Corrupt Big Media Bastards Exposed And Hillary Clinton Supporters Say “Dump Obama”

Which is worse “racist!” or “child molester!”?

We were repeatedly told by Big Media that Barack Obama ran a wonderful campaign and Hillary Clinton a miserable campaign in 2008. But which campaign won 40 point margins with less money while fighting the entire party apparatus and all of Big Media? Which campaign was completely unprepared for the Jeremiah Wright revelations and the Rezko corruptions? Which campaign had a candidate who with grace and intelligence could speak brilliantly at any event on any issue? Which campaign had a candidate who repeatedly made comments (think “bitter” and “clinging”) which were unacceptable? Who is it that needs a TelePromTer to say ‘good morning” or “happy birthday”?

Bill Clinton was called a “racist”. Hillary Clinton was accused of inciting an assassination of Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton supporters were called “racists” too. These narratives, among others (think “dynasty”) instigated by the Obama campaign were repeated by Big Media over and over again to such an extent that the fairest and most balanced news outlet, comparatively speaking, was the Hillary hating Fox News.

What happened in 2008 was a Big Media Political Party which supported a candidate and trashed anyone (Hillary or McCain) who opposed him. When Obama made a mistake Big Media excused or ignored it. When Obama lied Big Media applauded him as a truth teller. But if Hillary or McCain made even the slightest comment which could be exploited Big Media trashed them up and down.

Over the years we have provided evidence to substantiate all of the above. When the existence of JournoList was confirmed it was clear that corrupt bastards on JournoList purposefully killed the Jeremiah Wright story and purposefully built up the Obama “race” speech even though that speech raised more questions and certainly did not address the issue of Obama for 20 years worshiping at Wright’s pulpit.

Now from Alaska, with the benefit of a recording, we have further proof of Big Media corruption and candidate selection. Sister Sarah makes the case against the corrupt bastards:

“Just last night it was revealed that the rally that I had for Joe Miller on Thursday, it was revealed and we have the tape to prove it, that the CBS reporters, the affiliate in Alaska, conspired to make up stories about Joe Miller. We have the tape Chris, and I can’t wait until it busts out all over the nation, that shows what it is that we… kinda what I put up with for two years now from the media… but what Joe Miller is faced with in someone like Lisa Murkowsky who feels so entitled to that seat, that she and some of her people including some complicit in the media will do anything, they will stop at nothing, to allow Lisa Murkowsky to get back elected.”

I am saying that we have on tape the CBS reporters in the affiliate up there in Alaska saying, “Let’s find a child molester in the crowd as a supporter of Joe Miller. Let’s blast that. Let’s concoct a Rand Paul moment there. Let’s find any kind of chaos so we can tweet, “Ooh, there’s chaos. Joe Miller got punched.”” That’s sick. Those are corrupt bastards, Chris.”

Is “corrupt bastards” too harsh? No, it’s too kind. Hillary Supporters can easily hear the same conversation in the same newsrooms targeting Hillary. This time it is Joe Miller and all Americans should be grateful that he’s got a recording:

The transcript of the recording:

“FEMALE REPORTER: That’s up to you because you’re the expert, but that’s what I would
do…I’d wait until you see who showed up because that indicates we already know
FEMALE REPORTER: Child molesters…
MALE REPORTER: Oh yeah… can you repeat Joe Miller’s…uh… list of people, campaign
workers, which one’s the molester?

FEMALE VOICE: We know that out of all the people that will show up tonight, at least one of
them will be a registered sex offender.

MALE REPORTER: You have to find that one person
FEMALE REPORTER: And the one thing we can do is ….we won’t know….we won’t know but
if there is any sort of chaos whatsoever we can put out a twitter/facebook alert: saying what
the… ‘Hey Joe Miller punched at rally.’
FEMALE REPORTER: Kinda like Rand Paul…I like that.
FEMALE REPORTER: That’s a good one.”

The corrupt bastards stand by their corruptions.
Corrupt JournoListers like Greg Sargent continue to defend their fellow corrupt bastards. The corrupt bastards protect the corrupt bastards. JournoLister Ben Smith posted the defense of the corrupt bastards which amounts to ‘what you heard is not what you heard, what we said is not what we meant, our fabricated agit-prop was not meant to be public.”

There is a reason why Miller’s campaign is getting targeted with the “child molester” smear. It’s the type of smear you can’t wash off, you can’t explain, and it will come back to haunt you in future years. Like the “racist” smear the “child molester” smear can never be washed off and it is so open to interpretation and so incendiary that it will quickly embed itself into the collective consciousness.

Years from now, Joe Miller will say or do or vote for or against something and there will be a whisper of “child molester” even though there is no allegation in any way of any inappropriate behavior by Joe Miller. All people will remember is “child molester” and they will forget the context and that Joe Miller was the victim of a smear. Forever and ever Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and Hillary Supporters of all colors will hear “racist” whispered in the background. We saw how that whisper campaign works this past week in Florida between good friends Bill Clinton and Kendrick Meek.

“This week, it is reported that Bill Clinton pushed black Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek (Fla.) to quit his race against Independent Charlie Crist in Florida, when Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were stumping for Meek just a week before.”

Notice how slimy Quigley strongly suggests that racist Bill Clinton is trying to get the black guy out while Barack Obama is trying to help Meek. The truth, as we wrote, is entirely the opposite. It was Bill Clinton who forced Obama to campaign for Meek and it is Bill Clinton who has the long history of helping African-Americans and Barack Obama who has the history of selling out and stabbing in the back African-Americans (see Alice Palmer and Obama friend Tony Rezko who tormented his black tenants in Chicago). But the stink of “racist” is deployed because it sticks. Joe Miller is the victim of “child molester” because “child molester” is the brother smear to “racist” when there are no racial angles to exploit.

Another aspect to the Quigly slime is the garish hate towards the white working class:

“Obama unfortunately appeared to reflexively weigh in on behalf of Harvard Yard instead of Fenway Park. Obama is without question Harvard’s current favorite. Indeed, the idolatry of Mile High Stadium that has waned in the world at large still reigns at cloistered Harvard. And those little “I miss Bill” bumper stickers of Harvard’s dowagers are beginning to peel off.

But this is breaking the Democrats in half. The Clintons do not like Obama. They think they should be speaking to the minions at Mile High stadium. Now Harvard’s James Kloppenberg tells The New York Times that there is a primal difference between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Kloppenberg disparages the “vulgar pragmatism” of that hunka hunka burnin’ love that is Bill. He praises Obama’s “philosophical pragmatism.”

It is pretentious, but probably correct. Obama, like JFK, is high-minded, and I think there will be more to him next year with Elizabeth Warren on board, especially if he brings in Arnold Schwarzenegger after December. And they will need a new trickster. Arnold, in a recent interview with Diane Sawyer, seemed to want to go. Clinton is vulgar, and a vulgarian with 50 gold watches has populist cachet, in the tradition of the old Irish pols of Brooklyn and Southie with drink and cigar in hand, diamond tie pins and a new Cadillac every year. That is one of the things his followers liked about him.

I have never liked Bill Clinton, not because he is vulgar….”

What we see so vividly is the undiluted hate of the “creative class” against the white working class. The black pimp easily translates to the white Irish politician. Blacks cannot be attacked but the white working class is targeted with all the venom vocabulary good education and profound stupidity can provide. This Quigley creep uses every stereotype of the Irish as “white niggers”. That’s what the Bill Clinton’s used to be “white niggers”:

“Other 19th century commentators also compared conditions of the Irish and enslaved African-Americans. A French traveler to both America and Ireland reported that “I have seen the Indian in his forests and the Negro in his chains, and thought, as I contemplated their pitiable condition, that I saw the very extreme of human wretchedness; but I did not then know the condition of unfortunate Ireland.” Indeed, slaves in the United States had longer life expectancy (36 years) than Irish peasants (19 years), and better diets and superior living conditions. There is no need, however, to set up a competition in relative rates of such horrendous suffering, and the aspects in which Blacks were better treated presumably derive from their involuntary status as valuable property rather than from any supposed humanitarianism of their owners. The point is rather the extraordinary oppression of both groups. Irish immigrants to America were referred to as “White Niggers.”

Both groups were targets of racist stereotypes that usually drew on a debased Darwinism in which both Blacks and Irish were somehow nearer to apes than were Anglo-Saxon types. An illustration from the influential American magazine Harper’s Weekly (whose subtitle “Journal of Civilization” sounds ironic a century later) shows an alleged similarity between “Irish Iberian” and “Negro” features in contrast to the higher “Anglo-Teutonic.” The accompanying caption indicates that the so-called Iberians were “believed to have been” an African race that invaded first Spain and then, apparently, Ireland, where they intermarried with native savages and “thus made way…for superior races” (like the English) to rule over them.

After the Civil War, prejudice was worse against Blacks in the South and against Irish in the North. No less an authority on discrimination than W.E.B. DuBois recalled that in growing up in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, in the 1870s, “the racial angle was more clearly defined against the Irish than against me.”

There is an atavistic reason why Bill Clinton was called the “first Black president”. All the class hatred came to the fore and all the anti white working class hate came to the fore and the best way to express that oddity was the “first Black president”. But the reason for the hatred from the well educated “creative class” types was because Bill Clinton was the “first White Nigger President”.

Quigley’s hatred of the white working class and the Clintons quickly morphs into what is the great fear of Barack Obama and his army of well educated race-baiters and bigots:

“There is still time for the Clintons to destroy the Democratic Party, and in such a volatile political environment, there is potentially time for them to destroy the post-war political system.”

The Democratic Party destroyed itself when it force fed the rank and file an unqualified, inexperienced, buffoon from Chicago. What Quigly fears is a return to the post-war political system and the coalition of FDR which included the white working class. What Quigly fears is the destruction of the Obama Dimocratic Party. Quigly is right to fear. We intend to destroy the Obama Dimocratic Party and resurrect the Democratic Party which put people first and fought for principle and core Democratic values.

And we are not alone. The wounds of 2008 are fresh, disgorging blood. After the November 2010 elections the wounds will spew more blood – rivers of blood. Hillary Supporters are still angry and we don’t just mean those of us online. Hillary Clinton supporters say “dump Obama”:

“Democratic voters are closely divided over whether President Barack Obama should be challenged within the party for a second term in 2012, an Associated Press-Knowledge Networks Poll finds.

That glum assessment carries over into the nation at large, which is similarly divided over whether Obama should be a one-term president. [snip]

The AP-KN poll has tracked a group of people and their views since the beginning of the 2008 presidential campaign. Among all 2008 voters, 51 percent say he deserves to be defeated in November 2012 while 47 percent support his re-election _ essentially a tie.

Among Democrats, 47 percent say Obama should be challenged for the 2012 nomination and 51 percent say he should not be opposed. Those favoring a contest include most who backed Hillary Rodham Clinton’s unsuccessful faceoff against Obama for the 2008 nomination.”

All the propaganda from Big Media that the wounds of 2008 are healed are attempts to marginalize us. Republicans who do not understand the importance and endurance of this divide hurt themselves. How’s this for understatement by AP:

Even so, the poll illustrates how Obama’s reputation has frayed since 2008. It suggests lingering bad feelings from Democrats’ bitter primary fight, when he and Clinton _ now his secretary of state _ roughly split the popular vote. Political professionals of both parties said the findings are a warning for the president, whose formal re-election effort is expected to begin stirring next year.”

All the Hillary Clinton as Obama’s vice president is somehow meant to assauge us. We don’t care if Hillary Clinton runs as Obama’s vice president, Bill Clinton becomes the Secretary of State and Chelsea Clinton is named the Defense Secretary and Marc Mezvinsky is the Treasury Secretary and Hillary Clinton’s mom is appointed as White House Chief of Staff – we will never support Barack Obama.


“”Nobody wants to work with this guy,” said Steven Fagin, 45, of Cincinnati. A Democrat and 2008 Obama voter, he cited deep divisions between Democrats and Republicans. “We’re never going to get anything done.”

At Barack Obama’s final rally today the empty seats numbered into the thousands. Those empty seats are the ones in past election years we occupied. The unused phone banks are the ones we used to call from. The unvisited houses are the ones we used to canvass. The not motivated voters are the neighbors we used to walk with to the ballot box.

From The Confluence to the Hopium Guzzling thugs:

“Hey you Obots, you hippy punchers, you nasty, sexist, snooty, self described “creative class” Obama supporters who pushed us under the bus in 2008 because *you* didn’t need us anymore. You’ve spent the last couple of years pushing the rest of the working class over to the Tea Party with your condescending ridicule of Sarah Palin and your accusations of racism. How’s that strategy working for you? [snip]

Good luck on Tuesday because the working class, uneducated, menopausal, bitter, gun toting women and men you blew off and called racists are going to pick themselves up and toss you under the bus- in front of a speeding train.”

Like Russian peasants against an exterminating horde we will scorch the earth and burn our own homes in this fight. We will never surrender. We have never been beaten. We have never agreed to an armistice. We will beat you on November 2, 2010. We will beat Obana on election day 2012. We will never ever forget Obama treachery in 2008. We will never accept the new order.

We will never accept the Obama Dimocratic Party. Never.


Barack Obama Is Terrified Of Marco Rubio – Bill Clinton, Kendrick Meek, Orange Crist, ‘The Orange And Black Halloween Alliance’ – Florida Friday Follies

This past week reminds us of one of Michelle Obama’s outfits: wacky, inappropriate, distracting, bizarre, and utterly unexplainable. But then we remember it is close to Halloween and things become as clear as Black and Orange.

The last week of the campaign started with Obama stabbing Frank Caprio in the back and Bill Clinton slapping Obama and coming to the rescue of Caprio. That treachery was not yet cold when Obama made a fool of himself on a comedy talk show (Heckava job Baracky). Then to end the final campaign week when all should run like clockwork, – -it hit the fan.

Last night news hit hard about the Senate race in the Sunshine State: Marco Rubio was elected Senator. Well, that wasn’t the headline exactly but it certainly is the substance. The headline news is that a Black guy was being removed at the request of another Black guy, in order to stop a Latino guy, in order that an Orange guy get the job, and help the other Black guy keep his job.

The other news is that when JournoLister Ben Smith reports something, don’t believe it; when Matt Drudge reports something wait until the details emerge because the story is not complete. The other non-news is:

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

* * * * * *

Though we take a cheeky approach to this Florida business, this is a very important story. For those that dismiss what we say because we admire Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton remember we called for investigations and prosecutions when the Joe Sestak story broke even if Bill Clinton was implicated. Joe Sestak was offered a job if he would get out of the Pennsylvania senate race. Bill Clinton was involved in that story although we believe him when he states it was a quick call to gauge Sestak’s intentions. We called and continue to call for an investigation of that bribe attempt along with prosecution if crimes were committed and no one should be protected, not even Bill Clinton.

Having stated that, this is what happened last night, what led up to it and why it is important (you may read our earlier article on how important Marco Rubio is HERE) :

Barack Obama is terrified of Marco Rubio. By 2012 Marco Rubio will be in his second year in the U.S. Senate which is the amount of time Obama lolled around the Senate while running for president. Rubio has more accomplishments than Obama, has more experience than Obama, is much younger than Obama, is more physically attractive than Obama, speaks better than Obama, has a more sympathetic life story than Obama, has a better timbre of voice than Obama, speaks better extemporaneously than Obama, comes from a more electorally important state than Obama, has a more attractive and younger family than Obama, has no crooks and Jeremiah Wrights around him like Obama, and Marco Rubio comes from a rising and already much more important and geographically diverse ethnic/racial group than Barack Obama.

Barack Obama knows that if Marco Rubio is nominated as Vice President in 2012, or even as President, Obama is toast and all the crazy demographic plots of Democratic strategists go up in smoke. With Rubio on a national ticket (in 2012 or 2016) Latinos will likely vote GOP. Latinos are not only a larger demographic group than African-Americans but they reside in diverse and growing states such as Florida, Colorado, the Southwest states, as well as New Jersey, New York, and California. Whereas a great part of the black vote is gathered around the “black belt” southern states (which vote GOP) the Latino vote is gathered in many strategically important electoral vote states. In short the Latino vote trumps the African-American vote and Barack Obama is worried and wants to destroy Rubio.

In order to destroy Rubio, Barack Obama enlisted the aid of tanned into Orange Charlie Crist. It’s an Orange and Black Halloween alliance.

