Tax Time Tea Party With Oprah, Kitty Kelley, Sarah Palin, And Hillary Clinton

Someday a book will be written which will actually examine who Barack Obama really was and is. That future book will very much be a Xerox copy of what we at Big Pink have written for years. Since April (yup, another anniversary coming up) 2007 we’ve been picking at the Barack Obama scab. Recently we noted how Tiger Woods traded magazine covers for hushed silence and we speculated that is a reason for Obama’s ubiquity on magazine covers as well.

It took years for the Tiger Truth to emerge from its crouched hidden-ness. Now it’s Oprah’s turn. And in the very same way Big Media has protected Barack Obama and Tiger Woods, Oprah is underneath the Big Media nuclear umbrella. Lesbian flings, prostitution & abuse lies” Oh my! – is the Oprah coming oozing out of Kitty Kelley’s new book.

Oprah’s life story, hidden thus far, notes she shares Barack Obama’s use of cocaine. Also like Barack Obama, the truth has never been told about childhood life (Oprah made up a lot of that sexual abuse stuff she “suffered”). And all that poverty and roaches and stuff, is also mostly made up by Oprah and eaten up by those who love that type of fake oppression narrative (which makes Oprah’s acceptance of James Frey’s book that much more enlightening). The lesbian/Graham Stedman tales are included and garnished with a diamond toe ring for romance target Diane Sawyer (yup, the ABC network news anchor). It also appears that Oprah engaged in activities that could qualify as a “teen prostitute”.

And now we all know that the Oprah that is so “open” and “caring” and gives so much advice about forgiveness and family and relationships, does not even talk to her own mother. Oprah does not know who daddy is (hey don’t the Barack problems duplicate themselves in Oprah?), but Kitty knows but won’t tell. Kitty also lampoons the oft told tale that Oprah was so poor she had two cockroaches as pets (Melinda and Sandy). And apparently Oprah did have dresses and dolls.

Oprah’s family says Oprah was “spoiled” as a little girl.

“Where Oprah got that nonsense about growing up in filth and roaches I have no idea,” said the relative, Katherine Carr Esters. “I’ve confronted her and asked, ‘Why do you tell such lies?’ Oprah told me, ‘That’s what people want to hear. The truth is boring.’ ”

A friend of Esters added that the manipulation of her past is a key to her success.

Every move is calculated to further her brand and lift her image, which is why she does good works,” Jewette Battles said.

As a teen, Winfrey was a wild child, promiscuous to the point of prostitution, her relatives said.

The future star would steal from her mother’s purse, pawn her jewelry and even turn tricks.”

Hey, sounds just like Obama!

Hey, Hey, remember when Obama trashed his grandmother, the one who raised him, as a “racist”? Well, hereeee’s Oprah:

“Where Oprah got that nonsense about growing up in filth and roaches I have no idea. (Oprah’s grandmother) kept a spotless house.”

Like us with Obama, Oprah’s Aunt Katherine says, “I do not understand the lies that she tells. She’s been doing it for years.” For years and years, Big Media has fed the hogwash to the masses. And there is this bit of Oprah news, Big Media did not inform Americans about, until now:

“A former boyfriend, Randy Cook, reportedly lived with Oprah in Chicago from January to May of 1985, not long after she’d moved to town. Kelley writes that Cook wanted to make their relationship public in a proposed tell-all book with chapters called “Oprah Introduces Me to Smoking Cocaine,” “Oprah: Drugs, Sex, Out of Control” and “Oprah and Gayle.” Cook “wrote graphically that they became ‘carnally driven monsters’ and indulged in ‘animalistic sex,’ ” Kelley reports. No one would publish Cook’s book, and Oprah “called him ‘a liar’ and ‘a drug addict’ who could not be trusted or believed,” Kelley writes. After Oprah weepily revealed her drug use on the air in early 1995, Cook filed a $20 million lawsuit against her for slander and emotional distress. “Oprah was forced to respond to his interrogatories,” the book says. “In her answers, she finally admitted to what she had so long denied: That she and Cook had sexual relations, and that she and Cook had used cocaine on a regular and consistent basis.” Cook ultimately dropped his suit.”

This is why Americans increasingly do not believe Big Media. Oprah/Obama tell a completely hyped story that Oprah/Obama themselves created, Oprah/Obama lash out at the truth tellers as “liars”, the truth tellers are mocked and excoriated, and not one bit of analysis or fact check is undertaken by Big Media.

But Big Media hatethrob, Sarah Palin had an armada of fact checkers unleashed on her book. We like fact checkers and want more (but honest ones, not the usual flacks) unleashed on every book. But Oprah/Obama/Tiger get away with their fairy tales and anyone who calls the fairy tale a fairy tale (yup, we’re talking Bill Clinton) get burned as a “racist”.

Indeed, anyone who disagrees with the Big Media fake “reality” is called a “racist” or worse (if there is “worse” than “racist”). The Tea Party activists are called “racists” by those who want to sabotage the Tea Party rallies with racist signs of their own making. With tomorrow’s tax day Tea Parties nationwide, the race-baiting “racist” signs are increasingly attributed to the Dimocratic Party itself.

As Any Stern made his farewell to SEIU official, via video, in Boston, Tea was brewing. In preparation for the nationwide Tea Party rallies tomorrow, Sarah Palin the hatethrob of Big Media appeared in Boston at a rally today. Sarah Palin spoke the truth when she said:

“A roaring Tea Party crowd cheered on Sarah Palin on the Boston Common today as she slammed President Obama promising it’s “nothing a good old fashioned election can’t fix.”

