The Jerry Springer Obama Democrats

Update: Lots of links and news from Capital Fax on those madcap Obama Dimocrats in Chicago.

More from fabulous Chicago:

Scott Lee Cohen admitted to ABC7 today that he used “injectable steroids”

He confirms his ex-wife’s claim that he was using injectable steroids in 2005 but denies her claim that he confessed to repeated affairs and was abusive.

Yesterday, before the divorce records and everything else came out, ABC7’s Ben Bradley asked Cohen if what had surfaced to date was all of it. “Anything else?” Bradley asked…

“No, you know. Again, it was an unfortunate time,” said Cohen.


He also admitted to ABC7 that his wife had an order of protection against him in 2005.

…Adding… Via Zorn, a great line from the ArchPundit

Dude is like Jack Ryan meets Blair Hull meets Charlie Sheen.

…Adding More… Commenters are saying that Cohen’s wife has been on ABC7 and NBC5 defending him. Nothing yet on their websites.

…Adding Still More… NBC5’s video of Cohen answering a couple of questions about steroid use and his wife…

…And some more… Cohen’s wife reportedly said that she voted for him this week. She said that he was going through a “phase” back then and is fine now.

*** UPDATE – Cohen’s ex-wife speaks *** “He was a different person than he is now.” Watch it

*** UPDATE 2 *** Oh, man. CBS2’s Mike Flannery’s report is a must-watch. Flannery’s lead-in

“His own brother Larry had to sue him and got a judgment for 200 thousand bucks. Scott Cohen’s wife told me that prior to his marriage he did try to choke her. Now she’s back in court trying to get back child support that he didn’t pay while he was spending $3 million on his run for lt. governor.”

Oh, man. The end. The end.

Cohen claimed that the wounds on his prostitute ex-girlfriend’s throat were “self-inflicted.” But here’s more from Flannery…

“His wife says, by the way, contrary to his denials, that the things that she alleged occurred.”


“Sin is rampant and rife – in Chicago!”

Consider the capacity for destruction by the inmates who run the current incarnation of the Democratic Party – the Obama Dimocratic Party. Consider how the unvetted Chicago flim-flam man, Barack Obama, has caused such harm to the party and its “brand” that the sane recoil in horror.

Now Chicago does it again. On Tuesday, the citizens of Chicago and the asylum of Illinois held their primary elections and they came up with another set of choices with which to amuse and afflict.

One of the candidates we have written about since 2007. Chicago and the asylum of Illinois nominated a candidate for Senate who most understand is a made member of what can easily be characterized as a “mob bank”.

But it’s as if the “situation comedy” Dimocratic Party has re-programmed yet again. Now the Dimocrats appear to abandon the “situation comedy” and adopt the Jerry Springer Show as the model institution.

Today, we discover that the lieutenant governor nominee of the Dimocratic Party of Illinois has a batch of unvetted “problems”. Chicago – you have done it yet again. The Jerry Springer Dimocrat nominated for Lieutenant Governor turns out to be a former pawnbroker arrested four years ago for “holding a knife to a former live-in girlfriend’s neck“.

Cohen’s Oct. 14, 2005, arrest came five months after his wife filed for divorce and convinced a judge to give her a temporary order of protection, records show. A status hearing in the divorce case took place Wednesday, hours after Cohen’s election-night triumph.

Cohen — who records show also had federal tax troubles that he says he has settled — denied in a written statement that he ever hurt the ex-girlfriend or his family.

In true Jerry Springer “top this” fashion, “the woman — who had just been found guilty of prostitution“…. “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry”… and, well let’s just ignore the “federal tax troubles”.

A batterer, potentially of his own wife, a knife wielding, prostitute threatening thug, an apparent misogynist, nominated to high office – in Chicago. Why are we not surprised?

The excuse for such behavior is worthy of an Obama Nobel Prize:

I fell in with the wrong crowd.

What “crowd” could that possibly be? Clearly this is a wonderful new addition to the successful Obama Dimocratic Party:

Cohen, now 44, placed “a knife up to complainant’s neck causing minor scars,” according to the police report from his arrest. There also were “minor scars on her hand from her trying to defend herself against the arrestee swinging the knife at her.” Cohen also allegedly “pushed complainant’s head against [a] wall, causing a bump on the back of her head.”

Paramedics treated the now 29-year-old woman at Cohen’s Near North Side home. Police photographed her injuries, which they described as “mild abrasions from knife wound.”

“She never came to court and the charges were dismissed,” Cohen said. “I realized this relationship was not healthy for me. I ended it, and we parted amicably.”

Ah, the redemptive powers of Lake Michigan waters! The campaign flack (Phil Molfese) said of the candidate and the Chicago mindset:

“He’s been honest and up front from the beginning,” Molfese said of Cohen’s arrest. “It’s just that nobody cared.

Nobody cared” in Chicago.

The Dimocratic governor, Pat Quinn, who was just nominated for a full term – he got the job due to the indictment of the former governor Blagojevich – is unfazed. “Vetting?” Who cares about vetting in Chicago?:

Quinn said it was not the job of the Democratic Party to vet Cohen, but rather the job of the voters.

The powerbrokers of Chicago did not vet the pawnbroker from Chicago – after all, he self-financed his campaign. Chicago did not bother to vet Barack Obama and his thugs, why bother with a lowly Lieutenant Governor?

Hopium resistant columnist John Kass serves up the Jerry Springer “top this” moment:

Cohen is insisting it’s all lies, and that he didn’t know his live-in girlfriend was a hooker. She told him she worked as a “massage therapist,” the Pawnbroker’s spokesman said.

That explains everything.

Now Republicans will scour the state for the “massage therapist” who just may — based on Illinois’ recent history of governors not finishing their terms — end up as Illinois’ first lady.

Ignoring all the bad publicity in Chicago, the unvetted Chicago flim-flam man continues, as the old joke about the pathetic “celebrity” goes, to appear at the opening of an envelope. This after a publicity stunt speech urging Americans to turn off the TV because of the endless discussion of politics and the evils of the “echo chamber”.

And in Jerry Springer “top this” fashion Michelle Obama will lead a crusade against obesity without mentioning Oprah. The racist chicken will be ignored we presume.

We further presume the Rahm Emanuel war on what he terms “retards” is over as well, and that the party will still excuse use of the term “negro” too. Use of “negro” will be excused if it is a powerful Dimocrat using the word. But the Special Olympics, like the mayor of Law Vegas, will not accept yet another insincere apology.

Insincere apologies, ceaseless publicity stunts, mob banks, hookers, knife attacks, – welcome to Barack Obama’s new Dimocratic Party. 2010 is the Obama legacy year.


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    Nearly one month after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, ABC News “Nightline” co-anchor Cynthia McFadden joins former President Bill Clinton on his second trip to the country since the devastation. McFadden will have exclusive, behind-the-scenes access as Clinton meets with Haitian leaders and delivers essential relief supplies.
    In an exclusive interview, McFadden will ask the former president about his role as United Nations Special Envoy for Haiti, the Clinton Foundation Haiti Earthquake Fund, and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, which are working to provide financial assistance and aid in recovery efforts to the region.

