More Rush Limbaugh, Bill Clinton’s Retribution Tour And Matt Drudge Is Al Sharpton

Update: Toby Harden’s today writes pretty much what we have written. His version of our article may be read HERE.


We have a bit more as a follow-up to yesterday’s article concerning the NObama Coalition.

Bill Clinton helps us expand on what we wrote yesterday with a dramatic slap on Obama’s face announced late last night:

“Bill Clinton will campaign this week for Rhode Island Democratic gubernatorial nominee Frank Caprio, providing a stark contrast to President Barack Obama’s snub of Caprio earlier this week, according to several Democratic sources.

The details of Clinton’s visit have not been made public, but his endorsement could give a boost to Caprio the same week that the gubernatorial candidate said publicly that Obama could “shove it” when it comes to a withheld endorsement.[snip]

Some Democratic operatives have been furious at the White House for the president’s snub of Caprio and his attendance at a Democratic Congessional Campaign Committee fundraiser held at the home of a supporter of Caprio rival Lincoln Chafee, an independent who backed Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign.

“It’s like living in a political twilight zone. How rich is the irony that the President Obama won’t endorse Caprio, but former President Clinton will,” one Democratic strategist told POLITICO Tuesday night. “Given this political fiasco, every democrat should seriously question whether the White House understands that their goal in 2010 is not to position themselves for a 2012 relection campaign on the poltical carcasses of good democratic candidates. Thankfully, President Clinton is focused on 2010 and saving ALL democrats.”

Does anyone seriously doubt that the quick announcement of the Bill Clinton visit to Rhode Island is not intended as a slap at Obama? Check out this interview with Frank Caprio and his response to whether he is being punished for supporting Hillary Clinton in 2008:

In the very dumb New York Times article (dumb because it regurgitates the nonsense that Bill Clinton is on Obama’s side) we cited yesterday, there was this:

“Still, Mr. Clinton is not particularly close to Mr. Obama. He coordinates with Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., but makes his own decisions about whom to help. He has focused on aiding Democrats who endorsed Mrs. Clinton against Mr. Obama, like Representative Mark Schauer here in Battle Creek. Some Democrats call it a “retribution tour”; aides said they think of it as a “thank you tour.” And Mr. Clinton has helped some who did not take her side, most noticeably Gov. Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, who is running for Senate.”

Get it yet? Today Byron York rewrites what we wrote long ago:

“So on Tuesday, with the hours until Election Day ebbing away, the campaigner-in-chief came to the rescue.

The problem was, it wasn’t entirely clear how much Clinton really wanted to help Democrats, and especially Obama, win next week’s elections. In the course of a one-hour speech, Clinton, whose wife lost a bitter nomination battle to Obama just two years ago and might still be considering another run for the White House, offered faint praise for the current president and a steady stream of criticism for Democrats, who he said have failed to communicate their message to the voters. If Clinton, who also seemed deeply concerned with defending his own record as president, had simply wanted to fire up the troubled party faithful here, he could have delivered a rousing defense of Obama and his party. Instead, his message was at best mixed, and at the end a listener could not be entirely sure whether Clinton truly believes Democrats deserve to win in November.”

How can anyone expect a strong defense of Barack Obama and his Dimocrats? Such a defense flies in the face of logic and reality. Bill knows what he is doing.

More from York in this Winter of Dimocratic discontent:

“Clinton explained that he had originally “planned to do a handful of events for people who supported Hillary when she ran for president.” It was a slightly off-key beginning, since, of course, Mrs. Clinton’s opponent in that race was Barack Obama. Things went a little more off-key when Clinton offered an assessment of Obama and Democratic leaders that would barely qualify as faint praise: “I personally believe both the president and the Congress have done a better job than most people think they have done,” Clinton said. It’s safe to say that won’t end up in a Democratic campaign commercial.

Clinton then lectured Democrats about the weaknesses of their campaign so far. The party has achieved significant things on issues like the stimulus, health care and education, he said, but the public doesn’t fully appreciate what’s been done. [snip]

After the speech, in an impromptu interview with ABC News, Clinton said, “It’s what happened to me in ‘94,” meaning that today’s political atmosphere is similar to the time he famously lost both houses of Congress to Republicans in his first midterm election. Bringing up that disastrous defeat is a comparison that cannot have been welcome in Democratic circles. Then, in what appeared to be a clear jab at the White House, Clinton agreed to campaign on behalf of Frank Caprio, the Democratic candidate for governor of Rhode Island who was snubbed by President Obama and who later said that Obama can “take his endorsement and shove it.” Caprio endorsed Hillary Clinton over Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary; now, Clinton’s endorsement of Caprio sends the signal that he’s not necessarily on the same page with the president.

Yes Byron, we wrote all that in our “Almost Completely Naked” series on Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton and especially the one about Bill Clinton – last month.

In 2007/2008 and beyond, the Obama Hopium Guzzlers made the case that Obama would lead to endless victories. Now these fools are confronted with a loss bigger than 1994. Bill Clinton is slyly pointing out that all the blame heaped on him for the 1994 losses (it was Democratic House scandals such as the financial questions raised that year regarding the House bank that caused the defeat) is blame that now must be heaped on Barack Obama. So much for the glorious future Obama promised.

How to save the day for Dimocrats? Politico today headlines that the Obama Dimocrat strategy in this election is “Divide and Conquer”. The reference is to sham third party efforts supported by Obama Dimocrats. But this “Divide and Conquer” strategy is also one that can be applied to those that undermine the NObama Coalition. We refer to the “E” over “I” crowd best represented by Matt Drudge. Instead of “I” over “E” (Intelligence over Emotion) Drudge takes every foolish opportunity to attack Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The issue this election cycle is Obama, not Bill or Hillary (even Obama admitted this today on the Al Sharpton radio show). But Drudge continues to distract with silly swipes at the Clintons. It was Matt Drudge of course that many noticed did very little to help John McCain. Drudge also did not employ his formidable talents and powerful website to go after Barack Obama. This lack of passion to attack Barack Obama was noted by many Republicans at the time. It appears that Matt has not evolved and is stuck in the glory days of his past. Sean Hannity, a noted Clinton hater has stopped attacks on the Clintons and occasionally even has compliments to throw at the Clintons – in order, as we have suggested, to keep focused on the real issue this election – Barack Obama.

