A Warning To Supporters Of Sarah Palin, Canada Hillary Clinton And The Tea Party Movement – As Well As Arriana Huffington

The “Divide and Conquer” ploy emerged yesterday as a stratagem to destroy the NObama Coalition. Yesterday, Big Media waved the red flag of Hillary Hate and Sarah Palin Hate to incite a “cat fight”. Some Republicans and conservatives fell for the Big Media ploy and reverted instantly to Hillary Hate. We can’t let that happen. This country cannot afford another 3 years of boobery and corruption. Barack Obama must go. Barack Obama must be pushed out.”

As Obama continues to sink in the polls (52% now say they oppose Obama re-election), the Obama ridicule grows, the waste of precious dollars becomes apparent, the corruption becomes more visible, former allies run away, the attacks on the NObama Coalition will grow. As America grows “red” (predictions of a lasting realignment were premature) Obama protection by Big Media will increase.

Today, in order to avoid a repeat of yesterday, we will provide some wisdom and warnings to all the interest groups and allies of the NObama Coalition.

* * * * * *

A Warning To The Tea Party Movement:

Like ants to picnic food, whores are attracted to political conventions. The Tea Party convention was not immune to the lure of whoredom. We speak of course about Arriana Huffington.

Here at Big Pink we wage the battle against sexism and misogyny every day. We will not tolerate sexist language against Hillary Clinton, nor against Sarah Palin. We are aware that women are frequently tagged as “whores” in political argument. These are generally sexist and misogynist arguments deployed to destroy women and women only. However, sometimes the epithet “whore” is very much on target. When we hear the word “whore” we think of Bill Richardson and John Edwards and, of course, Arriana Huffington.

Arriana Huffington can already be seen replacing her satin sheets for burlap sheets. Arriana wants to be a Tea Party Queen. Here’s courtesan Arriana, girding her loins, ready to jump to a new bed at the Tea Party convention:

“Though this weekend’s event had a decidedly conservative bent, it was interesting to watch how during the Q&A session after her speech, both Palin and Judson Phillips, the chief organizer of the convention, proudly informed the crowd that neither of their spouses vote Republican.

And thanks to the botched bank bailout, anti-government rhetoric — a conservative hallmark since Ronald Reagan branded government the problem, not the solution — has moved beyond the ideological right.

Indeed, at times in her speech, Palin sounded like the second coming of Huey Long. “While people on Main Street look for jobs, people on Wall Street — they’re collecting billions and billions in your bailout bonuses,” she said. “And everyday Americans are wondering: Where are the consequences? They helped to get us into this worst economic situation since the Great Depression. Where are the consequences?”

I was within an inch of singing along: “Yeah, where are the consequences!? You tell ’em, Sarah!”

I’ve written about how the middle class is teetering on the brink of collapse. And the bleak indicators just keep piling up: a new study found that one in eight Americans received emergency food aid last year — up almost 50 percent from 2005. The numbers are even worse for kids: one in five. That’s 14 million children facing hunger. In America.

Can you hear them now?”

After using her gay husband’s money and reputation to advance herself, after using Newt Gingrich’s money and reputation to advance her Hillary Hating self, after politically fellating Barack Obama – Arriana is ready for a burlap covered Tea Party bed. Tea Party activists beware: Arriana has the pox. Don’t let her near you.

Also pox ridden are Republican bureaucrats, mostly male, who also want to co-opt the Tea Party movement. These pox ridden Republicans will eventually succeed and take over your movement and probably the best you will be able to do is delay the takeover. Fight hard for your principles and delay the takeover as long as possible. Keep away from the pox ridden – like Arriana and job-seeking influence peddling Republican bureaucrats.

Stick to the issues. This is what you are about:

“Broadly speaking, the tea parties reflect a growing anger in America that the government seems to be a closed circle, run by an elite in both parties. These elites, combined with a class of bureaucrats, lawyers, journalists and businessmen, use government power to serve their own ends, and not the public good.”

We might not all agree on specific issues. But don’t forget that you have a powerful message. Run for public office. Fight the power. Don’t be afraid to turn ridicule into strength.

Watch out Tea Party Movement, the whores want to share your bed. You have nothing to gain from them but the pox.

* * * * * *

A Warning To Sarah Palin Supporters and Republicans:

Yesterday, at most Big Media outlets, the Hillary Hate flag was waved. The old “divide and conquer” ploy. Instead of wielding the Republican Secret Weapon, many Republicans and conservatives fell into the trap.

The cheese in the trap was an alleged Hillary Clinton attack against Sarah Palin. While answering a question in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Hillary allegedly threatened to move to Canada if Sarah Palin became President. Hillary Haters at NBC saw the opportunity to stoke a “cat fight”. “Oh, Canada for HRC If Pres. Palin?” headlined MSNBC. Reuters embarrassed itself with the headline “Hillary Clinton wouldn’t flee to Canada if Sarah Palin was president” ABC News went with the headline “Hillary Clinton: Won’t Move to Canada If Sarah Palin is Elected President (But Will Visit Often)“.

That Hillary was asked a silly question meant to incite and responded with grace, humor and good will towards Canada was ignored. Big Media wanted a “cat fight”. Big Media wanted two women Big Media hates to fight each other and not Big Media. Hillary supporters saw right through this ploy but most Republicans have not been at the fight to expose Barack Obama and Big Media long enough to know better.

Republicans and conservatives and Sarah Palin supporters who fell into the trap and attacked Hillary were riding with Chris Matthews.

Big Media wants a “cat fight” – Hillary Versus Palin. But we are not buying into that agit-prop. Sarah Palin has learned not to buy into the Hillary Hate, and Hillary will not buy into the Palin Hate. We’ve been at this too long to fall into the Big Media trap – it’s why Big Media hates Big Pink.

Recall, in September 2008 when Obama wanted Hillary to attack Sarah Palin. Hillary Clinton does not ride with Chris Matthews – Hillary Clinton will not attack Sarah Palin – Hillary Clinton will not “cat fight” for the Big Blog Boys. Recall when in September 2008 we quoted the L.A. Times:

On Saturday in New York, reporters eager for a story about a fight between the two female politicians set Clinton up several times to take easy swings at the 44-year-old reform governor, who blew away the Republican National Convention crowd with her speech Wednesday night about her running mate, her own life and some mocking views of Obama.

But Clinton would not bite. Or swing. Not once.

Sarah Palin said something stupid once about Hillary Clinton during the campaign in 2008. We ignored the stupidity because we knew Sarah Palin would learn and regret her foolishness. Sarah Palin did learn and to her credit Palin made a very public apology to Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, gracious as ever, Mona Lisa smiled at the idea of a Big Media destroying meeting with Sister Sarah.

Sisterhood Is Powerful.

Hillary Clinton Supporters, Sarah Palin Supporters, Tea Party Supporters should not ride with Chris Matthews, Big Media, and assorted whores.

The NObama Coalition must stand together. Let Obama ride with Chris Matthews.


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  1. The question was stupid. The answer was fine. She said she would NOT move to Canada. The big media response was tactical as you say. It is further evidence that they believe their own survival hinges on the survival of Obama. Therefore they will tell any lie to destroy his opponents. That woman announcer is a traitor to her gender. When I saw tried to rewind the tape I got the next one and saw that little Chuck Todd. Question: what kind of a network would place its credibility at risk by putting Rat Boy Todd front and center? Answer: only a network like MSNBC which had no credibility to begin with.

  2. Buffon Biden strikes again, i’m amazed the administration has not sewed his mouth up yet.

    Biden : Washington’s Broken.

    Nope Biden its your mouth like a broken record more like it.

    just STFU and sit there.



    Dems’ blues: States reverting to red

    By: Jonathan Martin and Ben Smith
    February 17, 2010 04:45 AM EST

    The electoral map candidate Barack Obama remade in 2008 appears to be retreating into its familiar patterns.

    Obama broke the decisive role Ohio and Florida seemed to play in presidential elections, by moving from trench warfare engagement in the two states to a broader battlefield on which Republicans were placed on the defensive in states they’d once taken for granted. And his victories in places where Democrats had fared poorly in recent elections — Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, the interior West — seemed to validate his strategists’ claims that he had consigned the red state-blue state presidential dichotomy to the bookstore remainders bin.

    But now some of the same unlikely states that Obama put in his party’s column 15 months ago feature Senate, House and governor’s races with Democratic candidates in grave danger of losing in what is quickly shaping up to be a toxic election cycle.

    While off-year and down-ballot elections are inherently different than presidential contests, the rapid reversal in Democratic fortunes in the very places where Obama’s success brought so much attention suggests that predictions of a lasting realignment were premature.

    And it’s raising the question of whether the president’s 2008 win was the result of a unique set of circumstances that will be difficult for him to replicate again and perhaps downright impossible for other Democrats on the ballot to reprise.

    “They had wind at their back,” said former Rep. Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican and a student of national politics, of Obama’s historic victory. “People were hungry for change, and the president was running against a 72-year-old guy who couldn’t use a computer.”

    But, Davis added: “One election doesn’t make realignment.”

    At the very least, it seems that Obama’s success proved that those conservative-leaning states must be viewed as highly competitive for both parties — a departure from an electoral past in which they were assumed to be GOP locks.

    “They were red, but they’re competitive now,” said Democratic National Committee Chairman and former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine.

    In Indiana and Virginia, perhaps Obama’s most sought-after prizes and two states that had not supported a Democratic presidential nominee since 1964, Republicans are taking aim at a number of junior House Democrats who were either elected or reelected for the first time, in part by riding the Obama wave. Already in Virginia, the GOP swept the three statewide offices in November. And in Indiana, the stunning retirement of well-funded Sen. Evan Bayh has forced Democrats to scramble to find a replacement candidate.

    Kaine didn’t bother masking his disappointment in Bayh’s decision, something that has infuriated top Democrats.

    “We weren’t happy to hear it,” he said. And while the party chairman said he was confident they could find a top-tier Democrat to run for the seat, he allowed that “the best chance we would’ve had to win that seat was if Sen. Bayh was running for a third term.”

    Other Democrats close to Obama say 2008 did not represent a realignment but nor was it a one-off, where Democrats flourished because of a perfect political storm.

    “These states are now competitive but will tilt one way or another depending on the climate,” said Anita Dunn, a Democratic strategist and the president’s former communications director. “Now that doesn’t mean that we can’t elect a Democratic senator in Indiana, but it’s going to be tough.”

    Dunn, though, did make the case that their task would be made easier if former Sen. Dan Coats gets the nomination, noting his lobbyist background and out-of-state residence.

    In Virginia, where as many as five House Democrats could face difficult races in November, Kaine noted that the political tectonic plates had been moving toward the Democrats in recent years and described Obama’s success there as the capstone of the state’s shift.

    But he quickly added that the lesson was not that it had suddenly become a Democratic stronghold.

    “It’s that neither party is going to take Virginia for granted for the next 25 years,” Kaine said. “These other states are in a similar spot.”

    In North Carolina, which hadn’t gone for a Democratic president since 1976, hopes that first-term Republican Sen. Richard Burr could be defeated have waned and Gov. Bev Perdue and Sen. Kay Hagan, two Democrats elected on Obama’s coattails, have approval ratings hovering around 30 percent.

