When Will Obama Visit The Devastation?

We discussed yesterday the smart way Donald Trump is responding to race-baiters. That response is appropriate to attempts to shut up others politically with the toxic shout of “racist”.

There is another type of race-baiting designed to appeal emotionally to white liberal guilt and to African-Americans who are less and less enamored with Barack Obama. Here is an example of that type of emotional race-baiting:

“The worst part of it all wasn’t that we had to listen to Donald Trump’s narcissistic ramblings or watch his bad hair flapping in the wind. It was that my president, our president, had to stand in front of the world and justify his right to be in the White House..

And Trump’s assault on the president’s integrity hasn’t stopped. He now questions the president’s academic standing and worthiness to have been accepted into Ivy League Schools like Columbia and Harvard law.

Worse than all of this, was that just like the late baseball legend Jackie Robinson before him, President Obama has to put up with the insults, lunacy, and outright bigotry with a smile. He can’t lose his cool because he is the first. He must handle himself with grace and class or the next black candidate for president won’t stand a chance.

For many of us who are educated African-Americans of a new generation, we get it. We live it. We know what it feels like to be the first in our firms, corporations, universities, or industries. We know coded race talk when we see it. We know what it feels like to be delegitimized, and questioned, stared down in a funny way regardless of the accolades and laurels of our degrees or achievements.

And we hurt for the president yesterday.

We tweeted and Facebooked, texted and emailed in total shock and awe. I think it took a good five minutes for my younger brother, a minister, and my mom to calm me down on the phone as I was yelling at the top of my lungs about how appalled I was that the president of the United States was being treated in such a shameful manner. I truly felt off center — like I had personally been kicked. Once we stopped and prayed, I was able to put pen to paper and begin to write down my thoughts.”

How can anyone respond to such well-crafted emotional blackmail? And that is all it is, emotional blackmail. The emotional blackmail is “you are hurting me when you do not politically support the person I support so shut up.” The only way to respond to politically motivated emotional blackmailers, presumably they are of adult age though they try to dodge adult responsibility, is to confront them with facts. Confront the emotional blackmail race-baiters with cold, brutal, unyielding, uncompromising, slap-in-the-face, FACTS.

Today the brutal facts come from Ron Brownstein:

“… Many of the groups that Obama needs to turn out most enthusiastically in 2012—particularly young people, African-Americans, and Latinos—are still suffering the most as the economy crawls back from the Great Recession. That dynamic looms like a crack in the foundation for Obama’s reelection, which relies on those groups surging to the polls in 2012 after their participation sagged even more than usual in the 2010 midterms.

The continued strain on the groups at the core of Obama’s coalition underscores the political stakes in his recent turn toward deficit reduction. [snip]

To Borosage and like-minded critics, that means Obama is consigning himself to relatively high levels of unemployment in 2012. The risk is especially great among the groups that Obama most needs to mobilize. In the latest federal figures, unemployment stood at 15.5 percent among African–Americans, 13.4 percent among young people, and 11.9 percent among Latinos. In each case, those figures are down since January but still higher than when Obama took office—and considerably higher than among whites (8.3 percent).”

Those are facts. Not emotional blackmail, those are facts. The gentry white liberals and intellectuals who mock the White Working Class for supposedly voting against their interests, in such books as “What’s the Matter With Kansas,” do not dare slap African-Americans and gentry whites and young people with the facts.

What’s the matter with YOU Barack Obama apologists? Why do you support your oppressor? Those are the FACTS. The ugly, brutal, facts:

“The Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank, recently analyzed the trends in greater detail. Its findings should chill the White House. Unemployment among workers younger than 25 with only a high school diploma averaged almost 23 percent in 2010—nearly double the level in 2007. Even among workers that age with a college degree, unemployment has averaged nearly 10 percent over the past year. There are enough Latinos in 15 states for the Bureau of Labor Statistics to track their job status; in 12 of them (including such battlegrounds as Colorado, Florida, and Nevada), the Latino unemployment rate exceeded 10 percent last year. In all 23 states in which there are enough African Americans to reliably measure unemployment, the average rate last year exceeded 10 percent; in 17 of them, it exceeded 15 percent.

The pain in these communities extends beyond unemployment to a historic liquidation of wealth. Census figures, for instance, show that homeownership rates have declined significantly faster among both African-Americans and Latinos than whites.

In 2008, Obama won three-fifths of voters under 30, two-thirds of Latinos, and 95 percent of African-Americans. With his support among older and blue-collar whites eroding, he needs big showings among all those groups again in 2012.”

The race-baiting, emotional and other strains, are to gin up the vote for the oppressor. Barack Obama has always done very well for himself, but those that protect him the most (think Alice Palmer, his freezing constituents), suffer the most. Recall the record of “racist” Bill Clinton (Bill became a “racist” when he campaigned for Hillary and her lifelong work to help those Barack Obama has swindled). Recall all those great jobs and all those new homes when “racist” Bill Clinton fought for you every day? They’re gone. Obama took ’em.

Keep apologizing, keep defending – Obama has a great big grin when you act like such fools – embrace the oppressor:

“There’s no sign of wavering in Obama’s black support. But in 2010, exit polls found that the Democratic vote in House elections dipped among both young people (to 55 percent) and Latinos (to 60 percent). In Gallup’s weekly averages of its tracking poll, Obama’s approval rating has reached 60 percent among Latinos only once since January—and has never been that high among young people. His ratings among both groups have fallen below 50 percent over the past two weeks; among Latinos, he’s at his lowest level ever.

Against those warning signs, the White House is betting that these young and minority voters will mostly look forward, not back, as they choose in 2012. Recent Gallup polling shows that while young people and minorities are more negative than older whites about their current economic circumstances, they are also more optimistic about their financial future. One senior White House official argues that such optimism suggests a residual faith in Obama.”

Idiots of America Unite! You might lose your oppressor. Fight for your exploiter! Defend your tormentor – he has a grin you like – he has a skin color which thrills you.

Brownstein is not writing anything readers of Big Pink will be shocked by. Here is what we wrote on March 24, 2009 in “The “Who Obama Hurts Most” Press Conference”:

“We think Big Media should focus questions on who Obama hurts most – his supporters.[snip]

We are talking about young people and African-American supporters who were ever so fervent in their religious worship of Obama.

Mind, some of Hillary Clinton’s strongest supporters were African-Americans who courageously withstood the race-baiting attempts to force them to support the Mess-iah. [snip]

Many young people too cared about the content of character over color and supported Hillary Clinton. But many young people voted for the celebrity, do-nothing, flim-flam, unqualified, race-baiting, and gay-bashing, and woman hating, Barack Obama.

Now, the chickens have come home to roost for African-Americans and young people:”

Spare us the emotional blackmail because we have sufficient emotional outrage to drown you out in that battlefield. And we warned you. We warned you the day after the 2008 general elections in “Big Media Elects Its Stooge“:

“Last night Obama kool-aid drinkers think they won, but they did not. It was a win for Big Media and the Obama strategy, as betrayed by his history, of picking an unsavory actor and doing his (in this case, its) bidding in order for Obama to advance himself.

Obama kool-aid drinkers will swagger in confidence and proclaim themselves winners. But they will soon learn they are not part of the “we” in “we won”. Americans who, battered by years of Bush and his myriad disasters, cast aside their doubts about Obama in desperate hope for “change” will also discover they are not part of the “we” of “we won”. [snip]

Need we once again repeat the Obama history of betrayal?

When Obama desired to advance himself in Illinois he took up with corrupt machine politicians in order to advance his career. When Obama desired to advance himself in Chicago he took up with the now convicted Rezko and abandoned poor and black constituents as they froze in Rezko controlled tenements which Obama himself had helped Rezko interests acquire. When Obama desired to advance himself he organized a gay-bashing tour of South Carolina. When Obama desired to advance himself he race-baited. [snip]

Obama supporters want us and themselves to believe that the leopard changes its spots, that history is not a teacher, that the scorpion changes its nature. [snip]

Obama kool-aid drinkers will soon be presented with the small fine print of Obama’s promises. [snip] Like with FISA, Obama will soon forget all those campaign promises and crib drown them in a sea of flowery words and say “it can’t be done now”. [snip]

Obama, who strategically employed “change”, is the third Bush term – just as inexperienced, only more grandiose and with even more messianic delusions.”

[Notice the very first use of “The Third Bush Term” post election. Kudos to us!]

Don’t expect Barack Obama to visit the economic devastation he has wrought. He’ll do publicity stunts which allow him to pretend to care but he won’t look the people he flim-flamed in the face and explain the fullness of his failures.

** * * * *

Yesterday we explained Donald Trump was very smart in how he responded to the race-baiters. Later in the day, in Las Vegas, Donald Trump was at a 900 person rally which gave Big Media the vapors because Donald Trump “dropped the F-bomb.” Horrors. What happened? Did Donald Trump go stupid?

Let’s stipulate that we do not appreciate crude language. Such ghastly behavior gives us the vapors. Our frail sensitivities aside, what was Donald Trump up to last night?

Donald Trump knew today was a tough day to squeeze into the news cycle. There was the weather tornado sucking up homes and attention, a space shuttle launch blasting hard-to-compete-with light and noise, another Obama publicity stunt to pretend he cares, and a massive wedding that nearly melted the internet. Trump understood he needed a hook to wiggle his way into the news

Trump knows Big Media wants to squeeze him out of any and all news programs. Big Media wants the narrative that post-birth certificate Donald Trump is no longer a player. Donald Trump knew he had to squeeze into today’s news cycle or else he would be consigned to oblivion.

Bill Clinton had the same problem in 1992 as his campaign for president faded to third place behind Ross Perot and George H. W. Bush. Bill Clinton, in a widely mocked (by Big Media) publicity stunt, put on some shades, grabbed the saxophone, and wailed that wild sax on the Arsenio Hall show. Bill Clinton got attention and fought his way into the news cycle and the presidency.

Donald Trump needed a publicity stunt to get in the news cycle too. It was a tough news cycle to bust a move in but Trump managed it. In ‘sin city” Trump dropped the dreaded F-bomb. Trump got into the news cycle and on coveted spots in the network evening news.

Did Trump lose by winning? Did he win a spot in the news cycle but lose the delicate ears of the nation? Consider the well targeted F-bombs placement before you answer the question.

Post the birth certificate, Donald Trump is pivoting his campaign. The deployed F-bombs brought attention to these sentences to an American public distracted by wedding cake:

Saudi Arabia wants to keep raising the price of oil because we have no one in Washington who sits back and says you’re not going to raise that f**king price!

To China: “Listen, you motherf***ers, we’re going to tax you 25 percent

The Donald also dropped the F-bomb, but it was censored, when he said “We go to Afghanistan. We go to Iraq. We build a school. We build a road. They blow up the school. We build another school, another road. They blow them up. We build again. In the meantime, we can’t get a school built in Brooklyn,” [insert F-bomb between “a” and “school”]

Americans who hear those soundbites might be offended by the ever so shocking language – but Trump wants them to at least hear those sentences. Trump bets that the reaction will be: (1) pearls clutched, “Heavens to Betsy!” exclaimed; (2) pearls eventually un-clutched and a deep breath taken; (3) “his phrasing is crude but I agree with him.”

The smartest pivot from last night though is how Trump continues to use the birth certificate issue, with a very sly twist which goes to Trump strengths and Obama’s weakness:

“The trip is his second in as many days to one of the states that will help determine the Republican presidential nomination. On Wednesday, Trump visited New Hampshire and claimed credit for Obama’s release of his long-form birth certificate, despite having questioned its existence for weeks. In Las Vegas, a jubilant Trump basked in applause once again.

“He did it because we went after him hard. We’re tough negotiators like this country needs,” he said. “I just ask him one thing: Why didn’t he do it two or three years ago? Why does he have to put this country through turmoil?”

Short version: Trump Defends America, Obama Apologizes For America.

Short version: Trump Means America On The Rise, Obama Means Obama On The Decline.

Short version: Trump Tough, Obama Weak.

Only the Obama apologists who applaud the oppressor will argue with those FACTS.


Trump Triumphant, Trump Teaching, Trump Trashed

Let’s imagine some horrible, possible, scenarios for the future. It’s 2012, Barack Obama is the Dimocratic nominee and Willard Romney is the Republican Party nominee. Barack Obama and his race-baiters pull the race card out of their dirty deck (as scheduled) and call Willard a “racist” and much of his campaign “racist” code. Willard’s church, the Mormon Church, with its actual history of racist exclusion of blacks is repeatedly raised by Obama’s henchmen. How does Willard Romney respond?

Next: same scenario but in this future the Republican nominee is Tim Pawlenty. Instead of the Mormon Church the Obama race baiters talk about “lily white” Minnesota and Pawlenty’s German mother. The race card is played – call Pawlenty a “racist” and much of his campaign labeled “racist” code. How does Tim Pawlenty respond?

Rinse, repeat the above scenario for every “establishment” candidate. Republicans/conservatives better know that the above scenarios are not conjecture, they will happen. Republicans/conservatives who trash Donald Trump either because he is an “outsider” not one of their own, or because they want a “real” conservative or “serious” candidate, or they are holding out for their favorite delusion candidate (think Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Allen West, Jeb Bush, “Dark Horse as yet unnamed Ronald Reagan straw-stuffed superhero”), or simply because they don’t like the brash loudmouth from New York, better watch out – you and your preferred candidate will soon be a “racist” too.

Other than Sarah Palin (the Republican establishment hates her too and has already, possibly successfully but not completely yet, “trumped” her and turned her into a “not serious” candidate) and Donald Trump the Republican/conservative candidates thought of as “serious” will be successfully race-baited.

Willard Romney, to answer our earlier question, will make apologies for the racial history of the Mormon Church then proceed to promise never to question the wonderfulness of Barack Obama or the healthy wonderfulness of Obama’s policies – because “I Willard,er, Mitt Romney am not a racist and don’t want racist votes and I will campaign on the issues not personal attacks on Obama or any issue which could in any way be construed as racist and that includes calling Obama a celebrity wannabee do-nothing or questioning his wisdom on economic, health, national security, energy, golf, basketball, or any issue which could in any possible way be construed as racist or any personality or association which could be construed as race code or oh my gosh racism is just so bad and so out of bounds… and omg… only racists would mention black bees…

Tim Pawlenty, again answering our own question, would have a wet noodle response that he himself would think was brutal tough. Pawlenty: “The political history of Minnesota has caused some concern and the allegation has been made that the state I come from is too lily white for me to understand the broad mosaic which is our diverse and wonderful country – but just because it is a white state and I am white and my mom, who died when I was sixteen, is from a country with a certain historical resonance I want to state with full vigor that I am not a racist and I deplore racists and racism and one of the first things I did to prove I am not a racist was to denounce birthers and others who question Barack Obama and let’s not forget that Minnesota elected white men like Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale and it has elected a lot of Democrats like them so Minnesota cannot be racist and I am not a Mormon and I will not do anything or say anything or racially code anything or imply anything that any of the many wonderful and serious Washington pundits could in any way be upset about and demote me from the “serious” category and everyone should be assured that I am not a Mormon and as everyone knows I am the safe and serious alternative to just about every other candidate and I too like that Mormon will not say or do anything which is or can in any way be construed as racist and further I will defend Barack Obama and his policies from any attack which serious men like Al Sharpton could in any way construe as racial or race code or in any way white or not approved by the open minded Washington wise men…”

There is a way for Republicans to answer the “racist” charge. We told them, how to answer two years ago – get the Hillary Clinton super-secret weapon. Donald Trump is doing exactly what we suggested – he is hitting back and teaching Willard and Timmy how to do it:

“PORTSMOUTH – Crediting himself with forcing President Barack Obama to make public his Hawaiian birth certificate, billionaire businessman Donald Trump today accused the President, his supporters and the national media of playing the “race card” against him.

In an interview with UnionLeader.com, Trump, who is seriously considering a run for the GOP presidential nomination, said the media is trying to make his pursuit of Obama’s birth certificate issue “a race card,” and, “This has nothing to do with race. Absolutely nothing.

“There is nobody who’s less of a racist than me,” said Trump. [snip]

But in Portsmouth on his first visit to the leadoff primary state since the late 1980s, Trump, in an interview, focused on Obama’s strategy during his bitter 2008 campaign against Hillary Clinton
for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Trump said, “And he did it with (former President Bill) Clinton. Clinton was made into a racist by Obama, and he’s never forgotten it. And there’s nobody that’s less of a racist than Bill Clinton.

“He did it with Bill Clinton, and with Hillary,” Trump continued. “He made them into racists. That’s why I was amazed that Hillary went to work for him.”

He said the President is “probably” trying to do the same to him, “and there’s nobody who’s less of a racist than me.”

