Racist Americans Attack Mess-iah Obama

The “racists” are multiplying. The “racists” are winning. The “racists” are everywhere. The “racists” are attacking Barack Obama.

As we Hillary Supporters learned, anyone who opposes Barack Obama is a “racist”. If you worked all your life for civil rights for all but you oppose Barack Obama you have been a secret “racist” all along. Anyone who criticizes Barack Obama is a “racist”. Anyone who does not support Barack Obama’s policies is doing so because they are “racists”. Policy disputes with Barack Obama are code words for “racist” intent. Anyone who supports an issue Obama does not agree with and who persists in pushing that issue is a “racist”. If you disagree with Obama you are a secret “racist” who has been outed. If you question Obama’s motives you are a “racist”. If you question Obama’s character you are a “racist”. Anyone who doubts Obama’s uncanny powers and world-wide popularity is a “racist”. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, if you mess with Barack, you’re a “racist”. “Racists”, we’re coming to get you. So let’s name some racists.

Chris Bowers at NothingLeft is a “racist”. That good for nothing is pimping some real “racist” redneck incitement against Barack Obama. That honky does not appreciate how great Obama is with the full devotion and obsequiousness he used to display. Bowers is exposed as a secret “racist”. Bowers pretended to be an Obama admirer but now we can see he is a “racist”. Here’s the damning “racist” talk that honky is jive talking against Barack Obama:

“The latest NBC poll has an interesting tidbit that helps explain a lot about the current political environment:

Obama is more helpful in rallying the GOP base (64% of Republican voters say they’re voting GOP to OPPOSE Obama and Dem candidates) than he is his own base (49% of Dem voters say they’re voting to SUPPORT Obama and Dem candidates). Translation: Obama’s presence on the campaign trail might solidify the GOP base without guaranteeing the same lift to Democrats.

Second translation: Obama is the enthusiasm gap. He makes Republicans more excited about opposing him then [sic] Democrats more excited about supporting him.”

Who the hell does this honky think he is, to criticize Barack Obama and his greatness? Next thing you know this honky good-for-nothing will be quoting Reverend Manning and calling Barack Obama a “long-legged freak”, a “mack-daddy”. Bowers is a “racist”.

Non-honky Charles Blow is a “racist” too. How dare this jive turkey attack the Golden Calf! He must be one of them self-hating types were hear tell of. This no good so-and-so, dares to notice that the church pews are empty in the Cult Cathedral of the High Church Of Barack Obama. He ain’t black, he’s a “racist”. A “racist” trying to blame Barack Obama for the failures of the nothing left Left. No good, damn – “racist”:

“Is “Left” becoming a four-letter word?

You’d think so lately with each day bringing more news of unconscionable conservative tilts in the electorate, while the drumbeat of the Democrats’ supposed death march to November gets ever louder.

For example, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey released this week found that a majority of Americans supported Arizona’s hostile new immigration law, even as most allowed that the law is likely to lead to more discrimination against legal immigrants. Apparently, for some, there is an acceptable level of collateral damage.

A May 7 Gallup poll found that 42 percent of people wanted a Supreme Court nominee who would make the court more conservative, as opposed to only 27 percent who wanted a nominee who would make it more liberal. That was before Elena Kagan was nominated. Afterward, 40 percent rated her as a good or excellent choice, but that was the lowest such rating in recent history, even 4 percentage points lower than Harriet Miers’s.

An Associated Press-GfK poll released this week found that a plurality of people still favor increasing drilling for oil and gas off the coasts even as an unprecedented natural disaster unfolds in the Gulf of Mexico. Environment be damned.

And Gallup released a poll on Friday entitled “The New Normal on Abortion: Americans More ‘Pro-Life.’ ” It buttressed the finding from last summer when, for the first time since the question began being asked in 1995, more people self-identified as “pro-life” than as “pro-choice.”

This string of bad news has only compounded an already palpable sense of loss and longing on the left, an enveloping fear of the inevitable: rejection. The right, and most importantly, the middle, unnerved by spending in a recession and unhinged by Obama in the White House, have not bought into the liberal vision of a new America. In fact, they’re increasingly weary of it, if not hostile to it.

So by most accounts, Nov. 2 is going to be a blue day in blue America. That is in part because of a sizable enthusiasm gap that favors Republicans.”

This “racist” dares to question the new post-racial utopia we are living in thanks to Barack Obama. How dare he! He’s a “racist”. He pretended, while writing all those Obama loving columns, that he loved Obama. But now we know better – he’s a “racist”.

“Liberals may want to crouch in a corner, wait for the storm to pass, then resurface and survey the damage, but that would be avoidance rather than acknowledgement and acceptance.

Better to acknowledge that the anger and frustration felt across the country, however fanatical and freighted, must find release, and it will do so in November. Then you can accept it for what it is: not a failure of philosophy, but a fear of the future. That future can be deferred, but it will not be denied.”

Who the hell does this guy think he is to question “you got me” Barack? “Racist” scum. How dare he blame Obama for the hell to come in November. How dare he blame Barack Obama for the mess we are all in. “Racist” scum.

But for those really showing their true colors, the Hollywood secret “racists” and the liberal “racists” we have to thank the website Not Your Sweetie. Damn dirty “racists” are everywhere. Damn, how did that happen? “Racists” all of them.

Notice the code language in what they say. It’s dirty “racist” code. They have a black man on a wanted poster as a criminal. This is clear cut “racist” language in an advertisement in the liberal New York Review of Books. Rat bastard liberal “racists” are using tried and true rat bastard “racist” code to attack Mess-iah Obama. Rat bastard racists!

Criminal Obama

Racist rat bastards attacking Barack Obama with racist code language in the New York Review of Books. Racist rat bastards. Let’s name the racist rat bastards who dare attack Obama with a racist “teabagger” style ad:

Cindy Sheehan, Cornel West, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg, Noam Chomsky, Ray McGovern, Carl Dix, Bill Quigley, William Blum, Joyce Kozloff, Ann Messner, David Swanson, Sunsara Taylor, Stephen Rohde, Fr. Bob Bossie, Peter Phillips, Jed Stone, Tomás Olmos, Peter McLaren, Jodie Evans, Elaine Brower, Matthis Chiroux, Dennis Loo, Larry Everest, Andy Worthington, Blasé Bonpane, William Ayers, Dahr Jamail, Kathy Kelly, Mike Gravel, Rev. Dr. George F. Regas, Donald Freed, Rocky Anderson, Frank Summers, Tom Morello, Ann Wright, Edward Asner, Sarah Kunstler, Emily Kunstler, Michael Ratner, James Cromwell, M. Cherif Bassiouni

Rat bastard racists! If the Tea Party activists ran and ad like this Big Media would expose the secret racist code language in this ad. But, it’s liberal rat bastards in the liberal New York Review of Books that are racists.

It’s up to us to expose the rat bastard liberal racists who pretended to love and worship Barack Obama but who are secret racists out to destroy the One who must not be attacked.

Racists beware! We are on to your tricks and deceptions. We will hunt you down. How dare you attack Barack Obama just because everything is falling apart.


185 thoughts on “Racist Americans Attack Mess-iah Obama

  1. The dots people need to connect is that Obama himself is the man behind this continuing effort to play the race card as well as the beneficiary.

    He made it clear to his campaign people that he did not want to run–based on his qualifications, but as a black man. He told those campaign workers who saw it differently, that they did not get the point of his campaign. Later, when Bill and Hillary walked into the race mine field that had been laid for them in North Carolina, he pretended to know nothing about it, but whined loud and long about that picture of him on Drudge wearing ethnic garb.

    Conclusion: he campaigned by using the race card and now he governs by using the race card. Ergo, if the question is who is responsible for the racial polarization of our country the correct answer is “Barack–he be the man!”.

  2. South Carolina. (But it was there in North Carolina too, where a State Democratic Party leader told us that blacks should never vote for a white candidate, That leader was a strong supporter of Obama. I remember it well.)

  3. Hillary, by contrast was clear that she was not running because she was a woman, but because she was and still is the most qualified candidate for the job. But the American People never understood the importance of qualifications, or their interrelationship to real world results. They thought it was just one big American Idol contest, and he would surround himself with smart people–like Janet, our distinguished director of national security.

  4. BP is trying to put a 6″ pipe with some sort of clamp on the end of it on the 21″ pipe that is leaking…first try..failure…now they are trying again and they are hopeful this time. They have submarines and the smartest people in the world helping…I wonder why they news media thought it was important that we all know that the smart people were working on this????

    I guess this oil well is the mother lode of at oil strike…It would be nice if they could save it, but why are they dispersing the oil on/in the water when there is equipment that can salvage it…its one of those head scratching moments.

  5. Yes, Admin- I detect a feverish intonement in your voice when using the words ‘Rat Bastard Racist.’

    You may enjoy hearing this short podcast by Aaron Klein, co-authored with Brenda Elliot of the “Manchurian President”-


    If your BP isn’t spiking hi enough, what AK has to say about Obama’s sneaky tête-à-tête with our one of our enemies may see to it.

  6. Sestak is a “racist” too for opposing Obama while pretending to support Obama, even though he does not support “Obama’s vision for change”. Racist:


    Organizing for America, the former grass-roots campaign arm for President Obama’s 2008 campaign, is trying to rally supporters to phone bank and get out the vote in Pennsylvania for Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Penn., the former Republican locked in a tight primary race with a far more progressive Democrat, Rep. Joe Sestak, D-Penn.

    Chris Bolling, the national volunteer coordinator for OFA, writes in an email that the “stakes of this election are high: ensuring that allies of the President are elected in the House and Senate to fight for change. So starting this weekend, through Tuesday’s election, there will be phone banks for OFA volunteers in D.C. We’ll call into Pennsylvania and encourage voters to support leaders who will fight for President Obama’s vision for change.

    Specter, of course, supported the presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and only became a Democrat when it became clear he would suffer an ignominious defeat in the GOP primary to former Rep. Pat Toomey, R-Penn. But the White House, needing Specter’s support for various parts of the president’s agenda, pledged to help him in his re-election.

    But all that politics making strange bedfellows means that the president’s campaign arm is asking grass-roots progressives to vote for someone who until last year was a Republican to defeat Sestak, who is indubitably a more legitimate progressive.

    Sestak told ABC News’ “Top Line” on Thursday, “I intend to be not a yes man but one of his strongest if not the strongest ally (President Obama) can have in the Senate.”

  7. Mrs. Smith, the “rat bastard racist” line comes from some of the Obama worship sites. It’s what they love to call those who oppose Obama’s policies. Before it was only Republicans who were “rat bastard racists” but then Jane Hamsher was awarded the same. It’s hard to communicate the laughter we get from the race-baiters especially as we turn their rhetoric against them.

  8. A New Mexico legislator, wants a big boycott of the next door neighbor Arizona (to include that teams would not play teams from Arizona).


