The Sedition Edition – Sestak Shutup, 2×4 Schumer, BP Daschle, OilBama, Arizona Brewer, And Alexi Giannoulias, Part I

Thanks to Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick and liar author and columnist Joe Klein we now know that for the past three years we have been engaged in sedition.

So let’s ask some seditious questions, ones which used to be our birthright as Americans to ask.

Sedition Question 1 +:

Barack Obama will take yet another vacation this weekend. This time the golden calf and his scowling wife are headed to the Rezko house in Chicago. What possible reason does Obama have for a trip to Chicago? Is it because in June the Blagojevich trial starts and Obama has to assure himself that matters will not get out of hand and that the truth does not emerge in the trial?

It wouldn’t be the first time Obama has held secret meetings which Big Media has ignored (recall Obama’s secret meetings with Jeremiah Wright even as Obama declared he was not meeting with Wright). Or is Obama out to help or hurt Alexi Giannoulias?

Banker to the Mob as well as Treasurer of a near bankrupt Illinois, Alexi Giannoulias is in trouble. Alexi is an Obama friend who was elected because then popular Barack Obama supported him after Giannoulias secured money for Obama from his “connections” and fellow Greeks. But certain Chicago politicians resent Giannoulias because if Giannoulias becomes the Senator they don’t become the Senator and won’t have a chance to advance for a long time. Further, there is a fight in Chicago to be top dog. With Obama gone and Daley fading, the Jackson Family wants to be top dog. Others want to be top dog too. So Obama has a problem and a friend who knows secrets who has a problem:

“His family’s business, Broadway Bank, was seized by regulators last month. He’s had trouble getting robust support from a White House that originally preferred another candidate. And political writer Stu Rothenberg devoted a column last week to asking “Is it time for Democrats to shove Giannoulias out?”

Now, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who did not endorse anyone in the Democratic primary, is flirting with the idea of backing Republican nominee Mark Kirk in the general election.[snip]

It’s exceedingly rare for a lawmaker of one party to endorse a colleague of the other party — particularly within the same state — meaning Jackson lending his name to Kirk would be a bit of a shock to the political system and a blow to Giannoulias’s campaign.

If Jackson does go for Kirk — or even remains neutral, which seems more likely — Giannoulias will lose out on the veteran Democratic congressman’s political operation on Chicago’s South Side.

Giannoulias failed to attract the backing of any of Chicago’s three black congressmen in his primary race. Jackson was neutral, and Reps. Danny Davis and Bobby Rush endorsed one of Giannoulias’s rivals in a campaign he won with a plurality of just 39 percent.

Rush was openly dismissive of Giannoulias, telling The Hill in December 2009 that he was “afraid” of a Giannoulias-Kirk matchup. “The messenger has to stand before the message. And if the messenger is weak, then the message is weak,” he told the paper.”

Obama’s Chicago henchmen are fighting amongst each other for dominance and Obama has to stomp out the fights. So he goes to Chicago to confront the heads of the five families opposition to his continued Chicago rule.

Sedition Question 2 +

Speaking of Oily, we recall Obama’s promise to “heal the planet” and because of his holy ascension to yet another career builder higher office “the rise of the oceans began to slow”. What we see instead is oil covered waters and Obama on another vacation.

Regular readers of Big Pink are aware that “From the day 1 when Obama oozed out of the Chicago swamps BP was right by his side.” Yesterday Sarah Palin, who has an astonishingly good record of disciplining Big Oil companies, joined in our call for transparency and accountability in regards to Obama’s BP connections and undue influence on oil policy.

As we noted back in December 2007 Obama employed top campaign aides who worked for British Petroleum. We’ll keep repeating that fact until the Gulf is clean. Oh, and remember Tom Daschle?

Tom Daschle, the tax cheat and one of the Dimocratic establishment kingpins which gifted Obama the Democratic nomination, failed to become the overlord of health care when his tax cheats became public. Do you ever wonder what happened to Tom? Tom was supposed to have not one, but two, top jobs at the Obama White House. Where is Tom, Obama’s confidant, today?:

“After leaving the Senate, Daschle also landed a host of lucrative board spots, including with the energy giant BP Corporation, which paid him $250,000 in fees…”

Tom Daschle of BP has access and has used that access on behalf of his clients. Who needs a Grand Jihad against America when you have these dubious characters at the highest levels of American government?