    “There aren’t many Obamas,” said Gary Pearce, a longtime Tar Heel State Democratic consultant. “He’s not on the ballot, and I don’t know that [his appeal] transmits. He created an energy and enthusiasm that’s really rare in politics.”

    In Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina, Democrats fret that the absence of Obama on the ticket will ensure that fewer young and black voters will come to the polls — that the very “surge voters” that propelled the president could ensure defeat for the party by staying home this fall.

    “Obama is still fairly strong here — a lot better than anybody else in public life,” added Pearce. “What’s changed is the Democrats are in charge now, and they’re getting blamed for the economy being bad.”

    Democrats may have been the most optimistic about the political shift in the Mountain West, where demographics — a rising Hispanic population and a flood of California transplants — had pushed voters away from the GOP.

    But Democrats’ 2008 gains are now under siege, and the region is a central battleground this year, from the Senate seat of embattled Majority Leader Harry Reid on down. Three of the most vulnerable House freshmen Democrats are Nevada’s Dina Titus, New Mexico’s Harry Teague and Colorado’s Betsy Markey. Democrats are at risk of losing both the Senate and governor’s races in Nevada and Colorado, the latter of which was ground zero for the Rocky Mountain realignment, and a state that Obama had effectively locked up with a massive early-voting-turnout effort.

    “I don’t think it was ever a massive shift. I think it was an anomaly that came in good part because of the extraordinary financial effort that went into the voter registration,” said Sig Rogich, a Republican consultant and veteran observer of Nevada politics who supports Reid.

    A dismal economy in Nevada, in particular, which ranks at the top of the nation in home foreclosures and is second in unemployment, has slowed the demographic trend — immigration — behind the Democratic rise.

    “We’ve lost a good number of those who helped to change the numbers — with the job losses and so forth,” Rogich said.

    The economy has also left local voters, perhaps even more deeply than elsewhere in the country, angry and eager for change.

    “Even if you have a job, you’re worried about it. Almost everybody knows either family or friends who have lost their jobs and same with people who have lost homes,” said D. Taylor, the president of the Culinary Workers Union, which represents casino workers and backed Obama to the hilt in 2008. “It’s general angst about no quick answers, which we as Americans aren’t used to.”

    And out West, the same cultural libertarianism and suspicion of authority that helped push big-spending and moralistic Republicans from office is now rebounding against Democrats. The unaffiliated voters who have taken flight from the Democratic Party in the three recent statewide races across the nation are an even larger force in the electorates of states like Colorado.

    “The argument that Obama moves too fast, too much, too expensive has been very effective here,” said Floyd Ciruli, a Denver-based pollster.

    The extent of Republican resurgence in the West won’t be clear, however, until November, and Democrats are still competitive in races ranging from Reid’s Senate seat to the open contest for the Colorado governorship, for which their candidate is popular Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.

    And there are Democratic bright spots that suggest, Colorado political consultant Mike Stratton said, that the West could resist a national wave. New Mexico Lt. Gov. Diane Denish is a strong candidate for the governorship. Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons, a Republican, is campaigning for reelection despite profound unpopularity and stiff primary opposition.

    Democrats continue to put stock in voter registration numbers that, they hope, Obama changed for good.
    “When you look at Washoe County, I don think that’s ever going to go back to being Republican,” said state Assemblyman Richard Segerblom, a Democrat, referring to the conservative-leaning population center of northern Nevada. “That was Republican for all our lives.”

    To get those voters out this year, however, will be a challenge, party strategists acknowledge.

    “Democrats who are running in 2010 need to give all those new voters a reason to turn out for them; they need to feel like there is something really at stake,” said Dunn. “Be clear about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it and who you’re fighting for.”

    Kaine pointed out, hopefully, that, “Nine months is a long time in politics. If the economy continues to improve — and we’ve seen signs it is — and we have action on health care, the dynamic is not going to be easy, but we can do quite well.”

  4. As heartening it is to see that 52% of voters don’t think Obama should be re-elected, what is wrong with the 44% who think he should???

  5. Admin- You are 100% correct in everything you say-particularly with respect to that vile troll Huffington. I despise her more than even Twitty and Olberman.
    As far as the “cat fight”, I believe big media has already set the events in motion. The only thing that will stop this is a joint release by Hillary/Palin , which Obama will quash .

  6. Admin:

    “We’ve been at this too long to fall into the Big Media trap – it’s why Big Media hates Big Pink.”


    My sentiments exactly! We knew this was coming- we just didn’t know when the media attack machine would begin their insidious scheme of licentious attacks against Hillary (and Bill).

    Hillary and Sarah Palin may not agree on all policy fronts but the fact remains their alliance is something the Chicago Combine and the GOP would like to destroy. The potentiality of their unique combined strengths would create a womens movement united in purpose successfully ridding the country and the presidency pirated by Barack Obama.

  7. Tea Partiers seek to recall U.S. senator

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010
    Domenico Montanaro

    Can a U.S. senator be removed from office by popular vote through the procedure known as recall?

    That question is now being hotly debated in New Jersey, where the Sussex County Tea Party is pushing a recall of Sen. Robert Menendez, a Democrat and head of the Democrats’ Senate political arm, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, or DSCC.

    “He has voted for unconstitutional bills, including health care and cap and trade,” the group says. “He also has consistently voted for legislation favoring illegal immigration and irresponsible fiscal spending.”

    But do a state’s residents have the power to vote a senator out of office?

    Yes, New Jersey law explicitly says.

    “The people of this state shall have the power to recall … any United States senator or representative elected from this state,” a state law provides, written to conform with a similar provision in New Jersey’s constitution.

    But throughout U.S. history, no U.S. senator or representative has ever been recalled, and many legal scholars believe such an effort would be unconstitutional. They note that the U.S. Constitution provides for removing a senator or congressman only by vote of a member’s peers — through expulsion.

    “The recall of members was considered at the time of the drafting of the federal constitution in 1787, but no such provisions were included in the final version,” says a 2003 report by the Congressional Research Service.

    It’s that very silence that the Sussex County Tea Party believes provides an opening. Powers not specifically spelled out in the U.S. Constitution for the federal government are reserved to the states, including the recall authority, they argue. The U.S. Supreme Court has never squarely decided the question, but has suggested in other rulings that states have no power over positions created by the federal government, such as senators and congressmen.

    For now, the group is fighting in state court over a more fundamental issue — the legal right to gather signatures on a petition seeking the recall vote. Last month, New Jersey’s secretary of state said any such petition could not be accepted because a recall effort would violate the federal Constitution.

    “This is a matter of free speech,” says Dan Silberstein, a lawyer for the Tea Party group. “Gathering signatures on a petition is core political expression.”

    On Feb. 26th, a state appeals court will hear oral arguments on the petition issue. If the courts allow the Sussex County Tea Party to gather signatures, the group would then face the bigger legal battle, testing whether the voters actually have the power, under the U.S. Constitution, to recall a U.S. senator.


  8. I have some advice for Sarah Palin:

    I watched her come on O’Reilly last night to shun the TV show “Family Guy” that depicted her the gov. of Alaska and a daughter with “Downs Syndrome”. I know these thing hurt and they hurt your children, but Sarah you are the one who chose to bring your very pregnant and unmarried beautiful daughter and your sweet litte down syndrome baby on the national stage for every wacko in the world to take a pot shot at. Yes I feel sorry for your children, but Sarah you should have thought this thru. Did you really think people who had called Hillary Clinton (and still do to this day) the murderer of her husband childhood friend Vince would not do this to you also? Did you really think that those people who almost described our President’s genital area on National TV would not do the same to your and your family? Did you think the very same people who make nasty remarks like ” Chelsea is the offspring of Hillary and Janet Reno would not do the same thing to you??
    I have some advice for you Sarah, call Hillary Clinton asked her how she got thru it with such grace and fortitude, if you can’t get a hold of her as she is busy keeping us safe, call Chelsea or Bill, they can tell you, but I can too she did not go on National TV to blunt the criticisms she merely said “you can’t stop what people say, so I just ignore them”, Sarah it worked for Hillary and it will work for you. So make like a duck and let it roll off your back and someday you might have the great designation of being called what Hillary is now called “a woman of great testicular fortitude”.

  9. Rgb44Hrc, the Politico article reads like an installment of Mistake In ’08.

    In Colorado meanwhile:


    The Daily Rundown this morning got a preview of Republican Senate candidate Jane Norton’s new ad welcoming President Obama to Colorado, a striking attack on the president in a state that Obama carried easily and one that — as Jonathan and I wrote this morning — was once seen as a linchpin in a great realignment.

    “As a candidate, you came to Denver and promised to go through the federal budget, eliminating programs that no longer work,” she says in the ad, which starts a bit more than halfway through the segment above. “You’ve done just the oppoisite — massive spending and debt. It’s ruining our economy, and it’s wrong.”

    “Mr. President, you should promise to balance the budget, or else decline to seek reelection. That would be change we can believe in,” she says.

  10. One more thing that I would like the expound on is the fearmongering that is taking place in this country. These fake emails absolutely describes a President so out of touch with his constituents that he actually thinks he is seen as a calmness inducer.

    I know it’s hard to retain one’s composure when every other GOP senator is claiming that the snow proves Al Gore was lying about global warming. But we need to set an example, and calm down. The Dalai Lama is visiting next week, which should help – the world’s two calmest leaders under one roof.


    Yesterday on this blog and many others I visited there was a sense of growing fear in this country perpuated by the fear mongering Fox News and its number one pontificator Glenn Beck.
    Mr. President, you do NOT instill calmess in the masses when you take 4 months to make a decision on whether or not to go to Afganistan. Mr. President you do not instill calmness in this countries citizenry when keep making nice to the dictators of the world while they are laughing at you and calling you weak. You do not instill confidence in our economy by continually saying we are saving jobs instead of creating jobs and then keep asking for more money from the taxpayers in order to keep saving these jobs. You say that the stimulus was given to states to keep the police and the paramedics, Dr.s and nurses, and prison’s open, but sir if you would have used that money to create the jobs the taxes that would have been created by those jobs would have paid those very same policemen, firefighters and paramedics. So now the money you gave them has run out and now you are going to have to give them more money to keep them going a little longer. Mr. President, I have only a associates degree, you are a Harvard graduate, why is it that I understand this and YOU DON’T?
    If you want to keep your citizenry calm and confident, then you yourself must project this, I have some advice for you too, call Hillary and ask her how she manages it ever so easily!

  11. “Wow, so not even a former DNC chairman can answer when in President Obama’s past he has made a difficult executive decision.”

    Is there any wonder why things aren’t working in Washington right now? Maybe if the media had done it’s job, and investigated when Pres. Obama made difficult executive decisions things would be different now.

    Maybe this should be a sign to Americans, don’t vote for someone that just runs (at the mouth)with a catchy phrase. Look at their record. (complain loudly when his records are not going to be made public)It’s your RIGHT!

    Howard Dean’s subtle clues for attacking Obama.


  12. biggovernment.com/capitolconfidential/2010/02/17/clinton-plotting-tea-party-counterattack/


    more fuel for the fire…Hillary and Bill will always ultimately be the target of the right…they cannot stand that both of them are still standing and successful…

    let me add to Admin’s advice…leave Hillary and Bill Clinton alone…you go after them and you will lose much more than you gain…

  13. usnews.com/blogs/washington-whispers/2010/02/17/huckabee-gets-michelle-obama-on-fox.html

    MO to Fox this weekend with ex-chubby Huckabee

  14. Notice that Bill and Hillary are staying well out of all this and above, i firmly believe its the correct way forward, let Obama sink under his own weight of a shitstorm and at the end, you’ll have the Clintons sitting there simply saying “told you in the primaries”.

