Donald Trump’s Night Two

Last night Mike Huckabee announced he was not running for president. After he spoke, Donald Trump appeared. Last night was Mike Huckabee’s night but Donald Trump had a good night also. Tonight is Donald Trump’s night too.

We discussed the repercussions of whatever Mike Huckabee decided to do last night. Before the Huckabee show began last night we speculated that Donald Trump might benefit very much from the announcement. We speculated that the meeting between Trump and Huckabee from week’s ago was not merely an opportunity to discuss diets.

Lo and behold, Donald Trump appeared immediately after Mike Huckabee to wish his best to Huckabee and his family. Big Media and a lot of websites decided to deceive the public and erase Donald Trump from the night’s festivities. Here is how Pollitico covered last night:

“And sure enough, the Baptist pastor-turned-politician-turned-media-personality had scarcely finished his announcement before a measure of respect was given: Jon Huntsman and Tim Pawlenty quickly sent out emails praising their would-have-been rival before the show even ended.

Huckabee’s supporters now become one of the most coveted voting blocs in the still-unsettled Republican contest.

The former governor was at the top of early polling in Iowa and South Carolina and also faring well in many national surveys. His strength can be partly chalked up to name recognition this far out from voting, but his demographic appeal leaves a sizable void in the field: there is now no well-known candidate for Christian conservatives and middle-to-lower income Republicans.”

Is history erasing Stalin running Big Media? Picture this, a long awaited announcement by Huckabee and Donald Trump appears immediately after but Politico, typical of most if not all Big Media outlets, discussed that Huntsman and Pawlenty sent Huckabee their best wishes. Donald Trump disappeared from the Stalinist Big Media coverage.

Big Media will protect Barack Obama from Donald Trump now by attempting to erase Donald Trump from news coverage. It’s what the JournoListers did to protect Barack Obama during the Reverend Wright “God Damn America!” scandal – swear a compact to erase Jeremiah Wright and protect their golden calf.

Republican candidates for the nomination for president will cheer the JournoLister Big Media’s Stalinist attempt to erase Donald Trump but they will live to regret it.

Donald Trump is not going away. Too many people know him and Trump is expert at grabbing attention. Furthermore Fox News is not going to follow the JournoLister Stalinists. In late 2009 we discussed why Hillary Clinton could not take on Big Media the way Sarah Palin has. Briefly, Hillary Clinton did not have a Fox News at her back. MSNBC was Barack Obama’s Praetorian Guard so Hillary was attacked from all sides.

Donald Trump has the same firepower as Sarah Palin with Fox News and he additional has the cachet from his hit TV show on NBC. Notice that it was Donald Trump not Sarah Palin that followed Huckabee last night. We won’t speculate as to why. Donald Trump was apparently provided two scripts to read and once Huckabee’s decision was announced, Trump read the appropriate message. But why not other Fox News personalities?

Which brings us to tonight. The finale of Celebrity Apprentice is on tonight at 9:00 eastern time. The first of two parts is tonight, part II is next Sunday. “All of the former Celebrity Apprentice winners return to help narrow the final four to the final two!” We’ve already speculated that Trump, if he is to announce something, will make the actual announcement on Monday or Tuesday May 23/24. Tonight Trump might or might not announce something. We discussed this earlier as well:

Donald Trump managed to somehow squeeze that colloquy into a show that presumably had been taped long ago (in November). Somehow that episode and the uproar it caused (O’Donnell and others went nuts) has been forgotten already. If Trump managed to edit that show, couldn’t he just as easily update the final episode?

Republican/conservative HotAir chortled today that Trump had lied because according to NBC there is no Trump “announcement” in the final episode of the show. The usually astute Andrew Malcolm likewise mocked Trump because the final episode had been taped long ago (last November). Somehow all those laughing reports that Trump was engaged in a publicity stunt forgot the recent show (presumably also taped months ago but updated recently) in which Trump outraged the MSNBC crowd.

Fasten your seatbelts! Trump in one, two….


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  1. Repost, now I will go back and read this post.


    His mother was from the Highlands of Scotland, specifically the Outer Hebrides. Trump is all over the place on stating his religion but it is always Protestant. He also has never drank alcohol, smoked, or used drugs. This is very significant to Southern Baptists especially ones like Huckabee and Graham. It denotes strong moral fiber, character, self control and a direct link to his mother’s being raised around the Free Church of Scotland which is very old time Calvinist and very strict.

    But he has a habit of trading in wives for the younger version, that will not sit well, nor will his tendency for a trash mouth,on occasion. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of things about Trump, but this will be a fight of incredible magnitude. I hope he has it in him, I think he does. We shall see.

  2. So right Admin, ignoring, they ignored Hillary over and over and minimized her winnings. I was so livid, never really got over it. Felt like PTSD. At least this time we know the game plan, and when you know in advance, you have room to maneuver.

  3. Lil Jon, the rapper not the wrapper, was fired. Meatloaf, the singer not the dinner, was fired.

    Two are left.

    It appears that any announcement about an announcement will be next week. Maybe Huckabee will appear next week. 🙂

  4. I am watching the CA finale but I really didn’t tune in this season until Trump started rising and now that I have seen the original 16 contestants I am PO’d. Among the 8 women from the 16 contestants, 4 were AA and one is deaf. WTF is that all about? WTF about non-AA women? It doesn’t represent the population dispersal at all.

    There must have been a reason, no? Or a message? Like white women don’t count?

    Sorry but this is disgusting. A real turn-off. Who is he pandering to?

  5. “they ignored Hillary over and over and minimized her winnings” and now white women in general have been minimized.

  6. “But he has a habit of trading in wives for the younger version, that will not sit well, nor will his tendency for a trash mouth,on occasion. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of things about Trump, but this will be a fight of incredible magnitude. I hope he has it in him, I think he does. We shall see.”

    I don’t know if you can call it a habit- Marla Maples was the second Mrs Trump- and I remember at the time there was a story out there that while Mr T was away on business, Mrs T took a fancy to an exercise trainer or life guard working for Mr T because she didn’t like being left home alone… and whatever transpired was enough for Mr T and on to the next until his current wife, Melania.

    Compare this to say… Nudie Gingrich who, as an indication of his character, waits until his former wives are on their death beds dying from Cancer arrives at the 11th hr at their bedside, pen in hand to sign divorce papers.

    I don’t know about you, but once even cursory details are flesh out.. Vive la différence?

    Sort of like the difference between a silk scarf and a piddly porcupine- no?

  7. I am going to rely on Big Pinkers to know what happens, if anything on CA tonight and watch the show online later.

    Tonight I am watching the finale of Survivor, so I will miss any drama that may happen. 😉

  8. This is God-awful! Why is this happening now?

    Israel-Palestinian violence erupts on three borders

    (Reuters) – Violence erupted on Israel’s borders with Syria, Lebanon and Gaza on Sunday, leaving at least eight dead and dozens wounded, as Palestinians marked what they term “the catastrophe” of Israel’s founding in 1948.

    Israeli troops shot at protesters in three separate locations to prevent crowds from crossing Israeli frontier lines in the deadliest such confrontation in years.

    Israeli and Syrian media reports said Israeli gunfire killed four people after dozens of Palestinian refugees infiltrated the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights from Syria, along a disputed border that has been quiet for decades.

    Witnesses on the nearby Lebanese frontier said four Palestinians were killed after Israeli forces fired at rock-throwing protesters to prevent them from crossing the border.

    The Lebanese army had also earlier fired in the air in an attempt to hold back the crowds.

    On Israel’s tense southern border with the Gaza Strip, Israeli gunfire wounded 60 Palestinians as demonstrators approached Israel’s fence with the Hamas Islamist-run enclave, medical workers said.

    In Tel Aviv, Israel’s commercial hub, a truck driven by an Arab Israeli slammed into vehicles and pedestrians, killing one man and injuring 17 people.

    Police were trying to determine whether the incident was an accident or an attack. Witnesses said the driver, who was arrested, ran amok with his truck in downtown traffic.


    Israeli security forces had been on alert for violence on Sunday, the day Palestinians mark the “Nakba,” or catastrophe, of Israel’s founding in a 1948 war, when hundreds of thousands of their brethren fled or were forced to leave their homes.

    In the Druze village of Majdal Shams, on the Golan Heights captured by Israel from Syria in 1967, Mayor Dolan Abu Salah said between 40 and 50 Nakba demonstrators from Syria tore through the frontier fence.