Trump said, “Here’s two people, Hillary and Bill Clinton, who really devoted a lot to African-Americans. They did probably as much as anybody, and he made them into racists.”

Trump, insisting that the national media “is very protective of” Obama, said he was still not convinced the birth certificate is real.”

See how easy it is Republicans/conservatives? In mid-April we showed how the race card was about to be deployed against Donald Trump.

There is an important history that all Americans should acquaint themselves with. We wrote about that history in “‘Call Them Racists’ – The New Racism And The Political Importance Of JournoList JournoGate…” and we wrote about it in “Hillary Was Smeared First – DailyCaller, Race-baiting JournoList, And DailyKos DailyKooks....” Donald Trump has done his homework and understands what he have written. Republicans/conservatives, candidates and partisans of those candidates had better get acquainted with that history too if they want to be part of the 2012 discussion.

* * * * * *

In The Trump Card we wrote:

“If Barack Obama ever comes up with a legitimate birth certificate that contains no damaging information on it we will all be able to thank Donald Trump. If Obama refuses to ever produce a birth certificate The Donald will continue to hammer Obama.”

Why Republicans/conservatives were concerned that somehow Trump was a “distraction” from the “serious” issues is something that never made much sense. We understand why partisans of other candidates did not like that Trump was disrupting their preferred dull narrative. But the “distraction” argument from honestly concerned Republicans/conservatives never made much sense. Democratic pollster Douglas Schoen explains “The First Lesson From The Trump Candidacy”:

“… with the release of President Obama’s birth certificate Wednesday, there will be an increasing hue and cry from the Left that Trump is either illegitimate, ill-informed, or unqualified to be president. And he may well be some, if not all, of those things.

But, we live in a time of crisis, and the American people are looking for leadership. And what the underlying message of the Trump campaign has been, irrespective of substance, is that he is a leader, able to provide solutions and answers, at a time when the American people lament the absence of direct and obvious approaches to the nation’s problems.

Trump’s rise in the Republican primary polls, not withstanding today’s reports, will not be lost on a Republican field that is desperate to get traction. And those Republican candidates who ultimately announce and go forward will realize is one fundamental truth: The only way for them to gain support and visibility is to take the fight directly to the president, both in terms of their own perception of his lack of personal qualifications, as well as their substantial disagreements with White House policy both at home and abroad.

That last sentence is what Trump is teaching, is why Trump is Trashed, and explains why Trump is triumphant.

As Schoen writes, Trump is not the only one who will be trashed:

“The fact that the White House felt compelled to rebut Trump directly indicates that they will run a more aggressive, and I dare say, more negative campaign against the Republicans.

Put simply, if this election is a referendum on Obama, the administration is increasingly convinced they will lose. If the election is a referendum on the Republicans, the White House believes they have a better than 50% chance of winning.

What the Trump candidacy shows is, even if he is wrong, and fundamentally wrong on a number of his assertions, his style, his approach, and his persona are what the Republicans need if they are to successfully take the fight to an increasingly unpopular president.

The “Racist Smear” has been deployed and like they Syrian army attacking other Syrians will only escalate and get uglier and uglier.

“Party like it’s 2008: Access bloggers deploy the racist smear

2012 already? I love it! Alas for our Nobel Peace Prize-winning* Beloved Leader’s remaining defenders in the career “progressive” tribe, the racist smear is the only card they’ve got. Which is why they play it all the time.

Last I checked — Readers, please refresh my memory — we don’t have Obama’s college transcripts, we don’t know how Obama got into Columbia from Occidental, and Obama never published anything at Harvard Law (yeah, notes in the Law Review are anonymous, but nobody’s produced even a single plausible candidate for a note that might have been written by Obama). That’s what we don’t know, and all factions across the spectrum don’t know it. So, is it racist to point out what we don’t know?

RACIST JOAN WALSH (hey, we are not the ones who accuse her of being a “racist” – those accusations come from Obama lovers and the redundant race-baiters who call Glenn Greenwald and anyone who dares not worship Obama a “racist”) is very upset that Donald Trump won yesterday:

“Will the media, and the majority of likely Republican primary voters who say Obama wasn’t born here, get the message? My fear is that they won’t. Trump the Carny beat the president to the media, taking credit for the release of the birth certificate, but moving on to demand that Obama now show Americans the grades that got him into Columbia and Harvard. “I’ve heard he was a terrible student at Occidental,” Trump blathered. “I don’t know why he doesn’t just release his records.” The cretins at World Net Daily told Justin Elliott that Obama’s still lying.

I understand why the president made the decision he did, and I fervently hope it works the way he wanted. But I worry that bowing to bullying rewards bullies, and this paranoid, vicious faction in American politics, the one that says a black president has to show extra papers, extra credentials to be accepted, will never be satisfied. It is time for the media to ignore Trump and Taitz and Corsi and their lies.”

We never heard racist Joan Walsh angry that Obama was bowing to dictatorial bullies who hate America and Americans. We don’t understand how racist Joan Walsh, a supposed journalist, gets so upset that Obama is being held to the promise he himself made to be the most transparent president ever. Why does racist Joan Walsh not tell Valerie Jarrett that not releasing more Obama documents is racist? Why does racist Joan Walsh not want Obama to show how great his grades were and prove all those wonderful things he did for his constituents and thereby release all the boxes of documents Obama cannot seem to even locate? Why does Joan Walsh hate the black man?

Racist Joan Walsh is correct about her surmise that yesterday was not a good day for Obama but was a good day for Donald Trump. Some Republican/conservatives who think they are “serious” are coming up with some kooky theories about what is going on and why Obama did what he did yesterday and are inciting attacks on Trump. These serious Republican/conservatives concoct the oddball theories that Obama wanted to pump up Trump – along with other crazy – not aware we answered the “why?” question yesterday. The Associated Press today agrees with us that Trump had stomped Obama.

Trump is triumphant today but only some Republicans/conservatives want to take that as good news. Trump is Triumphant:

“A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary Voters finds Trump with 19% support, just ahead of the former governors, Massachusetts’ Romney at 17% and Arkansas’ Huckabee with 15%.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich are tied for fourth place with nine percent (9%) each, closely followed by Texas Congressman Ron Paul at eight percent (8%). Rounding out the list are former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (5%) and Mitch Daniels, the current governor of Indiana, at three percent (3%). Five percent (5%) like some other candidate, and 11% are undecided when presented with this list of candidates.

In January, before Trump began making noises about seeking the GOP nomination, Romney led the pack among likely primary voters with 24% support, followed by Palin (19%), Huckabee (17%) and Gingrich (11%).”

If those numbers don’t convince Trump is Triumphant, listen to faded child star Joey Lawrence. Out of the mouth of babes:

“He’s somebody out of the box and I think that some of the stuff he’s saying makes sense. It sounds like you and I would say it, and it’s time. I’m tired of ’so politically correct’ every step of the way. It’s like there are times when we need to say, ‘We’re getting our rear ends kicked, we are the world leader, we need to step up and act like it.’” [snip]

“Obama was something fresh, and new, and people wanted to put their faith in his message of being different and ‘change’ … but that fell flat because he gets in there and it’s pretty much the same old thing,” Lawrence said. “I think everybody can agree on that, there’s no real change.”

After expressing concern for the country’s debt situation and Obama’s fund-raising plans, Lawrence commended Trump for being a successful businessman.

Everyone is so afraid to say anything,” Lawrence said. “I keep my political views private; I think that’s the best way to do it. But I have no problem calling a spade a spade. I think Donald is an interesting character. He’s an amazing CEO, this is a business. This is a business, running this country is a business and it has not been run the last decade the right way, whether it’s Republican or Democrat, so it’s not really a party issue, it’s more of a person issue. Somebody has to get in there and really hold people accountable.”

Watch out with that “calling a spade a spade” talk Joey… you too will be called a “racist.”

Craig Shirley at Politico thinks that yesterday was a triumph of “new media” versus “old media”:

“This is a significant story and not because President Obama caved so easily to political pressure to release his birth certificate.

Whether he was born in the United States is irrelevant. What is relevant is he reacted to the pressure of the New Media.

The “New Media” has defeated the “Old Media.”

The New Media of talk radio and websites and bloggers and conservative columnists have, in the past, won skirmishes over the Old Media of the networks and the big-city newspapers. But this was a major battle in which the odds were against the New Media, as it wasn’t even unified on this issue, as the Old Media was defending Obama.”

We’re not sure about that “new media” versus “old media” stuff. A lot of the “new” is the “old” in new digital bottles. And kudos to ABC’s Jake Tapper for calling Obama’s reasoning of yesterday rubbish.

We hope for change from Big Media outlets like ABC and that they start to denounce the race card. The race card is being played already and it is not yet 2012. Yesterday Whoopi Goldberg made an explicit declaration that the race card is now in play. Poopie Goldberg is not alone in shouting “RACIST!

Big Media is on the warpath and will call anyone who opposes Barack Obama a “racist.” Joey Lawrence knows this. Do Willard and Timmy know this? Do the Republicans/conservatives who are attacking Donald Trump know this?

Jesse Jackson is race-baiting about the birth certificate issue. Big Media Bob Schieffer is race-baiting about Obama’s grades and as a supposed journalist he does not want anyone asking for documents – he wants to believe in the faith of Mess-iah. For Bob Schieffer any question about Obama is “racist”.

No Big Media figure asked Obama yesterday when he angrily said “I have more important things to do” what golf course Obama was going to.

We don’t know exactly what golf courses Obama will be going to. But we do know that, to borrow George W’s mangled genius phrase – Obama is on a low rode on his high horse. Even African-American columnists are getting race-baited and it is going to get worse:

“… whenever I write something even mildly critical of President Barack Obama, the phone calls and e-mails come with protestations from his many sycophants. [snip]

It’s a shame that some folks (especially black ones) feel he is beyond critique. Their ridiculous rationale is that if I critique him, then I am only doing dirty work for the Republican Party; plus making it harder for him to be re-elected. I beg to disagree. Barack Obama is only human; he is not infallible.”

Obama has unleashed the race-baiters. Donald Trump is ready to stomp them down. Don’t count on Willard and Timmy to fight.


Time For Big Media To Apolgize To Donald Trump And Demand The Truth From Barack Obama

Early this month, we demolished the lies about how Barack Obama could not legally obtain or release his birth certificate. That “legal” line of defense came about because the earlier lies had failed. For years Big Media and JournoListers like Ben Smith deceived their readers with published proclamations that Obama already had released his birth certificate. Today Barack Obama pushed Ben Smith, George Stephanopoulos, and the Obama protection army called Big Media under the bus by supposedly releasing the “long-form birth certificate”.

[Note, there are a lot of questions, even from non-“birthers” about this latest Certificate of Live Birth released today but those questions are for another day.]

On March 30, 2011 we proved that Big Media (and specifically JournoListers like Ben Smith) purposefully deceived their readers by pretending they did not know the difference between a birth certificate and a certificate of live birth. The lies from Big Media in order to protect Barack Obama will continue.

Big Media has been lying to the American public for years about the birth certificate issue. A survey of the Big Media landscape yields only two outlets that however belatedly and meekly (and only once each) declared that indeed Barack Obama had not released his long form birth certificate and that Obama could easily acquire and release the birth certificate. Time magazine published a typically misleading article about the birth certificate on April 11, 2011 but to its credit at 5:40 p.m. that same day Time magazine updated the article and quietly published the truth that Obama could easily obtain, photocopy, and release his own birth certificate. Joan Vennochi of the Boston Globe belatedly and quietly also published the truth in early April.

But that is pretty much it. Two tiny articles which buried the story about the birth certificate told the truth and the rest of Big Media lied.

Big Media did everything possible to protect Obama and deceive its readers/viewers/listeners. Pat Buchanan yesterday confronted Chris Matthews and asked our oft repeated question about why supposed journalists protected Obama instead of demanding Barack Obama produce documentation and records:

“Pat Buchanan defends why he is skeptical of President Obama’s past.

“I’ll tell you what. He went to Occidental College then suddenly he ends up at one of the best schools in the country, Columbia. He vaults from there to Harvard Law School. Suddenly he’s on the Harvard Law Review. Suddenly he’s the editor of Harvard Law Review. We’ve never seen any grades of the guy. These are legitimate questions,” Buchanan said.

Key quote: Pat Buchanan to Chris Matthews: “You’re supposed to be a journalist.”

Why did Barack Obama finally release his birth certificate? It is possible that the May 2 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals case, with 2008 presidential candidate Alan Keyes as a plaintiff with possible standing, was a concern. The polling on the issue, with only 38% of Americans believing Obama was born in the U.S.A. was also a concern (this concern might not go away with today’s release because the Natural Born Citizen issue is still there – and today’s release is not of a “Birth Certificate” but of long form “Certificate Of Live Birth, which may or may not be relevant.) But the main reason to release the birth certificate is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was to make his first foray into New Hampshire today. Obama knew Donald Trump was making headway as a potential presidential candidate and he had to be stopped. A few minutes before The Donald’s plane touched down in New Hampshire Obama struck. Unfortunately for Barack Obama and his thugs it is too late to stop the damage Donald Trump has inflicted. More importantly Donald Trump has shown the Republican Party how to fight and get what you demand. We doubt that the left will learn anything from Donald Trump’s success in getting the birth certificate.

Another important reason for Obama to try to squash Donald Trump is that more and more questions were being raised about Barack Obama and more and more Americans were listening.

Republican/conservative backers of other candidates for president, instead of congratulating Donald Trump for getting done in a few weeks what others could not do for years, think this is their moment to chortle. The supposed release of the Obama birth certificate, these short sighted partisans believe, will finish off Donald Trump. What these anti-Trump partisans do not realize is that the author of The Art Of The Deal will continue to press for more and more document releases. What has to be acknowledged in this instance is that Trump Gets Results.

Barack Obama, according to the anti-Trump Republican/conservative partisans, is a brilliant chess player who just played Donald Trump and the “birthers” at a spectacular press conference. Really? On a day that more deck chairs are shuffled on the Titanic, the news is about the birth certificate and Donald Trump in New Hampshire going one on one against Barack Obama.

Perhaps Donald Trump can force Barack Obama to finally release his records as an Illinois legislator. These are the boxes of records Obama says he cannot locate. These records would shed light on how Obama ignored his constituents in favor of Antoin “Tony” Rezko. These records might also shed light on Obama’s entanglements with Syria and it’s operatives (but that discussion too is for another day).

Barack Obama called Donald Trump a “carnival barker” today. After denouncing the “silliness” Obama flew off to a publicity stunt with Oprah Winfrey. Barack Obama is the circus clown and Donald Trump just pulled off his clown nose:

“I’m really really proud that I was able to finally force Obama to do this. I’m honored. I’ve accomplished something really really important. I’m taking great credit and you have to ask the president, ‘why didn’t he do this a long time ago? Why didn’t he do it a long time ago?”

Sarah Palin cheered The Donald and even Mitt Romney roused himself to make some chirping sounds:

Media: Admit it. Trump forced the issue. Now, don’t let the WH distract you w/the birth crt from what Bernanke says today. Stay focused, eh?” Palin wrote on Twitter.

Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, is slated to appear at a press conference later Wednesday.

Mitt Romney, the field’s nominal front-runner, said Obama should be talking about jobs instead of where he was born.

“What President Obama should really be releasing is a jobs plan,” he wrote on Twitter shortly after the end of Obama’s televised statement about his decision to release a full certificate of live birth from the state of Hawaii.

Newt Gingrich told Talking Points Memo that he hadn’t yet looked at the certificate.

“All I would say is, why did it take so long?” Gingrich said. “The whole thing is strange.”

Partisans of all candidates running against Obama must somehow accept the fact that Obama is the problem, not Donald Trump. Donald Trump has done “major damage to Obama” and should be a role model for all (the left will not learn these lessons pertain to them as well). Whether it is Obama’s enormous ego or his past associations or his family history which has led us all to this moment is almost irrelevant. What we do know is that Obama has only one consideration in decision making: himself. The country be damned.

Big Media too has protection of Barack Obama as the number one priority. Ben Smith and the JournoLister protection squads will continue to protect Obama and will now ramp up the shouts of “racist” against Donald Trump and anyone who forcefully calls out Obama. It was Hillary Clinton called “racist” two years ago, it is Donald Trump today. Whoever gets the Republican nomination will get the same “racist” treatment.

While the Barack Obama birth certificate issue dominated the news today there was other Obama related documentation release today. The sperm donor’s immigration file was released today almost at the same time as Obama talked birth certificate. Perhaps the father’s immigration file is what Obama wanted to bury.

The sperm donor’s immigration files were obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request.

Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Immigration File

The immigration files say: Barack Obama Sr. was forced out of this country. Barack Obama Sr. went to Harvard but never worked on his thesis. Barack Obama Sr. was not admired by Harvard faculty – they “weren’t very impressed with him” says the immigration agent. The immigration agent adds that the Harvard powers asked the immigration service to forestall action “until they decided what action they could take in order to get rid of him.”

Andrew Rice of Capital New York has looked at the immigration file and immediately yells “racism.” But it’s more a case of an unsavory character who happens to be black:

“The earliest non-routine memo in Obama’s file is a 1961 memo in which the INS is warned by a foreign student adviser at the University of Hawaii (a “Mrs. McCabe”), who informed the authorities that Obama had married Dunham. Further, the informant noted that he had been “running around with several girls” and had been “warned about his playboy ways.” He had been confronted by school officials about another wife he had back in Kenya, from whom he claimed to be customarily divorced.”

More pregnant women are added to Barack Obama Sr’s sperm account. A probable abortion is involved in one of them. Harvard wants to get rid of the pest. No more scholarship money will be available. B.O. Sr. appeals the decision to not renew his student visa:

“Still, it seems that Obama can’t stay out of trouble. In July, there’s a handwritten note that says someone has called to complain that her 27-year-old daughter has agreed to marry him. This is almost certainly the mother of Ruth Nidesand, who met Obama’s father at Harvard and eventually became his third wife. Again, another white woman. The INS investigates and determines that Obama had already departed for Kenya. The last note of interest in the file is a follow-up report—once more, circumstances strongly suggest it came from Nidesand’s family—complaining that their daughter had eloped to Nairobi despite knowing that Obama had a couple of other wives floating around. The memo says there’s nothing the government can do, since the woman was an adult and went of her own free will.”

Andrew Rice laments all the “racism” that hurt poor sperm donor Barack Obama Sr. Rice finds the “racism” to be “self-evident” because a French student would not have had the same problem. What does not occur to Rice is that perhaps it is his prejudices and stereotypes about the French and excuse making about those sex-crazed black people that are the problem.

Rice prefers to blame America and absolve Obama Sr.:

“We know that Barack Obama Sr. died young, disappointed about many things. One of them, I have to imagine, was that his education at Harvard was cut short. Until now, it has typically been said that he “gave up” his doctoral studies, but this file makes it clear that he was never given a choice about leaving Cambridge. Who knows how his life might have turned out if he had been allowed to stay? Maybe he would have become an economics professor at some Northeastern liberal arts college, maybe he would have played a little more of a role in his son’s life, and maybe his son would have never written Dreams From My Father, which would have been too bad, because it is a fantastic book and an unparalleled source of insight into the president’s personal history and character.

For all the personal anguish described in that memoir, things turned out just fine for Barack Obama Jr. But we can’t say the same for his father, who ended his life a disillusioned alcoholic, believing that he had been the victim of immense injustices. From reading this file, I think he had a pretty good case against the U.S. government.”

Blame the Americans that Barack Obama Sr. did not work on his thesis because he was too busy donating sperm.

What we learn from the Barack Obama Sr. files is that Big Media will do and say anything, no matter now foolish, to protect Barack Obama. We also learn that after all these years we are only now getting some very basic information about Barack Obama and his background.

The most important lesson however is that, like his sperm donor father, Barack Obama will not leave willingly. Barack Obama, like his father will have to be forced out.

Barack Obama Sr. ruined multiple lives and families and ended up as a dead drunk.

Barack Obama Jr. has ruined millions of lives and will have to be forced out too. That opportunity comes in 2012.


Truth And Consequences – Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump – Birth Certificate Or Death Certificate

Day after day Big Media contradicts our reporting on the relationship between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Only rarely, usually while spinning new tales of how brilliant Barack Obama is, does the truth emerge in Big Media and our version of reality is confirmed.

Big Media publishes and republishes the fiction that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are a swell “team of rivals’ without any friction and that Hillary Clinton is the lapdog of Barack Obama (“Once she joined Obama’s team, her tenure was devoted to shaping and promoting Obama’s message.“).

We have published article after article debunking this nonsense. Barack Obama has been at war with Hillary Clinton since Day 1 and Hillary Clinton is well aware of the viperous treachery and boobery contained in the garbage can called Barack Obama.

The Team of Rivals narrative is nonsense historically and utter rubbish in regards to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Today that nonsense narrative is smashed once again and leaves Obama lovin’ Ben Smith speechless and bereft of snark:

“From Ryan Lizza’s interesting story on Obama’s foreign policy:

Holbrooke had been a devoted supporter of Hillary Clinton during the Presidential campaign, and she protected him from Obama aides who viewed with suspicion his sizable ego and stream of positive press clippings. When a top official at the White House tried to push Holbrooke out, in early 2010, Clinton intervened on his behalf. But Holbrooke still could not get a one-on-one meeting with the President. And at the crucial national-security meetings on Afghanistan Clinton did not adopt Holbrooke’s views. She sided with Gates and the generals in calling for the maximum number of soldiers to surge into Afghanistan. Obama agreed to send thirty thousand more troops, although he insisted that they would start coming home in July, 2011. Holbrooke’s widow, the writer Kati Marton, who has been reviewing her husband’s memos and archives, told me that they “tell a dramatic story of a fractured relationship between the State Department and White House.”

On December 11, 2010, while meeting with Clinton at the State Department, Holbrooke suffered a split aorta, and he died forty-eight hours later. Bill Clinton spoke at Holbrooke’s memorial service, held on January 14th at the Kennedy Center. “I loved the guy—because he could do,” Clinton said. “Doing in diplomacy saves lives.” He went on, “And I never did understand how people would let a little rough edges, which to me was so obvious what he was doing, it was so obvious why he felt the way he did—I could never understand people who didn’t appreciate him.” Several people told Marton they thought that Bill Clinton was sending a message to Obama.”

Ben Smith does not have the intellectual integrity to admit that our reporting is accurate and his “team of rivals, team player” buffoonery is fiction. Ryan Lizza, author of “The Consequentialist“, fails to address the “dramatic story of a fractured relationship between the State Department and White House.”

Lizza’s article does however have a great many examples of that “fractured relationship” and even more troubling examples of Obama boobery which endanger this country:

“Obama’s other key campaign promise—to engage with the leaders of countries hostile to the U.S.—sometimes meant deëmphasizing democracy and human rights, which had been tainted by Bush’s “freedom agenda” in the Middle East. Tyrannical regimes are less likely to make deals with you if you talk persistently about overthrowing them. [snip]

A week later, however, a disputed Presidential election in Iran triggered large demonstrations there, which were soon labelled the Green Revolution. For the first five months after his Inauguration, Obama had tried to engage with the regime of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in an effort to persuade Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions. Now he faced the choice between keeping his distance and coming to the aid of the nascent pro-democracy movement, which was rallying behind Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who had finished second behind Ahmadinejad. Obama chose to keep his distance, providing only mild rhetorical support. In an interview with CNBC after the protests began, he said that “the difference between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi in terms of their actual policies may not be as great as has been advertised.”

Barack Obama persisted in his foolish 2008 “no preconditions” bowing to rogue states and betrayed the people of Iran at a moment that involvement could have been a decisive blow against one of America’s most dangerous enemies. Hillary Clinton, unlike Obama, was not a fool and she tried to help the people of Iran and the people of the United States:

“During the peak of the protests in Iran, Jared Cohen, a young staffer at the State Department who worked for Slaughter, contacted officials at Twitter and asked the company not to perform a planned upgrade that would have shut down the service temporarily in Iran, where protesters were using it to get information to the international media. The move violated Obama’s rule of non-interference.

White House officials “were so mad that somebody had actually ‘interfered’ in Iranian politics, because they were doing their damnedest to not interfere,” the former Administration official said. “Now, to be fair to them, it was also the understanding that if we interfered it could look like the Green movement was Western-backed, but that really wasn’t the core of it. The core of it was we were still trying to engage the Iranian government and we did not want to do anything that made us side with the protesters. To the Secretary’s credit, she realized, I think, before other people, that this is ridiculous, that we had to change our line.” The official said that Cohen “almost lost his job over it. If it had been up to the White House, they would have fired him.”

Clinton did not betray any disagreement with the President over Iran policy, but in an interview with me she cited Cohen’s action with pride. [snip] Now, we were very clear in saying, ‘We are supporting those who are protesting peacefully,’ and we put our social-media gurus at work in trying to keep connections going, so that we helped to provide that base for communicating that was necessary for the demonstrations.”

The Iranian dictators could not have had a greater friend than Barack Obama. The American people and the Iranian people had a fighter for democracy in Hillary Clinton.

On Egypt (again, our reports were accurate and Big Media was wrong) Hillary Clinton was attacked because she knew what she was doing and that was not the “popular” choice. Barack Obama was loved by the Muslim Brotherhood:

“A number of familiar ex-diplomats and politicians, led by Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, criticized the treatment of Mubarak, and Israel and Saudi Arabia called on the Administration to stick with him. But, as the protests strengthened, it became clear that Mubarak was doomed. According to a senior Administration official, “The question in our mind was ‘How do you manage that?’ ”

Obama’s instinct was to try to have it both ways. [snip]

This wasn’t an easy balance to maintain, and the first major problem arose when State Department officials learned that if Mubarak stepped down immediately, the Egyptian constitution would require a Presidential election in sixty days, long before any of the moderate parties could get organized. Egyptian officials warned the Administration that it could lead to the Muslim Brotherhood’s taking over power. “My daughter gets to go out at night,” Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Egypt’s then foreign minister, told Secretary Clinton during one conversation. “And, God damn it, I’m not going to turn this country over to people who will turn back the clock on her rights.” [snip]

“I am now careful to conclude my work for Egypt by presenting Egypt to the next government in a constitutional way which will protect Egypt,” Mubarak said. “I want to say, in clear terms, that in the next few months that are remaining of my current reign I will work very hard to carry out all the necessary measures to transfer power.” [snip]

Obama then made a public statement that was more confrontational: “An orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful, and it must begin now.” The urgent message alienated Israel and Saudi Arabia, among other allies. It also startled some people in the State Department. Clinton “walked a very narrow line and managed to do it without making the Egyptians too angry on either side,” a senior State Department official said. “After the President gave his statement, the people surrounding Mubarak began to get quite angry.” [snip]

The public and private components of the Administration’s Egypt policy were at odds, and Wisner had risked blowing everything up. His tenure as an envoy was over. “They threw me under the bus,” a close friend remembers him saying.

Wisner referred dismissively to the “reëlection committee” at the White House, according to the friend.”

The Iron Veil threatened to fall over Egypt and Obama fell over himself even as Hillary walked the fine line without tripping. Today a new poll from Egypt suggests our fears were valid.

Obama worried about himself and mocked Mubarak’s warnings about the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary Clinton shook her head in disbelief:

“In March, I travelled to Cairo with Secretary Clinton. One evening, she was scheduled to meet with Egyptians who had been prominent in the protests that brought down Mubarak. However, one group, called the Coalition of Youth Revolution, which includes leaders from the activist movements and opposition parties in Egypt, boycotted the meeting. As Clinton talked with other civil-society members upstairs at the Four Seasons Hotel, four members of the abstaining coalition agreed to talk with me and three other journalists in the lobby.

I asked why they weren’t upstairs with the Secretary of State. “Hillary was against the revolution from the beginning to the last day, O.K.?” Mohammed Abbas, of the Muslim Brotherhood, said. “Obama supported this revolution. She was against.”

Abbas and Shady el-Ghazaly Harb, a member of the liberal Democratic Front Party, said that if Obama was upstairs they would meet with him. Abbas lit up at the idea. “We respect Obama’s attitude toward our revolution, and when we were in Tahrir Square we were following all of the leaders all over the world and what were their views,” Abbas said.

His speeches were more understanding and more appreciative of what we were doing, especially his second one,” el-Ghazaly Harb said, referring to Obama’s demand that the transition “begin now.” He added, “We were in Tahrir Square and people were cheering for Obama’s speech, because they felt he was saying that we”—America—“were inspired by the Egyptian people and we understand what the teen-agers were saying. Maybe he’s using us, but that’s what I see.”

Later, when I relayed these comments to Clinton, she told me she didn’t take the snub personally. She said, “Many years ago, I was active against the Vietnam War, and I was involved in all kinds of student politics, and so I understand there’s always a full range of people in movements like this. And I remember refusing to meet with people.” She was unmoved by the fact that these protesters had been integral to starting the revolution. “The people who start revolutions may or may not be the people who actually end up governing countries.”

The activists she did meet with were not as organized as she had hoped. “As incredibly emotional and moving and inspiring as it was,” she said, speaking of the demonstrations, “I looked at these twenty young people around the table, and they were complaining about how the elections are going to be held, and the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamists are so well organized, and the remnants of the old National Democratic Party are so well organized. I said, ‘So, well, are you organizing? Do you have an umbrella group that is going to represent the youth of Egypt? Do you have a political agenda?’ And they all looked up and said no. It made my heart sink.

Hillary Clinton has experience both as a student protestor against the Vietnam War and as a key player within the White House years later. She understands the intoxicating and romantic pull of “revolution” as well as the potentially crushing results of misguided idealism. Hillary knows the Muslim Brotherhood is on the march and she deplores that fact.

Hillary Clinton was also right about Libya but unsurprisingly Barack Obama has bungled that as well – to the benefit of America’s enemies.

For all the examples of Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama and the consequences for America in the Lizza article there is a much more chilling, much more ominous, much more dangerous TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCE:

“One of his advisers described the President’s actions in Libya as “leading from behind.” That’s not a slogan designed for signs at the 2012 Democratic Convention, but it does accurately describe the balance that Obama now seems to be finding. It’s a different definition of leadership than America is known for, and it comes from two unspoken beliefs: that the relative power of the U.S. is declining, as rivals like China rise, and that the U.S. is reviled in many parts of the world. Pursuing our interests and spreading our ideals thus requires stealth and modesty as well as military strength. “It’s so at odds with the John Wayne expectation for what America is in the world,” the adviser said. “But it’s necessary for shepherding us through this phase.”

It is these unspoken truths that drives Donald Trump and his supporters.

Today the DrudgeReport headline read “IMF: AGE OF AMERICA NEARS END” That’s the same as the “unspoken” belief of Obama that the “U.S. is declining” and that his role is “shepherding us through this phase.”

Donald Trump, like Hillary Clinton, is not about to shepherd America into decline. The world cannot afford to lose American leadership, flawed as it often is, and have the forced abortion dictators in China dictate and lead the world.

This is the DrudgeReport linked article which echoes the Lizza article:

“The International Monetary Fund has just dropped a bombshell, and nobody noticed.

For the first time, the international organization has set a date for the moment when the “Age of America” will end and the U.S. economy will be overtaken by that of China.

And it’s a lot closer than you may think.

According to the latest IMF official forecasts, China’s economy will surpass that of America in real terms in 2016 — just five years from now.

Put that in your calendar. [snip]

According to the IMF forecast, whomever is elected U.S. president next year — Obama? Mitt Romney? Donald Trump? — will be the last to preside over the world’s largest economy.

Most people aren’t prepared for this. They aren’t even aware it’s that close. [snip]

Just 10 years ago, the U.S. economy was three times the size of China’s.

This is more than a statistical story. It is the end of the Age of America.

And both those countries live under very similar rules of constitutional government, respect for civil liberties and the rights of property. China has none of those. The Age of China will feel very different.”

The article repeats to us that China’s neighbors are looking to the United States as never before. “In China they see the rise of an economic power that is not benevolent, that can be predatory. They don’t see it as a benign hegemony.”

The 2012 presidential election will be about whether America gets a new birth certificate or a death certificate.

At the end of May, Donald Trump has a very big decision to make. Sometime in September, Hillary Clinton will have a big decision to make (more on that in a later article). Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are going to have to take direct action against Barack Obama’s destruction of America. Hillary Clinton knows she has some heavy duty thinking to do and she has temporarily vanished from the scene on a supposed vacation. Donald Trump is headed to Nevada to speak at a event which seeks to make him the new Ronald Reagan.

While in Nevada Ronald Donald Trump is sure to have some choice words about Barack Obama’s failure to issue an Easter or Good Friday statement (aren’t those statements issued perfunctorily, and the lack of such a release would have to be purposeful?), even as Obama issued a statement on the Muslim holidays of Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, the Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha.

Today Ronald Donald Trump slapped Obama shill Robert DeNiro as “not the brightest bulb.” DeNiro had attacked Donald Trump for asking to see the Barack Obama birth certificate:

“De Niro campaigned for Obama in 2008; during one event during the Democratic primary that year, De Niro said:

“I’ve never made a speech like this at a political event before. So what am I doing here? I’m here because finally one person has inspired me. One person has given me hope. One person has made me believe that we can make a change.”

