Bitter And Clingy Obama Supporters Refuse To Hope And Change

It’s time to hoist the Obama Hopium Guzzlers on their own petard. Their very own words and theories denounce them.

During the primary elections of 2008 and the general elections of 2008 and ever since, Obama and his Hopium Guzzlers hurled accusations against those that saw Barack Obama for the cheap hack and Chicago politics pimp that he has always been. The lines of attack against those who looked to history to analyze Barack Obama’s pimp politics are still on parade today.

“Racist” is still the preferred weapon in the garbage can arsenal of accusations. Hillary Supporters were called old hags who felt entitled to power; McCain supporters were called old and white reactionaries; small town America was trashed by Obama himself as “bitter” and “clinging” to outdated realities and too stupid to recognize where their interests lay and in who represented their interests the best. Obama and the Hopium Guzzlers sold a snake oil remedy called “Hope” and insisted we enter with cheers into their gas chambers of “Change”.

Now the world has clearly turned, the world is changed, but the Hopium Guzzlers still cling, with bitterness, to their world of non-reality and “soft bigotry” which masks a profound and disturbed genre of racism.

* * * * * *

Once they called themselves the “reality based community”. Once they called themselves the “creative class”. Now the tethers to reality are a few frayed straws and the creativity is in the myriad and innovative self-delusions in which they swill. We always saw them for what they were and held a mirror to their faces, for which they despised us.

While they shouted “racists” and “old hags”, it was always obvious to those willing to engage reality that Hillary Supporters included many young women and young men who had the courage to stand up for what they believed in and not run with the herd. It was always obvious to those willing to engage reality that Hillary Supporters included many African-Americans, men and women of all ages. These African-Americans had the courage to stand up for who they supported – despite the pull of many Americans, especially African-Americans of finally achieving “The Dream” Dr. King prophesied. But that was fools gold. It was fools gold, because Barack Obama was not the real thing, he was New Coke.

Many if not most of the Congressional Black Caucus supported Hillary Clinton and many of her most powerful surrogates were African-Americans. Then the thuggery exerted itself more forcefully and even once courageous men like John Lewis, surrendered courage in order to preserve their own political fortunes. And the black community has suffered ever since, or at least the poor and middle class black community has suffered disproportionately ever since.

As for the white Big Blog boys swilling Hopium laced Kook-aid what drove a lot of the Obama obsessions were a combination of self-hate (we’ll have an article on this aspect real soon) and a profound bigotry about black and brown people. To these white Big Blog boys a black, or half-black candidate, had to be cool, and hip, and a pimped car joy riding liberal with verve.

In their bigotry they could not imagine that black people are like everyone else. A few are good, but many are rotten, arrogant (cue wealthy Henry Louis Gates “you don’t know who you are messing with”) and worse. But Barack Obama in their eyes was the black guy who in their eyes could not be an arrogant, self-interested, rip-off artist. That would, in their small minds, be a “racist” thought. The racism from these “creative class” types is the inability to accept that humanity for good or ill (and in our misanthropic moments we think most, if not all, humanity is for ill and rotten to the core) is replicated in all races – some are “good”, some are “bad”. That type of self awareness requires genuine introspection and creativity.

DailyHowler, who failed us all during the primaries by not speaking forthrightly and without surrender to the forces of Obama, assesses the latest race-baiting from the creative class against the Tea Party movement. Writes Bob Somersby who appears to have regained his flair for right between the eyes truth-telling:

“Repeat: Liberals love calling people racists—as long as the people in question belong to The Other Tribe. It often seems that liberals know no other political move. [snip]

Moral of the story? If a study calls the Tea Party a bunch of bigots, its results will be trumpeted widely by “liberals,” even if the study is so bungled that it’s a virtual hoax. But so it goes as the “liberal” world pretends to care about race. So it goes as the “liberal” world keeps showing us how liberals lose.”

In 2008, the “racist” race-baiting against the “Other Tribe” was directed at Hillary Clinton supporters. And we have not forgotten that reality based history.

