Sexist, Racist MSNBC

The coastal South American country of Chile suffered an earthquake in the early morning hours today. As usual Hillary Clinton is on the job. Actually Hillary was on South American patrol way before the earthquake. Yesterday, before the quake struck this report appeared:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will visit five Latin American nations next week, seeking to foster relationships with some newly elected leaders and cement ties with others.

Hillary Clinton was scheduled to visit Uruguay, Argentina (they have a woman President), then Chile.

Clinton will bid farewell to President Michelle Bachelet, Chile’s popular leader who will be leaving with high approval ratings for steering her country through the global economic downturn and promoting progressive social reforms. Under Chile’s constitutional term limits, a president cannot run for a second consecutive term.

Oh right, Chile has a woman President too. After Chile, it’s on to Brazil, Costa Rica (“which elected its first female president this month”), and the final stop in Guatemala. South America, maligned as having a “macho culture”, elects women throughout the continent. What does the electoral history of South America say about the big neighbor to the North, us?

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Remember in early April 2007 when Don Imus on MSNBC attacked some young women basketball players with his “nappy headed hos” comment? The attack on women was quickly turned into a mostly racist remark. All the women on the basketball team were women. Not all the women on the basketball team were black. But it became a racial issue, not so much a sexist and misogyny issue.

That was back in the day when we seriously wrote compliments about Keith Olbermann. For those that have forgotten the “hos” incident, Don Imus made his disgusting statements and after many protests (many from hypocrites like Al Sharpton and Gwen Ifill, and “hymie town” Jesse Jackson), Don Imus was fired. In an interview with David Gregory, Jesse Jackson correctly said this in his own defense when David Gregory brought up Jackson’s “hymie town” comment as a counter to Imus’ “nappy” comment:

Jackson: “It’s not just Imus making a statement but when people like you appear on the show and Tim Russert and, and, and McCain and Harold Ford, you give, you’ve given credence to the show.

Jackson then went in for the kill:

Gregory: “I’m sorry, Reverend Jackson, I just have to interrupt you here. I’m sorry, be very precise in what you are saying.”

Jackson: “All right.”

Gregory: “You are saying from, what, 3:00 to 12, because we do have African Americans who work at this company who are on MSNBC and NBC and I don’t want to detract from your point because you are entitled to make it, but I think you need to be accurate.”

Jackson: “All right. Name- Name- Name- Name- Name me a host of an MSNBC show.”

Gregory: “We’ve gone through this before. We did this a few days ago on the air. Alison Stewart is an African American host on MSNBC.”

Jackson: “So, does she host, does she host between 3:00 and 12?

Alison who?

After Imus was fired MSNBC promised reform. Joe Scarborough took over the time slot and for a short while there was a black sidekick by the name of John Ridley. Ridley has long been gone.

We mention this history because the Tea Party movement has long been under attack, just like Hillary supporters, as being racists. The Tea Party people hit back. They hit back with a video invitation to a meeting in Dallas today:

A tea party group is criticizing Keith Olbermann for suggesting the conservative grassroots organizations lack diversity, challenging the MSNBC host to attend an anti-tax rally on Saturday.

A 90-second web video posted on Monday by the Dallas Tea Party rebuts the liberal “Countdown” host’s attacks on the groups during his show.

“Let me ask all of you who attend these things, how many black faces do you see at these events?” Olbermann says during a clip highlighted in the video.

“Well, Keith, we see a whole lot more at our events than we see at MSNBC,” a narrator responds, as the video cuts to an image of the network’s mostly white lineup.

What happened to the black faces on MSNBC promise? It’s gone the way of all MSNBC apologies – like David Shuster’s Bald Spot.

Joe Scarborough is often praised as “Hillary friendly”. But woman friendly? Think again.

SCARBOROUGH: Have you seen Fred Thompson’s wife?
CRAWFORD: Oh, yeah.
SCARBOROUGH: You think she, you think she works the pole?

Not a good moment for the generally reliable good guy Craig Crawford either.

But in the annals of scum, Chris Matthews smiles bright.

MATTHEWS: But isn’t that a challenge, because when it comes down to that final decision to vote for president, a woman president, a woman commander in chief, will be an historic decision for people. Not just men, but women as well. Elisabeth, you’re always thinking about these things.

BUMILLER: It’s Golda Meir, it’s Margaret Thatcher. I mean, we all remember these women. I, you know, I think we can get there.

MATTHEWS: But we’ve got Patton and John Wayne on our side

And of course there was the day when old Imus met the the latest Imus and discussed the “horny monster”:

IMUS: Can she be elected president?

MATTHEWS: You know, somewhere out in the Atlantic Ocean, I think there might be a giant, green, ugly, horny monster. A gigantic, gigantic monster of anti-Hillary, an anti-woman Hillary, anti-liberal woman Hillary, some real ferocious beast out there that says no matter what happens between now and Election Day, they’re not going to let her win. There’s men, some women, are just not going to let this woman, this woman win the presidency. I don’t know whether that monster’s out there. All men I meet are afraid to talk like that. You only hear criticism of Hillary from smart, college-educated women. They’re the ones that always have a problem with her now.

But something tells me this country hasn’t changed that dramatically. You know, a friend of mine pointed out the other day that we let African-Americans vote starting in the 1860s, at least under the law. It took us until the 1920s to let women vote. It’s easier for men to accept a black guy as president than a woman president, I think, historically.

So why’s everybody so happy about Hillary? Have we changed overnight? And that’s what I can’t get in my head. If we have changed overnight, that’s a big development. If we haven’t, we haven’t talked about it yet. But there’s something out there about having a woman president – it’s huge — and nobody wants to talk about it. Just the idea of a woman president. And nobody’s argued it. It’s always — it’s all this politically correct, careful discussion. And yet it’s there, and nobody’s debating it.

MSNBC and NBC eventually went to war against Hillary Clinton and the very idea of a woman president. South America’s “macho” men have elected women and the “horny” monster tsunami did not appear. It is in America, at NBC and MSNBC that the horny monster reigns. The horny green monster is in technicolor. It is on MSNBC.


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  1. From Rasmussen, so much for what NBC/MSNBC hath wrought:

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that 22% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-three percent (43%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -21. That matches the lowest Approval Index rating yet recorded for President Obama.

    Overall, 43% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance. That is the lowest level of total approval yet measured for this President. Fifty-five percent (55%) disapprove. The President earns approval from 76% of Democrats while 86% of Republicans disapprove. Among those not affiliated with either major party, 38% approve and 61% disapprove. The President earns approval from 37% of men and 49% of women.

  2. admin,

    It doesn’t hurt to be reminded again and again just how corrupt and stupid the mainstream media has become.

    Well said.

  3. Ani, the Rasmussen poll indicates why Republicans are sleeping with smiles. What continues to drag incompetent Obama down is the health scam and the persistence of Dimocrats to pass what few like. Republicans want the talk to be about the health scam, not jobs. Dimocrats are afraid they will prove that without a leader like Hillary they cannot govern. So health care rules and polls plummet. Wait until reconciliation fails.

    The only other time the Approval Index was this low came in late December as the U.S. Senate prepared to approve its version of health care reform (see trends). Most voters continue to oppose the proposed health care plan.

  4. Someone here in Texas has opened the door to the loonie farm and they are all here to be xrayed. OMG, it has been a horrible 24 hrs and I only have 24 more hrs to go. Wish me luck.

  5. Admin, I really cannot fathom that these dems want to drive off a cliff like this. These numbers are so cynical, they cannot actually believe this is going to do anything but bankrupt the country. Why push it? I truly do not get it. What could possibly be their purpose — that the glory of passing something this big will outweigh the truth of its failure?

  6. djia, Per your last comment to me 3 threads ago about the republicans using the reconcillation act for legit. budgetary needs. The reconcillation act for the most part has been used to aid healthcare…..Cobra and others. This plan is to big to be used for that, but certainly a few things like tort reform, maximum lifetime limit, of coarse my personal favorite pre-existing ailments. They wouldn’t have to put all of it in at this time. They could do it in installments.
    Of coarse we know for certain that the republicans are always passing only legit stuff only and never do anything underhanded like going to a preemptive war with fictious WND’s. Oh how soon we forget!

  7. Friday Afternoon Roundup – First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin

    Written by Daniel Greenfield
    Saturday, 27 February 2010

    The difference between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s political instincts couldn’t be clearer with the Health Care Summit. Clinton knew when to get out, shift focus and outplay his opponents. Obama meanwhile remains under the delusion that he’s a bulldozer that can wreck anything in his path. And so the health care disaster keeps on chugging along.

    About the only thing that his Health Care nationalization project has accomplished, has been to hijack Obama’s office, and focus it and congress on a controversial and unpopular proposal.

    And just because has only gotten more unpopular, the longer it chugs along, doesn’t mean that Obama is about to drop that hot potato. No, like the Spartan boy and his fox, he insists on letting it tear him to pieces in the hopes that he can push through and get his bill passed.

    And so what should have been a Senate victory on a jobs bill, an issue that the public cares about, was instead overshadowed by the health care summit, an event which no one thought would accomplish anything, and to no one’s surprise didn’t. The Republicans weren’t going to get caught flatfooted a second time, and all the session accomplished was to repeat an already old debate, while giving the Republican side more airtime for their views than had been previously possible.

    At this point, Obama has to either gamble on a congress desperate enough to go for Reconciliation, even though it’s wholly illegal. Or hope that ala Scott Brown, he can lure more Republicans to his side. But while Brown might have played the bipartisan tune, on a jobs bill, an issue he can always safely take to the political bank without any real hopes of a sizable backlash, few Republican Senators are going to be interested in climbing on board an unpopular bill that most Americans don’t want.

    So what’s next? Sure Obama is hoping to at least take the GOP down with him, along with the Democratic congress, and he might succeed in convincing the public that both parties aren’t worth their vote, but it’s a kamikaze maneuver at best. One that requires real desperation to even contemplate. And while Obama won’t face his own election for a few more years, his ability to get things done depends on congressional support. Without that he’ll be stuck doing the international flybys, and delivering speeches in foreign countries that no one cares about at home, essentially turning him into Tony Blair.

    Obama’s lack of real Senate experienced has convinced him that if he keeps fighting hard enough, he can win. But surrounded by aggressive fighters like Rahm Emanuel in hock to their own reputation, he lacks the long view that sometimes the smarter move is to shift the topic.

    The longer he focuses on health care, the more ineffectual his image becomes. And even if he somehow manages to force health care through, it will be cheered by very few on his own site. Meanwhile whether health care succeeds or fails, the odds are good that it will be the new NRA, and will take the blame for Democratic midterm losses. Which may put a definitive end to any more grand programs emanating from the White House.

