Zac Efron For The Supreme Court

Experience, quality, judgment, and credentials are, after the selection of Barack Obama, such anachronisms we can dispense with them as considerations for any job. So let’s get Zac Efron in the Supreme Court. As to that pesky diversity concern (which is usually restricted to concerns about race and almost never about religion, sexual orientation, gender, and class status) let’s realize that currently Americans are deprived of a Hollywood celebrity in the Supreme Court.

Of course we will hear some clamor to appoint a Miley Cyrus or one of the Jonas Brothers, if only to remove them from “entertaining” us any further (if that’s the top consideration we’ll nominate Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato). But those are foolish choices. Miley and the Jonas Brothers have country music (read White Working Class) and Christiany connections which won’t play well with the Obama loving “creative class”. Zac has all the right bi-coastal connections.

And Zac is so easy on the eyes… sigh….

Not even the meanest Republican will oppose Zac. And Zac (sigh!) would be a Supreme Court powerhouse. One of the concerns Obama Hopium guzzlers are whining about is the lost influence of Justice Stevens on his fellow Justices:

“As if Justice Kennedy did not wield enough influence on the Supreme Court’s decisions already, SCOTUSBlog’s Lyle Denniston explains why Justice Stevens’ retirement is likely to increase the swing justice’s effect on the Court. This is so for two reasons. First, Justice Stevens’ retirment means there are only two justices on the Court with seniority over Justice Kennedy — Scalia and the Chief Justice. As a consequence, Justice Kennedy will be the assigning justice more often than in the past, particularly where he joins the Court’s liberal justices and the conservatives dissent. Second, Justice Stevens was particularly effective at wooing Justice Kennedy — and could use his power to assign majority opinions to himself or Justice Kennedy — to keep Justice Kennedy on board in close cases. In Justice Stevens’ absence, it’s not clear what other justice can play this role. As Denniston explains, “There is, at present, no other member of the Court’s liberal bloc likely to match Stevens’ ability to persuade a sometimes-reluctant Kennedy to join with that bloc in a closely divided case. If Kennedy is to vote for liberal outcomes, it may well have to be more of a personal choice than it has seemed to be up to now.” This is significant because in cases like Boumediene and Massachusetts v. EPA, it appears that Justice Stevens was able to sway Justice Kennedy to forge a liberal majority.”

Zac could easily “woo” Justice Kennedy into whatever position Zac wants him to take. Who could tell Zac “no”?

Of course the Obama Hopium guzzlers will squirm a bit because they want to live in their fantasy land of shipping Hillary Clinton off to the Supreme Court and try to bury her there. This concern is increased of late as Obama’s polls go flaccid (Gallup today has Obama sinking again. Bill Clinton must be chortling about his expectations setting ‘Obama’s numbers will go up 10’ after the scam is passed.)

No one will oppose Zac! Not even Maureen Dowd who today admitted:

“I, too, belonged to an inbred and wealthy men’s club cloistered behind walls and disdaining modernity.

I, too, remained part of an autocratic society that repressed women and ignored their progress in the secular world.”

Garbage scow Dowd is talking about her religion, not the New York Times, but even this inbred wealthy men’s club cloistered clown will be full of glee! with Zac on the High Court. Dowd might even heighten her interest in briefs with Zac on the Court.

Foreign policy experts who have never left their back yards and who believe that Hillary Clinton “has no base to keep, her political years [are] now behind her” will surely join garbage scow Dowd and jump on the Zac pack. These publicity craving armchair “experts” are upset with Hillary Clinton because she is making clear that Obama does not know what he is talking about – but they’ll forget all about that with Zac on the Court.

Hillary Clinton’s statement today, making a mockery of Obama’s ludicrous weak-knee bowing positions have upset the garbage scow experts. Hillary Clinton made it clear: “If we can prove that a biological attack originated in a country that attacked us, then all bets are off.” Treaty parchment becomes toilet paper.

You betcha! Hillary Clinton has always upset the Hopium guzzlers with blunt talk and clear warnings of lines that must not be crossed. Hillary Clinton warned Iran once and told Iran’s nuts they faced “obliteration”. Today Hillary Clinton told the world, “ignore the clod behind the curtain… if you attack us, all bets are off” – ignore whatever the boob says for self aggrandizement and to make more crowd pleasing noises.

Zac will make the garbage scows and armchair foreign policy “experts” (those with nothing better to do than attend lectures and panels populated with panels of others who attend lectures and panels) forget war, peace, hunger, and health.

Zac Efron can unite us all. And he’s young and wealthy, the most important qualities for Obama Hopium guzzlers.

Just imagine a 22 yaar old Zac Efron on the court! Zac would be on the court for another sixty years at least! What a legacy for Obama! A 22 year old celebrity with zero experience in law – with zero judgment or credentials on legal matters – on the nation’s highest court – that would be Obama’s perfect, most revealing legacy.