  15. Tell me what education or experience does Arriana have to make her an expert in Politics.

    What I see is money, technology, and a mouth. It reminds me of when you get people in a room, and a leader emerges. Sometimes, it is the biggest bully in the group, and not the leader who has the knowledge and experience who should be leading the group.

    Moononpluto I agree that they are staying out of the fray. But I resent the fact that a women who has the experience and qualifications that HRC had, had to take a job in the administration of a phoney to prove that she was the superior candidate.

  16. NMF

    But I resent the fact that a women who has the experience and qualifications that HRC had, had to take a job in the administration of a phoney to prove that she was the superior candidate.

    It does appear to be the fact doesn’t it and I agree, its downright disgusting.

  17. Go Bill!!!

    Bill Clinton speaks out against childhood obesity, days after procedure to fix blocked artery

    February 17th, 2010

    Bill Clinton speaks out against childhood obesity

    NEW YORK — Bill Clinton is officially back at work.

    Just days after undergoing a procedure to unclog a blocked artery, the former president is talking about childhood obesity, which can lead to early heart disease, diabetes and other health problems.

    Clinton is giving an update Wednesday afternoon about the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. It works to promote heart health.

    Clinton underwent the artery procedure last Thursday. He went home from the hospital Friday, telling reporters that he felt great and had already done “a couple miles on the treadmill.”


  18. Clintons best Obama in polls

    By David Hill – 02/16/10

    Word on the street is that the Obama people are alienated from the Clinton people. And the president’s minions are pushing the line that there are actually only two “Clinton people” left — Bill and Hillary. The rest are said by White House spinners to be headed — like former John Edwards loyalists — for better and safer places. But the numbers don’t lie like spin does. The Clintons, both of them, now have better poll numbers than does Mr. Obama.

    Ladies first. The most recent poll I could find on Hillary was taken Jan. 22-24 of this year by CNN and Opinion Research Corp. Her favorable was 62 percent, against an unfavorable rating of only 35. In fact, Hillary’s unfavorable in that poll series has consistently been below 40 percent since late in 2008. Mrs. Clinton’s job approval as secretary of State is even better. A Jan. 14-17 CBS News poll gave her a 77 percent approval rating, versus 15 percent disapproval.

    Think these are biased, “liberal” polls? Fox News’s Opinion Dynamics asked job approval questions on Secretary Clinton three times in 2009 (but none yet in 2010). Disapproval of Hillary Clinton in those Roger Ailes-approved polls never exceeded 24 percent.

    It gets better. Last August, USA Today and Gallup asked a national sample whether they would “like to see Hillary Clinton run for president again or not?” A majority said yes, including 75 percent of Democrats. The moment that poll was published was probably the genesis of the spin that “the Clintons are fading.” Heck, the Obama people probably fear that Hillary and Bill might start thinking about pulling a Bobby Kennedy to “save America” by challenging an incumbent Democrat president.

    Even ol’ Bill is resuscitating his numbers. I couldn’t find a 2010 poll. The most recent 2009 poll was conducted by CNN and Opinion Research in mid-October 2009. Bill earned a 64 percent favorable rating while pounding his unfavorable rating down to 33 percent, well below his negatives even a year before. Since that 2009 poll was conducted, Democrats have seen the former president selflessly helping with Haitian relief efforts and Republicans have seen him chumming with the last two Grand Ole Party’s occupants of the White House. Can anyone doubt that Bill may be on the precipice of a 70 percent favorable rating while driving his negative below 30?

    The Clintons aren’t down to an army of two. They are legion. At least that’s what the polls say.

    Rather than engaging in so much denigration and disparagement of the former first couple, Obama strategists might want to start trying to figure out what is driving the amazing Clinton turnaround.

    Hillary is, for the most part, acting with resolute will on national-security matters. Compared with Obama, her spine definitely seems steelier. This gives her a shot at peeling off support from some Republicans and conservative independents who see Obama as weak on defense issues. According to Gallup polls taken in 2010, 44 to 47 percent of Americans disapprove of how the president is handling foreign affairs. If it were not for Obama weighing her down, Hillary’s 15 percent disapproval as secretary of State might approach zero.

    It’s also worth pondering that Bill and Hillary are still triangulating and playing the game of bipartisanship more skillfully than Obama’s team. Does anyone doubt that Bill Clinton would have recovered more adroitly from Scott Brown’s win and the setback on healthcare reform? Clinton would have actually dealt with congressional Republicans leaders earnestly — behind closed doors, rather than in the phony televised public meetings that just made both sides look bad. Clinton wouldn’t have responded with base-pleasing controversies like gays in the military. The Clintons knew disaster recovery and response. Can Obama get the hang of it?

    Hill has been a Republican pollster since 1984. This cycle he is polling for gubernatorial campaigns in four states.


  19. Mrs. Smith, “S” posted the article from Big Government almost at the same time as you did. It’s actually one of the funniest things we have read in a while. The premise of the article is that Bill Clinton is organizing a massive counterattack with his minions against the Tea Party. The commentators at Big Government saw the red flag and believed the nonsense.

    But let’s assume the Big Government story is true. Has Obama completely disappeared? Imagine, Bill Clinton, and his mighty minions, not Barack Obama and his Oafs at the DNC and in Chicago are now in charge! Frankly, we love it. Bill rules and Obama is not even mentioned. Hooray Bill!

    According to the article:

    Not only do Democrats face the possibility of losing their congressional majorities, massive losses in state house races could jeopardize redistricting next year and set back the progressive agenda for at least a decade.

    So, the Clinton Empire is planning to strike back.

    What we found amazing is that no one at Big Government thinks the disappearance of Obama is at all noteworthy. Why wouldn’t Obama’s Chicago thugs do this work?

    It’s a funny article that fails the most basic logic test.

  20. JanH, Think of this way, if Obama and Biden keep saying it enough, maybe they themselves will believe it, because the American people sure don’t.

  21. JanH, the sound you hear is Michelle yanking sleeves. Wait until Michelle hears Bill is going to speak about childhood obesity – Michelle’s “issue”. We want that moment televised. The scowl on Michelle – priceless. 🙂

  22. BARONE: “In five decades of closely following American politics, I have never seen the Democratic Party in worse shape.”


    With Dems sinking, GOP better come up with a plan

    By: Michael Barone
    Senior Political Analyst
    February 17, 2010

    The political numbers tell a grim story. In five decades of closely following American politics, I have never seen the Democratic Party in worse shape. Democrats trail in polls in 11 of the 18 Democratic-held Senate seats up this fall and lead in polls in none of the 18 Republican-held seats.

    Republicans currently lead Democrats in most generic polls — which party’s candidate will you support for the House of Representatives? — even though Democrats have almost always held the lead since Gallup began asking the question in 1950. Incumbents usually lead in individual House race polls. But polls have shown Democratic incumbents trailing Republican challengers in Arkansas, Indiana, Massachusetts and North Dakota.

    Of course opinion can change, and the balance of enthusiasm, which currently favors Republicans, could shift. But if the election were held today, the numbers tell me that Democrats would fare worse than they have in any election since 1946.

    But if I have never seen the Democratic Party in worse shape, I have seen the Republican Party in better shape — in 1972 (when Richard Nixon unaccountably failed to boost his party), at various points in the 1980s and 1990s, in 2002 and in 2004, when enthusiasm for George W. Bush eluded most political reporters but showed up in the election returns.

    The numbers suggest that the Republicans could well wind up with a majority of House seats next year, and perhaps more than they had at any time between 1994 and 2006. And they could even wind up with a majority of Senate seats as well, though that would require winning all the currently close races and maybe several more.

    In that case, they may find themselves asking the question the Robert Redford character asked at the end of the movie “The Candidate”: “What do I do now?”

    Public opinion points them in a direction that could be politically dangerous. Most Americans are dismayed at the big government programs of the Obama administration and the Democratic congressional leadership. They are upset by the specter of federal budget deficits that threaten to double the national debt as a percentage of the gross domestic product.

    That means that Republican majorities would have a mandate to cut spending sharply. But spending cuts can be politically perilous.
    Some cuts are obvious. A Republican Congress would not channel billions to state and local governments to bail out public employee unions, as the 2009 stimulus package did and the House’s current “jobs” bill would.

    A Republican Congress could take up the suggestion of recently appointed Florida Sen. George LeMieux to cut spending back to 2007 levels. The 2009 stimulus package raised the budget baselines of many domestic programs. They could be cut back again.

    But beyond that loom the problems of ever-expanding entitlements: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. Rep. Paul Ryan has advanced a “road map” to cut spending by means-testing benefits, replacing Medicare with vouchers to pay for health insurance for beneficiaries currently under age 55, and providing refundable tax credits for health insurance premiums for the nonelderly. It would allow but not require employees under 55 to set up personal retirement accounts in place of the current Social Security program.

    Barack Obama has called Ryan’s road map interesting, but there’s zero chance he would support it. In which case Republican congressional leaders would probably be unwilling to advance such substantial changes, which are already under attack by Democrats.

    But there is a case for boldness. The architects of Bush’s victory in 2004 and of Obama’s victory in 2008 dreamed of establishing permanent governing majorities for their parties. But as political scientist David Mayhew has argued, and as the events following those victories suggest, a permanent majority is a will o’ the wisp.

    Better to put into place public policies that will be enduring as party majorities come and go. This is what the Republican Congress elected in 1946 did: It repealed wartime wage and price controls, it revised labor law to reduce unions’ powers and it provided bipartisan support for Harry Truman’s Cold War policies. Democrats won back congressional majorities in 1948, but Republicans’ policies stayed in place, shaping prosperous postwar America.

    Americans have rejected the Europeanizing policies of the Obama Democrats. Republicans may get a chance to put us on a better American path. They need to be prepared to do so.

  23. JanH, thanks for the article from The Hill on Bill and Hillary’s high poll numbers. The article explains the publication of the Big Government article Mrs. Smith asked about.

  24. An excerpt From the above article Mrs Smith Posted


    So, the Clinton Empire is planning to strike back.

    Big Government has learned that Clintonistas are plotting a “push/pull” strategy. They plan to identify 7-8 national figures active in the tea party movement and engage in deep opposition research on them. If possible, they will identify one or two they can perhaps ‘turn’, either with money or threats, to create a mole in the movement. The others will be subjected to a full-on smear campaign. (Has MSNBC already been notified?)

    Big Government has also learned that James Carville will head up the effort.

    Obviously, there is no love lost between Obama and the Clinton machine. It may at first seem odd that Clinton would rush to Obama’s defense, but the tea party movement poses a threat far beyond the immediate goals of the Obama Administration.

    The tea party movement could evolve into a new political realignment, one founded on a belief in limited government and less government interference in the economy. The Progressive agenda, which has been painstakingly built up over the last three decades, could be left in tatters.