The star also seemed to be hitting out at Republican birthers who doubt President Obama’s birth certificate, among other accusations.

“I won’t mention names, but certain people in the news the last couple weeks, just, what are they doing? It’s crazy. They’re making statements about people that they don’t even back up,” De Niro alluded. “Go get the facts before you start saying things about people.”

DeNiro is right: “Go get the facts before you start saying things about people.” Why didn’t DeNiro get the facts about Barack Obama in 2008 before he so foolishly endorsed the corrupt clown from Chicago?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have the “facts” about Barack Obama. One or both of them will have to take Barack Obama on.

The fight in 2012 will not be about the missing Obama birth certificate, as important as it is to get documentation about Barack Obama.

2012 will be about making sure the purest values of America “shall not perish from this earth.”

2012 will be about making sure that there is no death certificate for the United States and the values of American society.

2012 will be about the birth or the death of America.


Is It Easter Sunday Or Yet Another April Fools’ Day?

As Jews eat the ancestral bread of affliction and Christians celebrate the Risen Christ, we are scratching our heads wondering if the calendar is off by 23 days. We find ourselves trapped, like Bill Murray in the film Groundhog Day, doomed to repeat over and over and over again, not Groundhog Day, but April Fools’ Day.

We’ve noted the increase in outside-April-1st-April-Fools’-Days before. We’ve had April In December and Not Just April Fools as well as the regularly scheduled April Fools. Today’s notice of April Foolery has a distinct whiff of impiousness if not outright blasphemy:

“When Obama went to Sony Pictures on Thursday night to raise money, he was greeted with a children’s choir singing “I Want to Shine Like Barack Obama Shines.” You’ve got to feel it pretty deeply for a guy to have the cherubim sing hosannas right in front of him – and also be sure that the object of your affection won’t be embarrassed by such a display.

Those kids don’t know shi…. well that’s an observation on “shine-ola” for a less holy day. It’s one thing for Barack Obama to, without embarrassment, believe that he is the Mess-iah (our spelling, not his). But why are children singing such songs? We’re left to wonder if they were waving palm fronds too?

Clearly, these gulled cherubim were not engaged in sarcasm (in contrast, think of the comic “Weasley Is Our King” chant designed to irk and destabilize sidekick Ron Weasly, Harry Potter’s not too bright friend). The hymn to Barack Obama was intended as praise without irony or shame. [Check out this “Dunce” photo with both sarcasm and shame.]

Those chirping innocents singing songs to a fool who wants the proletariat masses to think he is a deliverer king were not the sole choristers serenading Barack Obama this past week. There were bigger and taller fools singing songs of love:

“Liberals like to think that they can put the squeeze on President Obama for the myriad of disappointments to which he has subjected them. Reporters and pundits talk about an uproar in his base and activists voice their frustrations, but the truth is, Obama’s left flank looks pretty safe.

There was a good bit of attention paid this week to liberal protesters who interrupted one of Obama’s fundraising speeches in California. The group of San Francisco activists was there to seek the release of an Army private accused of leaking secret documents to the Web site Wikileaks.

But the protesters paid $76,000 to get into the event and actually serenaded Obama with a sweet song that included a promise to vote for him and then left the scene peacefully. That’s the kind of protest most politicians would kill for: pay, sing and leave before having a second cup of coffee.

Even as the Wikileaks troubadours were in the midst of their high-priced publicity stunt, Obama’s administration was escalating the war in Libya with drone strikes against government forces and enacting a deal to ship drones to the government in Pakistan to expand the covert war there. While the protesters sang, generals under Obama’s command were negotiating a deal to keep a permanent U.S. military presence in Iraq.

More wars, a continuation of the “Bush tax cuts,” the indefinite operation of the Guantanamo Bay prisoner of war camp, warrantless domestic spying, deep budget cuts, a health care law designed to protect big insurance companies, lobbyists in the White House, the banning of subsidized abortion in Washington, D.C., no immigration reform – there’s lots that liberals could be outraged about. But instead, Obama got paid to hear a song about an obscure private in Ft. Leavenworth.”

We cannot imagine “pro-life” activists or Tea Party activists being so senseless, stupid, and supine as to sing songs of fealty (along with payment of hefty checks) to someone who abused and betrayed them. In the video below, notice how one of the “protest singers” mewls to Obama “Thank you for listening. We love you.”

They sang “we paid our dues, where’s our change?” as, on their political knees, they blew kisses to their golden calf. The questions they should ask each other is ‘where are your brains?, where is your courage?, where is your dignity? when will you reject this false prophet?’ With people this stupid having so much money to burn and influence on our lives, we welcome our alien overlords.

Children singing songs and idiots singing songs to Mess-iah is bad enough. But what do you say about dancing members of the defense bar? How stupid are these people, who are supposed to be well-educated and therefore supposed to have some intelligence, some brains between their ears:

“On Obama’s inauguration night, when the new administration instructed military prosecutors to seek the suspension of all proceedings at Guantanamo Bay, defense lawyers at the base formed a boisterous conga line.

“Rule of law, baby!” they shouted.

The celebrations, though, were short-lived. [snip]

The executive order signed by Obama established a task force….”

Conga lines and task forces – or is it task force conga lines or conga forces and task lines? It doesn’t matter. Another in a long line of task forces that do nothing but pretend to do something. Any fool who believed Obama and danced to his election is a Grade A certified Fool.

Did we say Grade A certified Fool?:

“If the the history of the United States were represented by the movie resume of Tom Hanks, the Obama presidency might fall somewhere in between Joe Versus the Volcano and The Terminal, but that doesn’t stop a good portion of Hollywood from thinking the current administration is Forrest Gump quality.”

The Hill on The Fool:

“President Obama asked for support Thursday from a small Los Angeles audience dotted with Hollywood stars.

Speaking in a tiny room of the Italian restaurant Tavern to a an audience of 60 that included Steven Spielberg, Will Ferrell, Tom Hanks and George Clooney, Obama said he understood frustration with his compromises with centrist Democrats and Republicans on healthcare, ending the Bush tax rates for the wealthy and other issues.

Over the past two and a half years, Obama said, he was sure there were times “where you’re reading the papers or you’re watching TV and you’re saying, ‘Ah, Obama, you know, why’s he compromising with the Republicans?’ Or ‘Aw, why did healthcare take so long? and I want single-payer plan anyway.’ ”

The president then joked: ” ‘Golly, you know, if he was just as good a communicator as George Clooney, I’m sure the American people would understand exactly what needs to be done.’ ”

The remark cracked the room of donors up, according to a White House pool report. [snip]

Hanks, for one, could be seen turning to his table mates and saying: “Five-and-a-half more years.”

Um, Fore More Years, Tom. These fools are paying millions, and Obama is offering them a corrupt absolution, as if he were a god:

“Obama is a cerebral and deliberative Ivy Leaguer who gives paragraph-length answers and shops for organic produce, but so were Al Gore and John Kerry. What continues to make Democratic hearts go pitter-pat is knowing that they elected the first black president. And not just that, but a black president of exotic, multicultural lineage.

Talking to big-fish donors in California, Obama praised their sense of tolerance and suggested that those who fail to support him do so for racist or xenophobic reasons.

“A lot of you got involved at a time when the prospect of electing a Barack Hussein Obama to the Oval Office was slim,” he said. “None of you asked for my birth certificate. It was a complete leap of faith.”

The message was clear: supporting Obama is in itself a sign of an open mind and tolerance. In a community that cherishes these traits, who could reject such absolution when offered for the mere price of a vote (and a $35,000 donation).

It remains very much an open question whether Obama can be re-elected. The moderate voters of swing-state suburbia seem to believe that he is either too liberal or simply out of his depth. But he will be able to pursue their votes with ardor for the next 20 months, secure in the knowledge that his base will be there for him, trying to shine like Barack Obama shines.”

A fool and his money are soon parted. If the singers and diners want to know in how much trouble Obama knows he is in – all they have to do is watch what he does, not what he says. Obama is in so much trouble that today he was forced to appear at the competition’s house, so to speak:

“President Barack Obama and his family attended Easter service Sunday at a Washington church founded in 1863 by freed slaves.

The first family entered Shiloh Baptist Church to a round of applause on a sun-splashed day in the nation’s capital as members of a choir dressed in black, white and gold sang “Total Praise.”

Obama thought the song was about him.

Shiloh Baptist is but two miles from the White House, but somehow Obama cannot rouse himself on Sunday’s to regularly attend – the golf course beckons. Perhaps if they hired “God Damn America” Jeremiah Wright to preach his form of love, Obama would attend.

We can’t wait for this April Fools’ Day time continuum ends in November 2012.



Hoo-eee, are we giving a gift today to those that want to shut us up. We’re going to talk UFO and somehow tie that high-flying topic into the Obama Birth Certificate. It’s a holiday weekend and time for some weekend madness and music.

UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects, “flying saucers” have been in the news – the “serious” news – quite a bit lately. The FBI has a relatively new website called “The Vault” in which it is releasing a lot of hitherto hidden to the public documents. The latest documents were released on April 12, 15, and 20, 2011. Here’s a sample of what those FBI UFO document dumps were about:

“A secret memo released online by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in its ‘Vault’ has emerged as proof for the famed landing — or crash or capture — of a flying saucer with three dead aliens in Roswell in New Mexico in June 1947.

The memo was published on “The Vault,” a newly launched FBI blog that showcases documents from the Bureau’s past for history buffs to peruse. It was written by Guy Hottel, the special agent in charge of the Washington field office in 1950, and was addressed to the director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. The letter’s content is amazing, as is the rather casual tone in which it’s delivered.

It reads: “Three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter.”

The report, which is registered on the FBI’s online Vault library, then goes on to describe the 3ft human-like bodies of the aliens among the remains of the UFO landing.

According to the document, each foreign body was dressed in a fine metallic cloth and bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed flyers and test pilots.

The information comes after the Ministry of Defence released thousands of pages of UFO material at the National Archives last month.

Two other sets of photos from the FBI Vault have been published earlier:

Secret memo from FBI Vault on alien landing of 1947 (Published: April 12, 2011)

Fresh set of pictures of UFO alien landing in 1947 from FBI Vault (Published: April 15, 2011)”

Who knew? Maybe Dennis Kucinich has been right about his UFO sighting. We hope Shirley Maclain is wrong that the spacecraft aliens got into the Kuch’s head.

Before you laugh at forlorn Dennis and his ET pals, check out the article on our right side panel that documents Hillary Clinton’s discussions with Dr. Gibbons and Laurence Rockefeller regarding extraterrestrials. [cue spooky Theramin music].

Other recent UFO stories (videos of purported dead aliens) are likely hoaxes crafted by busy pranksters no longer on the Obama payroll.

By far, the story that wins the prize for linking two well discussed conspiracies together is the JFK/UFO story:

“Was JFK killed because of his interest in aliens? Secret memo shows president demanded UFO files 10 days before death

An uncovered letter written by John F Kennedy to the head of the CIA shows that the president demanded to be shown highly confidential documents about UFOs 10 days before his assassination.

The secret memo is one of two letters written by JFK asking for information about the paranormal on November 12 1963, which have been released by the CIA for the first time.”

No, we are not going to discuss the UFO conspiracies or who really killed Jack. Those are questions for otherworldly websites. We are tickled by the “why?” of this story however:

“Author William Lester said the CIA released the documents to him under the Freedom of Information Act after he made a request while researching his new book ‘A Celebration of Freedom: JFK and the New Frontier.’

The president’s interest in UFOs shortly before his death is likely to fuel conspiracy theories about his assassination, according to AOL News.

Alien researchers say the latest documents, released to Mr Lester by the CIA, add weight to the suggestion that the president could have been shot to stop him discovering the truth about UFOs.

In one of the secret documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, JFK writes to the director asking for the UFO files.

In the second memo, sent to the NASA administrator, the president expresses a desire for cooperation with the former Soviet Union on mutual outer space activities.

The previously classified documents were released under the Freedom of Information Act to teacher William Lester as part of research for a new book about JFK.

He said that JFK’s interest in UFOs could have been fuelled by concerns about relations with the former Soviet Union.

‘One of his concerns was that a lot of these UFOs were being seen over the Soviet Union and he was very concerned that the Soviets might misinterpret these UFOs as U.S. aggression, believing that it was some of our technology,’ Mr Lester told AOL News.

‘I think this is one of the reasons why he wanted to get his hands on this information and get it away from the jurisdiction of NASA so he could say to the Soviets, “Look, that’s not us, we’re not doing it, we’re not being provocative. “.’

Whoa, JFK wanted to see source documents because he knew source documents are the best evidence. JFK did not want to read reports or secondhand comments – JFK wanted to see the source documents. What a concept!

JFK could have requested a report or a review or a task force or a commission – but JFK was smart. JFK wanted to be sure that when he told the Soviets something that he was stating facts. JFK had learned from the Bay of Pigs mess that he could not rely on what others told him, he had to see things for himself. JFK knew that all the reports in the world would not answer his questions as well as a good look at the source documents. JFK came from the world that his father inhabited, a world where frauds and liars and scams where not unknown. JFK wanted to see the source documents.

Donald Trump has said that in the world of finance the schemers and scam artists can fold a ten dollar bill and make it appear as a much higher denomination bill. Donald Trump knows that “The Sting” is not a world of make-believe.

JFK wanted to see the source documents. The newly released FBI documents appear to comport well with a previously unearthed document from a decade ago which up to now had no corroboration of its trustworthiness:

“But conspiracy theorists said the documents add interest to a disputed file, nicknamed the ‘burned memo’, which a UFO investigator claims he received in the 1990s.

The document, which has scorch marks, is claimed to have been posted to UFO hunter Timothy Cooper in 1999 by an unknown CIA leak, but has never been verified.

In a note sent with the document, the apparent leaker said he worked for CIA between 1960 and 1974 and pulled the memo from a fire when the agency was burning some of its most sensitive files.

The undated memo contains a reference to ‘Lancer’, which was JFK’s Secret Service code name.

On the first page, the director of Central Intelligence wrote: ‘As you must know, Lancer has made some inquiries regarding our activities, which we cannot allow.

‘Please submit your views no later than October. Your action to this matter is critical to the continuance of the group.’

The current owner of the ‘burned memo’, who bought it from Timothy Cooper in 2001 told AOL News that it shows that when JFK asked questions about UFOs that the CIA ‘bumped him off’.

UFO investigator Robert Wood said he has tested the paper it was printed on, the ink age, watermarks, font types and other markings.

He said: ‘I hired a forensics company to check the age of the ink and check several other things that you can date, using the same techniques you’d use in a court of law.’”

Hoo-eee that polished the foil on our tin hats! Maybe getting source documents is not such a hot idea – it can get you bumped off. Yikes!

Danger aside, our masthead is correct: “Accept No Substitutes”. Get the source document, not second-hand reports. In candidates get the real thing, not flim-flam men like Barack Obama.

Demand the source document. Last week Obama was caught on tape saying nasty things at a private fundraiser (shades of “bitter” and “clinging”). CBS News, because of the editors not the usually good reporter Mark Knoller, released only excerpts. CBS has the entire tape but CBS News wants to protect Obama. CBS refuses to release the source document, in this case a tape recording. CBS has the tape on which Obama calls some government workers lazy “slugs” but CBS News will not release the full tape recording. Release the source document CBS – stop protecting Barack Obama.

It’s a crazy world and it’s hard to tell top from bottom truth from lies. Did you ever think it could be true that a swan fell in love with – a tractor! Sad, crazy, but apparently true. CBS News will release the Swan/Tractor love evidence but continues to protect the flim-flam man from Chicago.

Remember when it was tin-foil hat territory to say that your phone was spying on you?

“WSJ.com Senior Technology Editor Julia Angwin reports Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android regularly transmit user location data back to those companies, based on data analyzed by The Wall Street Journal.

Apple Inc.’s iPhones and Google Inc.’s Android smartphones regularly transmit their locations back to Apple and Google, respectively, according to data and documents analyzed by The Wall Street Journal—intensifying concerns over privacy and the widening trade in personal data.

Google and Apple are gathering location information as part of their race to build massive databases capable of pinpointing people’s locations via their cellphones. These databases could help them tap the $2.9 billion market for location-based services—expected to rise to $8.3 billion in 2014, according to research firm Gartner Inc.

In the case of Google, according to new research by security analyst Samy Kamkar, an HTC Android phone collected its location every few seconds and transmitted the data to Google at least several times an hour. It also transmitted the name, location and signal strength of any nearby Wi-Fi networks, as well as a unique phone identifier.”

Remember when all you had to worry about from those ugly light bulbs was to dispose of them properly because they contain Mercury? Put on a tin-foil hat next time you read to the light from those things:

“We have to use these damn twisty light bulbs to save the planet, right? Well, what if they aren’t very good for us?

