declared? Would you want to lose your “blame the previous guy” strategy? No you would not. So start setting the trap now. In July.

Why invoke Christmas in the heat of July? Because you have to set up the Republicans for the hit. This Friday the Obama calorie counters will announce which bills will be paid and which bills will not be paid – its ramp up the fear time. But today it’s Christmas gift boxes packed with explosives.


“The latest consumer confidence report aside, Americans are still apprehensive, especially about their jobs, and that fear is likely to weigh on consumer spending in the months ahead, according to one retail industry consultant.

Burt Flickinger, managing director of retail consultantcy Strategic Resource Group, said the U.S. has just entered a 500-day retail recession, and before it’s over, the U.S. will see weaker retail sales, more store closures and even additional retailers joining Borders in bankruptcy.”

A 500 day recession in retail will not help Obama so time to get up the blame game:

“A retail recession wouldn’t exactly qualify as unexpected, given today’s numbers on durable-goods orders and inventories, but Burt Flickinger says it’s just the beginning.  CNBC quotes the analyst as predicting a retail recession that will last through the end of next year, thanks to high unemployment and a confidence crisis in the economy, as well as an end to extended jobless benefits: [snip]

With unemployment increasing and housing sales bumping along the bottom, it’s no small wonder that Flickinger sees a long period of decline in the consumer economy ahead.

If that comes to pass, it’s hard to imagine Barack Obama building any momentum for a second term in office. A long-lasting retail recession would essentially be a vote of no confidence in Obamanomics, and the handling of the debt-ceiling crisis hasn’t exactly bolstered trust in the White House either. But it would also make it more difficult to turn the economy around regardless of who gets elected President in 2012, as investors and capital will be hard to find after than long on the American sidelines.”

Someone killed the job market and Obama wants to push the pulsing neon arrow away from him. Curtis and Leroy are onto Obama and Obama needs, like most Nero incendiaries, to find someone else to blame.

Guess who that someone else is?

Obama and his Dimocrats are in full retreat tonight. They are prepping the battlefield for the next fight, the only fight Obama cares about – his reelection. Someone has to take the blame for the coming double dip. Tonight we know Santa has a brand new bag filled with hate, fear, bricks and brickbats.

Happy Christmas everybody!


You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way Obama Blows

Some in Big Media and Republican circles are perplexed. They don’t understand how Obama can seriously state that he will veto a short term debt deal, thereby supposedly throwing the country into default, because he wants a long term debt deal. ‘Isn’t that making the perfect the enemy of the good?’ (if we take Barack Obama at his word – which we do not and no sensible person should either) these befuddled observers ask. It’s typical Obama flim-flam.

He’s played the same bullchips before. Hillary Clinton supporters remember – South Carolina, January 21, 2008:

“CLINTON: There was a particular amendment that I think is very telling. It was an amendment to prohibit credit card companies from charging more than 30 percent interest. Senator Obama voted for it. I voted against it. It was one of the biggest lobbyist victories on that very bad bill that the bankruptcy bill represented. And I think it’s important. You know, if you look at the recent article about Senator Obama’s work on health care reform in the Illinois legislature, it’s a very interesting piece about how he basically did the bidding of the insurance companies during that effort. Now, I’m just saying that if we’re going to…

OBAMA: That’s…

CLINTON: … be hurling these charges against one another, I’m used to taking the incoming fire. I’ve taken it for 16 years. But when you get into this arena…


… you can’t expect to have a hands-off attitude about your record. And it is perfectly fair to have comparisons and contrasts. I voted against a 30 — I voted for limiting to 30 percent what credit card companies could charge. Senator Obama did not. That’s a fact.


OBAMA: Absolutely. It is a fact, because I thought 30 percent potentially was too high of a ceiling. So we had had no hearings…


… on that bill. It had not gone through the Banking Committee. I don’t know about a lot of folks here, most folks here, if they’ve got a credit card, are paying 29 percent. So under this provision, that would’ve been fine. And we had not created the kind of serious…

EDWARDS: You voted against it because the limit was too high, is that what you just said?

OBAMA: That is exactly what I just said, John, because…

EDWARDS: So there’s no limit at all.

It was John Edwards’ only decent moment in 2008. Back then the issue was a ceiling on credit card interest rates. Now it’s a ceiling on the national debt. For Obama it is the same flim-flam. In both instances Obama makes the same convoluted argument. On the bankruptcy bill Obama did the bidding of the financial services industry and its lobbyists. Now Obama will do anything to prevent election year discussions of his own record on the economy, jobs, and the debt.

At that 2008 debate Hillary Clinton warned the nation:

“CLINTON: Well, you know, Senator Obama, it is very difficult having a straight-up debate with you, because you never take responsibility for any vote, and that has been a pattern. You, in the — now, wait a minute. In the Illinois state legislature…


CLINTON: Just a minute. In the Illinois state senate, Senator Obama voted 130 times present. That’s not yes, that’s not no. That’s maybe. And on issue after issue that really were hard to explain or understand, you know, voted present on keeping sex shops away from schools, voted present on limiting the rights of victims of sexual abuse, voted present time and time again. And anytime anyone raises that, there’s always some kind of explanation like you just heard about the 30 percent. It’s just very difficult to get a straight answer, and that’s what we are probing for.”

Hillary Clinton (and humble Big Pink) warned America. [Those interested in Hillary’s too quick comment about Obama and the “recent article” on Obama and health care should read our very own “The Obama Health Plan Obama Supporters Do Not Want To Discuss.“] Republicans or the very few in Big Media who think they can deal with Barack Obama with any sort of decency or trust should disabuse themselves of that notion quickly. Obama simply cannot be trusted and all he cares about is himself.

Hillary Clinton tried to warn America. We tried to warn America. But even we did not realize it would be this bad, and we thought it would be very bad. Recall the 3:00 a.m. ad?

That ad has to be updated:

Scene: A crisis room.

Leader #1: What do we do? This is a real crisis. What do we do?

Leader #2: What do we usually do in a crisis?

Leader #3: In a crisis we call the president so the president can lead.

Leader #1: So should we call Obama at the White House?

Leader #2: Oh God no!

Leader #3: We want the problem resolved. Whatever you do don’t call that boob.

Leader #4, Leader #5, Leader #6, Leader #7, Leader #8, Leader #9, Leader #10…: Don’t call the Boob!

Leader #2: Let sleeping dogs lie… and boy can he lie…

The script written by us, inspired by real events, and realized by Craig Crawford:

“It’s no surprise that Republicans, led by House Speaker John Boehner, went out of their way to insult the president, but remarkably Democrats also went forward over the weekend with Capitol Hill debt talks that did not even include a symbolic emissary from the White House.