    As the Clinton’s know, “politics ain’t beanbag.” Expect the counterattack soon. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


    I personally feel that this would be a HUGE mistake on the Dem’s part…. as a good portion of those Tea Partiers are currently or previously Democrats!
    I am one of those i speak about, i was a Dem until about 2 weeks ago.

    this strike back will not do anything but turn the people off even more than they already are. Americans are awake and sick and tired of all the “POLITICAL GAMES”


    Personally , anyone smeared will get my vote first because that tells me they wouldn’t take a bribe.

  25. They chose the dumbest person in America, Joe “plugs” Biden for VP because he is the only person that looks worse than Obama in the administration. He makes Obama look like a rocket scientist.

  26. Arianna is spelled with one r and two nn’s. For what its worth I started another blog called http://www.mythirdparty.com

    However, I have not had enough time to build it up even more. If anybody wants to drop me some links to add, I will gladly do it.

  27. Not to toot our horn, or cry about what could have been. Just that more and more people across the political spectrum are coming to this realization…

    No Quarter led to this piece:


    Why Hillary Clinton Might Have Made a Better President

    By Matthew Rothschild, February 16, 2010
    Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe Hillary Clinton might have made a better President than Barack Obama?

    It’s sure crossed my mind a lot lately, as we’ve seen Obama flounder so badly on health care, on the bank bailout, on foreclosures, and on the jobs front.

    Now I’ve got no brief for Hillary Clinton. She’s a centrist Democrat on domestic policy, and a very hawkish one on foreign policy. I wasn’t a big fan of hers during the primaries. I never cared for her politics. I was sick of the Clinton dramarama. And Obama at least held out the remote possibility of something better.

    But I always admired her toughness, something that Obama has in such short supply.

    And she would have had none of the foolishness about bipartisanship that Obama has had, foolishness that looks more and more like crippling naivete.

    Remember back in the campaign, when she mocked Obama’s invocation of bipartisanship by saying: “The sky will open. The lights will come down. Celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect!”

    She was criticized for being harsh, or as the sexists put it, “shrill.”

    But she was right, especially when she added: “Maybe I’ve just lived a little long, but I have no illusions at how hard this is going to be. You are not going to wave a magic wand and have the special interests disappear.”

    She also made the case that she could take a punch and keep on fighting, and she called into question Obama’s willingness to play hardball.

    Today, her critique rings clearer than ever.

    She knew the Republicans wouldn’t let any Democratic President “turn the page” on partisanship, and she was prepared to slug it out.

    But not Obama. He still isn’t.

  28. admin,

    The consistently high polling numbers for Bill and Hillary has to be of huge concern to the dims and media. Maybe this is why they are so quick to spin the garbage they do.

  29. Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Why Hillary Clinton should run for President in 2012

    There is no question who the most-popular person in Barack Obama’s administration is. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State has the kind of approval ratings now that Obama can only dream about as his downward spiral continues.

    Yesterday she looked poised and confident while in the Middle East, warning of Iran and spending time with young Muslim female students in Riyadh.

    Everywhere she goes she is recognized as the best Secretary of State in decades, a woman who represents America with the same mixture of toughness, political skill and determination she brought to her previous jobs.

    Which is why she should run in 2012.

    Obama and the Democratic Party are currently sleepwalking toward disaster in 2010 and may not even hold control of the Senate or House against a Republican opposition — which has precious few good ideas themselves.

    Too late now, Democrats see that Obama’s lack of experience at the highest level has damaged his ability to be a good President. He is a policy wonk, not unlike Jimmy Carter, adrift in a sea of sharks and unable to know which way to turn next.

    Hillary Clinton would have made a much better President, not as easily intimidated or impressed with the power structure in Washington. After all, she and her husband were on the inside track for years and knew how to get things done.

    Americans look back with envy now on those days when America was debt-free and there were wall-to-wall surpluses and low unemployment.

    One way to bring that back might be for Hillary to throw down the challenge to Obama if the next year of his Presidency continues on its current disastrous track.

    If this continues, Democrats with buyers remorse may well start to urge her to “Run, Hillary, Run.”

    She should.


  30. Clinton: Syrian Arms Supplies to Hizbullah Reflect Negatively on Damascus

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed regret Wednesday that Syria is supplying Hizbullah with weapons, saying this would reflect negatively on Damascus.
    “Syrian arms supplies to Hizbullah will reflect negatively on Syria,” Clinton told Al-Hurra TV.
    This issue of Syrians providing weapons to Hizbullah is “not something positive for both Lebanon and Israel.”

    “Syria needs to focus on trying to resolve its differences with Israel, not aggravate them,” Clinton believed.

    She stressed the importance of partnership between Washington and the Islamic world, saying she saw “a lot of common ground” between the United States and Islamic and Arab peoples.”

    Beirut, 17 Feb 10, 12:04



    Last year brand Obama was the hottest commodity on the planet. The reaction was akin to the second coming of Christ. Today his numbers are in the tank and he is seen by more people every day for the fraud he is. This was entirely predictable, if you read a book called Branding is for Cattle. It is a book on advertising written by a well known advertising executive. His thesis and message to his competitors is this. All the props you devise to sell your product, i.e. logos, catchlines, buzz words, songs, commercials and trinkets will not matter a farthing if the product does not deliver what it promises. Thus, the advertising campaign should include pressure testing in the real world. When Obama was pressure tested in the real world, he was MIA. He does not accept feedback from reality. His management structure is dysfunctional. He is a congenital liar. In sum, branding is for cattle. Long term viability depends on delivering results. That is where Obama fails and Hillary succeeds time and again.

  32. So glad you called out the phony cat fight between HRC and SP! These were my very thoughts when I heard about it yesterday. Also, thanks for the update on Huffington — I don’t read or listen to her anymore since 2008. What a slime ball she is, if she is in fact trying to hitch her wagon to the Tea Party movement.

    About Bill and his push back against the Tea Party (TP) movement…if this is true, I wonder if BO asked him (or his former War Room team) to do so? This way BO won’t be blamed for the attacks, etc. I hope Bill rethinks this. As a poster pointed out above, many ex-Dems and exiled Dems are Tea Partiers or are sympathetic to the cause.

    BTW, I read somewhere that there will be another TP convention in Las Vegas.

  33. Whoa!!!!

    “After using her gay husband’s money and reputation to advance herself, ”

    WTF is with the homophobia!?!

    Yesterday’s post also included comments about Evan Bayh’s wife’s lobbying position that bordered on “anything is alright” so long as it suits your purposes.

    I’m a big fan, but these kinds of comments stink!

  34. ABM 90 wanted you to know about the smoke and mirrors speech Bambi made today on jobs, in case you missed it. One of the arguments he made to establish his proper place in history as the Jobs Creation President was green cars. He made it sound like this was the solution to unemployment and clean energy, therefore the hour of our deliverance is at hand.

    It ain’t necessarily so.
    It ain’t necessarily so.
    The things that you’re liable
    Hear from Messiah
    They taint necessarily so.
    (From Porgy and Bess, by Gershwin)

    Turns out this car costs $30,000, the electrical unit costs an additional $2500, it must be installed by a qualified electrician, the car needs recharging every 400 miles and the electricity is more expensive than gas according to what ABM 90 tells me and he is an expert in this field.

    Bambi, on the other hand, is not.

  35. Whoa!!!!

    “After using her gay husband’s money and reputation to advance herself, ”

    WTF is with the homophobia!?!

    Yesterday’s post also included comments about Evan Bayh’s wife’s lobbying position that bordered on “anything is alright” so long as it suits your purposes.

    I’m a big fan, but these kinds of comments stink!

    The point is that everything about Arianna is a facade. Nothing about her is real.

  36. Los Angeles Democrat, what are you talking about? Homophobia? When did we attack the gay husband? Perhaps you need to redefine your terms. Arianna was married to a man she knew to be gay, denied it frequently, and attacked Hillary for having a fake marriage. What is homophobic about any of that?

    Arianna, forced her husband (he did not want to do it by all accounts) to spend tens of millions of dollars to run against Diane Feinstein. Read what Ed Rollins said about that episode before you accuse us of homophobia.

    As to yesterday’s comments we corrected your obtuseness on that matter as well in the previous article’s comments. You seem to filing charges at us without exercising reading comprehension.

  37. admin
    February 17th, 2010 at 3:01 pm
    JanH, thanks for the article from The Hill on Bill and Hillary’s high poll numbers. The article explains the publication of the Big Government article Mrs. Smith asked about.

    agree…and also noticed that fox is highlighting that book re: Bill, virtue and Starr…anything to try to frame the clintons in a bad light…talking about Hillary and lies, bla, bla, bla…

    you just know that those ‘in the know’ are aware that O was a fluke and now is crashing and the real power and brains in the democratic party are Bill and Hill…Bill and Hill remain the power threat to everyone…the media – they failed in making the majority hate the clintons…the repubs – they will never give up trying to best the Clintons…and O and his posse – they will forever remain jealous of the Clintons and know that they are the imposters…the ‘not ready for prime time’ bunch…the ones that would be absolutely lost without the Clintons and their gracious and unselfish help and assistance…

    once fawning true believers are now openly questioning whether O can lead or not…


    Someone will have to step in and lead if Obama can’t

    Whether we realize it or not, Washington has come to a standstill and at a very dangerous time. Democrats, who have control on paper, have neither enough votes in Congress nor enough support among the American people to move a serious agenda. Yet the problems the country faces are large and growing.

    In many ways, there’s a vacuum at the top that no one knows how to fill


    truly amazing, O is beginning to be seen as a afterthought…a fluke, a big mistake…and a lot of people are recognizing it…

    there was an article yesterday that i can’t find that was titled something like
    “another speech is not going to do anything”


    the gig is up…

  38. The first time Arianna crossed my path was in 1970. Her name at that time was different. She had just written a book which was highly critical of the women’s movement. She has gone through many permutations since then and it has been my observation that she is like a chameleon who changes it colors to suit whichever environment she wants to enter. I think Admin’s comments on the subject are spot on. If you doubt this, ask Tammy Bruce.

  39. S, it is almost as if Obama has disappeared. His publicity stunts have a very pedestrian quality to them. The publicity stunts and public appearances seem like interruptions to regular programing instead of something special that should be watched. The sudden uptick in Bill and Hillary news have a “specialness” to them usually reserved for a currently in office president.

  40. Come november, the congress changes hands. A nervous BO finds the right moment to announce that America is ungovernable and he hates Washington culture and it does not suit him, he is the greatest person on earth and the bad America does not deserve the likes of him and may be he should be the president of the world and not bad America and so he will not seek reelection.

  41. democrat1
    February 17th, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    oh yeah!

    My dream come true would be for him to be impeached before then.

  42. Wbboei, when we first read the article written by Arianna about the Tea Party convention we could sense how much she wants to be in the Tea Party. The Tea Party people have all the “buzz” now and Arianna finds herself in the same situation as when she backed Newt. Newt’s popularity did not last long, and Arianna began sidling up to the Democrats and inviting them to her salons/dinners. Soon Arianna, the Hillary Hater extraordinaire, became “Tanya” the Patty Hearst revolutionary.

    Now Arianna is back to the future. She whored for Obama like she whored for Newt with the same results – Newt’s star burned out and now Obama is the latest loser she has attached herself to. We will not be surprised if Arianna is already inviting Tea Party “leaders” to her salons/dinners.