Their report advises that the bulbs should not be left on for extended periods, particularly near someone’s head, as they emit poisonous materials when switched on.

Peter Braun, who carried out the tests at the Berlin’s Alab Laboratory, said: “For such carcinogenic substances it is important they are kept as far away as possible from the human environment.”

The bulbs are already widely used in the UK following EU direction to phase out traditional incandescent lighting by the end of this year.

But the German scientists claimed that several carcinogenic chemicals and toxins were released when the environmentally-friendly compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) were switched on, including phenol, naphthalene and styrene.

Andreas Kirchner, of the Federation of German Engineers, said: “Electrical smog develops around these lamps.

“I, therefore, use them only very economically. They should not be used in unventilated areas and definitely not in the proximity of the head.

Don’t believe the hype is the lesson from the light bulbs. Don’t believe what you are told – demand the source documentation. Don’t believe a flim-flam man when he emits words about Earth Day but is tripping about on a series of campaign publicity stunts which burn up 53,300 gallons of fuel. Don’t believe that electric car you bought to save the planet, at the behest of legislators, will not get a special tax/fee from those very same legislators.

Remember the assurances that the airport scanners and personnel would not be misused? It turns out one of the “licensed to grope” has an interest in photography:

“A passenger screener at Philadelphia International Airport is facing charges that he distributed more than 100 images of child pornography via Facebook, records show.

Federal agents also allege that Transportation Safety Administration Officer Thomas Gordon Jr. of Philadelphia, who routinely searched airline passengers, uploaded explicit pictures of young girls to an Internet site on which he also posted a photograph of himself in his TSA uniform.

Homeland Security agents arrested the TSA officer March 24, and he is being held without bail.

Although the case was unsealed Thursday, neither the indictment nor the news release mentioned Gordon’s job searching airline passengers for TSA.

The arrest comes as TSA grapples with several other incidents involving screeners, including a YouTube video posted last week by parents angry about the pat-down their 6-year-old daughter received at an airport in New Orleans. TSA officials said the pat-down was proper; the parents said the girl was “groped.”

Smile next time you go through one of those airport scanners.

PolitiFact is one of those Big Media outfits that pretends it is fact checking when it is Obama protecting. The Annenberg outfits that claimed to have examined the Obama birth certificate and declared it genuine lied – they only examined the certificate of live birth. A distinction they fully understand but seek to deceive the American public about.

Donald Trump is absolutely right when he demands to see the source document. If a document as elementary as a birth certificate is so difficult to obtain from Barack Obama, how can apologists like Cenk Uygur expect documentation on any other issue?

Demand the source documents! Isn’t that what Big Media is supposed to do?

Produce the source documents. Stop protecting the UFOUnworthy Flim-flam Obama.


Trumpets, Crumpets, Strumpets – Donald Trump Versus The Karl Rove Establishment Versus Sarah Palin And The Tea Party

Republicans/conservatives scratching their heads about Karl Rove’s unrelenting attacks against Donald Trump should acquaint themselves with the shared history of Rove and current DNC interim chair Donna Brazile. It’s an interesting read which also details how Republicans/conservative leaders share culpability for electing Barack Obama.

Recently one of those culpable, Sean Hannity, apologized for participating in one of several ‘destroy Hillary Clinton, help Barack Obama’ efforts. Such Republicans/conservatives, along with the lunatic “demographic destiny” writers of the left are responsible for the harm currently afflicting this country. They helped nominate and elect the Chicago flim-flam man. They deserve Hellish miseries for the harm they have done.

Karl Rove, as Donald Trump delights in pointing out, is also responsible for helping elect Barack Obama. That harm was not only in his alliance with Donna Brazile but also in Rove’s foolish belief in his own infallibility. Rove in 2006 boasted he had “the math” but his math did not add up to victory.

By the end of 2008, Karl Rove and George W. Bush had so disgusted the country that much of the country, including rank and file Republicans, could not bear four more minutes of Republican rule. By the end of 2008 as the financial crisis hit, John McCain was leading in the polls. The financial crisis brought George W. Bush full time into American living rooms and that was a disaster John McCain could not overcome. Donald Trump recites this history and Karl Rove cannot handle the truth. Some Republicans/conservatives want to delude themselves that this is not an accurate view of history. But it is the truth.

Many Republicans/conservatives think George W. Bush was great and made the right decisions. That may or may not be but this is irrelevant to the current situation. The bottom line is that by the end of 2008 Americans were disgusted by George W. Bush. Karl Roves is doing everything he can to muddy up that relevant history.

In 2009, Barack Obama and his Dimocrats were riding high. They were high in the polls and spending Chinese money. Much of the Republican “leadership” was terrified by Obama. It took grassroots activists – the Tea Party – to lead the charge because the Republican “leadership” was adrift (our April 15, 2009 report is HERE). It was not Karl Rove who led the way forward for Republicans. It was the Tea Party and angry activists who took on Obama Dimocrats at town halls (notice the first Marie Antoinette mention by us HERE). It was the Tea Party not Karl Rove that fought back against Barack Obama.

It was the great unwashed who fought back and took control of their own fates. Karl Rove urged caution and railed against the “unsophisticated” Tea Party. Karl Rove is hated by the Tea Party and Karl Rove hates the Tea Party:

Rove is the embodiment of everything the tea party resents. He supported Bush’s decision to bail out the banks in 2008, a major bone of contention with deficit hawks. And it was Rove, as White House political adviser, who pushed for some of the most expensive Bush programs, like the ­Medicare-prescription-drug bill, the passage of which cornered the troublesome State of Florida for Bush in 2004 but has already cost more than $1 trillion. The national debt nearly doubled under Bush, from $5.7 trillion to $10.6 trillion. [snip]

Then the Brain picked another no-­brainer. In Delaware, where Obama’s health-care bill polled relatively well compared with other states, Rove had been supportive of centrist Republican Mike Castle. Castle was soundly beaten in the primary by tea-party insurgent Christine O’Donnell, whose colorful past, including a dalliance with witchcraft, exploded in the media. Rove shocked fellow Republicans by attacking her candidacy on Fox News. “It does conservatives little good,” he said, “to support candidates who, at the end of the day, while they may be conservative in their public statements, do not evince the characteristics of rectitude and truthfulness and sincerity and character that the voters are looking for.”

Blowback was swift. A baffled Rush Limbaugh observed that if Rove “had just gotten this mad at Democrats during the Bush administration, why, who knows how things would be different today.

But Rove was only ramping up. And when he swiped at the tea party in October, Limbaugh homed in like a laser on what he saw as Rove’s self-serving motives, saying that “nobody who makes a living generating political support, generating political donations, nobody in that business can point to the tea party and say, ‘I did it.’ So it’s a threat.”

Mike Huckabee, also expressing disappointment with Rove, went on a rant about GOP “elites” who were trying to keep out the riffraff.”

The “riffraff” are the leaders who took on Obama while Rove put his interests above all others. Karl Rove is doing it again. Rove knows Trump owes him nothing and will not listen to Rove. So Rove, instead of attacking Barack Obama, joins Obama Dimocrats in attacking Trump.

Last year the target for hatred of the Karl Rove establishment was Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin was a threat to Rove which had to be neutralized:

“For the better part of a year, it’s been a truism that whoever wins the Republican nomination must somehow defeat, or at least co-opt, Sarah Palin or the forces that she represents. Rove took up the challenge both for tactical reasons and because Palin represents something dangerous to Karl Rove: political chaos.

“That’s the part that Karl doesn’t like,” says Tom Pauken, a conservative Republican in Texas who has been a longtime Bush antagonist and specifically a critic of Rove. “This whole tea-party thing, he can’t control.

The Rove-Palin polarity isn’t just about ideology; it’s about the merger of politics and media, how it changes the form and function of politics itself and threatens to shift power away from power brokers like Karl Rove.”

Last year Karl Rove and his ilk were out to destroy Sarah Palin. They believe they have succeeded in that mission. This year the target of Karl Rove and his ilk is Donald Trump (who particularly is a threat because he encapsulates the “merger of politics and media”). Once Donald Trump, if ever, is dispatched the roving eye of Sauron will turn its attention to another Frodo.

Karl Rove wants to dictate to the riffraff Tea Party:

“The shock-news approach of Palin and Michele Bachmann and pretty much every other Fox News candidate, which pegs TV ratings to polling and, perhaps, to votes, is anti-Rovean, possibly post-Rovean. And Rove, being Rove, doesn’t believe in post-Rove. “Things don’t change abruptly in politics,” he says.

For the moment, with Palin’s star dimming, Rove is looking, for now, like a winner. The old ways, if he can help it, will stand. And this puts Rove in a place he dearly loves to be: not merely in a position of power but also on the high moral ground, a place of … Courage and Consequence.”

The article we quoted from above was published on March 7, 2011, barely a month ago – but a month can be a long time in politics. Between that March 7 and now came another candidate outside the Rove establishment. That candidate is Donald Trump – media, politics, celebrity – all in one.

Last year’s Sarah Palin/Tea Party versus Karl Rove stories became old hat the minute Donald Trump stepped up.

The Republican establishment as exemplified by Karl Rove and the pundit Mark Levin brigades are trying to preserve their influence and power as it slowly slips away to such seemingly polar opposites like Trump and the Tea Party. Rove and Levin are trying to do what Barack Obama and his henchmen tried to do starting in August 2009: shut down the Tea Party and those who appeal to these activists.

It’s not going to work. The Rove establishment and the Levin brigades want to destroy Donald Trump by employing the birth certificate issue. The problem with this tactic is that a great deal of Republican rank and file voters side with Trump. We’ve discussed this before and how Iowa voters agree with Trump but today the New York Times in a poll asks “Was President Obama born in the U.S.?” 47% of Republicans answer “NO”. The response from Rove and Levin and the Republican establishment is “shut up teabaggers.”

Karl Rove and the Mark Levin brigades want to “fleebag” the birth certificate issue. They don’t want to discuss why Obama does not simply produce the long-form birth certificate and other documents to definitively answer the questions. The issue of the Barack Obama birth certificate is not going away. Even the New York Times is forced to discuss it with a degree of seriousness today:

“But what had been a wispy tale of purportedly buried documents and cover-ups, dismissed by many mainstream members of both parties, now appears to have legs as the political season lurches toward 2012. Debates in state capitols have been reframed in the dry language of good government — a simple effort to clear the air, supporters say, for confused voters. And because many of the bills failed this year, supporters are renewing their legislative battle plan for next year, when it would be debated in the heart of a presidential campaign.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump, the real estate developer who hints at presidential ambitions, has kept the issue alive, suggesting in recent interviews that he is unsure about Mr. Obama’s bona fides. Divergent views among Republican governors have heightened a new sense of debate. After Ms. Brewer vetoed the Arizona bill, for example, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, a Republican, said he would sign a similar bill enthusiastically, should it reach his desk.

Here in Oklahoma, where Mr. Obama won just over a third of the vote in 2008 — one of his worst state losses — Senate Bill 91 passed last month with overwhelming and even bipartisan support. People in both parties say they are confident that the House will go along by its deadline next week (though the bill would need to return to the Senate for a procedural vote). After that, lawmakers said they assumed that Gov. Mary Fallin, a Republican, would sign it. A spokesman for Ms. Fallin said the governor would not comment until the bill was on her desk and she could review it.

Legislators backing credentials bills in other states are closely watching what happens here, and said success in even one place would be a victory for all.

If one state passes, and the Obama administration basically ignores the requirement and does not qualify for the ballot in that state, that would send a very strong signal that we have a situation in the United States where someone who is not eligible is occupying the White House,” said Mark Hatfield, a Republican state representative in Georgia whose ballot bill failed to get through. If Oklahoma does not go forward, and an override of Ms. Brewer’s veto in Arizona does not materialize, Mr. Hatfield said, “then other states, including Georgia, have a duty to step up.”

Democrats in Oklahoma, meanwhile, were divided. The minority floor leader in the House, for example, Chuck Hoskin, said he would probably vote yes. Asked in an interview whether he was concerned about embarrassing the leader of his own party, Mr. Hoskin said he thought Mr. Obama’s failure to win over Oklahomans in 2008 was the real embarrassment.

“The current president failed to carry even one of the 77 counties,” he said. “Which is more embarrassing — to have a law passed requiring a birth certificate, or not being able to win one of 77 counties?”

The birth certificate legislation in state after state is increasingly serious and must be addressed by the Republican establishment and the Mark Levin brigades with calls for Obama to produce the documentation requested:

“Some lawmakers elsewhere around the country said the fight to clarify the rules, whether sparked by birther talk or not, was overdue. They said that doubt among voters over whether candidates are what they represent themselves to be was a growing problem, dangerous for democracy.”

Even as the New York Times is forced to take the birth certificate matter seriously, Barack Obama websites are in a panic and shutting down discussions of the matter:

“At first I found Trump funny, I thought he was mocking all the tea baggers.

Then Trump released a certificate of live birth and was ridiculed by politico for releasing the same thing as Obama. i.e hypocritical.

Then Politico said Trump was ineligible because he was not a natural born citizen due to Trumps mother being scottish, however they retracted this and stated he was eligible because his mother became a citizen prior to Donalds birth. i.e both parents were citizens at time of birth, in NYC. So Trump is natural born.

To be eligible to be president you must be 35, and a natural born citizen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_Born_Citizen_claus…

I was just looking at Obamas wikipedia page and his father was kenyan and not an American citizen.

Look I think this birth certificate thing is crazy. But it is possible that the man is ineligible. I believe he is a citizen, I believe he was born in hawaii. But a technicality may become a problem.

My question is this: 1. Is this being done on purpose? 2. Is donald working on the inside to expose this(he was a hillary supporter) 3. What will we do?

I am sorry I cracked, I am getting bombarded from everywhere on this issue. Its nonstop in the news and now friends and family are talking about it.

I did some research to educate myself so I could debate it, but I am now left in doubt. I am actually scared by this proposition. I voted and volunteered for the man and feel that I am being conned. Donald Trump noway is the next president. Is this so we primary Obama? I hope that is the worst that happens.”

The discussion on the Obama websites is causing a run on Hopium stores and bringing up the name of Hillary:

“I am keeping my fingers crossed that he is doing this just for ratings or that he is doing it to primary Obama. Trump is a huge Hillary supporter. I don’t see Trump as a rethug. I think he is a moderate democrat. He is friends with loads of Democrats. My hope is that he is doing this for Hillary. I am concerned that the Koch brothers or some other corporate conmen got to Trump and are paying him for this. I would be so upset if this becomes reality.”

Why are Republicans/conservatives so worried about Trump when he is causing more primary Obama talk? The birth certificate discussions on Obama websites will continue, the natural born citizen clause will be discussed, until they are summarily blocked by the Mark Levins of the left.

Big Media meanwhile along with Republican/conservative websites chortled yesterday and said “see, we told you – the Donald Trump rise in the polls is all due to name recognition and that there is so much coverage of Donald Trump.” The high-fives were all due to a Pew poll celebrated by Big Media:

“A latter-day P.T. Barnum with an insatiable appetite for attention and a knack for getting it,Trump has capitalized on two defining and interrelated features of the political-media landscape in the Obama era — the symbiosis between political provocateurs and traffic-conscious news organizations and the rise of a conservative constituency that hungers for voices that will attack President Obama in sharp and unapologetic terms.

“Nobody I know in the real world of politics takes this seriously, but in the world of 24-7 cable and the Internet, there is a mutual dependency because he tops the charts,” Frank Sesno, director of the school of media and public affairs at The George Washington University and a former CNN Washington bureau chief, said of Trump. “He’s quotable, he’s funny, he’s outrageous and he’s unpredictable.”

Added Sesno: “It just shows how weird the world is that channels that have the word ‘news’ in their name would consider a Trump candidacy credible.”

Bias much? The same Big Media that swooned over celebrity Obama and protected celebrity Obama is now complaining that a celebrity might run to be president. The same pundits and Big Media shouting “name recognition” somehow missed when Trump was down in the polls. What has gotten Trump attention is what he is saying not “name recognition”.

The civility demanded by Big Media now evaporates in ad hominum attacks on Donald Trump. Instead of whining about Donald Trump, isn’t it time that idiots like Michelle Bachman (who talks birth certificate but is too uninformed or too cowardly to make sense) and other Republicans running for president campaign with seriousness and purpose.

The Donald Trump hates is only beginning to ramp up as narrative after narrative fail to derail him.

Charles Krauthammer called Donald Trump an “Al Sharpton” but now even Krauthammer is shifting away from the previously approved “publicity stunt” narrative. All it took was one phone call from Donald Trump.

