The Sedition Edition – Sestak Shutup, 2×4 Schumer, BP Daschle, OilBama, Arizona Brewer, And Alexi Giannoulias, Part I

Thanks to Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick and liar author and columnist Joe Klein we now know that for the past three years we have been engaged in sedition.

So let’s ask some seditious questions, ones which used to be our birthright as Americans to ask.

Sedition Question 1 +:

Barack Obama will take yet another vacation this weekend. This time the golden calf and his scowling wife are headed to the Rezko house in Chicago. What possible reason does Obama have for a trip to Chicago? Is it because in June the Blagojevich trial starts and Obama has to assure himself that matters will not get out of hand and that the truth does not emerge in the trial?

It wouldn’t be the first time Obama has held secret meetings which Big Media has ignored (recall Obama’s secret meetings with Jeremiah Wright even as Obama declared he was not meeting with Wright). Or is Obama out to help or hurt Alexi Giannoulias?

Banker to the Mob as well as Treasurer of a near bankrupt Illinois, Alexi Giannoulias is in trouble. Alexi is an Obama friend who was elected because then popular Barack Obama supported him after Giannoulias secured money for Obama from his “connections” and fellow Greeks. But certain Chicago politicians resent Giannoulias because if Giannoulias becomes the Senator they don’t become the Senator and won’t have a chance to advance for a long time. Further, there is a fight in Chicago to be top dog. With Obama gone and Daley fading, the Jackson Family wants to be top dog. Others want to be top dog too. So Obama has a problem and a friend who knows secrets who has a problem:

“His family’s business, Broadway Bank, was seized by regulators last month. He’s had trouble getting robust support from a White House that originally preferred another candidate. And political writer Stu Rothenberg devoted a column last week to asking “Is it time for Democrats to shove Giannoulias out?”

Now, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who did not endorse anyone in the Democratic primary, is flirting with the idea of backing Republican nominee Mark Kirk in the general election.[snip]

It’s exceedingly rare for a lawmaker of one party to endorse a colleague of the other party — particularly within the same state — meaning Jackson lending his name to Kirk would be a bit of a shock to the political system and a blow to Giannoulias’s campaign.

If Jackson does go for Kirk — or even remains neutral, which seems more likely — Giannoulias will lose out on the veteran Democratic congressman’s political operation on Chicago’s South Side.

Giannoulias failed to attract the backing of any of Chicago’s three black congressmen in his primary race. Jackson was neutral, and Reps. Danny Davis and Bobby Rush endorsed one of Giannoulias’s rivals in a campaign he won with a plurality of just 39 percent.

Rush was openly dismissive of Giannoulias, telling The Hill in December 2009 that he was “afraid” of a Giannoulias-Kirk matchup. “The messenger has to stand before the message. And if the messenger is weak, then the message is weak,” he told the paper.”

Obama’s Chicago henchmen are fighting amongst each other for dominance and Obama has to stomp out the fights. So he goes to Chicago to confront the heads of the five families opposition to his continued Chicago rule.

Sedition Question 2 +

Speaking of Oily, we recall Obama’s promise to “heal the planet” and because of his holy ascension to yet another career builder higher office “the rise of the oceans began to slow”. What we see instead is oil covered waters and Obama on another vacation.

Regular readers of Big Pink are aware that “From the day 1 when Obama oozed out of the Chicago swamps BP was right by his side.” Yesterday Sarah Palin, who has an astonishingly good record of disciplining Big Oil companies, joined in our call for transparency and accountability in regards to Obama’s BP connections and undue influence on oil policy.

As we noted back in December 2007 Obama employed top campaign aides who worked for British Petroleum. We’ll keep repeating that fact until the Gulf is clean. Oh, and remember Tom Daschle?

Tom Daschle, the tax cheat and one of the Dimocratic establishment kingpins which gifted Obama the Democratic nomination, failed to become the overlord of health care when his tax cheats became public. Do you ever wonder what happened to Tom? Tom was supposed to have not one, but two, top jobs at the Obama White House. Where is Tom, Obama’s confidant, today?:

“After leaving the Senate, Daschle also landed a host of lucrative board spots, including with the energy giant BP Corporation, which paid him $250,000 in fees…”

Tom Daschle of BP has access and has used that access on behalf of his clients. Who needs a Grand Jihad against America when you have these dubious characters at the highest levels of American government?

Is Tom Daschle alone? In a little noted article “The Influence Game: Can BP’s Connections Help?” Alan Fram and Sharon Theimer of Associated Press asked the questions that need to be asked. Seditious questions:

“With millions of dollars invested in campaign donations and an all-star lobbying team, BP executives could give an advanced class in how to build influence in Washington. But with millions of gallons of leaking oil bearing down on Gulf Coast beaches and bayous, they could also teach how to lose it.[snip]

BP-related campaign and lobbying spending makes the political outlays of Toyota, another major foreign-based company under investigation by Congress for its failings on safety issues, look feeble by comparison.

British-based BP, No. 4 on Fortune magazine’s list of the world’s largest companies, spent $16 million last year lobbying Congress and the federal government, and $3.5 million in the first three months of this year. That was before its rig disaster led at least a half-dozen congressional committees to start investigating. Japanese automaker Toyota, No. 10 in the Fortune ranking, spent $5 million lobbying last year and $880,000 in the first quarter this year.

BP employees donated at least $160,000 to congressional candidates and their parties so far this election cycle. When campaign donations from BP’s lobbying corps of roughly three-dozen people and their firms’ political action committees, or PACs, are added to BP employees’ total, the political giving since January 2009 tops $1 million, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. The firms lobby for multiple clients, not just BP.”

The BP money goes to Obama allies and Obama campaigns, but Obama hides behind fig leaves just as he did with Antoin “Tony” Rezko. Fact is BP and Obama are oily friends with oily interests. Obama’s henchmen continue the myth of a small donor campaign but it was Big Money that got him his job as well as oily friends, like Tom Daschle:

“President Barack Obama’s campaign was the top recipient of BP employees’ money in the 2008 election: $71,000.

Asked about the donations, White House spokesman Ben LaBolt said Obama “didn’t accept a dime from corporate PACs or federal lobbyists.”[snip]

In a reflection of the Obama administration’s and BP’s mutual interest in developing fuel alternatives to gasoline, Obama named Steven Koonin, BP’s former chief scientist, the Energy Department’s undersecretary for science.

The other top recipients of BP employee 2008 election-giving both sit on the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, one of the panels investigating the spill. Obama’s GOP presidential rival, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, received $37,000. And $16,000 went to a senator whose state is on the receiving end of much of the spilled oil, Democrat Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, according to figures compiled by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.”

Everyone gets money from BP, even Bill Clinton. The difference is that some get money, some get bought with money.

“BP’s Washington lobbyists include well-connected people from both major parties, some of them visitors to the White House.

Lobbyist Tony Podesta is a prolific Democratic fundraiser and brother to John Podesta, who headed Obama’s transition team. Tony Podesta appears at least seven times in visitor logs released by the Obama White House. Six of Podesta’s visits were on behalf of clients, but he and his firm said none was BP-related. The other visit was to Vice President Joe Biden’s residence for a dinner in honor of the Greek Orthodox Church patriarch.

