Barack Obama Is Terrified Of Marco Rubio – Bill Clinton, Kendrick Meek, Orange Crist, ‘The Orange And Black Halloween Alliance’ – Florida Friday Follies

This past week reminds us of one of Michelle Obama’s outfits: wacky, inappropriate, distracting, bizarre, and utterly unexplainable. But then we remember it is close to Halloween and things become as clear as Black and Orange.

The last week of the campaign started with Obama stabbing Frank Caprio in the back and Bill Clinton slapping Obama and coming to the rescue of Caprio. That treachery was not yet cold when Obama made a fool of himself on a comedy talk show (Heckava job Baracky). Then to end the final campaign week when all should run like clockwork, – -it hit the fan.

Last night news hit hard about the Senate race in the Sunshine State: Marco Rubio was elected Senator. Well, that wasn’t the headline exactly but it certainly is the substance. The headline news is that a Black guy was being removed at the request of another Black guy, in order to stop a Latino guy, in order that an Orange guy get the job, and help the other Black guy keep his job.

The other news is that when JournoLister Ben Smith reports something, don’t believe it; when Matt Drudge reports something wait until the details emerge because the story is not complete. The other non-news is:

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

* * * * * *

Though we take a cheeky approach to this Florida business, this is a very important story. For those that dismiss what we say because we admire Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton remember we called for investigations and prosecutions when the Joe Sestak story broke even if Bill Clinton was implicated. Joe Sestak was offered a job if he would get out of the Pennsylvania senate race. Bill Clinton was involved in that story although we believe him when he states it was a quick call to gauge Sestak’s intentions. We called and continue to call for an investigation of that bribe attempt along with prosecution if crimes were committed and no one should be protected, not even Bill Clinton.

Having stated that, this is what happened last night, what led up to it and why it is important (you may read our earlier article on how important Marco Rubio is HERE) :

Barack Obama is terrified of Marco Rubio. By 2012 Marco Rubio will be in his second year in the U.S. Senate which is the amount of time Obama lolled around the Senate while running for president. Rubio has more accomplishments than Obama, has more experience than Obama, is much younger than Obama, is more physically attractive than Obama, speaks better than Obama, has a more sympathetic life story than Obama, has a better timbre of voice than Obama, speaks better extemporaneously than Obama, comes from a more electorally important state than Obama, has a more attractive and younger family than Obama, has no crooks and Jeremiah Wrights around him like Obama, and Marco Rubio comes from a rising and already much more important and geographically diverse ethnic/racial group than Barack Obama.

Barack Obama knows that if Marco Rubio is nominated as Vice President in 2012, or even as President, Obama is toast and all the crazy demographic plots of Democratic strategists go up in smoke. With Rubio on a national ticket (in 2012 or 2016) Latinos will likely vote GOP. Latinos are not only a larger demographic group than African-Americans but they reside in diverse and growing states such as Florida, Colorado, the Southwest states, as well as New Jersey, New York, and California. Whereas a great part of the black vote is gathered around the “black belt” southern states (which vote GOP) the Latino vote is gathered in many strategically important electoral vote states. In short the Latino vote trumps the African-American vote and Barack Obama is worried and wants to destroy Rubio.

In order to destroy Rubio, Barack Obama enlisted the aid of tanned into Orange Charlie Crist. It’s an Orange and Black Halloween alliance.

Step by step timeline:

1. Barack meets Orange in Martha’s Vineyard – they agree to keep in touch and figure out a way to destroy Rubio.

2. Obama keeps his distance from Meek in order to help Orange.

3. Obama orders donors to give to Orange, not Meek.

4. All goes well until Bill Clinton campaigns repeatedly for Meek.

5. Barack Obama is forced to campaign for Meek due to Bill Clinton.

6. Obama and Orange (the double zeros) agree Bill is a problem and must somehow be bought on board.

7. Early voting starts and the numbers begin to pile up.

8. Orange panics.

9. Orange calls White House in desperation.

10. White House suggests Orange call Bill Clinton’s aide Doug Band and see if Meek intends to stay in the race.

11. Orange calls Band and asks Bill to call – it’s a trap!

12. Bill Clinton smells a rat and calls White House to inform them and explore for additional traps.

13. Orange speaks to Meek and asks Meek to drop out and suggests he talk to Bill.

14. Meek trusts and respects Bill so he asks for Bill’s advice.

15. Bill Clinton calls Meek again who is aware he will lose but depending on mood will quit/will not quit.

16. Orange is in full panic as early voting votes pile up approaching the millions.

17. Orange will be on cable show and decides the time is now to pull the trigger.

18. Orange leaks to Ben Smith.

19. Ben Smith calls Doug Band to confirm story.

20. Smith gets the story wrong and ignores the black elephant in the room.

* * * * * *

Now the full story:

JournoLister Ben Smith and Matt Drudge were on the job last night spreading misinformation. Our comments section last night was also on the job was on the job and a lot of great information was provided.

JournoLister Ben Smith’s article still has as the headlinel: “Clinton Pushed Meek To Quit Florida Race“. Matt Drudge featured a double headline (“CLINTON PUSHED BLACK CANDIDATE TO GET OUT; OBAMA CAMPAIGNED FOR MEEK LAST WEEK”). One headline duplicated the Smith misinformation but provocatively replaced Meek’s name with “black candidate”; the other headline was about how Barack Obama campaigned for Meek last week. The pictures also added to the ugliness. The implication from Drudge is “racist” Bill and good ol’ Barack.

JournoLister Smith is wrong because Bill Clinton did not “push” anyone to do anything – Kendrick Meek says so. Bill Clinton was asked for advice by Kendrick Meek and Bill Clinton provided it. As for Matt Drudge, we discussed his protection of Barack Obama two days ago and of course we all know Drudge’s history with Bill Clinton.

Let’s put some facts on the table for misleading JournoLister Ben Smith because his Clinton hate and Obama love married to sloppiness and haste misinform Americans (Matt Drudge immediately ran away from his deceptive headlines and today has a picture of a smiling Marco Rubio and the headline “Dem Nightmare”).

Drive by shooter Ben Smith knows by now Bill Clinton did not push anyone to do anything. Smith also does not bother to inform his readers of the history in the Florida Senate race. Specifically JournoLister Ben Smith looks the other way when it comes to Barack Obama.

Barack Obama’s history is to get rid of candidates. That is how he started his career. Obama dug up dirt on his opponents to advance his career. Obama anonymously hit John Edwards with the haircut story and anonymously smeared Bill Clinton about 9/11 and Hillary Clinton as the “Senator from Punjab”.

It was also the Barack Obama thugs who tried to get rid of Joe Sestak. Barack Obama thugs tried to get rid of Andrew Romanoff, Barack Obama thugs tried to get rid of David Paterson. Now Obama thugs want to get rid of Kendrick Meek.

1. It was Obama who met with Orange Crist, not Kendrick Meek, in Martha’s Vineyard.

2. It was Barack Obama that wanted Meek out and funneled money to Orange Crist.

3. It was Bill Clinton that went to Florida to campaign for Meek even as the White House signaled they wanted Meek out.

4. After Bill Clinton campaigned for Kendrick Meek, Barack Obama was forced to follow and eventually gave Kendrick Meek donuts and said “Don’t say I never gave you anything.” Remember this from August?:

“The campaign of Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.) certainly made the most of Wednesday’s brief Florida visit from President Obama.

Even though the president still hasn’t headlined a fundraiser or campaign event exclusively for Meek, the congressman’s campaign used every chance it could Wednesday to get him close to the president.

Meek was on the airport tarmac to greet Obama when he arrived, and the two later made a stop at Jerry’s Famous Deli in South Beach for corned beef sandwiches.

After purchasing Meek’s sandwich, the president joked, “Don’t say I never gave you anything.” [snip]

Obama’s full embrace of Meek and his Senate campaign was long-awaited. While the president has offered campaign help to several Democratic Senate candidates so far this cycle, Meek received little help through most of the spring and summer, even as he struggled to hold off Greene in the Democratic primary.

It’s something that rankled a few members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who suggested the White House hadn’t done enough to prop up Meek. Earlier this month, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel did headline a fundraiser for Meek in Washington.

Former President Clinton has been Meek’s biggest draw on the campaign trail. Clinton has held some five fundraisers for Meek and made three campaign stops with him earlier this week. Meek was a backer of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2008.”

Fifth Dimension provided this in our comments section from The Hill newspaper:

“One of the worst-kept secrets in Washington and in the media who care to report the actual news is that President Obama and key Democratic leaders, particularly those who control and influence the purse strings, are giving a wink and a nudge to big donors to write checks to Crist instead of Meek. Crist is now being supported by the dirty, sexy money from Establishment Democrats, and is certain to lose what little Republican support he may have been able to hold onto up to this point, significantly increasing the chances for a Marco Rubio (R) win in November. Crist needs Obama, and Obama needs Crist. And like a Lifetime Channel tearjerker made-for-TV movie, we all know where this leaves Kendrick Meek.”

Fifth Dimension also posted
the time line from JournoLister Marc Ambinder:

“Crist is incredibly ambitious. He has also damaged his credibility among Florida voters by seeming to act in the best political interests of Charlie Crist when circumstances warrant. The governor promised at least two candidates his endorsement for the 2008 Florida Republican primary. He really wanted to be vice president. In this election, now as an independent, he knows that the one trump card he holds is that he can choose to caucus with the Democrats if he wins the Senate race.

So when it becomes clear that Crist’s shtick ain’t working, and Marco Rubio is set to be the next senator from Florida, Crist calls up Bill Clinton’s fixer, Doug Band, whom he doesn’t know very well, and asks him to ask Clinton to send out feelers to Kendrick Meek. If Meek drops out, Crist will caucus with the Democrats if he wins.

Clinton makes sure the White House is aware of Crist’s intentions. The White House becomes aware. The WORST kept secret in Florida politics is that the White House tried to get Clinton to do this several months ago. At the time, Clinton told the White House to stick it where the sun don’t shine. He has real affection for Meek.”

JournoLister Ambinder relies too much on “reporting” from JournoLister Ben Smith. But Ben Smith cannot be relied on. Any gossip, any call, Ben Smith will publish as fact. That was his history at the New York papers when West Side wives of powerful men knew Smith was the go-to guy for their pastimes. JournoLister Ambinder speculates that “it looks like Crist was trying to force Meek out of the race by disclosing the didn’t-get-done deal.

What both JournoListers miss is that Crist called Clinton’s office at the suggestion of the White House. Orange Crist now denies he said what he said and JournoLister Smith publishes the denial, but the fact remains – “Crist says White House was involved.

Bill Clinton suspected something was up and he called the White House to verify that it was OK to talk to Meek about potentially pulling out. But…

Bill Clinton called the White House for verification, not because he wanted permission, but because he smelled a rat and wanted to get the White House on the record. Don’t mess with Bill.

Fifth Dimension scores a trifecta and posted this from JournoLister Greg Sargent which shows the beginning of a Clinton pushback on the Smith story:

Charlie Crist personally called a top adviser to Bill Clinton and asked if the former president would discuss with Kendrick Meek the possibility of dropping out of the Florida Senate race, according to a source close to Clinton. [snip]

According to a source close to Clinton, the former president’s conversations with Meek were directly initiated by Crist.

What is clear in all of this is that Orange Crist called the White House (he says so) and the White House suggested he get Meek out.

If it’s a funeral Michelle Obama will wear a cocktail dress with bows and belts from automotive repair shops. If it’s morning and a day dress is de rigueur Michelle Obama will stab on some garish earrings and grab another cocktail dress and a too small sweater more appropriate on Bo the dog and traipse out in that costume. That doesn’t make sense. Neither does the last ditch desperate attempt to keep Rubio out of the Senate and eventually out of the White House.

As was pointed out last night the Obama Dimocrats look desperate and pathetic and slimy. This might even help Meek. From last night:

“First and foremost, the reason why many rejected getting Meek out of the race was because there was great fear that African-American voters would stay home if Meek dropped out. The other candidates on the ticket wanted Meek to stay on the ballot. So then why try to get Meek out and kill all the other candidates, who are not doing so well right now anyway?

Second, why get this information out at this late date? If this is supposed to muscle Meek out, now it won’t work and will really make Meek supporters angry. If it does work, ditto. If this is supposed to signal to all that Crist is now the Dimocratic candidate, for all intents and purposes, again it could really make Meek supporters angry.

Third, as the article states there are two big reasons for such a desperation play: (1) the Senate is still viewed as vulnerable; (2) there is great fear of Marco Rubio who is viewed at “a potential national figure” (we wrote a short while back that the Rubio and Feingold race are the two most important races in the country).

A point of clarification which will be missed is that Doug Band from Clinton’s office was asked to be an intermediary between the Crist and Meek camps. Bill Clinton got involved in the talks only after Meek said he was considering such a move. It is not surprising that Meek would ask Bill for advice.

The one question we have: Is this yet another example of blowing up the party? Getting Meek out via an ugly leak is sure to cause a firestorm in Florida and many people are going to be disgusted and not vote. Is this the purpose? Was blowing up the Florida Dimocratic party a birthday gift for Hillary (the Meek switcheroo was supposed to take place on October 26).”

Hotair also weighed in last night as to the timing:

“When writing the earlier post, I completely forgot that Crist was doing an interview tonight on, er, “national” cable news. So that explains the timing of this story — they coordinated it so that Crist would have a large-ish platform to broadcast the fact that Meek is (allegedly) having doubts about his candidacy. If you’re trying to sandbag him and peel away Democratic base voters in Florida, what better chance to do it than during a chat with the left’s most highly rated ranting clown?”

Obama the Clown and Orange the Clown played this badly. If this were to be done, it should have been done before early voting commenced. Already more than 1.6 million early votes have been cast and many more are surely in the mail. As of last night 33% of the total votes already have been cast.

Marco Rubio responded to the Michelle Obama dress situation in Florida with logic and precision – just like a Senator:

“Charlie Crist truly will say and do anything to get elected and hold on to power. Secret deals to trade away principles for power is already the problem in Washington, it’s not the solution. This is simply politics as usual which is exactly what voters across the country are emphatically rejecting this election.”

Facts Of Note:

* As of today, more than 1.7 million Floridians have already voted – approximately 1/3 of all likely voters (4.8 million Floridians voted in 2006, the last midterm election).

* There is not a single public poll which shows Crist leading Rubio in a hypothetical two-way race.

* As of yesterday, our internal tracking showed Crist and Meek in a statistical dead heat.

* Among those who have already voted, our internal polling actually shows Meek beating Crist 28% to 24%.”

Kendrick Meek responded with love for Bill Clinton and firm resolve:

“The article is not true. Kendrick Meek was never dropping out of this race, is never dropping out of this race, and will never drop out of this race. Kendrick Meek will always stand up for the middle class and will not leave Floridians a choice between two lifelong conservative Republicans who only stand with the special interests. Kendrick is the Democratic nominee so if anyone should drop out, it’s Charlie Crist.”

Update: A hastily called presser, just concluded. Money quote: “I am in this race until Tuesday.” I don’t know how Crist wins now, but we’ll see what happens to Meek’s polling over the next day or two.”

Geta Van Susteren was on the job too (video here)

“GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS: “Did you speak to anybody at the White House?”

CHARLIE CRIST (I-FL): “Yes, I did. Subsequent to conversations with those close to Mr. Clinton.”

VAN SUSTEREN: “Who did you speak to at the White House?”

CRIST: “I’m sorry?”

VAN SUSTEREN: “Who did you speak to at the White House?”

CRIST: “There were several people that I spoke with, again, there were several people that I spoke with.”

Orange Crist spoke to Obama at Martha’s Vineyard and at every panic moment, before, during, and after.

JournoLister Smith insists that Meek was “pushed” by Bill Clinton but that is simply not true. Bill Clinton spoke with Meek and undoubtedly Meek’s prospects are bleak. Bill Clinton assured Meek he would be right by his side whatever Meek decided to do.

As much as JournoLister Smith tries to spin this as Bill Clinton “pushed” Meek, the evidence mounts, even in his own reports that that is not the case. JournoLister Smith is the one who is calibrating:

“With a spokesman for Bill Clinton and Governor Charlie Crist himself both confirming details of POLITICO’s story tonight on their efforts to convince Kendrick Meek to drop out of the Florida Senate race, Meek in a press conference this issued a calibrated denial, saying that their statements are “inaccurate, at best.”

“Any rumor or any statement from anyone that says I made a decision to get out of the race is inaccurate at best,” Meek said. “There was never a deal.”

Meek conceded that Clinton had asked him about reports that he was going to drop out, but suggested that he’d quickly ended the conversation, and he stressed that he had never actually decided to drop out. As POLITICO reported, Clinton believed Meek was ready to drop out on two occasions, and even began to draw up plans for a Tuesday rally with Crist.

“The president didn’t say, ‘Hey, you need to do this, and this is the reason why,'” Meek said.

“President Clinton did not ask me to drop out of the race,” he said. “Nobody has called me and said, ‘You need to drop out of the face.'”

Where does JournoLister get that Bill Clinton “pushed” Meek to get out? His own reports contradict his own reports and headline.

Further, Bill Clinton’s talk with the White House was not to discuss how to get Kendrick Meek out of the race. Quite the contrary. Bill Clinton essentially told Meek to tell the White House “shove it”. Bill Clinton specifically told Meek to not listen or even talk to the White House:

“Former President Bill Clinton says he talked to Rep. Kendrick Meek about ending his bid for Senate twice, but that he never discussed the issue with the White House.

“He was trying to determine what was the best thing for him to do,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN’s Susan Candiotti Thursday. “I knew it was being discussed, people had discussed it on and off… it was no secret.”

Clinton said Meek did not have enough money to break through in the polls.

“He was trying to think about what was the best thing for Florida,” Clinton said.

He said he thought it was important that Meek not discuss the issue with the White House, and instead do whatever he thought was right.”

It was a desperate Orange Crist himself who called Doug Band to try to ensnare Bill Clinton, whom Meek trusts, to get rid of Meek.

It was a desperate Barack Obama who got Orange Crist to do his dirty work.

Today the news is all atwitter with purported terror bombs in planes.
Today there is also a supposed terror attack on a Marine base.

But the real terror today comes from Barack Obama who sees Marco Rubio from the White House. The real terror today is Patrick Kennedy’s Rhode Island district going to a Republican, just like Teddy’s.

The terror and fear is mounting. Last night we got a taste of the desperation from Florida. The electoral terror will mount for a few more days. Then the full terror will be unleashed November 2 when Obama will see the pitchforks from his window, moving rapidly, towards him.


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  1. What a freakin’ awesome post Admin!!!!

    Bill Clinton called the White House for verification, not because he wanted permission, but because he smelled a rat and wanted to get the White House on the record. Don’t mess with Bill.

    …..If it’s a funeral Michelle Obama will wear a cocktail dress with bows and belts from automotive repair shops.

    Orange Crist-ies — Trick or treat!

  2. After reading this post I called my former roommates in NYC– one Dominican and one Mexican– and asked them what they thought of Rubio. Enamored does not do justice. Also asked about bambi. Response was pandering pinchy pandayjo(spelling?), which I think loosely translates to suck up tiny pubic hair.

  3. Interesting about the Patrick Kennedy seat in Rhode Island. The previous polls had shown a high percentage of undecideds. If the most recent poll is accurate, it means that the vast majority of those undecideds have moved to the Repubican candidate. I’ve got to wonder if this is going to happen all over the country. Hillbuzz has an article about Øbumbles going back to Delaware in support of Coons, and Coons cancelling his last two debates with Christine O’Donnell. There is speculation that all is not well for Coons in Delaware. Please let that be true! 🙂

    I love this article by the admin, by the way. The fear is evident in the White House. The pitchforks are drawn, and at the ready.

  4. Lovely post Admin: I just can’t wait to see it. Obama and his band of thugs are on their way out.

    I watched that interview with Greta….I’ve never seen such a liar in all my days…shifty eyed sob…that Crist!

  5. I just love how on some blogs the folks scream against the Progressives….just let them become disabled and suddenly they want their “New Deal” disability check…real quick! The old motto of “to each his own according to his ability” gets thrown out real quick.
    Of coarse they all use their “family leave act” for every pregnancy, yet rail against the “New Deal”. Millionaires want to get rid of Social Security, but the want their check too, people are freaked in the head….seriously!
    I suggest all the folks move to China…there is no social security there and when you get old you better hope your ONE child loves you, otherwise you are S.O.L.

  6. Bill Clinton issues a statement contrary to Ben Smith’s claims:

    “Kendrick Meek is my close friend. I have supported his campaign from the beginning, though our relationship extends far beyond politics. We did talk last week following a rally in Orlando about the race and it’s challenges. I didn’t ask Kendrick to leave the race, nor did Kendrick say that he would. I told him that how he proceeds was his decision to make and that I would support him regardless.

    Over the years, I have watched Kendrick become an able, effective public servant with the strength to fight for what he believes and the common sense to work with people of different parties and points of view. I still believe he could be the best Senator to help Florida and America emerge from the current crisis and build a growing middle class economy.”

  7. OT, and excuse my french, but this is disgusting. Conservative women sexism watch part 3,465. From Joe Klein today, taking a cheap shot at teh vaginas while rightfully excoriating the execrable Karl Rove:

    I can’t say that I disagree with Rove’s criticism of Sarah Palin and the other assorted Teasies

    Teasies?? Teasies??? Fuck you, Klein. Does the fact that inside the loony bin of your head she is “teasing” you mean she’s asking for it? Is that the dog whistle now? Want to “hate fuck” her, Joe? Is that it? Fuck you yet again, Joe Klein.

