Not Just April Fools

Perhaps it’s all the rain on the East coast, but we have a bumper crop of fools this year. But then again, last year we had a bumper crop of fools too. Indeed, so many fools reared their heads last year, we declared “April In December”!

This year is young, but the cesspools of foolery overflow. One Big Blog boy lunged yesterday to be crowned “Fool Of The Year”. In ordinary times he would be hard to beat. He is an exemplary fool. This fool describes himself as “an ardent environmentalist”. This fool is so “ardent” he has exerted himself and joined the Sierra Club along with a “climate non-profit”. So what was this “ardent environmentalist” fool’s reaction to Barack Obama’s announcement on offshore oil drilling yesterday? What expressions of outrage did our “ardent environmentalist” unleash? What thundering actions of Olympian rage did this Big Blog boy unleash? The fool in his own words:

I’m just thankful that the ban remains in effect for the west coast and fragile ecosystems in the northeast. I hope groups like Earthjustice and the NRDC don’t ignore the issue and put out statements of annoyed disappointment….

Whoa, hold on there little fella! Them’s a-fight’n words fer shur! Let’s not get too radical.

Compare and contrast that PINO reaction to a violation of “ardent” commitment to issues and “principles” with how conservatives react to a breach of their principles. Over a relatively minor matter, but one that insults their principles, the conservatives know how to fight. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, an organization we detest, is upset with the Republican National Committee over a bar tab at a “bondage” nightclub. Perkins immediately stated “I’ve hinted at this before, but now I am saying it–don’t give money to the RNC.”

Is there any wonder why we laugh at these PINO Big Blog boys? Obama put on Sarah Palin’s saddle, and she rode him and broke him, yet our Big Blog “ardent environmentalist” boy hero mewls. What a man!

But our boy “ardent environmentalist” hero is not done yet with his claim to the crown of “Fool Of The Year”. Yesterday, this Big Blog boy also barked for money on behalf of Dimocrats, as the first quarter FEC filing deadline came to a close. As we wrote on this day last year:

These fools are giving money to the very officials who hold them in utter disdain and contempt. They are fools. They are rewarding the very people who treat them like dirt.

Can anyone take the crown from this fool? Surely, he must be “Fool Of The Year”. Well now, hold on. Before we continue to nominate others for “Fool Of The Year” let’s nominate ourselves for the prize. We here at Big Pink have been made fools too. Let’s slap ourselves as well.

In declining the title “Fool Of The Year” we plead stupefaction. Who would have thunk it possible? In our article discussing the lawsuits against Obama’s health scam we cited mostly “right wing” lawyers as thinking the lawsuits had a chance of success. Now comes Jonathan Turley, a liberal talking head lawyer to punk us. Writes Turley in USAToday:

“If the individual health insurance mandate survives court challenges, states’ rights will have withered before our eyes.[snip]

Across the country, lawsuits are being filed that could have sweeping implications, not just for health care but our constitutional system. [snip] Though the federal government has the clear advantage in such litigation, these challenges should not be dismissed as baseless political maneuvering. There is a legitimate concern for many that this mandate constitutes the greatest (and perhaps the most lethal) challenge to states’ rights in U.S. history.[snip]

It is an assertion of federal power that is inherently at odds with the original vision of the Framers. If a citizen who fails to get health insurance is an interstate problem, it is difficult to see the limiting principle as Congress seeks to impose other requirements on citizens. The ultimate question may not be how Congress can prevail, but how much of states’ rights would be left if it prevailed.[snip]

Though strong arguments can be made for health care reform and the individual mandate, these are matters that should not be decided by mere fiat of Congress but rather by the courts. Federalism was already on life support before the individual mandate. Make no mistake about it, this plan might provide a bill of good health for the public, but it could amount to a “do not resuscitate” order for federalism.”

Turley, you punked us. A Big Media favorite writing fairly about a constitutional question. Who would have thunk it?

But Turley is not the only one to make fools of us. David Letterman. Yup, David Letterman has punked us too. Who would have thunk it? We plead embarrassment.

What did Letterman do?

“In a quietly remarkable piece of television, David Letterman interviewed Tea Party member Pam Stout on last night’s Late Show. “I know nothin’ about the tea party,” Dave began, saying Stout had come to his attention after the 66 year-old Idaho woman had been featured prominently in a Feb. 15 New York Times story on the Tea Party movement.

Letterman invited her on to ask about the movement and whether it aimed to become a “third party.” She said, “I don’t think it will become a third party,” but that its voice “can be pretty devisive” in some elections, and that locally, she wanted the Tea Party to “take over the Republican Party… [and] go back to the old ideas.” [snip]

Stout was the mildest of souls, calm and remarkably composed for someone probably not used to the glare of network TV cameras. And Letterman loves this sort of person — a Midwestern citizen, a non-celeb; while raising serious points, he made a point of keeping things light“.

Fairness and no mockery from David Letterman! Dave you punked us. We still can’t believe David Letterman was polite and fair to anyone, let alone a Tea Party activist, in an extended interview! But here’s the video proof:

Pigs do fly!

But as foolish as we might be, let’s get to real contenders for the crown as “Fool Of The Year”. In the “diary” written by that “ardent environmentalist” there was this comment:

“My first thought was of taking a rolled up newspaper and bopping him on the head like I would scold a dog. I thought he’d learned?

But that was just my first thought. This is Obama we’re talking about, and as we learned with HCR, his brilliance is often well beyond the horizon of us lay bloggers.

If that sad sack has written “us PINO bloggers” we could see the justice in the remark. But really, this is a high level of fool beyond measure. The level of foolishness is not restricted to comments on PINO blogs. Last year one of the contenders for “Fool Of The Year” was the head fool at what we call “NothingLeft”. Proving that experience is a great value, the head fool at NothingLeft catapults himself to the top ranks of contenders for “Fool Of The Year”. This year the experienced fool writes:

“I spent much of 2008 exasperated by a progressive Internet space that had seemingly reversed itself overnight on things like the value of triangulation, bipartisanship, appearing Fox News, allowing Joe Lieberman to keep his seniority, sending more troops to Afghanistan, retroactive immunity for telecom companies, replacing local state party organizers with ones who answer directly to the DNC, and much more. It seemed as though numerous policies and strategies that had held near-consensus stature within the progressive online ecosystem had been either scrapped or reversed simply because Barack Obama said it was a good idea to scrap or reverse them.

Back then, the urge to call people who reversed their positions lobotomized “sheeple” was almost impossible to resist–and I frequently did not resist it.

However, that is not an impulse I feel anymore. This is because I realized Barack Obama persuaded progressive activists to change their minds not because those activists are sheeple or because activist organization leaders operate in “veal pens,” but rather because Obama developed new messaging that was more convincing than the likes used by myself, or BTD, or anyone else on the left who was making contrary arguments. He just beat those old arguments, plain and simple, and the progressive Internet space changed.”

Perhaps “fool” needs to be modified for this extraordinary “fool”. Let’s add “whore”. A foolish whore. A foolish whore who is so desperate to become part of the corrupt Dimocratic establishment he will write the most foolish theories and think his PINO audience is so stupid as to believe him. Generally the PINO audience is either so gullible or so corrupt that they do believe this extraordinary and experienced fool. Lord, what fools these PINOs be!

But some are learning or speaking up:

At the end of the day the PUMAs were right to believe that Obama was NOT a feminist and that he would sell women out. They were right that Barack Obama had no intention on keeping his word on a universal health care system or the conscience clause. They were right about DOMA. They were right on the fact that the rules were manipulated and that half the party was hosed over to drag Obama over the finish line. Quite frankly I don’t understand how anyone would take being called a PUMA as an insult. They’ve so far been the freaking Cassandras on just about everything Obama and the Democrats stand for nowadays(which is pretty close to nil).

Last year, other contenders for “Fool Of The Year” were “women’s groups” such as NARAL. This year, just like the “ardent environmentalist” the “women’s groups” are top contenders yet again. Obama signs away their “principles”, signs an Executive Order codifying the Hyde Amendment which he promised during the election campaign to eliminate, and these fools write statements of “annoyed disappointment” – yet continue to raise funds for Obama and his Dimocrats. Somewhere Tony Perkins chortles.

But are there bigger fools than the Congressional fools who believe Obama will save them if they “Save Obama”? The polls say the Obama Dimocrats are indeed fools to believe Obama can save them:

“Barack Obama is getting more blame for what voters see as a lagging economy than at any other time in his presidency, according to a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll out Thursday.

Additionally, 50 percent said Obama does not deserve reelection, with 46 percent saying otherwise.”

Obama cannot save himself, let alone other Dimocrats. Those in Congress and out that believe Obama scams and flim-flams will bring jobs are even bigger fools.

“In the USA Today/Gallup poll taken over the weekend, the President maintains a 47% approval rating, with 50% disapproving. Two-thirds of voters think the health care bill costs too much and expands the role of health care too far, 50% think passage is a bad thing, and 53% thought the Democrats’ tactics constituted an abuse of power. This is representative of most polling I’ve seen this cycle, where the President enjoys tepid approval ratings on the topline, but the secondary “issue” numbers are horrendous.”

Those that believed Obama’s Titanic Health Care Victory would lead to more such foolish “victories” are fools too:

“The president’s push to turn health care reform into a catalyst for the rest of his agenda is getting mixed early reactions on Capitol Hill, where Democratic leaders’ desire to take advantage of healthy majorities before the November elections must contend with lawmakers’ survival instincts.”

After the Titanic Health Care Victory Obama acolytes in Big Media stated that a sure clue as to “success” would be if tempers died down and town halls were supportive and if the crowds would disappear. Sarah Palin in Searchlight proved the crowds against the Obama health scam are still there. The anger has not died down and even the Gallup poll has 53% of Americans saying Obama Dimocrats’ tactics “constituted an abuse of power”. And the town hall anger has Ohio Obama Dimocrat Tim Ryan afraid he might be attacked by his constituents. Tim Ryan is not alone in his fears and not alone is running away from constituents even as Republicans rush to the stage.

The Dimocratic response is to shout “racists!”

Soon Big Business leaders who allowed the health scam to proceed without making clear the costs to their companies, leading to less hiring, will be called “racists” too. But as states devise new schemes to raise taxes, and the economy does not get better for those outside Wall Street, and the jobs do not appear, the “racist” chant becomes noise. Is there any wonder why Republicans grow more confident of massive electoral victories and the polls confirm they are right in their confidence? And it is not just Republicans who think devastation, doom, and defeat await Obama Dimocrats. Carville and Greenberg:

“Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg said Wednesday that if the 2010 election were held today, his party would be faced with a similar result to its catastrophic 1994 losses. [snip]

“We’re on the edge of it, but we’re not there. If the election were now, we’d have a change election, a 1994,” he said at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “If the election were now, you would be there.”

Carville and Greenberg know enough to make excuses but the trajectory is clear.

Fools, Fools, Fools.

And let’s not forget legacy fools who believed the nonsense about “Professor” Obama.

* * * * *

Fools, Fools, Fools. But these fools are mere runners up in the “Fool Of The Year” pageant.

Hillary knew. Hillary knew Barack Obama was, is, and, will be – “The Fool Of The Year”.

The Republicans know it too:


86 thoughts on “Not Just April Fools

  1. Did you know Mark Hamill (“Luke” from Star Wars) is the voice of The Joker in the cartoons?

    Happy April Fools Day.

  2. Fox: Obama to sign new CO2 restrictions by executive order

    Fox Business Host Stuart Varney reports that Obama plans to sign an executive order by next week to unilaterally impose new laws mandating CO2 restrictions since he can’t get the laws passed through congress.

    I doubt this is concern for the environment. More likely it’s pressure toward his Cap and Trade. Here’s the stick, now vote for C&T to get the carrot.

  3. Not Your Sweetie, has a good should have been an April Fools joke (published yesterday) about “confuzzled” BOTs:

    I went in B0botland today to see what the news of offshore drilling has done to them. I think it’s best summed up in a joke:

    Two guys walk into a bar in the Wild West. One says to the other: “See that guy?”

    “Which guy?”

    “The one in a hat”

    “They all wear hats”

    “The one in jeans”

    “They all wear jeans”

    Losing his patience, first guy takes his gun out of its holster, shoots everyone in sight, leaving only one standing:

    “That guy. That’s my mortal enemy”

    Worth a visit.

  4. “Obama is not a brown-skinned anti-war socialist who gives away free healthcare. That’s Jesus.”

  5. Yet another stellar and timely post, admin. Thank you.
    I’ve been noticing an ad playing on local stations for Chris Carney who ‘represents’ PA-10. It is entitled “Thank you, Congressman Chris Carney.” A statement at the end declares that Catholics United is responsible for the content of the ad. I’ve screen-captured this incredible message within the ad:
    The Carney Record:
    Ordinary Pennsylvanians get access to same health benefits Congress gets.

    I have a call in to Carney’s local office asking them to show me in HR 3590 where this is stated. The fellow at first seemed incredulous that I would ask him to search the large document. I made him understand that this was not a joke. He replied that he’d get back to me. If he does, I’ll report back here.

    I wonder how many other Congressional creeps have similar ads spouting this untruth. Fools on the hill. All of them.

  6. Reposted.


    Quote: “On the other side of the political divide, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, who fought for a year to muster the votes in his own party, had no plans to speak on healthcare during the spring break, his staff said.”

    Democrats lie low after healthcare victory

    The week after passing landmark healthcare reform and handing President Barack Obama an important victory, members of the U.S. Congress returned to their home districts for a recess to face constituents and justify their votes after the bruising legislative battle.