The White House confirmed that BP lobbyists have been to the White House complex, but said only two visits were BP-related: Two of the oil company’s in-house lobbyists, Karen St. John and Michael Brien, attended 2009 meetings on EPA standards, according to the Office of Management and Budget. The OMB accepts all requests for meetings during the review of such regulations and discloses the meetings.

BP declined to talk about its lobbying efforts or comment on White House visits.

Other BP lobbyists from lobbying firms include Jim Turner, a former House Democrat from Texas now with the Arnold & Porter firm; Ken Duberstein, a former White House chief of staff under President Reagan whose lobbying firm employs several former top Democratic and Republican congressional aides; Michelle Laxalt, a Republican with ties to GOP lawmakers; and Michael Berman, president of the Duberstein firm and a former Democratic Senate aide and party adviser.”

Tom Daschle is not alone. And others in the Obama orbit have “interests” in the outcome of BP’s finances. Ever wonder why the Deepwater Horizon well does not get blown up and shut down?

“At least four lawmakers on committees investigating the spill reported family stock holdings in BP or two other companies involved in the rig disaster: Halliburton and Transocean, according to their most recent financial disclosure reports, filed last year.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., disclosed family stock holdings of up to $15,000 in BP and $65,000 to $150,000 in Transocean. Asked whether he would recuse himself from the investigation in light of that, press secretary Whitney Smith called the question “preposterous.”

At least Whitney Smith did not say “seditious”.

We’ll have more seditious questions and answers tomorrow on our headlined topics -as well as the latest publicity stunt which borders on – the typical chiflados territory.


94 thoughts on “The Sedition Edition – Sestak Shutup, 2×4 Schumer, BP Daschle, OilBama, Arizona Brewer, And Alexi Giannoulias, Part I

  1. Business as usual:

    As the Obama administration struggles to contain the massive oil spill threatening the Louisiana coast, one of its top environmental officials will be the featured attraction at a fundraiser for Senate Democrats next week in Manhattan, at which donors are promised they can speak to her about their “issues of concern.”

    Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson, who served as chief of staff to former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, is listed as the main attraction at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee breakfast scheduled for June 4.[snip]

    In an e-mail to prospective attendees, Jafri wrote that the breakfast “promises to be intimate, so each of you will have a real opportunity to get to know and to speak to Lisa about issues of concern to you and our nation.”

    “As many of you know, Lisa is on the front line of all environmental and energy policy in the United States and around the world,” Jafri’s e-mail reads.

    “From climate change to leading the green economy, Lisa is the point person for the Obama Administration for creating a more secure, sound and robust environmental future for America. … She is also widely seen as one of the great ‘stars’ of the Obama administration,” he writes in the e-mail.

  2. It is interesting to me to watch the media slowly and reluctantly begin to call Obama to task over BP.

    Part of the problem, IMO, with the media holding him accountable for his own conflicts of interest, is that they are afraid of being implicated themselves, for their part in this.
    They know that if they start bringing to light the hypocrisy, the Big Money and Big Corporate support, the administration full of corporate hacks and lobbyists, then there is going to be a LOT of it unearthed. And that lot of it will go all the way back to his early days in Chicago, on through his presidential campaign. None of this is “news”.

    And if THAT happens, and it’s brought to light, then the media and the prog blogs will have to face the very obvious question: “Why the fuck did you sell this guy as an untainted political virgin who was pure as the driven snow? Where were you while the public was sold this bill of goods? Why did not a fucking ONE of you, in 2 years of campaigning, call him out on his claim of immaculate political conception?”

    If they expose him now, it will also expose how they covered for him before. That is, IMO, the biggest reason why the coverage is only now being dragged kicking and screaming into being mildly reproachful. Because the media and the blogs know full well that they are also culpable.

  3. We’ve always questioned the thesis that Latinos will be Dimocratic voters. It is a soft bigotry when Dimocrats assume that to be true. Note the change in attitude from generation to generation as NPR questions the illegal immigration/Arizona narrative:

    Though Latinos in Arizona and nationwide have mobilized in protest against the state’s new immigration law, not all Hispanic Americans are opposed to it. In Arizona, many Latino voters see it as a much-needed crackdown.

    Twelve percent of second-generation Latino voters in the state say they support S.B. 1070, according to a recent Latino Decisions poll. That jumps to nearly 30 percent in the fourth generation.

    Jesse Hernandez, a second-generation Mexican-American, a product of public housing and a proud Phoenix Republican, is one of those in Arizona who favor the law.

    Hernandez says he knows many Latinos who feel just like he does.

    I just don’t like the fact that they’re going to say that an American Latino has the same concerns as a Latino from Mexico. No, we don’t,” Hernandez says.

    Hernandez says his Mexican-born parents came to the U.S. after years of waiting at the border to secure papers. He says illegal immigrants need to get in line, just like they did.

    “We don’t have time to be marching down the street waving the Mexican flag saying we want rights,” he says. “Because you know what? We did it the right way, and we have rights.”

    Too Long A Wait

    But Luis Avila says for some, waiting is not a realistic option. It took Avila, who’s originally from Mexico, two decades to get his U.S. citizenship.

    “The reality is it takes 15, 20 years for anyone to get their documents,” Avila says.

    He says he was lucky. Avila’s middle-class family could afford to wait. Not so, he says, for the many illegal immigrants who once lived in poverty back in Mexico.

    “People make $4 or $5 a day. They are not able to go to the big city to apply for residency. I mean, that line is way, way too long,” Avila says.

    Avila says he is saddened to hear that some Latinos would favor a bill that he considers morally wrong. To him, these Latinos are denying their culture.

    “If I had a daughter or a son who was in favor of S.B. 1070, I’d have to sit down with them and remind them of our struggles,” Avila says. “It’s like an African-American person forgot that two or three generations ago they were unable to vote, and they are direct descendants of slaves.”

    But even critics recognize that the Latino community is not monolithic. Matt Barreto is a pollster with Latino Decisions.

    “We still tend to see in public opinion polls differences in opinions among Latinos, and we don’t see the same uniformity of opinion that we do in African Americans,” Barreto says.

    In fact, Barreto says Latinos are likely to be split down the middle on less controversial immigration issues in Arizona. That is not the case, though, with Arizona’s new law. Barreto says the community is strongly unified in protest against it.

    ‘They Have To Go Back’

    Like Hernandez, Marín says she loves her people and her culture. She grew up in a South Phoenix barrio in the early 1940s. Her late father Guadalupe came from Mexico as part of the Bracero Program, which allowed thousands of laborers to enter the U.S. and work in American fields.

    “He was supposed to report back to immigration, but he didn’t. He stayed, and he thought he could get away with it,” Marin says.

    Federal agents nearly deported her father when he was caught. Regardless, Marín says she supports Arizona’s new law. She says her father did his part for the country. To stay in the U.S., he agreed to join the Navy. She says he paid his dues, unlike so many of today’s new immigrants.

