ANNOUNCING – The Birth Of The DETOX PARTY On November 3, 2010

Dump Barack Obama and his “situation comedy” coalition of electoral organizing or face future defeats at the ballot box. That is the lesson that will either be learned on November 2 or will be learned after election day in 2012 or eventually in 2016.

On November 3, 2010 all who voted for Barack Obama will confront the consequences of supporting an inexperienced, unqualified boob for president. For some, this will be the moment that they will join the Detox Party. The Detox Party will be the half-way house to wean themselves away from the mass consumption of Hopium which they have been imbibing for years now.

But many Obama acolytes will continue to make excuses for the election defeats in 2010 and continue to support Barack Obama. We see this army of Hopium addicts still in the throes of Hopium psychedelia. Some examples follow.

One Obama Hopium distributor in 2008 by the name of Nate Silver (a baseball statistician) garnered a following to his website which purportedly dealt with statistical analysis of election polls information. This year Silver was hired by the New York Times to provide his mush to the masses. On October 20 Silver projected a 75% chance of Republicans winning the House in November. The reaction from his 2008 Obama allies was swift. In the comments the Hopium was strong:

“I just don’t believe it. I’m seriously not buying it. Come on! The average Republican house candidate this year is a lunatic. Are people really going to pull the lever for these extremists?

I don’t think so. There’s going to be a swing towards the Democrats and they will do far better than expected.

Dems lose 25 seats in the House and pick up about 5 from the GOP for a net loss of 20.”

Two days later Silver upped the Republicans’ chances to 80%. In the Senate, Silver guesses the Republicans have a 19% chance of a takeover although he admits that there will be many victories by Republican senate candidates and that “Republican prospects have been improving“.

A strong Obama supporter projecting Republican victories does not persuade Hopium Guzzlers. The mentality of the Hopium Guzzlers is stuck on stupid. The Hopium salesmen, such as the Head Kook, in 2008 predicted celestial choirs and endless victories.

“I and a few others were tweaking Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos over this October 2008 post in which, reviewing the 2010 Senate map, he declared John McCain “delusional” for saying the GOP would cruise to “three or four or five” fairly easy Senate pickups in 2010. Instead, Moulitsas asserted:

“[O]ff the bat, we have 13 potentially competitive GOP-held seats, and few Democratic takeovers. So no, 2010 won’t give Republicans 5-6 “easy” pickups. That’s ludicrous.

Things will be much different in 2012 and 2016 when we’re slated to play HUGE defense (defending our gains from 2006 and this year). Republicans can brag about the gains they’ll make those years because chances are they will. But 2010? Heck no. At this pace, we’re headed toward a 65-70-seat Democratic majority in the Senate by the end of 2010.”

In 2012 and 2016 Obama Dimocrats will indeed have to play “HUGE defense” – of that the Head Kook is correct. But a “65-70 seat Democratic majority in the Senate by the end of 2010”? That’s ludicrous. The Head Kook now says that he predicated those numbers on “current trends” not changing and Obama being “half-competent in the White House”. The Head Kooks summary in 2008: “…we’ll have little to worry about in 2010. Our majorities should be safe for some time.”

The perils of Hopium consumption are evident. The Hopium however continues to be smoked, drunk, and injected. On Friday, Newsweek provided HOPE for the Hopium addicts. The Kooks immediately declared an “Obama SURGE!”

The main reason cited by the Kooks for all their excitement was that this was a Newsweek poll. According to the Kooks, Newsweek… well let’s quote them: “Normally, I don’t get too excited about polls, but this is Newsweek, not The Nation: not exactly a hotbed of leftists.”

To the Kooks Newsweek is somehow not to be considered another failed (sold for $1.00) pro-Obama enterprise of Big Media and therefore the failed cheap magazine has credibility when their poll contradicts every other poll and every bit of common sense. Hopium.

The delirium elicited from these Kooks over a picture of Obama in the comments is a sight to see – much like the happiness of a confirmed drunk when given a bottle of Thunderbird in a paper bag. The Newsweek poll (Obama popularity at 54% and the “enthusiasm gap” closing) was Thunderbird in a paper bag with even the pollster admitting that the Republicans will still “come out on top on Nov. 2”. Newsweek’s polls have always had a very pro-Obama tilt giving him and Dimocrats high approval numbers when compared to every other poll.

