Impeach, Remove, Imprison Barack Obama? – Part I

Obama knew. That is what an Obama Big Media sycophant says. Obama knew. An investigation is needed. If Obama indeed did know, as alleged by his biggest boosters and defenders, then we get rid of the question mark. Impeach, Remove, Imprison Barack Obama.

Richard Wolffe, the near defunct Newsweek Magazine‘s man on his knees at the White House, sensed the danger to his belovéd. Wolffe ran to his White House bosses sources for a defense of Barack Obama. But instead of protection, Wolffe might just have put a torpedo into the dingy which is the S.S. Obama.

Wolffe is sensitive to the danger the oil gusher poses to his amour Obama. Today ABC/Washington Post released a new poll with bad news for B.O.:

More Americans have given negative ratings to federal reaction to the BP spill then poll respondents gave to the government’s initial handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.”

Aware of danger to Obama, Wolffe leap into the action saddle. Wolffe came up with this extraordinary defense, which if proved correct, instead damns Obama:

“Critics have bashed President Obama for being slow to seize the political initiative in combating the BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast, now widely believed to be the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. The White House has battled back, releasing a timeline of events showing that Obama was briefed—and deploying the Coast Guard—within 24 hours of the Deepwater Horizon blowout.

What has not been previously disclosed: The president was not only briefed on the real-time events of the spill, but also on just how bad it would be—and how hard it would be to plug the hole.”

Obama knew. Obama knew. Obama knew.

“Carol Browner, director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, told Obama at one of the earliest briefings in late April that the blowout would likely lead to an unprecedented environmental disaster, senior White House aides told The Daily Beast. Browner warned that capping a well at such depths had never been done before, and that they ought to expect an oil spill that would continue until a relief well was drilled in August, the aide said.

That early briefing on the scope of the spill—and enormous technical challenges involved in fixing it—might help explain the sense of fatalism that has infused Obama’s team from the start.

Little that has happened since has changed their mind-set. Now six weeks later, the president’s top advisers expect the oil spill—and the negative stories—to continue through August.”

Obama knew. Obama thought of damage to his Cult of Personality. It was not fatalism, it was as ever with Obama, political self-interest. Obama knew. Wolffe tries to concoct a defense but the bottom line is Obama knew:

“The fact that Team Obama was warned of the extent of the disaster so early on suggests that White House officials were aware of the environmental challenge long before they decided to demonstrate concern via presidential visits to the Gulf.”

Obama knew but kept quiet. Obama distracted. The oil gushed. Obama golfed. The oil spread. Obama partied. The crude grew and moved slowly to shore.

Obama in a calculated manner decided to distract. As Wolffe so sickeningly puts it Obama’s team focused on “methods of news management and presidential communication.” Impeach, Remove, Imprison.

Obama Crude

What could Obama have done? For starters: tell the truth. Obama’s team continues to downplay the disaster caused by Obama inaction. Obama could have immediately alerted the nation and ordered an armada of ships outfitted to skim the oil off the Gulf waters. But the truth, told to the American people at the time the blowout occurred, should have been the first step. Instead the lies and “news management” continues:

“Why do the Obama folks lowball the size of the oil spill? [snip]

The successful severing of the riser from the blowout preventer on Thursday increased the flow, perhaps by 20 percent (this recalls BP’s petulant insistence in the middle of last month that estimates of higher than 5,000 bbd had to be wrong, in part because kinks in the riser were slowing the gusher). So assuming that 20 percent increase, the worst case scenario now would be a leak of between 14,400 bbd and 30,000 bbd. Or, at the high end, 63 percent more than the figure the “senior official” used Monday with those journalists in Miami.

This is no esoteric argument. Browner explained on Sunday why it’s important to know how much oil is spewing: BP will owe fines based on how much is spilled, and court cases are likely to turn on the number as well — a fact that had largely escaped the administration until McClatchy reporters Marisa Taylor, Erika Bolstad and Renee Schoof pointed out on May 20 that BP had a major financial interest in keeping the oil leak’s size unknown and preferably unknowable (see their story here). The White House press office howled when that story appeared, though it would have been more appropriate to say “Thanks, we missed that one.” The next day was when the administration finally broke away from BP and appointed an independent task force to figure it out.

Today, Erika Bolstad points out another reason for the Obama folks to be diligent in learning how much oil has leaked: BP owes us, the American taxpayers, royalties on all that oil that’s been “extracted” from the well, whether BP got to sell it or not (and if the “top hat” works in corralling some of the spewing oil, BP can make a little offsetting revenue on it as well). Bolstad’s story is here.

If you’re kind, you might think only that the administration was, well, just not very quick on the uptake here and that it needed some newspaper reporters previously unschooled in deep water blowouts to figure out what was going on (for another example click here for McClatchy’s Shashank Bengali’s exploration of the huge loophole in the administration’s most recent drilling moratorium). But the pattern suggests that the administration, from the White House and various Cabinet secretaries right down to the NOAA administrator, whose task it was to figure out how much oil was leaking and yet remained stubbornly uninterested in finding out until a university professor from Indiana testified before Congress, was deliberate in its efforts to downplay the size.”

McClatchy has been the most responsible of Big Media news services. They are to be commended for their news coverage which no one but us it seems covers. There’s more from McClatchy:

“On Thursday, we learned from the Center for Public Integrity, which got hold of Coast Guard logs from the early days of the spill, that within a very few hours the Coast Guard thought what was left of the Deepwater Horizon well might gush 8,000 bbd, a number that soon grew to, worst case scenario, 64,000 bbd (the Center’s article on the topic can be found here).

And we learn from ABC News that from the beginning the Coast Guard had ample access to videos that showed crude oil billowing out of the wrecked riser and blowout preventer, but didn’t think to come up with a better estimate of the leak and didn’t try to make the videos public so someone else could. (Interestingly, the Coast Guard told ABC that BP wouldn’t release the videos, saying they were proprietary, which is the same reason the Interior Department is using to refuse to identify the 33 offshore exploratory rigs in the Gulf that are supposed to shut down “when it’s safe to do so.” Without their locations and their operators’ names it’ll be hard for anyone to check to see if the Interior Department actually enforces that order.)”

McClatchy hits a home run for truth with this:

“When Congress is probing the whys and wherefores of the disaster, a few questions should be asked about why, from top to bottom and up to today, the Obama people don’t want to confront reality on the size of the leak.”

The best venue to get those answers is before an impeachment panel in preparation to remove Barack Obama and cart him off to imprisonment.

* * * * *

What could Obama have done beside tell the truth and prepare the nation immediately for this bigger than Katriina disaster? David Gergen, timid as limp fresh noodles and wet toast, had this to suggest last month:

“Enough is enough! After the latest failure by BP to plug the gaping hole, it is time for President Obama to take full command of this growing national catastrophe. Immediately!

The president in his press conference this past Thursday assured the nation that he and his administration were already in charge and he has manfully taken personal responsibility — “the buck stops here,” he said, echoing Harry Truman. Well, it may be true that BP has been acting all along under the oversight of the federal government, but that supervision has been loose and ineffective.[snip]

First off, who can now trust BP to do the job right? From the beginning, it has appeared to be more interested in shoring up its stock price than in playing straight and solving the problem. It took reckless short cuts in opening up the rig, had no serious plan in place for a disaster, low-balled early estimates of the spill, has high-balled its chances of stopping the leak and has kept both the government and the public too much in the dark. And its efforts on shore are increasingly pathetic — can it really have failed to protect the safety of beach workers and have stage managed the clean-up when Obama was there, as reported? It was a mistake to leave our fate in the hands of this company as long as we have.

Second, even if BP were reliable, the problem has clearly become too big for it to handle, as Colin Powell is now arguing on television. [snip] BP is especially not up to the task of protecting our precious shorelines and cleaning up the beaches. For that, we need the organizational strength of the U.S. military.

Third, this catastrophe is increasingly threatening the nation’s welfare. With a potentially dangerous storm season just around the corner, a continuing gush of oil will not only pose huge, long-term damage to the Gulf region but could easily wash the oil around the tip of Florida and up the East Coast. The loss to livelihoods, the economy and to ways of life would be immeasurable. It would be worse than Katrina and Exxon Valdez put together. [snip]

Finally, Obama’s leadership is increasingly at stake in this emergency.”

Gergen wrote before Wolffe’s article was published. Now Gergen and all Americans know Obama knew. Obama must be investigated before an impeachment panel. That panel should explore, with a probe as long as a Gulf rig, Obama’s connections to BP.

Obama knew from the beginning. Gergen advised last week what Obama should have done. If what Gergen advises had been done the moment Obama knew, the Katrina/Valdez/Hostage crisis could have been mitigated.

“What can the White House do? For starters:

— Set up a daily command center in Washington where a presidentially appointed leader runs the show, calls the shots, coordinates the overall effort, briefs the president and briefs the country

— Have two deputies, one to direct the leak-stoppage and the other to direct the clean-up. Ex-CEOs and generals would be excellent candidates

— Summon all the major oil and drilling companies to the White House for emergency efforts to get the hole plugged

— Get BP out of the picture for clean-up; just send it the bill. If it is still needed for hole-plugging, okay, but ensure that it answers every day to directions from the government. If BP needs new internal leadership, figure out how to get that done

— Employ the U.S. military for organizational coordination and where needed, for anything else such as clean-up

— Make more aggressive efforts to tap the best minds in the world for help

— Provide the country with the kind of daily briefings that the military has mastered for wartime — bring in people who are smart, straight and tough

— Ensure that economic assistance is provided to families, small businesses and communities that need it with dispatch and generosity

— Call off the finger pointing until we get out of this mess

— And finally, very importantly, exercise the powers of leadership every day from the Oval Office.”

Obama knew. If indeed he knew he must be investigated. Impeach, Remove, Imprison.

There is a lot of news these days. The Richard Wolffe story and the McClatchy story are falling between the cracks.

