Death Threat Publicity Stunts And Consequences

Update: The comments have links to (a) youtube of the alleged “spitting” and “racist!” incident (a shouting protester is alleged by sensitive Cleaver of spitting; the “spitter” is detained by congressional police and let go – unasked by Big Media is why there was such a provocation by Dimocrats); (b) a Democratic consultant states the threat talk is overblown by Big Media and Ben Smith immediately proves him correct; (c) youtube of old bricks and Big Media hype; (d) $10,000 reward offered for a video of a “racist!”. – hint: Breitbart’s money is probably safe in his pocket.

Bonus – 54% think Obama will lose in 2012. Extra bonus in the same link – Republicans are learning that Hillary is a strong weapon to be wielded against Obama (as we have advised for a long time now).

The Russ Carnahan fear-mongering is also debunked and Obama is fundraising off the “racist” charges. Good news for the Hopium guzzlers who still keep the incense burning, Obama is now only slightly less popular. Wait until November, Jimmy Carter will begin to look good.


Learn from Hillary Clinton supporters you Republicans. Today we will discuss the consequences of the Obama scam as passed by the Senate. But we begin with the “death threat” publicity stunts Obama Dimocrats are hyping.

A lesson for Republicans: Hillary Clinton supporters remember when Obama thugs made threats of riots and unrestrained violence in the streets if Obama did not get the nomination. The threats of riots came not from random Hopium addicts but from top Obama Dimocratic officials.

If the superdelegates intervene and get in the way of it, and say, ‘Oh, no, we’re going to determine what’s best,’ there will be chaos at the convention…. And if you think 1968 was bad, you watch: 2008 will be worse.” Those words were spoken by Obama supporter Doug Wilder on nationally televised Face The Nation. The threats were abetted by the Democratic Rules and By-laws Committee when it staged its own soft riot to make sure Obama would get the nomination and duly elected Hillary Clinton delegates were stolen by fiat.

Big Media did not follow up on the threat to Democracy of riots in Denver but rather helped stoke the narrative of ‘it’s Obama or blood on the streets’. John McCain supporters recall the intimidation campaign by Obama supporting elected officials and the threats to suppress free speech.

We’ve discussed in previous articles why Obama supporters themselves are behind the “death threats” scenarios for their blundering Lurch. Indeed it is Obama supporters who stoke “death threat” talk against Obama in order to make Obama and themselves important and somehow significant.

Yesterday Dimocrats were pimping more “death threat” stories. Big Media hyped the “death threat” stories. The timing of the “death threat” stories was ridiculous because yesterday the news emerged that in fact “death threats” against Obama, according to the Secret Service, were down. Also, the only person who had to fear for her life yesterday was right wing Ann Coulter. Coulter is not a favorite in these parts but she earned kudos at Big Pink for declaring she would vote for Hillary Clinton over John McCain. Ann Coulter actually said she should “campaign” for Hillary Clinton over John McCain.

Yesterday, instead of hearing about actual threats against Ann Coulter, we heard from Obama supporter and race-baiter Jim Clyburn (the one who called Bill Clinton a “racist”) about death threats against Dimocrats. Clyburn applauded riot talk from Doug Wilder but now laments how “people get signals” from “people in positions like we hold”. Clyburn spiced up his warning with “aiding and abetting” terrorism talk as well as the race-baiting “I’ve seen this before” – to allude to 1960s “racism!” red meat.

Hillary Clinton supporters (and Bill Clinton) know Jim Clyburn for the pig he is. Republicans need to learn from us and our experience with these race-baiters and hypocrites. Maybe someday Clyburn will address the politically incorrect phenomenon of “Philly Flash Mobs”?

We cannot end a discussion of death threat and violence without mentioning the lack of coverage regarding a black Tea Party member who was called by the “N” word and beaten by SEIU thugs. Race-baiters like Clyburn and Sharpton have not said a word about that violence.

Republicans need to learn from Hillary Clinton supporters and our experience. Republicans must fight back and not be cowed. Hooray for Eric Cantor today, who gets it right by saying that it is Obama Dimocrats “dangerously fanning the flames” on death threats.

* * * * * *

Obama Health Scam Consequences

Republicans scored a big victory in the early morning hours today. The victory is big because every day that Obama’s health scam is the topic is another day “jobsjobsjobs” is not the focus of Obama publicity stunts.

The big victory came about because of Incompetence! by Senate Dimocrats who did not properly vet (like Obama wasn’t properly vetted) the Obama health scam. The Senate Parliamentarian accepted the Republican challenge to the reconciliation bill and therefore after the Senate votes the House will have to vote yet again on the reconciliation package.

We have yet to see if Obama Dimocrats will begin to vote for popular changes to the bill, now that the House must vote again. It had been part of the strategy by Senate Obama Dimocrats to accept no changes whatsoever, no matter how popular or sensible in order to get this mess off the front pages. Will the public option be back on the table as upset Obama fluffers want? We doubt it and Obama fluffers and enablers are slowing learning:

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

The remaining Obama enablers still guzzling their Hopium believe a bamboozlement campaign will stave off disaster in November. They cite a poll, which had a different question than has been asked before, as proof of changed fortunes for Obama’s scam.

“The first post-passage health care reform poll is out. And it looks pretty positive [snip]

This diverges pretty sharply from previous polls.

Change the question, change the result. Stage publicity stunts and you temporarily muddly the results. But the truth continues to emerge.

On Monday we noted how things are not going so well for Obama’s health scam and its enablers. Today the Rasmussen poll adds further weight to our analysis. Rassmussen notes:

Just before the House of Representatives passed sweeping health care legislation last Sunday, 41% of voters nationwide favored the legislation while 54% were opposed. Now that President Obama has signed the legislation into law, most voters want to see it repealed.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, conducted on the first two nights after the president signed the bill, shows that 55% favor repealing the legislation. Forty-two percent (42%) oppose repeal. Those figures include 46% who Strongly Favor repeal and 35% who Strongly Oppose it.

In terms of Election 2010, 52% say they’d vote for a candidate who favors repeal over one who does not. Forty-one percent (41%) would cast their vote for someone who opposes repeal.[snip]

Among those not affiliated with either major party, 59% favor repeal, and 35% are against it.

Most senior citizens (59%) also favor repeal. Earlier, voters over 65 had been more opposed to the health care plan than younger adults. Seniors use the health care system more than anyone else. But 58% of those 18 to 29 also support repeal of the plan which requires all Americans to have health insurance. [snip]

The president has enjoyed a bounce in his Job Approval ratings in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll following passage of the legislation. However, the bounce has come from increased enthusiasm among Democrats rather than increased support from Republicans and unaffiliated voters.

In November it is Seniors and Independents who matter most.

The Republican base is fired up and ready to go. The Democratic base, not so much. Who’s left for Democrats to court? Independents. But right now the slippery swing voters are lining up behind the GOP, by double-digit margins as large as 18 points in recent polling.[snip]

It’s the calm folks in the middle that Democrats must persuade.

Senior citizens They care about their Medicare coverage. They’ve been deeply skeptical of the bill. And they vote — particularly in midterm elections when much of the electorate takes a snooze.[snip]

Medicare proved wildly popular with senior citizens because the government provided a benefit without asking for anything in return. But the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 was repealed a year later because seniors revolted — they were convinced that the immediate tax burden it placed on them outweighed its benefits. [snip]

Democrats convinced themselves that the hot tempers and fierce opposition to health reform would die down as soon as they passed a bill and voters began to see what was in it. The first major test of this theory starts this weekend, when lawmakers return home for the two-week spring recess.

A handful of raucous town halls similar to those that dominated the August recess could put Democrats on notice that the next seven months will be rough for them.

Seniors are not happy. Independents are not happy. The calm will not return to town halls.

Liberal Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post summarized the hope of Obama supporters and Big Media fluffers:

“Gee, I hope this works.”

* * * * * *

Children with pre-existing conditions are screwed by Obama’s health scam.

“Hours after President Barack Obama signed historic health care legislation, a potential problem emerged. Administration officials are now scrambling to fix a gap in highly touted benefits for children.”

Only now, a few hours after passage of the health scam, is this latest boobery uncovered.

That didn’t take long.

“Gee, I hope this works.”

What else (taxes and surcharges?) are Dimocrats going to be hit in the face with when they discover Americans are not so stupid?

What else did Dimocrats fail to tell Americans before they passed the Obama health scam? Obama Dimocrats are busy lying or refusing to answer questions about the IRS and the new role of the IRS on their lives. Anthony Weiner shamed himself last night by pretending he does not know about the IRS enforcement which is on page 345 of the health scam bill:

Weiner is not alone. Steny Hoyer is doing the “ol’ razzle dazzle don’t answer the questions” too about the tax cheats who wrote the health scam.

“Gee, I hope this works.”

Already on this first week we see the future:

“Democrats dragged themselves over the health-care finish line in part by repeating that voters would like the plan once it passed. Let’s see what they think when they learn their insurance costs will jump right away.

Even before President Obama signed the bill on Tuesday, Caterpillar said it would cost the company at least $100 million more in the first year alone. Medical device maker Medtronic warned that new taxes on its products could force it to lay off a thousand workers. Now Verizon joins the roll of businesses staring at adverse consequences.

In an email titled “President Obama Signs Health Care Legislation” sent to all employees Tuesday night, the telecom giant warned that “we expect that Verizon’s costs will increase in the short term.” While executive vice president for human resources Marc Reed wrote that “it is difficult at this point to gauge the precise impact of this legislation,” and that ObamaCare does reflect some of the company’s policy priorities, the message to workers was clear: Expect changes for the worse to your health benefits as the direct result of this bill, and maybe as soon as this year.”

The news should chill the hearts of seniors:

“Mr. Reed specifically cited a change in the tax treatment of retiree health benefits. When Congress created the Medicare prescription drug benefit in 2003, it included a modest tax subsidy to encourage employers to keep drug plans for retirees, rather than dumping them on the government. The Employee Benefit Research Institute says this exclusion—equal to 28% of the cost of a drug plan—will run taxpayers $665 per person next year, while the same Medicare coverage would cost $1,209.

In a $5.4 billion revenue grab, Democrats decided that this $665 fillip should be subject to the ordinary corporate income tax of 35%. Most consulting firms and independent analysts say the higher costs will induce some companies to drop drug coverage, which could affect about five million retirees and 3,500 businesses. Verizon and other large corporations warned about this outcome.”

Businesses will have earnings updates soon to take account of their new health liabilities. No doubt businesses will do what they always do – cut or pass on the costs. If companies act rapidly, and accountants are some of the fastest people on earth when it comes to profits and losses, the many adverse effects of the Obama scam will come before November.

“While the drug tax subsidy is for retirees, companies consider their benefit costs as a total package. The new bill might cause some to drop retiree coverage altogether. Others may be bound by labor contracts to retirees, but then they will find other ways to cut costs. This means raising costs or reducing coverage for other employees. So much for Mr. Obama’s claim that if you like your coverage, you can keep it—even at Fortune 500 companies.

In its employee note, Verizon also warned about the 40% tax on high-end health plans, though that won’t take effect until 2018. “Many of the plans that Verizon offers to employees and retirees are projected to have costs above the threshold in the legislation and will be subject to the 40 percent excise tax.” These costs will start to show up soon, and, as we repeatedly argued, the tax is unlikely to drive down costs. The tax burden will simply be spread to all workers—the result of the White House’s too-clever decision to tax insurers, rather than individuals. [snip]

Businesses around the country are making the same calculations as Verizon and no doubt sending out similar messages. It’s only a small measure of the destruction that will be churned out by the rewrite of health, tax, labor and welfare laws that is ObamaCare, and only the vanguard of much worse to come.

The Obama health scam is about to be seen in all it’s miserable glory.

“Gee, I hope this works.”

CBS News only now explores some of the potential problems:

“It would be much cheaper for Dick Bus to drop the generous coverage he now offers and take the hit at $750 a head for his 120 workers. The penalty would be $90,000 a year. He’s currently spending $480,000.

Bus would save $390,000, but canceling his plan would force his workers to the health plan exchange and could cost more than they’re paying now.”

“Gee, I hope this works.”

Hillary Clinton Hater and former MSNBC boss via GE, Jack Welch, is also beginning to admit the truth about the scam:

“The newly passed overhaul of the nation’s health care system is expected to push expenses “out of sight” and cost the country “a couple trillion dollars,” Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric, told CNBC. [snip]

Welch said while he doubts that employees will be laid off due to the expense of health care, the cost of the new policy is going to be “out of sight.

“I think we’re talking about a couple trillion dollars…of overage, not savings,” he said.”

And it is going to get worse. Today the John Deere company, joined Caterpillar in the misery of a $100 million plus hit. It was Obama who talked about Caterpillar and the consequences of a bad Caterpillar “bottom line”:

“Gee, I hope this works.”

* * * * * *

Republicans should continue the fight and indeed should force Big Insurance and Big PhaRma to suffer the consequences of their actions.

The death threat publicity stunts will continue. The health scam publicity stunts will continue. But reality and its consequences will continue too.

And we will continue to fight.


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  1. Will O’Reilly hannity and beck realize that they can push the independents to the democrats?
    I was watching an episode of O’Reilley in which an individual was suing the IRS because she was deducting the expenses for a transsexual operation. bill'(no cap as he is not a proper noun) went on to spew nothing but hate even though the individual was completely within her/his rights under the dsm to get the treatment. It was a non-isue that he played up to score points with conservatives but I think such behaivor will just alienate independents.

  2. I always found rothko freakishy overrated. Wannabe’s who read in a mag that he was hot. I went to the retro at the Whitney a fews ago and was disgusted when friends celebratred what would later become an obama dress, but I do have to say I kinda liked his early works. But have you been to or seen the chapel in Texas they have for him it is very scary and reminds me of o love.

  3. Admin’
    as you seem to know NYC I am curious as to whether or not you ever visited the old Siberia?
    It was in the subway station on I believe 50th or 51st and Broadway. As far as dives go it was a gem.
    Sadly city shot it down.

  4. admin
    that is the reincarnation of siberia
    the original bar was literlally in the subway and it was a pit.
    But as it was under Broadway and 50 something it had a very eclectic mix. A true dive bar. They reopened as a club in Hell’s Kitchen– very different place. Much younger the original was the kind of place a poet would step into before committing suicide.

  5. Thi is a brillinat article!

    I am so glad you continue to paint the race-baiting thugs as they really are.

    Cryburn is a POS.

  6. The Wall Street Journal
    MARCH 25, 2010, 2:47 P.M. ET

    WASHINGTON—The last piece of President Barack Obama’s overhaul of the U.S. health-care system won approval Thursday in the Senate, moving an initiative that has sharply divided the nation one step away from final approval on Capitol Hill.
    With Vice President Joe Biden presiding, the Senate, voting 56-43, approved the legislation and sent the measure back to the House for one final vote before it is cleared for Mr. Obama’s signature. The House vote is expected late Thursday.
    The legislation makes a series of changes to the sweeping health bill signed into law on Tuesday, including bolstering promised subsidies to help people purchase insurance and closing a politically unpopular gap in prescription-drug coverage under Medicare, the health-insurance program for seniors.
    The House, voting 220-to-211, gave initial approval to the package of changes Sunday. In the Senate, Republicans successfully raised procedural challenges that resulted in two minor provisions being dropped from the package. That is why the package must return to the House for a final vote.
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said she was confident the bill would be approved by House Democrats. “Of all the things they could send back, this was probably the most benign,” Ms. Pelosi said.
    The provisions dropped from the bill totaled no more than 16 lines, and included a proposal to shield recipients of government Pell Grants, which benefit low-income college students, from the ebb and flow of changes in federal spending

  7. Admin.

    I was explaining this same thing to my husband a few hours ago on our way home from Dallas. Of course, you explained it so much better and I will print out your post for him.

    I have decided to once again use my lunch half hour, because that is all we get, and my evening dog walks, to put out information flyers. I did this during the campaign. I would like to use some of your posts Admin if that is alright.

  8. Excerpt from:

    A black man, the progressives’ perfect Trojan Horse
    By Lloyd Marcus Thursday, March 25, 2010

    …Because I am a black tea party patriot, I am bombarded with interviewers asking me the same veiled question. “Why are you siding with these white racists against America’s first African American president?” I defend my fellow patriots who are white stating, “These patriots do not give a hoot about Obama’s skin color. They simply love their country and oppose his radical agenda. Obama’s race is not an issue.”
    Recently, I have come to believe that perhaps I am wrong about Obama’s race not being an issue. In reality, Obama’s presidency has everything to do with racism, but not from the Tea Party movement. Progressives and Obama have exploited his race from the rookie senator’s virtually unchallenged presidential campaign to his unprecedented bullying of America into Obamacare. Obama’s race trumped all normal media scrutiny of him as a presidential candidate and most recently even the Constitution of the United States. Obamacare forces all Americans to purchase health care which is clearly unconstitutional.
    No white president could get away with boldly and arrogantly thwarting the will of the American people and ignoring laws. President Clinton tried universal health care. Bush tried social security reform. The American people said “no” to both president’s proposals and it was the end of it. So how can Obama get away with giving the American people the finger? The answer. He is black….

  9. GonzoTx, no problem from us.

    BTW, Charles Lane of the Washington Post editorial board today almost rewrites the article we wrote yesterday (It’s Not A Mandate. It’s A Tax). Lane joins us in citing Lopez as a potential lodestone in the health scam lawsuits – a ruling most commentators ignore. Lane also repeats our caveats on potential success as one of whether the Supreme Court will dare.

  10. This was FObama in Iowa today concerning Republican efforts to repeal his new hc law:

    “My attitude is, go for it” and see how voters like that, he taunted.

