Stevens And Stupak Today, Barack Obama Tomorrow

The big news today, that will go unnoticed by Big Media, is Hillary Clinton in Kentucky. So forget Justice Stevens retiring and all the other shiny object bright light news. The big news today is Hillary Clinton in Kentucky. And don’t think Barack Obama does not know it.

Today Barack Obama will spin from his role as International Man Of Boobery to talk on camera about the coal mine deaths in West Virginia. Now why is Obama all of a sudden concerned about the deaths of ‘bitter and clingy’ Americans in West Virginia? Because Hillary Clinton is to speak today in Louisville, Kentucky.

Regular readers of Big Pink will recall that we have repeatedly written that the most important signal to us that Hillary Clinton is contemplating a run for president would be a visit to the states where she walloped Barack Obama in the primaries. That visit happens today.

The return of Hillary Clinton to a Hillary stronghold and the return of Obama to the bottom of the poll barrel, takes us to the other news of the day – the resignation of Bart Stupak.

In a article from 2009 we wrote:

“While we don’t think Hillary Clinton will directly challenge Obama for the nomination in 2012, we do think it is the job of sensible Democrats and smart Hillary supporting websites to drive Obama from the 2012 race. It is also the job for American citizens who care about the country.”

So Bart Stupak is the model to be used. Run Barack Obama out of the race in the same way Bart Stupak has been run out of town.

Bart Stupak was to be the target of unrelenting demonstrations by the Tea Party movement. Today, without much effort but with determined conviction, Bart Stupak was forced out of congress for his “Save Obama” vote. After November, Nancy Pelosi will have one less vote at the very least because the Stupak seat, for all intents and purposes, was won by Republicans today. Thanks Barack. Thanks Pelousy.

Bart Stupak will not be alone. Already there have been sixteen Dimocratic House retirements. The additional Dimocratic “retirements” to come by the end of this month and then defeats in November will grab the gavel of power from the hands of Pelousy in 2010 and pull the White House rug from Obama if he persists in a run in 2012.

As to the “news” of the Justice Stevens retirement, it is more ill tidings for the Domestic Man Of Boobery. Justice Stevens was the keystone of the liberal bloc in the court. The most Obama can do is to try to appoint another equally liberal justice to the court. That won’t be much of an accomplishment, more running just to stay in place, but even that we doubt is possible.

Obama has thus far slapped his PINO dupes in the face and with a bit of pressure from Republicans and Tea Party activists, Obama will easily cave.

Of course, if Obama does the remarkable and does not cave, he will further paint himself into the corner as Republicans denounce him as the reincarnation of Karl Marx all throughout the election season. And Republicans know why Stevens quit – fear of Dimocratic defeat in November and the need to get a vote before the big Republican wins (which might be bigger if the Supreme Court fight lasts through the fall).

If there indeed is a “pitched battle” from the left, the wounded on the field will be Obama and his PINO allies. There is nothing Republicans would love more just before the election than Obama fighting for his PINO allies in a “pitched battle” – and losing the non-existent “focus” on the economy and jobs, jobs, jobs.

The only “jobs, jobs, jobs” Barack Obama is worried about is his own job right now – and what “jobs, jobs” he and Michelle Obama will coerce once they are booted out of the White House.