But Matt Drudge continues to indrudge in distractions. Instead of focusing, like a burning laser, on Obama, Drudge prefers to highlight a Chicago rally that was not filled to the brim when Bill Clinton appeared in Obama’s Chicago. Drudge could have noted that the Obama White House and the henchmen at the OAF DNC make great efforts to gather crowds for Obama but try to sabotage Bill Clinton at every turn. But for Drudge it is “E”, emotion, over “I”, intelligence. Keep distracting Drudge and you will hurt the mutual interests we all have in getting rid of Barack Obama.

Today the DrudgeReport headline is a rehash of something we have written about – Hillary Clinton getting as far away as possible from Barack Obama. When we have written about Hillary’s smart schedule (leaving now, not returning until Obama is out of the country on a 12 day trip) we kept our focus on Barack Obama and the damage he has done to the once great Democratic Party. Drudge’s focus however is on Hillary. That’s a distraction big fella. If Matt wants to write about the Clinton’s he should keep the focus on Obama and do his own “Divide and Conquer” strategics. Capice?

And speaking of Obama’s appearance on Sharpton’s show, today a caller to the Sharpton show noted that Chicago is and has been run by the very people who abuse the citizenry. Yet Sharpton wants African-Americans to continue to vote for their tormentors. The caller sounds like us when he declares “I’m not that ignorant Reverend Al. I’m not going to keep expecting different results doing the same thing. Love you brother, out of here.”]

Matt Drudge and Al Sharpton want to live in the past. Sharpton wants to continue shilling for Obama and his clown Dimocrats, and Matt Drudge wants to keep attacking Bill Clinton. Matt Sharpton meet Al Drudge. That repeated too often definition of insanity comes to mind. Vote for your abusers and you will get more abuse. It’s time for a CHANGE.

For a CHANGE, we will quote some more of what Rush Limbaugh said, because some of it is right on target. If he ever stops larding his appeal with condescension and speaking to the NObama Coalition as if we are dopes the guy might become a success on radio:

“RUSH: Reverse Operation Chaos, announced by the director of Operation Chaos, I, El Rushbo. You Democrats, you are the ones Hillary has been waiting for. Vote with your feet. Put ’em up on the coffee table on November 2nd, or, in fact, you can even double down. That may be hard to do for some of you Democrats. It may really be hard. If the Republicans pick up 50 seats, it’s iffy. Seventy-five seats or more and you can pretty much guarantee yourself Obama in trouble in 2012. You get Hillary on the ballot in 2012 and you’re looking at potentially eight years more in the White House, rather than just four more with Obama. Vote with your feet, keep ’em on the coffee table November 2nd, or vote Republican. Reverse Operation Chaos. Or, another way to say it, Operation Clarity: Eight more years. Isn’t it time a woman in this country finally got what has long been denied her? And, in fact, it was the Obama campaign on the Democrat side leading the way. Now it’s get even with ’em time.

RUSH: If you’re just joining the program, a major announcement made by me in the first hour of the program today. Reverse Operation Chaos. Any Democrat who believes that Hillary Clinton would make a far better president than Barack Obama and will do more to save the Democrat Party from its plunge, any Democrat who believes that Hillary has been screwed and shafted out of her legitimate chance to be president during the campaign of 2008, any Democrat who believes that the only way the party can recover from the upcoming loss of a supermajority in the House and potentially a big majority in the Senate, any Democrat who believes that those things are on tap must stay home. Operation Reverse Chaos.

If you believe Hillary Clinton is the future of the Democrat Party and would make a better president, then you must stay home on November 2nd and don’t vote. Any big turn out of Democrats will solidify the Democrat Party as Obama’s party and will forever, once and for all, officially end Hillary Clinton’s rightful, God-given quest to be president of the United States. Many Democrats — and I talk to ’em out there. Many Democrats believe that Hillary Clinton would be a much stronger candidate for president in 2012, that Hillary Clinton would not lose as many seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate as Obama will lose. But a strong turnout for Democrats on November 2nd will solidify Obama’s place in the party as the head of that party going forward, and Hillary Clinton will essentially officially be sent out to pasture.

There is no way that Mrs. Clinton could run for the nomination in 2012 with a strong showing for Obama in the midterm elections in 2010. Hillary Clinton’s future, as much as Obama’s and the Democrat Party at large, will, in all likelihood, be determined by the elections on November 2nd. Very simple. The Democrats are gonna choose which horse they want to ride in 2012 by either turning out for Obama or not. Operation Reverse Chaos. If you Democrats care about your party, if you want to make it right for Hillary Clinton, you will stay home and not vote on November 2nd. Or, even better, you will show up and vote Republican. If the Republicans get 50 seats in the House, it’s no deal for Hillary. Seventy-five seats, now we’re talking. [snip]

Bill Clinton is essentially ensuring big Republican turnout by saying that people like you and people like me are has-beens, we’re old-fashioned, we’re antiques, we’re obsolete, we represent the old America
— when in fact we know that that’s true. We want to turn back the clock a year and a half. We’d love to turn back the clock politically 20 years, back to the eighties. And Clinton knows this is what we want to do. Reverse Operation Chaos: Even the Clintons are on board. Make no mistake: Mrs. Clinton wants to be president. Make no mistake that Bill wants her to be president. That way, he’s gonna know where she is every night. Make no mistake: They both want to get back in there. Make no mistake: They see a golden opportunity.

It is very rare that a president with this popularity, with this much of an electoral victory in his presidential year loses this many seats. This, the Clintons, see as a dynamic opportunity. That’s right. Exactly right. While others are texting, I am subtexting. I, ladies and gentlemen, am reading the stitches on the fastball, reading between the lines, a step ahead, on the cutting edge. [snip]

Reverse Operation Chaos, November 2nd. Democrats, stay home. It’s the only way to save your party from its own Armageddon, being brought about by Barack Obamadinejad. Mrs. Clinton. You know she got screwed politically. You know she got shafted. You know the deck was stacked against her. You know that it was entitled to her, this presidential win. You know, everybody knows, it was hers. Obama didn’t even expect to win but they didn’t figure on the press going all in for the historical aspect of the first black president. The Clintons. They want what is theirs. They want what is theirs as they defined what is theirs when they were both at Yale all those years ago. Reverse Operation Chaos November 2nd. The real October Surprise out in the open, in full view.”

