The Democratic Civil War – One Side Must Die

We are not making Joe Stack style, lucid death threats today. We are making a political analysis of what must happen politically.

On Memorial Day 2008 we wrote that theDemocratic Party is now engaged in the opening battles of a Civil War. As in the 1860s this war cannot be avoided.” The worldviews of both sides are so opposed that one side must die. Either Hillary supporters will die, or Barack Obama supporters will die – nothing else will do to end this Civil War. If Barack Obama supporters win, the situation comedy coalition of Barack Obama wins and Obama appeasement and weakness will provide Republicans with a golden future and many victories for generations to come. If Hillary Clinton supporters win we return to the winning FDR coalition and a party which reaches out for common ground but will fight and hold our ground on core Democratic values.

Hillary supporters who believe there is any hope of rapprochement with Obama supporters are fooling themselves. Hillary supporters who whine about the need for an “apology” from Obama supporters delude themselves and misunderstand the basic nature of the Civil War we are engaged in. The urge for unity in order to fight for issues we supposedly hold in common is understandable. But there is no going back to work with Obama supporters – not with their abominable view of reality. One side must die; one worldview will prevail, one reality will win out.

Recently many Obama supporters have begun to awaken to the “plain as the nose on your face” corrupt boob that is Obama. What they do not acknowledge is their complicity with the most corrupt forces in American life to inflict Obama on the mostly blameless Democratic rank and file and on the nation. Obama is and was the candidate of the Democratic establishment and a Big Media stooge of the Big Media Party.

Left Talker Obama supporters now admit that they were “more than a little hopey changey”. These fools who continue to expound on issues and believe they have an ounce of brains are the same fools who

“…thought Obama was a new FDR. The ones who said vote for Obama because he is a “media darling”.

The Left Talkers thought turning over the Democratic and the democratic process to Big Media was a smart strategy.”

The Left Talkers are not alone. Other toxic allies of Barack Obama and his filth from Lake Michigan persist in their collusions and deceptions and warped worldview. No more disgusting example of the worldview and mentality that must die can be found than Katha Pollitt at The Nation magazine. Pollitt writes:

I’m still glad I supported Obama over Hillary Clinton. If Hillary had won the election, every single day would be a festival of misogyny. We would hear constantly about her voice, her laugh, her wrinkles, her marriage and what a heartless, evil bitch she is for doing something–whatever!–men have done since the Stone Age. Each week would bring its quotient of pieces by fancy women writers explaining why they were right not to have liked her in the first place. Liberal pundits would blame her for discouraging the armies of hope and change, for bringing back the same-old same-old cronies and advisers, for letting healthcare reform get bogged down in inside deals, for failing to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan–which would be attributed to her being a woman and needing to show toughness–for cozying up to Wall Street, deferring to the Republicans and ignoring the cries of the people. In other words, for doing pretty much what Obama is doing. This way I get to think, Whew, at least you can’t blame this on a woman.”

The worldview represented by Obama supporters and voiced by such as Katha Pollit, The Nation magazine, and the Left Talkers, must die. Nothing else will do. Pollit the Obama supporter (and her ilk), is so stupid, her world view so distorted and debased, that she wants us to believe that Hillary would have been as incompetent and inexperienced and stupid and corrupt as Barack Obama; and that the sexism and misogyny of Big Media and Obama supporters must not be fought but instead surrendered to. Hillary is not the inexperienced corrupt boob Barack Obama proves he is every day and Hillary and Hillary supporters are not afraid to fight and fight hard until we win. We do not give up. We do not accept weak bowing substitutes.

The Katha Pollitt world view must not only be defeated it must be killed and destroyed. The mentality of the Pollitts and the Left Talkers and The Nation magazine must be killed and burned and the ashes scattered to the four winds. These people should not have any place in our national discourse. They are corrupt forces filled with loathing and stupidity. No long list of synonyms for “fecal matter” is sufficient to express the disgust they inspire with their cowardice and complicity and mendacity. They must die.

They must die.


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  1. Admin: you have laid it on the line. A party divided cannot stand. The democratic party must become one thing or another. It cannot be both.

    It was Obama himself and not me who first talked about the plantation. He did so on his website. The treatment was racist and demeaning. But it suggests a parallel and so does your civil war analogy:

    Under Obama the United States will become a plantation. The plantation owner will be the global elites. The slaves will be the American People. And Obama and his big media whores will be the overseers. It cannot be otherwise.

    How will he do this? By doing exactly what he is doing now. By creating inextinguishable debt. By looting the life savings of the middle class. (Don’t forget to tune in to Larry Doyle @ No Quarter tonight to hear about Obama’s plan to loot our 401 K programs). And when we have nothing left what will we be but slaves?

  2. As there was some discussion about this by Confloyd-

    I called a friend of mine in Texas this morning about the governor’s race. He is a small rancher in East Texas. He is an observer of politics and has friends who are wired in but he himself is not. He and I were both supporters of Kay Bailey years ago, but he no longer is. He and his wife both support Rick Perry. Their reasons for the switch are as follows:

    1. first, Perry has managed the state well in their opinion. He inherited a small surplus and have turned it into a large one. The unemployment rate is in below 8%. A year ago it was a little over 5%. What caused it to go up was the cessation of drilling by now some of it has resumed.

    2. second, Perry is strong on border security. He has given financial aid and grant money to border counties who are fighting drug gangs and crime. He had been instrumental in getting more border security from the federal government.

    3. third, Perry’s family is in the ranching business in southwest Texas. He was the Secretary of Agriculture for Texas before he became governor. That is an important job in an agricultural state like Texas.

    4. fourth, that is not to say Perry is perfect. My friend and his wife objected to the proposed highway from Brownsville through the state. This would have relied on the power of eminent domain to take people’s property from them. The voters voted it down. Also, they did not like Perry’s decision to print all government laws in Spanish as well as English.

    5. fifth, they told me that Kay Bailey has a husband named Ray who is a real estate lawyer and has been active in pushing the eminent domain laws for the benefit of himself and his clients. One of the more egregious cases involved the building of a stadium around Arlington. Kay was sitting on a senate appropriations commite at the same time.

    6. sixth, he told me that Kay wants to move back to Dallas but stay involved in politics. That is her main motivation for seeking the governorship. That surprised me since I always saw her as at vice presidential candidate. In any event, my friend told me she is not as aggressive as she once when Phil Graham was there. In fact, the junior senator Corynon is taking the lead on most legislation. He is no friend of ours.

  3. The editor/owner of The Nation is Katrina vanden Heuvel. She is an elitist with a big chip on her shoulder who will defend Obama regardless of what he does. As for Kate Pollitt this this kind of twisted logic is nothing new. She says she is glad Hillary is not president because if she were then she would be doing what Obama is doing, would suffer sexist attacks, and poor old Kate could not stand it. Better the country should go to hell under Obama than dumb Kate have a bad hair day. The point Kate misses is that if Hillary were president she would be governing well, whereas Obama governs badly,indeed perversely. And by governing well, she would effectively silence the sexists. Kate however cowers to them. And blind as a bat Katrina has no problem with it.

  4. Wbboei, I won’t even dignify that outline of yours by reading it. Perry is Bush was when he was Lt. Gov. and he is now. He is also a globallist and could care less what the people of this state wants. The transTexas corridor failed once so he changed it name and kept pushing it thru. Kay has done the same same. Those two people are the same people that are in power now in our govt. that you hate. I can tell you you and your friend do not know what they are talking about. When you have a governor that would rather fatten the pocket of a foreign investor while taking your land do it in the name of imminent domain you have a tyrant in power. That is what is in power in this state and in our govt. You are talking republican globalist ideas, if you would like them in your state I’ll be glad to send you Rick and Kay in a nice Christmas package.

