The Obama Death Threat: You’ve Got Me

Bill Clinton is golden; Barack Obama is Poison; the Tea is potent; Sarah Smiles, and Jeremiah Wright, like a werewolf, makes an appearance when the Pennsylvania primary moon is in the sky.

Before Tuesday’s primaries Politico tried to insulate Barack Obama from damage and to place the blame on someone else. That someone else is Bill Clinton. If Bill Clinton’s candidates had lost we would have seen many “Clinton Era Is Over” headlines. But the candidates Bill Clinton actively campaigned for won. According to Politico, before the primary elections:

“Tuesday’s primary elections in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Arkansas won’t just be a test of the national political environment. They’ll also offer a clearer look at who’s shaping up to be a powerful force in 2010 and who’s already struggling to stay relevant in the long midterm cycle.”

Of these (including: Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell who forcefully supported Arlen Specter, Big Labor which “swung strongly behind Halter’s challenge to Lincoln in Arkansas”, the Dimocratic and Republican establishments in Kentucky in which the Dims barely beat out the trounced by Rand Paul Republican establishment, and Mike Hukabee’s waning clout in Arkansas) marked for blame, Bill Clinton is the golden boy, the comeback kid that never left. Politico tried to set Bill Clinton up by noting:

“Former President Bill Clinton put his personal brand on the line in two of Tuesday’s elections, moving to help two struggling Democrats connect with the restive 2010 electorate. Clinton penned a fundraising appeal late last year for Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln and cut a pair of radio ads for her this month as she faced a tough primary challenge from Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, a former official in Clinton’s administration. And on Sunday, Clinton made a last-minute visit to Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District in an effort to give Democrat Mark Critz a boost in his bid to hold the seat of the late Rep. John Murtha. [snip] … both are tests of his staying power a decade after leaving office.”

No doubt Bill Clinton’s star still shines bright, by the standards of his harshest critics in Big Media. Bill Clinton not only supported the winning candidate, in Arkansas (who now has to win a runoff election) but he also contributed the evenings only real semi shock. In the Pennsylvania 12th district, perhaps due to a Democratic turnout enhanced in the district by the contentious Sestak/Specter fight, the Democrat actually won handily in a race that many expected the Republican to either win or have a chance to win. But Bill Clinton has clout in Pennsylvania.

Hillary Clinton trounced Barack Obama in Pennsylvania. Joe Sestak was one of her strong supporters. Sestak made pro forma statements about Obama in order to stifle supposed, but nonexistent, Obama clout in eastern Pennsylvania. But everyone knew that Sestak was fighting Specter only because Barack Obama assured Specter of his “full support”.

Specter now knows we are right when we say “Obama can’t be trusted by friend nor foe“. And let’s not forget it was in the Pennsylvania primary in 2008, right after Ohio, that Jeremiah Wright became an irritant for Big Media’s worship of Barack Obama. It was also during the Pennsylvania primary in 2008 that Obama smeared small town voters as “bitter” and “clinging” at a fancy schmancy fundraiser in San Francisco.

Bill Clinton as winner is only the sweet. We also have to consider the bitter poison which is Barack Obama. Make no mistake, the message from last night was not about incumbents or even muddled. The message is clear: Barack Obama is Poison.

Critz won in Pennsylvania’s 12 district but he did so by embracing Bill Clinton and running away from Barack Obama. Critz stated he would have voted against Obama’s health scam and also moved so fast to the center, he ran against Republican Burns from the right. On abortion, guns, and gays, Critz is as conservative a Democrat as you can find. Critz ran from Obama and from Obamaism in all its corrupt forms. Critz knows Bill Clinton is the political way and the light and Barack Obama is Poison. Poison.

“President Obama is playing an unusual role in tomorrow’s special election in Pennsylvania to replace the late Rep. Jack Murtha, king of Democratic pork barrelers. Both major party candidates are doing their best to distance themselves from Mr. Obama’s policies.

It’s not surprising that Republican Tim Burns would be running against the Obama White House. But Mark Critz, a former staffer to Mr. Murtha, is spending much of his time as the Democratic candidate beating up on the president’s priorities too.