Step by step timeline:

1. Barack meets Orange in Martha’s Vineyard – they agree to keep in touch and figure out a way to destroy Rubio.

2. Obama keeps his distance from Meek in order to help Orange.

3. Obama orders donors to give to Orange, not Meek.

4. All goes well until Bill Clinton campaigns repeatedly for Meek.

5. Barack Obama is forced to campaign for Meek due to Bill Clinton.

6. Obama and Orange (the double zeros) agree Bill is a problem and must somehow be bought on board.

7. Early voting starts and the numbers begin to pile up.

8. Orange panics.

9. Orange calls White House in desperation.

10. White House suggests Orange call Bill Clinton’s aide Doug Band and see if Meek intends to stay in the race.

11. Orange calls Band and asks Bill to call – it’s a trap!

12. Bill Clinton smells a rat and calls White House to inform them and explore for additional traps.

13. Orange speaks to Meek and asks Meek to drop out and suggests he talk to Bill.

14. Meek trusts and respects Bill so he asks for Bill’s advice.

15. Bill Clinton calls Meek again who is aware he will lose but depending on mood will quit/will not quit.

16. Orange is in full panic as early voting votes pile up approaching the millions.

17. Orange will be on cable show and decides the time is now to pull the trigger.

18. Orange leaks to Ben Smith.

19. Ben Smith calls Doug Band to confirm story.

20. Smith gets the story wrong and ignores the black elephant in the room.

* * * * * *

Now the full story:

JournoLister Ben Smith and Matt Drudge were on the job last night spreading misinformation. Our comments section last night was also on the job was on the job and a lot of great information was provided.

JournoLister Ben Smith’s article still has as the headlinel: “Clinton Pushed Meek To Quit Florida Race“. Matt Drudge featured a double headline (“CLINTON PUSHED BLACK CANDIDATE TO GET OUT; OBAMA CAMPAIGNED FOR MEEK LAST WEEK”). One headline duplicated the Smith misinformation but provocatively replaced Meek’s name with “black candidate”; the other headline was about how Barack Obama campaigned for Meek last week. The pictures also added to the ugliness. The implication from Drudge is “racist” Bill and good ol’ Barack.

JournoLister Smith is wrong because Bill Clinton did not “push” anyone to do anything – Kendrick Meek says so. Bill Clinton was asked for advice by Kendrick Meek and Bill Clinton provided it. As for Matt Drudge, we discussed his protection of Barack Obama two days ago and of course we all know Drudge’s history with Bill Clinton.

Let’s put some facts on the table for misleading JournoLister Ben Smith because his Clinton hate and Obama love married to sloppiness and haste misinform Americans (Matt Drudge immediately ran away from his deceptive headlines and today has a picture of a smiling Marco Rubio and the headline “Dem Nightmare”).

Drive by shooter Ben Smith knows by now Bill Clinton did not push anyone to do anything. Smith also does not bother to inform his readers of the history in the Florida Senate race. Specifically JournoLister Ben Smith looks the other way when it comes to Barack Obama.

Barack Obama’s history is to get rid of candidates. That is how he started his career. Obama dug up dirt on his opponents to advance his career. Obama anonymously hit John Edwards with the haircut story and anonymously smeared Bill Clinton about 9/11 and Hillary Clinton as the “Senator from Punjab”.

It was also the Barack Obama thugs who tried to get rid of Joe Sestak. Barack Obama thugs tried to get rid of Andrew Romanoff, Barack Obama thugs tried to get rid of David Paterson. Now Obama thugs want to get rid of Kendrick Meek.

1. It was Obama who met with Orange Crist, not Kendrick Meek, in Martha’s Vineyard.

2. It was Barack Obama that wanted Meek out and funneled money to Orange Crist.

3. It was Bill Clinton that went to Florida to campaign for Meek even as the White House signaled they wanted Meek out.

4. After Bill Clinton campaigned for Kendrick Meek, Barack Obama was forced to follow and eventually gave Kendrick Meek donuts and said “Don’t say I never gave you anything.” Remember this from August?:

“The campaign of Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.) certainly made the most of Wednesday’s brief Florida visit from President Obama.

Even though the president still hasn’t headlined a fundraiser or campaign event exclusively for Meek, the congressman’s campaign used every chance it could Wednesday to get him close to the president.

Meek was on the airport tarmac to greet Obama when he arrived, and the two later made a stop at Jerry’s Famous Deli in South Beach for corned beef sandwiches.

After purchasing Meek’s sandwich, the president joked, “Don’t say I never gave you anything.” [snip]

Obama’s full embrace of Meek and his Senate campaign was long-awaited. While the president has offered campaign help to several Democratic Senate candidates so far this cycle, Meek received little help through most of the spring and summer, even as he struggled to hold off Greene in the Democratic primary.

It’s something that rankled a few members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who suggested the White House hadn’t done enough to prop up Meek. Earlier this month, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel did headline a fundraiser for Meek in Washington.

Former President Clinton has been Meek’s biggest draw on the campaign trail. Clinton has held some five fundraisers for Meek and made three campaign stops with him earlier this week. Meek was a backer of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2008.”

Fifth Dimension provided this in our comments section from The Hill newspaper:

“One of the worst-kept secrets in Washington and in the media who care to report the actual news is that President Obama and key Democratic leaders, particularly those who control and influence the purse strings, are giving a wink and a nudge to big donors to write checks to Crist instead of Meek. Crist is now being supported by the dirty, sexy money from Establishment Democrats, and is certain to lose what little Republican support he may have been able to hold onto up to this point, significantly increasing the chances for a Marco Rubio (R) win in November. Crist needs Obama, and Obama needs Crist. And like a Lifetime Channel tearjerker made-for-TV movie, we all know where this leaves Kendrick Meek.”

Fifth Dimension also posted
the time line from JournoLister Marc Ambinder:

“Crist is incredibly ambitious. He has also damaged his credibility among Florida voters by seeming to act in the best political interests of Charlie Crist when circumstances warrant. The governor promised at least two candidates his endorsement for the 2008 Florida Republican primary. He really wanted to be vice president. In this election, now as an independent, he knows that the one trump card he holds is that he can choose to caucus with the Democrats if he wins the Senate race.

So when it becomes clear that Crist’s shtick ain’t working, and Marco Rubio is set to be the next senator from Florida, Crist calls up Bill Clinton’s fixer, Doug Band, whom he doesn’t know very well, and asks him to ask Clinton to send out feelers to Kendrick Meek. If Meek drops out, Crist will caucus with the Democrats if he wins.

Clinton makes sure the White House is aware of Crist’s intentions. The White House becomes aware. The WORST kept secret in Florida politics is that the White House tried to get Clinton to do this several months ago. At the time, Clinton told the White House to stick it where the sun don’t shine. He has real affection for Meek.”

JournoLister Ambinder relies too much on “reporting” from JournoLister Ben Smith. But Ben Smith cannot be relied on. Any gossip, any call, Ben Smith will publish as fact. That was his history at the New York papers when West Side wives of powerful men knew Smith was the go-to guy for their pastimes. JournoLister Ambinder speculates that “it looks like Crist was trying to force Meek out of the race by disclosing the didn’t-get-done deal.

What both JournoListers miss is that Crist called Clinton’s office at the suggestion of the White House. Orange Crist now denies he said what he said and JournoLister Smith publishes the denial, but the fact remains – “Crist says White House was involved.

Bill Clinton suspected something was up and he called the White House to verify that it was OK to talk to Meek about potentially pulling out. But…

Bill Clinton called the White House for verification, not because he wanted permission, but because he smelled a rat and wanted to get the White House on the record. Don’t mess with Bill.

Fifth Dimension scores a trifecta and posted this from JournoLister Greg Sargent which shows the beginning of a Clinton pushback on the Smith story:

Charlie Crist personally called a top adviser to Bill Clinton and asked if the former president would discuss with Kendrick Meek the possibility of dropping out of the Florida Senate race, according to a source close to Clinton. [snip]

According to a source close to Clinton, the former president’s conversations with Meek were directly initiated by Crist.

What is clear in all of this is that Orange Crist called the White House (he says so) and the White House suggested he get Meek out.

If it’s a funeral Michelle Obama will wear a cocktail dress with bows and belts from automotive repair shops. If it’s morning and a day dress is de rigueur Michelle Obama will stab on some garish earrings and grab another cocktail dress and a too small sweater more appropriate on Bo the dog and traipse out in that costume. That doesn’t make sense. Neither does the last ditch desperate attempt to keep Rubio out of the Senate and eventually out of the White House.

As was pointed out last night the Obama Dimocrats look desperate and pathetic and slimy. This might even help Meek. From last night:

“First and foremost, the reason why many rejected getting Meek out of the race was because there was great fear that African-American voters would stay home if Meek dropped out. The other candidates on the ticket wanted Meek to stay on the ballot. So then why try to get Meek out and kill all the other candidates, who are not doing so well right now anyway?

Second, why get this information out at this late date? If this is supposed to muscle Meek out, now it won’t work and will really make Meek supporters angry. If it does work, ditto. If this is supposed to signal to all that Crist is now the Dimocratic candidate, for all intents and purposes, again it could really make Meek supporters angry.

Third, as the article states there are two big reasons for such a desperation play: (1) the Senate is still viewed as vulnerable; (2) there is great fear of Marco Rubio who is viewed at “a potential national figure” (we wrote a short while back that the Rubio and Feingold race are the two most important races in the country).

A point of clarification which will be missed is that Doug Band from Clinton’s office was asked to be an intermediary between the Crist and Meek camps. Bill Clinton got involved in the talks only after Meek said he was considering such a move. It is not surprising that Meek would ask Bill for advice.

The one question we have: Is this yet another example of blowing up the party? Getting Meek out via an ugly leak is sure to cause a firestorm in Florida and many people are going to be disgusted and not vote. Is this the purpose? Was blowing up the Florida Dimocratic party a birthday gift for Hillary (the Meek switcheroo was supposed to take place on October 26).”

Hotair also weighed in last night as to the timing:

“When writing the earlier post, I completely forgot that Crist was doing an interview tonight on, er, “national” cable news. So that explains the timing of this story — they coordinated it so that Crist would have a large-ish platform to broadcast the fact that Meek is (allegedly) having doubts about his candidacy. If you’re trying to sandbag him and peel away Democratic base voters in Florida, what better chance to do it than during a chat with the left’s most highly rated ranting clown?”

Obama the Clown and Orange the Clown played this badly. If this were to be done, it should have been done before early voting commenced. Already more than 1.6 million early votes have been cast and many more are surely in the mail. As of last night 33% of the total votes already have been cast.

Marco Rubio responded to the Michelle Obama dress situation in Florida with logic and precision – just like a Senator:

“Charlie Crist truly will say and do anything to get elected and hold on to power. Secret deals to trade away principles for power is already the problem in Washington, it’s not the solution. This is simply politics as usual which is exactly what voters across the country are emphatically rejecting this election.”

Facts Of Note:

* As of today, more than 1.7 million Floridians have already voted – approximately 1/3 of all likely voters (4.8 million Floridians voted in 2006, the last midterm election).

* There is not a single public poll which shows Crist leading Rubio in a hypothetical two-way race.

* As of yesterday, our internal tracking showed Crist and Meek in a statistical dead heat.

* Among those who have already voted, our internal polling actually shows Meek beating Crist 28% to 24%.”

Kendrick Meek responded with love for Bill Clinton and firm resolve:

“The article is not true. Kendrick Meek was never dropping out of this race, is never dropping out of this race, and will never drop out of this race. Kendrick Meek will always stand up for the middle class and will not leave Floridians a choice between two lifelong conservative Republicans who only stand with the special interests. Kendrick is the Democratic nominee so if anyone should drop out, it’s Charlie Crist.”

Update: A hastily called presser, just concluded. Money quote: “I am in this race until Tuesday.” I don’t know how Crist wins now, but we’ll see what happens to Meek’s polling over the next day or two.”

Geta Van Susteren was on the job too (video here)

“GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS: “Did you speak to anybody at the White House?”

CHARLIE CRIST (I-FL): “Yes, I did. Subsequent to conversations with those close to Mr. Clinton.”

VAN SUSTEREN: “Who did you speak to at the White House?”

CRIST: “I’m sorry?”

VAN SUSTEREN: “Who did you speak to at the White House?”

CRIST: “There were several people that I spoke with, again, there were several people that I spoke with.”

Orange Crist spoke to Obama at Martha’s Vineyard and at every panic moment, before, during, and after.

JournoLister Smith insists that Meek was “pushed” by Bill Clinton but that is simply not true. Bill Clinton spoke with Meek and undoubtedly Meek’s prospects are bleak. Bill Clinton assured Meek he would be right by his side whatever Meek decided to do.

As much as JournoLister Smith tries to spin this as Bill Clinton “pushed” Meek, the evidence mounts, even in his own reports that that is not the case. JournoLister Smith is the one who is calibrating:

“With a spokesman for Bill Clinton and Governor Charlie Crist himself both confirming details of POLITICO’s story tonight on their efforts to convince Kendrick Meek to drop out of the Florida Senate race, Meek in a press conference this issued a calibrated denial, saying that their statements are “inaccurate, at best.”

“Any rumor or any statement from anyone that says I made a decision to get out of the race is inaccurate at best,” Meek said. “There was never a deal.”

Meek conceded that Clinton had asked him about reports that he was going to drop out, but suggested that he’d quickly ended the conversation, and he stressed that he had never actually decided to drop out. As POLITICO reported, Clinton believed Meek was ready to drop out on two occasions, and even began to draw up plans for a Tuesday rally with Crist.

“The president didn’t say, ‘Hey, you need to do this, and this is the reason why,'” Meek said.

“President Clinton did not ask me to drop out of the race,” he said. “Nobody has called me and said, ‘You need to drop out of the face.'”

Where does JournoLister get that Bill Clinton “pushed” Meek to get out? His own reports contradict his own reports and headline.

Further, Bill Clinton’s talk with the White House was not to discuss how to get Kendrick Meek out of the race. Quite the contrary. Bill Clinton essentially told Meek to tell the White House “shove it”. Bill Clinton specifically told Meek to not listen or even talk to the White House:

“Former President Bill Clinton says he talked to Rep. Kendrick Meek about ending his bid for Senate twice, but that he never discussed the issue with the White House.

“He was trying to determine what was the best thing for him to do,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN’s Susan Candiotti Thursday. “I knew it was being discussed, people had discussed it on and off… it was no secret.”

Clinton said Meek did not have enough money to break through in the polls.

“He was trying to think about what was the best thing for Florida,” Clinton said.

He said he thought it was important that Meek not discuss the issue with the White House, and instead do whatever he thought was right.”

It was a desperate Orange Crist himself who called Doug Band to try to ensnare Bill Clinton, whom Meek trusts, to get rid of Meek.

It was a desperate Barack Obama who got Orange Crist to do his dirty work.

Today the news is all atwitter with purported terror bombs in planes.
Today there is also a supposed terror attack on a Marine base.

But the real terror today comes from Barack Obama who sees Marco Rubio from the White House. The real terror today is Patrick Kennedy’s Rhode Island district going to a Republican, just like Teddy’s.

The terror and fear is mounting. Last night we got a taste of the desperation from Florida. The electoral terror will mount for a few more days. Then the full terror will be unleashed November 2 when Obama will see the pitchforks from his window, moving rapidly, towards him.


Situation Comedy Canceled – Barack Obama Is The Daily Show Joke

The New York Times proves it is worthless with a story today called “Obama Coalition Is Fraying“. We know many who voted for Obama are drenched in regret. But the Obama Coalition is a “situation comedy” demographic of African-Americans, the temporarily young, and well off gentry white liberals, not what the New York Times describes.

The Obama voters who are voting GOP this year were never part of the patchwork crazy-quilt Obama strategists and the truly stupid Democratic “leaders” envisioned as the new Obama Dimocratic Party.

The Obama “situation comedy” coalition in fact was a rejection of the winning coalition of FDR/Hillary Clinton. The “situation comedy” coalition was never a way to build a party. Now the consequences are clear as the snubbed and disenfranchise get the message and walk away:

“Republicans have wiped out the advantage held by Democrats in recent election cycles among women, Roman Catholics, less affluent Americans and independents. All of those groups broke for Mr. Obama in 2008 and for Congressional Democrats when they grabbed both chambers from the Republicans four years ago, according to exit polls.

If women choose Republicans over Democrats in House races on Tuesday, it will be the first time they have done so since exit polls began tracking the breakdown in 1982.

The poll provides a pre-Election Day glimpse of a nation so politically disquieted and disappointed in its current trajectory that 57 percent of the registered voters surveyed said they were more willing to take a chance this year on a candidate with little previous political experience. More than a quarter of them said they were even willing to back a candidate who holds some views that “seem extreme.”