Rush is raising the bar at 75 seats. All his “entitled” crap and sarcastic slights insult the intelligent. But Rush is right in saying what we wrote years ago, that a defeat in 2010 by Obama Dimocrats will be a defeat for Obama. What we wrote in 2009:

“While we don’t think Hillary Clinton will directly challenge Obama for the nomination in 2012, we do think it is the job of sensible Democrats and smart Hillary supporting websites to drive Obama from the 2012 race. It is also the job for American citizens who care about the country.”

Drive him out. That’s what we mean to do. We hope “bitter” and “clinging” small town America picks up the pitchforks and joins us.

Jut Jaw


82 thoughts on “More Rush Limbaugh, Bill Clinton’s Retribution Tour And Matt Drudge Is Al Sharpton

  1. Well that makes me feel a little bit better

    Colorado Senate: Buck (R) Remains Ahead of Bennet (D)

    Republican Ken Buck still holds a slight lead over incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet as Colorado’s U.S. Senate race heads down to the wire.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state finds Buck earning 48% support to Bennet’s 44%. Three percent (3%) prefer another candidate in the race, and six percent (6%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

    The race remains a Toss-Up in the Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 Senate Balance of Power rankings.

    Two weeks ago, the candidates were in a near tie with Buck leading 47% to 45%, the closest the race had been in eight months of surveying. In surveys since March, Buck has earned 44% to 51% support, while backing for Bennet has ranged from 38% to 45%.

  2. Please stay in the spotlight B.O. Obama makes a fool of himself again, tonight:

    He went on ESPN twice to announce his Final Four picks. He went on “The View” (drawing 6.5 million viewers). He had a “Christmas at the White House” special with Oprah Winfrey. He went on Jay Leno – becoming the first sitting President to appear on a late-night show. He was on the cover of Rolling Stone, giving a revealing interview looking back on his first 18 months in office. In December, he’ll be going on the Discovery Channel’s “MythBusters.”

    All that’s left, apparently, is to be a guest voice on “The Simpsons,” though I’m sure that’s in the offing. Banksy will animate.

    This “Daily Show” appearance makes a second strategic mistake. By chumming it up with Stewart just days before the Rally to Restore Sanity, Obama and Stewart are coopting each other. The President is killing two mockingbirds with one stone.

    Without Obama’s and Oprah’s fingerprints on it, the rally might have looked like a semi-spontaneous uprising by moderate-as-hell Americans sick and tired of the extremists. Now, it’ll appear to be a Democratic Party event, through and through – appearing to opponents every bit as “Astroturfed” as the biggest Tea Party events seem. (In truth, I don’t think either the Tea Party gatherings or the Rally to Restore Sanity are staged; they’re both authentic and filled with genuinely concerned voters. But this is as much about appearance as reality.)

    I know what David Axelrod and other presidential handlers must be thinking: Obama is an amiable guy. He’s a good spokesman. And the new media landscape is endlessly fragmented and hopelessly partisan; to reach people, you’ve got to branch out far beyond the big three networks and the cable news networks, as often as you possibly can, if you’re actually going to make inroads.

    They’re right that a 21st century President must be new-media savvy. They’re wrong that this argues for saturation.

    As with anything, there are diminishing returns. When the President is always everywhere, people are less likely to stop and watch him at any given time. His face starts to look like just another talking head. His logo starts to look like just another corporate logo. He’s always down in it rather than rising above it.

    And with Obama’s media dial always at 10, he can’t turn it up when it is, say, election crunch time.

    There’s a final problem: By spreading himself so thin, Obama appears to be using pop culture as a crutch.

    Remember the 2008 campaign: John McCain, sensing a vulnerability, mocked Obama for being a celebrity who wasn’t ready to lead. The commercial is gone, but the reservations are not.

    People start to wonder why, if you’re the President in very serious times, you can find a slot in your schedule for frivolity like picking NCAA brackets – but not for more than one true news conference every couple of months.

    They start to wonder if your overexposure is not a form of overcompensation.

    The question should be asked: How do these appearances rise to the top in a tightly controlled White House, when there are thousands upon thousands of requests for the President’s time, most of them with hard-news outlets?

    Yes, Presidents are allowed to have fun. Yes, George W. Bush spent tons of time clearing brush on his ranch. No, they don’t have to be all business, all the time. But Barack Obama doesn’t need to be, for media purposes, his own First Lady.

    Last March, in a column titled “The Obama Everywhere Gamble,” I wrote: “The American people are remarkably savvy media consumers. Over time . . . a critical mass of people may start to suspect that the President and his men are wooing us relentlessly through a permanent campaign through the culture in order to win us over on policy. And nobody likes to be manipulated, not even by a great communicator.”

    I can’t end this column any better than I ended that one.

  3. “Given this political fiasco, every democrat should seriously question whether the White House understands that their goal in 2010 is not to position themselves for a 2012 relection campaign on the poltical carcasses of good democratic candidates.”

    oh really? these fools are just now figuring this out?

    Obama is for Obama, first, last and always.

  4. I guess Bill Clinton is doing his part to check Obamaism.

    I have to say that I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate the picture of Barack staring at Hillary at the closing of this article. Yet, the picture shows who Øbama really is, and I am glad that the image exists.

  5. I can’t wait to be watching the election results on Tuesday night. My gut tells me that this is going to be worse than 1994, much worse.

  6. yup, i have a feeling the Dems have no idea how bad Tuesday is going to be.

    I’m actually predicting more than 75 house seats swept away and Dems losing seats they didnt even contemplate in the Senate.

  7. admin–

    you may want to take a look at this.

    Looks like 2012 has already begun for Waffles, he only cares about this own messaih-self.


    “The Democratic National Committee formally has asked the Pentagon for reams of correspondence between military agencies and nine potential Republican presidential candidates, a clear indication that Democrats are building opposition-research files on specific 2012 contenders even before the midterm elections.

    An internal Army e-mail obtained by ABC News indicates that the DNC has filed Freedom of Information Act requests for “any and all records of communication” between Army departments and agencies and each of the nine Republicans — all of whom are widely mentioned as possible challengers to President Obama.

    The agencies are asked to respond to the request by this Friday, just four days before Election Day.

    The nine Republicans that Democrats are seeking information on are former Gov. Sarah Palin, R-Alaska; former Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Mass.; Gov. Haley Barbour, R-Miss.; Gov. Tim Pawlenty, R-Minn.; former Gov. Mike Huckabee, R-Ark.; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga.; Sen. John Thune, R-S.D.; Gov. Mitch Daniels, R-Ind.; Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La.”