    While Obama made flying visits across the country to tout the new legislation, a number of key Democrats, who led the charge for healthcare reform, seemed to keep a low profile and are doing little to beat the drum.

    Republican lawmakers, however, made quick plans to harness what they see as voter discontent over the issue — either by lambasting those Democrats who may be politically vulnerable or by shoring up their own shaky campaigns with criticism of “Obamacare.”

    While healthcare reform was thought to be a defining issue in congressional elections, many experts believe it may lose steam by November and prove less important for voters than unemployment and the economy.

    Before public anger over healthcare fades, Republicans from veteran senators to freshman congressmen were racing to get their message out at the outset of the two-week spring recess.

    Representative Dan Lungren, a California Republican running for re-election in a district carried by Obama in 2008, planned to tell his constituents that healthcare reform is important, but Obama’s overhaul was not the way to fix the ailing system.

    “Too much costs, too much taxes, too much government, too much debt,” Lungren told Reuters. “It’s another typical over-promise by the federal government. It’s not going to go away and its not going to be the sole issue in the election but it’s the best example of the direction this president wants to take the country.”

    Arizona’s Republican Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain, facing a stiff re-election fight, sounded similar themes as he campaigned in Tucson with 2008 running-mate Sarah Palin.


    “Obamacare is, quote, ‘historic.’ They’re right, it’s historic. It’s the first time in history where a major piece of legislation has been passed over the overwhelming objection of the majority of American people,” McCain said to cheers.

    “It’s historic that it is also the first time on a pure partisan basis a major piece of legislation has been passed. It’s going to be historic, because it’s going to be repealed and replaced, and it’s going to be done soon,” he said.

    On the other side of the political divide, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, who fought for a year to muster the votes in his own party, had no plans to speak on healthcare during the spring break, his staff said.

    Conservative Tea Party activists held a rally Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, Nevada and the senator welcomed them to town as a boost to the local economy.

    “I don’t think he feels like he needs to counter (the rally), it’s part of just educating people on what’s in health care,” said Tom Brede, Reid’s Nevada-based spokesman.

    Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, who initially secured federal funding for his state to cover the cost of Medicaid expansion in the controversial “Cornhusker Kickback,” also had nothing related to healthcare on his agenda.

    Though the “Cornhusker Kickback” was stripped from the final healthcare deal, conservative activists are hoping disgruntled voters will help them drive Nelson out of office.


    In Michigan, Representative Bart Stupak, who led a group of Democratic anti-abortion holdouts who threatened to derail the bill, only to ultimately support it, issued a statement saying that an executive order signed by Obama represented an “iron-clad commitment” to ban federal funding for abortion.

    Stupak had no events planned over the recess to discuss healthcare.

    First-term Democratic Representative John Boccieri of Ohio, seen by some as vulnerable in November, explained in a release that he voted yes because “the bill may not be perfect but it strikes the proper balance.”

    Political analysts said Republicans needed to tread carefully now that healthcare overhaul is a fait accompli or risk being painted as the “party of no” by Democrats.

    “My assumption is that this is going to wash out. It’s just not going to be that central (to the election). If anything, it might turn out to be a net plus for the Democrats,” said Joel Aberbach, director of the Center for American Politics and Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles.

    That ‘net plus” could come into play in California, where public opinion favored an unsuccessful state-level healthcare initiative pursued by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2007.

    California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer is facing the hardest re-election battle of her career and she could cash in on her party’s victory on healthcare.

    Her website hails the healthcare overhaul as an “historic achievement and a victory for our seniors, our children, our small businesses and for California.”

    “I fully expect that Boxer will use (healthcare reform) in her arsenal as something that she will run on rather than run away from,” Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo said.

    “In other states this issue could be toxic to incumbent Democrats. I don’t see that as much here in California.”

  7. Thank you to all who responded a few posts back. I feel in solidarity with many of you. And yes Wbboei, I believe it was me (as my last name has the IV after it). I believe I was calling the Pacific Northwest in advance of the primaries, back in Dec 07, and you turned me on to Big Pink! I am very thankful for that and all of you posters who are thoughtful and fight the good fight!

  8. mydd big blog boy also had this:

    “There’s a saying, quickly becoming the meme on Obama, that every promise he makes has an expiration date.”

  9. Tea Party Unveils ‘Contract From America’ Planks
    Thursday, 01 Apr 2010 11:58 AM Article Font Size

    You won’t find many surveys that involve over 365,000 respondents, but that’s how many online forms were completed to determine the top three planks of the tea-party movement’s platform released Thursday as part of the new “Contract From America.”

    Leading the list as issue No. 1: “Protect the Constitution: Require each bill to identity the specific provision of the Constitution that gives Congress the power to do what the bill does.”

    That proposal won the approval of 80.7 percent of the survey responses collected so far. Voting will continue through Monday at

    The second most popular of the 21 issues that are up for a vote: “Reject cap and trade: Stop costly new regulations that would increase unemployment, raise consumer prices, and weaken the nation’s global competitiveness with virtually no impact on global temperatures.”

    The goal of that plant, tea party officials say, is to block any imposition of the cap and trade tax, whether by congressional fiat or by the Environmental Protection Agency, which has threatened to act unilaterally if Congress fails to do so. The issue won the support of 70.8 percent of respondents.

    Issue No. 3 was unveiled Thursday based on the survey responses: “Demand a balanced budget: Begin the Constitutional amendment process to require a balanced budget with a two-thirds majority needed for any tax hike.” That plank received the approval of 69.9 percent of respondents.

    Ryan Hecker is the 29-year-old Houston attorney who came up with the Contract From America concept even before the tea-party movement was launched in February 2009. He says the ultimate objective is to influence the outcome of the midterm elections the way the Contract With America did in 1994, only more so:

    “My dream, my hope,” Hecker tells Newsmax, “is that economic conservative candidates and those who want to be economic conservatives in the future will sign on, and that we get a bunch of blue-dog Democrats and tons of elected officials onboard, and that they recognize that any document they craft themselves won’t be as powerful as one coming from the people.

    So I’m hoping this will be the legislative agenda, coming from the people, for the 2010 elections.”

    The Contract From America proposal first emerged at CPAC in February, promising a legislative agenda bubbling up from the grass-roots rather than down from legislators. Since then, Hecker his colleagues at the Tea Party Patriots and other grass-roots organizations have sifted through a small mountain of proposals submitted from voters across the United States.

    Using more than 5,000 surveys mostly completed by members of the grass-roots movement, they winnowed the ideas down to 21 proposals.

    Next they posted the list online in the form of an extended survey, and directed voters to the ContractFromAmerica Web site to select the top 10 ideas.

    The 10 proposals that the grass-roots voters deem the most important will be included in the full ContractFromAmerica proposal, which will be unveiled on April 15 during the massive Tax Day Tea Party rally being conducted in the Nation’s Capital. Reflecting the widespread, de-centralized power of the tea party movement, the Contract From America also will be simultaneously revealed in Houston, Austin, Atlanta, and 80 other locations in the country.

    Hecker, who sits on the national leadership council of Tea Party Patriots, gives many others due credit for helping to make his vision a reality. He tells Newsmax that the Contract From America is intended “to help turn the tea party movement into more than just a protest movement. One of the major criticisms, which I is think is unjustified, is that they’re just ‘anti.’ This is offering powerful ideas from the people.”

    The Contract From America concept has received the backing of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, one of the architects of the original Contract With America, which helped frame the political debate that preceding the Republican takeover of the Congress in 1994.

    It’s not the handiwork of me or any public official,” Gingrich wrote regarding the new Contract in a February column. “It is the genuine voice of the American people. Unlike the current political dynamic, in which the will of Washington is forced on America, this is the voice of America coming to Washington.”

    Heckler is careful to emphasize he has deep respect for the original Contract. But he says this one should be even more effective.

    “The Contract From America was a great document,” Heckler says, “but what this says is it’s not top down, it’s bottom up… It comes from the people, and it’s how representative government should work.”

    What got Heckler, a young attorney fresh out of law school, interested in promoting a new political covenant in America?

    “It was my frustration with the Republican Party’s lack of legitimacy on economic-conservative issues,” he explains. “They no longer represented for me a proxy for my beliefs on the economic front. So this idea came from that. I thought, ‘How do we move this country back into an economic conservative direction if that’s not where it seems either party is headed. And then it just fit perfectly within the tea party movement.”

  10. Rgb44Hrc, Ed Koch on the Cavuto show has seen the expiration date. Koch said he campaigned for Obama in Florida and told Jews Obama would be as good as McCain on Israel security issues. Koch then said “I no longer believe this is true.”

    Koch then talked about “Munich” and “appeasement”. Koch pretty much said what we wrote about last June in “Obama, Jew-baiter, And The Sudetenland”.

    JBStonesFan can now quote Koch to his friends in Florida.

  11. Hmmm. I wasn’t going too, but if it takes away Dem representation, I just may

    Hey, Seriously — Fill Out the Census
    Or at least the questions about number of persons. It’s ten questions. You have that much time.

    Bear in mind the numbers from the census count decide the number of Representatives for each state, and determine the apportionment of Representatives in each state, for the next ten years.

    There has been a long exodus away from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt. Every ten years, we add additional Representatives from Republican territory, and subtract an equal number from Democratic territory.

    That’s not going to happen if a lot of conservatives have a weird “off the grid” idea of boycotting the census.

  12. These fools are giving money to the very officials who hold them in utter disdain and contempt. They are fools. They are rewarding the very people who treat them like dirt.
    Of Human Bondage.

  13. Yes Admin, they are human trash. My reference to bondage was to the theme of the novel by that name, and a reference to the RNC scandal which the dims and big media are quick to attack while ignoring the punishment the Fraud is slapping on them, as they say thank you master bambi may I please have another. But the right word for people like that is as you say trash.

    As for Ed, who I like personally, his retraction is worth significant for this reason. When he endorsed the fraud he was going with the flow whereas now he is bucking to tide, and the democratic party needs more people willing to do that if there is anything salvageable in the end. They need to stand up point the finger at Obama and say J’Accuse!

    Look into the pewter pot
    And see the world
    As the world is not
    For faith tis pleasant

    For then I saw the morning sky
    Hi ho the tale was all a lie
    The world it was
    The old world yet

  14. Despite what Koch may have done in the past, if he helps to dethrone the fraud in 2012…..then I say…great!

  15. Admin, let all the blogger boys and girls hear it and weep. I am of course referring to Hillary’s video above on abortion. She would never have signed an EO to please a fucking fool like Stupak.

  16. Here is the thing, when Hillary speaks, she stands on principle. Even those who disagree with her admire her conviction. Obama has no principles. He’ll throw any position and any policy over board for political survival. The result is he looks(he is) extremely weak.

  17. In all my years I have never heard one president destroy the english language the way he has chosen to sound like atrash collecter or a pro sport person that did not have to attend classes while playing his sport carrer with few exceptions.And Bo read this on his telepromter.A real disgraceful HOCUS POTUS.A STepin Fechit must be his speech writer.

  18. Did anyone but me see his interview with the Today Host (I think Lahr). He was asked why he had not joined a church yet. He said his wife and he feel that the are tto much of a distraction to join a church (of course where ever he goes he is a distraction, but he goes anyway, does he not). He said he formed a coalition with many ministers during his campaign, and he has kept that going, and he get daily inspirational information from they via emails and tweeting. Hum, I wonder what all those small town, gun toting church going people feel about that.

  19. Day in and day out Hillary does her job and stands up to the critics and the media with no fear.There is no one that better at fighting for her country and her people.America we have been blessed to have this great patriotic woman that will soon be Hillaryis45.

  20. This my friends is the type of man that made America great. Pay a spercial note about the ipod was too hard for him.Beat iknow who he voted for. I think Mick probably voted for Hillary, then McCain/Sarah…
    In unhappiest U.S. city, one man spreads joy
    Marc Acito

    Mar 30th 2010 at 2:30PM Retire, Recession, Restaurant Deals & Coupons

    Business Week ranked Portland, Ore. the unhappiest city in the U.S. due to the number of suicides, sales of antidepressants, high unemployment (still in the double digits) and 222 cloudy days. Likewise, ranked Oregon dead last in its Happiness Index (although I’m suspicious because Nebraska is number one and who wants to live in Nebraska?).

    But here in the Northworst, there’s one ray of sunshine I can depend on: the smile on Mick’s face.

    You can’t miss it. Unlike the sun, Mick (“Just call me Mick,” he says.) shows up every day, standing on the sidewalk along the suburban thoroughfare Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, holding up a sign that advertises lunch specials at Round Table Pizza. Unlike most bored looking sign-holders a third his age, this 75-year-old Navy veteran can’t contain his happiness. He waves, he whoops, he points at passing drivers as he makes eye contact with them.
    “He’s got one of those sincere smiles,” says Round Table manager Bob Rienzo. “It’s not fake.”

    Mick’s actually got plenty to frown about, if he wanted to. He was born into an Oklahoma farming family during the Dust Bowl where times were so hard, he says, “there wasn’t even a chicken to steal.” The family migrated to Washington state, putting Mick to work at age 11. “My daddy said, ‘If you want somethin’, you’ve got to go out and earn it yourself.'”

    So he did, slaughtering hogs and broadcasting fertilizer, then herding cattle as a cowboy (“We was young and stupid, but we had fun”). After serving in the Korean War, Mick worked in sanitation and eventually drove a tractor for 20 years before getting let go in 2005.

    But just because he got laid off didn’t mean he laid around. Every day, the septugenarian took a four-mile walk along Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, stopping in at various stores, making friends. One of his stops was outside Round Table Pizza where the employees take their breaks. Mick would hang out, talk sports, particularly about his beloved 49ers. So when Round Table decided to start a sign holder promotion, the first person Rienzo thought of was the friendly guy with the sunny smile.