Obama and the Obama Dimocratic Party dumped senior voters, snubbed white working class voters, insulted women and gay citizens, in favor of the weak “situation comedy” coalition of frat boys, gentry whites, and besotted with skin color “pride” African-Americans – a weak foundation on which to build a political party. This then is the result:

“With a week to go until Election Day, House Democrats face the potential of a political bloodbath the size of which we haven’t seen since the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.”

While the Obama “situation comedy” is in the process of being canceled Barack Obama flew to The Daily Show. It was a Halloween display of petulance, promises, and prickliness. In short it was further embarrassments.

“On Comedy Central, the joke was on President Obama Wednesday night.

The president had come, on the eve of what will almost certainly be the loss of his governing majority, to plead his case before Jon Stewart, gatekeeper of the disillusioned left. But instead of displaying the sizzle that won him an army of youthful supporters two years ago, Obama had a Brownie moment.

The Daily Show host was giving Obama a tough time about hiring the conventional and Clintonian Larry Summers as his top economic advisor.

“In fairness,” the president replied defensively, “Larry Summers did a heckuva job.

“You don’t want to use that phrase, dude,” Stewart recommended with a laugh.

Dude. The indignity of a comedy show host calling the commander in chief “dude” pretty well captured the moment for Obama. He was making this first-ever appearance by a president on the Daily Show as part of a long-shot effort to rekindle the spirit of ’08. In the Daily Show, Obama had a friendly host and an even friendlier crowd.”

Obama, having made a fool of himself with the “heckuva job” blunder followed up that blunder by saying “pun intended”. Larry Summers, the egotistical Harvard professor was pushed under the bus because Obama did not want to admit that he had just compared his economic team to the George W. Bush Hurricane Katrina team. Of course, the strong argument can be made that the Obama economic team is less capable than the Bush team at Katrina savaged New Orleans.

Barack Obama was petulant on The Daily Show. His inner Urkel insecurities were on display for all to see as he was mocked and laughed at even though it was a very friendly audience prepared to give the boob a break.

“But, as in his MTV appearance a couple of weeks ago, Obama didn’t try to connect with his youthful audience. He was serious and defensive, pointing a finger at his host several times as he quarreled with the premise of a question.

Stewart, who struggled to suppress a laugh as Obama defended Summers, turned out to be an able inquisitor on behalf of aggrieved liberals. He spoke for the millions who had been led to believe that Obama was some sort of a messianic figure. Obama has only himself to blame for their letdown. By raising expectations impossibly high, playing the transformational figure to Hillary Clinton’s status-quo drone, he gave his followers an unrealistic hope.

“You’re coming from a place, you ran on a very high rhetoric: ‘hope’ and ‘change.’ And the Democrats this year seem to be running on ‘Please, baby, one more chance.‘” Stewart observed. “Are you disappointed in how it’s gone?”

Obama replied that he was advised after the election that “two years from now, folks are going to be frustrated” — a prediction he did not make public to his starry-eyed suporters at the time.

We have done things that some folks don’t even know about,” Obama ventured.”

We expect the Republican Congress will push aside the rocks and uncover exactly what “things” have been done “that some folks don’t even know about.” Expect that sentence to be the one that Barack Obama will most come to rue because it reeks of deeper meanings.

Stewart mocked Obama: “Is the difficulty that you have here the distance between what you ran on and what you delivered? You ran with such, if I may, audacity…. yet legislatively it has felt timid at times.” Obama bristled. Obama finger-pointed. Obama admitted that the foundation of his policies “is corrupt”

“Still, the president did not really quarrel with Stewart’s notion that Obama has done some of his work in a “political manner that has papered over a foundation that is corrupt.

“I think that is fair,” Obama granted.”

Corruption was not papered over, it was slathered on like syrup on a child’s ice cream treat.

On The Daily Show “Yes, We Can” sank to “Yes We Can, but, it’s not going to happen overnight.” The celestial choirs howled with laughter.

So degraded is Barack Obama that on Politico the story of the day is Jon Stewart, not Barack Obama. Think about that. A supposed website about politics is focused on how important a comedian is on the day after said comedian just interviewed a goofball president.

Today the authors of Game Change wonder if Obama will “change the game again“. they write:

“On the line for Obama will be his place in history: whether he retains the possibility of being a seminal historical figure or sees his presidency rendered as a failed, one-term accident.

For Obama to avoid the latter fate, he will need to muster all of the considerable talent he displayed in 2008. He will need to persuade the country that he is on the way to fulfilling the grand and sweeping promise he embodied for many in that campaign. To make further transformation seem essential while arguing in favor of continuity. To rouse the passions of those he has disappointed and to allay the fears of those he has turned wary. He will need, in other words, to change the game again.”

The authors of Game Change don’t know what they are talking about. Barack Obama is not a “one-term accident”. Barack Obama is the product of decisions and actions by JournoListers and Big Media to ignore the corruption which brought Obama to power.

Barack Obama is the product of schemes and dreams crafted by corrupt power players such as Ted Kennedy, Tom Daschle, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi 2×4 Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, and Rahm Emanuel. Barack Obama is the product of strategists who fooled themselves and others into thinking that a political party could be built by snubbing white working class voters, women, and instead snipping together a patchwork coalition of disparate interests. Barack Obama is the product of dupes and dopes like Donna Brazile and Big Blog Boys and Nutroot activists who are well educated but lack common sense and discernment. It was the gullibility of the cynical.

There was no “considerable talent” displayed by Obama in 2008. What was considerable was the Big Media attacks on anyone who dared question the blivet that is Barack Obama. What was considerable was the rescue squads from the Democratic establishment and Big Media as Obama fumbled, bumbled and was dragged to the finish line.

What was considerable was the theft of votes in Michigan, and Florida and even from Hillary Clinton, votes that were won by election, not selection.

What was considerable was the economic crisis that eventually persuaded most Americans to throw out the GOP. What was considerable was the exhaustion with George W. Bush who by the end of the year returned to the front pages along with the economic crisis. Now Americans, according to polls, prefer even George W. Bush to Barack Obama. Americans want Obama fired in 2012. So much for “transformational”.

In Barack Obama’s “situation comedy” Dimocratic Party it is OK to call a woman the most sexist and misogynistic terms what was done to Hillary Clinton is now aimed at Meg Whitman, Sarah Palin, Sharon Angle – and the mainline fake women groups stay silent. It’s all one big joke to call women running for election “whores” and “bitches”.

It’s all one big joke. The biggest joke of all is Barack Obama. On Tuesday, Americans will have the last laugh.


More Rush Limbaugh, Bill Clinton’s Retribution Tour And Matt Drudge Is Al Sharpton

Update: Toby Harden’s today writes pretty much what we have written. His version of our article may be read HERE.


We have a bit more as a follow-up to yesterday’s article concerning the NObama Coalition.

Bill Clinton helps us expand on what we wrote yesterday with a dramatic slap on Obama’s face announced late last night:

“Bill Clinton will campaign this week for Rhode Island Democratic gubernatorial nominee Frank Caprio, providing a stark contrast to President Barack Obama’s snub of Caprio earlier this week, according to several Democratic sources.

The details of Clinton’s visit have not been made public, but his endorsement could give a boost to Caprio the same week that the gubernatorial candidate said publicly that Obama could “shove it” when it comes to a withheld endorsement.[snip]

Some Democratic operatives have been furious at the White House for the president’s snub of Caprio and his attendance at a Democratic Congessional Campaign Committee fundraiser held at the home of a supporter of Caprio rival Lincoln Chafee, an independent who backed Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign.

“It’s like living in a political twilight zone. How rich is the irony that the President Obama won’t endorse Caprio, but former President Clinton will,” one Democratic strategist told POLITICO Tuesday night. “Given this political fiasco, every democrat should seriously question whether the White House understands that their goal in 2010 is not to position themselves for a 2012 relection campaign on the poltical carcasses of good democratic candidates. Thankfully, President Clinton is focused on 2010 and saving ALL democrats.”

Does anyone seriously doubt that the quick announcement of the Bill Clinton visit to Rhode Island is not intended as a slap at Obama? Check out this interview with Frank Caprio and his response to whether he is being punished for supporting Hillary Clinton in 2008:

In the very dumb New York Times article (dumb because it regurgitates the nonsense that Bill Clinton is on Obama’s side) we cited yesterday, there was this:

“Still, Mr. Clinton is not particularly close to Mr. Obama. He coordinates with Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., but makes his own decisions about whom to help. He has focused on aiding Democrats who endorsed Mrs. Clinton against Mr. Obama, like Representative Mark Schauer here in Battle Creek. Some Democrats call it a “retribution tour”; aides said they think of it as a “thank you tour.” And Mr. Clinton has helped some who did not take her side, most noticeably Gov. Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, who is running for Senate.”

Get it yet? Today Byron York rewrites what we wrote long ago:

“So on Tuesday, with the hours until Election Day ebbing away, the campaigner-in-chief came to the rescue.

The problem was, it wasn’t entirely clear how much Clinton really wanted to help Democrats, and especially Obama, win next week’s elections. In the course of a one-hour speech, Clinton, whose wife lost a bitter nomination battle to Obama just two years ago and might still be considering another run for the White House, offered faint praise for the current president and a steady stream of criticism for Democrats, who he said have failed to communicate their message to the voters. If Clinton, who also seemed deeply concerned with defending his own record as president, had simply wanted to fire up the troubled party faithful here, he could have delivered a rousing defense of Obama and his party. Instead, his message was at best mixed, and at the end a listener could not be entirely sure whether Clinton truly believes Democrats deserve to win in November.”

How can anyone expect a strong defense of Barack Obama and his Dimocrats? Such a defense flies in the face of logic and reality. Bill knows what he is doing.

More from York in this Winter of Dimocratic discontent:

“Clinton explained that he had originally “planned to do a handful of events for people who supported Hillary when she ran for president.” It was a slightly off-key beginning, since, of course, Mrs. Clinton’s opponent in that race was Barack Obama. Things went a little more off-key when Clinton offered an assessment of Obama and Democratic leaders that would barely qualify as faint praise: “I personally believe both the president and the Congress have done a better job than most people think they have done,” Clinton said. It’s safe to say that won’t end up in a Democratic campaign commercial.

Clinton then lectured Democrats about the weaknesses of their campaign so far. The party has achieved significant things on issues like the stimulus, health care and education, he said, but the public doesn’t fully appreciate what’s been done. [snip]

After the speech, in an impromptu interview with ABC News, Clinton said, “It’s what happened to me in ‘94,” meaning that today’s political atmosphere is similar to the time he famously lost both houses of Congress to Republicans in his first midterm election. Bringing up that disastrous defeat is a comparison that cannot have been welcome in Democratic circles. Then, in what appeared to be a clear jab at the White House, Clinton agreed to campaign on behalf of Frank Caprio, the Democratic candidate for governor of Rhode Island who was snubbed by President Obama and who later said that Obama can “take his endorsement and shove it.” Caprio endorsed Hillary Clinton over Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary; now, Clinton’s endorsement of Caprio sends the signal that he’s not necessarily on the same page with the president.

Yes Byron, we wrote all that in our “Almost Completely Naked” series on Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton and especially the one about Bill Clinton – last month.

In 2007/2008 and beyond, the Obama Hopium Guzzlers made the case that Obama would lead to endless victories. Now these fools are confronted with a loss bigger than 1994. Bill Clinton is slyly pointing out that all the blame heaped on him for the 1994 losses (it was Democratic House scandals such as the financial questions raised that year regarding the House bank that caused the defeat) is blame that now must be heaped on Barack Obama. So much for the glorious future Obama promised.

How to save the day for Dimocrats? Politico today headlines that the Obama Dimocrat strategy in this election is “Divide and Conquer”. The reference is to sham third party efforts supported by Obama Dimocrats. But this “Divide and Conquer” strategy is also one that can be applied to those that undermine the NObama Coalition. We refer to the “E” over “I” crowd best represented by Matt Drudge. Instead of “I” over “E” (Intelligence over Emotion) Drudge takes every foolish opportunity to attack Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The issue this election cycle is Obama, not Bill or Hillary (even Obama admitted this today on the Al Sharpton radio show). But Drudge continues to distract with silly swipes at the Clintons. It was Matt Drudge of course that many noticed did very little to help John McCain. Drudge also did not employ his formidable talents and powerful website to go after Barack Obama. This lack of passion to attack Barack Obama was noted by many Republicans at the time. It appears that Matt has not evolved and is stuck in the glory days of his past. Sean Hannity, a noted Clinton hater has stopped attacks on the Clintons and occasionally even has compliments to throw at the Clintons – in order, as we have suggested, to keep focused on the real issue this election – Barack Obama.

But Matt Drudge continues to indrudge in distractions. Instead of focusing, like a burning laser, on Obama, Drudge prefers to highlight a Chicago rally that was not filled to the brim when Bill Clinton appeared in Obama’s Chicago. Drudge could have noted that the Obama White House and the henchmen at the OAF DNC make great efforts to gather crowds for Obama but try to sabotage Bill Clinton at every turn. But for Drudge it is “E”, emotion, over “I”, intelligence. Keep distracting Drudge and you will hurt the mutual interests we all have in getting rid of Barack Obama.

Today the DrudgeReport headline is a rehash of something we have written about – Hillary Clinton getting as far away as possible from Barack Obama. When we have written about Hillary’s smart schedule (leaving now, not returning until Obama is out of the country on a 12 day trip) we kept our focus on Barack Obama and the damage he has done to the once great Democratic Party. Drudge’s focus however is on Hillary. That’s a distraction big fella. If Matt wants to write about the Clinton’s he should keep the focus on Obama and do his own “Divide and Conquer” strategics. Capice?

And speaking of Obama’s appearance on Sharpton’s show, today a caller to the Sharpton show noted that Chicago is and has been run by the very people who abuse the citizenry. Yet Sharpton wants African-Americans to continue to vote for their tormentors. The caller sounds like us when he declares “I’m not that ignorant Reverend Al. I’m not going to keep expecting different results doing the same thing. Love you brother, out of here.”]

Matt Drudge and Al Sharpton want to live in the past. Sharpton wants to continue shilling for Obama and his clown Dimocrats, and Matt Drudge wants to keep attacking Bill Clinton. Matt Sharpton meet Al Drudge. That repeated too often definition of insanity comes to mind. Vote for your abusers and you will get more abuse. It’s time for a CHANGE.

For a CHANGE, we will quote some more of what Rush Limbaugh said, because some of it is right on target. If he ever stops larding his appeal with condescension and speaking to the NObama Coalition as if we are dopes the guy might become a success on radio:

“RUSH: Reverse Operation Chaos, announced by the director of Operation Chaos, I, El Rushbo. You Democrats, you are the ones Hillary has been waiting for. Vote with your feet. Put ’em up on the coffee table on November 2nd, or, in fact, you can even double down. That may be hard to do for some of you Democrats. It may really be hard. If the Republicans pick up 50 seats, it’s iffy. Seventy-five seats or more and you can pretty much guarantee yourself Obama in trouble in 2012. You get Hillary on the ballot in 2012 and you’re looking at potentially eight years more in the White House, rather than just four more with Obama. Vote with your feet, keep ’em on the coffee table November 2nd, or vote Republican. Reverse Operation Chaos. Or, another way to say it, Operation Clarity: Eight more years. Isn’t it time a woman in this country finally got what has long been denied her? And, in fact, it was the Obama campaign on the Democrat side leading the way. Now it’s get even with ’em time.

RUSH: If you’re just joining the program, a major announcement made by me in the first hour of the program today. Reverse Operation Chaos. Any Democrat who believes that Hillary Clinton would make a far better president than Barack Obama and will do more to save the Democrat Party from its plunge, any Democrat who believes that Hillary has been screwed and shafted out of her legitimate chance to be president during the campaign of 2008, any Democrat who believes that the only way the party can recover from the upcoming loss of a supermajority in the House and potentially a big majority in the Senate, any Democrat who believes that those things are on tap must stay home. Operation Reverse Chaos.

If you believe Hillary Clinton is the future of the Democrat Party and would make a better president, then you must stay home on November 2nd and don’t vote. Any big turn out of Democrats will solidify the Democrat Party as Obama’s party and will forever, once and for all, officially end Hillary Clinton’s rightful, God-given quest to be president of the United States. Many Democrats — and I talk to ’em out there. Many Democrats believe that Hillary Clinton would be a much stronger candidate for president in 2012, that Hillary Clinton would not lose as many seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate as Obama will lose. But a strong turnout for Democrats on November 2nd will solidify Obama’s place in the party as the head of that party going forward, and Hillary Clinton will essentially officially be sent out to pasture.