    This comes on the heels of our New republican mayor of Albuquerque change the procedure on when people are arrested. If you are arrested in Albuquerque, you will now be asked for your papers, unless you are underaged. Of course the usually people are in a uproar.

    Palin is coming to support the Rep Gov candidate Susan Martinez, and Bill Clinton is in town to support LTG Diane Denish, the Dem candidate. I am thankful that BC is here to support her, like she supported HRC.

    Thinks are heating up in NM.

  9. Something must be wrong with me, maybe I am a racist when I think of Barack as being a half black man. Isn’t he only half black, yet just as much of his DNA is from his white mother? And, wasn’t he raised by his white single mother, and white grandparents, later his mom married another black man?
    Woo, that is confusing…back and forth, not sure which race you are, but you are actually of both races yet… all these years later, he picks one race to represent and the other he attacks if they don’t like the corruption and lies he spouts.

    The voting in November is AGAINST Baracko, not necessarily FOR Republicans, but the way to defuse his flame is to limit his party’s power. My guess is the blowback is to a large part, from Hillary supports…most of whom are not Republicans and are ready to burn down the congress to get their real party back. Independents are not beholdin’ to either party, so they are the always faithful swing vote.

  10. #
    May 15th, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    “Long time listner, first time caller”

    Love this site and this article.
    Your login name cracks me up. 😉

  11. admin: another brillant article!

    I am so sick of being called a racist. After I was called that by some idiot Obot because I supported Hillary, I remember telling one of my republican friends that, and he says, well now you know what conservatives have been going through.

    I have several family members in PA, staunch dems and strong Hillary centerist dems, they are planning on voting for Sestack in the dem. primaries and then for Toomey in the general. They no longer even consider themselves democrats, but want to send a message with their votes.

    They are hard working blue collar socially conservative voters, you know, those bitter clinger types, they voted for Mccain/Palin in 2008, and while they are still registered democrats, that’s all they are, they no longer have any loyalty to the disgusting party. I asked them will they be voting all repubs this year, and they told me yes, in 2010 as well as 2012.

    The democratic party of JFK is gone. Its been replaced by America-hating, radical nutjobs who don’t believe in the US Constitution, don’t believe in American values, don’t believe in American exceptionalism.

  12. admin
    May 15th, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    Mrs. Smith, the “rat bastard racist” line comes from some of the Obama worship sites. It’s what they love to call those who oppose Obama’s policies.

    Those three words should go viral via a Facebook account, Twitter site or incorporated into a SNL skit- (denoting) the overkill of an epithet that once was considered a flaming insult.. is now trivialized as just another ‘Jeopardy’ answer. ha!

  13. Mrs. Smith, we should also credit the “honky” and “jive turkey” stuff to Fred Sanford a.k.a. Redd Foxx from a recent TV Land broadcast. 🙂

    It wasn’t this one but we love Aunt Esther.

  14. Mrs. Smith, I just went to your cite…great info over there. You been working on this financial thing hard.

  15. Dept of the Interior Secty, Ken Salazar doesn’t have a clue what his job entails. If he does, he just doesn’t care and will do the bidding of Big Oil.

    Then you have Obama and his “faux” outrage at the (law violating) insensitive treatment and endangerment of marine animals that eventually beach themselves because their eardrums have been shattered by seismic activity. And/or the never discussed, newer hi-tech sonar that produces the same result from an ear piercing frequency deployed against the ocean floor searching for oil deposits.

    Environmental group to sue US over oil permits

    15 May 2010

    * Group says US improperly approved offshore operations

    * It says Interior Department ignored environmental laws

    * Oil exploration harms marine mammals, group says

    (Updates with Interior Department statement, paragraph 6)

    By Deborah Zabarenko, Environment Correspondent

    WASHINGTON, May 14 (Reuters) – U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar improperly approved offshore oil operations in the Gulf of Mexico without regard to possible harm to marine mammals, an environmental group said Friday in a legal notice.

    The Center for Biological Diversity said it plans to sue Salazar and the Interior Department’s Minerals Management Service (MMS) for failing to get environmental permits required by two environmental laws — the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act.

    The group said the Interior Department has approved three lease sales, more than 100 seismic surveys and more than 300 drilling operations since Salazar took office in 2009 without the required environmental permits meant to protect endangered whales and other marine mammals.

    “The Department of the Interior and the Minerals Management Service are creating a lawless zone in the Gulf of Mexico when it comes to these environmental laws,” Miyoko Sakashita, the center’s oceans director, said by telephone. “The oil companies really get to call the shots.”

    The group filed a notice of intent to sue Salazar and MMS, giving them 60 days to respond, as required by the Endangered Species Act.

    The Interior Department said in a statement Friday evening that it will review the Minerals Management Service’s procedures under the National Environmental Policy Act, and examine the review process for offshore oil and gas operations under the Endangered Species Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

    The environmental group’s action came as President Barack Obama Friday announced that he has directed Salazar to carry out a “top-to-bottom reform” of the MMS, the federal agency that oversees offshore drilling.

    “For too long, for a decade or more, there’s been a cozy relationship between the oil companies and the federal agency that permits them to drill,” Obama said.

    “That cannot and will not happen anymore,” Obama added.

    Obama also expressed “anger and frustration” over the April 20 oil rig explosion that killed 11 workers and caused a well owned by BP Plc to begin gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico in what may be the worst such spill in U.S. history.

    In response to the unchecked oil spill, Salazar on Tuesday announced a plan to divide MMS to separate the collection of oil royalties from safety inspection duties.

    In a joint statement with the White House Council on Environmental Quality, the Interior Department said Friday it will review environmental procedures at MMS regarding the impact of offshore oil and gas development.

    Whales and other marine mammals in the Gulf can suffer hearing loss from the loud noise generated by seismic exploration surveys used to search for oil, the center said in its document. These surveys can also disturb feeding and breeding behavior and mask communication between individual whales and dolphins, according to the center.

    Noise from drilling operations can displace whales from feeding areas and offshore oil activities — such as pollution, marine debris, oil spills and vessels striking mammals — can also harm marine mammals, the center said. (Editing by Paul Simao)


    And as Emmanuel loves to say- ‘never let a crisis go to waste’- Obama now has the law behind him to hold-up Oil companies for bigger bribes/huge amounts of graph-

    Either way, this oil spill is just another self-enrichment ploy by the Obama Cartel cruising the nation for their next opportunity taking Big Business to task.

  16. This mosque that they want to build at ground zero will be built with iron/steel parts
    from one of PLANES!

    Obama does not see anything wrong with this!

  17. admin
    May 15th, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    Mrs. Smith, we should also credit the “honky” and “jive turkey” stuff to Fred Sanford-

    By all means, do! I’ve seen the encores. Yesterday and today, from the sublime to the ridiculous…

  18. #
    May 15th, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    Mrs. Smith, I just went to your cite…great info over there. You been working on this financial thing hard.

    Thanks, confloyd- I hope it imparts information useful to readers.

  19. this is hysterical, Admin.
    I found myself reading it in jive talk in my head.
    Maybe you should do a book.

  20. btw, I’ve been following the oil gusher (can’t call it a spill or leak since it looks like a volcano) nonstop.

    I think all citizens should file a class action law suit against BP and the Interior Dept. or just the govt. for failure to enforce the laws. After all, the executive branch (headed by obie) is supposed to enforce the laws. I’m not a lawyer so what do you think?

  21. Anyone else feel like they’re being manipulated by the mosque story? Google gives me nothing but NY Post and Fox bits. And was it last week that o was going on about the potential danger of the information gleaned from the internet? I don’t know why but something just feels way to odd about the entire thing. Only one small article in the times? No statements from the mayor’s office. No press conference to explain the decision. Piques people’s anger gets them to spew and then they come out on monday and say it was all misinformation but look how ugly and bigoted all of the tea partyers/repugs/ racists are. Can’t shake the thought that it is a manipulation?

  22. I think it is all manipulation, Henry. I think we should always assume it is-and one day we could be pleasantly surprised if it’s not. That makes no sense, but you know what I mean

  23. Now here is an interesting development. We might want to stop laughing too hard and see this film opening in September calling for a Race War in America.

    If you can, admin-please post the Youtube. Comments welcome..

    This is for real- (I accidentally found this on Drudge just a few minutes ago.. everything happens for a reason )


    New Film ‘Machete’ evokes race war

  24. kc
    but something is just so not right with this
    and while I try to come here daily to get my free education from admin, wbb(bunch of vowels that I cannot pronounce nor remember), Jan H and others. anything which really gets me angry I try and go to many opposing sites to get the info and evaluate for myself. The mosque fiasco has resulted in a lot of blanket anti-moslem sentiment with an eerie quietude from those who would other wise be typing in caps til their fingers bled. I can just imagine some telepromptor speech about healing the nation after misinformation was dispensed. Sometimes things just feel so oddly wrong and for me this does.

  25. Henry-I don’t really understand it either, but I’ll bet the widows of those who were killed in 9-11 will tie it’s being built up in lawsuits for years. I guess some group just wanted to provoke people-it does sound totally tone deaf though.

  26. Henry-I’m a retired teacher and before I started teaching, I found it hard to believe that people would waste their time deliberately trying to provoke other people. After teaching a few years, I no longer doubted it. There are people and children who enjoy pushing other people’s buttons. It’s illogical, I know but we are stuck with them.

  27. Personally, I think there is alot of manipulation going on…what better way to control the electorate than to get us fighting each other…Isn’t that the Alinsky method? Glenn Beck is on everyday trying to incite a revolution, when its very apparent to me that he and O’Reilly is doing the bidding of Obama!

    I watch Beck almost everyday and have for months…he has this phone he says goes straight to the WH…at the end of his program the phone rang and he said it was the WH…nothing was ever mentioned about that call when he promised he would fill us in…he working for them.

    Its the Alinsky method and both parties are doing it…thus the Arizona thing…of coarse I think what they are doing there should be done…the media is hyping it and the WH was for it before it was against it. Its all games.

  28. kc
    a week or so ago the Blackberry carrying dnc selected president goes on and on and on about the dangers of the internet and misinformation and then this creeps up which has so much potential to create so much anger and well it just seems very convenient. And to think that the mayor’s office wouldn’t have held a press conference or a town hall or something?
    Remember these are the same people who went out of their way to walk Lewis before the teaparty people in the hopes of getting a racial slur and when they didn’t get it they fabricated it.

  29. confloyd
    if you are okay with your beck watching I do not judge and I must confess I have a little thing for Ann Coulter(and I’m a gay man). Disagree with her more than not but I get a royal charge out of her. I actually admire an attorney who can use humor so well intentionally.

  30. Mrs. Smith
    May 15th, 2010 at 8:57 pm
    I would be interested in knowing who the financial backers were for this movie.