After a perfunctory meeting with Barack Obama on Saturday — a session he had hurriedly called to maintain at least the appearance of leverage — Democrats and Republicans returned to their caves on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue for the real talks, without anyone from the White House included.

This served to reinforce Boehner’s vow to exclude Obama from the discussions. The internal logic of Washington’s byzantine protocol indicates a bipartisan snub of the president.”

Whatever you do, do not call the treacherous, self-interested Boob:

“With the collapse of the Boehner-Obama talks, it looks as if something closer to “regular order” in the legislative branch will probably be needed to produce the final deal to raise the debt limit. The House is moving toward taking up a plan drafted by the speaker and his lieutenants, and Senate majority leader Harry Reid is drafting a competing version for his chamber.

This is a good development. Because it’s been clear for some time now that President Obama has been the real roadblock.”

Whatever you do steer clear of the treacherous, self-interested Boob! He promised celestial choirs of cooperative singing, but A Boob Does What A Boob Does Best: Boobery. The celestial choirs instead are snarling dogs who do not trust the Boob:

“In 2008, Barack Obama, as a presidential candidate, made changing that culture a signature objective; if anything, it has grown more dysfunctional during his presidency.

Obama’s entire history is a misogynistic dance of self-interest and smoke filled rooms which advance his career – so how did anyone seriously expect him to change the culture of corruption in which he thrived?

David Brooks in 2008 thought Obama was the man of his dreams. Now Brooks, who turns his love for Obama on and off with schizophrenic regularity, is out of love and is saying “Don’t call the Boob.”

“Everything was mysterious, shifting and slippery. One day the president was agreeing to an $800 billion revenue increase; the next day he was asking for $400 billion more. Spending cuts that seemed to be part of the package suddenly seemed hollow. Negotiating partners disappeared.

It was phenomenally hard to figure out exactly who was offering what. Democrats in Congress were kept in the dark and were understandably suspicious. It was all a recipe for misunderstandings, hurt feelings and collapse. [snip]

Obama lectured the leaders of the House and Senate in the sort of patronizing tone that a junior high principal might use with immature delinquents. He talked about unreturned phone calls and being left at the altar, personalizing the issue like a spurned prom date.

Obama’s Friday appearance had a gigantic unintended consequence. It brought members of Congress together. They decided to take control. The White House is now on the sidelines. Democratic and Republican Congressional leaders are negotiating directly with one another.

Why didn’t Boner, er Boehner, return Obama’s call last week?

Republican Leader #1: Should we call Obama?

Republican Leader #2: No, keep the Boob as far away as possible.

Republican Leader #3: If you want to get anything done keep away from the Boob. Call Reid or Pelousy or the kitchen cat, but for all that is sensible and holy, keep away from the Boob.

The Republican leadership is not alone is recognizing who the flat tire is. For all the Big Media propaganda in service to the golden calf the American public has not been fooled:

“While pundits have been quick to declare President Obama the winner of the messaging war on the debt ceiling negotiations, his poll numbers show no such advantage. [snip]

Yet, it’s hard to deny the trend: A slew of recent polls are increasingly suggesting that public confidence in Obama and his handling of the economy is eroding. A new Washington Post/ABC News poll holds a fair amount of bad news for Obama.

But looking more closely, Obama’s overall job approval, while remaining at 47 percent for the last two months, shows that fewer voters “strongly approve” of Obama’s handling of the economy now than in previous months.

A CNN/ORC poll released Friday  showed a sharp drop in Obama’s overall job approval rating, which now lies at 45 percent in July, down from a previous 48 percent.

More notable is that the poll shows Obama’s disapproval rating is at 54 percent, the highest since just before the 2010 midterm elections in September.

The Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling also declared Obama in “perilous shape” after a poll last week found that a rising number of Democrats are unhappy with the job Obama is doing, while independents were evenly split.

One Republican pollster, David Winston, said the trend is more likely explained by deepening pessimism about the state of the economy, punctuated by two straight months of rising unemployment and stagnating economic growth. No longer will Obama’s personal favorability, which has long been sky high, help buoy his job approval going into the 2012 election.

Ultimately, at some point in time, [Obama’s] overall job approval is going to move toward his economic approval. And it’s obviously not good for him,” Winston told POLITICO. “Typically, when you get disappointing numbers like 9.2 percent, that’s affirming to people that the economy isn’t working.”

Solution: Don’t call the treacherous, self-interested Boob.

The American people are hanging up on the Boob and if the election was held today, the Boob would be headed to the Rezko house and future. In the summer heat some are even dreaming that Obama has already quit and gone back to the fecund corruption slaughter houses of Chicago:

“Ironically, the path to a resolution may become more clear without Obama involved in the negotiations, as Congress can now focus on combining the Reid and Boehner plans once they pass in both chambers. Obama’s lack of leadership in this episode won’t be soon forgotten.”

Both John Boner, er Boehner’s, actual plan and Harry Reid’s existing plan (yup, they both have a plan) are now being revised. They have a chance of success as long as they keep away from the Boob. The Boob does not have a plan, never did on anything except his career, and does not intend to produce a plan – too much work and scrutiny.

Smart Republicans/conservatives and NObama Democrats must keep in mind that the problem is Barack Obama. Whatever the disputes are, and there are many and they are legitimate remember: the problem is Barack Obama.

Democrats or Obama Dimocrats who think this is going to be anything better than the Boehner or Reid bill, should put down the Hopium pipe and listen to Carville who knows Obama has boobed up the debt ceiling kerfuffle. Who could be surprised? Weatherman not required. Obama blows.


Jell-O Quivers – Barack Obama Addresses The Nation Tonight In Yet Another Publicity Stunt

Update: Too many Obama flim-flams in tonight’s speech to count. The interesting “metric” of his amazing influence that Obama has set up is the call for Americans to call their congressional representatives. If there is NOT a flood of calls to Congress will Big Media feast on that fact? We doubt it. If there is a flood of calls supporting Obama Big Media will dance in the streets and blare the fact in headlines however. Will Obama melt down the congressional phones lines tonight/tomorrow – or are Americans ignoring the boob?

After Obama waved his flags and called for calls it was John Boner, er Boehner’s, website that melted down after his speech. Boehner did very well tonight simply by appearing as a tube-sock-less man speaking to the nation immediately after Barack Obama. Boehner also managed to swing several gut punches that hit ol’ flabby hard. Where are the jobs?