There is no way that Mrs. Clinton could run for the nomination in 2012 with a strong showing for Obama in the midterm elections in 2010. Hillary Clinton’s future, as much as Obama’s and the Democrat Party at large, will, in all likelihood, be determined by the elections on November 2nd. Very simple. The Democrats are gonna choose which horse they want to ride in 2012 by either turning out for Obama or not. Operation Reverse Chaos. If you Democrats care about your party, if you want to make it right for Hillary Clinton, you will stay home and not vote on November 2nd. Or, even better, you will show up and vote Republican. If the Republicans get 50 seats in the House, it’s no deal for Hillary. Seventy-five seats, now we’re talking. [snip]

Bill Clinton is essentially ensuring big Republican turnout by saying that people like you and people like me are has-beens, we’re old-fashioned, we’re antiques, we’re obsolete, we represent the old America
— when in fact we know that that’s true. We want to turn back the clock a year and a half. We’d love to turn back the clock politically 20 years, back to the eighties. And Clinton knows this is what we want to do. Reverse Operation Chaos: Even the Clintons are on board. Make no mistake: Mrs. Clinton wants to be president. Make no mistake that Bill wants her to be president. That way, he’s gonna know where she is every night. Make no mistake: They both want to get back in there. Make no mistake: They see a golden opportunity.

It is very rare that a president with this popularity, with this much of an electoral victory in his presidential year loses this many seats. This, the Clintons, see as a dynamic opportunity. That’s right. Exactly right. While others are texting, I am subtexting. I, ladies and gentlemen, am reading the stitches on the fastball, reading between the lines, a step ahead, on the cutting edge. [snip]

Reverse Operation Chaos, November 2nd. Democrats, stay home. It’s the only way to save your party from its own Armageddon, being brought about by Barack Obamadinejad. Mrs. Clinton. You know she got screwed politically. You know she got shafted. You know the deck was stacked against her. You know that it was entitled to her, this presidential win. You know, everybody knows, it was hers. Obama didn’t even expect to win but they didn’t figure on the press going all in for the historical aspect of the first black president. The Clintons. They want what is theirs. They want what is theirs as they defined what is theirs when they were both at Yale all those years ago. Reverse Operation Chaos November 2nd. The real October Surprise out in the open, in full view.”

Rush is raising the bar at 75 seats. All his “entitled” crap and sarcastic slights insult the intelligent. But Rush is right in saying what we wrote years ago, that a defeat in 2010 by Obama Dimocrats will be a defeat for Obama. What we wrote in 2009:

“While we don’t think Hillary Clinton will directly challenge Obama for the nomination in 2012, we do think it is the job of sensible Democrats and smart Hillary supporting websites to drive Obama from the 2012 race. It is also the job for American citizens who care about the country.”

Drive him out. That’s what we mean to do. We hope “bitter” and “clinging” small town America picks up the pitchforks and joins us.

Jut Jaw


Defeat Every Democrat – Leave None Alive: The Alliance Of Rush Limbaugh And Hillary Clinton Supporters

Today, at the succinct and smart conservative/libertarian Legal Insurrection website, we are the “Blog Of The Day”. Today at the New York Times a not smart Bill Clinton article, of the type we have repeatedly “refudiated”, has a smart remark from a Republican explaining why the Republican party “mounted no counterattack” as Bill Clinton campaigns this year – “People have respect for him.” Last week Rush Limbaugh joined the NObama Coalition of Hillary Supporters, Tea Party members, Republicans and Independents.

Although we began to call for a NObama Coalition back in late 2008 it was on May 7, 2009 that we provided smart advice for Republicans in “The Republican Secret Weapon – Hillary Clinton”:

“Republicans and conservatives who want to defeat Obama need allies and evidence to make their case against Obama. They have a powerful weapon. She’s called Hillary Clinton.”

In that article we advised that every time the “racist” card was played the response should be “you called Hillary Clinton a racist too and nobody believes you. Every attack from Obama thugs should be parried with “you said/did that against Hillary too and we you were wrong then and you are wrong now”. We cited conservative Andrea Tantaros who smartly responded to attacks by Obama thugs by playing the Hillary Clinton card. Our advice was simple and deadly:

“Republicans and Conservatives should take a clue from Ms Tantaros – utilize the history of the 2008 primaries and what was done to Hillary Clinton to expose the intolerant bullies who pose as progressives.”

In 2008 we warned Republicans and conservatives who chortled gleefully as Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were “racists” that the same tactics deployed against Hillary and her 18 million voters would be deployed against them too. That warning was not heeded and the laughter continued.

In 2008 we warned Republicans and conservatives who chortled gleefully and repeated the vile sexist and misogynistic attacks against Hillary Clinton that those chickens would come home to roost – against Sarah Palin. That warning was not heeded and the laughter continued.

This past July we explained why these stupidities continued – it was “E” over “I” instead of the necessary “I” over “E”:

In our two immediately previous articles we discussed “hustler’ Obama and how it all began with attacks on Hillary Clinton (“Hey Republicans, it all happened during the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2008. Don’t you get it yet?“); and we discussed the “I over E” political strategy that we Democrats, who want the Democratic Party back and reject the Obama Dimocratic Party, and Republicans/conservatives must adopt if we are to successfully rid ourselves of Barack Obama ( I before E (one of our favorites, which means “Intelligence Over Emotion” in political strategy).

As we noted in that article some Republicans/conservatives will not be disuaded from “E”. We also noted that even at Free Republic some Republicans/conservatives understand the need for “I”.

Now some major Republican/conservative voices have weighed in on the side of “I”. Michelle Malkin understands the connections we see regarding the Black Panther Party, ACORN and what happened in 2008:

Just today examples abound about potential tricks and frauds in the service of electing Obama Dimocrats. Those damn electronic voting machines are cited as an example of something that is very wrong. But this is all too late. We Hillary Supporters saw this all before but few listened (Fox & Friends this past summer aired excerpts of “We Will Not Be Silenced” which can be viewed HERE) to our warnings.

On July 27, 2009 Michelle Malkin published “Culture of Corruption”. On July 23, 2008 – we published our article – “Democratic Culture of Corruption”. We wrote:

But the greatest corruption Americans are witnessing today is the corruption of the political process by Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi aiding and abetting a Big Media intent on force-feeding an unqualified Barack Obama on the electorate.

We employed the term “Culture of Corruption” during the Democratic primaries of 2008 as the vote pilfering continued. We warned as loudly as we could about “Barack Obama’s Chicago Culture Of Corruption“. Indeed we began to wrote about Obama corruption in the first month of this website in April 2007 as we explored Chicago crook and Obama friends Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

Now seven days to election day 2010 we see “I” beating “E” in the Republican/conservative ranks.

Rush Limbaugh:

“RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, seriously, it is time for election strategy. Everybody sits around and waits for the predictable October Surprise. What will it be? Who will launch it, who will be the target, what will be the objective of the October Surprise? I would like to be the October Surprise. I would like to announce the October Surprise today: Reverse Operation Chaos. You remember the original Operation Chaos was at the end of the Democrat primaries, we’d already had our nominee, McCain was already chosen. Our defeat was sealed. So we wanted the Democrat primary to extend, to go on and on and on, A, so we would have some fun, B, to keep my audience engaged, getting them involved in it, and, C, to try to expose Obama to as many people as possible to counter the notion he was the messiah. So Operation Chaos suggested in remaining primary states that Republicans register in those states, since our primary was done, Republicans re-register as Democrats and vote for Mrs. Clinton to extend the Democrat primary. So we were given credit. Operation Chaos was given credit for Hillary’s narrow squeak of a win in Indiana and for her keeping it close in Texas and for making Pennsylvania relevant. So it’s time today, ladies and gentlemen, for I, me, El Rushbo, to announce Reverse Operation Chaos.”

We do not believe “Operation Chaos” had an impact in any way on the 2008 Democratic primaries. It was not Rush Limbaugh that provided victory or votes to Hillary Clinton. It was Hillary Clinton who fought with courage such that even Pat Buchanan and Bay Buchanan felt anger at the sexism and misogyny displayed so vividly during the New Hampshire primary. It was not Rush Limbaugh. It was Jeremiah Wright. It was “bitter” and “clinging”. It was the scorned by Barack Obama white working class throughout Appalachia. It was the people of West Virginia. It was the people of Kentucky. It was the people of Texas. It was the people of Ohio. It was the people of Pennsylvania. It was Hillary Clinton fighting against inexperienced and unqualified Barack Obama and his Big Media masters.

It was Hillary Clinton making the case against Barack Obama in a way that resonates unto today.

Rush Limbaugh joined the NObama Coalition as he continued his remarks:

“Here it is. Any Democrat — and there are probably a lot of you, and you know who you are, and I know and you know that you are listening — any Democrat who believes that Hillary Clinton would make a far better president than Barack Obama will, anybody who believes that Hillary Clinton would stand a much better chance of beating the Republicans in a race for the White House in 2012, if any of you Democrats believe that Hillary Clinton got cheated in the 2008 primaries, you boys and girls at HillBuzz, I’m thinking of you people. I mean you were the first to realize the fraud that Obama was. Hillary was your gal. Is she still? There’s still that website, HillBuzz, still out there. These guys are in Chicago. So if you think Hillary would have a better time beating the Republican nominee, whoever it is in 2012; if you believe that Hillary would make a better president than Barack Obama or anybody that the Republicans nominate, if you believe, as a Democrat, that Hillary Clinton got screwed, got shafted during the 2008 primaries; if you believe that Barack Obama will be responsible for an historic and humiliating loss of congressional and Senate seats and thus power in November; if Barack Obama is sufficiently embarrassed, Hillary Clinton will be seen as the Democrats’ best hope of holding onto the White House in 2012 and 2016, therefore, if you believe, as Democrats, that the only way out of this mess… here, look at what you got! You’re about to lose it. You had 60 seats in the Senate; you had a supermajority in the House; you had the White House; you had a messiah. And look what’s happened. Your party is singularly being destroyed, and the Republicans don’t even have a nominee. Your party is being destroyed, and the Republicans are still talking about wanting to work with Obama.

Darrell Issa is out there saying so today, and Mitch McConnell is out there saying so today. They want to work with the president. You have a golden opportunity to stop, to stave off what could be and what all the pollster experts are predicting to be a Democrat wipeout. But you have to be forward thinking. There’s nothing you can do about what’s going to happen in ten days, 11 days. But depending on what you do in ten or 11 days, you could be a major factor in your party’s rebound. Do you realize how incredible this is to have to talk now about the Democrat Party needing to rebound, after just 20 months, in total almost totalitarian power? How do you bring this about? Well, it’s Reverse Operation Chaos. Hillary Clinton Democrats, stay home next Tuesday. Hillary Democrats do not go to the polls, they do not vote, they do not vote fraud, they do not cheat, they do not interrupt the election at all. They do not accept free rides to the polling places by union thugs. Speak truth to power with your silence and your sedentary nature on Tuesday. Stay home. Do not vote. Leave Obama on an island all by himself, the island of Democrat dissolution. After all, he has brought it about single-handedly.”

Rush Limbaugh is wrong and we reject his call for anyone to stay home and not vote. We say vote. Vote to Defeat Every Democrat – Leave None Alive.

Rush Limbaugh is also wrong in what motivates us to say “Vote To Defeat Every Democrat”. We yet again laid out our case for political death, doom and destruction yesterday so we will not repeat our reasons and thinking on this point. Suffice to say that it is not about birthday girl Hillary Clinton. It is about honesty and decency and the need to resurrect the Democratic Party and return to the winning FDR/Hillary Clinton coalition. It is about what is best for the country.

Rush Limbaugh, just like the Obama Hopium Guzzlers, really does not understand in any way what it is that motivates us or other Hillary Supporters. We are not a cult of personality that worship at the church of Hillary. As we have again repeatedly stated, we respect and admire and think she is the best but Hillary is human and we don’t have to agree with her on everything. We admire her toughness. We enjoy her fighting spirit. We respect her years of experience. We know she is a smart woman who knows when to seek common ground and when to stand her ground.

It is comic to hear Rush Limbaugh as he makes his appeal to “stay home”. We are not staying home. We understand the self-interest and the aim of Rush Limbaugh. He does not have to speak to Hillary Supporters as if we are children unable to see the alliance for what it is. The alliance, in the words of Legal Insurrection’s “Blog of the Day” mention is – “the enemy of my enemy is my friend“.

Hillary Supporters have an interest is getting rid of Barack Obama. Rush Limbaugh, Republicans, conservatives have an interest in getting rid of Barack Obama. Let’s not kid ourselves. We have interests that converge. That is the cold logic basis of an alliance. So stop pretending that this is some sort of Hillary love Rush – it’s embarrassing to you.

In the world of celestial choirs, Hillary Supporters and Republicans and Tea Party activists, and patriots of all stripes and colors, have an interest in saving the country from the disaster of the Obama corruptions and boobery. But Rush, don’t treat us as if we are stupid.

More Rush with a bit more sense but larded with condescension and speaking to the NObama Coalition as if we are dopes:

Strong turn-out for Democrats on Tuesday will solidify Obama’s place in the party going forward, and all this talk about Hillary in 2012 is gonna go by the wayside if there’s a huge Democrat turn-out, if there’s anything like an upset within the realm of current expectations. A strong turnout for Democrats would solidify Obama’s place in the party going forward, and Hillary Clinton will be officially put out to pasture. It’s up to you. As of today, Hillary Clinton appears to be a far stronger candidate for president in 2012 than Barack Obama does. Now, things could change, but that’s what it looks like right now, and it’s only 11 days away. Do you have the time to roll the dice and think Obama could put this back together? Do you even want him to? I am speaking with great compassion and concern for those of you in the Democrat Party. Hillary Clinton’s future, Bill Clinton’s future, and of course therefore the future of Ron Burkle and Harvey Weinstein and all the other Clintonites who have been frozen out of power, they all want back in. Hillary’s future, Bill Clinton’s future, as much as Obama’s, will in all likelihood be determined on November 2nd of this year.

On November 2nd of this year, Democrats will choose which horse they want to ride in 2012. We’ll find out on Tuesday which horse the Democrats want to ride: Obama or Hillary Clinton. It’s that simple. If you believe Hillary got shafted, if you believe Hillary got screwed — politically of course I’m referring here — if you believe Hillary got cheated; if you believe Obama is single-handedly destroying one of the greatest moments in Democrat Party history, single-handedly, you have a duty to stay home and let this referendum on Obama happen as the experts think it will. If Hillary Clinton were president now, would we be in this mess? You know it and I know it. She would be better able to handle that three a.m. phone call. She herself said it in the campaign, that he’s not capable of it, mostly because he’s not there, and even when he is there, he’s not ready for it. To paraphrase Harry Truman: Give them Hillary. If not now, when? If not who, you. It’s very simple. The future of the Democrat Party is on the ballot as much as the Republicans and their future is in 2012. Figure out which horse you want to be on, figure out which horse you want to ride. Would this country be in the dire straits, would the Democrat Party be in the dire straits it’s in if Hillary Clinton were president right now? Think about it. Reverse Operation Chaos November 2nd in the year 2010.”

Rush is right that these elections are crucial to the Obama Dimocratic Party. If, as expected, the losses are of the type we called for in early 2009 – then large parts and most of the elected officials up for reelection in 2012 will join the DETOX Party. Rush is wrong when he asks we silence ourselves at the ballot box by not voting. Vote – but not for any Democrat unless that vote is within the parameters we outlined yesterday.

Strong Hillary supporter during the primaries Ricki Lieberman, vial her email updates, is making another argument. Ricki writes:

“Some of you wrote to say that they could not forgive the many progressive voters and liberal media that behaved so shamelessly toward Hillary Clinton and that therefore the country got what it deserves in an inexperienced Obama who has failed us in so many ways.

I do not totally disagree, but my point is that as distasteful as it is, Hillary’s values and approach are in no way served by having the same people who caused the problems – frittered away the Clinton surplus, enriched the wealthy, allowed infrastructure to deteriorate, etc – be brought back to power to do more damage and favor the tiny number of multi-rich at the expense of the rest of us.

The ‘pledge’ of reduced government and taxes is a vast fraud and it frightens me that so many seem to be willing to jump on that bandwagon yet again. If anyone wants to know the results of such a disastrous approach, look at Republican Governor of NJ, Christie, who has the vision of a flea and is shutting down an urgently needed new tunnel from NJ to NY which would reinvigorate public transportation and the economy
of the region (#7 below).