    Cynthia McFadden’s interview with President Bill Clinton will air on ABC News “Nightline” Friday, February 5, 2010 at 11:35pm (ET/PT). Portions of the interview will also air on Friday’s “World News with Diane Sawyer” and Saturday’s “Good Morning America Weekend.”

  2. February 4, 2010

    Obama’s answer for everything: Blame Bush

    By Jay Ambrose

    From his inaugural speech to his recent State of the Union address, President Obama has had a common theme. Bush did it, the one known as George W., his predecessor. Bush gave us the recession, he gave us the deficits, he stunk up the place but good, and if everything has gotten worse with Obama in power, well, Bush did that, too.

    This is gracelessness writ large, petty, political and nastily partisan, but is something else, as well — a mistreatment of truth even if Bush did run up spending and make myriad mistakes, and worst of all, an evasion of responsibility, excuse-making, the leader of the world’s greatest nation hiding out from his job.

    Bush could conceivably have done more to forestall the recession, but he did not create it; that was the work of too many people thinking the good times would keep on rolling more than anything else. He did push for some to get homes they could not afford, but was less guilty of this than Bill Clinton and the left generally.

    Ultimately, Bush tried to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over the opposition of Democrats and some in his own party, and if he stepped back from some regulations while increasing them overall, so did Clinton. Even to this day, there are arguments about what regulatory mechanisms were needed to stop catastrophe and what will be needed to prevent the next boom and bust. We can’t be sure. The business cycle may go on forever.

    As for fiscal folly, Bush’s tax cuts were not the disaster they are made out to be. Deficits arose not because revenues were in sharp decline, but because spending was in sharp ascent. We had two wars going, and there was his Medicare prescription drug program (urged by the Democrats), a crazy farm bill (Democrats liked this, too) on top of all kinds of increases, including increases in poverty programs.

    Add it all together and Bush increased the budget over his eight years in office something like $300 billion less than Obama has in one year, and that’s just the beginning. Over the next decade, according to projections in the Obama budget, the deficits will keep coming like so many grizzly bears facing us on a mountain path.

    And what do we have in defense? Pea shooters: an itsy bitsy cut here, a smaller one there, spending increases that wipe out those cuts, a meaningless spending freeze on a few over-funded agencies and the formation of a debt-reduction commission to make it look like something real is being done.

    What we need is courage, big thinking, an understanding that the problem is not just deficits, as dangerous as they are for the future of this republic, but taxes, too. Government spending is the killer, for it takes money needed by private enterprises to start, expand, make life better, hire people, pay them more and on and on, and the only way to control spending is to take on entitlements, Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, for starters, and find ways to restructure them.

    We had some possibility of Medicare changes under the Obama health legislation, but that legislation itself amounted to a new, hugely expensive entitlement, a very intimidating thing to businesses that could see their own costs going up to pay for it. And we’ve also had a stimulus bill that cost as much as the Iraq war and did nothing to stop us from the highest unemployment in a quarter of a century.

    We’ve had very little but failure from President Obama, but never mind, because he has an answer for you as he avoids what is needed: Blame Bush.

  3. OMG, Admin: Is there no normal people in Illinois. I know there was once as Hillary is from Illinois. You are dead right, the Illinois party of the dim party is the party of Jerry Springer.

    Great and informative article however bizarre the content is.

  4. Leave it up to ILL to nominate known thugs. Of course nobody cared. The media probably put it on line 23 on the back page.

    The mayor of Las Vegas is my new hero. He thinks the Fraud is “a little slow”…so do I

    The below video …oh so sad, but oh so true!

    Done by The Capitol Steps

    YouTube – Buy, Buy American Pie

    “After a certain age, if you don’t wake up aching somewhere, watch out — you just might be dead.” —Maxine

    “No diet will remove all the fat from your body because the brain is entirely fat. Without a brain, you might look good, but all you could do is run for public office.” —George Bernard Shaw

  5. He did push for some to get homes they could not afford, but was less guilty of this than Bill Clinton and the left generally.
    If all else fails…BLAME CLINTON!!!

  6. I enjoyed reading Hillary’s prayer at the prayer breakfast. She is a true Christian, recognized early on by Mother Theresa who is now a Saint. In fact, to become a Saint in the Catholic church you have to have several documented healings of illnesses. So if Mother Teresa looked Hillary in the eye and approved she is by all means a true Christian.

    I could not listen to the “ONE’S” speech at the prayer breakfast, I have heard too much from him and not enough “works”.

    Hillary could have been a minister as well and I bet she has played that part many times.

  7. The Chicago Mob is like a sorority that has gotten out of hand. But the political parties are also. What I saw here were people who had been hanging around for years, did not like newcomers as they would not know how to play the game.

    First of all you have to understand that the politicans are in charge and do not work nor are they responsible to the voters. (In fact they think voters are R). Of course I will not use that term, but that is their thinking.

    Then you have to be willing to FALL IN LINE.

    November is a little less than 10 months away. Plenty of time to recover, and to SCREW UP EVEN MORE.

    So which will it be? As we said all along, the key is the economy.

  8. The day started with Hillary at the prayer breakfast. Tomorrow Bill Clinton will close out the day.

    Scott Brown became the 41st vote today.

  9. This line in Hillary’s speech at the prayer breakfast just stuck out to me. How about you guys. LOL!!!

    I’ve heard speeches about promoting understanding among people of different faiths.

    Words, and more words is what we hear from Obama, do you think she was saying that??

  10. I should have put in quotation marks.

    “I’ve heard speeches about promoting understanding among people of different faiths.”

  11. I just lost respect for Laura Ingram. She said Hillary was slamming organized religion. OMG, Laura you suck.

    She was slamming the fundamentalists in all religions. The ones who use religion as a way of keeping power over women or any weaker individual.

    O’Reilly stuck up for her. I think the whole sharade was a made for TV moment. Fox used a women this time to slam Hillary, so they would not be called misognists. It was pretty Foxy of Fox, but I got the real message. They hate Hillary cause she will kick their ass in a race for the WH.

  12. I can’t understand how anyone in their right mind could find fault with Hillary’s speech at the national prayer breakfast.

    Well I guess the minute they all walked out of the prayer breakfast, God somehow disappeared and those CHRISTIANS on the right resumed their daily screaming that Hillary is a non-Christian.

  13. JanH, Then O’Reilly had the audacity to say the left’s atheists are fighting mad about a stamp with Mother Teresa’s pic on it.

    Did they even hear how Mother Teresa picked Hillary out of many first lady to get this orphanage in D.C.? Did they not hear her say that Mother Teresa said that she and Hillary were on the same wavelength with adoption and abortion???

    My idea is this, the right wingers don’t want Hillary to be seen as a person whom the Catholic church believes can be used to further the goals of adoption thereby elimating the need for abortions. The right has the total ownership of abortion and they won’t give it up to Hillary even though Mother Teresa was guided by God (which I believe) to use Hillary in this way. Hillary herself said she felt a power greater than herself and Mother Teresa guiding this project.