  8. Republican Pat Toomey still holds a small lead over Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak in the closing days of Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate race.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Voters shows Toomey picking up 50% of the vote to Sestak’s 46%. One percent (1%) like some other candidate, and three percent (3%) remain undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

    This race remains a Toss-Up in the Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 Senate Balance of Power rankings.

    A week ago, Toomey, a conservative activist who previously served in Congress, held a similar 48% to 44% edge over Sestak. The recent tightening of the race comes from an increase in support for Sestak, while Toomey’s support remains fairly steady. Sestak’s support is now at its highest level since mid-May, following a brief bounce after his Democratic Primary win over incumbent Senator Arlen Specter.

    At the same time, the latest results mark the first time Toomey has reached 50% since polling of the race began in February. Prior to today’s release, Toomey has earned 42% to 49% support since February, while Sestak has picked up 36% to 46% of the vote.

  9. Admin in other words, Obama and Crist tried to muscle him out, i advised him to stay in.

    Good for Bill, its Clinton and Meeks vs Crist and Obama.

  10. Well I was wondering when we were going to get around to Karl freaking Rove and how he is maligning Sarah Palin? That Sob should be in jail for Valerie Plame…he is a crook…he is also the crook that helped thrust this crook we now call POTUS on us!

  11. Obama is going back to Delaware. This is probably why:

    Republican senate candidate Christine O’Donnell is catching up to Democrat Chris Coons, according to a Monmouth University poll released today. The poll shows Coons backed by 51 percent of likely voters to O’Donnell’s 41 percent.

    O’Donnell has gained significantly among independent voters, building up a 5-point lead over Coons. In the Monmouth poll conducted two weeks ago, O’Donnell was ten points behind Coons among independents.

    “While Coons still has the advantage, it has to be uncomfortable knowing that O’Donnell was able to shave 9 points off his lead in just two weeks,” said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, in a statement.

  12. LOL! Crist is now desperate. From Hotair:

    Now That Crist Is Barely Pulling Any Republican Support, His Advisor Steps Forward And Says He Wouldn’t Caucus With The People of Flordia At All, But With Democrats

    That chicken could not be reached for comment.

    “Crist is going to caucus with the Democrats,” Mr. Morgan said. “I don’t think there’s any ifs, ands or buts about it. It would be, in a very tight year, almost like a Democratic pickup in a solid Republican state.”

    ROTFLMAO! After “I’m really the true republican!” failed, he went with “I’m really an independent sane moderate!”, which failed. Now he’s suddenly “really a Democrat! Really really! I mean it this time!”

  13. Senator Rubio:

    Marco Rubio has built a “commanding and insurmountable” lead in Florida’s three-way Senate race, a new poll has found — even without the latest political machinations in the race.

    The poll — which comes on the heels of revelations that former President Bill Clinton last week reportedly urged Democrat Kendrick Meek to get out of the race — shows the Republican Rubio leading the field with 45 percent, followed by Gov. Charlie Crist at 28 percent and Meek at 21 percent. Only 6 percent of voters in the Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. poll said they were undecided.

    “There is simply no mathematical formula by which Crist or Meek can approach Rubio’s 45 percent support level,” said Mason-Dixon managing director Brad Coker.

  14. Meek stood by Hillary and has a long term r/s with the Clintons. I respect him and ordinarily would vote for him. Unfortunately, Crist has made it impossible to do anything other than to vote for Rubio and I will do so reluctantly .

  15. Bill Clinton issues a statement contrary to Ben Smith’s claims:

    We did talk last week following a rally in Orlando about the race and it’s challenges.

    * * *

    I love you, Bill – and your statement. But please – it’s “its”, not “it’s”. The possessive case of “it” does not take an apostrophe.

  16. Then the full terror will be unleashed November 2 when Obama will see the pitchforks from his window, moving rapidly, towards him.

    Yeeeehaaw Admin!!!

  17. Jbstonesfan:

    It is not my place to tell you how to vote.


    I think if you really like to vote for Meek, you should do so.

    Because Rubio is so far ahead, his victory is a foregone conclusion whether you vote for him or not and nothing is going to change that in the next 4days.

  18. democrat1, I agree. I don’t think anyone’s voting choices are “wrong”. Everyone has to decide for themselves on an individual basis.

  19. Nice to know the asshats in Yemen are sending bombs around the world. I have a friend who is a pilot for UPS. I have SEVERAL Friends who are flight attendants and fly globally. I am sick to death of being worried about them because of a bunch of fundamentalist 6th Century FREAKS who think they should kill people for fun and rule the world.

  20. Admin:

    Excellent post, as usual. Thanks once again for doing the heavy lifting to keep us informed.

    The power-grabbing schemes are sickening, but your reporting is the best.

  21. jbstonesfan
    October 29th, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    Meek stood by Hillary and has a long term r/s with the Clintons. I respect him and ordinarily would vote for him.

    Here’s my thoughts on the decision to vote for Meeks or not…

    – Not sure if this song is of your liking or not 😉

    Blind Faith – Do what you like

  22. Ha, Ha:

    The night before President Barack Obama is set to make a dramatic campaign swing into his district, Rep. Tom Perriello (D-Va.) is waxing cautiously — and a touch frostily –about his incoming guest.

    “I think in terms of the President, the idea that I’m in lockstep is just kind of silly BS that conventional wisdom pundits get stuck on,” he tells the Huffington Post, speaking on the phone in between campaign functions.

  23. And Caroline too.

    Two years ago, it would have been unthinkable that both seats held by Kennedy family members could be won by Republicans.

    But Scott Brown’s January election to Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s former Massachusetts seat paved the way, and now the GOP is hoping Rhode Island state Rep. John J. Loughlin II will give an encore performance in the race for the U.S. House seat held by Patrick J. Kennedy, the late senator’s son, in Tuesday’s election. [snip]

    An NBC10-Quest Research poll released Thursday found Mr. Loughlin trailing Democratic nominee David M. Cicilline by just 2 percentage points.

    Whatever the outcome of the race, the election will mark the end of an era in American politics that dates back to 1946 when John F. Kennedy won a House seat in Massachusetts. Each year since then, at least one member of the Kennedy family has been in the White House, the U.S. House, or the U.S. Senate.

    “It really is the end of the line for the Kennedys politically because when Patrick Kennedy leaves office I think the only Kennedy left is someone on the Santa Monica City Council,” said Darrell M. West, a former Brown University professor who now works at the left-leaning Brookings Institution. “When you think about the fact that at one point they had a president and two senators and now they are down to a city council seat, that pretty much tells the story.”

    Robert S. Shriver, a nephew to the former president and brother of California’s first lady, Maria Shriver, is serving his second term on the Santa Monica City Council, this time as mayor.

    In Rhode Island, the GOP’s odds of winning the 1st Congressional District increased in February after Patrick J. Kennedy abruptly announced that he would not seek re-election to the seat he has held since 1995.

    Now days before Election Day, analysts say Mr. Cicilline, the mayor of Providence, has a slight edge over Mr. Loughlin in the race to represent this diverse district, which extends from the working-class neighborhoods of Woonsocket to the wealthier coastal community of Newport, where John Fitzgerald Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953.

  24. He’s scared of Marco Rubio, and me, I just can’t care.

    Yeah, yeah — he’ll be the first Hispanic (male) president after the first black (male) president, then we’ll have the first Asian (male) president, then the first gay (male) president … and we’ll have to go through every fucking color of the goddamned rainbow for men before one girl is allowed to eat a fucking crumb. Fuck `em.

    Women only, from now on. Yeah, I vote on issues. My issue is WOMEN FIRST.

  25. Admin: your analysis above is so good I hope you or somebody on this blog gets this to Greta asap. It supports Bill, shines the spotlight on the bamboozler his agent orange, it undermines jurnolister and pervert Ben Smith, and it shows the world that Drudge is a shoot first ask question later type who is guilty of malpractice. I am tied up right now, but timing is everything. If she had this info I believe she would run with it, and the timing could hardly be better.

  26. BTW, where is Michelle Obama? We heard she was in the Rezko house. Wasn’t she the one that was so popular she could go and campaign in places that Barack Obama could not go to? Where is she? Check your milk cartons. 🙂

  27. admin says: “BTW, where is Michelle Obama? We heard she was in the Rezko house.”

    and I hear tonight on the Nooze that The Rezko house just happens to be right across the street from a “Jewish Place of Worship” – although IT was not suspected as one of the places the Halloween Tricks from Yemen had been sent.

    Once again – it’s all about Obama…..

  28. Things not looking good for Obama and Dems in IOWA

    President Obama tanks, Republicans surge in Iowa

    Shut out of the Terrace Hill governor’s mansion since Branstad left office in1998, the GOP is poised to reclaim it, seize control of the state House, and easily hand veteran Sen. Chuck Grassley another six-year term. They may also pick up a congressional seat or two.

    Raw numbers tell the story of the Republicans’ revival in the Hawkeye State: GOP voter registration is up by more than 36,000 from a year ago, while the number of registered Iowa Democrats has plunged by nearly 24,000 during the same period.

    The resurgence of Republicans is also visible the ground and on the airwaves here.

    The crowds at two days of GOP events across eastern and central Iowa — traditionally the Democratic-leaning part of the state — were noticeably larger and more enthusiastic than at many rallies and party dinners in the lead-up to the 2008 presidential caucuses.

    The Scott County Republican Committee’s Reagan Dinner on Tuesday night, for example, drew a crowd of at least 400. All the tables in a large new convention center on the banks of the Mississippi River were filled. This in a county Obama carried by 15 percent against Sen. John McCain in 2008.

    “Iowa was the state … that launched Barack Obama on a path to the White House, but today we are seven days away from Iowa being the state that tells the rest of the nation that we are charting a different course for our state,” crowed state GOP Chairman Matt Strawn.

    Tune in to an Iowa TV station, and the difference two years can make is impossible to ignore. The airwaves are saturated with campaign ads from candidates and outside groups — including hard-hitting Republican spots that tie Obama around the necks of Democratic candidates like a millstone.

    The anti-Obama effect is evident even far down on the ballot: A Democratic state representative from a competitive district who was swept into office on the president’s coattails in 2008, for example, is now being attacked in a commercial for having “endorsed Obamacare.”

    A Des Moines Register poll taken a month ago showed that Obama’s approval rating in the state was upside down — 42 percent of likely voters approved of his performance while 55 percent indicated they disapproved.

    That Branstad — who was the state’s youngest and longest serving governor — is positioned to win the office again isn’t entirely surprising, given his enduring popularity in the state. But that all three of the state’s Democratic members of the House are now facing competitive races underscores just how resurgent the GOP is here.

    Rep. Leonard Boswell, who represents the Des Moines area in the House, was widely expected to face a serious GOP challenge. Boswell may ultimately survive, thanks in part to his facing a flawed Republican opponent. But it has become clear in recent weeks that the two Democrats from eastern Iowa, Bruce Braley and Dave Loebsack, are locked in unexpectedly competitive races.

    Read more:

  29. Admin _ just posted and woosh – I vanished into the ether! Was it the word Michelle? Nooze? Yemen? Jewish House of Worship? Who knows.

    Maybe spam shall release it….

  30. I think if you really like to vote for Meek, you should do so.

    Because Rubio is so far ahead, his victory is a foregone conclusion whether you vote for him or not and nothing is going to change that in the next 4days.


    That’s a really good point which is easy to forget — about all elections. If it’s really a foregone conclusion by election day, then that’s a good safe time to send a clear message by casting a third party vote or for a longshot candidate.

  31. Some great pictures of Hillary

    Secretary of State delivers appreciation message to DoD servicemembers

    Posted 10/29/2010

    by Airman Whitney Amstutz
    36th Wing Public Affairs

    10/29/2010 – ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam – — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a message of gratitude and praise here Oct. 29 to all servicemembers willing to devote their lives to the defense of freedom.

    Secretary Clinton went on to discuss the magnitude of such a commitment, and the impact it has on the lives of millions of Americans today.

    “With Veterans Day approaching, I want you and your families to know that the American people remain grateful and proud for your service,” Secretary Clinton said. “The dedication and sacrifices of the American military are very obvious in this region. We’ve been standing sentinel. We’ve been there defending, and taking the fight to those who would undermine freedom, our way of life and the opportunity for millions of others to have a chance to live up to their God-given potential.”

    Secretary Clinton is in the Asia-Pacific Region to communicate the U.S. message of engagement on a variety of strategic, political, multilateral and humanitarian issues.

    “I am here on my sixth trip as Secretary of State to the Asia-Pacific Region because this is the center of much of the change, and many of the challenges of the 21st Century,” Secretary Clinton said. “As we step up our engagement we will depend more than ever on each of you, the men and women of the armed forces. Your mission is evolving for the 21st Century and no one understands that better than you. Humanitarian compassion is what sets us apart. No one doubts the ferocity of our defensive and offensive ability, but everyone counts on who we are as Americans and how we convey those fundamental connections, human being to human being.”

    Secretary Clinton also noted the importance of Andersen Air Force Base’s newest mission, the Global Hawk, in achieving new heights in world-wide outreach.

    “After the devastating earthquake in Haiti last January, the Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle, like the one now based here, was used to survey the damage and identify safe landing places for aircraft carrying relief supplies,” Secretary Clinton said. “These humanitarian missions are some of the purest expressions of American generosity, and I thank you for showing what is best about all of us.”

    Brig. Gen. John Doucette, 36th Wing commander, said he was appreciative of the positive message Secretary Clinton relayed on behalf of the American people.

    “I would like to thank Secretary Clinton for taking time out of her schedule to address the servicemembers here,” General Doucette said. “It is through the efforts of all our servicemembers that our nation’s mission is accomplished. This visit has served as a reminder of what we are fighting for: the safety of not only those we love, but the country we took an oath to protect.”

    Before concluding her visit to Andersen Air Force Base, Secretary Clinton thanked General Doucette, Andersen Airmen and their families once again for their hospitality and continued support and service.

    “It is a great honor for me to have the opportunity to come here and personally express the appreciation and gratitude of all of those who may not know your names and may never come to Guam, but because you’re here, sleep more soundly at night,” Secretary Clinton said. “I look out at all of you and it makes me very proud to be Secretary of State of our great country.”

  32. I haven’t found any evidence supporting the claim that Coons canceled debates with O’Donnell. I searched for /coons cancel debate with o’donnell/ and nothing relevant turned up.

  33. turndown –


    “But Coons’s campaign confirmed its candidate had another event to attend, and in a move that could reflect the Democrat’s confidence, said there would be no more debates between the two candidates.”

  34. turndown – I must ask. Is your point in answering EVERY STORY that is connected to Muslims or Islam with a counterpoint – no matter if it is relative or not – and no matter how obscure – intended to quash ANY commentary on Islam or Muslims AT ALL?

    I find it rather interesting that you SELDOM ever address the stories as they are posted (ie, killing and raping women and children) instead referring to post what the Koran SAYS (in some interpretations) what SHOULD happen – which is more often than not – NOT what actually happens.

    Is this some tactic to prevent any commentary YOU find offensive? For God’s sake, the STORY of the most popular name in Britain was simply that. For you to feel the need to go search the comments to find a POV YOU agree with and present it her as YOUR thoughts is, well, rather creepy.

    Don’t YOU ever have YOUR OWN THOUGHTS on Radical Islam you CAN post here? Like, how you feel about WIDE SPREAD ABUSE OF WOMEN in the Muslim World – and NOT just from a “radical few”

    I have never heard your views on the practice of stoning and acid and rape and honor killings/

    Please let us know – in your own words.

  35. Wow what a day. Awake very early this morning, since I had to get on the road to drive 150 miles each way to take care of some stuff. Had also earlier in the week scheduled an appointment for today at the spa for a massage and facial this afternoon (to give myself some pampering after what I knew would be a long day)…only to make it back in town and get a phone call as I’m walking in the door that the spa had to cancel because one of their workers had to go home. 🙁 I sympathized of course, but was hard not to have a Madame Bovary moment internally (I want it now!! I want it now!! lol).

    Dragged myself to the computer kinda disappointed, then when I log on here, I see that Admin some nice things about me, and suddenly I feel radiant again. What a wonderful feeling. Thank you Admin for your nice words and praise…they rescued my day. 😉

  36. Here’s some more perspective on the name statistics. This was also a comment at smh but credits the information to a Guardian article.

    “As in previous years, the name Mohammed, which ranked 16th, would take top place among boys if all possible spellings were aggregated. But as a spokesman for the Official for National Statistics pointed out, this is potentially misleading if no other names are similarly combined: there were still more Olivers than Mohammeds if you count the 511 Ollies, 127 Oliviers, 124 Ollys, 16 Ollis and 9 Olis born in 2009. The merging of Harry with Henry and Jack with John would produce similar disruptions to the list.”

  37. JanH
    October 29th, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    Some great pictures of Hillary

    Secretary of State delivers appreciation message to DoD servicemembers


    Great pictures indeed, Jan. Thanks for posting this. Here is also video from Hillary’s appreciation message to servicemembers.

    Both her and the crowd seem to be having a great time, and Hillary is just beaming in this video. 😉

  38. Celebrant arrested after Maldives ‘hate’ ceremony
    Posted Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:54pm AEDT

    The ceremony was held at the Vilu Reef Resort in the Maldives (

    RELATED STORY: I now denounce you, husband and wife
    Police in the Maldives have arrested a marriage celebrant who abused a foreign couple as “swine” and “infidels” during a luxury ceremony in the holiday paradise.

    Maldivian police spokesman Ahmed Shiyam said the celebrant, who conducted the ceremony in the local language at an upmarket resort fringed by white sand and turquoise water, had been arrested with another hotel employee on Thursday (local time).

    A video of the ceremony, during which the hapless couple are taunted and subjected to a series of insulting and religious-tinged abuse, was posted on YouTube and has sparked fears for the country’s tourism-dependent economy.

    The hotel had initially identified the victims as Swiss, but a highly placed tourism source in the Maldives said they were in fact French. Police declined to confirm their nationality.

    “We started investigations and treat this as a very serious matter,” Mr Shiyam said.

    He says the two men were taken before a magistrate who ordered them to be detained for five days.

    “Both are being held at a police station in Male,” he said.

    The Vilu Reef hotel, where the ceremony took place, said it was “unforgivable” that a staff member had read out the sexual and religious slurs in the Dhivehi language and apologised for his conduct.

    “You are swine,” the celebrant told the couple.

    “Your marriage is not a valid one. You are not the kind of people who can have a valid marriage.

    “One of you is an infidel. The other, too, is an infidel and, we have reason to believe, an atheist.”

    The wife, wearing a white dress and carrying a bouquet, and her husband smile shyly through the ceremony, which was to renew their marriage vows at a cost of $US1,300.

    In front of a table decorated with incense sticks, the English-speaking couple bow their heads in prayer through the torrent of accusations, curses and swearing from the celebrant.

    The Islamic republic of the Maldives is one of the world’s most exclusive honeymoon destinations and its economy relies heavily on tourism.

  39. Remember the frauds B+…gag

    Flashback: Remember Post-Election Stress and Trauma Syndrome in 2004?

    Laura is giddy with schadenfreude and recalled this old psychiatric diagnosis.

    Are you ready for PESTS 2?

    The symptoms vary region to region and person to person, but the general diagnosis is the same: severe disorientation, melancholy, a need to be around like-minded others and a lingering fear that the country is going to hell in a handbasket.
    Howard Menger, a film technician in New York, woke up with PESTS on the Wednesday after the election. He called his old friend Jerry in Ohio, who’d been the best man at his wedding, and left this message:

    “Just calling to make sure, for the sake of me and my family and people around the world, that you didn’t vote for Bush yesterday. Give me a call and reassure me.”

    By Sunday, he hadn’t heard back. “I have a gut feeling,” he says, “that it might be the end of a 10-year friendship.”

    Thanks to rdbrewer and I think someone, here’s another sydrome we should be aware of:

    The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which an unskilled person makes poor decisions and reaches erroneous conclusions, but their incompetence denies them the metacognitive ability to realize their mistakes.[1] The unskilled therefore suffer from illusory superiority, rating their own ability as above average, much higher than it actually is, while the highly skilled underrate their abilities, suffering from illusory inferiority. This leads to the situation in which less competent people rate their own ability higher than more competent people. It also explains why actual competence may weaken self-confidence: because competent individuals falsely assume that others have an equivalent understanding. “Thus, the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others.”[2]
    That’s kind of half the problem with liberals in both office and the media, right there.

  40. I am listening to Hannity talk about what a meddling politician Bill Clinton is to try and toss out a good, black Democrat from the race.

    I hope to God, there isn’t one PUMA that believes that the Rethugs are the freakin’ good guys now.

    Rethugs and Dims are total snakes!!!!!

    Snakes, I say. I am totally disgusted. Thank you Admin for setting the record straight on this thread.

    Rats, snakes and Aholes!!!

    I want all of them out of Congress.

  41. Shadowfax – I heard about 5 minutes of Limbaugh today. He was doing the same song-and-dance. Despicable. Riling up race-relations as bad as Obama does, and pretending they are the good guys. This WILL backfire on the Right if they are not careful.

  42. Shadowfax, I saw a recent poll on Congress where the most popular choice was “Throw them ALL out and start over”. It was something like 75% of the country. Seriously.

  43. Did any of you watch Greta grill Meeks?
    Poor guy, even with a smile on his face teased it was like a cross examination.
    Greta got to the bottom of it, it was all OrangeFlav Crist asking Meeks to get out of the race. Offered him a cross from his sister, (no idea what kind of a lameAss gift that was), and Meeks told Orangie to take a hike.
    We gotta get the video on this.