Afterwards, Charles Krauthammer, who used to have dinner with Obama and say nice things about the Boob, has doubts about his own “cynical” credentials after watching the treacherous Boob in action.

Like us, Krauthammer is watching to see if Obama really can “go to the people”. Our bet is that if the phone lines in Congress melt down tomorrow they will melt down in opposition to Barack Obama – the flim-flam man from Chicago.


In the debt ceiling theater of absurdities Barack Obama has two political goals: (1) appear to be in charge in order to get the credit for whatever happens; (2) get a something/anything deal that extends past election day November 2012.

Those two political goals are the reason Jell-O’bama will torment the heat weary nation tonight. The entire publicity stunt style and substance is “kind of like sticking a balled-up tube sock down the front of the budget trousers.”

Other than a “balled-up tube sock” there is not much more to see from fake Obama’s Jell-O press conference speech. Obama will try to grab credit for getting something done even though he is considered by the negotiators to be a stumbling block boob not a full participant in whatever garbage is produced. Also not to be forgotten is that a fake plan filled with gimmicks, like the Reid plan, will not prevent economic disaster brought forth from credit agencies.

Charles Krauthammer has it exactly right:


Barack Obama Sinking – Republicans To The Rescue

We’re all waiting for shoes to drop. The shoes, like dangling swords, are heavy on the frayed threads that barely restrain them. When those shoes stomp down, the grey thatched head of Obama will get a pounding.

Recently, the very respected, especially by Big Media types, Amy Walter discussed the pending political death of Barack Obama in her article “How Much Longer Can Obama Defy Political Gravity?“:

“Although President Obama’s job approval rating of 48 percent (according to average) isn’t exactly stellar, it is remarkably high given the level of economic pessimism and despair among American electorate.

The economy is the most important issue for most Americans, yet few Americans feel very good about it and most don’t approve of the way President Obama’s dealing with it. [snip]

Obama’s job approval ratings defy political gravity. The only question now, is if they can do so for much longer.

Walter runs from politics to psychology in order to explain what is happening:

“Psychologists talk about “cognitive dissonance,” the tension that people feel when their thoughts are inconsistent with one another. In this case, it’s feeling as if the president is doing a pretty lousy job on the economy, but still giving him decent (though not glowing) marks when it comes to his overall presidency.

At some point, psychologists will tell you, relief from the tension comes only when you try to restore consistency.

In this case, it means that either voters need to start feeling better about Obama’s handling of the economy or they will start to feel worse about his overall ability to handle of his job.”

Walter, a Big Media biggie, is warning the less capable of her cohort that Obama is prepped and ready for a massive freefall.

Patricia Zengerle of Reuters, performs the same duty as Walter as data in state after state display Obama weakness for 2012.

Today, the Obama friendly Public Policy Polling looks skyward and sees only swords, er, heels hurtling towards Obama:

Obama in perilous shape

For the first time since last July Barack Obama does not lead Mitt Romney in PPP’s monthly national poll on the 2012 Presidential race. Romney has now pulled into a tie with the President at 45%.

Obama’s approval rating this month is 46% with 48% of voters disapproving of him. There are 2 things particularly troubling in his numbers: independents split against him by a 44/49 margin, and 16% of Democrats are unhappy with the job he’s doing while only 10% of Republicans give him good marks. Republicans dislike him at this point to a greater extent than Democrats like him and that will be a problem for him moving forward if it persists.”

PPP then echoes Amy Walter in as dramatic a voice as possible:

Here’s an important note on all of this early 2012 polling though: Obama’s numbers are worse than they appear to be on the surface. The vast majority of the undecideds in all of these match ups disapprove of the job Obama’s doing but aren’t committing to a candidate yet while they wait to see how the Republican field shakes out. Here’s an idea of where these various match ups might stand once all voters have made up their minds:

-In the Obama/Romney head to head 21% of undecideds approve of Obama and 61% disapprove. If you allocate them based on their approval/disapprove of Obama, Romney would lead 52-48.

-In the Obama/Bachmann head to head 10% of undecideds approve of Obama and 67% disapprove. If you allocate them based on their approval/disapprove of Obama, Obama would lead only 51-49.

-In the Obama/Pawlenty head to head 9% of undecideds approve of Obama and 75% disapprove. If you allocate them based on their approval/disapprove of Obama, the race would be tied at 50%.

-In the Obama/Cain head to head 8% of undecideds approve of Obama and 76% disapprove. If you allocate them based on their approval/disapprove of Obama, Obama would lead only 51-49.

-In the Obama/Palin head to head 5% of undecideds approve of Obama and 84% disapprove. If you allocate them based on their approval/disapprove of Obama, Obama would lead only 54-46.

So if you dig deeper into the numbers Obama’s position is a lot worse than meets the eye. There’s a very good chance Obama would lose if he had to stand for reelection today. If there’s a silver lining for Obama it’s this- he trailed Romney in our poll last July and then led him for each of the next 11 months. For whatever reason summer and particularly the month of July has not been friendly to Obama in the polls ever since he hit the national stage. So perhaps he’ll see another recovery now as he has in the past. But for now he’s in one of the weakest positions of his Presidency.”

At pro-Obama U.S. News, the blame for the current economic hell is laid at the Obama match box:

“Yet Obama has had plenty of chances to do something big about runaway spending and the mushrooming national debt, and he’s taken a pass every time. He clearly didn’t anticipate the showdown that’s developed this summer over raising the debt ceiling, figuring Congress would raise the government’s borrowing limit this year the same as it has done dozens of times before. Instead, Obama is now fighting to prevent an abrupt and highly disruptive cutback in spending, which would be the outcome if Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling by early August. Even if it is raised, Obama could end up being the first U.S. president to hold office while rating agencies like Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s downgrade the nation’s AAA debt rating. Here’s how Obama got himself into this predicament:

He passed a huge stimulus bill with no plan to pay for it. Investors and economists have no problem with deficit spending by the U.S. government. It’s routine, especially in a crisis, when governments have traditionally spent more to help boost an ailing economy. But the old Keynesian tradition of fiscal stimulus has an important caveat: The government is supposed to pay back what it borrowed later, by cutting spending and boosting taxes when the economy is healthier.”

