State Of The Union Publicity Stunt Day

Update III: Maybe he should speak to his own hires first. According to John Heileman Obama has not spoken with half a dozen in the cabinet for two years now.

Uppity Woman is also playing Bingo with another set of cards provided by I Own The World.


Update II: The full speech is HERE minus the fake adlibs no doubt already prepared by speechwriters.


Update: PUMA PAC has the Obama BingO cards. Collect all four Obama Bingo cards and play along with tonight’s laughfest. This latest BingO game is not to be confused with Obama Apologist Bingo which we have played on earlier occasions.

As to tonight as “prom night” this is a “Don’t ask Don’t tell” we wholeheartedly support. What will be the ugliest/hypocritical coupling we see tonight? Will any of these prom dates be worst than THIS?

Other questions which will be answered tonight: Will Michelle Obama lecture Daniel Hernandez, the hero intern, on her diet theories and scowl as he rejects her anti-hero sandwiches diatribes? Who is more photogenic – Paul Ryan or Michelle Bachmann as they deliver the Republican Party and the Tea Party responses?

More updates as necessary.


The only reason to watch tonight’s publicity stunt State Of The Union speech is to see if the “prom night” seating arrangement backfires. Now that they will not be divided by an aisle but rather sitting at close proximity it would “up” the entertainment value if Obama Dimocrats and Republicans start punching or biting each other when they disagree. We’ll watch and comment tonight, for this unlikely reason alone, fingers crossed.

Other than that potential for World Wrestling type entertainment there is not much reason to watch or listen tonight. We know that Michelle Obama will be told to leave the cocktail dress in the hamper and dress in something sensible that most Americans will not recoil at seeing.

The “no cocktail dress” strategy will be the big concession to political independents and the visually unimpaired. Michelle Obama will be forced to do her part to appear “middle of the road”. As part of that great reach out to sensible Americans we can almost guarantee that Michelle Obama will have one of her Cinderellas sew sleeves onto whatever frock is forced on her.

Seated next to M.O., expect someone like Congresswoman Gifford’s husband as an example of how “in touch” Michelle Obama and Barack Obama are. We will not be surprised if there is an additional “surprise” guest (maybe Daniel Hernandez the Gifford’s intern – he’s gay and Latino and young – a threefer publicity stunt plum).

As to Barack Obama, the big issue is whether or not he will wash the gray hairs away, once again, in order to appear young and vigorous – a la Justin Beiber – to his drifting away Obama Cult. Having been caught more than once with Miss Clairol the betting is that he will not try to ban the gray hairs in such a major public appearance. If he does go anti-gray, this will be an indication that Obama and his White House thugs believe Big Media will still protect him from even such low level scrutiny. If we do see gray, it is an indication that Obama believes Big Media is off the reservation and will indeed remark if the gray suddenly vanishes.

Our bet on this most “gray” issue is that Obama will vote “present”. Expect enough of a cover up that Big Media will feel able to ignore the lessened gray but enough gray will be covered up so that Obama’s head will not appear to be a moldy strawberry.

Another big concern for tonight will be whether to wear a red or a blue necktie. We’re betting he will wear blue in order to make the verbiage more palatable to Obama Dimocrats. However, the history of Obama’s neck-wear is that he will go with red because it makes him feel more manly.

The above sums up the totality of substance we can expect from tonight’s publicity stunt.

Big Media will concentrate on the silly and unimportant tonight. Big Media will count how much applause there is even though these days the applause count is settled on before the publicity stunt speech. Back in the days of JFK and before, the amount of applause was not carefully choreographed and itemized so it had some meaning. No longer. Ignore the applause counts.

Big Media will concentrate on the silly and unimportant tonight. Ignore the words and whatever Barack Obama says – Obama cannot be trusted by friends nor foes. Ignore what the Republicans say. Ignore what Barack Obama does. Ignore what the Republicans do. None of that will matter. It is a big publicity stunt tonight and has no correlation to the real state of the union.

While all State of the Union speeches are publicity stunts this one is particularly meaningless. Barack Obama will do or say whatever is good for himself at the moment and the filth which now passes as the American left will inject Hopium and cheer.

Republicans will pretend to listen but their strategy, along with goalposts, is set. Republican have to just not be scary in public thereby giving Obama an opening to shout “scary racists” and they will achieve their strategic aims.

The Tea Party activists will not get nearly as much as they want but they will get a whole lot more from Republicans than the fake Obama cheering filthy left will get:

“As the president touts spending austerity, deficit reduction and extension of the Bush-era tax cuts, some Democrats worry Obama will pivot too hard away from the party’s core principles and concede too much to the new House GOP majority that campaigned on destroying his agenda. [snip]

A labor official, who asked not to be identified in order to speak more candidly about the president’s political situation, noted that “the midterm elections freed” Obama to work independently and without regard to his party’s left.

“The left understands that the choice in 2012 will be Obama or somebody far worse,” the official said. “They will have no choice, no matter what Obama says in the State of the Union address. No matter how much we complain, he knows that at the end of the day, we will be supporting him in 2012 — and that affects what he can do now. The choice for us will be an administration that disappointed us or a Republican administration that will be out to destroy us.”’

Barack Obama has no strategy, such as Bill Clinton did, based on advancement of core Democratic values. For Barack Obama it is all about Barack Obama. The filth that pretends to be the American left is now only a cheering squad for Obama and not much else. The filthy left will ignore the old and no longer “operative” Obama promises on Guantanamo, FISA, lobbyists, rendition, transparency, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Republicans will not be so stupid or filthy as what passes for the American left these days. Republicans will not be fooled by Obama spending “freezes”.

Someday the American left, a needed counterpoint to the needed voice of the American right will return as a chastened, honest, force. But that day will not be today. Today is a day for a big publicity stunt drenched with treachery and cowardice.