  44. Hillary4TX and Norma – yup, the Rethugs had better watch their step if they are voted in…they will be walking the plank in the next election if they don’t practice what they preach.

  45. I didn’t get to see Greta, Shadow (I hope to catch clips later), but here is some more info on the cross that Crist offered to Meek. From the WSJ:

    Meek: I Turned Down Crist Cross

    Florida independent Senate candidate Charlie Crist personally lobbied Democratic candidate Kendrick Meek to exit the race this week, offering him a cross that had been a gift from his sister, Mr. Meek said Friday.

    The gesture occurred Monday as Mr. Crist and Mr. Meek were surrounded by local Jewish leaders at a Hollywood, Fla., meeting of the pro-Israel lobbying group American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

    “I was shocked when he did it,” Mr. Meek said in an interview late Friday. “I told him to keep the cross and that I carry my Christianity in my heart.”

    Crist spokesman Danny Kanner said he would not comment on a private conversation.

    Mr. Meek’s account is the latest turn in an increasingly twisted tale of political intrigue.

    Mr. Crist, the Florida governor, had called Mr. Meek, a Miami congressman, earlier that morning, about 4:50 a.m., leaving a voice mail asking if they could meet up at the AIPAC gathering. “I’ll call you later this morning and see if we can work out a time to get together just you and me,” Mr. Crist said in the voice mail, which was played for Washington Wire by Mr. Meek. “Take care, buddy.”

    Mr. Meek was scheduled to speak at AIPAC about 8:30 and Mr. Crist at 10, but the governor showed up an hour early in hopes of catching the congressman.

    Mr. Meek said he tried to avoid Mr. Crist, but as he left the stage, “there he was, right in front of me.”

    “He said, ‘If you were to drop out and work with me and help me we together can beat Marco Rubio,’” Mr. Meek recalled. “I said, ‘Governor, that’s a non-starter.’

    “Then he dug down into his pocket and pulled a small cross out,” Mr. Meek continued. “He said his sister gave it to him and he wanted to give it to me so I would think about it.”

    Mr. Meek said Mr. Crist had been calling him repeatedly all weekend, and that he blames Mr. Crist for spreading rumors in recent weeks that he was going to drop out of the three–way race against Mr. Rubio, the GOP nominee.

    Mr. Crist’s camp had been in contact with aides to former President Bill Clinton, who last week tried to convince Mr. Meek he could not win the race and that exiting might help Mr. Crist defeat Mr. Rubio.

    Mr. Crist, on the early-morning voice mail, described himself as a “night owl.” Mr. Meek said he was asleep when the call came in.

    “For him to call me at four something in the morning, you know something’s not right,” Mr. Meek said.

    The picture emerging here is just getting wackier and wackier. Charlie Crist is not coming across as a very stable person…

  46. they will be walking the plank in the next election if they don’t practice what they preach.
    Unlike the hypocritical and corrupt Dems, the Republicans do practice what they laissez-faire capitalism, social Darwinism, and varying degrees of religious fundamentalism.

  47. 5th

    I agree, Crist sounds like a real nutjob. Pulling out a cross from his pocket, thinking this religious symbol would somehow melt Meek to a timid little man that would back out of the race.

    What an Orange idiot.

  48. Norma Desmond
    October 29th, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    turndown – I must ask. Is your point in answering EVERY STORY that is connected to Muslims or Islam with a counterpoint – no matter if it is relative or not – and no matter how obscure – intended to quash ANY commentary on Islam or Muslims AT ALL?

    Don’t YOU ever have YOUR OWN THOUGHTS on Radical Islam you CAN post here? Like, how you feel about WIDE SPREAD ABUSE OF WOMEN in the Muslim World – and NOT just from a “radical few” I have never heard your views on the practice of stoning and acid and rape and honor killings

    Please let us know – in your own words.

    Norma Desmond, I do believe you are ready for your close up now! 🙂

  49. ecoast – maybe he issued a verbal statement to the press, and the press used the incorrect grammar when they wrote his words down?

  50. I feel like I live in another world from the posters here. The dems in NY are running an undeserved 20 pts ahead. It has been declared no contest.

  51. gonzotx
    October 29th, 2010 at 10:00 pm


    That’s what one crazy presumably Islamic guy got arrested for saying.

    Here’s what a group of Christians and Muslims got away with doing.

    Neither incident tells us about either religious group as a whole.

    “Nairobi, February 19: Muslim and Christian residents of Mtwapa, a district in the outskirts of the port city of Mombassa, recently joined hands in disrupting a planned nuptial involving two local tribesmen on the ground of being completely an alien practice in their largely conservative community.
    Two men had wanted to make their wedding ceremony public but in vain.”

  52. The move to push people into installing rooftop solar panels has been hugely successful in Germany with citizens encouraged to fit the panels and then sell any surplus power back to the national grid.
    However if the surge is too large than the grid will struggle to cope, even if coal-fired generators are all switched off.
    Experts forecast between 8 gigawatts and 10 GW of solar power capacity to be installed this year – the equivalent of roughly 10 large coal-fired power plants. In 2009, only 4 GW were installed.
    If the current trends continue, experts expect Germany would have a solar power capacity of nearly 50 GW by 2013.
    ‘That would be a catastrophe for the grids,’ Kohler said. He is urging the German government to cap the installation of new solar panels at 1 GW per year.
    ‘Then we could reach the manageable benchmark of 30 GW in 2020,’ he said.
    Many experts believe that the grid needs to be strengthened where solar power could overtake demand in some areas.

    Read more:

  53. Caprio did well in tonight’s final debate. He COULD WIN the prize IF he provides solutions to the current job crisis in RI.. So far, none of the candidates have proffered a plan creating jobs. If at all possible, especially this weekend with Bill Clinton by his side, Caprio has to say: a plan inviting new business to the state (example: through Tax incentives) will be a first step for reviving job creation in RI.

    Chafee turns to Robitaille as polls show Caprio losing ground

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. — With two polls in two days showing him with a 7-point lead in the race for governor and Democrat Frank T. Caprio losing ground, independent Lincoln D. Chafee turned his attention Thursday to Republican John F. Robitaille’s oft-heard promise to exempt military pensions from taxation, while cutting a wide array of other taxes.

    “Your lips are moving but nothing’s coming out,” Chafee told Robitaille at one point during an hourlong debate on WPRO radio Thursday morning after again trying to pin Robitaille down on how he would pay for his tax-cutting promises, including his vow to eliminate the car tax.

    But while Chafee turned up the heat on Robitaille, Caprio wielded as a club the $2,703.39 in town taxes that Chafee’s wife, Stephanie Danforth Chafee, pays on more than 700 acres of family-owned farm and timber land in Exeter, in a debate in which he initially asked — and Chafee could not answer — how much his family paid in taxes on the property.

    “Honest answer, I don’t know,” said Chafee, explaining he was not involved in the financial business of his wife’s family.

    With the election Tuesday, the debate finally gave the candidates a chance to grill each other with questions — and accusations — and they did so with zeal, talking over each other as they threw out words like “dreadful” and “ruined” and “disarray” to describe the state, the state of its public-employees pension fund and the end result of eight years under a Republican governor who came into office “with no political experience.”

    Independent Lincoln D. Chafee, shown with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in Providence in September, will be joined again by the mayor on Monday.
    The Providence Journal / Bob Thayer
    A sampling of their banter:

    “Do you think it’s fair,” said Caprio, “that 700 acres of land … is only taxed at $2,000” when there are “senior citizens sitting in their apartments, right now, cutting pills in half and wondering, if you institute your sales-tax increase, how they are even going to get by next month?”

    “The main point here in this campaign is the status of the State of Rhode Island,” said Chafee in response. “And, Mr. Caprio, you spent the last 20 years in the State House, 20 long years getting us into this pickle. … You are part of the problem.”

    But Caprio insisted then, and again after the candidates had dispersed, that Chafee’s lack of knowledge about how much his family pays in property taxes on the Weehoose Farm shows how “out-of-touch” he is, even though campaign aides later said Caprio has no quarrel with the tax-relief program that capped the value of each of those open acres in Exeter at $115 for tax purposes.

    Though Mrs. Chafee pays an overall $23,286 in taxes on the Exeter property, which has qualified for the state and locally administered conservation tax break at issue since 1982, Caprio spokesman Nick Hemond said the point was: “Lincoln Chafee doesn’t have to worry about how he’s going to pay that property-tax bill.

  54. turndownobama
    You are killing me. I made a promise that every time I became annoyed with pro-islam posts i would donate 5 dollars or do one hour of volunteering for Toomey. Going broke, but I think Christine O’Donnell owes you a thank you.

  55. The Hillbuzz boys are hearing interesting scuttlebutt from party insiders in Chicago:

    But we’ve been talking to everyone political we know here in the Midwest to see what they are going to do after November 2nd…and a lot of people are planning on focusing on SOUTH CAROLINA.

    “Big things are going to be happening there…things that will take this White House down”.

    We have a suspicion of what’s up.

    It has something to do with things Obama did in the leadup to the 2008 Democrat primary in South Carolina.

    It is the big mystery on the radar.

    It’s going to be very busy here for the next several days, but start helping us fill in articles written about the South Carolina Democrat Primary in 2008 and how Obama made up a 20-point deficit to Hillary Clinton to end up winning that contest on Super Tuesday.

    SOMETHING overlooked at the time keeps Obama up at night today.

    This connects to what Ulstermann and his Democrat insider were saying about something bigger than Watergate that could bring Obama down.

    Stay tuned.

    Start digging through old South Carolina reporting.


    latest washington insider news:
    go read the series if you havent…

    “White House Insider: The Clintons Are Going For It.”

    Published by Ulsterman on September 21, 2010 in Opinions

    In a somewhat brief and cryptic email message, the D.C. Insider states Bill Clinton tipped his hat this past week in a nationally broadcast interview.

    Author’s Note: Since completing Part Three of the White House Insider series, little communication has come from the individual responsible for the information surrounding those articles. So little communication in fact, I began to worry for their well being. Thankfully, I received a brief email message recently indicating they were in fact well, and offering up this information for my readers. I am uncertain as to where they are attempting to point me, and now hoping some of you can share some of your own plausible responses, as the Insider has yet to respond to my requests for further clarification. Here are portions of that email, printed with the permission of its originator, with some names withheld per their request.

    Read more in Opinions
    « Bill Clinton on Palin: Don’t Underestimate HerObama: “Mexicans” Were Here “Long Before America Was Even an Idea” Mexico 1821, Us 1776 »
    B. Clinton gave major indicator over weekend news as to what they are trying to pull off. It was a message to the possible donors “We are giving it serious consideration.” Surprised he did it so openly, but maybe they are that confident or feel no better time will present itself. Forwarded my thoughts to -name withheld- who agrees with observation. States WH made note of it too and are not pleased. -Name withheld- in particular thinks BC and HC are coming for them – the Clintons are going for it. WH divided as there are a number of them from the Clinton adm. Suspicions at all time high. -Name withheld- on way out. Should be announced soon. Did you catch the Pelosi news? Told you it was going down. More to come as well – much more. Had breakfast with -name withheld- yesterday. He stated she was “D.C. toast”. No way she retains Speaker pos. Party already planning to push her out if need be. Glad to hear. Very glad. WH helping with that by the way. -Name withheld- personally confirmed that fact. Good luck.

    Ok readers, I need a bit of help here. While I am very thankful for the information pertaining to House Speaker Pelosi, and in finding that earlier information to be proven accurate following our publishing of Part Three of the Insider series, I am at a loss regarding the “major indicator” given by Bill Clinton this past weekend. While Clinton has given a number of interviews recently, which does make it appear as if something may be up regarding the now legendary Clinton political machine, I am unable to determine with any certainty what he said that would indicate they (the Clintons) are “going for it”. The Insider has gone quiet again, so if we are to pull ahead of this potentially developing story, I will need your help. Please leave suggestions in the comments section of this article and I promise you I will review them regularly – please help me with what I am missing in regards to the Insider’s indications. In the interim, I will continue to investigate the information contained in this most recent Insider email, and if I am able to come up with an acceptable conclusion, rest assured it will be published post haste.

    AUTHOR’S UPDATE: The email for this article came to us approximately 72 hours ago. Publication took place on the morning of September 21st. Within hours of publication of this Insider report, senior White House economic advisor Larry Summers announced his intention to leave the Obama White House. Summers is the most high level departure from the White House to date – a member of the West Wing team. He is also a former member of the Clinton White House. This departure appears to further emphasize the legitimacy of the Insider, who within the context of the email published above, indicated just such a departure:

    -Name withheld- on way out. Should be announced soon.

  57. sorry for the major format problems.. go read at the link…
    going to have angry wife syndrome if I am not careful…

  58. Author’s Note: Since completing Part Three of the White House Insider series, little communication has come from the individual responsible for the information surrounding those articles. So little communication in fact, I began to worry for their well being. Thankfully, I received a brief email message recently indicating they were in fact well, and offering up this information for my readers. I am uncertain as to where they are attempting to point me, and now hoping some of you can share some of your own plausible responses, as the Insider has yet to respond to my requests for further clarification.


    Anybody heard from Lemony Snickett lately?

  59. Well I have been dying to say this but could not til I got off work…why is NO ONE calling Charlie Crist a racist??? Would he of offered a white opponet a gold necklace to get out of the race…hell no! This is what Crist thinks of black people…they like gold trinkets! I guess he thought Meeks was Mr. T.
    He’s Obama’s friend so he got away with that…had Bill done something like that it would be headline news on Drudge!

  60. I think this is the part that was missing from the above link…..

    I hope, hope, hope, hope, hope this is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Home » Politics » World Politics » White House Insider Update: President Clinton Intentions Revealed

    RE Bill Clinton’s comments over last weekend – he did in fact give notice re intending return to White House. Much chatter taking place over last few weeks regarding this by some with funding and political influence to see it through inc. those with direct ties to CAP. This talk legit. Look for upcoming big media story on it soon. Clinton 2012 campaign is quietly starting. Uncertain yet how far it will go. W/H scrambling to stamp out before more momentum going from within party. Confirmed.

    Did you not see B Clinton on GMA over weekend? Here is exact quote from BC: “[Tell them] ‘Give us two more years. Don’t go back to the policies that dug the hole…If we don’t do better, you can vote against us all, and I’ll be on the ballot, too. Vote against us all if it’s not better,’”

    BC never says anything w/o thinking it through. That statement is easy to decipher for anyone who knows how he thinks, plans, and works – many of us made note of comment. Why would Clinton be on the ballot in 2012? What did he mean by that? Simple – a Clinton intends to be on the ballot in 2012. BC was letting others know they are considering what has already been speculated, and sending signal to WH as well. Where do you think the staff leaving the WH are going to first after departure? Meeting with BC to update him on WH. WH divided between Obama people and Clinton people now. West Wing 24/7 agitation. Larry will talk to media soon. Confirmed. More word out in coming weeks. Situation getting inc. tenuous for administration. And cont. to look for more Pelosi news. Her standing in party reaching critical juncture. Showdown underway. WH fully involved. Confirmed.

  61. Shadowfax,
    Did you read Hillbuzz and what this insider says will bring Obama down??? Its South Carolina 08′.

  62. Poll: Montana voters swing to GOP; 32% approve Obama’s performance

    Nearly 60 percent of Montana voters disapprove of the job President Barack Obama is doing, according to a Montana State University Billings poll released Friday.

    Only about 32 percent of those surveyed like how the president is carrying out his duties.

    The poll also found that among statewide voters:

    Forty-nine percent said they planned to vote for the Republican candidate in their state House of Representatives race. About 35 percent said they would vote for the Democratic candidate.

    Nearly 61 percent opposed health care reform legislation enacted into federal law this year. About 27 percent supported it.

  63. hmmm that kind of fits, but the baby thing is a cover for whats really going on, i’ll bet.

    Michelle Obama Refusing to Give Barack Obama Another Child – Has “had enough” of being First Lady. “Michelle collapsed in tears and even threatened to divorce Barack if he seeks a second term as president,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

    BARACK Obama and his wife Michelle are at war — because she won’t give him another baby, sources have sensationally revealed.

    According to America’s Globe tabloid, the President took off his wedding ring during a furious fight with the First Lady over her lavish spending and reluctance to try for a third child — and the marriage has now reached a crisis point.

    “There’s shocking problems in the Obama marriage,” said one loose-lipped source.

    “Michelle is breaking her husband’s heart by refusing to have another baby.”

    Recent reports claimed Michelle is planning to spend a whopping $2m in the coming year.

    The president’s advisers hit the roof recently when they found out Michelle was arranging other ex­otic trips in the new year with girlfriends — on top of sprucing up their White House living quarters and her plans to do some redecorating at their home back in Chicago,” a source said.

    “They’ve estimated that all the spending will top more than $2 million.

    “Michelle was behind the redesign of her husband’s office, but the last thing he needs is an electorate thinking she’s living it up like a lottery winner.

    “They’ll flip if she takes more exotic vaca­tions — and they won’t care if renovations to the White House liv­ing quarters and their house back in Chicago are done by benefac­tors. It still sends the wrong message.

    “She loves top-dollar designer duds and hosting fancy dinner parties.

    “The bad economy seems to have no effect on her.” It has also been claimed that Michelle has “had enough” of being America’s First Lady.

    “Michelle collapsed in tears and even threatened to divorce Barack if he seeks a second term as president,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

    “At one point, Michelle was heard yelling, ‘I hate you for dragging me through all this…I’ve had enough!’”

  64. South Carolina……wasnt that when Obama was hanging around with that so called ex-gay Donnie McClurkin……………………

  65. Mrs. Smith,

    Since you brought it up, here’s more, from a good long readable article with graphs.
    Ice cores drawn from Greenland, Antarctica, and tropical mountain glaciers show that the Earth’s climate responds to changes in solar output, in the Earth’s orbit, and in greenhouse gas levels. They also show that in the past, large changes in climate have happened very quickly, geologically-speaking: in tens of years, not in millions or even thousands.3
    Global sea level rose about 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) in the last century. The rate in the last decade, however, is nearly double that of the last century.4

  66. I hope to God, there isn’t one PUMA that believes that the Rethugs are the freakin’ good guys now.
    Right! Our job is just beginning for we are going to have to watch them all as closely as we watched our two year-olds. Only (most of) our two year-olds eventually grew up….

  67. Is it my imagination? Is yesterday’s terror news the first time that Obie has jumped right on a problem?

  68. Chuck Schumer, as the new leader of the Senate, would give me the creeps. Durbin, with the White House’s blessing, wants the same position, and what’s funny about it is that Schumer and Durbin are roommates in DC. Schumer is circling like a shark. Having that type of politician as the Democratic leader in the Senate will backfire because an in your face New Yorker is the last thing that anti-Øbama voters will want to see and hear. But then again, it could be a good thing for those opposed to the Democrats as Americans reject what I predict would be Schumer’s rough-and-tumble ways. Poor Harry! He must feel like a piece of chum in shark infested waters! Ha! Chump!

  69. About the Øbama’s, I doubt Barack is looking for another kid. I just don’t see him all that interested in that, but correct me if I am wrong. I know this will irk some of you, but I do feel a little bad for Michelle in that I really don’t think she likes all the scrutiny of being the First Lady, and that it was Barack who wanted the trappings of the presidential office, while she could have done without all that. The problem is, though, that once she got into the White House, she’s become irresponsible with the people’s money, tone deaf as to why the people would look askance at her spending habits. She can’t blame her spending behavior on Barack. She brings that type of scrutiny upon herself.

  70. Re the above post about solar. I had a conversation last night with a man in the green energy business. He said that LIPA here in Long Island is lying when they say the excess solar energy goes back to the grid. He has spoken with lipa engineers who have told him that the transformers only function one way….they cannot send energy back.

  71. I don’t remember if this was mentioned here already, but this is very funny. All those write in candidates in Alaska are going to cause grief for Lisa Murkowski,


    Write-ins flood Alaska Senate race list

    The Associated Press
    Friday, October 29, 2010; 9:23 PM

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The number of write-in candidates for Alaska’s U.S. Senate seat has swelled to about 160 amid an effort by conservatives to target the write-in candidacy of GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and it could still grow as officials process filers’ paperwork.

    The number by Thursday’s write-in deadline had grown from just a handful earlier this week.

    Murkowski mounted her bid after losing the primary to tea-party backed Joe Miller, and some conservatives have urged Alaskans to make their own write-in runs.

    Those conservatives include Dan Riehl, who issued a call on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government website to “highlight the chaos brought about by Lisa Murkowski’s seemingly unending quest for power” with her campaign.

    It’s not immediately clear how many of those running did so because of the effort, though the write-in list includes people who’ve openly supported Miller. One of the names on the list is a “Lisa M. Lackey,” who is running as a Republican.

    Those seeking to qualify as write-in candidates must submit a letter of intent that includes their name and certifies that they’re Alaska residents. They also are allowed to give the name that they want to have filled in to be eligible to be counted as a vote for them.

  72. Swing Voters Are Flocking to GOP .

    “Independents who helped Obama win in ’08, are now giving GOP candidates significant edges, from the U.S. Senate to state legislative races across the country,” said Republican pollster Neil Newhouse.

    Democratic strategists said independents were taking out their frustrations against Democrats up and down the ballot, even in state legislative and citycouncil races.

    Tad Devine, a Democratic consultant who served as a senior adviser to the presidential campaigns of Al Gore and John Kerry, said the trend was striking this year. “They are behaving like Republicans,” Mr. Devine said of independent voters.