By “old fashioned election” we presume Sarah Palin means elections in which the will of the voters determines the winner candidate – something lacking of late in what used to be the Democratic Party.

We like “old fashioned elections” and can’t wait until November to exercise our great right to throw the bums out. And we can’t wait to run Obama out of office either. It’s a good idea for sure. Run Obama out of office is a good idea.

* * * * * *

Recently we restated our oft stated prediction, from way back when, that when Hillary set foot in one of the states where she walloped Barack Obama, a decision on 2012 was near. The fact that Hillary’s recent visit to Kentucky was to discuss nuclear strategy – while all the action was in D.C. – struck us as additional reason to doubt the visit was anything but a warning shot.

And, as Obama blunders into foreign policy more and more and Michelle Obama is now taking foreign policy trips, on her own, as well, and the American foreign policy posture is increasingly out of whack to even the most oblivious observer (see the latest letter on Israel) – it’s time for a change. No one reads these tea leaves better than Hillary, which is why she went to Kentucky, we think.

Obama’s slip is polling and his polling is slipping to the point that “anybody” is better than “somebody”. We at Big Pink are not the only ones noticing. We’ll repeat what we have written before: Hillary will not primary Obama, but if November results are ugly for Dimocrats, those Dimocrats running for reelection in 2012 will not want Obama at the top.

We know, that like a python, the Obama machine has strangulation-coiled around the once great Democratic Party and that now the Obamination is the Obama Dimocratic Party. But things have a funny way of changing real fast. We noticed and others are noticing too:

Red flag for a sinking Obama: Americans now prefer Hillary Clinton

It is, of course, a really silly thing to even think about, given the clout of the Chicago Machine boys currently occupying the White House.

But, just say, the Real Great Talker continues his spiraling descent in the polls over the next 12-18 months; already the Democrat is barely tied with Any Republican in opinion polls looking toward 2012.

Even worse, a majority of Americans have already decided they don’t want Obama to have a second term.

And just say under Obama’s leadership and insistence on his unpopular healthcare bill over jobs, all the spending and exploding deficits, plus the certainty of new taxes to cover his costs, the Democrats in Congress get thoroughly thrashed by the GOP come November. Maybe they even lose control of both houses.”

Is that not the same series of scenarios we wrote about well over a year ago? Let’s continue with the echo scenario:

This week a new poll showed Americans now preferring the GOP on a generic congressional ballot. And despite eagerly optimistic recent administration economic claims, the unemployment rate is likely to hang high, and now comes a new ABC News Poll finding national consumer confidence actually waning, not building.

Do you think then maybe by a year from now some Democratic Party bigwigs and money people might be whispering to each other that this arrogant Illinois guy is pulling a Jimmy Carter, constructing a disastrous….

…single term that teed up 12 straight years of Republican White House rule?

Well, it turns out, there is another Democrat — another former senator, in fact — hanging around now free of political tussles with an enhanced resume burnished on the world stage, thanks to Obama himself.

And a new CNN/Opinion Research Poll has just revealed that even today Americans like that other Democrat more and dislike that other Democrat less than they do the incumbent Democratic president.”

The answer to “who?” brings that cold chill to Michelle’s arms and to Obama’s heart:

“That other Democrat is, of course, Hillary Clinton, who fought and scratched her way mightily but unsuccessfully through those bitter, belligerent Democratic primaries and caucuses of 2008. The former first lady and current secretary of State professes no intra-mural interest in challenging her White House boss, as she must as long as she’s an administration team member.

The published CNN article focused on an Obama matchup with Sarah Palin. But within the data were Favorable/Unfavorable ratings for numerous prominent politicians of both parties. Here are the surprising new poll numbers for Clinton:

61% now think favorably of the former senator and only 35% unfavorably, both numbers improved from the 56% and 40% she had during the Democratic National Convention in late August of 2008.”

“But what about Mess-iah?”, choke out the Hopium guzzling clowns:

“By comparison, in the same CNN poll, 57% of Americans now think favorably of Obama, down from 78% just before his inauguration; and 41% now think unfavorably of him, more than twice his unfavorable rating of early 2009.

Clinton’s numbers also beat all other both Democrats and Republicans in the new poll. [snip]

Among Republican names, Mike Huckabee’s favorable-unfavorable rating is 43-29; Mitt Romney 40-34; Newt Gingrich 38-38 (see his recent speech video here); and Sarah Palin 39-55, up from her other recent numbers. See Palin’s recent speech video right here.”

Oh ye of little faith!

“Loyal Ticket readers may remember this item of ours from last December when USA Today and Gallup found the two most admired females in America were Clinton and Palin — and only 1% separated them.

Even more loyal Ticket readers will recall our item from nearly two years ago here revealing that the day after she surrendered to Obama upon losing the party primary race and said she heartily supported him, Clinton associates purchased a Web domain name: HRC2012.

Probably just an over-eager staffer, wouldn’t you think?”

Oh heavens, those over eager staffers!

We’ll continue to defend women (yup, we mean Sarah Palin) even if they are Republicans against sexism and misogyny. We’ll also continue to defend the Tea Party movement as a legitimate grassroots response to repeated abuses, albeit one that is very sympathetic to Republican aims and one that Republican bureaucrats want to python coil. We will continue to denounce Obama and Oprah as the race-baiters they have proven themselves to be too.

And we will continue to admire a certain plucky lady. In 2012 we might have a Tea Party of our very own.