    But Obama instead is trying to play parliamentary politics, holding summits, debating Senators and trying to control the entire party and every single Democratic politician’s election campaign. Of course despite his embrace of non-American parliamentary politics, Obama is still wedded to his contempt for the UK. A somehow baffling contempt, as unless the British killed his father, repeatedly insulting an ally is not a smart move, particularly when you have a shortage of allied forces propping up your Afghan initiative.

  8. JanH, it is like Jimmy Carter during the hostage crisis. Instead of moving along, Carter held the whole nation hostage to the hostage crisis. That was what the Iranians wanted.

    HotAir, the Republican/Conservative website has this to say:

    Republicans have reacted with understandable glee to the Democratic insistence on extending the debate on ObamaCare. After all, we are coming up on eight months since the Democrats first introduced this bill and attempted to rush it through Congress. In that time, their polling has plunged, grassroots reaction has exploded, and a popular new President has seen his standing rapidly fall with voters. The midterms look like a disaster already, and a last-ditch effort by Democrats to use parliamentary tricks to pass a broadly unpopular bill will only make that worse.

  9. Over the past year when reading about health care I have noticed a lot of griping about medicare/medicaid paying exorbitant amounts for drug and alcohol rehab while denying treatment for other ailments.I was shocked to learn that often the price tag for treatment centers is a grand a day. But I was even more shocked to discover that many are mandated by the courts and instead of the treatment coming out of the penal system the individuals are placed on welfare and public assistance picks up the bloated tab. Non violent drug addicted persons in my opinion are better rehabilitated through treatment but why doesn’t the justice system assume the cost? And does the o plan address this? 50 grand to keep a guy in prison for a year and the end result is just a more hardened criminal

  10. Admin:

    “That was back in the day when we seriously wrote compliments about Keith Olbermann.”


    Yes, admin, writing compliments about Keith Olberman happened in another lifetime. It all ended when Keith decided during the Primary to escalate his maligning attacks on Hillary (5 nights a week) attempting to foment discontent against her with his viewing audience. He failed and failed miserably, eventually leading to what looked like his psychotic break…

    No worries there. Olberman’s psycho drama carries no weight with Hillary supporters whistling past the graveyard.

  11. I thought the Dems were going to start the big push for their health care bill starting this week but Drudge has a link saying that they are going to wait 6 weeks. The quote included in the story says that Obama “gave folks 4-6 weeks before we go it alone”. Now, I’m not that astute, but won’t that make things even worse for the Dems as the debate about using reconciliation to force unwanted legislation on the public will surely get more scrutiny over that time. Or are the Dems thinking that somehow they can swing public opinion in those week? Good luck on that…

    Also, everyone on this site has great insights, observations and information–but Wbboie, if you are out there please reconsider your exit from here–things are heating up politically and with Admin saying there is news related to Hillary that will be brought forth soon your keen analysis and observations will be missed….

  12. Great article pointing out the hypocritical standards -do as we say, not as we do.
    I still don’t understand how race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson have so much power….the way they treated and continue to treat the Clinton’s is patently offensive to anyone who has watched Bill/Hillary fight for AA’s over the yrs. It is pretty clear why many AA’s can’t get ahead when they have so called leaders like those creeps.

  13. Wobbei, I too will add my voice to those hoping you will join us again. I have always missed your input when you have taken a few days off. To me, you have always been like a second administrator and I’ve valued your opinion.

    Please reconsider.

    We are going to need you to help us fight the good fight so keep that AlMar sharp and come back to us.

  14. Paterson certainly stood up to the Kennedys and to the media by naming Hillary’s ally Gillibrand to Hillary’s Senate seat.

  15. Oh boy, this could lead to an early retirement, you from stress. LOL!

    WASHINGTON – It’s a trip to the doctor for President Barack Obama.

    The 48-year-old commander in chief heads to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., on Sunday morning for his first physical exam as president.

    During the 2008 White House race, his campaign released a statement from his longtime Chicago doctor saying Obama was in excellent health at the time of his last exam — in January 2007.

    That statement also said Obama had a family history of cancer — and a smoking habit he was trying to break.

    The president said at a news conference last June that he still had an occasional cigarette. It was his first public acknowledgment that he hadn’t kicked the habit.

  16. Duh! She’s just figuring this out now?

    Jamie Stiehm

    Hillary Clinton: Betrayed, in the End, by Senate Boys Club?

    Hold on, thought I, before shelving two early 2010 books about the 2008 presidential election. There’s something to be read and said in the pages of “Game Change” by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin that somehow got lost in translation, even by the authors themselves.

    And in “Notes From the Cracked Ceiling,” author Anne E. Kornblut makes the case that the national electorate isn’t ready for a woman president, judging by her own coverage of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for The Washington Post.

    Actually, it may be the Washington elected class that’s most resistant to a gender game change — meaning in the 2008 drama, Clinton’s own fellow senators. In “Game Change,” the U.S. Senate comes across as the highest glass ceiling of all. The boys club — or gentlemen’s club — that Clinton worked hard to join essentially turned on her early in the game and may have blackballed her chances. The same key members within the club befriended and encouraged Sen. Barack Obama, giving his candidacy a tremendous back-channel boost in the beginning.

    A simple truth lies in plain view, like Poe’s purloined letter, across these two tomes. To wit, let’s not assume it’s the national electorate that’s so unready for a female president. A fired-up Clinton was catching on pretty good toward the end, winning major primaries in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas. But the upper echelons of the political establishment, which she had reason to believe were on her side, had other ideas. “They” decided she was too divisive, even as she competed well in the field.

    To a man, many of Clinton’s friends and allies in the Senate reached out to the talented but untested freshman senator from Illinois, urging Barack Obama to run for president. Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer of New York was one of these; so was Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. Highly respected Tom Daschle, a former majority leader, urged Obama to seize the moment and promised to advise him. For the most part, these conversations were held in private in “a conspiracy of whispers,” as Heilemann and Halperin put it. When the late Sen. Edward Kennedy went public with a full-throated roar of endorsement, then the extent of Obama’s support by the clubby Senate Democrats became clear.

    For Obama, that was almost as sweet as winning the Iowa caucuses. But for Clinton, it was finding out that “friends” can make the most insidious foes of all.

    Was it a betrayal, as the authors call it, by Clinton’s Senate colleagues? Perhaps, but it wasn’t just politics as usual. I see it in shades of gender as well as politics. Older men often like to champion and mentor younger men who remind them of their youth. Given a choice between anointing a political peer, a woman, and an outstanding younger African American (12 years younger), it wasn’t even close. Obama was their pick.

    The moral: The glass houses of Congress need more cracking, too, with their ceilings as high as the Capitol dome.

  17. Washington Insider Named Obama’s Social Secretary

    February 27, 2010

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The White House appointed a Washington insider on Saturday to replace Desirée Rogers, President Obama’s social secretary who has announced that she will be leaving the post soon.

    The new social secretary, Julianna Smoot, was finance director of Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign and has worked for four senators. She is currently chief of staff to Ron Kirk, the United States trade representative.

    “Julianna shares our commitment to creating an inclusive, dynamic and culturally vibrant White House, and Michelle and I are pleased to have her join our team,” Mr. Obama said in a statement on Saturday.

    Ms. Rogers, who announced her resignation on Friday, is part of a group of Chicagoans who came to Washington with Mr. Obama. But she came under fire for a security lapse that allowed gate-crashers into the president’s first state dinner in November.

    The White House has denied that Ms. Rogers was forced out. “She’s not been asked to leave,” Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, said on Friday. “She’s decided it’s time to go back to doing other things that she loves.”

    In an interview on Friday, Ms. Rogers said she had come to the decision on her own in January.

  18. Secretary Clinton travels to Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala February 28 to March 5. On March 4, Secretary Clinton will be the keynote speaker at the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas Ministerial Meeting in Costa Rica. One of the primary tenets of the Ministerial is the shared commitment to “promote social justice through broad-based growth and economic development that increases equality, social cohesion, and prosperity of the hemisphere.”

    How can individuals collaborate to advance responsible, broad-based development?

  19. I noticed a dark shadow around O’s mouth during the conference the other day. I am not doctor. I was wondering if perhaps that is from the smoking? However, I don’t really have the expertise to analyze that. Anyone of those in medicine have any thoughts?

  20. JanH 8:42

    With the list we have seen of all the other countries that have elected Women to include Chile, one has to wonder if the US is leading anymore, or being smothered by the good old boys club. A complete change of the Senate might be interesting.

  21. However, what still amazes me was the lack of strength of the few women we had there. They folded like a deck of cards, while they looked with adoration into the eyes of the chosen one.

    Maybe we need a new kind of women in there also.

  22. First obama sends Hillary to Syria with his stupid and very dangerous “appeace the terrorists” agenda/back away from Iran warnings.

    They Syria meets with the leaders of Iran and Hizbollah, have a picture perfect moment and laugh in the U.S.’s face.

    Now he is sending her to Latin America with the same message.

    Message to obama: No One is Listening to You. You have become a joke and a bad one at that.

  23. Has any male or female political figure worked any h
    arder tha Hillary? FOX with all its mercenaries and overloaded with beautiful women propagandists showing their skills at reading and physical endowments (Boobs Butts and Gams)to boost ratings has failed to diminish Hillarys tremendous world respect for her strengh knowledge and efforts to save this world from those who want power and and a good seat on the Gravey Train.BILL and HILLARY are our only hopes as role models for our young generations to follow and put love of country and the needs of the unfortunates.


    U.S. Delegation to the 54th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women

    Washington, DC

    February 27, 2010


    The Department of State is pleased to announce the U.S. Delegation attending the 54th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, to be held from March 1 through March 12, 2010 at UN Headquarters in New York.

    Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State, Head of Delegation.
    Ambassador Susan Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN, Alternate Head of Delegation.
    Ambassador Melanne Verveer, Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, U.S. Department of State, Alternate Head of Delegation.
    Ambassador Rick Barton, U.S. Representative on the UN Economic and Social Council, Deputy Head of Delegation.
    Meryl Frank, Deputy Head of Delegation with the personal rank of Ambassador.

    They will be accompanied by five Public Delegates.

    Beth Brooke, Global Vice Chair of Public Policy, Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement at Ernst & Young.
    Ellen Chesler, distinguished lecturer and director of the Eleanor Roosevelt initiative on Women and Public Life at Roosevelt House, Hunter College.
    Connie Evans, President and CEO of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity.
    Geeta Rao Gupta, President of the International Center for Research on Women.
    Asifa Quraishi, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Wisconsin, and founding member of the National Association of Muslim Lawyers and the California group American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism.