    NEWS: Chris Coons Was Sued Three Times In 2007 For Retaliating Against Public Employees For Their Political Views
    Funny, I don’t remember hearing about this even once in “the news.”
    The media is so busy hyperventilating about every word ever uttered by Delaware Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell that they’ve neglected to do any real investigative reporting on the Democrat candidate Chris Coons.

    I decided to do a little digging myself. Luckily, I had the internet…

    (August 2007) WILMINGTON, Del. (AP)- A third lawsuit alleges that New Castle County Executive Chris Coons retaliated against county employees because of their political views.

    Dennis Parkstone filed the latest lawsuit last month. He claims he was fired after 35 years for a minor violation because he voiced support for Coon’s rival in 2004, Sherry Freebery. However, county spokeswoman Christy Gleason says Parkstone was fired because he sent inappropriate and explicit e-mails on the county’s e-mail servers.

    A lawsuit filed by county police Corporal Trinidad Navarro is scheduled to go to trial next month. Navarro alleges he was passed over for a promotion because he supported a police chief appointed by the previous county executive.

    And two years ago, Freebery’s brother alleged in lawsuit that he was improperly fired because he supported his sister. He was the general manager of Special Services for the county.

  74. Why now? Finally, NOW speaks up:
    …NOW President Terry O’Neill issued a statement late Thursday after a gossip website published a report from an anonymous man — later identified by “The Smoking Gun” website as Dustin Dominiak — claiming that he had a one-night stand three years ago with Republican Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell. “Today the tabloid website Gawker published an anonymous piece titled “I Had A One-Night Stand With Christine O’Donnell” that takes the routine sexual degradation of women candidates to a disgusting new low. NOW repudiates Gawker’s decision to run this piece. It operates as public sexual harassment. And like all sexual harassment, it targets not only O’Donnell, but all women contemplating stepping into the public sphere,” O’Neill said. NOW has endorsed O’Donnell’s opponent Chris Coons in the Delaware race, and said it disagrees with O’Donnell’s political views. “That does not mean it’s acceptable to use slut-shaming against her, or any woman,” O’Neill said. “Let me be honest: I look forward to seeing Christine O’Donnell defeated at the polls, but this kind of sexist attack is an affront to all women, and I won’t stand for it…”

  75. nomobama
    October 30th, 2010 at 9:55 am
    Greta needs to know this if she does not already. Can you get this to greta or somebody else at fox news. I have been sending stuff to seib at wsj in an effort to get him to tell both sides of the story. No luck. In fact he does not even respond. He tilts toward Obama and has a hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil when it comes to Obama. Even Norm Orstein who is at the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute pulls his punches. If I had it to do over I would not waste my time casting pearls before swine, who a defenders of the Washington dc establishment. I would go the the Manhattan Institute. But the story you posted and your research need to see the light of day before the election. A vote for Coons is a vote for an abusive extreme left wing ideologue who has no legitimate place in Congress. And these facts confirm it.

  76. Swing Voters Are Flocking to GOP
    This is the predictable grand climeractic in a wave election. It happens in the last 10 days as the indifferent and distacted segments of the electorate finally focus on what is happening to their country as a direct result of the party in power. That is why it is so damned important to get that information on Coons to Greta. Art is long and time is fleeting.

  77. Is it my imagination? Is yesterday’s terror news the first time that Obie has jumped right on a problem?
    If that is the case then somebody needs to reverse engineer this thing fast, because somewhere in the prior chain of events you can be sure there was a failure by Obama or his minions, and the public needs to know about it.

  78. Poll: Montana voters swing to GOP; 32% approve Obama’s performance
    I hope some of this rubs off on their goof ball governor who walked on stage at the convention drunk as a skunk and bragged about how they gave erroneous polling places so their their political opponents could not find them and vote. As I recall, he was also an Obama supporter in the primaries. I think his name is Brian Schweitzer. He is another Joe Manchin if you ask me. A scumbag insider posing as a populist. A poseur.

  79. “Any one of these threats or attempted attacks can cut either way for a sitting president,” said Gordon Johndroe, who was a National Security Council spokesman for Mr. Bush. Mr. Johndroe said that he was never sure whether the bin Laden tape helped or hurt the president’s re-election.—wsj

    In my opinion, it may be a tactical success to have interdicted this shipment, but it is also a strategic failure inasmuch as it shows that al Quaeda remains a potent force, and Osama bin Laden remains at large, billions of dollars later. In that sense it makes Obama look rather impotent. I think this incident will have minimal impact on the election either way. From the standpoint of al Quedea, they realize that a democracy is most vulnerable at the time of election when power is about to change hands. Obamas response was what? Oh that is right. He gave a speech. How Churchillian of him.

  80. wbboei
    October 30th, 2010 at 10:19 am

    wbboei, if you look at the link, you’ll realize that it wasn’t my research. I just copied and pasted it here for others to read. Sorry if I made it appear otherwise. I agree with you nonetheless, that it needs to become visible ASAP to those in Delaware who haven’t voted yet.

  81. Carol
    October 29th, 2010 at 11:47 pm

    I feel like I live in another world from the posters here. The dems in NY are running an undeserved 20 pts ahead. It has been declared no contest.


    I have read about that as well. I don’t understand it but it does seem as if the voters there are going for the status quo.

    Hypothetically, if it were your choice alone, who would you like to see get in?

  82. nomobama
    October 30th, 2010 at 10:58 am
    Can you send it to greta? I would do it myself but I am tied up in a legal project at the moment. I have sent stuff to great before, but I could not find the email address just now. If not let me know. If there is any chance of winning that senate seat that may be the one that causes the dimocrats to lose both houses, which would set other forces in motion conducive to the objectives of all of us on this site, who have kept the faith for over two years.

  83. threats or attempted attacks
    I prefer to think it is a terroristic – if that’s a word – response to this:

    NEW DELHI: With the clear aim of sending a message to terrorists, US President Barack Obama is expected to stay overnight at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai and tour other 26/11 targets when he undertakes a visit to India next month.
    [Accompanying this article is a picture of smoke billowing from the impressive structure.]

  84. In contributing to Angle and O’Donnell, I became aware of something called the piryx giving stream. It’s a neat modern interface; suppose it is like twitter et al. O’Donnells’ giving stream has been quite active for several days. 🙂

  85. Turndown:

    “The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is very likely human-induced and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented in the past 1,300 years.1”

    Using the words “most of it is Very likely human induced” ARE NOT in anyway to be construed as the sole cause for global warming. Even Al Gore has mothballed his Global Warming Tour because his claim and evidence he provided has been disproved as a ‘THEORY OF CONVENIENCE’ fraught with cherry picked statistical evidence provided in the IPCC Supplemental Reports. If you read on.. reviving the footnotes indicated in your “link, full explanations are given in supplemental links watering down the premise, human interaction is solely responsible for Climate Change. No one is disputing Global Warming may be happening in as much as the bone of contention, which you are always bind to, is your continued cry HUMANS are soley responsibal for Global Warming.

    1 IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, Summary for Policymakers, p. 9

    h… w…

    Read the information contained in your own link…. not just the headline. Following the first foot note #1 from the second paragraph of your posted link. It summarily disputes your unfounded stand on climate change. After the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report was reviewed, the errors and erroneous assumptions are noted in this supplemental link at the bottom of the page.

    h.. w…

  86. Stewart and Colbert rally is today. Hey, let’s wait for the MSM to point out that the crowd is mostly white! Raaaaaaciiiiiiiiiiists!!!

    Have seen several names for it popping up. Rally To Mock Likely Voters, Rally To Restore a Failed Narrative, Rally to Prove Jon Stewart Has a Larger Penis Than Glenn Beck. etc. Heh! 😀

    Oh, and Comedy Central had the gall to try to tell reporters that they could not film the event! They were trying to only let “approved” press cover it!

    Irony reaches new heights at Comedy Central is going to “strictly prohibit filming” of the Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive. PJTV’s Washington Bureau chief Richard Pollock inquired with the Comedy Central’s senior vice president of corporate communications Steve Albani about receiving credentials. Albani claimed that Pollock would not be given credentials because of limited supply, and as such there would be no room on the “press riser” for PJTV’s camera and crew. When Pollock said that he’d be fine with filming not on the press riser, Albani said that filming would be “strictly prohibited” between 3rd and 7th streets on the National Mall (ground zero for the event).

    But the best part is Pollock’s email reply:

    From: “Richard Pollock”
    Date: Oct 29, 2010 6:33 PM
    Subject: RE: DC Rally Update
    To: “Albani, Steve”
    Hi Steve,

    Well your risers, you own. As Comedy Central, you have property rights and complete control over that. No one will deny you that. We are content, though disappointed with your decision to withhold media credentials to us.

    However, the last I heard the First Amendment still does apply to America. It not only applies to TV hosts, show producers and to networks, but extends to the public and to events held on federal land. Yes, public lands! Although it may not make any sense to you at this moment, the National Mall is not a TV set, although it may look like one.

    As the former chief Washington producer for ABC’s “Good Morning America” for nine years, let me assure you that you cannot bar cameras from public walkways on the Mall. It has never happened.
    And so we will be there crew and all.

    It does seem a bit incredulous that a rally for “reasonableness” should exclude freely based camera crews exercising their First Amendment rights to cover your attendees walking on public property. Unless this is Prague in 1968. And unless Comedy Central own tanks. Or unless it deploys a Comedy Police with enforcement powers.
    On the other hand maybe I got this all wrong…I thought you were merely trying to be clever when you said it was a rally for fear. If is that, then I certainly understand your attitudes and rules.

    See you tomorrow!
    All the best,

    Read more at the Washington Examiner:

  87. Well I agree with Nomobama about Michelle. She really never wanted to be in the WH because she does know where all the bodies are buried.
    Michelle is at least a real black american and I’m sure that is why she is popular.
    So MO doesn’t want another kid with Bozo…well who could blame her….Obama is nothing but a skeleton with an attitude.

  88. “Here is exact quote from BC: “[Tell them] ‘Give us two more years. Don’t go back to the policies that dug the hole…If we don’t do better, you can vote against us all, and I’ll be on the ballot, too. Vote against us all if it’s not better,’” ”

    Shadowfax – I’m not sure who said what, of course, but I am sure I saw that quote a few weeks ago, a part of another article, and it was attributed to Obama. I know you’re just posting what someone else wrote. But I wonder if there has been a mix-up.

  89. “So MO doesn’t want another kid with Bozo”

    If any of this gossip is true, I imagine the thinking is that it would be a great publicity stunt and fudge obama’s terrible governing record.

  90. Now that I’m looking at it again, it says that BC is saying this, and he starts with “tell them” – I’m thinking that Bill was telling the BO admin/BO himself what to say – then the “I’ll be on the ballot, too” would refer to BO even in this quote…

  91. Its quite obvious though she doesnt want to be there doing anything political, i reckon she’d be happy sitting on her butt watching reruns of Oprah with a bag of chips in pyjama pants and a bucket of chicken.

    So where was her great campaigning for the midterms or did she give that up on the quiet when she got bored.

  92. 29 October 2010

    Hillary Clinton faces Japan-China wrangle at Asean

    Hillary Clinton’s agenda will include human rights issues

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has joined the Asean regional summit, amid a continuing war of words between China and Japan over disputed islands.

    An apparently friendly China-Japan meeting ahead of the Hanoi summit on Friday was followed by Beijing accusing Tokyo of damaging bilateral relations.

    The US has urged dialogue but China has already expressed dissatisfaction with Mrs Clinton over the issue.

    Mrs Clinton’s agenda will also include human rights issues.

    Continue reading the main story Related storiesWhy are South China Sea tensions rising?
    The 16-nation East Asia Summit has now formally opened in the Vietnamese capital.

    The China-Japan row is over islands known in Japan as Senkaku and in China as Diaoyu. They are controlled by Japan but claimed by China.

    Ahead of her arrival, Washington called on the nations to “have a thoughtful, considered dialogue and resolve these issues”.

    State department spokesman PJ Crowley said: “We recognise that there is an open question of sovereignty, and we expect that to be resolved between Japan and China through dialogue.”

    But China has already said it is “strongly dissatisfied” with Mrs Clinton for speaking out on the dispute after meeting her Japanese counterpart Seiji Maehara in Hawaii on Thursday.

    She said the islands fell within the scope of Japan’s security alliance with the US.

    Nobel winner

    Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Hu Zhengyue said on Friday: “The Japanese side should take responsibility for ruining the atmosphere for leaders of the two countries.”

    China faces opposition from a number of Asean members over its claims in the South China Sea and the matter may arise again on Saturday.

    Continue reading the main story Ongoing disputesGas fields: The countries argue over gas exploration rights in the East China SeaDisputed islands: Both countries claim ownership of Senkaku/Diaoyu islandsYasukuni Shrine: Memorial to Japan’s war dead which China sees as glorifying war criminals Q&A: China-Japan islands row
    Mr Crowley said Mrs Clinton would raise human rights concerns with the hosts.

    “There have been some recent instances where journalists, bloggers, other activists have been arrested. This is contrary to Vietnam’s own commitment to internationally accepted standards of human rights, including the freedom of speech,” Mr Crowley said.

    He also said the issue of detained Chinese Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo would come up in discussions with China.

  93. Hillary is such a natural on the world stage. She makes it look so easy.

    Hillary ‘excited’ about Australia trip Adam Gartrell

    October 30, 2010

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has told Prime Minister Julia Gillard she cannot wait to visit Australia next week.

    Mrs Clinton met Ms Gillard on the sidelines of the 16-nation East Asia Summit in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi on Saturday.

    The pair spoke briefly and posed for the cameras as they left a VIP lunch.

    Asked if she was looking forward to her visit to Australia, Mrs Clinton said: “Very much.

    “I cannot wait to get there.

    “I was just telling the prime minister how excited I am.”

    Before parting ways, the pair shared a kiss and Mrs Clinton said: “It’ll be fun.”

    “I will make it fun,” Ms Gillard replied.

    Mrs Clinton and US Defence Secretary Robert Gates will be in Australia from November 6 to 8 for the 25th AUSMIN talks.

    They will meet Ms Gillard, Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and Defence Minister Stephen Smith to discuss regional and global issues.

    It will be Mrs Clinton’s first visit to Australia since she was appointed secretary of state in 2008.

  94. “Michelle collapsed in tears and even threatened to divorce Barack if he seeks a second term as president,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

    “At one point, Michelle was heard yelling, ‘I hate you for dragging me through all this… I’ve had enough!’”

    I see, too much work governing a country by and for the People. Unless Democracy can be scrapped replaced with a dictatorship for King Barack and Queen Michelle to rule without question as a condition for BO seeking a second term.

  95. wbboei
    October 30th, 2010 at 10:36 am

    The only reason obama would speak up now is desperation. He needs to show leadership so badly before Tuesday and he definitely wants to change the news cycle where he can.

  96. The only reason obama would speak up now is desperation. He needs to show leadership so badly before Tuesday and he definitely wants to change the news cycle where he can.
    It is too late for him. Obama has been tested on the terrorism issue before and he failed the test. The die has been cast. This display of faux leadership on the eve of the election will be views as opportunistic rather than substantive.

  97. JanH
    October 30th, 2010 at 11:44 am
    “So MO doesn’t want another kid with Bozo”

    If any of this gossip is true, I imagine the thinking is that it would be a great publicity stunt and fudge obama’s terrible governing record

    Yes, exactly my first thought upon reading another Baby Bozo is not welcome in Mama Bozo’s womb.

  98. Is the Obama Regime Going Into Exile? Jesus, more expense.

    from Rush Limbaugh

    RUSH: Melissa in Houston, it’s great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hi.

    CALLER: Yes. I’ve read that something like 800 people are going on this Indian trip with the president. And I was just wondering: Who are these people? Why are they all leaving the country, and what is gonna be the cost of all this, too.

    RUSH: Well, we know this. We know that 40 airplanes are being utilized, including both Air Force Ones. Both Marine Ones are being disassembled and flown over there on cargo planes, as is the Obamamobile, the official presidential limousine. I think there are two or three of those. You gotta know that a lot of Secret Service are going, White House staff. I hadn’t seen the number 800.

    CALLER: Okay. I read that, I guess, on Politico. But you said something like 500. Well, they’re taking the whole Taj Mahal.

    RUSH: Yeah, 520 rooms in the Taj Mahal.

    CALLER: Mmm-hmm. And then there were additional hotels, I think, too.

    RUSH: Yeah. Basically it sounds like a government in exile. Like I said, the question to me is: Are they coming back?

  99. moononpluto – another possibility is that insiders are sending out stories, whether true or not, to float potential reasons for him to step down and not run again (to save face from being trounced!)

  100. Michelle Obama will be age 47 this coming January. She already has two children in their teens or tweens. Another child is ridiculous if not impossible (or medically inadvisable). Her husband uses the two they have as props. This story is a tial balloon for some kind of sympathy human interest distraction away from his political Waterloo on Tuesday. It is pathetic.

  101. MO is too old to have a baby! 46+ or 47+ (1963 or 64). She is going through pre-menopause judging by her abdominal mass she tries to cover up with super-strength spandex and frills and bows and boob belt…

  102. Remember during the Primary at the Debate when O said, Hillary they like you well enough. I keep thinking of that as his performance approval keeps going lower, but they still like him a lot.

    O, they like you well enough, they just don’t think you can do the job.

  103. Jan H

    I am more of a
    Steve Levy democrat….he btw has just left the party.

    At this point, I will not vote for any candidate who will not enforce the law and who will give anmesty to illegals and who is happy to have a bilingual english / spanish speaking country. I live in an area invaded with illegals and live with the consequences and the cost. Both paties should be looking for compromise.

    I would like to see Schumer, Gillibrand and Cuomo defeated…each for different reasons.

    The Tea party repug candidiate…Palladino…is not gifted with words…however, he is willing to go after public employee pensions and benefits and medicaid to each and every illegal….all things which are putting the state on the road to bankruptcy. Cuomo is too in bed with the unions to do anything about that and all the dems want to feed and educate all of South America on the backs of middle class New Yorkers. So for the first time in my life I will be voting repugnant in the state and local elections.

    New York politics is a sewer….can’t get much worse.

  104. Carol
    October 30th, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    Thanks for the great analysis. It’s given me a lot to think about. I am with you in that I would love for those three to walk the plank.

  105. MOP: more details of Obamas’ vacay and note, they’ll stay in Mumbai just one night:

    Frantic preparations are underway for US president Barack Obama’s visit to Mumbai. Sources in the security establishment said 547 rooms and all banquet halls at the Taj Mahal hotel near the Gateway of India are likely to be booked for the president’s visit. Apart from this, 125 rooms at the Taj President in Cuffe Parade and 80-90 rooms in ITC Grand Hyatt will be booked for Obama’s entourage. The US president is expected to arrive in the city on the afternoon of November 6 and is likely to leave the next day in the evening. “Michelle, Obama’s wife, is expected to visit an NGO in Kamathipura on the second day. We have to chalk out security plans for her visit since the area is densely populated,” a source from the security establishment said. “Rooms at the Hyatt are for the air crew and other members who will accompany Obama. The US president will also bring his chef along,” he said. “Three theatres at the NCPA have also been booked as Obama is expected to visit the place. He will also go to the Police Gymkhana, which has a memorial for policemen killed in the 26/11 terror attack.” An officer told DNA that Obama would travel to the hotel from the airport via road instead of a chopper. He travels in a Lincoln Continental, which has a thickness of four-and-a-half inches of metal. “Two jets and 45 cars will be part of Obama’s convoy. The jets will be armed with highly-advanced communication and security system,” he said. Advance Security Liaison officers have conducted a recce of the places Obama is likely to visit. They will conduct another recee and submit a report to their bosses.

    I read somwhere that the place meme is going to is a red light district. Supposedly she was invited!

  106. Mrs. Smith,

    “Most” never meant “all.”

    With all respect to NASA, I doubt anyone thought NASA’s words are causing anything. 😉


    NASA said at
    “The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is very likely human-induced and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented in the past 1,300 years.1″

    Mrs. Smith said:
    Using the words “most of it is Very likely human induced” ARE NOT in anyway to be construed as the sole cause for global warming.

  107. Just hear O talking to the college students. He said that two years ago was not about him, it was about them.

    So what does that mean, he is not to blame that they swallowed his hope and change stuff.

    of course it was about him, and his wild promises, which he knew he could not perform. Now he wants to blame them.

    Obviously he does not want to accept the responsibility for what people thought two years ago.

  108. Oh this is priceless : Even Dems want him gone.

    Dems want a challenge in 2012

    Poll: Dems split over handing Obama ‘12 nomination

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic voters are closely divided over whether President Barack Obama should be challenged within the party for a second term in 2012, an Associated Press-Knowledge Networks Poll finds.

    That glum assessment carries over into the nation at large, which is similarly divided over whether Obama should be a one-term president.

    A real Democratic challenge to Obama seems unlikely at this stage and his re-election bid is a long way off. But the findings underscore how disenchanted his party has grown heading into the congressional elections Tuesday.

    The AP-KN poll has tracked a group of people and their views since the beginning of the 2008 presidential campaign. Among all 2008 voters, 51 percent say he deserves to be defeated in November 2012 while 47 percent support his re-election — essentially a tie.

    Among Democrats, 47 percent say Obama should be challenged for the 2012 nomination and 51 percent say he should not be opposed. Those favoring a contest include most who backed Hillary Rodham Clinton’s unsuccessful faceoff against Obama for the 2008 nomination. The poll did not ask if Democrats would support particular challengers.