Many people are on vacation enjoying their lives. Helen Thomas has lost her job under the guise of retirement. How many anti-Israel stories did she write during her long and once distinguished career? Few Americans (only 19%) are blaming Israel for enforcement of the Gaza blockade. Obama is lifting the ban on whaling. Iran’s Ahmadinejad is off to Turkey for “New World Order” meetings

There is a lot of news this day, mostly bad. But we cannot forget the criminal negligence of Barack Obama.

Impeach, Remove, Imprison.


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  1. Now it appears the oil is seeping up from the sea bed which indicates the casing itself is broken. This means even new wells in August won’t help.

  2. “Obama knew” — Someone should make this into a neat one page flyer to pass out in the wake of Obama’s Bot March coming up.

  3. Obama knew. If indeed he knew he must be investigated. Impeach, Remove, Imprison.

    I vote for all the above actions!
    Great post Admin.

    I would like to see all the animals that die from this spill dipped in resin, and carefully made into a ‘Obama’s Wall of Shame’ by local artists in the area. Every time anyone thinks Obama should remain in office, a flash of his gigantic poster of dead animals would be held up.

    I don’t want all the deaths of these animals, birds, fish and sick clean-up workers to be forgotten nor swept under the rug.

    Wait until the larger animals like dolphins and whales start beaching on the sands.

    This is a crime against nature.
    A crime against all those fishermen.
    A crime against those that go belly up financially in the Gulf Coast…and Obama and BP should pay dearly for it.

    Obama said he was on the job on day one, he knew, he fumbled, he played and now he should pay.

  4. Will the world now condemn Hamas for it’s treatment of Shalit?

    Cairo refuses to let aid into Gaza


    Meanwhile, Hamas announces refusal to allow Red Cross to see Schalit.

    The Egyptian authorities over the weekend turned down a request by Arab physicians to bring aid into the Gaza Strip.

    Hamas, meanwhile, announced that it won’t allow the International Committee of the Red Cross to visit kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Schalit as a condition for the lifting of the blockade on the Gaza Strip…

  5. Admin, I’ve been beating this drum hard since the Wolffe fluff piece (which unwittingly exposed the damning information in an attempt to excuse Oilbama) was published a few days back.

    Thank you, thank you for giving it more prominence.

  6. But listening is not high on the White House agenda. Two people who have frequent contact with the administration told me recently that between Obama’s “arrogance,” as one put it, and his near-total reliance on his Chicago inner circle, as the other said, there is no welcome mat for dissent or fresh ideas.

  7. Putting aside all considerations of partisanship, the growing feeling in the country is that Obama is too incompetent to handle the job. Juan’s suggestion that Obama is fine on legislative matters but bad on crisis is a false canard. His incompetence extends to everything he touches. The only thing he can point to with any sense of achievement is Obama care, which most people realize is wormwood. And while he dithers the rest of the world moves on without us. Very dangerous.

    The people who put him in there need to be thinking about an exit strategy for him, and, no less, for themselves. It cannot continue this way. They made a grievous error.

  8. Wbboei, Associated Press has this:

    Nobody led.

    Not the president of the United States. Not the chief executive of BP. Not Congress, federal agencies or local elected officials. From its fiery beginning, the Gulf oil spill has stood as a concentrated reminder of why, over four decades, Americans have lost faith in nearly every national institution.

    Like Hurricane Katrina, a natural disaster that caused voters to question then-President George W. Bush’s credibility, the poisonous geyser at the Gulf’s floor threatens to undermine Barack Obama’s presidency. More alarmingly, the spill exacerbates the worry that this nation founded on the principle of trust now faces a crisis of faith in its public and private institutions — government and big business particularly.

    “This spill, it’s another blow to the body politic,” says John Baick, professor of history at Western New England College in Springfield, Mass. It is, he says, another excuse to be cynical and uninvolved — “exactly the opposite of what has always been the American zeitgeist, a sense that we, collectively and through our institutions, can be something greater than ourselves.”

    It’s hard to summon that rising-sun aspiration when the unemployment rate hovers near double digits. When wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continue unabated. When terrorists take aim from inside and outside U.S. borders. When the U.S. Treasury writes massive IOUs to China and public schools write off millions of poorly educated children.

    Then along comes the oil spill to remind people of why they don’t trust leaders — and why so many Americans, looking for information and action, are turning instead to blogs, Twitter feeds and their friends.[snip]

    How did we get to this point where people EXPECT their government to lie to them? And what does it say about where we’re headed?

    At the 1787 Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin famously observed that he had been trying to determine throughout the debate whether a sun painted on George Washington’s chair was rising or setting. “But now at length,” he said, “I have the happiness to know that it is a rising and not a setting sun.”

    And with that, the Founders created a nation upon the fundamental principle of trust. They had an untested belief in the ability of people to lead themselves — to chose leaders from their own ranks and to hold those leaders accountable.

    Even our currency, once backed by the promise of precious metal, is today built upon a faith-based system called “fiat” — a Latin term meaning “let it be done.”[snip]

    One of the least-trusted institutions is big business, no surprise after corporate wrongdoing and lax government oversight combined to help create the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Sixteen percent of Americans said they had a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in big corporations in 2009, compared to 32 percent 30 years prior.

    The only exception to this trend is the military, which has increased from a 54 percent favorability rating in the post-Vietnam era to 82 percent this year.[snip]

    “I take responsibility. It is my job to make sure that everything is done to shut this down,” Barack Obama declared a few days ago.

    In the same news conference, Obama also acknowledged his administration could have done better in dealing with the biggest oil spill in the nation’s history and misjudged the industry’s ability to cope with a worst-case scenario. It was a new twist for the U.S. presidency, an office normally filled by men who accept responsibility or admit fault only grudgingly.

    Obama may be recognizing that accountability breeds trust.

    Less than two years removed from an election victory built on his promise to fix Washington’s broken institutions, Obama now seems a captive of them. His administration’s regulators cozied up to the oil industry before the spill and moved slowly afterward to seize control. The president himself often seemed detached.[snip]

    And the public stews. Listen to Billy Nugesser, president of the coastal Plaquemines Parish: “We are dying a slow death here.”

    The public’s unconditional faith in national institutions is dying, too.[snip]

    From their government, Americans don’t expect perfection. But the system requires that people at least have faith in their political leaders to be competent and accountable.

    “If people don’t believe, if people don’t give, if people don’t trust, they will pick the politicians who are the loudest rather than the most sincere,” said Baick, the history professor. “They will pick the rabble rouser rather than the technocrat who gets things done.”

    They will turn away from government — a government of the people and by the people who must fundamentally believe that their leaders are, in the end, for the people.

    Obama can’t be trusted.

  9. If Obama were a competent leader he would have made jobs his number 1 priority. He neglected that area, and now we have a deeper jobs trough. His rosy projection was over 200% off the mark. And now world stock markets are melting down as a result of this. How could anyone have been stupid enough to have elected him? The answer is they buy the brand, assume whatever he does not know does not matter because he will surround himself with good people and they never consider his actual record which is the best predictor of how he will behave in the future. Past is prologue.

  10. I have gone over all my anger, sadness, and watched feeling helplessness on this oil spill issue.

    Anger: First at BP and then at the Federal govt….the least the fed could have done after week 3 was organize the oil spill capture from gthe surface…my initially anfer at BP AND ITS PARTNERS have given way to making me feel guilty about my own use of oil and oil products…and I am very prudent in its usage. I initially thought of boycotting all BP and its partners’ products and realised I do not even know which one is dirfectly related to them. I have felt anger towards the EPA in their laggnig behind whatever standards shoudl have been followed from
    Day 1 like what dispersents to use or not use. And as for the experts from the universities and the various special experts on these topics, they are all cropping up from everywhere and discovering that their whites papers and years of public and private funding has yielded very little progress on thsi type of dissater…I also cannot tolerate the Cameroon Hollywood types butting in ..if they want to help they can just go and start skimming some of the visible oil from the surface.

    Sadness: Whatever anger I felt for BP and its partners also made me that this issue/crisis is more industry related. And there are no winners in this except the Middle East and perhaps Nigeria, Brazil ann Venezulea. A lot of gulf employees retirees, and businesses are linked to these industries and their downfall is going to be seen in a lot of places. And I feel these is some “national security issues” that we have not yet comprehended. That is why I was so disappointed when Sec. Gates said that the army/nany was not needed fruther beyond the current national guard fron the gulf states and that we have to rely on BP for its expertise….somewhere this does not sound right here that our defense dept said this. As for the State Dept, we have not heard who or what countries from abroad tried to help out and in what way? Maybe this is a sensitive issue perhaps bordering on national security issues and may need some diplomatic considerations between 2 strong allies…


    So the last few days I have been thinking of visiting one of the affected gulf states/area…I am looking for a cheap way of doing this…I hope to find a cheap rate/flight because that is all I can afford…..does anybody here know of cheap places to go to LA, AL, Mississippi from CA?

    And lastly I am so beyond the HOPEOBAMA and his entire team that

  11. Obama is flailing. Now he’s talking about whose “ass to kick”. The threat is as believable as Urkel talking tough to a football player.

    Laugh riot video here:


    So here’s his attempt at damage control with another two months of this nightmare (at least) still to go, imitating the same sort of bravado that the left used to detest in Bush in hopes that it’ll stop their caterwauling about his dispassion and give them a happy new meme to push. “See? He’s mad. He cares.” It’s completely out of character with his Cool Hand Luke persona and roughly six weeks too late, which means it’s as phony as a three-dollar bill, but so what? This is all about changing the subject from the spill itself to Obama’s engagement with it, and for low-information voters, it’ll do nicely. Three cheers for the cynical scripted soundbite!