  5. Wbboei, You should go back and see what Hillary said about the border and the border fence and emminent domain while she was in Texas. You’ll see she agreed with me.

  6. Admin: I am with you on this. That part of the party needs to die and we will not give out our democratic principles not now and not ever. We are the democrats, they are the dimocrats (loons).

  7. admin:

    Good article, but it may not have gone far enough. I believe that many of us lifelong Democrats have already checked out of the roach motel. My presumptive vote now would be against the Democratic candidate, not for the Democratic candidate.

    To get my vote back, the Democratic Party would actually have to do something to convince me that they represent me in any shape or form.

    I think we all have learned a lot about the New Democratic Coalition watching Hopey the Clown for the last three years. What I have learned it that there is no place for me in this new Democratic Party.

  8. Perry is Bush was when he was Lt. Gov. and he is now. He is also a globallist and could care less what the people of this state wants
    As a matter of fact, I asked my friend whether Perry is in Bush’s hip pocket and a globalist given his position on the Super Highway etc. He said not to his knowledge. That was the segue into the discussion about the work Perry has done to support border security–which is not something an open borders type would do.

    My friend is a small rancher not a rich guy. His world view is similar to yours in many respects. Like you, he is a patriotic American, was an LBJ democrat, feels the Party has deserted him and distrusts big business. Thus, I thought he would be a good sounding board on Perry. He agrees with you on issues like the superhighway, border security, protection of the US workers. He just has a different opinion on Perry.

    If you have hard evidence that Perry is a globalist who does not care about the American People, I will present it to him. That might tip the scales in favor of the tea party candidate both in his mind, and in the minds of the people in that community which he is in a position to influence.

  9. Good article, but it may not have gone far enough. I believe that many of us lifelong Democrats have already checked out of the roach motel. My presumptive vote now would be against the Democratic candidate, not for the Democratic candidate.

    To get my vote back, the Democratic Party would actually have to do something to convince me that they represent me in any shape or form.

    I think we all have learned a lot about the New Democratic Coalition watching Hopey the Clown for the last three years. What I have learned it that there is no place for me in this new Democratic Party
    Well put hwc.

  10. Bush installed Perry as Governor when he left to become Potus. Perry actually grew a larger state government, push thru stuff that Texans did not want. The farmers along the Mexican border are having their crop stolen in the dead of night by the Mexicans and Perry does nothing. Perry is a globalist and probably the next President. Soros is looking at some form of tracking device and I guess this time he is going to watch his Potus a little closer.

  11. February 21, 2010
    Richard Grenell

    Obama’s Gamble To Talk Iran Out of a Nuclear Weapon Has Failed

    Let’s face it; President Barack Obama’s hope for a dialogue with dictators was a naïve gamble to begin with. Even many people in his own party thought it was an academic exercise from an inexperienced law professor that wasn’t rooted in reality. But during the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama was on one side of the argument of what to do about Iran and Hillary Clinton and John McCain were on the other. Obama championed the idea that he could rally the international community to do more to isolate the Government of Iran and that he could sit down with its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to convince him that he should give up the illegal pursuit of a nuclear bomb. Clinton and McCain, however, advocated for a tougher approach that included immediate new sanctions, using The White House bully-pulpit and possible military action. While Obama believed that he could convince Ahmadinejad of the error of his ways through direct dialogue, Clinton and McCain warned that it was a waste of precious time.

    One year later Obama has single-handedly allowed the Iranians more than a year of unfettered progress toward a nuclear weapon with less pressure and inquiry from the international community. Even the slow-moving, state-the-obvious International Atomic Energy Agency announced this week that it fears Iran is working toward a nuclear warhead to go along with its undisclosed uranium enrichment activities. While Obama experimented with his classroom thesis of talking dictators out of their nuclear pursuits, many in the international community celebrated the fact that they weren’t being confronted by the United States with the lingering Iran problem. From Cairo to Berlin, the world celebrated Obama’s perceived world peace and even gave him the Nobel Prize. The Iranians, meanwhile, continued to build a nuclear weapon. While Obama did his world-wide victory lap, the Iranian Government celebrated their freedom. And although the United States has been negotiating with Iran for more than 30 years, Obama has been acting like this nation has never tried diplomacy. It is dangerous for a President to believe that his personality is so different from previous leaders’ that people will change their course of action just because of who is asking.

    But recently, the President has been trying something new. “The next step is sanctions,” President Obama said on February 9. The problem with the President’s latest pronouncement is that the next step WAS sanctions – 14 months ago. Obama missed his opportunity to crank up the heat on Tehran and send the Government of Iran the message that the world cannot wait for it to decide an appropriate time to give up its illegal pursuit of nuclear weapons. Over the last 14 months, the U.S. should have been enforcing the existing UN sanctions, ratcheting up the pressure with new penalties, urging the Europeans to abide by the current financial restrictions and supporting the opposition inside Iran. Now, a new round of sanctions and the inevitable protracted process getting to a UN vote may play into the Iranian’s hopes for more time. UN sanctions will take months of consistent pressure. To begin a UN sanctions process now will only compound the dangerous mistakes Obama has already made.

    And his UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, may be too weak to negotiate a Security Council resolution on Iran. Shockingly, Obama and Rice haven’t produced a single UN Security Council resolution on Iran since they’ve been in office. Putting Rice up against the Iranians or even the Chinese or Europeans should give every American a cause for concern. Rice is much more at home in an empty Security Council chamber with a Vogue Magazine camera across from her than a disagreeable foreign diplomat. This past year, Rice has spent more time in Washington looking to trip up Hillary and take her job than she has spent working the halls of the UN negotiating a resolution on Iran. And like Obama, she has not paid attention to the priority issues. While Rice claims that her cabinet-level job requires more DC face time, in fact, U.S. Mission employees have confirmed that Rice isn’t leading the Iran negotiations from New York or Washington. The State Department in Washington has taken the responsibility of writing a UN Resolution away from Rice and is negotiating directly with the French ambassador. American leadership at the UN has vanished. And the United States has never been more popular because of it. While the Iranians have been secretly enriching uranium to 19.75% grade and demonstrating that they have the technology to make a nuclear weapon, the U.S. has spent this last year pressuring China on its carbon emissions and working towards a Copenhagen Accord.

    Warnings from China that we need a diplomatic solution for Iran and no new sanctions have scared the Obama Administration into a year-long holding pattern. But Russian and Chinese veto threats are nothing new. Russia and China are experts at whipping the media into an anti-sanctions frenzy. Obama and Rice don’t seem to understand that Russia and China publicly speak one way but rarely stand behind their threats when an issue like Iran is put to a Security Council vote. Neither China nor Russia will call for a vote on Iran sanctions but they can be forced to a veto. Rice should have required a discussion on the Iran issue last year and called for a sanctions vote when the original Obama deadline passed last summer.

    Team Obama has spent the year dithering and hoping that doing nothing would allow the opposition inside Iran time to peacefully bring down Ahmadinejad’s government. But while the Obama team nervously talks among themselves, they have missed the opportunity to make the Internet available to the thousands of student protesters inside Iran or to implement harsh sanctions on the government that could push Ahmadinejad over the cliff and deliver the fatal blow to his presidency. The Obama administration should cease making the old, tired claim that American involvement would undermine the opposition by playing into the hands of Ahmadinejad’s re-cycled message that this is an American CIA coup on his presidency. We are well past the point of the Arab world thinking thousands of Iranian students and opposition leaders are in the streets of Tehran because of American enticement. Many in the Arab world would privately cheer if Ahmadinejad’s government fell or if the Iranian nuclear sites were destroyed. The lack of Obama leadership and assistance to the opposition inside Iran is now prohibiting the fall of a dictatorship on the brink. When White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs complains more often about former Vice President Dick Cheney than about Ahmadinejad it sends the wrong message to the Iranians, Chinese and Russians.