    The AP-Knowledge Networks Poll was conducted from Sept. 17 to Oct. 7. The original panel of adults was randomly selected using traditional telephone polling methods, but interviews were conducted online. People without computers or Internet access were given that technology for free.

    The margin of sampling error for all 1,254 adults is plus or minus 4.4 percentage points. It is plus or minus 6.5 points for the 571 Democrats, and 5.3 points for the 852 people who said on Election Day 2008 that they had voted.

  109. turndown-

    We’re not talking about NASA- and your quantum leaps don’t count! 😆

    We’re talking about YOU!

  110. turndown:

    I bet if you sent Obama a resume, you could replace Gibbs, should he desire to spend more time with his family.

  111. wbboei
    October 30th, 2010 at 11:17 am

    Sorry that I didn’t respond faster, but I was off the computer for a bit.

    I sent this information to the Christine O’Donnell campaign as you suggested. Now I will look to see if I can forward the same information to Greta van Susteren.

  112. wbboei
    October 30th, 2010 at 11:10 am

    I wasn’t sure about how to contact Greta. I tried to put a comment about this on one of Greta’s blog entries (the one about her interview with Carly Fiorina last night), only to see that her blog comments are moderated, which just might be a good thing because maybe the moderator will see the wisdom of forwarding the information directly to Greta. I hope so.

  113. Have y’all gotten your post card from Obie? Truly nice pic of him and meme on one side. They’re looking at each other with nice smiles. Other side tells me my polling location and hours open [been here 14 years, thank you very much and what else do you have on file about me?]. Thanks me for my vote in ’08 (McCain/Palin). Claims I put aside any cynicism and raised my voice and cast a vote for change. I’m one of those bitter clingy Pennsylvanians for gosh sake.
    One person. One voice. One vote. yuck yuck yuck
    He needs me to vote once again.
    Trust me. I will.

  114. Crush the Democrats… crush them all. Let them know that the people are looking out for the good of the country as a whole which is something most Democratic politicians do not seem to do anymore. Crush them into oblivion. Let them see we are serious. Once the Democratic party is ground to a pulp, then it may re-emerge as a new political party bereft of Obamacrats and uber liberal liars. Then all eyes can be turned to the Republican party to finish what the tea party started.

  115. Live now on Fox. Obama is getting booed by AIDs activists at the Connecticut rally. He is very upset. Now the crowd chants Ob-a-ma to shut the protesters up. The protests continue to shout and it sounds like there are a lot of them. Obama is P*ssed. It’s turned into a mess.

  116. Admin,

    Is the heckling about health care? I turned on the news but must have just missed it. What did he respond? Did he?

  117. Hi Ani. It’s the AIDS activists. They’ve been going to a lot of his events. They’re upset because he cut AIDS funding. He never mentions that himself, just always counters them by saying the republicans wouldn’t give them ANY money.

    I was watching it, too. He didn’t say anything for a long time, seemed like he forgot where he was in his speech (but that couldn’t be it, because certainly there were teleprompters). So, as I said, he said the republicans wouldn’t give them anything, and mouthed platitudes about how democracy is so great, everyone gets their say.

    His jaw was tensed, though, and his throat looked like he took a big swallow a couple of times, during the time he was standing there on camera not saying anything.

  118. huh. Just saw Waffles get booed in CT. Idiot. He did cut funding for AIDS. I will credit to Bush when he deserves it, he gave the most America has ever given to Africa, and for that I will commmend him. I believe it was 15 billion.

    Waffles seriously thinks people believe things just because he says it.

  119. Gotta love the persistent and resilence of these AIDS activists, this time in the rally, they are spread all over the rally, doesn’t look they are located just in one area.

  120. tim, I get tired of the AIDS funding lie as well. Whatever else Bush did wrong, he funded the hell out of global AIDS relief.

  121. Meek: Crist very desperate.

    MIAMI- Independent Senate candidate Charlie Crist called Kendrick Meek in the pre-dawn hours Monday to try and persuade the Democrat to drop out of the 3-way race, instead of reaching his campaign opponent, who was asleep, Crist left a voice mail.

    “I’ll call you later this morning and see if we can work out a time to get together just you and me,” Crist said in the message, which was first played for the Wall Street Journal, then confirmed to FOX by a senior Meek staffer.

    “Take care, buddy,” Crist said spritely to his bitter campaign rival, ending the message.

    Crist’s intention was to lobby Meek into dropping out.

    “Governor Crist called me at quarter to 5:00 a.m. Monday morning. I’m just not up and at’em at quarter to 5:00 a.m. to talk politics,” Meek told Greta Van Susteren in an interview Friday night.”. “I think he’s a very desperate campaigner. He sees that he doesn’t have the momentum.”

    Later in the day on Monday, Crist and Meek, appeared at the same campaign event in Hollywood, Fl. At the meeting- among local Jewish leaders of the pro-Israel lobbying group, AIPAC, or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee- Crist personally lobbied Meek to leave the 3-way race, and offered him a cross that Crist had received from his family as a gift, The Wall Street Journal first reported.

    ” I was shocked when he did it,” Meek told the newspaper, ” I told him to keep the cross and that I carry my Christianity in my heart.”

    Meek said that Crist had told him that if Meek left the race, together they could help defeat front-runner, Republican Marco Rubio.

    ” He was saying,’ I really think if you can just allow me to run, and get out of the race that I can win,” Meek told Van Susteren. ” I said governor, that’s not going to happen. Bottom line that is just not going to happen. If anything he needs to be getting out of the race. He knows it and I know it.”

    “The Governor is clearly losing his marbles. Insane”, a Senior Meek aide told FNC, alluding to the story. “He called Kendrick at 4:50 a.m. on Monday to talk. If you get a call that early, something bad has happened. You have to be desperate to do that.”

    * Editor’s Note: The Wall Street Journal, and Fox News Channel are owned by same parent company

    Read more:

  122. Good for Meeks, I wouldn’t vote for him because no vote for any dimocrats this year or any year until Waffles is defeated, but Meeks is a standup honorable American.

    Crist truely is entering the deperate lunatic, that poor state, their governor is insane.

  123. I wasn’t sure about how to contact Greta. I tried to put a comment about this on one of Greta’s blog entries (the one about her interview with Carly Fiorina last night), only to see that her blog comments are moderated, which just might be a good thing because maybe the moderator will see the wisdom of forwarding the information directly to Greta. I hope so.
    Nomobama: I checked with my source and that is the right thing to do. The other thing that was suggested is if you can still access the interview by Greta of O’Donnell then post it there as well. Since that is an old program it may no longer be moderated, but if it is your story goes to the heart of that interview and should get to Greta. By doing both you hedge your bet. Greta is also accessible on scipe (mispelling) and I tried to reach her through that avenue once to no avail.

  124. Thanks, lorac.

    Unfortunately, people do believe him when he lies particularly since the media prints everything he says and acts like it;s the gospel so when he says it’s the Republicans’ fault, there are too many leftover koolaid drinkers still willing to believe it.

    Nice to “see” you!

  125. Fifth Dimension
    October 30th, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    The Obama heckled video is amazing. Obama smirking after having his posse SHOUT DOWN the protestors.
    And they come back bigger and louder the second time and SHUT HIM DOWN! 😆

  126. I’m glad someone posted the heckler video (the most RECENT one lol). But I watched it live on Fox, and I think the video clips off the beginning. It doesn’t capture the strength of the activists’ voices in clipped form – makes it seem the Obama chanters were more powerful. Probably doesn’t matter, anyway, just what it seemed like to me.

    And YUCK, now I’ve watched BO twice in one day. BO cooties.

  127. Clinton arrives in Cambodia

    October 31, 2010

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has arrived in Cambodia, where she will visit the famed Angkor Wat temples and meet Cambodian leaders.

    The chief US diplomat arrived in Siem Reap early Sunday on a flight from China’s Hainan island, where she briefly met Chinese officials following her attendance at a regional summit in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi.

    US officials said Clinton was due later on Sunday to visit the 12th century Angkor Wat temple complex, Cambodia’s main tourist attraction, which is located in the northwestern province of Siem Reap.

  128. Jan H – iirc, “cake” actually referred to bread then. And since MO really likes to have all of today’s “cake” to herself, she’ll just say “let them have bread”.

    wbboei seems to know a lot about history – maybe he’ll chime in – I don’t know for a fact that “cake” referred to bread, but I’ve read that it did. And I’m not old enough to have been there 🙂

  129. lorac
    October 30th, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    Thanks lorac.

    My intention was to compare another revolution to the one that is smoldering in the U.S.

  130. Clinton arriving, Vietnam arrests bloggers, sentences activists

    By John Pomfret
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Friday, October 29, 2010

    HANOI – In the run-up to a visit by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vietnam this week arrested two bloggers, refused to release another blogger after he completed a prison sentence, and convicted three labor activists and six Catholic villagers in human rights-related cases.

    The actions, which prompted a statement of concern from the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi on Thursday, threaten the significant progress the United States and Vietnam have made in recent months.

    Pushed together by a shared concern over the rise of China, officials from both countries boast that the relationship is better than ever. Including her two-day visit starting Friday, Clinton will have been to Vietnam twice in the past four months. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates was here for talks two weeks ago, and defense officials from Washington and Hanoi held their first security dialogue in August.

    Analysts are split about the meanings of this week’s arrests and court cases. Some, mostly Western diplomats, say they are part of a year-long crackdown on dissent as Vietnam’s Communist Party prepares for its first party congress in five years in January. Since last October, 21 people have been jailed for crimes involving a peaceful expression of their views.

    Other analysts, mostly Vietnamese, see the activity as part of a pattern related to a struggle within the Vietnamese Communist Party over its relations with the United States. Vietnam has moved closer to the United States as a hedge against aggressive behavior by China. But that shift is controversial inside a party that remains deeply influenced by China and fears that the United States is committed to overthrowing the Vietnamese political system.

    So as important meetings with U.S. officials approach, Vietnamese security services often crack down on dissent, wrong-footing generally pro-American politicians. In 2007, a month before the first state visit to the United States by Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet, Vietnamese judicial authorities opened court proceedings in the central city of Hue to foreign journalists – an unprecedented step – for the one-day trial of the Rev. Nguyen Van Ly. The Catholic priest was sentenced to eight years on charges of disseminating information intended to undermine the state, and the trial generated a famous photograph of Ly being muzzled by a security official after he shouted, “Down with the Communist Party!”

    In May 2008, a month before Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung visited the United States, Vietnamese authorities arrested two investigative journalists who had reported on one of the country’s biggest corruption cases. An official who accompanied Dung on his U.S. trip said the prime minister was uncomfortable about the arrests.

    In the cases this week, a court in southern Vietnam on Tuesday sentenced three labor activists to up to nine years in prison for instigating strikes and distributing anti-government leaflets. Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung, 29, was convicted of disrupting security and given a nine-year sentence. Doan Huy Chuong and Do Thi Minh Hanh, both 25, will serve seven years. The three were accused of organizing a strike at a shoe factory in Tra Vinh province last year and of sending photographs of the strikes to be posted online.

    In another case, six Catholic villagers were convicted after a one-day trial in the central city of Danang after a dispute over a cemetery between residents and security officials. Several U.S. congressmen alleged that police had beaten the accused. Four of them received nine-month suspended jail terms; two others were sent to jail for terms of nine months and one year, respectively.

    In the blogging cases, a well-known gossip columnist, Le Nguyen Huong Tra, was arrested Tuesday in Ho Chi Minh City on charges of defamation after she posted an item alleging that the son of a senior security official had had affairs with beauty queens and dancers.

    Also in Ho Chi Minh City, police kept up pressure on two other bloggers known for posts calling on Vietnam to confront China. Phan Thanh Hai was taken into custody Monday, and police continued to detain Nguyen Van Hai, who writes under the name Dieu Cay. Dieu Cay was supposed to be released from jail Oct. 20 after completing a 21/2-year sentence. He had been arrested on tax-evasion charges after posting a series of blogs calling for anti-China demonstrations before the Beijing Summer Olympics.

    Fifty people are estimated to be in jail in Vietnam for politically related crimes. Although the country’s human-rights policies are often a target of criticism in the United States – Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) called on Clinton this week to raise the issue during her trip – Hanoi boasts a significantly more rambunctious political system than do Burma, North Korea or even China. The National Assembly engages in real debates over policies, and the media are arguably less censored.

    Some U.S. experts worry that if the Obama administration presses Vietnam too much on human rights, it could derail the hard-won progress in the relationship.

    For many people in non-government organizations and the human rights community, “Vietnam is a kickable China,” said Brantly Womack, professor of politics at the University of Virginia. “It’s an easy target.”

  131. JanH
    October 30th, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    I’m waiting for meme and bambi to say:

    “Let them eat cake.”

    If and when they do, get thee to the border and join us here storming the Bastille! 🙂

  132. Obama is such a smug attitude when his paid supporters shout down the protesters. I just can’t this smart ass!

  133. I’m really unhappy with the judge saying that illegal person stealing someone’s social security number (it’s on UW’s blog) in order to buy a home isn’t a crime. I’m also so unhappy that AZ has decided to strike down its 2004 law requiring voters to prove their citizenship. The powers that be WANT illegals. I want a border wall at least for terrorists, but putting terrorists aside, you wouldn’t even need the wall if people didn’t hire illegals, didn’t rent to them, etc. Is there ANY benefit anymore that a citizen gets that an illegal immigrant doesn’t get? Seriously…. Healthy boundaries make for healthy people and healthy nations….

    So, since it’s not illegal for illegals to do illegal things, maybe for every election we should all have an election-time adopt an illegal (or two, or three), take them to the polls, and have them vote the way we want. We could do it Chicago style, and bring in some corpses to vote, too. It’s not fair unless everyone can do it – but then it would all wash out.

    Reminds me of male athletes using steroids. They get all super bulked out so they can win, but they can only win if it’s a secret. Because if everyone did it, they’d still be in the same relative position to the other competitors as if none of them did it. (so if everyone took steroids, there’d be no point to anyone doing them). So the only advantage to steroids is if it’s done secretly so not everyone does it. If everyone did it, the effect would wash out, just like with everyone getting away with illegal stuff.

    Laws were meant to equalize the treatment of people. Cheating and illegal acts are just too omnipresent anymore, and it even comes from on high – politicians, FraudinChiefs, DOJ, even lawyers who WRITE the laws. Ridiculous.

    Sorry for the rambling. Oh, but I should add one more thing, so turndown has an opportunity and reason to post: illegal Muslim immigrants should be deported, too, not just illegal Mexicans.

  134. Turkey has finally lifted its ban on Youtube, i can watch stuff now.

    Just for light hearted fun and to have a laugh,i think we all need one, look at this, the best entrance on stage by a drag queen ever, right at the 25 sec mark. I just rolled around on the floor laughing for ages, lol, its just fabulous, never seen anything like it.

  135. admin
    October 30th, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    Fifth Dimension, the link to that video is available but not the embed code.


    Sorry about that admin, I hate it when they don’t have the embed code.

    Thanks for finding a working copy of the video.

  136. moononpluto
    October 30th, 2010 at 7:50 pm


    Wow! That is incredible how she begins the performance!

  137. Bill Clinton set to join Meek at Orlando stop

    WILTON MANORS, Fla. — Front-runner Marco Rubio stayed on message, Gov. Charlie Crist made a desperate sprint across the state and Kendrick Meek announced he was bringing back former President Bill Clinton as the Florida Senate race entered its final stretch.

    Clinton will join Meek and the state’s other major Democratic Party candidates at a last-minute voter rally Monday night in Orlando, the Democratic Senate candidate’s campaign said Saturday.

    The announcement comes after two days of media reports over whether Clinton privately asked Meek to step aside and endorse Crist, who left the Republican party to run as an independent. Meek and Clinton have denied those reports, even those confirmed by Clinton’s spokesman.

    Both Meek and Crist trail Rubio, the tea party-backed Republican. To win, Crist would need at least some of the Democrats who plan to vote for Meek.

    Meek has accused Crist of starting the rumors about Clinton and says Crist directly asked him to withdraw.

    “I think he’s a nice guy, but I don’t think that that plays a role and I think it’s wrong to try to paint me into the corner and say that I’m the reason why he’s not winning,” Meek told reporters at Wilton Manors city hall, where he and U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz were courting early voters. “I don’t blame the position of my campaign at any time on any other opponent.”

    It was Meek’s only public event Saturday. He was resting up for 24 hours of nonstop campaigning across much of the state, beginning Sunday night in Tampa.

    Meek said the rumors about him possibly dropping out of the three-way race have energized his supporters.

    “What some meant for bad ended up being for good. People are now awakened of their responsibility to get out to vote,” he said. “Because now the ant bed has been kicked. Folks are highly disappointed.”

    Crist sought out sports fans, among other voters, Saturday. A former high school quarterback who loves sports analogies, the governor cradled a football at nearly every stop from Jacksonville to West Palm Beach, acknowledging that he needed of a “Hail Mary” finish to win a fourth statewide race.

    “I enjoy being the underdog,” said Crist, who last lost in a statewide election a dozen years ago in an unsuccessful bid to unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Bob Graham. He has since won bids for education commissioner, attorney general and governor.

  138. JanH
    October 30th, 2010 at 7:46 pm


    Agreed Jan. I have seen some commenters on other blogs try and cast this election as an ideological issues, in an effort to try and drum up support for Democrats, but I would have to disagree with them. I see this election as more a referendum, nay, a REBUKE of Obama, and when I see it that way, let’s just say, I’m much more inclined to vote for the anti-Obama candidate!

  139. Found this interesting.
    Went to a play date with a brat and the mother of the munchkin told me her food stamps are going up 50/month effective Nov. Timing? No COLA for those who worked their entire lives, but an increase in food stamps which is huge. From 318 for a family of two to 367. I hate the fact that I feel annoyed by this. But I feel like come on already. I have to pay for pre-school. I have to pay for the monster’s health insurance as I am a great uncle and as such she is not a qualified dependent. I can’t even claim her for tax purposes. I get my sorry ass out of bed and do a frigging job I loathe to make sure the imp has clothes and the latest ds game. I don’t think 12 dollars per day is unreasonable to feed two people. I am just upset at the timing and the percentage.

  140. I just read across the wire that some moron took a bullhorn at a Bill Clinton rally and yelled “Where’s Monica?” 🙄 Is this really the best they have against Bill? Warming up stories from a decade ago?

    You know, I think I finally understand why some Republicans need to dwell on the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky matter.

    Aside from the fact the whole matter was a complete failure — all that investment, all that money spent, and the best judgment they could get is your run of the mill civil contempt of court — I think many people are realizing now that history will judge the righties as the wackjobs here, not Bill Clinton.

    First, when you look back at the Lewinsky matter some 10 years out, one can’t help but see that the whole thing was really nothing more than a battle between 1) the Republican ego (entrenching themselves in a pointless witchhunt) and 2) the Republican conscience (knowing deep down that Lewinsky-gate was pointless). It was simply a schizophrenic episode between these two parts of the Republican consciousness (insanity at the expense of sensibility); bizarre Republican hysteria on full display with Bill Clinton as nothing more than an innocent bystander.

    Second, the course of history has shown that the trajectory of sociology is one of progressiveness, especially when it comes to matters of the body. Therefore, it must finally be dawning on Bill Clinton’s detractors that their worst nightmare is coming true; that as society continues, future generations will come to see the Monica Lewinsky matter as — “Why the fuck did the Republicans give a shit about a blowjob in the first place? What a bunch of puritans.” They must realize on some unconscious level that they will be mocked, just as puritans are mocked now. Heck, even the fundamentals of separation of church and state that is bedrock to this country makes fun of the puritans.

    Now, of course, that’s gotta hurt Bill Clinton’s detractors. To know that you gambled away a legacy of tolerance in the eyes of those who are to come, simply to score a few political points?? That for short term politicking, you revealed yourself as capable of complete stupidity for posterity? Yeah, it’s no wonder then that some are trying so vociferously to embellish and prolong what happened before, and why some continue to dig their heels deep in with the “Bill Clinton and Monica!!!” meme. It’s the last vapors of a meme that’s already done.

    In a way, the whole thing is kinda sad really. They couldn’t come to terms with the fact that they lost then, and still haven’t come to terms that they will continue lose in years to come, and so they continue desperately, flailingly, hoping somehow to turn the tide from the coming tsunami of historical derision.

    It’d be almost comical if it weren’t so sad that these Republicans just don’t know how to let go sometimes…

  141. iirc, “cake” actually referred to bread then. And since MO really likes to have all of today’s “cake” to herself, she’ll just say “let them have bread”.

    wbboei seems to know a lot about history – maybe he’ll chime in – I don’t know for a fact that “cake” referred to bread, but I’ve read that it did. And I’m not old enough to have .been there


    LOL! So what was the straight line preceding Marie’s comment? It would not make sense to say:

    “The people have no bread.”
    “So let them eat bread.”

  142. henry,
    That has to be New York, I just had a young gay couple over to help me with some work because one just had back surgery and can’t go back to work til January, the other has some sort of eye/brain problem and can’t work…neither qualify for govt. assistance. I had a little housework and gave those two girls a hundred bucks….I feel so sorry for them, they can’t qualify for medicaid for the one with vision problems, the other one is on workmen’s comp. which is 192. a week. It takes their whole check to pay the rent and lights….I see no happy ending for those two. How many folks are like these two 20 y.o.’s. They can’t go home cause mom is homeless with brain cancer. Its a hopeless situation.
    I know how you feel though paying those taxes…I’m hoping mine won’t be bad this year.
    All I can say is “by the grace of God there goes I”. I have lots of problems with my husband but its nothing like that. ThankGod I went to school.