  12. MP, any of the casino hotels down here in Biloxi are going to be cheap now. If you were wanting to see oil damage, however, fortunately, we have none here yet. Some options include Imperial Palace, Casino Magic, Grand Casino, The Palace, Boomtown, Treasure Bay, Beau Rivage, Island View in Gulfport … that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

  13. anyone with any intelligence running against O and his admin…needs to start making multi ads with O and his big faux bravado and then juxtaposed to his reality actions…his sing alongs, his golf, his parties, dancing, basketball, baseball, soccer – you name it – teams…the theatre just this Sunday, on and on…this bunch really believes they are entitled…they are above the rest of us…beyond arrogance…

    …and today his latest…”he knows whose ass to kick” – this coming from our ‘President” – he is disgusting…

    last time around…everyone was way too mild on this man…everyone got out of his way…including Hillary and Bill…the GOP was so timid…McCain practically endorsed him… and the other Dems in the primary…everyone was afraid to go after him on almost everything…so they just let it be…and now we are stuck with him…

    …I hope next time around, the lesson has been learned…the bloom is off this rose…no messiah…just another politician…and an inexperienced, incompetent one at that…useless in a crisis…completely lost without his teleprompter…and now our economy and gulf and atlantic states are going to take an even bigger hit…

    …and he goes to the theatre and his VP invites the press to party and hose fights…

  14. Wow… Those articles I linked to above were from May 14 and May 6, respsectively were valid yesterday. The articles have since been pulled.

  15. I don’t understand why the media and people in general are not talking more about the US turning down help from around the world.

    This is an horrific event in our world. Every possible action should be taken. There have already been catastrophic losses to animals and the environment.

  16. Because we have an African American President and any justifiable criticism of Obama is called racism and a media that still, by and large, feels tingly over him.

  17. Fox has been relatively easy on Obama . O’Reiley, in particular, starting hedgin his bets very early on so he could remain “fair and balanced”. The only one who consistently rides him is the Hillary hating ass Hannity.
    I would recommend listening to Professor Michael Savage who is very sarcastic, but speaks the truth.

  18. BlowMeObama, that is a very good video. What is sickening is how Mika and Co. wince when it increasingly becomes clear that: Obama knew.

    Thanks for that video, which we had not seen. We’ll check out the Rolling Stone article. At some point Americans will realize that Obama knew and then the answer will be Impeach, Remove, Imprison.

  19. I am just furious about the animals dying. I grew up on that coast and its sickening. Well, lets hope a hurricane comes in and blows all this crap up north to where the folks live that put Obama in. I think it needs to go straight to HyannisPort, too bad Kennedy isn’t alive to see his fucking beach ruined and all his dolphins and porpuses dead. They really need to quit putting on that poisonous dispursant. I thought the EPA told them to quit yet they keep doing it and no one calls them out on it.

  20. Admin: great article and I hope we can impeach for this obvious secret he kept from the American people to the point its now too late to do anything but clean the beaches daily. There is nothing we can do for the animals.


    Obama was comfortable when running for office, when he could get by on rhetoric and as a legislator — where no one is really responsible for anything. What he’s ill-equipped to do is govern and lead. Plenty of people are hired for jobs beyond their abilities and outside their areas of competence. Unfortunately, the damage done by placing someone of that ilk in the White House is grievous and in some cases irreversible.

  22. @Confloyd

    I was duck hunting in the Mississippi Delta this past winter and watched a flock of 200+ low flying pelicans as they traveled from their feeding pond to their mid morning rest area. It sickens me to know it very likely many of those creatures will be lost in that brown muck.

  23. The only one who consistently rides him is the Hillary hating ass Hannity.

    Hannity doesn’t hate Hillary, he just doesn’t agree with her politically.
    I have heard Hannity speak well of Hillary’s SoS job and is respectful of her as a women.

    He really can’t stand the Big Dawg………….but ‘hates’ Barry’s character, lies and politics. Hannity has spoken out more than anyone that I have watched and rails on Obama nightly. Bottom line, he is a Raygun conservative.

  24. At 2:50 Eric Bates, Editor of Rolling Stones
    Impressive analysis.

  25. Yup. Dumbass voted for an inexperienced, unemployable rabble rouser for President. Sux we have to live in the same Country as you and pay for your idiocy.

  26. admin
    June 7th, 2010 at 8:51 pm
    Another opportunity which Obama squandered. The generation that fought World War II generally had faith in government. The basis for that faith was its proven ability to win wars, get us out of depression and pass a whole set of programs designed to protect and even more important PRESERVE a middle class, and to bring more and more people into that middle class.

    People today do cynical about government. They see it for what it has become: bloated, corrupt, incompetent and not on the side of the middle class. That is tragic because government has a legitimate role to play, but government under Obama is illegitimate in all the ways listed above.

    This cannot be blamed on the American People, the Tea Parties or conservatives. The fault for this mortal sin rests with Mr. Obama and his big media handlers.

  27. admin
    June 8th, 2010 at 12:48 am
    Actor Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galatica) voted for Obama now he is upset. He says “Obama has lost it.” Sorry EJO, you bought it, you own it.

    He says he is proud that he voted for an incompetant inexperienced president. Idiot.

  28. Nothing is simple in the Middle East:

    The Palestinian Authority is concerned about Turkey’s increased support for Hamas, a PA official in Ramallah said on Monday.

    The official said that the PA leadership was “unhappy” with Turkey’s policy toward Hamas, especially with regard to pressure to lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip unconditionally.

    Turkey’s policy is emboldening Hamas and undermining the Palestinian Authority,” the official told The Jerusalem Post.

    “Of course we want to see the blockade lifted, but Hamas must also end its coup in the Gaza Strip and accept an Egyptian proposal for achieving reconciliation with Fatah.”[snip]

    “We wish to remind the Turkish and Egyptian governments that the border crossing was controlled by the Palestinian Authority before Hamas launched its coup in 2007,” the official added. “If the Rafah border crossing is going to be reopened, that should be done in coordination with us and not with Hamas.”

    Azzam al-Ahmed, a top Fatah official in the West Bank, was quoted over the weekend as saying that he was opposed to the lifting of the blockade on the Gaza Strip until Hamas agreed to end the dispute with his faction.

    Ahmed stressed that there was no humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip because the PA government was sending aid through Israeli border crossings.

    Abbas visits Erdogan in Istanbul

    PA President Mahmoud Abbas, who visited Istanbul on Monday, was said to have relayed to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan his concern over the rapprochement between Turkey and Hamas, the official revealed.

    Erdogan, according to the official, offered to mediate between the PA and Hamas -an offer that Abbas accepted.

    Erdogan declared that ending the power struggle between the rival Palestinian parties “is a must.” He claimed that Hamas had also welcomed a mediation role for Turkey.

    Erdogan was speaking to reporters during a joint press conference with Syrian President Bashar Assad, who was also visiting Turkey.

    “Divisions should not continue under the current circumstances,” Erdogan said. “I believe we can make peace between Hamas and Fatah.”

    Hamas: PA depriving residents of the Gaza Strip of passports

    Meanwhile, the Hamas government accused the PA of depriving residents of the Gaza Strip of passports. The government said the ban had been in effect since July 2008, effectively preventing tens of thousands of Palestinians from being able to travel abroad.

    The Fatah government in Ramallah does not care about the suffering of the people in the Gaza Strip, who are already under siege,” a spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Interior said. “Every citizen is entitled to a passport, and no one has the right to deprive people of getting passports for whatever reason.”

    Palestinian passports are normally printed in the West Bank. Hamas said the PA was refusing, for “security reasons,” to send thousands of passports to residents of the Gaza Strip who needed to travel.

    According to the Hamas government, many Palestinian academics and “respected” figures have been denied passports by the PA government for the same reason.

  29. The problem I have with conservatives is their failure to see that there are certain things legitimate government can do and must do. Also, they are too attached to markets. Markets with safety nets, that I can by. But markets without them lead to revolution.

  30. I am as disgusted with Helen Thomas’ wild rant as anyone here-
    However, she finally came clean begetting her life long Lie as an antisemitic revealing who she really was in a fit of forgetfulness.

    ps- I can’t say I know all the facts in this post are accurate. Pls correct them at will. I meant to copy and save the article, I think from JanH regarding Israel. It was the article stating the Palestinians did not create the city of Jerusalem….

    Hag gagged- Helen Thomas’ half-century career ends in scandal.

    Play the end of the movie “Schindler’s List” backward – the compelling scene in which refugees emerge from the hell of the Holocaust to freedom in Israel – and you will get a glimpse into the tortured mind of Helen Thomas.

    Yesterday, Ms. Thomas, a veteran White House correspondent for Hearst Newspapers, announced her immediate retirement in the wake of a scandal generated by comments she made that presidential press secretary Robert Gibbs deemed “offensive and reprehensible.” Last week, Ms. Thomas helped kick off Jewish Heritage Month by advising Israelis to “get the hell out of Palestine,” declaring that the Palestinians “are occupied. And it’s their land.” She suggested the Jews in Israel should “go home” to Poland and Germany. This is an extremist view more commonly associated with representatives of Hamas, Iran and al Qaeda.

    Ms. Thomas’ insinuation that all Israelis are European colonists squatting on land that rightly belongs to others betrays an ignorance of history and demography. Jews born in Europe and the United States – those Ms. Thomas says need to “go home” – make up just 22 percent of the country’s Jewish population. More than two-thirds of Israeli Jews are native-born; some are the sons and daughters of recent immigrants, and others have family histories stretching back hundreds, even thousands, of years.

    Ms. Thomas may be surprised to learn that Jewish Israelis either born in or having family roots in Arab lands make up 40 percent of the population. In most cases, their property was confiscated, and they were driven out, leaving them with no home to which to return. The same is true of the Holocaust survivors and displaced persons from Europe who were stateless souls held in internment camps by the Allies before being allowed to find refuge in what became Israel. The only real home they have is the country they built and defended through four wars.

    Ms. Thomas thinks the “occupied Palestinian lands” encompass all of present-day Israel, which implies that the Jewish state has no right to exist. A useful analogy can be made to the United States, which was carved out of lands previously claimed by Indian tribes. Israel has been independent for 62 years, the equivalent of 1838 in this country, when Martin van Buren was president. By then, the United States was a recognized sovereign state, like Israel, and the people born here were Americans, just as people born in Israel today are Israelis. American culture was a distinct and unique addition to the world, a product of the melting pot of many peoples. Israeli culture has evolved in the same way. American settlers found a wilderness and built a thriving, technologically advanced society. Israeli settlers have done the same. As a daughter of Lebanese immigrants, Ms. Thomas has expressed views that are flatly hypocritical, living as she does in what some believe are “occupied Indian territories.” By her own flawed logic, she could more honestly show her solidarity with oppressed peoples by going “back home” to Lebanon.