    Hundreds of protesters flooded the lush green valley that marks the border area, waving Palestinian flags. Israeli troops attempted to mend the breached fence, firing at what the army described as infiltrators.

    “We are seeing here an Iranian provocation, on both the Syrian and the Lebanese frontiers, to try to exploit the Nakba day commemorations,” said the army’s chief spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Yoav Mordechai.

    Syria is home to 470,000 Palestinian refugees and its leadership, now facing fierce internal unrest, had in previous years prevented protesters from reaching the frontier fence.

    “This appears to be a cynical and transparent act by the Syrian leadership to deliberately create a crisis on the border so as to distract attention from the very real problems that regime is facing at home,” said a senior Israeli government official who declined to be named.

    In a Nakba protest in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian youths threw rocks at Israeli soldiers, who fired tear gas and rubber bullets in a clash at the Israeli military checkpoint outside the city of Ramallah — a constant flashpoint.

    A Palestinian teenager was shot dead during protests in Jerusalem on Friday. Police said it was unclear who had shot him and they were investigating.

    That shooting took place in the tense neighborhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem, where violence regularly breaks out between Palestinian stone throwers and Israeli police and Jewish settlers.

    Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of the state they intend to establish in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

  9. The incomparable Nikki Finke gets the goods (this should shut O’Donnell and his ilk up):

    NBC has both Sunday Night Football and Celebrity Apprentice on its just-revealed schedule for next season despite the NFL football season being in limbo because of the current players lockout and Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump mulling a presidential bid. During a conference call today, NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt expressed hope that both football and The Donald will be back but also said that the network is working on contingency plans if that doesn’t happen.

    “Certainly we’re hoping that he will be back with us,” Greenlatt said of Trump. But if he isn’t, “we will bring the show back and have someone else at the head of the boardroom table. … (Celebrity Apprentice) is too strong a franchise for us not to consider that.” Greenblatt wouldn’t discuss whom they have in mind as a replacement for Trump, only saying that it would be someone who is “confident and galvanizing.”

  10. gonzotx
    May 15th, 2011 at 9:28 pm
    But he has a habit of trading in wives for the younger version, that will not sit well, nor will his tendency for a trash mouth,on occasion.

    I agree it will be a problem. But he did not abandon his children. They have a large part in his life and have been clearly influenced by him (as well as their mothers). Also the ex’s are not complaining because he apparently settled with them fairly so his children’s mothers could move on. There will be those who criticize irregardless of marital history. Remember there is a sizable contingent who claim not to like Hillary and Bill because they stayed together! Reagan had a prior marriage with adopted children who he bugged out on and no one criticized him.

  11. So Meat was knocked out, no surprise there.
    The deaf actress was great on this show, and the Country Singer was great too, they both raise the most $.

    The right people to keep.

  12. “Remember there is a sizable contingent who claim not to like Hillary and Bill because they stayed together!”

    Yes- and continue to complain at various unlikely moments. I’ve heard this not from the R elites but from underlings that fund-raised more for their own benefit of associating with McConnell and other well knowns in the R party, hoping a few crumbs would fall their way in repayment of favors.

    I am thankful, Bill and Hillary never got caught up in the gossip of ne’rdowells who have never done a ding dang thing to point to that can compare to all the Clintons have done holding the country together while we navigate these perilous times. We have a madman at the helm of a ship taking in water while he dances in darkness, witless and bereft of a conscience.

  13. Some think this may do Gingrich in. I can’t imagine why he would do this.

    Gingrich Backs Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Requiring Health Insurance
    Sunday, 15 May 2011 07:18 PM

    By Tim Collie

    More ways to share… Mixx Stumbled LinkedIn Vine Buzzflash Reddit Delicious Newstrust Technocrati Share: More . . . A A | Email Us | Print | Forward Article 6diggsdiggFormer House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Sunday that he strongly supports a federal mandate requiring citizens to buy health insurance – a position that has been rejected by many Republicans, including several who likely will be running against him for the Republican presidential nomination.

    Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Gingrich told host David Gregory that he continues to advocate for a plan he first called for in the early 1990s as a Congressman, which requires every uninsured citizen to purchase or acquire health insurance.

    Gregory played a clip of Gingrich speaking during an appearance on Meet the Press in October 1993:

    “I am for people, individuals — exactly like automobile insurance — individuals having health insurance and being required to have health insurance. And I am prepared to vote for a voucher system which will give individuals, on a sliding scale, a government subsidy so we insure that everyone as individuals have health insurance.”

    Gregory asked Gingrich if he would criticize GOP presidential rival Mitt Romney, whose “Romneycare” health program enacted during his time as Governor in Massachusetts mandated that all uninsured purchase health insurance.

    Gingrich replied he would not make it an issue in the campaign and said he agreed with key aspects of Romneycare.

    “I agree that all of us have a responsibility to pay–help pay for health care,” Gingrich said, adding, “I’ve said consistently we ought to have some requirement that you either have health insurance or you post a bond …”

    Gingrich also admitted that his proposal is a “variation” of the individual mandate, a key component of the Obamacare legislation President Obama signed into law in 2010.

    The position staked out by Gingrich appears to be at odds with leading conservative critics of Obamacare, who argue that the law requiring citizens to purchase a private insurance policy is not constitutional.

    The Obama administration is currently facing three lawsuits arguing that the federal mandate is unconstitutional, including one filed by a coalition of 26 states.

    The issue is on track for a Supreme Court decision in the summer of 2012, which would make it a likely hot-button topic heading into the elections.

    Conservative GOP critics like Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli say the mandate is unconstitutional because although Congress can regulate commerce, it can’t require people to engage in a particular “economic activity” just because they live in the U.S.

    Conservative judicial experts have also taken exception to the claim made by Gingrich and supporters of the Obamacare law that mandating health insurance is the same as the government requirement to purchase car insurance, noting that driving a car is a privilege provided by states and not a constitutional right.

    Cucinelli says that “buying auto insurance is voluntary, since you are only required to purchase it if you choose to drive on public roads. But buying health insurance under the new federal law is not voluntary, as you are required to buy it just by virtue of the fact that you are breathing. The federal government has never before in history exercised its regulatory power to require someone to buy a product or service as a condition of residence in the United States.”

    Gingrich, though, seemed to disagree with that notion on Sunday, though he was quick to point out the differences between his plan and the federal health law.

    “In, in the first place, Obama basically is trying to replace the entire insurance system, creating state exchanges, building a Washington-based model, creating a federal system,” Gingrich told NBC’s David Gregory. “I believe all of us–and this is going to be a big debate–I believe all of us have a responsibility to help pay for healthcare …”

    Romney has not come under fire for not disowning his health care plan, which has caused private health care insurance rates to skyrocket as patient services have declined in Massachusetts.

    Gingrich’s position quickly came under fire from several conservative blogs on Sunday.

    “He tried to distinguish his mandate from the Obama mandate, but with little success,” the American Federalist Journal wrote on Sunday.

    “Sandbagging your fellow Republicans in Congress and offering tacit support for a key (unconstitutional) component of Obamacare is a very strange way to begin a run in a Republican primary. Not a strong start.”

    The Wall Street Journal called Gingrich’s description of an ideal healthcare plan with mandates a “pretty good description of what the Democratic Congress passed into law last year.”

    The Journal continued: “Beginning in 2014, most Americans who don’t have insurance will be required to pay a fee, with many, depending on income, getting subsidies to help buy coverage through state-based exchanges.”

    The conservative website Red State said Gingrich “won’t exactly endear him to the Tea Party crowd or the reform minded movement sweeping the GOP.”

  14. Mormaer
    May 15th, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    Their multiple marriages, actually, all their behaviors, lies and inconsistency’s were protected, just like everything about the fraud. The media has been in the tank a long time. Trump, is obviously not protected.

  15. Better consider moving to another state if you live in Indiana!

    High Court Rules “illegal cop entry into home” OK With Them – YOU Have No Right To Resist!

    In Indiana, their Supreme Court has just ruled that you have NO RIGHT to resist an “unlawful police entry into your house”.

    in a 3-2 decision, the court overturned common law dating back to the English Magna Carta of 1215. The decision also directly conflicts with the Fourth Amendment of our U.S. Constitution.

    This is a REALLY BIG DEAL and everyone needs to understand this.

    Justice Steven David, writing for the court majority said if a police officer wants to enter a home for any reason or no reason at all, a homeowner cannot do anything to block the officer’s entry.