  143. henry,
    So I guess afterall I’m just one of those bleeding heart liberals…sounds like your one too. Of coarse we’ll never admit it to anyone off this blog…LOL!

  144. I vomited twice as I listened to the charlatan repeat his 2008 campaign speeches BUT IT IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR GOVERNANCE. All Lazy Narccistic Obama can do is SPEECHIFY and he sounds like a broken record. And most interesting of all, liberal hecklers do exactly what they should do to someone who betrayed them–they heckle. They heckle doctor Jeckel and what you see in his eyes in petulance and shades of Mr. Hyde.

  145. the course of history has shown that the trajectory of sociology is one of progressiveness, especially when it comes to matters of the body. Therefore, it must finally be dawning on Bill Clinton’s detractors that their worst nightmare is coming true; that as society continues, future generations will come to see the Monica Lewinsky matter as — “Why the fuck did the Republicans give a shit about a blowjob in the first place? What a bunch of puritans.” They must realize on some unconscious level that they will be mocked, just as puritans are mocked now.


    Yeah. I love it that every time they made Bill admit something about Monica, his Job Approval went UP!

    Dunno if they wimped around with Personal Approval back in those days.

  146. confloyd
    I am just annoyed as the 50 dollar monthly increase seems suspect when it comes within days of an election. Don’t think I am a bleeding heart liberal just don’t think it is excusable that any child anywhere goes hungry cold or uneducated.

  147. Fifth,
    That was a great analogy! I always counteract those statements which I get all the time living in deep East Texas, that while Bill Clinton was having a blow job, Newt the accuser was having an affair while his wife was dying of cancer….that usually shuts them up for a little while until they state their Vince crap…that’s when I tell them their crazy and walk off. LOL!
    This is old and boring and we all know Bill Clinton has/was the best Potus in modern times….the rethugs of coarse want to claim it was really them forcing him to “mind” that caused the wonderful economy. Gee, wonder why they couldn’t do when they had both the house/senate and the Presidency? It seems like according to their analogy, we should have surpassed China with that type of legislature, right?

  148. Iirc, COLA is sort of hard-wired into the SS law. When some official Cost of Living index goes up, ie inflation, the SS payment has to follow it.

    This year inflation didn’t go up, so the SS can’t.

    Food stamps etc are set by a different method.

  149. henry, I agree! Our welfare system always seems to help those who aren’t even trying…while the folks that really could use a lift up aren’t qualified. I don’t know it seems like a racket to me, especially here in Texas.

    During the Reagan years and the oil glut we had 25% unemployment in our little coastal town…so I personally know what it feels like to have your one income lost to layoffs and there is no other on the horizon and have three small children. I was on food stamps for about two years while I was in school and had enough money for my first year and then I qualifed for scholarships because I was an honor student. I remember one year we had 161.00 for Christmas for our children. It turned out it was one of the best Christmas’s we ever had. It was hard, but we made it and that is when I went to college…so it seems if your trying to figure a way out, there should be one. I hope that part of our govt. never goes away.

  150. turndownobama
    Okay so I will take a stroll back to 10th grade Algebra and figure out that 49 dollars is x% of 318. 15% increase. Seems to be a bit much. As you said no inflation so why an increase.
    Again I have zero problem with kids being fed and fed well I have a problem with buying votes and that is what this cheap assed move seems to me.

  151. confloyd
    October 30th, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    I love your takedown confloyd, I’m totally borrowing it next time the rethugs try this!! You are exactly right, this is old stuff and boring, and rethugs just need to cut their losses and move on.

  152. iirc, “cake” actually referred to bread then. And since MO really likes to have all of today’s “cake” to herself, she’ll just say “let them have bread”.
    Just from memory, don’t have the reference but the “cake” referred to is the surface of the brick bread ovens. The French bakers began the day by coating the baking surface of the brick oven with a flour water mixture. This was the surface on which they placed the bread to bake. At the end of the day they chipped off the burned flour from the bricks and discarded it. This was the “cake” that the French poor should eat.

  153. henry,
    Your right Obama is trying to get those welfare folks to the polls to keep that 50.00. It’s pretty disgusting!

  154. Ok, so “cake” did mean bread, but it was a fancier bread. I just remembered the bread part.

    “Let them eat cake” is the traditional translation of the French phrase “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”, supposedly spoken by a French princess upon learning that the peasants had no bread. As brioche is a luxury bread enriched with eggs and butter, it would reflect the princess’s obliviousness to the nature of a famine.

    Although commonly attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette,[1] there is no record of these words ever having been uttered by her; they first appear in Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Confessions, his putative autobiographical work (completed in 1769, when Marie Antoinette was 13), where he wrote the following in Book 6:

  155. Henry,
    I’m sorry, I thought you lived in NewYork. You are always saying what a great city it is. Someday I want to go to the Northeast. I’ve never been any further north than Topeka, Kansas. I find all you yankees very interesting people. LOL! You guys probably just roll your eyes at us Texans, LOL!

  156. JanH,
    Yep, when they get power it always goes to their head! I worked for the State of Texas for 3 years and what a zoo that was. The private sector is much more of a humane place to work…if you don’t believe me…look at Hillary!
    When I was working for the State….everyone had those big 2mg.Xanex’s and everybody took them. It was always someone stabbing someone else in the back…politics galore!

  157. I sure hope Kevin at Hillbuzz can dig up the dirt on South Carolina….he is a brave soul! He certainly is made at the “cocktail republicans”. He like the real conservatives (Reagan Dems), of coarse I call them “Clinton Dems”.

  158. #
    October 30th, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    That food stamp increase may be political, since sfiak it’s not pinned like COLA is.

    Which is what Henry said that it is political. Why don’t you acknowledge that?

  159. confloyd, I could have this wrong, but…. I think of Clinton Dems as more centrists. Hillbuzz has gone pretty far right wing. I just assumed “cocktail republicans” were like what they call “RINOs” – republican in name only, meaning, not wingers (far right people and far left people both think you have to be a winger to be a “real ____” fill in the appropriate party).

    I remember the phrase “Reagan dems”, but I don’t remember how far right they went. I seem to recall Reagan himself being pretty far right. Were the Reagan dems, as well? Or were they just dems who were voting for Reagan over the dem candidate? Anyway, my point is, I’m not sure that Reagan dems and Clinton dems would occupy the same political sphere….?

  160. confloyd
    To me NYC is Shangra La
    Flying from Texas you could do a couple of days for less than 700. Stay at the Skyline hotel($100) on Tenth. Eat dirty water dogs($2) for lunch go to chinatown/little italy for dinner($25) and see a Broadway show at Studio 54($25). Hob knob with the luminaries of B’way by having desert at the bar at Joe Allen($20). You owe to yourself.

  161. I hope the children at the mall remembered to take out the trash. OH, SH8t, they forgot, the fraud is still here!

  162. confloyd
    October 30th, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    Well, did you all laugh??? LOL!
    It was great! Bill and Hillary have great laughs.

  163. Mrs. Smith
    October 30th, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    It certainly was. She is good at that. If it were me, I would have got his attention and then mouthed the word “FU” or something similar.

  164. nomobama
    October 30th, 2010 at 11:45 pm

    Ughhh. I just found out that Joy Behar used to be an English teacher. Can you imagine?

    I just checked her bio… a BA in Sociology. Who knew??

    “It certainly was. She is good at that. If it were me, I would have got his attention and then mouthed the word “FU” or something similar.”

    Our guy Caprio is getting roasted by Chafee and Robitaille for the “Shove it” comment. And… lost his endorcement from:

    “Marriage Equality of Rhode Island withdrew its earlier endorsement of Caprio, because “we are completely opposed to any ballot initiative,” said the chairman of the MERI PAC, Patrick Smock. “History is clear. The question of civil rights for a minority group should never be placed in the hands of the majority, who already enjoy all those rights, privileges and protections.”

  165. Smock’s historical rhetoric concerning civil rights may be right but the withdrawn endorsement, I guarantee, is politicaly motivated.

  166. Re Reagan Democrats.

    Depending on who is using the term, it might refer to an actual group of voters who (when polled) said they had previously voted for Democrats but switched to Reagan. Some of them later switched back to Bill Clinton.

    There also may have been a group during Reagan’s campaign called ‘Democrats for Reagan’ or such.

  167. An Ellen Degeneres comment from a couple of years ago. I like both Ellen and Sarah Palin. Here is one video in which I would be against something that Sarah Palin said. Sarah Palin today has moved away from social issues, which is smart on her part. Ellen was very thoughtful in her response, and notice, there wasn’t any personal attack against Sarah.

  168. Joy Behar
    The Blivet, as herein defined, i.e. ten (10) pounds of shit in a five (5) pound bag. One tenth of an Oprah, i.e. 100 pounds of shit in a five pound bag–when she is dieting. One thousand pounds when she is not. (Source: The Urban Dictionary, The View, The Bureau of Weights and Measures, Happy Halloween, etc.)

  169. nomobama:

    Yes, I agree with Ellen. Her comment was well put. I’m sure Sarah Palin’s assessment of the diversity in cultural choices has grown and expanded since the campaign. We need laws in place as a structure for order and civility. However, our laws are man made and agreed upon all men are created equal and all are universally entitled to the same Rights. Caprio is one of the fairest men I know. He’s reasonable and uses good common sense. He was raised to respect the law. After all, his Dad is a traffic court Judge with a huge following on local tv. Judge Caprio always gives the defendants the benefit of the doubt. I cannot say for sure his Dad advised him on the Gay marriage issue but I will say, Rhode Island is notorious for siding with the Winner. Knowing what the leaders of the Gay community did to Hillary in spite of her life long efforts championing Gay issues, they turned on her at the 10th hour and supported Obama…

  170. As California sinks deeper into the pit, it appears to be rejecting the candidacy of two people with strong business backgrounds who could solve the problem and embacing two others who are certain to make the matter worse. If we find at the conclusion of this election that Brown and Boxer are re elected, and the state goes bankrupt, then I believe the rest of the country should treat that state as on its own with no federal bailouts. None. Let the voters of California then fend for themselves. Michael Barone was on the wsj report and he made the key point here. California now resembles the demographics of Mexico City and Sao Palo–fabulously wealth people who are liberal as hell, and million of low skill people with 12.4 percent unemployment, and middle class flight to neighboring states to get away from the sinking ship. If they want to be the largest welfare state in the union, then let them be all they want to be, but stay out of our pockets. If we bail them out from bankruptcy, then we will encourage more and more perverse behaviors.

  171. I spoke with an old friend who is a tad bit right of center but has a ton of common sense. We have been friends for almost 35 years. Slept out on each others porches pre-k. She says look out joy behar. Nov 3 we start anew. Claims that she and her cohorts have logged every ad aired on the view for the last year and have amassed thousands of repug websites and are prepared to boycott and write. I would be inclined to dismiss her but I know her and she is a former nun who became an attorney who has 5 kids. She doesn’t waste time or energy.

  172. Very intersting, Henry- Looking forward to the fireworks.

    Writer’s choice for one of the best comments from msnbc’s Caprio article…

    “I like a candidate who calls it like he sees it —

    The truth is quite refreshing!! If he loses his campaign, at least he can sleep at night knowing that he truly fought for the citizens of RI, and that should be what all candidates do!! We no longer have a voice — just manipulated press and a “play to the polls” until the race is won — then it’s politics as usual and the taxpayer loses once again!!!”

  173. wbboei
    October 31st, 2010 at 1:47 am

    You know what, I live in California. There are plenty of us out here who are sensible and voting to get the junk out but we should not be condemned because others do not listen. Clearly I am someone who is involved and workign to convince others, but we are all human. No one in a red state appreciates in when coastal liberals refer to them as “the flyover people” — a bunch of backward hillbillies — That stereotype is just as big a crock as thinking that most people who live on the east or west coast are clueless, limousine liberals or amoral. I am one of the voters you wish to abandon and I have been screaming to the high hills about this debacle for years, as you have.

  174. lol this from Politico about The Stewart rally yesterday

    “Most of the people who came to the rally, though, were more focused on their Halloween costumes than get-out-the-vote efforts, stickers or a Fox boycott.”

    Epic failure to get out the Dem vote.

  175. Requiem for the Pelosi Democrats
    It took Democrats in the House of Representatives 40 years to become out-of-touch enough to get thrown out of office in 1994. It took 12 years for the Republicans who replaced them to abandon their principles and be repudiated in 2006. Now it appears that the current Democratic majority has lost voter confidence in only four years. How did this happen? And what does the increasing speed of voter backlash mean for Republicans who will likely take control next Tuesday? For answers, I decided to chat up Rep. Brian Baird, a six-term Democrat from Washington state. Even though he’s never won re-election with less than 56% of the vote, Mr. Baird is retiring because the brutal congressional commute makes it impossible for him to see his twin five-year-old boys grow up. He’s not sticking around, like so many former members of Congress, to lobby inside the Beltway. That allows him to be candid about Congress and his party. “It’s been an authoritarian, closed leadership. That style plus a general groupthink mentality didn’t work when Tom DeLay called the shots,” Mr. Baird says. “We’ve made some of the same damn mistakes, and we were supposed to be better. That’s the heartbreak.” Mr. Baird, 54, is a loyal Democrat who voted for all of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s legislative priorities, including the stimulus bill, cap and trade and ObamaCare. But he admits all three have serious flaws…

  176. Brian Baird.
    I know him. He reminds me of George Miller. Except his district in Southern Washington does not live in Wally world and his constituents have more common sense than money. I spoke to one of his staffers before the critical vote on health care, and I was led to believe that he might vote against it–but when the fateful moment arrived he behaved LIKE A GOOD GERMAN and voted for it, despite the powerful objections of his constituents. And then, after plunging the knife into the shoulder blades of the people he swore to represent, Brian announced his retirement to avoid voter backlash for his misdeeds. And now he speaks to John Fund, and blames this all on a group think mentality, as if he was not one of the co conspirators? Fuck him.

  177. You know what, I live in California. There are plenty of us out here who are sensible and voting to get the junk out but we should not be condemned because others do not listen. Clearly I am someone who is involved and workign to convince others, but we are all human. No one in a red state appreciates in when coastal liberals refer to them as “the flyover people” — a bunch of backward hillbillies — That stereotype is just as big a crock as thinking that most people who live on the east or west coast are clueless, limousine liberals or amoral. I am one of the voters you wish to abandon and I have been screaming to the high hills about this debacle for years, as you have.
    Ani, I agree with you entirely. I was trying to provoke a response. The history of this country and of california are inseparable. It is both the bread basket of the nation, the cultural leader and the source of technological innovation. It is not practical to think we can separate their fate from our own.

    But it is in big trouble economically and politically. And what do you do when the majority of the voters in a state continually reach for more of the hair of the dog that bit them. That may mitigate a hang over, but it is no formula for success, and when the hangover wears off you are left with a larger problem.

    Question: Putting aside party politics, who in their right mind would vote for two people who are denizons of the political world, big spenders, and left wing elitists, while simultaneously rejecting two women who have a proven track record of success and could probably set the state on a more hopeful path?

    I have done a lot of interviewing over the years, and I can tell you for a fact that the difference between a well run business and government is like night and day, whereas the difference between a badly run business and govermnent is minimal. Both Meg Whitman and Carly Fionne have run successful businesses. I have no thoughts about them other than that. But for me that is the critical factor that separates them from LOSERS like Moonbeam and Madam Mao Boxer.

  178. wbboei
    October 31st, 2010 at 7:41 am
    And now he speaks to John Fund, and blames this all on a group think mentality, as if he was not one of the co conspirators? Fuck him.

    Yes and the horse he rode in on. Now that he is running away from the mess he helped make, he can be all philosophical and wise and shit. The points that that he makes that gall me is that he KNEW better and went along with ramming it though anyway when he could have done something. I bet he did not want to be in the out group of group think. He should be ashamed instead of preening in the WSJ. AND he is a goddamn psychologist and should do a little self diagnosis.

  179. wbboei
    October 31st, 2010 at 1:47 am

    Completely agree this. My small business used to do some contracts with a couple of medium sized businesses in CA. They have moved out of the state and relocated to UT and TX. Its not just the taxes that are bad, its the regulatory crap, I am stunned at how many regulations for every single tiny thing, and its not just at a state level, its at a local level too.

    What sane business would want to stay there? Yes, there are tech companies but most of them are huge, if you want to do a start up, you have a better chance of sucess in TX.

    I agree with Barone, sink or swim, no bailouts for that state!!!

    NJ is making toungh decisions, why should the Fed govt bailout CA? This means everyone else (including those states who are being fiscally constraint) will be paying higher taxes to bail out a state that thinks it can do anything and then be bailed out!!

  180. How low are they gonna go………

    Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted the news this morning media as the “corrupt bastards club” after the Joe Miller campaign released audio that shows reporters conspiring to smear Alaska’s Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate.

    A press release from the Miller camapaign describes what happened:

    In an apparent accidental voice mail message left on the cell phone of Joe Miller’s spokesperson, Randy DeSoto, what is believed to be the news director for CBS Anchorage affiliate KTVA, along with assignment editor Nick McDermott, and other reporters, openly discuss creating, if not fabricating, two stories about Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, Joe Miller. The voice mail message was later authenticated by Mr. McDermott, who sent a text to DeSoto stating “Damn iPhone … I left you a long message. I thought I hung up. Sorry.”

    “Frankly, when I first heard this I was shocked,” said DeSoto. “Though a bit garbled at times, there are disturbing comments in this conservation that never should have occurred.”

    In the first discussion, the KTVA reporters discuss getting a list of Miller campaign supporters in order to ‘find’ a “child molester.” “You have to find that one person,” says the male reporter, to laughter in the news room. The reporters at KTVA then discuss creating a “Rand Paul” incident at the then upcoming Miller Rally (held on October 28, 2010) and hoping for violence so that they can “send out a tweet” and “Facebook” that “Miller got punched” at the rally.

    This morning, Palin took to Twitter to voice her outrage over the incident:

    SarahPalinUSA Corrupt bastards. CBS/media plot against Joe Miller before our Anchorage rally Thurs Kinda’what I’ve put up w for 2 yrs
    20 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    And a few minutes later:

    SarahPalinUSA Corrupt Bastards Club. RT “@BigJournalism: CBS Affiliate KTVA Reporters Taped Conspiring Against Joe Miller Campaign
    13 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    Link to YouTube recording of reporters’ conversation left on Miller campaign cellphone.

    Transcript of conversation (via

    FEMALE REPORTER: That’s up to you because you’re the expert, but that’s what I would do…I’d wait until you see who showed up because that indicates we already know something…



    FEMALE REPORTER: Child molesters…

    MALE REPORTER: Oh yeah… can you repeat Joe Miller’s…uh… list of people, campaign workers, which one’s the molester?


    FEMALE VOICE: We know that out of all the people that will show up tonight, at least one of them will be a registered sex offender.


    MALE REPORTER: You have to find that one person…


    FEMALE REPORTER: And the one thing we can do is ….we won’t know….we won’t know but if there is any sort of chaos whatsoever we can put out a twitter/facebook alert: saying what the… ‘Hey Joe Miller punched at rally.’

    FEMALE REPORTER: Kinda like Rand Paul…I like that.


    FEMALE REPORTER: That’s a good one.

  181. henry,
    Someday I’m planning on going…since joining in on this conversation since 07′ with you all…I’m so interested in seeing New England. I think you folks are so much are interesting than the folks here. LOL!

    Everyone here loves hunting….I hate killing anything and like buying my meat in a package at the store…I don’t want to personally know the animal I’m eating…it groce’s me out. They all laugh at me here and I’m a Texan born and bred. LOL!

  182. moononpluto
    October 31st, 2010 at 8:31 am

    Well it had to happen, looks like we’ve had our first suicide bomber here in Turkey.

    How terribly sad.

  183. well well well

    Don’t know why these fools still call me, I just got a call from the DCCC to “encourage” me to vote for those demonrats.

    it was a chris something? huh. Wish it was a live person, would have given them a piece of mind!

  184. moononpluto
    October 31st, 2010 at 8:31 am

    A tourist site? How terrible for you moon. I hope it wasn’t in close proximity to your residence. scary! Stay safe..

    The coming government shutdown

    After next Tuesday’s election, Republicans will be the ultimate political power in the universe — or, at least, in the United States of America. That is, if GOP candidates perform anywhere near expectations and, indeed, capture even the slimmest majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    More powerful than the man who put the “O” in Obamania, the POTUS, the commander-in-chief with his finger on the nuclear trigger?

    Well, yes. (Unless President Obama intends to aim missiles at the Congress. In which case, his popularity might improve.)

    Forget the U.S. Senate. A Senate majority is not required. The House, alone, possesses the most awesome weapon in the federal government’s arsenal: the power of the purse.

    Article I, Section 7 of our Constitution clearly reads: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives . . .” And Section 9 states, “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law.”

    So, if Republicans in Congress are serious about restoring fiscal sanity to Washington, they will hold all the cards necessary to do so. The Obama Administration simply cannot spend money the U.S. House refuses to raise or appropriate.

    What does this mean for post-November 2nd governance?

    Two very important things: (1) Holding Republicans feet to the fire will be critical, requiring the Tea Party movement to continue to be an engaged, energized and take-no-excuses force, and (2) Democrats are likely to look back at their public relations success in 1995, when the new Republican Congress and Bill Clinton, their man then in the White House, had a showdown over the longest government shutdown in history — some 21 days.