    “If they want to have that fight, we can have it. Because I don’t believe the American people are going to put the insurance industry back in the driver’s seat,” he said.

    Funny, but his hc lawhas the insurance industry in the driver’s seat. There’s a reason why most of the health insurance company stocks have risen since his scam bill was signed. I wonder what it could be?

  11. But Hillary said . . .
    Posted on March 24, 2010 by myiq2xu

    “We, on the other hand, were never followers of Hillary Clinton. We supported Hillary because we believed she was by far the best candidate running, but we never thought she was perfect or infallible. We chose Hillary because she was the candidate that most closely shared our beliefs, but we didn’t alter our beliefs to fit our support of Hillary.”

    I’m posting a link to the thread entitled “But Hillary Said:” After you read it you realize not one of the posters was originally a Hillary supporter. They individually supported the entire array of candidates on display during the primary …someone even supporterd the “potted plant” complainer, Mike Gavel.

    Happily, now they realize how misguided they were. They were following their noses and nuance rather than doing their due diligence.

    In reading the entire thread, it reminded me of John Gregory Dunne’s True Confessions. Cathartic renditions of I can and will do better next time.

  12. But Hillary said . . .
    Posted on March 24, 2010 by myiq2xu

    “We, on the other hand, were never followers of Hillary Clinton. We supported Hillary because we believed she was by far the best candidate running, but we never thought she was perfect or infallible. We chose Hillary because she was the candidate that most closely shared our beliefs, but we didn’t alter our beliefs to fit our support of Hillary.”

    I’m posting a link to the thread entitled “But Hillary Said:” After you read it you realize not one of the posters was originally a Hillary supporter. They individually supported the entire array of candidates on display during the primary …someone even supporterd the “potted plant” complainer, Mike Gavel.

    Happily, now they realize how misguided they were. They were following their noses and nuance rather than doing their due diligence.

    In reading the entire thread, it reminded me of John Gregory Dunne’s True Confessions. Cathartic renditions of I can and will do better next time.

  13. Admin said:

    “Hillary Clinton Hater and former MSNBC boss via GE, Jack Welch, is also beginning to admit the truth about the scam:”

    “The newly passed overhaul of the nation’s health care system is expected to push expenses “out of sight” and cost the country “a couple trillion dollars,” Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric, told CNBC.” [snip]

    “Welch said while he doubts that employees will be laid off due to the expense of health care, the cost of the new policy is going to be “out of sight.””

    ““I think we’re talking about a couple trillion dollars…of overage, not savings,” he said.””

    Mr Welch is a problem solver not a visionary. He’s anxious to get into the fray but not without a title or some mode of compensation. His reluctance to verbalize solutions to the gloom and doom of HCR reflects his continued prejudice towards middle class America. After receiving criticism over the years for an apparent lack of compassion for the middle class and working class. Welch has publicly stated that he is not concerned with the discrepancy between the salaries of top-paid CEOs and those of average workers. I’m sure he feels he retired a little too soon. Where his retirement has left him feeling a bit irrelevant.

    However, I like him enough to convince him to work for Hillary should she decide to run.

  14. On The Road Again:

    -Press Releases: Secretary Clinton to Travel to Canada for G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting and Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Arctic Coastal States
    Thu, 25 Mar 2010 12:32:07 -0500

    Secretary Clinton to Travel to Canada for G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting and Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Arctic Coastal States

    Philip J. Crowley
    Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Public Affairs
    Washington, DC

    March 25, 2010


    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will travel to Ottawa and Gatineau, Canada, March 29-30, for the G8 Foreign Ministers meeting to prepare for the G8 Leaders Summit in Canada June 25-26. Prior to the Ministerial, she will attend a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the five Arctic Coastal States. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar will accompany Secretary Clinton to the Arctic Coastal States meeting.


  15. …while we are giving advice to repubs to learn from us…may i suggest that they need to keep driving the facts that over 16,000 new IRS agents are going to be hired to monitor their month to month health care coverage…

    I saw Kantor and Pence on tv today…and while they make interesting points, they are failing to repeat over and over again the facts that most americans are still unaware of and will relate to immediately…they need to repeat over and over again that the IRS is going to be in charge of and aware of their most personal health information and how much coverage each person in this country has at any given moment…and subject to fines if they do not ‘obey’ the process the new government agencies and bureaucrats will be forcing them to abide by…it’s the IRS…get the facts out there…they need to start and end their explanations with that…

    …or are the repubs so beholden to the insurance companies themselves that they cannot rock that boat and payola that will be feeding the insurance and drug co…

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  17. Kudos, ABM90.

    He definitely has the “What’s Hillary Doing Now” market cornered. Keeps us reminded of what this site’s original purpose was and still is.

    Of course, our scope has grown as the assignment has gotten larger.

    For your Mission Accomplished, phone booth, microtape message of your mission, stand by…

    We’ll each here have our own niches.

    And perhaps ABM90 might be one of few people here who could immediately identify Clyde McCoy’s “Sugar Blues” in the first three bars. (I’m a young whippersnapper, but I could pick that puppy off in two seconds).


    100% definitely follow this link. The chart is extremely demonstrable in how the “stimulus” package…didn’t.

    And if they lied about the efficacy of their first big bill, how’s that old Health Scare Scam going to pan out???

    By Jay Cost

    « ObamaCare is Politically Vulnerable | HorseRaceBlog Home Page
    March 25, 2010
    The Republican Message Writes Itself

    The talk among Republicans is that their November message should focus on repealing the new health care bill – or some version of repeal and replace. Meanwhile, other analysts have suggested that Republicans risk over-reaching and appearing too aggressive.

    I think this debate is misframed. The Republican message is going to be put together by campaign strategists looking to maximize the number of votes won by their candidates. While there is something to be said for emphasizing repeal, I expect the Republican argument to focus on more visceral, immediate points. Here are the five big arguments we should expect the GOP to emphasize.


    1. The Economy. This is the number one issue in every poll. If the labor market continues to be weak, expect Republican candidates to use that to great effect. They’ll communicate the information contained in this chart :


    Obviously, they won’t use this chart – but it’s not hard to envision how some GOP ad man will translate the information in this chart into an effective advertisement.

    Remember, it’s not just that the unemployment rate is elevated. It’s that the Obama Administration – and by extension congressional Democrats – over-promised on what the stimulus package would do for it.

    2. Medicare. Call it Bob Dole’s revenge. The 104th Congress tried to trim the sails of Medicare to preserve its long-run sustainability, and they were hammered by the Democrats for their efforts. This time, Republicans will return the favor – arguing against the hundreds of billions of cuts in Medicare that ObamaCare imposes to fund a new entitlement. Republican candidates will be sure to mention points like this, from CBO:

    Under the legislation, CBO expects that Medicare spending would increase significantly more slowly during the next two decades than it has increased during the past decades (per beneficiary, after adjusting for inflation). It is unclear whether such a reduction in the growth rate of spending could be achieved, and if so, whether it would be accomplished through greater efficiencies in the delivery of health care or through reductions in access to care or the quality of care.

    What effect will this have? Consider that in the 2008 presidential election in Virginia, senior citizens made up 11% of the electorate and went for John McCain, 53-46. In the 2009 gubernatorial election, they made up 18% of the electorate and gave Bob McDonnell 60% of the vote.

    Gallup finds that seniors right now give Barack Obama just 40% job approval. That’s bad news for Democrats.

    3. The Deficit. If anybody doubts whether deficits can influence votes, look no further than the case of H. Ross Perot. He made fiscal sustainability a chief plank in his 1992 presidential campaign, and he pulled in a whopping 19% of the vote. That included 30% of the Independent vote.

    The deficit is one of those issues that everybody understands. Everybody has to keep some kind of budget, and everybody knows that they can’t get away with spending more than twice what they take in. The White House can call this a “new era of responsibility,” but it’s hard to square the claim with the numbers.

    4. Taxes and spending. Combine the billions of new taxes in the health care bill with the $1 trillion from letting the Bush tax cuts expire, the $940 billion price tag of ObamaCare, and the $789 billion stimulus – and you have a simple GOP message: this is the biggest tax and spend government in American history.

    Plus, expect Republicans to warn that the unsustainability of the deficit plus Obama’s social welfare ambitions can mean only one thing: massive new taxes on the middle class. We could see ads using this clip:


    . Congress. This is one of the most unpopular Congresses in recent history, and Republicans will try to anchor incumbent Democrats to Nancy Pelosi, who is quite unpopular (the latest AP poll had her unfavorables at 51%).

    We’re going to see a lot of ads like this:


    Democratic members already expect this coming. Witness, for instance, the number of members who are defecting on minor procedural matters. For instance, seventeen brave House Democrats voted with the Republicans on the highly controversial resolution yesterday to adjourn the House of Representatives! That includes 10 Democrats who just voted for ObamaCare but who were courageous enough to defy the Speaker’s demand to send members home for Easter vacation: Chris Carney, Joe Donnelly, Brad Ellsworth, Jim Himes, Suzanne Kosmas, Harry Mitchell, Scott Murphy, Tom Perriello, Mark Schauer, and Joe Sestak.

    Kidding aside, there is no other reason for such a vote than to lower the percentage of agreement with Speaker Pelosi.


    These are the tried-and-true issues for Republicans to hit: jobs, Medicare, the deficit, taxes and spending, and Congress. There will be other messages out there, but individually each of these would be very potent. Running on them all in a single election is something else entirely. If the Republicans pick up lots of seats in November, some Republican campaign “guru” will come out of the woodwork to claim credit – but c’mon, the ads write themselves.

    The GOP need not and will not focus primarily on the idea of “repeal,” which is far too vague. That’s not to say that the party shouldn’t promise repeal. It’s just to say that its rhetorical emphases should – and will – focus on the messages that have been proven over the years to be effective.


    Tata, Pomeroy.

    “Can I have my vote back?, nobody has threatened me with violence or thrown a brick through my campaign HQ…it’s just that my constituents are saying that…that…they won’t vote for me in November”

    Pomeroy in Trouble

    Posted by Sean Trende r
    March 25th, 2010

    A few days ago, I posited that Earl Pomeroy was the #5 Democrat who most wished he could have his health care vote back. I based this largely on a February Rasmussen poll that had Pomeroy trailing Republican Rick Berg 46% to 40%.

    A new Rasmussen poll shows a further deterioration in Pomeroy’s re-election chances. Pomeroy’s numbers have improved four points, probably the result of Democrats coming home after his vote. But Berg’s numbers have jumped up five points, giving him a a 51%-44% lead. Crucially, Berg is now above 50% in this poll. Congressman Pomeroy is in deep trouble.


    March 25, 2010

    * Healthcare

    OfA fundraises off threats

    The Democrats continue to take political advantage of reports of Republican vandalism and threats, with the head of the Obama campaign organization, Mitch Stewart, referring to the incident at Tom Perriello’s brother’s house in a fundraising appeal.

    He writes:

    A conservative blogger posted the home address of Congressman Tom Perriello, urging tea partiers to “drop by.” Other members have had death threats. Democratic offices have been vandalized.

    Please chip in $5 or more to defend health reform — and those in Congress who fought to make it possible.

    Full email after the jump.

    Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 14:10:42 -0400


    Subject: Urgent — we need to act

    Friend —

    We knew that power concedes nothing. So did President Obama. So did the members of Congress who courageously voted for reform, knowing that the special interests and the extreme right wing would retaliate swiftly.

    The attacks are fierce. Deceptive ads are hitting the airwaves in swing districts. GOP lawmakers are pushing to repeal reform — and preventing the Senate from performing basic functions. A few Republican attorneys general have launched a baseless attack to overturn the legislation. But that’s not even the worst of it.

    A conservative blogger posted the home address of Congressman Tom Perriello, urging tea partiers to “drop by.” Other members have had death threats. Democratic offices have been vandalized.

    Please chip in $5 or more to defend health reform — and those in Congress who fought to make it possible.Showing support for reform and those who fought for it is our number one priority right now. We’re going all-out, organizing grassroots events around the country, running supportive ads on the air, and making sure that every American knows the truth about the historic legislation that representatives voted into law.

    Members of Congress know that reform would not have passed without all of your incredible work. But we also know that it would not have passed without their courage.

    Together, along with President Obama, we beat the insurance companies and brought affordable coverage to 32 million without it, reduced costs for families and small businesses, and created the toughest patient protections in history.

    A few weeks ago, we made a simple promise to these representatives: You fight for health reform, we’ll fight for you. It’s time to hold up our end of the deal.

    Please donate $5 or more:,


    Mitch Stewart
    Organizing for America


    Senate Passes Set of Changes to Health Care Overhaul
    Published: March 25, 2010

    WASHINGTON — After running through an obstacle course of Republican amendments and procedural objections, the Senate on Thursday afternoon approved of a package of changes to the Democrats’ sweeping health care overhaul, capping a bitter partisan battle over the most far-reaching social legislation in nearly half a century.

    Republicans, raising procedural challenges, identified flaws that struck out minor provisions to the bill. Because of those changes, it now goes back to the House for one more vote, though passage seemed virtually assured.

    Democrats said they were confident the measure would soon be on President Obama’s desk for his signature.

    The vote, just after 2 p.m., was 56 to 43, with the Republicans unanimously opposed. Senators cast their votes standing individually at their desks, a ceremonial gesture reserved for historic occasions. Three Democrats opposed the measure, Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Senator Johnny Isakson, Republican of Georgia, was ill and did not vote.

    The bill, a budget reconciliation measure that the Republicans could not filibuster, also included a broad restructuring of federal student loan programs to pay for billions of dollars in school initiatives — a centerpiece of Mr. Obama’s education agenda that has been overshadowed by the larger health care fight.

    With both sides girding for a last round of parliamentary challenges, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. arrived in the chamber to preside over the session in his role as president of the Senate. Mr. Biden served for 36 years as a senator from Delaware, making him intimately familiar with the chamber, its rules and precedents, and the main combatants on the floor.

    As Senator Judd Gregg formally made the procedural challenges, Mr. Biden twice replied, “The point of order is sustained.” Then, he added, “Both provisions are stricken.”

    Once the roll call was completed, Mr. Biden said, “There are 56 yeas and 43 nays, the bill as amended is passed.”

    The vote came after Senate Democrats defeated more than 40 Republican amendments aimed at delaying or derailing the legislation, including proposals related to insurance coverage of erectile dysfunction drugs for convicted sex offenders, the legality of gay marriage in the District of Columbia, and gun rights.

    As the Senate worked into the pre-dawn hours of Thursday morning, the parliamentarian told lawmakers that he would strike out some provisions related to the education portion of the bill because they violated the complex budget reconciliation rules.

    One provision sought to prevent any annual decrease in the maximum amount of Pell grants for students from low-income families. Democrats said they would omit the disputed provisions, and advance the legislation.

    Republicans said they would carry their opposition to the bill into the fall election campaign, in an effort to win back majorities in Congress and repeal the measure.

    The mid-afternoon vote came after nearly 24 hours of acrimonious debate — a fitting finale to the Senate’s role in a nearly year-long saga that included protracted drafting sessions at the Capitol, raucous town-hall meetings with constituents over the August recess, the approval of legislation by five different Congressional committees, passage of the House measure on Nov. 7, and adoption of the Senate bill on Christmas Eve after 25 straight days of floor debate.

    The Senate action appeared to be the penultimate step in a series of intricate legislation maneuvers that Democrats were forced to undertake after a Republican, Scott Brown, won a special Senate election in Massachusetts on Jan. 19, stripping Senate Democrats of the 60th vote that they needed to surmount Republican filibusters.

    Many Democrats credited the president with having saved the legislation from the brink of collapse. He held a remarkable, day-long televised forum with Congressional leaders of both parties, lobbied for the overhaul in campaign-style rallies around the country, attacked abuses by private insurance companies, and repeatedly told the stories of everyday Americans who had suffered in the existing health system.


    page 2 available if you go to link…just bein lazy.

  22. Confloyd:

    Your reference above seems to imply that Fox News and Repubs are behind this East Texas pipe bomb.

    But I followed your link, and NOWHERE does it state who may have been the target, nor who may have been behind it. In fact, pipe bombs had been found in this area over the past month, well before the health scam bill passed, and supposedly that’s when Republicans and Fox started on their SS Death March.

    Will every death threat and act of violence be blamed on Republicans from now on????

    To all here: vet your sources, and watch what conclusions you may jump to.

    Here’s what confloyd’s link wrote:

    UPDATE: Device Found at Troup Post Office Is Another Pipe Bomb
    Staff Writer

    TROUP – For the second time in three days, federal officials have cordoned off an area around an East Texas post office after a suspected pipe bomb was discovered.

    U.S. Postal inspectors and agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are on the scene on Troup in front of the building that serves as the town’s U.S. post office and city hall after a postal worker found a suspicious device in the blue collection box in front of the building today.

    Pat Hendrix, Troup chief of police, said the device was found at 12:47 p.m.

    “The employee went to collect the mail and found the device,” Hendrix said. “They then notified us. We secured a perimeter and called the ATF, who is now on the scene.”

    Federal officials are saying today’s device is the same type of device found Tuesday evening at the Laird Hill Post Office in Rusk County. ATF officials said Wednesday that device was about a foot long, encased in metal pipe, and was an explosive device.

    U.S. Postal Inspector and Dallas region spokesperson Amanda McMurray said the postal service is working in conjunction with the ATF on the case in Troup and all of the now 30 devices found in East Texas blue mail collection boxes in the past month. Twenty-eight of those devices have been described as Molotov-cocktail-type devices with some sort accelerant in a bottle with a wick.

    “We are adding additional resources, as is the ATF, and we are actively looking for the person or persons responsible for these actions,” she said.