On the Republican side, John McCain was not a favorite of the conservative establishment and they abandoned him in the general election in order to preserve control of a Republican Party that would remain an opposition force not a junior coalition partner to Democrats. Conservatives abandoned McCain and some even embarrassed themselves and embraced the Chicago flim-flam man. But a great deal of Republicans simply stayed home. A few days after the November 2008 elections the numbers were clear: there was no massive new turnout, the Republicans stayed home.

“A downturn in the number and percentage of Republican voters going to the polls seemed to be the primary explanation for the lower than predicted turnout,” the report said. Compared to 2004, Republican turnout declined by 1.3 percentage points to 28.7 percent, while Democratic turnout increased by 2.6 points from 28.7 percent in 2004 to 31.3 percent in 2008.

In the general elections, small town America knew something was wrong with the Chicago pimp-meister. Occasionally Big Media peeled back the curtain a little bit and we saw what the future, now the present, would bring. We quoted Ron Fournier the premier reporter for the Associated Press concerning the real Barack Obama:

“But both Obama and his wife, Michelle, ooze a sense of entitlement.[snip]

Privately, aides and associates of Obama tell stories about a boss who can be aloof and ungracious. He holds firmly to views and doesn’t like to be challenged, traits that President Bush packaged and sold under the “resolute” brand in the 2004 election. For Bush, those qualities proved to be dangerous in a time of war and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.”

The Hopium Guzzlers defended Obama with the “uppity” defense. They denounced such clearheadedness about Obama’s character as code language meaning “uppity negro” and “racist” in the extreme. But that was all race-baiting to defend the object of the Cult. Americans now see the sense of entitlement in action from the Gulf of Mexico oil Katrina and waterlogged unheeded Tennessee, to the lavish parties in recession America and the ceaseless credit card spending sprees with taxpayer monies.

The Hopium Guzzlers also loved to trash Hillary Clinton and her wonderful decades ago work at Wal-Mart when the company was just beginning to grow. The Hopium Guzzling Big Media loved to attack Hillary on all matters Wal-Mart while ignoring the more recent connections of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama to the now grown powerful and arrogant Wal-Mart.

As we wrote at the time, while Barack Obama was attacking Wal-Mart and saying he would not shop there, his campaign was busy buying at Wal-Mart. While Barack Obama was attacking lobbyists his political aides were registered as lobbyists for “dozens of corporations“, most notably Wal-Mart and British Petroleum. Few in Big Media mention Obama’s ties to British Petroleum from the very start and heart of his national campaign even as the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico grows.

Today Michelle Malkin mentions Wal-Mart and the corruptions of Michelle Obama and her assorted fakeries, aided and abetted by hubby:

“In June 2005, a few months after her husband was elected to the U.S. Senate, Mrs. Obama hustled a seat on the corporate Board of Directors of TreeHouse Foods, Inc. Despite zero experience, the food-processing company put her on its audit and nominating and corporate governance committees. For her on-the-job training and the privilege of putting her name and face on their literature, the company forked over $45,000 in 2005 and $51,200 in 2006 to Mrs. Obama — as well as 7,500 TreeHouse stock options worth more than $72,000 for each year. [snip]

The corporation-bashing Mrs. Obama would have continued raking in her TreeHouse cash if it hadn’t been for her husband’s pesky pledge to pander to Big Labor and swear off Wal-Mart. The retail giant, you see, happened to be TreeHouse’s biggest customer. And Wal-Mart is to Big Labor as sunshine is to Dracula.

In May 2007, Obama told AFL-CIO workers in Trenton, N.J., that Wal-Mart was dead to him. “I won’t shop there,” he pledged, with an eye toward embarrassing then-chief rival Hillary Clinton, who had served on Wal-Mart’s board from 1986-1992. The AFL-CIO has waged relentless attacks on Wal-Mart, dubbing it the “Poster Store for Greed.” That, by extension, would make Mrs. Obama — all-too-happy recipient of a Wal-Mart dependent compensation package worth more than $100,000 in 2008, according to Securities and Exchange Commission records — a Poster Child for Ancillary Avarice.

Candidate Obama shrugged off his wife’s conflict of interest. “Michelle and I have to live in the world and pay taxes and pay for our kids and save for retirement,” Obama explained to Crain’s Chicago Business magazine before his White House bid. Political expediency, alas, required that the candidate’s wife step down when the issue reared its head after Obama’s Wal-Mart bashing during the presidential campaign cycle.”