    Tea Party activists, smartened up by past bad behavior by Republican officeholders, are no longer willing to play the patsy role. From the special election race in New York’s 23rd congressional district, in which conservatives abandoned a moderate to liberal Republican in favor of a long-shot Conservative Party candidate, to the surprise dumping of three incumbent U.S. Senators in Republican primaries, conservatives and libertarians are putting principle before party.

    It’s happening inside the Senate as well. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a Tea Party favorite, has been actively battling big-government colleagues. After the Delaware GOP primary provided yet another incumbent scalp, DeMint was asked if his principled campaign might not hurt Republican chances of gaining a Senate majority.“I came into the Senate with 55 Republicans, and I’m afraid that not enough of them believed in free-market capitalism and limited government,” DeMint replied. “I want to make sure that if we’re trusted again, that this time we do what we promise. And we can’t do that with the same people who created the problem.”

    Furthermore, the fastest rising GOP star, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has shown that fiscal responsibility — actual budget-cutting — is popular. Even in a blue state. Christie explains that reducing spending is “not easy” because “it’s hard to say no.” But he adds, “If Republicans win the Congress we’ve got to put up or shut up.”

    But, what about the Democrats?

    The last time congressional Republicans, buoyed by an influx of new blood and a new majority, tried to force a reduced increase in federal spending, the Democrats won. How? By blaming the budget impasse on Republicans, and having an almost universally supportive media agree that those darn Republicans are deserving of all the blame.

    So, reading the media tea leaves, the GOP congressional leadership blinked, caving-in to Bill Clinton. Clinton went on to win a second term; Republicans in Congress went on to cave in to everyone else they bumped into at the trough.

    Can the back-room brains in the White House resist replaying that 16-year-old gambit?

    Just as Republicans seek to portray Democrats as supporting government as the answer for every problem, Democrats attempt to paint Republicans as anti-government anarchists. A government shutdown, or even a big controversy over a possible shutdown, might serve the PR narrative of Democrats far better than that of Republicans.

    What to do?

    Congressional Republicans should consider three simple facts:

    1. Their base of support (including swing voters) will remain awake throughout the next cycle and fully expect them to keep their word to cut runaway government spending.

    2. The media is still largely in the tank for Democrats. That includes every TV network other than Fox as well as virtually every single newspaper in the country. But Fox and the Internet mean that a message of fiscal sanity can indeed compete in the media despite all the Democrats’ cries of wolf and interest group’s pleas of “Where’s my subsidy check?”

    3. The Democrats will suffer far more damage in a prolonged government shutdown than Republicans, because their base supporters are far more dependent on the continued splurging of federal funds than are GOP supporters.

    The goal is not a shutdown, of course, but a fiscally sound budget. What is needed is the guts to fight for it. In short, the advice for this week’s GOP victors is: “Have a spot of tea. And don’t blink.”

    If you think we had problems befre, just wait until the Republicans pull another Gingrich power play!

  185. Sarah was just on FoxNewsSunday, shes really is a hardhitter and getting more comfortable in front of the camera. She hit Karl Rove hard by saying “wasn’t Ronald Reagan an actor in a movie about Bozo goes to?” LOL! So Karl Rove comment about my be in a reality show makes me unqualified to be Potus is offbase.
    She also has the tape of CBS Alaska conspiring against Miller there…she called them bastards! Wow! She has guts!

  186. This is going to be bigger than 94

    CNN Genenic Ballot Poll (Republicans 52-42 Dems)

    Two days before the midterm elections, a new national poll indicates that Republicans have a 10-point lead over the Democrats in a crucial indicator in the battle for control of Congress.

    The GOP’s 10 point advantage in the “generic ballot” question in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation national survey released Sunday is slightly larger than the seven point advantage Republican candidates had on the eve of the 1994 midterms, when the party last took control of Congress from the Democrats.

    According to the poll, 52 percent of likely voters say they will vote for the generic Republican in their congressional district, with 42 percent saying they will vote for the generic Democrat, four percent saying neither and two percent undecided. The GOP’s 10-point lead is up from a seven-point advantage in a CNN poll conducted in early October.

  187. How can Fox News Sunday lie and say Bill C. was trying to get Meeks out of the race??? I am so sick of this lying media…this is exactly why Palin called the media CBS “bastards” this morning.

  188. Earlier this year, Fox News served my purposes well. Lately they’ve been useless, or as confloyd states, worse.

  189. NY Times Reporter: Obama White House Fears 2012 Primary Challenge

    The Obama White House is fearful of a Democratic primary challenge as Obama contemplates running for reelection in 2012, according to New York Times White House Correspondent Helene Cooper.

    Appearing on the Chris Matthews Show ths weekend, Cooper said Obama’s advisers are concerned they’ll face an intraparty challenge from the left as did President Jimmy Carter when Sen. Ted Kennedy took him on in 1980. A wounded Carter was soundly defeated later that Fall by Republican Ronald Reagan.

    One person who could lead a credible challenge from the left would be Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. However he is set to go down in flames in Tuesday’s election.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been touted as ready for a rematch against Obama in 2010. She was seen as the more moderate leftist in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary campaign when compared to Obama.

  190. confloyd
    October 31st, 2010 at 10:26 am

    Sarah was just on FoxNewsSunday, shes really is a hardhitter and getting more comfortable in front of the camera.

    You heard- Sarah has a seven week reality series, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, beginning November 18th. The previews are awesome.

  191. Mrs. Smith,
    Oh yeah I knew she has this “Sarah’s Alaska” and yes its awesome. Sarah is a no nonsense politician…the more I see her the more I like her. She is definitely mad at the “cocktail republicans” as we are mad at the ultra left. 2012′ will be interesting! The freaking media is the one to worry about….they are the ones who are communists with their propaganda reporting. Out and out lies!

  192. LOL!

    Just saw Palin call See-BS “bastards” LOL!

    and last week she called Johnathan Martin a lying “punk”.


    love her chutzpah! she goes after repubs and dems equally.

  193. Great! thanks Mrs. Smith…. the missus and I don’t watch much TV, but we will be watching that Alaska series, looks beautiful, what a beautiful state.

  194. October 30. In a very unusual development, a number of leading Rhode Island Democrats won’t be at Veterans Memorial Auditorium tomorrow afternoon when former president Bill Clinton stumps for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio. The expected no-shows include all four members of the state’s Congressional delegation and Providence Mayor David N. Cicilline, who’s locked in an ultra-tight First Congressional District fight with Republican John Loughlin. The official explanation is that scheduling conflicts preclude top Democrats from attending. But it’s remarkable that Democrats would miss an opportunity to appear with the charismatic Clinton — who remains very popular in Rhode Island — on the eve of an election expected to favor Republicans nationally. Democratic sources, speaking anonymously, acknowledge the situation reflects an intra-party rift inflamed by Caprio’s statement earlier this week….

  195. you are very welcome, Tim.

    I’m looking forward to see her series too.

    The Big Dawg is coming to town today to help Caprio. I really don’t believe the polls are correct showing Robitalle in second place. I believe Caprio is a little behind Chafee not a distant third. If Bill can use his influence to sway the vote just a little a knock down Carcieri’s henchman, he will have a chance. Republicans have been bankrupting this state for the last 20 yrs. Caprio is a good man. I hope Bill can say the right words to open votes eyes.

  196. confloyd
    October 31st, 2010 at 10:26 am
    Sarah was just on FoxNewsSunday, shes really is a hardhitter and getting more comfortable in front of the camera. She hit Karl Rove hard by saying “wasn’t Ronald Reagan an actor in a movie about Bozo goes to?” LOL! So Karl Rove comment about my be in a reality show makes me unqualified to be Potus is offbase.
    She also has the tape of CBS Alaska conspiring against Miller there…she called them bastards! Wow! She has guts!

    I was thinking the same thing as what you wrote. When I originally heard Rove disparage Sarah about her new television show, I immediately thought that he must think people are too stupid to remember Ronald Reagan (love him or hate him). Additionally, I think that this television program will do a couple of things. 1) She will further endear herself with those who already love and respect her, and 2) quite possibly, it will allow some out there who currently disparage her to actually start to respect her a little as they see that she isn’t Tina Fey on SNL. Her hardcore haters will always be just that, and much of that has to do with the fact that she is a threat to their way of doing things.

    I also was amused about her comments about the lying, manipulating media. I’m glad she called them out, and I look forward to seeing the video clip that she says she has of the conniving reporters who were trying to stir the pot.

    I also look forward to seeing her program. I would like to see what Alaska is all about, and I presume being in the company of the Palins would be a great way to see it, even if I have to be sitting on my sofa while doing it.

  197. Its going to be close in California

    Early Voting Numbers in California: Close Races Ahead

    If early voting is an indication of how Tuesday’s midterm elections will go–and it’s debatable whether, and how, it can–early vote-by mail turnout in California predicts close races for Senate and governor.

    Here’s a breakdown of who has voted already through the state’s vote-by-mail program, provided to The Atlantic by a source close to the California Republican Party. By party registration, here’s a who has mailed a ballot so far:

    Total Returns: 2,456,455

    Dem: 1,056,498 (43.0%)

    Rep: 959,617 (39.1%)

    Decline to State: 350,337 (14.3%)

    The California Secretary of State’s office could not be reached for comment to confirm or deny the accuracy of these numbers.

    You’ll notice that Democrats hold a four-percentage-point lead over Republicans in early vote-by-mail turnout. Good news for Democrats.

    But here’s why this is actually good for Republicans, portending close races in both the Senate contest between former HP CEO Carly Fiorina and Sen. Barbara Boxer and the governor’s race between former eBay CEO Meg Whitman and Attorney General Jerry Brown: You’ve got to assume that Republicans will win a majority of Independent voters this year.

    The latest polling from CNN/Time finds Fiorina with a 49 – 41 percent advantage over Boxer among independents, while Whitman enjoys a 48 – 45 percent advantage over Brown. With 14.3 percent of early mail-in voters registered as independent, it’s likely these contests are within narrow margins among these already-received ballots.

  198. And the news media wonders why they are losing viewership. It’s the citizen reporting that I have come to favor anymore.

  199. October 29. Wilmington, DE– Former Republican Governor of Delaware Pete Du Pont has officially endorsed Christine O’Donnell, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. “It is my belief that Christine O’Donnell will represent the First State honorably in the United States Senate. As you know, she will be seated immediately following the November 2nd election making her votes all that more important to the citizens of our state. It is my hope that you will support Christine, as I am, and help her campaign move forward to victory.”

  200. How can Fox News Sunday lie and say Bill C. was trying to get Meeks out of the race??? I am so sick of this lying media…this is exactly why Palin called the media CBS “bastards” this morning.
    This does not even pass the red face test. If it is true that Bill asked him to bow out, then why in god’s green earth would Bill be in there campaigning with him, and why would he accept Bill’s help. Anyone who is interested and has a brain in their head will see through this lie. And ever day Bill appears on the campaign trail for Meek, the lie because more implausible.

  201. I’ll take Mr. Meeks’ word over any news organization. If you have seen Kendrick on Greta’s show, then you know what the truth is because it came out of his own mouth.

  202. Wbboei —

    The other problem in California is that they gave a Republican a chance — his name is Arnold. Now I never voted for him becaues I didn;t think he knew what he was doing. Clearly, he doesn’t. The Dem controlled legislature in the state is just as much to blame, along with his attitude but when citizens look at thatm they just look at the name on the top of the list, they don’t think of the unions or state legislators getting in the way. Frankly, our systenm is so broken I don;t know who is going to fix it but I’ll take a chance on someone new rather than recycling the same old crap. Someone who listens to NPR all the time told me she didn’t know who to bote for because “he heard Jerry Brown was horrible last time, but” — can you imagine? She knows Jerry Brown was not a good governor but now she wants to give him a chance to go back in there? Why? Because he is a Dem.? I did my best to talk her out of it but you can’t penetrate people’s brainwashing. Some on both sides think one party is saintly and the other abject evil and that’ that.

  203. Someone who listens to NPR all the time told me she didn’t know who to bote for because “he heard Jerry Brown was horrible last time, but” — can you imagine? She knows Jerry Brown was not a good governor but now she wants to give him a chance to go back in there?


    For some people, “I heard” is not the same as “I know.”

  204. I wish that this would have come out a good month or so ago. This is the type of information that a voter needs to have when making a decision. It is very plain to see that there was political corruption taking place with Barbara’s Senate decisions. Barbara must go.

    Barb Boxer’s Indian tribe take
    By Rick Manning – 10/30/10 08:55 AM ET

    For the past 10 years Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) has been playing a game that would make Jack Abramoff blush, a game that can best be described using the language of “Get Smart’s” Maxwell Smart as “the ole family-profiting-off-of-the-Indian-tribe-that-you-created trick.”

    Here’s the story.

    In 1998, Lynn Woolsey introduced legislation reinstating an Indian tribe in the wine country of Northern California that had been declared defunct by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1958. None of the Indians of the tribe objected at that time; they received a payment and went about their lives. The Woolsey bill would reinstate the tribe but specifically prohibited them from starting a casino. The legislation ran into trouble when the Bureau of Indian Affairs opposed the legislation because it had not seen any evidence that the tribe was significantly tied to the terminated tribe.

    In 2000, Boxer helpfully picked up the Woolsey bill, but changed the prohibition against gaming, and designated any land that the group owned to be considered as a reservation.

    In the same year, Boxer got her language into the Omnibus Indian Advancement Act of 2000, and with the changes unbeknownst to either fellow Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) or House sponsor Woolsey (D), the bill was signed into law by then-President Clinton.

    That’s when the game got interesting.

    Shortly after passage, the newly minted Indian tribe declared that after much soul-searching, the only thing it could do was open a casino on the outskirts of San Francisco in the town of Rohnert Park.

    The tribe turned its fortunes over to two firms to make its dreams of wealth come true — Platinum Advisers, a political consulting/lobbying firm, and Kenwood Investments 2. Amazingly, and I’m certain quite coincidentally, Barbara Boxer’s son, Doug, was a partner in each firm.

    To avoid immediate citizen concern about a casino popping up in their posh neighborhood, Doug Boxer’s Kenwood Investments 2 kindly fronted for the casino interests in purchasing a tract of land in Rohnert Park, as well as helpfully taking options on adjoining parcels of land for themselves to sweeten the pot. (Can I say pot and Sonoma County, Calif., in the same breath?)

    Then Platinum Advisers sprang into action to try to gain community support for the casino. They apparently didn’t do a very good job, because the casino still is not built 10 years later.

    According to, Doug Boxer’s take from the project was a very Abramoff-like $8 million.

    What makes the story timely is that the federal government just a couple of weeks ago was compelled to declare the land that Boxer’s son had purchased on behalf of the Indian casino a reservation, effectively killing the local zoning and lawsuits that had tied the project up in knots for most of the past decade.

    The Santa Rosa Press Democrat rightly pinned the federal decision right on the Senate Ethics Committee chairwoman’s doorstep by pointing out that since she used the word shall, rather than may, in the legislation that birthed this tribe, the federal government had no choice but to declare the property that the tribe subsequently purchased to be tribal lands.

    Of course, my favorite part of this story is the poor bedraggled, downtrodden Indian chief, Greg Sarris. You see, poor Greg Sarris is a Ph.D. who has served as a professor at the University of California at Los Angeles.

    Dr. Chief Sarris, according to his own biographical story, was adopted out when he was born, never meeting his natural parents. At some point in his life, like many who have been adopted, he wanted to know about his birth parents, and began to research. He discovered that his mother was deceased, and his father’s name was unlisted on the birth certificate. His mother was not a Native American.

    Just so this tale is believable, I am now directly quoting Sarris’s bio from According to Sarris in Mabel McKay (a book he wrote), Bunny (his mother) claimed that the father of her baby was a Mexican stablehand who worked where she kept her horse, but her brother disputed this (based on Sarris’s looks) and suggested that the father was more likely to have been a boy called Emilio. Sarris describes looking through yearbooks from his mother’s school to locate him:

    “Then I saw it. The name, Emilio Hilario. I looked at the picture and saw my face. Darker, yes. But my face all the same. I ended up interviewing over twenty people, and yes, they confirmed that Emilio was my father. Other girls had gotten pregnant from him also. ‘Oh, your mother loved him so, even as wild as he was,’ her best friend told me.” — Mabel McKay. p. 142.

    To make a long story somewhat shorter, Sarris located the Filipino father of Emilio, who said that Emilio’s mother’s father had some Indian ancestry, and so Sarris adopted his “father’s mother’s” heritage and proceeded to regenerate an Indian tribe.

    And that, boys and girls, is the abridged story of how you create an Indian tribe and profit off of it in six easy steps. Isn’t it nice to have a Senate Ethics Committee chairwoman who is so skillful at playing the game?


    Former President Bill Clinton will campaign with Florida Democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek in Orlando on Monday night, just days after controversial reports that Clinton asked Meek to withdraw from the race and throw his support behind independent Senate candidate, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

    Clinton said that he spoke with Meek twice regarding the possibility of leaving the race, but that he had not asked him to do so.

    “He was trying to determine what was the best thing for him to do,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN’s Susan Candiotti on Thursday. “I knew it was being discussed, people had discussed it on and off. It was no secret.”

    Meek told CNN Friday that Clinton had never approached him about exiting the race, but said Crist had been the one to broach the subject.

    “Gov. Crist talked to me about getting out of the race. I recommend to the governor that he should consider getting out of the race.” Meek said.

    Crist said Thursday on Fox News that said he spoke with Meek and “several people” at the White House, as well as Clinton counselor Doug Band, about having Meek step out of the race.

  206. The following is just shameless. What the heck is the matter with these people? Is it a mental defect?

    Obama’s problem with ‘vulgar’ Bill Clinton
    By Bernie Quigley – 10/29/10 11:02 AM ET

    The telling moment was Harvard Professor Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr.’s kerfuffle with Sgt. James Crowley. Obama unfortunately appeared to reflexively weigh in on behalf of Harvard Yard instead of Fenway Park. Obama is without question Harvard’s current favorite. Indeed, the idolatry of Mile High Stadium that has waned in the world at large still reigns at cloistered Harvard. And those little “I miss Bill” bumper stickers of Harvard’s dowagers are beginning to peel off.

    But this is breaking the Democrats in half. The Clintons do not like Obama. They think they should be speaking to the minions at Mile High stadium. Now Harvard’s James Kloppenberg tells The New York Times that there is a primal difference between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Kloppenberg disparages the “vulgar pragmatism” of that hunka hunka burnin’ love that is Bill. He praises Obama’s “philosophical pragmatism.”

    It is pretentious, but probably correct. Obama, like JFK, is high-minded, and I think there will be more to him next year with Elizabeth Warren on board, especially if he brings in Arnold Schwarzenegger after December. And they will need a new trickster. Arnold, in a recent interview with Diane Sawyer, seemed to want to go. Clinton is vulgar, and a vulgarian with 50 gold watches has populist cachet, in the tradition of the old Irish pols of Brooklyn and Southie with drink and cigar in hand, diamond tie pins and a new Cadillac every year. That is one of the things his followers liked about him.

    I have never liked Bill Clinton, not because he is vulgar, but because I thought he could be dangerously unstable and dangerously irresponsible. This week, it is reported that Bill Clinton pushed black Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek (Fla.) to quit his race against Independent Charlie Crist in Florida, when Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were stumping for Meek just a week before. And so many of Bill’s stops this cycle are at regimes which voted for Hillary in 2008 that it is being called a “revenge” tour. This seems in context with the Clinton tradition. There is still time for the Clintons to destroy the Democratic Party, and in such a volatile political environment, there is potentially time for them to destroy the post-war political system.

  207. Below you will find Erickson’s advice to the class of 2010.

    My own advice would be very similar: cast your eyes on the flag and all that it stands for, i.e. its red our blood, its white our honor, its blue our future limited only by our dreams. Never ever succumb to the siren song of lobbyists. It will drag you out of the main channel into the shoals and to the depths of the foggy bottom. Esto tibi ipsi fidus– to thine own self–and no less thy constituents be true. That is the navigational plan for a successful voyage.

    An Open Letter To Freshman Republican Victors
    by Erick Erickson
    Red State Blog

    I am putting this up the Sunday before the election because in the noise and hubbub after the election it will be drowned out and it is very, very important.

    If you are working on one of those challenger campaigns and will come into the House of Representatives and Senate after November 2nd, please read this and get your future Congressman or Senator to read it.

    In the next 72 hours, you will be elected to the United States Congress. Suddenly you will find that you have friends you never knew you had. Remember that most of them are not actually your friends.

    Many members of Congress will begin whispering sweet nothings in your ear wooing you to vote for them and their rules for the House and Senate. Remember that these same men are the exact same people that the voters rejected in 2006 and again in 2008.

    Remember that every poll showing a Republican landslide on Tuesday also shows that the public hates these men.

    Introduce yourself to Jeb Hensarling, Jeff Flake, and Jim Jordan. Talk with your fellow freshmen like Tim Huelskamp, Justin Amash, and Jeff Duncan. Those are the people who will become your closest friends who you’ll share a foxhole with when leadership fails you but a battle must be waged.

    Remember that some of the people who will come to Congress with you, whether it is Charlie Bass or Steve Stivers or Kevin Yoder or Robert Hurt, etc. are unrepentant tax hixers and some will want to transcend partisanship to work across the aisle. You got elected by being the Party of No. Don’t let the sweet nothings of the Beltway suddenly convince you otherwise.

    No is a very powerful word in Washington and it is not used often enough.