As a sign of just how much blue-collar districts like Mr. Murtha’s are shifting, Mr. Critz sometimes appears to be trying to outflank Mr. Burns, a local businessman, on the right. He declares that he wants to be “an independent voice” and highlights how he disagrees with Washington Democrats by opposing gun control and abortion rights. But he goes further and says he would have voted against ObamaCare and the cap-and-trade climate change bill passed by the House last year. Both pieces of legislation were supported by Murtha. Nor has Mr. Critz asked President Obama to campaign for him or even sought an endorsement.

Critz knew that Barack Obama is poison after witnessing Obama stink up deep blue Massachusetts, blue New Jersey, and purple Virginia. Critz ran away from venomous Barack Obama and attacked Republican Burns as a “tax hiker”. Critz won with a Republican message and Republican tactics:

“Should Mr. Critz win tomorrow’s special election tomorrow, the real question might be: Did voters simply back the candidate who sounded the most conservative? Because no matter who wins the election, it’s pretty clear no one running was touting the Obama agenda.

Last night Dimocrat Lawrence O’Donnell said the White House political operation is “reeling”. That’s because Obama candidates lose elections.

To try to fight the “Barack Obama Is Poison” reality, the Obama thug machines is trotting out, via it’s Big Media affiliates the notion that it is not Obama and Obama Dimocrats who are in trouble, but rather all “incumbents”. Rubbish. Jay Cost calls rubbish, rubbish and calls out shill Richard Wolffe as well as Dan Balz and Chris Cilizza for publishing White House rubbish:

“Ok. So, the idea is that the public mood is anti-incumbent in general, which means we should expect lots of “hand-to-hand” combat between Democrat and Republican candidates as they try to position themselves as being the most anti-Washington.

No. This is totally wrong.

It is a false equivalency being pushed because Arlen Specter is probably going to lose today. If that happens, Snarlin’ Arlen will make the fourth high-profile pol that Barack Obama embraced in friendship who was later rebuked by the voters of a blue or purple state. Deeds, Corzine, Coakley, Specter. The White House doesn’t want this “narrative” to get out – so they’re pushing this alternative instead.

This isn’t about dissatisfaction with the performance of the 44th President. Oh no. This is about demanding change in Washington – the very same change, by gum, that Barack Obama has been working so hard to bring about!

“Change that you can believe in” has gone from an over-worked campaign slogan to an unfalsifiable hypothesis. Vote for a Dem, you support the President’s agenda for change. Vote for a GOPer, you support the President’s agenda for change.

But how many Republican incumbents are in severe jeopardy of losing their seat in Congress to a Democratic challenger?

I count one: Joseph Cao of New Orleans.”

The Obama campaign thug machine is working its mules in Big Media hard. Push the narrative guys, but it won’t work because you do not understand the American voter and the disgust with Obama:

“Meanwhile, I count more than 20 Democrats in the House and Senate who are in severe jeopardy. Lower the threshold from “severe” to “serious” jeopardy, and I count maybe four Republicans and more than 50 Democrats.

The White House is absolutely, positively correct that there is a divide between America and Washington – but what they fail to appreciate (or, more likely, they appreciate it but want to fake-out the press) is that Washington, D.C. now belongs to Barack Obama.

Just as the student radicals of the 1960s became the tenured faculty of the 2000s, so the worm has turned in the District of Columbia. The gates have been crashed and the one-time insurgents are now comfortably ensconced as the establishment. And with the health care bill, Mr. Obama and his band of former rebels have enacted an extremely unpopular law that they cannot possibly blame on the old guard. George W. Bush may have “forced” Barack Obama’s hand on the stimulus, but Dubya had nary a thing to do with the health care bill.

This is why President Obama was wrong to equate the election of Scott Brown to his own victory, and why he’s wrong to push this story now. He is the ultimate insider now. That snappy “Hail to the Chief” he hears every time he walks into a room should be sign enough of this fact.

The White House likely knows this. They just don’t want us talking about how Obama can’t save a single high-profile candidate from a purple or blue state. They don’t want us to realize that his coattails have been torn and frayed by the choices he’s made in the last 17 months.

That’s a nice way to say: Barack Obama Is Poison.

But, but, what about the children incumbents?