    “They’re here without permission. So in a way, they have to go back,” Marin says.

    Opponents are trying to stop Arizona’s law with a handful of lawsuits. It’s scheduled to go into effect on July 29. Just don’t expect every Latino to protest if it does.

  4. As long as we are tossing in Spanish words..

    Mucho inform-a-tivo, El Admin. (Okay, so I suck at Spanish)

    With all the BP kingpins and paid for Chickago thugs pulling Oilbama’s strings………his poll ratings from the American public still SUCK BIG OIL BLOBS AT -20.

    Money can’t buy you love, BarryCakes.

  5. As the Obama administration struggles to contain the massive oil spill threatening the Louisiana coast… [snip]

    …..struggles to contain the spill??????

    This is like having your son tell you he is struggling with his math homework after receiving a bad report card…when you open his bedroom door and find he is playing World of Warcraft on his computer.

  6. HillaryforTexas
    May 25th, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    It is interesting to me to watch the media slowly and reluctantly begin to call Obama to task over BP.

    The only reason the MSM is having to say unholy words about their dear leader on the BP oil spill is that the oil spill can’t be swept under the rug.

    How can they hide the piles of dead animals that will stink up the gulf coast and kill the wild life for years to come?

    If they could hide this spill to save his butt, they would…but they can’t, and they KNOW it!

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha!


    Obama to aides: ‘Plug the damn hole’

    As critics question whether the White House is being tough enough with BP, Obama is reportedly showing his frustration behind closed doors:

    Since the oil rig exploded, the White House has tried to project a posture that is unflappable and in command.

    But to those tasked with keeping the president apprised of the disaster, Obama’s clenched jaw is becoming an increasingly familiar sight. During one of those sessions in the Oval Office the first week after the spill, a president who rarely vents his frustration cut his aides short, according to one who was there.

    “Plug the damn hole,” Obama told them.

  8. Nothing like government oversight on the oil rigs…

    The government regulator with oversight of offshore drilling allowed industry officials to fill in their own inspection reports and federal employees accepted gifts — including meals and tickets to sporting events — from oil and natural gas companies, according to a new report by the Interior Department’s Inspector General.

    In addition, Mineral Management Service employees viewed porn on government computers — similar to a recent scandal involving the Securities and Exchange Commission — according to the report.

    Interior Secretary Ken Salazar called the latest report “deeply disturbing,” stating that it demonstrates the need for reforms, including a plan to split up the agency and replace it with three new entities.


  9. BP to cut the video feed to the gusher…
    Oilbama will go visit on Friday…

    BP readied yet another attempt to slow the oil gushing into the Gulf on Tuesday as a government report alleged that drilling regulators have been so close to the industry they’ve been accepting gifts from oil and gas companies and even negotiating to go work for them.

    President Barack Obama prepared to head to the Gulf on Friday to review efforts to halt the disastrous flow.

    Scientists said underwater video of the leak showed the plume growing significantly darker, suggesting heavier, more-polluting oil is spewing out.

    BP’s next effort to stop the gushing oil will, perhaps Wednesday, is to involve a procedure called a “top kill,” in which heavy mud and cement are to be shot into the well to plug it up. The procedure has never been tried a mile beneath the sea, and company executives estimate its chances of success at 60 to 70 percent.

  10. BTW, one of the things Obama is blowing off to run to Chicago is the annual service at Arlington – laying the wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. He can’t be bothered – he’s sending Biden instead.

  11. The idiot has finally acted. Since the time I posted this in the last blog. I have amended it accordingly:
    According to Rassmussen, 46% somewhat approve of Obama.

    Question: who in their right mind would ever “somewhat approve” of a leader who holds the American People hostage for cheap political gain? Sooner or later this will result in a disaster. It cannot be otherwise.

    Consider the following facts:

    1. Obama knows that terrorist organizations from the middle east are entering the United States with intention to do us harm.

    2. Nevertheless, Obama refuses to seal our border.

    3. Arizona pleads for federal help.

    4. Obama ignores them.

    5. Every day more terrorists enter the country.

    6. Since Obama will not protect Arizona citizens, Arizona is compelled to act.

    7. Arizona passes a law which authorizes stopping people and requesting identification.

    8. This law is based on federal law which Obama will not enforce. Also it includes probable cause.

    9. Obama condemns the Arizona law, plays the race card and induces his surrogates to boycott Arizona.

    10. Obama sends his attorney general and director of homeland security to capitol hill to testify against the bill. They admit under oath that they have not gotten around to reading it.

    11. Obama’s director of ICE indicates he may not cooperate with Arizona.

    12. Obama gets the President of Mexico to appear before congress and condemn the law–while dimocrats leap to their feet in thunderous applause
    13. Meanwhile, 85% of Arizonans (whites and hispanics alike) and 2/3 of Americans favor the Arizona law. They want to be protected and they do not want another 9/11 on our soil.

    14. The reason Obama refuses to act is because he wants amnesty for illegals and a national id card to control us. He is willing to hold the safety of the American People hostage for cheap political gain.

    15. Finally, the pressure builds on him to the point that he has to act. He sends 1500 National Guard to police a 2000 mile border. Unfortunately countless terrorists are now in the country. This is classic Obama: too little, too late, and all screwed up—campaigning rather than governing.

    16. Obama sees himself a combination of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Reagan, and Kennedy. He is wrong. He is none of those people. They were loyal Americans. He is not. Obama is more like Caligula.

  12. Plug the damn hole,” Obama told them.

    Maybe he can stick his head in it, his ego is big enough!

  13. Shadowfax
    May 25th, 2010 at 5:50 pm
    BP to cut the video feed to the gusher…
    Oilbama will go visit on Friday…


    Oilbama…ha! good one!

  14. Jindal takes on Oilbama, the incompetent…

    O is useless…our worst nightmare…not ready from day one, not ready from day 36, not ready for 3 AM call…not ready for 9 am plan…but ready to golf, fundraise and party…

  15. Ya think the fraud should have tried to help Tennessee with he flood?

    Congrats to you Tennessee.

    Unfortunately I live in Austin, TX. Home of the illegals and the cowards!

    Tennessee’s House of Representatives approved a resolution that congratulates Arizona for passing the illegal immigration law.

    The resolution states in part “The state of Arizona has taken steps to address the problem of unlawful immigration following decades of inadequate action and enforcement by the federal government.”

    Many cities across the country have passed resolutions to boycott Arizona because of the passing of SB 1070. Some of those cities include San Diego, Seattle, and Austin.

  16. Drudge has this:

    During first 36 days of Katrina, Bush made 7 visits to Gulf Coast…

    So far on Day 36 of BP oil leak, Obama has made 1 visit to disaster area…

    and video:

    “I am especially glad to come back here because I remember four years ago, right after the storm, a lot of people felt forgotten,” Obama tells a New Orleans crowd in 2009.

    He bashed Bush as “a President who only saw people from a window of an airplane instead of down here on the ground.”

  17. admin
    May 25th, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    He’s going back this week. Oh pray tell, I feel so confident, I am sure he will plug the hole singleheadedly!