    And Mick was glad to get the job. Even after 60 years of hard work, he still found there was too much month at the end of the money. “When I went to work for Bob,” he says, “it was probably the happiest day of my life.”

    Since then, he’s “never missed an hour, never missed a day.” No matter the weather, Mick’s out there from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., spreading happiness to commuters like me. Drivers honk, joggers high-five. He’s even got groupies — fans who bring him coffee and treats. As Round Table employee Dave Sachtler says, “He’s everyone’s adoptive grandpa.”

    Indeed, after Mick took a fall in the snow last year, Sachtler gave him the stroller that belonged to his own grandfather, who had recently died. A World War II vet, Sachtler’s grandfather wanted his belongings to aid other vets. Now Mick uses the stroller to walk to work.

    “It takes a special person to do his job,” the 30-year-old Sachtler says. “I took one shift, went through my iPod twice and told Bob I’d never do it again.”

    Mick doesn’t see it that way. “I’m breathin’ fresh air. I get exercise,” he says, demonstrating by waving his sign advertising a $6.99 lunch buffet. “I’m havin’ fun.”

    Occasionally, someone will come in to complain that an elderly disabled man is standing outside in the rain holding a sign and Rienzo will have to explain that he can’t get Mick to not come to work. “I asked him not to once,” Rienzo explains, “and he nearly took my head off. Mick said, ‘If I don’t do my job, how are you going to get business?'”

    So Mick will continue to work his post as long as he can, which could be a good while. After all, he sends part of his earnings to help out his mother, who is 98.

    “I’m as good as anyone else,” he says with that sunny day smile. “Maybe a day or two older.”

    And that, my friends, is The Upside.

  21. David Letterman Finally Exposes the Truth About Tea Partiers

    His Excellent Interview with Pam Stout, President of Sandpoint, Idaho Tea Party
    Posted by Lori Ziganto (Profile)
    Thursday, April 1st at 1:38PM EDT

    This is not an April Fools’ Day joke either. David Letterman had Pam Stout, the Sandpoint, Idaho Tea Party President on his show the other night. The result?

    A very fair and enlightening interview, showing the real face of the Tea Party to many viewers who may have only been believing the lamestream media spin (Racists! Cuckoo pants! Violent Haters!)

    From Allahpundit at Hot Air (emphasis mine):

    No joke; this is a near-jawdropper. Even an apolitical mag like Entertainment Weekly calls it “quietly remarkable.” I don’t know what Letterman had in mind by booking her. Maybe he thought he was going to lure her into some sort of gotcha that would prove tea partiers are freaks, or maybe he was just interested in engaging someone from the other side’s grassroots — although he’s never done that before, to my knowledge. Whatever the reason, this ends up being one of the most efficient (if possibly inadvertent) debunkings of tea-party craziness to ever hit big media.

    Yup. Whatever the motives, the end result is marvelous. She could be your Mom, your Grandma, your neighbor down the road. Sure takes the wind out of the racist, crazy, angry, spitting and epithet hurling narrative, doesn’t it?

    Video after the jump.

    She’s everything I tried to describe about the movement months ago, after the 9/12 rally:

    This was NOT a protest by professional ideologues. It wasn’t attended by some “fringe” element. It wasn’t astroturfed. You simply don’t get it… this wasn’t a convention of wing-nutty partisans who live to drum and dance on weekends. These were concerned people who’ve never had an interest in protests before. It was attended by Americans, Americans who were angry and tired, Americans who were saying No More, and Americans who were taught to respect The Press but saw them blatantly carrying the water for the Left, not only by covering-up stories that didn’t fit a certain narrative, but by outright propagandizing. These were Americans who don’t have the time to endlessly discuss policy points, they react. These were Americans with guts and spines, which have always, throughout history, achieved FAR more than fancy rhetoric. These were Americans who don’t ask for hand-outs, who don’t posture, but rather simply take action and do what needs to be done. These were charitable people who do charitable things resulting in far more good than big government’s failed programs. Their churches and their community centers press on despite the people who snicker at them for their beliefs. These were Americans who employ people, enriching them in ways the Government never could. These good people beat themselves up every time they are forced to lay someone off due to the incessant interference and constant screw-ups by the Government, the very same Government that is now smugly dismissing them, outright ridiculing and mocking them.

    You can’t effectively keep using slurs against people who know who they truly are. You can’t “isolate and identify” someone when you have to include a million of his friends. It’s also because they don’t understand us at all. People are fed-up and not just for themselves. Go to town halls or tea parties and see a stay at home Mom with a toddler at her hip, or an elegant older gentleman, gussied up in suit and hat because that’s just what you do when attending a public event, and try not to get a lump in your throat and a resolve in your heart when you hear them being called racists, a mob, terrorists, etc. And it’s in that moment that you realize that you are not on the outside looking in. You are on the inside, in complete solidarity with them, looking out. Collectively we say, “Uh-uh.” We are good people who just want to live our lives as best as we can, who work hard to make the best lives for our families. We are tired of being insulted and sneered at and stepped on and of having our lives controlled by people who have zero interest in OUR actual well-being, who know nothing of our lives and sit in their Ivory Towers disdainfully looking down on their perceived lessers, talking folksily about “kitchen table issues” yet do nothing to actually help their kitchen tables be fruitful.

    That is who Pam Stout is and what she represents. And this interview finally makes that clear to anyone who was watching.

    (cross-posted at my blog)

  22. Lefty freak-out over the Tax Day Tea Parties

    Posted by Tabitha Hale (Profile)
    Thursday, April 1st at 3:53PM EDT

    As you have probably surmised, there will be a large round of Tea Parties coming up on April 15th. There will be large names, even larger crowds – and honestly, organizers would be unable to stop people from coming if they wanted to at this point. I will be speaking in Atlanta, and the FreedomWorks event in DC has a fantastic line-up including Lord Monckton, Andrew Breitbart, and Ron Paul.

    I experienced first hand some of the tension at the Capitol last weekend during the health care votes. People are undeniably angry. For the most part, however, lefties have laughed off the Tea Party movement. They’ve called them crazy, racist, homophobic, and sexist. They’ve compared them to neo-nazis and domestic terrorists. They’ve done everything they can to keep them out of the mainstream coverage and paint them as a fringe movement.

    The problem? The Tea Party movement represents the dead center of American politics, which is the fiscal conservative. The over the top accusations are laughable, and now they’re forced to acknowledge the political power of the movement. And they’re freaking out.

    Someone sent this to me this morning:

    The organizers of this nationwide day of protest call it a tea party. This tea party movement that emerged only a year ago is a coalition of conservatives, anti-semites, fascists, libertarians, racists, constitutionalists, militia men, gun freaks, homophobes, ron paul supporters, alex jones conspiracy types and american flag wavers. If the tea party movement continues to grow in size and strength there is a big chance they will dominate this country in the near future. If the tea party movement takes over this country they will really hurt poor people by getting rid of social programs like food stamps, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, student aid, free health care, etc. The tea party movement will say these programs must be gotten rid of because hard-working taxpayers cannot afford to pay for these things especially when the economy is in a depression.

    It’s on some site I’ve never heard of, so naturally I Googled it, and apparently it’s on a network of self-proclaimed anarchist sites. It’s linked here, here, here, and naturally, on a slew of conservative sites who have since picked up on it.

    Let’s start by pointing out the obvious: These are “anarchist” websites that think it’s bad to eliminate government run social programs. I feel like maybe they need a definition of “anarchy”.

    an·ar·chy [an-er-kee]
    1. a state of society without government or law.

    2. political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control: The death of the king was followed by a year of anarchy.

    3. a theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and that proposes the cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principal mode of organized society.

    So. ABSENCE of government control. ABSENCE of all direct government. This isn’t complicated stuff. Let’s look back at the release floating around again:

    If the tea party movement takes over this country they will really hurt poor people by getting rid of social programs like food stamps, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, student aid, free health care, etc.

    Right. Now that we have cleared that up, we should address the actual issue: the left has FINALLY caught on and started to voice the fact that they believe the tea party movement is a threat to their agenda. It’s easier when they don’t take the movement seriously. Then we do what we want, we win, and they wind up being, well, Marth Coakley… standing there like stunned beasts wondering how they could possibly have lost.

    It appears, however, that they were able to wrap their brains around the idea that we’re not going away. They’re looking to escalate the attacks. FreedomWorks has been receiving threats. Up until this point, the counter protests and such have been a joke – like when a whopping four Code Pink moonbats showed up at Michele Bachmann’s House Call event in November. Lately, there has been more interest in the movement, and with that comes Lefty blowback… which we’ve seen in full force recently.

    Gird your loins, kids. This is going to be a rough road. Show up, fight hard, and don’t retaliate.

    See ya on the 15th!

  23. Let’s start by pointing out the obvious: These are “anarchist” websites that think it’s bad to eliminate government run social programs. I feel like maybe they need a definition of “anarchy”.

    an·ar·chy [an-er-kee]
    1. a state of society without government or law.

    Too funny!

  24. A tale from the front.

    Thought you’d find this interesting.

    I covered a town hall ny Congressman Scott Murphy, 20th distict NY today and of the 12 people who had a chance to ask questions 10 were anti the HCR bill. One guy asked why Murphy hadn’t rerpresent the wishes of his constituents, more than 55 % of whom had been against the bill.

    Murphy was performing linguistic gymnastics on a grand scale trying to explain away his summer 2009 no vote and rationalizing his switch to yes a couple of weeks ago.

  25. As I’ve said in ealier posts, the tea party has become mostly aligned with Republicans and would like to reform the Republican party in the way that many of us would like to take back what was the democratic party.

    I cannot support many of their ideas. They don’t want Hillary for president….she does not espouse their political viewpoint.

    I do respect and endorse their protests. However, the only things we really agree on are that the two parties are both corrupt and out of touch and new leadership is required.

    They are making the Washington powerbrokers nervous, though, and that is a good thing. They should all start to fear the public and heed the warning signs.

  26. In 1985, the estimable Walter Russell Meade wrote a revealing article for the National Interest Magazine entitled “The Jacksonian Tradition”. The Jacksonian Tradition is the culture of this country. It finds its quintessential expression in the Tea Party Movement. And Hussein Obama, a Wilsonian, is determined to eliminate that tradition root and branch. This is a fools errand. He cannot destroy that tradition without destroying the country, and before that happens he will be removed.

    The article is a bit too long to post. Therefore, I have attached the link. I hope you take the time to read it. You will not be disappointed. Guaranteed.

  27. wbboei,

    Do you read Anglachel? She’s on some kind of hiatus, heartbroken over Obama’s winning of the WH. Anyway, she writes a lot about Jacksonian tradition in this nation. You might enjoy a cruise through her archives quite a bit. She’s about as formidable as it gets.

  28. We must be approaching Easter Weekend. I would lik to wish those church members a Hppy Easter.

  29. Perhaps this has been posted, but why is the website selling a T-Shirt with Biden’s profanity on it? And is this sponsored by the Democratic National Committee?

    h t t p://

    (take out the spaces in the http part)

  30. Acknowledgment today is a mournful celebration of ‘Good Friday’-

    Doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere for health care

    A Mount Dora doctor posted a sign telling Obama health care supporters to go elsewhere.,0,6040296,full.story

    ( hoping this doctor’s recommendation goes viral )

    Admin: This is a still picture of a sign on a doctor’s office door..

  31. Speaking of Anglachel–this post of hers caught my eye—-

    The Hacs, The Whores, The Purchased Fellows

    Bob Somerby points again to the origins of why the Left makes no lasting headway against Movement Conservatism. My emphasis in bold, Bob’s in italics:

    But such is the heartbreak of Friedman Disease. Here’s how it’s defined in the medical texts: The inability to be truthful about the Clinton/Gore years.
    This disease has always driven the press corps, including its mainstream and “career liberal” factions. It drove the press corps during that era; it has driven the press ever since. It has driven the Marshalls, the O’Donnells, the Olbermanns, the Corns—the Dionnes and, of course, the Gene Robinsons. Frankly, it has driven the Riches. And of course, the disease is contracted from small, slimy microbes which breed on the set of Hardball.
    But uh-oh: Taylor Branch had never played Hardball before last night! He arrived on the set in good health.
    This disease has always served the interests of the big rollers who have made a joke of your discourse—who began to consolidate their power during the Clinton/Gore era. From that day right up to this, a Hard Pundit Law has obtained, enforced from precincts on Nantucket: To get on Hardball, you had to contract Friedman Disease—to agree that you never would tell. And the weak little hustlers all caught the disease. Taylor Branch, arriving from outside the system, showed up last night in good health.
    Go ahead—observe it again. You never see this on these programs. Taylor Branch made an accurate statement!
    The New York Times and the Washington Post drove the Whitewater scandals.
    Gene Lyons wrote the book on that matter—in 1996! But so what? The entire “career liberal” world—the O’Donnells; the Olbermanns; the Dionnes; the Joshes—ran off screaming into the woods. Given prevailing winds of change, they knew they mustn’t tattle or tell.
    This is one of the present but unidentified elements of Boehlert’s Bloggers on the Bus, the degree to which the 2008 campaign became the event that exposed the cooptation of most A-list writers in Left Blogistan by the mainstream media, and a big slice of the B-listers, too.

    This is why Somerby has placed Josh Marshall squarely with the anti-liberal talking heads like Dowd and Matthews. When he talks about “weak little hustlers”, he is talking about the very people that Boehlert both praised as having influence, yet also backtracked on, wondering aloud at how little influence they had compared to the levels of noise they created.

    Marshall, more even than Markos, is the quintessential “purchased fellow” in Left Blogistan, someone who had his awareness rased by The Howler and The Horse and who imagined himself following in their footsteps. His writings about Trent Lott and the assault on Social Security materially affected politics for the better. As I said in some post last year, I once has TPM as my home page because of how Marshall was able to use his connections to rake up the muck. I don’t bother with Josh anymore as he has become the subject of Somerby’s posts, deliberately seeking out the powerful and comfortable who are more concerned about Bubba’s weight than about his long slide back into the poverty that condemned his grandparents to toil and early death. Like other people afflicted with Friedman Disease, Josh is on his knees looking for a pacifier to suck on.

    Somerby gets dismissed as a crank because he won’t quit pounding the drum (though he’s not been pounding Kevin Drum as much as in times past) about the Clinton/Gore years, his focus on the events of that time being represented as mere partisanship for Gore. Why won’t he give up on that loser? Somerby’s point is simple:
    What the media did to the Clinton/Gore administration was conduct a political war against liberal interests as such. Accepting the terms of the debate about Clinton/Gore is a material blow against the politics that administration represented.
    It doesn’t mean that administration was beyond criticism. It means that the efficacy of the political attack on the administration is inseparable from the social and class based attacks on the individuals at the heart of the administration. Paul Krugman gets this. As he says in today’s column, The Politics of Spite:
    The key point is that ever since the Reagan years, the Republican Party has been dominated by radicals — ideologues and/or apparatchiks who, at a fundamental level, do not accept anyone else’s right to govern.
    Anyone surprised by the venomous, over-the-top opposition to Mr. Obama must have forgotten the Clinton years. Remember when Rush Limbaugh suggested that Hillary Clinton was a party to murder? When Newt Gingrich shut down the federal government in an attempt to bully Bill Clinton into accepting those Medicare cuts? And let’s not even talk about the impeachment saga.
    The only difference now is that the G.O.P. is in a weaker position, having lost control not just of Congress but, to a large extent, of the terms of debate. The public no longer buys conservative ideology the way it used to; the old attacks on Big Government and paeans to the magic of the marketplace have lost their resonance. Yet conservatives retain their belief that they, and only they, should govern.
    Krugman draws a direct line between the demonization of the Clintons and the political objectives of the Movement Conservatives. I get this. The Purchased Fellows (which I think I will use instead of Blogger Boyz from here on out) do not appear to be capable of getting this, certainly in part because their own sense of self is inseparable from their very confused disdain for things working class. In today’s post, Somerby reminds us:
    “It is possible to sympathize with Clinton,” Thomas grandly allows, showing the greatness of his high class. He then shows why any informed observer—any observer like Branch—would have felt that way in real time.
    Why is it possible to sympathize with Clinton? Good lord! Because the New York Times and The Washington Post (and the networks; and the news magazines) “were part of a giant scandal machine that dominated official Washington” during the years of his presidency! This is a truly remarkable statement. But just like Friedman last week, Thomas brings us this remarkable news exceptionally late in the game—about fifteen years too late. And why is Thomas telling us now? Enjoy the comedy gold:
    The endless string of special prosecutors and the media’s obsession with Whitewater seem excessive in retrospect.
    In retrospect, the war against Clinton seems obsessive! So says Evan Thomas, lying right in your face. In retrospect!
    In this morning’s New York Times, Paul Krugman recalls just a few highlights of that disgraceful era. These things “seem excessive” to Thomas—now. But not so at the time!
    It didn’t seem excessive to Thomas when Rush Limbaugh suggested that Hillary Clinton helped murder Vince Foster.
    It didn’t seem excessive to Thomas when Jerry Falwell spent years peddling the Clinton murder tapes—remaining an honored guest on Meet the Press, and on cable “news” programs.
    It didn’t seem excessive to Thomas when Dan Burton was shooting up pumpkins in his back yard, showing how Foster may have died.
    It didn’t seem excessive (or strange) to Thomas when the original special prosecutor got canned by a panel of right-wing judges—and was replaced by a well-known conservative functionary.
    It didn’t seem excessive to Thomas when Fools for Scandal published the documents the New York Times had disappeared in the course of inventing the Whitewater “scandal.”
    It didn’t seem excessive when a first lady was called a “congenital liar” by a bungling major columnist. It didn’t seem excessive when the Village called her every name in the book as they pretended that she had lied about the Cubs and the Yankees. It didn’t seem excessive when the Post published that disgraceful piece by Andrew Sullivan, two days before the 1996 election. (Headline: “Clinton: Not a Flicker Of Moral Life.”) It hadn’t seemed excessive when that same baboon had published that crap by Betsy McCaughey, in 1994—a piece whose fraudulence became quite clear in rather short order.
    These events made perfect sense at the time! To Thomas, they only seem excessive in retrospect! By the way, did it seem excessive when the Post and the Times invented all that sh*t about Candidate Gore, then pimped it for twenty straight months?
    Look at what was done, and by whom, the Incomparable One says, and ask whose side you are on? What of the last political season will only seem excessive “in retrospect”?

    The Purchased Fellows, in need of good incomes, health insurance, and insider connections, succumb to Friedman Disease. They seem befuddled by the way in which ordinary America is mostly going “meh” at The Precious. They don’t understand the bumper stickers (like I saw in my company parking lot this week) that has a picture of Bush and a picture of Obama flanking the words “So what has changed?” They don’t understand why people like Taylor Branch speak respectfully and affectionately (though also sharply and critically) about Bill Clinton.

    To do that, you would have to be able to respect the person, his political vision, and what he was trying to accomplish for ordinary Americans in the face of the Movement Conservatives’ height of power.

    Doing that will get you unpurchased, real fast.

  32. Just wanted to let you all know I have been turned down for health insurance…why I don’t know…I think its my age because I do not have anything else wrong. I talked to a salesman and when he learned that my b-day is 1950 instead of 1960 his whole voice changed. Those freaking insurance companies need their asses a real POTUS…one who will stand up for the American people.

  33. And this one as well: It lays waste to the snarling degenerates of big media.

    The Idiocracy

    The Incomparable One, Bob Somerby, uses Tom Friedman as an example to deliver a nice swift kick to the so-called liberal media (mostly my emphasis):

    As we talk, can we offer some context? Friedman announces, this very day, that the Whitewater “scandal” was bogus. His announcement is less than timely:

    It has now been seventeen years since the first bungled Whitewater story appeared—on the front page of Friedman’s own newspaper.

    It has now been fifteen years since Harper’s published “Fool for Scandal,” an article by Gene Lyons. Lyons’ piece debunked the New York Times’ bungled work. Harper’s is a rather well-known American journal of thought.

    It has now been fifteen years since Lyons published an op-ed column, “The Non-Scandal That Won’t Quit,” in the Washington Post, a well-known newspaper.

    It has been thirteen years since Harper’s published Lyons’ book, Fools for Scandal: How the Media Invented Whitewater.
    It has been nine years since the publication of The Hunting of the President, by Lyons and Joe Conason.
    In short, Friedman is rather late to the game with today’s announcement. But that’s exactly how things work inside an idiocracy! Inside the mainstream press corps, everybody knew the rules in the 1990s—you had to bury Lyons’ work, which went right after the mainstream press corps. By now, a great many years have passed. At long last, it’s safe for store-bought fellows like Friedman to tell Times readers the truth—but only in passing, of course.

    Let’s be fair! We only single Friedman out because his column appears today. On Monday night, the gruesome dandy Lawrence O’Donnell played a related game on Countdown. And of course, that program’s $5 million man ran off and hid in the late 1990s, blubbering in the arms of Roger Ailes rather than staying to tell the truth about what was happening around him. (Olbermann publicly apologized to Ailes for criticizing Matt Drudge, then accepted big-bucks employment at Fox Sports. He kept his pretty trap shut tight all through the Clinton impeachment and the subsequent War Against Gore. Today, of course, he’s on your side—paid $5 million to play there.)

    In short, the “liberal” world played the lead role in the hunting down of Clinton, then Gore. You may live in an idiocracy if:

    The people who agreed to perform those tasks can be hailed as “liberal” giants, with no questions ever asked.
    On Monday, we thought Paul Krugman was right on target, as he typically is—but insufficiently shrill. Yes, it’s striking when a society refuses to discuss climate change. But in fact, your society can’t discuss any issue! Bob Herbert can’t discuss education; to this day, we have seen no one attempt to explain the gonzo state of our health care spending. It isn’t that we don’t discuss it well. We don’t discuss it at all!

    This morning, Friedman makes a rather odd statement. “[M]e wonder whether we can seriously discuss serious issues any longer,” he clumsily says. He wonders whether we can do that? Isn’t the truth rather clear?
    In the midst of all this idiocracy, the liberal world still hails the people who conspired to take down Clinton, then Gore. No questions are asked of our liberal heroes, who now play progressives on TV! They, no less than Roman Polanksi, have remained free to roam the world. Now, Polanski has stepped in a trap. Their free range continues.
    Now that it is clear that neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton has any intention of leaving the world stage, and even more clear that to the degree Obama has any effectiveness outside of his fawning circle, it is due in great part to the support they are giving him, suddenly the chattering class is beginning to wonder if maybe, just maybe, they missed some boat.

    But Somerby’s point, the one that was driven home by the campaign of 2008, is that the so-called liberal media is driven by celebrity, not by politics and sure as hell not by facts. Like Polanski, their freedom is based on the confidence that other members of the tribe – members like Olbermann and Friedman, Dowd and Maddow – will not turn on them and expose them to judgment. The spoil sports, like Lyons, Conason, Krugman and the Incomparable One himself, are ostracized, ignored and treated as beyond the pale. Shrill! Like the Polanski apologists, the popular “liberal” punditocracy secretly (and not so secretly) approve of the violations they witness others of the tribe perform, preferring to blame the victims for their less than pure states to identifying the lies, the crimes and the preferential treatment the attackers deploy to excuse their acts.

    The A-list blogosphere had the opportunity to align itself with the truth tellers or to comfortably ensconce themselves as the pool boys and cabana babes of Versailles. We know where they have thrown in their towels. The failure of Democrats to make headway against the Movement Conservative onslaught is partially their responsibility as willing enablers of Versailles and as participants in the persistent demonization of Clinton Democrats. It is the political equivalent of slut-shaming, and it is not mistake that the same bloggers who hate everything Clinton are also so cool with misogyny. It is the same pattern of behavior – domination masquerading as morality. Meanwhile, the vast rightwing conspiracy continues to utilize every media channel to promote their anti-D/democratic ideology and move their agenda forward despite being rejected by the majority of the nation.

    Whole Foods Nation holds as an object of contempt a particular slice of the nation that fails to be sufficiently cultured for their tastes and spurns the popular heros of that culture, even when it is clearly the way to hold substantial political power with a minimum of political compromise. Their cultural contempt for people who just won’t see that defense of their celebrity hero is worth some fucked over females is paradigmatic of their politics as well.

    That is idiocracy.


  34. ….. Good NEWS- finally!

    Ratings Fall on Newscasts at 2 Major Networks


    April 1, 2010

    With buyouts and layoffs in progress, the mood at ABC News cannot be good. It was probably not enhanced by the ratings report for the first quarter of the year showing that the network’s evening newscast:
    “World News,” had sunk to the lowest numbers the program has had in a first quarter since the People Meter was introduced by Nielsen in 1987. 🙂

    The same situation prevailed at CBS, where the “Evening News” also hit a new low for the months of January through March. bub-bye, Katie 🙂

    The beneficiary was NBC, where “Nightly News” scored its best first-quarter numbers since 2005.

    Over all, the numbers were: 9.92 million viewers for NBC; 8.27 million for ABC and 6.45 million for CBS.

    Is this a signal that viewers are abandoning network newscasts in droves? (you bet it is!)

    Not really. The number of viewers still watching the three shows together — more than 24 million in the first quarter — continue to dwarf any news program on cable. (people are doing their own research on the internet)

    But “World News” has had a falloff since Diane Sawyer took over for Charles Gibson. The show is down about 3 percent — 215,000 — from a year ago.

    Transitions often result in some audience defections. ABC’s morning show, “Good Morning America,” was also down in the first quarter by about 4 percent in viewers and by a more sizable 12 percent among the news audience that advertisers seek, those 25 to 54 years old.

    The show is also in transition to George Stephanopoulos as the chief anchor from Ms. Sawyer.

    ABC News executives also say that the first quarter contained some especially favorable weeks for NBC News because that network was covering the Winter Olympics. NBC’s “Today” show was devoted almost completely to the Olympics for more than two weeks in February and the “Nightly News” took advantage of the network’s association with the Olympics as well.

  35. confloyd
    April 2nd, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Just wanted to let you all know I have been turned down for health insurance…why I don’t know…

    Thats terrible, confloyd. You should be able to call the insurance co and request a copy of their determination. Or have someone at your place of work do it for you.

  36. When we were in Florida, we were thinking about buying long term care insurance. We invited a salesman to discuss it with us, who was fully aware of some of the medical problems that existed. He called back a week later, and turned down the one with medical problems, and wanted to cover the other. We rejected the company, as we felt that they used us, giving false hope that the medical conditions would not matter that much, just to get at the other person. Amazing that the person they refused has lived another 10 years already.

    When we arrived in NM it was know that GPs were in short supply, and many would tell you up front that they did not treat people over 65.