Clearly the overwhelming majority of these dead-ender Kooks will not join the Detox Party on November 3. They will continue the Hopium injections in the dank incense dens they inhabit. But… some, a few, might join the Detox Party. One even writes: Let’s try reality for a change. Newsweek’s poll is completely out of whack with every other poll.” The few demanding reality will potentially join the Detox Party but in the Hopium dens they will be shouted down.

Obama Dimocrats with withered veins intermittently bulging from Hopium injections will do everything possible to thwart the birth of the Detox Party. Every slimy trick will be employed to retain their grip on power. What these anti-Detox Party manipulators do not understand is that even in if they were to keep power with their slimy tactics the bottom line is that Obama and Obama Dimocrats will not have a “mandate”. By using slimy smear and fear tactics instead of running on their record Obama Dimocrats are not empowered to do anything other than keep their swank offices and access to donor dollars.

Even if they “win” they lose because these tactics are not an agenda. They can conceivably win with dirty tricks (such as in the Democratic primaries in 2008) but as we have seen with Obama, the illusory victory will be hollow because they stand for nothing but flim-flam. The 2008 Kooks and their “Googlebomb tricks” are tricks that produce nothing but disinformation. [Updated: There is other evidence of trickery, shenanigans and potentially outright lawbreaking. In New York some Dimocrats have been forced by court order to submit DNA samples in a voter fraud case, and there are suspected absentee voter fraud allegations in Florida.]

The dirty ballot games that Obama has played all his life (see Alice Palmer) are now the Big Blog Boys’ Onanism ideology and the primary weapon of the Obama Dimocratic Party. The latest trick:

“Seeking any advantage in their effort to retain control of Congress, Democrats are working behind the scenes in a number of tight races to bolster long-shot third-party candidates who have platforms at odds with the Democratic agenda but hold the promise of siphoning Republican votes.

The efforts are taking place across the country with varying degrees of stealth. And in many cases, they seem to hold as much risk as potential reward for Democrats, prompting accusations of hypocrisy and dirty tricks from Republicans and the third-party movements that are on the receiving end of the unlikely, and sometimes unwelcome, support.”

The fake third party support is a trick by tricksters. The Detox Party will not be a favorite of the Kooks. They will prefer to live in their world of unreality and hourly Hopium injections and chants of “O-ba-ma”. The Kooks will continue to think of people like Sarah Palin as somehow stupid and persist in denigrating “teabaggers” and portray the Tea Party as Nazis (denigrating with this comparison the evil of the Nazi Party). The Kooks will resist and attempt to destroy the Detox Party but some good Democrats will put the needle aside and seek reality. John Mellencamp might join the Detox Party:

“Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has found an admirer in John Mellencamp.

The legendary rocker says that while he doesn’t support her positions, he is impressed by the mark she’s made on the country since the 2008 election.

Mellencamp says people get the wrong idea about her intellect “just because she says things and winks.”

He says she “knows exactly what’s she doing” and “she wouldn’t be where she is today if she didn’t.”

Mellencamp gives Palin credit for handling the rough world of politics. He says “she’s pushing the right buttons” and “you can’t be stupid and do that.”

The 59-year-old rocker is no stranger to the political arena. He supported Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008 and asked Palin’s running mate, John McCain, to stop using his songs at rallies.”

Perhaps Mellencamp will compose the Detox Party anthem in praise of reality not Hopium.

On November 3, 2010 the Detox Party will be born. It will comprise many elected officials running for reelection in 2012 who finally understand that Obama must be removed along with the warped theories of demographic destiny and contempt for the white working class.

The Detox Party will be the reality half-way house for Obama Dimocrats. First comes Detox then a return to the winning Democratic Party and the coalitions of FDR and Hillary Clinton. The Detox Party will be one of many new parties. Lately there is a lot of talk about third parties.

Sarah Palin threatens to turn the Tea Party movement into a third party and vows that 2010 is a “last chance” for Republicans. Rush Limbaugh expects establishment Republicans to return to their old ways and is warning that the response will be a third party in 2012.

But the first “third” party to function in the 2012 cycle will be the Detox Party.

New Yorkers saw the comically succinct “The Rent Is Too Damn High Party” in action at last week’s gubernatorial debate. Perhaps the remnants of the Obama Dimocratic Party weakened by defections to the Detox Party will become a nationally comic “The Rent Is Too Damn High Obama Party”.

The Obama Hopium Guzzlers will continue to guzzle and inject Hopium. For others, the methadone clinic as a political party will soon open.



etox Party.


Coming to a reality neighborhood soon.