    Team Obama’s robotic and bland pronouncements citing general themes and re-cycled talking points from the Bush Administration will not stop Iran’s march toward a nuclear weapon. It is time for even Obama to admit that he failed to convince the Iranians to give up their illegal pursuit of nuclear weapons and has failed to motivate the cheering crowds of Germany and Egypt to do more than celebrate the kinder, gentler, weaker American President. There may still be time to make sure Iran doesn’t acquire the nuclear weapons that they will surely use, but it will require quick and sustained action by the White House. An immediate combination of paralyzing UN sanctions, aggressive support for the struggling opposition inside Iran, firm pressure on Europeans to implement the current financial sanctions and a credible use of a military deterrence must all be realized — and soon.

  12. JanH, That was a great article. Imagine Hillary taking away Susan Rice’s work. I saw the two of them together in a video clip. Hillary had just finished being UN President for the day.

  13. confloyd,

    If anyone has been marginalized it is Rice. Hillary has so much work on her plate she doesn’t know if she’s coming or going. Even so, Hillary’s accomplishments continue to build while we are still waiting for obama and Rice to achieve even one.

  14. JanH, That’s what I tried to say. She’s doing all the work because apparently she’s the only one who knows how to get things done. We tried to tell them two years ago. We should all be thankful that Hillary is there. She’s accomplished alot including getting all those high level Taliban caught. Had it not been for her insistance spineless wouldn’t have gone in. Look what he has done with Iran, he has NO common sense.

  15. confloyd,

    I shudder to think what an even bigger mess it would be if Hillary wasn’t there in the thick of things.


    A sharp drop in approval for President Barack Obama from Iowa’s political independents has pushed the Democrat’s approval further below 50 percent in the state and below the national average, according to the latest Iowa Poll.

    Approval among Iowa independents has dropped 10 percentage points since November, to 38 percent. Independents in Iowa helped Obama win the leadoff nominating caucuses in 2008 and later carry the state in the general election.

    Similar shifts in independent voters helped elect Republicans in governor races last year and a special U.S. Senate election last month. The Iowa findings confirm Democrats’ worries that this key voting bloc could sit out this fall or vote for Republicans.

    “That’s been the big drop that’s occurred,” Democratic pollster Paul Maslin said of the shift of independents away from Democrats. “It fueled Scott Brown in Massachusetts. It clearly helped create the margin of victory in New Jersey and Virginia.

    “It’s obviously a very worrisome development for this November,” said Maslin, who was Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign pollster. “If those kinds of trends continue, then obviously we are in danger of losing the U.S. House and potentially the U.S. Senate.”

    Forty-six percent of Iowans approve of Obama’s handling of his job, according to the poll taken Jan. 31 to Feb. 3. That’s down from 49 percent in November.

    It is also 22 percentage points lower than Obama’s Iowa approval of 68 percent around his inauguration last year.

  17. Admin: Now even Iowa doesn’t like the “one”.

    They are celebrating Ron Paul’s victory over at TM tonight. They say the right is in disarray the left is incompetent and the time is ripe for a third party run, that is unless Hillary runs. It looks like a run for Hillary is stacking up to be good at this point.
    Hillary 2012′

  18. I use to respect the editor of the Nation, but like most other liberal women, she seems to have forgotten that Hillary fought for her entire adult life for women compared to the make believe, yes, fairy tales battles Obama has had. Maybe some one here, perhaps a woman, can explain why these liberal women went so “Ga -Ga” over Obama and left a true friend in Hillary?

  19. Oh, my god, I can’t wait until Violet weighs in on Politt. But Politt is financially comfortable. It doesn’t make any difference to her personally what policies are executed because her life won’t change either way. So she can tell herself it would have been the same with either candidate because Obama hasn’t failed her.

  20. jbstonesfan

    I think women think power (on their own or through men) is their secret to success. It might be individually, but the only way for success for women’s right is not through men. It is through women, and women being willing to stand alone but together with other women, being ostrasized, getting beaten emotionally, sometimes physically, and even having hunger strikes.

    If you doubt this, all you have to do is look at history.

  21. confloyd
    February 21st, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    HEy look at this, Soros new project, he is pure evil.


    confloyd- all the research you’ve done on Soros and wbboei putting the fact together into a coherent, readable fashion footnoted with extensive attributions and getting the work published at may finally be paying off. (Someone has connected the dots and is in a position of follow through on Soros’ activities which is a feather in your’s and wbb’s caps!)

    It appears someone has taken up the challenge of shadowing Soros’ activities as a person of interest making note of his new investment interests that involve monies procured from the Federal Government.

    February 21st, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    Mrs. Smith: can you find that article on Brazile we talked about? You were going to post it.


    I haven’t forgotten wbb- I’ve sent out the e-mail and have been waiting for a response… will resend again tonight…

  22. wbboei
    February 21st, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    Mrs. Smith: can you find that article on Brazile we talked about? You were going to post it.


    I haven’t forgotten wbb- I’ve sent out the e-mail and have been waiting for a response… will resend again tonight
    Thanks Mrs. Smith. Carol’s question above prompted me to remember to ask.

  23. … the original article below addressing Soros’ latest investment monies given to him by our government. Remember now, Soros recently received millions of dollars from Obama for oil exploration and drilling along the Brazilian coastline…

    Jamaican firm gets cash from US billionaire, contract in Ghana

    Sunday | February 21, 2010

    Avia Collinder, Business Writer

    A small Jamaican firm that has made a name for itself providing technology-based solutions for some financial administration problems that plague schools has secured a United States government contract and an undisclosed amount of capital from American billionaire George Soros to transfer its expertise to a problem-plagued school-lunch programme in the West African nation of Ghana. The programme is said to be costing the government there US$250 million a year to administer.

  24. confloyd,

    Is that because he won the straw poll?

    I read that only 25% of the people attending even voted so I’m not sure how accurate the results are.

  25. The only thing I have heard about brazoid I read on TM, apparently she did not listen to all the CPAC, she said she wanted to stay “pure”. Whatever that meant, LOL!! Its been a many a day since that lady was pure. LOL!!

    Mrs. SMith what I read on that article is that Soros is backing some kind of a system that tracks individuals. That is what he is really doing is investing in a surveillance system that targets individuals. You know “the mark of the beast”. LOL!! I have always thought if there was an antichrist it wasn’t Obama it was George Soros. This article was very interesting, although I doubt the real antichrist will need to use any of our gadgets to achieve what he is meant to do.

  26. JanH, Yes, it is because he won the straw poll. Most folks did not vote huh? I guess they want to keep their front runner incognito. LOL!! Who cares their all crooks, were doomed, the only thing I am waiting on is to find out how long we have left before they pick the entire skeleton clean.

  27. JanH, What I have come to realize in the last few days is that what we Americans want/need doesn’t make any difference. We think we are free, we are not in a whole lot better shape that the Chinese worker, at least they have jobs as long as they can get everyday and go to work, otherwise their useless eaters. Soon they are going to gut Social Security, medicare and medicaid. There soon will be NO safety nets that I paid into my entire life because the last two potus’s have ran the ship aground on purpose I might add.
    When God fearing, hardworking Americans can’t even run for office without being in the “good old boy network” we are in trouble as a nation. Why can’t a person with good ideas from Wharton, Texas be Governor, the reason is she is not on the inside. When the Glenn Becks and the O’Reilly’s and the Blumenthals can smear a person just for sport, this nation is in trouble. WE ARE DOOMED, we have been taken over by an elitiest group of people and they are calling all the shots. You either play it their way or its the highway for you.