Yes, in my opinion, it is unforgivable that party ‘leaders’ gave the election to Obama, but in the current climate, voting Republican/tea party is absolutely the wrong way to send a message to those ‘leaders’. The real losers of that strategy are the American people. Clearly many people, especially women, left the Democratic Party from disgust with the way the Clintons were treated and the ease with which the nomination was deflected to an already losing Obama, but for what? Sarah Palin? Glenn Beck? John McCain? Rush Limbaugh?

To folks who have gone over to the “other side” because of their disgust, it just gets us into a further
downward spiral and ensures that the values embodied by the Clintons are further from reach than ever.

*Enthusiasm gap? Yup. But we are the ones who suffer if the Republican/tea party goons and thugs prevail or even spook the system.***

You may have to hold your nose, but please vote Democratic as clearly the lesser of two evils. In some places, like NY where we have Kirsten Gillibrand and Eric Schneiderman, we can even go to the polls and vote



Ricki is wrong. Absolutely wrong. We like Ricki and respect her but she is wrong. She is right that when the Democratic Party “leadership” disenfranchised voters and ignored the rank and file what they did was “unforgivable”. So we do not forgive.

Ricki says that voting for anyone but Democrats is “absolutely the wrong way to send a message to those ‘leaders’. But then what is the right way? Keep voting for them? Keep empowering them? Keep the horror of the Obama coalition dominant? Keep the corruption flowing? Keep Obama and his thugs in charge?

Sorry Ricki, you are wrong on this. The “issues” don’t matter to Obama Dimocrats. To them the “issues” are red flags to bamboozle votes from the gullible.The supermajority sold “us” all out. The idiots who believed Barack Obama continued to support him even as he signaled his betrayal on FISA well before the Democratic convention in 2008. The Hopium Guzzlers continued to sing Obama praises during the bailouts, the deals with Big PhaRma, the scam which is health care, the betrayals of women, gays, every core Democratic value – not to mention Israel and the ceaseless apology bowing tours – in between Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette festivities and golfing.

Ricki is also wrong when she discusses the best way to get to the values we respect. A vote for Democrats and Obama Dimocrats will put us “further from reach than ever” to all that is decent and good and effective and proper. Obama must go Ricki and the way to get rid of him is to knock the pedestal of corruption which holds him up and that is the Obama Dimocratic Party and everyone who runs for election under that party banner.

Rick is wrong when she writes: “You may have to hold your nose, but please vote Democratic as clearly the lesser of two evils.” We won’t hold our nose, we will thumb our noses in defiance and decency.

Ricki is wrong. We are right. In a Nobama Coalition article from January of this year we wrote:

“This country cannot afford another 3 years of boobery and corruption. Barack Obama must go.

Barack Obama must be pushed out. Failing that Barack Obama must have his hands politically cut off, just like a Muslim pickpocket subject to Sharia law.”

Now is the moment for the NObama Coalition. Defeat every Obama Dimocrat. Leave None Alive.


Shocker: Are We Really Endorsing a Democrat in 2010?

Update: More information on the Rhode Island situation:

“Caprio and the DGA asked Obama to move tonight’s Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser from the home of a Chafee supporter out of concern that it might be read as a blessing of Chafee. But the White House turned down the request and rebuffed subsequent efforts to get Caprio a joint appearance with the president. [snip]

If the White House wants to know why Democrats won’t come out for them look no farther than the fact that even the president won’t come out for Democrats,” said a source who is involved in several gubernatorial races. “It’s bad enough that the White House failures have dug a hole so big for the Democratic Party that Chilean miners would be envious, now they’re choosing not to endorse Democrats. Are they living on this planet?”

Two sources familiar with Rhode Island politics told POLITICO that Chafee is benefiting from his 2008 endorsement of Obama’s presidential bid and Caprio’s suffering for having been in Hillary Clinton’s camp in the primary that year. Caprio hasn’t even been invited to join Obama at public events, sources said.”

Caprio also said this earlier today aside from the “shove it”:

“We had one of the worst floods in the history of the United States a a few months back and President Obama didn’t even do a fly over of Rhode Island.”

No wonder Representative Gene Taylor today disclosed “I voted for McCain.”


Since 2008 we have been advocating for defeat of all Obama Dimocrats and all other Democrats in 2010. Caroline Kennedy’s grab for a Senate tiara continued us on the path of the NoBama Coalition.

Our reason for our opposition to any and all Obama Dimocrats and even non-Obama Democrats has been that the Democratic Party, which committed suicide in August 2008, has to be resurrected and once again organize along the lines of the FDR/Hillary Clinton coalition – not Barack Obama’s “situation comedy” coalition of misogynists and race-baiters.

We reasoned that it was best to destroy the Obama Dimocratic Party as quickly as possible in order that an honest and truly democratic Democratic party could be reborn. We further reasoned that only a massive defeat, destruction, and doom in 2010 could get us to that goal. If the party did not suffer utter doom, such that it would convince even some of the most Hopium addled, then the road back to the FDR/Hillary Clinton coalition would take that much longer and would lead to a weakening party in election after election until the lesson would finally be learned.

So today we find ourselves in the comical position of possibly endorsing a Democrat. Are we daft? Has Big Pink gone soft? Are we hypocrites? Do we know what the Hell we are advocating? Have we lost our minds? We have a lot of ‘splaining to do.

We will do a more through “splaining in our next article (unless we decide to take some time tomorrow to celebrate a certain plucky blond lady’s birthday) when we discuss Rush Limbaugh and his latest proposal of an alliance. Today we are going to discuss “racist” Rhode Island and explain our potential endorsement.

This is what happened today:

“Rhode Island Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate: President Obama ‘Can Take His Endorsement and Shove It‘

This morning on WPRO Radio Providence, Democratic Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio, whom President Obama has not endorsed, lashed out.

I never asked President Obama for his endorsement and what’s going on here is really Washington insider politics at its worst,” Caprio said. “He can take his endorsement and really shove it as far as I am concerned.”

Deferring to his friendship with former Sen. Lincoln Chafee, the former Republican senator currently an independent gubernatorial candidate who endorsed the president in 2008, the president has not endorsed Caprio.

Recent polls indicate that Caprio and Chafee are in a tight race. According to the Providence Journal, Caprio was unaware that the president would not be endorsing him until a reporter told his campaign the news over the weekend.[snip]

Caprio today charged that the president is “coming into Rhode Island treating us like an ATM machine. I will wear it as a badge of honor and a badge of courage that he doesn’t want to endorse me as a Democrat.”

Caprio might be the first member of the DETOX Party we wrote about yesterday. Democrat Caprio is in a tight race with “Independent” Lincoln Chafee and the Republican is not likely to win.

Lincoln Chafee, a member of a great American family (the family lineage goes back to Roger Williams and Zechariah Chafee whose books we read many years ago) is an Obamoran. Chafee must be defeated.

HotAir sums up the situation for us:

Obama had better hope Chafee beats Caprio. If not, Rhode Island won’t exactly be friendly territory in the 2012 campaign.”

That quote explains our friendly attitude, towards Caprio. It is also a lesson in how Hillary Supporters should vote next month. Remember any vote for any Democrat or Dimocrat is a vote for Barack Obama. Forget your favorites or how a candidate lines up on the “issues”. The bottom line is that the first vote a Senator or Representative makes is a vote for the party leadership. The more votes the Obama Dimocratic Party gets, the stronger Barack Obama’s position will be. The more local Dimocrats elected the stronger Obama’s position will be, especially as he decides on 2012.

If you want to topple the statue of Barack Obama in 2012 you must first topple the pedestal on which that statue rests – the Obama Dimocratic Party.

In January of this year we wrote about Tough Times Ahead For Hillary Clinton Supporters:

“The tough times will come because in order to do what is best for the country and to resurrect the now dead Democratic Party of FDR and Hillary Clinton we will have to assist in the destruction of the Obama Dimocratic Party.

Lifelong Democrats will find the purposeful destruction of a party disguised as the Democratic Party a difficult decision to make. We saw that in the Brown versus Coakley race in Massachusetts. [snip]

In November the Martha Coakley choice will be multiplied a hundredfold in elections for every house seat and in many gubernatorial and senate seats, not to mention myriad local elections. What are Hillary Clinton supporters to do? We still believe that in order to bring sanity to the process we must make sure that the Obama Dimocratic Party suffers devastating defeat in election after election after election.

Recently the FDL website was under attack when they saw the wisdom of a united front with Republicans to defeat the Obama health scam. FDL was denounced by Obama websites. Now some of the very “creative class” clueless see the wisdom of that strategy.”

In that article we discussed how difficult voting against every Democrat/Dimocrat would be and why we advocated for destruction, doom, and defeat:

“We believe the United States needs a fully functioning Democratic Party, a fully functioning Republican Party, as well as third party efforts which seek to move both major parties. Right now, we are devoid of a Democratic Party. What we have is a mockery posing as the once great Democratic Party.”

Some Hillary Supporters on other websites and even here questioned our strategy:But in our zeal to punish, are we going to abandon principle?” We answered that concern this way:

“The obvious riposte is “what principle?” How does a vote for a Dimocrat who mouths the words we like help? It’s not about “bitter, clingy” punishment as an end, it’s about punishment as a strategy. [snip]

The argument is we must support Dimocrats who stabbed us in the back. Where does that get us? Where has that argument gotten the Nutroots?

Issues? We supposedly have overwhelming majorities of “our” people in congress and one of “our” people in the White House. What has that gotten us? Must we repeat “Obama is the Third Bush Term”? What have “our” overwhelming majorities produced? What has “our” Dimocrat in the White House produced? [snip]

What has voting for “ours” produced? Bailouts for the nefarious schemers of Wall Street, attempted massive transfers of wealth for Big Insurance, death to real universal health care reform with secret deals with Big PhaRma, election year slush funds for Dimocratic elected officials, FISA, Guantanamo, higher war budgets, triumphant Big Media Obama enablers gliding into Obama jobs, debt and more debt, a not so secret war against “mediocre” Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, Fox News as truly “fair and balanced” and Big Media an Obama protection mob, a never ending campaign of fakery, Bush “terrorist” policies joined to weakness, unemployment, threats to Social Security, not socialism not capitalism but opportunism, gut cuts to Medicare, Red state Massachusetts, fake deficit cuts, shrinking incomes, TelePromTer “leadership”, publicity stunts, shifting sand “deadlines” on Iran, unqualified “heckofajob Brownies”, tax cheats, a back door away from the cameras for anti-Democratic base lobbyists, vacations for the sleeveless, parties and gardens and playhouses for the Rezko financed, scams, scams and more scams, – that is what “ours” have produced.”

F*uck them – “They need some serious come-uppance or we’re all f***ed.” we quoted from Politico in another article:

“F*** them. We were with them pretty damn early on, and they still treated us like sh**, after they used us, and then came back and begged for more help when the going got tough in September. [Economist Joe] Stiglitz was with them from the beginning, and they treated him like sh**. So, with all due respect, f*** them. This isn’t about them not liking people who came late to the ball game. It’s about the smartest people in the world and the smartest candidate in the world thinking they don’t need anyone’s help, because they’re just so much damn better than everyone else, and thinking they did it all without anyone’s help. They need some serious come-uppance or we’re all f***ed.”

In Rhode Island there is a tight race between Obamoran Lincoln Chafee and a Detox Democrat. Strategically, in this very individual case, the Democrat is the better choice.

We’ll count on Rhode Islander Mrs Smith to keep us informed on the latest news from Rhode Island. This morning we heard of Obamagarbled and almost intelligible… He forgot the point of the story half way through...” Rhode Island is in trouble and Obama is working “The Reverse-Midas Touch” in a state whose very name is considered “racist“.

Obama’s approval rating according to Gallup continues to plummet. The wave is coming bigger than ever and has yet to crest.

But the wave can abate if people forget:

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

The wave can abate if Obama Dimocrats vote for Obama Dimocrats and Hillary Supporters forget.

The wave can abate if Hillary Supporters abandon memory and make an emotional exception here and an unenthusiastic exception there. Don’t forget what we wrote at the end of 2008:

“For Hillary Supporters, election 2008 taught us about how ugly our Party, the Democratic Party, could be. The blinders came off, eyes opened wide – sometimes in disbelief – at the similarities between the ugliest Republicans and the “best” Democrats. Democrats we had supported through thick and thin, like Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi, proved to be as adept at double dealing and vileness as the most rancid Republicans.

We also saw how some of our fellow Democrats could be led by the nose in the same way we used to laugh at “mindless” Republicans. There are a lot of lessons learned.”

In Rhode Island perhaps an exception to voting for a Democrat should be made. Perhaps not, – but then that elects an Obamoran. Vote against Obama and his Obamorans. Tell Obama to “shove it”.


ANNOUNCING – The Birth Of The DETOX PARTY On November 3, 2010

Dump Barack Obama and his “situation comedy” coalition of electoral organizing or face future defeats at the ballot box. That is the lesson that will either be learned on November 2 or will be learned after election day in 2012 or eventually in 2016.

On November 3, 2010 all who voted for Barack Obama will confront the consequences of supporting an inexperienced, unqualified boob for president. For some, this will be the moment that they will join the Detox Party. The Detox Party will be the half-way house to wean themselves away from the mass consumption of Hopium which they have been imbibing for years now.

But many Obama acolytes will continue to make excuses for the election defeats in 2010 and continue to support Barack Obama. We see this army of Hopium addicts still in the throes of Hopium psychedelia. Some examples follow.

One Obama Hopium distributor in 2008 by the name of Nate Silver (a baseball statistician) garnered a following to his website which purportedly dealt with statistical analysis of election polls information. This year Silver was hired by the New York Times to provide his mush to the masses. On October 20 Silver projected a 75% chance of Republicans winning the House in November. The reaction from his 2008 Obama allies was swift. In the comments the Hopium was strong:

“I just don’t believe it. I’m seriously not buying it. Come on! The average Republican house candidate this year is a lunatic. Are people really going to pull the lever for these extremists?

I don’t think so. There’s going to be a swing towards the Democrats and they will do far better than expected.

Dems lose 25 seats in the House and pick up about 5 from the GOP for a net loss of 20.”

Two days later Silver upped the Republicans’ chances to 80%. In the Senate, Silver guesses the Republicans have a 19% chance of a takeover although he admits that there will be many victories by Republican senate candidates and that “Republican prospects have been improving“.

A strong Obama supporter projecting Republican victories does not persuade Hopium Guzzlers. The mentality of the Hopium Guzzlers is stuck on stupid. The Hopium salesmen, such as the Head Kook, in 2008 predicted celestial choirs and endless victories.

“I and a few others were tweaking Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos over this October 2008 post in which, reviewing the 2010 Senate map, he declared John McCain “delusional” for saying the GOP would cruise to “three or four or five” fairly easy Senate pickups in 2010. Instead, Moulitsas asserted:

“[O]ff the bat, we have 13 potentially competitive GOP-held seats, and few Democratic takeovers. So no, 2010 won’t give Republicans 5-6 “easy” pickups. That’s ludicrous.

Things will be much different in 2012 and 2016 when we’re slated to play HUGE defense (defending our gains from 2006 and this year). Republicans can brag about the gains they’ll make those years because chances are they will. But 2010? Heck no. At this pace, we’re headed toward a 65-70-seat Democratic majority in the Senate by the end of 2010.”

In 2012 and 2016 Obama Dimocrats will indeed have to play “HUGE defense” – of that the Head Kook is correct. But a “65-70 seat Democratic majority in the Senate by the end of 2010”? That’s ludicrous. The Head Kook now says that he predicated those numbers on “current trends” not changing and Obama being “half-competent in the White House”. The Head Kooks summary in 2008: “…we’ll have little to worry about in 2010. Our majorities should be safe for some time.”

The perils of Hopium consumption are evident. The Hopium however continues to be smoked, drunk, and injected. On Friday, Newsweek provided HOPE for the Hopium addicts. The Kooks immediately declared an “Obama SURGE!”

The main reason cited by the Kooks for all their excitement was that this was a Newsweek poll. According to the Kooks, Newsweek… well let’s quote them: “Normally, I don’t get too excited about polls, but this is Newsweek, not The Nation: not exactly a hotbed of leftists.”

To the Kooks Newsweek is somehow not to be considered another failed (sold for $1.00) pro-Obama enterprise of Big Media and therefore the failed cheap magazine has credibility when their poll contradicts every other poll and every bit of common sense. Hopium.

The delirium elicited from these Kooks over a picture of Obama in the comments is a sight to see – much like the happiness of a confirmed drunk when given a bottle of Thunderbird in a paper bag. The Newsweek poll (Obama popularity at 54% and the “enthusiasm gap” closing) was Thunderbird in a paper bag with even the pollster admitting that the Republicans will still “come out on top on Nov. 2”. Newsweek’s polls have always had a very pro-Obama tilt giving him and Dimocrats high approval numbers when compared to every other poll.