    Other members of the U.S. Delegation include technical experts from the Department of State, the United States Mission to the UN, the United States Agency for International Development, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

    The theme of this year’s session is “The sharing of experiences and good practices, with a view to overcoming remaining obstacles and new challenges, including those related to the Millennium Development Goals.”

    For more information, please visit:

  24. I am back on Big Pink with no apologies or bad days excuses.This site is Hillary,s and should be 24/7.I am alarmed by the drop in the activity and numbers in the comments on her behalf.She needs all the support NOW to fight off the political dogs that are out to destroy her and her up-coming run for the CIC of this great but wounded country.He who would be King of all Blacks eveywhere in the world has become a great danger to our great Democracy.The recent Health Summit said it all about where he is taking this great nation.The comments have been vastly and certainly diminishing to just a token and it is this frightening fact that has fired me up again to keep this old Dog in The Fight.My time is limited by the numbers but I intend to see Hillary inaugurated as CIC before I move on.

    Come on back gang “The Water is getting Warmer”

    By ABM90

  25. JanH @ 8:58 am: I noticed a dark shadow around O’s mouth during the conference the other day….
    I have a friend who is a retired RN. Some time ago she had noticed his coloring and wondered aloud if he had Sickle Cell Anemia. I wish I had discussed her thought in depth. In a recent book I think mention was made of his frequent fatigue. I recall that during the Presidential campaign he would supply only a 1 sheet statement. I know nothing about Sickle Cell, or it’s symptoms. but was given the opinion that it is primarily an AA affliction. Racist, you know, to mention. I too would like to hear what other medical professionals think.

    ABM: good to see you.

  26. In my time zone, on GPS, he is interviewing George Soros. He sais that O tried to be the great uniter, and he failed. However, he feels that if he gets tough, he can save this. He states that FDR failed his first year but got tough.

    Interesting that he should be coming out with this now.

  27. holdthemaccountable

    It was me, NewMexicoFan, at 8:58. A number of years ago, I had a dear neighbor, AA who had really become a leader in the commuity. In fact he ran and won the positon of Mayor, a first for the community. We worked at the same place, and I had occassion to talk to him. I always admired how insightful he was. At the time we wanted to build a capital improvement to the city, which many felt a luxury. One day, we discussed it, and he said we need to take it apart in pieces, and fund it. I was not real receptive to that idea, but over the years, I have come to realize he was right.

    At the time I worked in the financial area. One day, I was shocked to hear he had passed away from SCA. I had a hard time processing it. He had been at work the week before.

    I really don’t wish that on anyone. To this day, I feel how much our community missed because this man died way too young.

  28. Has anyone heard about the Man in California, covered by Anthem (Blue Cross Blue Shield), who needed a liver transplant. He was on the list, but found out he could get one quicker in Detroit. He went and had it performed. Now Anthem is denying his claim. I did not realize that you could not go out of state to get your medical treatment. I know many people who go to John Hopkins, Houston, and Cleveland Clinic, Oh and Mayo Clinic. This is the group in California who is trying to raise their payments by 39%.

    An example how already the Insurance Companies are playing God, which of course we already knew.

  29. ABM90
    February 28th, 2010 at 9:39 am

    I am back on Big Pink with no apologies or bad days excuses.This site is Hillary,s and should be 24/7.


    Glad you’ve come to your senses, ABM90. Good to see you back.

    FYI- If MTP is available in your area, please tune in and watch a stellar appearance by the Republicans. Dr.McCain is featured in the operating room theater performing a lobotomy on president (cough) Obama and his HC proposal. Repubs are most dangerous when they are speaking in a calm cool collected way. Just the way McCain is speaking and explaining to Gregory why the HCBill will never pass unless they start over in a bi-partisan manner. In a subjective analysis, McCain taking Obama to school, explained the meaning of bipartisanship when big bills are to be passed. Also noted the stench created from back door deals in Florida and CT buying votes to reach the needed 60 majority. McCain is right- Americans know about the many back door deals made by Obama to get his HC legislation passed. The one that bothers me personally is the 10yr deal made behind closed doors exclusively with Obama and BIG PHARMA-

    Obama has never had full benefit of the ruthlessness of the Republican attack machine during the campaign. After all, he was the signatory chosen to do their dirty work for them until his usefulness is over. I think that time has come and they are ready to pull the plug discarding him like so much Richard Nixon.

    I promise you he will never feel the castrating effects of their surgical strikes until it’s too late and he realizes something is missing-

  30. GPS is now talking to two British analyst, Barber and Schama. They also say that O must get tough. They indicate that he wants to persuade people and that is not working.

    I really don’t understand that. O has never had to persuade anyone, and he does not know how to persuade anyone. The group that brought him in has lead him to believe that he would speak and the waters would part. I watched him in the convention, and there was no persuasion of HRC, no reconciliation, no show of respect. It was pure and simple I AM THE ONE AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY.

  31. #
    February 27th, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    O is talking now, and he has already pissed me off. He is reading from a prepared speech. He said he and M send their whatever. What happen to the American people. Should he not have said We the American people send or am I being picky.

    NMF, that would be if he was a “real” president, rather than a self-centered, egomaniacal, self-promoting, insecure, popularity-craving, bogus POTUS.

  32. #
    February 28th, 2010 at 10:09 am

    In my time zone, on GPS, he is interviewing George Soros. He sais that O tried to be the great uniter, and he failed. However, he feels that if he gets tough, he can save this. He states that FDR failed his first year but got tough.

    Interesting that he should be coming out with this now.

    NMF- Soros is speaking publicly about and to Obama because Obama has kicked Soros and ZBig to the curb turning a deaf ear to them and not following their orders.. Remember at the Copenhagen Summit, Soros was lobbying all the heads of state to pullllese sign the Accord ?…

    Latin American countries were very vocal and concerned about the amount of monies pledged and the future costs of the monetary commitment mandated by the Accord. The European countries were spooked by the revelation scientists conducting the research when (400) of their intra-office e-mails were found to be fraudulent.

    This is when Soros suggested asking the IMF to initially Fund the Accord until revenues were rolling in from the Carbon Tax (on humans exhaling CO2) and passage of Cap and Trade legislation.

    Basically Soros was ignored by everyone after the revelation of the scientist’s cooking of the climate data and Soros having a hand in funding Gore’s research through one of his environmental foundations.

    Obama fails to understand, you can’t fool all the people all the time!

  33. ABM90
    February 28th, 2010 at 9:39 am

    I am back on Big Pink with no apologies or bad days excuses.This site is Hillary,s and should be 24/7.I am alarmed by the drop in the activity and numbers in the comments on her behalf.
    ABM, I never doubted that you’d return to participate.

    As for your concern about the level of commentary here that explicitly references to our Hillary are dropping off..

    This IS a Hillary-focused web-site. I think we can infer that all the criticisms of Obama and the fake Dems who propped him up is actively setting the stage for Hillary to return to challenge the obviously weakened, newbie sell-out resident currently squatting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    So just because an article or posting doesn’t have “Hillary” in it doesn’t mean that the context doesn’t refer to her.

    If I’m a Raiders fan, and at a game I yell out, “Rip Tom Brady’s head off”, I don’t also have to add, “..and go Raiders”.

  34. ABM, it’s good to see your back. We LOVE Hillary, however, she has no greater fan and admirer than you. With supporters like you encouraging us on, we’ll keep on keeping on untl President Hillary Clinton is in her rightful place to lead this country out of the “wilderness” we’ve been in these past nine years.

    Thank you for reminding all of us.

  35. Hey, gang, just a funny thought. We’ve mentioned in the past that, “I wonder if Hillary ever lurks here on Big Pink”. The obvious answer is, “She’s too busy, already knows more than we do, and is not so egotistical that she’d need to seek adulation”.

    But still, you gotta think that occasionally, she might be thinking, “Iran’s being bitchy, North Korea is still run by assholes, Obama is too wimpy to do anything confrontational, whether with world leaders or Republicans or even Democrats, my feet ache from 20 meetings today, Bill is in Haiti and Chelsea is busy making plans. Maybe I’ll get a cup of warm tea and go over to Big Pink.”

  36. I have always view us as the hardcore Hillary supporters. If I were HRC, I would be dropping in to visit with us often.

  37. February 28, 2010

    WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s weeklong, five-nation tour of Latin America is certain to focus on the earthquake in Chile while she also tries to build support for fresh penalties against Iran.

    The schedule released before the quake Saturday included a visit to Santiago, Chile’s capital, beginning Monday night. Aftershocks have rattled Chile and authorities were assessing damage, raising the possibility of changes to her itinerary.

    But Mrs. Clinton, set to depart Sunday evening, made clear she would show U.S. support for disaster rescue and recovery operations. “Our hemisphere comes together in times of crisis, and we will stand side-by-side with the people of Chile in this emergency,” Mrs. Clinton said Saturday after President Barack Obama called Chilean President Michelle Bachelet to offer assistance.

    Mrs. Clinton starts her trip in Uruguay at Monday’s inauguration of the country’s new president, ex-guerrilla Jose Mujica. Mr. Mujica’s election in November won praise from other left-leaning populist leaders in the region, including Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, a perennial thorn in the side of the U.S. who is cultivating closer ties with Iran.

    In the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo, Mrs. Clinton will see Mujica and Argentine President Cristina Kirchner. U.S. officials say she has no plans for separate meetings with other inauguration guests _ for example Mr. Chavez or other like-minded leaders such as Ecuador’s Rafael Correa or Bolivia’s Evo Morales.

    Mrs. Clinton’s announced schedule puts her in Chile late Monday for talks with Ms. Bachelet and President-elect Sebastian Pinera, who takes office March 11.

    Her visit was intended to showcase U.S. enthusiasm for Ms. Bachelet’s message of social inclusion, particularly women’s empowerment. It may take on more urgency as Chile struggles to recover for the quake. Mrs. Clinton also visited Haiti days after a powerful earthquake hit that nation in January.

  38. There is “hope” and then there is “HOPE.”

    When obama uses the word “hope” in every other sentence and sometimes more than once in a sentence– it is an overused subliminal tool that is demeaning at the very least.

    When Hillary and Bill use the word “HOPE”– they do so with honesty and action.

    obama told the world that he and his meme were saddened by what had occured in Chili (no mention of the country he is supposed to represent and way too late).

    Hillary spoke of Haiti’s crisis promptly and with heart. She is going there as early as tomorrow.

    Both she and Bill spoke and acted on Haiti’s behalf almost immediately after their catastrophe.

    This is what “hope and change” are all about.