    There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible.

  23. Analysis: Obama risks alienating Jewish voters
    By TOM RAUM (AP) – 20 hours ago

    WASHINGTON — Barack Obama reached out to skeptical Jewish political activists immediately after nailing down his presidential nomination in 2008, promising he would “never compromise” in his support for Israel. Now president, he risks alienating a core Democratic constituency by ratcheting up a public feud with Israel’s prime minister.
    Obama’s demands that Israel cancel new housing construction in Palestinian areas of east Jerusalem may be backfiring. The hardball tactic clearly failed to advance prospects for restarting Middle East peace talks, and it may be undermining Obama’s standing among Jewish groups in the United States.

    It also enabled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to strike a defiant stance while in Washington, to bask in warm bipartisan praise from congressional leaders and to visit the White House without having to apologize or give in to Obama’s demands.

    Yet Israel badly needs the United States as a strong ally. The two leaders are now caught in a high-stakes diplomatic standoff as both sides work to defuse rising tensions.

    Netanyahu held closed-door meetings on Wednesday with Mideast peace envoy George Mitchell and other U.S. representatives. But the talks, which extended well into the evening, ended without any breakthroughs.

    New Israeli housing construction in lands jointly claimed by Israelis and Palestinians is an issue that has frustrated a succession of U.S. presidents. In most cases, the U.S. has tended to fume then largely look the other way — acknowledging a no-win confrontation.

    But Obama chose to take a firm stand in response to Israel’s badly timed announcement — made during Vice President Joe Biden’s visit earlier this month — that it was building 1,600 new housing units in east Jerusalem. Palestinians want east Jerusalem as the capital of their eventual state.

    Perhaps emboldened as he moved toward a major domestic victory on health care, Obama dug in his heels and demanded a halt to the new construction. And in a break from tradition that many U.S. lawmakers saw as a snub, the White House accorded Netanyahu’s visit none of the trappings usually extended to an important ally.

    The news media were not allowed into any part of the initial 90-minute Tuesday evening meeting between the two leaders, or a follow-up 35-minute session. There was no joint news conference afterward, no statements about what transpired, not even a White House-produced photograph.

    Then, providing yet another irritant, Jerusalem officials said Wednesday the city had approved 20 new apartments for Jews in an Arab neighborhood of east Jerusalem. The White House said it was seeking “clarification” on Israel’s latest plans.
    Jewish voters, one of the most active political blocs in this country, have long expressed some misgivings with Obama, a nervousness that persists today.

    It began with false rumors that he was Muslim, his comments during the presidential campaign suggesting a willingness to meet with the leader of Iran and praise from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s former pastor, for Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan, who has made anti-Semitic remarks.
    But Obama reached out effectively to court the 5.3-million-strong U.S. Jewish community, the largest in the world outside Israel. He spoke at synagogues, included a stop in Israel on his whirlwind pre-election overseas trip, and ended up with nearly 80 percent of the Jewish vote.

    Jewish political activists are also important financial contributors, and their support will be important both in this year’s midterm elections and in the 2012 presidential contest. If they decide to pare back those contributions because of misgivings about Obama’s support for Israel, that could prove costly to Democratic candidates.

    Since Obama took office, his relations with Israel have been tense. He has visited the Middle East twice as president, but has yet to schedule an Israeli visit. Last fall, Netanyahu, under pressure from his right-leaning coalition, defied U.S. demands for a full freeze on settlements in the West Bank.

    At best, under Obama’s latest prodding, “Netanyahu will likely suspend some construction in east Jerusalem, which could pave the way for restarting Israeli-Palestinian proximity talks,” said Haim Malka, a Middle East scholar for the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

    “Even if those talks are restarted, it’s uncertain how the administration intends to move those talks forward or change the strategic calculations of either side,” Malka said. He said “fundamental differences” remain between the Obama administration and Netanyahu over the issues of negotiations, settlements and the fate of portions of Jerusalem captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war.

    While Netanyahu’s reception at the White House was frosty, he was widely praised on Capitol Hill.
    “We in Congress stand by Israel,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. “We have no stronger ally anywhere in the world than Israel,” said House Republican leader John Boehner, R-Ohio.

    The pro-Israel lobby remains a potent one. On what other issue, for instance, have Pelosi and Boehner seen eye to eye?
    Officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee rallied to Netanyahu’s defense against the administration’s scolding when he addressed the group on Tuesday. “When disagreements inevitably arise, they should be resolved privately, as is befitting close allies,” said AIPAC executive director Howard Kohr.

    Whereas the president usually leads on most foreign policy and national security issues, Congress appears to have a stronger hand on Israel-related matters because of the strength of the lobby and strong bipartisan support for Israel.
    The pro-Israel lobby “is almost like a 51st state,” said James Thurber, a political scientist at American University. “It’s strong. It has one issue.”
    Still, he said, if Netanyahu is trying to drive a wedge between the White House and Congress, he may wind up disappointed. “In the end, the president does have the power” to call most of the shots, Thurber said.

    EDITOR’S NOTE _ Tom Raum has covered national and international affairs for The Associated Press since 1973.
    Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

    Related articles
    Netanyahu’s Humiliation
    Atlantic Online (blog) – 4 hours ago
    Netanyahu sees ‘progress’ in US talks on settlements
    Taipei Times – 8 hours ago
    Bibi’s hazing
    Politico (blog) – 9 hours ago
    More coverage (6146) »

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  24. Wbboei, yah, Obama can’t be caught embracing our allies, especially Israel because it might piss off terrorist dictators of Muslim descent (not saying that all Muslims are bad…)

    He is a fucking disgrace.

  25. He is a fucking disgrace. I am appalled at how a head of state can treat another head of state that way. There is such a thing as the dignity of the office. No person in a leadership position would walk away like that.

  26. Note the comment below which reads> “for the last 15 months I have been ashamed of my country”.
    Binyamin Netanyahu humiliated after Barack Obama ‘dumped him for dinner’

    (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)
    The President was said to have walked out of the meeting, saying to Mr Netanyahu: ‘Let me know if there is anything new’
    Giles Whittell, Washington, and James Hider, Jerusalem
    RECOMMEND? (179)

    For a head of government to visit the White House and not pose for photographers is rare. For a key ally to be left to his own devices while the President withdraws to have dinner in private was, until this week, unheard of. Yet that is how Binyamin Netanyahu was treated by President Obama on Tuesday night, according to Israeli reports on a trip viewed in Jerusalem as a humiliation.

    After failing to extract a written promise of concessions on settlements, Mr Obama walked out of his meeting with Mr Netanyahu but invited him to stay at the White House, consult with advisers and “let me know if there is anything new”, a US congressman, who spoke to the Prime Minister, said.

    “It was awful,” the congressman said. One Israeli newspaper called the meeting “a hazing in stages”, poisoned by such mistrust that the Israeli delegation eventually left rather than risk being eavesdropped on a White House telephone line. Another said that the Prime Minister had received “the treatment reserved for the President of Equatorial Guinea”.

    Left to talk among themselves Mr Netanyahu and his aides retreated to the Roosevelt Room. He spent a further half-hour with Mr Obama and extended his stay for a day of emergency talks to try to restart peace negotiations. However, he left last night with no official statement from either side. He returned to Israel yesterday isolated after what Israeli media have called a White House ambush for which he is largely to blame.

    Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, cast doubt on minor details in Israeli accounts of the meeting but did not deny claims that it amounted to a dressing down for the Prime Minister, whose refusal to freeze settlements is seen in Washington as the main barrier to resuming peace talks.

    The Likud leader has to try to square the rigorous demands of the Obama Administration with his nationalist, ultra-Orthodox coalition partners, who want him to stand up to Washington even though Israel needs US backing in confronting the threat of a nuclear Iran.

    “The Prime Minister leaves America disgraced, isolated and altogether weaker than when he came,” the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz said.

    In their meeting Mr Obama set out expectations that Israel was to satisfy if it wanted to end the crisis, Israeli sources said. These included an extension of the freeze on Jewish settlement growth beyond the ten-month deadline next September, an end to building projects in east Jerusalem and a withdrawal of Israeli forces to positions held before the second intifada in September 2000.

    Newspaper reports recounted how Mr Netanyahu looked “excessively concerned and upset” when he pulled out a flow chart to show Mr Obama how Jerusalem planning permission worked and how he could not have known that the announcement that hundreds more homes were to be built would be made when Mr Biden arrived in Jerusalem.

    Mr Obama then suggested that Mr Netanyahu and his staff stay at the White House to consider his proposals so that if he changed his mind he could inform the President right away. “I’m still around,” the daily newspaper Yediot Aharonot quoted Mr Obama as saying. “Let me know if there is anything new.”

    With the atmosphere so soured by the end of the evening, the Israelis decided that they could not trust the telephone line they had been lent for their consultations. Mr Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, his Defence Minister, went to the Israeli Embassy to ensure that the Americans were not listening in.

    The meeting came barely a day after Mr Obama’s health reform victory. Israel had calculated that he would be too tied up with domestic issues to focus seriously on the Middle East.

    Mark Rhoads wrote:

    President Barack Obama has the emotional maturity of s 12-year old boy who throws tantrums when he cannot get his way at once. He is a small man who is an embarrassment to a great country. Regardless of specific policy differences, the Obama Administration owes an apology to both the people of Israel for Obama’s appalling disrespect and to Americans for the damage he has needlessly done to our historic ally.
    March 26, 2010 1:41 AM GMT

    Earl C wrote:

    Obama needs to be impeached, the majority of Americans are embarressed by this clown. We messed up when we did not believe the reports about this guy and now we are paying for it. He does not represent the USA.
    March 26, 2010 1:40 AM GMT
    RECOMMEND? (12)

    Kevin Stowell wrote:

    For about 15 months, I’ve been ashamed of my country.

  27. Muslim descent (not saying that all Muslims are bad…)

    What is interesting however, is that I have not heard a defining cry from “peaceful” Muslim’s about the ‘take over’ of their religion by the zealots, IE Osama Bin and co. Where are the outcry’s, the march’s of protest…They are silent.

  28. wbboei
    March 25th, 2010 at 9:58 pm
    The only one that should be embarrassed is the Fraud, the ultimate petulant child. I can not stomach that child!

  29. From BP

    Stupak Deal Brokered by Former Planned Parenthood Lobbyist & EMILY’s List Counsel

    Of course, this doesn’t prove that Stupak’s deal is meaningless–we have to rely on logic and the law to prove that. But it is fitting that Stupak sold out for a deal with a lawyer who has worked for the abortion lobby. As Planned Parenthood’s president said, the executive order is nothing more than a “symbolic gesture.”

  30. BP

    A group backed by Soros is gearing up to steal the 2012 election for President Obama and congressional Democrats by installing left-wing Democrats as secretaries of state across the nation. From such posts, secretaries of state can help tilt the electoral playing field. This is, of course, the same Soros, the same hyperpolitical left-wing philanthropist who makes no secret of his intention to destroy capitalism. In an interview with Der Spiegel last year, Soros said European-style socialism “is exactly what we need now. I am against market fundamentalism. I think this propaganda that government involvement is always bad has been very successful — but also very harmful to our society.” The vehicle for this planned hijacking of democracy is a below-the-radar non-federal “527″ group called the Secretary of State Project. The entity can accept unlimited financial contributions and doesn’t have to disclose them publicly until well after the election. It was revealed during a panel discussion at the Democratic Party’s convention last year that the Democracy Alliance, a financial clearinghouse created by Soros and Progressive insurance magnate Peter B. Lewis, approved the Secretary of State Project as a grantee. The Democracy Alliance aspires to create a permanent political infrastructure of nonprofits, think tanks, media outlets, leadership schools, and activist groups — a kind of “vast left-wing conspiracy” to compete with the conservative movement. It has brokered more than $100 million in grants to liberal nonprofits, including ACORN. The latest fundraising appeal from the SoS Project warns: In the 2000 and 2004 elections, we saw the results of extreme Republican tactics to intimidate voters and steal the presidential election — the disastrous presidency of George W. Bush. Today, we watch as Republicans go to even greater extremes — even carrying guns to town hall meetings. If they are willing to go to such extremes now, how far will they go on November 6, 2012 to steal the election from President Barack Obama? At the top of the SoS Project’s slate of candidates for state-level secretary of state positions in 2010 is Minnesota’s radically left-wing Mark Ritchie, a former community organizer whose cavalier attitude toward electoral fraud and whose shamelessly partisan conduct during the recount process cleared the way for Al Franken to steal last year’s U.S. Senate election from then-Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.). Ritchie was first elected Minnesota secretary of state in 2006. Franken and Obama, by the way, were endorsed last year by ACORN Votes, ACORN’s federal political action committee. In 2006, the Minnesota ACORN PAC (TAXPAYER DOLLARS FUND THEIR PAC)endorsed Ritchie, a longtime ACORN ally, and donated to his campaign. According to the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board, contributors to Ritchie’s campaign included liberal philanthropists Soros, Drummond Pike, and Deborah Rappaport, along with veteran community organizer Heather Booth, a Saul Alinsky disciple who co-founded the Midwest Academy, a radical ACORN clone that breeds Marxist agitators. One article on Ritchie’s 2006 campaign website brags about the fine work ACORN did in Florida to pass a constitutional amendment to raise that state’s minimum wage. The 2010 slate also includes California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, whom the group describes as “one of the most progressive Secretaries of State in the nation.” Bowen was endorsed in her previous run by California ACORN PAC. SoS Project is also endorsing Jocelyn Benson, candidate for secretary of state in Michigan, whom it lauds as an “[e]lection law scholar and community organizer.” Benson is a candidate ACORN would love. The bio SoS Project provides credits Benson with running a 2004 “voter protection campaign in 21 states, deploying 17,000 trained election law lawyers.” Last year in Michigan, she helped to lead the fight to stop the Republican secretary of state “from disenfranchising voters who were victims of home foreclosures.” Assuming the desperately mismanaged Michigan continues to exist through Election Day next year, count on the desperately evil ACORN endorsing Benson. To the Secretary of State Project, Republican secretaries of state are always Snidely Whiplashes trying to undermine progressive Dudley Do-Rights. SoS claims to advance “election protection” but only backs Democrats, as the left tries to keep alive its fantasy that George W. Bush stole the 2000 election in Florida with the creative collaboration of Bull Connor, the Ku Klux Klan, Diebold, Blackwater, and the CIA. The secretary of state candidates the group endorses all sing the same familiar song about electoral integrity issues that we routinely hear from ACORN: Voter fraud is largely a myth, vote suppression is used widely by Republicans, cleansing the dead and fictional characters from voter rolls should be avoided until embarrassing media reports emerge, and anyone who demands that a voter produce photo identification before pulling the lever is a racist, democracy-hating fascist. The group was co-founded in July 2006 by James Rucker, formerly director of grassroots mobilization for Political Action and Civic Action. Rucker is also a co-founder of Color of Change, a race-baiting left-wing hate group. Its website claims, “A modest political investment in electing clean candidates to critical Secretary of State offices is an efficient way to protect the election.” Indeed. Political observers know that a relatively small amount of money can help swing a little-watched race for a state office few people understand or care about. The strategic targeting of the SoS Project yielded astounding results in 2008 and 2006. In 2008, SoS Project-backed Democrats Linda McCulloch (Montana), Natalie Tennant (West Virginia), Robin Carnahan (Missouri), and Kate Brown (Oregon) won their races. Only Carnahan was an incumbent. The Center for Public Integrity reported that the group performed this electoral feat in the 2008 election cycle with a mere $280,000. In 2006, along with Minnesota’s Ritchie, SoS Project-endorsed Jennifer Brunner (Ohio), who defied federal law last year by refusing to take steps to verify 200,000 questionable voter registrations, trounced her opponent, 55% to 41%. Democrats supported by the group also won that year in New Mexico, Nevada, and Iowa. The group claims it spent about $500,000 in that election cycle. Talk about return on investment! Stalin would be impressed…

  31. Bullshit “Spitting” Incident Appears on YouTube
    Remember, after originally claiming to be spat upon (which the media trumpeted as a saliva-rope lynching), Rep. Cleaver then walked back the claim to someone “allowed” his spit to land upon his very dignified personage.

    By which he means he was a victim of Say It Don’t Spray it, a Class D Felony, though it becomes Aggravated Say It Don’t Spray It, a Class C Felony, when “enhanced” by a racial motive.

    Now, as much as the horrific crime of Say It Don’t Spray it stains this country like blood, or, more accurately, saliva, most 2nd graders learn to handle this heinous offense without police involvement.

    This asshole, on the other hand, called in the cops to detain and restrain the perpertrator.

    Now the video’s up. The guy was just shouting using his cupped hands as poor-man’s megaphone, and was shouting as a general matter, not just at Cleaver.

    But when Cleaver — who is apparently Royalty, as it turns out — suffered the low-tech lynching of a dollop of spittle landing unwantedly upon his princely cheek, he made a federal case out of it. Literally, a federal case.

  32. Gonzotx, good find.

    Ripping the Dems out of power at the gubenatorial level seems like a good means of countering the Soros effort to have states’ Sec-of-States tilt elections in 2012.

    I never liked that Repub Catherine Harris types, extreme partisans, had any hand in what should be a referee role.

    I don’t like it when Dems emulate evil Republican tactics. All these fuckers need to be exposed as stealing elections. That is a violation of the Constitution.

    It almost certain violates the tenets of the positions they swear in on. These bastards need to go to jail.