  18. We all know MEchelle has buff arms. Maybe she can move a mountain onto of that little ol’ hole?


    Ben Smith picks up on the rather fascinating news that Sarah Palin has taken to Facebook to “welcome” her new Wasilla next-door neighbor, journalist Joe McGinniss. McGinniss, as Ben notes, is known for writing The Selling of the President and Fatal Vision, an account of the 1980s North Carolina murder trial of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald. “Joe announced to Todd that he’s moved in right next door to us,” posted Palin to Facebook, which has become her favored medium of expression. “He’s rented the place for the next five months or so. He moved up all the way from Massachusetts to live right next to us – while he writes a book about me.” Palin suggests that perhaps she’ll bring McGinniss a homemade blueberry pie.

    But there’s one additional twist here. McGinniss also happened to the subject of writer Janet Malcolm’s controversial 1990book The Journalist and the Murderer . That book detailed how McGinniss, in Malcolm’s view, maliciously betrayed MacDonald as he told the latter’s story. McGinniss wrote fawning letters to the doctor, detailing the depth of his belief of the doctor’s innocence in the crime of killing his family. Only at the same time, McGinniss was writing a book depicting MacDonald as a murderous psychopath.
    Janet Malcolm’s book became something of a proxy for the subject — Dr. McDonald — in his revenge against a journalist, namely McGinniss, who he felt had done him wrong. His means of revenge was to find another journalist to tell his story. Palin, on the other hand, has Facebook.

  20. admin
    May 25th, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    First of all, why would a neighbor rent to this guy and second, why does she have a neighbor that close?She is an ex VP candidate, ex Gov, multi millionaire now with goons and sickos tracking her every move. Either she is naive or plans on using that grisly gun!

  21. So what has bambi been up to? Anything work-related?

    May 26, 2010

    Clinton heads for Seoul

    SEOUL – SECRETARY of State Hillary Clinton arrives on Wednesday in South Korea in a show of support for the close US ally as it confronts North Korea over a torpedoed warship.

    The United States has promised unequivocal backing for the South, which has vowed to make the North pay following the attack which split a South Korean corvette in two in March with the loss of 46 sailors.

    Mrs Clinton has been pressing Seoul’s case in Beijing during two days of high-level meetings. A multinational investigation concluded last week that the North carried out the attack, despite its denials. But China, unlike numerous other nations, failed publicly to criticise its ally and has called only for restraint.

    As a veto-wielding UN Security Council member, China’s support is crucial if South Korea is to secure the international punitive action it seeks. China and the United States said on Tuesday they would work together to resolve the crisis brewing in the Korean peninsula, agreeing that ensuring regional stability was crucial.

    ‘We are ready to work together with the US and other parties and continue to stay in close touch on the situation on the Korean peninsula,’ Vice-Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai told reporters.

    Mrs Clinton said Washington and Beijing share the objective of peace and stability on the peninsula. ‘Now we must work together again to address the serious challenge provoked by the sinking of the South Korean ship.’ In a sign of the problems ahead, North Korea said on Tuesday it was severing all ties with South Korea and cutting communications links in protest at being blamed for the sinking. — AFP

  22. James Carville just lost it on Larry King…the man is furious at Obama’s inaction. They don’t want camera’s when this is going down because it could get worse instead of better…

    I also had no idea that 40% of the nation’s wetlands are off the coast of Louisiana.

    I just want to go home and see the coast of Corpus Christi where I grew up before this thing ruins the whole Gulf of Mexico.

  23. Too funny! Obama is whining to the Republicans to pretty please help his foundering ass. From WaPo:

    “He needs to take a Valium before he comes in and talks to Republicans,” Sen. Pat Roberts (Kan.) told reporters. “He’s pretty thin-skinned.”

    Sen. Sam Brownback (Kan.) described the meeting as “testy,” and Sen. John Thune (S.D.) called it a “lively discussion.”
    Brownback said Obama explained several times that he is “under pressure from his left” on major issues, including climate change. Obama asked Republicans to be willing to take some of the same kind of criticism from their right flank in working toward bipartisan accords, other senators said.

    Sen. Bob Corker (Tenn.), still smarting over his failed negotiations with Democrats over the financial regulation bill that the Senate approved last week, said he challenged Obama on his request for bipartisan cooperation.

    “I’ve always found it’s good to be frank. If you have an opportunity to talk to someone, you should talk about what’s on your mind,” Corker told reporters. He questioned “the audacity” of Obama’s asking for GOP help Tuesday after bipartisan talks on financial reform broke down and his health-care overhaul passed solely on Democratic votes.

    “My question is again: How can you reconcile that duplicity? You say that, but then the big issues have been constructed in such a way to absolutely be partisan,” Corker said. “How can you come in on a Tuesday after [the financial bill vote]? . . . It was odd to me.”

    Jeebus. I don’t agree with much the R’s want to do, but if Obama thinks that they are going to help him save face with “the Left that is pressuring the poor baby”, he’s a fucking idiot. Or maybe just a clueless pampered narcissist who is genuinely bewildered and resentful when he belatedly discovers that the world doesn’t revolve around him.

    Um…..hey, Golden One….you and your peeps just spent a year calling the other side Nazis and seditionists. I don’t think that was the way to roll if you wanted their help to save your sorry ass down the line. I can’t stand Brownback and his ilk, but I don’t blame him one bit if he tells you to go pound sand.

    Maybe you should have learned a thing or two from Bill Clinton on how to do this bi-partisan presidenting thing. He managed to work with even Newt and get real stuff done. Clue: he didn’t do it by snickering and smirking and saying “Neener neener boo boo, I WON and you suck!” during the honeymoon period.
    Good lord, can we PLEASE get this petulant child out of office now?

  24. So the dispersant they are using in our GUlf is banned in Britain…oh hell yeah, lets use it on the Americans

  25. My God. This is so much worse that I ever thought…


    Video of BP Oil Blaze, Rig sinking into Gulf of Mexico

    The National Geographic Channel has released footage from 21-22 April, 2010 showing the Deepwater Horizon oil platform collapse into the Gulf of Mexico as it burns.

  26. JanH

    Video of BP Oil Blaze, Rig sinking into Gulf of Mexico
    Holy smokes, what a freaking disaster.

  27. A congressman from Louisiana said that he was tired of Barack Obama talking like John Wayne and acting like Pee Wee Herman. Well said.

  28. admin
    May 25th, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Drudge has this:

    During first 36 days of Katrina, Bush made 7 visits to Gulf Coast…

    So far on Day 36 of BP oil leak, Obama has made 1 visit to disaster area

    Don’t worry, Oilbama will make his SECOND TRIP TO THE GULF FRIDAY!!!

    HE CARES!!!

  29. Everyone keeps saying that BP is a foreign owned company…well I know its base is Britain…so that makes me think Soros.

    Originally Iran owned this company…long ago…I wish we could see who the major share holders are…I used to know a website that did that, but now I can’t remember the name of that website.

    This poisonous dispersant is banned in Britain and I know the Brit’s would like to have the population get smaller…so maybe they have this is mind.

