Not Just April Fools

Perhaps it’s all the rain on the East coast, but we have a bumper crop of fools this year. But then again, last year we had a bumper crop of fools too. Indeed, so many fools reared their heads last year, we declared “April In December”!

This year is young, but the cesspools of foolery overflow. One Big Blog boy lunged yesterday to be crowned “Fool Of The Year”. In ordinary times he would be hard to beat. He is an exemplary fool. This fool describes himself as “an ardent environmentalist”. This fool is so “ardent” he has exerted himself and joined the Sierra Club along with a “climate non-profit”. So what was this “ardent environmentalist” fool’s reaction to Barack Obama’s announcement on offshore oil drilling yesterday? What expressions of outrage did our “ardent environmentalist” unleash? What thundering actions of Olympian rage did this Big Blog boy unleash? The fool in his own words:

I’m just thankful that the ban remains in effect for the west coast and fragile ecosystems in the northeast. I hope groups like Earthjustice and the NRDC don’t ignore the issue and put out statements of annoyed disappointment….

Whoa, hold on there little fella! Them’s a-fight’n words fer shur! Let’s not get too radical.

Compare and contrast that PINO reaction to a violation of “ardent” commitment to issues and “principles” with how conservatives react to a breach of their principles. Over a relatively minor matter, but one that insults their principles, the conservatives know how to fight. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, an organization we detest, is upset with the Republican National Committee over a bar tab at a “bondage” nightclub. Perkins immediately stated “I’ve hinted at this before, but now I am saying it–don’t give money to the RNC.”

Is there any wonder why we laugh at these PINO Big Blog boys? Obama put on Sarah Palin’s saddle, and she rode him and broke him, yet our Big Blog “ardent environmentalist” boy hero mewls. What a man!

But our boy “ardent environmentalist” hero is not done yet with his claim to the crown of “Fool Of The Year”. Yesterday, this Big Blog boy also barked for money on behalf of Dimocrats, as the first quarter FEC filing deadline came to a close. As we wrote on this day last year:

These fools are giving money to the very officials who hold them in utter disdain and contempt. They are fools. They are rewarding the very people who treat them like dirt.

Can anyone take the crown from this fool? Surely, he must be “Fool Of The Year”. Well now, hold on. Before we continue to nominate others for “Fool Of The Year” let’s nominate ourselves for the prize. We here at Big Pink have been made fools too. Let’s slap ourselves as well.

In declining the title “Fool Of The Year” we plead stupefaction. Who would have thunk it possible? In our article discussing the lawsuits against Obama’s health scam we cited mostly “right wing” lawyers as thinking the lawsuits had a chance of success. Now comes Jonathan Turley, a liberal talking head lawyer to punk us. Writes Turley in USAToday:

“If the individual health insurance mandate survives court challenges, states’ rights will have withered before our eyes.[snip]

Across the country, lawsuits are being filed that could have sweeping implications, not just for health care but our constitutional system. [snip] Though the federal government has the clear advantage in such litigation, these challenges should not be dismissed as baseless political maneuvering. There is a legitimate concern for many that this mandate constitutes the greatest (and perhaps the most lethal) challenge to states’ rights in U.S. history.[snip]

It is an assertion of federal power that is inherently at odds with the original vision of the Framers. If a citizen who fails to get health insurance is an interstate problem, it is difficult to see the limiting principle as Congress seeks to impose other requirements on citizens. The ultimate question may not be how Congress can prevail, but how much of states’ rights would be left if it prevailed.[snip]

Though strong arguments can be made for health care reform and the individual mandate, these are matters that should not be decided by mere fiat of Congress but rather by the courts. Federalism was already on life support before the individual mandate. Make no mistake about it, this plan might provide a bill of good health for the public, but it could amount to a “do not resuscitate” order for federalism.”

Turley, you punked us. A Big Media favorite writing fairly about a constitutional question. Who would have thunk it?

But Turley is not the only one to make fools of us. David Letterman. Yup, David Letterman has punked us too. Who would have thunk it? We plead embarrassment.

What did Letterman do?

“In a quietly remarkable piece of television, David Letterman interviewed Tea Party member Pam Stout on last night’s Late Show. “I know nothin’ about the tea party,” Dave began, saying Stout had come to his attention after the 66 year-old Idaho woman had been featured prominently in a Feb. 15 New York Times story on the Tea Party movement.

Letterman invited her on to ask about the movement and whether it aimed to become a “third party.” She said, “I don’t think it will become a third party,” but that its voice “can be pretty devisive” in some elections, and that locally, she wanted the Tea Party to “take over the Republican Party… [and] go back to the old ideas.” [snip]

Stout was the mildest of souls, calm and remarkably composed for someone probably not used to the glare of network TV cameras. And Letterman loves this sort of person — a Midwestern citizen, a non-celeb; while raising serious points, he made a point of keeping things light“.

Fairness and no mockery from David Letterman! Dave you punked us. We still can’t believe David Letterman was polite and fair to anyone, let alone a Tea Party activist, in an extended interview! But here’s the video proof:

Pigs do fly!

But as foolish as we might be, let’s get to real contenders for the crown as “Fool Of The Year”. In the “diary” written by that “ardent environmentalist” there was this comment:

“My first thought was of taking a rolled up newspaper and bopping him on the head like I would scold a dog. I thought he’d learned?

But that was just my first thought. This is Obama we’re talking about, and as we learned with HCR, his brilliance is often well beyond the horizon of us lay bloggers.