    He said:

    “We believe … a right to resist an unlawful police entry into a home is against public policy and is incompatible with modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence,” David said. “We also find that allowing resistance unnecessarily escalates the level of violence and therefore the risk of injuries to all parties involved without preventing the arrest.”

    Did you get that! The right to resist an UNLAWFUL POLICE ENTRY is incompatible with “modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence”.

    Well, judge David, exactly what Fourth Amendment are you reading, because it is pretty clear to anyone that actually reads it and it certainly is NOT subject to lame interpretations as you and the other judges have done in this case.

    You sir are an idiot and I question just how you found your way to the Indiana Supreme Court in the first place as you apparently have no concept of the law in our Constitution or of common law which is still in effect and overrides “judicial opinions” despite what you are saying.

    The court seems to feel that you still have sufficient recourse in an unlawful police entry. He said that a person who was arrested following an unlawful entry by the police can still be released on bail and has plenty of opportunities to protest the illegal entry through the court system.

    Can I laugh now Justice David. If you think that is even possible, then you have absolutely no idea of what is going on in the judicial system of your state.

    Your statements are simply a joke.

    To show you just how ridiculous this opinion is and how totally stupid the finding judges are you need to see what the case was all about.

    Their decision is from a Vanderburgh County case where police were called to investigate a husband and wife arguing outside their apartment.

    The police arrived and the couple apparently went back into their apartment. The husband told police they were no longer needed and stood in the doorway so that they could not enter. When the officer forced his way into the home anyway, the husband shoved the officer against a wall. Then a second officer used a stun gun on the husband and arrested him.

    Ok, now you have a sense of the story.

    In my opinion, both police officers were completely wrong in their actions. There was no report of any sort of impending violence from the couple – they had calmed down enough to go back to their apartment and did not feel that they needed any police presence.

    The husband did not want them in his home, but the officer forced his way into the home anyway. The husband then pushed the officer into a wall attempting to defend against the illegal entry. The husband was within his rights in defending his home and attempting to resist the entry of the officer.

    Then the second officer attacked the homeowner with a stun gun and arrested him. This second officer was acting outside of his authority and had no probable cause to act against the husband as his partner had illegally entered the home without any warrant or any imminent threat to the police or to the wife. The officer’s actions now placed him outside the protections of a policeman in the performance of his delegated duties and he is now a regular citizen.

    What should have happened in this case is that the officer who entered the home forcibly should have been suspended and at the very least censured by the department. And he should be biting his nails hoping that the homeowner does not file a civil suit against him.

    His partner should be suspended and criminally charged for the use of his stun gun and an illegal arrest of the homeowner.

    If that had happened in many cities or counties, that is exactly what would have occurred.

    The police DO NOT have more power than any person – and you have a perfect right to defend your home against an unlawful entry by anyone including the police.

    The fact that the Indiana Supreme Court felt that an “illegal entry” into someone’s home for any reason or no reason flies in the face both the law and simple common sense.

    Apparently the court has very little common sense and not much regard for established centuries old law.

    I don’t know about the citizens of Indiana, but if I were living there, I would be talking to whomever I needed to and beginning the process of removing those judges from the Supreme Court as they are incompetent to sit on the court. Their published statement of “an unlawful police entry into a home” says it all.

    The entry was UNLAWFUL – there is no way you can justify this and say it is now ok to enter a home without a warrant or eminent danger.

    This means that an officer can go up to ANY HOME at any time and barge right in for no reason other than they feel like it!

    Is that the kind of law enforcement personnel you want to have enforcing your state laws?

    I certainly do not and I would not stand for this for any reason.

    Let some of these Indiana police come out to the western states and give that one a try – they will find themselves with a rifle or shotgun in their face at the very least. We do not broke that kind of behavior here. And god help a judge that would issue such a totally stupid ruling. They would find themselves very quickly retired from the bench and maybe even out of their pension too.

    Let’s hope the citizens of Indiana raise a hue and cry about this and some heads roll on the court over it.

  16. “Trump, is obviously not protected.”

    Outsiders like Trump will never be protected as long as their source of power does not come from the establishment power structure.

  17. Thanks, admin, for setting this up, ‘this’ being my anticipation!
    How we long for change – productive change – change to improve this Republic. In January Obama announced reduction of the payroll or FICA tax by 2% for all during 2011. Then, in time for us to stew all weekend, T.T.T. Geither’s unwelcome visage flooded the airways on Friday the 13th with dire warnings about payout of the ‘entitlements’.
    May Trump/Palin, or some such breath of fresh air, be the catalyst to turn this woeful ship around.

  18. Hmmm, Timmy is busier than I realized:

    The Obama administration will begin to tap federal retiree programs to help fund operations after the government loses its ability Monday to borrow more money from the public, adding urgency to efforts in Washington to fashion a compromise over the debt. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner has warned for months that the government would soon hit the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling — a legal limit on how much it can borrow. With the government poised to reach that limit Monday, Geithner is undertaking special measures in an effort to postpone the day when he will no longer have enough funds to pay all of the government’s bills.
    Geithner, who has already suspended a program that helps state and local government manage their finances, will begin to borrow from retirement funds for federal workers.

    Maybe SEIU not gonna like him so much now.

  19. AmericanGal
    May 15th, 2011 at 2:14 pm
    and others commenting on thyroid medication from previous thread

    No offense, but I’ve been dealing with medical professionals and their blind allegance to prescription medications for 40 years. If I had a $100 bill for every time I’ve been told I couldn’t possibly be experiencing what I’m experiencing medically, I would be rich. I’ve been low thyroid for 30 years, but could not get doctors to take me seriously. Finally, did my own research into every test that should be run to uncover low thyroid and my doctor finally ran them. Viola, diagnosed with low thyroid. That only took 30 years! Now we’re onto the medications that DO have many side effects until I can convince him to try the more natural treatments. The only side effect that I listed in my original comment that I suspect may not have been caused by the medication is the nosebleeds. The others did come from the medication and most are listed in the patient insert (I know, I know, the old song and dance about the onerous rule that states they have to list all symptoms experienced during the studies whether or not they were actually caused by the medications, yada, yada, yada). Oftentimes it is the fillers that cause the problems, but the fillers are part of the prescription formulations, so they can’t be dismissed. Please don’t say I’ve been on the same medication and don’t experience those side effects. They are chemical substances. Some people tolerate chemicals just fine, others do not. There is a more natural alternative to synthroid as you know, but the FDA insisted that they change their formula in 2009 to change the binders and now users say it no longer is as effective. There is a concentrated effort by the pharma industry to elimiate all effective natural alternatives simply for greed. I’ve been through this song and dance working with my doctors many times over the years trying to find something that actually works for a problem that doesn’t cause me 10 more problems. I’m with this doctor because he will work with me because he knows I’m knowledgable, well read, and informed and I do not exaggerate my symptoms. He learns something new from me from time to time and I learn new things from him, too LOL.

  20. I thought the Saudi’s were not friendly with Iran? How or why did they relinquish control.

    Iran president, Ahmadinejad takes over oil ministry temporarily

    – Mon May 16, 2011

    TEHRAN (AFP) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he has temporarily assumed the duties of the oil ministry, as the oil cartel OPEC prepares for a biannual meeting in Vienna.

    “For now, I myself am the caretaker of the oil ministry,” Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech late Sunday, without elaborating.

    On Saturday, Ahmadinejad dismissed oil minister Masoud Mirkazemi, alongside two other ministers, whose portfolios are expected to be merged with other departments as part of a cabinet streamlining.

    Then on Sunday, he appointed caretakers for the industry and social affairs ministries, but did not name anyone for the oil ministry which is to be integrated with the energy portfolio.

    His decision to take charge of Iran’s most-strategic sector came shortly before the 159th OPEC meeting scheduled for June 8 in Vienna, where the oil producers are represented by their ministers.

    Mohammad Ali Khatibi, Iran’s representative to OPEC, told AFP on Monday that the president would be eligible to chair the meeting.

    “As he is the caretaker of the ministry, he may attend the (ministerial) meeting,” he said in a telephone interview.

    “But it is not customary… the president usually takes part in summits,” Khatibi said, adding he was “expecting” the president to appoint a representative for the upcoming meeting.

    Iran, the second largest exporter of crude in the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, currently holds the presidency of the cartel, a position it is holding for the first time since the 1979 Islamic revolution.

