Barack Obama Is Terrified Of Marco Rubio – Bill Clinton, Kendrick Meek, Orange Crist, ‘The Orange And Black Halloween Alliance’ – Florida Friday Follies

This past week reminds us of one of Michelle Obama’s outfits: wacky, inappropriate, distracting, bizarre, and utterly unexplainable. But then we remember it is close to Halloween and things become as clear as Black and Orange.

The last week of the campaign started with Obama stabbing Frank Caprio in the back and Bill Clinton slapping Obama and coming to the rescue of Caprio. That treachery was not yet cold when Obama made a fool of himself on a comedy talk show (Heckava job Baracky). Then to end the final campaign week when all should run like clockwork, – -it hit the fan.

Last night news hit hard about the Senate race in the Sunshine State: Marco Rubio was elected Senator. Well, that wasn’t the headline exactly but it certainly is the substance. The headline news is that a Black guy was being removed at the request of another Black guy, in order to stop a Latino guy, in order that an Orange guy get the job, and help the other Black guy keep his job.

The other news is that when JournoLister Ben Smith reports something, don’t believe it; when Matt Drudge reports something wait until the details emerge because the story is not complete. The other non-news is:

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

* * * * * *

Though we take a cheeky approach to this Florida business, this is a very important story. For those that dismiss what we say because we admire Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton remember we called for investigations and prosecutions when the Joe Sestak story broke even if Bill Clinton was implicated. Joe Sestak was offered a job if he would get out of the Pennsylvania senate race. Bill Clinton was involved in that story although we believe him when he states it was a quick call to gauge Sestak’s intentions. We called and continue to call for an investigation of that bribe attempt along with prosecution if crimes were committed and no one should be protected, not even Bill Clinton.

Having stated that, this is what happened last night, what led up to it and why it is important (you may read our earlier article on how important Marco Rubio is HERE) :

Barack Obama is terrified of Marco Rubio. By 2012 Marco Rubio will be in his second year in the U.S. Senate which is the amount of time Obama lolled around the Senate while running for president. Rubio has more accomplishments than Obama, has more experience than Obama, is much younger than Obama, is more physically attractive than Obama, speaks better than Obama, has a more sympathetic life story than Obama, has a better timbre of voice than Obama, speaks better extemporaneously than Obama, comes from a more electorally important state than Obama, has a more attractive and younger family than Obama, has no crooks and Jeremiah Wrights around him like Obama, and Marco Rubio comes from a rising and already much more important and geographically diverse ethnic/racial group than Barack Obama.

Barack Obama knows that if Marco Rubio is nominated as Vice President in 2012, or even as President, Obama is toast and all the crazy demographic plots of Democratic strategists go up in smoke. With Rubio on a national ticket (in 2012 or 2016) Latinos will likely vote GOP. Latinos are not only a larger demographic group than African-Americans but they reside in diverse and growing states such as Florida, Colorado, the Southwest states, as well as New Jersey, New York, and California. Whereas a great part of the black vote is gathered around the “black belt” southern states (which vote GOP) the Latino vote is gathered in many strategically important electoral vote states. In short the Latino vote trumps the African-American vote and Barack Obama is worried and wants to destroy Rubio.

In order to destroy Rubio, Barack Obama enlisted the aid of tanned into Orange Charlie Crist. It’s an Orange and Black Halloween alliance.

Step by step timeline:

1. Barack meets Orange in Martha’s Vineyard – they agree to keep in touch and figure out a way to destroy Rubio.

2. Obama keeps his distance from Meek in order to help Orange.

3. Obama orders donors to give to Orange, not Meek.

4. All goes well until Bill Clinton campaigns repeatedly for Meek.

5. Barack Obama is forced to campaign for Meek due to Bill Clinton.

6. Obama and Orange (the double zeros) agree Bill is a problem and must somehow be bought on board.

7. Early voting starts and the numbers begin to pile up.

8. Orange panics.

9. Orange calls White House in desperation.

10. White House suggests Orange call Bill Clinton’s aide Doug Band and see if Meek intends to stay in the race.

11. Orange calls Band and asks Bill to call – it’s a trap!

12. Bill Clinton smells a rat and calls White House to inform them and explore for additional traps.

13. Orange speaks to Meek and asks Meek to drop out and suggests he talk to Bill.

14. Meek trusts and respects Bill so he asks for Bill’s advice.

15. Bill Clinton calls Meek again who is aware he will lose but depending on mood will quit/will not quit.

16. Orange is in full panic as early voting votes pile up approaching the millions.

17. Orange will be on cable show and decides the time is now to pull the trigger.

18. Orange leaks to Ben Smith.

19. Ben Smith calls Doug Band to confirm story.

20. Smith gets the story wrong and ignores the black elephant in the room.

* * * * * *

Now the full story:

JournoLister Ben Smith and Matt Drudge were on the job last night spreading misinformation. Our comments section last night was also on the job was on the job and a lot of great information was provided.