The “publicity stunt” narrative against Donald Trump is increasingly shrill and delusional. South Carolina Governor (a woman, young, and Indian-American) Nikki Haley stabbed at that narrative yesterday:

“COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Real estate tycoon Donald Trump has called South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and is serious about a White House bid, the Republican governor said Wednesday.

Anybody that thinks he’s doing this for name recognition – that’s just not true. He’s very serious about it and he’s convinced he can win,” Haley said. [snip]

Don’t just go to GOP clubs. Go to everybody because that was the key to my success,” Haley said. “And if you are going to come in with your typical consultant and do your normal presidential campaigning, you’re not going to win.”

Are you listening Karl Rove?


Fore More Years

Hooray for us. Today is our anniversary. Four years and still kicking.

Four years of warning about Barack Obama and now much of our writing is conventional wisdom. Those in the Democratic Party that shouted HOPE, CHANGE, RACISTS, agree with us:

“The budget deal, angrily rejected by Nancy Pelosi as it passed Thursday, was the last straw. Patricia Murphy on why some liberals are now pushing for a primary challenge to the president.

As President Obama headed to Chicago Thursday afternoon to kick off the first official fundraiser of his re-election campaign, he left behind a sizable collection of dispirited Democrats.

They were not relishing the chance to vote on a budget-cutting bill that had been forged without their input and that most found repugnant. [snip]

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, warned that the $38 billion in promised cutbacks would hurt the most vulnerable Americans. “We don’t have enough time to talk about the ways it violates our values,” he told The Daily Beast.

There is no more visible symbol of Democratic disgruntlement than the woman who was perhaps the president’s closest ally when she wielded the speaker’s gavel. When Nancy Pelosi voted against the budget measure Thursday, she did little to hide her anger with the White House over the fact that Obama, for the first time, had left her out of the negotiations on a major deal. Instead, he chose to work directly with Boehner and Reid to hammer out the compromise that each could take back to their caucuses for approval.

“I have been very disappointed in the administration to the point where I’m embarrassed that I endorsed him,” one senior Democratic lawmaker said. “It’s so bad that some of us are thinking, is there some way we can replace him? How do you get rid of this guy?

Isn’t that just sad? “How do you get rid of this guy?. You bought him, you own him. Wallow in your misery. We told you he was a flim-flam con man from Chicago and nothing he says can be believed or trusted:

“For many Democrats, the budget bill was only the latest in a string of disappointments served up from the White House since 2009, when Obama swept into office on a tide of goodwill and a platform of base-pleasing promises they say he hasn’t lived up to. On the list are his pledges to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, pass comprehensive immigration reform, and end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

In 2008, for example, Obama promised Latino groups that he would pass comprehensive reform within a year of taking office. But he made no serious push to do so when the Democrats controlled the House and Senate. Latinos are further incensed over the fact that his administration is deporting a record number of illegal immigrants, more than under George W. Bush.”

Isn’t that just sad? The fools believed him. They actually believed him. Now the tears are flowing like pink champagne:

“But a number of Democrats are past protesting the president, discussing among themselves ways to recruit a primary challenger in 2012.

I have been very disappointed in the administration to the point where I’m embarrassed that I endorsed him,” one senior Democratic lawmaker said. “It’s so bad that some of us are thinking, is there some way we can replace him? How do you get rid of this guy?” The member, who would discuss the strategy only on the condition of anonymity, called the discontent with Obama among the caucus “widespread,” adding: “Nobody is saying [they want him out] publicly, but a lot of people wish it could be so. Never say never.”

They sound like “racists”.

A Marist poll out today pegs Obama approval at 44%. The poll undersamples Republicans and oversamples Dimocrats. Likewise a new Washington Post/ABC poll pegs Obama approval at 47% but it too manifests the same sample problems. Those who will absolutely vote for Obama in 2012 are 28%. Those who will absolutely NOT vote for Obama are a solid 45%.

Obama is not doing much better in Gallup polls:

“The latest Gallup Daily tracking three-day average represents a new low for Barack Obama, with just 41 percent of Americans approving his job performance as president. This matches his previous lows in August 2010 and October 2010, just before the mid-term elections, and it is significantly down from his 2011 average of 48 percent. The president’s disapproval rating now stands at 50 percent, the highest point since August last year. In contrast, George W. Bush’s approval rating at this stage of his presidency stood at 70 percent (April 2003), and the average for US presidents in the ninth quarter stands at 57 percent.

Disconcertingly for the White House, his ratings have plummeted among independents, from an average of 44 percent in 2011 to just 35 percent this week, devastating figures if translated at the ballot box in 2012, where securing the independent vote will be vital. Even among Democrats, support for the president is now running at just 77 percent, down four points from the 2011 average, and down seven points from the average for 2009-11.

As Gallup points out, Obama is now as unpopular as he has been at any stage of his presidency:”

How do we get rid of this guy?

“The latest Gallup figures are even worse than the most recent Quinnipiac University national poll released at the end of March, which tracked Obama at just 42 percent approval. As I noted in a previous piece, President Obama receives strong negativity ratings for his handling of virtually all key issues, including the economy, budget deficit, health care, foreign policy and energy policy:”

Obama’s reaction is to ramp up on the petulance. Brad Watson took on Obama fairly and he got the treatment from Obama that Trump is gets from the Republican/conservative “leadership”. “Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview…” cried the petulant one. Maybe that’s why he is so “unpopular in Texas” and the Dimocratic House caucus.

In an unrelated matter, Allen West took a page from Trump and compared Obama’s arrogance to a “third world dictator.” At least Texan George W. Bush was only called a “cowboy.”

How do we get rid of this guy? Donald Trump is trying but the Republicans/conservative “leadership” prefers L.L. Bean decked high school guidance counselors. The “leadership”, as opposed to the rank and file of Republicans/conservatives, don’t like the birth certificate issue The Donald employs to beat up on The Fraud:

“A new survey shows doubters of President Barack Obama’s birthplace well-represented among Republicans in critical caucus-state Iowa.

48 percent of Iowa GOPers don’t think Obama was born in the U.S.

26 percent say they aren’t sure.

• Another 26 percent believe he was born in U.S.

• 63 percent of Iowa Republicans say they won’t support a candidate who endorsed a health insurance mandate – an issue that has bedeviled Mitt Romney.

• Like so many Iowa polls, Mike Huckabee is on top of the pack. He nets 27 percent of the vote, followed by Romney at 16 percent and Donald Trump at 14 percent. No one else breaks into double-digits.”

Polls like that spur the “leadership” of the Republican/conservative movement into attacking, not Obama, but Trump. Big Media is all in on the “Dump Trump, Fluff The Fraud” hijinks:

“Republican activists in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina appear deeply intrigued by, and open to, a run by Donald Trump, the publicity-loving business tycoon and host of NBC’s “The Apprentice,” even as he perpetuates falsehoods about Obama’s citizenship and questions the legitimacy of his presidency.

I hear more and more people talking about Donald Trump,” said Glenn McCall, Republican Party chairman in South Carolina’s York County. “He’s got people fired up.”

Trump has got Republicans/conservative activists “fired up” and Obama “wee-weed up”. Instead of allowing The Donald a chance to bloody The Fraud, the “leadership” is in protect Obama mode, just like Big Media. The “leadership” does not want “forceful, colorful” – the “leadership” wants bland and threadbare. Big Media, eager to exploit the supporters of other candidates, is busy creating narratives with which to protect their golden calf:

“These Republican officials and activists stopped short of saying they see Trump as the eventual nominee. But they said their party is hungry for forceful, colorful figures to attack Obama and other Democrats on health care, spending and other issues. [snip]

There’s a political vacuum in the GOP, insiders say, and it’s being filled by an unusually large and diverse number of White House hopefuls. [snip]

Palin’s apparent fade and Trump’s rise are arguably the most surprising events in recent weeks, as more establishment-oriented contenders, including former governors Romney of Massachusetts and Pawlenty of Minnesota, took formal steps toward full-fledged candidacies. [snip]

This early in the race, polls measure name recognition more than anything else. That may help explain strong showings by Trump and Huckabee. The Arkansas Republican won the 2008 Iowa caucus and hosts a TV show, but has done little to signal he will run again. Trump, meanwhile, is turning heads in early voting states, including Iowa where he’s slated to headline the state GOP’s summer fundraiser June 10.

He is causing conversations,” said Trudy Caviness, the GOP chairwoman in Iowa’s Wapello County.

McCall said Trump “is saying on the national stage what other people won’t talk about.

That includes talking about trade, China and oil dependency. But Trump’s biggest buzz stems from his embrace of the claim that Obama wasn’t born in the United States, and therefore is constitutionally barred from being president.

Documents, including Obama’s birth certificate, show he was born in Hawaii in 1961.

Several Republican activists said they don’t care much about Obama’s birthplace, but they’re tired of waiting for the more establishment-backed challengers to challenge the president often and fiercely. For some, Trump fills that void. [snip]

Trump also said he opposes increasing the nation’s debt limit, even though experts have said that could cause the government to default on its debts. “I wouldn’t raise it,” he said. “You’re going to have to make a (political) deal someplace. You might as well do it right now. I’d do it right now. I’d stop it right now.”

In New Hampshire, Republican activist Phyllis Woods of Dover said she was surprised by the commotion Trump is causing.

Not all GOP insiders embrace Trump.

“You’ve got Donald Trump on TV making a fool of himself,” said Leigh Macneil, the Republican chairman in New Hampshire’s Merrimack County. Macneil said Trump is filling a regretful vacuum because more mainstream candidates are holding back. “We’re looking for people who will step up,” he said. He wishes more outspoken, forceful candidates would jump in, especially New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Indiana Rep. Mike Pence.”

It’s divide and conquer and the Republican/conservative “leadership” does not see it – or wants to join the Big Media narrative in order to embrace non-candidates they audaciously dream will come to save them. These other “serious” candidates will then be beaten up by Big Media. The “leadership” wants to stuff Ronald Reagan with sawdust and parade him around the country as the candidate of choice.

Too bad the voters don’t agree. Republicans/conservatives in the rank and file, as opposed to the “leadership” are about to experience what Hillary Clinton supporters experienced from the Democratic “leadership”.

Years after we declared Obama the Third Bush Term (check the side panel morph pictures and articles) McClatchy Newspapers acknowledges our claim:

“He ran as the anti-Bush.

Silver-tongued, not tongue-tied. A team player on the world stage, not a lone cowboy. A man who’d put a stop to reckless Bush policies at home and abroad. In short, Barack Obama represented Change.

Well, that was then. Now, on one major policy after another, President Barack Obama seems to be morphing into George W. Bush.

Imagine that. The flim-flam con man from Chicago said one thing and does something else. Who would’a thunk it? The Third Bush Term:

“On the nation’s finances, the man who once ripped Bush as a failed leader for seeking to raise the nation’s debt ceiling now wants to do it himself.

On terrorism, he criticized Bush for sending suspected terrorists to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and denying them access to U.S. civilian courts. Now he says he’ll do the same.

On taxes, he called the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy wrong, and lately began calling again to end them. But in December he signed a deal with Republicans to extend them for two years, and recently he called the entire tax cut package good for the country.”

Democrats and Republicans, Bush Haters, Bush Lovers – we can all now agree on one thing

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

Willard Romney is busy eating sawdust just in case the “leadership” decides to parade him around as the “winner”. The “leadership” is busy:

Leading Republicans are mounting an attack on real estate tycoon Donald Trump, worried that his flirtation with a 2012 presidential run hurts their chances to field a serious challenge to Barack Obama.

Many Republican officials doubt the billionaire and celebrity TV star known as The Donald actually wants the pain and suffering that comes with a presidential campaign. They see him as a self-promoting publicity hound and his talk of a White House bid as a stunt drawing more attention to himself.

But polls show Trump getting a bounce from his highly public consideration of a campaign and his foray into “birther” politics, the idea some conservatives cling to that Obama was born in Kenya instead of Hawaii and so can not legally hold the presidency.

Concerns voiced by party elites suggest they are worried that the news media’s fascination with Trump is crowding out some of the attention normally bestowed on the most serious of the Republican candidates.

Even if Trump emerged victorious as the Republican nominee, influential party players seem to doubt that he’d be able to defeat Obama.

Karl Rove, who was the architect of Republican George W. Bush’s two presidential victories, called Trump a “joke candidate” for focusing on Obama’s birth certificate. [snip]

And conservative newspaper columnist George Will told ABC News’ “This Week” online “Green Room” segment that Trump is a “blatherskite.””

“That is a word my grandmother was fond of as someone who blathers promiscuously,” Will said.

All this leads Jennifer Cook, a political expert at the non-partisan Cook Political Report, to conclude: “It does seem that the GOP establishment is now engaged in a serious effort to undermine Trump’s candidacy.”

“Blatherskite”? Aren’t pundits then “blatherskites” by definition? Trump took on a “blatherskite” this morning:

Trump is showing the way to fight the Chicago way. Don’t back down. If the “blatherskites” ask for your tax returns, ask for the birth certificate. If the “blatherskites” defend Obama tell them “George, they’ve co-opted you.” Then there is the Al Sharpton reverse racist card. The “blatherskites” will shout “Al Sharpton” in the same way that Obama Dimocrats shout “racists” – to shut you up – but don’t you let them shut you up.

After four years, the “blatherskites” have not shut us up. They won’t shut us up in 2012 either.

This past Sunday tornadoes killed 45 Americans in southern states. Five Americans were killed in Afghanistan, casualties of a suicide bombing. Obama went golfing.

“Fore” more years. “Now, watch this drive.”


Donald Trump And The Power Of Courage And Truth

Cowards and quitters never understand the power of courage and perseverance. Liars don’t understand the power of the truth.

It was with a wide grin that we received the news of the Federal Elections Commission audit of Obama 2008. For so long we wrote about the Obama fundraising scams, the hundreds of millions of sewer money, the “largely untraceable prepaid credit cards” (the words of the Washington Post), the many scams – but we were called “racists”.

Republicans/conservatives, who for their own self-interest want to set aside their Hillary Hate and learn what happened in 2008, should read our summary article “Investigate, Investigate, Investigate, Prosecute, Prosecute, Prosecute, Imprison, Imprison, Imprison.

In that summary article we wrote:

“Any question in 2008 about these secret donations was denounced as somehow “antidemocratic” and an attack on small donors. Obama Hopium Guzzlers immediately attacked Hillary Clinton as the one to be watched, even as the Obama thug machine pocketed tens or hundreds of millions of questionable donations.

Hillary Clinton, as the New York Sun wrote, was

“The most cautious campaign when it comes to accepting online donations from overseas seems to be that of Mrs. Clinton. Visitors to her Web site who want to list an address abroad are directed to a special page which advises that such donations are only taken by mail and that donors “must include a copy of your U.S. passport or green card.”

Hillary Haters, as we explain in that article, were so busy examining Hillary because they were blinded by hate they missed the story that came to smack them between the eyes:

“Hillary Clinton was extra responsible and extra cautious because in 1996 President Bill Clinton’s campaign received $3 million in suspect donations including several thousands from China. This chump change amount led to endless investigations and investigative frenzy. So as with everything, Hillary Clinton had to be cleaner than clean and dirty Barack Obama and his Chicago deep-in-mud thugs flung mud at her and then claimed she was dirty. Hillary Clinton demanded a clean campaign but was mocked by Big Media and Obama Hopium Guzzlers and Republicans: [snip]

Republicans joined with Barack Obama and mocked Hillary Clinton in early 2008 when she advocated for transparency in online donations and in all campaign contributions. The Republicans eventually rued the day they mocked Hillary as Obama used the same Chicago finance tactics to raise money to beat John McCain.

In July of 2008 we wrote “Bagman Obama”. We noted then that Obama had displayed remarkable fight in his opposition to Von Spakovsky. The gentleman in question was a nominee to the Federal Elections Commission. Obama proclaimed his opposition to Von Spakovsky was high minded principle – but what Obama actually did was neuter the FEC while Obama raised tons of money out of sight and out of possible investigation.

Via loopholes Obama raised tons of money and 91 percent of his donors were not required to be reported to the FEC. A donor could give $199 repeatedly and never be reported to the FEC no matter that the contributions amounted to tens of thousands of dollars.”

Years late, we’re finally getting an audit of Obama 2008. Perhaps it is that courage is contagious and Donald Trump’s two-fist attacks on Obama are bringing Obama opponents out of the woodwork – but something is happening to raise the level of truth-telling. Michelle Bachman, usually not a shrinking violet, is all of a sudden talking birth certificate. Bachman says she is going to bring her birth certificate to the first Republican debate. Courage is contagious:

“U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., says President Obama has neglected to clearly demonstrate he’s eligible to hold his office, and says it would be simple for him to do so.

“It’s an interesting issue that has gone on for so long and it’s one that the president could have solved very early on,” Bachmann told Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro last night.