    The oil minister’s dismissal also comes amid Ahmadinejad’s efforts to change the structure his government, which has become the subject of a political showdown with the parliament.

    The conservative-dominated Majlis has argued it should be in charge of the streamlining operation, with some lawmakers criticizing the disappearance of the oil industry.

  21. Looks like Trump didn’t jump at the $60 million dollar bait and let NBC know if he is running for President or not by NBC’s self-imposed deadline.

    The Obot writing this article couldn’t contain her distaste at the thought of a Trump candidate.


    NBC: If Donald Trump runs for office, we’ll replace him on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’
    by Lynette Rice

    Though NBC picked up another edition of Celebrity Apprentice, the network is prepared for the possibility (however remote) that Donald Trump will follow through with his threats to run for president.

    “If he decides to run and is unavailable to do the show, we will bring the show back and someone else will be sitting at the head of the board table,” NBC programming topper Robert Greenblatt told reporters Sunday.

    NBC is not prepared for now, however, to say who would replace him. “We are still hoping to have Donald back.”

    Does that mean that the Peacock hopes Trump won’t run? Greenblatt says he’s not interested in crushing anyone’s (crazy) dream. “I’ve said I don’t want him to be unavailable,” the exec said. “It’s the right and privilege of anyone to run for the highest office of the land. Nothing would make me happier than for someone to reach that.

    “If we had to address the issue of who would be replacing him, we would have to feel confident that we have another galvanizing presence,” Greenblatt continued. “I’m hopeful we don’t have to go there. If we do, it’s too strong a franchise for us, not to consider [a replacement].

  22. turndownobama
    May 16th, 2011 at 11:31 am

    Couldn’t rely either way on the tele-whatsis in your blood for this. If they show a long life, you may still get hit by a truck. If they show a short life, then science may find a cure for the tele-whatsis condition.
    I’ve read about this telomere test in some of the literature and it would be interesting to find people with short telomeres who would be willing to adopt some preventive measures being touted by medical professionals now like better diet, more exercise, stress reduction, etc. and see if they are really effective in prolonging lifespans. Otherwise, until a discovery is made to reverse telomere length, not sure what advantage having the test would have.

  23. CHICAGO (AP) – In a major power shift for a city that thrives on tradition, former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel takes over as Chicago’s first new mayor in two decades on Monday when he replaces the retiring Richard M. Daley, the only mayor a whole generation of Chicagoans has ever known.

    Vice President Joe Biden was expected to attend the morning inauguration ceremony at a popular downtown park before Emanuel heads over to City Hall and, for the first time since he was elected in February, walks into the fifth-floor office that was Daley’s lair for 22 years.

    “When I go there, which will be right after I get sworn in … unless I take a wrong turn, that will be the first time, it will be with my family,” said Emanuel, who plans to have his wife, Amy Rule, their three children, his two brothers and parents in tow.

    Biden’s attendanceis testament, in part, to Emanuel’s high profile in Washington where he worked until October. He quit as President Barack Obama’s top aide to come back to Chicago to run for mayor.

    “I’m glad he’s decided to come and represent the administration and I’m also glad on a personal level because of our friendship,” Emanuel said last week. “It’s about Chicago, it’s not about me.”

  24. Fox is saying that Donald Trump is meeting with NBC today and they expect an announcement about whether he will run sometime after the meeting.

  25. Treasury to tap pensions to help fund government

    May 15, 2011

    The Obama administration will begin to tap federal retiree programs to help fund operations after the government loses its ability Monday to borrow more money from the public, adding urgency to efforts in Washington to fashion a compromise over the debt.

    Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner has warned for months that the government would soon hit the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling — a legal limit on how much it can borrow. With the government poised to reach that limit Monday, Geithner is undertaking special measures in an effort to postpone the day when he will no longer have enough funds to pay all of the government’s bills.

    Geithner, who has already suspended a program that helps state and local government manage their finances, will begin to borrow from retirement funds for federal workers. The measure won’t have an impact on retirees because the Treasury is legally required to reimburse the program. (Is this a joke? What are they going to pay it back with?)

    The maneuver buys Geithner only a few months of time. If Congress does not vote by Aug. 2 to raise the debt limit, Geithner says the government is likely to default on some of its obligations, which he says would cause enormous economic harm and the suspension of government services, including the disbursal of Social Security funds. ( pass the Tobin Tax and restore Glass-Stegall for starters…)

    Many congressional Republicans, however, have been skeptical that breaching the Aug. 2 deadline would be as catastrophic as Geithner suggests. What’s more, Republican leaders are insisting that Congress cut spending by as much as the Obama administration wants to raise the debt limit, without any new taxes. Obama is proposing spending cuts and tax increases to rein in the debt. (you mean the public should pay “another Tax” ?)

    “Everything should be on the table, except raising taxes,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “Because raising taxes will hurt our economy and hurt our ability to create jobs in our country.”

    The Obama administration has warned that it is dangerous to make a vote on raising the debt limit contingent on other proposals. But Boehner is demanding that Congress use the debt vote as a way to bring down government spending.

    “I’m ready to cut the deal today,” Boehner said. “We don’t have to wait until the 11th hour. But I am not going to walk away from this moment. We have a moment, a window of opportunity to act, because if we don’t act, the markets are going to act for us.”

    Geithner’s plan to tap federal retiree programs as a temporary means to avoid a government default comes as the Obama administration has shown growing interest in altering those programs to curb the debt in the long run.

    Administration officials have expressed interest in raising the amount that federal employees contribute to their pensions, sources told The Washington Post.

    The Republicans have suggested that the civilian workforce contribute more to its retirement in the future, effectively trimming 5 percent from salaries. The administration has not been willing to go that far in talks being led by Vice President Biden. (dones this mean erasing Obama’s 2% cut?)

    Treasury secretaries have tapped special programs to avoid default six times since 1985. The most protracted delay in raising the debt limit came in 1995 after congressional Republicans swept to power during the Clinton administration.

    But today, the government needs far more money to cover its obligations than in the past, making the special measures less effective than they used to be. The government needs about $125 billion more a month than it takes in each month.

    In a letter released last week to Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), Geithner wrote that a default would risk a “double-dip” recession. (we already are in a dd recession… signaled by no jobs- probably the truth is he means a “depression”)

    “Default would not only increase borrowing costs for the federal government, but also for families, businesses and local governments — reducing investment and job creation throughout the economy,” Geithner wrote.

    But several prominent congressional Republicans have dismissed the Obama administration’s assertion that the country would face dire consequences if Congress does not vote to raise the federal limit on government borrowing by August. Many of the skeptics are affiliated with the tea party.

    In the Senate, freshman Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) has said the Obama administration has been exaggerating the effects of hitting the default mark. He says breaching the limit would cause only a partial government shutdown.

    Other freshman Republicans have said that Geithner could raise money to avoid defaulting by selling investments in private companies. The Republican Study Committee, which represents more than 150 lawmakers, sent a letter to Geithner last week pressing for more details about the Aug. 2 deadline.

    HTA- is this the tapping of pension funds you mentioned upthread? Or is that a separate issue from this one.. i.e. Social Security Benefits?

  26. Very interesting that Joe Biden will be attending Rahm Emmanual’s inauguration as Chicago mayor. I wonder if this is under duress or really as a friend.

  27. Mrs. Smith
    The measure won’t have an impact on retirees because the Treasury is legally required to reimburse the program. (Is this a joke? What are they going to pay it back with?)
    Oh irony!

  28. Mrs. S: HTA- is this the tapping of pension funds you mentioned upthread? Or is that a separate issue from this one.. i.e. Social Security Benefits?
    Response to first question: yes. In fact the ‘vision’ link ends with ‘see wapo for the rest of the article.’

  29. Fox is announcing that Trump is NOT running for POTUS.

    I am beyond disappointed….this is a disaster unless Hillary runs….which frankly I do not see happening.

    What happened to Trump….did someone threaten the lives of his children?

  30. FOX is saying that Trumps poll numbers were down because he cussed in Las Vegas for one thing. NEVER does the media ever take responsibility nor would it be the trashing of him by the president and his minions.

  31. Carol in a normal USA we would have laughed at the “did someone threaten his children”, however, in this political climate we can’t discount anything.