  43. I honestly think Obama will not go for re-election, he is the sort of guy who if he thinks he’s gonna get beat will slither off in a sulk.

  44. Bill Clinton on Health Scare: I Was Very, Very Lucky

    By Sharon Cotliar
    People Magazine
    Wednesday February 17, 2010

    On his first day back in the office, after undergoing an emergency heart procedure last week, former President Bill Clinton encouraged kids to avoid the heart problems he has faced by eating healthy and exercising.

    “I’m very, very lucky that I didn’t have a much worse set of circumstances,” he said Wednesday at his office in Harlem where he spoke about the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a partnership between the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation. “Everybody knows I went to the doctor last week for a little tune up on my heart. … I’m glad to be back to work.”

    While his latest trip to the hospital was caused by a failed vein – a complication from his quadruple bypass in 2004 – the former president said, “The root causes were the habits I acquired in my childhood, mostly the way I ate and the way it interacted with my own biology and propensity to produce bad cholesterol.”

    He added, “I ate too much fried food, too much ice cream, too much everything.”

    While the former president’s current prognosis is “excellent,” according to his doctors, he used his recent health scare to draw attention to the epidemic of childhood obesity, one of the problems his foundation has sought to address through the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

    “Many, many young people are facing exactly the same circumstances I did unless they change their eating and exercise habits,” he said. “They may or may not be as lucky as I was.”


  45. so true, admin…it is almost like “who needs him?” O and his posses worst dreams come true…we can see through them…and now so can everyone else…

  46. 17/02/2010

    Clinton: U.S. has no plan to strike Iran over nuclear program

    By Nir Hasson, Haaretz Correspondent, and News Agencies

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the U.S. is not planning a military strike on Iran over its nuclear program, in a television interview broadcast on Wednesday.

    “Obviously, we don’t want Iran to become a nuclear weapons power, but we are not planning anything other than going for sanctions,” Clinton told Al-Arabiya television.

    “What we are focusing on is trying to change Iranian behavior, and the international community has been united in trying to send a message to Iran that it is time for it to clarify its intentions,” she said.

    “We want to try to get the strongest sanctions we can out of the United Nations Security Council…mostly to influence their decision-making,” Clinton added.

    She said the Obama administration believes “the better approach is to join at the international community, to work together toward sanctions, to exert maximum pressure on the Iranians, and to try every way we can to change their thinking.”

    Iran earlier Wednesday said it will not give up uranium enrichment and the West must get used to an Iran that is a “master of enrichment,” Tehran’s envoy to the UN nuclear watchdog was quoted as saying. Iran was “always ready to talk in a civilized manner,” Ali Asghar Soltanieh said in an interview with New Statesman, a British current affairs magazine. “But the West just has to cope with a strong Iran, a country with thousands of years of civilization, that is now the master of enrichment. I know it is hard for them to digest, but it is the reality,” he said.

    “Iran will never give up enrichment – at any price. Even the threat of military attack will not stop us,” the Iranian ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency said.

    New Statesman said the interview was conducted in Vienna “one recent Sunday” but did not give the date. Iran says its nuclear program is for electricity generation. Tehran announced this month it had begun work to enrich uranium to a higher grade for a reactor making isotopes for cancer patients, further raising Western concerns that it might build a nuclear bomb.

    Western powers had offered Iran a fuel swap under which it would have sent much of its low-enriched uranium abroad in return for fuel rods for the medical reactor.

    The United States is leading a push for the UN Security Council to impose a fourth round of sanctions on Iran over its nuclear work.

    Soltanieh said the language of threats reflected a “colonialist mentality.” “By threatening Iran with the Security Council, with sanctions, with military action, you are just making life more difficult for yourself – it doesn’t work,” he said. Soltanieh said U.S. President Barack Obama had come to power with a slogan for change.
    “Whether he can translate those words into action, we will have to see. So far, Obama has been unable to deliver, and on occasion has resorted to using the same language of threats as [former President] George W. Bush. This is very disappointing,” he said.

    Obama came to office vowing to break with Bush’s policy of seeking to isolate Iran. But he has taken a tougher stance since the disputed elections there last June and the passing of a deadline for Tehran to accept the fuel swap deal.

    Netanyahu: Watered-down sanctions not enough

    The ‘gap in understanding’ between Israel and the world over Iran is narrowing, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday. Disputed elections in Iran and the uncovering of a secret uranium enrichment plant near the Iranian city of Qom had alerted the world to the growing Iranian threat, Netanyahu said. “Now the international community has an obligation to intervene to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon,” the prime minister told a conference of Jewish leaders from South America. The world must now act to impose heavy restrictions on Iran, Netanyahu said.

    “Watered-down sanctions, modest sanctions, will not do the job,” he said adding that new measures must aim to curtail Iran’s oil exports and energy supply. (Although an oil producer, Iran has limited refining capacity and imports gasoline).

    Israel has urged the United Nations Security Council to impose “crippling” sanctions on Iran, which announced in February that it had begun production of 20-percent-enriched uranium – potentially a significant step towards an atomic bomb.

    Recent weeks have seen greater international willingness to act on Iran, with Russia, a veto-wielding Security Council member that had previously opposed sanctions, showing signs of a change in position. Also on Wednesday, Defense Minister Ehud Barak hinted that Israel had not ruled out independent action against Iran. “The world is very aware that Iran continues to display open hostility and hatred toward the Middle East, through means of funding and the transfer of weaponry to Hezbollah and Hamas,” he said in a speech to newly commissioned army officers. “We are prepared to make firm decisions, for the sake of a better future.”


  47. oh, and did you notice that O now wants to go on ‘The Daily Show’ – he just does not “get it” – everyone is questioning his leadership, his ability to govern and strength, or lack thereof…and he and Gibbs are contemplating ‘The Daily Show’

    …these are NOT serious people for serious times…why doesn’t he just retire and go get some tv show or starring movie role for himself…then O and MO can showboat and walk the red carpets all day long and have all the fun they want…

    …and leave the ‘governing’ – the hard work – to the workhorse wonks that want to get things done and actually improve the lives of the american people…Hillary, with an assist from Bill…and start reviving our party before it goes over the cliff for another decade or so…

  48. Busy lady…

    US will continue to have disagreements with China: Clinton

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Washington: The United States would continue to have disagreements with China but despite this, both the countries would work together, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday. “We have a very comprehensive relationship with China, and it encompasses many different issues. We will continue to have disagreements,” Clinton told the Bloomberg news in an interview.

    “That’s the way it is between any two countries, particularly two with such complex global interests and relationships as we have,” she said.

    On Iran, Clinton noted that China’s position has changed and it has started realising the threat that a nuclear-armed Iran could pose. “It is this region from which China derives most of its oil. And it is very dependent for its energy on the countries of the Gulf. If this region is destabilised, if the anxieties that countries feel about Iran’s intentions spill over into some kind of conflict, if there’s an arms race that would be uncontrollable, that’s not good for China.

    “So I think that the broader view that is being considered is one that is causing China to ask some questions,” Clinton said.

    Clinton congrats Kosovo on its second independence

    The US on Wednesday congratulated the people of Kosovo on the second anniversary of their declaration of independence from Serbia. “This is an occasion to celebrate Kosovo’s development as an open, unitary, and pluralistic republic and its commitment to deliver on the promise of democracy for all of its people,” US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said in a message.

    The assembly of Kosovo, established by the United Nations administration in Kosovo (UNIK), endorsed independence of the disputed territory in the Balkans as the Republic of Kosovo on February 17, 2008 and the declaration is recognised by 65 UN member states.

    “Kosovo’s progress in these two years demonstrates its dedication to responsible membership in the community of nations and to stability in the Balkan region,” Clinton said. “The United States remains a steadfast partner of the people and Government of Kosovo, committed to strengthening Kosovo’s institutions and further developing a fully functioning, democratic, and multiethnic state able to achieve its Euro-Atlantic aspirations,” she said.

    US preparing sanctions targeted at RGI

    The Obama Administration is working with other countries to prepare sanctions that are targeted at the Revolutionary Guard of Iran, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said today. “We are working with the international community to prepare sanctions that will be targeted at the Revolutionary Guard.

    “The reason for that is because they have assumed greater and greater responsibility, not just in the security sector and not just for the nuclear program, but in the economic and political arenas as well,” Clinton told the Bloomberg News in an interview.

    “It is important for countries that are still evaluating what to do about Iran, who still may have in their mind that it’s a democracy, but for a flawed election, and that the human rights abuses which are going on against peaceful demonstrations are a passing phenomenon, that we see the ground shifting,” she said.

    Increasingly, the Revolutionary Guard seems to be filling the space that should be held under the Iranian system by either the clerical or the political leadership, Clinton said. “Despite the President’s best efforts and US’ willingness to engage and our desire to come up with ways of handling the nuclear program with our Tehran research reactor proposal and so much else, has, as you know, not been reciprocated,” she said.

    Pakistani now recognises that extremism poses direct threat

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today said Pakistan now realizes that violent extremism now pose a direct threat to the country. “I think the Pakistanis recognize that the violent extremists inside of Pakistan now pose a direct threat to their state,” Clinton told the BBC in an interview.

    “We have seen the indiscriminate killings that have been conducted over the last several months. I mean, horrific bombings that have been just hard to even believe, bombing religious processions and mosques, and people playing volley ball and women and children in markets,” Clinton said.

    “I mean there is no explanation, other than just cruelty and violence for the sake of violence, and the intimidation that could lead, in the eyes of the extremists, to some kind of secession of territory,” she said.

    “But I think the Pakistanis, across the board in their leadership, recognise that standing firm against this threat is important to their future,” she noted.

    Clinton, however, refused to make any comment on the arrest of the top Taliban leader by Pak and US intelligence agencies in Karachi. “I can express our appreciation for the increasing cooperation between the United States and Pakistan. It is something that I personally believe is in the best interest of both of our countries. And the efforts to combat our common enemy is one that requires this level of partnership,” she said.


  49. Let me clarify my comment @12:51

    What I am trying to tell Sarah is not to be pulled in by Fox and other news networks to answer every nasty comment or show made about your and your family. We all know there will be many and politics and show business go hand in hand. So the networks will try to get fights going and see if they can draw first blood. My advice Sarah as one of your supporter is don’t let them see you squirm, keep unto yourself and your family true and put on that armour of God and don’t let it pierce your soul to let the media make money off of it. Do what Hillary does….ignore the embeciles…..of which there are many.

  50. S
    February 17th, 2010 at 4:55 pm
    oh, and did you notice that O now wants to go on ‘The Daily Show’ – he just does not “get it” – everyone is questioning his leadership, his ability to govern and strength, or lack thereof…and he and Gibbs are contemplating ‘The Daily Show’

    What’s next for O’Clowna, kids’ parties?

    What he considers “access” and “transparency” is desperation, a cry for attention, and a demeaning to the office of the presidency.

  51. S: the French president sized the situation up correctly when he told Obama that the world we see around us is not a virtual world. But since Obama is the virtual president he cannot tell the difference. He thinks he can lure the left back into the fold by going on the Daley show rather than governing wisely and well. How many times does he need to be told the campaign is over. You got what you wanted, but now you must govern.