Is Tom Daschle alone? In a little noted article “The Influence Game: Can BP’s Connections Help?” Alan Fram and Sharon Theimer of Associated Press asked the questions that need to be asked. Seditious questions:

“With millions of dollars invested in campaign donations and an all-star lobbying team, BP executives could give an advanced class in how to build influence in Washington. But with millions of gallons of leaking oil bearing down on Gulf Coast beaches and bayous, they could also teach how to lose it.[snip]

BP-related campaign and lobbying spending makes the political outlays of Toyota, another major foreign-based company under investigation by Congress for its failings on safety issues, look feeble by comparison.

British-based BP, No. 4 on Fortune magazine’s list of the world’s largest companies, spent $16 million last year lobbying Congress and the federal government, and $3.5 million in the first three months of this year. That was before its rig disaster led at least a half-dozen congressional committees to start investigating. Japanese automaker Toyota, No. 10 in the Fortune ranking, spent $5 million lobbying last year and $880,000 in the first quarter this year.

BP employees donated at least $160,000 to congressional candidates and their parties so far this election cycle. When campaign donations from BP’s lobbying corps of roughly three-dozen people and their firms’ political action committees, or PACs, are added to BP employees’ total, the political giving since January 2009 tops $1 million, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. The firms lobby for multiple clients, not just BP.”

The BP money goes to Obama allies and Obama campaigns, but Obama hides behind fig leaves just as he did with Antoin “Tony” Rezko. Fact is BP and Obama are oily friends with oily interests. Obama’s henchmen continue the myth of a small donor campaign but it was Big Money that got him his job as well as oily friends, like Tom Daschle:

“President Barack Obama’s campaign was the top recipient of BP employees’ money in the 2008 election: $71,000.

Asked about the donations, White House spokesman Ben LaBolt said Obama “didn’t accept a dime from corporate PACs or federal lobbyists.”[snip]

In a reflection of the Obama administration’s and BP’s mutual interest in developing fuel alternatives to gasoline, Obama named Steven Koonin, BP’s former chief scientist, the Energy Department’s undersecretary for science.

The other top recipients of BP employee 2008 election-giving both sit on the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, one of the panels investigating the spill. Obama’s GOP presidential rival, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, received $37,000. And $16,000 went to a senator whose state is on the receiving end of much of the spilled oil, Democrat Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, according to figures compiled by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.”

Everyone gets money from BP, even Bill Clinton. The difference is that some get money, some get bought with money.

“BP’s Washington lobbyists include well-connected people from both major parties, some of them visitors to the White House.

Lobbyist Tony Podesta is a prolific Democratic fundraiser and brother to John Podesta, who headed Obama’s transition team. Tony Podesta appears at least seven times in visitor logs released by the Obama White House. Six of Podesta’s visits were on behalf of clients, but he and his firm said none was BP-related. The other visit was to Vice President Joe Biden’s residence for a dinner in honor of the Greek Orthodox Church patriarch.

The White House confirmed that BP lobbyists have been to the White House complex, but said only two visits were BP-related: Two of the oil company’s in-house lobbyists, Karen St. John and Michael Brien, attended 2009 meetings on EPA standards, according to the Office of Management and Budget. The OMB accepts all requests for meetings during the review of such regulations and discloses the meetings.

BP declined to talk about its lobbying efforts or comment on White House visits.

Other BP lobbyists from lobbying firms include Jim Turner, a former House Democrat from Texas now with the Arnold & Porter firm; Ken Duberstein, a former White House chief of staff under President Reagan whose lobbying firm employs several former top Democratic and Republican congressional aides; Michelle Laxalt, a Republican with ties to GOP lawmakers; and Michael Berman, president of the Duberstein firm and a former Democratic Senate aide and party adviser.”

Tom Daschle is not alone. And others in the Obama orbit have “interests” in the outcome of BP’s finances. Ever wonder why the Deepwater Horizon well does not get blown up and shut down?

“At least four lawmakers on committees investigating the spill reported family stock holdings in BP or two other companies involved in the rig disaster: Halliburton and Transocean, according to their most recent financial disclosure reports, filed last year.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., disclosed family stock holdings of up to $15,000 in BP and $65,000 to $150,000 in Transocean. Asked whether he would recuse himself from the investigation in light of that, press secretary Whitney Smith called the question “preposterous.”

At least Whitney Smith did not say “seditious”.

We’ll have more seditious questions and answers tomorrow on our headlined topics -as well as the latest publicity stunt which borders on – the typical chiflados territory.