Racist Americans Attack Mess-iah Obama

The “racists” are multiplying. The “racists” are winning. The “racists” are everywhere. The “racists” are attacking Barack Obama.

As we Hillary Supporters learned, anyone who opposes Barack Obama is a “racist”. If you worked all your life for civil rights for all but you oppose Barack Obama you have been a secret “racist” all along. Anyone who criticizes Barack Obama is a “racist”. Anyone who does not support Barack Obama’s policies is doing so because they are “racists”. Policy disputes with Barack Obama are code words for “racist” intent. Anyone who supports an issue Obama does not agree with and who persists in pushing that issue is a “racist”. If you disagree with Obama you are a secret “racist” who has been outed. If you question Obama’s motives you are a “racist”. If you question Obama’s character you are a “racist”. Anyone who doubts Obama’s uncanny powers and world-wide popularity is a “racist”. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, if you mess with Barack, you’re a “racist”. “Racists”, we’re coming to get you. So let’s name some racists.

Chris Bowers at NothingLeft is a “racist”. That good for nothing is pimping some real “racist” redneck incitement against Barack Obama. That honky does not appreciate how great Obama is with the full devotion and obsequiousness he used to display. Bowers is exposed as a secret “racist”. Bowers pretended to be an Obama admirer but now we can see he is a “racist”. Here’s the damning “racist” talk that honky is jive talking against Barack Obama:

“The latest NBC poll has an interesting tidbit that helps explain a lot about the current political environment:

Obama is more helpful in rallying the GOP base (64% of Republican voters say they’re voting GOP to OPPOSE Obama and Dem candidates) than he is his own base (49% of Dem voters say they’re voting to SUPPORT Obama and Dem candidates). Translation: Obama’s presence on the campaign trail might solidify the GOP base without guaranteeing the same lift to Democrats.

Second translation: Obama is the enthusiasm gap. He makes Republicans more excited about opposing him then [sic] Democrats more excited about supporting him.”

Who the hell does this honky think he is, to criticize Barack Obama and his greatness? Next thing you know this honky good-for-nothing will be quoting Reverend Manning and calling Barack Obama a “long-legged freak”, a “mack-daddy”. Bowers is a “racist”.

Non-honky Charles Blow is a “racist” too. How dare this jive turkey attack the Golden Calf! He must be one of them self-hating types were hear tell of. This no good so-and-so, dares to notice that the church pews are empty in the Cult Cathedral of the High Church Of Barack Obama. He ain’t black, he’s a “racist”. A “racist” trying to blame Barack Obama for the failures of the nothing left Left. No good, damn – “racist”:

“Is “Left” becoming a four-letter word?

You’d think so lately with each day bringing more news of unconscionable conservative tilts in the electorate, while the drumbeat of the Democrats’ supposed death march to November gets ever louder.

For example, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey released this week found that a majority of Americans supported Arizona’s hostile new immigration law, even as most allowed that the law is likely to lead to more discrimination against legal immigrants. Apparently, for some, there is an acceptable level of collateral damage.

A May 7 Gallup poll found that 42 percent of people wanted a Supreme Court nominee who would make the court more conservative, as opposed to only 27 percent who wanted a nominee who would make it more liberal. That was before Elena Kagan was nominated. Afterward, 40 percent rated her as a good or excellent choice, but that was the lowest such rating in recent history, even 4 percentage points lower than Harriet Miers’s.

An Associated Press-GfK poll released this week found that a plurality of people still favor increasing drilling for oil and gas off the coasts even as an unprecedented natural disaster unfolds in the Gulf of Mexico. Environment be damned.

And Gallup released a poll on Friday entitled “The New Normal on Abortion: Americans More ‘Pro-Life.’ ” It buttressed the finding from last summer when, for the first time since the question began being asked in 1995, more people self-identified as “pro-life” than as “pro-choice.”

This string of bad news has only compounded an already palpable sense of loss and longing on the left, an enveloping fear of the inevitable: rejection. The right, and most importantly, the middle, unnerved by spending in a recession and unhinged by Obama in the White House, have not bought into the liberal vision of a new America. In fact, they’re increasingly weary of it, if not hostile to it.

So by most accounts, Nov. 2 is going to be a blue day in blue America. That is in part because of a sizable enthusiasm gap that favors Republicans.”

This “racist” dares to question the new post-racial utopia we are living in thanks to Barack Obama. How dare he! He’s a “racist”. He pretended, while writing all those Obama loving columns, that he loved Obama. But now we know better – he’s a “racist”.

“Liberals may want to crouch in a corner, wait for the storm to pass, then resurface and survey the damage, but that would be avoidance rather than acknowledgement and acceptance.

Better to acknowledge that the anger and frustration felt across the country, however fanatical and freighted, must find release, and it will do so in November. Then you can accept it for what it is: not a failure of philosophy, but a fear of the future. That future can be deferred, but it will not be denied.”

Who the hell does this guy think he is to question “you got me” Barack? “Racist” scum. How dare he blame Obama for the hell to come in November. How dare he blame Barack Obama for the mess we are all in. “Racist” scum.

But for those really showing their true colors, the Hollywood secret “racists” and the liberal “racists” we have to thank the website Not Your Sweetie. Damn dirty “racists” are everywhere. Damn, how did that happen? “Racists” all of them.

Notice the code language in what they say. It’s dirty “racist” code. They have a black man on a wanted poster as a criminal. This is clear cut “racist” language in an advertisement in the liberal New York Review of Books. Rat bastard liberal “racists” are using tried and true rat bastard “racist” code to attack Mess-iah Obama. Rat bastard racists!

Criminal Obama

Racist rat bastards attacking Barack Obama with racist code language in the New York Review of Books. Racist rat bastards. Let’s name the racist rat bastards who dare attack Obama with a racist “teabagger” style ad:

Cindy Sheehan, Cornel West, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg, Noam Chomsky, Ray McGovern, Carl Dix, Bill Quigley, William Blum, Joyce Kozloff, Ann Messner, David Swanson, Sunsara Taylor, Stephen Rohde, Fr. Bob Bossie, Peter Phillips, Jed Stone, Tomás Olmos, Peter McLaren, Jodie Evans, Elaine Brower, Matthis Chiroux, Dennis Loo, Larry Everest, Andy Worthington, Blasé Bonpane, William Ayers, Dahr Jamail, Kathy Kelly, Mike Gravel, Rev. Dr. George F. Regas, Donald Freed, Rocky Anderson, Frank Summers, Tom Morello, Ann Wright, Edward Asner, Sarah Kunstler, Emily Kunstler, Michael Ratner, James Cromwell, M. Cherif Bassiouni

Rat bastard racists! If the Tea Party activists ran and ad like this Big Media would expose the secret racist code language in this ad. But, it’s liberal rat bastards in the liberal New York Review of Books that are racists.

It’s up to us to expose the rat bastard liberal racists who pretended to love and worship Barack Obama but who are secret racists out to destroy the One who must not be attacked.

Racists beware! We are on to your tricks and deceptions. We will hunt you down. How dare you attack Barack Obama just because everything is falling apart.