JournoLister Ben Smith’s article still has as the headlinel: “Clinton Pushed Meek To Quit Florida Race“. Matt Drudge featured a double headline (“CLINTON PUSHED BLACK CANDIDATE TO GET OUT; OBAMA CAMPAIGNED FOR MEEK LAST WEEK”). One headline duplicated the Smith misinformation but provocatively replaced Meek’s name with “black candidate”; the other headline was about how Barack Obama campaigned for Meek last week. The pictures also added to the ugliness. The implication from Drudge is “racist” Bill and good ol’ Barack.

JournoLister Smith is wrong because Bill Clinton did not “push” anyone to do anything – Kendrick Meek says so. Bill Clinton was asked for advice by Kendrick Meek and Bill Clinton provided it. As for Matt Drudge, we discussed his protection of Barack Obama two days ago and of course we all know Drudge’s history with Bill Clinton.

Let’s put some facts on the table for misleading JournoLister Ben Smith because his Clinton hate and Obama love married to sloppiness and haste misinform Americans (Matt Drudge immediately ran away from his deceptive headlines and today has a picture of a smiling Marco Rubio and the headline “Dem Nightmare”).

Drive by shooter Ben Smith knows by now Bill Clinton did not push anyone to do anything. Smith also does not bother to inform his readers of the history in the Florida Senate race. Specifically JournoLister Ben Smith looks the other way when it comes to Barack Obama.

Barack Obama’s history is to get rid of candidates. That is how he started his career. Obama dug up dirt on his opponents to advance his career. Obama anonymously hit John Edwards with the haircut story and anonymously smeared Bill Clinton about 9/11 and Hillary Clinton as the “Senator from Punjab”.

It was also the Barack Obama thugs who tried to get rid of Joe Sestak. Barack Obama thugs tried to get rid of Andrew Romanoff, Barack Obama thugs tried to get rid of David Paterson. Now Obama thugs want to get rid of Kendrick Meek.

1. It was Obama who met with Orange Crist, not Kendrick Meek, in Martha’s Vineyard.

2. It was Barack Obama that wanted Meek out and funneled money to Orange Crist.

3. It was Bill Clinton that went to Florida to campaign for Meek even as the White House signaled they wanted Meek out.

4. After Bill Clinton campaigned for Kendrick Meek, Barack Obama was forced to follow and eventually gave Kendrick Meek donuts and said “Don’t say I never gave you anything.” Remember this from August?:

“The campaign of Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.) certainly made the most of Wednesday’s brief Florida visit from President Obama.

Even though the president still hasn’t headlined a fundraiser or campaign event exclusively for Meek, the congressman’s campaign used every chance it could Wednesday to get him close to the president.

Meek was on the airport tarmac to greet Obama when he arrived, and the two later made a stop at Jerry’s Famous Deli in South Beach for corned beef sandwiches.

After purchasing Meek’s sandwich, the president joked, “Don’t say I never gave you anything.” [snip]

Obama’s full embrace of Meek and his Senate campaign was long-awaited. While the president has offered campaign help to several Democratic Senate candidates so far this cycle, Meek received little help through most of the spring and summer, even as he struggled to hold off Greene in the Democratic primary.

It’s something that rankled a few members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who suggested the White House hadn’t done enough to prop up Meek. Earlier this month, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel did headline a fundraiser for Meek in Washington.

Former President Clinton has been Meek’s biggest draw on the campaign trail. Clinton has held some five fundraisers for Meek and made three campaign stops with him earlier this week. Meek was a backer of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2008.”

Fifth Dimension provided this in our comments section from The Hill newspaper:

“One of the worst-kept secrets in Washington and in the media who care to report the actual news is that President Obama and key Democratic leaders, particularly those who control and influence the purse strings, are giving a wink and a nudge to big donors to write checks to Crist instead of Meek. Crist is now being supported by the dirty, sexy money from Establishment Democrats, and is certain to lose what little Republican support he may have been able to hold onto up to this point, significantly increasing the chances for a Marco Rubio (R) win in November. Crist needs Obama, and Obama needs Crist. And like a Lifetime Channel tearjerker made-for-TV movie, we all know where this leaves Kendrick Meek.”

Fifth Dimension also posted
the time line from JournoLister Marc Ambinder:

“Crist is incredibly ambitious. He has also damaged his credibility among Florida voters by seeming to act in the best political interests of Charlie Crist when circumstances warrant. The governor promised at least two candidates his endorsement for the 2008 Florida Republican primary. He really wanted to be vice president. In this election, now as an independent, he knows that the one trump card he holds is that he can choose to caucus with the Democrats if he wins the Senate race.