  39. we will stand side-by-side with the people of Chile in this emergency (JanH 11:43)

    This is what O should have said in his speech.

  40. blah..blah…blah
    February 28, 2010

    Pelosi on midterms: ‘We’re fighting for every seat’

    Washington (CNN) – Even as her Republican counterpart continues to openly discuss replacing her, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says House Democrats are not yielding any ground when it comes to November’s midterm elections.

    “The Democrats will retain the majority in the House of Representatives,” Pelosi says in an interview set to air Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union. Pelosi adds, “I’m not yielding one grain of sand, we’re fighting for every seat.”

    The California Democrat told CNN Senior Political Correspondent Candy Crowley that in campaigning for November’s elections Democrats need to be aggressive in explaining to the public everything the party has done.

    “So Democrats are ready. We’re confident of that – what we have done for the American people. We have to get out there. We’ve been working hard, now we have to go out. We said we were going to do certain things, we did them. Now we have to go talk about what we have done.”

  41. rgb44hrc
    February 28th, 2010 at 11:14 am

    February 28th, 2010 at 9:39 am


    Point well made- It’s the diversity of topics that keep us almost as well informed as our girl who is spreading her wings into all aspects of government and adding her personal touch, filling the gaps left by the Bush/Cheney administration.

  42. ABM90

    “How can individuals collaborate to advance responsible, broad-based development?”

    “She needs all our support NOW to fight off the political dogs that are out to destroy her….”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Hillary supporters (Hillary’s Army?) wait in winter quarters for the call. However, if we forget what it was that united and caused those 18 million cracks, Hillary will never be able to overcome the dogs.

    As a group and as individuals we need to remember what Hillary did when she first became a senator. She hunkered down, learned the issues and rules, and then reached out to those that had recently maligned her and Bill and worked with the other side to forge compromises that helped the country and the causes she so cared about. The R and D label didn’t matter if progress could be made.

    As her supporters we need to set aside labels and personal issues and realize that everyone has valid viewpoints to give to the discussion. One of BOs and Congresses biggest mistakes in the HCR process was shutting out the republicans from the beginning. Many of the republicans I know ended up wanting Hillary to win, not because they necessarily agreed with all her views, but because they saw a strong fighter who loved her country and people. That was more important in these troubled times than labels and certain viewpoints.

    I come to Big Pink to learn and retain hope that maybe, just maybe, an adult (and a woman at that) can lead this country away from the cliff. Personally, Hillary and Bill Clinton are some of the only adults in the room. It’s time to bring out the brooms and get rid of the riff raff so Hillary’s path is easier. We need to remember the example she set in the Senate and work towards that common goal.

    Hang in their ABM90. Your wisdom of 90+ years is much appreciated.

  43. Thank you, JanH, for that great video. I may not be as intelligent, adept, and graceful as Hillary, but there is one thing I have learned over these many years and that is how to spot the real deal. Hillary’s core (“I see you”) shines through just as Obama’s screams fraud! Couldn’t be more stark. That is something worth fighting for.

  44. stillwaiting
    February 28th, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    You are very welcome. I agree with you and ABM90 that we need to showcase Hillary as much as possible. I also believe, however, that to do so we much also showcase the weaknesses, biases, prejudices, lies, and finally crimes of the enemy…i.e. obama and the dims in this case.

    In this way we can hopefully influence those who were lured to the dark side and make sure that the fraud doesn’t get a second term.

    admin is doing this brilliantly and has done so since the very beginning. He/She/They continue with their stellar articles to honestly critique the dishonest obama and his thugs, thereby shining a bright light on how Hillary would have done it differently and much much better. admin also is first up to announce Hillary and Bill’s shining moments of success.

    So if some of us sometimes go after obama and his buddies on this blog, it is, at least for me, twofold in that we are trying to get the message out that this guy is a fraud and a destroyer, while Hillary isn’t.

    lol…sorry for going on and on about this.

  45. holdthemaccountable: It was me, NewMexicoFan, at 8:58.
    Apologies to you both on my confusion. I posed the question because I admire the medical knowledge and experience of the woman who had spoken of it. Luckily it is a moot point:

    Washington (CNN) – President Obama got a checkup Sunday, and his doctor liked what he found. “The president is in excellent health and ‘fit for duty,'” Dr. Jeff Kuhlman, a Navy captain and physician to the president wrote in his report. “All clinical data indicate that he will remain so for the duration of his presidency.” The doctor did recommend Obama change his eating habits a bit. “Recommend dietary modification to reduce LDL cholesterol below 130,” Kuhlman wrote. The report lists Obama’s LDL level at 138. LDL, or low-density lipoprotein, is what’s known as “bad” cholesterol, according to the American Heart Association.

    Kuhlman noted that the 48-year-old president should keep up his efforts to stop smoking. Obama’s medications include nicotine replacement therapy. The 6-foot-1-inch president weighed in at 179.9 pounds with his shoes and workout attire on. His body mass index (BMI) is 23.7. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that’s in the upper end of the “normal” weight range. “Overweight” begins at 25.0. The White House said Obama’s doctor recommended his next physical take place in August of next year, when the president turns 50.

  46. alcina and all other hockey fans here…

    LOL…OT I know but I hope I can be forgiven given this unique moment of time.

    *I just want to wish both the U.S. hockey team and their fans as well as the Canadian hockey team and their fans the very best today.

    *There are no losers now. Both teams fought to get to the finals and should be proud of that huge accomplishment.

    *I am looking forward to a very entertaining game this afternoon showcasing the very best in sports.

    I will be extremely happy no matter which team wins gold or silver.

  47. JanH
    February 28th, 2010 at 12:05 pm



    Wonderful video, Jan- thanks for posting it-


  48. JanH
    February 28th, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    Oh I have no problem going after the fraud and all his minions. The more you know about those you oppose the better able you are to counter them. I want to read/hear all sides and know what the playing field looks like. Not being one that was steeped in politics from day one, I have a lot to learn. 2007/2008 opened my naive eyes and they will no longer be shut. I love Big Pink because of admin and all the articles and comments. I think it is wonderful that so many different eyes are bringing back here all this information. You really do a great job collecting info.

  49. JanH
    February 28th, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    janh, you’re so diplomatic. you should work for our state department. 😉
    i will watch the men’s hockey, but my heart is with the women’s team. there are many girls from new england on the team, so it always hits close to home. they have developed a wonderful rivalry with team canada. who knows, maybe team usa can smoke a few stogies in 2014.
    may the best team win!!


    Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) threw cold water on the idea of using the reconciliation process Sunday during an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

    “Reconciliation cannot be used to pass comprehensive health care reform,” said Conrad, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. “The major package would not be done through reconciliation.”

    Asked by CBS host Bob Schieffer to elaborate, given that the White House suggested earlier Sunday that they could pass the main bill with a simple majority of 51 votes, Conrad said that reconciliation was not, in fact, an option.

    “I am the chairman of the committee in the Senate, and I think I understand how reconciliation works and can’t work,” he said, arguing that the so-called Byrd Rule would prevent the use of reconciliation for the main health care bill. “The only possible role I can see for reconciliation would be to make modest changes in the major package.”

    Conrad said only “side car” issues could be affected through the reconciliation process.

  51. 1. Charlie Cook: Healthcare Is Obama’s Iraq

    The Obama administration made “grave miscalculations” in pushing for healthcare reform just as his predecessor George W. Bush erred with the invasion of Iraq, political analyst Charlie Cook observed.

    Cook, editor of the Cook Political Report, said in an interview with National Journal that “when unemployment numbers started proving to be much, much tougher and it started becoming more clear that the stimulus package hadn’t worked properly, [Democrats] just kept plowing ahead on healthcare.”

    “I think they made some grave miscalculations and as it became more clear that they had screwed up, they just kept doubling down their bet.”

    Obama and the Democrats’ miscalculations have been “of proportions comparable to President George W. Bush’s decision to go into Iraq,” Cook declared.

    “Bush went, ‘We’re going to go after Afghanistan as a reaction to 9/11,’ and then pretty soon got distracted and obsessed with going into Iraq with varying rationalizations that sort of evolved over time.”

    Cook also predicated the tea party movement could have a “huge impact” on the political scene, and said “it’s hard to come up with a scenario where Democrats don’t lose the House” in November.

    The Republicans have problems, he acknowledged, but added: “If I had a choice of the Republican Party’s problems right now or the Democratic Party’s problems, I think you could triple the Republican Party’s problems and I’d still rather have their problems than the problems facing Democrats.”

  52. wbboei
    February 28th, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    First off, (((HUGS)))

    I’m so glad you have returned.

    I think it is fair to say that “grave miscalculations” should be the label for everything this idiot has done so far.

    Yes healthcare has been his Iraq, as has foreign policy, economy, etc…etc…

  53. Its been a long cold winter here I’ve never seen it snow as much as it has. I’m ready to come out of winter quarters can someone please give me my marching orders???. I’m ready willing and able to start the fight to take our country back.

    2012 Run Hillary Run

  54. 2/26/2010 7:45:00 PM

    We should be able to vote for none of the above

    Guest Columnist

    We, the people have a serious problem to fix on the ballots we use to vote. The problem is that our ballots are designed to limit our choices to either the Republican party (aristocracy-wannabes who act like elephants) or the Democratic party (aristocracy-wannabes who act like, well, you know). Yes, if a “non-partisan” candidate (formerly called an “Independent) files, their name will appear on the ballot – but the key phrase is “if they file” and, up to now, few non-partisan candidates have filed because they are scared away by the campaign costs – a situation the Democrats and Republicans like just fine.

    There are also “write-in” candidates but what most people do not know is that simply writing someone’s name in doesn’t work and is not counted as a vote. A person can file to become a “write-in” candidate and then a vote for that candidate IS counted. However … the problem is the names of write-in candidates are not allowed to appear on the ballots so if a voter doesn’t know the write-in candidate has filed, the voter will think voting for either a Republican or a Democrat is their only choice. Isn’t that convenient for the aristocracy-wannabes!

    So all the people who are sick and tired of both the Republicans and the Democrats either don’t vote (thus losing their “voice”) or they vote for “the lesser of two evils” (and still not getting to vote “for” someone they want, or even trust). Thus the only “voices” heard and votes counted are the voices and votes of the “automatic party voters,” the people who believe campaign speeches, and the lobbyists who want to buy the government. With that group electing our government people is it any wonder the place is a mess?

    About one-third of the people vote and one of the two mainstream parties win by a small fraction of the vote and then that party runs around declaring that their agenda has received a “mandate” from the people, and off they go to rip us off in every way they can think of. Happens every election and it has wrecked our country.