  28. I use to respect the editor of the Nation, but like most other liberal women, she seems to have forgotten that Hillary fought for her entire adult life for women compared to the make believe, yes, fairy tales battles Obama has had. Maybe some one here, perhaps a woman, can explain why these liberal women went so “Ga -Ga” over Obama and left a true friend in Hillary?
    Well said. I was neutral on her before the campaign. Now I am not. I used to think the AA’s would be the last group of Obama supporters to abandon Obama, just as the right wing Christians were the last ones leave Bush. But now I believe the highly educated uber-wealthy elites like Katrina will be the last ones to see the light.

    I find them to be hypocritical on issue of women’s rights. They intellectualize it just fine, but when the moment of truth arrives they find reasons to retreat from it. They had the opportunity to break the glass ceiling and repudiate sexism, and they settled for that pathetic line by her writer that I am glad Hillary did not win (meaning the primary was stolen) because I could not bear to listen to the sexist cheap shots. The problem I have with these elites is their sense of entitlement, and the fact that their wealth insulates them from the consequences of their folly–so they persist in it.

  29. I did not see FOX today but I am told that two things of interest occurred:

    1. first, one of the women commentators on the Chris Wallace said Obama’s policy of appeasement toward Iran has failed and now the administration is pursuing Hillary Clintons plan for dealing with Iran. (See article above to same effect).

    2. second, Huckabee interviewed Michelle, and it did not go well for Michelle. That is what I was told.

  30. Amazing! I am yet to see a picture of Obama like this. Look at the intense attention from everyone directed at the speaker which is of course Hillary
    I did not see Barrack in that photo. I wonder if he is on the golf course, re-wiring telebama or hiding under the table with Axelrod planning their 2016 campaign. This presidency stuff is proving to be so much fun that he may do a Bloomberg and extend his tenure to a third term–regardless of what the law says.

  31. Soros’s MO is creating a model for yet another one of his scams then implementing it somewhere else into an existing system. The obscure school in the West African nation of Ghanaa is having trouble administering it’s school lunch program costing it’s government $250 million dollars a year. Rather than exploring ideas with his many think tanks for helping “fixing” the US economy and job creation apparently, the hefty expenditures of this obscure school’s lunch program is keeping George Soros up nights. heh-

    This seemingly benevolent grandfatherly multi-billionaire has curiously taken an interest in an all too expensive costs for a school lunch program in the West African Nation of Ghanna with our money. This is the test case for future implementation of a tracking system of our students from Kindergarten through college in our own school systems. Plus, the advantage of using the critical data gleaned from this research information for a 20% stake in the tracking company for himself through the credit/debit cards used by the students. Soros has found a company he can tailor to whatever he desires that tracks student lunches and is working on tracking: attendance, transportation, grades, food stamps and welfare payments. Imagine what it will be like in the greatest country in the world, the US of A, when it is controlled by the demented, warped personage of George Soros?

    This is how Soros engineered the near CRASH of our Banking System. He tried his scheme out on the smaller European countries banking systems first before he broke the Bank of England by devaluing their currency and crashing their Market. If anyone things we earned this economy by overspending and buying homes we couldn’t afford; I’ve got some (worthless Carbon Credits to sell you left over from the Global Warming scam they almost got over on us…because they (Al Gore and his ilk, George Soros) convinced the gullible: “Humans are responsible for Global Warming!”)

  32. An exchange at No Quarter over a blogger who feels powerless, but is not certain she can vote against a representative who happens to be good on other issues, just because that representative voted for Obamacare.

    Guest (wbboei)

    2010 is about accountability. If your elected representative betrayed you and supported Obamacare, then that is strike 1, strike 2 and strike 3. This is not a case of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. If you want to feel powerless in the future then stay the course. If you want to let these elected officials who fear lobbyist more than they fear you who is boss then do as Ferd say: throw them out. That would also rain on the parade of the big media whores and wouldn’t that be a shame.

    Today, 16:20:36 – Like – Reply – Delete
    Liked byarabella trefoilHokmaRosa

    arabella trefoil

    I totally agree. I’m not agonizing over my decision either. I don’t care who I punish by voting Rebulican. Woman, minority, friend, nice-fellah, etc. You did not listen to me/us? Out. O U T Out.

    The politicians need to be scared straight, and I’m willing to do my part.

    Two young canvassers came to my door recently for a local election. I asked them “Did Candidate X support Obama?” Answer “Yes.”

    I said “Sorry, not voting for him. Then I gave the young women a run down on my reasons.” They were polite, didn’t argue, but one of them looked grimly at her clip board and was kind of nodding along with me. I think they had heard this several times already.

    I thanked the young ladies for their time, and told them I knew canvassing was hard work because I’ve done it too.

    They were both black and very determined. But I think the folks in my neighborhood wore them down a bit.

  33. Oopsy, I’m in trouble with Mr Spammy again-

    I’ve violated “ler code” somehow… over something I’m not aware of…

    when you get a chance, admin- please fish my last post out of the filter.

    Thank you! 🙂

  34. wbboei,

    So if Hillary’s plan for Iran doesn’t work, will he blame it all on her?

    Iran isn’t going to stop no matter how many sanctions are thrown at them. The only response that will work is a military one. Is this her plan? Because I remember her saying during the campaign words to the effect that they would go in if the circumstances became extreme.

  35. JanH, To think we could’ve had Hillary and we would not be sitting here tonight wondering if the little spineless craphead in the oval office will let Hillary have the reins long enough to get us out of this mess he got us into with his indecision and his white flags.

  36. Hmm, that’s interesting wrt Soros. do you folks try to get your stuff listed at MemeoRandum and at other blogs?

    We need a Project Phoenix: from the ashes arises a new party.

  37. Many folks over at commongroundpolitics, you should post your articles there. You’ll find a lot of support. Well, I think you would.

  38. So if Hillary’s plan for Iran doesn’t work, will he blame it all on her?
    That will be his natural inclination. But he will not do it directly. Instead, he will have is harem of media whores do it. I am referring of course to AP, NYT and MSNBC do it. Moveon. org and the Kooks will join in. They will blame her if the plan does not work, or if it results in serious casualties.

    But the question is will they be believed?

    I think the answer is no. The reason I say that is because: i) he tried his appeasement approach and it did not work, ii) the Iranians humiliated him personally, iii) she developed a plan in concert with key allies in the region including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan; Israel too iv) she also worked in concert with the Secretary of Defense and the military, iv) she has France and Britain supporting sanctions. Russia and China have a conflict of interest but at the end pf the day they will support some sanctions. In other words, Hillary has consensus and alignment with all stakeholders. The approach is likely to be a scalpel rather than a meat axe. If Iran can induce us to bomb them then they can unite their country, and it will not succeed because neither we nor Israel have the ground troops to invade and occupy the country. The goal is to do it through other means–like Sun Tsu would do. A gasoline embargo, freezing the assets of the Iranian Guard in foreign banks, and possibly a coodinated strike by woriers at the petroleum facilities.

  39. wbboei, I went over to read some of the exchanges at NoQuarter just to see what their selling over there. You see I just don’t believe voting the republicans in will really, really help. Didn’t we just vote them out?? You know the way I see it we just keep backing up and hitting the same wall. After a while I think we need to wake up and realize people like Soros and the Carlyle group on the other side are using us. They give Obama cause were mad at Bush, then they are going to give some new faces because we now mad at Obama. Can you not see the futality of it??? How are we going to tell who is good and who is bad, when the rotten apples are the ones pulling the strings. We need to get rid of the puppeteers, you tell me how we are going to do that???