    Ms. Thomas expressed mild regret for her remarks, saying they do not reflect her “heartfelt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance.” She should have heeded her own counsel. Ms. Thomas’ comments embodied contempt and intolerance. They were a stark message of hatred from the dean of the White House Press corps, the kind of toxic speech that disqualifies someone from a position of public trust. She now enters her long-overdue retirement, tainting a half-century of White House reporting with the memory of a vile 30-second rant.

  31. Thomas said a bad thing. But words like ‘cow’ and ‘hag’ are an insult to ALL women.

  32. admin: First off, who can now trust BP to do the job right?
    My comment this morning is undocumented, but factual. From Obama’s weekly address and email, he states he was ready on Day 1 of the catastrophe; much pertinent cleanup equipment was quickly put in place.

    Yet, on TV the frustration running the gamut of ordinary citizens to local officials, who were trying to get jobs and equipment to do cleanup was expressed. It was obvious that they had had no direction from DC because they were telephoning BP. And the BP telephone lines were non-responsive. Their voice mailboxes were full. More smoke and mirrors from this incredible incompetent who is quickly ruining everything. If DC is on top of everything, why are people on the ground calling BP? Probably because O has not yet disengaged himself sufficiently from blame in the matter. Needs to define more clearly that it’s BP’s a$$ on the line.

    Carol at 10:01 pm: turning down help
    Yes. It yet another egregious aspect. A TV station local to my area has a comment call-in line. A women who assumed that no one has offered to help us was furious since we are always ‘there’ for everyone else. This was several days ago. POTUS will likely use that incorrect information to his advantage some time down the road.

    Who knew that when Candidate Obama spoke of the oceans rising, that it would be oil which would cause the rise?
    Obama. Always stating either the ridiculous or the obvious. Always days/weeks/months late and trillions of dollars short.

  33. Fox reports this morning that Obama spent 10 million dollars in 2009 hosting WH parties and rock concerts. He has continued to party on while the gulf dies….talking to all kinds of celebrities, but not the CEO of BP.

  34. Obama on Today this morning…

    When is someone going to standup to this president and tell him we want a deadline for letting BP take care of the oil leak?

    Why is Obama allowed to refuse help from other countries?

    Where this oil spill is a threat to National Security and the health and welfare of the country; why hasn’t Congress demanded the federal government intervene in remediating the spill?

  35. Admin, what is your take on the Lincoln-Halter race as it currently stands? I just read a San Francisco Chronicle article claiming that if Lincoln is defeated it will be the end of Clintonism and that progressives are “saving the Democratic party” and Obama’s own legacy. The author does mention the anti-incumbent feeling in the country, but of course, doesn’t say why that has developed.

    Obviously this is a view from a true Koolaid drinking Obot–these people are clueless that their efforts at “saving the Democratic party”–and Obama’s abysmal performance as president–is what is fueling alot of the anti-incumbent feeling.

    I agree with others here that Obama doesn’t actually behave like a true Democrat at all. As been pointed out many times, if progressives think they are currently saving the Democratic party by supporting Obama they are delusional.

    I’ll tell you one thing, friends of mine who were swooning over Obama in the past have completely flipped–the oil spill was the last straw.

  36. Carville was on Steven Colbert last night and he is still screaming about how much oil is out there and NOBODY is actually looking to see how much is out there. This is a coordinated effort to cover the real amount up by BP and the WH.

  37. Confloyd,
    I live in a Northest coastal village that survives largely from our Beaches and fishing.

    This is Hillaryland here. Our votes were never counted. We love these animals as much as you do. I wouldn’t wish this in any region, though I would like to see bo supporters pay.

  38. blowmeObama, I can’t even watch the video’s of the dead birds and fish, it makes me sick. I am an animal lover and I can’t stand to see them suffering, yet no one mention the innocent lives that are being given up for this horrid job that Odumbo is doing. They are just worried about the money that is being lost on tourism, WTF, animals are dying, but I guess the almighty dollar is more important. No one is trying to figure out how to save MORE animals. I know they are saving birds, isn’t there something they can do for the dolphins???
    I went deep sea fishing off that coast and there is just nothing better than catching a Ling, or a Spanish Mackerel, they will all be gone. SICK, SICK!

  39. Carol, I really don’t wish any more bad luck on people, but I do wish I could get a couple of barrels of oil on the Kennedy’s beach. They were the ones who thrust this bonehead on us.

  40. The live feed that I see still shows the same amount of oil it always had. Why is this administration allowing BP to pull the wool over the American people’s eyes, we are not stupid.

    Its almost like he’s is just letting BP try and get a few dollars out of that well. Bp is trying to control the media and no doubt Axelrove’s ass is making money on trying to change the subject.

  41. turndownobama
    June 8th, 2010 at 4:31 am
    Thomas said a bad thing. But words like ‘cow’ and ‘hag’ are an insult to ALL women.
    I agree.

  42. Analysis: U.N. rebukes of Israel permitted in U.S. policy shift

    Louis Charbonneau
    Tue Jun 8, 2010

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Under President Barack Obama, the United States no longer provides Israel with automatic support at the United Nations where the Jewish state faces a constant barrage of criticism and condemnation.

    The subtle but noticeable shift in the U.S. approach to its Middle East ally comes amid what some analysts describe as one of the most serious crises in U.S.-Israeli relations in years.

    Under Obama, the United States seeks to reclaim its role as an impartial Middle East peace broker which critics say it lost during the previous administration of George W. Bush.

    “Israel became used to unconditional support of the United States during eight years of the Bush administration,” said Marina Ottaway, director of the Middle East Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington.

    She said Bush’s “extreme position” makes even mild criticism appear dramatic to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet.

    However, Washington continues to block what it sees as efforts to use the United Nations as a forum for bashing Israel — which one U.S. official told Reuters was “nine out of 10 initiatives regarding Israel in New York.”

    Obama has also pushed hard to get a fourth round of U.N. Security Council sanctions against Tehran over its nuclear program, which Israel sees as its top security threats. A vote on new Iran sanctions is expected this week.

    “There have been slight changes (in U.S.-Israeli ties), but they’ve caused a disproportionate reaction on the part of Israel,” said Ottaway. “We haven’t seen any drastic changes.”

    Last week the United States backed a Security Council statement on Israel’s commando raid on an aid flotilla that tried to break Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip. Nine people on one of the ships were killed in the action.

    The statement regretted the loss of life and demanded a “prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation conforming to international standards.

    Washington, U.N. diplomats and U.S. officials said, worked hard to dilute the text so the 15-nation council did not call for an independent investigation and to ensure it did not explicitly criticize Israel.


    Israel was still unhappy with the statement and its supporters accused Obama of abandoning the Jewish state.

    In an article called “Joining the jackals,” Elliott Abrams, who advised two Republican administrations and is now at the Council on Foreign Relations, accused Obama of exposing Israel to a virtual U.N. “lynch mob.”

    “The White House did not wish to stand with Israel against this mob because it does not have a policy of solidarity with Israel,” Abrams said. “Rather, its policy is one of distancing and pressure.”

    Abrams also criticized the White House over the recent five-year review conference of signatories to the 1970 nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) that Israel, like nuclear-armed Pakistan and India, has never signed.

    Washington backed a call for a 2012 meeting of all countries in the Middle East to discuss making the region a zone free of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction — a plan originally proposed by Egypt with Arab backing to add pressure on Israel to give up its nuclear weapons.

    After allowing it to pass, the U.S. delegation criticized the NPT final declaration for “singling out” Israel, which neither confirms nor denies having atomic weapons.

    This statement did not satisfy commentators like Abrams, who said Obama had “abandoned Israel in the U.N. and in the NPT conference in the course of one week.”

    Some analysts say Washington wants to improve ties with Arab nations and regain lost status as a neutral peace arbiter while being careful not to alienate pro-Israel voters.

    “During the George W. Bush years, Washington’s automatic siding with Israel on any issue seriously eroded what had been America’s long-standing posture as an honest broker in the Middle East,” said Mark Fitzpatrick of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London.

    “Obama has been trying to reclaim that status, while keeping in mind the domestic political need of not being seen as anti-Israel,” he said.

    Outside the United Nations, analysts say Obama tried to ease strains with Netanyahu after tensions spiked earlier this year over Jewish settlement construction on occupied Palestinian land.

    He coaxed Israel into indirect talks with the Palestinians, his biggest tangible achievement in Middle East diplomacy.

    But an Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the jury is still out on the Obama administration’s approach to the Jewish state.

    “It’s still difficult to decipher the intentions behind the changing U.S. policy at the United Nations, and not just in regard to the Middle East,” the official said.

    “If the Americans are convinced that, through adopting a softer approach … they will achieve support from countries that heretofore opposed their policy — they will discover that they are wrong,” the official added.

  43. The American people consider Isreal an ally. Not so with Mr. Messaih

    Rasmussen: 49% of U.S. Voters Blame Activists for Flotilla Deaths, 19% Blame Israel

    Forty-nine percent (49%) of U.S. voters believe pro-Palestinian activists on the Gaza-bound aid ships raided by Israeli forces are to blame for the deaths that resulted in the high-profile incident.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 19% of voters think the Israelis are to blame. Thirty-two percent (32%) more are not sure.

  44. JanH, That was a good video. The last pic of Kofi Annen and the Mullah was really amazing. I heard today on Fox that Obama has signed on the the UN’s human rights activism. No other Potus did that as they are so anti Israel, yet Obama signed on. We know why, he is standing with his muslim brothers.