    Finally, here is the last bit of advice I have for you today. Remember the GOP Pledge? One person — Barry Jackson, who is John Boehner’s Chief of Staff — single handedly had support for traditional marriage stripped from the Pledge and did so after showing a version of the Pledge to conservatives that had it in there to get their support.

    One person and a staffer from John Boehner’s office no less.

    When you get to Washington you will be told you need a professional staff of lobbyists, careerists, etc. to help guide you. You will be told that “you just don’t understand” or “you are naive” or “the School House Rock version of how a bill becomes a law is too simplified for the real world.”

    The people telling you this are the people the voters hate and you should not trust. Largely they will be people in leadership, particularly staffers, who will soon depart for K Street where they hope to profit off their relationship with you. They will work with people like Trent Lott to try to co-opt you.


    Fight them.

    Fight the idea that you must yield to their ways instead of them yielding to your ways. You, after all, have not been driven from power like these men have.

    You will have friends you did not know you had who really are your friends when you stand up and fight your leadership. Do not let the Rules Committee be a tool of Leadership. Do not men like Jerry Lewis who helped drive us from power in 2006 remain in power. Do not let leadership have control over committee assignments.

    Do not trust Mitch McConnell and Lame-R! Alexander and John Boehner and Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy even though they did so much for you. Remember, as much as they did for you, you are more important to them than they are to you. But for you, they would still be in the minority.

    Do not trust the leadership’s staff. They view many of you as problems and potential disasters despite that you will vote more reliably Republican than their preferred candidates and pets.

    You have it within you and with the word “No” to prevent the Republicans from going back to the ways that got them removed from office in 2006. Read this to find four easy ways to fix things once you get up there.

    If you fight them you will be rewarded. If you succumb, the tea party will come for you in just a few short years.

  208. Bernie Quigley can go F%%k himself after that crass piece of writing. Arnold in the administration, now there’s a new low.

  209. moononpluto
    October 31st, 2010 at 1:33 pm
    I wrote a comment on that particular post. There was so much that I could have written, including sticking up for Bill, but in all honesty, it gets tiresome responding to this nonsense all of the time. In my comment, I just noticed that I used the word “slate” when I meant to use the word “canvas”, but the point is still the same regardless.

    Obama has philosophical pragmatism? Barack is “high-minded”? Ah, now I get it. To some of our supposedly intellectual betters, Øbama is still a blank slate in which they can make him out to be whatever they want him to be. In the mean time, the vast majority, with more and more agreeing every month, know what Øbama really is. Our esteemed universities might want to start charging a fee and opening their doors to tourists so that we can all experience their fantasy worlds. They could give Disney a run for its money.
    BY nomobama on 10/31/2010 at 13:18

  210. Well my old 28 year old Egyptian Arabian died today. She was a schooling horse in her younger days and won many prizes in the Ft. Worth area. I have had her for almost 20 years, she was my youngest child’s horse. She saved me from having to put her down which I was dreading. The young horse I have made friends with her and he is standing by her mourning…I never realized horses did that kind of thing.

  211. Bernie Quigley is a Kossak, a Daily Kos habituate and a case of arrested development. The Marine Corp has an expression that fits him to a tee: every asshole has an opinion. And Bernie proves it to a fare thee well every time he opens his clap trap mouth. Gosh I hope that is not too “vulgar” for his delicate sensibilities. Far better to be clueless, stupid and disingenuous like he is than to be, god forbid, vulgar as he defines it. Simply put, good old Bernie is a waste of protoplasm.

  212. My condolences Confloyd. It is a sad moment I am sure, but I am equally sure it brings back many fond memories. If there is a horse heaven I hope she is there.

  213. confloyd
    October 31st, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    That’s sad. A lot of animals do that. For instance, I had two dogs raised together as pups. When the one passed away, the second dog changed. Since the dog had died at home, while I was holding her no less, I set her down on the bathroom floor and let the other dog see her, and then sniff her. I had to wash the mess off of her since her body let everything go once she passed away, and then take her to the vet so that she could be put in their refrigerator for the night while I made the arrangements to have her cremated. The next day, I took my remaining dog with me to the vet’s office to pick up my other dog. They had her wrapped in a heavy duty black plastic bag, and placed in a box. When I placed the box into my car, the other dog started to whimper in a way that I had never heard before. My heart broke all over again when I realized how her sister’s death affected her, too. I will never forget the remaining dog’s behavioral changes that occurred after her sister passed away. I felt bad for her.

  214. confloyd – I second what wbboei said. Horses are such beautiful creatures. I’m glad you got to know one so well.

  215. nomobama,
    Sarah is the real thing and I think the Alaska shows will prove it…Rove is being an asshole. He speaks for the monied oil people who are scared to death of Palin.
    I think Sarah and Hillary are so much alike, but Hillary can’t speak as freely as Sarah, but I bet she would say much the same stuff in the privacy of her own home. I also think Hillary has said approximately the same things about certain subjects like the media and the republicans and thats why the “status quo” fight so hard against them both.
    Americans are pist and I think they are beginning to realize you don’t need an Ivy League education to be Potus….common sense is the best education to handle the Presidency.
    I really love both of these women…they are both the real thing. Think how nice it would be if each of these women were heads of each respective party….things could be so much different.

  216. As far as the young vote is concerned, this is really the last day of campaigning because they will be so smashed tonight and tomorrow from halloween parties, they wont give a damn.

  217. That’s right, Confloyd. You do not need any ivy league education that is awarded with a paper certificate to have intelligence and common sense. Toilet paper is paper, too.

  218. Sorry Confloyd, my animals are very special to me as they must be to you. All animals mourn, my cats always go and see the other when one dies.You gave her a good life, i bet she loved you for that.

  219. nomobama

    October 31st, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    The following is just shameless. What the heck is the matter with these people? Is it a mental defect?

    Obama’s problem with ‘vulgar’ Bill Clinton
    By Bernie Quigley – 10/29/10 11:02 AM ET

    Fine- the knives are out. Obama is seen as the Fool on the Hill. Bill and Hillary have out maneuvered the White House dunce and he’s not liking it. Boo-effing-Hoo!

    The Obama Combine set a trap for Bill and he reversed gears and backed-up and rolled over them.

    What they have done to Meeks is similar to what is happening to Caprio. It’s the only way they know how to win. Get your opponent out of the race any way you can before the election. A Democratic president endorsing an Independant, a former Republican? Unheard of… Obama bend over, you’ve got a new orifice coming… Hold hands with that skanky wife of yours see if you can wipe that smile off her face.

  220. Mrs. Smith,
    The freaking media is still lying for the asshole…that’s what I don’t get. Chris Wallace repeating the lie, but at the end of the episode they put both videos of Meeks denying that Bill was asking and that it was Crist who was asking.
    I don’t know how these people sleep at night with the lies they tell.

  221. confloyd
    October 31st, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    Well my old 28 year old Egyptian Arabian died today

    Sorry to hear that, Connie. It is a sickening moment in the pit of your stomach when you lose a family pet that has given you so much pleasure and many good memories. My riding students would be depressed for weeks after a favorite passed away. For us,they were like family. We kept the family farm together until they were all gone. Finding them new homes was out of the question. When they reach an age of over 20yrs, it’s as much of a trauma to them as it is for old family members moving to a strange place without having their old friends around as company for them. You did the right thing letting her go in peace with you.

  222. The following is just shameless. What the heck is the matter with these people? Is it a mental defect?

    Obama’s problem with ‘vulgar’ Bill Clinton
    By Bernie Quigley – 10/29/10 11:02 AM ET


    Quigley is reallly nuts! What generation does he think he’s talking to?

    Actually it’s the Obamas who are acting like that….

  223. confloyd
    October 31st, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    I have a feeling Bill has had enough. There is a BIg Comeuppance coming for BO and Obama may as well start packing… Oh, before I forgot to mention… This is a time Hillary needs to triple her security. With her out of the way, Obama continues.

    Trust no-one. Change plans often and watch her back.

  224. I think it’s excellent how anti-Murkowski Republicans have been proactive in their efforts to see her fail in Alaska. All those names being added to the ballot as write in candidates makes her write in candidacy one of at least 100 different people, I believe. Trying to even find her name on the ballot will be a chore.

  225. confloyd

    You are right. It is a hard decision to make to put them down. However, losing them is hard also.

  226. confloyd
    October 31st, 2010 at 1:46 pm


    I’m so sorry for your loss of this beautiful animal.

    Animals bring us such joy and comfort that losing one is like losing a member of your family.

  227. confloyd – I’m so eager for BO to go down. But they cheated and stole delegates in front of our eyes on national live television and no one cared, they cheated in caucuses (even locking Hillary supporters out) and no one cared.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised if his people manipulated the machines. But even if someone finally cares, won’t it simply be tied to his supporters? Without clear evidence that it was done by his order, won’t he skate again?

    I suspect we’ll be rid of him because he won’t run again, or else will be voted out. But I want so badly for the actual truth to come out about him. I guess I’m cynical that it will actually happen 🙁

  228. confloyd
    October 31st, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    I haven’t seen it, but I did read Hillbuzz’s blogpost on their speculations. I don’t know what to think about this. Why would Democratic operatives go down to South Carolina? There’s no election that they will be supporting at that time. Are they trying to cover up something or is it a lot of malarkey? I don’t know what to think.

    There was supposedly another Democratic corruption story that was supposed to break in 2010, that was first reported on in November 2009. It had to do with payouts made by a lobbying firm named PMA, which is no longer in existence. Nothing has come from it yet, for the most part, but I wonder if somehow James Clyburn was in on it.

  229. For some reason, I’m seeing the glass half full where the latest BC flap is concerned. Can you imagine how angry BO and media are with him at this point? He made them look the fool again. Implying he’s racist again may not work this time.
    And I thought this was an interesting article:
    For the first time in several years, the US Secretary of State will not be part of the Presidential delegation when Barack Obama visits India in November. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has played a key role in accelerating the Indo-US relationship, will not accompany Obama during his November visit due to “Scheduling Conflict”. Clinton would be in Australia along with Defence Secretary Robert Gates for the 25th anniversary of the annual Australia-US Ministerial Consultations….

  230. The point is that neither obama or the dims stepped up to the plate and said that Crist was lying. They were ready to tar and feather Bill Clinton either way.

  231. I’m so sick of these lies…I think sheet is about to hit the fan…I’m so glad Hillary will be “Outback” and it sounds like she is really looking forward to it.

    I think its pretty clear Hillary goes where she wants to go and see whoever she wants…I don’t think Obama has total control over her other than what she has to say about HIS policies.

    I can’t see how the media can keep lying when Meeks himself has denied the charges against Bill….it just doesn’t add up. I think whatever they find in South Carolina is so big that the media is involved and has to cover themselves too.

    I’ve looked up this company, it has lots of tenacles to the government. Owen G. Dunn Co. owns Printelect. They are also looking for tech savvy college students to work as poll watchers…wouldn’t you know??? hmm, hmmm!

  232. nomobama,
    It was James Clyburn that got on National TV and tried to blame the republicans for putting in that black candidate with no experience and he won his senate race with no backing….we can only hope it was the FBI setting this guy up….wouldn’t that be great???

  233. The doorbell just rang and I answered it thinking it was the first of the trick-or-treaters. Well not quite. It was a Democratic volunteer passing out literature about the Democratic candidates here in Illinois. Boy, did I give him an earful. Told him that I would never vote a straight Democratic ticket again, that I would register as an Independent if I could, that I couldn’t stand Obama, that I was a Hillary supporter and that there are millions of us out there. He said that Hillary had the job she wanted. That got me going even more. Told him that I decided to not ever vote for Obama the night of the NH primaries, when talk of the Bradley Effect and hints of racism started being made.

    Told him there are some Democrats that I will support, but not Giannoulias, Obama’s basketball buddy. He agreed that Alexi wasn’t the best candidate. I voted for David Hoffman in the Primary and would have supported him now. Instead I’ll vote for Kirk.

    This guy seemed surprised by everything I said and told me that no one else had made the same comments. He needs to come to this wonderful website and find out the truth of all of this. Told him that I predicted 2 yrs. ago that Obama would implode and that I truly believe the day is coming. Phew. Feel better. I offered him some candy, but he said no.

    Get out and vote the bums out!!!

  234. lorac,
    I know how you feel, I feel the same way. The Chicago Godfather needs to go down.
    Rush said on the radio that he wondered if Obama was coming back, LOL! We can all hope he won’t…he would be in exile in India no less…LOL!

    You know I used to look at congressman and senators and Potus with respect…now all I see are crooks!

  235. loving it

    Thousands of empty seats for last Dem voter rally by Obama, Biden

    CLEVELAND — The arena where President Obama and Vice President Biden are making their final appeal to Democrats to get out and vote in Tuesday’s midterm elections was far from capacity Sunday afternoon.

    The crowd estimate stands at 8,000 in the arena that seats just over 13,000 and a couple thousand empty seats are visible above the stage where Obama and Biden rallied supporters on stage.

    The event is the final one in a series of “Moving America Forward” rallies aimed at ginning up enthusiasm with the party’s largely deflated base ahead of Tuesday.

    The president’s final pitch to voters Sunday comes after hitting three states Saturday — rallying Democrats in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and at an outdoor rally in Chicago on Saturday night.

  236. Another press cutting – in part about Hillary’s visit to our city. The photo accompanying it in our local paper (not shown here) was interesting. It looked as though Hillary was leaning back slightly from our prime minister, John Key, who was elected 3 days after Obama and has often stated that he greatly admires Obama and models himself on Obama. Hillary I think is too much of a professional to distance herself, especially when discussing a natural disaster, but there did not appear to be much warmth there. We however are looking forward to her arrival.

  237. From the Caterbury article above:

    GAME ON!

    “Clinton’s visit to Christchurch and Wellington would include a strong security presence. It was understood US Secret Service officials visited Christchurch months ago to check venues and organise security-related work.”

    “However, Government officials said yesterday they could not comment on security matters.”

  238. Breaking News: Yemen Releases Female Suspect in Mail Bombing Case –
    Authorities in Yemen have released the female computer engineering student from custody that they suspected of mailing explosive packages, Fox News confirms. Yemeni authorities concluded this was a case of stolen identity by an individual who knew the detained suspect’s name, address and telephone number. The suspect has been fully cooperating with the investigation, authorities say. Yemen will not allow the female suspect to leave the country at this time. A Yemeni government security official tells Fox News that more arrests are likely to come. [Let’s hope so….]

  239. Thousands of empty seats for last Dem voter rally by Obama, Biden

    Only 8000 deluded fools remain of the cecil b demille cast of seventy thousand who lined the banks of the Willamette River and elsewhere just to see him and hear him speak The Word. Whereas today, only two years later it is like Gershwin said: gone is the romance that was so sublime, its broken and cannot be mended, etc. All that is left is a “tall skinny guy”, a reluctant danced partner named tele and worse of all a broken record. How sad for him. How fortunate for the country.

    If this deterioration of his standing continues, as it undoubtedly will, there will come a time when Barack will find himself stuck in old Lodi– again . . So play it again Sam . . .

  240. The admin will have to bring out the disinfectant after I post this. She starts off with a big untruth about Øbama being honest about his background. I hope that she chokes on her words. Maureen Dudd claims Barack was brilliant in telling his story. Problem is that his story was mostly fiction, when nonfiction is what was the required reading.

    Barack Obama became president by brilliantly telling his own story. To stay president, he will need to show he can understand our story.

    At first it was exciting that Obama was the sort of brainy, cultivated Democrat who would be at home in a “West Wing” episode.

    But now he acts like he really thinks he’s on “West Wing,” gliding through an imaginary, amber-lit set where his righteous self-regard is bound to be rewarded by the end of the hour.

    Hey, dude, you’re a politician. Act like one.

    As the head of the Democratic Party, the president should have supported the Democratic candidate for governor in Rhode Island, the one the Democratic Governors Association had already lavished more than $1 million in TV ads on. If Obama was going to refuse to endorse Frank Caprio out of respect for Lincoln Chafee, the former Republican who endorsed him for president and is now running as an independent, the president should have at least stayed out of Providence.

    Reductio ad absurdum: After two years of taking his base for granted, the former Pied Piper of America’s youth had to spar with Jon Stewart to try to get the attention of young people who once idolized him.

    Obama still has the killer smile, but he’s more often sniffy than funny. When Stewart called White House legislation “timid,” Obama got defensive and offered a less-than-thrilling new mantra: “Yes, we can but …”

    “We have done things that people don’t even know about,” said Obama, who left his Great Communicator mantle back in Grant Park on election night.

    In 2008, the message was him. The promise was him. And that’s why 2010 is a referendum on him.

    With his coalition and governing majority shattering around him, President Obama will have to summon political skills — starting Wednesday — that he has not yet shown he has.

    His arrogance led him to assume: If I build it, they will understand. He can’t get the gratitude he feels he deserves for his achievements if no one knows what he achieved and why those achievements are so vital.

    Once it seemed impressive that he was so comfortable in his own skin. Now that comfort comes across as an unwillingness to be wrong.

    We want the best people to govern us, but many voters are so turned off by Obama’s superior air that they’re rushing into the arms of disturbingly inferior pols.

    Obama admitted to The Times’s Peter Baker: “There is probably a perverse pride in my administration — and I take responsibility for this; this was blowing from the top — that we were going to do the right thing, even if short term it was unpopular.”

    But who defines what’s “right”?

    With the exception of Obama, most Americans seemed to agree that the “right” thing to do until the economy recovered was to focus on jobs instead of getting the Congress mired for months in making over health insurance and energy policy. And the “right” thing to do was to come down harder on the big banks for spending on bonuses instead of lending to small businesses that don’t get bailouts.

    Many of us thought the “right” thing to do was to ratify the civil rights of gay Americans in marriage and the military. (A new Pentagon study shows that most U.S. troops and their families don’t care if gays are allowed to serve openly.)

    In an interview with progressive bloggers, the president was asked why he was lagging behind Republicans like Ted Olson on gay marriage.

    Noting that he has a lot of friends and staffers in committed gay relationships, Obama conceded only that his attitude was evolving. “I think it’s pretty clear where the trend lines are going,” the president said.

    Trend lines? Really inspiring, dude.

    One top aide told me that the president — who perversely tried to marginalize a once-captivated press corps — was beginning to realize that he had not used his charm as effectively as he could have.

    His inner circle believed too much in the power of the Aura and in protecting the Brand. They didn’t think they needed to sell anything or fight back when the crazies started sliming them. They didn’t care that the average citizen needed an M.B.A. to understand the financial plan and a Ph.D. to fathom what the health care plan would mean.

    Because Obama stayed above it all on health care and delegated to Max Baucus, he missed the moment in August of 2009 when Sarah Palin and the Tea Party got oxygen with their loopy rants on death panels. It never occurred to the Icon that such wildness and gullibility would trump lofty rationality.

    As the president tries to ride the Tea Party tiger, let’s hope for this change: that he puts some audacity in his audacity.

  241. Maureen Dudd is wrong about Øbama, and that is her supreme lie. Yes, she indicates things that are obvious to everyone else, as in this election being a referendum on teh won, but writing that he is superior to others is a lie. He should be down toward the bottom of the list of those who have the capability to lead the US, yet he occupies that very position, and it was media types like Maureen Dudd who were his biggest cheerleaders. You can tell that she still believes in him, and that she is unwilling to let him go. Poor baby.

  242. Fox News Alert- Christine O’Donnell narrows gap and “Big Name Guest” coming up at TPX rally in Delaware!

  243. wbboei
    October 31st, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    I love the song Lodi. I’ve always wondered where Lodi was. I know of a Lodi, New Jersey, but somehow I doubt that is the town that Fogerty is singing about.

  244. “I will credit to Bush when he deserves it, he gave the most America has ever given to Africa, and for that I will commmend him. I believe it was 15 billion.”

    Yes, that was my first reaction — Obama lying and fear-mongering again. Bush did fund Global AIDS assistance. And McCain supported him on that. It was one of the few things Bush did I agreed with

  245. wbboei
    October 31st, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    I love the song Lodi. I’ve always wondered where Lodi was. I know of a Lodi, New Jersey, but somehow I doubt that is the town that Fogerty is singing about.

    California is the only one I know of.,_California

  246. All quiet on the western front:

    The last TV ads have been cut. The final polls have been conducted. The end-of-campaign expenditures are being made.

    Now, for Democratic consultants and campaign officials who have plotted and strategized for months to preserve the embattled House majority, there’s nothing left to do but sit and wait for the expected horrors of Election Day to unfold.

    There is nearly uniform consensus among Democratic campaign professionals that the House is gone — the only question, it seems, is how many seats they will lose.

    While few will say so on the record for fear of alienating party officials or depressing turnout, every one of nearly a dozen Democratic House consultants and political strategists surveyed expect a GOP majority to be elected Tuesday — the consensus was that Democrats would lose somewhere between 50 and 60 seats.

    A senior party consultant who was on the low end with his predictions said the party would lose between 40 and 50 seats. On the high end, one Democratic consultant said losses could number around 70 seats.

    All spoke to the grimness of the mood.[snip]

    While there was optimistic talk within party circles early this month that the electoral environment was improving for the party, the operatives said those conversations don’t take place anymore.

    “If some Democratic consultant told you they are feeling better, they must have dropped some heavy drugs,” said a senior pollster who is working for candidates in competitive races. “It’s hard.” [snip]

    Everybody that is tied will lose, and everyone that is ahead by a few points will lose because of the GOP wave,” said one party media consultant who is involved in a wide array of House races. “There are going to be some surprises.”

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