  30. For all the idiots who might have uttered the SEDITIOUS phrase, “greatest president ever?”, let’s rephrase it.


  31. please read Bob Herbert’s last two columns.

    He uses the word “dithering”, and calls Obama for his administration’s incompetence.

    Yeah, THAT Bob Herbert, of the NY Times.

  32. But the masquerade goes on. Is it possible to maintain a veil of incompetence over a population with the same old tactics? Some thoughtful and intelligent people fell victim to $770 million dollars (which is the going rate for buying an election). Does it mean that those people will just stay stupid for 4 years though? How does this administration believe that these stupid attempts at the appearance of governing will continue to work???


  33. Larry King is on again…or at least he is in Central Standard time…Oil Spill Disaster.

  34. You were right, Confloyd. Carville was really wound up. He thinks some heads ought to roll because of this inaction to the oil spill disaster and some need to end up in prison.

    Couldn’t agree more…how about starting at the head of the snake. How many times have we heard BO say that he is the president, he’s the leader, he’s the top guy. Perhaps he and Rezko could be roommates.

  35. HillaryforTexas

    “Going home for the w/e…I didn’t know it was the w/e..nobody in charge”

    Throw the bums out…all of them!

  36. I spoke to a British ex patriot who just returned from a trip home to York England to visit his family. I asked him was the people over there are saying about the crisis in Greece, their recent election and their impression of Obama.

    1. Crisis In Greece: he believes that Soros and people around him triggered the crisis. He remembers when Soros (Obama’s godfather) triggered a similar collapse of the British pound in 1992 thus earning the name the man who broke the bank of England. If the Euro does crash then Soros will be there to take advantage of it. He says there is pressure for Britain to give up the pound and accept the Euro but that is unlikely to occur.

    2. Recent Election: he said that Britain is now in a panic mode over their debt. He says they intend to make massive cuts in spending, and are blitzing the airwaves on this 24/7. He says they plan to introduce massive tax increases next year but claim that they will not do so on the middle class. Nobody believes them. He said the labor party is glad to have a coalition government because they will not have to spread the misery on their own. He says a major union went on strike and the public was in no mood for it.

    3. Impression of Obama: he said they have no use for President Obama. They see him as a joke, and not as someone capable of leading the western world. They feel that Obama is a lazy party animal, a big spender when he should not be spending at all, and someone who lacks any sense of a strategic agenda and they see no strategic agenda for his country much less the world. He said they are therefore inclined to steer an independent course from the one Obama is pursuing.

  37. HillaryforTexas
    May 25th, 2010 at 9:56 pm
    This parish leader, a bona fide democrat–not a dimocrat, is not interested in process. He is interested in results. And when you are dealing with a crisis the lawyers should step aside and let the people who know what they are doing do what they know how to do. Time and again we see Obama and his team of lawyers doing little or nothing to protect the country. Their main focus is cheap politics, and finding someone to blame. And most important protecting their contributors at the expense of the country. As a result of Obama’s lack of leadership the toxin has entered the bayou and it will take 50 times as much to clean it up, and it will be impossible to do thoroughly. I admire this guy’s candor and would vote for him if I lived in his parish.

  38. You were right, Confloyd. Carville was really wound up. He thinks some heads ought to roll because of this inaction to the oil spill disaster and some need to end up in prison.
    Agreed. If we are going to roll heads why not start at the top?

  39. If you want more proof that left wing extremist blogger Mark Ambinder is clueless read this.

    Obama White House Attacks America’s Security
    by Larry Johnson @No Quarter

    The White House has launched a coordinated leak campaign that comprises sensitive intelligence information and may even place the lives of some of our soldiers at risk. As Susan and Pat Racimora could tell you, I initially did not think it worth while to write anything in response to Mark Mazzetti’s NY Times piece today, U.S. Is Said to Expand Secret Actions in Mideast, but then I saw Marc Ambinder’s article on the same issue–Obama Gives Commanders Wide Berth for Secret Warfare. Make no mistake–this is a coordinated action and had Obama’s blessing.

    Ambinder’s piece is the most damaging. He writes:

    Other “ex-ords” signed by combatant commanders include provisions for secret American bases and operations in countries like Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and in the Dagestan region of the North Caucuses. In the latter space, U.S. soldiers were tasked with tracking down members of identified separatist groups with loose ties to Al Qaeda. One of those groups was responsible for the March 31 bombings in Kizlyar, according to American intelligence officials.

    The Obama administration had been reluctant to allow such an expansion of nontraditional military activities in countries where the U.S. formally has no presence. That practice was unfavorably associated with the Bush-Cheney administration’s disregard for international norms.

    But political imperatives, the threat of terrorism, and the knowledge of what the U.S. military can accomplish if its strings are cut away has slowly changed the minds of some of Obama’s senior advisers. It is helpful that Congress has generally given the military a wide berth to conduct activities that intelligence agency paramilitaries would find objectionable.

    The authorization to write the orders allow combatant commanders to put together task forces for almost any purpose, and draw from almost any existing military unit. JUWTFs are not classified and are in regular use. But until last summer, they tended to be formed for temporary and limited purposes. Even during the Bush administration, the military did not insert American personnel into Iran, which is what the Avocado execute order now permits.

    Not surprisingly, the larger counter-terrorism task forces tend to be full of operators from the clandestine Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), as well as contractors from companies like L3. But JSOC is not the executive authority for these missions, as one might suspect. Rather, the commanders, like CENTCOM’s Petraeus, have direct authority.

    I will not comment on the substance of what Ambinder or Mazzetti wrote. But at least one person, and probably more, in the White House have committed a criminal act. They are leaking very sensitive intelligence information and apparently for only one purpose–to bolster Barack Obama’s sagging political fortunes. This leak comes on the heels of the firing of Denny Blair. Think these are not related? Think again.

    Leaking this information to the NY Times and the Atlantic apparently was intended to shift attention away from the perceived chaos in the intelligence community, which was the story line in the aftermath of the abrupt firing of Admiral Denny Blair. With this dump of highly classified information the Obama team is wanting to shift the storyline to the dark deeds Obama is supporting in the pursuit of terrorists. Ironically their leak of this information will make it more difficult for these special operations forces to pursue their missions. Why? With few exceptions putting our forces into foreign countries requires the permission of foreign governments. Do you think that foreign governments, who you can bet your ass are reading the pieces in the Times and the Atlantic, will be eager to let US forces into their countries to pursue secret missions? Not likely after this.

    The press shares blame in this act. They were spoonfed this crap by Administration officials and did not even pause to ask why they merited such “special” treatment. At least they are consistent. Guys like the late Robert Novak eagerly reported on sensitive intelligence information and published the name of Valerie Plame, an undercover CIA officer. Ambinder and Mazzetti are junior Novaks.

    Bush and Cheney did similar kinds of things, but that is no excuse. In fact, to note that Obama is acting like George W. Bush is an indictment of him and it is a further condemnation of the Obama team. Their chief concern is not protecting America. Nope, they only want to protect Obama. And with these leaks they are clearly putting the security of our nation at risk. Time for an independent prosecutor.