  52. I honestly think Obama will not go for re-election, he is the sort of guy who if he thinks he’s gonna get beat will slither off in a sulk
    I agree. I think he is a quitter. I could list many examples of this proclivity but you already know what they are. When the going gets tough, he has a tendency to move on. His comfort level is schmoozing and pontificating. Problem solving frightens him because it means making decisions which could turn out wrong, and disappointing people who were counting on him.

  53. An apt quote from the new book Clinton vs Starr:

    from the blog: Not your sweetie

    Clinton’s last laugh: “He stood up and beat them like a yard dog”


    Said Clinton: “They’re on a crusade. God has ordained them to crush the infidels… Ken Starr was their errand boy, and he danced to their tune, just as hard as he could dance.”

    He adds: “Yeah, I will always have an asterisk after my name, but I hope I’ll have two asterisks: one is ‘they impeached him,’ and the other is ‘He stood up to them and beat them. And he beat them like a yard dog.’”

  54. …woo-hoo!


    February 17th, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    “It’s a funny article that fails the most basic logic test.”


    Well, thats one theory. But also consider the initial effect red meat
    has when waving it in front of rabid RW’ers –

    They love the smell of blood..and the thought of it heightens their senses.

    It isn’t just the Obama Combine that delight in attacking Hillary and Sarah.

    When the RW wackadoo’s are turned loose they can be a bit … tiresome.

    a few responses from Free Republic:


    Anyway, admin- I’m glad the rumor was put to rest. We may not believe it- but as you
    read on, you see many people relish the thought of it being true.. even fantasizing 🙂

  55. democrat1
    February 17th, 2010 at 5:44 pm


    Wonderful quote. Bill Clinton rules with style and elegance.

  56. Once again, great post.

    SP is just not wonky enough for me. I really believe that we need those that know issues both past and present, inside out and are able to steer to the future. Palin is not that person.

    But I’ve noticed the Clinton hate over at FoxNews, NBC et al. ramping up especially with the books that were released.
    I think we’ll see movements to eject the far left wing of the DNC over the next few years. I think we’ll see a resurgence of DLC-minded folks.

    DLC DLC DLC!!! hoo hoo

  57. http://www.giss.nasa.gov/research/news/20100121/

    2009: Second Warmest Year on Record; End of Warmest Decade

    Jan. 21, 2010

    2009 was tied for the second warmest year in the modern record, a new NASA analysis of global surface temperature shows. The analysis, conducted by the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York City, also shows that in the Southern Hemisphere, 2009 was the warmest year since modern records began in 1880.

    More good info, well written.

  58. Bill the yard dog, oh that was great. Every time more sex stuff got broadcast, Bill’s approval rating went up.

  59. Looks like the rabid dogs at Fox are opening a full scale attack on the Clintons. I think we should freak, this is good news. It means their still in business and the repubicans and Obama are scared to death.
    WE must remember it was Hillary who wanted to go into Afganistan/Pakistan that netted Mr. Big Terrorist, even bigger than their little terrorist Sadaam. Oh how wonderful it would be if we got Mullah Omar and OBL. It would be a great day. Afterall, its the republicans that keep Americans safe.

  60. Unfortunately, Obama has no intention of stopping Iran from developing the weapon, and Hillary , as his SOS< has to go along with the talking points. Obviously, if they could, Israel would have taken out the reactor sites, so yes, the Iranian guy is correct, we just will have to accept Iran, like N. Korea, having the bomb. The effects both militarily, and psychologically, will create even greater instability in the region.

  61. wbboei says:

    His comfort level is schmoozing and pontificating.


    you got that right!…on the money…


    as for the current attacks on the Clintons…

    …first of all…here we go again…everyone trying to make a buck off the Clintons…

    …second, nbc, fox, O, Dowdie will be sure to chime in…they just can’t stand that these two honorable people are out there working their hearts off for our country and the world…they just can’t take it that no matter what they, their critics, do and say…no matter what BS and lies they throw at the two of them, Hill and Bill are still the most beloved and popular couple and people in the world…

    …they just cannot stand that Bill and Hill are still together, still strong and still chaulking up successes and positive accomplishments…

    …they just cannot stand that when there is a crisis, an international crisis…who does the world call? who is the first one everyone goes running to for help? that’s right – the only truly successfully elected two term democratic President of our lifetime…Bill Clinton

    …they just cannot stand that even though the DNC and the Chicago mafia gamed the primaries and pushed Hillary out even though Hillary had the will of the voters and their votes…even though they all pushed her out…she has come back as the one shining star…the one bright light that outshines everything about the O admin…the true ‘one’ being heard on the world stage…

    …they just cannot stand it that everyone is doubting ‘the fake one’, O, and starting to say out loud that we would have been stronger and much better off with Hillary as President…

    …what else can they do? the critics of the Clintons can criticize all they want…the world knows who is there for them…the world knows who has helped and cares about them…all the critics can do is criticize…as Hillary and Bill leave them in their shadows and they continue on with their destiny and place in history…

    …no one will ever remember the critics…Hillary and Bill will be recognized and remembered and appreciated forever in time..

  62. 1. Remember the old commercial:

    a. how do you measure success?

    b. at E.F. Hutton we measure success one investor at a time.

    2. Well, here is the Obama version:

    a. how do you measure success?

    b. in Obama land, we measure success by how much debt we can take on before we break the camel’s back.

    c. for example: we appropriated $787 billion for a stimulus bill

    d. how has produced zero jobs to date (according to 69% of economists)

    e. how can you call that successful?

    f. because it means we must pass a second stimulus bill

    g. then we can be even more successful (by our definition of success)

    3. How can you lie to the American People like that

    a. oh, it is not that difficult really. It just takes practice

    b. you know damned well we have a corrupt and press corp

    c. they will sell their soul to be on my social calender

    d. AP lets my staff write what they print

    e. so as you can see, it is easy.

  63. Larry King had Judge Judy on tonight. She is such a straight shooter, and even admitted early on that she hates to be wrong. Then came the question of what she thought of Obama. Larry prefaced her answer by telling everyone she like him and had voted for him.

    I could not believe the answer from the straight shooter.

    1. She said he promised too much, and people are disappointed in him because he could not address the impossible which he promised.

    2. She then said that those of us with experience do not expect that, and just expected him to put in his 8 years. Frankly that blew me away.

    3. She then said that people in the Political arena are not working with each other.

    4. She also said that civil servants to not feel they are responsible to the Voters and the public.

    Well do you believe this. The women who tells a young punks to sit down and shut up, thinks it is OK for someone to promise the moon, and then go on to put 8 years in the office with very little accountablily for what he promised people. That is literally what she did.

    I really felt because she does not like to be wrong, she just could not lambast him; however, she could criticize the rest of the political arena.

    In the end, maybe it was telling, as she did not come up with one word of praise for Obama, not one. What she said is he was guilty of over promising.

    Amazing that her standards are so high for the young man in her court room who she got to confess he was illegally living on welfare while living with his girlfriend, but she held the President of the US to such a low standard or no standard at all.

  64. Did anyone see Charles Krauthammer on Brett what’s his name’s news show this afternoon. I’ve had oral surgery today and maybe I’m still not thinking straight, however, I thought I heard him say that the mess with Ken Starr and the impeachment of Bill Clinton would not have happened to a president before or after because of our country being in a war, however, it happened to Bill Clinton because of the peace and prosperity during his administration.

    Was I just out there on pain meds or did he say that?

  65. NMF,

    That really ticks me off. I have never thought much of anyone who can’t admit they made a mistake.

    Why on earth did she REALLY vote for him?

  66. admin
    February 17th, 2010 at 4:17 pm
    Los Angeles Democrat, what are you talking about? Homophobia? When did we attack the gay husband? Perhaps you need to redefine your terms.


    You don’t get to throw in a slur about someone, and then try to dance around it after the fact. I work day in and dfay out with psychotherapy patients – largely gay and lesbian people – who carry the wounds of the insensitive nonsense you think is justified just because youw ant to make your point.

    You’re wrong. Worse, you sometimes you sometimes carry the same inflation you so often accused Obooba of. When you cross the bounds, perhaps you should simply shut up, take it in, and learn something from it. It will do a lot for your integrity.

  67. JanH

    That was never discussed. But if you expect honesty and accountablilty of the people on welfare, which she was vicious about, why would you not expect honesty and accontability of the Person you elect to the Presidency of the United States? She wanted to infur that experienced people accept the political posturing during elections, but really don’t expect performance against anything promised.

    I guess then you don’t have to admit you were wrong.

    He did get her to admit that occasionally during her career on the bench, and even on the TV show that maybe she should have made some different decisions on a few cases, but it was handled very abstract.

    To me you stand no stronger than when you admit you were wrong.

    Even just before her discussion they were talking about Tiger, and all the commentators indicated he had to admit he was wrong, and he had to be sincere about it. Again, why is our standard for the President so much less.

  68. JanH

    I tried to link the interview, but it is not posted yet. I will do it tomorrow to see what eveyone thinks.

  69. confloyd:

    The video you posted about our Treasury funding Islamic Financial Interests based in Sharia Law is very disconcerting. I’m going to repost your video link in case anyone missed out viewing it earlier.


    Wondering if Judge Judy would be so forgiving of Obama and Geithner’s dereliction of duty for not outlawing and dissolving the affiliations of our US Treasury with these jihadists who threaten our way of life and kill our sons and daughters serving in the military?


    click right through the youtube protest to view the must see 5 min video..

  70. Los Angeles Dem

    Chill out! You seem to have replaced the ‘racist’ phobia with the “Gay” phobia.

    And a word to the wise. Don’t come on someone else’s blog and tell them to shut up…

  71. Los Angeles Dem,
    I don’t know what your talking about no one on blog ever, EVER maligns gays or lesbians. We are not that kind of blog.

  72. Los Angeles Dem,
    I don’t know what your talking about no one on blog ever, EVER maligns gays or lesbians. We are not that kind of blog.
    Los Angles Democrat: Not only do I concur with Connie, I would go one step further. I have been reading this blog every day since the spring of 2007 except for the weeks I was on the Hillary campaign trail. It has featured many articles supportive of gays and lesbians. Admin has been in the forefront of the battle to expose the pattern of discrimination which was directed against them by the Obama people, the media and the far left during the campaign. As for the statement itself, your interpretation is so far off the mark that I wonder what your the motivation is. If you are just blowing off steam, please do so in another direction. This is counterproductive. You are hurting the cause that we all care about here.

  73. #
    February 17th, 2010 at 7:12 pm


    2009: Second Warmest Year on Record; End of Warmest Decade

    Jan. 21, 2010

    2009 was tied for the second warmest year in the modern record, a new NASA analysis of global surface temperature shows. The analysis, conducted by the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York City, also shows that in the Southern Hemisphere, 2009 was the warmest year since modern records began in 1880.

    More good info, well written.

    I haven’t read the article, but from what you posted I beg to differ!! But, This past July 2009 on my birthday…. I was wearing a sweat shirt, sweat pants and a blanket on my lap while sitting outside on the porch! I have never NEVER! in my 46 years been in sweats on my birthday.

    I say…global warming my A$$
    as it was barely 70′!!!

  74. Los Angeles Democrat
    As a gay man who has been visiting this site regularly since 2007 I can attest that admin has never exhibited any homophobia. As I read it, the statement was about huff and puff.