“All he had to do is just answer some questions and show his [long-form birth] document and then have people do an attestation that this in fact is a legal document and it’s over, it’s done. And I think the president has neglected to focus on answering that question for people, and that’s why a lot of people still have it lingering in their minds. None of us can prove, none of us can do attestation. Only the president and someone who is legally tasked with attesting to the validity of that document can do that, and I think that’s what the president should do.”

Bachman does not address the “natural born citizen” issue but she certainly understands that The Donald is sucking up all the air in the Republican primaries and that if she wants to survive she is going to have to poach on The Donald’s hunting grounds. Bachman will not be the first to poach from Donald Trump’s issues pocket.

On the birth certificate issue what we have always demanded is transparency. Produce source documents. Obama has had more than two years in the White House and many more years to produce documents from his days in the Illinois senate. Those boxes of documents, which Obama says he does not know where they are, would answer a lot of questions – particularly the freezing tenants question and whether they ever complained to state senator Obama (those that have no idea what we are talking about should read our Sherlock Holmes style tale “The Case of the Missing State Senator“)

As Donald Trump keeps digging, he will find plenty. The Donald has already found quite bit. Here’s The Donald in Florida this past Saturday discussing matters much of the American public has never heard before (maybe Obama lovin’ Jews will learn something too):

Much of the American public has never heard of Antoin “Tony” Rezko or Obama’s low grades because of JournoListers like Ben Smith. For weeks now, Ben Smith and the other JournoListers (for our new readers – the JournoListers conspired to keep the Jeremiah Wright scandal from helping Hillary Clinton and hurting Obama and they are still at work) have been treating The Donald as a joke. Now the Journolisters are thinking up new ways to destroy Donald Trump because the “publicity stunt” narrative is not working:

“Despite an almost universal refusal by Republican establishment figures and the press to take him seriously, Donald Trump is taking very concrete steps toward forming — and announcing — a presidential campaign.

He has interviewed at least two people for a campaign manager position, sources said. He is in contact with several well-known media consultants and has spoken to figures in the evangelical community such as Ralph Reed and Tony Perkins.

Still, the question remains: Is Trump serious?

Yes. And no.”

The Politico JournoListers will continue to denounce Trump as a celebrity and prone to publicity stunts but they will continue to do everything in their power to protect the Barack Obama -the wannabee celebrity publicity stunt nonentity:

“The widespread assumption that Trump’s flirtation with the presidency is a publicity stunt is no doubt at least partly true. But that’s merely the point of departure for a man for whom almost every public move over the past 30 years has been a publicity stunt. Trump has, in the past, hinted at presidential bids, only to pull back after basking in the public interest. But in the same voraciously media-hungry spirit in which he has leveled an array of accusations — some overstated, others flatly false — at President Obama in recent weeks, Trump appears likely to launch a formal presidential campaign, hire staff, shake hands in Iowa, participate in debates – in short, run for president.

Trump is making the “types of moves that one makes if they’re actually running,” said one top Republican consultant familiar with his efforts.

The real estate mogul has spoken to pollster Tony Fabrizio as well as members of Larry Weitzner’s Jamestown Associates, sources said. Three Republicans said that Florida-based media consultant Rick Wilson had been recommended to Trump as a potential hire. (Wilson declined to comment on whether he’d been approached or spoken with Trump).

He recently called pollster and strategist Kellyanne Conway, who agreed to set him up with some evangelical leaders.

“I would not discount his viability because he crosses the first threshold,” said Conway, citing his name recognition and ability to put money toward a race.”

Barack Obama, the publicity stunt celebrity, is protected by Big Media. Big Media JournoListers mock Donald Trump even as it becomes clearer that Trump is deadly serious:

“There are two “draft Trump” efforts. One is led by Trump executive Michael Cohen, who traveled to Iowa to check the landscape, and eccentric billionaire pal Stewart Rahr. The other is by former Nixon adviser and perennial Republican fascination-figure Roger Stone. Stone has denied being involved with Trump, while continuing to offer public advice in online columns.

And Trump has made moves that have little to do with getting him on television. He has, notably, abruptly reversed his position to firmly pro-life, something that conservative Christian leaders have noted with pleasure.

“I’m convinced he’s probably going to run,” said Steve Scheffler, the head of the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, who said Trump contacted him this past Wednesday in an “introduction” phone call.

“If he comes to Iowa and he engages in conversations in small groups of people one-on-one he might play well on that,” said Scheffler. “I think a lot of it has to do with where he stands on the issues, and if he can convince people that he’s going to go forward on the issues.”

There have also been ongoing discussions with strategists in Iowa, several Republicans there said.

Trump has said he will very likely make an announcement about a press conference on his NBC television show, ”Celebrity Apprentice,” but he’s given every indication to several people he’s spoken with that he will unveil an actual campaign.

Trump’s scheduled keynote speech at the Iowa GOP’s annual Lincoln Day fundraising dinner in June is already such a draw that one attendee is planning to drive in from Northeast Wisconsin to see The Donald speak, a local Republican said.

Trump even swears he is looking forward to filing his financial disclosure statements, which would go toward a minimal establishment of net worth — something Trump has never done before, amid suspicion in the business media about the depth of his claims of wealth. He is also planning to accept donations, associates said, adding he has said he expects to be able to raise a fair amount of money.

In any event, the disclosure of his approximate net worth might not be the immediate barrier to entry that many suspect. Candidates are given basically two chances to extend the deadline, which comes within 30 days of declaring candidacy, meaning Trump could stretch it out for months.

More than anything else, according to those who’ve spoken to him, he doesn’t want to be seen as the butt of this particular joke.

“He gets mad that people aren’t taking him seriously,“ said a Republican who’s spoken with him.”

“Serious” JournoListers and “serious” Republicans/conservatives who have collaborated with Barack Obama don’t want to consider Donald Trump “serious”. The JournoListers and the Mark Levin brigades prefer to grumble and grouse. They will do what they have to do to destroy Donald Trump:

“Still, while he is “serious” from the organizational point of view and appears very likely to emerge as a formal candidate for office, he will struggle hard to be taken seriously as a potential Republican nominee. Trump may not be in on the joke — he rarely jokes about himself — but he has been a punch line as long as he’s been a public figure. He’s still more of a sideshow than anything else, most Republican insiders are convinced, and his respectable showings in largely meaningless early polls reflect little more than his widespread notoriety.

Best known for the “You’re fired!” catch phrase from his network reality show, Trump is friends with WWE’s colorful Vince McMahon. He once appeared with an in-drag Rudy Giuliani on “Saturday Night Live.” He’d be the first GOP hopeful to have been roasted on Comedy Central by rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg and a cast member from “Jersey Shore.”

Trump is, above all else, a deeply parochial figure, and a creature of New York’s singular media environment. He barely uses email, and his usual first reads of the day from his perch in Trump Tower are said to be the city’s two tabloids, the New York Post and the Daily News.

Trump has left a trove of material for opposition researchers — already, on Friday, Matt Drudge teased the top of his site with a “flashback” to NY1 video of Trump calling George W. Bush “evil” and President Obama “amazing” in late 2008.

Assistants print out news clippings for him, illustrated by a printout of a Vanity Fair item he sent to publisher Graydon Carter, scrawled with a black Sharpie and reading that Carter never got “the Trump thing.”

Trump is notorious for a history of planting anonymous items about himself in the tabloids, among other practices.

Former Daily News editor Pete Hamill, fired in part for his refusal to print Trump stories, once said that a “source close to Trump,” whispering details about his life of business was invariably Trump himself.

Trump is not particularly familiar, associates said, with the national media. He is trying, former Giuliani speechwriter John Avlon wrote in The Daily Beast, “to apply New York City tabloid rules to a prospective national presidential campaign.”

And it’s not clear that he can be, well, handled by a hired handler.”

What those paragraphs mean is that Big Media and the Obama JournoListers brigades are looking for a narrative that will take hold. Thus far not much has worked as Donald Trump is either #1 or #2 in Republican polls. Donald Trump, with all that name recognition was at the bottom of the polls, before he started to discuss the birth certificate issue and hold Obama accountable on issues such as Rezko and Wright. Trump rose in the polls not due to name recognition but due to issues resonance.

Big Media and the JournoListers hope that other Republican/conservative candidates join in on the bashing to give them cover. The question of the moment is how many Republicans/conservatives will allow Big Media to chose their candidate.

The Politico JournoListers are trying their best to come up with the winning “destroy Trump” narrative. Big Media wants to turn Obama opponents into Charlie Sheen:

“Trump has spent decades as his own best adviser, a skill that’s served him exceptionally well in business, but one which historically hasn’t led to a good end for candidates.

He has never had to submit to the tough questions candidates are asked not just by reporters, but by voters.

He’s given to the occasional boasts of the Charlie Sheen “tiger blood” variety — he told Time magazine that he looks forward “to showing my financials, because they are huge … Far bigger than anyone knows. Far bigger than anyone would understand.”

And while Trump’s brand is based on a tycoon’s life, many of New York’s business elite members don’t consider him a member of their ranks. One veteran business leader said associates are “rolling their eyes” at the presidential talk — and most of the major New York bundlers are already committed to Obama or Republican Mitt Romney.

Trump aide Cohen dismissed the criticism, saying, “While Mr. Trump certainly is an independent thinker, I believe the American people welcome this approach, as it is fresh and unique.” He called the other GOPers “a field of automotrons who all act in a way that is not benefiting this country during these economically troubled times.”

Cohen said Trump is “quite friendly with many of the business elites” in the city and chalked up those mocking him to being “guided by black-eyed jealousy and nothing more.”

The genuine fear of Donald Trump is exposed in this penultimate paragraph:

However, even those opposed to Trump privately fret that he might have some unconventional appeal as a wild card in a slow-to-start race.

Mr. “Tea” at Boca displaying “unconventional appeal” and separating the chicken salad from the chicken shit:

Our warning to Republicans/conservatives: Big Media wants to select your candidate for president. The Mark Levin/Karl Rove brigades will cooperate with Big Media.

The New York Times, that bastion of concern for Republicans/conservatives (and Hillary Clinton for that matter) wants to beat Politico in the race to establish the narrative that will destroy Donald Trump. As Politico declared that Trump was all but in, the New York Times declared that Trump was all but out (Drudge once again assisted):

“The prospect of Donald Trump running for president has sent shivers through at least one highly interested group — and it is not the Democratic Party or political journalists. It is the entertainment division of NBC. [snip]

But no one at NBC has done much serious planning about what to do with “The Apprentice,” because of what two executives cited as pervasive doubts that Mr. Trump would actually enter the race.

This is Donald being Donald,” said one senior executive who would be involved in any decision about how NBC handles the show. The executive, who asked not to be identified to avoid any conflict with Mr. Trump, said “any decision is still weeks away.”

The track record for “The Apprentice,” which now mainly casts celebrities as contestants, is so good, and NBC’s need for the show is so great, that it would be a virtual certainty to be renewed were it not for the questions raised by the campaign possibility. [snip]

Many political commentators have dismissed Mr. Trump’s chances and have chalked up recent favorable poll results mainly to name recognition — and to his aggressive insistence that he doubts President Obama’s eligibility to be president. Still, doubts of another kind persist.

“Anyone assuming that the reality show host’s interest in running for president is just another one of his publicity stunts would not likely be wrong,” wrote Charlie Cook, the political analyst, who in a column last week wondered whether a “Jersey Shore” cast member would try to run for president next.”

Clearly Big Media has not established a narrative yet. The “not running, just a celebrity, name recognition explains high poll number, he’s a joke, he’s a liar attacking Obama” narrative is not working. Big Media is in a race to the bottom in search of the anti-Trump holy grail.

To understand how disheveled the lines of attack against Donald Trump are, consider the attempt to intimidate NBC into going after their celebrity star. The Times and Big Media are suggesting that NBC is allowing Trump to use the network to go after Barack Obama (the irony that NBC was home central to Obama defenders is not mentioned). That Meredith Viera is a game show host who also interviews “serious” people and she is being attacked for not challenging Donald Trump’s anti-Obama truths is a hall of mirrors fun-house attraction. The Times considers game show host Viera “serious” but Donald Trump is not “serious”.

At CNN the Big Media narrative is that Mr. Tea, The Donald, DT, Trump, the Trumpster, gasp, cursed:

“Donald Trump unleashed a fiery anti-President Barack Obama stump speech for members and supporters of the South Florida Tea Party Saturday and made frequent references to what he would do as president.

Throngs of fired-up voters in a vote-rich battleground state encouraged him.

While the billionaire real estate developer is not currently a presidential candidate, his appearance at a Tea Party event in Florida might have made the casual observer think he is running.

And yet, unusual moments made Trump’s speech unlike any other so far this political season. He harshly criticized some Republicans, tailored his speech based on crowd shout-outs, dissed hecklers, used a curse word and recalled how his wife urged him not to be “conceited.”

Donald Trump described himself as a businessman:

Trump’s emphasis on his own skills as a businessman and negotiator was consistent throughout his speech.

“Businessweek magazine said in a vote of its readers, that Donald Trump was the world’s most competitive businessperson,” he boasted. “With Bill Gates being number two and Warren Buffet being number three. Steve Forbes stated that I was one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the history of free trade.”

And while claiming there were huge writing differences between Obama’s first book, “Dreams From My Father”, and the second, “The Audacity of Hope,” Trump used profanity to say they could not have both been written by Obama.

“The man that wrote the second book … didn’t write the first book,” Trump said. “The difference was like chicken salad and chicken (expletive).”

CNN, which delighted in describing Tea Party activists with a lurid anti-gay epithet involving testicles and open mouths, is now shocked that Donald Trump sullied Florida ears with a “profanity”. CNN has the vapors.

The conservative Club For Growth is having the Trump vapors too. They think Donald Trump is a liberal because he wants import fees on China, opposed NAFTA. The Tea Party might discover that under those definitions they are “liberals” too.

The HOPE for many Republicans/conservatives already lined up for other candidates is that Donald Trump can be skunked out of running. The HOPE many of these Republican/conservatives already committed to other candidates is that what they see happening is not really happening. Rasmussen to the rescue.

The new Rasmussen poll shows not “serious” Trump behind Barack Obama by 15 points. But how bad is this poll for not “serious” Trump?:

“Rasmussen survey shows Obama can’t clear 50% even against Trump

Rasmussen follows up its head-to-head polling of last week for the presidential race to add one more late entrant to the list, Donald Trump. As in the previous poll, Barack Obama can’t get a majority to support him for re-election, not even against a publicity stunt — although he does better against Trump than everyone else in the Republican field: [snip]

Trump does even worse among independents, but Obama doesn’t pick any of them up, either: [snip]

This doesn’t exactly give a lot of life to the idea of The Donald as a GOP savior. At 34%, Trump scored lower than most of the established Republican field in last week’s poll, with only Mitch Daniels, Jon Huntsman, and Herman Cain scoring lower. Obama scored higher against Trump than any other Republican except Newt Gingrich, where he also got 49% of the vote. Obama actually did worst against Mike Huckabee in Rasmussen’s survey, tying at 43%.

Independents in both surveys break for Obama, with a couple of exceptions. Huckabee wins in that demographic 43/35, as does Ron Paul at a lower level (37/32). Three other Republicans are within a point of Obama among indies: Mitch Daniels (32/32), Herman Cain (24/25), and Haley Barbour (33/32). None of these numbers indicate a great deal of enthusiasm one way or the other among independents, but Trump’s 25/48 is the worst performance of all.

The enthusiasm for Trump won’t increase much as other Republicans challenge his record — and there is plenty to challenge, according to the Club for Growth.”

If the numbers for not “serious” Trump are so obviously bad (hey, we thought he had celebrity name recognition and that’s why his Republican/conservative numbers were so good) then what is everyone so worried about? What’s the problem?

If Donald Trump is so dead in the water why not let him prattle on about birth certificates and such and beat up on poor Barack so then the big “serious” candidate can come in and harvest the crop?

Republican/conservative Big Media types are busy slamming Trump as worse than Ross Perot, as curdled as New Yorker Rudy Giuliani, and “destined to fizzle.” If they really believe this, then why worry?

Indeed, if you are committed to another Republican/conservative candidate why worry about The Donald? If you are part of the Mark Levin brigade dreaming of candidates that aren’t, thinking Ronald Reagan will rise from the tomb and file candidacy in Iowa – why worry about The Donald?

Why worry? Indeed, why worry? Why worry about a businessman flying to Iowa and New Hampshire? Why worry?:

“The long-awaited market reaction to accelerating US debt and uncontrolled deficit spending has arrived. Standard & Poor’s issued a blunt warning today that it will re-evaluate America’s credit rating in the near future unless Washington acts to control its red ink, and that a lower rating — and therefore higher interest payments — is under consideration:

Standard & Poor’s cut its ratings outlook on the U.S. to negative from stable while keeping its triple-A rating on the world’s largest economy.