  33. rgb44hrc, I was NOT trying to blame the republicans for all this violence…I merely was showing that the violence has come all the way down her in little East Texas…The first pipe bomb was 3 days ago…it does not state it is healthcare related, but you can’t believe it is an isolated incident…I live just a few miles from there…no one does that crap here….things are heating up and all the nutso’s are out…whatever their reason for hating the government..Beck and the rest of them are igniting all the hidden hatred in America…It doesn’t take much…Here on this blog,its a daily occurance of the hatred against the socialists trying to take over America,…please, its just politics!

  34. The threat talk is hype. Ben Smith is trying to continue the hype but the facts speak for themselves. Smith says the right is angrier than the left, but that has nothing to do with threats. Here is the Smith story which undercuts his hype about threats – Smith can’t help but add his comment on “anger” even as a Democratic consultant essentially states that it’s all hype:

    Ben Grossman-Cohen, a former Obama staffer in Minnesota, emails on the same theme recent item on the Democratic choice to focus on vandalism and threats:

    The extent to which this is a story seems overblown to me. While there’s probably an uptick in broken windows and general tomfoolery at Dem offices in the last few days, this is a persistent and ongoing problem that far predates health care reform. During the campaign our MN headquarters had a brick thrown through the window, and offices all over the country had similar incidents that the campaign intentionally downplayed and did not publicize because it was a lose-lose storyline. When the press stops paying attention, they’ll continue to be periodic broken glass, local news may cover it, but nobody will connect the dots.

    Maybe it’s interesting that windows are getting broken. But it’s far from new.

    He writes about it a bit more on his blog, and includes a clip of local news coverage of an incident in 2008 that I don’t recall getting any national attention. He recalls the advice of his boss, the campaign’s state communications director, from the time: “Clean up the mess and get back to work.”

    (Needless to say, nobody’s taking that tack now. Republicans are presently firing up their own victimization machine with claims of threats and violence to muddy the waters around threats and vandalism against Democrats, though it seems absurd to claim that the left is as angry as the right at the moment.)

  35. The entire post from Grossman-Cohen:

    Is this a video from the recent spat of rage induced vandalism sweeping the country as angry Americans react to the passage of heath insurance reform?  No.  It’s from 2008, during the presidential campaign.  One of many such incidents.

    You know it’s a slow news day when the Washington press corps starts paying attention to a couple bricks through a couple of windows.   TPM’s treating it like an outbreak of swine flu.  But people who’ve worked on campaigns, particularly the 2008 elections, will tell you that bricks through windows are an unfortunately common occurrence, and they’re also nothing to get too worked up about.  I don’t want to downplay the significance of vandalism, but this vandalism is not significant at all.

    This kind of thing just happens.  It happened before health care passed, it will happen after.  It only seems like a bigger deal because national news outlets are covering it.  We should all heed the wise words of my former colleague (boss) Nick Kimball who’s prescription for curing the ills of brick through window-itus is simple:  “We just clean up the mess and get back to work.”

  36. The video (which GonzoTx posted earlier) of the alleged “spitting” incident. What Big Media is not asking is why the Congressional representatives did not use the hallways to get to the capital but instead decided to have a provocative walk through the protesters. Also, there is a congress cop behind Cleaver who could have arrested the demonstrator if there was any actual spitting. The “spitter” was detained and let go, presumably for lack of evidence.

  37. Good catch admin, about the Congressmen walking in front of protestors trying to provoke them.

    It’s like the scene in “Kentucky Fried Movie”, where a scrawny white guy in a helmet and full body protective suit walks up to a gang of black dudes hanging out by the railroad tracks, drops the “N” bomb, and then starts running.

  38. Exactly how long has this hysteria been going on…longer than 30 days….Beck has been screaming that the country is being taken over by communists for over 30 day! Gimme a break…this is going to far…the republicans need to quiet down some…exactly what O’Reilly said yesterday!

  39. Confloyd, the point is that this “hysteria” is not new. Bill Clinton was advised/threatened by Jesse Helms with potential death if Bill went to North Carolina. The point is exactly that the “hysteria” is manufactured by Dimocrats for political gain – and we should not fall into the Big Media narrative. People are indeed angry and why shouldn’t they be?

    As to Beck, if people were not so angry they would not listen to him. MSNBC is way out on the Hopium fringe and they too kept saying if Obama did not get the nomination there would be blood on the streets. The outrage is selective. What made Eric Cantor so effective today is that he fought the “racism” charge with the “anti-semitism” charge and essentially neutered the Dimocratic grievance industry and narrative.

  40. The video (which GonzoTx posted earlier) of the alleged “spitting” incident. What Big Media is not asking is why the Congressional representatives did not use the hallways to get to the capital but instead decided to have a provocative walk through the protesters. Also, there is a congress cop behind Cleaver who could have arrested the demonstrator if there was any actual spitting. The “spitter” was detained and let go, presumably for lack of evidence.
    These demagogues went out of their way to cross a picket line hoping to provoke an incident, or, if they could not provoke an incident, then they were equally determined to invent one as in the case of John Lewis.

    (Historical Footnote: Lewis’s false claim that he was called the N word, plus his cowardly abandonment of Hillary cast serious doubt on his credentials as a civil right leader. Oh, he was there at the bridge all right and for sure he was attacked. But the real question is whether he was a leader or merely someone who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I take no position on the question myself save to say in light of this new evidence reasonable minds could differ.)

  41. In fall of 2008, Cindy Sheehan(sp?) who was running against Pelosi in the Dem primary had a whole store-front wall of plate glass windows smashed at her headquarters.

    I suspected Bots; no motive for rightwingers to go after Pelosi’s opponent.

  42. TurnDownObama, you are correct that these “incidents” happen all the time. In 2006 and 2008 there were many “incidents” of break-ins into Democratic Party headquarters all over the country. Usually laptops or computers would be stolen which were always viewed with great concern by the grassroots and pooh-poohed by the party apparatus.

    As to “death threats” we have received so many of them we kept a file going way back. We’ve had hacks and hack attempts and harassment and lies spread about us. We’ve been threatened and “drop dead” comments made and defamed and we’ve kept on going, happy in our Pink cloud.

    We’re not the only Hillary supporter website that has experienced the threats and the attacks. We were the first Hillary supporter website out there so perhaps we got it a little worse than the later sites, but we do not doubt many, if not all, Hillary supporter websites have had similar things happen.

    We have no doubt this is all manufactured outrage meant to attract Independents away from health scam opponents, to provide a narrative for Big Media to print, and to raise money with. It’s another clever flim-flam, but a flim-flam nevertheless.

  43. And where is dear leader in the midst of the scuffle? Nowhere, except appear nationally to challenge Republicans in essence, to ‘bring it on.’ Now there’s a calming influence.

  44. I believe this all started with obama in the primary.. what with his JZ music choices and shoulder brushing body lanquage, giving the finger at every turn, and his telling people to “get in their faces” comments and such.

  45. djia: telling people to “get in their faces”
    Yes. The man is a coarse jerk.

    Came over here to post more unwelcome news:
    US looks to export drone technology to allies
    Reuters) – Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Thursday he hoped to export coveted U.S. drone technology to allies, despite legal hurdles, and played down the threat from rival drone programs in nations like Iran.

  46. I had a discussion on facebook with one of the posters. They were all upset about what was happening. I indicated, that when people are upset, they react and that I felt it was an indication that they were not sold on the health care plan, and it was shoved down their throats, and now they are going to travel the country selling it. People like to be consulted first, and be onboard. Of course I got accused of condoning such behavior.

    However, I think we have all forgotten how the American Revolution started, with the tea party, in which people boarded a ship in the harbor of Boston, and threw the tea over in protest of the tax, to me worse than breaking a window. Then the Amercia Revolutionary people started a war, and instead of standing in a line with red coats on, they blended in with the background, hid behind trees, and snipped at the British, certainly not the way previous wars had been conducted, and I am sure scandalized in the British newspapers, how dare they. In addition, they got the Indians to help them, who fought wars in what the British felt were a barbaric manner.

    Civil acts of disobediance are common place in France still. When people are mad, they are mad, and if their voice and votes are not being counted, they will let you know. That does not mean I condone it. It does however indicate that people are unhappy.

    The real question is, at what point do you pay attention, and what happens next. Does it stay at a low level, reduce, increase, result in a change in the parties or leadership? I guess only time will tell.

    However, I don’t think traveling the country telling people that you did it for their own good will work. They could not sell it before, and already there are indications they do not know what is in the bill, as they quickly patch it up. They don’t even know the final repercussions.

    Remember the AFTA bill that passed. It is obvious now that it has KILLED American manufacturing, and made a major contribution to the recession that has happened.

    Are our Legislatures so Smart or Dumb that they continue to pass major legislation not understanding or caring to understand the repercussions, and hoping they will be dead or out of office when the other shoes falls. It is a frustration we are all beginning to feel.

  47. That youtube clip of the alleged “spitter” clearly shows the black congress men deliberately, intentionally stoking outrage. It was an orchestrated, planned event. It’s also clear there was no intentional spit flung.

    I am outraged by the black wing of the dim party. THERE. I SAID IT. Cryburn, Bradzilla, Cleaver, lewis, Conyers, Jackson Lee – they are doing their damndest to inflict their demented agenda of racial injustice, restitution and black power on the 87% of the country that is not black.

    I would never align myself again with any political party that has a black agenda. I do not trust them.

    I despise them all. They have ruined race relations in the country. No one will be able to get beyond the distrust, the paranoia. The only way they win is if Squat gets another term. I will do everything I can to make sure he doesn’t. And, unfortunatley for American blacks, this will probably be the last AA prez in their lifetimes and deservedly so. they’re so busy painting protesters with a broad BLACK brush of racism that when they get painted with the same brush they won’t be able to say sh!t becasue they started it astoked it and encouraged it.

    The rest of us will finish it.

    I can’t wait to see the Van Jones, the Eric Holders, the Valerie Jarretts, the Michelle Obama’s of the country consigned to the irrelevant loony left bim of history. And while they’re packing they can take the Sharptons, the James with them. Oh, and throw in Orca for good measure.

  48. Oops!

    And WTF was their reason for barging through a clearly angry crowd in the first place?

    Any sane person would have avoided the possible confrontations.

    They WANTED something to happen.

    It’s disgusting.

  49. AND,

    For Squat to go out there yesterday and say “BRING it ON about the repub plan to repeal and reform is just like when he told his supporters to get in people’s faces.

    The directives for violence are coming from the top of the ticket. He’s also telling his supporters to talk to their parents, just like in the primaries.

    Squat is completely aware of what’s being done, at least on this issue. He aced Alinsky tactics if nothing else in his pathetic life.

  50. HDaily Press Briefings : Daily Appointments Schedule for March 26, 2010
    Fri, 26 Mar 2010 07:47:39 -0500

    Daily Appointments Schedule for March 26, 2010

    Washington, DC

    March 26, 2010


    12:00 p.m. Secretary Clinton holds a Bilateral Meeting with Cypriot Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou, at the Department of State.
    Pre-set time for cameras: 11:30 a.m. from the 23rd Street Lobby.
    Final access time for journalists and still cameras: 11:45 a.m. from the 23rd Street Lobby.

    2:45 p.m. Secretary Clinton delivers Remarks to the 2010 Presidential Management Fellows, Department of State Spring Interns, Stay-In School and Co-Op Students, Civil Service Career Entry Professionals, Presidential Management Fellows and White House Interns, at the Department of State.

    1:00 p.m. Deputy Secretary Steinberg receives the Credentials of Nigerian Ambassador-designate Adebowale Ibidapo Adefuye, at the Department of State.

    12:00 p.m. Deputy Secretary Lew officiates the Swearing In Ceremony for the 59th Civil Service Orientation Class, at the Department of State.

    Ms. Slaughter participates in a Panel Discussion on the Transatlantic Relationship in a Multipolar World at the Brussels Forum, in Brussels, Belgium. For more information, click here.

    Under Secretary Otero leads the Department of State Delegation to the UN-HABITAT World Urban Forum in Brazil and participates in a Meeting of the U.S.–Brazil Common Agenda for the Environment March 23-30, 2010. For more information, click here.


    2:30 p.m. Daily Press Briefing

    illary and her dept. also work on fridays while The Lord Of The Flies keeps avoiding anyone with questions wanting answers.Up Up and away.


    This contains this interesting paragraph:

    “Among Obama’s base of traditional Democrats, surprisingly one-in-five now thinks a different candidate might be a good idea in 2012. A large majority still want him renominated (76%). And, again, only 4% have no opinion. Watch that 20% number; also how long Hillary Clinton stays over at the State Department.”

    Here’s a closeup photo above of the Republican candidate for president who’s currently tied with President Obama for the 2012 White House race.

    No one.

    Or anyone.

    A new CNN / Opinion Research Poll out this afternoon of 953 registered voters nationally finds Obama tied at 47% with any Republican candidate. Gee, if only Wendell Willkie was still around.

    The same poll also finds a clear majority of Americans now believe that Obama is a one-term president.

    Other than that things are looking great for the 14-month-old Democrat administration, which is still celebrating Sunday’s passage of a massive healtcare bill that most Americans don’t seem to like.

    And confronts crucial midterm elections come November when the White House party historically loses an average of 16 House seats.

    Today, at another healthcare campaign town hall meeting in Iowa two days after he already signed the bill into law, Obama threw down the gauntlet to the GOP to run a campaign based on repealing the new law.

    “Go for it!” he said.

    And Republicans appear to be positioning to do just that.

    Now, even though it doesn’t seem to matter right now, which Republican should be the 2012 candidate?

    Well, the same early poll shows Republicans and GOP-leaning independents returning to the party’s tendency to prefer state chief executives when selecting candidates for the nation’s chief executive.

    The top three are all former governors: Mitt Romney (22%), Sarah Palin (18%) and close behind her Mike Huckabee (17%).

    The next closest are Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and “Someone Else,” all at 8%.

    Nevermind the Democrat’s opponent, do you think if Obama runs, he wins? 44% Yes. 54% Nope.

    As a sign of how effective Obama has been in reducing the harsh political tone of the nation’s capitol, only 2% have no opinion on that question.

    Among Obama’s base of traditional Democrats, surprisingly one-in-five now thinks a different candidate might be a good idea in 2012. A large majority still want him renominated (76%). And, again, only 4% have no opinion. Watch that 20% number; also how long Hillary Clinton stays over at the State Department.

    Obviously, though, the current White House doesn’t watch political polls. Otherwise, they’d be focusing on jobs and the economy instead of healthcare.

    And Obama aide Valerie Jarrett scoffingly assured Fox News’ Major Garrett last month that her Democratic teammates hadn’t even begun to think of, let alone plan for, the next election.

    These very early poll numbers indicate that might actually be a pretty good Obama plan.

  52. BO was just on talking about how “I” directed his people to get an nuclear agreement with Russia. I wish I’d counted the number of times he said “I”.

    At the end he barely mentioned his National Security team…Hillary, Robert Gates, etc. Then off he went and left it to them to answer questions from the press.

    Never think that FOX will not do anything to undermind Hillary Clinton. The moment she started to make her remarks, FOX cut away but CNN carried all of her comments. CNN attacks Hillary as well.

    It’s disgusting. But the difference in Hillary’s comments and BO’s were right there. She thanked by name those who had worked so hard on this agreement. It was NOT all about HER.



    Bam’s triple-diplo-whammy day

    Posted: 12:21 AM, March 26, 2010

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010, was the worst day for US diplomacy in recent memory.

    Between sunrise and sunset, we 1) handled our Israeli allies as enemies, 2) treated Pakistani gangsters as our benefactors and 3) got blindsided — brilliantly — by the Russians.

    First, the Russians: Well aware that President Obama desperately wants to hold in his hand a piece of paper guaranteeing nuclear arms cuts in our time, Moscow has been stalling and brawling to force us to bend to its will.

    With a few last sticking points in play (which the White House refuses to make public), the Russian government blindsided US negotiators by announcing that the deal was done and the signing was on the calendar.

    Folks, this is diplomacy at a level we can’t begin to touch. With their unilateral announcement, the Russians ensured that Obama will cave on the final points — otherwise, it would look as though he scuttled the disarmament deal and undercut his own argument for anti-nuclear sanctions on Iran.

    Could we please hire Russian negotiators to work for us?

    Simultaneously, the administration welcomed a Pakistani delegation with orgiastic generosity. The Pakistanis scribbled out the bill, and we whipped out our credit card.

    Pakistan’s undercutting every reform effort we’ve made in Afghanistan and setting itself up to be the one entity that profits from our blood sacrifices. Pakistani intelligence (the ISI) has been busting every Taliban member it can’t control to enhance its clout in Afghanistan. And we imagine they’re doing it for us.

    So we’re speeding up the delivery of more arms and hastening the distribution of 7.5 billion bucks in nonmilitary aid to one of the most corrupt countries on earth. Randomly chosen used-car dealers could do a better job than our gullible diplomats.

    The Pakistanis hope to muscle into Kabul in a gangland takeover — and we’re thanking them and paying protection money. They’re laughing so hard they’re spilling the Johnny Walker Blue they guzzle behind closed doors (while preaching Islamic virtue).

    Last, but not least, there’s our arctic treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu and our Israeli allies. Kim Jong-Il or Hugo Chavez would’ve gotten a warmer White House reception than Bibi did.

    Wednesday in Washington was dedicated to shooting down one Israeli compromise offer after another. Of course, we haven’t asked those valiant Palestinian freedom fighters (unfairly considered terrorists by reactionaries like me) to compromise a fraction of an inch.

    The Palestinians dictate, the White House obeys.

    This is madness. Rewarding terror and intransigence, we’re undercutting the single rule-of-law democracy and defender of human rights in the Middle East. “The rockets’ red glare”? Last time I saw it, the rockets were raining down on civilians in northern Israel. But Obama truly believes that the Palestinians are the good guys.