  75. oh come on guys. be gentle with our visiting bot. his dear leader is sinking faster than a whale turd. poor baby.

  76. Los Angeles Democrat,

    This is obviously a very sensitive issue for you, but I agree with wbboei and the others here.

    The posters here often debate and disagree on things, but we do it with respect. The one thing we don’t do is personally attack anyone just to get our point across.

  77. djia: I say…global warming my A$$
    Absolutely. 100% correct. My. sentiment.exactly.
    And further, I am wondering what is the real agenda of individuals who still persist in support of it, after all the repeitive corrupt data and lying to fabricate the hoax of globalwarming? IMHO, even IF some of it were true; there are much more important immediate problems to concern ourselves with – like trying our best to SAVE our country, for if we are not free we can do little to stop anything, even protecting our planet. And IF some of it were true, I DO NOT TRUST the current admin to do anything but use it to seize more of our freedom and to make tons of money off our already overburdened backs. Stop the insanity of global-warming scare tactics and get to the people’s work – it all about the economy [can you spell J-O-B-S?], stupid.

  78. I ask, can someone explain to me, if reports are true, that our Bill has taken steps to place James Carville in charge of opposition research on Tea Party people? It appears to me this may be a search and destroy mission. I can think of no good purpose other than being Obummer’s lap dog, if the report is true.

  79. lol…don’t shoot the messenger…better to be well armed, I always say.

    Wherever next for Clinton?

    Andrew Stephen
    Published 18 February 2010

    Hillary Clinton still has a nomination to the Supreme Court in her sights.

    That’s what life is like if you’re US secretary of state, I suppose. You see President Obama to discuss the future of the Middle East at the White House on Thursday, then fly to New York the next day to be at the bedside of a 63-year-old former US president who has had emergency coronary artery surgery – and who also just happens to be your husband.

    Then, within 48 hours, you find yourself in Qatar, making international headlines by telling students on al-Jazeera that Iran is moving towards a military dictatorship, before hopping on your modified US Air Force 757 to fly to Saudi Arabia, where you find yourself cracking jokes about camels with 86-year-old King Abdullah at his luxurious desert retreat an hour north of the capital Riyadh.

    So what made the determinedly low-profile former senator Hillary Clinton poke her head above the parapets in Qatar and say such inflammatory things about Iran? The reason, I’m told, is that the White House is “trying to drive a wedge” between Iran’s 70 million population and its 125,000-member Revolutionary Guard, following President Ahmadinejad’s declaration that Iran is now a “nuclear state”. Hence Clinton and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, were dispatched to tell Middle East leaders a thing or two about how dangerous Iran has become.

    Foreign policy tragedy
    Nothing, of course, is more likely to make the Iranian people embrace the Revolutionary Guard than stern lectures from the US that they should not do so. But we should not blame Clinton for yet another American foreign policy debacle, because she is determined to be seen as a loyal foot soldier for Obama, despite the hatred she and her husband still harbour for the 44th US president following the rancorous primaries in 2008.

    Ahmadinejad’s announcement on uranium enrichment had the White House running in all directions. “Quite frankly, [he] says many things and many of them turn out to be untrue,” responded Robert Gibbs, Obama’s chief spokesman, immediately. “We do not believe they have the capability to enrich [uranium] to the degree to which they now say they are enriching.”

    But Obama himself apparently saw it all quite differently. “Despite their posturing that their nuclear power is only for civilian use, [Iran], in fact, continue[s] to pursue a course that would lead to weaponisation,” he had insisted in an impromptu press conference at the White House just two days before. A week before that, Gibbs had said that Iran posed no threat.

    In other words, a conventionally confused US foreign policy tragedy – like so many before, but this time with Obama mouthing the predictable clichés – looms. Hillary Clinton, I suspect, has done her duty and will now duck down below the parapet again, happily leaving Obama to extricate himself from the shambles to come (although, lest we forget, Iran was one of the few political issues on which Clinton stood to the right of Obama in the 2008 campaign, threatening to “totally obliterate” the country).

    Taking a post in the Obama administration might have been an agonising choice for Clinton, but for Obama it was clear-cut: he could not afford to alienate half the Democratic Party, which had supported her rather than him. Remember: Clinton won nine of the final 16 contests, picking up 600,000 more votes and 37 more delegates than him. By the time she withdrew, only 150,000 votes out of 36 million divided the two.

    In the fortnight after Obama’s victory, Clinton faced the choice of continuing her rather humdrum, eight-year career as a New York senator while simultaneously having to raise $12m to repay debts the Clinton campaign had run up – or taking up the prestigious post of US secretary of state and having the Obama campaign, which was left with surplus funds after her withdrawal, take care of the debt.

    Sixteen days after Obama had defeated John McCain, Senator Clinton finally decided she would accept Obama’s offer and become the 67th US secretary of state. Her curriculum vitae for the post was unusual: she had visited 82 countries as a presidential wife, and delivered countless speeches overseas, but she had never actually been a diplomat.

    Justice for Hillary
    You would hardly know it from the media, but since taking office 13 months ago Clinton – despite a very painful elbow fracture – has visited 45 countries and flown around a quarter of a million miles in that adapted 757 (the latest trip being the first that was announced by the US state department on Twitter, before the mainstream media had been informed). With­in three days of leaving her husband’s bedside, however, she was back in her six-bedroom house in Whitehaven Parkway, just south of the British embassy in Washington DC.

    So what does the future hold for her? She says she can’t envisage a second term (assuming Obama gets one, that is), being constantly exhausted by travel; and insists, about as convincingly as any politician could, that she won’t run for the presidency again. That means either an unlikely return to politics, or the ghastly prospect of retirement with Bill in Chappaqua in upstate New York.

    There is one ultimate prize a loyal soldier and lawyer such as Hillary Clinton still has in her sights, however: a nomination to the US Supreme Court. John Paul Stevens, the most liberal of the nine judges, will be 90 this year; Ruth Ginsburg will be 77 and is in bad health. Supreme Court Justice Clinton?

    Now that would lead to the mother of all nomination battles.


  80. February 17, 2010

    Clinton makes it back to D.C.

    Despite mechanical difficulties that grounded her government plane on the tarmac in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made it back safe and sound to Washington early this morning.

    And she even got to ditch the press and use the ride back to trade notes with Centcom commander David Petraeus.

    “We appreciate General Petraeus, who generously diverted his plane in order to transport the Secretary back home,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner said at the briefing today. “The Secretary and General Petraeus took advantage of this trip to consult extensively on regional issues on the return trip”

    The traveling press pool did not quite get the royal Petraeus treatment, however, and are stuck flying back commercially. “We wish them, obviously, Godspeed,” Toner said.

    Upon her return, Clinton attended a meeting in the White House situation room on Afpak policy, and had her weekly meeting with President Obama. US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson led off the White House AfPak powwow with an update on information obtained from the capture last week of Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. Or, as White House spokesman Robert Gibbs coyly put it, “The meeting began with a briefing on the situation in Pakistan from Ambassador Patterson, including a discussion of the progress made in building a strong partnership with the Pakistani government and people on behalf of our mutual interests.”

    Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke, currently in Kabul, Gen. Stanley McChrystal and U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry also briefed the White House on progress with the Marja operation, etc.


  81. confloyd and Mrs. Smith,

    That video confirming that abthe U.S. Treasury is funding Islamic Financial Interests as well as the recent reveal that the U.S. has had a year-long embargo on sending weapons to Israel but continues to built up Arab weaponry…

    Just makes me sick.

  82. I guess what I don’t get is why many think HRC is too old to run for President. The people Reps, and Senators sometimes die in their chairs (like Kennedy). That does not seem to bother anyone at all.

    I love youth, and how they think outside the box, but what we need right now is a person who can work with all sides (Hillary worked with people that tried to impeach her husband), who has actually put together legislation (her health bill), who listens, and who is well respected internationally.

    I think we should be out ther BEGGING HER please to consider saving our Ass. Just because people say they are not interested, does not mean we can’t try to change their minds.

    Thanks, blog for making sure Admin has been understood. We are a blog that really discusses issued. Some times we do get hot under the collar, but most of the time it is a civil interaction. I respect that. We are not here to rip each other apart. I come here to get the fair and balanced I am not getting other places, and to discuss the issues.

  83. JanH:

    That was the Obots original plan. They wanted to remove her threat by sending her to the SC.

    But now they may not be keen on that O being proved that he was a one trick pony and go into wilderness after 2012

  84. I am reasonably certain that Hillary is not interested in a Supreme Court nomination. That was an option before and she showed no interest. I doubt that has changed. She is executive material and it is just that simple. Besides, being a Supreme Court justice would take her out of political life, and there is no way that will happen. So why does this story re surface now? My initial suspicion was that this Andrew Stephens is a Hillary hater, or that he is simply a tool working at the behest of a corrupt editor–in other words, the Associated Press model. But it turns out that is not at all the case, and his absence of bias was proven by an article he wrote awhile ago crucifying big media for its vicious sexism toward Hillary and predicting that there would be consequences. When I googled his name, I remembered that piece and you will too: http://www.newstatesman.com/north-america/2008/05/obama-clinton-vote-usa-media. Therefore the explanation suggested by democrat1 becomes the most likely explanation for this red herring story.

  85. admin, it seems that you have many defenders here who can attest to your sterling record on rights for all peoples, be it on race, orientation, or even what damn baseball team they root for.

    Thanks to all those who served as character witnesses.

    We should be able to point out hypocrisy when it exists. We should be able to use words like “gay” or “black” or “Raiders fan” without it being taken as a slur. (As a long time Raiders fan, I still love my team even if other people would consider it an aspersion).

    So LA Dem, do we need further character references for admin to put them in your good graces?

  86. NewMexicoFan
    February 17th, 2010 at 10:52 pm
    Alot of people like her but from an attorneys standpoint she is the judge from hell. Loud, ignorant, sermonizing, disrespectful toward people and often wrong. She talks law and order and does not suffer fools lightly but there is no subtlety to her. She turns her courtroom into the Jerry Springer show. To get an informed sense of how bad she really is, compare her to Judge Marilyn Milan of the Florida court system, or Judge Keene who was on Divorce Court but spent his career on the Superior Court of Los Angeles. I feel sorry for the parties in these cases. They should give then some minimal training before they appear on television and have Judy run rough shod over them. Finally, it is ironic that she would be so rough on little people and so easy on Barack Obama. Or perhaps it tells you something about the accountability she always preaches about.

  87. The reference to little people was intended to mean people of limited means, limited education and limited ability to influence the system in ways that are fair. If Obama prevails, he will turn this country into a nation of little people, by looting our wealth and subjecting us to regulation by international bureaucrats. A neighbor of mine just got back from Dubai. He is the basso profundo in the local Gay Men’s Choir, so I assumed it had something to do with that. Turns out he just had frequent flyer miles. I asked him what he thought of the place. He said everywhere you look there are sky srapers and opulent wealth. He said only 12% of the population were resident–mostly Arabs. The remaining 88% are immigrants and they serve the wealthy minorities in various capacities. No middle class. That is the world which Obama’s policies will bring about in this country. If you doubt that go back and read the comments by Senator Gregg in the last blog.