    We, the people need a way to tell the political parties that we do not want – and will not have – their candidates or their agendas – if we, the people don’t like them. We, the people need an ironclad way to “Just Say No” to the Republicans and the Democrats until they learn to listen to us in the first place. We can have that ironclad way to say “No” if we demand a simple change to the design of our voting ballots.

    We, the people need to insist that for every office listed on every ballot in every election there be a voting box or line for “None of the Above.” We need to insist that all the “None of the Above” votes are counted and reported. And we need to insist that whenever the “None of the Above” votes equal one-third or more of all votes, the candidates are all disqualified, not allowed to run again for any office – ever – and the election for that office has to be done over with new candidates. That will make the political parties listen a lot more carefully before selecting a candidate to present to the voters.

    Reporting the tally of “None of the Above” votes is the most clear and honest (and peaceful) way to give the political parties the message of what we, the people want -or don’t want – clear enough that they cannot pretend we “meant” something else.

    That is a very viable way to (peacefully) break the stranglehold that the Democratic and Republican parties have on the American voter and force them to listen to OUR agenda instead of cramming their will down our throats.

  55. Okay, I can quit holding my breath now that wbboei is back!!!! And ABM90 is back also.


    Hillary, give me my marching orders. I am on the ready. And I will…

    SOLDIER ON!!!!!

  56. I usually just lurk on this site, but read it frequently. Just wanted to say how nice it is to see Wbboei and ABM90 here again – I appreciate everyone’s comments here, but both have very individual styles that I particularly enjoy and appreciate.

  57. Tim Reid
    March 1, 2010

    Hillary Clinton to face Falklands row in meeting with Argentine President

    Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, will be directly confronted today with Argentina’s claims over the Falklands when she meets President Fernández de Kirchner, an encounter that will be watched closely by Downing Street.

    The Obama Administration has steadfastly refused to be drawn into the row between Britain and Argentina over offshore drilling, insisting that “it’s not a matter for the United States to make a judgment on”.

    Aides to Mrs Clinton indicated yesterday that she would be willing to “mediate” in the dispute with Britain but that US neutrality on the issue would remain.

    The encounter will take place on the fringes of the inauguration of President José Mujica of Uruguay, and at the beginning of a week-long tour of Latin America by Mrs Clinton, where Argentina’s claims over the islands has broad support in the region.

    The State Department scaled back the length of the meeting to only ten minutes, according to officials in Argentina. The perception is that this was because Mrs Kirchner said on CNN at the weekend that President Obama was a disappointment in the region.

  58. February 28, 2010

    State Department Announces Delegation to UN Commission on the Status of Women

    The State Department has announced the U.S. Delegation to attend the 54th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, to be held from March 1 through March 12, 2010 at UN Headquarters in New York.

    – Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State, Head of Delegation.
    – Ambassador Susan Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN, Alternate Head of Delegation.
    – Ambassador Melanne Verveer, Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, U.S. Department of State, Alternate Head of Delegation.
    – Ambassador Rick Barton, U.S. Representative on the UN Economic and Social Council, Deputy Head of Delegation.
    – Meryl Frank, Deputy Head of Delegation with the personal rank of Ambassador.

    Five Public Delegates will also attend.

    – Beth Brooke, Global Vice Chair of Public Policy, Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement at Ernst & Young.
    – Ellen Chesler, distinguished lecturer and director of the Eleanor Roosevelt initiative on Women and Public Life at Roosevelt House, Hunter College.
    – Connie Evans, President and CEO of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity.
    – Geeta Rao Gupta, President of the International Center for Research on Women.
    – Asifa Quraishi, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Wisconsin, and founding member of the National Association of Muslim Lawyers and the California group American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism.

    Other members of the U.S. Delegation include technical experts from the Department of State, the United States Mission to the UN, the United States Agency for International Development, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

    The theme of this year’s session is “The sharing of experiences and good practices, with a view to overcoming remaining obstacles and new challenges, including those related to the Millennium Development Goals.”

  59. JanH, I was pretty disappointed that we lost to Canada….I have not hasd too much to cheer for politically or sporting wise since Obama “won” the nomination. But congrats to Canada, at least they didn’t win by cheating.

  60. jbstonesfan,

    It really seems as if Canada and the U.S. have a huge rivalry when it comes to Olympic hockey. I thought it was amazing that both women and men hockey teams from both of these countries got to the finals. That in itself was such an accomplishment.

    I understand your disappointment though and honestly wish both teams could have won gold.

  61. Agreed JanH as far as the hockey…..but now with reconciliation only a few weeks again, we again will swallow the bitter pill of defeat. IN a way, I would like to get it over with and see what Obama has planned for Iran as times is also ticking away as they prepare to weaponize their uranium. This is a much bigger “game” that Israel, and quite frankly other nations, cannot allow Iran to win.

  62. The only thing I will smirk about is that both bambi and gibbs have to suck up to their Canadian counterparts since they lost their hockey bets.

  63. #
    February 28th, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Check out this awesome new website:


    Nice site! But notice none of our affiliates are recognized in their links. I would like to know who these people are before I viewed them as a legitimate trusted Hillary site.. Could be a Trojan horse. Better ck it out first.

    Yes, agreed- I am a suspicious sort. We are engaged in a fight for our lives. Things coming from out of nowhere crossing our paths need to be validated before we jump in- apologies in advance, if my opinion is offensive to anyone.

  64. Re: 18MillionAndReady site,here’s the Registration info:

    Donald Brown
    267 Tarrington Rd.
    Rochester, New York 14609
    United States

    Created on: 30-Jan-10
    Expires on: 30-Jan-11
    Last Updated on: 30-Jan-10

    Administrative Contact:
    Brown, Donald
    56 Rouge Rd.
    Rochester, New York 14623
    United States
    (585) 406-2007 Fax —

    Technical Contact:
    Brown, Donald
    56 Rouge Rd.
    Rochester, New York 14623
    United States
    (585) 406-2007 Fax —

    Domain servers in listed order:

  65. This is an Email I received from a republican friend, it sums up Obama very well, I just wish I could figure out how to seen the cartoon that appears with the joke!


    –From a teacher in the Nashville area.

    “We are worried about ‘the cow’ when it is all about the ‘Ice Cream.’

    The most eye-opening civics lesson I ever had was while teaching third grade this year…

    The presidential election was heating up and some of the children showed an interest.
    I decided we would have an election for a class president.

    We would choose our nominees.. They would make a campaign speech and the class would vote.

    To simplify the process, candidates were nominated by other class members.

    We discussed what kinds of characteristics these students should have.

    We got many nominations and from those, Jamie and Olivia were picked to run for the top spot.

    The class had done a great job in their selections. Both candidates were good kids.

    I thought Jamie might have an advantage because he got lots of parental support.

    I had never seen Olivia’s mother.

    The day arrived when they were to make their speeches.

    Jamie went first.

    He had specific ideas about how to make our class a better place. He ended by promising to do his very best.

    Everyone applauded and he sat down.

    Now is was Olivia’s turn to speak.

    Her speech was concise. She said, “If you will vote for me, I will give you ice cream.” She sat down.

    The class went wild. “Yes! Yes! We want ice cream.”

    She surely would say more. She did not have to.

    A discussion followed. How did she plan to pay for the ice cream? She wasn’t sure.

    Would her parents buy it or would the class pay for it… She didn’t know.

    The class really didn’t care. All they were thinking about was ice cream..

    Jamie was forgotten.. Olivia won by a landslide.

    Every time Barack Obama opened his mouth he offered ice cream and 52 percent of the people reacted like nine year olds.

    They want ice cream.

    The other 48 percent know they’re going to have to feed the cow and clean up the mess.”

    This is the ice cream Obama promised us!

    Remember, the government cannot give anything to anyone —
    that they have not first taken away from someone else.

    Did you vote for the ice cream?


  66. Thanks Kingsgrove.

    I took your information a little further.

    Just a cursory search… is inconclusive either way… Donald Brown is a very common name just about everywhere and there is no middle initial to further limit the search results.

    Except a political donation under the name of Donald Brown was made to a candidate in Illinois. makes you go hmmm once more….

    A coincidental occurrence? For my own preference, I would require this new site to produce a personal recommendation from someone I know and trust verifying this site as a legitimate Hillary supporter website. imho-

    Google Search


    NY Listings,+Rochester,+NY&hl=en&pb=r&ei=4iOLS-PwAY-CswPxg4mGAw&sa=X&oi=rwp&ct=title&ved=0CAgQ_wI


    Political Contributions


    Specific Political Contributions

    Peter Roskam for Congress in Illinois’ 6th District.

  67. Admin-

    I have a response posted to Kingsgrove caught in the SPAM filter. If you could please post it.. I would appreciate it..

    please standby, Kingsgrove.

  68. I don’t know how to use HTML, I hope that block quote works out. I want to say: You Sure Have That Right, NewMexicoFan.

    I got so sick and angry after I read the comment posted by JanH,

    February 28th, 2010 at 8:42 am.
    Duh! She’s just figuring this out now?

    Jamie Stiehm

    Hillary Clinton: Betrayed, in the End, by Senate Boys Club?

    I called Amy Klobuchar and vented on her voice mail. I have been calling Amy Klobuchar and Betty McCullum on a regular basis since January 2008 just to kick them in the shins and let them know I am still angry I am over what they did. They were in on the ground floor of the betrayal, not just of Hillary, but of the people of the democratic party and the people of the United States and all of our chance for true health care reform – those two were used, played like a fiddle.

    The time was right for real reform, the stars were aligned, only something drastic could stop it. If they, Klobuchar and McCullum, bought the line that Hillary was just “too divisive” it was only because they wanted to or because they are stupid. Either way they can no longer represent the people of MN or the 4th District because they are owned, they can’t fight for the common good they can only pull their forelocks and say “yes sir, anything else sir”. What a disservice they have done to the people of MN and the whole country, and they know it, they are keeping a mighty low profile.

    In February of 2008 I called McCullums office to ask why she was supporting Obama when she knew that the only real health care reform would come from Hillary. Her aide was flustered at my anger and said “this was all supposed to be over by now” and right there I knew the fix was in. Klobuchar took a little while longer and in one of the calls to her office I asked her aide to if Any wouldn’t at least speak out against the misogyny and was told something like “Amy can’t use her office in a political way’ or something like that. Then a few days later she went out on the Capital steps with some other women, Barbra Boxer was one, and endorsed Obama. I can not tell you how angry that made me. I live to see her and Betty McCullun standing outside the Mall of America selling pencils for a living, or better yet employed as speed bumps in a WallMart parking lot.