If that sad sack has written “us PINO bloggers” we could see the justice in the remark. But really, this is a high level of fool beyond measure. The level of foolishness is not restricted to comments on PINO blogs. Last year one of the contenders for “Fool Of The Year” was the head fool at what we call “NothingLeft”. Proving that experience is a great value, the head fool at NothingLeft catapults himself to the top ranks of contenders for “Fool Of The Year”. This year the experienced fool writes:

“I spent much of 2008 exasperated by a progressive Internet space that had seemingly reversed itself overnight on things like the value of triangulation, bipartisanship, appearing Fox News, allowing Joe Lieberman to keep his seniority, sending more troops to Afghanistan, retroactive immunity for telecom companies, replacing local state party organizers with ones who answer directly to the DNC, and much more. It seemed as though numerous policies and strategies that had held near-consensus stature within the progressive online ecosystem had been either scrapped or reversed simply because Barack Obama said it was a good idea to scrap or reverse them.

Back then, the urge to call people who reversed their positions lobotomized “sheeple” was almost impossible to resist–and I frequently did not resist it.

However, that is not an impulse I feel anymore. This is because I realized Barack Obama persuaded progressive activists to change their minds not because those activists are sheeple or because activist organization leaders operate in “veal pens,” but rather because Obama developed new messaging that was more convincing than the likes used by myself, or BTD, or anyone else on the left who was making contrary arguments. He just beat those old arguments, plain and simple, and the progressive Internet space changed.”

Perhaps “fool” needs to be modified for this extraordinary “fool”. Let’s add “whore”. A foolish whore. A foolish whore who is so desperate to become part of the corrupt Dimocratic establishment he will write the most foolish theories and think his PINO audience is so stupid as to believe him. Generally the PINO audience is either so gullible or so corrupt that they do believe this extraordinary and experienced fool. Lord, what fools these PINOs be!

But some are learning or speaking up:

At the end of the day the PUMAs were right to believe that Obama was NOT a feminist and that he would sell women out. They were right that Barack Obama had no intention on keeping his word on a universal health care system or the conscience clause. They were right about DOMA. They were right on the fact that the rules were manipulated and that half the party was hosed over to drag Obama over the finish line. Quite frankly I don’t understand how anyone would take being called a PUMA as an insult. They’ve so far been the freaking Cassandras on just about everything Obama and the Democrats stand for nowadays(which is pretty close to nil).

Last year, other contenders for “Fool Of The Year” were “women’s groups” such as NARAL. This year, just like the “ardent environmentalist” the “women’s groups” are top contenders yet again. Obama signs away their “principles”, signs an Executive Order codifying the Hyde Amendment which he promised during the election campaign to eliminate, and these fools write statements of “annoyed disappointment” – yet continue to raise funds for Obama and his Dimocrats. Somewhere Tony Perkins chortles.

But are there bigger fools than the Congressional fools who believe Obama will save them if they “Save Obama”? The polls say the Obama Dimocrats are indeed fools to believe Obama can save them:

“Barack Obama is getting more blame for what voters see as a lagging economy than at any other time in his presidency, according to a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll out Thursday.

Additionally, 50 percent said Obama does not deserve reelection, with 46 percent saying otherwise.”

Obama cannot save himself, let alone other Dimocrats. Those in Congress and out that believe Obama scams and flim-flams will bring jobs are even bigger fools.

“In the USA Today/Gallup poll taken over the weekend, the President maintains a 47% approval rating, with 50% disapproving. Two-thirds of voters think the health care bill costs too much and expands the role of health care too far, 50% think passage is a bad thing, and 53% thought the Democrats’ tactics constituted an abuse of power. This is representative of most polling I’ve seen this cycle, where the President enjoys tepid approval ratings on the topline, but the secondary “issue” numbers are horrendous.”

Those that believed Obama’s Titanic Health Care Victory would lead to more such foolish “victories” are fools too:

“The president’s push to turn health care reform into a catalyst for the rest of his agenda is getting mixed early reactions on Capitol Hill, where Democratic leaders’ desire to take advantage of healthy majorities before the November elections must contend with lawmakers’ survival instincts.”

After the Titanic Health Care Victory Obama acolytes in Big Media stated that a sure clue as to “success” would be if tempers died down and town halls were supportive and if the crowds would disappear. Sarah Palin in Searchlight proved the crowds against the Obama health scam are still there. The anger has not died down and even the Gallup poll has 53% of Americans saying Obama Dimocrats’ tactics “constituted an abuse of power”. And the town hall anger has Ohio Obama Dimocrat Tim Ryan afraid he might be attacked by his constituents. Tim Ryan is not alone in his fears and not alone is running away from constituents even as Republicans rush to the stage.

The Dimocratic response is to shout “racists!”

Soon Big Business leaders who allowed the health scam to proceed without making clear the costs to their companies, leading to less hiring, will be called “racists” too. But as states devise new schemes to raise taxes, and the economy does not get better for those outside Wall Street, and the jobs do not appear, the “racist” chant becomes noise. Is there any wonder why Republicans grow more confident of massive electoral victories and the polls confirm they are right in their confidence? And it is not just Republicans who think devastation, doom, and defeat await Obama Dimocrats. Carville and Greenberg:

“Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg said Wednesday that if the 2010 election were held today, his party would be faced with a similar result to its catastrophic 1994 losses. [snip]

“We’re on the edge of it, but we’re not there. If the election were now, we’d have a change election, a 1994,” he said at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “If the election were now, you would be there.”

Carville and Greenberg know enough to make excuses but the trajectory is clear.

Fools, Fools, Fools.

And let’s not forget legacy fools who believed the nonsense about “Professor” Obama.

* * * * *

Fools, Fools, Fools. But these fools are mere runners up in the “Fool Of The Year” pageant.

Hillary knew. Hillary knew Barack Obama was, is, and, will be – “The Fool Of The Year”.

The Republicans know it too: