Rubio, Palin, Bachman, Brown – The Damage Done

November 2010 will be inventory day for the Dimocratic Disaster wrought by Barack Obama. We at Big Pink can already see the damage done.

Fox News is the dominant news outlet and all, Al Sharpton and Barack Obama included, bow to its power by appearing on Fox programs. Fox News increasingly, when compared to its dull rivals reeking of Lost Weekends on Hopium, is seen as “Fair And Balanced”. “Air America” whose hosts attacked Hillary Clinton and worshiped Obama, no longer exists. The “liberal/progressive blogosphere” is but a chorus of castrati now, singing unpopular tunes off key and off pitch. The once powerful Big Media outlets in print and broadcast are either dying or making moves to shift to Tea and away from Hopium.

But it is the political party futures market where we see the structural damage done. Before the treachery by the Democratic establishment to gift Obama the party nomination and trash Hillary Clinton, the future clearly belonged to the Democratic Party. Supposedly, the Democratic Party was positioned demographically for long term dominance and generations of electoral victory, IF the party provided experienced leadership which bettered the lives of Americans.

Much of the above we are discussing in our series of articles “Mistake In ’08”. Today we look at the Republican inventory sheet.

This coming weekend, the Southern Republican Leadership Conference will open and Republican leaders will assess the quality of White House contenders. But there is no need to watch the convention happenings this weekend to see the future for Republicans.

Sarah Palin managed to rouse at least 10,000 people to travel to see her in remote, hardscrabble, Searchlight, Nevada recently. Yesterday Palin appeared with Michelle Bachman, guns blazing. Tim Pawlenty was there too, but not many cared.

Palin obviously mocked Obama by praising those who love their freedom and “patriots who love their country”. Palin mocked Obama by praising those “proudly clinging to your guns and religion”. Palin praised Michelle Bachman and hockey moms too. The crowd of 11,000 loved the sisterhood on stage. But the story was the almost 100% crowd of women. Palin also noted, with a pride that should bring a chill to the hardened hearts of Obama Dimocrats, the role of women as the majority force and majority leadership of the Tea Party movement.

At some point, someone in the Tea Party movement will notice that the sexually charged mock “teabaggers” is a misogynistic assault. “Teabagging”, without getting overly descriptive, involves the “tea bag” appearance of the male scrotum especially as it is dominantly swung over a passive face. At some point, someone in the Tea Party movement should call out the misogynists and sexists who demean women of the Tea Party movement in the vilest of misogynistic terms.

Perhaps that someone will be Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman. Sarah Palin last night quoted Margaret Thatcher “In politics, if you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” Palin added her own memorable and quotable “Behind every good and productive man, stands a very surprised woman.”

Other than Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side, is there another woman politician that garners the same audiences and ratings and star power as Sarah Palin and to a lesser extent, Michelle Bachman? Not Pelosi with her refrigerator talk, not M.O., not any of the Senators, not Ginsberg on the Court, not any talkers like Maddow or Huffington, not Caroline, none.

The “hot” women in politics today, other than a deliberately undercover Hillary Clinton, are on the Republican side. And by “hot” we are not talking sex, we are talking hot political firepower that can fire up a crowd, after having the ability of being able to gather a crowd (as Bart Stupak will soon find out when he gets Tea Partied).

The “hot” white guy is also on the Republican side. Scott Brown did not run in a Republican state but in THE Democratic state. And he won. Is there any white Dimocrat that can match Brown’s star power? Bill Clinton still has fire power but he is not running for political office. Al Franken is as close as it gets, but it is doubtful he can gather massive crowds in a Republican region they way Scott Brown is able to do in a clearly Democratic region. Al Gore, can he gather a crowd outside of Move-on members?

Howard Dean can tingle the legs of his Big Blog boys but few others. John Kerry could not gather a crowd at a Heinz factory. Kaine is a joke, Biden is a joke waiting to happen, as is the rest of the Dimocratic leadership. Reid of Searchlight? – can he attract anyone to his remote hometown?

The black guy that was supposed to lead to generations of Democratic dominance? Al Gore is running away from him now because of oil drilling, not because of failed weatherization job projects. Jobs too continue to flee the country as Obama continues his la-dee-da “focus” on jobs while traveling overseas to oversee new disasters.

Barack Obama can’t save himself or his job or American jobs (let alone others:

Two weeks after President Obama signed the new health care bill, opposition to it remains strong. In addition, the president’s legislative victory did not help his job approval rating, which hit a new low in a Fox News poll released Thursday.

The poll also finds more voters would punish rather than reward incumbents who voted for the health care bill, and that the Democratic win did nothing to energize the party faithful for the midterms.

President Obama’s overall job approval rating dropped to a new low of 43 percent. Nearly half — 48 percent — disapprove. In mid-March, it was 46-48 percent. His current rating among Democrats (80 percent) and independents (38 percent) are among his lowest ratings with these groups. He is now in single digits among Republicans (7 percent). By comparison, former President George W. Bush’s approval among Democrats went as low as 4 percent.

The poll finds by a 54 to 39 percent margin, American voters oppose the new health care law. Just prior to the bill’s passage, 55 percent opposed, while 35 percent favored the overhaul.

Among the key group of independent voters, 38 percent favor the law and 55 percent oppose it. When voting this November, more than twice as many independents say they are less likely (39 percent) to vote for a candidate who favored the bill than say more likely (18 percent).

Even Democrats are drifting away.

It is the story of Latinos that is most intriguing. John McCain tried to woo Latinos and failed. George W. Bush tried to woo Latinos in Texas and in some part succeeded. George W. Bush tried to woo Latinos as President and even Karl Rove tried to woo Latinos. It’s the big growing demographic group which the Obama Dimocrats have pointed to as the key to generations of victories.

Obama Dimocrats thought for sure Latinos will vote Dimocratic in the future. But is that the case? Latinos are in some large part socially conservative. But there has never been a national Latino leader to gather that force. Bill Richardson had a rather “anglo” name but as a Latino had a shot at national leadership. But Judas Richardson finds himself hanging from a tree these days. Cesar Chavez has been long dead and was never an electoral figure. Henry Cisneros long ago was thought of as a potential national figure but his day has passed. Antonio Villaraigosa is also a spent force.

The Republicans have Marco Rubio.

Marco Rubio’s remarkable fundraising haul — $3.6 million this quarter, he just announced — is a reminder of the scale of his stardom inside the Republican Party, all of whose core constituencies seem to like the guy.

He’s already hearing every day (and brushing it off) that he should run for president in 2012, and at the inevitable moment in the cycle (as in every party, every cycle) when Republicans panic about their field of nominees, he’s likely to be uniquely attractive: young, conservative, Hispanic and from a swing state besides.

Imagine Marco Rubio on a national ticket. Would Latinos, massed in key electoral states such as California, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona consider a vote for the “hot” Latino with the best chance ever to place a Latino in the White House? Is such a possibility the ultimate nightmare for identity politics advocates in the Dimocratic Party? We saw in 2008 how African-Americans, except for the brave few, turned their collective backs on a tried and true friend to advocate for a never before seen pig-in-a-poke who every day damages them. Is it possible that Latinos scorn the Dimocratic Party in order to go with the “hot” Latino guy? You betcha!

The buzz for a Rubio candidacy is broad, and deep. Observers like Matt Lewis have made the case publicly, and my impression is that if a swath of conservative leaders haven’t talked up his candidacy, it’s only because they haven’t been asked. I was talking to the Southern Baptist Convention’s Richard Land earlier this year for another story when he brought Rubio up, unasked.

“The longer nobody catches fire, the more space there is for Marco,” he said.  “It wouldn’t be unheard of for a freshman senator from Florida to be the nominee — particularly one who was speaker of the [Florida Assembly].

“He’s got more experience than Obama had,” Land continued. “There are a lot of Hispanics in this country who would find someone with Marco’s ethnic background very appealing. Although I like Sarah [Palin], I think Sarah’s got a lot more impediments to a nomination than Marco Rubio does.”

Obama Dimocrats trashed the value of experience in 2008, and now that trash can easily be dumped on their heads. A young, inexperienced, racially well positioned, good looking, well spoken elected official – that’s Marco Polo Marco Rubio.

The echoes of Obama are unmistakable, and the context of Obama both removes Rubio’s youth and inexperience as issues and intensifies the Republican need for a new face.

The argument is made that Marco Rubio needs an easy victory in Florida so that he can campaign around the country and collect “chits” if he wants to be a national figure. But Marco Rubio is already a national figure. Marco Rubio can raise as much money as needed.

What does Marco Rubio need as a next step that Obama had in abundance? Marco Rubio needs a compliant Republican leadership that will secure him the nomination and stab all others in the back the way the Democratic leadership stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back. And do not think that is such a far fetched scenario.

Other than Palin, the rest of the Republican field for president is dull as dish water. Romney? Does anyone other than a Mormon on the Romney payroll think that Romney has a chance of victory? Huckabee? We can never get past that comic name. Pawlenty? No one noticed he was in attendance at the Palin event. Paul Ryan? Too bookish and too Obamaish for Republicans. Jindal? New Orleans will rise above sea level faster than Jindal will rise to national stature. Only a McDonnell or a Brown have the glow to take top billing away from a Palin or a Rubio.

Obama Dimocrats thought they would profit from treachery and top of the ladder backstabbing. It benefited Barack Obama. But the Dimocratic Party gets no benefit. Barack Obama benefits Republicans.

Instead of respect for experience and trust in a true Democrats who fought for core Democratic principles all her life, the Democratic Party fell for a flash in the pan promoted by the treacherous Democratic establishment. Instead of attacking misogyny and sexism the Democratic establishment emboldened it.

Now we have the worse of all worlds: Experience is a devalued commodity instead of a necessary ingredient for leadership. Women leaders are headlining events on the Republican side while women iron shirts in the Dimocratic kitchen. The Tea Party movement is boiling while PINO Big Blog boys stew in their own frequently released juices.

The Damage Is Done. Hopium kills. It’s a setting sun.