    Here’s the US-Israeli-Palestinian relationship in simple terms: You run a business. And you have a brother who’s worked with you for decades. A group of corrupt “partners” with criminal records, notorious for flouting every deal they’ve made, promises to make you rich. All you have to do is kill your brother.

    The Palestinians and their Arab backers have broken their every pledge on the (blind-alley) road to a deal. Time and again, they’ve refused reasonable terms proposed by Israel.

    They could’ve had a deal under Clinton. They had another chance under W. Each time, the Palestinians walked away. Because they don’t really want peace with Israel. They want Israel destroyed. Either Obama gets it and agrees with them, or he’s naive to an extent that makes Jimmy Carter look jaded.

    As far as the trumped-up issue of settlements goes, my Israeli friends are missing a great opportunity: Since Obama’s supporters insist on a history-based Palestinian right of return to Jerusalem, Jews should demand their historical right to resettlement in the Saudi-occupied city of Medina — where their once-prosperous presence is documented by the Koran.

    The ultimate travesty, of course, is that the Obama administration will spin each of Wednesday’s triple-whammy debacles as a triumph. It showed those wicked Israelis who’s boss; it gave treacherous Pakistanis all they demanded, and it got tricked by Russia into further weakening our strategic defenses.

    This isn’t a pattern of failure. It’s a surrender cult.

  54. The man is out of control. And it is only a matter of time before most people realize that about him as well. The more power a dictator gets the more he wants. It is an obsessive thing. And it always leads to dire consequences for everyone.

    When and if this legislation is struck down by the Supreme Court some believe he will go back to the well, and pass something, anything that would pass constitutional muster. That is not the modus operandi of a sociopath however. A sociopath is perfectly willing to burn the village to save it.

    My belief is that he has a plan to expand the court from 9 to possibly 12 justices. I believe that is what his man Cass Sunstein is working on now. The main reason I suspect that is because Sunstein believes in a new constitution and Sunstein is a student of the New Deal Era when Roosevelt used that threat to depost an antediluvian Supreme Court which was striking down his New Deal legislation. The only difference is in that case the President was right and the Court was wrong.

    The task is to continue the fight to convince our fellow citizens that this man is lethal poison. And to not let party label distract us from that message. The Bill which Big Media celebrates is toxic; it will lead to disaster for the reasons mentioned by Jack Welch (infra); and it will curtail our personal liberty. There will come a point where people do wake up and depose this dictator at the ballot box.

    The question is not whether a sociopath like Obama will sink the country. It is merely a question of when. And whether a sufficient number of our fellow citizens will wake up to the fact that the wolf is at their door step. Those who supported him, and most especially those in the media avoid the truth because to admit it is to admit not only that they are wrong, but their judgment is fatally flawed, that they misled others about him and they will be deeply humiliated for it.


    Did the public really change their minds overnight about Obamacare?

    Message to Dems: People still don’t like Obamacare
    By: Byron York
    Chief Political Correspondent
    March 26, 2010

    Did the world really change overnight? If you listen to some Democratic spinners, you might think that the same American people who opposed Obamacare for many, many months now support it.

    This week the president’s supporters embraced a quickie poll by Gallup/USA Today showing that more Americans say it was a “good thing” than a “bad thing” that the health care plan has now been passed. Based on that rushed and flawed survey — among other things, Gallup asked the question in a different way than before — some commentators pronounced it a new day. One suggested that Republicans need to learn “the Kenny Rogers rule: Know when to fold ’em.”

    But has public opinion really changed so much? A CNN poll taken over three days, the last of which was the day Obamacare passed the House, found that 59 percent of those surveyed opposed the bill, versus 39 percent who favored it. And a CBS survey done after the vote showed that more people believe it will hurt the health care system than help, and 89 percent of Republicans and 66 percent of independents believe the GOP should continue to challenge parts of it.

    It’s not a new day. “The margin prior to the vote was basically people disapproving of the bill by 10 to 12 points,” says Republican pollster David Winston. “What I’ve now seen is that the gap has closed a bit, but that you still have more negative than positive.”

    And that is after the White House has had most of the week to drive a positive message. “Even after this significant push, they still can’t flip the numbers,” says Winston.

    Republicans have been portrayed as erupting in one long, irrational cry of anger about losing the vote. But they’re watching the polls closely and believe they will benefit by continuing to oppose the bill as it slowly becomes policy. “The American people are absolutely livid about the overreach of the federal government,” says Rep. Tom Price, head of the House Republican Study Committee. In a conversation late Thursday, Price outlined a four-part strategy for Republicans.

    First, the GOP will “identify as often as possible the detrimental and remarkably consequential effects of this bill on communities.” He pointed to news from the heavy-equipment makers Caterpillar and John Deere that the new law will cost them $100 million and $150 million, respectively, in the coming year. You’ll be hearing a lot about that from Republicans in the days to come.

    The second part of Price’s strategy is for Republicans to support the various constitutional challenges to the law.

    Third, Price said, “We have to repeal the egregious aspects of this bill and replace them with patient-centered solutions.” Note the phrase “egregious aspects.” Republicans will be arguing not to throw the entire bill out, but the elements that most involve federal government coercion: the individual mandate, government definition of “acceptable” insurance plans, etc.

    The fourth part of the GOP plan is pretty simple: Win in November.

    President Obama has spent the days after the bill’s passage trying to convince the American public to like it. “Some folks in Washington are still hollering about” health care reform, he said during a visit to Iowa Thursday. “They’re actually going to run on a platform of repeal in November. … And my attitude is: Go for it.”

    Despite that tough talk, it’s unlikely Obama will be able to overcome months of opposition very quickly — especially if Price and his colleagues do a good job telling the public about the bill’s flaws and burdens. And the longer Obama appears to be devoting his greatest energies to health care — more trips to swing states to tell more audiences what a great deal it is — the longer he isn’t doing the same for jobs and the economy.

    “There is this clock ticking,” says David Winston. “At some point they have to flip over to the issue that really matters, which is jobs, so that every day they have to keep talking about health care is not a good day.”

    Any politico would tell you that November is a long way off and a lot can change by then. But both sides have hardened, and the campaign has really taken shape in the last week. Not long ago, Obama said that when differences between the parties can’t be bridged, then “that’s what elections are for.”

    Well, the differences weren’t bridged. And the campaign is on.

  56. rgb: perhaps that is why Larry Johnson at No Quarter refers to Obama as “surrender monkey” to describe his craven foreign policy which punishes our friends, rewards our enemies and allows us to be humiliated in the eyes of the world.

  57. There was a comment posted on Hillbuzz a couple of days ago with information concerning a group of around 50 members of the Democratic caucus in the House of Representatives who belong to a group within the House that consider themselves as democratic socialists. I found it interesting that most, if not all of the black congress people in the House were members of that group. Why is this? What it tells me is that I am not alignment with black DemoRats, who apparently are some of the most leftist democrats in existence. I equate extreme leftism with too big government, and that is the antithesis of how I view government should be. Their perspective of government is out of balance, in my opinion. Yes, there is a role for government, but not a government that wants to control every little aspect of our lives. I, like basil, cannot align myself with a political party that pushes this black agenda since that agenda seems to be all about government forcing things down people’s throats just to satisfy a small segment of our population at the expense of everyone else. This is not to say that I’m anti-black, because I am not. I wish everyone success and prosperity. I’m anti-extreme left, though. I am also tired of government kowtowing to demagoguery, and special interest groups who place themselves above society as a whole.


    March 26, 2010
    The VAT Cometh
    By Charles Krauthammer

    WASHINGTON — As the night follows the day, the VAT cometh.

    With the passage of Obamacare, creating a vast new middle-class entitlement, a national sales tax of the kind near-universal in Europe is inevitable.

    We are now $8 trillion in debt. The Congressional Budget Office projects that another $12 trillion will be added over the next decade. Obamacare, when stripped of its budgetary gimmicks — the unfunded $200 billion-plus doctor fix, the double counting of Medicare cuts, the 10-6 sleight-of-hand (counting 10 years of revenue and only 6 years of outflows) — is at minimum a $2 trillion new entitlement.

    It will vastly increase the debt. But even if it were revenue-neutral, Obamacare pre-empts and appropriates for itself the best and easiest means of reducing the existing deficit. Obamacare’s $500 billion of cuts in Medicare and $600 billion in tax hikes are no longer available for deficit reduction. They are siphoned off for the new entitlement of insuring the uninsured.

    This is fiscally disastrous because, as President Obama himself explained last year in unveiling his grand transformational policies, our unsustainable fiscal path requires control of entitlement spending, the most ruinous of which is out-of-control health care costs.

    Obamacare was sold on the premise that, as Nancy Pelosi put it, “health care reform is entitlement reform. Our budget cannot take this upward spiral of cost.” But the bill enacted on Tuesday accelerates the spiral: It radically expands Medicaid (adding 15 million new recipients/dependents) and shamelessly raids Medicare by spending on a new entitlement the $500 billion in cuts and the yield from the Medicare tax hikes.

    Obama knows that the debt bomb is looming, that Moody’s is warning that the Treasury’s AAA rating is in jeopardy, that we are headed for a run on the dollar and/or hyperinflation if nothing is done.

    Hence his deficit reduction commission. It will report (surprise!) after the November elections.

    What will it recommend? What can it recommend? Sure, Social Security can be trimmed by raising the retirement age, introducing means testing and changing the indexing formula from wage growth to price inflation.

    But this won’t be nearly enough. As Obama has repeatedly insisted, the real money is in health care costs — which are now locked in place by the new Obamacare mandates.

    That’s where the value-added tax comes in. For the politician, it has the virtue of expediency: People are used to sales taxes, and this one produces a river of revenue. Every 1 percent of VAT would yield up to $1 trillion a decade (depending on what you exclude — if you exempt food, for example, the yield would be more like $900 billion).

    It’s the ultimate cash cow. Obama will need it. By introducing universal health care, he has pulled off the largest expansion of the welfare state in four decades. And the most expensive. Which is why all of the European Union has the VAT. Huge VATs. Germany: 19 percent. France and Italy: 20 percent. Most of Scandinavia: 25 percent.

    American liberals have long complained that ours is the only advanced industrial country without universal health care. Well, now we shall have it. And as we approach European levels of entitlements, we will need European levels of taxation.

    Obama set out to be a consequential president, on the order of Ronald Reagan. With the VAT, Obama’s triumph will be complete. He will have succeeded in reversing Reaganism. Liberals have long complained that Reagan’s strategy was to starve the (governmental) beast in order to shrink it: First, cut taxes — then ultimately you have to reduce government spending.

    Obama’s strategy is exactly the opposite: Expand the beast, and then feed it. Spend first — which then forces taxation. Now that, with the institution of universal health care, we are becoming the full entitlement state, the beast will have to be fed.

    And the VAT is the only trough in creation large enough.

    As a substitute for the income tax, the VAT would be a splendid idea. Taxing consumption makes infinitely more sense than taxing work. But to feed the liberal social-democratic project, the VAT must be added on top of the income tax.

    Ultimately, even that won’t be enough. As the population ages and health care becomes increasingly expensive, the only way to avoid fiscal ruin (as Britain, for example, has discovered) is health care rationing.

    It will take a while to break the American populace to that idea. In the meantime, get ready for the VAT. Or start fighting it.


    The “stimulus” bill that didn’t…and keeps on coming up short.

    How high will Obama make his agencies jump in pulling rosy numbers out of thin air prior to 2010, and 2012???

    This article contains this little blurb: “The government’s final estimate of fourth-quarter GDP growth was reduced from the prior reading because contributions from business investment, consumer spending and inventories were found to be lower than earlier thought.”

    Economic growth revised slightly lower in Q4

    (Reuters) – The economy grew at a slightly less brisk pace in the fourth quarter than previously estimated, while corporate profits slowed sharply from the prior quarter, government data showed on Friday.

    Analysts said while the report was evidence the economy emerged from recession in the second half of 2009, the underlying growth pace was not robust enough to reduce high unemployment.

    Separately, worries about unemployment kept consumer confidence unchanged this month from February.

    “We are still in a lukewarm expansion and underlying growth excluding inventory accumulation really needs to accelerate if we are going to get the jobless rate down in a reasonable period of time,” said Zach Pandl, U.S. economist at Nomura Securities International in New York.

    Gross domestic product expanded at a 5.6 percent annual rate, the Commerce Department said in its final report for the fourth quarter, instead of the 5.9 percent pace it estimated in February. It was still the fastest pace since the third quarter of 2003.

    Analysts polled by Reuters had forecast GDP, which measures total goods and services output within U.S. borders, growing at a 5.9 percent rate in the October-December period. GDP increased at a 2.2 percent pace in the third quarter.

    The department also said after-tax corporate profits grew 6.5 percent in the fourth quarter, slowing from a 12.7 percent rise in the prior period. It was below market expectations for a 10 percent gain. For all of 2009, after-tax profits fell 6.9 percent, the biggest decline since 2000.

    U.S. stocks rose, helped by news euro zone leaders had agreed to create a safety net to assist debt-burdened Greece, while the dollar fell against the euro. U.S. government bond prices fell.

    The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan’s Surveys of Consumers index was unchanged at 73.6 in March, but a touch above market expectations for 73.

    “Everyone is on edge until jobs are being created. Still, economic conditions are improving,” said Craig Thomas, a senior economist at PNC Financial Services in Pittsburgh.


    The government’s final estimate of fourth-quarter GDP growth was reduced from the prior reading because contributions from business investment, consumer spending and inventories were found to be lower than earlier thought.

    Much of the economy’s recovery from the most brutal downturn since the 1930s has been driven by government stimulus and businesses being less aggressive in reducing inventories.

    This has raised concerns that growth could sputter later this year when the boost from the two sources fades, given tepid consumer spending and high unemployment.

    However, the labor market is slowly improving and payrolls are expected to have increased in March, only the second time since the recession started in December 2007.

    A Reuters survey forecast the closely watched employment report due next Friday to show employers added 180,000 jobs after cutting 36,000 positions in February, largely driven by hiring for the 2010 census.

    Any improvement in employment will be a psychological boost to households and may encourage more spending, which would help sustain the economy’s recovery.

    Excluding inventories, GDP grew at a rate of 1.7 percent instead of the 1.9 percent pace previously estimated. When businesses increase inventories or slow the rate at which they are liquidating them, manufacturers raise production and this boosts GDP.

    Business inventories fell $19.7 billion in the fourth quarter, slightly more than the $16.9 billion estimated last month. They dropped $139.2 billion in the July-September period. The change in inventories added 3.79 percentage points to GDP in the last quarter.

    This was the biggest percentage contribution since the fourth quarter of 1987. For the whole of 2009, the economy contracted 2.4 percent, the biggest decline since 1946, the department said.

    Growth in business investment was trimmed to reflect reduced spending on structures. Commercial real estate is struggling under the weight of high vacancy rates and tight access to credit.

    Still, businesses lifted spending on equipment and software at the fastest pace since the fourth quarter of 1998.

    Companies have been stepping up investment in software and on Friday, Oracle Corp (ORCL.O) issued its strongest sales forecast in more than a year.

    Spending on new home construction was revised lower in the fourth quarter and sale of new homes have slowed this quarter, hitting a record low in February.

    The rise in consumer spending was adjusted lower to a 1.6 percent rate from 1.7 percent. That was below the 2.8 percent increase in the third quarter, when consumption got a boost from the government’s “cash for clunkers” auto purchase program.

    (Reporting by Lucia Mutikani; Editing by Andrea Ricci)

  60. Timely. The VAT is what I’m worried about. Too big of a government that is outof control. And we’re supposed to be happy about this?


    Recess appointments:
    “You’re in charge of dodgeball. Tommy will run T-ball. And Bonnie will organize kickball”

    Recess Raises Specter of Obama Labor Move to Business Groups

    By Holly Rosenkrantz

    March 26 (Bloomberg) — U.S. business groups and Republican lawmakers are stepping up efforts to ward off a labor appointment by President Barack Obama that might trigger a surge in union organizing efforts.

    Obama may appoint union lawyer Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board after Congress leaves this week for a scheduled Easter recess, a step that would circumvent the need for Senate confirmation. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis told the AFL-CIO, the largest U.S. union organization, in a speech March 3 that it “will be very pleased” by what Obama was planning.

    Becker would be the second Democrat and third member of the five-seat board, providing a quorum to clear a backlog of more than 210 cases. Among them are disputes with casino owner MGM Mirage and auto-parts maker Dana Holding Corp. The Democratic majority may adopt policies helping unions to recruit while limiting employers, according to the National Association of Manufacturers.

    “You will see a radical overhaul of the labor law system,” said Keith Smith, director of employment and labor policy at the Washington-based industry group. “You could see significant limits on employers’ ability to communicate.”

    Organizations including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wrote Obama a letter on March 23 urging him not to appoint Becker, a lawyer representing the AFL-CIO and the Service Employees International Union, while Congress is away.

    All 41 Republican senators made the same plea yesterday in a letter to Obama. Presidents have executive powers to bypass the Senate and make appointments during recesses, for limited terms.

    The Obama administration had “nothing to announce” on an appointment, White House spokesman Tommy Vietor said yesterday.

    Three Vacancies

    The National Labor Relations Board, created in 1935 to remedy unfair labor practices and certify union elections, has had three vacancies since 2008. With one Democrat and one Republican, it has been unable to act on divisive issues such as the scope of recruiting efforts after U.S. union membership fell to a record low 7.2 percent of private-sector employers in 2009.

    “There is tremendous pressure out there to organize,” said Gary Chaison, a labor law professor at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. “With a labor-friendly board, strictly enforcing restrictions on employer intimidation and making union elections faster and cheaper, all that pressure to organize would be released.”