  40. Wbboei, actually for Michelle, she did not come off so badly on Huckabee. He was SO fawning and it was a very easy interview for her helped greatly by him. She said a few silly thing, however, FOR HER, it was not bad.

    Michelle was in false eyelashes and probably hours worth of makeup and hairdo…it obviously “takes a village” to get her all trigged up.

  41. Connie it is easy to get discouraged and at times it feels like we are on a treadmill to oblivion. But when the cause looks hopeless we must go back to first principles. The reason I want to elect Republicans is not because I believe they have the answers. It is because I want Hillary in the White House in 2012, and the only way that will happen is if 2010 is a Republican landslide. In that case, the Obama people will be on the defensive and the party itself will have a moment of clarity. The party will understand that the people are boss and the do not like what Obama is selling. The assumption is that in that case, Hillary will have the opening we want to pursue the presidency. That is why I am rooting for the Republicans at this juncture. The only reason. Hillary represented a true middle ground between the globalist policies of Bush and the globalist policies of Obama. Her answer was the right answer. It would have ensured that all boats rose with the tide. If I had a nickel everytime Marcia says to me it does us no good if we throw out Obama and get Gingrich. I get that part. But is you saw the poll results for Newt they aren’t that great at least now. It is easy to forget that the grass roots republicans want to toss out the leadership of their party too–people like Orrin Hatch who was good once.

  42. Wbboei, actually for Michelle, she did not come off so badly on Huckabee. He was SO fawning and it was a very easy interview for her helped greatly by him. She said a few silly thing, however, FOR HER, it was not bad.

    Michelle was in false eyelashes and probably hours worth of makeup and hairdo…it obviously “takes a village” to get her all trigged up.
    I am truly sorry to hear that.

  43. admin: Thanks so much for writing about The Nation and that nitwit Pollit. I’m glad you continue to pound on The Left Talkers. These people are so full of shit their eyes are brown. Obama supporter-side must die. I will not give up. I will continue to fight. I will not be satisfied until they are destroyed.

  44. wbboei:

    Here are some of Perry’s accomplishments:

    Rick Perry Used More Than $12 Billion In Stimulus Funds To Fulfill His Constitutional Duty To Balance The Budget.

    Instead Of Cutting Spending, Rick Perry Balanced The Budget Through $12.1 Billion In Federal Stimulus Funds. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 5/30/09)
    Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “Some People Credit Conservative Fiscal Leadership By Perry… But Records Show That It Was The Much Reviled Federal Stimulus Money That Saved The Day.” “Some people credit conservative fiscal leadership by Perry, who vetoed $288.9 million in spending, and by lawmakers for balancing the budget. But records show that it was the much reviled federal stimulus money that saved the day.” (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 9/19/09)

  45. I just had to post this comment from the UK TImes on Line story about Rahm Emmanuel. I thought it was fitting.

    Well, we Chicagoans had a surplus of thugs so we sent our third string to Washington. Imaging what we put up with here! Well, we’re spreading it across the country – and the world. If you feel hoodwinked, go with the feeling. Chicago dems are terrific at making speeches and promising the world. Daley’s old man solved every teachers’ strike. How? By giving them everything. Same with patronage workers. Now we have unfunded retirement funds for city workers which will bankrupt us – even with the highest sales tax in the nation. World: get ready. It’s coming to your city soon!

  46. I’d not come across any coverage of BO’s trip to Las Vegas, so went looking. Found little of substance, including this picture of BO hugging Reid hugging BO. BO’s head appears in the shadow of a teleprompter.

    To repeat, there appeared to be minimal coverage of his campaign assist/fund raiser, but this pic brought a chuckle/eye roll.

  47. Connie: can you find any evidence that he is a globalist, and is screwing average people to benefit wealthy interests?

    Generally speaking, Fort Worth is a conservative community, compared to Dallas or especially Houston. If you are going to be sued in any major city in Texas your best bet Fort Worth because the juries there tend to be more conservative. And what is true of juries is also true of the population at large.

    The acceptance of stimulus monies would be an issue to a Fort Worth newspaper since a number of southern governors refused those funds as I recall.

    The fact that he used those monies to balance the budget and simultaneously vetoed spending increases is potentially problematic, since those funds were supposed to be used to stimulate the economy. So the question is what was the nature of the spending increases that he vetoes. Were they pork or were they intended to help people who need help.

    But like I say, if I am going to convince people like my friend that Perry is no good, then I need hard evidence that the is a globalist and is screwing the people of Texas. If Kay has become what I am told then I doubt you will get it from her. The tea party candidate Medina is the one who would likely have it. She would be using it to define her campaign.

    The Tea Party movement was born of a growing dissatisfaction with Obama and his thieves who are rapidly destroying the middle class. But that movement is also hostile the Republicans leadership. Newt is using Dick Army in an effort to co-opt them into the Republican Party. Some of them want to reform the Republican Party (the Red State crowd), whereas others want to form a third party (which alienates party leaders like hatch.

    Our political system is essentially a duopoly. Time and again throughout history they have joined hands to crush opposition. A lsw firm I did some business with a fine law firm who was managing the Perot campaign–Fletcher and Springer. The pressure Bush brought on Perot which ended with his withdrawal is a bad bad bad thing. What Rove did to McCain in South Carolina was also a bad thing. The Bush machine is powerful in Texas. If you find any evidence that Perry is doing anything like that to the Tea Party candidate–I doubt that he is, but IF he is then that might have some traction.

  48. We need to turn the tables on Obama–do to him what he has done to others. And bury big media in their own dung.
    sarainitaly says:
    October 22, 2009 at 12:21 pm
    This is Obama’s M.O.

    During the primary he mocked and tried to marginalize Hillary Clinton – from the very beginning. Her campaign slogan was Ready for Change-Ready to Lead. He ripped it off and started Change you Can believe. From there he knocked her whenever possible, with his snarky little attitude. “Periodically, when she’s feeling down, her claws come out…” He painted the Clintons as racist, and he knocked her all the time. He then took after McCain, with his catty little ads about email and making fun of him on comments, etc.

    This is how Obama and his goons operate.
    5) Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon (Alinsky 1972: 128)
    13) Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it (Alinsky 1972: 130).

  49. Has anyone else seen this

    Click here: YouTube – CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up

    I hope he’s got the documentation to prove it, because these charges would stop an elephant in its tracks, if backed up.

  50. Here is George Soros in his own words and whether we can save the world’s economy. Notice in the beginning what the narrator says about the middle class. He really says the middle class soaks up more than their worth.
    That is a euphemism for a race to the bottom. When you abandon the concept of the nation state and submit to the NWO this is what you end up with. Let that fucking Soros show the rest of us the way by reducing his own standard of living to third world standards. Write those spoiled children of his out of his will, and give his fortune to the UN. Do this as a demonstration of good faith. Then we can talk.

  51. The Case for Hillary’s Run for Prez in ’12 and Pelosi Retiring

    by Thomas Del Beccaro

    The 2010 midterm elections are shaping up to be a Democrats nightmare. But the problems for the Democrats and Obama won’t end there. Indeed, the fallout from the 2010 elections will likely carry over into 2012 which may well feature Hillary running against Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s retirement. Here’s why:

    1. Republican’s Political Carpe Diem. It appears more everyday that Congressional Republicans are coming to grips with the tide sweeping the Country – Tea Party and otherwise. If Republicans rekindle their successful strategy of 1994, by setting a clear, practical and limited fall election agenda, then they can successfully frame the election debate, and . . .