  8. Its going to be a bloodbath

    Parts of Obama Coalition Drift Toward G.O.P., Poll Finds

    Critical parts of the coalition that delivered President Obama to the White House in 2008 and gave Democrats control of Congress in 2006 are switching their allegiance to the Republicans in the final phase of the midterm Congressional elections, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

    Republicans have wiped out the advantage held by Democrats in recent election cycles among women, Catholics, less affluent Americans and independents; all of those groups broke for Mr. Obama in 2008 and for congressional Democrats when they grabbed both chambers from the Republicans four years ago, according to exit polls.

    The poll found that a greater proportion of women would choose Republicans over Democrats in House races than at any time since exit polls began tracking the breakdown in 1982.

    The poll provides a pre-election day glimpse of a nation so politically disquieted and disappointed in its current trajectory that 57 percent of the registered voters surveyed said they were more willing to take a chance this year on a candidate with little previous political experience – and more than a quarter of them said they were even willing to back a candidate whose holds some views that “seem extreme.”

    On the issue most driving the campaign, the economy, Republicans have erased the traditional advantage held by Democrats as the party seen as better able to create jobs, and by a wide margin Republicans continue to be seen as the party better able to reduce the federal budget deficit.

    The public wants compromise from both sides. Yet for all of its general unhappiness, it does not seem to be offering any clear guidance for Mr. Obama and the incoming Congress – whoever controls it – on the big issues.

    Critical parts of the coalition that delivered President Obama to the White House in 2008 and gave Democrats control of Congress in 2006 are switching their allegiance to the Republicans in the final phase of the midterm Congressional elections, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

    Republicans have wiped out the advantage held by Democrats in recent election cycles among women, Catholics, less affluent Americans and independents; all of those groups broke for Mr. Obama in 2008 and for congressional Democrats when they grabbed both chambers from the Republicans four years ago, according to exit polls.

    The poll found that a greater proportion of women would choose Republicans over Democrats in House races than at any time since exit polls began tracking the breakdown in 1982.

  9. November/December 2010


    Leading Through Civilian Power
    Redefining American Diplomacy and Development

    Hillary Rodham Clinton

    HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON is U.S. Secretary of State.

    Today’s world is a crucible of challenges testing American leadership. Global problems, from violent extremism to worldwide recession to climate change to poverty, demand collective solutions, even as power in the world becomes more diffuse. They require effective international cooperation, even as that becomes harder to achieve. And they cannot be solved unless a nation is willing to accept the responsibility of mobilizing action. The United States is that nation.

    I began my tenure as U.S. Secretary of State by stressing the need to elevate diplomacy and development alongside defense — a “smart power” approach to solving global problems. To make that approach succeed, however, U.S. civilian power must be strengthened and amplified. It must, as U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has argued in these pages, be brought into better balance with U.S. military power. In a speech last August, Gates said, “There has to be a change in attitude in the recognition of the critical role that agencies like [the] State [Department] and AID [the U.S. Agency for International Development] play . . . for them to play the leading role that I think they need to play.”

    This effort is under way. Congress has already appropriated funds for 1,108 new Foreign Service and Civil Service officers to strengthen the State Department’s capacity to pursue American interests and advance American values. USAID is in the process of doubling its development staff, hiring 1,200 new Foreign Service officers with the specific skills and experience required for evolving development challenges, and is making better use of local hires at our overseas missions, who have deep knowledge of their countries. The Obama administration has begun rebuilding USAID to make it the world’s premier development organization, one that fosters long-term growth and democratic governance, includes its own research arm, shapes policy and innovation, and uses metrics to ensure that our investments are cost-effective and sound.

    Copyright © 2002-2010 by the Council on Foreign Relations, Inc.

  10. Great to see you slap around Drudge and RushElBocaGrande. They are still more worried about the draw and intelligence of the Clintons then the ineptness of King Berry.

    RushBannanaBrain wants to claim that he has control over the voting of Hillary’s army……what a freakin’ joke.

    Another great post Admin.

  11. Great picture of Hillary and Bill…

    Hey, isn’t that…?: Bill and Hillary Clinton at Peacock Cafe

    Bill and Hillary Clinton celebrating her 63rd birthday at Georgetown’s Peacock Cafe Tuesday night. Sat in the back, overlooking the courtyard. She had the salmon with grilled sweet potatoes, he had the veggie burger with quinoa salad and spinach — healthy! (Well, they also shared a side of fries.) Told the owners that her mother, Dorothy Rodham, recommended it after dining there over the weekend.

  12. RushBannanaBrain wants to claim that he has control over the voting of Hillary’s army……what a freakin’ joke.

    Too bad he didn’t in 2008, 18 million additional votes for McCain and we would not h

  13. RushBannanaBrain wants to claim that he has control over the voting of Hillary’s army……what a freakin’ joke.

    Too bad he didn’t in 2008, 18 million additional votes for McCain and we would not h

  14. JanH
    October 27th, 2010 at 8:58 pm


    We ate there a bunch of times this summer. The thought of running into BC and Hillary there, wow.. It is quite a low-key place but the food and service are very good.

  15. Shadowfax
    October 27th, 2010 at 2:02 pm


    I’m with Janis on this one. How anyone could vote for BROWN is beyond me.

  16. Come November 2nd, the BIG democratic lie that most Americans support what the Democrats are currently doing to America will be exposed.

    I just came across this Youtube! video about election fraud in New Jersey, which is the state that I lived in most of my life. I always wondered how vote fraud takes place. Here is one example of how it took place back in 1997 in Jersey City, NJ. This was being discussed by a union official just this past summer. Shame…

  17. nomobama
    October 27th, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    Hey Shadowfax, I want my vote back!!!!!! 🙂
    You still have your vote. 😉

  18. Went to a 4 year old’s birthday party tonight. It was a pre-school thing and I only know the parents to say hello. Best school I could find in my area that wasn’t cost prohibitive so the families ranged from those living on public assistance to two family incomes just breaking six figures. In response to the ubiquitous political ads on the unnecessary overhead tv one of the parents vented about MEchelle and telling her what to feed her kids. Consensus was we are not stupid and shut the fuck up! I stayed silent, but I can tell you the attempt for big gov’t to play the paternal role really annoyed these people.
    Wonder, would it be stilted of me to write that as I listened my heart was filled with unprecedented joy?
    I kept my mouth shut save to say you can vote on Tuesday.(Keeping my trap closed was very difficult but seemed the correct response– oh what ya find your self doing for little ones)

  19. Happy a bit Belated Birthday Dear Hillary…

    Tuesday will be the ultimate Karma coming home to roost…I hope to be here with you all as that Karma manifests for all to see…

    …then let the secrets and the scandals begin…couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy…and his gal…sleeves…what sleeves? who needs sleeves?