  45. Naked Emperor Watch

    Today In Washington

    Posted by Brian Darling (Profile)
    Tuesday, June 8th at 6:30AM EDT

    Last month, Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) called President Obama “thin skinned,” because of the President’s intolerance of criticism. Trait came out in an interview with the Today Show interview posted on Real Clear Politics yesterday:

    I was down there a month ago, before most of these talking heads were even paying attention to the Gulf. A month ago I was meeting with fishermen down there, standing in the rain, talking about what a potential crisis this may be and I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar, we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick.

    While the President complains about the media, the Senate Judiciary Committee will have a hearing the “Risky Business of Big Oil.” The Senate will debate amendments to H.R. 4213, the so called “American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010.” The House will consider five measures on the suspension calendar.

    Issues to watch today in Washington are the following:

    Hurricane Obama – Washington will be watching President Obama to see if his Louisiana fact finding missions have helped him to identify ”whose ass to kick.” The President has bristled under intense scrutiny. He is mad at the many “talking heads” who have dared to criticize his low profile response to the BP oil spill. Take James Carville who stated (HT to Huff Post) on May 26th “Man, you got to get down here and take control of this! Put somebody in charge of this thing and get this moving! We’re about to die down here!” No matter how hard the Obama apologists over at the Center for American Progress try to shift blame to blame to the Bush Administration, at least one poll, a CBS poll, indicates that the Obama Administration should stop wasting time passing the buck backwards to the Bush Administration and focus resources on doing more to respond to the crisis. ”63% of those surveyed said the Obama administration should be doing more in response to the spill, while 28 percent believe the government is doing all it can.”

    Tax Extenders and Unemployment Insurance – The Senate will work through amendments to the extenders package today on legislation that was, as of late as last night, still secretly being negotiated by Democrats. The Hill reported yesterday that “finance staffers said the bill would be likely ready by 7:30 this evening, but its introduction could be delayed until tomorrow to give senators time to digest its contents, as it is expected to have changed since it came over from the House right before the Memorial Day recess.” This bill is coming over as a “message between chambers” negating the opportunity for a Senator to slow consideration of the bill so Senators can actually read it before they start debate. Expect amendments to expand the cost of this bill as early as today. In addition to an expansion of payments to doctors who treat medicare patients (Doc Fix), an extension of unemployment benefits and extending some tax breaks, CQ reports (subscription required) that “the bill also includes a number of unrelated provisions, including $4.6 billion for settlements of class action lawsuits against the government, $1 billion for a summer jobs program and an extension of the Build America Bonds program that benefits state and local government construction projects.” Congress just can’t find wasteful programs to cut to pay for the billions of your tax dollars in new spending, yet they prepare new spending on summer jobs and a bailout for some trial lawyers.

    Financial Services Reform – The conference between the House and Senate is expected to start this Thursday on financial services reform. It is expected to be transparent for a short period of time while opening statements are made by Senators, then the Democrat Senators will retire in secret to negotiate a final deal on this bill. Who knows what this legislation will look like when Democrat conferees get done with secret negotiations on the bill to be presented to the conference for a final vote expected in the next few weeks.

    Washington eagerly awaits the identity of President Obama’s ire. Obama is mad enough to complain about “talking heads” and threaten a political beating to the individuals responsible for the oil spill, yet he refuses to talk in specifics about his plan respond to one of the biggest ecological disasters in our nation’s history.

  46. The inevitable result of the party “purification” process which the Obama people are pursuing will be the elimination of the blue dog element, sweeping general election losses, and the transformation from the party of Roosevelt to the party of Al Sharpton. Between now and then Obama’s incompetence will lead to a crisis greater than the Gulf, and his corruption will be thoroughly exposed to the point that he will be no more welcome in High Schools than he is on the campaign trail. Parents will look at him and warn their children stay away from Obama and that drug dealer on the corner. Both are peddling illegal substances, which will mess with your mind and to escape their toxic effects you must go through cold turkey.

  47. As I think back to the earliest days of the primary I remember admonishing someone against posting a cartoon here that depicted Obama as a drug dealer. My thought at the time was this could damage Hillary’s campaign, we had the loyalist in New Hampshire who made some reference to Obama’s drug history which caused her to repudiate him and I knew from Ann Lewis that Hillary was determined to take the high road, never quite realizing how much the Obama campaign was taking the lowest of low roads from the beginning. There is no way they could have sunken lower. The idea is as old as Sun Szu that the contestant who is willing to destroy the village to win has an inherent advantage over the one who is not. Hillary’s modus operandi throughout the process was to preserve the party on the theory that the republicans would be worse, whereas Obama’s view was it is more important to capture the party than to capture the election, because then we can eliminate all opposition and make the party our own, which is to say, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street with a non white face.


    Although most of the recent talk regarding flotillas has revolved around ships sailing toward Gaza, at least two plans have emerged for “reverse flotillas” – from Israel toward Turkey – to highlight what organizers have labeled the Turks’ “shameless hypocrisy” in their criticisms of the Jewish state.

    The most ambitious of the two plans has been devised by members of Israel’s National Student Union, who this week announced their intention to set sail toward Turkey, in an effort to bring humanitarian aid to the “oppressed people of Turkish Kurdistan” and to members of the “Turkish Armenian minority.”

    Student Union chairman Boaz Torporovsky, who has been leading the reverse flotilla charge, told The Jerusalem Post on Monday, “Hundreds of people have volunteered for the flotilla, and many more are contacting us all the time for ways they can help.

    “Our plan is to deliver much-needed humanitarian assistance to the Kurds of Turkey, who by the way outnumber Israelis and Palestinians combined,” he said.

    “And to show that Turkey has its own issues when it comes to the treatment of its minorities, which they should consider before criticizing us.”

  49. At the beginning of the primary I prepared a job description on Obama which was intended to show that he lacked the experience for the job. By the end of the campaign I realized that as serious of a problem as that was, it was as nothing compared to his other problem–which was and still is his deeply flawed character. Byron is a very good analyst, but he misses this essential point, as do many other people. Inexperience is a curable condition whereas character flaws are immutable. Character flaws explain why he refuses to act in the face of crisis, why he is thin skinned, why he searches for scapegoats, why when he retreats into an inner circle of equally corrupt Chicago polls for advice, and all the other faults which a position of supposed leadership reveals in a man. Until supposedly enlightened people come to grips with who he is and properly diagnose the problem they will go on making excused and being unpleasantly surprised as he continues to tank the country. This man is not Kennedy. He has the character of Nixon and the competence of Carter. That is the bottom line.

    Spill reveals Obama’s lack of executive experience
    Chief Political Correspondent
    June 8, 2010

    (AP File)

    In mid-February 2008, fresh from winning a bunch of Super Tuesday primaries, Barack Obama granted an interview to “60 Minutes” correspondent Steve Croft. “When you sit down and you look at [your] resume,” Croft said to Obama, “there’s no executive experience, and in fact, correct if I’m wrong, the only thing that you’ve actually run was the Harvard Law Review.”

    “Well, I’ve run my Senate office, and I’ve run this campaign,” Obama said.

    Seven months later, after receiving the Democratic presidential nomination, Obama talked with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. At the time, the news was dominated by Hurricane Gustav, which was headed toward New Orleans and threatening to become a Katrina-like disaster. “Some of your Republican critics have said you don’t have the experience to handle a situation like this,” Cooper said to Obama. “They in fact have said that Governor Palin has more executive experience. …”

    “Governor Palin’s town of Wasilla has, I think, 50 employees,” Obama answered. “We have got 2,500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe $12 million a year. You know, we have a budget of about three times that just for the month. So, I think that our ability to manage large systems and to execute, I think, has been made clear over the last couple of years.”

    Obama ignored Palin’s experience as governor of Alaska, which was considerably bigger than the Obama campaign. But his point was clear: If you’re worried about my lack of my executive experience, look at my campaign. Running a first-rate campaign, Obama and his supporters argued, showed that Obama could run the federal government, even at its most testing moments. He could set goals, demand accountability, and, perhaps most importantly, bend the sprawling federal bureaucracy to his will.

    Fast forward to 2010. The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is gushing out of control. The Obama administration is at first slow to see the seriousness of the accident. Then, as the crisis becomes clear, the federal bureaucracy becomes entangled in itself trying to deal with the problem. “At least a dozen federal agencies have taken part in the spill response,” the New York Times reports, “making decision-making slow, conflicted and confused, as they sought to apply numerous federal statutes.”

    For example, it took the Department of Homeland Security more than a week to classify the spill as an event calling for the highest level of federal action. And when state officials in Louisiana tried over and over to win federal permission to build sand barriers to protect fragile coastal wetlands from the oil, they got nowhere. “For three weeks, as the giant slick crept closer to shore,” the Times reports, “officials from the White House, Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Environmental Protection Agency debated the best approach.”

    The bureaucracy wasn’t bending to anyone’s will. The direction from the top was not clear. And accountability? So far, the only head that has rolled during the Gulf crisis has been that of Minerals Management Service chief Elizabeth Birnbaum. But during a May 27 news conference, Obama admitted he didn’t even know whether she had resigned or been fired. “I found out about it this morning, so I don’t yet know the circumstances,” the president said. “And [Interior Secretary] Ken Salazar’s been in testimony on the Hill.” Obama’s answer revealed that he hadn’t fired Birnbaum, and he couldn’t reach a member of his Cabinet who was a few blocks down Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Given all that, perhaps candidates in future presidential races will think twice before arguing that running their campaign counts as executive experience.

    A few days before Obama won the White House, Bill Clinton joined him for a late-night rally in Kissimmee, Fla. Clinton, who became president after 12 years as a governor, told the crowd not to worry about Obama’s lack of executive background. Given the brilliance of Obama’s campaign, Clinton said — and here the former president uncharacteristically mangled his words a bit — a President Obama would be “the chief executor of good intentions as president.”

    Chief executor of good intentions? Perhaps that’s what Obama is now. But with oil gushing into the Gulf, that’s just not good enough.

    Byron York, The Examiner’s chief political correspondent, can be contacted at His column appears on Tuesday and Friday, and his stories and blog posts appears on

    Read more at the Washington Examiner:

  50. AmericanGal, the significance of the Arkansas race is that the battle for the return from death of the Democratic Party is on.