Relative to its AAA-rated peers, the U.S. has very large budget deficits and rising government indebtedness, and the path to addressing those issues is unclear, S&P analysts said.

More than two years after the beginning of the recent crisis, U.S. policy makers have still not agreed on how to reverse recent fiscal deterioration or address longer-term fiscal pressures,” said Standard & Poor’s credit analyst Nikola G. Swann.

If a meaningful agreement to address medium- and long-term budgetary challenges isn’t reached and implementation isn’t begun by 2013, it would render the U.S. fiscal profile meaningfully weaker than its AAA-rated peers, analysts said.

Wall Street has reacted predictably. The Dow dropped 200 points (1.8%) in the immediate aftermath of the announcement, and 29 of its 30 components fell backward. The S&P lost 1.6%, and NASDAQ lost 1.8%, and all three indices gave no indication that they would recover quickly today.

What exactly does this mean?”

Well it can’t possibly mean that Americans might pay attention to a businessman who wears pink ties, now does it? Perish the thought!

It can’t possibly mean that someone who is not “serious” can be “serious” in some profound ways. It can’t possibly mean that a little thinking goes a long way, it can’t possibly mean that courage is contagious, it can’t possibly mean that some Republican/conservatives are getting a clue:

“It’s becoming increasingly amusing to watch the chattering class continue to struggle with the question, What’s Donald Trump Really After? I’m no more of a mind reader than the rest of them, but I think The Donald has given us more than a few clues along the way. Just last week I sat down with Rick Moran on his show and discussed this in detail. If the rest of the GOP field really wanted to be ready for Trump and to know how to handle his sudden rise to political prominence, they really needed to look no further than his book, The Art of the Deal, and a few lectures of his which I attended in his pre-political incarnations. He’s approaching this in the exact same fashion he takes on any business challenge in a hostile environment.

1. Identify a niche market to exploit
2. Drive a wedge between you and your competitors
3. Use that wedge to open a space allowing the customers to come to you

First he identifies the niche market to exploit: Birthers. And lest we forget the most important sector here, the birther curious. [snip] Trump doesn’t need to win over half the voters in the country yet. He doesn’t even need to win over half the Republicans. It’s a crowded field at this stage and all you need to do is ring up some numbers above 20% with likely primary voters and you’re either in first place or close to it. And even the latest polls during the time period Donald was considering a run show that you can beat that number easily with only this niche market.”

While Glenn Beck and the Mark Levin brigades are dreaming of a socialist uprising in the streets, or is it a conservative uprising in the streets, or is it just lunch? – some Repubilcan/conservatives are seeing what we are seeing about Mr. Tea, Donald Trump and the art of the deal:

“Second, he uses that niche advantage to drive a wedge between him and his competitors. In this case his “competitors” are the rest of the serious contenders for the 2012 nomination. And they have almost uniformly run away from the birther issue like pigs from the gun because they don’t want to come across as, well… crazy. Not The Donald. He embraces it. And for a big enough slice of the primary electoral pie chart, he’s suddenly the only game in town.

Finally, he uses that wedge to create a space for the customers to come to him. The “customers,” of course, are the likely GOP primary voters. So how well has this worked? Yet another poll came out this week showing Trump moving into the lead.”

Michelle Bachman does not want Donald Trump to be the only one selling lemonade in August (see that video up at the beginning). Sarah Palin wants everyone to know she likes lemonade and might decide to sell lemonade but in either case she does not want to stop the lemonade sellers and she thinks lemonade is healthy. Willard Romney will sell salty vinegar in August, not lemonade.

Donald Trump is selling some dee-licous lemonade this August along with some Classic Coke and other thirst quenchers:

“This is classic Trump! Talk about telegraphing your punches… it’s The Art of the Deal line for line. So does this mean that The Donald is actually running? The magic 8-Ball says, “Ask again later.” I remain firmly convinced that Trump’s plan all along was for this to be a massive stunt. He can let it be known that the final episode of The Apprentice will have some clues and that immediately following the airing of the show – when he can “legally” campaign – there will be an announcement. At that time he could simply apologize to his followers, proclaiming that the Beltway system is “too broken” for even him to fix and bow out after scoring Superbowl level numbers for his reality show and vastly boosting his international image for upcoming deals. And he may still do just that.

But maybe not.”

“Maybe not” is right. As we wrote, “why worry” Willard?:

Trump can read a poll as well as anyone else. It’s looking more and more like he might actually be able to pull this off. And knowing what we know of his personality and appetite, if there is that big of a brass ring hanging apparently within range of his grasp, would Donald John Trump Sr. be able to pass it by? If he thinks he can win he may very well abandon the stunt and actually go for it. [snip]

It’s genius. Pure and simple.

It’s The Art of the Deal all over again folks. And thus far, it’s showing that The Donald isn’t nearly as dumb or as much of a clown as most of the media and his establishment GOP opponents would like to have us believe he is. Hang on to your hats. Donald Trump just may BS and waltz his way into being the next president. Sound crazy? Think back for a moment to that scene from Back to the Future when Doc Brown was informed that the President of the United States was the star of Bedtime for Bonzo.

Pretty crazy, huh?”

As we have written, Donald Trump is not the type of person to let an opportunity slip away. The not “serious” birth certificate issue is a total plus for Donald Trump even if the “serious” in Big Media and Republican/conservative circles do not see what is staring them right in the face:

“If Barack Obama ever comes up with a legitimate birth certificate that contains no damaging information on it we will all be able to thank Donald Trump. If Obama refuses to ever produce a birth certificate The Donald will continue to hammer Obama.

Donald Trump is holding something potentially more valuable than the race card.

Donald Trump is holding a Trump card.”

The other poker players at the table want to believe that the strange haired stranger with his flashy duds and big wallet is not a “serious” player in the river paddle boat. But once that stranger ante’s up they will find they are the ones who don’t know how to play the game.

* * * * * *

If Donald Trump becomes a “serious” candidate, Barack Obama will discover that the wonderful passover of scrutiny is over. Big Media will continue to pass over from any scrutiny of Obama but The Donald won’t.

Tonight is the first night of Passover. Passover is the Jewish holiday that commemorates the escape from bondage engineered by the Almighty with Moses as the imperfect vehicle for that great Exodus.

What the Jews throughout history have realized is that with all the ups and downs, the detours away from the main path: courage is contagious.

The contagion is spreading. Courage and truth are on the march.


Trump In Boca, Palin In Madison, Hillary In Berlin, Republican Websites In Confusion

Tim Pawlenty has the demeanor and pizazz of a guidance counselor at a prep school. Willard “Mitt” Romney, in his latest incarnation, looks like a groundskeeper at a prep school.

Willard’s latest incarnation is not going to fool anyone. Last time around he wore slick suits and appeared polished as he flip-flopped on issue after issue before losing. Now Willard’s sporting a Scott Brown L.L. Bean look. Tim Pawlenty is likewise trying to be “Tea Pawlenty”. Not many are fooled by his Romneyesque “T-Paw” makeover either.

While Willard Romney looks for his birth certificate and shops around for a truck in Scott Brown’s neighborhood Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are speaking at Tea Party rallies today.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin spoke at a rally in Madison Wisconsin today. Having learned nothing from the Prosser victory, unions did their best to alienate and frighten those attending the rally.

Hundreds of pro-union labor supporters surrounded smaller groups of tea party members waiting for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to appear outside the Wisconsin Capitol.

Palin was scheduled to take the stage at noon for the tea party’s annual tax day rally.

But labor supporters still smarting from the passage of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s polarizing bill eliminating most public employees’ collective bargaining rights have been drowning out Palin’s supporters, shouting, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Scott Walker’s got to go.”

We warned about what was and what will happen in Wisconsin (wrong place/wrong time). We have thus far been proven correct. When the dust clears we will be correct again and Obama Dimocrats will fail miserably in the recall election feint. Don’t be surprised if Republicans gain senate seats post the recall brouhaha.

Today, amid snow flakes and cold Sarah Palin spoke in the Dimocratic stronghold of Madison and instead of letting the event go by undisturbed the Wisconsin unions did their best to attack Palin – and undermine their own cause. Sarah Palin had great advice for the Republican Party:

You need to fight like a girl!

Untitled from Breitbart on Vimeo.

Donald Trump

A lot of Republicans/conservatives don’t want to fight like a girl. They want to fight like losers. Natural Born Losers.

Instead of fighting like a girl, they want to whine. The whine served this month is about Donald Trump.

After yesterday’s poll results, which echoed earlier polls, the whine was “it’s name recognition, Donald Trump is top of the polls because of name recognition.” That whine makes no sense however because Donald Trump’s name was on earlier polls which had him close to bottom of the barrel.


“Much of it, without doubt, is name recognition. But that cannot explain it completely.

As of now, Trump is the only one willing to meet Obama’s smash-mouth attitude with smash-mouth attitude.

Obama can invite Paul Ryan to sit in the front row for Obama’s budget speech, and then spend 45 minutes calling Ryan everything but a murderer, and Obama gets away with it because we have respect for the Office of the President even if we do not respect the President.

Obama got a pass on Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, and on just about everything else, as his minions trashed the Clintons, Geraldine Ferraro, and everyone who criticized Obama as racists.

The lesson of the recent sound of the Trump-et is not that we need Donald Trump, it’s that we need to distinguish more clearly between the Office of the President and the President.

And we need someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is about the most arrogant, demeaning and dismissive President of my adult life.”

You either have it or you don’t. You are either a fighter or you are not. Sarah Palin is a fighter but she is discounted by the very same people who want a fighter. Donald Trump is a fighter but he is discounted by the very same people who want a fighter. The very people who say they want a fighter then want to determine who puts on the glove and what blows they rain. A fighter is born not made to your particular specifications. Don’t say you want a fighter like Trump, like Palin – but not Trump or Palin.

The whine Sommelier of the moment is Mark Levin. Levin does not like the birth certificate issue and despite his high visibility show has never done anything to help the “birthers” – but Levin wants the “birthers” to listen to him and fast-freeze Donald Trump. Levin has a lot of gripes against Trump as do other Republicans/conservatives. Levin does not like that Trump thinks George W. Bush was an utter boob. Levin does not like that Trump wanted Bush out.

Isn’t Donald Trump correct that George W. Bush was a mess for this country? Republicans/conservatives might want to make the argument that George W. Bush did not embolden Iran when he attacked Iraq. But that is a tough argument to make and succeed with. Didn’t George W. Bush take a government budget in surplus and turn it into a massive trillion dollar deficit? The excuse for the budget horror is 9/11 but there was that costly bribe to seniors that failed and tax cuts that were supposed to increase revenues that didn’t.

Make all the excuses for George W. Bush you want Republicans/conservatives but don’t expect your candidates for president to put that noose around their necks. Bottom line is that The Donald was right about George W. Bush and he is right about Barack H. Obama. Obama is the Third Bush Term (just look at our side panel articles and pictures).

If not Sarah Palin, if not Donald Trump which of the Natural Born Losers does the Mark Levin brigade want? Names? Anyone? Anyone who’s actually running? Anyone who is in the ring? Anyone? Anyone? Perhaps Jon Huntsman is more to the liking of the Natural Born Losers in Republican/conservative circles. Remember Huntsman? He said this about Barack Obama:

“I am most grateful for the graciousness and kindness you have shown me and my family – particularly your confidence in my ability to represent you in China. [snip] You are a remarkable leader – and it has been a great honor getting to know you. [snip]

My only regret is that we were unable to find time for a China discussion before next week’s departure for Beijing. I have enormous regard for your experience, sense of history and brilliant analysis of world events. Please save some time for me when I’m next in New York.”

Vote for the ass-kisser brigade. First Huntsman seems not to understand that American ambassadors represent the American people. Second, what “experience”, what “sense of history”, what “brilliant analysis”? Natural Born Losers can vote and praise this Natural Born Loser.

Or they can listen and learn from a fighter that is cluing them in on how to fight. Donald Trump, as we have stated before is not one of our favorite people. But we can sure see he is a fighter who knows how to fight a thug like Obama and his Big Media cohort. Here’s Donald Trump from last night’s Sean Hannity show (hey, didn’t Mark Levin say that Donald is hiding from questions? Then what is The Donald doing on the feared Sean Hannity’s show?):

Who but real estate magnate Donald Trump can speak with such authority on the bribe scandal that has been covered up for years? Yes, we do mean the person of many of our articles – Antoin “Tony” REZKO.

Today Donald Trump spoke to the Tea Party of Florida:

“Billionaire Donald Trump made his first speaking appearance after hinting at a run for the presidency in 2012. Trump addressed a Tea Party rally in Boca Raton, Florida Saturday.

Earlier this week, the star of NBC’s “The Apprentice” had some harsh words for both the 43rd and 44th president. He blamed what he calls George W. Bush’s disastrous term for getting Barack Obama elected.

The billionaire then said President Obama has bungled foreign affairs like the conflict in Libya, and called his health care reform bad for the country.

Trump has grabbed headlines recently after raising questions about President Obama’s birthplace.

Was that Jon Huntsman, or “T-Paw” or Willard? Was that Congressman West, the African-American firebrand of the Tea Party, introducing one of those Natural Born Losers? Um, no. That was West introducing Trump. Was Mark Levin at the rally? Um, no.

The piano players in the Obama whorehouse took notice of Donald Trump’s slight slaps at Eric Cantor and Donna Brazille’s friend – Karl Rove:

“Pushing back against calls from Republicans to abandon his new-found birther quest, Donald Trump snapped back Saturday at party leaders like House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) who accuse him of being less than serious about his presidential ambitions, warning Republicans that abandoning the conspiracy theories surrounding President Obama’s birth certificate will harm the party.

In an exclusive interview with TPM recorded before Trump spoke to what those in attendance called a record crowd at the Palm Beach County Tax Day Tea Party rally, Trump said Republicans like Cantor dismiss the birther issue at their peril.

“I think it’s a very bad thing for Cantor to have done,” Trump said, “because I’ll tell you, people love this issue especially in the Republican Party. And there’s something to what we’re saying.

Last week, Cantor went farther than most mainline Republicans have in dismissing the Trump quasi-campaign. He told CNN that Trump’s embrace of birtherism is a sure sign Trump is fooling around.

“I don’t think he is really serious when we see a campaign launch on the birther issue,” Cantor said.

Other mainstream Republicans joined the chorus as polls showing Trump leading the Republican presidential field made headlines at the end of the week. On Friday, Karl Rove told Fox News Trump is a “joke candidate” because of his birther-centric media cavalcade.

“He’s off there in the nutty right, and is now an inconsequential candidate,” Rove said.

Today in Boca, Trump seemed to relish the criticism from members of his own party. In his speech to the tea party rally, he excoriated Rove. The tea partiers, no fans of Rove from back in the days of Christine O’Donnell, booed Rove’s name when Trump mentioned it.

“It’s amazing,” Trump said. “He’s so against me, because I am questioning. All I want to see is the guy’s birth certificate.”

“The Republicans have to be very careful of him,” Trump continued. “Because obviously Karl Rove hasn’t been doing very well the last couple of years…Whether you like it or not, George Bush gave us Obama, and I’m not having that.

Natural Born Losers will defend Rove over Trump. Natural Born Losers will defend Rove over Sarah Palin.

Hey, Natural Born Losers – Fight Like A Girl!

Speaking of a fighter:

“BERLIN (AP) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday accused Iran of trying to hijack democratic revolutions around the Mideast and warned Arab nations not to permit intolerance against women and religious minorities.

Clinton said Iran was clearly trying to use uprisings around the region to further its own goals and foment broader unrest while at the same time cracking down on its own reform movement.

“I think that that everyone is aware if its efforts to exploit and even hijack what are legitimate protests. But certainly in an era of instant communication we hope that people will not be fooled by their tactics.”

Fight like a girl for girls and women and human rights and American interests:

“Clinton also warned that rising intolerance toward women and religious minorities threatens to undermine democratic transitions around the Arab world and spread violent extremism. [snip]

She said the incidents in Egypt were testing the unity of pro-democracy demonstrators whose peaceful protests ousted Egypt’s authoritarian president and could fracture the reform movement.

Clinton said she feared similar backsliding elsewhere in the Mideast and stressed it was critical for Egyptians and other Arabs whose nations are in the throes of change to resist intolerance and demand that their new leaders embrace open and inclusive governments.

“It will be critical,” she said, for citizens and leaders “to work together to resist these dangers and keep their nations on track to become open, inclusive, pluralistic democracies.”

Fight like a girl. Don’t be a Natural Born Loser. Those are the lessons taught by Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Donald Trump.