    Based on the above, I have to feel that things will only get worse. I think they will give lip service to talking care of the portions of the populations over 65. I don’t think this group is a gullible as the women’s groups etc. They are not patient, and they do not want to nor do they have time to play the game. They will make their wishes known in the next election.

    The older people have longer memories than you think.

  37. Mrs. Smith,I don’t get insurance at work…I’m an independent contractor…that’s all that’s out there right now…even xray techs are getting laid off. I think it all has to do with health insurance. Did you hear how St.Luke’s (former employer) is now screening for tobacco. So when are they going to ban overweight people or people over 50 years? I find it ironic that the folks that lost their permanent job when I did were all either overweight or over 50 or having some sort of condition…It’s starting!

    That’s why most folks that got laid off and they were 62 just filed for social security and now they want to get rid of that…What country is this anyway? China?

  38. With buyouts and layoffs in progress, the mood at ABC News cannot be good. It was probably not enhanced by the ratings report for the first quarter of the year showing that the network’s evening newscast:
    “World News,” had sunk to the lowest numbers
    They should be on cloud 9. After all, they are Bambi propagandists. They should be prepared to pay the price.

  39. I just read an article in Fortune Magazine 1 Mar 2010, with Delos Cosgrove, CEO of Clveland Clinic. They no longer employ people who smoke, and they test to make sure they are not. They offered all of the support for quiting free, and even went to far as to offer it to the surrounding community. They reduced the smoking rate in Cuyahoga County frm 28% to 18%. They feel they have made a difference.

    I am not sure how I feel about this. I really would like to stop everyone from smoking. I know in the hospitals here, they are not allowed to smoke on the job, and must be so many feet away from the building if they go out to smoke.

    According to this CEO if we got American’s to lose weight and stop smoking it would significantly reduce health care cost. He had the following to say:

    ” Q If we could get obesity and smoking under control, how much would it reduce the nation’s health-care bill?

    A it would be tremendous. Three things-smoking, diet, and lack of exercise-cause 40% of premature deaths in the US. They contribute to 70% of the chronic diseases, thing like emphaysema and heart disease. And that’s 75% of the cost of health care. It’s Huge”


  40. I posted the Meade article link because it provides deep insight into the political battle which is being waged as we speak. It is a battle for the future of this country, and November is our Gettysburg.

    This is a battle for the future of this country. It transcends party lines. The elites (represented by Obama and his fellow travelers in the media) are moving against the middle class (represented by the Tea Parties). The clear aim of the elites is to destroy the concept of representative democracy.

    Since the article is lengthy, some of you may not have the time to read it.

    In that case, let me direct your attention to a single paragraph which sheds important light on the reaction of Jacksonians toward Mr. Obama. As you can see, it has nothing to do with racism.

    So here is the Jacksonian concern in a nutshell:

    “It is PERVERSION rather than corruption (OF GOVERNMENT) that most TROUBLES JACKSONIANS: the possibility that the POWERS OF GOVERNMENT will be TURNED AWAY FROM the natural and proper object of SUPPORTING THE WELL BEING OF THE MAJORITY toward OPPRESSING OPPRESSING THE MAJORITY in the service of an ECONOMIC OR CULTURAL ELITE—or, worse still, in the interests of POWERFUL FOREIGNERS. Instead of trying, however ineptly, to serve the people, have the POLITICIANS TURNED THE GOVERNMENT AGAINST THE PEOPLE? Are they serving large commercial interests with MALICIOUS DESIGNS ON THE COMMON GOOD? Are they either by ineptitude or wickedness serving hostile foreign interests—GIVING AWAY OUR INDUSTRIAL MARKETS to the Japanese (now of course China), or allowing communists to steal our secrets and hand them to the Chinese? Are they FECKLESSLY FRITTERING AWAY HUGE SUMS OF MONEY on worthless foreign aid programs that transfer billions to corrupt foreign dictators (now to banks, unions, etc?)” (Emphasis added).

  41. Not for nothing did John Dingell (Dean of the House of Representatives) state that the goal of the Dimocratic Party is to put together a set of laws which allows the dims to “CONTROL THE PEOPOLE”.

    That statement is the antithesis of representative democracy. It is the betrayal of all that our Founding Fathers and Mothers hoped for when they risked their own lives to establish this country. It is also the betrayal of the ideal that millions of Americans have died for on the battlefield.

    Obama is the destroyer of worlds.

    If we make the fatal mistake of electing dimocrats in November then representative democracy is gone forever.

  42. A chicken in every pot . Every family could afford that.
    An electric car in every garage. Only the rich and members of Congress will be supplied with a leased one and all expenses paid by We the people.Chief Nose in the air did you calculate what the monthly cos of electricity will be to keep it charged and ready to go?What about families that have several vehicles?.No doubt you have never owned or driven your own car.Never been in business.Your only sales experience is selling your chain of BS and act busy with no time for questions.You can and will soon be replaced as a
    threat to our democracy.CHANGE HOPE RESTITution Retribution and Redistribution are going to haunt you until you resign.Please do so now and let Hillary clean up the mess you are making of our country.Time is now for Hillary is 45.Farrakahn wants you.

  43. By the way Chief your change of tactics for drilling for oil will be a disaster for our fishing industry and will be rendered useless for recreational controled fishing snd boating.The Seismic shock of hunting for oil will kill many forms of sea life also pulverize our delicate coral reefs.All of these serious results just to please your bagmen.What payback do you owe Rezko?

  44. First Lady and her desacrating of the WH lawns th provide jobs for countless gardeners she has pressed into service.At what cost madam?.We taxpayers have had enough of your extravagent cock-a mammie ideas.Give some one a job and let him or her shop Wal-Mart for you and the other members of your family and the countless advisers lobbyists and leechesthat hang out there for free meals from the gravey train.

  45. Voila! Racebaiting Demogogue Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo) Disavows Role In Spitting Incident)

    [UPDATE] Weasel Zipper’s update (via Instapundit) is both accurate and succinct.

    (via @allahpundit) You know: if I was a mindless drone who had been duckspeaking for the last week on the DNC-spawned narrative of racial slurs/spitting… well, I probably wouldn’t have the mother-wit to be offended at how clumsily this walkback by Cleaver was presented*:

    [Video not loading here: try here until I find a copy that does]

    So now Rep. Cleaver doesn’t people talking about it; and now he wants to act like he was never involved in this issue in the first place. Can’t say I’m surprised. Can’t say that I’m surprised that he doesn’t want to lay any blame at the feet of the DNC’s would-be race-hate demagogues, either…

    Moe Lane

    *On the other hand, the slightly less mindless drones who encouraged said duckspeaking in others probably should feel a little pique at the way that they wasted a week on something that will be disavowed by the Democratic party anyway. At least, one hopes that they will.

    PS: I cannot say this too often: GET A CAMERA. Video recording equipment in the hands of the populace kept this story contained. GET A CAMERA. A video record will be an invaluable offensive and defensive tool for your activism. GET A CAMERA. This will be true for the rest of your activist career. GET A CAMERA.

  46. Bambi, Bambi, Bambi–How Low Will He Go? (I mean in the polls; as a politico the answer is obvious: as low as the Chicago sewer.) Meanwhile, he is destroying the middle class.
    CBS poll has Obama approval at new low of 44%

    How’s that Hopey-Changey working out for you? Two weeks after finally getting his ObamaCare agenda item signed into law, Barack Obama has reaped the reward of pushing a deeply unpopular bill through Congress. A new CBS poll shows Obama dropping to his lowest approval rating in their survey yet, down to 44% (via JWF):

    Last week, President Obama signed historic health care reform legislation into law — but his legislative success doesn’t seem to have helped his image with the American public.

    The latest CBS News Poll, conducted between March 29 and April 1, found Americans unhappier than ever with Mr. Obama’s handling of health care – and still worried about the state of the economy.

    President Obama’s overall job approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 44 percent, down five points from late March, just before the health bill’s passage in the House of Representatives. It’s down 24 points since his all-time high last April. Forty-one percent of those polled said they disapproved of the president’s performance.

    CBS hasn’t released the raw data yet on the poll. They want to wait until tonight’s news broadcast to unveil some of the other results from the poll. That can’t be good news for the White House, since the big hit on the approval rating will very obviously be their lead on the story. We do know, however, that this poll surveyed the general adult population, not registered or likely voters, a sample that should have been more sympathetic to Obama.

    Two issue approval ratings did get released this morning, and both show even worse approval ratings for Obama on key issues. He hit a new low on health care, with only 34% approving of his job performance. Small wonder Obama has taken to campaigning again for health care; he’s getting buried by it. Obama might do better to change the subject, but the next most pressing issue is another which Americans don’t like the job he’s doing. He only gets 42% approval on the economy, sinking closer to his all-time low of 41% in January.

    A drop of five points since the bill passed should show Republicans that the best way to win the next two elections is to promise to repeal ObamaCare. For Obama, the best strategy might be to quit talking about it and start looking for ways to really rebuild the economy rather than indulge himself in progressive agenda wish lists for government programs, which have done nothing so far except delay the recovery.

  47. An interesting and prophetic comment to the latest article by Krauthammer which I will poste in due course. It is a call to arms for all Jacksonians democrats in November to throw out the dims en masse:
    Mr Krauthammer I am a Brit. and I have to tell you that this comes as no surprise to me. Over the past 13 years I have watched as my native land has become more repressive of it’s indigenous population, protected the “Human Rights” of Asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, and bankrupted itself with increased Taxation, Borrowing AND more and more entitlement programmes. I have also watched as our Foreign and Commonwealth Office, once highly regarded throughout the world as the Gold Standard for Foreign Policy has been denigrated under this ghastly Government. We now have as Foreign Secretary someone who looks and acts as if completely mystified and appears to be a 12th Grader.

    All of that said I was in the US during the last Presidential Campaign and listened very carefully to then candidate Obama and it was like listening to Tony Blair in 1997. I warned friends and family that they would live to regret it IF Obama was elected, this had nothing to do with ethnicity but was based on declared policy and rhetoric. Well he was elected and I am being proved correct. If you want to make an informed decision in the Mid-terms then study Great Britain over the last 13 years and see how rapidly EVERYTHING has declined. With the policies being pursued by the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress that is where you are headed. The Mid=terms give you a glimmer of hope don’t waste it please for the sake of your children.

  48. Mary B // April 2, 2010 at 7:07 am

    How Quickly Spread the Tea Party Smear

    Jack Cashill

    To make the racial smear of the Tea Party protestors at the Capitol clear to anyone with eyes to see, I have assembled this four-minute video. (see video @ link)

    In composing it, I checked with my source on the scene, Greg Farrell, to get a timeline on the passage of the Black Caucus members from the Cannon Building to the Capitol and back. According to Farrell, they left the Cannon Building about 2:30 PM on March 20th and returned about 3:15 PM. He had no reason to exaggerate.

    I asked because at 4:51 that same day, McClatchy reporter William Douglas posted an article on the McClatchy website with the inflammatory headline, “Tea party protesters scream ‘nigger’ at black congressman.”

    In other words, Douglas, with an attributed assist from James Rosen, managed to interview representatives John Lewis, Emanuel Cleaver, and Barney Frank, compose an 800-word article, and have it edited and formatted for posting within a 90-minute window.

    During that same 90 minutes, Douglas would have received and incorporated a press release from Emanuel Cleaver, making the easily disproved claim that he had “been spat upon and that Capitol Police had arrested his assailant.”

    Only two possibilities present themselves, neither of them good: Douglas had started writing this enormously consequential article in advance and/or he assembled it with a reckless indifference to the facts. A simple call to the Capitol Police would have killed the spitting story and a review of the video footage would have thrown the screaming of “nigger” by multiple “protestors” into such serious doubt that no responsible paper would have printed it.

    The fact that Douglas is himself black and that the McClatchy chain has a liberal bent should not matter, but in this case they both do. This is not journalism. This is collusion. Heads should roll at McClatchy. If only!

  49. First two places the US should start drilling for oil with Oilbama’s new plan:

    – Outside the Fraud’s bedroom window
    – In MO’s garden

    Happy Friday and what ever holiday you celebrate or not.

  50. Krauthammer for once seems mystified. I on the other hand am not. I could be wrong, but I am not mystified.

    What is guiding the good ship Obama? I believe it is a scheme by the elites to reinforce the global economic market which connects low cost producers with high revenue markets, and to eliminate all obstacles to the free flow of goods and labor, be they sovereignty, borders, constitutions, etc. To that end, the the the legal and cultural indicia of national identity must be obliterated and the core tenants of representative democracy must be eliminated in favor of world government. The further implication is that American leadership must be rejected, alliances must be abandoned, enemies must be courted and cultural nuances cast aside. All this to create a level playing field, so the elites can prosper–on the callous assumption that ideology is dead and the future belongs to markets, ergo world government is inevitable.

    Happy Easter.


    WASHINGTON — What is it like to be a foreign ally of Barack Obama’s America?

    If you’re a Brit, your head is spinning. It’s not just the personal slights to Prime Minister Gordon Brown — the ridiculous 25-DVD gift, the five refusals before Brown was granted a one-on-one with The One.

    Nor is it just the symbolism of Obama returning the Churchill bust that was in the Oval Office. Query: If it absolutely had to be out of Obama’s sight, could it not have been housed somewhere else on U.S. soil rather than ostentatiously repatriated?

    Perhaps it was the State Department official who last year denied there even was a special relationship between the U.S. and Britain, a relationship cultivated by every U.S. president since Franklin Roosevelt.

    And then there was Hillary Clinton’s astonishing, nearly unreported (in the U.S.) performance in Argentina last month. She called for Britain to negotiate with Argentina over the Falklands.