U.S. News notes that after the stimulus scam (“a major liability for Obama”) Obama moved on to scam on health care. Then Obama, to rescue himself politically after the 2010 election debacle, agreed to tax cut extensions without paying for them. The Obama flim-flams continue:

“He hasn’t gone public with a convincing debt-reduction plan. Obama says now that he has a plan to save $4 trillion over the next decade. Most of that would come from spending cuts, with a small portion coming from tax increases. But you can’t look at his plan because he hasn’t made the whole thing public. That gives Republicans a legitimate complaint, because they have in fact published a variety of detailed plans, including ones by Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Tom Coburn. Obama, meanwhile, has shared the highlights of his so-called plan in speeches, press conferences, and other public appearances, saying for instance that he’d cut defense spending deeper than others would, close a bunch of corporate tax loopholes, raise income taxes on the wealthy, and cut back on Medicare benefits for wealthy seniors. But he hasn’t laid it all out in one place, which allows him to evade scrutiny and remain aloof when it comes to the details. That’s consistent with Obama’s style, which has been to issue guidelines on big issues while letting Congress supply the fine-print legislation. But it’s hard to claim leadership on an issue when you’re not willing to take a detailed public stance.”

On Bastille Day, July 14, Gallup noted:

“President Obama’s re-election prospects do not look very favorable at this point — if the election were held today, as measured by the generic presidential ballot. However, that result does not necessarily mean he is likely to be denied a second term in November 2012. At this point in 1991, George H.W. Bush looked like a sure bet to win a second term, but he was defeated.

One key factor in determining Obama’s eventual electoral fate is whom the Republican Party nominates as its presidential candidate and the appeal that person has compared with Obama. Mitt Romney is the presumptive front-runner, but Americans have generally not held very positive opinions of him the last few years.

The state of the nation will also influence whether Obama is elected to a second term. Right now, Americans are especially dissatisfied with the way things are going in this country, and economic confidence is lagging.”

That “who the Republicans nominate” narrative appears to have blown up now that Obama publicly states that 2012 will be a referendum on Obama.

Twelve days into July, according to Obama lovin’ Politico, the news from the experts was not so good for Obama:

“Experts: Debt fight hurting Barack Obama

The prickly, political back-and-forth over raising the nation’s debt ceiling is demoralizing consumers, analysts suggest, and threatening President’s Barack Obama’s bid for a second term. [snip]

Voters have not returned an incumbent party to the Oval Office with the Consumer Confidence Index below 100. Released by the nonprofit Conference Board since 1967, the monthly index dropped 3.2 points to 58.5 in June.

“No doubt, charisma, a leader’s projection of presidential powers, rhetoric and the like will matter, but anyone with a reading much lower than 100 will have a hard time,” warned Lawrence Yun, who has explored the phenomenon as chief economist for the National Association of Realtors. [snip]

In the case of consumer confidence, political deal making can amplify an underlying economic trend causing “hyper” optimism or, in the current stalemate, hyper pessimism, said Texas A&M University professor Paul Kellstedt, who co-wrote a 2004 research paper on the issue.

According to his analysis, the public cares more about taking action than the posturing at news conferences; tangible results trump speaking with optimism and assurance.”

It’s another way of saying “actions speak louder than words” – Obama’s Achilles’ heel. But good results are the ultimate measure of an action’s success. At this point it does not appear that there is much chance of a significant economic upturn by November 2012:

“This country needs to feel forward momentum,” she said, explaining the president could frame his economic message better, but “there is a reality that’s hard to contrast no matter what you say.”

Only Ronald Reagan managed to close a similarly sized gap in consumer confidence. He cruised to reelection in 1984 after the index swung from 59 in January 1983 to 104 in January 1984.

But it would appear seemingly impossible for Obama to duplicate the feat.

Employment increased by 4.1 percent during Reagan’s surge, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To match that, today’s economy would have to add 5.34 million jobs — almost 450,000 a month. Only a meager 18,000 jobs were created last month.

The disappointing jobs numbers feed into a vicious cycle for the president that the debt ceiling talks have complicated.”

So, with all this data, why are Republicans coming in to help Obama by giving him the lifeline of a debt limit extension at anywhere near a face saving level? Repeated slaps are what Obama deserves.

If you’re an Obama Dimocrat and your answer to the above question is “for the country” – screw you. We know better than that. In fact, like the professor, we are still asking the question we and the professor asked a long time ago:

Obama ending social security as we know it

I am amazed, once again, that liberals are not screaming at the tops of their lungs about Obama’s proposal to extend the social security tax holiday for another year.

I noted in October 2008, January 2009, and again in December 2010, that Obama seeks to end the pay-in concept of social security, in fact if not in theory. 

Consistently Obama treats the FICA pay-in as merely another tax to be played with as part of a redistributionist policy.  During and immediately after the 2008 campaign it was a plan to issue refundable tax credits which amounted to double-dipping, and in the past year it has been the FICA tax holiday.

The common theme throughout Obama’s proposals has been to divorce benefits and pay-ins, and to treat Social Security benefits as merely another government welfare program.

Some Democrats in Congress are opposing Obama’s plans, but there is none of the over-the-top rhetoric which is directed at conservatives who want to fix not end social security as we know it.

When it comes to social security, liberals have met the enemy, they just won’t admit it.

Back in 2007 and 2008 when we wrote repeatedly that Obama wanted to destroy Social Security we were mocked. But we have been right. The reasons for Obama wanting to destroy Social Security may be boiled down to two. Reason #1 is the old Willie Sutton reason, “that’s where the money is.” Reason #2 is the Obama coalition hatred of the FDR/Hillary Clinton coalition (hint: black male life expectancy is about 67 while white women live longer and younger voters who loved Obama in 2008 never valued Social Security they way older voters do). But that discussion is all for another day.

Why are Republicans set to rescue Barack Obama? Americans hate Obama’s health scam more than ever and the scam itself threatens more Americans more than ever. The stimulus scam is more of a scam than ever and Americans know it is a scam more than ever. Obama lovin’ pollsters are yelling about falling shoes and that things are really much worse for Obama than is obvious – even as they skew the sample numbers to under-represent Republicans and Independents.

So why are Republicans giving Obama anything but a swift kick of the boot?


Manchild In The Embarrassed Land – Enough Is Enough

Expect to see Barack Obama’s swollen manboobs any day now. He might even begin to lactate. It didn’t happen at today’s latest publicity stunt press conference designed to allow Obama to pretend he is on the job and frighten Republicans with the visibility of the bully pulpit, but it might happen soon. All we got today was more lies.

Remember when Barack Obama said about Hillary Clinton “...Senator Clinton, periodically when she’s feeling down, launches attacks…” Well, Barack Obama must be on Estrogen. We know he has not hit on Michelle’s Shake Shack Testosterone stock.