So when it becomes clear that Crist’s shtick ain’t working, and Marco Rubio is set to be the next senator from Florida, Crist calls up Bill Clinton’s fixer, Doug Band, whom he doesn’t know very well, and asks him to ask Clinton to send out feelers to Kendrick Meek. If Meek drops out, Crist will caucus with the Democrats if he wins.

Clinton makes sure the White House is aware of Crist’s intentions. The White House becomes aware. The WORST kept secret in Florida politics is that the White House tried to get Clinton to do this several months ago. At the time, Clinton told the White House to stick it where the sun don’t shine. He has real affection for Meek.”

JournoLister Ambinder relies too much on “reporting” from JournoLister Ben Smith. But Ben Smith cannot be relied on. Any gossip, any call, Ben Smith will publish as fact. That was his history at the New York papers when West Side wives of powerful men knew Smith was the go-to guy for their pastimes. JournoLister Ambinder speculates that “it looks like Crist was trying to force Meek out of the race by disclosing the didn’t-get-done deal.

What both JournoListers miss is that Crist called Clinton’s office at the suggestion of the White House. Orange Crist now denies he said what he said and JournoLister Smith publishes the denial, but the fact remains – “Crist says White House was involved.

Bill Clinton suspected something was up and he called the White House to verify that it was OK to talk to Meek about potentially pulling out. But…

Bill Clinton called the White House for verification, not because he wanted permission, but because he smelled a rat and wanted to get the White House on the record. Don’t mess with Bill.

Fifth Dimension scores a trifecta and posted this from JournoLister Greg Sargent which shows the beginning of a Clinton pushback on the Smith story:

Charlie Crist personally called a top adviser to Bill Clinton and asked if the former president would discuss with Kendrick Meek the possibility of dropping out of the Florida Senate race, according to a source close to Clinton. [snip]

According to a source close to Clinton, the former president’s conversations with Meek were directly initiated by Crist.

What is clear in all of this is that Orange Crist called the White House (he says so) and the White House suggested he get Meek out.

If it’s a funeral Michelle Obama will wear a cocktail dress with bows and belts from automotive repair shops. If it’s morning and a day dress is de rigueur Michelle Obama will stab on some garish earrings and grab another cocktail dress and a too small sweater more appropriate on Bo the dog and traipse out in that costume. That doesn’t make sense. Neither does the last ditch desperate attempt to keep Rubio out of the Senate and eventually out of the White House.

As was pointed out last night the Obama Dimocrats look desperate and pathetic and slimy. This might even help Meek. From last night:

“First and foremost, the reason why many rejected getting Meek out of the race was because there was great fear that African-American voters would stay home if Meek dropped out. The other candidates on the ticket wanted Meek to stay on the ballot. So then why try to get Meek out and kill all the other candidates, who are not doing so well right now anyway?

Second, why get this information out at this late date? If this is supposed to muscle Meek out, now it won’t work and will really make Meek supporters angry. If it does work, ditto. If this is supposed to signal to all that Crist is now the Dimocratic candidate, for all intents and purposes, again it could really make Meek supporters angry.

Third, as the article states there are two big reasons for such a desperation play: (1) the Senate is still viewed as vulnerable; (2) there is great fear of Marco Rubio who is viewed at “a potential national figure” (we wrote a short while back that the Rubio and Feingold race are the two most important races in the country).

A point of clarification which will be missed is that Doug Band from Clinton’s office was asked to be an intermediary between the Crist and Meek camps. Bill Clinton got involved in the talks only after Meek said he was considering such a move. It is not surprising that Meek would ask Bill for advice.

The one question we have: Is this yet another example of blowing up the party? Getting Meek out via an ugly leak is sure to cause a firestorm in Florida and many people are going to be disgusted and not vote. Is this the purpose? Was blowing up the Florida Dimocratic party a birthday gift for Hillary (the Meek switcheroo was supposed to take place on October 26).”

Hotair also weighed in last night as to the timing:

“When writing the earlier post, I completely forgot that Crist was doing an interview tonight on, er, “national” cable news. So that explains the timing of this story — they coordinated it so that Crist would have a large-ish platform to broadcast the fact that Meek is (allegedly) having doubts about his candidacy. If you’re trying to sandbag him and peel away Democratic base voters in Florida, what better chance to do it than during a chat with the left’s most highly rated ranting clown?”

Obama the Clown and Orange the Clown played this badly. If this were to be done, it should have been done before early voting commenced. Already more than 1.6 million early votes have been cast and many more are surely in the mail. As of last night 33% of the total votes already have been cast.

Marco Rubio responded to the Michelle Obama dress situation in Florida with logic and precision – just like a Senator:

“Charlie Crist truly will say and do anything to get elected and hold on to power. Secret deals to trade away principles for power is already the problem in Washington, it’s not the solution. This is simply politics as usual which is exactly what voters across the country are emphatically rejecting this election.”