    2. The Democrats Should Lose the House in 2010. As I have chronicled elsewhere, the average loss for the President’s Party in the House, when his approval rating is below 50%, is 41 seats – enough for the Republicans to regain the House in 2010 if that average holds up – and it should. The Democrats are continuing to fight amongst themselves – an acceptable exercise in an off year but not in an election year (as in 1968 for the Democrats). Obama is talking about election year tax increases and using executive powers and a legislative cram down of health care. None of those dynamics bode well for Democrats, will fuel even more voter anger and should actually drive Obama’s ratings down further – keeping the modern string going of no President improving his approval ratings in a midterm election year.

    3. Pelosi Retires after 2012. If the Democrats lose the House in 2010, it should not be long thereafter that Pelosi retires. Ask yourself: How many former Speakers of the House are still in Congress? It is perhaps the ultimate up and out position in politics – with no place to retreat. In short, if the House falls – so will she.

    4. Hillary Will Run in 2012. If the Democrats lose the House, they can blame Nancy, Harry and Obama. Their agenda was far too divisive in an era of divisive politics. No one, however, deserves more blame than Obama. He picked too many fights with Americans and couldn’t control Pelosi. That is why his ratings are so low.

    Beyond that, Obama will likely not be able to make a Clinton comeback. Obama couldn’t get his radical agenda passed even though the Democrats controlled the Senate and House because he lacks the necessary skills to build consensus and govern. His leadership deficiencies mean that he won’t fare any better in a divided government.

    In the face of such Carter-like difficulties, the Democrats will have to ask themselves: Should we place our 2012 Congressional election fate in the hands of Obama? Many will say yes – enough could well say no because . . .

    (a) Obama will have not done much for them. Keep in mind that Obama was rushed into the Presidency. He didn’t have a long career of helping other Democrats around the country. As a result, he doesn’t have a reservoir of good will from battles he fought for them. Just the opposite, they went out on a limb for him. Since becoming President, Obama pushed headlong into policy fights that have hurt Democrats more then helped them. Obama’s campaigning for candidates has not been successful either – just ask Governor Corzine and Senator Coakley. Indeed, moderate Democrats are telling him to stay away in 2010. All-in-all, don’t expect too many to bleed for Obama in 2012 – to the contrary, many will prefer to try to stop the bleeding they are suffering at his hands.

    (b) Hillary Will Have Better Ratings Than Obama. The Clintons are no dummies. They knew Obama would fail. So, in anticipation, Hillary simultaneously (a) burnished her foreign policy credentials as Secretary of State, and (b) distanced herself from the domestic problems of the Democrats and her approval ratings have risen accordingly – even if she had no major successes. Brilliant by comparison to Obama.

    She can also correctly say: “I Told You So – he wasn’t ready and I certainly am.”

    The Democrats, or enough them, won’t want to give up the White House in 2012. Carter was a one term President – Johnson not much more than that. Their only two-term President was a Clinton – and enough Democrats will urge this Clinton to run in 2012 hoping for another electoral first – a female President.

  52. Here is George Soros in his own words and whether we can save the world’s economy. Notice in the beginning what the narrator says about the middle class. He really says the middle class soaks up more than their worth
    Mel Brooks could do wonders with this:

    Springtime for Hitler and Germany
    Winter for Poland and France, etc.

    This has reference to Soros’ activities in 1944 Hungary.

    Life imitating art imitating life but this is no laughing matter.

  53. The Case for Hillary’s Run for Prez in ‘12 and Pelosi Retiring
    He makes an excellent case on paper. Now that we have gotten all the hope and change out of the system of the body politic the electorate may be ready for the experience based solutions oriented approach she offered in 2008, which the elites rejected. But the lynch pin for this is a gotterdammerung in the 2010 elections, which big media will do everything they can to prevent.

  54. Carol
    February 21st, 2010 at 4:13 pm
    I caught Donna Brazilla on abc for a few minutes. Can’t we get rid of her? Any ideas admin?

    The strongest force for removing Brazille from the tube and from relevance is continued exposure to Brazille. At some point, shows are going to say, “No, not her!”.

  55. It’s unfortunate that the repugs have no one articulate to counter Obama in this made for TV show. It is a red herring to make the repugs look like the “no” party and then Obama , via Pelosi and Reid, will use procedural means, including reconciliation, if necessary to pass. He MUST get something done on health care as he belives his entire Presidency rides on some sort of bill…

  56. admin
    February 21st, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    A sharp drop in approval for President Barack Obama from Iowa’s political independents has pushed the Democrat’s approval further below 50 percent in the state and below the national average, according to the latest Iowa Poll.

    To know, know, know him,
    is to hate, hate, hate him,
    and I do
    and I do
    and I do.

  57. Evan Bayh is no Nathaniel Greene.

    Nathaniel Green was Washington’s best general. He was victorious in the Revolutionary War. He paid his men from his own pocket when Congress reneged. One year after the War he was penniless.

    Evan Bayh is no Nathaniel Greene.

    Evan Bayh was governor of Indiana. He was a good governor. He governed in a bi partisan manner. He served the people.

    But then he became senator. He served the elites, he lined his own pocket and screwed the people.

    Evan Bayh is no Nathaniel Greene.

    The health care bill tells the story.

    Initially, he spoke out against the bill. He said it needed to be fiscally responsible.

    While he was saying this, he was secretly supporting the bill.

    When it was scored by the CBO he assured his us it was fine. That was a lie and he knew it.

    He could have stood up for the American People. He could have opposed the bill. But he did not.


    Could it have anything to do with the fact that his wife has an executive position for Wellpointe?

    How will they benefit from this bill?

    Now he decides to resign.


    Is it because he deplores the partisanship in Congress?

    Yes he says that. But that too is a lie.

    His party had 60 votes in congress.

    Partisanship is not the problem.

    The problem is he threw the American People under the bus.

    And he does not want to be questioned about his wife.

    He chose pocketbook over country.

    Evan Bayh is no Nathaniel Greene.

    Finally, notice how he waited until 24 hours before filing deadline to announce retirement.


    Because he wanted to preempt the candidacy of outsiders.

    The objective was to cede the nomination to three insiders.

    So the boys in the cigar smoke filled rooms could select who they wanted.

    And Evan Bayh could pretend to be a man of principal, when he is merely a man of principle (and interest).

    Evan Bayh is no Nathaniel Greene.

    The Republican candidate Dan Coates is a former lobbyist–another insider.

    So the election in Indiana will be tweedle dee vs tweedle dumb.

    This example points to a larger truth.

    The American People need to focus less on candidates and more on issues.

    Candidates from both parties lie in sound bites.

    And they reward insiders at the expense of the people.

    Obama is the worst example, because his agenda will bury the American People.

    Hillary is the best hope, because she will save the American People–if she decides to run.

    But in the meantime, we need to change our approach from candidates to issues.

    If we focus only on candidates the system will co-opt us and our efforts will be for naught.


    February 21, 2010
    Democrats worried about Obama track record
    Liz Sidoti And Ron Fournier
    Democratic governors said Sunday they worry about President Barack Obama’s track record on fighting Republican political attacks and urged him to better connect with anxious voters. Some allies pleaded for a new election-year strategy focused on the economy.

    “It’s got to be better thought out,” Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said. “It’s got to be more proactive.” And, he said, Democrats must hit back just as hard as they are hit by Republicans.

    Eight months before the first midterm elections of Obama’s presidency, most Americans are frustrated with — even angered by — persistent unemployment and gridlock in Washington. Democrats fear voters will punish the party in power.

    The titular head of his party, Obama has watched his own popularity drop over the past year. He will bear at least some responsibility for the outcome in November, and Democrats are looking to him for political fixes.

    In interviews at the National Governors Association’s weekend meeting, several Democratic governors faulted the White House for losing the communications war against Republicans over what Obama has accomplished in his first year.