  69. Mrs. Smith, thanks for the words of caution. We used to post periodic comments warning everyone that Obama people were creating “Hillary” sites in order to get email addresses and information. It’s time to start those warnings again. We are not impugning the new site or any people specifically but BE CAREFUL.

    Do not provide email addresses or join websites or newsgroups or fora of johnny-come-latelys. On the other hand we encourage as many new Hillary websites as possible. But users should be careful until the new websites establish themselves as more than just email collections and potential disruptors and Obama dirty tricks operations.

    At some point (this might be a good project for those wishing to tackle it) Hillary support sites will have to establish some way of verifying who’s who forming new websites (and even established websites we are suspicious about) while maintaining the right of anonymity. Perhaps a person or a group of people could be utilized to screen those collecting information from Hillary supporters. We do need a “seal of approval” authentication process that maintains anonymity.

    Ideas anyone? This should be a way to encourage new organizations and websites to form but yet make sure that they are not Patti Solis Doyle type operations.

  70. BTW, Hillbuzz has some fun Olbermann information which meshes well with our article:

    Hillbuzz links to this:

    While the Olympics continue in Vancouver, we’re hearing that things continue to fall apart at “The Place for Politics.” Despite having Olympic lead-ins to their prime-time line-up, ratings continue to be abysmal. Keith the Stalker has not been able to get out of his ratings slump for almost a year, and his bizarre personal behavior has begun to worry some NBC execs. Nobody knows when or if he will actually even show up to host his own show for one thing.

    There’s also this:

    MSNBC’s bombastic left-wing “news” anchor Keith Olbermann is out of control and causing increasing problems for the cable news network, NBC insiders say.

    Olbermann, who fancies himself as a cross between news legend Edward R. Murrow and Howard Beale, the mad prophet newsman of the black comedy movie “Network,” went after former MSNBC general manager Dan Abrams Wednesday night, claiming Abrams had been fired and had a grudge against the network.

    The tirade left NBC executives red-faced because Abrams, a lawyer, is still employed by NBC as a news analyst on legal issues.

    Olbermann castigated Abrams in a new segment of his show “The Countdown Hall of Shame,” which replaced the tired “Worst Persons in the World Segment” that had turned into a nightly tirade against Fox News personalities Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck.

    Obermann named the media website Mediaite — founded by Abrams — as runner up in the Hall of Shame Category because it reported on the Tea Party calling Obermann out for his claim that the grassroots movement lacked diversity when MSNBC anchors are mostly whitebread.

    Said Olbermann:

    Perhaps the reason that Mediaite took a Tea Party’s word for it is that this is the same site of a fired MSNBC employee. And in his attempt to implant his bitterness toward this place, to plug or weave it into his website, he has wigged out. He would like us to sweep his failure under the rug as if it were a bald-faced lie, or there will be hell to pay.

    Don’t fail to notice how Olbermann does his best to point out that Dan Abrams is follicle challenged.

  71. OK, I despise Barack Hussein Obama as much as the next guy, but close to “overweight” is not one of his flaws. Any medical system that describes Obama as one step away from “overweight” is a joke.

    I might also add that chewing nicotine gum for three years and continuing to smoke shows the folly of his own government telling smokers not to quit without buying pharmaceutical nicotine. Hopefully, Billy Tauzin at least dropped off a few free samples for his buddy Barry.

  72. Hwc, is this what you are referring to?:

    President Obama “is in excellent health” and likely to remain able to carry out his duties for the rest of his term, his doctor said Sunday after completing Mr. Obama’s first routine medical checkup since he took office.

    But Mr. Obama, 48, continues to struggle to stop his 30-year smoking habit and needs to modify his diet, said Dr. Jeffrey Kuhlman, a Navy captain who led the medical team that performed Mr. Obama’s physical.

    The examination also found that Mr. Obama’s cholesterol count has risen to borderline high levels since his last publicly released medical records, though his pulse rate and blood pressure remain normal.

    Mr. Obama exercises at least six mornings a week and plays basketball and golf. But the president has chronic tendinitis in his left knee area, occasionally takes a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug for that condition and needs a modified exercise regimen, including a lower leg muscle strengthening program, Dr. Kuhlman’s report said.

    Mr. Obama’s cholesterol increase comes at a time when his wife, Michelle, has started a program to fight childhood obesity. [snip]

    Mrs. Obama admonished him to quit smoking when he started his campaign in 2007, saying, “He couldn’t be a smoking president.

    Mr. Obama chews nicotine gum to cut down on his smoking.

    “Have I fallen off the wagon sometimes? Yes,” Mr. Obama said last June at a White House news conference. “Am I a daily smoker, a constant smoker? No.” [snip]

    One oddity of the report: Mr. Obama weighed 179.9 pounds with his shoes and workout attire on, which is not the usual way to measure a patient’s weight.

  73. admin
    February 28th, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    Mrs. Smith, thanks for the words of caution.

    I can’t help it. I’m still smarting from the Patti Solis Doyle betrayal. Hoping we never again allow a repeat of those events. You know the saying;
    ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me’ etc.. (not the Bush disaster version either)

    February 28th, 2010 at 10:08 pm

    See above.. we can’t be blindsided a 2nd time…


    “Don’t fail to notice how Olbermann does his best to point out that Dan Abrams is follicle challenged.”

    In my eyes, Olberman has always been a crackpot. When he first came on the scene he played the role of Champion… when he could no longer conceal his lustful cravings for blood and bleeding, he grew a set of fangs and became a predatory news phlebotomist.

    Sadly, some people have an admitted addiction admiring this sort of unsavory behavior.

  74. What is that Patti Solis Doyle doing now? Does she have a job, does anyone trust her enough to give her work? I assume she is spending a lot of time with her family.

  75. admin:

    Somebody up above linked to an article about BO’s percentage of body fat. The article described it as just short of being in the overweight range. Pure BS.

    Don’t get me started on the whole nicotine thing. I smoked for 38 years and quit cold turkey just over 2 years ago. Obama is fooling himself. He’s also lying about smoking “occasionally”. He’ll never quit as long as he’s using pharma nicotine. The whole problem is nicotine drug addicition. You don’t cure a heroin addict by giving him morphine every day to “take the edge off”.

  76. M2010 Earthquake in Chile

    Posted: 27 Feb 2010 09:37 AM PST

    Consular Assistance | Google Person Finder
    Statement by Secretary Clinton
    U.S. Embassy Statement: English; Español
    “We are closely monitoring reports from Chile and across the Pacific rim, and our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have loved ones affected by this tragedy.” –Secretary Clinton, February 27, 2010

    A major earthquake shook Chile on February 27, 2010, with its epicenter in Chile’s 8th district, 73 miles north of Chile’s second most populous city, Concepcion, and 197 miles south of Santiago. At the epicenter, the quake was measured at 8.8 Richter, at 7.5 in Santiago.

    If you are concerned about a U.S. citizen in the affected area and have not been able to reach that person, you may contact the Chile Task Force by email at or by calling 1-888-407-4747. Full Text

    The following is a link to the FEMA website with instructions for what to do after an earthquake:

    Secretary Clinton Travels to Latin America

    Posted: 28 Feb 2010 10:19 AM PST

    Interactive Travel Map | Text the Secretary | Trip Page

    Secretary Clinton travels to Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala from February 28 – March 5, 2010.

    In Uruguay, Secretary Clinton attends President Mujica’s inauguration on March 1. She travels to Santiago where she meets with President Bachelet and President-elect Piñera. On March 3, Secretary Clinton meets with President Lula and Foreign Minister Amorim in Brasilia. In Costa Rica on March 4, Secretary Clinton speaks at the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas Ministerial Meeting and meets separately with President Oscar Arias and President-elect Laura Chinchilla. In Guatemala, the Secretary meets with leaders of Central American countries and the Dominican Republic to discuss issues of mutual interest. The Secretary also meets with President Álvaro Colom during her visit to Guatemala.
    orning all: I believe that we should a new Hillary Clinton theme song.How about that great Willie Nelson foot thumper. “On The Road Again”?


  77. The over active spam filter appears to be more like a meat grinder as I view the results of the job it did on my post.Could they be from King O’s secret army?The lesson here is “Bware of who you vote for”

  78. Clinton adds Buenos Aires to Latin American tour

    By Lachlan Carmichael

    SAN JUAN — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton added Buenos Aires to what is now a six-country Latin American tour highlighted by a solidarity, albeit shortened visit to quake-stricken Chile.

    With her schedule thrown into flux by the quake, Clinton will spend Monday night in the Argentine capital after a lightning visit to Montevideo, where she will attend Jose Mujica’s inauguration as Uruguay’s president, aides said.

    The chief US diplomat dropped initial plans to spend the night in Santiago, the Chilean capital, but will travel there on Tuesday and spend a few hours at the airport, top Clinton aide Philippe Reines told traveling reporters.

    There she will meet Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and president-elect Sebastian Pinera.

    “We want to show America’s support for the people of Chile while mindful of the realities on the ground,” said Reines, the deputy assistant secretary of state, during a refueling stop in Puerto Rico.

    Clinton’s face-to-face meeting with President Cristina Kirchner of Argentina, which had been scheduled to take place on the sidelines of the inauguration in Montevideo, will now take place in Buenos Aires, aides said.

    Clinton will also meet President Fernando Lugo of Paraguay in Buenos Aires, they added. That meeting had not been arranged earlier.

    Saturday’s quake, in which the toll has now topped 700 dead, comes six weeks after a massive temblor flattened the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince and forced Clinton to call off an Asian tour when she was in Hawaii.

    On January 17, she made a brief visit to Port-au-Prince airport to consult with Haitian President Rene Preval, five days after the quake struck and killed more than 200,000 people in the impoverished Caribbean country.

    Relief and reconstruction in Haiti were also on the agenda for Clinton’s tour — that is also to take her to Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala — as Latin American countries list help for Haiti as a regional priority.

    Clinton is due in Montevideo for Uruguay’s presidential inauguration of former leftist rebel Jose Mujica, an event analyst Michael Shifter said can be used to reinforce US support for democracy in the region.

    Uruguay typifies a trend in which the region wants to show independence, but not belligerence toward the United States, according to Shifter, a leading analyst at the Inter-American Dialogue think tank.

    Anti-US Venezuela is one of a few key exceptions.

    Clinton will use the inauguration to show that the United States, which long viewed the region as its own backyard, accepts the new political realities and will work with both governments of the left and right, he said.

    “She is picking up almost where Obama left off almost a year ago with the summit of the Americas, which was very promising and which raised expectations and then things got bogged down and sidetracked,” Shifter said.

    The Obama administration has faced criticism from various quarters over its response to the quake in Haiti, its handling of events after the June 28 coup in Honduras, and the pace of diplomatic engagement with communist Cuba.

    It has also been criticized for a military bases agreement with Colombia, its push for anti-nuclear sanctions against Iran, and its slowness in naming key diplomats to the region.

    Shifter said “this was not a smooth take-off for re-engaging with Latin America,” which had taken a dim view of the counter-terrorism policies of the previous administration of president George W. Bush.

    “She is confronting a region where there is a lot of good will and openness and interest in dealing with the United States but perhaps a little more skepticism and realism than there was a year ago,” he told AFP.

    Clinton is due to meet with Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Foreign Minister Celso Amorim on Wednesday in Brasilia, where she will raise US concerns about Iran’s nuclear program.

    Brazil, a member of the 15-member UN Security Council, has friendly ties with Iran, and hosted a visit by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last year. Lula is to travel to Iran in May.

    Clinton will on Thursday visit Costa Rica where she will be the keynote speaker at the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas ministerial meeting.

    The secretary is also to meet separately with Costa Rican President Oscar Arias and President-elect Laura Chinchilla.

    Clinton is set to make her last stop in Guatemala on Friday 5 for talks with President Alvaro Colom, as well as for a meeting with leaders of Central American countries and the Dominican Republic.

  79. I thought smoking and chewing the gum would result in a higher health risk, as you are doubling up on the nicotine. Would this not result in more stress to the heart?

  80. A reverse address search does not find a Brown at those address, instead two entirely different people.

  81. I also did a people search on the people listed in Rochester, NY, and there was no Brown listed as possible related.

  82. Clinton Warns Lebanon: No Brakes on Israel against Hizbullah


    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reportedly warned Lebanon’s speaker of the parliament, pro-Syrian Nabih Berri, that the United States will not stand in Israel’s way in the wake of Hizbullah’s stockpiling of advanced weapons.

    The Lebanese website Naharnet said that Clinton’s letter stated, “Washington cannot make an effort to prevent Israel from making any aggression if Hizbullah does not stop replenishing its arsenal.” It said the letter was delivered by U.S. Ambassador Michele Sison.

    Government sources told the Arabic-language daily Al Hayat that Berri asked the American envoy to tell Clinton while Lebanon “has no problem in finding a solution to the issue of arms,” the United States “should stop supplying weapons to Israel.”

    Clinton began a tour of Latin American Sunday and did not comment on the reports. Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned American officials in Washington last week that Hizbullah is capable of attacking targets in Israel, and that Israel will hold Lebanon responsible for any aggression.

    IDF intelligence officers warned the previous Olmert government, which agreed to a ceasefire with Hizbullah to end the 34-day Second Lebanon War, that Hizbullah immediately began re-arming. The United Nations Security Council ceasefire resolution provided for disarming Hizbullah, but commanders of U.N. Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) said at the outset that they would not and could not enforce the mandate.

    The inclusion of Hizbullah in the Lebanese government has returned Beirut to the Syrian axis, which now includes Iran along with closer relations with Turkey. Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah recently met with Syrian President Bashar Assad and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    Despite Syria’s closer ties with Iran and increasing dominance in Lebanon, Clinton has resumed formal diplomatic relations with Damascus. A Qatari newspaper reported Monday that Clinton will visit Syria soon, but American officials have not commented on the report.

    The United States has designated Syria as a country that supports terror and has placed it on the advisory list of countries that Americans should not visit.

  83. This is a scary scenario that Obama and the one he hopes to succeed.Impeachment time anyone?


    Farrakhan predicts ‘white right’ trouble for Obama
    By SOPHIA TAREEN (AP) – 12 hours ago

    CHICAGO — Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, boasting his divine stature, on Sunday predicted trouble ahead for President Barack Obama and urged him to do more to improve the lives of blacks and the downtrodden.

    The 76-year-old leader said the “white right” was conspiring to make Obama a one-term president, and pointed to his stalled efforts to introduce health care legislation as proof. He said those opponents and lobbyists were trapping him into a future war with Iran that could lead to mass destruction.

    “The word ‘prophet’ is too cheap a word. I am a light in the midst of darkness,” Farrakhan said at the annual convention of the movement that embraces black nationalism. “It ain’t ego, it’s my love for you.”

    An estimated 20,000 people attended the heavily guarded Saviours’ Day event at the United Center in Chicago. Followers — men dressed in navy uniforms and women in white skirt suits with matching hijabs — cheered on Farrakhan with shouts of “Allahu Akbar,” Arabic for “God is great.”

    Farrakhan spent most of the fiery nearly four-hour speech recounting a 1985 vision he had in Mexico. Farrakhan has often described how he believes he was invited aboard an unidentified flying object he calls “the wheel” where he said he heard the late Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad speak to him.

    He said that experience led him to inklings about future events, including the United States’ 1986 bombing of Libya.

    Farrakhan recounted how his divine knowledge has allowed him to recognize countless warning signs over the decades — such as natural disasters such as the earthquake in Chile — and said they indicate impending trouble, including for Obama.

    Dressed in ornate creme robes, he addressed the president directly:

    “Your people are suffering. You can’t ease their plight, but you can use your bully pulpit. Speak for the poor. Speak for the weak.”

    He said helping the Nation of Islam, which has worked to reform black inmates for decades, would also be an answer.

    “Put some money on back of us,” he said. “We can reform our people.”

    Farrakhan has vigorously supported Obama for years and used his presidency as a call to action for blacks. That was even as Obama distanced himself from the group for Farrakhan’s past comments that many considered anti-Semitic.

    Supporters say Farrakhan’s words are often taken out of context.

    Farrakhan continued his praise of Obama Sunday, and said the nation’s first black president was manipulated into disavowing Farrakhan.

    He would not say if he and Obama had ever met on the issue.

    “They all want to know did I ever meet with him and what did I say or what he say,” Farrakhan said in the speech. “I ain’t going there.”

    On the Net:
    ■Nation of Islam Saviours’ Day 2010:

  84. US Ambassador: Chile devastated by earthquake
    (AP) – 1 hour ago

    WASHINGTON — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday the United States is ready to work “in solidarity” with the leaders of Chile to provide disaster assistance to the earthquake-stricken country.

    Speaking to reporters while traveling in Montevideo, Uruguay, Clinton said the Chileans had asked for communications equipment and said she’ll be bringing some with her when she travels to Santiago Tuesday.

    Clinton said more likely will come after that, saying that “one of the reasons they have asked me to continue my trip is to assess whatever else they might need and immediately begin the process of providing it.”

    Earlier, U.S. Ambassador Paul Simons said he knew of American deaths from the earthquake, but stressed that officials were having a difficult time getting information from Conception, the area most devastated by the quake.

    In an interview by telephone with CBS’s “The Early Show,” Simons said, “We do not have any confirmed reports of Americans who have died.” He added that while officials have been able to contact “a few” of the estimated 1,000 Americans in Chile, “information is still very, very scarce.”

    Simons said that while life is returning to normal in the capital of Santiago, the Conception area near the epicenter of the magnitude 8.8 quake on Saturday suffers from “major devastation,” where power is out and water is in short supply.

  85. At least George Wallace asked for, and apparently received forgiveness for his segregation oriented policies that hurt so many. Farrakan is a despicable, hateful , dangerous man, whom our Prez. just happens to be buddies with.

  86. George Soros tells CNN: I’m not satisfied with Barack Obama, but he saved country from recession.

    CNN — February, 28 2010 11:04 AM

    CNN’s Fareed Zakaria introduced George Soros as “the billionaire investor, financier, speculator, philanthropist and thinker.”

    Zakaria on his “Fareed Zakaria GPS” this morning also noted that Soros was one of Barack Obama’s biggest supporters. Zakaria asked, “Are you satisfied with the job Barack Obama has done?”

    Soros said he wasn’t. Soros wanted the banks nationalized, but added that Obama “made the political decision that that is un-American, will not be accepted.”

    Yet Soros had praise for Obama’s overall leadership.

    “He is paying a very heavy price for actually saving the country from going into a very deep recession or a depression, because people don’t — haven’t experienced it,” Soros said.

    “He wanted to be the great uniter and he wanted to carry the country, sort of bring it together. But the other side has absolutely no incentive to do it. So it takes two to tango. So that approach has failed.”

    But Obama “got the message” when Massachusetts elected Scott Brown, a Republican, as Ted Kennedy’s successor, Soros said.

    “I hope that, actually, now, he’s [Obama’s] taking the health care back to Congress and overcoming the filibuster — the 60 percent vote requirement,” Soros said. “I think that’s the right reaction. So he’s sort of taking a tough stance. And that may be the turning point. It depends on how he follows it up.”

    So what do you say to that?


    If I remember correctly, a few weeks ago I posted Obama has broken ranks with Soros. Soros mentiones Obama failed to (please him) ‘nationalize’ US Banks as he suggested. But the chain of Obama’s failures grow longer day by day. The Copenhagen Accord, Health Care Reform, Ending the War in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, Cap and Trade, missile Defense Shield Poland, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell… I’ve named just a few of Obama’s failed campaign promises that come to mind. I sure there are many more you can add that have slipped my mind.

  87. Egos the size of Soros et al can never admit they were wrong. There is always a but…a silver lining…where the idiot is concerned.

    The only thing obama has done to the country is make things ten times worse.


    Larry Johnson at No Quarter

    Obama wasted the first year of his presidency trying to socialize America’s health care system at a time when much more crucial problems loomed, and when the public grew to increasingly hate the plan as they learned what it consisted of. His approval ratings sank, his party got obliterated in off-year elections and the prospects for the 2010 mid-terms grew more dire by the day.

    Obama’s health care plan is a substantive disaster and a political nightmare. The public hates it. The Republicans are easily ripping it to shreds. Even Obama’s media apologists are having a hard time covering for him.

    And yet Obama sat across the table from his Republican counterparts for seven hours in Washington yesterday, essentially paraphrasing the delusional Daunte Culpepper in saying, “How ‘bout it? You gonna get behind my plan?”

    Calabrese certainly understands the heart of Obama’s problem:

    If Senate Democrats are serious about using reconciliation to bypass the filibuster, a couple dozen wavering House members will likely determine whether Congress gives Obama the similar answer he deserves – and treat ObamaCare like irreversibly wounded piece of crap it is.

    Go here to read Calabrese’s piece in its entirety.

    Echo 80 Items

    Freedom Fighter
    I don’t know who this Calabrese guy is, but he hasn’t been keeping up with currently events. According to most media accounts, President Obama came out well ahead of the Republicans after the summit.
    Yesterday, 19:27:29 – Flag – Like – Reply

    Right. Just like Custer won at the Little Big Horn.

