Egypt, Boobery, And The Price To Be Paid

Recall our number one reason why Barack Obama Is Not Qualified To Be President:

Barack Obama was not, and is not qualified to be President of the United States. Put aside Obama’s flim-flam history, the thugs he surrounds himself with, his treacheries, his total lack of accomplishments other than self-advancement, his risible résumé, his stinky body odor, the secretiveness of his past, the lack of documentation about earlier periods of his life, drug use, the self-admitted inability to keep a paper in front of him for 2 seconds before losing it, the lies about lost documents from his Chicago legislative office, the grabbing of credit for work others have done, the race-baiting, the woman-hating, the profitable alliances with criminals which even got him a house, the lack of interest in his constituents, the obvious lies when he denies positions he has even affixed his signature to on questionnaires, his lies about being a reformer when he swims in the swamps of Chicago corruption, the ugly church mentor of 20 plus years, his smearing of opponents with sexual or racial slurs, the gay-bashing, the secret deals, the incompetence, the long list of corruptions and boobery… – put all this history we have documented aside. Barack Obama is not qualified to be President because he does not have a world-view which is congruent with reality.”

We are now witnessing the price to be paid for the election of Barack Obama. Does anyone recall anymore with any level of seriousness the argument once made by Dumb White People (think Andrew Sullivan) the wonderous deeds Obama would accomplish in the Muslim world?

During the general election campaign of 2008 we argued Obama had no idea what to do when a 3:00 a.m. phone call came. Hillary had earlier made that argument and it was denounced as “racist”. During the general election campaign John McCain acted quickly when Russia invaded Georgia. Obama boobed about with generic statements and waited on sidelines. We quoted Roger Simon:

“McCain just pounded away on his central argument: Obama just didn’t “understand” how to deal with Pakistan; how dangerous it is to meet with foreign leaders without preconditions; how serious the Russian invasion of Georgia was; the price of failure in Iraq.

“He doesn’t understand, he doesn’t get it,” McCain said of Obama, also saying, “There is a little bit of naiveté here.”[snip]

“I don’t need any on-the-job training,” McCain said. “I am ready to go at it right now.”

Foreign leaders saw the boobery at the top and laughed knowing they could take advantage of the simpleton American president. “Sucker” they said.

World populations at first celebrated the boob-in-chief. But after the betrayal of the nascent grassroots Iranian revolution world populations understood that Obama could not be trusted. They also learned what we have repeatedly written “if you elect a boob, expect boobery”.

During the Iranian uprising Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried her best to ameliorate the Obama weakness. Hillary Clinton understands “The Danger Of Obama Weakness“. Hillary tried to help the situation in Egypt today. She warned the Egyptian government to listen to the people and condemned the shutdown of the Internet. But the rebellion in Egyptian streets is not the same as the turmoil in Iran.

Egypt is the ballgame. Since time immemorial the way to regional stability has been a strong Egypt. When the Persians (modern day Iran) rose up the counterweight was Egypt. Whether it was ancient Assyria or ancient Babylon the counterweight was always Egypt. The realpolitik way to modern day peace has always been an Egyptian and Israeli alliance beyond the peace treaty signed by the two countries and imposition of peace in the region.

In Egypt however, the chances are that the overthrow of the Mubarak tyranny (and it is a tyranny) will be replaced by the Islamic Brotherhood. The equation for peace will be turned on its head. With the Islamic Brotherhood in charge the weight on the scales would be on the side of regional war at best and an overthrow of every West friendly regime as well as control of oil and the ports of oil in the hands of the Caliphate (accompanied by cheers in Iran and other Islamic regimes).

The revolution in the Egyptian streets is strong and growing stronger. It is doubtful the current government will survive. While we hope that this Egyptian revolution demonstrates Arab and Muslim population are sick and tired of the tyrannies they are oppressed by – and while change is desperately needed in the Arab/Muslim world and therefore the revolutionaries should be cheered on – we know that Hope is not a strategy and Change is not always for the best.

There are many lessons to be learned and the United States is not helpless. Lessons to be learned are that the Israel and Palestinian battles are a side show. The nonsense from many that the “settlement issue” is an obstacle to peace and needs to be resolved in order to achieve regional peace is bunk. Obama has been and continues to be wrong on the “settlement issue” as well as the entire Palestinian issue.

The United States is not helpless, but as we say, “if you elect a boob, expect boobery”. Thus far Obama has demonstrated he is not fit nor qualified to lead the United States.

We said the same long ago:

“To be an American president means having a world view. Hillary Clinton has a world-view. Hillary Clinton mocked Obama in her insightful “celestial choirs” speech. Hillary Clinton mocked Obama about his foolish “no preconditions, in the first year, anywhere, anytime” meetings with America’s enemies. Hillary Clinton mocked Obama as “naive”. Hillary Clinton was saying that Obama did not know or understand how the world works. Hillary Clinton was saying that Obama’s world view was not congruent with reality. Hillary Clinton has been proved right.

Today, Leslie Gelb begins a very polite and gentle narrative, saying pretty much that Obama better get a reality based world-view, quickly or we all face continued disaster with a boob in charge. Writes Gelb, “If the president wants to be more than a one-term wonder, he needs to have a vision.”[snip]

A world view is not a set of positions, it is a deep understanding which is in the bones of atavistic history. [snip]

Jimmy Carter was a man conflicted. He wanted to be Pope but settled for president. He reacted to events because he did not have a world-view from the outset which comported with reality. Wanting to be an honest man and a peacemaking leader he instead was forced to react to evil in the world and bumbled and stumbled badly. Iran is a great part of his sad legacy. [snip]

Obama is the problem. Obama is not qualified to be president. It’s like asking a chicken to soar with the eagle. It’s like asking Obama to be Hillary Clinton with her lifetime of experience. It’s like asking Obama to be Hillary Clinton with her lifetime fighting to make the world a better place even if she makes enemies while making things better. [snip]

Obama is the problem. Rahm Emanuel was successful in the Clinton White House because Hillary demoted him when he needed to be demoted, disciplined him when he needed to be disciplined, smacked him on the head when he needed to be smacked. All the Clinton era appointees in the world will not help Obama because the problem is Obama. Obama is not qualified to be president. Obama can’t be trusted by friend nor foe. Obama can’t be trusted.”

The United States is not helpless nor without great power. But that great power requires someone who knows how to wield it. It would not help if Barack Obama had as his top advisors all Republicans. It would not help if Robert Gibbs was not an advisor. It would not help if Barack Obama had all neocons as his top advisors. It would not help if Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich were Obama’s top advisors. It would not help if Henry Kissinger, Albright, Baker, Schultz, McNamara, Dulles were Obama advisors. It does not help that Hillary Clinton is supposed to be a top advisor. THE PROBLEM IS BARACK OBAMA.

None of this is to say that the United States nor the American President is solely to blame for the turmoil in the world generally and in Egypt particularly. There is opportunity in every crisis. But the opportunity has to have as the goal a better and stronger United States. Barack Obama however only looks for opportunity as a vehicle for personal celebrity and applause.

The United States is not the problem. The advisors are not the problem. The problem is Barack Obama. The problem is that the 3:00 a.m. calls continue to ring in the office of a man who is not qualified to respond or is either on vacation or at the golf course.