    So much for the right wingers to be nice for a whole day. Someone should tell them God watches them.

  14. JanH, You know after reading Hillary’s speech at the prayer breakfast I was simply amazed at her spirituality. The right wingers also heard her speech and they were overcome with fear.

    There is no use being mad at the right, we must truly feel sorry for them. As much as scream and hollar about being a Christian and doing “good works” they fall very short. So I imagine seeing Hillary from the atheist left who surely exemplifies what a real Christian is it must make them feel empty to the point they feel the need to lash out at Hillary. I think this is done quiet regularly by folks claiming to be Christian who really aren’t just as they did a little over 2000 years ago.

  15. confloyd
    February 4th, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    Actually Confloyd, Laura was enraged on her radio show this am. She was on O’Reily’s with a cross necklace on in clear site. I was shocked to hear O’Reily stand up for Hillary, and really, Laura looked like a zealot. She always goes way over the top with religion. She is ultra conservative/fundamentalist, and if you don’t tow that line she goes nuts. It upsets me because she @ times sounds fair, but just shouldn’t let any of that fool ya. They are all wolf’s in sheep’s clothing.

  16. Hannity is really pushing for Newt to run. I hope he does because he can be beat. He can’t talk about skeletons as he has many. He is also a republican tied to Bush.

  17. gonzotex, Oh yeah! They are all wolves in sheeps clothing. Fox was pretty foxy as I said for it to be Laura that calls out Hillary for being anti-organized religion.

    Oh, but for the hypocracy of Fox and the right wingers!

    Gonzotex, any zealot can wear a cross, but its what you do and say that makes a difference with God, of coarse, I don’t those who work and program Fox is very concerned about God, they just use him to make money, after all, they say they are CHristians and its says in the Bible that those who bless God, God blesses them. They interpret this as unbridled wealth. Oh what will they say when they find out the real truth.

  18. confloyd, Hannity is such a tool, and out of touch. Most of the Republicans on the blogs and the Tea Party people do NOT want Newt to run. They know he’s a crusty old creepy dude, and damaged goods. They may admit that he’s smart, and agree with him on some stuff, but are completely “Meh” on the man himself.

    Hannity is stuck in 1994. He’s a dinosaur. There’s a new breed of conservative out there, and Hannity has no idea what the rank and file are thinking anymore.

  19. I hope Fox, Rush and Beck just keep on screaming, it will bury them in 2012′ I t will remind all those Reagan democrats how sick of the republicans they really are. Obama is winged he can’t win, he needs to go out saying he has been missing being a father and the job just doesn’t allow for enough family time. This will allow Hillary to take over. Obama will need to campaign for her, especially in the black neighborhoods, but he needs to go on down the road, he has had his time in the spotlight.

  20. H4T, I agree. Hannity just can’t get past his love of bashing the Clintons and for that matter neither can Fox. I can imagine Fox has made billions off bashing the Clintons.
    Lets hope the electorate is smarter than they use to be.

  21. This is just the craziest thing. The folks on Fox act like they are they are the only ones who know how to balance the budget yet has there ever been a republican Potus who was able to balance a budget??

    Did Ronnie Raygun balance California’s? He ran up the federal govt. deficit.

    Actually an ex-democrat did balance the New York City budget which is as large as some state budget’s. Julianna did this, but he is really a democrat.

  22. Hannity is digging up the dead, Ollie North of Raygun’s administration who was one of the Iran Contra supporters. Geez, the rethugs have screwed too, they just need to shut up. Where are the tea party candidates, this is the year for the third party.

  23. Just read the transcript of Hillary’s prayer speech and it was extremely powerful and moving. How anyone could find fault in that is beyond any reasonable persons interpretation.

  24. Lanny Davis said on Hannity that “they” did not give Bill Clinton credit for reducing the deficit. AMEN! Of course, Hannity and a female guest just ignored him. I think the female must have been a sister of Bill O because she just kept rudely interrupting Lanny and talking over anything he said.

    Lanny Davis does need to get off the taking up for anything BO says and does, however.

  25. Jbstonesfan, It really was a powerful and moving speech. I did not watch but just part of Obama’s, it really did not have much to do with God’s as Hillary’s did. The part I saw was pure politics. I saw the part about him griping about the birthers. I say, produce it, then you won’t have to hear about it all the time and pay lawyers to keep it secret.

    I did say Hannity massacre Lanny. He did mention Bill. I have seen Bill’s name in the blogs today as not getting enough credit for balancing the budget. One commentor even said “Obama was not fit to wear Bill’s jock strap”. I wasn’t sure if I like that analogy. It must have been a man that said that. LOL!!

  26. BTW, Kerry is getting Teddy’s desk, I hope he enjoys while he has it, cause his butt is one its way out too.

  27. New Hampshire independents abandoning Obama in droves: Poll

    February 4, 2010

    The crucial independent voters of notoriously independent New Hampshire, the ones who were so vital to Barack Obama’s 2008 victory there and nationally, are fast falling out of love with the Democrat.

    A new WMUR Granite State Poll of 500 voters by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center finds the president’s support has slipped below 50% now. In the early 2008 Democratic primary there, voters preferred Hillary Clinton to Obama, 39 to 36. But come November they gave the Illinoisan 54% to John McCain’s 45%.

    Now, only 48% approve of Obama’s presidential job, and 47% disapprove. The Democrat’s decline mirrors a national trend though slightly lower.

    The new New Hampshire numbers reveal that the candidate who vowed to change the polarization of American politics has indeed done so, but not by dispelling it. Voters there are now….
    …polarized about him, not George W. Bush; with only 5% of the state’s voters remaining neutral on the White House occupant.

    Obama’s New Hampshire approval is down 7 percentage points since October but more than twice that (18 points) since his Inauguration Day.

    New Hampshire GOP voters never have approved of Obama. But the new poll shows his support among Democrats has slipped too, from 91% in October to 84% today. That’s still overwhelming support for someone not on any ballot for 33 months. But a bad trend if feelings about the Democrat in the White House carry over to the midterm elections this fall.

    Among the all-important independent voters in New Hampshire, Obama’s decline has been most dramatic. It now stands at 39%, a 28 percentage point drop since October, or about 2 percentage points per week. This despite Obama’s well-attended town hall in Nashua on Tuesday, a day that coincided with part of the polling.

    His favorability ratings are also down, though slightly less so. Personally, 52% still feel favorable toward the president and 41% don’t. Again, only 6% are on the sidelines as neutral.

    The main sticking point for Obama is the economy; the longer he’s in office the more respondents hold him accountable for high unemployment and other sour economic news.

  28. February 4, 2010
    Charles Krauthammer / Syndicated columnist

    Revolt of the peasants

    WASHINGTON — “I am not an ideologue,” protested President Obama at a gathering with Republican House members last week. Perhaps, but he does have a tenacious commitment to a set of political convictions.