  89. I liked Abrams, but does he wear a hair piece? His Dad is a legendary constitutional lawyer.

  90. Secretary of State Clinton recognizes the Peace Corps’ 49th anniversary

    March 2nd, 2010 – 12:18 am ICT by BNO News –

    WASHINGTON, D.C. (BNO NEWS) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recognized the 49th anniversary of the Peace Corps, the White House said Monday.

    The Peace Corps consists of almost 8,000 American volunteers that dedicate part of their lives working in abroad in specific projects for a period of twenty-seven months. It is run by the U.S. Government since it was established in 1961, and it is currently helping in 76 different countries.

    “(The men and women of the Peace Corps) follow in the footsteps of generations of dedicated volunteers whose hard work has changed lives, created new opportunities, and deepened understanding between cultures. Their example has inspired millions of other Americans to serve their communities through organizations here at home such as Americorps and Teach for America,” Secretary Clinton said. “And for many, the Peace Corps has been the start of a life-long commitment to service and engagement with the world. The State Department and USAID are filled with returned Peace Corps volunteers who draw on their experiences to serve our country and help build a more peaceful and prosperous world.”

    Nearly 200,000 Americans have participated in the Peace Corps since the program was initiated by John F. Kennedy almost fifty years ago.

  91. At the NYT site, this article includes links.

    We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change
    By AL GORE

    It would be an enormous relief if the recent attacks on the science of global warming actually indicated that we do not face an unimaginable calamity requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization as we know it.

    Of course, we would still need to deal with the national security risks of our growing dependence on a global oil market dominated by dwindling reserves in the most unstable region of the world, and the economic risks of sending hundreds of billions of dollars a year overseas in return for that oil. And we would still trail China in the race to develop smart grids, fast trains, solar power, wind, geothermal and other renewable sources of energy — the most important sources of new jobs in the 21st century.

    But what a burden would be lifted! We would no longer have to worry that our grandchildren would one day look back on us as a criminal generation that had selfishly and blithely ignored clear warnings that their fate was in our hands. We could instead celebrate the naysayers who had doggedly persisted in proving that every major National Academy of Sciences report on climate change had simply made a huge mistake.

    I, for one, genuinely wish that the climate crisis were an illusion. But unfortunately, the reality of the danger we are courting has not been changed by the discovery of at least two mistakes in the thousands of pages of careful scientific work over the last 22 years by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In fact, the crisis is still growing because we are continuing to dump 90 million tons of global-warming pollution every 24 hours into the atmosphere — as if it were an open sewer.

    It is true that the climate panel published a flawed overestimate of the melting rate of debris-covered glaciers in the Himalayas, and used information about the Netherlands provided to it by the government, which was later found to be partly inaccurate. In addition, e-mail messages stolen from the University of East Anglia in Britain showed that scientists besieged by an onslaught of hostile, make-work demands from climate skeptics may not have adequately followed the requirements of the British freedom of information law.

    But the scientific enterprise will never be completely free of mistakes. What is important is that the overwhelming consensus on global warming remains unchanged. It is also worth noting that the panel’s scientists — acting in good faith on the best information then available to them — probably underestimated the range of sea-level rise in this century, the speed with which the Arctic ice cap is disappearing and the speed with which some of the large glacial flows in Antarctica and Greenland are melting and racing to the sea.

    Because these and other effects of global warming are distributed globally, they are difficult to identify and interpret in any particular location. For example, January was seen as unusually cold in much of the United States. Yet from a global perspective, it was the second-hottest January since surface temperatures were first measured 130 years ago.

    Similarly, even though climate deniers have speciously argued for several years that there has been no warming in the last decade, scientists confirmed last month that the last 10 years were the hottest decade since modern records have been kept.

    The heavy snowfalls this month have been used as fodder for ridicule by those who argue that global warming is a myth, yet scientists have long pointed out that warmer global temperatures have been increasing the rate of evaporation from the oceans, putting significantly more moisture into the atmosphere — thus causing heavier downfalls of both rain and snow in particular regions, including the Northeastern United States. Just as it’s important not to miss the forest for the trees, neither should we miss the climate for the snowstorm.

    Here is what scientists have found is happening to our climate: man-made global-warming pollution traps heat from the sun and increases atmospheric temperatures. These pollutants — especially carbon dioxide — have been increasing rapidly with the growth in the burning of coal, oil, natural gas and forests, and temperatures have increased over the same period. Almost all of the ice-covered regions of the Earth are melting — and seas are rising. Hurricanes are predicted to grow stronger and more destructive, though their number is expected to decrease. Droughts are getting longer and deeper in many mid-continent regions, even as the severity of flooding increases. The seasonal predictability of rainfall and temperatures is being disrupted, posing serious threats to agriculture. The rate of species extinction is accelerating to dangerous levels.

    Though there have been impressive efforts by many business leaders, hundreds of millions of individuals and families throughout the world and many national, regional and local governments, our civilization is still failing miserably to slow the rate at which these emissions are increasing — much less reduce them.

    And in spite of President Obama’s efforts at the Copenhagen climate summit meeting in December, global leaders failed to muster anything more than a decision to “take note” of an intention to act.

    Because the world still relies on leadership from the United States, the failure by the Senate to pass legislation intended to cap American emissions before the Copenhagen meeting guaranteed that the outcome would fall far short of even the minimum needed to build momentum toward a meaningful solution.

    The political paralysis that is now so painfully evident in Washington has thus far prevented action by the Senate — not only on climate and energy legislation, but also on health care reform, financial regulatory reform and a host of other pressing issues.

    This comes with painful costs. China, now the world’s largest and fastest-growing source of global-warming pollution, had privately signaled early last year that if the United States passed meaningful legislation, it would join in serious efforts to produce an effective treaty. When the Senate failed to follow the lead of the House of Representatives, forcing the president to go to Copenhagen without a new law in hand, the Chinese balked. With the two largest polluters refusing to act, the world community was paralyzed.

    Some analysts attribute the failure to an inherent flaw in the design of the chosen solution — arguing that a cap-and-trade approach is too unwieldy and difficult to put in place. Moreover, these critics add, the financial crisis that began in 2008 shook the world’s confidence in the use of any market-based solution.

    But there are two big problems with this critique: First, there is no readily apparent alternative that would be any easier politically. It is difficult to imagine a globally harmonized carbon tax or a coordinated multilateral regulatory effort. The flexibility of a global market-based policy — supplemented by regulation and revenue-neutral tax policies — is the option that has by far the best chance of success. The fact that it is extremely difficult does not mean that we should simply give up.

    Second, we should have no illusions about the difficulty and the time needed to convince the rest of the world to adopt a completely new approach. The lags in the global climate system, including the buildup of heat in the oceans from which it is slowly reintroduced into the atmosphere, means that we can create conditions that make large and destructive consequences inevitable long before their awful manifestations become apparent: the displacement of hundreds of millions of climate refugees, civil unrest, chaos and the collapse of governance in many developing countries, large-scale crop failures and the spread of deadly diseases.

    It’s important to point out that the United States is not alone in its inaction. Global political paralysis has thus far stymied work not only on climate, but on trade and other pressing issues that require coordinated international action.

    The reasons for this are primarily economic. The globalization of the economy, coupled with the outsourcing of jobs from industrial countries, has simultaneously heightened fears of further job losses in the industrial world and encouraged rising expectations in emerging economies. The result? Heightened opposition, in both the industrial and developing worlds, to any constraints on the use of carbon-based fuels, which remain our principal source of energy.

    The decisive victory of democratic capitalism over communism in the 1990s led to a period of philosophical dominance for market economics worldwide and the illusion of a unipolar world. It also led, in the United States, to a hubristic “bubble” of market fundamentalism that encouraged opponents of regulatory constraints to mount an aggressive effort to shift the internal boundary between the democracy sphere and the market sphere. Over time, markets would most efficiently solve most problems, they argued. Laws and regulations interfering with the operations of the market carried a faint odor of the discredited statist adversary we had just defeated.

    This period of market triumphalism coincided with confirmation by scientists that earlier fears about global warming had been grossly understated. But by then, the political context in which this debate took form was tilted heavily toward the views of market fundamentalists, who fought to weaken existing constraints and scoffed at the possibility that global constraints would be needed to halt the dangerous dumping of global-warming pollution into the atmosphere.

    Over the years, as the science has become clearer and clearer, some industries and companies whose business plans are dependent on unrestrained pollution of the atmospheric commons have become ever more entrenched. They are ferociously fighting against the mildest regulation — just as tobacco companies blocked constraints on the marketing of cigarettes for four decades after science confirmed the link of cigarettes to diseases of the lung and the heart.

    Simultaneously, changes in America’s political system — including the replacement of newspapers and magazines by television as the dominant medium of communication — conferred powerful advantages on wealthy advocates of unrestrained markets and weakened advocates of legal and regulatory reforms. Some news media organizations now present showmen masquerading as political thinkers who package hatred and divisiveness as entertainment. And as in times past, that has proved to be a potent drug in the veins of the body politic. Their most consistent theme is to label as “socialist” any proposal to reform exploitive behavior in the marketplace.

    From the standpoint of governance, what is at stake is our ability to use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption. After all has been said and so little done, the truth about the climate crisis — inconvenient as ever — must still be faced.

    The pathway to success is still open, though it tracks the outer boundary of what we are capable of doing. It begins with a choice by the United States to pass a law establishing a cost for global warming pollution. The House of Representatives has already passed legislation, with some Republican support, to take the first halting steps for pricing greenhouse gas emissions.

    Later this week, Senators John Kerry, Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman are expected to present for consideration similar cap-and-trade legislation.

    I hope that it will place a true cap on carbon emissions and stimulate the rapid development of low-carbon sources of energy.

    We have overcome existential threats before. Winston Churchill is widely quoted as having said, “Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes, you must do what is required.” Now is that time. Public officials must rise to this challenge by doing what is required; and the public must demand that they do so — or must replace them.

  92. I just posted an article by Gore from today’s NYT. Maybe it’s in the filter.

    Gore has still not learned to defend against hostile soundbyting. Once when accused of using the wrong phone line from the WH, he explained the whole issue, saying “There is no controlling authority WHO SAYS THIS IS WRONG.” Meaning that there was no rule against it, and it wasn’t wrong. Only half his statement was quoted, suggesting that it was wrong but there was no authority to enforce a rule against it.

    He’s done the same here, saying some things that can be quoted out of context against him.

    I guess I share his lack of caution, or I wouldn’t be saying this. I still believe that a full honest explanation of a misunderstanding is worthwhile, even if some people will soundbyte and misrepresent it.

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