After we wrote about Obama “…no one believes you are man or woman enough...” Barack has decided to prove us wrong by throwing some sort of temper tantrum or hissy fit or breath holding foot-stomping Estrogen induced scream of “enough is enough”. His manicured “claws start coming out“.

This week the walking man boob reportedly walked out in a hissy fit from a meeting, while muttering what now has to be considered the theme song for the 2012 election cycle.

“I always dreamed I’d found the perfect lover
But he turned out to be like every other man
I’ve loved… [snip]

If you’ve had enough, don’t put up with his stuff, don’t you do it

If you’ve had your fill, get the check pay the bill, you can do it

Tell him to just get out,

Nothing left to talk about

Pack his raincoat show him out

Just look him in the eye and simply shout:
Enough is enough
I can’t go on, I can’t go on no more no
Enough is enough
I want him out, I want him out that door now

As the song says “I’ve had it, you’ve had it, she’s had it, we’ve had it… I want him out, I want him out that door now.” Enough is Enough, indeed.

Time was when a lot of fools thought they had found the perfect lover. But, it turned out it was not the promised land and that Obama was only a misogynistic man child in a now fully embarrassed land.

Remember when Andrew Sullivan licked Obama’s parts and said it was “Obama’s face” that would save America. Oh how those Muslims and Arabs would love America if only Obama was president. The shameless Andrew Sullivan and an embarrassed America now see the results of electing a manboob: boobery. The “U.S. favorable rating in Arab world now lower than during Bush era“.

Recall little Ezra Klein fondling Obama’s private parts and (really, truly, he did write this) wrote “He is not the Word made flesh, but the triumph of word over flesh, over color, over despair.” Little Ezra and milky Sullivan have company in the shamelessness annals with this recent entry:

“…can we just enjoy Obama for a moment? Before the policy choices have to be weighed and the hard decisions have to be made, can we just take a month or two to contemplate him the way we might contemplate a painting by Vermeer or a guitar lick by the early-seventies Rolling Stones or a Peyton Manning pass or any other astounding, ecstatic human achievement? Because twenty years from now, we’re going to look back on this time as a glorious idyll in American politics, with a confident, intelligent, fascinating president riding the surge of his prodigious talents from triumph to triumph. Whatever happens this fall or next, the summer of 2011 is the summer of Obama.”

“From triumph to triumph”? “The summer of Obama”? “GLORIOUS IDYLL????” More like the summer of despair and debt. As to the question of whether Obama actually injects Estrogen, according to John Boehner it’s “Jello” swishing through Obama’s veins.

In this “glorious idyll” summer what we see is Obama has his priorities right where they have always been: himself. It’s not the debt deadline Obama is worried about, it is his birthday fundraising:

“Oh boy, this is going to look bad.

The Republicans may not realize it, but they have an extra point of leverage in the debt ceiling talks: Barack Obama’s birthday.

It’s on Aug. 4. The president is turning 50. He’s decided to have a quiet celebration with family and a few close friends.


Instead, the president is planning an extravagant fundraising bash Aug. 3 at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, including a birthday concert teeming with celebrities and – for couples contributing $35,800 – a private dinner with the president. All this just one day after the government is scheduled to run out of cash!

What a glorious summer spectacle that will be. It’s that brilliant Obama campaign style and messaging that only works as long as the JournoListers are hard at work under the tutelage of their little Ezra. The JournoListers Big Media will somehow color this awkward fundraiser as idyllic and Obama’s lack of basic English knowledge as the multi-dimensional chess of a master brain.

But what kind of person other than a manboob filled with Jello would declare “This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this” while in the same breath the “this” is undercut by Obama who describes his words as a self admitted “bluff”. What? Perhaps English is not his mother tongue and Obama does not realize that when he squeals to Eric Cantor ““Eric, don’t call my bluff” he is not scaring anyone because we know the meaning of the word “bluff“.

The impetus for the “bluff” was the contradictory, or is is contracting, numbers:

“Over the last several days the White House has been walking back the savings on the Biden number. Thursday it was $2 trillion, Monday it was $1.7-1.8 trillion, Tuesday it was $1.6-1.7-1.8 trillion. This morning our staff met with White House folks and the wrapup from that meeting said that the WH is now at $1.5 trillion.”

The bluffs, the press conference publicity stunts, the hissy fits have all come to naught as the House Republicans have announced they are taking our advice and voting on a short term bill.

We warned Republicans not to trust Obama on anything. We suggested they do short term debt extensions if they want to be able to hold Obama accountable and measure whether their goals are being met every few months. That advice is so commonsensical it immediately gained traction from Republicans and resistance from hypocrite birthday boy manboob:

“Simple question: If, as the White House insists, hitting the debt ceiling would be the economic equivalent of an asteroid hitting the Earth, and if the only way to avoid that (i.e. the only way to get something through the House) is with a scaled-down bill that would raise the ceiling only until mid-2012, why isn’t the Lightbringer okay with that? Granted, it would mean he’d have to face another asteroid next year in the middle of the campaign, but so what? How is that a reason to let this asteroid hit right now?

To put it another way, is there any policy reason why Obama won’t agree to a short-term deal or is this really as horribly cynical as it looks — that he simply refuses to do anything that might complicate his reelection campaign, even if that means a default by the United States? Jake Tapper pressed Carney about that in today’s briefing — which is worse, default or a short-term deal? — and Carney actually said, no joke, “Both are bad; I can’t choose which is worse for you.” In a sane world, that answer would shatter the White House narrative that hitting the ceiling is an avoid-at-all-costs risk since, evidently, the Perpetual Campaigner thinks another slugfest over this next year is a greater risk than defaulting now would be.”

Can Obama possibly be that cynical? Obama’s 2008 campaign commercial called “Mother”:


“This is really disturbing. What kind of a man does this?

Driven by ambition, Barack Obama used his dying mother as a prop for one of his final campaign ads.

Now we find out that it was all a lie.

Obama lied about his mother’s stuggles with insurance companies to get elected. He lied about her insurance situation to ram through Obamacare. None of it was true.”

None of it was true, just another lie from a Chicago flim-flam manboob who was protected and coddled by Big Media and the JournoLister shock troops.

Big Media and the Obama worshipers turned away from any examination of a person no one knew. A family that consisted of a runaway mother, the Rocketeer Chocolatier, who dumped her child while she chased through the world for third world men; and a sperm donor fat little Barry/Barack adored who was a sociopath loser.