    “We fought back only sporadically and pretty ineffectively,” Rendell said, adding that “right out of the box, we lost the spin war” on the $787 billion economic stimulus bill passed in 2009.

    Several Democratic colleagues agreed, and lamented that voters thought Obama focused too much on overhauling the U.S. health care system. Others fretted that Obama may appear to be out of touch with the concerns of Americans.

    “I think he’s got more work to do on that,” said Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, an Obama friend and ally.

    Even as they raised concerns, Democratic governors insisted that the White House has started turning things around. “The stars are aligning,” said Delaware Gov. Jack Markell.

    During a reception honoring governors at the White House, Obama thanked Republican and Democratic governors alike for helping to stabilize the economy.

    “Each of you in your own respective states saw how brutal it was,” the president said. “It is worth reminding ourselves of how urgent the situation was and worth this organization taking extraordinary credit for helping to right the ship.”

    Earlier in an interview, Gov. Mike Beebe of Arkansas urged Obama to focus more on the economy and limit his actions on the health care system to changes that would bring down the cost of medical treatment in the United States.

    He called Obama’s poll numbers “terrible” in Arkansas because voters don’t think he’s focused on their top priority, the economy. “People are unhappy,” he said. “Now, in fairness, he didn’t create this problem, but they want to see him fix it.”

    While praising the White House’s communication’s efforts, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson offered this advice to Obama: “Rapidly decide what we’re doing on health care and then move to jobs and the economy.”

    “We need a national economic strategy,” he added.

    Among the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents, Patrick said he and Obama faced the same vexing political issue in 2009: They were so busy dealing with an economic crisis that it was hard to stay in touch with voters.

    “If you don’t know what happens at the point where policy touches people, you’ve got a problem,” the Massachusetts governor said.

    Patrick said he will connect better with voters on the campaign trail, making sure they know that he understands their plight. He suspects Obama will do the same while campaigning for Democrats.

    Obama has other challenges.

    Patrick said Obama must walk a fine line between pushing back on Republican criticism and not looking overly partisan. “If you don’t hit the bully back, you’re just going to keep getting hit,” Patrick said. “On the other hand, people don’t want that tit for tat.”

    He said he hasn’t been in touch with the White House communications team but noted, “I’m sure they’re struggling with that.”

    Markell said Republican lawmakers have effectively put Obama on his heels by blocking Democratic initiatives.

    “The challenge has been to get through the clutter of ‘No,'” he said.

    Rendell told ABC, “They just need to take a deep breath, look at what happened and revamp their strategy.” Easy for him to say. Later, the Associated Press asked Rendell what, specifically, Obama should do to right his political ship.

    “I don’t know,” he said.

    Gov. Bill Ritter of Colorado suggested that the White House set too high expectations of how quickly the stimulus plan would create jobs.

    “If there was a communications issue,” he said, “it was, perhaps, over the pace at which jobs would come back.”


    Mr. Transparency?
    Mr. “Great Communicator”?

    Obama tops Bush at ducking reporters;
    No formal press conference in 215 days

    By Joseph Curl

    President Obama, who pledged to establish the most open and transparent administration in history, on Monday surpasses his predecessor’s record for avoiding a full-fledged question-and-answer session with White House reporters in a formal press conference.

    President George W. Bush’s longest stretch between prime-time, nationally televised press conferences was 214 days, from April 4 to Nov. 4, 2004. Mr. Obama tops that record on Monday, going 215 days – stretching back to July 22, according to records kept by CBS Radio’s veteran reporter Mark Knoller.

    The president has seemingly shunned formal, prime-time sessions since his last disastrous presser, when he said police in Cambridge, Mass., “acted stupidly” by arresting a Harvard professor who broke into a home that turned out to be his own. The off-the-cuff comment took over the news cycle for a week, overshadowing his push for health care reform, and culminated in a White House “Beer Summit,” where the president hosted white police officer James Crowley and the black Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr.

    “He does seem a little snakebit on the whole presser thing,” said Julie Mason, a longtime White House reporter and board member of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

    “At his last big press conference in July, he lost control of the message with his response to the Gates question, and then returns six months later with an unannounced, five-question avail in the briefing room – on a snow day. Was it something we said?”

    Earlier this month, the president did field a few questions from reporters in a “mini-presser.” He dropped by the White House briefing room unannounced at midday just after Washington’s second snowstorm, right when the daily briefing by the press secretary was to occur. The “press availability” lasted only 33 minutes and encompassed questions from just five reporters – plus one after Mr. Obama tried to head for the door.

    In contrast, a typical White House press conference is usually announced well in advance and takes place in the far more formal White House East Room. The prime-time sessions – carried live by all TV networks – last at least an hour and include questions from 12 to 15 reporters, sometimes more.

    “I don’t count that five-question, surprise ‘avail,’ as a presser,” Miss Mason said.

    Still, Mr. Obama has held plenty of tightly controlled sessions with reporters. He has given 66 interviews since July 22 – including two that day, according to Mr. Knoller’s records. But that doesn’t satisfy White House veterans.

    “The administration will point you to all the interviews he does, but that is all about control. We are naturally at cross-purposes with him, because he wants to come out with his talking points and the press wants to knock him off those talking points – so the result is he just doesn’t come around anymore,” Miss Mason said.

    Nevertheless, Mr. Obama tops his predecessor in total output. He has given 43 press conferences of various degrees, six of which were solo White House sessions, Mr. Knoller said. During the same period, Mr. Bush gave 24 press conferences, of which four were formal, solo White House sessions.

  60. A good friend of mine was part of the student protests which took place on the campus of a major midwestern university in the late 1960s. Those protests centered on civil rights and ending a war which was wasting lives and accomplishing nothing. There were a thousand students in the group, and they did the obvious and took over the Administration building. After twenty four hours the cops lined the perimeter of the building, the less committed had gone home and a core group of roughly 200 were left. Those 200 were worried and wondering what the fuck do we do now. The ad hoc leadership structure had dissipated so she took up the cudgel. She told the group they could rush in here and arrest us for trespass, but instead of assuming the risks which that course of action would entail they want to negotiate. Lets give them our demands and move this protest down to the Student Union building where we cannot be charged with trespass. They did, and the Administration ended up conceding much of what the student group was demanding. She led those negotiations.

    The reason she mentioned this is because then as now the American People were being disenfranchised by their government. Hillary’s graduation speech–and her repudiation of the Republican Senator Edward Brooks who supported the war struck a similar tone. The American Public took a strong position on the matter which the political system could neither ignore, silence, co-opt or corrupt. Its only option was to conform.

    My friend believes that is the model we should consider adopting now. The street protests can wait. What we need to do is develop a politically neutral and special interest free solution to the health care problem, and then present it to the politicians with a pledge to either support it or not–and hold them accountable for results. If we let the parties solve the problem, the special interests will win and the American People will lose. Case in point: Evan Bayh. If we can put together a coalition of medical personnel and economists who care about the country, develop a piece of legislation which provides a cost effective solution to the problem and present it to politicians with a pledge to support or not–then we can begin to exert real leverage on the process. In that case, politicians would have reason to fear us more than lobbyists. Then if we take to the streets it will be more effective because then big media cannot dismiss us as an angry mob.

    More on this later.

  61. gee, Katha Pollitt of ‘The Nation’…we don’t seem to hear any of that misogynist nonsense with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State…in fact, quite the opposite…generally everyone seems to agree that Hillary is the strong one in this admin…the fearless one who speaks decisively and frankly the only person in this admin with high approvals and garnering respect…

    …what a bunch of pansies the so called ‘liberal’ women turned out to be…for too many of them their way of proving their unity with women is to unite behind an inexperienced male with no record and then attack the strongest voice for women in the last twenty years, Hillary Clinton…and the go after another female voice trying to make a point that many Americans agree with and are feeling in their own lives…

    …for too many of them they seem to be trying to prove their strength by supporting men…and taking on strong women…if that is the kind of feminism O brings out in women, then no thanks!