  20. Shadowfax

    I do not mean to insult, but exactly how will Whitman negatively effect Education in California? And what will Brown do other than keep throwing money at something which needs to be fixed?
    I have worked in education and unless the parents get involved at a very early age there isn’t a lot that can be done. According to the professionals in Psycho educational processes knowledge is acquired by exposure and then repetition. If the parents are not fulfilling their end of the deal by discussing and basicaly being a parent what would you like the government to do? Parents have to sit with their kids every night for 15 minutes to an hour, but they have to sit with them and review. Not the state’s job, unless of course you want the state to dictate how children should be raised.

    Sorry it drives me insane. My kid can’t read blah blah and he is graduating. Well where the freud have you been for the last 18 years. More money for education? How will that change anything?

  21. henry
    After a few comments on the blog I don’t feel like discussing my vote to help public education.
    Nothing personal against you, just am sick of defending something that is very much apart of my life and family and lots of folks that will be effected by more cuts.
    I’m done talking about it.

  22. Wow, I’m not sure if this is true or not, link was on Drudge…

    ‘Obama unlikely to last his first term’

    A US analyst says US President Barack Obama is unlikely to end his first term as there are serious efforts by American officials to remove him due to his incompetence.

    “It is very doubtful at this time that he will last his first term,” Edward Spannaus of Executive Intelligence Review said in an interview with Press TV on Wednesday.

    “There are people who are upset within the administration and the Democratic party who are seriously considering how to remove Obama from presidency,” Spannaus added.

    Many of them put out all their calls for removing Obama under the amendment 25th of the US Constitution.

    The amendment allows for the removal of the US president if he is incapacitated either physically or mentally.

    Spannaus also opined that people in the military are upset because Obama “is not attentive” to what is going on. “We have troops killing and being killed and he is not interested in dealing with it,” he further explained.

    Elsewhere in his remarks, Spannaus said people inside the White House say, “Once he got into the White House he is very unhappy having to govern … he is very frustrated, he is very depressed, some reports say he is on medications and he cannot concentrate or focus, which is a mental problem.”

    “It is the question of what he is going to do now in this term, the question of the second term is out of the question,” he concluded.

    According to a new Harris Interactive survey released on Tuesday, just over one-third or 37 percent of respondents have positive opinion about Obama, while about 67 percent of Americans disapprove Obama’s performance on jobs and economy.

    A recent opinion poll conducted by Gallup had previously revealed that more than half of American voters would not support the re-election of Obama.

  23. Shadowfax,
    Duly noted.
    FYI- I am a fan of things like THE Brian Way Method– which involves educating the entire person. It seems absurd to me that the educators think they can take a kid living in hell and expect him to sit up straight and pay attention, like a cog in a machine.

    Education needs to be revamped but I don’t think any progress happens when more money is just thrown at a problem.

    I think more than anything what we need is common sense. No community can withstand the obligations put upon them by the union retirements. Not just education but every aspect of the retirement accounts.

    THEY MAKE NO SENSE AND THEY ARE UNSUSTAINABLE. 2.00 dollars to take a bus ten minutes in Pittsburgh and a quarter of it goes to pensions. The deals are done and those who worked with the expectation of a retirement should get it but beginning now no one should get a job in the public sector with the promise of a retirement account. Get a 401k. Nothing short of that is sustainable.

  24. Retirement accounts are unsustainable,
    Police, fire, teachers, bus drivers etc. No way the numbers can be continued to be paid out if it doesn’t change. Fiscally impossible for a bus driver to get 35k a year from the city after he retires when the city cannot pay 10 dollars an hour to the guy who has to dtive the bus today.

    Common freaking sense.

  25. “I personally believe both the president and the Congress have done a better job than most people think they have done,” Clinton said.”

    Oh, so Obama doesn’t suck quite as bad as we think he does.

    We’ll see what happens Tuesday, but 1994 does not compare. As I recall, the ’94 Dems had been in power so long, voters saw Congress as bloated, lazy and ripe for slaughter. ’94 Repubs still had the fresh memory of Reagan. 2010 Repubs have the fresh stench of Bush, Dems only took over 4 years ago, yet people can’t wait to throw them in the dumpster. In ’94, voters traded in a worn-out junker for a new car. In 2010, voters invoke the lemon law — and they’ll take anything as a trade-in.

  26. HWC – I think an island tipped over, hit his head, and gave him brain damage.

    Even putting the island tipping fear aside, he does not seem very sharp. He could have said his two concerns in 30 seconds – took him almost 3 minutes.

  27. lorac,

    Even putting the island tipping fear aside, he does not seem very sharp. He could have said his two concerns in 30 seconds – took him almost 3 minutes.
    He kind of reminded me of the guys I see at Wal-Mart here in East Texas during hunting season…LOL!

  28. henry,
    OMG! I shouldn’t moved to New York and drove a bus…I have no retirement that I don’t put in myself and I am a licensed health care worker that went to college.
    My dad who worked for the Bell system only gets 14,000 a year plus benefits.

  29. Shadowfax,
    We can only hope this happens…but what Obama really needs to do is just quit right after the election, let Hillary take over and fix it so the she can set a real recovery before 2012′ and that way she can get elected! She won the nomination anyway, so he should just go home to Chicago and play golf!

  30. 1 week from now and it will be all over and the Dems will have a major hangover from drunken abuse of power.

  31. Latest on Caprio:

    Although, I smell and Axelrod and a Kenyan all over these results.

    As of this morning, Caprio is in 3rd place. Thats right! Chafee is of course in first place, the Republican in second, and Caprio a distant third… Chafee 38% Robitaille 28% Caprio 25%

    Results by Quest Research poll. I’ve never heard of this polling outfit- and never seen or heard of the man interviewed on nbc Ch10 as the presumed owner.