Malkin mentions the junk food-processing TreeHouse connection to Michelle Obama in order to point out the hypocrisies of Michelle Obama’s publicity stunts on childhood obesity and nutrition. Those hypocrisies and conflicts of interest will be denied by the Hopium Guzzlers but their world is crumbling apart. Reality continues to intrude.

Obama is Poison now and a skull and bones warning is affixed to every political appearance he makes. The great uniter, as we predicted, is the great polarizer:

“At a minimum, it was his first public argument for why he thought the country should elect him, as opposed to the dozen or so other candidates who would enter the race. It remained a critically important idea throughout his candidacy. Remember, the Obama campaign was an “audacious” act of line-jumping within the Democratic Party. His justification was that the country couldn’t afford to keep playing the same old political games. The hook of his candidacy was: America, do you really want to do Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton?

Yet here we are, breaking records for polarization. How did that happen? Why has Obama failed to do what he promised?”

By his own standards Barack Obama is a failure. “Obama’s implicit claim throughout his candidacy was that public divisiveness was somehow a failure of leadership.” His own words condemn him.

“While hypocritical (given the president’s own slippery relationship with the truth) this critique is strategically clever. For those still inclined to believe it, the message reinforces Obama’s fading image as a truth-telling, above-it-all academic (see the Michigan speech in particular for a bunch of we need to get beyond the tired debate about big-vs.-small-government claptrap). And for the straight-journalism types this is a soothing tongue-bath from the Sensible Centrist in Chief that reinforces their own self-pity/importance and gives them even more motivation to go after the real lying liars: The ones who noisily and hyperbolically oppose the policies of the most powerful man on earth.”

The same clods who continue to defend Barack Obama and raise money to support the Obama Dimocratic Party are the same ones who in places like Pennsylvania discover their biggest enemy is Barack Obama and the Obama Dimocratic Party. That’s the brilliant “reality based community” which continues to fluff Obama and get him cash for more treacheries. Meanwhile corrupt Dimocrats who supported Obama’s health scam find themselves, even if they have served 15 terms, cast out by the voters.

As to the health care treacheries, the Big Blog boys swallowed because they did not want to defy their Cult object, increasingly the Obama health scam is rejected. States in opposition to the Obama health scam now number 33 and growing:

“Efforts to block a key provision of the new health-care overhaul law are underway in 33 states, as a growing roster of mostly Republican officials have mounted legal and legislative challenges to an eventual requirement that virtually all Americans buy health insurance or pay a penalty tax.

This Friday, seven more states will formally join a lawsuit originally filed by Florida and 12 other states in late March.”

It is possible that court decisions will come soon. The big legal challenge to the Obama health scam will be argued in court this September and the Virginia challenge will be fully briefed by May 24. Referenda will soon be on the ballot too in states like Missouri and Tennessee.

Meanwhile the Obama economy crumbles under the assault of deficit after deficit:

“The United States posted an $82.69 billion deficit in April, nearly four times the $20.91 billion shortfall registered in April 2009 and the largest on record for that month, the Treasury Department said on Wednesday.

It was more than twice the $40-billion deficit that Wall Street economists surveyed by Reuters had forecast and was striking since April marks the filing deadline for individual income taxes that are the main source of government revenue.

Department officials said that in prior years, there was a surplus during April in 43 out of the past 56 years.

The government has now posted 19 consecutive monthly budget deficits, the longest string of shortfalls on record.[snip]

White House budget director Peter Orszag told Reuters Insider in an interview on Wednesday that the United States must tackle its deficits quickly to avoid the kind of debt crisis that hit Greece.”

The Obama rhetoric will be to get rid of deficits and debt but the actual Obama budgets will be accumulated massive debt and deficits. It’s what Obama has always done. All the treacheries from FISA to health care lobbyist deals to gay rights…. well the list of treacheries is long. But the Hopium Guzzlers still cling to delusion and will not embrace the real Hope And Change – which is a country rid of Obama and all his works.

The world has changed and that has made the Obama Hopium Guzzlers bitter. The world has changed but the Hopium Guzzlers still cling to the past like old hags. The world has changed but the Hopium Guzzlers are reactionary and will not accept the needed Change.