    Labor unions spent a record $450 million to help elect Democrats to the White House and Congress in 2008. After failing to win their top legislative priority, the so-called card-check bill making it easier to organize, the labor movement is pushing to get Becker on the board.

    Recess Appointments

    Becker failed to win Senate confirmation to a five-year term last month after two Democrats joined Republicans to block his nomination. Obama could now appoint Becker to serve through 2011, or until the end of the next session of Congress.

    Business groups say a board led by Democrats may push rule changes creating what the manufacturers’ group calls “snap elections,” reducing the time between when organizers file to hold an employee election and the vote. Employers would have less time to counter a unionizing effort.

    The Chamber of Commerce, the largest U.S. business group, said it fears a pro-labor board would change rules to allow “mini-unions.” A pending petition would require employers to bargain on contracts with smaller groups of employees, even if the union doesn’t represent a majority of a company’s workers.

    “It would create complete chaos in the workplace as you had many different non-majority bargaining units popping up all over the place,” said Glenn Spencer, who deals with labor issues at the Washington-based Chamber.

    Union Recognition

    The board has been unable to resolve a case involving Dana, which may set a precedent when companies agree to recognize a union without holding an election. Dana seeks to clarify what can be discussed before a union is recognized. Business groups say the board may strip employers of rights to limit the scope of union organizing.

    The labor board is considering about a dozen cases involving secondary targets, in which unions seeking to organize at one company display banners at the firm’s suppliers or customers. Business groups say such actions may border on coercion.

    A case involving MGM Mirage’s New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas may have a ripple effect on hotels, shopping centers and casinos. The board is considering whether workers can pass out union literature at the entrance to a workplace that includes businesses not involved in the organizing effort.

    Chaison said a pro-union labor board could rule in a way that forces companies to be “very careful about what they say regarding unionization, outcome of strikes, and plant relocations during organizing drives.”

    ‘Layoffs, Low Pay’

    “At all times, they would be looking over their shoulder, trying to avoid situations like layoffs or low pay increases or pay cuts that might stir worker sentiments toward union representation,” he said.

    Wilma Liebman, a labor board member designated by Obama to be its chairman, and Peter C. Schaumber, the board chairman under President George W. Bush, have decided 593 cases where there wasn’t disagreement. The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on March 23 on whether decisions of a two-member board are legal.

  62. Kansas City’s KMBZ reported that a video that proved Mo Rep Emanuel Cleaver was spat upon ( with the clear implication that it was purposeful) had appeared on You tube, and you could find the link at the KMBZ website.

    Well, here it is, and what it shows is a guy cupping his hands around his mouth to form a makeshift megaphone, hollering ” kill the bill!” as the black caucus entourage walked by. The spittle that sprayed on Cleaver was clearly unintentional:

    As you could see, the guy was yelling the entire time, and there were Capital police officers accompanying the entourage the whole time. If there had been any criminality whatsoever, they would have acted.

    Of course, Cleaver didn’t press charges.

    Meanwhile, via the The Daily Caller we have a disgusting example of race baiting in a voice message left at the office of Ohio Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt:

    Speaker: “Yeah, I’m glad the president passed health care. Yeah. Funky ass, racist-ass Republicans hate that, don’t you? Gene Schmitt, when you got hit by that car, you should’ve broke your back, bitch. And Boehner, motherf***er…that Mitch McConnell. All you racist f***ing Republicans. Why don’t you just change your party name to racist? Cuz if one of those f***ing Tea baggers had spit on me, I’d have shot all them in the f***ing face with my f***ing 9 millimeter. F**k all you racist motherf***ers.”

    The Daily caller has the audio if you want to hear the venom for yourself.
    The left-wing media (or MSM) has been fanning the anti-tea party flames from almost the beginning. After they stopped totally ignoring the tea party movement, they, along with the Dem Socialists in Congress began assaulting it with every form of attack and slur. This caller, (and probable Countdown With Keef Overbite viewer) only reflects their views with slightly more bile.

  63. nomobama
    March 26th, 2010 at 11:49 am
    Timely. The VAT is what I’m worried about. Too big of a government that is outof control. And we’re supposed to be happy about this?

    Yes. Obama wants you to be happy about it. So happy, that you sign up for Organizing For America and donate all your time and money to help him get re-elected, so he can keep on doing all these good things and get his noggin’ up there on Mt. Rushmore.


    “Wrong way Obama” promises to score a touchdown, but for which team?

    CBO report: Debt will rise to 90% of GDP

    By David M. Dickson

    President Obama’s fiscal 2011 budget will generate nearly $10 trillion in cumulative budget deficits over the next 10 years, $1.2 trillion more than the administration projected, and raise the federal debt to 90 percent of the nation’s economic output by 2020, the Congressional Budget Office reported Thursday.

    In its 2011 budget, which the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released Feb. 1, the administration projected a 10-year deficit total of $8.53 trillion. After looking it over, CBO said in its final analysis, released Thursday, that the president’s budget would generate a combined $9.75 trillion in deficits over the next decade.

    “An additional $1.2 trillion in debt dumped on [GDP] to our children makes a huge difference,” said Brian Riedl, a budget analyst at the conservative Heritage Foundation. “That represents an additional debt of $10,000 per household above and beyond the federal debt they are already carrying.”

    The federal public debt, which was $6.3 trillion ($56,000 per household) when Mr. Obama entered office amid an economic crisis, totals $8.2 trillion ($72,000 per household) today, and it’s headed toward $20.3 trillion (more than $170,000 per household) in 2020, according to CBO’s deficit estimates.

    That figure would equal 90 percent of the estimated gross domestic product in 2020, up from 40 percent at the end of fiscal 2008. By comparison, America’s debt-to-GDP ratio peaked at 109 percent at the end of World War II, while the ratio for economically troubled Greece hit 115 percent last year.

    “That level of debt is extremely problematic, particularly given the upward debt path beyond the 10-year budget window,” said Maya MacGuineas, president of the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

    For countries with debt-to-GDP ratios “above 90 percent, median growth rates fall by 1 percent, and average growth falls considerably more,” according to a recent research paper by economists Kenneth S. Rogoff of Harvard and Carmen M. Reinhart of the University of Maryland.

    CBO projected the 2011 deficit will be $1.34 trillion, not much different from the administration’s estimate of $1.27 trillion. However, CBO’s estimate of the 2020 deficit at $1.25 trillion significantly exceeds the administration’s $1 trillion estimate.

    “The biggest part of the deficit difference is lower tax revenue due to the different economic assumptions,” said James R. Horney, a federal-budget analyst at the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. “The administration assumes GDP and incomes will be higher, and that translates into higher revenues than CBO expects. Relatively small differences in economic assumptions can add up to big differences over 10 years.”

    While Ms. MacGuineas agreed that “economic forecasts have a large impact on budgetary projections,” she cautioned that such differing assumptions, often called the “rosy scenario,” could account for just $350 billion of the 10-year, $1.2 trillion difference between the White House and CBO.

    The president has established a fiscal commission to propose actions to reach his goal of balancing the budget by 2015, except for net interest payments, which CBO projects to total $520 billion that year. The president’s budget, however, will generate a $793 billion deficit in 2015, according to CBO.

    “The proposed budget is woefully insufficient to achieve the president’s goal or the important fiscal goal of stabilizing the debt at a reasonable level in the medium and long term,” Ms. MacGuineas said.

    The CBO and the administration expect the deficit for fiscal 2010, which ends Sept. 30, to approximate $1.5 trillion and exceed 10 percent of GDP, the first time that threshold will have been reached since World War II. Before last year’s deficit reached an eye-popping 9.9 percent of GDP, the biggest postwar deficit was 6 percent of GDP in fiscal 1983.

    In addition to the free-spending fiscal policy the U.S. government will pursue, monetary policy will remain loose in the near term, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke told a congressional committee Thursday.

    Citing still-fragile economic conditions and noting the low level of inflation, Mr. Bernanke told the House Financial Services Committee that the Fed would maintain historically low short-term interest rates for the time being.

    Tightening would not begin until the “expansion matures,” he said, though he did not provide a specific timetable for ratcheting up interest rates.

    Indicative of the economy’s ongoing fragility, especially in the labor market, was the fact that first-time claims for unemployment benefits were still a relatively high 442,000 last week, the Labor Department reported Thursday. The number was a decline of 14,000 over the previous week’s seasonally adjusted number.

    Economists disagree over the propriety of running a $1.5 trillion deficit this year as the economy shifts into recovery mode. But they generally agree that budget deficits should proceed along a consistent, downward path as the expansion matures. Most economists, therefore, fear the prospect of rising deficits in the latter part of this decade, long after steady economic growth has returned and unemployment has plunged.

    In a worrisome development, CBO projects that federal budget deficits, after dropping sharply, then will begin to rise continuously from 4.1 percent of GDP in 2014 to 5.6 percent in 2020.

    For the 2016-20 period, CBO estimates that deficits will average more than 5 percent of GDP, even while assuming the economy will be near full employment, with an average jobless rate of 5 percent during that same five-year period.

    One economist concerned about unsustainable fiscal policy in the out years is OMB Director Peter R. Orszag.

    “Deficits in the, let’s say, 5 percent of GDP range would lead to rising debt-to-GDP ratios in a manner that would ultimately not be sustainable,” Mr. Orszag acknowledged to reporters on March 20, 2009, two months after the administration entered office.

  65. If you want to listen to the threat made against this woman who happens to be a Republican representative from Ohio. It is posted below. It is easy to tell that the man making this threat is an African American.

    Whether he was acting at the behest of the White House or the Democratic National Committee or the Black Caucus is not clear.

    What is clear is in the past, the deputy White House Chief of Staff (Jim Messina) has promoted actual violence by SEIU members against tea party members, which resulted in a brutal assault on an African American by white SEIU thugs which is the subject of a civil rights lawsuit.

    Messina, you may recall, specifically told the SEIU to hit the tea party people back twice as hard, and knowing the predisposition of his boss Rahm Emanuel it is naive to assume he was speaking metaphorically.

    Here is the tape so you can judge for yourself:

  66. I’d just like to note for the record that I had forgotten about Jean Schmidt’s hit-and-run* until reminded; and that Rep. Schmidt has been a favorite target of the netroots since 2004 (as a woman who was pro-victory in Iraq, this is not really unexpected). Apparently, at least one person out there remembers both;

    I suggest that Rep. Cleaver start earnestly praying that there aren’t more who only heard what he said, and not what he actually was seen to do. Because what he did was recorded, by people who would be happy to release it as evidence.

    So let’s all hope that doesn’t become an issue, hey? Yes, even the DNC/DCCC: I don’t think that they want to get dragged into this any further than they have to, February fundraising deficit or no.

    Moe Lane


    March 26th, 2010
    AR Sen Poll: Lincoln’s Struggles Now Include Primary
    Posted by Mike Memoli | Email This | Permalink | Email Author
    Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) not only trails against all of her potential GOP foes in a new poll, but now finishes below 50 percent in her primary fight against Lt. Gov. Bill Halter (D). In the Research 2000 poll (600 LVs, 3/22-24, MoE 4%), conducted for Daily Kos, Halter also seems to run a bit stronger versus the GOP, winning two of the matchups.

    Primary Election Matchup (400 LVs, 5% MoE)
    Lincoln 44 — Halter 31 — Und 25

    General Election Matchups
    Boozman 49 — Lincoln 42 — Und 9
    Hendren 48 — Lincoln 43 — Und 9
    Baker 49 — Lincoln 41 — Und 10
    Coleman 47 — Lincoln 44 — Und 9
    Cox 47 — Lincoln 43 — Und 10

    Boozman 48 — Halter 40 — Und 12
    Hendren 45 — Halter 44 — Und 11
    Baker 46 — Halter 44 — Und 10
    Halter 45 — Coleman 44 — Und 11
    Halter 45 — Cox 43 — Und 12

    After the jump, fav/unfav ratings for the candidates and other officials.

    Favorable Ratings
    Lincoln 42 / 52
    Halter 46 / 27

    Boozman 44 / 30
    Hendren 34 / 27
    Baker 36 / 28
    Coleman 34 / 29
    Cox 32 / 26

    Gov. Beebe 67 / 23
    Sen. Pryor 44 / 48
    Pres. Obama: 39 / 58

  68. Obama inspires black politicians to seek office — as Republican candidates
    By Alex Pappas — The Daily Caller 03/25/10 at 3:07 AM

    Dean Nelson says as far as he knows, there have never been as many black Republicans running for Congress as there are this year.

    Asked why that’s the case, the vice chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, a conservative group of black people who promote smaller government, pointed to an unlikely inspiration for the Republicans: Democratic President Barack Obama.

    “I think with his success, it has given a level of hope and expectation for African-American candidates, whether they’re Republican or Democrat that you know hey, this is something that can be done,” Nelson said in an interview with The Daily Caller.

    Because many black conservatives share the same type of political experience Obama had at the state level before going to Washington, Nelson said, many are saying, “doggone it, I should throw my hat into the ring and I might be able to have success.”

    Of the more than 30 black Republican congressional and senatorial candidates running for office this election cycle, the Frederick Douglass Foundation held a leadership summit for more than 15 of them this weekend.

    “Because [Obama’s] policies are so out of touch with most of America I think specifically you have black conservatives that are looking beyond just the image. They’re looking at policy and how it impacts us,” Nelson said.

    He also said there’s “a stronger network of visible black conservatives than many have not seen in the past.”

    “What we found is a lot of candidates are feeling like, ‘Hey, I’m not an island by myself, there are other black Republicans who are out there who are not afraid to say it,’ and I think that that has given them a greater sense of confidence,” Nelson said.

    During the weekend, the attendees met with RNC Chairman Michael Steele and noted conservative Republicans such as Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona and Rep. Tom Price of Georgia. The weekend event concluded with a dinner reception with Mr. Ken Morris, a great-great-great-grandson of Frederick Douglass and great-great-grandson of Booker T. Washington.

    Here is a list of black Republican candidates in 2010 provided by the group:

    Candidates for the Senate

    Marion Thorpe, Florida
    Larry Linney, North Carolina
    Michael Williams, Texas
    Candidates for Congress

    Lester Phillip, Alabama’s 5th District
    Princella Smith, Arkansas’s 1st District
    Vernon Parker, Arizona’s 3rd District
    Virginia Fuller,California’s 7th District
    Star Parker, California’s 37th District
    Chrystopher Smith, California’s 39th District
    Mason Weaver, California’s 53rd District
    Ryan Frazier, Colorado’s 7th District
    Prince Brown, Florida’s 8th District
    Eddie Adams, Florida’s 11th District
    Corey Poitier, Florida’s 17th District
    Allen West, Florida’s 22nd District
    Deon Long, Florida’s 24th District
    Cory Ruth, Georgia’s 4th District
    Deborah Honeycutt, Georgia’s 13th District
    Rupert Parchment, Georgia’s 13th District
    Isaac Hayes, Illinois’s 2nd District
    Robert Broadus, Maryland’s 4th District
    Charles Lollar, Maryland’s 5th District
    Bill Hardiman, Michigan’s 3rd District
    Angela McGlowan, Mississippi’s 1st District
    Barb Davis White, Minnesota’s 5th District
    Martin Baker, Missour;s 1st District
    Shannon Wright, New Jersey’s 6th District
    Michael Faulkner,New York’s 15th District
    Jerry Grimes, North Carolina’s 1st District
    Lou Huddleston, North Carolina’s 8th District
    Bill Randall, North Carolina’s 13th District
    Jean Howard-Hill, Tennessee’s 3rd District
    Charlotte Bergmann, Tennessee’s 9th District
    William Hurd, Texas’s 23rd District
    Stephen Broaden, Texas’s 30th District
    Coby Dillard, Virginia’s 3rd District

    Read more:

  69. Imo some sort of VAT to replace income tax would be a good dream. Better the factory do the bookkeeping than the individual do it.

  70. Sigh. I’m sure this has been said. We’ve already GOT health care rationing — by the insurance companies.

    What else is a ‘lifetime cap’ on benefits? And they refuse to pay on other grounds, and make you spend so much time going through hoops that you die first. 😉

  71. In a worrisome development, CBO projects that federal budget deficits, after dropping sharply, then will begin to rise continuously from 4.1 percent of GDP in 2014 to 5.6 percent in 2020.

    For the 2016-20 period, CBO estimates that deficits will average more than 5 percent of GDP, even while assuming the economy will be near full employment, with an average jobless rate of 5 percent during that same five-year period.

    One economist concerned about unsustainable fiscal policy in the out years is OMB Director Peter R. Orszag.

    “Deficits in the, let’s say, 5 percent of GDP range would lead to rising debt-to-GDP ratios in a manner that would ultimately not be sustainable,” Mr. Orszag acknowledged to reporters on March 20, 2009, two months after the administration entered office.
    There is the bottom line. Even with those cloud cookoo land assumption the operative word for Obamaeconics is “unsustainable”. Trust me. There will be no second term for Obama, except perhaps in Joliette.

  72. wbboei, don’t you see the argument Orzag is setting up? Can’t you see what he’s setting the stage for? They want to “fix” the unbroken social security program. They want to out-Bush Bush. Hold on to your wallet folks. We are about to get ripped off again.

  73. Are You Threatening Me?
    (Rabble Rouser @ No Quarter)

    Even if you are pro union, you will not want them running the country, and reaching into the pockets of taxpayers as they are doing now. The prominence of Burger in this Administation (she is the spokesman for the SEIU and the Teamsters who pulled out of the AFL-CIO five years ago) as well as Stern suggests why that is a highly undesirable outcome for the country.