    For those who know no history — or who believe that it began on Jan. 20, 2009 — and therefore don’t know why this was an out-of-the-blue slap at Britain, here’s the back story:

    In 1982, Argentina’s military junta invaded the (British) Falkland Islands. The generals thought the British, having long lost their taste for foreign lands, would let it pass. Besides, the Falklands have uncountably more sheep than people. They underestimated Margaret Thatcher (the Argentines, that is, not the sheep). She was not about to permit the conquest of a people whose political allegiance and ethnic ties are to Britain. She dispatched the navy. Britannia took it back.

    Afterward, neither Thatcher nor her successors have countenanced negotiations. Britain doesn’t covet foreign dominion and has no shortage of sheep. But it does believe in self-determination, and will negotiate nothing until and unless the Falkland Islanders indicate their desire to be ruled by a chronically unstable, endemically corrupt polity with a rich history of dictatorship, economic mismanagement and the occasional political lunacy (see: the Evita cult).

    Not surprisingly, the Falkland Islanders have given no such indication. Yet inexplicably, Clinton sought to reopen a question that had been settled for almost 30 years, not just pointlessly stirring the embers but even taking the Argentine side (re: negotiations) against Britain — a nation that has fought and bled with us for the last decade, and that today has about 10,000 troops, far more than any other ally, fighting alongside America in Afghanistan.

    Of course, given how the administration has treated other allies, perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised.

    — Obama visits China and soon Indonesia, skipping India, our natural and rising ally in the region — common language, common heritage, common democracy, common jihadist enemy. Indeed, in his enthusiasm for China, Obama suggests a Chinese interest in peace and stability in South Asia, a gratuitous denigration of Indian power and legitimacy in favor of a regional rival with hegemonic ambitions.

    — Poland and the Czech Republic have their legs cut out from under them when Obama unilaterally revokes a missile defense agreement, acquiescing to pressure from Russia with its dreams of regional hegemony over Eastern Europe.

    — The Hondurans still can’t figure out why the United States supported a Hugo Chavez ally seeking illegal extension of his presidency against the pillars of civil society — its Congress, Supreme Court, church and army — that had deposed him consistent with Article 239 of their own constitution.

    But the Brits, our most venerable, most reliable ally, are the most disoriented. “We British not only speak the same language. We tend to think in the same way. We are more likely than anyone else to provide tea, sympathy and troops,” writes Bruce Anderson in London’s Independent, summarizing with admirable concision the fundamental basis of the U.S.-British special relationship.

    Well, said David Manning, a former British ambassador to the U.S., to a House of Commons committee reporting on that very relationship: “He (Obama) is an American who grew up in Hawaii, whose foreign experience was of Indonesia and who had a Kenyan father. The sentimental reflexes, if you like, are not there.”

    I’m not personally inclined to neuropsychiatric diagnoses, but Manning’s guess is as good as anyone’s. How can you explain a policy toward Britain that makes no strategic or moral sense? And even if you can, how do you explain the gratuitous slaps to the Czechs, Poles, Indians and others? Perhaps when an Obama Doctrine is finally worked out, we shall learn whether it was pique, principle or mere carelessness.

    is not a sense of American exceptionalism, political alliances or even ideology real or assumed. The driving force behind Obama

  51. When Obama lost the health care deform debate, he lost it forever. At least in the eyes of Jacksonians. Why? Because they perceive what he has done as a direct threat to them in terms of cost and the availability of medical care. And once they have made up their mind that something is bad, it is highly unlikely that they will ever change their minds. Here is a parallel situation from the Meade article which illustrates that profound point:
    To engage Jacksonians in support of the Cold War it was necessary to convince them that Moscow was engaged in a far-reaching and systematic campaign for world domination, and that this campaign would succeed unless the United States engaged in a long-term defensive effort with the help of allies around the world. That involved a certain overstatement of both Soviet intentions and capabilities, but that is beside the present point. Once Jacksonian opinion was convinced that the Soviet threat was real and that the Cold War was necessary, it stayed convinced. Populist American opinion accepted the burdens it imposed and worried only that the government would fail to prosecute the Cold War with the necessary vigor. No one should mistake the importance of this strong and constant support. Despite the frequent complaints by commentators and policymakers that the American people are “isolationist” and “uninterested in foreign affairs”, they have made and will make enormous financial and personal sacrifices if convinced that these are in the nation’s vital interests.

  52. jbstonefan: you will be heartened by Ed Kotch’s remarks about Obama, which are reminiscent of Justice Frankfurter’s wise observation that we should never despair when wisdom comes late because too often it never comes at all. Admin posted the video and dedicated it to the battle you are fighting to disabuse people of false notions they had about Obama.

    Also, there is the new Rassmussen poll which shows further deterioration in Obama’s standing.

    Also, he has let down another constituency. i.e. the environmentalists.

    Hope your trial went well.

  53. Admin: here is the Republican slant on the Rassmussen poll.

    Unpacking the Rasmussen numbers:

    I had read the latest Rasmussen examination on the topic (short version: health care debate increased both the GOP and Democrats’ partisan identification) when I noticed that they had provided a handy table of their polling results over time. I personally feel that this material is more accessible in graph form; so I pulled the results, averaged them by quarter, and graphed the whole thing out. So:

    The vertical bars represent the last three federal elections. Using somewhat primitive analysis methods (’squinting and looking’) 2005-2006 seems to show that Independent voters increased at the cost of Republican ones; and 2007-2008 seems to show Democratic voters increased at the cost of Independent ones. And since then… Republican voters are more or less holding steady, while Democratic voters are dropping at about the same rate that Independent ones are growing.

    All of this is important because the Democratic strategy for victory in 2010 is based on the conditions on the ground in the first quarter of 2009, which was a distinctly better time to be a Democrat than it is today. Rasmussen is not the only pollster to notice the Democrats’ loss of independent* voters (PPP’s Tom Jensen is probably hoarse from all his shouting about that by now); but if the implications of this trend has been internalized by Democratic political strategists, it’s not obvious from their actions.

    You can imagine how broken up I am about this.

    Moe Lane

    PS: If the Republican party would like to take long-term (or even medium-term) advantage of this, it would be well-advised to not forget about fiscal responsibility once we’re back in control of the House.


    *For the record: ‘independent’ does not mean ‘moderate’ in this context. It means ‘neither Republican nor Democrat.’

    Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    April 2nd, 2010 at 9:47 pm
    • By 50%-46%, those surveyed say Obama doesn’t deserve re-election. (Rassmussen last)
    What? Ah . . er . . this? . . after his heroic, historic, intergalactic uni-partisan, bribed, bartered and blackmailed victory shout it from the roof tops Obamacare? Well . . . shit! . . . that’s gratitude for you!! Since a Messiah cannot be wrong, there is only one possible explanation: 50% of the American public is racist. QED! Don’t believe your lying eyes? Just ask the DNC, the Obama crooks and that spoiled Harvard fratboy Chris Van Hollen.

    April 2nd, 2010 at 9:59 pm
    I remember Connie Morrell–Van Hollen’s predecessor. She was a Republican by name but a Democrat in her heart, and she voted that way more often than not. Van Hollen is a Democrat by name and a racist in his heart. That is the difference.

  54. Hillary is the One that world leaders turn to when they want truth respect and guidence.


    Press Releases: President Hamid Karzai’s Call to Secretary Clinton
    Fri, 02 Apr 2010 16:17:07 -0500

    President Hamid Karzai’s Call to Secretary Clinton

    Philip J. Crowley
    Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Public Affairs
    Washington, DC

    April 2, 2010


    Afghan President Karzai called Secretary Clinton today to clarify his statements from yesterday, and they had a constructive conversation. President Karzai reaffirmed his commitment to the partnership between our two countries, and expressed his appreciation for the contributions and sacrifices of the international community. They pledged to continue working together in a spirit of partnership.

  55. Rush Limbaugh’s usage of the term “regime” instead of “administration” is brilliant. I suggest that we all make an effort to follow suit. It will drive the bots bat-*%&# crazy.

  56. I don’t see why the recent tv ratings are good news. NBC is the most pro Obama news network and the ratings have the two women failing. Is this not a pro Obama, anti women result?

  57. This sickens me. First, a local senior female bot has just assured a string of people via email that “Congress people under the new health care reform legislation, have to have the same health care programs as the rest of us. She cites / snopes. I cannot take time to verify. However, there seems to be no shortage of third party TV ads assuring the same thing. I have seen the one (on TV and YouTube) Catholics United has one out entitled “Thank you, Congressman Chris Carney” and one portion of it asserts “ordinary Pennsylvanians get access to same health benefits Congress gets.” I hear that there is a similar TV ad running for a House member in western PA; it is funded by SEIU. I’m figuring these must be running all over the country. I have called Carney’s office to request the section of HR 3590 which madates this surprising change. The guy pretty much laughed to think I’d expect him to find that part, but took my phone number.

    I’m not certain if I left a similar comment here in recent days. It just seems that once again WH is taking advantage of another Christian holiday to spread his crap around. So many home celebrating, families gathered around TV sets at times. Since it’s third party, neither Carney nor Obama is responsible, cough cough, and the lie spreads. If by some chance we have been granted the same coverage – please enlighten me.

  58. Brian is really whiny, isn’t he? Makes me wonder how he ever got the job.
    I came back on to report another surprise – all of a sudden CSPAN has been added to my very basic cable service. I assume it happened with the turn of the month and guess what the guest is talking about this morning – Health Care. And a rather prObama stance at that. CSPAN was removed 6-8 years ago to make room for a channel that broadcasts infomercials most of the time. Now it’s back. Wonder how that happened.

    By the way, I used to be a CSPAN early morning junkie. That is, until November when Brian Lamb turned the facilities of CSPAN over to conservative radio broadcasters. They each had their turn over the CSPAN network. Because George W. Bush needed help. Therefore I have not missed CSPAN’s absence and do not particularly welcome it back.

  59. Stop me if you’ve heard this one:

    Stamp Malfunction

    The Postal Services created a stamp with a picture of President Obama on it. The Postal Service noticed that the stamp was not sticking to envelopes. This enraged the President, who demanded a full investigation. After a month of testing and $1.73 million in congressional spending, a special Presidential commission presented the following findings:

    1.The stamp is in perfect order.
    2..There is nothing wrong with the glue.
    3.People are spitting on the wrong side.

  60. Here are Brian Williams (Dudley Dooright) and Axelrod (Snidely Whiplash) together at last in a full length feature movie. Williams is a blue nosed Canadian Mountie, and Axelrod is accurately described by his superior officer as “a man so sneaky, deceitful and rotten that it disgusts me”. Turns out they are brothers, and this colors Dooright perception of Whiplash ever so slightly. Sometimes, life imitates art.

  61. March Jobs Figures Not Enough to Dispel Dem Fears Over Impact on Political Future

    The tax and spend policies anti business policies of Obama has killed job growth in the private sector for years to come. Meanwhile congressional dims ignore the welfare of their constituents, and march behind him like the trained seals they most definitely are waiting to be fed. The jobs that are being created now in this country are low wage jobs, and the growth is anemic, i.e. half as many as analysts had predicted. This under performance, plus their myopic fixation on ruining our health care system have combined to create a bleak outlook for job seekers across the nation, and no appreciable improvement in the unemployment figures which have gone from bad to worse since the fraud took office. At this rate, it will be decades before unemployment rates are back to where they were when he began his imperious reign. The implications are obvious: an increasing percentage of the labor force (legal and illegal) will be dependent on government for their survival, which is what he wants but cannot come out and say. The people who are employed will bear the burden of this through confiscatory tax rates and when they protest the rebuttal argument by Obama supporters will be stop being selfish. Of course, this will not apply by the elites, because Obama will make certain that they are taken care of just like he did for Rezko.

    The Wall Street Journal

    The Obama administration had anticipated for weeks that the March jobs figures would mark a turning point politically. The numbers were positive, but not as strong has some forecasters had expected.

    print email share recommend (2)
    The best monthly employment numbers in three years weren’t good enough to dispel Democrats’ anxiety about how high unemployment will affect their political fortunes.

    The Obama administration had anticipated for weeks that the March jobs figures would mark a turning point politically. The numbers were positive, but not as strong has some forecasters had expected.

    Senior White House officials last month had collected Wall Street forecasts that anticipated total job growth between 250,000 and 300,000. They said they weren’t expecting the numbers to be that high, but at that time, were anticipating at least 200,000. Instead, the March figures showed the economy added about 162,000 jobs.

    At that pace of hiring, the economy has a long way to go to rebuild the nearly eight million jobs slashed during the downturn. The 2010 midterm elections and the 2012 presidential campaign will be fought out with millions of Americans struggling with long-term joblessness and millions more anxious about their futures.

    “We have to be very cautious,” said Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D, N.Y.), chairwoman of Congress’s Joint Economic Committee. “Given the number of jobs lost, it’s going to take us a long time to bring down this very unacceptable unemployment rate.”

    Republicans have spent weeks hammering on the jobs issue—saying the newly enacted health-care law will discourage hiring. Their case has been helped by a stream of charges issued by companies affected by the a change in tax deductibility for a drug subsidy.

    Democrats have a half-dozen bills pending in Congress that are meant to spur private-sector job growth. One such proposal has been signed into law, and the path forward for the others remains unclear. Congress is in recess until the middle of April. Democrats are worried that failure to pass a meaningful jobs package before Congress’s August recess could cost them in November.

    Obama sounded an upbeat note during a trip to North Carolina to push his economic and energy policies. “The worst of the storm is over,” Obama said during a stop at a battery factory here. “Brighter days are still ahead.”