    …this would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic…

  62. I dreamed about this website last night. I dreamed that our administrator was telling us to offer up bread dough to the four elements. Ahhh, dream language. I didn’t know I was so pagan at heart. 🙂

  63. Oh, and I have never, ever dreamed about a website before. I guess this place has really gotten under my skin.

  64. Personally I think this guy is out to lunch when he talks about obama doing her a favor. I think she loves her job, as tough as it might be.

    Mario Almonte
    February 22, 2010

    Can Hillary Clinton Derail the Sarah Palin Express?

    The phenomenon that is Sarah Palin seems to be gathering momentum like a runaway train. Mortified Democrats hope she’s a runaway train wreck. But Palin’s fanatical supporters are convinced she is simply getting to the White House that much faster.

    She has made enough mind-boggling public gaffes to sink twenty careers – and grown stronger. Democrats look hopefully to the latest polls, which suggest that, while she may be winning the popularity contest, voters are losing confidence in her as presidential material. Even so, she remains a genuinely threat to the Obama administration and Democratic candidates across the country. It was Palin, after all, who single-handedly derailed Obama’s health-care reform bill after her “death panel” accusation. It was also Palin who single-handedly politicized the global warming debate, by pointing to emails she claimed proved the whole thing was a liberal conspiracy in which Democrats somehow played a role. Her relentless mocking of Obama initiatives has emboldened Republican and conservative opposition, which noticed that “Obama bashing” is an effective political tool for winning support without offering any actual alternative solutions.

    As a result, for Democrats, defusing this ticking political time bomb is Priority Number One. However, the question remains as to the best person to do this. Joe Biden has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth and could easily do more harm than good. Obama himself cannot afford to attack her directly – that would give her too much credibility. He is also a Harvard Law School graduate and, worse, like Biden, he is man. Palin would take every opportunity to construe whatever criticism he makes of her as evidence of his intellectual elitism and misogynistic streak.

    The job falls, therefore, to a woman, and the only woman in the current political arena more powerful than the speeding locomotive that is Sarah Palin…is Hillary Clinton. A criticism of Palin that might sound mean-spirited from Obama would be a clean smack-down from Hillary. As a speaker, when tightly scripted, Palin is a charmer, but her tight skirt and high heels are no match for Clinton’s pantsuit and comfortable walking shoes.

    The Hurt Locker
    And when it comes to a fight, Hillary can pack a wallop. She is a hardened political soldier who has crawled through the blood and gore of the Washington battlefield to emerge as the most powerful woman in the United States – if not the world. That is why, during her campaign for the Democratic nomination, her “take no prisoner” mentality made her a formidable rival for Obama. Although she lost, she forced him to acknowledge her 18-million-voter support base. He would not be President today if she had not endorsed him. And she is Secretary of State because of that.

    And Obama would be doing Hillary a favor. She isn’t exactly thrilled that her job takes her away from the front line of national affairs, often to the point where Americans forget she is still around. She would therefore relish an opportunity to get back in the game and grab some headlines again. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain. If she fails, she simply fades back into her job and moves on with her life. If she successfully neutralizes Palin, it will practically guarantee her nomination as the Democratic Presidential candidate for 2016. Don’t rule it out. She is not one to go gently into that good night.

    Palin’s glass jaw is that she can criticize others, but she does not take criticism well. In the political arena, Hillary can take a world of hurting and come back at you with a ferocity that leaves you breathless.

  65. Bill Clinton Foresees Chelsea’s Wedding as the Biggest Day of Her Life

    By Marla Lehner
    Monday February 22, 2010

    Bill Clinton is keeping clear of the wedding planning for daughter Chelsea’s upcoming nuptials – but he will have two very important jobs when it comes to her big day.

    “I’m just supposed to walk her down the aisle and pay the bills,” Clinton told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show Monday morning.

    The details of Chelsea’s wedding to fiancé Marc Mezvinsky are up to “Chelsea and her mother” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said the father of the bride-to-be. “They’re having a good time doing it.”

    But the former president is beaming with joy over the couple’s impending marriage. “I must say I am very happy,” he said. “My daughter is happy. I like and admire my future son-in-law, so I couldn’t be happier about it.”

    Asked if he expected to shed some tears on his only daughter’s wedding day, Clinton said, “Probably. I always thought being her father was my most important job, so it’s a big day for me. [It’s] the biggest day in her life, probably, and I’m happy.”

    Chelsea, 29, and Mezvinsky, 31, an investment banker, became engaged last November.,,20346082,00.html

  66. It’s got to be better thought out,” Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said. “It’s got to be more proactive.” And, he said, Democrats must hit back just as hard as they are hit by Republicans.
    Ed–come on man. You are better than that. The truth is they need to be better at solving problems. We do not need more partisan bickering.

  67. US lawmakers seek Iran sanctions disclosures

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    WASHINGTON: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should reveal the names of companies with “problematic” business dealings with Iran and sanction them, 30 lawmakers urged her in a letter released Monday.

    Clinton should punish the firms under the Iran Sanctions Act, which authorizes sanctions against non-US companies that invest more than 20 million dollars in Iran’s oil and gas sectors, they said in the message. “If firms are violating US law, there must be consequences,” the group, led by Republican Representative Mark Kirk and Democratic Representative Ron Klein, said in the message, which was dated Thursday.

    “Given Iran’s intransigence and the support these companies provide to the Iranians, we urge you to fully enforce the Iran Sanctions Act and levy appropriate sanctions against companies who have violated US law,” they said.

    The US State Department recently told members of Congress that it had completed a preliminary investigation of companies that could be in violation of the law and has moved on to examining firms it views as “problematic.”

    US lawmakers have stepped up calls on President Barack Obama to impose sanctions on Iran, as well as companies that do business with Tehran, in response to the Islamic Republic’s refusal to freeze its suspect nuclear drive.

    Tehran denies Western charges that its atomic program hides an effort to develop nuclear weapons and has rebuffed UN demands that it halt uranium enrichment, which can be a key step towards building an atomic arsenal.

  68. wbboei
    February 22nd, 2010 at 12:55 pm


    wbb, why would we want to reinvent the wheel crafting our own Health Care Plan?

    When Hillary has a Health Care Plan already mapped out in detail. One she worked on for years to perfect.

    “If we can put together a coalition of medical personnel and economists who care about the country, develop a piece of legislation which provides a cost effective solution to the problem and present it to politicians asking them for a pledge to support or not–then we can begin to exert real leverage on the process. In that case, politicians would have reason to fear us more than lobbyists.”

    Hillary’s Health Care Plan always was the best thought out plan available to us from the very start… Your friend’s idea is a good one but would be almost impossible to implement from scratch. I can see forming the coalition of medical personal etc… and using them as the “PEOPLE’S” Representatives, submitting it to legislators as a basis for the People’s Health Care proposal though.

  69. Basement Angel, keep dreaming. 🙂

    JbStonesFan, the Dimocrats are dreaming about reconciliation but remember legislation passed under reconciliation only lasts ten years. There are too many hurdles for a reconciliation to pass and even if it did the Republicans will run in 2010 on rolling it back.

    JanH, that Hillary Palin “catfight” article is more hopey changey garbage. Hillary will not do Obama’s dirty work. As we detailed in earlier articles, Hillary was offered the chance to go after Palin repeatedly and repeatedly declined. This is more agit prop from the Obama cadres.

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