    The claim that a Blanche Lincoln loss is the “end of Clintonism” is silly at best. Obama has endorsed Blanche Lincoln and if she loses that will be yet another Obama loss (Specter, Corzine, Coakley, Deeds, etc.). Bill Clinton saved Lincoln in the first primary and if she wins it will only be due to Bill Clinton. If she loses it will be due to a minority of a minority which will be defeated in November.

    Whoever wins the Dim nod in Arkansas today will be defeated in November. That fact means that if Halter wins the Nutroots and the Unions and the rest of the deranged Left have wasted tons of money for nothing. Their aim is to “punish” Dims and to make sure no one opposes their will. The lesson though, if they win via Halter, will be that Dimocrats to win will have to turn against the Unions from early on.

    That turn against Unions is already happening and will only accelerate. Public unions are already in trouble as states try to balance budgets. Increased Union attacks against Dimocrats will mean more Dimocratic office holders joining Republican office holders in a fight against union power.

    Further, in order for threats to be credible they not only have to be carried out – they must be successful. The attack on Lieberman is a case in point. The Nutroots went after Lieberman (with justification) but then their involvement hurt Lamont and Lieberman won. Now Lieberman is stronger than ever.

    If Lincoln wins, it means the Unions and Nutroots are losing strength and soon will lose support from the Party. If Lincoln loses, it means the fight for the party is on and the voters will determine the final result in November (which will not be good for the Nutroots).

    The bottom line is that in order to win elections you need votes. Unions and Nutroots are further isolating themselves from voters. Bill Clinton is showing the way back for the party. These interests that have seized the party will resist. Politics ensues.

  51. Hot off the press! The MSM is carrying it now! The president is mad! He said a few angry words! More speeches and photo ops to follow!! Watch out…….

    He has been behind the power curve too long to think that he can step out in front of it now without being crushed. He cannot sidestep this one and vector it off. The smarter move would have been for him to adopt the role of problem solver as opposed to cheer leader. When he fans these flames, he sets himself up even more for a grilling as to why he failed to act. Dance too along around the edge of a fiery pit and eventually you will fall in. This is another mistake by Obama.

  52. Here again, he is more concerned about covering up his character flaws, in this case item 3 in the list of sociopathic traits–the inability to feel empathy, than he is in solving the underlying problem. This is a total abdication of leadership, and it needs to be understood and perceived as such. As much as BP, party animal Obama is responsible for the widening and deepening of this greatest of all man made environmental catastrophies. And what is his answer. Show them that you too are angry. Now that is what I call leadership. Not.

  53. Pelosi is now the one getting heckled from the Left. Her security team wanted her to leave because objects were being thrown. This all happened today at the Campaign for America’s Future conference (which has be sparsely attended this year).

    The Left is now turning on the Left.

  54. Next it will be…

    Hot of the Press…bambi rubbed his teletubby’s tummy and chewed all at the same time.

  55. admin
    June 8th, 2010 at 10:16 am
    AmericanGal, the significance of the Arkansas race is that the battle for the return from death of the Democratic Party is on.
    Cogent analysis. If the party has any hope of escaping this death spiral it begins in places like Arkansas where an Obama endorsement is tantamount to the Mafia kiss of death. If she wins the primary thanks to heroic efforts by Bill and then loses to General Election by a landslide thanks to Obama then she joins a long and distinguished list of candidates who expired when they put their hand in then hand of the man who parted the waters Messiah Obama, i.e. Specter, Corzine, Coakley, Deeds, etc. Plough will be very busy in the months ahead and I wish him all the bad luck in the world. He is anti-American.

  56. Regarding our union comments, there was a long article in Politico yesterday:

    Spurred by state budget crunches and an angry public mood, Republican and some Democratic leaders are focusing with increasing intensity on public workers and the unions that represent them, casting them as overpaid obstacles to good government and demanding cuts in their often-generous benefits.

    Unlike past battles over the high cost of labor, this time pitched battles over wages and pensions are being waged from Sacramento to Springfield to New York City and the conflict is marked by its bipartisan tone, with public employee unions emerging as an intransigent public enemy number one in cities and state capitals across the country.

    They’re the whipping boys for a new generation of governors who, thanks to a tanking economy and an assist from editorial boards, feel freer than ever to make political targets out of what was once a protected liberal class of teachers, cops, and other public servants.

    Republicans around the nation have cheered New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose shouting match over budget cuts with an outraged teacher—“You don’t have to” teach, he told her without sympathy—became a YouTube sensation on the right last week.

    And even Democrats, like the nominee for governor in New York, Andrew Cuomo, have echoed the attacks on unions.

    Christie is merely the most florid voice for a calculated, national effort to fundamentally reshape the debate on the labor costs that account for the bulk of government spending at every level. And at the core of the shift is a perception among many political leaders that public anger at civil servants is boiling over.

    “We have a new privileged class in America,” said Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who rescinded state workers’ collective bargaining power on his first day in office in 2006. “We used to think of government workers as underpaid public servants. Now they are better paid than the people who pay their salaries.”

    “It’s a part of a very large question the nation’s got to face,” Daniels told POLITICO in an interview. “Who serves whom here? Is the public sector—as some of us have always thought—there to serve the rest of society? Or is it the other way around?”

    The new focus on public workers is the product of a perfect storm of anti-labor factors.

  57. Carville was on Steven Colbert last night and he is still screaming about how much oil is out there and NOBODY is actually looking to see how much is out there. This is a coordinated effort to cover the real amount up by BP and the WH.
    Do note that in the video clip posted by BlowmeObama above Eric Bates of Rolling Stone magazine supplies the missing motive for the White House and BP to hide the extent of the oil spill, and it makes perfectly logical sense. In the case of BP it is to mitigate the level of their fine, and in the case of the white house it is to enable them to proceed with plans to vastly expand offshore drilling. With respect to the latter, Obama’s commitment to more drilling is less a matter of national economic necessity and more a matter of oil company campaign contributions since experience has shown that he thinks primarily in those terms. This can be seen in is early dealings with Rezko, Excelon, and more recently in the case of his sellout to Big Pharma in Obamacare by blocking the importation of cost effective Canadian drugs for seniors.

  58. I agree that it is great when someone like a Thomas says what she really thinks as it exposes the deep rooted anti-semitism and anti-USA agenda of most in the MSM.

  59. “The claim that a Blanche Lincoln loss is the “end of Clintonism” is silly at best”

    I agree with you admin. It is the end of the “Democratic” Party. In my opinion the death actually began on May 31th 2008.

    Frankly, the party needs to lose and lose big, Halter will win today and be beaten in the general very easily.

    The party will drive out moderates and centerists, who will become independents, like I have. In fact Admin, not sure if you ever covered it, but Mr. Messaih actually wrote a diary at DU in 2006 once that the dem. party had to “cleanized of moderate”, I wish I had saved the link.

    The radical lefty are a very vocal minority, and they majority are blue collar moderates, they will soon be fleeing to the Tea Party just for protection against this insane radical agenda.

  60. Economic illiteracy on the Left vs understanding of economics on the Right.

    Who is better informed about the policy choices facing the country—liberals, conservatives or libertarians? According to a Zogby International survey that I write about in the May issue of Econ Journal Watch, the answer is unequivocal: The left flunks Econ 101.
    Zogby researcher Zeljka Buturovic and I considered the 4,835 respondents’ (all American adults) answers to eight survey questions about basic economics. We also asked the respondents about their political leanings: progressive/very liberal; liberal; moderate; conservative; very conservative; and libertarian.
    Rather than focusing on whether respondents answered a question correctly, we instead looked at whether they answered incorrectly. A response was counted as incorrect only if it was flatly unenlightened.
    Consider one of the economic propositions in the December 2008 poll: “Restrictions on housing development make housing less affordable.” People were asked if they: 1) strongly agree; 2) somewhat agree; 3) somewhat disagree; 4) strongly disagree; 5) are not sure.
    Basic economics acknowledges that whatever redeeming features a restriction may have, it increases the cost of production and exchange, making goods and services less affordable. There may be exceptions to the general case, but they would be atypical. Therefore, we counted as incorrect responses of “somewhat disagree” and “strongly disagree.” This treatment gives leeway for those who think the question is ambiguous or half right and half wrong. They would likely answer “not sure,” which we do not count as incorrect.

    In this case, percentage of conservatives answering incorrectly was 22.3%, very conservatives 17.6% and libertarians 15.7%. But the percentage of progressive/very liberals answering incorrectly was 67.6% and liberals 60.1%. The pattern was not an anomaly.
    The other questions were: 1) Mandatory licensing of professional services increases the prices of those services (unenlightened answer: disagree). 2) Overall, the standard of living is higher today than it was 30 years ago (unenlightened answer: disagree). 3) Rent control leads to housing shortages (unenlightened answer: disagree). 4) A company with the largest market share is a monopoly (unenlightened answer: agree). 5) Third World workers working for American companies overseas are being exploited (unenlightened answer: agree). 6) Free trade leads to unemployment (unenlightened answer: agree). 7) Minimum wage laws raise unemployment (unenlightened answer: disagree).
    How did the six ideological groups do overall? Here they are, best to worst, with an average number of incorrect responses from 0 to 8: Very conservative, 1.30; Libertarian, 1.38; Conservative, 1.67; Moderate, 3.67; Liberal, 4.69; Progressive/very liberal, 5.26.
    Americans in the first three categories do reasonably well. But the left has trouble squaring economic thinking with their political psychology, morals and aesthetics.

    To be sure, none of the eight questions specifically challenge the political sensibilities of conservatives and libertarians. Still, not all of the eight questions are tied directly to left-wing concerns about inequality and redistribution. In particular, the questions about mandatory licensing, the standard of living, the definition of monopoly, and free trade do not specifically challenge leftist sensibilities.
    Yet on every question the left did much worse. On the monopoly question, the portion of progressive/very liberals answering incorrectly (31%) was more than twice that of conservatives (13%) and more than four times that of libertarians (7%). On the question about living standards, the portion of progressive/very liberals answering incorrectly (61%) was more than four times that of conservatives (13%) and almost three times that of libertarians (21%).