    Compare his 2010 State of the Union to his first address to Congress a year earlier. The consistency is remarkable. In 2009, after passing a $787 billion (now $862 billion) stimulus package, the largest spending bill in galactic history, he unveiled a manifesto for fundamentally restructuring the commanding heights of American society — health care, education and energy.

    A year later, after stunning Democratic setbacks in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, Obama gave a stay-the-course State of the Union address (a) pledging not to walk away from health-care reform, (b) seeking to turn college education increasingly into a federal entitlement, and (c) asking again for cap-and-trade energy legislation. Plus, of course, another stimulus package, this time renamed a “jobs bill.”

    This being a democracy, don’t the Democrats see that clinging to this agenda will march them over a cliff? Don’t they understand Massachusetts?

    Well, they understand it through a prism of two cherished axioms: (1) The people are stupid and (2) Republicans are bad. Result? The dim, led by the malicious, vote incorrectly.

    Liberal expressions of disdain for the intelligence and emotional maturity of the electorate have been, post-Massachusetts, remarkably unguarded. New York Times columnist Charles Blow chided Obama for not understanding the necessity of speaking “in the plain words of plain folks,” because the people are “suspicious of complexity.” Counseled Blow: “The next time he gives a speech, someone should tap him on the ankle and say, ‘Mr. President, we’re down here.’ ”

    A Time magazine blogger was even more blunt about the ankle-dwelling mob, explaining that we are “a nation of dodos” that is “too dumb to thrive.”

    Obama joined the parade in the State of the Union address when, with supercilious modesty, he chided himself “for not explaining it (health care) more clearly to the American people.” The subject, he noted, was “complex.” The subject, it might also be noted, was one to which the master of complexity had devoted 29 speeches. Perhaps he did not speak slowly enough.

    Then there are the emotional deficiencies of the masses. Nearly every Democratic apologist lamented the people’s anger and anxiety, a free-floating agitation that prevented them from appreciating the beneficence of the social agenda the Democrats are so determined to foist upon them.

    That brings us to Part 2 of the liberal conceit: Liberals act in the public interest, while conservatives think only of power, elections, self-aggrandizement and self-interest.

    It is an old liberal theme that conservative ideas, being red in tooth and claw, cannot possibly emerge from any notion of the public good. A 2002 New York Times obituary for philosopher Robert Nozick explained that the strongly libertarian implications of Nozick’s masterwork, “Anarchy, State, and Utopia,” “proved comforting to the right, which was grateful for what it embraced as philosophical justification.” The right, you see, is grateful when a bright intellectual can graft some philosophical rationalization onto its thoroughly base and self-regarding politics.

    This belief in the moral hollowness of conservatism animates the current liberal mantra that Republican opposition to Obama’s social democratic agenda — which couldn’t get through even a Democratic Congress and powered major Democratic losses in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts — is nothing but blind and cynical obstructionism.

    By contrast, Democratic opposition to George W. Bush — from Iraq to Social Security reform — constituted dissent. And dissent, we were told at the time, including by candidate Obama, is “one of the truest expressions of patriotism.”

    No more. Today, dissent from the governing orthodoxy is nihilistic malice. “They made a decision,” explained David Axelrod, “they were going to sit it out and hope that we failed, that the country failed” — a perfect expression of liberals’ conviction that their aspirations are necessarily the country’s, that their idea of the public good is the public’s, that their failure is therefore the nation’s.

    Then comes Massachusetts, an election Obama himself helped nationalize, to shatter this most self-congratulatory of illusions.

    For liberals, the observation that “the peasants are revolting” is a pun. For conservatives, it is cause for uncharacteristic optimism. No matter how far the ideological pendulum swings in the short term, in the end the bedrock common sense of the American people will prevail.

    The ankle-dwelling populace pushes back. It re-centers. It renormalizes. Even in Massachusetts.

  29. Clearly the right is worried Hillary might get their Catholic vote, which she got during the primary. I am soooo tired of the abortion issue, its the wedge issue that the right loves and long with taxes. Nothing new on the right, abortion, God, guns and taxes.

    I think the writing is on the wall, the dims need to put up a good blue dog as a nominee for Potus in 2012′. Hillary!

  30. I totally agree about Laura Ingram’s hyper-religiosity. Regardless of what Hillary said or did, though, Laura would criticize. She can’t be objective or apply critical thinking skills because the truth might get in the way. The real truth might conflict with her personal manufactured version of the truth. You have to wonder about her religious belief system, as well. In my experience people who are extremely dogmatic are often very insecure in their beliefs, and cannot tolerate exposure to other religious views because they might begin to question their own.

    Hannity is exactly like Laura, except he had the poor judgment to try to morph himself in to some weird combination of Hank Williams, Roy Rogers, and Jesus on the Tea Party tour. He needs to stick to screwing up the news. We don’t need him screwing up rock and roll. lol.

    confloyd, I so hope you’re right about Kerry. Maybe he’ll be reporting for duty at the Heinz Ketchup factory lol.

    BTW – I haven’t posted before, but love this blog. Admin, I’ve read you from day one, and so appreciate all the work you’ve done to fight the sorry Dems who killed democracy.

  31. I think we are looking for an epic battle in 2012′. Listening to Hillary’s prayer speech and then listening to Fox go nuts with Hillary’s speech. I think she will run. I bet Obama goes on a permanent vacation to the Netherlands where all the other socialists lives. I think the republicans will put up Newt and possibly a woman. I hope the dumbbells at the DNC will get Hillary to run and get Colin Powell for vice. Even with the economy in such a bad place, what better way to fix it than to put another Clinton in, the only Potus that ever, ever balanced the budget. Personally, I think she could win and I think the democrats have already decided that Obama is a lameduck. He has the baggage that they thought Hillary had.

    I think the Catholic vote was in play today. I am excited for the first time since Puerto Rico.

  32. Puma-SF, you asked “What do you think it said on the teleprompter?”

    TelePromTer said: “Stick your jaw out and pretend you know what you are doing.”

  33. We added these additional news items from fabulous Chicago:

    Scott Lee Cohen admitted to ABC7 today that he used “injectable steroids”

    He confirms his ex-wife’s claim that he was using injectable steroids in 2005 but denies her claim that he confessed to repeated affairs and was abusive.

    Yesterday, before the divorce records and everything else came out, ABC7’s Ben Bradley asked Cohen if what had surfaced to date was all of it. “Anything else?” Bradley asked…

    “No, you know. Again, it was an unfortunate time,” said Cohen.


    He also admitted to ABC7 that his wife had an order of protection against him in 2005.

    …Adding… Via Zorn, a great line from the ArchPundit

    Dude is like Jack Ryan meets Blair Hull meets Charlie Sheen.

    …Adding More… Commenters are saying that Cohen’s wife has been on ABC7 and NBC5 defending him. Nothing yet on their websites.

    …Adding Still More… NBC5’s video of Cohen answering a couple of questions about steroid use and his wife…

    …And some more… Cohen’s wife reportedly said that she voted for him this week. She said that he was going through a “phase” back then and is fine now.