  88. When we were trying to tell the GOP what we had seen on the campaign trail about a new kind of warfare coming from the Obama campaign they were dismissive of our advice. They knew how to win elections. Except they didn’t. Now apparently they are waking up and fielding their own army of bloggers:

    The RedState contingent is alive and well at CPAC 2010, camping out in the (Redstate-sponsored) Blogger Lounge. There are at least seven of us here so far, and more will float in and out during the day.

    Note Moe Lane’s fingers on the keyboard in the foreground.

    Estimates are at about 10K attendees for this year’s event. So far we’ve had Marco Rubio and Jim DeMint addressing the crowd. Both were fantastic, as expected, and got the audience fired up. Rubio detailed several key ideas he has for how to turn the country back from the Obamination that we find ourselves experiencing today:

    Reform the tax code, reduce tax rates across the board
    Eliminate double taxation – abolish capital gains, dividends, interest, death taxes
    Lower the corporate tax rate so it is competitive with the rest of the world
    Stop big govt energy madates such as Cap & Trade
    Put the consumer in charge of healthcare spending in America
    Pass lawsuit abuse reform
    Undertake serious measures to get control of national debt
    Terrorists attack to impose their view of the world on as many as they can; America is standing in the way
    We will do whatever it takes, as long as it takes, to defeat radical Islamic terrorism
    We will stand with our allies like Israel
    We will capture them (terrorists_, get useful info from them, bring them to justice in front of military tribunal at Gitmo, not a civilian courtroom in Manhattan (BIG APPLAUSE)
    The agenda here is rich, and there will be more where that came from. Watch the action on Twitter via hashtag #cpac10. And watch the front page throughout the conference…we’re all working to bring the conference to you live!

  89. Clinton to meet Dalai Lama: State Dept

    February 18, 2010

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet with the Dalai Lama, separate from the exiled Tibetan leader’s visit to the White House that has angered China, the State Department says.

    Clinton will meet with the Dalai Lama at the State Department on Thursday, the same day that the 74-year-old monk goes to the White House to see President Barack Obama, department spokesman Mark Toner said on Wednesday.

    “She has met with the Dalai Lama before and looks forward to the opportunity to do so again,” Toner told reporters.

    “The Dalai Lama is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, internationally revered religious and cultural leader and the secretary will meet him in this capacity as recent secretaries of state have done,” he said.

    The White House has refused Beijing’s demands to call off Obama’s meeting with the Dalai Lama, who fled his Chinese-ruled homeland for exile in India in 1959.

    Obama says his meeting with the Dalai Lama is private and will see him in the White House Map Room, not the center of presidential power of the Oval Office.

    A State Department official said that arrangements were still being made for Clinton’s meeting with the Dalai Lama and it was possible it would also be held privately.


  90. A small plane has hit a six story building in Austin Texas. The building houses the FBI so suspicions have been raised. The weather in Austin is clear skies.

  91. Ever a gentleman…

    President Clinton defends Michelle Obama’s infatuation with fat, kids’ BMI

    BY Celeste Katz
    Thursday, February 18th 2010

    Former President Bill Clinton wants to make sure kids get the right message on childhood obesity – but thinks they may relate better to First Lady Michelle Obama than to an old guy like him.

    Clinton appeared at his Harlem office Wednesday to talk up the “Alliance for a Healthier Generation” anti-obesity initiative, but says he’ll take some cues from the First Lady, who has just launched an anti-fat campaign of her own.

    “I want to wait and see what Michelle Obama does. She’s a lot younger than I am – nearly everybody is,” he joked, scoring a few laughs.

    Clinton, 63, appeared comfortable and in good spirits after his recent hospitalization as he discussed ways to be healthier.

    He called the topic “apropos” in light of the emergency surgery he underwent last week to “tune up” his 2004 heart bypass, and said his own health issues began with poor childhood eating habits.

    The First Lady rolled out her national “Let’s Move” initiative to combat dangerous obesity in kids last week. It centers on kids getting more exercise and better access to healthier food.

    Clinton, whose foundation teamed up with the American Heart Association to create the Alliance, said Obama has “a very sound program for what she can do as First Lady to bring attention” to obesity and help “change the options that young people have and the future that they will enjoy.”

    The former president said he’d do public service announcements if asked, but said of Obama, “I think I want to give her a chance to launch this public effort she’s making, because it’d be easier for her to have a lot of public service anouncements on the networks – and secondly, more kids would probably relate to her.”

    Clinton also declined to criticize Obama for publicly discussing her concerns about her daughters’ BMIs, or body mass index.

    “Look, her kids are famous, and they’re obviously healthy, and they try to live a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

    “You’re not trying to make other kids feel bad – she’s trying to say, ‘I’m a mom. I watch this. I’d like for you to watch this and see how you can manage it,'” Clinton added. “She’s not trying to say that everybody in the world would be tall and thin like she and the President [are] and their kids are apparently going to be.”


  92. Southern Born
    February 17th, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    You heard exactly what you thought you heard. I was impressed with Krauthammer over this comment — he said in the scope of thingsm this was really a very small matter. Only an an era of such peace and prosperity could this have happened — as if to say, they must hvae been bored because we were in such good shape, they had to stir up something. Good for him not taking an opportunity to trash BC. Hayes and Kondrache were making snippy comments and you could see they were trying to make something out of not much.

  93. ani,

    I came away from the discussion with the one idea that they all agreed on one thing: Clinton had lied under oath. That seemed to be the one black mark against him that triggered what happened next. As well, some repub payback.

    I also liked Krauthammer’s analysis.

  94. JanH–

    Exactly. But this “lied under oath” b.s. really pisses me off. While I disapprove his actions, this is prviate business between him and his wife. It did not have anything to do with his governing ability and frankly, was none of my business. What is it their right (when half these guys were having affairs themselves) to put him on the firing line and ask these types of questions. That millions of taxpayer dollars and so much copy was wasted on this when we were fighting in Bosnia — this was nonsense.

    These was a documentary years ago called “The Hunting of the President” — they were at this for eight solid years with no let up and they finally got him on something. I will always be irritated that his flaws on this gave them any ammunition at all.

  95. ani
    February 18th, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    I totally agree. It was not an impeachment issue and should never have gone that far. This was pure smear and partisonship and the players should rot as far as I’m concerned.

  96. Breaking news: there is another fire near where the plane hit the building……….the Pilot of small plane set his own house on fire before getting into his small plane and flew into that building in Texas!!

  97. Delighted to read all you who defended ADMIN. I got here too late to join in, but as I was reading through what I had missed, I wanted to jump in and protest this stupid accusation of anti-gay remarks. As you all said, there is no homophobia or racism on this blog – has never been since its inception. The Los Angeles Democrat has exposed himself as having limited reading skills and a victim-mentality or just a petty troublemaker. ADMIN, I think your response was excellent, but probably went over his head.

    Also, NMF, thanks for your take on Diane Denish – I couldn’t get back here to read you that day and its been busy week for me.

    Re the b.s. from the b.s. media over Clinton/Palin, I think it would be just great if Hillary and Sarah were seen having lunch together with Lynn F. d R. and perhaps M. Albright, etc. If asked what they talked about, they would then respond with Mona Lisa smiles. Put all the silly gossips into a tizzy!

  98. Las Vegas Mayor Goodman rejects Obama invitation

    Updated: Feb 17, 2010 01:06 PM

    Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – Mayor Oscar Goodman has refused an invitation to meet with President Obama when he arrives in town on Thursday. Mayor Goodman called President Obama a slow learner after he told Americans not to blow money on a weekend in Las Vegas if they were saving to put their kids through college.

    “I’ve got other things to do quite frankly for my constituents here in Las Vegas who rely on me to do the right thing as a mayor,” explained Mayor Goodman.

    Mayor Goodman has more important things like attend budget meetings during a major shortfall than meet with President Barack Obama when he visits Las Vegas Friday, even though he’s invited by the White House.

    “Were you surprised to get that invitation in light of comments you’ve made before and your opinion on him and what he says,” asked Action News reporter Heather Klein.

    “A little bit in the sense I would think they would know that I would say I’m not coming,” said Mayor Goodman.

    They say time heals all wounds but not this time. Mayor Goodman not backing down after the president used Las Vegas the example of where not to go if you’re saving money.

    This is strike two for the mayor.

    “We are hurting, we have people in foreclosures, we have people having a hard time feeding their families and we can’t stand to have a flippant statement made,” said Mayor Goodman.

    “I haven’t heard an apology, I haven’t heard a response, all I do is get invitations,” Goodman went on to say


  99. I guess my tax refund will be delayed. This irritates me to no end. I feel bad for the people in the building and of coarse his child and wife. I expect this will happen more and more as these blood suckers in D.C. suck the rest of our blood out.

    So it seems all people are going nuts. Geez!

  100. I continue to wonder why Al Gore declines every invitation to defend his position that humans are responsible for Global Warming?


    In a follow-up to the hit KUSI show :
    “Global Warming: The Other Side”, iconic weatherman John Coleman documents the latest developments in Climategate.

    “Global Warming: Meltdown” airs Thursday (tonight) at 9pm PT on KUSI-TV in San Diego and on KUSI.COM

    New revelations have brought a chill to the hot rhetoric about Global Warming according to a new prime time television special report. And, the series of major snow storms in the eastern U.S., a series of freezes in Florida, and unrelenting cold over much of the Northern Hemisphere has given a major boost to global warming skepticism.
    Set for broadcast on Thursday, February 18th at 9pm PT on KUSI-TV in San Diego, this new program follows up on a mid-January Global Warming special on KUSI that was both a ratings and Internet hit.

    KUSI Meteorologist John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel and a leading global warming skeptic, will be seen in a point, counter-point segment that also features Richard Sommerville, Ph.D., an emeritus Research Scientist from Scripps Institution of Oceanography. (A brief video preview can be found at Thursday morning at http://www.kusi.com.)

    Scripps, a major global warming research center, took exception with the first program’s segment that debunked the hypothesis of carbon dioxide as an important greenhouse gas.

    The program will document many other new developments in the “Climategate” controversy including new questions about data manipulations at the US climate centers and problems with the weather observation stations where the critical temperature data is collected in this county and around the world. The program also covers the ever-growing list of revelations about the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and its troubled leader, Rajendra Pachauri.

    Well-known Climatologist John Christy, Ph.D., will be interviewed on the program to report his findings from measuring Earth’s atmospheric temperature by satellite, a far more comprehensive measurement than is possible using land based thermometers.

    Also appearing on the program will be Anthony Watts, the former TV Meteorologist and weather computer system entrepreneur who has documented the problems with weather stations and explains his view of the problems with global warming science.

    “Global Warming: Meltdown”, the hour long, prime time special airs at 9 PM Pacific Time Thursday evening on KUSI-TV, 9/51 in San Diego.

    The program will also be available after the broadcast on the station’s website, KUSI.COM. Over one million people have logged on to the website’s section on global warming since the first episode aired in January.

    Global Warming: Meltdown is a production of McKinnon Broadcasting. The Executive Producer is Joe Riddle.

    For further information contact:

    Steve Cohen, KUSI-TV News Director



  101. Admin:

    I posted a time sensitive announcement that has been taken hostage by the SPAM Guards.. Can you please release it asap? Thanks-


    I agree with all. Admin has never posted anything remotely resembling homophobic comments that could be construed as anti-gay.

    It appears the little OBOT has run away with the cheese…Bu-Bye

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