  31. You both think they are dangling the shiny object in front of us so we won’t pay attention to what they are really doing. I think so also. And democrats and republicans have both been throwing red meat to their bases for years so we will get all emotional and angry with the other side. I remember getting e-mails from dems in the last election (even though I told them to take me off their lists) about how we should help obama because the repubs could upset abortion rights. When actually the conservatives have a majority on the SC and could overturn Roe v. Wade whenever they wanted to. We are onto their games though and I do hope it won’t work next time.

  32. Tuesday’s primaries could provide early answers for election year

    By Dan Balz and Chris Cillizza
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Sunday, May 16, 2010

    An angry electorate, which already has delivered a series of shocks to the political system, will render a fresh verdict on Washington, incumbency and both party establishments in a slate of high-stakes contests Tuesday that are shaping up to form one of the most important voting days of the year.

    Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) could be the next incumbent to fall, but by late Tuesday night, everyone from President Obama to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) could feel the sting of voter anger that has shaped the election climate and that could produce a dramatic upheaval in Congress by November.

    Everyone has a different definition of the anger: anti-incumbent; anti-Obama; anti-establishment; anti-Washington. But the expressions of displeasure are everywhere. Some voters think Washington is spending too much and is infringing on their rights. Others say Washington is not doing enough — to penalize bankers or to oversee the cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico as oil gushes from a broken well.

    Democratic pollster Peter Hart said anyone searching for meaning from Tuesday’s races need only look to grievances that have been building for months. “How many times do we need to tell the same story, which is that voters are looking for something that is not in Washington right now,” he said.

    In the past seven months, the discontent has taken many forms. Republicans have picked up the governorships of Virginia and New Jersey and, in a seismic shock, the Senate seat in Massachusetts long held by the late Edward M. Kennedy. Last weekend, Sen. Robert F. Bennett (R-Utah) was defeated at a party convention; a few days later, Rep. Alan B. Mollohan (D-W.Va.) lost his primary.

    Whit Ayres, a Republican pollster, said the contests this week — dubbed the Super Tuesday of 2010 — must be seen through this prism: “They will be another measure of the depth of anger at Washington and the current state of the country.”

    This week’s contests have been dubbed 2010’s Super Tuesday. The marquee race is the Democratic Senate primary in Pennsylvania where Specter, who switched parties in 2009, is trailing Rep. Joe Sestak. Elected five times as a Republican, Specter defected to the Democrats because he feared he might lose his bid for re-nomination in the Republican primary. Now he could lose as a Democrat, although he enjoys the support of Obama and the Democratic establishment.

    A second Democratic senator, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, is also fighting for survival, against Lt. Gov. Bill Halter.

    Whoever wins the Democratic nominations in those states will face stiff competition in the fall.

    Republicans have their own intraparty warfare to contend with on Tuesday. Kentucky has become a laboratory for measuring the relative powers of the “tea party” movement vs. the GOP establishment in the race to succeed retiring Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.). There, upstart Rand Paul is seeking the nomination against secretary of state Trey Grayson, who enjoys the support of McConnell, the state’s preeminent Republican.

    Also, a special House election in western Pennsylvania to fill the vacancy created by the death of Rep. John P. Murtha (D) could provide clues to the prospects for Republicans to capture control of the House in November.

    In addition, Oregon is holding primaries Tuesday.

    That 2010 could be tough for incumbents is hardly a surprise, given the mood of the voters. But some strategists say it is possible to read too much into the defeats of Bennett and Mollohan.

    In any normal year, Mollohan’s defeat might have been written off to the baggage he carried from past ethics problems, although his vote for health-care reform was an important factor in the outcome. Bennett’s defeat was the work of a few thousand party activists, not an expression of voter sentiment across Utah.

    As one measure of comparison, four House members were defeated in primary contests in 2008, two in 2006 and two in 2004. Only one senator lost a primary during that time — Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) in 2006 — and he was reelected as an independent that fall.

    To the extent that voters are looking to penalize all incumbents, Democrats would face the far harder hit this fall as the party in power in Congress and the White House. “Being a GOP incumbent this fall is a much better proposition than it is for a Democrat,” said Republican strategist Terry Nelson.

    The more powerful anger is aimed broadly at Washington. Obama’s policies have sparked a significant backlash on the right, and many independent voters who backed him in his 2008 campaign have defected since he took office.

    “The results across the board show the public with no trust in Washington, D.C., and a feeling Washington, D.C., has no ability to do anything well,” said Matthew Dowd, a former campaign adviser to George W. Bush and now an independent analyst. “The country thinks D.C. is totally dysfunctional and is sick and tired of it.”

    In more placid times, voters say they hate Congress but like their representatives. “The question is whether that wall of separation has been breached,” said Democratic pollster Mark Mellman. “To the extent that incumbents lose in primaries, it helps suggest that those walls have been broken down.”

    Here is a closer look at the major races on Tuesday:

    — In Pennsylvania, Sestak was being recruited to run against Specter before the incumbent’s stunning party switch. In the aftermath, Sestak refused to back down even when the White House and Pennsylvania Democrats made clear that they would be behind Specter.

    For much of the next year, Specter held a wide lead based on superior name identification across the state. But with less than a month remaining in the primary, Sestak unleashed a torrent of ads that first detailed his résumé as a Naval commander and then attacked Specter.

    The most effective commercial featured images of Specter being praised by former president George W. Bush and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. But the most devastating images were of Specter explaining, “My change in party will enable me to be reelected.”

    Polling shows that Sestak has closed a double-digit gap with Specter in a few short weeks. The winner of the Democratic primary will face former representative Pat Toomey in the general election.

    In the southwest corner of the state, a separate political drama with significant national import is playing out in the kind of culturally conservative district that Republicans hope to win this fall.

    Murtha staffer Mark Critz (D) and businessman Tim Burns (R) are facing off in a race in which the two national parties have combined to spend nearly $2 million in independent expenditures. Outside organizations, particularly conservative groups, are also funding ads in the district.

    In Arkansas and Kentucky, there are dueling battles over the right direction to take the respective parties.
    The Arkansas race pitting Lincoln and Halter has devolved into a proxy war between the incumbent and organized labor. Even Lincoln’s staunchest opponents acknowledge that she will probably finish first in Tuesday’s primary, which also includes a little-known conservative Democrat. The question is whether she can reach the 50 percent plateau needed to avoid a June 8 runoff with Halter.

    In Kentucky, the “tea party” movement looks poised to score its latest victory over the party establishment as ophthalmologist Paul, the son of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) has held a steady lead over Grayson. Palin and Sen. Jim DeMint (S.C.) have endorsed Paul, who has utilized the national fundraising network built by his father during the 2008 presidential race.

    In the Democratic Senate primary, Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo began the race with a lead, but state Attorney General Jack Conway has recently made up ground.


  33. Jan H
    in moderation for trying to give you links about Machete film sometimes http stops it sometimes it doesn’t
    anywho you can go to imdb, box office mojo and maybe variety to get info on producers and distributers. Go to the site and type machete into the site search.

  34. Rodriguez makes boderline horror films in fact he has collaborated with Terrentino. It’s just what the do.

  35. WOW
    Just a had a thought(my very first) if there is any truth to the mosque story, then holey guacamole it is an invitation to the greatest boycott in the history of the planet. Any company that contributes in anyway to the construction is squashed. And any company dealing with the companies that are dealing with the companies that build it are squashed.

  36. WTF?

    confloyd — is that true?? they are using twin towers steel to build a mosque located just feet from where 2500+ innocents died???

    IS THIS $HIT TRUE? I am so pissed! I am so pissed!!

  37. JanH
    May 15th, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    I doubt if the trail back to the producers will identify the ‘real’ producers of the film, JanH. If Obama does the right thing; that is prevent the film from being shown at theaters regardless of 1st Amendment advocates. Will, imo, determine if this is a subversive, underground, Obama-Ayres production designed to overwhelm municipal, state and federal government resources as was done years ago in Chicago.

    Definitely, a mass Alinsky style assault on government resulting in chaos and possibly a race war leaving significant human losses if Obama fails getting it contained early on.

    If Obama is tied in any way to these treasonous acts, he should be frog marched barefoot in his skivvies out of our WH with MO not far behind. I vote taking the children into DCF custody.

  38. tim
    I cannot believe it is true– I think we are being played.
    Do a google search using news only and see what you find, no way the NY times could bury that story. It’s hogwash meant to make people spew hate and then the hate will be revealed. If I am not mistaken I was taught this in a freshman marketing/pr course.

  39. tim
    by the way I was raised in Pittsburgh and lived in Manhattan for twenty years and I have a very big family of life long democrats who plan on voting anti-obama as long as the repugs don’t screw it up by going crazy right. In fact most of my family was disturbed after seeing me on tv working for Hillary and then seeing me agian working for McCain. Aunts and uncles, who had never once supported or encouraged me, asked me how I could as an open gay man vote for McCain? I replied that I love my family and my country and while both have faults I will stand behind them both. Right wing homophobia does not and will not negate my love for my country and if I need to wait a little longer to preserve the rights of my nieces and nephews I will. Somethings are worth standing up for.

  40. you know I remember reading awhile back about this mosque thing, but I thought it was a crock. Maybe not–I’m gonna do some googling too.

  41. kc
    now google oil spill and don’t just look at the number of results but look at which news organizations they are then go back and look at the mosque results. I found that no major news org offered much and if they did it was very lame.

  42. Do any of you guys know if there is a Pitbull dog ban in Virginia??? I was thinking of applying for a job there if there wasn’t one…Richmond, Virginia.

  43. henry — do you visit Hillbuzz, its run by Gay men, I think they are in Chicago. These are some of the most talented writers I have read.

    These “HillBoyz” are some of the most patriotic men I have seen, and I read the comments to their posts, there are many conservatives, yes even social conservatives, who post there, and it is so cathartic to read, they openly admit they may not agree with certain items, but they deeply appreciate people who love this country, regardless of anything and these conservatives are so proud of their fellow Americans.

    And for me, it was revealing that so many conservatives being so supportive, I used to lump them all together (and I have no doubt there are some very far right wing nutjobs). I don’t know if the MSM has lied, or that things have gotten so bad that we as Americans are now seeing each other as Americans, not as “Gay Americans” or “White/Black Americans”, but just Americans, and we all love this country, and the differences we thought we had are really not a big deal.

  44. When I say talented writers, I of course mean after admin here, who in my opinion should win the pultizer prize for her superb articles. 🙂

    Thank God for the internet, if I relied on the soon-to-be irrelevant MSM, oh gosh, don’t even want to think about that.

  45. tim
    my name is actually tim so sometimes your posts throw me for a loop
    yes I have been to Hillbuzz and I usually find them refreshing in an Ann Coulter sort of way. I went there actually today as I was referred and I took no umbrage with their post, but some of the people who posted in response made me less than comfortable. I grew up believing my Constitution was sacred. However, now I am frightened by that very my Country my family might be destroyed. Everyone is so concerned about bambi’s appointments with regards to roe v wade or gay issues but the seperation of church and state and sharia law has not been explored. I will wait till I am 1902 to be legally be married to a man before I will let my nieces be anyone’s property. It scares me that waffles is appointing such non-contoverial figures to the court And it scares me for my nieces and other young women I care about.