Facts Of Note:

* As of today, more than 1.7 million Floridians have already voted – approximately 1/3 of all likely voters (4.8 million Floridians voted in 2006, the last midterm election).

* There is not a single public poll which shows Crist leading Rubio in a hypothetical two-way race.

* As of yesterday, our internal tracking showed Crist and Meek in a statistical dead heat.

* Among those who have already voted, our internal polling actually shows Meek beating Crist 28% to 24%.”

Kendrick Meek responded with love for Bill Clinton and firm resolve:

“The article is not true. Kendrick Meek was never dropping out of this race, is never dropping out of this race, and will never drop out of this race. Kendrick Meek will always stand up for the middle class and will not leave Floridians a choice between two lifelong conservative Republicans who only stand with the special interests. Kendrick is the Democratic nominee so if anyone should drop out, it’s Charlie Crist.”

Update: A hastily called presser, just concluded. Money quote: “I am in this race until Tuesday.” I don’t know how Crist wins now, but we’ll see what happens to Meek’s polling over the next day or two.”

Geta Van Susteren was on the job too (video here)

“GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS: “Did you speak to anybody at the White House?”

CHARLIE CRIST (I-FL): “Yes, I did. Subsequent to conversations with those close to Mr. Clinton.”

VAN SUSTEREN: “Who did you speak to at the White House?”

CRIST: “I’m sorry?”

VAN SUSTEREN: “Who did you speak to at the White House?”

CRIST: “There were several people that I spoke with, again, there were several people that I spoke with.”

Orange Crist spoke to Obama at Martha’s Vineyard and at every panic moment, before, during, and after.

JournoLister Smith insists that Meek was “pushed” by Bill Clinton but that is simply not true. Bill Clinton spoke with Meek and undoubtedly Meek’s prospects are bleak. Bill Clinton assured Meek he would be right by his side whatever Meek decided to do.

As much as JournoLister Smith tries to spin this as Bill Clinton “pushed” Meek, the evidence mounts, even in his own reports that that is not the case. JournoLister Smith is the one who is calibrating:

“With a spokesman for Bill Clinton and Governor Charlie Crist himself both confirming details of POLITICO’s story tonight on their efforts to convince Kendrick Meek to drop out of the Florida Senate race, Meek in a press conference this issued a calibrated denial, saying that their statements are “inaccurate, at best.”

“Any rumor or any statement from anyone that says I made a decision to get out of the race is inaccurate at best,” Meek said. “There was never a deal.”

Meek conceded that Clinton had asked him about reports that he was going to drop out, but suggested that he’d quickly ended the conversation, and he stressed that he had never actually decided to drop out. As POLITICO reported, Clinton believed Meek was ready to drop out on two occasions, and even began to draw up plans for a Tuesday rally with Crist.

“The president didn’t say, ‘Hey, you need to do this, and this is the reason why,'” Meek said.

“President Clinton did not ask me to drop out of the race,” he said. “Nobody has called me and said, ‘You need to drop out of the face.'”

Where does JournoLister get that Bill Clinton “pushed” Meek to get out? His own reports contradict his own reports and headline.

Further, Bill Clinton’s talk with the White House was not to discuss how to get Kendrick Meek out of the race. Quite the contrary. Bill Clinton essentially told Meek to tell the White House “shove it”. Bill Clinton specifically told Meek to not listen or even talk to the White House:

“Former President Bill Clinton says he talked to Rep. Kendrick Meek about ending his bid for Senate twice, but that he never discussed the issue with the White House.

“He was trying to determine what was the best thing for him to do,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN’s Susan Candiotti Thursday. “I knew it was being discussed, people had discussed it on and off… it was no secret.”

Clinton said Meek did not have enough money to break through in the polls.

“He was trying to think about what was the best thing for Florida,” Clinton said.

He said he thought it was important that Meek not discuss the issue with the White House, and instead do whatever he thought was right.”

It was a desperate Orange Crist himself who called Doug Band to try to ensnare Bill Clinton, whom Meek trusts, to get rid of Meek.

It was a desperate Barack Obama who got Orange Crist to do his dirty work.

Today the news is all atwitter with purported terror bombs in planes.
Today there is also a supposed terror attack on a Marine base.

But the real terror today comes from Barack Obama who sees Marco Rubio from the White House. The real terror today is Patrick Kennedy’s Rhode Island district going to a Republican, just like Teddy’s.

The terror and fear is mounting. Last night we got a taste of the desperation from Florida. The electoral terror will mount for a few more days. Then the full terror will be unleashed November 2 when Obama will see the pitchforks from his window, moving rapidly, towards him.