From that unexamined corrupt fertilizer a corrupt, twisted manchild – aided and abetted by stunted Big Boy Bloggers and a powerful Big Media – acquired vast power. And America is embarrassed at best, circling the drain, at worst. November 2012 cannot come fast enough.


Debt Ceiling Advice For Republicans As The Obama Press Conference Publicity Stunts Continue

Fresh from golf courses and vacations and his next vacation in Martha’s Vineyard as well as raising money for himself, Barack Obama is making fey threats:

‘”I will not sign a 30-day or a 60-day or a 90-day extension. That is just not an acceptable approach. And if we think it’s hard now, imagine how these guys are going to be thinking six months from now in the middle of election season when they are all up. It’s not going to get easier, it’s going to get harder. So, we might as well do it now. Pull off the band-aid. Eat our peas. Now is the time to do it. If not now, when? We keep on talking about this stuff, and we have these high-minded pronouncements about how we’ve got to get control of the deficit, how we owe it to our children and our grandchildren. Well, let’s step up. Let’s do it,” President Obama said at his press conference today.”

Hardie, hardie, har, har. Stuff Obama up the kazoo with his own long list of cliches and make him eat his own pea words. Republicans should now move to totally humiliate Obama by writing a short term extension and only a short term extension as a direct slap to Obama’s face.

Ordinarily markets would be rattled by such a strategy of short term extensions and therefore this strategy should not prudently be pursued. However, by now even the most dull of managers and accountants are aware that Obama is a treacherous boob. So instead of a short term solution causing havoc, a short term extension might have a calming effect because this would tie treacherous boob Obama’s fiscal hands.

Instead of rattling markets, the notion that Obama promises will be examined every few months to verify they have been kept and that the accounting books will be reconciled several times a year, the markets should be soothed.

The markets and government officials as well as the private sector can remember when Obama last signed a deal which promised hundreds of billions of dollars in savings. Instead the savings amounted to a few dozen million dollars. Which leads us to our advice to Republicans:

“Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.”

The same advice applies to Obama Dimocrats but their cupidity, stupidity, and pusillanimity assure they will die with Obama no matter how many treacheries he stabs on their backs.

Some Republicans/conservatives know “Nobody Should Believe A Single Thing Obama Says About The Budget” or anything else. Obama Hopium eaters however will not abandon Obama even as he cuts Medicare by the hundreds of billions to finance his health scams and salivates like a wolf at the thought of gutting Social Security.

No one should believe him. All that decades long hatred of George W. Bush and his tax cuts were quickly abandoned by Barack Obama last December as he signed on for extension of the Bush tax cuts.

In 2009 Obama feigned to be against what he now demands:

“The last thing you want to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession, because that would just suck up, take more demand out of the economy and put businesses in a further hole.”

Which is it Barack? Are raising taxes a good idea or a bad idea? We suspect the answer lies in the results of Obama’s fundraising (which will be published as required by law later this week).

At his publicity stunt today, Obama professed his desire to discuss football and assorted pie in the sky spending instead of the “tough political things.”

After three years of consorting with sweaty male sports teams, golfing with his male buddies, and fundraising with his rich boy pals, Obama now somehow believes he is man enough to demand “daily sessions” with congressional leaders until a “big” “deal” is reached on the debt ceiling. Go back to golfing you goofball – no one believes you are man or woman enough to get a $4 trillion deal or anything but what you deserve – a resounding slap on the face.

The last time Obama tried to pretend he was a man was when he fingernail swiped at Binyamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu slapped Obama’s face.

Obama knows he is in desperate trouble. The economy is in such a mess that even dollar stores are facing a downturn:

‘“I think what’s going on in those stores is that we are in a depression for 80 percent of Americans,” top retail analyst Howard Davidowitz told KNX 1070. [snip]

Davidowitz pointed to the weakness of the dollar and a gloomy consumer outlook as some of the factors behind the stores’ slump.

“In those stores, somebody comes in with $12 to do all their shopping,” said Davidowitz. “The person who used to come in with $12 now comes in with $8.”

“In other words, the economy is continuing to be worse, the Obama depression continues to explode,” he added.”

The economic rebound Obama promises every year are not bouncing in this year or next year either.

Whatever position on budgets and the debt ceiling anyone holds, there is only one caveat to remember the minute Obama walks into a room:

“Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.”


Hanukkah In July

Last year we had Festivus In July. Not much has changed since then. Barack Obama was going on vacation, unemployment was still the hallmark of the Obama “recovery summer”, and, well let’s just say there was the traditional airing of grievances.

This year our July Hanukkah comes laden with gifts – many already opened in our comments section. Regular readers of Big Pink will notice that many of those gifts are actually re-gifts from years ago. Re-gifts? Well we mean that much of what passes for news these days we wrote about months ago, if not years ago.

Let’s start with an Israel related Hanukkah gift. This past March during real Hanukkah we discussed a story that we labeled a real life Hanukkah story. Oddly, not many noticed this important story. Yesterday Mrs. Smith opened the re-gift via IsraPundit:

“Canada’s Globe and mail recently reported

”The London-based World Energy Council says Israel’s Shfela Basin, a half-hour drive south of Jerusalem, holds 250 billion barrels of recoverable shale oil, possibly making the energy-vulnerable country (as expressed by The Wall Street Journal) “the world’s newest energy giant.” With reserves of 260 billion barrels, Saudi Arabia would remain the world’s No. 1 oil country – though not, perhaps, for long. Howard Jonas, CEO of U.S.-based IDT Corp., the company that owns the Shfela Basin concession, says there is much more oil under Israel than under Saudi Arabia: Perhaps, he says, twice as much.”

It concluded that Israel should be pumping oil within three to four years. Israel, it reported, “will match Canada in oil exports to the U.S. and thus free its long-time friend from needing to deal with tyrants”.

This week Bloomberg reported,

“The results for Sara and Myra follow other gas finds off Israel since 2009, including the Tamar and Leviathan discoveries that together hold an estimated 25 trillion cubic feet. The finds are sufficient to meet Israel’s domestic needs eventually and enable it to export gas, industry executives and government officials have said.”

In effect, these resources will change the global balance of power.

Yes, Israel is sitting pretty.”

IsraPundit leaves out the very important point that Israel has a new method of extracting the oil and gas from the shale:

“Yet new technologies, being developed for Israeli shale, seek to separate the oil from the shale rock 300 meters underground; these techniques actually produce water, rather than use it up. [snip]

For if Israel develops a unique method for separating oil from shale deep underground, that has none of the negative ecological side-effects of earlier oil shale efforts, that technology can be made available to the whole world, changing the entire global oil market. The effect of the spread of this technology would be to shift the center of gravity of world oil away from Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf to more stable states that have no history of backing terrorism or radical Islamic causes. (In the Arab world, Jordan and Morocco have the most significant oil shale deposits.)”