  46. you’re right Henry and I don’t know why-except that maybe they are all being so pc. The msm wouldn’t want to be called ‘racist’ or profilers (sp).

    Something does feel strange though-I think or wish I knew what was going on (really) with this administration. there are just too many things about Obama that we don’t know and are not being allowed to know.

  47. I doubt if Va. has a pit bull ban–we lived in Newport News twenty years ago. I don’t think a state can ban a dog breed, can they?

  48. henry — I know what you mean. I have read up on Sharia, it is frightening, it truely is. And then Holder not even saying who did the Ft.Hood shooting, who did the Christmas plane bombing, and now the times square bombing attempt, its like they are living in a fantasy world. We all see what’s going on, and these people who are supposed to be in charge and calling things like terrorism “man caused disasters”, is this supposed to reassure us?? Not with a fool in the WH who seems eager to blame America and Americans for everything and bow to people all over the world.

    This scares me, it really does.

  49. Jan H
    Machete is most likely a formula film.
    However, neither you nor I has seen it so any judgements on our parts are premature.
    My guess it is the kind of film that will have an okay opening weekend sell a few dvds but never change anyone.
    I saw Brokeback Mountain with a very good life long friend who is stright and he saw a movie about a guy taking emotional advantage of another person and destroying his life by doing so. Movies are not that powerful. We make a decision to identify and that is ours.

  50. Colorado has a pitbull ban and of coarse some cities have banned them…I have two beautiful, sweet dogs, they’ll lick you to death.

  51. Huffpo (have to go to strange places to get info) has a post up about finding huge plumes of oil deep in the gulf. It takes the oxygen out of the water and fish die–this makes me so angry.

    Gotta go get some sleep–will leave it to you night owls.

  52. Last post
    Why is no one going insane on the left or right that we have an unvetted president who has so far appointed one SC judge who was not vetted and now we are going to allow him to appoint another who is unvetted. Who are these people he’s annointing, do we know? A well-known gay woman and a hispanic? So that makes them safe. I want to know where every penny of Egan’s education money came from.

  53. confloyd –
    I don’t watch Beck but I saw your post and found this under Google…

    Did Glenn Beck Get a Phone Call From the White House?
    17 Dec 09 | Vanity

    Posted on Thursday, December 17, 2009 10:29:33 AM by DoctorBulldog

    My wife was listening to Glenn Beck’s radio program, this morning. She informs me that Glenn Beck says that the White House called his “red phone” yesterday at the end of his FOX News TV show.

    Evidently, the White House was upset that Glenn Beck interviewed Michael Goldfarb, author of the Offutt AFB closure threat report. In the interview, Goldfarb stood by his report. Glenn Beck, prefacing the story as a rumor, also stated that he confirmed this story with three sources. But, the White House vociferously denies the story.

  54. JanH-

    This is an excerpt from the link you posted:

    “Worst of all, Robert Rodriguez’ incendiary race film ‘Machete’ was made, in part, with help from tax incentives and location access provided by the Texas Film Commission, a division of Governor Rick Perry’s Office. A spokesperson from the organization confirmed that Rodriguez had indeed applied for funding.”

    Investigative reporting by ‘infowars’ documents conflicting opinions from State of Texas officials regarding participation of the film’s funding with Tax Payer dollars.

    “Infowars.com is continuing its investigation, because the Film Commission is telling us conflicting stories that don’t add up.

    Our research shows that in the case of the upcoming film ‘Waco,’ the state legislature and the Texas Film Commission refused funding for the film during pre-production, and a 2007 law passed by the legislature says that anything offensive and that depicts Texas in a negative light will not receive funding.

    The evidence is clear that films are rejected early in the process and not at the end. Further, the studios where he produced the film are subsidized by the state and city, so either way the film has benefited from taxpayer funds.

    This info does not help clarify who backed and produced the film if Tax Payer dollars were not used to fund the film. What it does do is raise more questions than answers.

  55. blowme0bama
    May 15th, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    “Long time listner, first time caller”

    Love this site and this article.

    And we love your userid.

    To quote Frasier, “I’m listening…”

  56. Wow, I couldn’t remember what the phone call was about, just remember how Beck left us hanging and never owned up to the what the complaint was from the WH.

    We all know for sure that O’Reilly is a bot, it seems that Beck is his side kick so why wouldn’t he have the same feeling.

    What I don’t get is what they see in the empty suit….there’s something we’re missing.

  57. “What I don’t get is what they see in the empty suit….”

    Their paycheck- If they tell the Truth, they join the long lines of unemployment.

  58. tim
    May 15th, 2010 at 10:18 pm


    confloyd — is that true?? they are using twin towers steel to build a mosque located just feet from where 2500+ innocents died???

    Is that the World Trade Fenter?

  59. wow
    this video has according to youtube only ben viewed less than 500k
    not so much during primary. I wonder is youtube dissing hillary?

  60. By Dan Balz and Chris Cillizza
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Sunday, May 16, 2010

    An angry electorate, which already has delivered a series of shocks to the political system, will render a fresh verdict on Washington, incumbency and both party establishments in a slate of high-stakes contests Tuesday that are shaping up to form one of the most important voting days of the year.
    Chris Cillezza is a little bitch. Remember the little game he and Milbank played in their smoking jackets that got both of them fired.

    When Washington is bursting at the seams with corruption, self dealing and perversion of representative democracy and the people react to the betrayal as they have, would an honest journalist characterize their reaction as “angry”?

    The word angry implies a loss of rationality and self control. Is that what it is?

    Or is it righteous indignation? A media whore who turns a blind eye to these abuses might suggest as Cilezza and Baltz do that the problem lies with voters. But the truth is, it is the elites who are out of control and acting out the role of Judas very convincingly.

    And Cillezza is right there with them all the way.

  61. Remember the little game he and Milbank played in their smoking jackets that got both of them fired.


    That sounds interesting.

  62. I just got off the phone with my friend thats in the oil business and used to work offshore in the Gulf of Mexico….he said what pisses him off with this new pipe that they are putting down is that the SOB’s are still trying to make money…he said they can seal the damn thing off…but they are trying to save the damn oil….he used to say when he worked offshore that “nothing ever happened so why worry about it”, “well, it finally happened”, so what are they trying to do, “they are still trying to make money”.
    I suggested that sombrero that they used at the “bay of Campeche” in the 70’s, he said “that was in shallow water, so the sombrero was not useful. He did say it is a mess.

  63. henry,

    One reason I voted McCain was his vote against the Federal Marriage Amendment to ban gay marriage in the U.S. Constitution. For a Republican to vote against that nightmare was very significant.

    Hillary told Human Rights Campaign that she had a plan to kill the FMA — not just block cloture, but kill it. I’m speculating, but I think her plan involved McCain. I’m just guessing about the Hillary angle — but McCain’s vote kept the FMA under 50 votes in a Republican Senate, thereby killing it.

    As Governor, Palin vetoed a bill denying equal benefits to same-sex partners. The gay ‘leadership’ used pretzel logic to deny her credit for her veto, but the bottom line is she vetoed an anti-gay bill. In the VP debate, Gwen Ifil tried to use Palin’s veto to show conservatives Palin was ‘soft on queers.’

    McCain-Palin aren’t ‘pro gay’, but they were huge improvements over Bush-Santorum-Frist. If they don’t get any credit when they cast pro-gay votes, they’ll go hard right like McCain on immigration. He got nothing from Hispanics after supporting immigration reform — look at him now. So even as a gay man your vote for McCain was justified.

  64. Mrs Smith, here is a hypothesis I have come up with that may explain everything that is happening. It looks like chaos, but there is a master plan at work here, in my opinion. It all came together for me tonight and I will share it with you now.

    1. Background: the United States, Britain and Russia were allies during World War II. But after the war Russia became our mortal enemy because of its anti-capitalist ideology and its expansionist designs. We needed a new grand strategy to deal with the problem. Military men like Patton and Le May advocated that we stay mobilized in Europe and fight the War of Armageddon. That option was rejected and what we settled on was a military policy of containment. That strategy was set forth in an article which appeared in Foreign Affairs magazine in 1948. The author of that piece was George Kennan, former ambassador to the Soviet Union, head of the Kennan Russian Institute at Princeton, one of Roosevelt’s four wise men and a member in good standing of the Council on Foreign Relations–which exists to this day. That policy of containment, sometimes referred to as the Truman doctrine was the centerpiece of American policy until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    2. The New Adversary: if you read Foreign Affairs magazine today, you will find much discussion about the rise of China and how to deal with it. You will also find articles discussing what the world will look like if the United States ceases to be the pre-eminent power in the world. If you read one or two of those articles, they become repetitive. Nevertheless, I believe they are indicative of an important discussion taking place on the Council on how to contain the emerging economic power of China. Ten years ago they were all in favor of opening up China and giving them MFN status whereas now they realize that they have a tiger by the tail.

    3. The Strategic Response: I think what they have decided is that we must form a Trans-Atlantic Economic Union to compete with China and to create a firewall. The initial building blocks were NAFTA and CAFTA, but they were unable to bring in South America because of Brazil. And now, they are taking the next step which is to consolidate NAFTA and CAFTA with the European Union. The final step is to bring in other countries who wish to be part of this trading block–countries with rich natural resources and slave labor. This is the model of the old British Empire.

    4. Circumstantial Evidence: until now, the evidence of this has been largely circumstantial, to wit: First, we know for a fact that global money from the Wall Street, London Europe engineered the election of Obama. Furthermore, the campaign tactics were identical to those used to loot the old Soviet Empire–which Soros himself refers to as the Soros Empire. Second, Obama is a perfect mascot and front man for a multi national economic union, because to the third world nations in Africa and the Middle East, his ties to America are ambiguous, he looks like them and he reaches out to them rhetorically and symbolically. Third, when I read a recent article by the author of The End of History, Francis Fukayama, argued that our Obama must get this health care bill passed, and to me that seemed like a strange preoccupation for a writer on foreign policy to adopt. But it is not strange at all if the goal is to merge our economy with the socialist economies of Old Europe, because in that case, the government would need to take control of critical industries in order to facilitate a merger of economies and to rationalize systems and benefits. I have worked on a major merger and that is what happens. Fourth, this would explain why taxpayer money is being funneled through the IMF and Federal Reserve to rescue Greece and ultimately the European Union. Fifth, it would explain why Obama has appointed people like Cass Sunstein who as regulatory czar is trying to rationalize our regulations to conform to international law, to disenfranchise the American People and to fundamentally change the Constitution. It would explain why the commitment to border security is lax and why we are spending billions to wage unwinnable wars in Asia. And it would even explain why they would distract us with the race card. But until tonight it was all just a hypothesis.

    5. The Smoking Gun: tonight I saw the latest edition of Foreign Affairs Magazine. There is an article therein written by a Harvard Adjunct Professor whom I had never heard of. His name is Richard Rosencrance. The Title is Bigger is Better. And it lays out the case for the creation of a Trans-Atlantic Union which was merely a hypothesis before. This Union would NAFTA CAFTA and the EU, plus other capitalist countries who wanted to participate. Since most nations today are capitalist this is code word for something else, primarily resources, slave labor and other things that would appeal to speculators. The purpose is also to contain China, but it is unwise to be too explicit about that when they are the largest buyer of US government bonds. That is part of the reason for the secrecy.

    6. The Irony: wow ironic that 62 years ago George Kennan wrote an article laying out the case for military containment of the Soviet Union in Foreign Affairs Magazine which defined our foreign policy for a generation, Rosencrance would use that same magazine to unveil the new policy of economic containment of China which may defined our foreign policy for the next generation. If that is indeed what is happening I hope it fails because the cost to the American People is too high.

  65. Foreign Affairs Magazine is published by The Council of Foreign Relations. That is the connection.

  66. Military men like Patton and Le May advocated that we stay mobilized in Europe and fight the War of Armageddon.
    new policy of economic containment of China which may defined our foreign policy for the next generation. If that is indeed what is happening I hope it fails because the cost to the American People is too high.


    Better than Armageddon.

  67. Well they have published some stats on the Rep Gov Primary, and Whey, and Martinez are neck and neck. If Martinez wins, we will have two women running for Gov. I am not sure if that is a first time or not. But I am sure the blog knows.

  68. jbstonesfan
    May 15th, 2010 at 10:56 pm

    I don’t trust Emanuel. “U.S. Screwed up it’s Israel Policy?” Ya think?

    This idiot was part and parcel of the decision making and has just as much blood on his hands as the others.

  69. Henry,

    I Never go see movies like that anyways. Whether it is a satire or a “message movie” hidden behind satire, I still cringe at “humor” like this.

    Then again, I was one of the few who had a hard time watching “Inglorious Bastards” and not taking offence at how such a serious issue was handled too.

    lol…go figure.

  70. Wbboei,
    That was fascinating! I think your right in your analogy because it all fits right down to the ipod that Obama gave the Queen of his inauguration! His British citizenship also fits, huh???

    I wonder what the rule in Britain for seeking higher office…natural born status or what??? LOL!

    I saw a pic of Bobby Jingle…he looks like Obama should…he looks like he has been put thru a ringer….I can forsee the end of New Orleans if this gets onshore….and last I heard the slick was 150 miles from the Texas Coast….I also heard there was huge plums of oil are 3 miles wide and 300 feet deep….this will kill the fish because the oxygenation of the water is getting lower.

  71. Carol,

    Thanks very much for the video.

    I read yesterday that Russia is supplying Syria with warplanes, air defese systems, and artillery. This on top of them wanting Israel to negotiate with Hamas just scares me to death.

  72. Jan, The following email came from a friend:

    yup, seen it. This is nothing compared to what I’m actually hearing from my

    IDF buddies. Scuds and chemical weapons are nothing new- the real concern is the advanced

    Russian radar detection system that Iran is looking to buy and install. Israel can’t afford to let that happen and will attack a soon as it appears imminent- unilaterally if necessary.

    forget B. Hussein, he is impotent in the middle east and both sides know it.

  73. So and extremely weak U.S. President with no diplomatic experience, a Russian empire once again backing terrorist regimes and pretending to befriend obama? A bankrupt America? China holding the purse strings?

    Another cold war in the making? Or something horrendously worse?

  74. Another cold war in the making? Or something horrendously worse?


    Why would China bomb us as long as we’re buying our AMerican flags from them, and they’re buying our National Parks?

  75. they would not have to bomb us…they have and they will continue loaning us money, when we default they can just come in and take us over.

  76. JanH-I am going to try and get inn ttouch with the orthodox rabbi from Boca Raton who attended although I have never heard of him. And yes, I would never truth the self-hating Jews Ramh and Axelrod.
    Also, there is no spell check here?

  77. Military men like Patton and Le May advocated that we stay mobilized in Europe and fight the War of Armageddon.
    new policy of economic containment of China which may defined our foreign policy for the next generation. If that is indeed what is happening I hope it fails because the cost to the American People is too high.


    Better than Armageddon.
    Yes, but that is not the alternative here.

    Here the hypothetical alternative is global economic control by China. That is the one they are afraid of–if I am right about all this. More specifically:

    1. point 1: today, the United States GDP is $14 trillion. The GDP of China is $4 trillion. However, China GDP is growing at roughly 10% whereas we are growing at around 3%. According to the projection I have seen their GDP by 2050 will be $64 trillion, and ours will be perhaps half that amount because of our high cost base and low productivity. The same is true of Europe. That is a powerful economic inducement to merge economies, build a larger market of our own and exclude China.

    2. point 2: for centuries China had the middle kingdom mentality, and was isolationist to the core. For his part, Napoleon said, let China sleep. When she wakes the world will be sorry. And now, China has awakened. To assuage its ravenous appetite for oil and raw materials, it is entering into economic alliances with countries rich in natural resources–like Iran, and I believe Brazil. They have their eyes on sub Sahara Africa as well. They are building a blue water navy with aircraft carriers and nuclear subs. And they have acquired a lever on the United States by becoming the largest buyer of our T-Bills which keeps our economy afloat. If you belief they are doing this for the investment return think again.

    3. point 3: even if my analysis is accurate, that does not mean it is inevitable. On the one hand, it is possible that China will not achieve the economic dominance many of us project, due to a whole range of factors. There could be a war, a revolution, a breakdown of their economic system, a decline in the market for their goods, or some unforseen event. I regard that as unlikely, but it is possible. The more likely possibility is that the Trans-Atlantic Union envisioned above does not come together as the American and British elites might hope.

    4. point 4: to no small measure, it depends on historical factors, and what France, Germany, Russia and to a lesser extent India decide to do. In the case of France, de Gaulle was very specific as to the original purpose of the European Common Market when it was formed a half century ago. It was to establish a trading block to counteract the power of the United States, and Britain was not one of the original members. Later of course that happened but the suspicion of American power in France remains. In the case of Germany, they had their surge of growth which lasted until the fall of the Berlin Wall, and durign that period they indulged all the excesses of welfare state capitalism that began a century earlier under Bismark. Then they had to assimilate the moribund economy of East Germany and their own prosperity suffered. Then came their eastern European neighbors, now Greece, Spain, Italy, and if after all that the United States with its glorious 12 trillion dollar deficit, the prospects for Germany are bleak. And their indigenous populations could revolt.

    5. point 6: in theory, membership in the EU is permanent, therefore Germany and France are estopped from pulling out, notwithstanding their opposition to the creation of a trans-Atlantic economic union. However, their best move could be to build strong economic alliances with Russia, who because of Obama’s cowardice is in the process of reclaiming certain pieces of the old Soviet empire, economically if not politically. They could form a de facto trading block of their own independent of British and American interests, or even in opposition to them in some respects. They are not there yet, but they could be forced there especially if there is a collapse of the current system.

    6. point 7: where goeth India is anyone’s guess. History suggests that they will go with the Anglo British union if they deem it to be vital as opposed to moribund. In the days of the British empire, India was widely regarded as the jewel of the crown. But during the cold war Neru assumed a neutral posture (except when he was in bed with Lady Mountbatten). I am told that India today has a middle class of 300 million people. I doubt they would ally themselves with China. But if a Russian German French block formed in competition to the American British dominated block it is hard to know whether they would side with their former colonial masters with whom they shared a common language and set of experiences, or go with the alternative block. The most profound question any of these players should be asking themselves is whether they want to submerge themselves in the monetarist system of the British and Americans. That is the question which Putin has been confronted with, and his answer appears to be no.

  78. jbstonesfan,

    If someone as amazing and smart as Ellie Wiesel went to lunch with obama and came back smiling and hopeful, then what can we expect from the Rabbi?

    I hope I am wrong, but the world sure seems to be tilting the wrong way at the moment.

  79. I listened to “Meet the Press” today and I have to tell you the media still Obama is #1. They seem to be oblivious of what we see going down here in America. David Gregory was so animated, all I could think of was how fake he was when he interviewed Hillary.

  80. Do you think that President Obama has gotten the world maybe just a little screwed up?

    The bad guys don’t fear us and the good guys don’t trust us, but all that is immaterial so long as he can preach to everyone about hope and change.

    In the real world (as opposed to the virtual one) the nations of the world form a consensus opinion that he is irrelevant. Someone to shake hands with, pose for photo ops with, but not to be taken seriously.

    Whatever else these world leaders may be, they are connosseuirs of power and they know a loser then they see one. In sum, they are not ignorant bots easily seduced by his bullshit.

    Unfortunately, since he is president, they form the same conclusion about the United States.

    If the elites are so blind as to not see that he is not he leader to advance their interests, to say nothing of ours, then they are dumber that I think they are.

  81. wbboei
    May 16th, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    What a perfectly articulated paragraph. Yes, completely agree with you. Reminds me when those “pet rocks” were all the rage, and when it was over, people were like, what the hell were those people thinking?

  82. I listened to “Meet the Press” today and I have to tell you the media still Obama is #1. They seem to be oblivious of what we see going down here in America. David Gregory was so animated, all I could think of was how fake he was when he interviewed Hillary.
    David Gregory is a whore. He works in a whorehouse (MSNBC). And things are bad.

    To be a good whore under those circumstances, you have to know how to fake it.

    He does. And that is why they pay him the big bucks.

    And that is why millions of people who used to watch that network, have taken their business elsewhere.

  83. This morning I had coffee with someone who attended a luncheon. The guest speaker was a federal district court judge–one of the recent appointments. The title of his speech was “Why Lawyers Lie and Judges Let Them Get Away With It”. I wish I had been there to hear it. I wonder if anyone in the journalistic community is capable of similar candor. Not some partisan attack by one side upon the other, but an honest acknowledgment that today the standards of the profession are honored more in the breach than in the observance.

  84. I’ll tell you who else is nothing but a White House “whore”, John Harwood, and of course all of MNbs and most of Nbs, I think its so interesting that their viewership is plunging and they have no clue.

  85. HotAir has this commentary on the Jerusalem Post story of Rahm and the Rabbis:


    When did the Obama administration become aware that they had “screwed up the messaging”? About the same time that Jewish voters began abandoning them. That would have been shortly before Chuck Schumer scolded them over fumbling the alliance, and perhaps just after leaking that Obama would “impose” a peace plan on Israel. With the midterms looking disastrous, Emanuel and his team want to shore up support in one of the most reliable voting blocs Democrats have.

    The problem is that it’s not just the messaging. Obama set peace negotiations back to pre-Oslo days by demanding a halt to building in an area of Jerusalem that hadn’t ever been a hurdle to talks in the past. He insulted Israel’s Prime Minister in a visit to the White House, and has repeatedly demanded concessions from Israel as preconditions to talks with an enemy that still refuses to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. This White House has objectively been the most hostile American administration to Israel since its founding.

    If they just try to spin the messaging while keeping to the same strategies, don’t expect it to fool anyone. Pleasing words mean less and less after the track record of the last sixteen months. This looks like a desperate plea from Emanuel to the rabbis asking them to ignore Obama’s obvious hostility towards Israel in order to get more Democrats elected.

    Update: Pablo asks a great question in the comments: “What, Samantha Power couldn’t make it?” And let’s not forget last month’s leak to the New York Times about the White House intention to “balance” the alliance with Israel with “other interests.”

  86. Thanks for posting that article admin.

    “This White House has objectively been the most hostile American administration to Israel since its founding.”

    Exactly. And all the lies and spinning that obama and rahm continue to spin won’t change that.

  87. my sister-in-law is jewish, her family, all dems all Hillary voters begrudingly voted for Obama in 2008, in spite of the anti-sematic church and the Wright sermons the fraud listened to and agreed with for decades and probably continues to do so today.

    They will not be voting for any democrat this fall on in 2012. N.O.N.E

    The snub to Bibi was the last straw for them.

    and these are staunch staunch loyal lifelong democrats, but they don’t trust a word from the DNC nor the dems nor the fool in the WH.

    I no longer think the dems can count jewish voters as loyal dems, that is now gone.

  88. Admin: your article is terrific. It now appears that there are economic as well as political consequences to calling people racist, when they are merely trying to protect the people of their state from crime and economic disaster racist after the federal government has blissfully failed to do so. There is a tendency by partisans to attack this law without ever reading it, and on that point, Holder makes Cabana Al Gonzales look like the epitome of competence. Brandeis said it best: sometimes it is more important that an issue be decided than that it be decided correctly. Here, by the same token, it is more important that a law be passed, than waiting for a perfect law be enacted, because if we adopt the latter position it will never happen. To put it bluntly, Obama is holding the physical security of Arizona citizens hostage to create the leverage to secure amnesty for 15-20 million illegals, in the hope of securing votes from the Hispanic community. Simply put, he puts crass political calculations over the welfare and survival of this nation.
    San Diego To Arizona: Just Because We Called You Bigots . . . Does Not Mean You Should Not Come Here And Visit Us

    Ain’t a ‘misunderstanding,’ by the way. Arizonans got the message loud and clear. Louder and clearer than desired, in fact.
    Posted by Moe Lane (Profile)
    Sunday, May 16th at 9:48AM EDT

    San Diego tourism leaders and hoteliers fear they could lose a sizable chunk of business this summer from valued “Zonies” who are so angered by elected leaders’ recent censure of Arizona for its illegal-immigration law that they’re mounting an informal boycott of their own.

    The San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau and several hotels report receiving e-mails and letters from Arizona visitors saying they intend to change their plans to travel here in light of local outcry over their home state’s anti-illegal-immigration stance.

    Tourism officials are striking back. In an open letter, they urge Arizona residents to overlook local politics and come to San Diego just as they always have for its mild climate, beaches and attractions.

    Read the whole thing, especially the parts where the Democratic legislators involved are stammering over the alarming revelation that their act of political … ah, ‘auto-eroticism’… actually had adverse consequences in Big-Person Land. I encourage the San Diego hospitality industry to contemplate the implications of this; and to contemplate that the solution to their problems with an insulted customer base lies with dealing with the insulters, not the insultees…

  89. I will be off the blog for a few days on other matters. However, I would like to leave you with a profound thought which can only mean it is not my own. Think about this in terms of Mr Obama and his failure to protect the nation. The Old Republic is the model of limited government where the people are sovereign and protected by the Bill of Rights.
    “The ineptitude of the federal government is especially acute when it comes to national security–the very issue that has provided the chief rationale for killing off the Old Republic. (snip). The national security state which has evolved endangers the nation instead of protecting it. To substantiate that judgment, one need only recall the events of the present decade, including the failure to anticipate and avert 9/11; the failure to bring justice to its chief architects; the failure to devise a realistic and strategically coherent response to the threat posed by Islamic extremism; and above all, the egregious failures associated with the Iraq and Afghan wars. (snip). Any four of these failures ought to raise serious questions about the competence of those charged with responsibility for the nation’s security.(snip)

    Each president inherited the problem. Observers preoccupied with delineating the differences between Democrats and Republicans may uncover any of a number of small truths while missing the big ones. Identifying the big truths requires an appreciation for continuity rather than change”–The Limits of Power, Andrew Bacevich, p.75.

    The point of this is simple. Obama has not delivered the change he promised. Obama is Bush III.

  90. I posted the Sophie B Hawkins video of damn I wish you were my president last night
    love the video and find it so apropos
    Yet after posting it here and watching at least 10 times myself the viewer count has not changed?
    Everyone please watch sophie sing our dreams
    if the videao gets enough hits it cannot be ignored
    that is if youtube actually counts the hits
    here is the link again


  91. okay
    I did this
    I played Sophie B Hawkins Damn I wish you were my President and I had others do it
    Minimum of 1000 hits but the counter did not change
    tried the same thing with beiber and the number of hits changed

  92. tim,
    I hope your right…the thought that the jewish voter would vote for this Potus is beyond reason.

  93. Henry, the phenomenon you note has been discussed in many places. There does appear to be a count problem with YouTube videos.

    Hillbuzz, among others, has discussed this:


    This is a classic example of the games YouTube plays on Dr. Utopia’s behalf. If you click on the YouTube video above, you’ll see that its hit-count has been locked at 6885 or so for the last several hours. YouTube does not seem to want any videos challenging Liberals to receive high hit-counts. YouTube and Obots either knock the videos down, removing them for shady reasons, or they lock the counters so the videos don’t seem to be popular.

    We can prove this is a scam because when traffic leaves HillBuzz, it registers where you go next if you follow a link from us. Over 3,000 people have gone to YouTube from this link to watch this video. That’s 3,000 people going to watch that TODAY ALONE. The video was locked at 6885 last night before the new day’s tally started here on WordPress, so that means the video should have at LEAST 9,885 hits on it, from all the people who watched it off this site.

    YouTube is clearly agenda-driven, suppressing this video.

  94. explain to me how I have with help listened to Sophie B. Hawkins video for HRC and I know at least 100 hita but the views on this video do not change
    help me make it unavoidable

  95. Great piece by Doctor Zero over at Hotair, emphases mine:

    The growth of the State may have been assisted by the decline of the family, but its recent surge was caused by the sense of uncertainty surrounding a complex economy, dominated by massive corporations. Big Business inevitably creates the vacuum of confidence that Big Government rushes forward to fill. American statism is a romance between a frightened populace, and a huge central government promising to take care of them.

    Business growth is driven by economies of scale, along with advances in communication and transportation technology. This makes products widely available and remarkably inexpensive. It also places a wide range of complex financial instruments at the disposal of average consumers. Mom-and-pop operations can’t provide the selection and bargain prices Wal-Mart can. The credit industry grew along with its lending institutions. Consumers can’t have those shopping and banking options without the enormous corporations which provide them.

    These corporations also provide three crucial forms of nutrition for Big Government: a vast pool of easily taxable revenue, a convenient enemy for public flogging, and a sense of detachment from business affairs that makes the little guy feel helpless.

    Big corporations are much easier to shake down for tax money than a horde of smaller local operations would be. The size of the corporation insulates both its employees, and its customers, from the effects of taxation. If you work for a small family business, you’re more likely to be aware of anything that affects its health, and view your own prosperity as linked to the health of your employer. When your employer is a giant corporation, you have little knowledge of what happens at the highest levels. Every ambitious politician fears the votes of enraged small businesses with strong ties to local communities, more than those of faceless employees in a huge organization spread over multiple states. The VAT tax would provide the ultimate demonstration of this principle, as consumers choke on swollen prices, and unemployment lines grow, from a systemic disease largely invisible to normal folks.

    The recent demonization of Wall Street illustrates how easily Big Business can be hung from the government’s strings, and used as part of its puppet show. Not every corporation fears the destructive power of the State. Some of them dream of harnessing it against their enemies, or exploiting it to firm up the barriers of entry to their industries. Political influence is one of the most valuable resources in a politicized economy. At current levels of central control, its purchase becomes mandatory. When things go wrong, politicians love having big businesses to hide behind.

    The sense of helplessness felt in the shadow of vast corporations is vital to the success of the statist. That’s why they work so hard to cultivate it. The public is presented with a carefully rigged choice between cold, unfeeling Big Business and noble, compassionate Big Government. The early flourishing of socialism and communism came among the first people to be ground beneath the gears of the Industrial Revolution. The dismal state of economic education brings young people out of high school and college into a world of shadows and mist, filled with lumbering giants. They naturally gravitate to the giant that claims it loves them.

    Entire article here: http://hotair.com/archives/2010/05/16/romancing-the-state/

  96. That piece I posted above is really worth being read in full. It takes an analytical look at how politicians use Big Business (while propping it up) to drive people into Statism.

  97. wbboeiou
    youtube is being minipulated or controlled
    Can the owners now be charged federally under rico?

  98. American linguist Noam Chomsky was denied entry into Israel on May 16, 2010

    Photo by: Bloomberg

    Professor Noam Chomsky, an American linguist and left-wing activist, was denied entry into Israel and the West Bank on Sunday.

    No reason was initially given for the decision, but the Interior Ministry later said immigration officials at the Allenby Bridge border crossing from Jordan had misunderstood Chomsky’s intentions thinking initially he was also due to visit Israel.

    Chomsky, who is on a speaking tour in the region, was scheduled to speak at Bir Zeit University in the West Bank on Monday.

    Interior Ministry spokeswoman Sabine Haddad said officials were now trying to get clearance from the Israel Defense Forces, which controls access to the West Bank to allow Chomsky to enter that territory.

    “We are trying to contact the military to clear things up and if they have no objection we see no reason why he should not be allowed in,” said Hadad.
    Chomsky said inspectors had stamped the words “denied entry” onto his passport when he tried to cross from Jordan over Allenby Bridge.

    When he asked an Israeli inspector why he had not received permission, he was told that an explanation would be sent in writing to the American embassy. “They apparently didn’t like the fact that I was due to lecture at a Palestinian university and not in Israel,” Chomsky told Reuters by telephone from Amman.

    Chomsky arrived at the Allenby Bridge at around 1:30 in the afternoon and was taken for questioning, before being released back to Amman at 4:30 P.M.

    In a telephone interview with Channel 10, Chomsky said the interrogators had told him he had written things that the Israeli government did not like. “I suggested [the interrogator try to] find any government in the world that likes anything I say,” he said.

    Chomsky is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is considered among the foremost academics in the world. He identifies with the radical left and is often critical of both Israeli and American policies.

    Chomsky said he last visited Israel and the West Bank in 1997 when he lectured at Ben-Gurion University and also at Bir Zeit. He said all his previous West Bank visits had been as a part of trips to Israel.