  32. my two cents…

    …Donald announces he will run sometime ‘before June’ as he has stated that timeline over and over again…his show actually concludes this Sunday…

    …one or more of Donald’s kids take over his show…ivanka and the other Donald…
    (if not, Mark Cuban auditions for the job)

    …btw…after T made his comments about Huck…the Huck is later quoted as saying that T would be a much better Prez than O…and the key word, to me, that Huck used…was T understands business…the business community…”business” (jobs, work, the economy)…and Huck agrees with T on OPEC…business/opec

  33. if T or christie don’t get in…and the field is left with pawlenty, gingrich (joke), santorum (joke) maybe daniels…then I may have to concur with JB…

    very wierd…

  34. trumps statement:
    Here is Donald Trump full statement on his 2012 decision:

    After considerable deliberation and reflection, I have decided not to pursue the office of the Presidency. This decision does not come easily or without regret; especially when my potential candidacy continues to be validated by ranking at the top of the Republican contenders in polls across the country. I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election. I have spent the past several months unofficially campaigning and recognize that running for public office cannot be done half heartedly. Ultimately, however, business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector.

    I want to personally thank the millions of Americans who have joined the various Trump grassroots movements and written me letters and e-mails encouraging me to run. My gratitude for your faith and trust in me could never be expressed properly in words. So, I make you this promise: that I will continue to voice my opinions loudly and help to shape our politician’s thoughts. My ability to bring important economic and foreign policy issues to the forefront of the national dialogue is perhaps my greatest asset and one of the most valuable services I can provide to this country. I will continue to push our President and the country’s policy makers to address the dire challenges arising from our unsustainable debt structure and increasing lack of global competitiveness. Issues, including getting tough on China and other countries that are methodically and systematically taking advantage of the United States, were seldom mentioned before I brought them to the forefront of the country’s conversation. They are now being debated vigorously. I will also continue to push for job creation, an initiative that should be this country’s top priority and something that I know a lot about. I will not shy away from expressing the opinions that so many of you share yet don’t have a medium through which to articulate.

    I look forward to supporting the candidate who is the most qualified to help us tackle our country’s most important issues and am hopeful that, when this person emerges, he or she will have the courage to take on the challenges of the Office and be the agent of change that this country so desperately needs

    Thank you and God Bless America!

    Donald J. Trump

  35. Well that SUCKS!!!!!

    Thanks a lot Donald, for NOTHING!!!!!!

    All those that said he was not serious about running………….

    I AM PIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I thought that Morning Fox call in interview was telling last week, but I am sooo disappointed.

    I really hoped he wouldn’t let them make a fool of him…and they did.

  37. Yes Donald, it is about COURAGE…

    “he or she will have the courage to take on the challenges of the Office and be the agent of change that this country so desperately needs”

  38. I started to fell like there was light at the end of the tunnel someone who would stand up and fight for our country. Turns out Trump was just another let down. If no one will stand up and fight then we are doomed I fear.

  39. Nobody but the sheep Rethugs will run against Barry, and we will have another McCain disaster.

    Rove must be laughing his head off right now.

    Donald, I am ashamed of you and in protest, I will not watch your season finale.

  40. To say the least, I am disappointed too. I couldn’t believe it….What the heck is going on….its going to be Newt, Mittens and Ron Paul….none of them can beat Obama….so ridiculous that I can’t believe it…its almost like the rethugs are cooperating with Obama…

  41. Can we now really begin to believe that we no longer have a two party system in the USA as some have said? It’s beginning to seem like the Reps with Karl Rove and the Dems are all in it together.

    If you are a Rep candidate and you have Karl Rove and the establishment Rep AGAINST you and you of course have BO and the Dems against you………….

    And as for Trump, we don’t know the behind the scenes or the back story and there is not doubt a real doozy.

  42. I am beyond disgusted. What a cowardly POS. All that hype just to get ratings for his show. Same with Huckabee. We are being snake-oiled to death.

    They’re all FOS and they’re all conspiring with one another.

    What does this say about the ulsterman report? What does this say about anyone who honestly thought DT might go for it?

    It just goes to show you you can’t trust anyone. I hate to say it but I don’t see how the fothermucking usurper doesn’t take 2012. The remaining field is a disaster for the country and a huge boom to ‘that one,’ the one McCain was too scared to unveil.

    B@stards. Every last one of them. Corrupt fothermucking b@stards.


  43. ‘People at ACE are hoping Cain gains momentum’

    I am sorry but that is absurd. What’s the rationale? Well, we got a black guy in office on the dim side so maybe it will aork on the rethug side?

    Not that I have anything against Cain, but, come on.

    Ties in with Trump booking 4 AA women on his recent show, half of the female contestants. I am sick to death of the pandering. I am sick to death of 12 percent of the population running roughshod over the rest of us.

  44. All that hype just to get ratings for his show.


    We don’t know that. There were many factors for and against his running.

  45. Good- Let them laugh-

    If you all can’t see whats coming.

    I can’t help you.. I’m not saying a word-

    So don’t ask me..

  46. I don’t give a ratsAss why Trump bowed out, it all comes down to the same results.

    Better we are disappointed today, than working for him or donating to him, voting for him or just having hope when it was all just bs.

  47. “If you all can’t see whats coming.

    I can’t help you.. I’m not saying a word-

    So don’t ask me..”

    You have great insight, Mrs. Smith.
    I think we all are going to need HELP.

  48. The thugs that put this idiot in office are blackmailing everyone…I just know it….I hope this means Hillary is going to come out soon someway….Geez this is getting bad.

  49. Sorry some of you guys are feeling disappointment…But this is the least shocking news ever!

  50. Does anyone know why the Republicans want to have Mitch Daniels run? They talk about him more and more.

  51. I just can’t stand that damn Rove….I saw him on Fox looking like the cat who ate the canary holding up a sign that said “13th”, WTF did that mean???

  52. Mrs. Smith
    May 16th, 2011 at 1:52 pm
    Good- Let them laugh-

    If you all can’t see whats coming.

    I can’t help you.. I’m not saying a word-

    So don’t ask me..

    Come on spill the beans we could use some good newa today.

  53. BASIL99
    May 16th, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    The Black issue is an issue with even those that support Cain. Many people feel as you do. It’s too bad the fraud has ruined it for other Black candidates, but he has. I know people like West, though he is not ready, the fact he was a Tea Party member from the get go is in his favor for the future.

  54. SP has been out of the spot light for the most part. I would be surprised if she jumped in.

  55. hey folks
    remember the washington outsider said that a straw horse would arrive and call obama to the table top ante up then step out. looks like he was right.

    sarah is still a lighthouse in a dark and stormy sea.
    if sarah or hillary do not run we are doomed.

  56. I can’t imagine what all this means exception we are stuck with “his inpetness” for another term….Newt is already pissing off the republicans with statements like “healthcare should be mandated”, Mittens is already put this sticking healthcare bill in action in Massachusettes and just forget the “militia man Paul” he won’t win….SO WHO MRS. SMITH???? LOL!

    BTW, I’ve forgotten the name of those deck shoes you told me to buy…LOL!

  57. Goodman to tackle Clinton for PBS

    U.S. public broadcaster PBS has commissioned Emmy- and Peabody Award-winning director Barak Goodman (My Lai) to make a flagship four-part series about America’s 42nd president, Bill Clinton (pictured), realscreen can reveal.

    The 4 x 60-minute series Clinton is in production now, to air as part of the ‘American Experience’ presidents series, and is slated for transmission early next year – 20 years after Clinton first ran for president.

    The documentary will reflect on everything from the former president’s childhood in Arkansas to the trials and tribulations of his eight years in office, and will be the 15th installment in the presidents series.

    Previous programs in the series have included The Kennedys, LBJ, Nixon, FDR and Reagan, and have won numerous gongs including Emmys, Peabodys and DuPont-Columbia Journalism awards.

    “William Jefferson Clinton is a lightning rod in American history,” said Mark Samels, executive producer of ‘American Experience’. “It’s hard to find anyone who is neutral about the man or his presidency. The complex dynamic between his public accomplishments and his personal foibles makes him endlessly fascinating.”

    Tom Koch, VP of PBS International – which will distribute Clinton globally – added: “Bill Clinton is a giant figure not only in the American imagination but throughout the world, and we expect that international interest in this new four-hour miniseries will be strong.”

    The documentary is promising “unprecedented access” to the former president’s associates, staff and family, as well as interviews with biographers and journalists. It will include testimony from many who worked inside the Clinton White House, such as press secretary Dee Dee Myers, counsel Bernard Nussbaum, chief of staff Leon Panetta and deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes.