    If you mean the White House and some unions, the answer would be a resounding, YES! W.H., Labor To Vote-Switchers: We Won’t Forget. You may recall that I wrote about this very real possibility recently in, “Toddler in Chief Throws A Temper Tantrum,” based on a story from The Telegraph (U.K.).

    Now, it seems, not only is the White House threatening Democrats who didn’t toe the Party Line, but a number of unions, including SEIU, are threatening, too:
    Senior White House and organized labor officials are warning the handful of House Democrats who supported health care legislation last year only to oppose the final measure on Sunday that they shouldn’t expect assistance for their reelection campaigns this fall.
    The five who switched from yes to no — Reps. Michael Arcuri of New York, Marion Berry of Arkansas, Daniel Lipinski of Illinois, Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts and Zack Space of Ohio — have so annoyed top Democrats that there is also open talk of finding opponents to ensure they pay a steep political price for changing their vote.

    “We’re looking at candidates we can trust to run against them, either through a primary or in the general election,” said Service Employees International Union Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger, noting that recruitment conversations were already under way.

    Of the five who switched, Burger said flatly, “They should not expect help from us.”

    Karen Ackerman, political director of the AFL-CIO, said local union members were deeply disappointed in the vote-switchers — and that the locals will determine whether to endorse the incumbents.

    “There are no guarantees, and they have a lot of work to do to attempt to repair that relationship. It may be repaired or it may not be repaired,” Ackerman said.

    Top aides to President Barack Obama also made clear that they’ll prioritize their political time and resources this year with an eye on those who did or did not stand with them on the toughest vote of the election cycle.

    “There is not a whole lot of Barack Obama and Joe Biden to spare on a good day,” said one senior White House official. “We’re going to have to focus on our friends.”

    Another top Obama aide, asked about the group of five, responded simply: “We appreciate the people who hung with us.”

    Yikes. Yep, those sound like threats to me. And that’s not all:
    In the West Wing, where aides spent hours pleading with the members to stick to their original votes, there is a feeling that the group unnecessarily imperiled passage of the bill for reasons that defy political logic.
    White House officials and other party leaders say that, having already supported health care once, the members will still be attacked by Republicans for the original vote and will now face additional anger from their own political base for opposing the final version of the historic bill that is now law.

    “They have the vote, but now they lack the accomplishment,” said a senior Obama aide, adding that the group’s members have endangered their own prospects at the polls because the so-called “surge voters” who came out to back the president in 2008 will be tougher to motivate.

    “The prescription for winning tough races is to generate turnout from many of the folks that came out in 2008,” the aide said. “I would think this would make it harder to do that.”

    Another White House official made the case that “the public is not going to make the distinction [between the two votes], and they’re going to get hammered.”

    On Capitol Hill, there is a sense of puzzlement mixed with frustration among colleagues of the five.

    One senior Democratic House member was withering: “They were without backbone.”

    I’m sorry, WHO was “without backbone”?? The people who were bought by the White House? The ones who bucked the will of their constituents? Or the ones who did as their constituents wanted? Perhaps this is the problem with many in DC – they do not understand basic English. Maybe they just don’t know what the term means. That might explain it. There’s more:
    And, this member said, the group made an already difficult election cycle for House Democrats that much more difficult.
    “That group that said ‘yes’ and then ‘no’ are the most challenging members now for us [to defend in November],” the member said.

    Chris Van Hollen, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, didn’t defend the political calculus of those in the group but said that his focus was solely on keeping the seats in Democratic hands and that he’d stand by the incumbents.

    “We will help all our guys,” said Van Hollen. “If others want to pick and choose, that’s up to them. Our job is to make sure that we remain in the majority.”

    Of the five, Berry, who is retiring after this term, is the only one who will definitely not be on the ballot in November — and seemingly the one with the least to lose by staying in the “yea” column.

    But the strong suspicion among top Democrats is that Berry switched his vote as a favor to his chief of staff, Chad Causey, who is running to succeed him and has indicated that he would have opposed the legislation.

    Yeah, okay, that makes sense – not.

    Now the unions start weighing in:
    Alan Hughes, president of the Arkansas AFL-CIO, said his organization was “highly disappointed in [Berry’s] vote” and noted that Causey and the other Democrats running for the seat Berry is vacating would be sitting for interviews at the state federation’s convention this weekend in Hot Springs.
    “We’re going to drill the hell out of them,” Hughes said, alluding to their positions on health care and other issues important to labor.

    Arcuri and Space, both second-term members from districts previously held by Republicans, are widely viewed as having switched for the most purely political reasons.

    “Fear in politics is a very powerful thing, and these guys were just fearful of losing their seats,” a top White House aide said.

    In New York, liberals have already begun wooing one of Arcuri’s former primary opponents to run against him.

    Les Roberts, a Columbia University professor, has said that he’s considering running in the Democratic primary as well as on the Working Families Party ballot line.

    In the run-up to the vote, Arcuri said he was unhappy that Medicare was still not allowed to negotiate drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry and had worries that taxes on medical devices may have an adverse impact on his district.

    Well, those sound like good reasons to me. Taxes ARE going to go up, as are insurance premiums, and drug prices. All thanks to Obama pandering to Big Pharma. But hey – why let some facts interfere with threats, right? Right:
    In Ohio, local chapters of SEIU and UFCW announced Monday that they would no longer support Space, who already faced a difficult reelection in his rural eastern-Ohio-based district after he supported the energy bill last year.
    Space indicated he was concerned that the final version of the bill might tax the health care benefits of his middle-class constituents.

    Lipinski and Lynch are the most puzzling switchers in the group — both hail from heavily Democratic, big-city districts.

    Lipinski cited concerns about abortion, but his position was undercut when Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) and other anti-abortion Democrats still voted for final passage of the bill after Obama issued an executive order reiterating the ban on federal money being used on the procedure.

    What angers Democrats about Lipinski is that he suffers from diabetes, and it has long been thought in Chicago political circles that he is in Congress in part to have access to a gold-plated congressional health care plan.

    The view among party officials is that Lipinski’s father, a conservative-leaning Democrat who previously held his son’s seat and engineered the succession, thought it would be good politics to oppose the bill.

    “He could not articulate to us why he was doing this,” a senior White House official said of Lipinski.

    While the Illinois primary has already taken place, an independent could still file to run against Lipinski this fall.

    As for Lynch, Democrats believe he’s still bitter over the lack of support he received when he considered running in the special Senate race for the seat of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and thought that, by changing his vote, he could separate himself from other 2012 primary hopefuls vying for the seat now held by GOP Sen. Scott Brown.

    But it’s difficult to see how such a position could be advantageous in a Democratic primary in a state such as Massachusetts.

    “John Kerry tried to disabuse him of that notion but could not,” said a senior White House official, referring to the Bay State’s senior senator.

    “Everyone I talk to is baffled by Lynch’s votes,” said the AFL-CIO’s Ackerman, noting that the congressman, a former ironworker, comes out of the labor movement.

    Lynch, for his part, said he opposed the bill because it didn’t do enough to crack down on insurance companies.

    But progressives in Massachusetts are already courting a potential primary opponent, Harmony Wu, to run against Lynch.

    Well, considering by some estimations premiums are going to go UP $2,100 not DOWN $2,500, as Obama claimed they would, I can see why these representatives are concerned. Heck, taxes ARE going to go UP to, exposing another Obama lie. There is GREAT concern about the cost of this bill for New York City, for example. Why? Because NYC will have to pay $6.5 BILLION a year to DC in taxes as a result of this bill:

    That figure is JUST for the city, not including the rest of the state. Holy moley. That’s a big chunk of change. $200,000, as Megyn Kelly pointed out, is NOT a lot in the city. No kidding. Oh, what a great bill this is.

    So, yes, these folks are indeed being threatened. By their own party members, I might add. Just more of the Obama Hope-y, Change-y Unicorn Rainbow – Chicago style. I can’t wait to see what’s next…

  74. I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. India was fun, filthy and not in the good way 🙂

    AP finally does its job and reports the Healthscam as it is……

    Congress passed the bill without knowing what was in it. Barack Obama signed it without reading it. Now it looks as though the Associated Press reported on ObamaCare without comprehending its content. Readers will have to scroll far down to discover that the elimination of a key tax break that kept retirees on company prescription-medication plans will mean dumping millions of seniors onto Medicare — and that the AP ignored it until now:

    The health care overhaul will cost U.S. companies billions and make them more likely to drop prescription drug coverage for retirees because of a change in how the government subsidizes those benefits.

    In the first two days after the law was signed, three major companies — Deere & Co., Caterpillar Inc. and Valero Energy — said they expect to take a total hit of $265 million to account for smaller tax deductions in the future.

    With more than 3,500 companies now getting the tax break as an incentive to keep providing coverage, others are almost certain to announce similar cost increases in the weeks ahead as they sort out the impact of the change.

    Figuring out what it will mean for retirees will take longer, but analysts said as many as 2 million could lose the prescription drug coverage provided by their former employers, leaving them to enroll in Medicare’s program.

  75. don’t you see the argument Orzag is setting up? Can’t you see what he’s setting the stage for? They want to “fix” the unbroken social security program. They want to out-Bush Bush. Hold on to your wallet folks. We are about to get ripped off again.
    mj: I do not disagree. Social security is the cash cow which the beltway elites want liqidate, largely because they are sufficiently wealthy that they do not have to rely on it for THEIR OWN SURVIVAL. These people are the most self-centered selfish and arrogant people you will ever meet. Ever. Also, they have figured out that if social security does survive the time will come when entitlement will be means tested, which means they will not receive it. Why else would Tim (May He Rot In Hell) Russert have pushed so hard to liquidate social security? He bedeviled Hillary with question on that subject and she refused to budge. Some have suggested he was a Republican but that explanation never washed with me given his tenure with Moynahn and other prominent Democrats. I think the motivation of Russert, limosine liberals, Bushies and now Obamites (mites for short) is based on social and economic status. They are the elites, and it is axiomatic that taxes and benefits are for working people, which obviously does not include them.

  76. From RGB’s article up thread “Simultaneously, the administration welcomed a Pakistani delegation with orgiastic generosity. The Pakistanis scribbled out the bill, and we whipped out our credit card.”

    I can attest to this. I listened to the press conference between Hillary and the Pakistani Foreign Minister, Quureshi and he was a perfect jerk and so obnoxious — his words were crass and tone condescendingly triumphant — he was like I, I told Hillary a, b, c and now she and others are implementing my ideas. He was also saying “you want us to do all this, give us money” and now he has money but the jerk can’t even have the class to say thank you in a civilized way. Hillary was gracious and polite saying thank you multiple times at the end of his statement but these thugs don’t deserve that.

  77. AP finally does its job and reports the Healthscam as it is…
    Moon–glad you are back.

    AP does its job? I guess so, IF the man who was supposed to shut the barn door, knowingly left the barn door open and after the horse escaped has the audacity to say this never would have happened if someone had bothered to shut the barn door.

  78. wbboei…..i know, i meant it in sarcasm, AP will never do its job, if it did we would not be in this mess to begin with.

    Total muppets.

  79. wbboei
    March 26th, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    If social security ever becomes means tested then it will not survive. It will die. And we will see rates of elderly poverty rates return to 1930’s levels. If these people ever turn SS into a welfare program, which they would love to do, the legs of support under the program would crumble.

  80. With 2,400 pages, there are going to months of stuff like:

    “Holy sh**, you won’t believe this one…”

    NOW they start doing their jobs.
    NOW the questions come…

  81. As expected, Obama and his bastards passed this feck up of a bill and its going to be a disaster of epic proportions. They wanted it passed at all costs, now lets see them pay the fiddler.

  82. If social security ever becomes means tested then it will not survive. It will die. And we will see rates of elderly poverty rates return to 1930’s levels. If these people ever turn SS into a welfare program, which they would love to do, the legs of support under the program would crumble.
    Ultimately right. But I think the plan of the bots is to convert it from a retirement plan into a poverty plan, so they will set the entitlement level at a very low figure. The goal of Obama is to eliminate the middle class. If you analyze what he does by that criterion you will never be wrong about him.

  83. By the time this Franken-bill walks out of the lab, no one is going to like it:

    * not the insurance companies
    * not the hospitals
    * not the doctors
    * not the patients
    * not seniors
    * not Medicare providers
    * not Medicare patients
    * not generic drug manufacturers
    * not Big Pharma

    As various parts of the black hole start sucking in the rest, nothing will be spared.

    When it becomes TOO obvious HOW badly it was slapped together, THEN they’ll start performing *surgery on the bill*.

  84. Obama was coy about how he is different from other presidents. Many people assumed he was referring to his race. But as with everything else he does there was a hidden reason as well which is based on his sycophatic nature.

    Ever since World War II the goal and the promise of every politician has been to promote the interests of the middle class, on the assumption that as goes the middle class economically so goes the nation. Even the Great Society Progam was intended to foster that goal by lifting more people out of poverty and into the middle class–however imperfectly.

    Obama is different from any other politican in this sense: he intends to destroy the middle class through his economic policies, by the accumulation of unsustainable debt and a regime of massive taxation and the devaluation of the dollar. That is why he must be stopped.

  85. wbboei…..i know, i meant it in sarcasm, AP will never do its job, if it did we would not be in this mess to begin with.

    Total muppets.
    Moon: we agree.

  86. A rose by any other name is still a rose. The same goes with a traitor. I use the word often to describe big media, what the party did to Hillary, and what their whole evil cabal is doing to our country.

    I wonder sometimes if my rhetoric is too how shall I put it–tough. Not that it matters particularly, but one does try to maintain some level of objectivity even when you are fighting against the scum of the earth. So I took a look at Websters to see if I was going a little bit too far, and it seems the word traitor is wholly appropriate to the subjects and their perverse acts. Towit:

    Main Entry: trai·tor
    Pronunciation: \ˈtrā-tər\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English traytour, from Anglo-French traitre, from Latin traditor, from tradere to hand over, deliver, betray, from trans-, tra- trans- + dare to give — more at date
    Date: 13th century
    1 : one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty
    2 : one who commits treason

    So at least I have Merrium Webster on my side.

    I cannot help but notice that others are beginning to use the word traitor as well. They using it to describe the bait and switch dimocrats who conspired with traitor Obama to push health care deform which will reward insurance companies, punish the people and violate our Constitution. Towit:


    Published on on March 26, 2010

    Printer-Friendly Version

    Scott Murphy of New York, Suzanne Kosmas and Alan Boyd of Florida, Betsy Markey of Colorado, Dennis Kucinich and John Boccieri of Ohio and Glenn Nye of Virginia – a partial list of the traitors who switched their votes in the House from no to yes on Obamacare. Another, Gordon of Tennessee voted no when running for re-election and then switched to yes when he retired rather than face defeat, so he is beyond our reach.

    We need to make a point of defeating these traitors in 2010! That is what democracy is for.

    We know who they are. We know where their districts are located. And we will all come looking for them in November.

    These deceitful men and women voted “no” when their votes didn’t count in November of 2009, seeking to fool us into believing that they had our interests at heart. But, when push came to shove and their votes counted, they switched and ran their true colors up the flagpole and voted yes.

    Yes for a $500 billion cut in Medicare. Yes for federal bureaucrats deciding who gets care and who dies. Yes for raising Medicaid eligibility and making states pay for it, forcing tax increases throughout the nation. Yes for big hikes in federal income and capital gains taxes. Yes for making young people pay $8500 for an individual and $12,500 for a family to buy health insurance way beyond their needs.or fining them 2.5% of their incomes for failing to do so.or for prison time if they do neither. Yes for taxing medical devices like arterial stents, prosthetic limbs, and automated wheelchairs. Yes for slashing subsidies to Medicare Advantage for the elderly. Yes for rationing of health care as the number of patients grows while the population of doctors shrinks.

    And, most importantly, yes for forcing Congress to face a cruel choice: Cut Medicare or raise the deficit.

    These seven Congressmen deserve to be exposed to their voters.

    Our job is to tell the voters about their outrageous votes and let the voters decide.

  87. I have been thinking about the 2008 (s)election and I am coming more and more to the conclusion it was completely rigged.

    No one can tell me the repubs didn’t know what Squat was planning, including McCain.
    For that matter, you can’t tell me the dims didn’t know, either, including HRC.

    Yet they let him steal the POTUS position.


    Many of us here had that gnawing in the pit of our stomachs about squat during the primaries and I think that’s one reason we fought so hard for HRC – we instinctively knew what the alternative would be.

    You can’t tell me that professional pols didn’t have the same instincts plus all the facts they needed to bring him down.

    Why didn’t someone, anyone step up and stop him?

    We all know that admin is brilliant and there are a lot of really smart posters here but despite appearances to the contrary there are brilliant political strategists as well.

    No one said a word.

    Both McCain and HRC had many opportunities to stop him but neither one dared. Why?

    By refusing to stop him when they could have they may have doomed the entire country.

    This is on their heads – both dims and repubs.

    We were sacrificed. For what? For who?

    The endless race baiting has been the last straw for me. It reminds me so much of several incidents during my teaching career in mostly black neighborhoods.

    Black parents would set up white teachers with charges of racism against their kids and then launch lawsuits, usually argued by white liberal lawyers, and try to shake down school districts.

    Naturally, this put the fear of the almighty dollar in the heads of superintendents and boards of educations everywhere and so everyone looked the other way as kids got more and more out of control and the tools to discipline them were stripped away out of fear of racial accusations.

    It was a scam.

    Toward the end of my teaching career rich white Americorps types would infiltrate the schools for a few years and tout the black race-baiters charges of social injustice, further poisoning the teaching setting.

    That’s exactly what I see happening in the US.

    And still I wonder why it’s being allowed to happen.

    Anyone have any answers?

    Anyone have any suggestions for stopping it?