    His Palestinian host, lawmaker Mustafa al-Barghouti called the decision “a fascist action, amounting to suppression of freedom of expression.”

    The Association for Civil Rights in Israel slammed the Interior Ministry for “using detention and deportation to prevent a man from expressing his opinion”, calling it “characteristic of a totalitarian regime.”

    “A democratic country where freedom of expression is a guiding principle does not close in the face of criticism or ideas that are not comfortable and does not deny entry to guests only because it does not accept their opinions. Instead, it deals with these opinions through public discussion,” said ACRI in a statement.

    Kadima MK Otniel Schneller, on the other hand, praised the move.
    “It’s good that Israel did not allow one of its accusers to enter its territory,” said Schneller. “I recommend [Chomsky] try one of the tunnels connecting Gaza and Egypt.”

  99. The above article is about some of Bwaak friends….Israel is getting back at some of his buddies…LOL!

  100. His Palestinian host, lawmaker Mustafa al-Barghouti called the decision “a fascist action, amounting to suppression of freedom of expression.”

    well, I wonder what Mr.al-Barghouti thinks about his Palestian bretheren urging the UK govt to deny access to Lars (the man who drew the prophet Mommamed) and denying access to Michael Savage, another critic of radical Islam.

  101. We were just talking about this administration’s love of chaos…read it to the end…you’ll find out we are right!

    Obama Out To Kill Glass-Steagall,
    While Pushing Weimar Hyperinflation
    May 11, 2010 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

    Lyndon LaRouche today fiercely denounced the Obama White House and Treasury Department, for simultaneously conducting a vicious campaign to kill the Glass-Steagall amendment, introduced by Senators Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.), while pushing through a “Super-TARP” bailout of Europe, at American taxpayers expense. LaRouche warned:

    If the Super-TARP bailout is allowed to go forward, there will be blood in the streets. The American people are not about to tolerate another mega-trillion dollar bailout of a hopelessly bankrupt international monetary system—particularly when the U.S. Federal Reserve is put forward as the bailout lender of last resort for a bunch of European-based foreign banks. This is 1923 Weimar hyperinflation on the global scale.

    In the past 24 hours, sources close to the Obama White House and the Democratic leadership in the U.S. Senate have confirmed that President Obama, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, and White House economic advisor Larry Summers are waging an all-out campaign to kill the Cantwell-McCain amendment, that would reinstate the Glass-Steagall standards, first established by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1933. According to these sources, following Saturday’s defeat of incumbent Senator Robert Bennett (R-Ut.) in the Republican caucus, over his support for the 2008 TARP Wall Street bailout, Republican support for the Glass-Steagall amendment jumped, assuring that the amendment, if introduced onto the Dodd financial reform bill, would overwhelmingly pass.

    In response, the White House worked through the weekend and into Monday night, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.), and Senators Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), to draft and boost an alternative bill, based on former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker’s so-called “Volcker Rules.” The Volcker Rules would place some restrictions on speculative activity by banks and bank holding companies, but would do nothing to reestablish the Glass-Steagall firewall, separating commercial banks from investment banks, hedge funds, insurance companies and private equity funds. As Lyndon LaRouche made clear on Saturday, May 8, in his international webcast, nothing short of a full restoration of Glass-Steagall and a bankruptcy reorganization of the otherwise hopelessly bankrupt global financial system, can work.

    The sources all confirmed that the intent of the Levin-Merkley amendment, as worked out with the Obama White House, was to kill the Glass-Steagall effort.

    In response to these reports, Lyndon LaRouche described the Volcker Rules as “less than worthless:”

    Paul Volcker has apparently lost his guts to defend the U.S.A. He prefers to be acceptable to this crazy Administration. It is now time to be patriotic, to forget about things like popularity and legacy. Obviously, Volcker lacks my guts. He does not lack the brains to understand the consequences of his capitulation to pressure from the Obama White House. This is a sell-out of the United States, and he knows it. And the same is true of Senator Levin, who also knows better than to be putting his ambitions ahead of the American people.

    LaRouche had even stronger words for President Obama, who he accused of “refusing to defend the United States, which, as President, is tantamount to treason.” He warned that anyone who does not back the Glass-Steagall amendment, which has the overwhelming backing of the American people, will be vilified by 80% of all Americans. LaRouche warned:

    By moving explicitly to block the introduction of the Cantwell-McCain amendment, the White House is going for dictatorship.

    According to senior U.S. intelligence and Democratic Party sources, beginning with last Thursday’s 1,000 point temporary crash of Wall Street, triggered by the looming collapse of the European Monetary Union sovereign debt bubble, Geithner and Summers, with the active backing of President Obama, played a pivotal role in ramming through a $1 trillion-plus bailout of the major European banks, a bailout that will do nothing to solve the onrushing global financial disintegration, but will subject the populations of continental Western Europe and the United States to murderous Schachtian austerity, leading to an inevitable social explosion throughout the Trans-Atlantic world.

    According to official White House accounts, President Obama phoned German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarcozy on Sunday morning, to press them to go along with a Super-TARP bailout scheme. While the public announcements of the deal focused on the role of the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, sources confirmed that the key to the whole deal was the committment of the U.S. Federal Reserve to pump an unlimited supply of U.S. Dollars into the bailout.

    Indeed, at 9:15 PM EDT on Sunday, May 9, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board issued a terse two paragraph press release, announcing that the swap window, that had been used in the 2007-2008 international financial meltdown, would be extended, once again, to the ECB, the Bank of England and the Swiss National Bank, through January 2011.

    The decision to go for another hyperinflationary bailout of the entire international financial system, LaRouche warned, is going to trigger the kind of Hell on Earth that the British Monarchy has been advertising as its policy for years.

    They want to reduce the world population to below two billion people, and this Fed bailout policy, pushed through by President Obama, is going to do exactly that, if not reversed immediately. Someone wants chaos throughout the Trans-Atlantic region

  102. Anyone watch 60 Minutes tonight? First half was an interview with a survivor from the oil spill platform. Explained all the breakdowns on the rig for weeks before this happened. Expect agrees.
    Worth watching.

  103. Shadowfax,
    I am at work tonight, so I missed it again. Do they say how many gallons have leaked so far???

    I went back a tried to research the other Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the information has been scrubbed in the last few days!!

  104. A researcher told The Associated Press on Sunday that computer models show the oil may have already seeped into a powerful water stream known as the loop current, which could propel it into the Atlantic Ocean. A boat is being sent next week to collect samples and learn more.

    This is all we need now…wonder what they’ll say when it comes up the East Coast???

  105. Expert agrees….

    Sorry for the error, watching Survivor and didn’t get back to correct my typo.

  106. Read the above 53 pages and know your country has already been sold down the river…and it is why no judge will look into Obama citizenship…its a done deal! Bush started and Obama is finishing it…

  107. Just received news from my French news channel that Clotilde Reiss, sentenced to two 5-year terms of prison in Iran for having participated in anti-government rallies, had her sentence commuted to a €230,000 fine and was returned to France after paying the fine. She thanked the presidents of Brazil, Senegal and Syria for negotiating her release.

    The French said they had engaged in no “bargaining”, but it just so happens that this turn of events occurs just a few days after the French refused to extradite Majid Kakavand, an Iranian engineer, to the US. Kakavand returned to Iran last week. He is accused of violating the US embargo of Iran.

  108. This is weird…I thought our constitution gave us this already so why does Obama have to sign this act???

    Found this on Drudge…WTF??

    MONDAY: President will sign ‘Freedom of Press Act’ in Oval Office. The signing will be pooled press… Developing

  109. During today’s 5 am broadcast, local NBC affiliate WBRE aired a clip of Arlen Specter pontificating about his superior ability to beat Republican Pat Toomey in the general election: [paraphrased] I beat him before. I know how to take care of that Tea Party gang.

    That may be all he needed to seal his defeat tomorrow.

  110. Chomsky is a disgrace to America/Jews/Israel. He should move to the West Bank with his “people” and celebrate their “freedoms” .

  111. jbstonesfan
    May 17th, 2010 at 11:07 am
    Chomsky is a disgrace to America/Jews/Israel. He should move to the West Bank with his “people” and celebrate their “freedoms” .

    He is definitely an enemy of the Jewish State. I don’t know how he justifies his beliefs or actions.

  112. The universities have been taken over by these radical left wing , hate America, hate Israel professors. They are turning out a generation of anti-US andti-Israeli students. Just as that video showed with Mr, Horowitz, this is what we are facing on campuses throughout America. Obama has emboldened these extremeists even more, and they no longer even pretend to hide their bias as the leader of the free world represents everything these fanatics have pushed fopr over the yrs..

  113. Obama’s men face drubbing in anti-Washington electoral revolt

    Swing state Pennsylvania is headache for all on Capitol Hill as Tea Party effect bites

    By David Usborne, US Editor
    Monday, 17 May 2010

    Voters in Pennsylvania, perennially a swing state on the American political scene, may be preparing to give the party of Barack Obama a sharp kick in the gut when polling stations open tomorrow to determine the winners of both primary contests and a key special election in its rural southwest.

    With the entire Democratic establishment on edge, ex-President Bill Clinton was dispatched last night to the rambling congressional district close to Pittsburgh held for decades by the late representative John Murtha. He was there to bolster Democrat hopeful Mark Critz who, at the finishing line, is trying to shake off his Republican foe, Tim Burns.

    That Mr Critz should be in difficulty in a district where Democrats outnumber Republicans by two to one is most ominous for Mr Obama. A loss tomorrow will be taken as a clear indicator that his party, in spite of an improved national economic picture, will get pummelled in the November mid-term elections.


  114. I have been out of touch with a computer that seems to be under the Otrauma spell and I suspect that we are being subjected to the control that Hillary warned us about several weeks ago.
    She is my solution for our nations problems that have overwhelmed this nation and many others since he was fraudulently given the Oval Office as his playpen.
    Hillary cannot participate in plotics as SOS but Bill is holding the dem party together for her next run at the Presidency and it WILL happen.
    Wbboei I sure appreciate your amazing contribution in this fight for Hillary and our country.
    It brings to mind an old expression of my Army years
    ” If I had a choice to make for a friend in the Fox-hole” It would be the likes of you for the tough fight facing us.THanks young “Buddy”.

  115. Judge rules Obama’s aunt can stay in U.S.

    President Barack Obama’s Kenyan aunt can stay in the United States, a U.S. immigration judge has ruled, ending a more than six-year legal battle over her status.

    Judge Leonard Shapiro made the decision Friday, court officials told CNN. Two government sources confirmed Monday that the ruling will give legal status to Zeituni Onyango, allowing her to remain in the country.