    Goodman is perhaps best known for his acclaimed film My Lai, which looked at the Vietnam War’s infamous My Lai massacre and won a Peabody and an Emmy award. He has also won the duPont-Columbia Award and the RFK Journalism Prize, and his other films include The Lobotomist, The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and Scottsboro: An American Tragedy, the latter of which was nominated for an Academy Award.

    Goodman will produce, write and direct Clinton, and said of the former president: “You have to go a long way back to find as complex, as eventful, as tumultuous and as revealing a presidency as his.”

  58. Trump not running makes him look like an Obuma decoy. Was he let loose on us as a vehicle for Obuma to release his BC and throw cold water on the birthers?

  59. sirmrks

    hey folks
    remember the washington outsider said that a straw horse would arrive and call obama to the table top ante up then step out. looks like he was right.

    Wasn’t the report that someone would actually GET INTO the race, then drop out.

    Trump never got into the race. He got Barry to present a fake long form and gather false hope.

  60. Why did Donald Trump pick TODAY to announce and why didn’t he make the announcement himself?

  61. Trump was going to be replaced on his show if he ran, and they offered him $60 mil to do it…this was probably the reason he declared today?

  62. Trump does not like to lose and he got a small dose of what Hillary faced in 08 and had enough. I think his latching on to the birther issue, as opposed to economy, back fired.

  63. Better we are disappointed today, than working for him or donating to him, voting for him or just having hope when it was all just bs

  64. Administator, I hope you are busy writing an article and will soon be giving us your insight.

  65. Found this on Gateway Pundit:

    Expresses exactly how I feel:

    “Does anyone really think that Trump is going to go away quietly? He got a real beatdown from ObamaTeam at the White House Correspondents’ dinner.

    He doesn’t strike me as someone who will “sit down and shut up.” I’m hoping that he will be motivated to “hurt” Obama in the next election. I’m hoping that Obama’s Trump stunt stung enought to make it personal, and Trump will work to do his best to get Big Zero unelected. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but that’s my hope.”

    Anyone have the new web address for the WH insider. I think it was Democrat1 that posted it here. The Insiders site was a completely new address.. My bookmarks got wiped… don’t know why.. anyway, if anyone can find it and post it here, I would appreciate it.. (had the letter j in it ia all I can remember )

    JanH- TG you have come back- I was thinking you are blogging in an Israeli blog to be up to the minute about what is going on in Israel. Can you give us a recap if you have any news? Thanks 🙂

    Another MIA poster- Where is moononpluto? She is in the center of it all- must be getting scary for her… I hope she checks in soon-

  66. I am becoming more and more disillusioned with politics. I am very disappointed with Mr. Trump. Although I appreciate his attacks on the Mac Daddy, I feel that we are all being played in some way. I am so freakin’ tired of this. Please, will someone not tainted by politics please come forward and challenge the fraud in office. I may just have to turn to Ron Paul.

  67. I may just have to turn to Ron Paul.

    no way!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. jbstonesfan-

    Too funny!

    Ron Paul? How old is he, eighty something?

    Hi confloyd! I’ve been trying to think of the name of those shoes.. I think, the name is dock-siders.

    Here area few sites- with boat shoes.. All you need is tanned legs and white shorts with the brown loafer type w/ rawhide laces. They’re not cheap but they wear like iron.. you will have them forever … (as a memento 🙂 )

    h… w…

  69. If Trump is going to throw in the towel, better that he do so now, rather than later. Stepping back from this thing for a moment, it does not matter one wit. We need to re focus our attention on what counts here and that is where we can make them bleed.

    I spoke to my friend this morning and she will give me (us) a response on the birth certificate issue and the comments herein.

    I also have been corresponding with the head of a state real estate association who saw the ulsterman article, asked an unknown friend and was told it could not have happened.

    I told him it did happen, that it fits the Obama pattern of not making decisions, that it is corroborated by a former CIA man and his contacts etc.

    His response was I am skeptical of anything I read on the blogs. My thought was this: a foolish or misdirected skepticism is the hobgoblin of small minds, do not lose site of the forest for the trees, if you want to be Socratic and say prove it then say it to both sides, and where legal documents are concerned the burden of proof is always on the applicant to prove qualification, not on the state or the rest of us to prove he is not–in effect to prove a negative.

    His response was short, sweet and to the point: thank you for being skeptical. Without realizing it he and millions like him have fallen into the rhetorical trap of the leftist, as first identified by my friend Dr. Thomas Sowell: the left (media and Obama) takes a position on some controversial matter, and instead of assuming the normal evidentiary burden of proving they are right, they place the burden on their critics to prove they are wrong–in effect to prove a negative. Any lawyer will tell you it is hard to prove a negative.

  70. Thanks, Shadow- you never fail.. 🙂

    Ulsterman was right… he said an ICEBREAKER Candidate will surface.. He didn’t say, he would Run… so, can’t fault him for misleading anyone.

    JanH- thanks for posting the news about BC’s docudrama coming out next year.. very timely.

    Quite a coincidence Emanual gets sworn in as Chicago’s new Mayor and Trump announces he won’t run… My first thought is all hell is going to break loose in Chitown soon.. The Blago trial is up next and who knows- Blago wanted BO to testify… could be real ‘CHANGE’ is coming?

  71. Mrs. Smith,

    I haven’t been blogging because I am so angry about what is going on in the Middle East at the moment while obama golfs.

    You have four countries (Iran being the ringleader) who stormed the borders. You have Iran’s ugly leader declaring that Israel is a cancer that must be gotten rid of. You have an unholy alliance of Palestinian groups, 1/2 who want Israel destroyed once and for all.

    Did they attack on the anniversary of the 1967 warfor which they insist on going back to the borders of that time? No. they attacked on the anniversary of the 1948 U.N. declaration of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people.

    Does the U.N. give a damn? No. Where is the outrage? Does obama give a damn? No. He has his media lacky declare that Israel has a right to protect its borders. Big deal. Again I ask where is the moral outrage? If the situations were reversed, I have no doubt that Israel would have been lambasted. Where is the declaration that the countries who started all this broke international laws?

    Will the U.N. arbitrarily give Palestinians a homeland in the fall. Of course. And still you have media opinions coming left and right that obama should have put the screws to bibi even more to compromise while no one is asking the Arabs to do the same.

    And then you have a new Egypt who declares the peace treaty with Israel null and void. Oh and wait a minute…we have another moronic speech coming from the twit on Thursday to tell us what Israel will do or else.

    So you see…lol…you don’t really want me to post what I think of all this.


    As well, as far as Trump goes, what is done is done. Personally, I don’t think Palin is the answer and I hope desperation doesn’t set in.

  72. Mrs. S

    Quite a coincidence Emanual gets sworn in as Chicago’s new Mayor and Trump announces he won’t run… My first thought is all hell is going to break loose in Chitown soon.. The Blago trial is up next and who knows- Blago wanted BO to testify… could be real ‘CHANGE’ is coming?

    I sure hope so, it’s the only hope I see on the horizon at this point.

  73. JanH
    May 16th, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    Mrs. Smith,

    I haven’t been blogging because I am so angry about what is going on in the Middle East at the moment while obama golfs.

    Jan- The situation I read about yesterday was Israel was surrounded on three sides. This to me is very scary- If they are trying to provoke Israel into using nukes to decimate their enemy that will be a lit fuse ending in no winners..

    The Temple Mount must be preserved at all costs!

    Here is what upsets me… What in the world are the American Jews thinking… I have many Jewish friends who were friends of ours when my husband was alive. They are all wealthy and very intelligent… however, I don’t understand their rationale of not screaming bloody murder at Obama… I know they send truck loads of money to their families still in Israel but will not take a stand against Obama-

    Unless, I am not aware they have cut off sending donations to Obama’s campaign… it would be news to me-

  74. Awwwww, come on Mrs. S. Have pity on fools like me who really can’t figure it out.

    “If you all can’t see whats coming.

    I can’t help you.. I’m not saying a word-

    So don’t ask me.”

  75. Mrs. Smith,

    I honestly do not understand it either and it disturbs me greatly.

    Thank you for your support.

  76. for jbstonesfan…


    …Post-Bin Laden Bump Has Vanished

  77. Jesus, if we just got someone decent he could be beat…I feel like Lombardi “What the hell is going on out there”?

  78. JanH
    May 16th, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    I just hope like he11 the Israelis are armed, ready amd willing for all enemies. Attacked on 3 sides – well, then, their backs are against the wall and on one can blame them for what they do to defend themselves.