    The survey also asked about party affiliation. Those responding Democratic averaged 4.59 incorrect answers. Republicans averaged 1.61 incorrect, and Libertarians 1.26 incorrect.
    Adam Smith described political economy as “a branch of the science of a statesman or legislator.” Governmental power joined with wrongheadedness is something terrible, but all too common. Realizing that many of our leaders and their constituents are economically unenlightened sheds light on the troubles that surround us.
    Mr. Klein is a professor of economics at George Mason University. This op-ed is based on an article published in the May 2010 issue of the journal he edits, Econ Journal Watch, a project sponsored by the American Institute for Economic Research. The article is at:

  61. admin
    June 7th, 2010 at 8:57 pm
    Obama is flailing. Now he’s talking about whose “ass to kick”.

    He is dragging the presidency into the mud.

    Or more correctly, he is dragging HIS presidency into the mud.

    The office of POTUS shall remain a noble aspiration. It’s just that some of its occupants come up short. Bush II was a disaster. Only to be outdone by the current Clown-in-Chief.

    The disconnect between TALKING TOUGH and ACTING TOUGH is enormous.

  62. wbboei said:
    Do note that in the video clip posted by BlowmeObama above Eric Bates of Rolling Stone magazine supplies the missing motive for the White House and BP to hide the extent of the oil spill, and it makes perfectly logical sense. In the case of BP it is to mitigate the level of their fine, and in the case of the white house it is to enable them to proceed with plans to vastly expand offshore drilling.


    Connect those dots? I can’t do videos.

  63. Huge Primary day today, tonight ought to be a laugh.

    Anyone really covering it or not?

    Bambi blowing hot air again i see and “kicking ass” classy to the end.

  64. The ties that bind. Remember Rahm Emanuel’s rent-free D.C. apartment? The owner: A BP adviser

    In case you were tempted to buy the faux Washington outrage at BP and its gulf oil spill in recent days, here’s a story that reveals a little-known corporate political connection and the quiet way the inner political circles intersect, protect and care for one another in the nation’s capital. And Chicago.

    We already knew that BP and its folks were significant contributors to the record $750-million war chest of Barack Obama’s 2007-08 campaign.

    Now, we learn the details of a connection of Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago mayoral wannabe, current Obama chief of staff, ex-representative, ex-Clinton money man and ex-Windy City political machine go-fer.

    Shortly after Obama’s happy inaugural, eyebrows rose slightly upon word that, as a House member, Emanuel had lived the last five years rent-free in a D.C. apartment of Democratic colleague Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut and her husband, Stanley Greenberg.

    For an ordinary American, that would likely raise some obvious tax liability questions. But like Emanuel, the guy overseeing the Internal Revenue Service now is another Obama insider, Tim Geithner, who had his own outstanding tax problems but skated through confirmation anyway by the Democratic-controlled Congress.

    Remember this was all before the letters BP stood for Huge Mess. Even before the Obama administration gave BP a safety award.

    Now follow these standard Washington links if you can:

    Greenberg’s consulting firm was a prime architect of BP’s recent rebranding drive as a green petroleum company, down to green signs and the slogan “Beyond Petroleum.”

    Greenberg’s company is also closely tied to a sister Democratic outfit — GCS, named for the last initials of Greenberg, James Carville, another Clinton advisor, and Bob Shrum, John Kerry’s 2004 campaign manager.

    According to published reports, GCS received hundreds of thousands of dollars in political polling contracts in recent years from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

    Probably just a crazy coincidence. But you’ll never guess who was the chairman of that Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee dispensing those huge polling contracts to his kindly rent-free landlord.

  65. “Bambi blowing hot air again i see and “kicking ass” classy to the end.”

    Getting angry or having a childish temper tantrum?

    Mrs. Smith,

    The BP ties are insiduous, almost like a snake wrapping itself around the necks of rahm, bambi, etc.

  66. U.S. not accepting foreign help on oil spill
    Posted By Josh Rogin Thursday, May 6, 2010 – 10:52 AM

    Late Wednesday evening, the State Department emailed reporters identifying the 13 entities that had offered the U.S. oil spill assistance. They were the governments of Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United Nations.

    “These offers include experts in various aspects of oil spill impacts, research and technical expertise, booms, chemical oil dispersants, oil pumps, skimmers, and wildlife treatment,” the email read.

    “While there is no need right now that the U.S. cannot meet, the U.S. Coast Guard is assessing these offers of assistance to see if there will be something which we will need in the near future.”

    The Obama administration has been relentless in its messaging that it is doing everything possible to aggressively respond to the oil spill. But for the record, the current message to foreign governments is: Thanks but no thanks, we’ve got it covered.

  67. Mrs. Smith,

    The BP ties are insidious, almost like a snake wrapping itself around the necks of rahm, bambi, etc.

    Yes, I agree. If anyone can come forth with more information, it’s Carville. He’s in the thick of it, although not directly involved. And why the cat-calls coming from gulf to Obama.

  68. Thanks BMO for posting the article identifying the countries offering their help with the Gulf oil spill.

    “Late Wednesday evening, the State Department emailed reporters identifying the 13 entities that had offered the U.S. oil spill assistance. They were the governments of Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United Nations.”

    Someone has to force Obama’s hand before he allows every Ocean on the planet to die… Who is expert enough on the environment to embarrass and shame Obama into doing the right thing?

  69. I doubt very much that obama is making any of these decisions on his own. He is getting very bad advice from his egotistical, lining their pockets, buddies.

  70. I’m reading about the Blago trial and here are a few highlights:

    Before breaking, Zagel (da Judge) also told Blagojevich and his wife Patti that they may not tweet during the trial. 😉

    — Meantime, as he entered the courthouse with his wife by his side, Blagojevich told reporters that “Patti and I are really happy that this day has finally come.”

    — “The government has hidden behind their lies” and kept the truth sealed in a “lockbox,” Blagojevich added, repeating a line he has used several times the past two days. “This is frankly a new beginning … Finally, you’ll be able to hear the things I’ve been dying to tell you for 18 months.”

    (Sing Blago, sing.)

    — Also accompanying Blagojevich to court was Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jimmy Breslin, who is writing a biography of the former governor. Breslin has applied for a reserved media seat in the main courtroom to attend the trial.

    (I am sure Blago will have a cut of this book deal, always thinking of a way to make money…even if he ends up in a Martha Stewart type jail)

    — As the hour of the start of opening statements approached, every seat of an overflow courtroom at the Dirksen Buildng was packed with journalists, bloggers and spectators who had showed up to cover or observe the trial.

  71. 08.06.10

    Netanyahu demands to testify before any Gaza flotilla raid probe panel

    PM and forum of top seven ministers formulate draft of guidelines for panel set to probe deaths of Turkish activists aboard the Mavi Marmara.

    By Barak Ravid

    Gaza flotilla Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded that he and his forum of seven senior ministers be allowed to testify before any investigation committee that will be established to probe the events of May 31, 2010, when a clash between Israeli navy commandos and Turkish activists resulted in nine deaths. The prime minister said that he and his top ministers would supply any future committee with all the required information.

    Last Monday, Israeli commandos boarded the Turkish aid ship Mavi Marmara, which was headed to Gaza in violation of a three-year Israeli blockade. A confrontation erupted between the activists aboard the ship and the Israeli soldiers resulting in the deaths of nine activists. The incident sparked harsh criticism against Israel and international calls for an independent investigation. Israel has so far rejected any external investigation, insisting that any investigation by an external body would be biased against Israel.

    In drafting the guidelines for the future investigation, Netanyahu insisted that Israel Defense Forces soldiers will not be personally interrogated, and asked that the investigation committee use instead the findings of internal military investigations already conducted. Netanyahu added that IDF Chief of Staff would testify.

    According to a senior official, the guidelines for the panel of investigation have been almost finalized by the forum of seven during a meeting they held Monday morning. However, the forum is expected to convene an additional meeting on the topic on Wednesday. The draft of the guidelines has been approved unanimously by the forum ministers, who supported Netanyahu’s demands.

    The Prime Minister’s Bureau has neither made the draft public nor the names of the individuals who will serve on the committee. The reason, according to the official, is the fact that the cabinet has yet to complete coordinating the investigation with the U.S. administration and other Western countries in order to ensure their support. The aim, he said, is that these countries will send representatives to oversee the investigation. In addition, the official added, conflicts of interest must be examined in regard to the members of the investigation panel.

    The Prime Minister’s Bureau approached several top litigators to inquire whether they would be interested in taking part in the work of the committee. Several of the candidates are former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Meir Rosen, former legal adviser to Israel’s Foreign Ministry Alan Baker, and Bar-Ilan University professor Yaffa Zilbershatz, who is also a candidate to become Israel’s next ambassador to the United Nations.

  72. Mrs. Smith
    June 8th, 2010 at 2:07 pm
    The ties that bind. Remember Rahm Emanuel’s rent-free D.C. apartment? The owner: A BP adviser

    What is sad is that the MSM won’t highlight this very apperent and very horrible tie to this administration. Kudos for pointing this out Mrs. Smith…

  73. Anyone notice the photo of Barry in his Ouperman suit with the caption, ‘SEEKING ‘ASS TO KICK’ ???

    The real anger shows on his temples of bulging veins…and the anger isn’t at BP, it’s at the peasants not glorifying him.

  74. Obama’s epitaph. So simple, even a caveman can do it!

    “ begin the work of remaking America.”-Obama, 1/20/09)

  75. TheRock
    June 8th, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    Mrs. Smith

    What is sad is that the MSM won’t highlight this very apparent and very horrible tie to this administration.

    The Republicans will run these connections of corruption 24/7 just before the mid-terms. Contrasting the corruption of the Dem corporations against the appearance of an almost angelic Halliburton, supplying logistics to our troops in the ME.