    *** UPDATE – Cohen’s ex-wife speaks *** “He was a different person than he is now.” Watch it

    *** UPDATE 2 *** Oh, man. CBS2’s Mike Flannery’s report is a must-watch. Flannery’s lead-in

    “His own brother Larry had to sue him and got a judgment for 200 thousand bucks. Scott Cohen’s wife told me that prior to his marriage he did try to choke her. Now she’s back in court trying to get back child support that he didn’t pay while he was spending $3 million on his run for lt. governor.”

    Oh, man. The end. The end.

    Cohen claimed that the wounds on his prostitute ex-girlfriend’s throat were “self-inflicted.” But here’s more from Flannery…

    “His wife says, by the way, contrary to his denials, that the things that she alleged occurred.”

  34. I think the elites have decided that Obama will not be the candidate in 2012. I think those who prevailed on their peers to go with this clown are looking mighty stupid at the moment. Obama is failing at the worst possible time.

    Obama has proven to be a Guinness Book incompetent. The world knows it, and no longer respects him. Worse, they do not respect the United States when he is in charge. Something bad is likely to happen. There are too many down arrows.

    I am afraid that tough times are ahead. They will sweep Obama off the stage. In 2012 the elites will go with Newt for the Republicans because he has solutions. If they are smart they will ask Hillary to run for the Democrats for the same reason.

    What I do not know is whether he knows it or not. I think they would like Hillary to run

  35. Our real President at work to settle the many world problems.


    Secretary’s Remarks: Regarding Northern Ireland
    Fri, 05 Feb 2010 05:53:00 -0600

    Regarding Northern Ireland

    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Secretary of State
    Washington, DC

    February 5, 2010


    Today, Northern Ireland has taken another important step toward a full and lasting peace. Its political leaders have agreed on a roadmap and a timeline for the devolution of policing and justice powers, and they have taken other productive steps as well. The accord they reached today will help consolidate the hard-won gains of the past decade.

    This has not been an easy road. There were plenty of bumps along the way. I have been in regular contact with the parties since my trip to Belfast in October, and I know that at times the path forward was far from clear. So I want to applaud all the parties for ultimately choosing negotiation over confrontation. In finalizing this deal, Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness and their teams displayed the kind of leadership that the people of Northern Ireland deserve.

    I want to recognize the leadership and patient resolve of Prime Minister Brown and Taoiseach Cowen, as well as Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward and Irish Foreign Minister Micheal Martin. They have stayed resolutely focused on moving this process forward, forging common ground, and reaching an outcome that would keep Northern Ireland on the path of peace and stability.

    This is not the end of the journey. So far, the devolution process has enabled Northern Ireland’s leaders to enact a range of needed reforms, from health to housing to environmental safety. Now they have even greater authority, and with that authority comes greater responsibility. They must continue to lead. The people of Northern Ireland are poised to build a thriving society on this stronger foundation—a country where neighbors can live free from fear and all people have the opportunity to fulfill their God-given potential.

    This is a dream nurtured for so long in the hearts of people across Northern Ireland. It is also a dream that lives far beyond its borders, in all countries and communities where ethnic and religious conflicts persist. This latest success in Northern Ireland points the way forward—and not only for this one conflict. Northern Ireland gives us hope that, despite entrenched opposition and innumerable setbacks, diligent diplomacy and committed leadership can overcome generations of suspicion and hostility.

    Now, we join the world in looking to the leaders of Northern Ireland to build upon their efforts by promoting a new spirit of cooperation among all parties.

    As they do, the United States will help. Our Economic Envoy, Declan Kelly, will continue working to help Northern Ireland reap the dividends of peace, including economic growth, international investment, and new opportunities. In the near future, Declan and I will host First Minister Robinson and Deputy First Minister McGuinness here in Washington to discuss further investment in Northern Ireland and ways to build on this agreement.

    Today we salute this achievement. We recognize that a new chapter of partnership among Northern Ireland’s political leadership and people must begin. I am confident that people of Northern Ireland will make the most of this moment. And I want to reaffirm the commitment of the United States—and my personal commitment as well—to support Northern Ireland in every way we can.

  36. ABM90

    I can’t believe how hard Hillary works to keep her fingers on the pulse of every international issue out there.

  37. Indonesia’s controversial Obama statue to be moved

    Friday, February 5, 2010

    JAKARTA, Indonesia — A statue of a young President Barack Obama that drew a public backlash after it was given a prominent position in a Jakarta park will be moved to the elementary school he attended while living in the Indonesian capital, officials said Friday.

    The decision by Jakarta’s government to move the 43-inch (110-centimeter) statue of a 10-year-old Obama holding a butterfly comes as the president prepares for his March visit to Indonesia, where he lived for several years as a child.

    Despite his widespread popularity among Indonesians, the statue drew criticism after it was placed in a park in December, with protesters arguing Obama is not a national hero. More than 56,000 Facebook members joined the Indonesian-language Facebook group “Take Down the Barack Obama Statue in Taman Menteng Park.”

    On Friday, Jakarta Gov. Fauzi Bowo was quoted by the news Web site as saying he “agreed with the suggestions” of those who wanted the statue moved from such a public area.

    Nur Rochman, a city government spokesman, confirmed officials had ordered the relocation of the statue, and hoped to have it installed at the school before Obama’s arrival. “I think that is the most appropriate place for his statue,” he said.

    Heru Nugroho, founder of the Facebook campaign to remove the statue from the park, praised the decision. “It’s good – a little too late,” he said. “But I appreciate it.”
    Nugroho said he doesn’t hate Obama or the United States, but believes statues in Indonesia should be reserved for those who have made significant contributions to the country. “Obama is a very good man, he’s a good dreamer,” Nugroho said. “But he has no contribution for Indonesia.”

    Ron Mullers, a Jakarta resident who came up with the idea of the statue and raised money for it, said the new location is more personal for Obama, and closer to the children of Indonesia, for whom it was made. “If the government would like to move it, well, that’s their prerogative and we have no objection,” said Mullers, the chairman of the nonprofit Friends of Obama Foundation. “I think less people will see it, but that’s OK.”

    Obama, whose mother married an Indonesian, went to elementary school in the capital from 1967 to 1971 and is regarded fondly by most Indonesians. The nation is home to the world’s largest Muslim population and many here believe Obama will improve relations between the West and the Middle East.

  38. February 05, 2010
    Conyers concentrates on what’s really important in Haitian relief

    As John McCormick of the Weekly Standard blog points out, you just “can’t make this up:”

    Senior House Democrat John Conyers is demanding that Hillary Clinton demote Rajiv Shah, head of USAID, in which capacity he’s leading U.S. relief efforts in Haiti.
    Does Conyers think that Shah lacks competence to carry out the incredibly important task of saving lives? No. The Hill reports that Conyers is angry that Shah “showed up at a meeting with the 42-member Congressional Black Caucus without any African American staffers in tow.”