  79. On 60 minutes, last night they said Gates will retire next month.

    Poor Hillary, she will be trying to save the world (almost) by herself.

    I feel as though things have gone from charcoal gray to black…

  80. gonzoTX,

    “It’s too bad the fraud has ruined it for other Black candidates, but he has.”

    And didn’t we all predict this would happen? The backlash is in full swing.

  81. “I sure hope so, it’s the only hope I see on the horizon at this point.”

    Trump may have used himself as a bell wether for trending analysis. Showing the direction of the public’s trending For Obama or Away from Obama. He did his job if that was all that was required of his mission.

    I saw a Gallup poll this morning saying Obama’s bounce is losing steam… Now that Trump is out, people will refocus on the lousy presidency this country is stuck with because of electing Barack Hussein Obama. That name will live in infamy forever within the minds of ALL the people who have lost their jobs and worst of all, their HOMES to foreclosure.

    Fair to say, Obama is a Home Wrecker- bent on the destruction of America.

  82. There was a later report that Israel was surrounded on FOUR sides yesterday. Rushed from all fronts.

  83. You might laugh about Ron Paul, but he seems more principled than almost any of the current Republican presidential possibilities. I tend toward libertarian, and although I am anti-drug which is opposite of what I believe Ron Paul to be, I like his ideas of smaller government. Big government is the enemy right now. As it gets bigger, our freedoms seem to get fewer. Keep government in check.

  84. Three things that bother me most about Ron Paul are, and I have only been listening to him a couple of times over the past week. He does sound like an honest guy though…but I have been fooled before:

    1- Eliminating Social Security
    2- Eliminating Medical
    3- His stance on killing Binny instead of taking him into custody and talking to him.

  85. Shadpwfax, ITA with you on Ron Paul.
    No way will I vote for another SS/Medicare killer. BO & Ron Paul are both doing Wall Street’s bidding in this regard.

  86. I need to read up on Ron Paul’s medicare stance because that is one program that I would like to see continued, but possibly revamped in some way. Social security is another program that I do not want to see go away. I want the government to keep its hands off of Social Security.

  87. Does anyone know why the Republicans want to have Mitch Daniels run? They talk about him more and more.


    Wbboei had a good theory in this thread or the last one. Daniels was a drug company executive.

  88. gonzotx
    May 16th, 2011 at 5:05 pm
    for jbstonesfan…


    What do the other “funny” polls have him at, 86% approval???

  89. The complex dynamic between his public accomplishments and his personal foibles makes him endlessly fascinating.”


    What would be more interesting is HOW he managed to balance the budget (even against a GOP Congress) which no one else has managed before or since!

  90. nomobama
    May 16th, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    I need to read up on Ron Paul’s medicare stance because that is one program that I would like to see continued, but possibly revamped in some way. Social security is another program that I do not want to see go away. I want the government to keep its hands off of Social Security.

    Those are big issues with him nomobama, he doesn’t think it’s the gov. business to have programs like these. Sounds like he wants the Gov out of everyone’s life as much as possible.

  91. Attacked on 3 sides – well, then, their backs are against the wall and on one can blame them for what they do to defend themselves.


    Prevailing winds?

  92. There was a later report that Israel was surrounded on FOUR sides yesterday.


    In that case, the wind direction wouldn’t matter.

  93. Re Gingrich . . . Clarification? . . my ass. It is a retraction, plain and simple. A rose by any other name is still a rose– even in Grinch ville. He is beginning to sound like that lying sack of shit Obama. If you are going to lie, then at least keep your stories straight. They teach that at the Ivy League schools in a course called Lying 101. The A students go into politics.

    Paul Ryan Fires Back at Gingrich Over ‘Right-Wing Social Engineering’ Criticism

    Published May 16, 2011
    Print Email Share Comments (223) Text Size


    Shown here are Rep. Paul Ryan, left, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
    Rep. Paul Ryan fired back at Newt Gingrich on Monday after the ex-House speaker panned Ryan’s Medicare plan as “right-wing social engineering.”

    Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, argued that his proposal is not “radical,” as Gingrich alleged during an interview over the weekend. And he questioned why Gingrich was choosing to align himself with Democratic critics of the GOP budget proposal.

    “With allies like that, who needs the left?” Ryan quipped, during an interview on Laura Ingraham’s radio show.

    Ryan was in Chicago on Monday to defend his budget outline, which calls for phasing out direct Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals in favor of a system of subsidized private insurance for seniors. Republican leaders in Congress generally have supported the plan, though a handful have indicated it is just a starting point for negotiations. But Gingrich, appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” just days after announcing his presidential campaign, launched a broadside on the program Sunday.

    “I don’t think right-wing social engineering is any more desirable than left-wing social engineering. I don’t think imposing radical change from the right or the left is a very good way for a free society to operate,” he said when asked about Ryan’s proposal.

    Gingrich called for a “national conversation” on Medicare but described Ryan’s proposed overhaul as “too big a jump.”

    “I’m against Obamacare, which is imposing radical change, and I would be against a conservative imposing radical change,” he said.

    Ryan agreed that President Obama’s health care approach is “radical” but took issue with the rest of that sentence.

    “What we’re simply saying is don’t give the power to a bureaucrat to ration care,” Ryan said. “Hardly is that social engineering and radical. What’s radical is kicking the can down the road, not doing anything to fix this problem and watching the whole system implode on itself.”

    Ryan reiterated that his proposal would leave benefits untouched for Americans 55 and older, while giving younger workers a choice of “guaranteed coverage options,” offering more government aid to those who are poor, sick or both.

    “I mean, that’s hardly radical,” Ryan said.

    Such a proposal, though, is estimated to cost seniors more out of pocket over the long run, leading to charges from Democrats that the Republican budget is unfairly placing the burden for reducing the deficit on the backs of seniors.

    House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said last week that the proposal would undermine America’s social contract, though she told CNBC on Monday that Medicare is “on the table” in ongoing budget talks.

    Though Gingrich has put the Medicare overhaul in his sights, Time magazine reports that Gingrich recently expressed support for the proposal, and for Ryan, during a visit to New Hampshire — though he described it as a “first step” at the time.

    Separately, Gingrich’s campaign issued a clarification Monday regarding another comment he made during the “Meet the Press” interview. Asked about the so-called individual mandate in the federal health care overhaul, Gingrich said Sunday he believes “all of us have a responsibility to help pay for health care” and expressed support for “some requirement.”

    Gingrich, though, said in a statement late Monday that he believes the individual mandate requiring people to buy health insurance is “unconstitutional,” and that he is committed to the “complete repeal” of the health care overhaul.

    “In a free society you cannot tell citizens what they should buy and what those things should be,” he said. “I also believe individuals should be responsible to pay for the care that they receive

  94. The A students go into politics
    The B students go into big media (they tend to be a scoch dumber).

    The C students go to Club Fed for securities fraud.

    Perhaps that is why JFK claimed what he wished he had a Harvard education– and a degree from Yale.

  95. What do the other “funny” polls have him at, 86% approval???
    I have just completed a poll which has him at 126% (out of a possible 500%). Its all in the numerator, the denominator, what the question is asking, who is asking it and who in being asked. What Stalin said about elections you might just as easily say about polls conducted by big media: it does not matter who votes. What matters is who counts the votes–which is a fine point that Soros understands to a fare thee well.

  96. Mike Marks, Turndown, SHV, and other respected parties on this blog who have opined on one part or another of our argument that the birth certificate is fraudulent, here is the reply of my close friend who was an avid Hillary supporter in the 2008 primary and opened her home to our campaign staff for living quarters:

    Thank you for sharing with me the thoughtful replys of those with whom you blog. I had a few more thoughts regarding this issue I hope you will share with your friends.

    First, and foremost, I am saddened by how cleverly Obama and his Chicago thugs have been able to twist the public discourse on this subject.

    I am a member of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians. I was born in East Lansing, MIchigan, and my father was born on Mackinac Island, Michigan. That side of our family has roots in that area that can be documented back to the early 1600’s.

    In 1970, many of the Native American Tribes went through a cultural revival which included incorporating and registering with the U.S. government. Members of our tribe were authenticated at that time by the 1910 special Indian census which for our area was called the Durant Rolls.

    My father registered himself, me, my daughter, my sisters, and my brother with the tribe. By 1980, the U.S. government decided further documentation was needed for tribal membership.