IsraPundit does note that things are looking up for Israel in the U.N. front because it is fighting fire with fire:

“A few months ago, Britain, France and Germany were threatening Israel to accept the armistice lines as the basis for negotiations, failing which they would vote for recognition. Now they are lined up with the US and Israel in urging the PA not to go to the UN for recognition.

Israel has successfully made the case that such a unilateral move by the PA would be a violation of the Oslo Accords which mandated no unilateral moves and a negotiated settlement. Israel has made it clear that such a move would result in unilateral moves by Israel and the end of the Oslo Accords. This means the end of the PA created pursuant to these accords. The primary unilateral move mooted by Israel is the extension of Israel law to the settlement blocs which would make the blocs sovereign territory of Israel. It would also replace occupation law over these territories. Many in Israel are demanding that Israel not stop there but that she should do the same for all of Area “C” over which she currently has full control pursuant to the Oslo Accords. These lands contain 300,000 Israelis and 10,000 Arabs. Israeli grassroots are now mobilizing a major campaign to increase Israeli support for such a move.

The last thing the Quartet wants to see, is the end of the peace process because it’s control over Israel would also end. It prefers to keep Israel shackled to the Oslo Accords while it violates them by demanding Israel concede more that the Accords required. It also violates them by interfering in negotiations.

Last I heard, Abbas is still determined to go the UN. If he does, he risks alienating the US and the EU and ending the PA and his job.”

Oh, and that “Audacity of Hope” ship meant to provoke Israel? It’s over. The Greeks knew it was not bearing gifts, just strife, so the ship is ashore (though the provocateur passengers are proverbially still at sea).

Oh it’s fun, fun, fun when it is Hanukkah in July! Fun, fun, fun, if you have a job. But with a self-promoting flim flam con artist boob in charge…:

“Reuters also notes that the Labor report revises the April and May figures downward by a total of 44,000 jobs, which erodes the weak job growth in Q2 even further. The private sector did add 57,000, or about half of what is needed for population growth, while government at all levels shed 39,000 jobs. Construction fell 9,000, while factories added 6,000 jobs. The average hours per workweek declined slightly, which means that we’re losing efficiency as well as jobs, and that will mean that businesses have room to add hours before creating new positions.”

Oops, we left out the news in that bit of bad news for the jobless: the unemployment rate rose to 9.2% in June.

Don’t blame Obama you jobless layabouts, he’s been busy with his checklist. Obama is busy raising money for himself and is much too busy to bother with layabouts who don’t bother to read about the GDP or the jobless numbers so screw you (plus, you cheapos refuse to contribute money to him). Anyone who disagrees that most Americans are lazy layabouts will be hired, not fired, by Obama.

The only job that matters to Barack Obama is Barack Obama’s job you lazy layabouts. On that score Professor Jacobson brings us a rib tickling Hanukkah gift:

The only way for Obama to stimulate the enormous private sector job growth needed to ensure Obama’s reelection is for Obama to announce he is not running for reelection, which would unleash a wave of investment and economic activity not seen since the Great Depression.”

No one wants to invest in a company or a country run by a boob. Back in February 2009 we declared that Obama’s budget was “clueless, truthless, hopeless”. We opposed his budget and his stimulus scam because you don’t let a boob invest your money or run your country – and Obama had no plan or any idea about how to get an economic plan.

Some on the left opposed Obama’s plan because they wanted even more money to be spent. We opposed that as well. It would not have helped the economy if Obama spent ten times as much in his stimulus scam because he did not know what he was doing, had no plan for economic recovery (other than spend and hope), and was an all around boob. Keynes does not work with a boob in charge. A tree is known by its fruit, a boob is known by his boobery.

As the Obama jobless continue to lay about we continue to unpack our Hanukkah gifts. Pm317, informs us via HotAir (we understand their front page question “Will “Hillary Democrats” go GOP?”) that Obama continues to be in trouble in the Keystone State:

“Pennsylvania is a keystone (pun intended) for any Democratic presidential candidate, much the way Ohio is for Republicans. Its Electoral College mathematical significance matters slightly less than it did before the last Census, but its loss would make Election Night very difficult indeed for Obama. The disaffection of blue-collar Democrats in Pennsylvania would almost certainly be a harbinger of a national trend, leaving him gasping for air in states like Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin — all states Obama won in 2008. It’s very difficult to see a path to a second term in an election where Obama loses Pennsylvania, especially since its status as a swing state would shift resources to a state that Obama won handily just three years ago.”

Obama lovin’ Steve Kornacki Hanukkahs us with this gift:

“How a one-term president is made

The possibility that Obama will end up like Carter and Bush 41 has never been more real

Republicans hope to unseat President Obama next year with a message that goes something like this: He inherited a bad economy and made it worse, squandered hundreds of billions of dollars on a stimulus program that didn’t create jobs, and blew a massive hole in the deficit that sapped the private sector’s confidence.”

Now, that is enough of a Hanukkah gift, but Kornacki gives us more. Kornacki thinks the case against Obama might make him crazy: “You can make yourself crazy pointing out how flimsy these arguments are….” Why is the case flimsy? Because according to Kornack, the facts appear to agree!:

“Which is why the new unemployment data released Friday morning is so devastating for Obama. As Andrew Leonard noted already, the numbers themselves — a 9.2 percent unemployment rate and almost nonexistent job creation for June — are truly awful. But what’s worse for Obama is whatever job-creation momentum seemed to exist a few months ago is now completely gone. Joblessness is again rising, with no indication that a significant downward trend is on the horizon. And the idea of a new, meaningful stimulus program before the 2012 election has been off the table since last November, when Republicans won control of the House. It’s looking more and more likely that unemployment will remain above 8 percent — perhaps well above 8 percent — between now and Election Day 2012.”

According to Kornacki, it’s a flimsy case because the facts are incontrovertible. HOPIUM KILLS – brain cells.

Kornacki is proof of the dead brain cells in the numbskull Obama worshipers. Today Shadowfax galloped in to gift us with several articles from the dummies at DU and DireFog concerning the death of the Democratic Party and Social Security. RGB44HRC likewise gifted us with an ‘Obama cannot be trusted’ article. Thanks for the re-gifting.

It’s re-gifting because we declared the death of the Democratic Party long ago on a summer night.