Clearly the overwhelming majority of these dead-ender Kooks will not join the Detox Party on November 3. They will continue the Hopium injections in the dank incense dens they inhabit. But… some, a few, might join the Detox Party. One even writes: Let’s try reality for a change. Newsweek’s poll is completely out of whack with every other poll.” The few demanding reality will potentially join the Detox Party but in the Hopium dens they will be shouted down.

Obama Dimocrats with withered veins intermittently bulging from Hopium injections will do everything possible to thwart the birth of the Detox Party. Every slimy trick will be employed to retain their grip on power. What these anti-Detox Party manipulators do not understand is that even in if they were to keep power with their slimy tactics the bottom line is that Obama and Obama Dimocrats will not have a “mandate”. By using slimy smear and fear tactics instead of running on their record Obama Dimocrats are not empowered to do anything other than keep their swank offices and access to donor dollars.

Even if they “win” they lose because these tactics are not an agenda. They can conceivably win with dirty tricks (such as in the Democratic primaries in 2008) but as we have seen with Obama, the illusory victory will be hollow because they stand for nothing but flim-flam. The 2008 Kooks and their “Googlebomb tricks” are tricks that produce nothing but disinformation. [Updated: There is other evidence of trickery, shenanigans and potentially outright lawbreaking. In New York some Dimocrats have been forced by court order to submit DNA samples in a voter fraud case, and there are suspected absentee voter fraud allegations in Florida.]

The dirty ballot games that Obama has played all his life (see Alice Palmer) are now the Big Blog Boys’ Onanism ideology and the primary weapon of the Obama Dimocratic Party. The latest trick:

“Seeking any advantage in their effort to retain control of Congress, Democrats are working behind the scenes in a number of tight races to bolster long-shot third-party candidates who have platforms at odds with the Democratic agenda but hold the promise of siphoning Republican votes.

The efforts are taking place across the country with varying degrees of stealth. And in many cases, they seem to hold as much risk as potential reward for Democrats, prompting accusations of hypocrisy and dirty tricks from Republicans and the third-party movements that are on the receiving end of the unlikely, and sometimes unwelcome, support.”

The fake third party support is a trick by tricksters. The Detox Party will not be a favorite of the Kooks. They will prefer to live in their world of unreality and hourly Hopium injections and chants of “O-ba-ma”. The Kooks will continue to think of people like Sarah Palin as somehow stupid and persist in denigrating “teabaggers” and portray the Tea Party as Nazis (denigrating with this comparison the evil of the Nazi Party). The Kooks will resist and attempt to destroy the Detox Party but some good Democrats will put the needle aside and seek reality. John Mellencamp might join the Detox Party:

“Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has found an admirer in John Mellencamp.

The legendary rocker says that while he doesn’t support her positions, he is impressed by the mark she’s made on the country since the 2008 election.

Mellencamp says people get the wrong idea about her intellect “just because she says things and winks.”

He says she “knows exactly what’s she doing” and “she wouldn’t be where she is today if she didn’t.”

Mellencamp gives Palin credit for handling the rough world of politics. He says “she’s pushing the right buttons” and “you can’t be stupid and do that.”

The 59-year-old rocker is no stranger to the political arena. He supported Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008 and asked Palin’s running mate, John McCain, to stop using his songs at rallies.”

Perhaps Mellencamp will compose the Detox Party anthem in praise of reality not Hopium.

On November 3, 2010 the Detox Party will be born. It will comprise many elected officials running for reelection in 2012 who finally understand that Obama must be removed along with the warped theories of demographic destiny and contempt for the white working class.

The Detox Party will be the reality half-way house for Obama Dimocrats. First comes Detox then a return to the winning Democratic Party and the coalitions of FDR and Hillary Clinton. The Detox Party will be one of many new parties. Lately there is a lot of talk about third parties.

Sarah Palin threatens to turn the Tea Party movement into a third party and vows that 2010 is a “last chance” for Republicans. Rush Limbaugh expects establishment Republicans to return to their old ways and is warning that the response will be a third party in 2012.

But the first “third” party to function in the 2012 cycle will be the Detox Party.

New Yorkers saw the comically succinct “The Rent Is Too Damn High Party” in action at last week’s gubernatorial debate. Perhaps the remnants of the Obama Dimocratic Party weakened by defections to the Detox Party will become a nationally comic “The Rent Is Too Damn High Obama Party”.

The Obama Hopium Guzzlers will continue to guzzle and inject Hopium. For others, the methadone clinic as a political party will soon open.



etox Party.


Coming to a reality neighborhood soon.


Leave Barack Obama Alone You Racists! – Freak Friday Edition Staring Hillary Clinton, Juan Williams, Al-Awlaki, DADT, Women, And Dumb Gay People

Update: A frightening use of the Obama cult chant by Sharron Angle in a “Welcome to Nevada” Friday night video. It’s at the end of this article.


It sure is a Freaky Friday when Big Pink defends Barack Obama. But really, it is not the flim-flam man from Chicago that is to blame for the mess America is in and the mess the Obama Dimocratic Party has been exposed as being – it’s the idiots and creeps of the Democratic establishment (and Dumb Republicans who supported him too) who dumped the winning FDR/Hillary Clinton coalition for the situation comedy demographics of Barack Obama.

Politico sums up the consequences of Barack Obama on the Dimocratic Party:

“Based on the state of the political map two weeks out from the elections, the famed red vs. blue model that followed the 2004 presidential race appears to be returning to shape, with enough grave threats to Democratic officeholders to suggest that the party — as it is expressed in Congress, at least — could end up even narrower than that.”

Freak you Obama Dimocrats! You threw away the possibility of a long lasting union of white working class voters and seniors along with African-Americans and Gays and women for a flim-flam man. Freak you all! “All your seasick sailors, they are rowing home. Your empty handed armies, are all going home...

Juan Williams:

When we heard about the Juan Williams mess the first thing we thought about was Jesse Jackson. Remember when Jesse said, “I hate to admit it, but I have reached a stage in my life that if I am walking down a dark street late at night and I see that the person behind me is white, I subconsciously feel relieved.”? Was Jesse Jackson a racist when he made that declaration?

We resent being put into the position of in any way defending Juan Williams. In part this is because Juan has always said one thing when on NPR and a different take when on Fox News (ditto Mara Liasson). But what Juan Williams said was not bigotry in any rational sense unless you also think that Jesse Jackson is a racist.

As James Rainey at the L.A. Times has written the “Juan Williams’ firing is hard to justify.”

“Appearing on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday night, Williams said he worries when he sees people in “Muslim garb” get on an airplane. “I think, you know, they’re identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims,” he said. “I get worried. I get nervous.”

By Wednesday afternoon, NPR had tossed aside the longtime contributor and analyst, saying he had violated ethics rules that prohibit its contributors from showing their personal biases or even going on shows “that encourage punditry and speculation rather than fact-based analysis.”

Never mind that Williams also talked, in the same interview, about the need to rise above anti-Muslim bigotry. Forget that NPR has not cracked down on its other analysts who, if sometimes more artful and circumspect, have offered their opinions to other news outlets.”

Get rid of all the Obama enablers at NPR who shilled and continue to shill for Barack Obama. That means you Mara Liasson, Cokie Roberts, David Brooks, and E.J.Dionne. Freak you all! “I always thought the right wing were the ones that were inflexible, intolerant.”

And how stupid is NPR to cause this ruckus as Republicans are about to control the purse strings and advocate for austerity budgets and to defund NPR? And they did this on fund-raising week too. Such stupid people do not deserve to be listened to. Stupid, stupid, stupid – Freak you all!

Anwar Al-Awlaki:

And for those who do think that discussions about Islamic terrorists, the Mosque of Doom, and Muslims being the ones who killed at the World Trade Center hurts Muslim moderates, one final point. Anwar Al-Awlaki, who is now enemy #1 for the CIA and terrorist hunters, was invited to dinner at the White House by the Defense Department immediately after the World Trade Center attacks because he was then considered a Muslim “moderate”.

At the time Al-Awlaki was questioned repeatedly by the FBI because of his ties to the murderous hijackers. There are good Muslims, but as we have warned, there are a lot of vipers who pretend to be “moderates”.

Dumb Gay People:

Remember the Visible Vote forum of August 2007? Remember when Judas Bill Richardson said being Gay is “a choice”?

Bill Richardson proved himself an idiot in that forum. Melissa Etheridge, an Obama enabler, tried to extricate Bill Richardson from his stupidity but he dug himself in deeper.

Recently Jonathan Capehart, an Obama enabler who questioned Bill Richardson along with Etheridge at that Visible Vote forum, interviewed Obama moll Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett said the same thing as Bill Richardson but Jonathan Capehart, kept quiet.

Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s closest advisor and long time hench woman. Valerie and Obama are two peas in a pod:

“To hear how far out of the mainstream the Obama White House is, just listen to senior adviser Valerie Jarrett describe her conversation with the parents of gay teen Justin Aarberg (who committed suicide), and her description of Justin having “made a lifestyle choice.” [snip]

Today the Washington Post’s gay kapo Jonathan Capehart shares a video interview he conducted on Monday with senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett. She clearly states a belief that Minnesota gay teen Justin Aarberg, who committed suicide in July after being bullied, made a “lifestyle choice.”

If the closest adviser to the President on LGBT issues — the one he sent to make nice with the Human Rights Campaign’s black-tie supporters last Saturday — describes a 15-year-old suicide as having “made a lifestyle choice” we are absolutely doomed.

Number one: it’s not a lifestyle.

Number two: it’s not a choice.

Number three: Valerie Jarrett is an idiot.

If a presidential adviser had made such a boneheaded remark about any other American minority group — let alone an incredibly loyal group that has provided the Democratic Party its margin of victory in any number of tight races across the nation — would that presidential adviser still have a job?

Does Valerie Jarrett live in the early 1990s? Does she really believe that being LGBT is a ‘choice’ and a ‘lifestyle’ — and will she really get away with insulting the memory of a dead gay teen with this horrifying out-of-touch language?”

Still, Dumb Gay People persist in supporting these gay-bashers.

Hillary Clinton:

PumaPac has a picture of Hillary Clinton on “Spirit Day” showing leadership. Hillary Clinton was showing leadership and support for the Gay community and especially the horror of so many gay teen suicides (PumaPac has information on this issue too).

Hillary Clinton is “by law” out of politics for how, as she constantly reminds the world. But Hillary does manage to stay within the law and speak out on moral issues in a most political way.

Hillary was attacked by Dumb Gay People (that especially means you AmericaBlog and Andrew Sullivan). Instead Dumb Gay People enabled gay-basher Barack Obama. These Dumb Gay People and the Democratic Left deserve nothing but shame and misery.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell:

Gay-basher Barack Obama was forced by Hillary’s leadership to follow Hillary once again. Obama was forced to tape a video, just like Hillary. But Obama is a gay-basher deluxe. It isn’t just McClurkin or Rick Warren or the many flowery words which add up to nothing but treachery.

Even as he taped a follow-the-leader video Barack Obama was up to his usual treacheries. Yup, flowery words in public and a different voice in court:

“Now, however, a high-level Obama administration official, Clifford L. Stanley, who is undersecretary of Defense for personnel and military readiness, has filed a declaration asserting that ending “don’t ask, don’t tell” would “irreparably harm our military and the national security of the United States.” But he offers no evidence for this conclusion, and none was presented in Phillips’ courtroom. It is inexplicable why an administration committed to ending “don’t ask, don’t tell” would file such a statement in federal court.

It also is inexplicable why the administration sought to stay Phillips’ ruling (which was granted on Wednesday), and is appealing it. The judge’s nationwide injunction, if allowed to stand, would have ended “don’t ask, don’t tell” once and for all.”

Freak you Americablog and Gay people who support Barack Obama! Freak you all!


Barack Obama’s situation comedy coalition excluded Gays, working class whites, seniors, and women. Gays would be squeezed for money, working class whites were ignored in favor of African-Americans, seniors tossed aside for the temporarily young, and women were welcome only if they had cash.

Now seniors reject the party, Gays will either wake up or continue to be treated as garbage ATMs, the white working class is gone for generations, and women are drifting away.

The white working class will teach Obama Dimocrats a bitter and deserved lesson in a most brutal way:

“They are the voters who have pulled away most sharply [from the Democrats],” says Democracy Corps pollster Stanley Greenberg, who has long written about blue-collar voters. “The president looks inattentive to them, and his approval is lowest with white working-class voters, who are seriously alienated from the elites. But they are open to populist arguments about what’s happening, even though they are critical of Democrats as too aligned with Wall Street, not Main Street. The Democrats have not convinced white working-class voters that they are with them in this crisis.” [snip]

I sort of want to vote all Republican to teach the Democrats a lesson,” says Virginia Kimble, a 62-year old retired nurse, who helped organize fellow hospital workers into the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). What lesson would this stalwart Democrat (who nevertheless voted for John McCain in 2008, after supporting John Edwards in the primary) like to teach? “I don’t know that it would be a lesson, but the public is tired of not having a say-so,” she says. “I just want them to listen to the people. Obama was going to do all this for the middle class. But I’m not seeing it. Even on housing—where’s the help? Could the Republicans do a better job? No. Maybe both parties should look more at how to create new jobs and not outsource so much. It’s like all our jobs are shipped to other places so companies can make more money.”

“I see everyone around me struggling” she continues, recounting how her partly deaf brother can’t afford hearing aids. “Since I was young, I thought the Democrats were for the people. Now I know you’ve got to look at the issues. But I definitely do think Democrats are less for the people now.”

That’s from a former SEIU organizer. She’s a nurse and a woman. In 2008 the Democratic leadership imposed a flim-flam man from Chicago on the Democratic rank and file and people are waking up. They know this current Obamination we call the Obama Dimocratic Party is “less for the people now.” The people don’t matter to these thugs.

Women are also walking away from the “less for the people” party of Barack Obama:

“In the final stretch before the midterms, President Obama is giving a lot of attention to the traditional Democratic base: young people, black voters and white women.

But women are his most urgent target. Unlike the other core groups, women are undecided, rather than merely unmotivated. And there are signs in parts of the country that they are open to defecting to the Republicans, potentially defying the long-standing “gender gap” that has skewed heavily toward Democratic candidates. [snip]

In the House races, where women have sided with Democrats by an average of nine points since 1976, they are now about evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, in the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll. That is a sharp drop-off from just four years ago, when women chose Democrats by a large 12-point margin and put them in the majority.

Of course, the news is not good for Democrats almost everywhere – and certainly much worse among white men, who are embracing Republican candidates by a greater proportion than ever before. But the women matter more: As a whole, men lean Republican, while women usually act as a counterbalance for Democrats.

“Women are not a shrinking piece of the electorate. They’re a shrinking piece of the Democratic pie,” Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, said, refuting the notion that female voters are simply unmotivated like the rest of the Democratic base. Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster, said Democrats are seeing an erosion with women who did not attend college, especially because of the economy.

They do not think the administration’s economic policies are working for their families, and worry about the priorities of this administration, and wonder if they get it,” Lake said.”

As with Gay-Americans, Barack Obama is now scrambling to bamboozle women:

“In a last-ditch effort to prevent electoral disaster, President Barack Obama and Democratic allies are vigorously wooing women voters, whose usually reliable support appears to have softened.

From blunt TV ads to friendlier backyard chats, they’re straining to persuade women that it’s the Democrats who are on their side and it’s in women’s vital interest to turn out and vote in the Nov. 2 elections that could give Republicans control of one or both houses of Congress.[snip]

With the elections less than two weeks away and Democrats fearing big losses, candidates, party allies and others are joining Obama in seeking women’s votes by hitting Republican opponents — in ads, mailings and speeches — on issues such as abortion rights. In every corner of the country, they are arguing that the GOP would erase progress American women have made under Democratic control of the White House and Congress.[snip]

Across the country, Democratic candidates and their allies are reaching out to women, mostly by casting their Republican opponents — some of them women as well — as out-of-step with their concerns.[snip]

Top Democrats publicly shrug off the notion that women are fleeing the party, but the intense focus by the White House and candidates on this generally reliable constituency shows a concern.”

Bamboozlement, flim-flams and scams. Where was all this concern when women were shoved under the bus in the health care mega-scam – on the very issue these Obama Dimocrats always wave a red flag on – abortion rights? Where was the 60 vote supermajority Dimocratic Senate? Where was the supermajority Dimocratic House? Where was all this alleged clear dividing line between Dimocrats and Republicans when it mattered? Where is it now?