    As a result the decree went out that tribal members needed to provide birth certificates and death certificates linking them directly to the ancester(s) named on the Durant Rolls. The birth and death certificates had to be official certificates issued by the state involved with that state’s official seal on each and every document.

    Nothing less would be acceptable. Photo copies of birth certificates were not allowed and certainly no updated short forms would have been acceptable. By the way, the hospital in which I was born had merged with another hospital by 1980 but the name on my birth certificate reflected the name and address of the hospital as it existed when I was born.

    No one had any difficulty with my birth certificate because of one thing…it had the official seal of the State of Michigan affixed to it.The seal itself was a gold foil seal with embossed lettering. Obama has never produced a birth certificate with the official seal of the State of Hawaii affixed to it.

    Frankly, I am shocked and appalled that we, the citizens of this country, have allowed him to skam us with anything less. What he thinks he should tell us about his birth is unimportant. He should be willing to provide us with a document that has the official seal of the State of Hawaii affixed to it and nothing else.

    States are charged in our society with providing the official documentation for the citizens of this country. Obama is not and should not be allowed to function under the assumption he is better than me or any other citizen of this country. And when he has the audacity to issue a document purporting to be his birth certificate on what looks to be “official paper”….HE IS COMMITTING FRAUD.

    The name of a hospital that did not exist in 1961 was used, his father was declared to be of a race category that was not used in 1961, and the father’s country of birth (United States or a forgein country) was purported to be Kenya, East Africa.

    If the clerk was ignorant of the fact that neither Kenya or East Africa were countries, the clerk would have listed Kenya or East Africa but never one followed by a coma and then the other.

    When prima facia errors like these are committed by amateurs who were obviously born well after 1961 and were too ignorant to know any better, the worst thing we can do is make excuses for them.

    And even worse than making excuses is insisting that it is our responsibility to prove he was not born in Hawaii rather than his responsibility to provide an official and proper birth certificate.

    My daughter was born in early 1970. The hospital worker who came by to verify information for her birth certificate did not ask my husband or myself what our races were. The clerk simply put what she thought and then put Negroid down as the race for my daughter.

    I knew the government used the term Mixed to denote individuals who were the products of parents from different races. However, it would take me serveral years and many attempts to get the health department to recognize her race was Mixed and not Negroid.

    I went back and went over the Obama birth certificate I printed out that was published on the Fox News Website back in April.

    First there is no state seal.

    Second, there is a line asking for the address of the mother which is blank. If the document were real, that line item would be blacked out for privacy concerns, but it would not be blank.

    There is no line which asks for the father’s address. On my birth certificate there are both categories. For the mother’s country of birth the Obama forgery lists Wichita, Kansas.

    Does anyone want to profer the excuse that Obama’s mother or state worker didn’t know Wichita, Kansas is not a country?

    Furthermore, on this document I refer people to category number 20 which is labeled Date Accepted by Local Reg. In this box, there is a date that is not typed but stamped….the date is August 8, 1961.

    This category is a final offer of proof that the document provided by Obama is a hodge-podge forgery that is no more acceptable than his verbal assurance to us he was born in Hawaii.

    I offer this as a proof because it is the only category on the entire document that is stamped and not typed. It may be the only piece of information taken directly from Obama’s original birth certificate. I say this because during the election the State of Hawaii originally declared that Obama’s birth was officially recorded on August 8,1961.

    When Donald Trump was thinking about running for office, he had a reporter in his office conducting an interview. The reporter asked him if he had a valid birth certificate and Trump went to his file cabinet and pulled out a photo copy of his birth certificate. The reporter told him that was unacceptable.

    Now here is a man who regardless of whether you agree with his views or not has more accomplishments than that reporter or Obama will ever hope to have. And yet, the reporter had no problem questioning his birth certificate.

    So Trump went to the appropriate state office in New York and obtained an official copy of his birth certificate complete with the official seal of the State of New York.

    John McCain had to prove he was eligible to be President with official documentation that was scrutinized ad nauseum from main stream media. Can you imagine the uproar had McCain dared to provide something as phony as Obama’s documents and without any government seals?

    So three and a half years after this issue first arose, why can’t or won’t Obama produce his birth certificate from the State of Hawaii with the official seal of that state affixed to it?

    I firmly believe the burden of proof lies with Obama. It is HIS job to prove to US where he was born. His word, or 100 facsimiles of the same do not measure up to the standard provided by the State of Hawaii with its official seal.

    If we cannot demand this much of him, then he will continue to operate as he already has, feeling immune from any accountability whatsoever.

    And what is worse is the media will continue to hold each and every candidate who dares to oppose Obama to the highest and most microscopic level of scrutiny for any and every word they have ever said.

    Is this what we want for our country? Is this the meaning of civil discourse?

    I believe the issue of Obama’s birth certificate is more about Obama’s accountability as an elected official than it is about where he was born or what he might be trying to hide about the circumstances of his birth.

    I would also suggest he does not need any of you making excuses for him. He already does plenty of that for himself and also has the entire mainstream media doing the same.

    I know all of you care deeply about this this country. I hope we will all work to hold the media’s feet to the fires of accountability for each and every candidate who seeks elected public office.

  97. My Bot (ex-Bot, recovering Bot?) friend says of the lfbc allegedly altered at the WH:

    “You think Obama is that competent?”


    “Better to say HI gave the WH an altered copy, much simpler that way.”

  98. wbboei,

    I’ll not address your friend’s reply till she has time to read my comments in detail and look up the images of the other HI 1960s bc that use the same name of the hospital, and note that they were originally supplied by rightwing sources.

  99. wbboei,

    I’ll not address your friend’s reply till she has time to read my comments in detail and look up the images of the other HI 1960s bc that use the same name of the hospital, and note that they were originally supplied by rightwing sources.

  100. 1960s bc = 1960s bc’s

    That is, bc’s of other babies born in the same hospital around the same time, using the same “new” name for the hospital: ie “Maternity and Gynecological” or “Mat. & Gyn.” etc.

  101. 1960s bc = 1960s bc’s

    That is, bc’s of other babies born in the same hospital around the same time, using the same “new” name for the hospital: ie “Maternity and Gynecological” or “Mat. & Gyn.” etc.


    But, that doesn’t mean the Trump saga — and, it was a saga — is without lessons to be learned by the Republican candidates who will run for president in 2012.

    The most important lesson? Confrontation is good. Confrontation works.

    “Donald Trump was an anti-establishment figure who demonstrated the importance of taking the debate right to Obama — frontally and hard, which the the eventual GOP nominee mist do daily to win,” said Scott Reed, a senior Republican strategist.

    Polling bears this sentiment out.

    A CNN/Opinion Research survey conducted earlier this month found that 67 percent of respondents said Trump was “not a typical politician” and 57 percent said he was “tough enough to handle a crisis”.

    (Trump scored far worse on most other character measures; just one in three said he “is honest and trustworthy” and one in four said he “shares your values”.)

    Rob Stutzman, a California-based GOP strategist, noted that while most of the Trump coverage focused on his celebrity and embrace of birtherism as an issue, it was the Donald’s come-out-swinging mentality that was the true root of his rise.

    He had the appeal of a candidate who would brawl with Obama on behalf of the rank and file and create contrast,” said Stutzman.

    The simple truth is that Republican primary voters appear to be clamoring for someone who can articulate the deep dissatisfaction they feel toward Obama on nearly every issue.

    That fight-on-all-fronts mentality is why former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has found himself hurt by his support for a health care law in the Bay State that has drawn unfavorable comparisons to the national law. It’s why former Utah governor Jon Huntsman’s service as Ambassador to China in the Obama Administration is viewed as a non-starter by many voters. It’s why former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty has apologized for backing cap and trade legislation during his tenure in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

    Any sign of agreement — or even the willingness to think about agreeing — with the President is viewed as capitulation within some not-insignificant element of the Republican party, many of whom identify closely with the tea party movement.

    “The birther issue was stupid and contrived but it should demonstrate to legitimate candidates that you can stand out by being the candidate who engages Obama on substance like taxes, homeland security and spending,” explained Stutzman.

    Put another way: Trump’s willingness to fight mattered more than the substance of what triggered the fight.

    No one in the current field will overtly try to pick up the Trump mantle .. But, listen to see whether strains of Trump’s confrontational style seep into the candidates’ rhetoric over the coming weeks and months.

    The next GOP debate, which is scheduled for June 13 in New Hampshire, will be a major test of just how far the top-tier Republicans are willing to channel the tone — if not the substance — of Trump.

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