    But Obama also called for patience with his efforts. “Government can’t reverse the toll of this recession overnight, and government on its own can’t replace the eight million jobs that have been lost,” he said.

    Even before the president touched down in his state, North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Tom Fetzer, a former mayor of Raleigh, slammed the president as out of touch.

    “The president I believe is familiar with the word audacity,” he said. “It takes a tremendous amount of audacity for him to come in North Carolina and to tout job creation.”

    North Carolina is well above the national average with an unemployment rate of 11.2 percent

  62. Thank you Wbboei and Admin for the updates. Koch supported Obama the entire campaign and while I appreciate his remarks, they are a day late and a dollar short. Big Jewish money ( and as you know I am a hardcore Jew/Zionist) got Obama started and helped him immensely over the years, culminating in his election. The jobs report is being hailed by MSM as the beginning of a recovery…Nov 2010 cannot come fast enough.
    Happy Easter to all of you.

  63. Another post and comment section that informs greatly. Thanks everyone. Happy Easter weekend.
    I thought a conversation I had yesterday might be of interest here; should it be typical of what is going on right now with the 20 somthings. These are engineering types either in college, finished college, or working in the industry of mostly aero-space. Their discussion centered around the regime of Obummer and the plight of the economy in America. They discussed that it is their generation who will suffer through the economic disaster that our country is in; they have determined they will have to pay for it; they see no way out and believe the country will implode within 6 years.
    They discussed the space program(s) and how the regime of Obummer is systemically doing away with them one at a time, and that will basically put them out of work permanently here in America. They see no way to fix it and believe it to be too far gone. These are young guys communicating through the internet/technology across the country and they are mad that the country got so f’d up just as their generation came of age.
    They were discussing their options. Some of them said we will move to Singapore or Brazil. I told my 20 something, that well you do like chinese food, but you would have to watch out for any daughters you would have because they treat their women as inferior byproducts. I also asked him to please inform these youths that they are much of the reason that we have the regime of Obummer, and that they had better make sure they help vote him out in 2012 before they exodus the country for the sake of my littlest ones and the generations to come after them. Is this typical logic of this generation?

  64. jbstonesfan
    April 3rd, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    My sediments exactly.
    He did so much harm with his support, and should have known better. I am not Jewish, but I could see the Islamic connections without much effort. He sold his country, and his people down the Nile for what? We may never know.

  65. Big Media wants the country to believe a lie, namely that the Republicans are all liars, cowards, and have nothing to offer the American People. Now that the elites have their stooge Obama in the Oval office that is all you hear. It is like when the Mafia had their stooge Frank Fitzsimmons as President of the IBT, the challenger Jimmy Hoffa Sr. had to be eliminated.

    Well, here is the rebuttal argument. The Republicans have a man who is a new face, but far enough along in the pipe line to be considered a candidate in 2012. Whether or not that happens is an imponderable at this point, but there he is.
    His name is Paul Ryan (R-WI).

    The best thing about him is he gives us the truth, as opposed to euphemistic bullshit you hear from traitors like Obama and his ilk. What he offers instead is the truth which treats us like adults, explains our predicament and promises us success in the long term if we make the right moves now. This will involve blood, tears, toil and sweat as Churchill once said. And there must be an equitable sharing of the misery–meaning that the elites must make significant shared sacrifices. That is not what people want to hear, but the alternative is far worse. Simply put, it is the path to enslavement if we keep passing the tin cup to China. (Note: the numbers are staggering, but do not expect to hear them from Brian Williams).

    I have said it before, according to my sources, the Executive Order granting preferential immigration rights to wealthy immigrants from China has been sitting on his desk for more than a year, waiting for the right moment for it to be signed. Sale of our public lands to China will not be far behind, IF we do not get control over this situation.

    Therefore, let us hope Paul’s final word is prophetic: (OBAMA and his congressional allies)”have UNDERESTIMATED THE GOOD SENSE of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. They BROKE FAITH WITH independents, Republicans, AND THEIR OWN RANK-AND-FILE. They WALKED AWAY FROM the FOUNDATIONAL TRUTHS that made America the wonder and the envy of the world. The price of their INFIDELITY will be HIGH.”(Emphasis added).

    . The numbers you are about to see will pop your eyes out, but don’t expect Brian Williams to tell you this:
    The Man Who Should Be President

    Yeah, yeah, I know. Don’t worry about 2012 right now. So sue me.

    Rep. Paul Ryan is one of the most articulate, intelligent conservative voices in Washington, DC. His voting record is impeccable. His performance in the so-called “Health Care Summit” was superb. And this past week, Congressman Ryan delivered an absolutely stunning speech to the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs. This is not your normal, run-of-the-mill speech. This address made Barack Obama sound like a seventh-grade speech student.

    I’d have to republish the entire thing to capture the highlights. So here are some choice snippets, starting with this:

    It raises a subtle but real threat to self-government when the few are paying more and more of the bill for government services and subsidies to the majority: “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” The next chapter is the rule of “crony capitalism,” where those who pay most taxes get the privileges, and government by and for the people is replaced by government by and for the few. The end of this story is soft despotism.

    At this point, I’m not sure I would have used the adjective “soft”. But the point is well-made.

    A government that expands beyond its high but limited mission of securing our natural rights is not progressive, it’s regressive. It privileges the powerful at the expense of the people. It establishes the rule of class over class. The American Revolution and the Constitution replaced class rule with a better idea: equal opportunity for all. The promise of keeping the earnings of your work is central to justice, freedom, and the hope to improve your life.

    “keeping the earnings of your work” – The Democrats are all for that, only it’s them who wish to keep our earnings.

    But wait – there is much, much more…

    The Constitution and the consent of the people are all that stand between limited and unlimited government power. Zealous ideologues with the best of intentions brush aside the limits on power in order to get whatever they believe is good for the people … no matter what the people believe. Our system of freedom can survive an assault, but it won’t survive if the people are frightened, or angry, or asleep at the switch. A great Democrat, President Andrew Jackson, once said: “eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty.” We can thank our current leaders at least for this: they have awakened the nation to the danger of taking self-government for granted.

    Congress is not only enacting a social welfare state agenda over the objections of the people. It is failing to address the problems that threaten to engulf our country, principally economic decline and entitlement-driven debt crisis. The coming election will be a referendum on the agenda of our current leadership. Either it will give them a mandate that says “more of the same,” or it will end the abuse of power and put America back on the path of growth and freedom.

    Paul Ryan obviously understands what is wrong with the current regime. These two paragraphs encapsulate my feelings about the Democrats in power better than just about anything I’ve read in the past year. Read those paragraphs again. And again.

    Furthermore, Ryan understands the REAL issue behind the financial crisis we are faced with:

    The problem in a nutshell is this: Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, three giant entitlements, are out of control. Exploding costs will drive our federal government and national economy to collapse. And the recession plus this Congress’ spending spree have accelerated the day of reckoning.

    Today, Medicare is $38 trillion short of its promised benefits. In five years, the hole will grow to $52 trillion. Your family’s share of this gap is $458,000. Medicaid will add trillions more in state and federal debt.

    Social Security’s surplus is already gone, and its debt is mounting. Unless its finances are strengthened, the government will be forced to cut benefits nearly 25 percent or raise payroll taxes more than 30 percent.

    Both Republicans and Democrats have failed to be candid about this. And we have only postponed the crisis by shaking a tin cup at China and Japan.

    Amen, brother.

    And Ryan finishes with a flourish:

    My party challenges the whole basis of the Progressivist vision of this country’s future. We challenge their attack on American exceptionalism. We challenge their claim that bureaucratic centralization is the only way the US can meet the economic and social challenges of our time.

    Those leaders have underestimated the good sense of the American people. They broke faith with independents, Republicans, and their own rank-and-file. They walked away from the foundational truths that made America the wonder and the envy of the world. The price of their infidelity will be high.

    I pray that the price of their infidelity will be an overwhelming GOP victory in 2010. That is indeed where we must be placing our emphasis for the rest of 2010.

    But beyond 2010, we must think about how to re-take the White House from the primary culprit in this governmental hijacking of the Constitution: Barack Hussein Obama. Congressman Ryan clearly understands the problem and the solution.

    A speech like this is not the typical fare we hear from Congressional representatives. Be sure to read the whole thing. Words like this are seldom heard today, in DC or anywhere else. These are the kinds of words we hear from a statesman…the kind of words that come from a President. Now I’ve heard the case from some of my friends and colleagues that we must elect someone with executive experience, or we’ll wind up with another disaster like Barack Obama. But the problem with Obama has nothing to do with a lack of experience; it has everything to do with a neo-Communist ideology that has lurched this nation’s policy-making far, far to the left. I am much more interested in a President who has the ideas that can move this country in the right direction. And Congressman Ryan possesses these ideas.

    But, you say, Ryan says he doesn’t want to run for President. Well, maybe after another year or so of Barack Obama, he’ll be convinced. I know I am.

  66. More evidence that Obama’s approach to foreign policy is impotent. This dissembling of our leadership role in the world is a bi-partisan problem to be sure, but I find it interesting, and probative, that it did not accelerate until Messiah Obama became CIC. Totalitarian dictators like Chavez are connoseiurs of power. They know that Messiah Obama is weak and a push over it comes to foreign policy even in our own hemisphere.
    Putin Signs Accords With Chavez in Venezuela Trip (Update1)
    Share Business ExchangeTwitterFacebook| Email | Print | A A A
    By Daniel Cancel and Maria Kolesnikova

    April 2 (Bloomberg) — Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed billions of dollars in energy, agriculture and commercial accords with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez today in Caracas during his first visit to the OPEC nation.

    Under the agreements, a group of Russian energy companies including OAO Gazprom and OAO Lukoil will work with Petroleos de Venezuela SA in an $18 billion project to develop an oil field that will eventually produce 450,000 barrels per day, Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez told reporters on March 31.

    Chavez, who has visited Russia eight times during his 11 years in power, is strengthening ties with governments critical of U.S. foreign policy as he seeks financing and offers stakes in untapped oil reserves. The Venezuelan leader has spent more than $4 billion on Russian rifles, helicopters and fighter jets in what he says is an attempt to protect the country from a possible U.S. invasion.

    “We’re building a new world, and only a balanced world can guarantee peace,” Chavez, 55, said today on state television. “Russia and Venezuela will be closer each day.”

    As minority partners with PDVSA, the Russian energy group will help develop the Junin 6 heavy oil block in the Orinoco belt, initially producing 50,000 barrels of oil per day. The group is made up of Gazprom, Surgutneftegaz, Lukoil, TNK-BP and Rosneft Oil Co.

    Putin also met with Bolivian President Evo Morales in Caracas before returning to Moscow following a wave of explosions in Russia that President Dmitry Medvedev said would be met with a “brutal” response.

    Nuclear Plant

    Venezuela and Russia are set to open a binational bank to finance development projects, while Venezuela is also willing to work with Russia to construct a nuclear power plant for a peaceful energy program in the South American country, Chavez said.

    Putin said there are still “many forces” that impose rules and pressure other countries to limit trade and vowed to continue providing Venezuela with military equipment. He didn’t specify what those forces are.

    Venezuela hasn’t tapped a $2.2 billion Russian credit line to buy military equipment, Putin said. If the U.S. doesn’t want to sell Venezuela spare parts for fighter jets and weaponry, then Russia will continue to do so, he said.

    The oil venture between PDVSA and the Russian companies will require technology to refine heavy crude into lighter oil for export. The Russian energy group, Consorcio Nacional Ruso, paid $600 million of a $1 billion bonus payment to Venezuela today to access the crude reserves, Putin said.

    $1 Billion Bonus

    The venture will invest $60 million to $80 million this year to begin exploration of the block, OAO Surgutneftegaz CEO Vladimir Bogdanov told reporters today. Consorcio Nacional Ruso also signed agreements to develop the Ayacucho 2, Ayacucho 3 and Junin 3 oil blocks, and may pay another $1 billion bonus for those fields, Putin said.

    “Everytime we meet oil prices rise,” Chavez said. “The fact that Russian companies are active in four oil fields in the largest crude reserve in the world is important not only for Russia, but for the world.”

    Other agreements signed today included memoranda of understanding to build oil tankers, a plan to build a power plant with a capacity of as much as 500 megawatts powered by petroleum coke and assistance from Russia to help resolve an electricity crisis, including the leasing of generators. Venezuela also agreed to purchase civilian planes made in Russia.

    PDVSA’s shipping unit will create a joint venture with Russia’s Sovkomflot to build tankers to transport oil and gas and Venezuela agreed to buy 2,250 Lada brand cars from Russia.

  67. Putin has outsmarted them all…a truly devious/brilliant man , who will have Russia back as the most powerful nation within a few yrs…the reduction of nukes did nothing for us and helps Russia immensely.

  68. Bob Somersby’s astute comments in Daily Howler confirm something which I have always suspected about liberal bloggers, though obviously not him: they survive on hate. And in the end, it is self defeating. This is one of the most skillful take downs you will see, partly because it is so subtle and by all appearances well intended. In trial work we talk sometimes about the highest level of advocacy–Level IV. When it comes to political discourse, this is Level IV as well.
    What program was our side watching: We had planned to discuss this fascinating piece about the causes of health care over-spending. But we were stunned by Alex Koppelman’s short review, in this morning’s Salon, of Sarah Palin’s Fox special last night.

    Koppelman’s review is only six paragraphs long. Having read it, we have no idea what program Koppelman watched. Salon readers will be vastly mis- or disinformed by this puzzling passage:

    KOPPELMAN (4/2/10): Palin came in for some embarrassment even before the show aired, when one of the marquee guests Fox announced, rapper LL Cool J, objected to his inclusion as the interview had been conducted by someone else back in 2008. Fox pulled the segment, but Thursday’s broadcast made clear that it wasn’t an isolated problem.