  76. #
    June 8th, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Blago’s twitter site:

    This is pretty darn funny since on Celebrity Apprentice he was pretty much kicked off the ‘island’ because he had very little experience with a computer.

    I thought Blago’s ignorance of computers was a calculated stretch- if you know what I mean.

  77. As if the disaster with BP in the Gulf wasn’t enough…

    here is another WTF event:

    The Deepwater Horizon is not the only well leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico for the last month.

    A nearby drilling rig, the Ocean Saratoga, has been leaking since at least April 30, according to a federal document.

    While the leak is decidedly smaller than the Deepwater Horizon spill, a 10-mile-long slick emanating from the Ocean Saratoga is visible from space in multiple images gathered by, which monitors environmental problems using satellites.

    Federal officials did not immediately respond when asked about the size of the leak, how long it had been flowing, or whether it was possible to plug it.

    Skytruth first reported the leak on its website on May 15. Federal officials mentioned it in the May 1 trajectory map for the Deepwater Horizon spill, stating that oil from the Ocean Saratoga spill might also be washing ashore in Louisiana.

    The only other mention the Press-Register was able to find of the spill in federal documents occurred in a May 17 transcript of a U.S. Coast Guard media conference. In that transcript, Admiral Mary Landry said that she was unaware there was another drilling rig leaking oil in the Gulf.

    Officials with Diamond Offshore, which owns the drilling rig, said that they could not comment on the ongoing spill and referred the Press-Register to well owner Taylor Energy Co., which hired Diamond. Taylor Energy officials did not return calls seeking comment.

    Saturday, the Southwings environmental group flew over the Ocean Saratoga with photographer J. Henry Fair of Industrial and returned with photos that appear to show a large oil crew boat pumping dispersants into the water at the spill site.

    “It appeared the crew boat had barrels of dispersant on board,” said Tom Hutchings of Southwings, a volunteer organization of pilots who monitor environmental problems from airplanes.

    Henry Fair said that his photos show a large hose coming off the boat and disappearing into the water with several buoys tied to it. It was unclear how far the hose extended underwater.


  78. June 08, 2010

    The hits keep coming: Hillary dissed by the President of Peru

    Ed Lasky

    A symbol of America’s diminished standing. Even Peru is unconcerned about snubbing Hillary Clinton.

    Sometimes even diplomats get stood up.

    The stage was set for a news conference: two chairs and two microphones on a table in the ornate neo-Baroque Salon Dorado of the presidential palace; two flags, of the United States and Peru. And a gaggle of reporters and photographers stood ready, armed with their questions.

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton walked into the hall with Peruvian President Alan Garcia and sat down on the chair in front of the American flag, a blue folder of prepared remarks in front of her.

    But Garcia remained standing at the side of table. He made a lengthy statement in Spanish. And then he walked briskly out of the room, leaving Clinton by herself.

    After all, the world sees tyrants like the leader of Iran ridicule America, Russia run roughshod over Georgia, North Korea kills scores of South Koreans when they torpedoed a boat, Syria and Turkey wrap their arms around Iran-despite America reestablishing relations with Syria, Brazil and Turkey do an end run around America by “negotiating with Iran” over its nuclear weapons program, Putin calling the media back into a rum so he can dress down Hillary in front of the world…and the list goes on and on as nations feel free to humiliate not just this administration but the entire country of America.

    This is the (dis) respect that Obama’s reign has led the world towards. Why are we surprised? He doesn’t respect America, so why should the rest of the world?

  79. Follow The Data, Forget Conspiracy Theory… There’s no such thing anymore. It’s all True-

    1. In the weeks prior to the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe BP CEO Tony Hayward sold 1/3 of his BP shares, using the money to pay off his family mansion.

    2. During those same few weeks Goldman Sachs shorted 44% of its BP holdings, while Wachovia and UBS sold 98% and 97% of their BP holdings.

    3. CEO Tony Hayward made $4.5 million last year = $12,000 A DAY – even since the Deepwater explosion

    4. Deepwater Horizon oil rig owner, Transocean, made a whopping $270 million off the explosion and oil leak.

    5. Part of BP’s cost-benefit analysis for determining how well to build employee housing included a document comparing employees to the Three Little Pigs, ultimately determining that dead employees were worth more to the company than what the more expensive and safer housing would cost.

    6. President Obama just appointed his THIRD Monsanto executive to a top Food/Ag position in US Government. If you want a better understanding of how Monsanto operates, rent the documentary Food, Inc.

    7. Carl Casale, Director at Nalco (manufacturer of Corexit) is also EVP/CFO of Monsanto.

    8. Rodney Chase, another Director at Nalco was previously Deputy Group Chief Executive at BP.

    9. Despite much more efficient alternatives, BP defied EPA’s order to find a more suitable solution than Corexit.

    10. While they could have been testing this better alternative, BP and USCG were ignoring it.

    11. Scientific data points to the long-term ineffectiveness and damage to overall ecosystem from use of dispersants, demonstrating cases where nature fared far better when oil was left untreated by chemical dispersants.


    Reams of data testify to the toxic nature of Corexit, including it’s hazardous impact on both wildlife and humans.

    And still clean up workers are not being provided masks or critical safety equipment for working around it. And The EPA has done no more than a mere suggestion that BP use alternative remedies. Google it. Too many links out there documenting this to list.

    13. Corexit has NEVER been used in this quantity, at these depths. This is unprecedented – a giant science experiment we allow BP to conduct in our back yards.

    14. This dispersant use may be a direct violation of federal law.

    15. Last minute arguments after the rig exploded point to…. well, see for yourself.

    16. Since 1990 BP and its employees have given $3.4 million to federal candidates. Their highest paid yet? Obama.

    17. The MMS, the branch of government in place to oversee and regulate the oil industry actually considered themselves part of the oil industry. We now know that the MMS spent years accepting lavish gifts from the oil industry and doing drugs while on the taxpayer’s dime (all outlined in this Federal Report. Access main link below for sub-links)

    18. BP insists that CEO Tony Hayward has moved to improve its overall safety. If that’s so, let the record show it: Since 2007 BP has accounted for 97% of all serious safety violations in the industry (that’s compared with all other companies in the entire industry – COMBINED). Is that an improvement? I suppose it could actually be.

    19. Whistleblower’s within BP were silenced, not only by BP, but by the DOJ, who shut down an important investigation and gave BP a “slap on the wrist” before firing the lead investigator who had reams of evidence into the criminal nature of BP’s operations. This article is truly a MUST READ. This is investigative journalism at its finest.

    20. In 2009 BP was fined $87M for “life-threatening safety failings” where 439 “willful and egregious” safety violations had been found at one of its Texas refineries. The reason for the fine? Not the original safety failing – but rather for failing to make agreed upon safety upgrades to the Texas refinery after the explosion and fire that killed 15 people. Is this progress according to Hayward?

    21. BP is now sitting on another ticking time bomb in the Gulf of Mexico. The BP oil rig Atlantis is sitting in 7,000 feet of water, and is in violation of a host of safety regulations. The BP contractor who originally raised concerns about these violations had his contract terminated shortly after he alerted management to the rig’s lack of crucial engineering documents in late 2008. Improvements on safety?

    22. The Deepwater Horizon itself had a lengthy history of safety violations. But really, at this point, did you need to be told that?

    23. Today is the 46th day since this tragedy began. The clean up efforts along the Gulf Coast remain a fragmented, uncoordinated mess. No branch of the military has been called in to oversee and coordinate coastal wide clean up efforts – a perfect job for the Army.

    Our military is equipped to orchestrate the take down and re-assembly of a foreign country, but when our shores need protecting our leaders do not call on them. This may be the most baffling, and disturbing, fact of all.

    Many sub-links contained in main link….

  80. President Garcia meets with Bill Clinton in Lima

    Lima, Jun. 08 (ANDINA). Peruvian President Alan Garcia is now meeting with former U.S. President Bill Clinton at the Government Palace in Lima.
    Clinton arrived at the presidential palace accompanied by members of his Foundation, which was established with the stated mission to “strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence.”

    The meeting, which began at 10.30 hours (15.00 GMT) in the palace’s Hall of Ambassadors, is attended by Peruvian Ambassador to the U.S. Luis Valdivieso.

  81. All that bowing to the east was sincere — Obama is to blame!

    Analysis: U.N. rebukes of Israel permitted in U.S. policy shift
    Louis Charbonneau
    Tue Jun 8, 2010 1:01am EDT

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Under President Barack Obama, the United States no longer provides Israel with automatic support at the United Nations where the Jewish state faces a constant barrage of criticism and condemnation.

  82. Shadowfax
    June 8th, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    Family of BP boss under police protection: report

    It seems the motive for the spill is not yet clear. What is clear is higher ups knew it was going to happen beforehand. Hayward a month before… and the reason why he paid off his mortgage permanently securing his residence come what may- Then 2 weeks later, Goldman Sachs triggers a sell off by several major investment firms of BP stock about two weeks before the explosion.

  83. wbboei,

    I had read that about BP trying to pay less according the quantity spilled and of coarse Obama is going to make sure he keeps his campaign promises to his donors (BP), and to hell with the poor folk who voted him into office.

  84. Admin:

    In this new video, a rig survivor points directly at Hayward as responsible for the explosion. Obama does not replace Hayward’s incompetency. He doesn’t even consider Hayward may be sabotaging every effort to getting the well contained. How stupid is that?

    Video: Rig survivors: BP ordered shortcut on day of blast

  85. Mrs. Smith, THis false flag operation I think this is true. Many reports said North Korea shot it, but who knows, in all the years I have been acquainted with the offshore oil industry I have never heard of such a mess, it had to be preconceived. I still hear the news media saying “well he didn’t blow it it”, they repeat it over and over, so he must of done it.

  86. He didn’t blow up the well, he sat and watched. He tacitly allowed the msm to lie for him. They still lie for him. It is very interesting that Olby and Tingley lost their love for the Won this evening. Even they cannot stomach the load of crap that spews forth from the Won.

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