  40. I wonder if Carville is not just telling us what Hillary really thinks about this oil spill. I can tell you for sure, the look in Carville’s eye’s was one of hatred for Obama.

    Apparently on the same show, they say Carville’s wife (a republican) is saying Obama should not be blamed for this, Carville doesn’t feel this way.

    I just remember Carville that every day “his respect and admiration for Hillary grows”.

    Did you see the look on Anderson Cooper’s face when Gergen equated WWII with the oil spill saying “if we’d ran WWII the way Obama has run the Oil spill we would all be speaking German”….Anderson’s face went white.

    Something is up!

    Alaskan pipeline was shut down for a oil spill yesterday…a valve problem cause by a power outage. hmmm, hmmm, why all this oil problem at once???

  41. You know this all could be cover for the 1) Blago trial, starting in a week
    2) the Sestak bribery inquiry
    3) the “Man’s Club” news coming out of Chicago.

    There’s just so much going on that its hard to keep it all in perspective…gee kinda makes you wonder.

  42. Leadership differences:

    The massive damage of the oil spill vs Haiti

    On the one hand you have a useless, beligerent, pass-the-buck president who has dithered while ecosystems are being totally destroyed.

    On the other hand you have a former president and his wife (the current honorable SOS) who from the very first hour gathered the world together in a massive response to the catastrophe in Haiti.

    Night and day.

  43. JanH, DId you notice that pin on Hillary’s shoulder in that video you posted??? I could not tell what it was…whatever it is, its pretty.

    Madeleine Albright used to wear pins to signify current situations she was dealing with, wonder if Hillary is doing the same thing?

  44. She used to wear an eagle with a pearl, but people really attacked her over it. I believe she wore it when she went to China that time, as a silent tribute to our democracy. However, if you google that pin, you see all kinds of crap on it.

    I thought the pen was beatiful, but could not quite make it out either. I think she is getting tire of being the tough guy. She is threatening war, and he is threatening BP (Plug the Dam Hole).

  45. Did you see the look on Anderson Cooper’s face when Gergen equated WWII with the oil spill saying “if we’d ran WWII the way Obama has run the Oil spill we would all be speaking German”….Anderson’s face went white.
    Gergen probably didn’t get his paycheck yet from the Fraud.


    For your convenience, here’s the most recent Bob Herbert column. He uses the D-word (“dither”).

    Some money quotes:

    “President Obama should have taken charge of the response to the oil spill — which he called a “potentially unprecedented” environmental calamity — from jump street. He should have called in the very best minds and operatives from the corporate and scientific worlds and imposed an emergency plan of action — to be carried out by BP and all others who might be required. Instead, after all this time, after more than a month of BP’s demonstrated incompetence, the administration continues to dither.”

    “And spreading right along with the oil is a pervasive and dismaying sense of helplessness from our leaders in Washington.”

    Following BP’s Lead

    Published: May 24, 2010

    Old Shell Beach, La.

    I asked the sheriff of St. Bernard Parish, Jack Stephens, if he was at all optimistic about BP stopping the gusher of oil that is fouling the Gulf of Mexico in time to prevent a long-term environmental catastrophe in the southern Louisiana wetlands.

    The sun was high in the sky, and the day was hot. The sheriff was in a small boat, patrolling the waterways that wend their way through the delicate marshes. He thought for a long moment. Oil was already seeping into the marshes, getting into the soil and plant life and coating some of the wildlife.

    “I’ll tell you the truth,” said Mr. Stephens. “It may already be too late.”

    Traveling along the Gulf Coast, past idled boats with names like Big Shrimp and Blessed Assurance, past dead trees and hurricane fortifications and other signs of the area’s perpetual vulnerability, you can’t help but wonder how a company like BP, with its awful record of incompetence and irresponsibility, was ever allowed to drill for oil a mile deep in the Gulf of Mexico.

    It’s not as if we didn’t know that BP was a menace. On March 23, 2005, a series of explosions and fires at the BP Texas City refinery killed 15 people and injured 180 others in what was described by investigators as “one of the worst industrial disasters in recent U.S. history.” John Bresland, the chairman of the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, reminded us in March, on the fifth anniversary of the tragedy, that an intensive investigation by the board had “found organizational and safety deficiencies at all levels of the BP Corporation.”

    The Texas City conflagration was just part of BP’s execrable pattern. On Oct. 25, 2007, the U.S. Department of Justice issued the following announcement:

    “British Petroleum and several of its subsidiaries have agreed to pay approximately $373 million in fines and restitution for environmental violations stemming from a fatal explosion at a Texas refinery in March 2005, leaks of crude oil from pipelines in Alaska, and fraud for conspiring to corner the market and manipulate the price of propane carried through Texas pipelines.”

    Nice outfit, this BP. Anyone who thought this London-based wrecking crew gave a rat’s whisker about harming the Gulf of Mexico or threatening the environment of the Louisiana wetlands — or the livelihoods of families living here — has been inhaling way too much of BP’s toxic fumes.

    Yet there was our government not only giving BP’s reprobates the go-ahead to drill for oil a mile deep in the gulf but also handing them a waiver, allowing them to avoid a detailed analysis of the effect of their operations on the surrounding environment. Giving an environmental waiver to a company as contemptuous of the environment as BP shows just whose side the government is on in the face-off between predatory giant corporations and the interests of ordinary American citizens.

    BP got off much too easy with the fines it agreed to in 2007. And for some odd reason, it’s being treated much too deferentially now. This crisis has gone on for more than a month, and neither BP nor the Obama administration seems to know what to do.

    No one has a handle on how much oil is gushing out of control into the gulf. No one understands the environmental impact of the hundreds of thousands of gallons of chemical dispersants that BP is injecting into the gulf. No one has any idea how far this awful stain on the environment will spread.

    President Obama should have taken charge of the response to the oil spill — which he called a “potentially unprecedented” environmental calamity — from jump street. He should have called in the very best minds and operatives from the corporate and scientific worlds and imposed an emergency plan of action — to be carried out by BP and all others who might be required. Instead, after all this time, after more than a month of BP’s demonstrated incompetence, the administration continues to dither.

    Incredibly, until The Times blew the whistle in an article on Monday, environmental waivers were still being offered for oil drilling in the gulf. What will it take for sanity to prevail? How many people have to die or face ruin, and how much of nature has to be despoiled before we rein in the cowboys of these runaway corporations?

    Steadily increasing numbers of anxiety-ridden coastal residents are watching not just their livelihoods but an entire way of life slip away. Even as BP’s lawyers are consumed with the task of limiting the company’s liability, the administration continues to insist it has little choice but to follow the company’s lead in fighting the spill. That is dangerous nonsense.

    President Obama has an obligation to make it unmistakably clear that BP’s interests are not the same as America’s interests. He needs to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people who are taking the brunt of this latest corporate outrage. The oil has now stained nearly 70 miles of the Louisiana Coast. No one can say what terrible toll the gusher is taking in the depths of the gulf. And spreading right along with the oil is a pervasive and dismaying sense of helplessness from our leaders in Washington.