    Conyers writes in a letter to Clinton:

    Dear Secretary Clinton:

    As you know, the 42 member Congressional Black Caucus met with Rajiv Shah, the Administrator of the U.S. AID yesterday to discuss the crisis in Haiti. I was alarmed and chagrined to learn that none of the approximately dozen staff he brought with him were African American. This is so serious an error in judgement that it warrants his immediate demotion to a subordinate position at AID. It is well known that there has long been an under-representation of minorities in key positions within the State Department. I am confident this Administration will immediately begin addressing this problem.

    I look forward to meeting with you on this matter.

    John Conyers, Jr.
    Member of Congress

    Because what’s important isn’t saving lives, it’s adhering to a race-based spoils system. It’s not like there isn’t “diversity” with an American of Indian ancestry Rajiv Shah heading up USAID. Nor is it likely that racism is playing a role in staffing. This is blatant race baiting on the part of Conyers – something he is an expert at.

    Glad to see Conyers first concern is getting supplies to starving Haitians.

  39. JanH: Hillary is the one person that is holding this world together as Hocus Potus is destroying foreign relations everywhere.He and his Telepromter are a clear and present danger and should be treated as such.

    Hillary is ready willing and able to take over as
    CIC when our citizens have had enough of his constant gum-beating.

  40. Unemployment drops to 9.7% ….while I am happy more people are not losing their jobs, this is a big boost for Obama and the dems .

  41. JanH 10:32 am: none of the approximately dozen staff he brought with him were African American.
    Could be that no AA’s volunteered or were available or gasp qualified or …..
    The logic of these diversity freakouts causes so much unwarranted trouble. I rode city buses in NJ for years, and during that time the only people I witnessed arguing about how many zones they’d traveled were AA. Another one that always ‘got’ me involved a controvesy over the size of AA’s. Some non-AA remarked that they were bigger than the other major race. The John Conyers of that time made hay with it as did the compliant media.

    My thinking was that no slave owner would allow a puny baby/child to survive. I cannot bear to think of what those unfortunate souls and their parents had to endure over that strictly financial decision. But I’ve no doubt the process existed, and it is a possible explanation for that conclusion. No sense trying to make that point, though. Just had to vent a bit. Thank you.

  42. If I were a member of the Congressional Black Caucus I would be embarrassed and outraged by Conyers. A neighboring country which is predominantly black is enduring widespread death and destruction of biblical proportion, a understaffed, underfunded and over worked US agency is working hard to alleviate that suffering, reports to his group on its efforts, and Conyers’ main worry is not that but the fact that he has profiled the staff who appeared before him and finds no African Americans. This is not a matter of cosmetics. Knowing the way Conyers operates what he is looking for is a plant, and his operating assumption is that if he there was an African American on this staff led by Rajiv Shah then he would have a back channel. That is a terrible way to think, and as I say, if I were a member of that caucus mindful of the importance of the task which is underway I would not approve of his demand that the man spearheading that lifesaving effort over a cosmetic issue such as this. I would distance myself from his racist profiling and commend the agency for what it is doing. And then, if I felt strongly enough about it I would call for a different individual to be demoted–John Conyers.

  43. Conyers is a crackpot. Anyone who follows his lead needs to know that. He makes the black caucus look like a bunch of fools over this one. Fools in the eyes of the American People. Certainly not leaders or individuals to be taken seriously.

  44. Unemployment drops to 9.7% ….while I am happy more people are not losing their jobs, this is a big boost for Obama and the dems
    Jbstonesfan. Lord knows my argument is not with you, but with the Obamashills in the administration who will try to promote this as proof that we have turned the corner. We are looking at a Japanese type of recession, the debt load is unsustainable, it will consume increasing amounts of our gdp, foreign interests are buying up the assets of our country, and on top of all that this snapshot proves nothing. Technically speaking, here is why:

    1. first, the net number of jobs lost continues to increase

    2. second, we had a blip in december due to Christmas rush

    3. third, the jobs created during that month are seasonal

    4. fourth, we are seeing fulltime jobs replaced by parttime

    5. fifth, many people have dropped off the rolls of job seekers which mathematically reduces the base

    6. sixth, even if this were a legitimate sustainable improvement–which it is not, it cannot be attributed to the efforts of the administration since by their own admission they have not spent the stimulus.

    I had a friend who was an officer at Citibank when Walter Riston was there. He told me, and I told you about what happened when he called the agency that prepares the unemployment numbers. The analyst he spoke was an alumni of the same Ivy League school my friend was and he spoke with him confidentially, some might even say wrecklessly on that subject. The thrust of his comments were that he and other analysts prepare their macro econometric analysis, and submit it to their superiors, some of whom were put there by the administration. Those numbers are massaged and then they are passed along to the Administration who massages them further. Then they are sent back down with a new number, they are issued as such, someone like that individual are called before congress and forced to a number which is artificial and materially misleading. Typically, they select someone to testify who has limited knowledge, Congress inquires and then gives up.

    As you know, it is not unheard of to produce a witness with limited knowledge of a disputed transaction rather than one who has broad knowledge which can hurt your case under effective cross examination. I have no personal knowledge of how unemployment numbers are derived, but when I represented a cattlemen’s group on country of origin meat labeling legislation, we had hard proof that the National Cattle Buyers Association, which was joined at the hip to the Department of Agriculture was fudging the numbers to make things look better than they were. The importation of foreign cattle was between 5-10% higher than the Administration acknowledged, and they would not listen to the facts.

    So color me cynical when it comes to these numbers. Let us see if this is indicative of a trend or simply a blip. And let us never forget this is smoke and mirrors–fudged for political purposes.

  45. #
    February 5th, 2010 at 11:46 am

    Unemployment drops to 9.7% ….while I am happy more people are not losing their jobs, this is a big boost for Obama and the dems .

    Our gov lies about most everything…. they have become become the little boy who cried wolf one too many times…

    so why do you believe that this figure is even close to correct??

    they have never been truthful with the REAL unemployment figures…even 10.3 was not correct, it was and i believe still is much higher.

    I believe america is waking to the trickery and will not buy this as much as you appear to think.


    Here is an excerpt from Moe Lane’s post at Red State, documenting temporary trouble in paradise/

    Sen. Al Franken ripped into White House senior adviser David Axelrod this week during a tense, closed-door session with Senate Democrats.

    Five sources who were in the room tell POLITICO that Franken criticized Axelrod for the administration’s failure to provide clarity or direction on health care and the other big bills it wants Congress to enact.

    The sources said Franken was the most outspoken senator in the meeting, which followed President Barack Obama’s question-and-answer session with Senate Democrats at the Newseum on Wednesday. But they also said the Minnesotan wasn’t the only angry Democrat in the room.

    Absent from the article was any indication that Axelrod particularly cares, probably because he doesn’t. Franken’s relevance to the administration began on July 7, 2009 – and it ended on January 19, 2010. That was the window that Congress had to pass their health care rationing bill, and Congress failed to exploit that window. From the administration’s point of view, Axelrod should be raking Franken over the coals, not the other way around; but the Senate gets tiresome when the executive branch does not show proper deference to its members. Which – to everyone’s embarrassment – these days includes Senator Franken.