As to Social Security and Barack Obama we wrote “Barack Obama’s Social Insecurity” back in September of 2007, so we are not surprised a whit by Obama treachery on the issue. Here’s what we wrote in January 8, 2009 in “Obama’s Social Security Treachery”:

Obama has now revealed what his legacy is to be – the destruction of Social Security.

Ignore the flowery words, Obama is planning a great treachery. Expect PINOs to be silent.

Obama today mouthed another “big speech” on the economy. Ignore it. Obama is doing the ol’ Razzle Dazzle to distract from his real plans.

The Obama economic plan, the so-called “stimulus” – all are stalking horses for the destruction of Social Security.”

Pardon us if we yawn at the news which is startling to so many. It’s Hanukkah. It’s July. Can Christmas be far behind?


A Laugh From The Belly On The Fourth Of July

Today is America’s birthday kinda, sorta and we recall 1776 with great joy and exuberant liberation. It is Independence Day 2011. Explode the fireworks, wave the flag, celebrate!

For a birthday bash however, there seems to be a bit of a sullen attitude in some quarters:

“In this summer of our discontent, Americans arrive at the Fourth of July full of doubt and disappointment. The sickly economy is the main cause; if unemployment were 8 million (about 5.2 percent) instead of 14 million (9.1 percent), Americans would feel better. But we are also unhappy with our democracy — though hardly anyone says so — and this goes to the heart of how we see ourselves.”

The Iranian despots are mocking the land of E Pluribus Unum. Some laugh that toilet paper is rationed at iconic Coney Island.

Our British cousins, whose collective asses our foremothers and forefathers kicked, are writing about how gloomy we are these days:

“They’ll be celebrating Independence Day – the birthday of the United States and the 235th anniversary of shaking off the oppressive yoke of British rule.

On this day in 1776 a group of 13 colonies broke away to found a new nation free to govern itself as it saw fit, pledging that each citizen would have the unalienable right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. A nation, as Americans are apt to declare without equivocation, which became the greatest on the face of the earth.

That’s the good news. On the flip side, however, a country whose hallmark has always been a sense of irrepressible optimism is in the grip of unprecedented uncertainty and self-doubt.

With the United States mired in three foreign wars, beaten down by an economy that shows few signs of emerging from deep recession and deeply disillusioned with President Barack Obama, his Republican challengers and Congress, the mood is dark.

The last comparable Fourth of July was probably in 1980, when there was a recession, skyrocketing petrol prices and an Iranian hostage crisis, with 53 Americans being held in Tehran.”

No doubt, things are bad and the Brits are chortling a bit. But here at Big Pink our party hats are on, our horns are blaring forth, and our laughs come from the belly as we salute the Red, White, and Blue.

How can anyone not join us in celebration? Election day 2012 is almost here and every day from here on is a day closer to a brighter future.

There are some who deserve to hide and be in gloom this glorious day. Via Driscoll (The ‘Bam Who Fell To Earth) we are reminded of what a certain youngish dolt wrote in Big Media a few years ago on the night that Obama won the Iowa caucuses:

“I’ve been blessed to hear many great orations. [snip] Some of those politicians mirrored my beliefs better than Obama does. Some of their speeches were more declarative and immediate in their passion. But none achieve quite what Obama, at his best, creates.

Obama’s finest speeches do not excite. They do not inform. They don’t even really inspire. They elevate. They enmesh you in a grander moment, as if history has stopped flowing passively by, and, just for an instant, contracted around you, made you aware of its presence, and your role in it. He is not the Word made flesh, but the triumph of word over flesh, over color, over despair. The other great leaders I’ve heard guide us towards a better politics, but Obama is, at his best, able to call us back to our highest selves, to the place where America exists as a glittering ideal, and where we, its honored inhabitants, seem capable of achieving it, and thus of sharing in its meaning and transcendence. [snip]

The tens of thousands of new voters Obama brought to the polls tonight came because he wrapped them in that experience, because he let them touch politics as it could be, rather than merely as it is. And for that, he deserved to win. And he deserves our thanks. The politician who gets the most votes merits our congratulations. But the politician who enlarges our politics and empowers more Americans to step forward into the public square deserves our gratitude. And we, in turn, deserve to permit ourselves to feel inspired, if only for a night.”

If we had written the above the only course to follow on this Independence Day would be self-slaughter. Suicide. How can anyone survive having written, let alone thought, such destructive drivel, such ill-educated filth?

On a day when many Americans will read the founding documents, the great addresses, and listen to recordings of words that will live forever – who can sensibly recall a single syllable of Iowa night 2008 with any sort of pride or respect? The L.A. Times reports that not many in Iowa are proud of what they did that night, although there are still some with the intelligence of cornstalks.

Let those who wrote drivel about drivel speeches be embarrassed today. We are celebrating today. So, have a great guffaw, a large belly laugh aimed at the fools who remember Iowa 2008, or Grecian column night as anything but a national calamity.

Here at Big Pink we are celebrating. We applaud women hot dog eating contest winners. We wave the stars and stripes. We play the patriotic songs.

But we will zip a dee doo dah today too with non-traditional July Fourth fare. It’s a zip a dee doo dah Fourth of July day!


Obooberama – ‘We Are Not Amused’

As opposed to diligent Queen Victoria Barack Obama announced this week he is “amused” by calls for him to get off the golf course and the endless fundraising superhighway and finally get to work. Heavens to Betsy! Heavens to Mergatroid, even…!

Amused Republicans, flat on the floor laughing, ejaculated a video to mock dour, unamused, Obooberama:

That’s so racist! When will the racism stop? When will it stop?

When will it stop? When will it stop? When will the racism against Obama stop? How dare anyone (et tu Willard?) use Obooberama’s own words against him! [Alright, at this point we might as well confess we are stealing liberally from an Uppity Woman’s video links to supply our Friday holiday weekend video fix.]

When will it stop? When? When?

Who gives a damn about the white working class anyway? Who gives a damn, even if you are a college graduate, if you are not enthralled with Obama?

You’re just a bunch of bumps.

* * * * * *

While we’re a-thieving and a-poaching, we might as well borrow this from that Uppity bitter clingy Woman:

This isn’t going to be a John McCain campaign, so you’d better start conjuring up more dead voters and Race Baiters, as if that will work again this time.

…..Or…you can admit you were a bunch of assclowns and run Hillary Clinton. Either way, have fun. We’ll wait.

We’ll wait is right. We’ll forgo the discounted $3.00 dinner with Joe and BO too. We won’t show up for Tee Time either.

We are not amused.