  47. and from the previous column, Bob Herbert writes (an excerpt):

    The response of the Obama administration and the general public to this latest outrage at the hands of a giant, politically connected corporation has been embarrassingly tepid. We take our whippings in stride in this country. We behave as though there is nothing we can do about it.

    Here’s the url:


    or is it just another cooked poll. I forget how unreliabel Quinnipiac is.

    Or, is it that Obama is doing such a good job, and Americans are slowly starting to appreciate just HOW GOOD and COMPETENT he really is…?

    May 26, 2010

    Obama Approval on the Rise
    A new Quinnipiac poll finds that 48% of American voters approve of the job President Obama is doing, while 43% disapprove.

    It’s the first time since December that more voters give him a thumbs up rather than thumbs down.

    Said pollster Peter Brown: “The increase in President Barack Obama’s job approval is a welcome step for the White House. His ratings have been in the no man’s land of just below parity for some time and now the question is whether this is the beginning of an upward trend or just a blip.”

  49. gonzotx
    May 26th, 2010 at 11:21 am


    Wow! I never expected Gergen and Carville to finally take a stand against bambi. I really hope this is a sign of the idiot’s empire finally crumbling.

    Unfortunately, the damage this time is tragic and in some cases now irreparable given his stonewalling.

  50. When crisis hits Obama has one unfailing response: i)stay the hand of local authorities who seek to respond to it and protect their people,ii)call it a federal problem and then iii) study the problem, solicit legal opinions, and find a way to play the politics, then iii) do nothing until it is too late, and iv) find a scapegoat for his big media allies to blame.

    This pattern was obvious in Arizona and it equally clear in Louisiana. You can see it in our foreign policy as well. In fact, you see it every time there is a crisis. It is the Obama Crisis Management Strategy.

    Which raises an interesting question: during Obama’s tenure terrorists launched attacks against detroit and new york. Those attacks got past Obama’s marginot line of defenses and were thwarted by ordinary citizens, who to their credit refused to let Obama honor them and steal part of the credit when he did nothing to earn it except play golf.

    Question: If those citizens had not succeeded where Obama failed, what do you think his response would have been or would be to another 9/11?

    Answer: See 1)-(iv above.

    PS: he calls sending an additional 1500 national guard troops to police a 2000 mile porous border which has been used as an infiltration route for terrorist before and after he took office, plugging the hole? And he does this only after he could not back Arizona down by playing the race card, and the public sees visible evidence of terrorist infiltration presented by local stations but censored by big media? The public should be wise to his game by now and tell him: Obama: you lie!

  51. Quinnipiac and CNN are the most optimistic (the best shills for Oilbama). Meanwhile, Rasmussen must be doing real polling without the bogus “adjustments”.

    CBS News 47 43 +4
    Quinnipiac 48 43 +5
    CNN/Opinion 51 46 +5
    Rasmussen 43 56 -13
    Gallup 48 44 +4
    FOX News 45 46 -1

  52. Can’t you imagine an effective 527 ad showing Obama a succession of problems where Obama made a promise, he broke it and in each case the statement in big bold letters “Obama: you lie”. Then, a closing question: “Can you trust a LIAR?” Fade to black.

  53. DOWN -22…….

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 23% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-five percent (45%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -22. That’s the lowest Approval Index rating yet measured for this president (see trends).

    Enthusiasm for the president among Democrats, which bounced following passage of the health care law, has faded again. Just 48% of those in the president’s party now Strongly Approve of Obama’s performance. That’s down from 65% earlier.

    Among men, 20% Strongly Approve and 50% Strongly Disapprove. Among women, those numbers are 27% and 40%

  54. Quinnipiac and CNN are the most optimistic (the best shills for Oilbama). Meanwhile, Rasmussen must be doing real polling without the bogus “adjustments”.

    CBS News 47 43 +4
    Quinnipiac 48 43 +5
    CNN/Opinion 51 46 +5
    Rasmussen 43 56 -13
    Gallup 48 44 +4
    FOX News 45 46 -1
    I think the difference is Rassmussen is looking at likely voters. I believe PPI and the Republican internals would be closer to Rass. The criteria and polling methodologies of the others are more like a People Magazine article–full of fluff and devoid of anything relevant. They tend to suggest that the tipping point has not been reached when in fact it has. I suspect the November election will give them an opening to revise their polling numbers downward, because if they do not they will look like the paid for shills they truly are–and everyone will know it.

  55. Dylan can be annoying, but when he is on the mark…he hits it out of the park!

    Mr. President, Defend America
    Dylan Ratigan

    The only thing more blatant than the fraud and corruption that is killing our country is our current leaders’ unwillingness to stop it.

    Now, as we are faced with the unspeakable damage from both the Gulf oil spill and the financial crisis, our leaders still insist that the best people to deal with the aftermath are the very people who caused it in the first place.

    Imagine how silly this reasoning would sound if we decided to let the spouses of murder victims be in charge of the crime scene. After all, they know the area the best and are very familiar with the victim. By our current leaders’ reasoning, these criteria alone would make this the best person to do a thorough investigation and bring the perpetrator to justice.

    This kind of bizarre ignorance of incentives is now displayed by our current president, who often appears to think that government works best when it is subservient to corporations under even the most dubious circumstances. So far, it seems like the only entrenched power that our president is interested in fighting was the Democratic Party machine that wanted him to wait his turn back in the primaries. This from a man that so many hoped would be an antidote to the horrendous corporatist reign of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

    Nowhere is this attitude more on display than in the Gulf right now. Perhaps operating under the fear of that “if you try to actually fix something, you own it politically,” our government continues to abdicate its responsibilities in the ongoing disaster.

    Instead, it prefers to blindly trust the corporation that is largely responsible for the problem in the first place, regardless of the fact that the corporation has a history of safety mishaps and makes “covering-up” the basic tenet of its overall marketing plan.

    Meanwhile, the corporation prevents tankers from cleaning up, scientists and engineers from researching, journalists from reporting and Americans from witnessing, all while the oil spill pumps into the gulf at an alarming rate for what could potentially be another 30 years before running dry.

    I’m not sure what is more a sign of the times — having a Democratic White House claim that they couldn’t possible infringe on the rights of a private corporation that is destroying public water and land while a Republican Senator rightly demands a Government takeover, or Sarah Palin and Robert Gibbs having a flame war over who is more on the take from said corporation (the answer — both).

    This dynamic is not new to those who have been following the Government’s response to a financial crisis that continues to let the Banksters ruin our economy while they line their pockets.

    Our current Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the one who handed billions of tax dollars to a corporation now under federal fraud investigation, is spearheading the government’s fiscal response and financial “reform” efforts even though he may eventually be charged as well.

    Meanwhile, Larry Summers, Director of the White House’s National Economic Council, has responded to the financial thievery by fighting against real derivative reform, which isn’t surprising considering he was a chief architect of the dangerous system that tanked our economy in the first place. Of course, Larry also made millions off of the very derivatives he helped legalize.

    That just leaves us to rely on the “independent” Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, who seems more interested in using his endless money-printing hose to try to delay the pain (and blame) of the fire that he helped start until after he’s long gone.