    Quest Research polling began the explanation of the quick change of the results by saying: “Well, there are alot of undecideds out there.” Giving him loads of room for error. The percentage for margin of error was never made visible. [could be 10%?]

    The Questions last night to Caprio by a Ch 10 news reporter were pointed. For example: “Do you now regret making the comment telling the president to “shove it”?

    Obama and Axelrod are playing mind games with the RI public. It needs to be stopped or neutralized asap in only the way BC knows how to do.

  32. Adding to my last post. Rhode Island having a Republican governor for the last 8 yrs has directly impacted the condition of the state’s finances and a 13% (highest) unemployment rate. Robitaille, the republican challenger, announced his plans for the state will be more of the cost cutting Cacieri, which has had a direct impact on the state’s business and job climate. This morning’s statistics rank RI @ 46 as the worst for a viable business-friendly state.

  33. I guess I don’t buy the getting rid of him before 2 more years. All they have to do is prove he is not a citizen, and they could make that happen.

    Of course if they they do that, there has been a lot of coverup on the issue, and a lot people will look really bad in the Dem party.

  34. Good job, Admin. Poor Reverend Al, if enough of his professed supporters are going to start keeping their eyes wide open and come to their own conclusions, it won’t be long before there’s nothing but echo is his cathedral.

    I thought the following was worhty of sharing. It’s mind boggling how any challenger stands a chance going head to head with the nØbama D-rat leviathan.

    “The process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service,” – – FDR

    Michael Barone

    Who is the largest single political contributor in the 2010 campaign cycle? You can be pardoned if you answer, erroneously, that it’s some new conservative group organized by Karl Rove. That’s campaign spin by the Obama Democrats, obediently relayed by certain elements of the so-called mainstream media.

    The real answer is AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. The union’s president, Gerald McEntee, reports proudly that AFSCME will be contributing $87,500,000 in this cycle, entirely or almost entirely to Democrats. “We’re spending big,” he told The Wall Street Journal. “And we’re damn happy it’s big.”

    The mainstream press hasn’t shown much interest in reporting on unions’ campaign spending, which amounted to some $400,000,000 in the 2008 cycle. And it hasn’t seen fit to run long investigative stories on why public employee unions — the large majority of whom work for state and local governments — contribute so much more to campaigns for federal office.

    Nor has it denounced the Supreme Court’s decision last January in Citizens United allowing unions to spend members’ dues on politics without their permission and without disclosure.

    AFSCME’s number one status is emblematic of a change in the union movement over the years. Before public employee unions won the right to represent employees in New York City in 1958 and federal employees in 1962, almost all union members worked in the private sector.

    But unions today represent only 7 percent of private-sector workers, and in 2009, for the first time in history, most union members were public employees.

    This would not have gone down well with President Franklin Roosevelt. “The process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service,” he said in the 1930s. A public employee strike, he said, “looking toward the paralysis of government by those who have sworn to support it, is unthinkable and intolerable.”

    It still is at the federal level, thanks to presidents of both parties and especially to Ronald Reagan’s firing of the striking air traffic controllers in 1981. But successful strikes in many states and cities have given public employee unions huge clout and hugely generous salaries, benefits and pensions.

    Even more important is the political reality that, as New York union leader Victor Gotbaum said in 1975, “We have the ability, in a sense, to elect our own boss.”

    The anomalies don’t end there. Public employees’ union dues and contributions to union PACs come directly from taxpayers. So if you live in a state or city with strong public employee unions, you are paying a tax that goes to elect Democratic candidates (plus, perhaps, a few malleable Republicans).

    The problem is that, as Roosevelt understood, public employee unions’ interests are directly the opposite of those of taxpayers. Public employee unions want government to be more expensive and government employees to be less accountable.

    Yes, some union leaders, like the late Albert Shanker of the American Federation of Teachers, have been concerned about the quality of public services. But they have been the exception rather than the rule.

    Public employee unions have collected big-time from the Obama Democrats. The February 2009 stimulus package contained $160 billion in aid to state and local governments. This was intended to, and did, insulate public employee union members from the ravages of the recession that afflicted those unfortunate enough to make their livings in the private sector.

    How it benefited the society as a whole is less clear. State governments in California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey are facing enormous budget deficits and much, much greater pension liabilities. Much of the life of their private-sector economies has been sucked out by the public employee unions, with a resulting flight of middle-income citizens unable or unwilling to bear such burdens.

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, elected in 2009, has become a kind of folk hero for his defiance of the state’s teacher unions, which expect 4 percent raises in years of no growth or inflation and balk at having members pay any share of health insurance premiums.

    Public employee union members have become, as U.S. News and World Report Editor Mortimer Zuckerman writes, “the new privileged class,” with better pay, more generous benefits and far more lush pensions than those who pay their salaries — and who are taxed to send money to their leaders’ favored candidates.

    Franklin Roosevelt thought public sector unions were a lousy idea. Do you?

  35. Rasmussen Presidential Tracking for today: negative 20
    Not certain, but this may be THE THIRD time Obama has gone down …
    into the 20’s.

  36. NMF – “Of course if they they do that, there has been a lot of coverup on the issue, and a lot people will look really bad in the Dem party.”


    And the Rethugs. A coverup like this could not have been pulled off without the Bush Justice Department (Gonzalez, et al) Playing Ball.

  37. Norma Desmond

    I always felt that the REPs wanted to go against O vs HRC. They would be duck soap right now if HRC was in office. They know a lame duck when they see one. They really did not support Palin and McCain, nor did they use all the information they had. I don’t doubt that they played in this game also.

  38. Bad news in RI. Caprio has dropped to third place behind Chafee after his “shove it ” comments.

    Hopefully Clinton can turn that around.

  39. Washington Whispers
    Poll: Most Want Obama Fired In 2012

    By Paul Bedard
    Posted: October 27, 2010

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, rapped by the White House for pledging to make Barack Obama a one-term president, seems to have the support of a majority of Americans. A new poll provided to Whispers says that 56 percent of likely voters want the president fired.

    According to pollster Doug Schoen, whose new poll shows vast support for the Tea Party movement among voters, the president is still liked by about half the nation. In fact, more like him personally than like his policies. Some 48 percent think he’s a nice guy, while just 42 percent approve of his job performance.