Why don’t Obama Dimocrats do now what they promise to do later? Do it now liars! Freak you! We don’t believe you. Obama promised to heal the planet and other nonsense. We’re waiting. The Obama Dimocrats control the congress and the executive branches of government. Why do they have to promise? Why don’t they do? Do it you liars – now, not later.

Liar, liar, party on fire, burning bright throughout the long night:

“Women came out strong for Barack Obama in 2008. Now, with barely 10 days before the midterm elections that are looking increasingly perilous for his party, he is trying to win them back.

Mr. Obama turned his attention on Thursday to convincing the female voters who helped deliver the presidency to him not to abandon the Democratic Party in its hour of need. In a series of orchestrated events, the White House sought to make the case that Mr. Obama’s two years in office have already been a boon to women all over the country.

… a fevered push to cement a Democratic firewall that White House officials are hoping will stem losses in November.

Women are one of the most important pillars of that wall. “Make sure you’re as fired up and as excited now as you were two years ago,” Mr. Obama told a raucous rally at the University of Washington. [snip]

But for all of the cheers at Thursday’s campaign events, it remains unclear whether women will be there for Mr. Obama.”

Fired up? “Hour of need? Wasn’t Obama the beginning of generations of victory? Fired up? Let him burn in his own fires. Freak You Barack Obama!


The Video: Desperate Barack Obama And Michelle Obama Woo The White Working Class

Look at the clothes. Ignore the words. Watch the clothes. “The apparel oft proclaims the man.”

The night of Obama’s first speech to Congress (September 9, 2009) we wrote this bit of wisdom:

“One of the first things to watch for will be Michelle Obama. Will the White House wranglers be able to get her to wear a sensible dress, or costume, most Americans with common sense would wear? Will Michelle Obama again show up in a gin-soaked cocktail dress or one of her silly “I wanna-be a fashion icon” messes? Will Michelle Obama show up in a sober outfit with sleeves that have not been yanked off?

If Michelle Obama shows up in a sober outfit, sleeves still in place, it means that the White House is focusing on bamboozlement of ordinary Americans not the Hopium addled. A sober outfit will demonstrate that the White House understands the level of trouble they are in – bad enough to force Michelle to wear something sensible that will not frighten the visually unimpaired.

A crazy quilt cocktail dress without sleeves will tell us the target audience is still the Hopium addled.

A sober outfit but without sleeves will clue us in that the Obama’s are still playing both sides of the fence.

Michelle Obama’s frock will clue us in as to what audience Barack Obama has been told to target.”

Think we are nuts about the importance of clothes? A recent Women’s Wear Daily article we cited spotlighted how right we are to watch what the pretentious, red-velvet rope, self-absorbed, narcissistic, clown and mrs. clown in chief wear:

“One Embassy Row hostess, who gave dozens of black-tie parties before the Obamas came to town, was horrified to be asked if an upcoming dinner was black tie.

“No, no, no,” she gasps. “It’s cocktail attire. This administration does not like black tie. You are more likely to get them if you do cocktail dress.”

We’ve mocked Michelle Obama many times for her inappropriate cocktail dresses – morning, noon, and night – at funerals, weddings, vacations and speeches (Dignity? It’s like expecting Michelle Obama to wear something sensible, not cocktail dresses, at every opportunity.” Our purpose is not fashionista gawking (we prefer style to fashion anyway) though we do adhere to the Bard’s precepts in dress – “Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, But not express’d in fancy; rich, not gaudy, For the apparel oft proclaims the man….

These ruminations on apparel bring us to the question – How desperate are Barack Obama and Michelle Obama? A few days ago Barack Obama and Michelle Obama made a video to be broadcast into now thinly populated internet Hopium dens. The twosome plead for enthusiasm and applause:

“This year’s elections are just too important to sit out,” Michelle Obama says in the video. “There’s so much at stake right now for our future and for our children’s future.”

The Obamas make a cheerful plea to the Democratic faithful for help from now through Election Day.

“Now’s the time to make plans – not just to vote, but to help get out the vote,” Mrs. Obama says.”

Our immediate reaction to the video was a visual one although we also thought that when Michelle Obama said there is much at “stake right now for our future and our children’s future” she literally meant her two children and Barack and Michelle’s future of vacations in Spain and golfing.

Our reaction to the video was visual. Something was odd and jarring. What was the message, not the words, of the video? Here’s the off-kilter video:

The odd hair almost in a bun, the lips deprived of her usual gallons of lip-gloss, the eyelashes not smeared with Maybelline, the eyebrows not overemphasized and over-shaped, the too humble too homespun modesty from a grasping carnivore-toothed duo. At first we though Michelle Obama was trying to imitate a First Lady from the 1950s – Mamie Eisenhower. But upon examination of Mamie photographs we realized that was an injustice to the dignified and appropriate and well dressed Mamie Eisenhower.

No, it was not Mamie who was the inspiration for Michelle’s latest video get-up. Something about the video clearly bothered us. It was clearly an overly produced production of modesty but what was the message? What was the intent? Was Michelle’s outfit a sly variation of a trussed up Thanksgiving turkey in a weird attempt to show how “American” she is? Then it hit us – Grant Wood! American Gothic!

American Gothic

It isn’t only Michelle Obama playing farmer’s wife in the video. It’s also Barack Obama playing farmer in American Horror – jacket and shirt which match the curtains and Michelle’s dress with the odd collar and the cords which bind her like a cooked turkey. Notice how Obama’s gray hair is emphasized – that harsh lighting which washes out both of them. The down-home modesty is ostentatious.

So why do this video? What’s the message?

For the Hopium addled the video is a “play victim” message. The attempt is to appear like sweet down-home folks doing their best – and “won’t you please help us po’ folk out?” Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are desperate so the cocktail dresses and golf caps are out and the “we’re normal folks” is in. After months of “the beatings will continue until moral improves” tactics against allies, the new video is the opposite – “we’re in this together, please help us out friends.”

More importantly the video images are an attempt to patch up the flat tire which is their relationship with independents and the white working class.

Barack Obama and his campaign henchmen know they are in trouble. While gullible Hopium Guzzlers believe early voting will help them keep the House of Representatives and the Senate and that Democrats will vote, the Obama henchmen have read this September 22 poll which has not been discussed nearly enough by anyone:

Unhappy Democrats are more likely to vote

I noticed something in our polling today that I hadn’t yet this cycle. It’s a well known fact that Obama voters aren’t planning to show up to vote this year in the numbers that Democrats need. Beyond that, I realized today, that Obama voters who are planning to show up generally have more negative feelings toward him than Obama voters at large. And obviously the folks who voted for Obama but have soured on him are more likely to fall into the GOP column. [snip]

The place where Obama’s lost the largest degree of his support is West Virginia, where only 76% of his voters are still happy with him. That’s why Joe Manchin appears to be in a tight race despite his high level of popularity. In Pennsylvania just 78% of his voters think he’s doing a good job and there’s a pretty strong sense that Democrats will lose both the Senate seat and Governorship they hold there, and quite possibly by wide margins. That 78% mark holds true in Wisconsin as well, where we need to see more polling but things are beginning to look pretty dire for the Democrats.”

Yesterday Politico did the usual and catch-up with us, years too late. Politico has finally discovered “President Obama’s white working-class problem.”

“West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin is taking a political battering, thanks to his support of Barack Obama, so he’s uniquely qualified to offer counsel on what many think is the president’s central political problem — his failure to connect with white working-class voters.

His advice: Go to where they live and work. Listen. And don’t talk down to them.

“If I were him, I’d start going to the places where people don’t like you that much,” said Manchin, who is locked in a close race to replace Robert Byrd in the Senate and struggling mightily to shrug off his opponents’ description of him as Obama’s “rubber stamp.”

You can’t win if you only go where you are comfortable,” added Manchin….”

Obama’s American Horror visit to American Gothic is about as far as he will uncomfortably go to address the “bitter” and the “clinging”. The first person to occupy the White House having only lived in urban areas has a prejudiced view of “small town Americans” as American Gothic hicks filled to the brim with prejudice and closets sparsely inhabited with drab Sears Catalog clothing.

Obama does not know, and does not want to know who these “hicks” are. Back in 2008, on the day before the West Virginia primary we discussed the Voting Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965. We discussed Kevin Phillips’ remarkable analysis and the “Southern Strategy” of Republicans from decades ago. We also wrote this:

All the Democratic Party talk about inclusion and respect for the rights of women crumbled when the prospect of a woman in charge became a possibility.

All the Democratic Party talk about a “big tent” stops when the targets of inclusion are white working class voters.

Those words spoke truth at a time when few wanted to face truth. Hillary Clinton understood as she made her case that Democrats consistently allow states like Kentucky and West Virginia to “slip out of the Democratic column. Too many people felt our party didn’t speak to their values and concerns…”

Obama snubbed the White Working class and now the white working class returns the favor.”

Yup, those white working class voters held in such contempt by Obama and the “creative class” are not going be abandoned. It is Obama that will be abandoned:

“The long-term danger for Obama is that if his approval ratings among whites stay low, the revolt could take root — shredding a 2008 map that included single-digit wins in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Virginia, Michigan, Florida and all-important Ohio, which Obama won by 3 percentage points with the political wind at his back.

“Would he win the state now? Can he win it in 2012? Geez, that’s going to be a tough one for him,” said a staffer to an endangered Democratic House member in the state.

Right now, he couldn’t sell ice water in hell,” said Dee Davis, who runs a Kentucky nonprofit that studies voting patterns in the Appalachian belt, which encompasses southern Ohio, western Pennsylvania, western Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky.”

[Claire McCaskill engages in language in the Politico article that if a Tea Party member, or us, used we would be called “Racist!” Says Claire: “Here’s the gorilla in the room,” said McCaskill. “He can roll up his sleeves and he can take off his jacket and he could not wear a tie, but it is very hard for a lot of people in working-class families to imagine him next to them at the laundromat.” “Gorilla?” “Obama?” McCaskill must be a “racist.” In either case her advice to “take off” the jacket and tie is what he did in his American Horror video with sleeve-wrapped lantern-jawed Michelle.]

In yesterday’s “Obama The Snob” Michael Gerson recalls certain events in order to try to “explain” Obama:

“There have been several recent attempts to explain Obama’s worldview as the result of his post-colonial father or his early socialist mentors — Gnostic attempts to produce the hidden key that unlocks the man. The reality is simpler. In April 2008, Obama described small-town voters to wealthy donors in San Francisco: “It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.” Now, to wealthy donors in Massachusetts, opponents are “hard-wired not to always think clearly.” Interpreting Obama does not require psychoanalysis or the reading of mystic Chicago runes. He is an intellectual snob.”

If Obama passes for an “intellectual” we certainly are in trouble. What he is is an American Horror of a flim-flam boy raised by wolves.

The boy raised by wolves in his wolf in farmer’s clothing and his American Horror wife know they have to raise the flim-flam up several notches

“During the last 14 days the White House and President Obama have gone on the attack, and their strategy is pretty simple: “Let’s acknowledge the voter anger and make sure it gets funneled toward something else.” Thus we have seen political attacks on just about everyone — and everything — out there. The problem, though, is that voters aren’t angry with Karl Rove, John Boehner, the Chamber of Commerce or even the “undisclosed financing” of elections. Voters are angry about the economy and they have two devastating perceptions of this administration: voters think it is incompetent and that it has overreached over the past two years. [snip]

So let’s just come out and say it: there is no reason to think that Republicans will do any worse than 1994 (when they picked up 54 seats) and there is plenty of data to suggest that it will, in fact, be a better year for the GOP. Our projection — based on all current available data — is that the GOP will gain between 60 and 70 House seats in November.”

The poll numbers are ugly.
The assessments of Obama are uglier. Recently Mark Halperin exhaled an article which stated “Obama is in the jaws of political death”:

“Barack Obama is being politically crushed in a vise. From above, by elite opinion about his competence. From below, by mass anger and anxiety over unemployment. And it is too late for him to do anything about this predicament until after November’s elections.

With the exception of core Obama Administration loyalists, most politically engaged elites have reached the same conclusions: the White House is in over its head, isolated, insular, arrogant and clueless about how to get along with or persuade members of Congress, the media, the business community or working-class voters. This view is held by Fox News pundits, executives and anchors at the major old-media outlets, reporters who cover the White House, Democratic and Republican congressional leaders and governors, many Democratic business people and lawyers who raised big money for Obama in 2008, and even some members of the Administration just beyond the inner circle. [snip]

Moreover, there is a growing perception that Obama’s decisions are causing harm — that businesses are being hurt by the Administration’s legislation and that economic recovery is stalling because of the uncertainty surrounding energy policy, health care, deficits, housing, immigration and spending.

And that sentiment is spreading.”

To this “vise” which comes “from above” and “from below” Obama has responded with his campaign of attacks and with his campaign of modesty. As usual for a flim-flam man the responses are situational – arrogance and modesty combine in a orgy of flim-flammery not seen since Miss Cleo sold televised psychic advice for 99 cents a minute.

Even Miss Cleo can really see November from her window. National Review has a long list of individual races for Miss Cleo:

“As promised, here is a quick update on that May list of 99 open seats or vulnerable Democrats. As you can see, quite a few have been added; we’re now up to 117. (I added one, WA-2, after initial posting.) [snip]

My current assessment is in line with the conventional wisdom: Roughly 100 seats are in play under the broader definition, and it’s hard to see Republicans winning fewer than 40 of them. The ceiling depends on how angry the country is on November 2, but it is pretty darn high . . . 60? 70? 80?”

Taking into account the Obama Dimocrat held seats in districts won by Bush and/or McCain the House takeovers may be as high as 120 seats and as high as 15 Senate seats – depending on how high the wave crests. Although the numbers will be lower on election night those super-high numbers are the absolute high water mark that can at absolutely most ever be expected if there is a mad meteor caused tsunami wave on November 2. Certainly Republicans will get at least 5 new seats in the Senate and 50 seats in the House putting them in effective, if not actual, control of Congress. Even Chris O’Tingles sees the iceberg ahead:

Even catch-up Politico sees the writing on the wall:

“With two weeks remaining until Election Day, the political map has expanded to put Democrats on the run across the country — with 99 Democratic-held House seats now in play, according to a POLITICO analysis, and Republicans well in reach of retaking the House.

It’s a dramatic departure from the outlook one year ago — and a broader landscape than even just prior to the summer congressional recess. As recently as early September, many Republicans were hesitant to talk about winning a majority for fear of overreaching.

Today, however, the nonpartisan Cook Political Report predicts a GOP net gain of at least 40 House seats, with 90 Democratic seats in total rated as competitive or likely Republican.”

The alienation from the white working class, the coming election doom and disaster is why Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have decided to play Ma and Pa Kettle.

Fashion “icon” Michelle Obama dressed up like a Thanksgiving turkey and put her hair in a bun style to woo what she imagines is the white working class hicks. But the fashion has “icon” is hardly an icon (more a kiss of death “Bermuda Triangle”) and the stereotype “hick” imagery is not going to help.

As John Kass wrote – the Hopium has run out because real life Ma and Pa Kettles are bitter and clingy:

“America’s Hopium farmers must increase production, because the nation’s supply is dangerously low, and the November midterm elections are only weeks away.

Even my personal Obama Chia Heads don’t produce as much Hopium as before. And this should worry the president.

Because as readers know, Hopium is the stuff that sends tingles up reporters’ legs and keeps everybody, even taxpayers, feelin’ all right.

If America has a Hopium deficit, we might have no way of altering political reality like we did a few years ago. And these days, reality bites.”

Like the “Rent Is Too Damn High” candidate, who does not even pay rent, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama will do anything to save their vacations in Spain and the weekly vacations and hours long golf outings. They’ll dress up as modest likable hillbillies for the camera if that is what it takes to bamboozle yet again.

But it won’t work. Some of the people, via Gallup, are no longer fooled.

The white working class Barack Obama snubbed is about to snub him.


Rotten Ol’ Bill Clinton, Travel-Smart Hillary Clinton

Some of our JournoList and other Big Media readers/critics continue to rewrite what we wrote years ago. They’re catching up. After November they will leap to where we were on January 2009. [For instance, eventually they’ll even become aware of something revelatory about Hillary Clinton’s travel schedule which we will discuss today.]

We hardly ever comment on the latest catch-ups from the catch-up brigade – partly out of modesty and partly out of exhaustion with our dullard students. But this weekend bought us a chuckle when we saw one of our repeated lessons splayed out on the most influential political website of all.