  88. Squat has no reverence for western European history, culture or accomplishments.

    His inspiration isn’t found among the pillars of western civiliaztion whether from Greece, Rome or England.

    He has no respect for this country’s founders, for the genius’s of music, writing, science.

    He wouldl ike to wipe the earth free of the memory of anything and anyone not from his narrow hateful nasty worldview.

    Although he may not be Muslim he has a jihadist mentality.

    For who the “infidel” is anyone not raised on black liberation theology and Saul alinsky methodology.

    He is at war with us the way jihadists are at war with us in every way except physical suicide.

    And he won’t stop until the America we love has ceased to exist.

    He does not share American values, heroes, memories or pride.

    The National Anthem should be replaced. Israel is no longer a valuable ally but an enemy. The bust of Winston Churchill is sent back to England.

    I am heartsick.

  89. The Chamber of Commerce, the largest U.S. business group, said it fears a pro-labor board would change rules to allow “mini-unions.” A pending petition would require employers to bargain on contracts with smaller groups of employees, even if the union doesn’t represent a majority of a company’s workers.
    A dear departed friend who worked for me for many years had a situation similar to this one before I knew him. His company had a wall to wall contract with a Teamster Local in Pennsylvania at a particular location. The head of that union was intelligent, ethical and well regarded by employers and employees alike. There came a time when another union–Teamsters Local 560 from Union City New Jersey tried to muscle its way into that operation and carve out representation rights for a subgroup within that bargaining unit. My friend and the union leader above, who held the bargaining rights for that operation jointly refused that demand.

    It so happened that the head of that local (Tony Provenzano–aka Tony Pro) was a capo in the Genovese Organized Crime Family. He sent his thugs in to deal with the union leader and they broke his knee caps with a baseball bat. My friend then saw “Pro” at a grievance committee meeting and Pro threatened his life. A couple friends of my friend got him out of town. Their paths never crossed again until years later when a Federal Indictment had been issued against Pro on account of the SeaTrain matter, and another case which led to the imposition of a trusteeship over local 560 at the direction of Judge Ackerman. This was the last time he saw Pro and shortly thereafter Pro went to jail where he died.

    When Pro saw my friend on this occasion he was very cordial to him. He invited him to sit down beside him on a davenport which he did. My friend said I wasn’t so sure you would want to see me Tony based on the way we parted company the last time around. Pro laughed and said yeah, I was mad as hell at you and I was ready to do something about it, but I got distracted with something else.

    This incident took place sometime in the late 60s or early 70s. It is beyond the memory of living men, except for the fact that my friend told me, and if he told you something you could always believe it. He was Pennsylvania Dutch. And the other thing you need to know about Pennsylvania Dutch. Once you get past the shoo fly pie, no always means no. Even when you are dealing with Tony Pro.

  90. Basil: the most promising things I see at this point are first the court case by the states which is likely to bring down Obamacare in whole or in part; second the emergence of many black republican candidates who will oppose him, and not allow him to exploit racial divisions; third the recent polls showing that 18-29 year olds do not like Obamacare; and fourth the X Factor which is coming at him. What that X factor might be I cannot say, but the Theory of Chaos guarantees it will show up.

    And then of course there is the job problem and the economy. These are bad things in most respects, but in terms of Obama, they are the real Achilles Heel.

  91. WHOA!!!!!!!!

    Wbboei, did you see this opinion piece in the WSJ by Massachustts State Treasurere Tim Cahill?

    As state treasurer, I can speak with authority about the Massachusetts pilot program. It has been a fiscal train wreck.

    The universal insurance coverage we adopted in 2006 was projected to cost taxpayers $88 million a year. However, since this program was adopted in 2006, our health-care costs have in total exceeded $4 billion. The cost of Massachusetts’ plan has blown a hole in the Commonwealth’s budget. Just last Thursday, Gov. Deval Patrick’s office announced a $294 million shortfall related to health-care costs.

  92. wbboei,

    You are far more optimistic than me.

    About the black republicans, sadly, I will no longer feel it is safe to support most blacks as it has become clear that ‘race’ identification trumps everything else for AA’s.

    How else can you explain Squat’s 95% + approval rate within that voting block?

    And I place no hope in the court system. Even if it were to hear cases regarding the HRC unconstitutionality it will take too long and happen far too late to have any affect, IMHO.

  93. confloyd
    March 26th, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    The MA plan, wasn’t that put in by Romney?


    It may have been put in by his predecessor (a Democrat???). Better check.

  94. wbboei siad:
    the recent polls showing that 18-29 year olds do not like Obamacare;


    Ah, that’s why it lets them stay under their parents’ insurance (till 26? 29?)

  95. Here’s the whole article.
    It’s short.

    White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod hailed the Massachusetts health-care program as “the template” for the national health-care reform legislation the president signed into law earlier this week. That should be cause for serious concern about this law’s ability to improve our health-care system at an affordable cost.

    As state treasurer, I can speak with authority about the Massachusetts pilot program. It has been a fiscal train wreck.

    The universal insurance coverage we adopted in 2006 was projected to cost taxpayers $88 million a year. However, since this program was adopted in 2006, our health-care costs have in total exceeded $4 billion. The cost of Massachusetts’ plan has blown a hole in the Commonwealth’s budget. Just last Thursday, Gov. Deval Patrick’s office announced a $294 million shortfall related to health-care costs.

    If not for federal Medicaid reimbursements and commitments from Washington to prop up this plan, Massachusetts would be broke. The only reason MassCare has survived is that we have been repeatedly bailed out by the federal government. But that raises the question: Who will bail America out if we implement a similar program?

    While everyone should have access to affordable health care, our experience in Massachusetts tells us that the new federal entitlement will burden future taxpayers with unfunded liabilities they cannot afford. Health-care inflation will continue. Mandates will increase insurance premiums. And the deficit will reach frightening levels as the law’s costs greatly exceed the projections of its advocates.

    As lawmakers push for changes in the bill, they should start by being honest about its costs and focus on making health care more affordable without bankrupting the country.

    Mr. Cahill is the state treasurer of Massachusetts. He is currently running as an independent for governor.

  96. Romney won the election for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002. In his one term, he presided over a series of spending cuts and increases in fees while the state’s finances improved. He signed into law the landmark Massachusetts health care reform legislation, which expanded health insurance access via subsidies and mandates.

  97. Levin makes so much sense!

    He just pointed out that Squat is implementing policies which will force seniors out of company run prescription programs with legislation raising costs as what happened with Deere and Caterpillar, forcing them onto medicare, and then cutting medicare and pulling the rug from under them.

    He is one evil fothermucker!

  98. AT&T will take $1B non-cash charge for health care

    AT&T will take a $1 billion non-cash charge in first quarter related to the health care bill

    NEW YORK (AP) — AT&T Inc. will take a $1 billion non-cash accounting charge in the first quarter because of the health care overhaul and may cut benefits it offers to current and retired workers.

    The charge is the largest disclosed so far. Earlier this week, AK Steel Corp., Caterpillar Inc., Deere & Co. and Valero Energy announced similar accounting charges, saying the health care law that President Barack Obama signed Tuesday will raise their expenses. On Friday, 3M Co. said it will also take a charge of $85 million to $90 million.

    All five are smaller than AT&T, and their combined charges are less than half of the $1 billion that AT&T is planning. The $1 billion is a third of AT&T’s most recent quarterly earnings. In the fourth quarter of 2009, the company earned $3 billion on revenue of $30.9 billion.

    AT&T said Friday that the charge reflects changes to how Medicare subsidies are taxed. Companies say the health care overhaul will require them to start paying taxes next year on a subsidy they receive for retiree drug coverage.

    White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Thursday that the tax law closed a loophole.

    Under the 2003 Medicare prescription drug program, companies that provide prescription drug benefits for retirees have been able to receive subsidies covering 28 percent of eligible costs. But they could deduct the entire amount they spent on these drug benefits — including the subsidies — from their taxable income.

    The new law allows companies to only deduct the 72 percent they spent.

    AT&T also said Friday that it is looking into changing the health care benefits it offers because of the new law. Analysts say retirees could lose the prescription drug coverage provided by their former employers as a result of the overhaul.

    Changes to benefits are unlikely to take effect immediately. Rather, the issue would most likely come up as part of contract negotiations between the company and unions representing its employees and retirees. AT&T is the largest private employer of union workers in the U.S.

    Candice Johnson, spokeswoman for the Communications Workers of America, which represents more than 160,000 AT&T workers, said these employees have contracts in place until 2012. An agreement covering retirees also runs through 2012.

    AT&T rival Verizon Communications Inc. was among 10 companies that sent a letter to congressional leaders in December warning that their costs would increase with the health care changes. Verizon spokesman Peter Thonis said the company had no comment.

    Also on Friday, Reps. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., and Bart Stupak, D-Mich., said they are asking the CEOs of Caterpillar, Verizon, Deere and others to testify at an April 21 House subcommittee hearing on claims that the health care law could hurt their ability to provide health insurance to workers.

    Shares in AT&T, which is based in Dallas, climbed 9 cents to close Friday at $26.24. x=0&sec=topStories&pos=1&asset=&ccode=

  99. hillarygirl,

    That’s what Levin was talking about.

    What a farce this is.

    Soylent Green 2010. What better way to cut costs than getting rid of people of a certain age by axing their medical coverage.

    Seniors, jews, whites, women, gays and Americans of any background who voted for Squat are FOOLS! Twihe rest of us ll pay the price for their indulging in assuaging their white guilt.

  100. I’m posting the following article from an I-phone, so it’s pretty much impossible to cut and paste portions of it without a lot of difficulty. I apologize for
    that. I’m posting this because it has to do with the admin’s blogpost. The Demorats are definitely trying to make this a bigger issue than it is, especially when one considers all of the threats that were made during the Democratic primaries against Hillary supporters that were not important enough to report, or be taken seriously.

    Note the title of the article that I’m posting. Poor Sarah Palin is being blamed for the liberal hate in the US. Damn DemoRats can never accept responsibility for what they do. Also, check out the comments that were made to Bart Stupak. Oh my! How threatening! Granted, some acts are not condoned by me, but what do these idiots expect, boquets of roses for a job well done?

    E-mail    Print     Share +    Comments (85) Mar 26, 2010 3:45 am US/Eastern
    Rep. Weiner: Palin Is Stoking Liberal Hate
    White Powder Sent To N.Y. Congressman Not Hazardous; Former GOP VP Candidate’s Twitter, Web Site Under Fire
    Marcia Kramer NEW YORK (CBS) ―

    At least 10 congressmen who voted for health care reform are finding it came with a liberal dose of health care hate.

    A rash of vandalism, violence and threats are being investigated by the FBI.

    Threats against a congressman who voted for the health care bill were tuned up a notch Thursday when Rep. Anthony Weiner’s office received a letter containing white powder.

    Hazmat teams rushed to Weiner’s Kew Gardens office after the letter containing the powder was received Thursday afternoon. At least nine people were decontaminated as a precaution.

    The NYPD’s field tests ruled the white powder was not hazardous.

    The FBI was also on the scene. It is investigating vandalism and threats to almost a dozen congressmen across the country.

    “The FBI is here opening up what is called a threat case against the congressman, to investigate the threat,” said FBI Agent Richard Kolko.

    Weiner issued a statement saying: “Earlier today an envelope containing white powder and a threatening letter was delivered to my community office in Kew Gardens. The NYPD was immediately alerted and have responded appropriately by sending a Hazmat team. Any questions related to their response should be directed to the NYPD. My first priority is the safety of my staff and neighbors, and the authorities are currently taking steps to investigate and resolve the situation.”

    Earlier CBS 2 HD spoke via satellite to the congressman about letters he received earlier containing profanity and anti-Semitic slurs — all payback for his support of health care reform.

    “When someone sends me a postcard signed with a swastika or sends mail threatening violence it’s obviously jarring,” Weiner said.

    Others were also threatened in New York, including Reps. Steve Israel and Carolyn Maloney.

    “We received several dozen that really crossed the line. Anti-Semitic expressions, really gross expressions to young, Congressional staffers, and of those, one required referral to the Capitol police,” said Rep. Israel (D-Long Island).

    Niagara Congresswoman Louise Slaughters had a brick thrown through her office window and the threat to “kill the children of members who voted yes.”

    Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak, who is against abortion, was getting threats from pro-life callers.

    “You will rue the day you did this, Mr. Stupak,” one caller said.

    “I hope you die,” said another.

    As the violence grew, the FBI said it would investigate about a dozen incidents, including shots fired at the Richmond, Va. office of Republican Eric Canter, who said the threats were due partially to the fact that he’s Jewish.

    “By ratcheting up the rhetoric, some will only inflame these situations to dangerous levels. Enough is enough, it has to stop,” he said.

    Some Democrats charged Republican Sarah Palin with throwing gas on the flames. Palin tweeted her followers, saying: “Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America: ‘Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!'”

    [Me:]. I love when Sarah Palin fights fire with fire, and how she sends the DemoRats into a tizzy. If anyone knows about threats, it’s Sarah Palin.

    Palin also used her Web site to target 20 House Democrats who voted yes on health care. There was a map with gunsights on the districts.

    “When Sarah Palin uses gun analogies and gun imagery when she makes her political point, she may believe that she’s engaging in metaphor. But there are too many people who have twisted minds who might think that she’s being literal,” said Weiner. [Me:] Change the word literal to liberal, and that would be more plausible. “What might seem as an obvious metaphor for some people may seem like an invitation for someone else.”

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned vandalism and threats of violence against members of Congress in connection with the health care issue, saying such reprisals “must be rejected.”

    She told a news conference Thursday that “I don’t want this to be a distraction,” but also said that such behavior has “no place in a civil debate in our country.”. [Me:] Hahaha, Nancy said “civil debate”.



    (© MMX, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

  101. Re MA health care, Romney may have signed it, but did he really design or want it, or was it in works from his predecessor and/or the (Democratic?)legislature?

  102. Here is one proposal for a Republican to defeat dimocrats. Think about the irony here–republicans fighting to restore funding for medicare benefits originally passed by Democrats and then taken away by now dimocrats led by Barack Hussein Obama. The moral to the story is each side is opportunistic and our best strategy is not to get hung up on party labels but to instead be willing to play both ends to the middle. In November 2010 my interests will align with republicans, and likewise in 2012 if Obama is re nominated, which I believe is highly uncertain given the economic train wreck he is creating.
    The Strategy:

    1. Restore the Medicare cuts mandated in this bill. Block the reduction of physicians’ fees by 21 percent scheduled to take effect this fall. Override the cuts in Medicare that require annual approval by Congress. Challenge the Democrats over each and every cut. Try to peel away enough votes to stop the cuts from driving doctors and hospitals to adopt the course already taken by the Mayo Clinic in refusing to take Medicare patients.

    2. Defeat the Democrats in the 2010 election! Start with the traitors who voted no in November and then switched to a shameful yes when it counted in March: Baird (Washington), Kosmas, and Boyd (Florida). Then go on to win the open seats in the House and Senate. And then fight to replace as many Democrats as possible. Remember:

    Any Democrat who voted no would have voted yes if they had needed his or her vote. The only way to repeal Obamacare is to vote Republican.

    3. Defund once we get the majority in both chambers, defund appropriations for the Obamacare program. The bill Congress passed and the president signed is simply an authorization measure. Congress must appropriate funds for it each year. Through zero funding these changes, we can cripple them before they take full effect.

    4. Repeal, once we defeat Barack Obama, this disastrous plan before it can ruin our healthcare system. Then, we must replace it with a Republican alternative which relies on the marketplace, tax incentives, and individual responsibility to provide healthcare to all Americans.

    Above all, we finally must learn the fundamental lesson this political process we have been through has to teach: That there is no such thing as a conservative or moderate Democrat. Blue dogs don’t exist in real life. Only yellow dogs.

    The days when there were Democrats who refused to follow their radical left-wing party line are over. There are no longer “state” Democrats who vote conservative as opposed to “national” Democrats who vote with the left. They are an extinct species. Some senators and congressmen capitalize on our memories of those days and pretend to be moderates. But they are just faking it.

    Nancy Pelosi knew — as Harry Reid knew in the Senate — that she had the potential support of every single Democrat in her chamber if only the price was right. The sole difference between moderate and liberal Democrats is their asking price. Moderates require slightly higher bribes to assure their votes.

    There are only two kinds of congressmen or senators: Democrats and Republicans. We have had a national education, and it’s time to learn from it. In days gone by, intelligent people liked to say that they voted for the person, not the party. Now those who say this are fooling themselves. There is only party! The most conservative Democrat is way to the left of the most liberal Republican.

    The Democratic victory on Obamacare will prove the most expensive in the party’s history. It will lead to the eradication of their majority, the defeat of more than fifty of their Congressmen, the switch of Senate control, and Republican domination for decades. And, in the end, it will have done nothing to improve healthcare. But, fortunately, we can win the 2010 election to stop it from doing much damage.

  103. Confloyd, why in hells name would you think Romney knows what he is doing? He’s an empty suit. And, yes, it’s what he wanted. There was supposed to be a public a;lternative that the leg threw out days before it passed. Blue Cross wrote the plan. Health insurance reform is not left/right, it is corparate v. little guy, and the pols are with the corps.

  104. Larry Johnson at Noquarterusa has a post up about the government’s new plan to help people struggling with their mortgages. Larry is aptly calling it socialized housing. Considering that many people purchase homes as investments, they should be treated as such. These people unfortunately gambled and lost, much like what people who purchase stocks in the stock market do every day. So… when is the government going to help those people who lost money in the stock market recoup their losses? I feel for people who’s home mortgages are bad, but when, when, when is his going to stop?

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