    So I suppose that they have to let him yap.

    Moe Lane

  47. Heru Nugroho, founder of the Facebook campaign to remove the statue from the park, praised the decision. “It’s good – a little too late,” he said. “But I appreciate it.”
    Nugroho said he doesn’t hate Obama or the United States, but believes statues in Indonesia should be reserved for those who have made significant contributions to the country. “Obama is a very good man, he’s a good dreamer,” Nugroho said. “But he has no contribution for Indonesia.”


    yes, Nugroho, the middle class of the USA feels your pain…’he has no contribution for us’ either…and we are stuck with him


    jbstonesfan…do not fear…those job numbers will be “revised” on a slow news day…we are hip to their game…and besides, so many of any jobs saved or otherwise are either government jobs of temps jobs…and of course, all those great so called ‘census’ jobs coming to inflate the numbers…

    …until real people get back to real jobs, O, in the words of no less than Fred Barnes, can “yak” all he wants…because as even Bob Herbert has declared, O has a “credibility problem”…and it is growing, not shrinking…

  48. Bill Clinton visits Haiti government amid protest
    (AFP) – 59 minutes ago

    PORT-AU-PRINCE — Former US president Bill Clinton arrived at the headquarters of the Haitian government Friday as some 200 people protested outside, demanding tents more than three weeks after a devastating quake.

    Clinton’s arrival here comes amid persistent problems in getting aid to the estimated one million Haitians left homeless after the January 12 quake, and a controversy over 10 Americans charged with trying to smuggle children out of the country.

    As he went inside the government building, about 200 people from a neighbourhood in northern Port-au-Prince gathered outside to complain that they were still without shelter.

    “Our children are burning in the sun. We have a right to tents. We have a right to shelter,” said Mentor Natacha, 30, a young mother of two.

    The protesters said they hoped to meet Clinton, who was designated Wednesday as coordinator of international aid for Haiti by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

  49. “Absent from the article was any indication that Axelrod particularly cares, probably because he doesn’t.”

    The list of dims to be charged with crimes against the nation just keeps growing.

  50. wbboei, I guess Conyers is now lashing out. Their messiah has fallen off his pedestal. I wonder if Hillary will concede and do what he is asking? I will watching.

    I see you also think it will be Newt and I believe Sarah (maybe). She may run as the tea party candidate. The republicans are really trying to make their move to be a part of it, only thing is they’re not. The tea partiers are independents and conservatives.

    I still believe Hillary will run, but it will depend on the Othug.

  51. The list of dims to be charged with crimes against the nation just keeps growing
    Yes. If I were inclined to be dispassionate, clinical and subdued about all this I would confine my remarks to something like these are the architects of disaster who put graft disguised as political contributions ahead of the welfare, security and survival of this nation. It is good to be dispassionate otherwise I might get carried away in my comments. Access will cost you $50,000. Influence will cost you $125,000 adjusted for the rate of inflation since 1988. Don’t worry it is lawful if we do it the right way. (Note: sometimes what is lawful is worse than what is unlawful.)

  52. Healthcare Demographics and Spiraling Deficit
    Thursday, 04 Feb 2010 06:21 PM Article Font Size
    By: George Will

    On Day One of his vow to take “meaningful steps to rein in our debt,” Barack Obama asked Congress to freeze portions of discretionary domestic spending.

    This would follow an astonishing permanent expansion: Republicans on the House Budget Committee say appropriations bills Obama has signed, along with his stimulus spending, have increased discretionary domestic spending 84 percent.

    He almost certainly will not keep his promise to veto spending bills when Congress largely disregards his request, as it almost certainly will.

    On Day Two, taking a break from the rigors of austerity, he was in Tampa, Fla., promising $8 billion for high-speed rail projects there and in a dozen other places. Four days later, he released a $3.8 trillion fiscal year 2011 budget that would add another $1.3 trillion to the national debt.

    The budget reveals that the deficit emergency is not so great as to preclude another stimulus, aka a “jobs bill.”

    Or to require that middle-class tax cuts enacted under The Great Alibi (George W. Bush) be allowed to expire. Or even to scrub from the budget such filigrees from olden days as $430 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which perhaps made some sense 42 years and 500 channels ago, when public television meant a 33 percent increase in channels, from three to four, for some Americans.

    The depressing minutiae of the moment pale next to two large possibilities anticipated by Robert Fogel, a Nobel Prize-winning economist. They concern the rise of American health spending and the even more dramatic rise of China’s economy.

    Writing in September for the online journal The American, published by the American Enterprise Institute, Fogel warned that spending on healthcare is going to surge, for two reasons: By living longer, Americans will become susceptible to more health problems. By becoming richer, they will be able to buy more biotechnologies that make health interventions more effective.

    “The financial per capita (health care) burden at age 85 and older,”
    Fogel wrote, “is nearly six times as high as the burden at ages 50-54” and “the financial burden of healthcare for ages 85 and older is over 75 percent higher per capita than at ages 75-79.” A century ago, “the burden of chronic diseases among elderly Americans was not only of greater severity but began more than 10 years earlier in the life cycle than it does today.”

    But the severity of afflictions increases and the cost of preventing further deterioration increases with age: “Five years before the year of death, annual health cost is virtually the same as all annual Medicare costs per capita. By the second year before death the cost has risen by about 60 percent, and in the year of death the annual cost exceeds the average by more than four times. Indeed, expenditures on persons during their last two years of life account for 40 percent of all Medicare expenditures.”

    The 20th century radically reduced deaths from acute infectious diseases, which were concentrated in infancy and early childhood. In 1900, more than 33 percent of all deaths were of children under 5; today, they are less than 2 percent. In 1900, deaths of persons 65 and older were only 18 percent of all deaths; today, they are 75 percent.

    This demographic destiny might entail starving every other sector of society, including national defense, at great cost to America’s international standing. It had better not, given what Fogel argues in another essay, this one in the current issue of Foreign Policy. It is titled “$123,000,000,000,000.” Fogel’s subtitle is: “China’s estimated economy by the year 2040. Be warned.”

    He expects that China’s GDP will be $123 trillion by 2040, or three times the entire world’s economic output in 2000. China’s per-capita income will be more than double what is forecast for the European Union, he says. China’s 40 percent share of global GDP will be almost triple that of the United States’ 14 percent.

    Fogel finds many reasons for this, including the increased productivity of the 700 million (55 percent) rural Chinese. But he especially stresses “the enormous investment China is making in education.”

    While China invests increasingly in its future, America invests increasingly in its past, the elderly.

    Unforeseen scarcities or social fissures could slow or derail China’s ascent to global economic hegemony. America’s destiny is demographic, and therefore is inexorable and predictable, which makes the nation’s fiscal mismanagement, by both parties, especially shocking.

  53. The market is down 106 points as of 15 minutes ago, after losing 500 points in the last five trading days. This drop coincides neatly with Obama’s tough talk to the banks. It would be one thing if he followed through on anything he says–it might be worth short term pain for long term gain if the proposal made sense. But with Obama it is not governing but part of the continuing campaign. And the effect is devastating to the economy.