    So while real regulators and proven advocates of the People like William Black and Eliot Spitzer are relegated to the sidelines, we are left with a paltry $8 million dollar “investigation” by Phil Angelides. So who should step into the void? That’s right, the very corporations who caused the collapse are now running the cleanup effort.

    As bad as government can be (and, as we know in New York, it can be very bad), our leaders are trying to tell us that corporations have your interests at heart as much as government does. But corporations do not work for the general public, nor are they set up that way — they work for money.

    As grim as all this may sound, let’s not forget that corrupt politicians, bankers and yes, even media figures are nothing new. However, a vast, unstoppable flow of the truth brought on by amazing advances in technology, and a country that still counts each person’s vote equally, allows its citizens the right to speak freely and decide how and where to spend its non-taxed money — is a stiff antidote to this age-old problem.

    I believe we are already well on our way to righting this ship. Recent primaries point to a deep rumbling in the sleeping giant for a shared value that offends us all deeply regardless of political affiliation — the basic issue of fairness and its obvious betrayal by our previous and current Government.

  56. Holy Smokes batman…..I think -22 for his holiness is the lowest presidential rating I have seen so far.

    Barry is in the dumper at -22

    BO is in the dumper at -22

    Oilbama is in the dumper at -22

    It smells like a one term president to me…

  57. Another WTF moment:

    NYC government approves Ground Zero mosque

    NEW YORK (AFP) – A New York community board has resoundingly backed a controversial plan for an Islamic cultural center and mosque two blocks from Ground Zero.

    The non-binding vote by the Manhattan community board late Monday passed 29:1 with 10 abstentions in a strong endorsement of the planned project.

  58. NMF, @9:55

    I almost choked on my orange slice…she’s tired of playing the tough guy…she threatening WAR….he’s threatening BP to PLUG the DAMN HOLE…ROTFLMAO!!! No kidding I almost choked!

    Yesterday some congressman said Obama “talks like John Wayne and governs like Pee Wee Herman”….that about sums it up!

  59. Wbboei,
    Can’t you imagine an effective 527 ad showing Obama a succession of problems where Obama made a promise, he broke it and in each case the statement in big bold letters “Obama: you lie”. Then, a closing question: “Can you trust a LIAR?” Fade to black

    I’ll start saving my money now to help out with that ad, we Puma’s could make one hellava 527.

  60. Knowing Obama he didn’t give the National guard to the border states, he gave them to Mexico.

  61. O’Admin is cookin’ the books…

    Two more Census workers blow the whistle

    You know the old saying: “Everyone loves a charade.” Well, it seems that the Census Bureau may be playing games.

    Last week, one of the millions of workers hired by Census 2010 to parade around the country counting Americans blew the whistle on some statistical tricks.

    The worker, Naomi Cohn, told The Post that she was hired and fired a number of times by Census. Each time she was hired back, it seems, Census was able to report the creation of a new job to the Labor Department.

    Below, I have a couple more readers who worked for Census 2010 and have tales to tell.

    But first, this much we know.

    Each month Census gives Labor a figure on the number of workers it has hired. That figure goes into the closely followed monthly employment report Labor provides. For the past two months the hiring by Census has made up a good portion of the new jobs.

    Read more:


    this takes you to the new O ‘hope and change’ logo

    for some reason i cannot paste it here

  63. Someone at the NYTs finally got the news we all read about or saw on 60 minutes weeks ago…..

    This is once again proof to me that the New York Times is being ‘supported’ by the Whitehouse to only report the news it can no longer keep in the closet.

    Panel Suggests Signs of Trouble Before Rig Explosion

    In the hours before the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded last month in the Gulf of Mexico, there were strong warning signs that something was terribly wrong with the well, according to a Congressional committee that was briefed on the accident by executives from BP.

    Among the red flags, the panel said, were several equipment readings suggesting that gas was bubbling into the well, a potential sign of an impending blowout. Investigators also noted “other events in the 24 hours before the explosion that require further inquiry,” including a critical decision to replace heavy mud in the pipe rising from the seabed with seawater, possibly increasing the risk of an explosion.

    The new information, released Tuesday night in a memorandum addressed to members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, confirmed many of the committee’s own findings from a review of documents and from statements and testimony given at Congressional hearings over the last two weeks.

  64. from:

    Question of the Day:

    When Obama said “Plug the damn hole!” he was talking about…

    The federal deficit he’s run up

    Joe Biden’s mouth

    The oil rupture in the Gulf of Mexico

    The yawning gap between what he says and what he does

    His mouth


  65. Rush had a caller on his show that said @ the company the fraud was talking at the NON union workers were told to stay home…unpaid. Didn’t want any booing I am sure!The gulf is soaking in oil and he is out fundraising…FU*CKER

    Multiple Sources 5/25/10
    “Obama to visit Bay Area to bolster Boxer’s bid”
    “President Obama will land in the Bay Area today to raise money for U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer’s re-election campaign as an anti-incumbent wave has Republicans in blue California convinced this is their best shot in years to oust their liberal nemesis.”

  66. S
    May 26th, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    oilbama images spread everywhere
    That is really sad, I bet his mug is going on every oil drenched animal, with the help of photoshop.

    He is going to wear this tragedy on his chest like a scarlet letter.

  67. I just called a radio station in Austin because they were putting out false information. They had an economist saying that the AZ law would hurt Americans because, altogether now, “They do the jobs Americans won’t do”.
    So I talked to this little “fraud supported that had extreme attitude with me ” and emailed her office with a link to below…ass*holes

    Americans rush to fill vacant jobs held by illegals
    Submitted by Clint on Mon, 05/03/2010 – 09:25
    in Current Events
    PHOENIX — Job hunters turned out in the hundreds to fill recently-vacant positions at Pro’s Ranch Market stores, where a federal audit led to the firing of some 300 workers.

    “We heard they are firing a lot of illegal people, so we’re here to apply,” she said.

    About 300 of the 1,500 total employees at the six Phoenix supermarkets were let go this week after an Immigration and Customs Enforcement audit found them to be working illegally.

  68. This video of the procedure on the oil spill ‘Top Kill’ talks about plugging the ‘Damn hole’…if it doesn’t work, experts say the spill could go on for…

    wait for it………………..


    the LEAK COULD GO ON FOR Y-E-A-R-S !!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes folks, the leak could go on past Obama’s first and only term if BP can’t stop the leak. The oil deposit is so big.

  69. #
    May 26th, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    Yup, if BP can’t come up with a solution to the fix, the Gulf could look like the La Brea tar pits in S. California.

    BTW, no one has EVAH tried to plug a gas leak at this depth before.
    We should stuff all responsible in that big hole!

  70. It’s beyond outrageous that they would build a Mosque near a site so sacred to our nation, and particulary those who lost loved ones that infamous day. This is another example of political correctness ignoring common sense and values.

  71. I am in contact with this guy trying to put together volunteers to help with the wildlife in La he said it is total chaos there.
    You have to get certified and it costs 350 dollars, you have to go thru osha, i may do it.

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