Like fretting teachers in a hot June classroom hovering over dimwitted, nose-picking, pimple-erupting, slack-jawed, heavy-lidded clods at final exams – we exhaled prayers of joy at the realization that some might edge through to a passing grade after months of desk-to-desk combat – with us trying to transmit knowledge and reasoning.

This weekend The DrudgeReport plastered a picture of Bill Clinton above the shocking headline: “CLINTON CAMPAIGNS FOR CLINTON SUPPORTERS“!

Mrs. Smith, a head of the class commentor, submitted an A+ response to the shocking headline. We have a few comments to add.

* * * * * *

Back in 2008 we addressed Caroline Kennedy and the fact that the main force against her becoming Senator was Hillary Clinton supporters. At the time of the Caroline Kennedy coronation plots we also reported 2×4 Chuck Schumer was on Hillary Clinton supporters’ side due to self-interest (it took Politico weeks to confirm our reporting of Chuck’s involvement).

Eventually 2×4 Schumer’s own treacheries in 2008 and before emerged. This was at a time that Ben Smith headlined a “long and thin” story at Politico called “Game Over: The Clintons Stand Alone“. That stupid piece of typing is something Smith has recently had to eat along with crow and humble pie.

Though we were attacked for our reports back then, we were subsequently proven correct in our disclosures of what was going on behind the scenes. What is going on behind the scenes shifts constantly as new facts and circumstances emerge and new openings reveal themselves and new traps are laid and avoided.

After the ‘Clintons Alone’ blockbuster failure the Big Media narrative shifted to Bill Clinton as some sort of Obama lapdog doing what Obama wanted. Bill Clinton, it was written and repeatedly said, was an Obama ally doing what Obama told him to do and also Hillary was a trapped bird in an Obama cage. So often is this written and said that even intelligent people believe the nonsense.

How often do we hear, even from Hillary Clinton supporters “why oh why is Bill campaigning for Obama?” Another favorite is “Bill Clinton should not campaign for Obama because he more than anyone knows how corrupt and ugly Barack Obama is. Why is Bill Clinton doing this?”

As we have stated, situations change and strategies must change along with them. Timetables have to be changed sometimes as well. Some basics however, remain. This weekend Kevin, the naughty boy at HillBuzz, addressed the issue of “the list”. “The List” is populated with Claire McCaskill types and many others who stabbed Hillary in the back. The List” remains immutable. Like water flowing around obstacles, the strategies and timetables however, change.

Our argument since 2008 here at Big Pink has been that Obama (along with his henchmen and enablers) must be driven from the race in 2012. The sooner death, doom, and destruction are visited upon the Obama Dimocratic Party the sooner we can return to the winning FDR/Hillary Clinton coalition.

That the Democratic Party of FDR/Hillary Clinton will return is only a matter of time. This will happen either after defeat in 2010 or after further defeat in 2012 or after even further defeat in 2016. But it will happen. We are saying “the sooner the better” and recall the best way to remove a band-aid is to rip it off quickly rather than a long and painful process.

An example of a strategy timetable possibly changing is the debate of Hillary Clinton in 2012 or 2016. Bill Clinton might have kept himself busy outside politics in 2010 when the timetable was 2016. But once the obvious collapse of Obama Dimocrats in 2010 became so obvious it also became obvious that a change in timetable and strategy was wise because 2012 becomes an increasingly real possibility.

Bill Clinton knows that only a concerted effort and multiple appearances (think Blanche Lincoln and the Arkansas primary) by him can help a candidate win election. A onetime appearance for a candidate will not save that candidate unless they are bound for victory already. Bill Clinton’s visits are not multiple appearances that will determine victory nor is Bill Clinton on a tour with Barack Obama and/or Joe Biden and/or Michelle Obama to get out the vote.

For the past two years Hillary Clinton has kept as far away from Barack Obama as is possible. This entire election season Hillary Clinton is also traveling as far far from Barack Obama as possible. Sometime after the November elections Big Media will take note of a thus far ignored aspect of Hillary Clinton’s travel schedule.

While some in Big Media have noted that Hillary Clinton will be away from the United States they have not taken particular notice of the dates.

Hillary Clinton will not return to the United States until Barack Obama leaves on a 12 day long trip. Originally Barack Obama was to leave the country on November 7. But Obama does not want to be accountable for the election disaster that will arrive at his doorstep on November 2. So Obama has moved up his get out of town day to the evening of November 4.

Months ago, when Hillary was preparing her travel schedule she assumed Barack Obama would be in D.C. until November 7. Isn’t it remarkable that Hillary Clinton planned her trip to be out of the country and only return the day after Obama was originally scheduled to get out of town? This means that for two weeks before, and two weeks after the November disaster, Hillary Clinton will be no where near Barack Obama. Amazing timing isn’t it?

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This weekend the New York Times reported that Bill Clinton made an appearance for Hillary Clinton supporter Gavin Newsom. At the same rally Bill Clinton appeared with the loathsome Hillary Hater Jerry Brown. In the photograph accompanying the story, Bill Clinton has a big Bill Clinton smile. Gavin Newsom has a wide smile as he attaches himself to Bill. Jerry Brown, with a forced half-smile however, does not appear too happy as he is forced to accept and acknowledge help from Bill Clinton – a man he cannot stand and has contempt for. But now Brown owes Bill and Bill, on Brown’s dime, gets to do what he loves to do – campaign and talk with the American people.

Even lunkhead Big Media repeater of the obvious Howard Fineman appears to be getting a clue. Now a flack for Huff n’ Puff Fineman realizes that Obama is not popular:

“Like Voldemort’s, Obama’s is a name no one dares utter — and that includes Clinton speaking to Democrats. [snip]

To be fair, almost no one else at the one-hour rally mentioned the sitting president. [snip]

Still, the eerie invisibility of the president is a telling commentary on the Democrats’ confused, divided and defensive predicament as they brace for the verdict of the voters on Election Day, Nov. 2. There was something odd — and, if you’re a Democrat, depressing — about a former Democratic president avoiding any mention of his Democratic successor.”

Fineman provides a ready retort to the pearl clutchers who continue to weep “Why is Bill doing this? Why is Bill campaigning for these Obama Dimocrats? Why is Bill helping them?”

“Clinton sincerely wants to help out on the trail — and certainly wants to avoid the accusation that he didn’t try to help. But his travels have turned into a personal victory lap that often makes him — not the candidate he’s touting — the center of attention. That was true here in Kentucky. The rally’s mechanics were mostly handled by the Secret Service; more to the point, the final (and therefore top-billed) speaker wasn’t Conway. It was Clinton. The Conway people didn’t mind. They were glad to have him.

Rail-thin but not frail, wearing a tweedy professorial sports coat and his signature rueful, knowing smile, Clinton was treated with a respect bordering on awe. His familiar mane of white hair, thinning now, was translucent in the sun, giving him an almost otherworldly look: the Sage from a Better Age.

Clinton is beloved In Kentucky. He won the state twice. He speaks the local dialect, which contains Appalachian notes of working-class pride, suspicion of big shots and Baptist revivalism. But more than that — and more than just in Kentucky –Clinton’s economic record (22.7 million jobs created, and he tends not to forget to mention the .7) looks spectacularly good in the context of what has followed.

These days there is almost an Old Testament, milk-and-honey reverence for that economic record, at least as expressed by former Kentucky Sen. Wendell Ford. An old-school podium pounder, Ford — stooped but still strong voiced at 86 — talked of the former president in messianic terms. “Bill Clinton found us the path to gold!” he shouted. The crowd of 2,000, most of them students, didn’t laugh. They seemed to think he was right.

How any of this helps Obama is far from clear; it isn’t even clear that it helps many Democrats — since they’d be joining the same Washington party that the current president ostensibly heads.”

Do we need to make things any clearer to the pearl clutchers who head to the fainting couch every time they hear that Bill Clinton is making a one time appearance somewhere for someone?

Do we have to repeat that every appearance by Bill Clinton is a disaster for Obama because the comparison is one he cannot win now that there are two records to compare? Fineman sums up why Bill Clinton (and Hillary Clinton) can speak with all Americans in a genuine voice:

“But Clinton is all too happy to show Obama how it’s done. As a campaigner and as president, Clinton’s gift was his ability to untangle the knots of even the most complex policy issue and explain it in plain language to people suspicious of the powerful — but eager not to be screwed by them or to be seen as dupes. Republicans and their corporate allies were out to shut down the few good things that government does for you, he said, in the name of balancing a budget that they themselves destroyed. “I gave you budget surpluses!” Clinton said, as if this had been an act of personal beneficence.”

When Bill Clinton is described as a “messiah” figure or personally ordaining “beneficence” in the form of budget surpluses, that is an aftereffect of Fineman’s Big Media worship of Obama. Bill Clinton has never claimed unto himself Messiah status. Bill Clinton’s claims about the budget surpluses are part of the historical record. In New York when a heckler appeared Bill Clinton reminded all that he is the only president alive that signed 4 balanced budgets and produced 4 consecutive surpluses and that when he left office the federal government was the size of Dwight Eisenhower’s government in 1960. As Bill Clinton said to the heckler “you need to listen to me”.

While Bill Clinton reminds us what a president sounds like, Barack Obama intrudes to display what a clown looks and sounds like. In yesterday’s New York Times Barack Obama made a spectacular fool of himself and made life difficult for Obama Dimocrats running for office. Obama not only admitted that there are no such things as “shovel ready” projects (the same ones Obama Dimocrats foolishly or mendaciously voted to fund) but Obama wants us to believe that his problem is one of publicity stunts:

“Most of all, he has learned that, for all his anti-Washington rhetoric, he has to play by Washington rules if he wants to win in Washington. It is not enough to be supremely sure that he is right if no one else agrees with him. “Given how much stuff was coming at us,” Obama told me, “we probably spent much more time trying to get the policy right than trying to get the politics right. There is probably a perverse pride in my administration — and I take responsibility for this; this was blowing from the top — that we were going to do the right thing, even if short-term it was unpopular. And I think anybody who’s occupied this office has to remember that success is determined by an intersection in policy and politics and that you can’t be neglecting of marketing and P.R. and public opinion.”

As Democrat Kirsten Powers rebutted, the problems are not ones due to publicity stunts:

“We probably spent much more time trying to get the policy right than trying to get the politics right,” President Obama told The New York Times this week. “There is probably a perverse pride in my administration . . . that we were going to do the right thing, even if short-term it was unpopular.”

Yes, it is perverse.

It’s pure fiction to say that the White House has crafted brilliant strategies to save America. It should get credit for averting another Great Depression but one smart (but flawed) policy doesn’t excuse the drift on areas of intense importance to the United States.

Take cap and trade: What exactly was it about taxing businesses in the middle of a major recession that seemed like it would be a popular idea?

Then there was the whole “we are going to jump-start the economy by retrofitting homes” argument.

If something doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t. The idea that we’d revitalize our economy with what are essentially janitorial jobs was absurd from the beginning.

The administration promised that 900,000 jobs would come from building retrofits. Turns out, according to the Energy Department, just 13,000 such jobs were created in the last reported quarter.

That’s not a public-relations or political problem. That’s a problem with the policy.”

Bill Clinton will campaign for Hillary Clinton supporters and that shocked DrudgeReport this weekend. Bill Clinton has been making clear his intention to campaign for those that were there for Hillary in 2008 for a long time now. That DrudgeReport headlined this non-story demonstrates that increasingly many are aware that 2012 and 2016 are strategies and timetables that are developing, not fully developed. This is the article that shocked DrudgeReport:

“Bill Clinton back out campaigning ‘for everybody that helped Hillary run for president’ against Obama

Speculation about Hillary Clinton’s continued presidential ambitions is rife. Husband Bill is back on the campaign trail, offering thanks to those who backed her in 2008 – and laying the foundations for another try in 2016. [snip]

In this febrile climate within the party, there is one Democratic figure whose soothing tones can help calm things down – the Big Dog himself, former President Bill Clinton. I caught up with him in Española, New Mexico, site of the first European colony in America, last week and he was on vintage form.

Gone was the red-faced, finger-wagging Bill who I saw in South Carolina in early 2008, when he exploded with anger at being accused of racism by Obama allies as the Democratic nomination slipped from his wife Hillary’s grasp. Instead, Española saw Chilled Bill, a man vindicated by events and who knows he was right to warn of Obama’s shortcomings.”

Bill Clinton went to Española to “repay the debt” to Dinane Denish a Hillary supporter in 2008.

“Bill, hoarse-voiced but with a glint in his eye, explained that this was his 80th event. He made crystal clear just who he was representing on the campaign trail – and it wasn’t Obama. “I planned to do about one stop for everybody that helped Hillary run for president because she’s one of only two members of the president’s cabinet who cannot participate in politics,” he said.

As Secretary of State, he reminded people, is not permitted to campaign. “Then I got out here and started stirring around and realised that a lot of people were mad and even more confused and I didn’t want it on my conscience so I just loaded up and started strolling around.”

British understatement is employed in the article to describe Hillary Clinton’s schedule and her maintenance of distance from Obama and his myriad disasters:

“Becoming vice-president would tie her to Obama on domestic policy. Through political good fortune (not to mention calculation), she has been out of that arena for the past two years, meaning that there are no Clinton fingerprints on unpopular health care, bail-out or stimulus legislation.

Hillary has been loyal to Obama – it would have been politically foolish to appear otherwise – but her discrete job means she can remain distant from most of what he does.

It just so happens that Hillary will be out of town on November 2nd, when Democrats expect a pummeling at the polls. She’ll be on the other side of the globe, in fact, on a tour including stops in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

The message is unmistakable: “Nothing to do with me!

Hillary will not only be away from Barack Obama for the next several weeks, but she will be away from him for several weeks after the elections. While Hillary Clinton works to save the world from Obama’s bumblings, Bill Clinton is also hard at work:

“Bill’s stump speeches are helping lay the foundations of a 2016 campaign. His presence on the campaign trail, often in parts of the country where Obama is not so popular, reinforces the 2008 argument that the Clintons (in terms of power politics, it is fruitless to view them separately) can reach places Obama cannot.

It also shows that the wounds of the epic Obama-Clinton battle of 2008 have not healed. Conspicuous by his absence from Española was Bill Richardson, the current New Mexico governor, who was publicly branded a “Judas” by James Carville, the Clinton consigliere, for endorsing Obama. Richardson was never even mentioned by Denish or the former President.

After trying something new and shiny in the person of Obama and being disappointed, many Democrats are now indulging in Clinton nostalgia. “We Miss the Thrill of Bill” read one prominent sign in Española.

“He let me hug him!” exclaimed Loyda Martinez, 57, after the event. “And he hugged me back! A lot of these politicians, you can barely touch their hands. Bill has a way of connecting with the ordinary person that Obama does not.” Bill’s past foibles are viewed as endearing. “He like the ladies!” laughed one man as Bill posed for pictures beside a platinum blonde.”

Bill Richardson is on “the list” personally placed there by Bill Clinton even as Hillary publicly makes nice.

Richardson is a reason why these “calculations” and private vs. public behaviors must be calibrated. Richardson pretended, like many others such as 2×4 Schumer, to be either neutral or supporting Hillary in 2008. But these were deceptions engineered by Ted Kennedy and Tom Daschle and Rahm Emanuel and others. Now we find ourselves in Borgia Italy. It is a situation post 2004-2008 deceptions in which the Democratic Party leadership engineered a coup against the rank and file Democratic voter. So it is Borgia Italy and we are still peeling the onion of what exactly happened in 2008 and who can be trusted and who is on “the list”.

Barack Obama is busy with his own fate as sole concern. Obama’s campaign schedule is designed to help himself in 2012 and only parenthetically those (particularly governors in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, and Nevada) he is campaigning for.

Barack Obama is, like a third-world dictator when the peasants with pitchforks approach the castle, ready to flee the United States right after the elections. Unfortunately he will return. But Obama knows what is coming. The many corruptions are coming to light – whether it is the Countrywide scandals from Connecticut or the mob bankster friend of Obama in Illinois

Obama is aware that even “safe” congressmen such as Dennis Kucinich are in trouble (DK is up by only 4 points). Likewise Loretta Sanchez is now tied with Republican Van Tran.

Barack Obama is aware that the “winning coalition from 2008 has crumbled” and that fully one quarter of his 2008 “supporters” will soon be reclassified as “racists” as they vote against Obama Dimocrats. It’s so bad even Politico is taking notice.

But most of all Barack Obama is aware that Hillary is keeping her distance from him for weeks before and weeks after the November Barack Obama election disasters. And Barack Obama is very aware that every Bill Clinton appearance is like a bag full of rotten tomatoes aimed directly at Obama.