    But that personal favorability doesn’t translate into re-election support when voters are asked if Obama deserves a second term. Says Schoen: “Despite voters feelings toward Obama personally, 56 percent say he does not deserve to be re-elected, while 38 percent say he does deserve to be re-elected president.” Worse, Schoen adds, “43 percent say that Barack Obama has been a better president than George W. Bush, while 48 percent say Bush was a better president than Obama has been.”

    Still, the president has a shot at re-election, according to the poll of 1,000 likely voters taken October 18-24. Schoen found that a slight majority, 51 percent, favor a third party in American politics
    and if that were the Tea Party, then Obama would win in a three-way race in 2012. According to Schoen, if the race pitted Obama, Republican Mitt Romney and Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin in 2012, Obama would top the others with 40 percent; Romney gets 32 percent and Palin 17 percent. And, in a bit of bad news for Palin, if the Tea Party candidate were Mike Huckabee, he and Romney would split the non-Obama vote 24 percent-24 percent.

    Other highlights in Schoen’s poll presentation:

    — 54 percent say the Tea Party has been a good thing for American politics.

    — Voters favor Republicans over Democrats on a generic ballot 48 percent to 39 percent.

    — The Democratic attack on special interest money helping Republicans isn’t having much of an impact.

  40. A star on the GOP stage

    BEYOND SNOOKI and “Jersey Shore,’’ Governor Chris Christie is New Jersey’s newest and biggest attraction. Hefty, rumpled, and blunt, Christie rocked the house at a Melrose rally last weekend for Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker…As Christie reminded the crowd: “A year ago right now, I was in a three-person race for governor against a Democratic incumbent in a blue state . . . The polls said it was razor close . . . I am here in Massachusetts . . . because it is time, ladies and gentlemen, to close the deal.’’ When Christie closed his deal in New Jersey, he became the first Republican to win a statewide election in that state in 12 years. Now he’s attracting national media attention for his skill in riding the wave of voter resentment that put him in office and continues to drive the midterm election cycle. But — ideology aside, for the moment — his political appeal goes beyond that. Christie has what other politicians desperately seek: authenticity. Watching him in action was a lesson in the power of charisma — and a reminder that it doesn’t always have to come in a package that looks like Senator Scott Brown or like the fit but ever-evolving Romney….

  41. NewMexicoFan

    I always felt that the REPs wanted to go against O vs HRC. They would be duck soap right now if HRC was in office. They know a lame duck when they see one. They really did not support Palin and McCain, nor did they use all the information they had. I don’t doubt that they played in this game also.


    I totally agree, and that’s why RushBlockHead telling Hillary’s army to stay home on Nov 2nd is such a fruitcake thing to do. He wants to take credit for Barry’s downfall, and thinks any of us take his advice seriously……that will be the day.

  42. Well it fluff up time for poor little Obama, even on Fox. One of Hillary old campaign guys says everyone thinks Obama is doing a good job and that there is no push to remove him.

    Patty Murray is supposed to to be saying how much Obama has done and she apparently is winning in Washington???

    So much disinformation out there…its all hogwash!

  43. Another piece from that ‘insider’….

    Our political insider details reports originating from inside the White House regarding President Obama having become increasingly depressed and uncertain over how to proceed following the impending midterm elections in November – elections that appear poised to sweep Democrats from power in Congress.

    So you state that President Obama is depressed? How did you come by this information? From a direct source still working within the White House on a daily basis. As I had stated previously, tensions at the White House have reached a critical stage. The infighting among staff is off the charts. More recently, the president has increasingly withdrawn emotionally from the day to day demands of his job – he has become what was described to me as “empty”.

    Empty? That is correct – empty.

    Do you mean to say the president is not doing his job? Not exactly. He is there, he is getting briefed throughout the day, but President Obama appears to have emotionally shut down, not entirely mind you, but a great deal
    . It has worsened since I was last there. His natural detachment has become almost chronic to the point of being disconcerting to staff around him. It appears President Obama is suffering from severe depression.


    Read more:

  44. Well look at this, Karl Rove putting down Sarah Palin!

    The good ol’ rethugs don’t like some attractive young woman to steal their mojo and take away their ‘God given’ place at the top of the Rethug food chain.

  45. This is good. Jon Stewart did himself proud by calling the charlatan ‘dude’.

    The president had come, on the eve of what will almost certainly be the loss of his governing majority, to plead his case before Jon Stewart, gatekeeper of the disillusioned left. But instead of displaying the sizzle that won him an army of youthful supporters two years ago, Obama had a Brownie moment.

    The Daily Show host was giving Obama a tough time about hiring the conventional and Clintonian Larry Summers as his top economic advisor.

    “In fairness,” the president replied defensively, “Larry Summers did a heckuva job.”

    “You don’t want to use that phrase, dude,” Stewart recommended with a laugh.

    Dude. The indignity of a comedy show host calling the commander in chief “dude” pretty well captured the moment for Obama.

  46. Toby Harden’s version of our article:

    “Byron York wonders here whether Bill Clinton wants Democrats to win next Tuesday. That may be going too far but he is certainly onto something when he suggests that (the) Clinton(s) has/have (politically speaking, they’re inseparable) a double agenda right now. As I reported a couple of weeks ago, Bill himself has stated that his principal motivation for going on the campaign trail was to thank those who had supported his wife against Obama.

    After my column was published, the NYT did a big piece on Bill on the campaign trail and buried the stuff about Clinton not being close to Obama and in reality still campaigning for Hillary. [snip]

    Deep in The Washington Post’s Bill-on-the-stump piece (published three days before the NYT effort) was the notion that Clinton is essentially going rogue:

    Some assume Democratic leaders in Washington are orchestrating Clinton’s campaign activities, but he is deployed by no one but himself.

    Democratic candidates of all stripes are funneling requests and seeking advice through his top aide, Douglas Band. Clinton prioritizes politicians who helped his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in her 2008 presidential campaign. (As secretary of state, she is banned from political activity.)

    So it is noteworthy that Bill is apparently about to campaign for Frank Caprio, the Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate who this week told Obama he could “shove it” after the President declined to endorse him. Caprio was an early supporter of Hillary for President, according to the Providence-Journal. In November 2007 he attended an East Greenwich fundraiser that netted $300,000 for her. As early as April 2006, Caprio was hanging out in bar with Bill as Hillary made the first moves for her ill-fated White House run.

    Bill is acknowledging Caprio’s faithful support for Hillary against Obama and has no doubt calculated that it also serves his and his wife’s purposes for the Clintons to be seen as the good Democrats by supporting the party candidate dissed by Obama . Perhaps there’s also a dash of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” about it too.