“No doubt that Republican incumbents are being rebuked across the country by their primary constituencies. But it’s all about who is closer to the establishment, which is currently commanded by a Democratic President whose job approval rating has been under 50% in the RCP average for five months. In this situation, challenger trumps incumbent, but Republican trumps Democrat. Republican challengers are farther than Republican incumbents from the establishment, so the latter better look out in the primaries. But in general elections, the dynamic will be very different. Republican challengers and incumbents will tar their Democratic opponents with a simple characterization: “A vote for my opponent is a vote for Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s agenda.” Democrats will have no such claim to make against Republicans.

This “anti-incumbent” meme is just a smokescreen designed to get the White House through some tough news cycles.”

As we wrote yesterday, “most of the winners in today’s primaries are getting a ticket to nowhere – well, at least the Dimocrats.” These Dimocrats will lose for the same reason we wrote on May 11th,Get the fork, get the shovel, call the undertaker, order the coffin, schedule the burial, get the foot tag – Arlen Specter’s dead, doornail dead. Diagnosis: Poison. Death by Obama.”

Yup, Barack Obama is Poison. Poison.

Obama is Poison and that is reflected in low Dimocratic voter turnout. In the district where Bill Clinton campaigned, turnout was up even contrary to the statewide turnout evn though the Sestak/Specter race generated a lot of “buzz”. But Bill Clinton can only help he cannot save a candidate that runs with Barack Obama. Indeed Dimocrats are still in a great deal of trouble in November:

“But Critz’s victory was mixed for Democrats. Labor unions worked tirelessly to deliver this election for the party, which spent $1 million on the race. That amount of money and effort will be hard to duplicate in every contested congressional district. Also, it’s worth noting that Critz won by distancing himself from Democratic leaders in Washington and running against Obama’s health care plan. He boasted in an ad that he would have voted against it had he been in Congress. [snip]

But Critz’s victory was mixed for Democrats. Labor unions worked tirelessly to deliver this election for the party, which spent $1 million on the race. That amount of money and effort will be hard to duplicate in every contested congressional district. Also, it’s worth noting that Critz won by distancing himself from Democratic leaders in Washington and running against Obama’s health care plan. He boasted in an ad that he would have voted against it had he been in Congress.”

Barack Obama is Poison. Run from him if you want to live. Obama is the Terminator of political careers.

Sarah Palin, like Bill Clinton helps. She was the first major figure to endorse Rand Paul and along with the Tea Party movement beat the Republican establishment. So Sarah Smiles.

Barack Obama Is Poison and Dimocrats running for office are learning that lesson defeat by defeat. When we wrote “Mistake In ’08, Part II – The Power of Hillary Clinton Supporters in February of this year, we discussed a Weekly Standard article called “The Clinton Voters Jump Ship“:

“For six months during the 2008 primaries, Obama and Hillary Clinton crisscrossed the country wooing voters. Obama consistently failed to win over important parts of the Democratic base, even after it became clear that he was going to be his party’s nominee. [snip]

Instead, it may be that his general election triumph was the aberration—that his coalition was never as strong as the financial panic of September 2008 made it seem. It would mean that he is now returning to his natural base of support and that the Jacksonians and others who resisted him in the primaries have turned away once again from his charms.

But it also suggests something more, that the Democratic party is now the party of Obama, for good and for ill. While the president is no Jacksonian, his party has many in its ranks. Democratic officeholders should be concerned about their voters fleeing not just from Obama but from their party as well. The president may be in the process of trimming the Democratic base back into something that looks an awful lot like his own primary base.

A few weeks ago Representative Marion Berry, a Jacksonian from Arkansas’s First District, recounted an exchange he had with the president. Asked how he was going to prevent a midterm disaster on the scale of 1994, Obama replied, “Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.” Which may be precisely the problem.”

That is precisely the problem. “You’ve got me” isn’t a promise – it’s a death threat.

Arizona bashing is not an antidote to the poison which is Barack Obama. That swill does not work even in Connecticut which wants the same laws (“rat bastard racists!”). The antidote to the poison which is Barack Obama is devastating defeat for his drone Dimocrats.

Obama is poison and his poison is spreading, and killing.