  116. The link that I posted at 01:35 has got a disclaimer on it now which it did not have yesterday. I copied it so I know this disclaimer wasn’t on it…this administration must have an army of scrubbers working day and night to see what the common folk is posting. BTW, when I posted a link at another site the disclaimer gets posted too…is this not bs.
    If you haven’t read do it…its from Eisenhower to Obama. I figured it would be scrubbed so I made a hard copy which I can scan and put it back on in the future.

  117. Okay, this is creepy. Obama’s internet regulatory czar wants to have the govt force websites to link to “opposing views”.

    See, the lapdog media can’t win the ideological fight for hearts and minds on their own, so they have to get Big Brother involved to make sure the peons are directed to the “correct” news outlets:



  118. HillaryforTexas
    May 17th, 2010 at 2:52 pm
    Okay, this is creepy. Obama’s internet regulatory czar wants to have the govt force websites to link to “opposing views”.


    It is still alive and well, but not for everyone.

  119. Shadowfax
    May 17th, 2010 at 1:35 pm
    Judge rules Obama’s aunt can stay in U.S

    As president, this should be public record.

    Since great effort has gone into covering his tracks and his past, the obvious is that he was born somewhere else. And didn’t attend Columbia.

  120. BP is just trying to recoop some of the money they lost drilling that well…the have the sombrero (hat) sitting on the ocean floor right next to the well…if the cover it, thats it…no more oil…they are risking the Gulf of Mexico for their greed,although I am sure if/when they do lose the well and start paying for the bill…the bill will be paid by the American people by higher prices…we will pay one way or the other.

  121. JanH
    May 17th, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    Hawaii blocks repeat requests for Obama birth records
    One thing I HATE x 100 is that a photo copy of his ‘birth record’ is all we get, but that everyone that talks about it, or doubts it…is called a ‘birther’. WTF is that? ‘Birther’ sounds like another ugly word like ‘racist’.

    You birthing rat bastards!!! (Name calling like in Jr. High School)

  122. confloyd
    May 17th, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    BP is just trying to recoop some of the money they lost drilling that well…

    Yup, it’s all about $$$$$$$$$. To hell with the environment and all the animals it is killing.
    They should pay for the wildlife they kill!!!

  123. If you guys would read the link I posted at 01:35 it will tell you why we no longer follow the constitution or its amendments and why Nancy Pelosi can say “the constitition, huh”?

  124. rgb, did you listen to the audio at that link? These people are despots. They want the populace entirely subjugated to THEIR “good judgement” in every way.

  125. Whoever this aunt is, she is not Obama’s aunt…he’s comes straight from the elites….he is someone’s lovechild…you can bet on that!

  126. Has anyone seen this?

    ‘Thousands of bees’ swarm White House
    By Eric Zimmermann – 05/16/10 12:31 PM ET

    A swarm of “thousands of bees” gathered outside the White House this morning.

    The small army of insects hovered as Obama tried to leave the White House to play basketball at Fort McNair, according to a pool report.

    By the time the president returned at noon, the bees were apparently nowhere in sight.

    The president returned at noon…he left to play basketball at 9am…when does this idiot work…we all know he goes home to Meanchelle at 5pm…so no wonder we are in such a mess this guy only works 2 or 3 hours a day.

    Just remember Bill working til 2 or 3 in the morning trying to figure out how to pay for Rayguns and Bush’s wars and get the deficit under control…this idiot is just too busy playing with balls.

  127. Obama’s internet regulatory czar wants to have the govt force websites to link to “opposing views”.
    How about we do it when LameStream provides opposing views?


    According to Obama and his hatchet men, it’s never a bad policy, it’s just that the goodness of a policy has not been clearly communicated.

    Wasn’t Obama hailed as the Master Communicator? If so, why all this problem communicating? And what’s with the Smartest Man in the World needing a teleprompter, even when addressing kids.

    Now, it’s Rahm, saying the same about our dreadful relatino with our “ex-ally”, Israel:


    Rahm: We “screwed up the messaging” on Israel

    posted at 10:45 am on May 16, 2010 by Ed Morrissey
    printer-friendly How badly has Barack Obama’s support eroded among Jewish voters over Israeli-US relations? Enough to send Rahm Emanuel to a meeting with rabbis in the White House to offer an apology. Saying that the Obama administration had “screwed up the messaging” about his support for Israel, Emanuel promised that the White House would work to undo the damage:

    The Obama administration has “screwed up the messaging” about its support for Israelover the past 14 months, and it will take “more than one month to make up for 14 months,” White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel said on Thursday to a group of rabbis called together for a meeting in the White House.
    “During the elections there were doubts about President Obama’s support for Israel, and now they have resurfaced,” Emanuel said, according to one of those who participated in the meeting. “But concerning policy, we have done everything that we can that is in Israel’s security – and long-range interests. Watch what the administration does.” …
    These comments came during the second of two White House meetings with a carefully selected slate of 15 rabbis from across the US representing the Orthodox, Reform and Conservative streams. The first meeting took place on April 20, shortly after Obama was widely perceived to have treated Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu shabbily during their last White House meeting.
    In addition to Emanuel and Ross, the other administration officials in the meetings were Dan Shapiro, the deputy national security adviser who supervises policy for Israel and its neighbors; Susan Sher, the chief White House liaison to the Jewish community; and Danielle Borin, associate director of the White House Office of Public Engagement and special assistant to Vice President Joe Biden.
    Ross opened Thursday’s meeting, saying he hoped that the rabbis “had seen the manifestations of the change” of the administration’s tone since they met the first time a month ago.
    &&&&&&&& END EMANUEL QUOTE &&&&&&&&&&&&

    When did the Obama administration become aware that they had “screwed up the messaging”? About the same time that Jewish voters began abandoning them. That would have been shortly before Chuck Schumer scolded them over fumbling the alliance, and perhaps just after leaking that Obama would “impose” a peace plan on Israel. With the midterms looking disastrous, Emanuel and his team want to shore up support in one of the most reliable voting blocs Democrats have.
    The problem is that it’s not just the messaging. Obama set peace negotiations back to pre-Oslo days by demanding a halt to building in an area of Jerusalem that hadn’t ever been a hurdle to talks in the past. He insulted Israel’s Prime Minister in a visit to the White House, and has repeatedly demanded concessions from Israel as preconditions to talks with an enemy that still refuses to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. This White House has objectively been the most hostile American administration to Israel since its founding.
    If they just try to spin the messaging while keeping to the same strategies, don’t expect it to fool anyone. Pleasing words mean less and less after the track record of the last sixteen months. This looks like a desperate plea from Emanuel to the rabbis asking them to ignore Obama’s obvious hostility towards Israel in order to get more Democrats elected.
    Update: Pablo asks a great question in the comments: “What, Samantha Power couldn’t make it?” And let’s not forget last month’s leak to the New York Times about the White House intention to “balance” the alliance with Israel with “other interests.”

  129. More bs going on behind the scenes…

    Insurance Companies want to help define the rules on the new Hell care bill to keep their pockets full…

    Health Insurance Companies Try to Shape Rules

    WASHINGTON — Health insurance companies are lobbying federal and state officials in an effort to ward off strict regulation of premiums and profits under the new health care law.

    “The health insurance industry has shifted its focus from opposing health care reform,” Senator John D. Rockefeller IV said.

    The effort is, in some ways, a continuation of the battle over health care that consumed Congress last year.

    Insurance lobbyists are trying to shape regulations that will define “unreasonable” premium increases and require them to pay rebates to consumers if the companies do not spend enough on patient care.

    For their part, consumer groups say they worry that their legislative victories could be undone or undercut by the rules being written by the federal government and the states.

    The health care overhaul provides a classic example of how the impact of a law depends on regulations needed to interpret it. The rules deal with relatively technical questions but go to the heart of the law, pushed through Congress by President Obama and Democratic leaders with no Republican support.

    More than 40 provisions of the law require or permit agencies to issue rules. Lobbyists are focusing on two whose stated purpose is to ensure that consumers “get value for their dollars.”

    One bars insurers from carrying out an “unreasonable premium increase” unless they first submit justifications to federal and state officials. Congress did not say what is unreasonable, leaving that to rule writers.

    Another provision, effective Jan. 1, requires that a minimum percentage of premium dollars be spent on true medical costs related to patient care — not retained by insurers as profit or used to cover administrative expenses. Insurers must refund money to consumers if they do not meet the standards, known as minimum loss ratios.


    “The health insurance industry has shifted its focus from opposing health care reform to influencing how the new law will be implemented,” he said.

    The law requires insurers to spend a minimum percentage of premiums on health care services and “activities that improve health care quality” for patients.

    Insurers are eager to classify as many expenses as possible in these categories, so they can meet the new test and avoid paying rebates to policyholders.

    Thus, insurers are lobbying for a broad definition of quality improvement activities that would allow them to count spending on health information technology, nurse hot lines and efforts to prevent fraud. They also want to include the cost of reviewing care by doctors and hospitals, to determine if it was appropriate and followed clinical protocols.

    Some consumer advocates, like Carmen L. Balber of Consumer Watchdog, favor a strict, narrow definition of quality improvement activities, limited to those that produce measurable benefits to individual patients.

    Alissa Fox, a senior vice president of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, said that if the definition is too narrow, “health plans will come under enormous pressure to cut back quality improvement activities, including highly effective programs to reduce hospital infection rates.”

    But Charles N. Kahn III, president of the Federation of American Hospitals, a trade group, said he feared that the quality improvement category would become a “catchall for a wide variety of expenses not directly related to patient care.”

    Under the new law, insurers in the large group market are generally supposed to spend 85 percent of customers’ premiums on “clinical services” and quality-enhancing activities. The minimum is 80 percent for coverage sold to individuals and small groups.

    Insurers and insurance regulators say that some companies will be unable or unwilling to meet the new standards.


  130. More bad news (is there ever going to be good news?) from the BP oil spill…


    As BP struggled to contain the environmental disaster, scientists have found enormous oil plumes lurking beneath the surface of the water, including one as large as 10 miles long, three miles wide and 300ft thick.


    BP had hoped the tricky undersea effort to redirect the flow of oil would be operational by this morning.

    The latest fix involves guiding undersea robots to insert a small tube into a 21-inch pipe, known as a riser, to funnel the oil to a ship at the surface.

    But engineers failed to connect two pieces of equipment a mile below the water’s surface.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1278850/Oil-trails-Gulf-Mexico-10-miles-long-BP-continues-fight-stem-flow-broken-rig.html#ixzz0oDqQPD3n

    Why are these idiots allowed to continue if they have no clue as to what they are doing?????

  131. JanH
    May 16th, 2010 at 4:56 pm
    Keeping oil blame away from White House shores

    …had this quote:

    The president did not spare the government. Or, at least, he did not spare the administration of George W Bush.

    “For too long, for a decade or more, there has been a cosy relationship between the oil companies and the federal agency that permits them to drill. It seems as if permits were too often issued based on little more than assurances of safety from the oil companies. That cannot and will not happen any more.”

    And now we know that the permits continued to keep coming with little or no questioning, AFTER Obama was sworn in. So, STFU.

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