    The show reduces the former governor to mediocre talk show host. Her role was merely to provide poorly done narration for recycled material and—clad in heels that seemed impossibly high—have awkward post-segment conversations with people tangentially related to the stories for which she’d provided a voice over.

    Whoever made the decision to have the show work this way didn’t just do a disservice to Fox and to Palin as host. They also hurt her as a politician. A format like this one only contributes to the image Palin has earned for herself as lightweight, uninterested in the hard work.

    If Palin and Fox want to keep this show going, they need to get her out interviewing people. Or maybe she should be sitting on a couch with them for an Oprah-style heart-to-heart. The current format does no one any favors.

    That’s four paragraphs, from a six-graf review—and it’s stunningly inaccurate. For ourselves, we didn’t notice the height of Palin’s heels—but then, we aren’t a pure liberal. But we did see Palin her present a fascinating, deeply moving pair of segments about Cole Massey, an eleven-year-old child who was born with cerebral palsy—and about his parents, and about his deeply-loved service dog. The first, pre-taped segment was thoroughly winning; Palin then conducted a second full segment in which she interviewed all three Masseys, and showcased the skills of Cole Massey’s dog. This was brilliant, moving work. Palin’s full-segment conversation was conducted with all the principal parties; it was anything but “awkward.” Although Cole Massey uses a wheelchair, Palin was pretty much “sitting on a couch with [the Masseys] for an Oprah-style heart-to-heart.”

    We have no idea what program Koppelman watched. But isn’t life in our liberal world grand?

    We didn’t watch the full program; there were strengths and weaknesses to some of the segments we watched. (Don’t worry—Fox’s production values will only get better.) But reading through the transcript today, we see that the program was very minority-friendly, a bit of clever political work. And Palin interviewed key players in three different stories, including the long segment with all four Masseys.

    Koppelman’s review is simply astounding. Ain’t life in our “liberal” world grand?

    In this post, Digby discusses Pam Stout’s appearance on the Letterman show. (She also posts tape of the full interview.) Again, we think Stout’s interview is well worth watching, although it’s obviously of limited use in understanding the Tea Party movement. (It’s a very limited interview, and Stout is only one person.) Digby’s reactions are worth considering too—although here too, she seems amazed by what she sees on the tape:

    DIGBY (4/1/10): I was blown away by this interview and frankly, a little bit chilled. She’s mild-mannered, reasonable, utterly sincere, decent and true. Yet, she watches Beck because he “makes her think” and she reveres Jim DeMint, the most radical of all the rightwing Senators. This lovely woman believes in the raw, violent politics of the Hobbesian jungle in which it’s every man for himself. I’m sure she doesn’t see it that way. Her politics aren’t grounded in real life but in abstract concepts. She certainly doesn’t seem defensive or even aware that her political heroes are considered radical extremists. But then if you only watch Fox news, listen to talk radio and live in the town known for its proximity to Ruby Ridge and the Aryan Nations compound you probably don’t realize that your views are not held by the majority of Americans.

    Digby is amazed by Stout; in turn, we’re amazed by Digby. Plainly, Beck has made a lot of people think; if you watch his town hall sessions, it is perfectly clear that these people aren’t all knuckle-dragging lunatics. We have a very different reaction to Beck around here, but many people have reacted to Beck in the way Stout describes. It speaks poorly of our own sophistication when we’re still blown away by this fact—when we’re endlessly stunned and amazed by the reactions of Americans voters. And by the way—Digby goes directly to condescension, and misstatement, in her assessment of Stout. Does Stout “live in the town known for its proximity to Ruby Ridge and the Aryan Nations compound?” If you want to frame it that way, that’s where Stout lives—now. But as the interview and the earlier New York Times profile noted, Stout seems to have lived in California for much of her life. (She lived in England until age 11.) In the opening paragraph of David Barstow’s profile of the Tea Party movement, this is the way he described some of what Stout apparently did in the Golden State:

    BARSTOW (2/16/10): Pam Stout has not always lived in fear of her government. She remembers her years working in federal housing programs, watching government lift struggling families with job training and education. She beams at the memory of helping a Vietnamese woman get into junior college.

    Listening to what Stout told Letterman, we got the impression that she may have drawn some “conservative” lessons from her years of work with “struggling families.” Some people who work with struggling families come away with the view that some such families aren’t struggling as hard as they ought to. Other people come away with sympathy for the hurdles these families face. There are elements of truth in both reactions; in our society’s bumper-sticker politics, people who tilt in the second direction are “liberals,” while “conservatives” tilt in the first direction. We would have liked to hear Letterman ask Stout more about these experiences, and about the lessons she drew from them. But Digby goes straight to condescension and misstatement, as we liberals love to do when confronted with people who don’t see things in the unerring way we do. In our view, Stout said some fairly dumb things to Letterman—about letting GM go under, for instance. But when liberals are shocked and amazed by the views of the Stouts—when we insist on misstating their background, on building cartoons—then we are the dumb bunnies here.

    In this later post, Digby has moved to full-tilt derision. Stout is now described as “our sweet little teabagger lady,” and all is right again with the world. All except those Gallup results—results which follow our insults and condescension much as day follows night.

    For better or worse, this country is full of people like Stout—and such people vote. Often, these people aren’t all that sharp—but then, we aren’t all that sharp either. And yes, these people do get conned by the “very, very carefully thought-out public relations tactics” described by Hoggan.

    Hoggan described some very savvy players in our political warfare. On our side, those players are met by some very dumb bunnies—dumb bunnies who look much like us.

    Final note on our side’s consummate dumbness, on the way we practice to lose:

    Last night, Sean Hannity played this tape of Rep. Charlie Rangel. In fact, he played it several times:

    RANGEL: I was involved in the civil rights marches in the ’60s. And I’ve been badgered and cursed at and spat at by groups in the south. And I want you to know, and your viewing audience to know, that the group that were in Washington fighting again the health bill and fighting against the president, looked just like and sounded just like those groups that attacked the civil rights movement in the south.

    That sounds like odd rhetoric coming from Rangel, a sensible, savvy man. Given his current troubles with the Ethics Committee, it may be that Rangel is trying to stoke his standing with the black community. But do you know how monumentally dumb it is to make such statements about the way a large group of mostly-white demonstrators “looked?” Guess what, losers? When people like Rangel make statements like that, many people who aren’t Tea Party-inclined feel he has just described them.

    Hannity got major mileage from that tape last night; most likely, he’ll use it again. In a nation which isn’t made up of liberal bloggers, do you know how dumb it is, as a matter of politics, to offer statements like that? How dumb it is on the merits?

    Obviously not! On our side, we are constantly amazed by the reactions of the electorate. This leads us to a final question:

    Tell the truth. Let’s be real. When it comes to the simplest political judgments, is anyone dumber than we are? Those savvy Big Interests cheer and applaud when we liberals say things like that. Their tasks become much, much easier.

    Do you doubt that? After our week of cavorting and playing with race, just take a look at that Gallup result—which of course is phony and wrong and can’t be true, as Digby’s sage comnmenters said.

  69. Encore for Somersby:

    In his column in yesterday’s Washington Post, Richard Cohen didn’t seem to recall that the Clinton years even took place. Cohen is often astoundingly clueless, true to his role as one of the mainstream press corps’ designated “liberals.” But yesterday’s piece was clueless in a standard, instructive way.

    Cohen praised the passage of health reform—and mused on the opposition’s fury. The fury of this opposition—and its frequent lunacy—tracks directly from the events described in Gormley’s book, of course. (The lunacy is an obvious part of our history.) But like his older brother Rip, Richard Van Winkle seems to have slept all through that earlier decade. In this passage, he seems to marvel at events which represent a reprise:

    COHEN (3/23/10): This battle was never entirely about health care. The fury of the opposition— not a single Republican vote—is as historically significant as the passage of the legislation itself. There is something cleaving this country, something represented by the election of Barack Obama—the change he either promised or threatened, take your pick—and the hyper-exaggeration of the ideological threat the man represented. Caricatured as a socialist, a radical, a hard-left liberal and even an alien, he is actually the very soul of center-left moderation, cautious to a fault.

    “Not a single Republican vote?” To Cohen, this is “historically significant.” Unfortunately, those who were awake in the Clinton years will recall that Clinton’s initial budget passed with “not a single Republican vote.” The next year, his health plan didn’t get a single Republican vote either; the bill had been crushed so thoroughly by solid GOP opposition that it didn’t even come to a vote. But Cohen somehow seems to think that the fury of the current opposition is new—and is somehow tied to Obama’s election. No one could fail to know where his small brain would go next:

    COHEN: Anger comes from fear. What was once a white Protestant nation is changing hue and religion. It is no accident that racial epithets were yelled at black lawmakers on Saturday in Washington and a kind of venom even gets exclaimed from the floor of the Congress: “You lie!” “Baby killer!” The protesters were protesting health-care legislation. But they feared they were losing their country.

    For the tiny mind of Cohen, the fury must come down to “hue” and race. But what explains the events in the Gormley book? What explains the years when the lunacy took hold of the culture? Cohen forgets that those events took place. He slept through that previous decade.

    In part, we were struck by Cohen’s piece because we had already read Bob Herbert’s column in the New York Times. When it comes to the furious opposition, Herbert focuses even more heavily than Cohen on the least among them. Before he got to the race and gay slurs, he started out with this:

    HERBERT (3/23/10): Some of the images from the run-up to Sunday’s landmark health care vote in the House of Representatives should be seared into the nation’s consciousness. We are so far, in so many ways, from being a class act.

    A group of lowlifes at a Tea Party rally in Columbus, Ohio, last week taunted and humiliated a man who was sitting on the ground with a sign that said he had Parkinson’s disease. The disgusting behavior was captured on a widely circulated videotape. One of the Tea Party protesters leaned over the man and sneered: ”If you’re looking for a handout, you’re in the wrong end of town.”

    Another threw money at the man, first one bill and then another, and said contemptuously, ”I’ll pay for this guy. Here you go. Start a pot.”

    Herbert has thoroughly taken the bait. As a nation, “we are so far, in so many ways, from being a class act,” he says. His first piece of evidence? The fact that “a group of lowlifes” behaved in the way he described. And by the way:

    When Herbert says “a group of” lowlifes, the gentleman really means: “two.” (You might call it Classic Screeching Pseudo-Liberalism. Two people behave like fallen souls, and it shows that we suck as a nation.)

    The two people in question behaved very badly. (Dylan once called them “poor immigrants.”) So did the people Herbert described as he continued, those “opponents of the health care legislation” who “shouted racial slurs” at three congressmen and“taunted” Barney Frank “because he’s gay.” This conduct sent Herbert off on a tear about the Republican Party.

    In our view, what he says about the GOP is overstated, but largely true. That said, there’s a reason why we don’t respect Herbert a lot when he goes off on such tears:

    HERBERT: For decades the G.O.P. has been the party of fear, ignorance and divisiveness. All you have to do is look around to see what it has done to the country. The greatest economic inequality since the Gilded Age was followed by a near-total collapse of the overall economy. As a country, we have a monumental mess on our hands and still the Republicans have nothing to offer in the way of a remedy except more tax cuts for the rich.

    This is the party of trickle down and weapons of mass destruction, the party of birthers and death-panel lunatics. This is the party that genuflects at the altar of right-wing talk radio, with its insane, nauseating, nonstop commitment to hatred and bigotry.

    Glenn Beck of Fox News has called President Obama a ”racist” and asserted that he ”has exposed himself as a guy, over and over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”

    Mike Huckabee, a former Republican presidential candidate, has said of Mr. Obama’s economic policies: ”Lenin and Stalin would love this stuff.”

    The G.O.P. poisons the political atmosphere and then has the gall to complain about an absence of bipartisanship.

    The toxic clouds that are the inevitable result of the fear and the bitter conflicts so relentlessly stoked by the Republican Party—think blacks against whites, gays versus straights, and a whole range of folks against immigrants—tend to obscure the tremendous damage that the party’s policies have inflicted on the country.

    We’d say that is overstated, but largely true. But we’ll admit it: We tend to feel contempt for Herbert when we see him ranting so grandly—when he tells us that we have to “rise up against this kind of garbage, to fight it aggressively wherever it appears.” (Would we have time to do anything else?)

    Why do we feel contempt for this man? We know what he did last decade! In the last decade, the decade of Gormley, he gulped every bit of the lunacy’s Kool-Aid. He drank all the GOP’s poisons down, and then he swilled them back out.

    Today, Bob Herbert shouts and yells pretty much like a big fracking nut (Confront it everywhere!) Quite correctly, he shouts and yells about the “tremendous damage” the lunacy has created. But we don’t have much respect for Herbert. You see, he has never gotten around to explaining why he helped the lunacy in the past decade. And like Joan Walsh, he continues to lick the boots of Chris Matthews, who did more to cement the lunacy’s hold than any living person.

    Herbert gulped the GOP Kool-Aid, first about Clinton, then about Gore. Good God! After the first Bush-Gore debate, he insisted that Bush had tried his best to tell the truth; he complained about the fact that Gore had sighed when Bush kept peddling horse-shit! And Cohen wasn’t far behind in his love for that GOP Kool-Aid. Today, Cohen can’t even remember that decade. But we can recall what he did.

    “Tremendous damage inflicted on the country?” Thanks to these two losermen, yes. Today, one rants and the other muses. But we can recall what they did.

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