    My hunch is that the Clintons smell Obama’s blood in the water right now and, political predators that they are, they are positioning themselves to take advantage (and, frankly, who could blame them for doing so?). We know from 2008 what they really think of Obama. Despite Hillary’s loyal service as Secretary of State, her scathing critique of Obama during their bruising primary still stands – and now looks prescient.

    Coincidentally (not), Hillary will be out of the country next Tuesday – as far away from the impending disaster as possible.

    Some are speculating that Hillary might resign from State and mount a primary challenge to Obama in 2012. I think that’s highly unlikely – it would be an extremely difficult path for her to challenge the first black President. Seven years is a long, long time (and so is five, when the decision to run would be taken) but all things being equal she is currently a near cert to run in 2016.

    Of course, it’s not impossible that Obama, badly damaged by the mid-terms and sick of the distinct lack of the adoration he’s always been used to, will do an LBJ and decide not to run in 2012. I’ve long wondered whether his heart is in getting re-elected. In mid-September, a “big-time Democrat” told Politico’s Roger Simon that 2010 was already lost:

    “It is gone. He must now concentrate on saving 2012. But the biggest fear of some of those close to him is that he might not really want to go on in 2012, that he might not really care.”

    In the event that Obama decides not to run for re-election, Hillary becomes the immediate Democratic front runner.

  47. Obama’s next two years.It won’t be pretty.

    The Obama presidency has proved to be every bit the disaster for Democrats, independents,liberals and moderates that his primary campaign for the nomination and then subsequent presidential campaign foretold.

    No presidential candidate in memory and certainly none since Richard Nixon was as provably deceitful, dishonest, duplicitous,and had a record of serial lying as did Barrack Obama, all of which was overlooked in the name of electing “the first black president” which in and of itself was a lie since the truth is he is mixed race which for some reason wasn’t good enough for those promoting his candidacy. The difference between Obama and Nixon was that Nixon’s deceit was about getting even, Obama’s about getting ahead.

    Unfortunately its taken two years and having to actually drink the bottle of Obama’s snake oil to see there was nothing in it, for those who thought 50% of Obama’s racial make up was a good reason to vote for him in spite of his long track record of serial lying, reneging on promises, non-accomplishment,and political pandering.

    For this reason, regardless of the outcome of the mid term elections Obama’s next two years will be virtually identical to the first, the sole difference being that he may very well lurch to the right in order to boost his approval ratings to politically justify a run for a second term since he has all but lost liberal and moderate Democrats and independents. His only untapped resource will be conservatives so don’t be surprised to see him try to curry favor with the right for no other reason than for what he hopes will be his own political viability in 2012, a viability that as of this writing is non-existent thanks to his underhanded selling out of the public option on healthcare,a proposition 72% of Americans said they wanted in June of 2009, and his other tepid, weak,and bumbling handling of everything else from the Gulf spill to the economy and unemployment.

    Obama’s real concern over the next two years is going to be not only whether he can get re-elected but whether he can even get his own party’s nomination. The possibility of a credible primary challenge is growing, especially if it looks like Obama is unelectable.


    Tom in Paine

  48. Jon Stewart calling Obama “Dude”, Was right on target! I’ll be surprised if somehow Stewart will be call a racist now!

  49. Secretary Clinton begins the first full day of her Fall 2010 Asia Tour.

    She left yesterday for Hawaii, meeting with the Japanese Foreign Minister, and will now be giving a policy address in Honolulu today. Her address starts in ~45 mins. Here is a link to watch the address live:

  50. Shadowfax, How many times has old Rove been married…he just got rid of the last one a few months ago? He is pathetic! I personaly like the new “young gun rethugs”, those old ones like Mittens and Gingrich suck!

  51. Shadowfax
    October 28th, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. He’s trying to control the narrative. I would not be surprised to read sometime in the future that he has been trying to derail Sarah Palin behind the scenes. I do not like that man, regardless of if I think he has some intelligence.

  52. Shadowfax
    October 27th, 2010 at 11:31 pm
    Thanks! 🙂 ☺ 🙂 ☺ 🙂 ☺

  53. Shadowfax
    October 28th, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    Another piece from that ‘insider’….

    Shadow: Here is the money quote from the ‘insider’ article you posted:

    “Just prior to the midterm elections, a significant figure within the party is going to break out and talk publicly to the media about much of what has and is going on both at the White House and Congress. We need to have a bit of a cleansing process as a party, and this individual is now willing to do just that. It may actually be more than one. From there we can start the process of rebuilding and recovery. It will be much the same as we did back in 1994. That playbook is still as legitimate today as it was then. Don’t count out the Democratic Party – we will be back, and back in a big way, and I still believe back in time for 2012.”

  54. admin
    October 28th, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    Toby Harden’s version of our article:


    Admin, I make no qualms about the fact that I shamelessly plagiarize from you all over the internet. Your stuff is just that good, you are an inspiration, and when I repeat what you have said, I look smarter than I am lol.

    But I was shocked to see that not only did Toby Harnden pretty much rewrite everything you did, Harnden lifted almost directly from your title also!! Note, your article title was “More Rush Limbaugh, Bill Clinton’s Retribution Tour and Matt Drudge is Al Sharpton. Harnden’s article is “Bill Clinton’s ‘retribution tour’ against Barack Obama.” When even the titles of the articles are so much the same, could it be more obvious that they are stealing from you?? Incredible.

    I hope you get a good laugh from these wannabes. 😉

  55. I am seeing more and more would-be journalists plagiarizing Admin’s work. I suppose it could be considered a compliment. At least it’s a change from all the badmouthing that went on before.

  56. Hillary’s speech on now…available to view here:

    Ahhhhhh, thanks 5th…live Hillary is just what I need to perk up my day.

  57. Mrs. Smith,
    I hope your right….I am excited that someone with balls will say something and before the election….maybe Biden…I haven’t heard much out of him lately….but I guess he’s on the trail with “sleeveless”.

  58. Hillary was wonderful, rushing off to her next conference and flight.
    Passing out kisses to those in the first row.


  59. Well if its before the midterms, it could happen any day. I just have this feeling after he stabbed Caprio in the back, someone in the DNC made him come home and work on the computer. The “Dude” is a Loser! LOL!

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