    If you asked Barack about this he would say he will take the responsibility but not the blame. He would say George Bush is to blame. He would say he has not explained himself well enough to Wall Street because he has been too busy with the affairs of state–the long cocktail line and the golf tour–not to be confused with the dirty work of governing. For lest we forget, Messiahs do not govern. That is beneath them. They point the way to enlightenment which we must follow–which involves insulting Las Vegas and recognizing corpse men when they are corpsmen. What do you expect from a commander in chief.

    The man is a farce.

  54. The sky is falling down round them and they still sing Kumbayah. With these numbers, he’s toast.

    Kennedys shaken as GOP eyes R.I. too

    The Kennedy political dynasty is shaking in the aftershock of U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s earth-shattering election, with a new poll showing U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy losing ground as he faces a well-financed GOP foe backed by Brown’s top strategists.

    The WPRI-12 poll showed the Rhode Island Democrat with a 56 percent unfavorability rating in his district – a negative that grows to 62 percent statewide.

    Only 35 percent of voters in Kennedy’s district said they would vote to re-elect him. Another 31 percent said they’d consider a different candidate and 28 percent said they would vote to replace him, according to the poll.

    Republican John J. Loughlin II, a veteran state lawmaker, formally announced his campaign yesterday against Kennedy, saying the son of liberal icon Edward M. Kennedy is out of touch with Rhode Island voters as he seeks a ninth two-year term.

    “We’ve got a congressman who’s not connecting with voters or the people. He’s pushing policies that are diametrically opposed with needs of people – to get the economy going and create jobs,” said Loughlin, of Tiverton. “We can’t afford it anymore.”

    WPRI-12 pollster Joe Fleming said, “This is the best-financed challenger he’s faced since the first time he ran, and his favorability numbers are way down. “Congressman Kennedy could have a very competitive race.”

    Loughlin, a 50-year-old National Guardsman, is hoping to ride the same wave that swept Brown to victory. He got a head start by hiring Eric Fehrnstrom and Peter Flaherty, two of Brown’s top consultants.

    The National Republican Congressional Committee has already begun lining up behind Loughlin, who says he plans to spend at least $1 million in the race.

    “Independents are running from the Democratic Party, and that benefits candidates across the northeast,” said Tory Mazzola, spokesman for the NRCC.

    Other potential Kennedy challengers include Democratic State Rep. Jon D. Brien and even former Providence Mayor Vincent “Buddy” Cianci.

    A Kennedy spokeswoman declined comment, but Tim Grilo, chairman of Rhode Island’s Democratic Party, said he’s not worried.

    “I expect the voters will send Congressman Kennedy back to Washington to represent them with the same passion and experience he’s brought to the job over the last eight terms,” Grilo said. Kennedy, a proven fund-raiser, also took in $756,000 last year.

    Salivating Republicans pointed to Kennedy’s controversial year, from his dust-up with Rhode Island Bishop Thomas J. Tobin, who denied him communion over his abortion stance, to his fumbled endorsement of Brown’s opponent, Attorney General Martha Coakley, whom he referred to as “Marsha.” “Camelot’s over,” declared GOP consultant Holly Robichaud, the Herald’s Lone Republican blogger.

  55. …by April 130,000 consensus workers to be added to job numbers, by June they will be let go…just heard on CNBC – market now at 9,871 (wasn’t it at about 10,600 just a week or two ago)

  56. I still believe Hillary will run, but it will depend on the Othug.
    I do not think it depends on him at all. I think he is toast. I think it depends on her. When you are at the point she is at in her career you have to decide what you want your legacy to be. If you visit the grave of Jefferson, he lists three things for which he wants to be remembered–president of the university of Virginia. But he does not mention the fact that he was President of the United States. We shall see what happens. Obviously, I hope she does run.

  57. by April 130,000 consensus workers to be added to job numbers, by June they will be let go…just heard on CNBC – market now at 9,871 (wasn’t it at about 10,600 just a week or two ago)

  58. With the democrats in disarray, with the economy in shambles, with an electoral bloodbath in the offing, with the squandering of a 60 vote majority, with the open criticism of Obama by the junior senator from Minnesota for ” failure to provide clarity or direction on health care and the other big bills it wants Congress to enact” and a track record of legislative failure, the question should be asked if Hillary were president what would have happened. The answer becomes obvious–she would have worked with the republicans, focused on jobs, avoided sweetheart deals with Big Pharma, protected the security of our nation, and put us on the path to real sustainable recovery–thus ensuring 8 years of Democratic leadership/

    Elections have consequences.

  59. Clinton says local authorities to deal with Americans charged in Haiti

    February 5, 2010

    Washington (CNN) — With 10 American Baptist missionaries in Haiti now charged with kidnapping for attempting to take 33 children out of the country, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday the case is for Haiti to decide.

    “Obviously, this is a matter for the Haitian judicial system,” Clinton told reporters at the State Department. “We’re going to continue to provide support as we do in every instance like this to American citizens who have been charged and hope that this matter can be resolved in an expeditious way, but it is something that a sovereign nation is pursuing based on the evidence that it presented when the charges were announced.”

    Clinton said the U.S. Embassy in Haiti is providing consular services and the American ambassador is speaking with his counterparts in the Haitian government. “We have full access” to the Americans, she said.

    The 10 missionaries were charged Thursday with kidnapping children and criminal association. Under Haitian law, anyone accused of kidnapping a child is not eligible for bail, the attorney general’s office said.

    Conviction on the kidnapping charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison; the criminal association charge carries a penalty of three to nine years, according to a former justice minister.

    Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive told CNN’s “Larry King Live” on Thursday that the judge in the case has three months to decide whether to prosecute. “We hope that he will decide long before those three months,” he said. “He can release them, he can ask to prosecute them.” If a decision is made to prosecute, the case would be heard before a jury, he said.

    Bellerive told CNN the Haitian government was open to the possibility of the case being transferred to a U.S. court, but said the request would have to come from the United States. “Until now, I was not asked,” he said.

    In Washington, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley confirmed that “we have not had any discussions with Haitian officials about shifting prosecution to the United States.”

    “This is a Haitian legal process. Obviously, the 10 American citizens have been charged under Haitian law,” he said. “It would appear, based on the reporting that we’ve seen, that they … were attempting to move those children out of Haiti without the authorization of the Haitian government. We recognize that that is a potential violation of Haitian law. The judge in this case has interviewed the Americans, he has evaluated the evidence that has been presented to him.”

    The Americans have their own legal representation, Crowley said, and U.S. officials are talking with Haitian officials about how the cases will unfold. He said the U.S. will continue to monitor the situation closely.

    The Americans were turned back a week ago as they tried to take the children across the border into the Dominican Republic without proper documentation. They said they were going to house them in a converted hotel in that country and later move them to an orphanage they were building there. The Americans have said they were just trying to help the children leave the earthquake-stricken country.

    Some of the detained Americans have said they thought they were helping orphans, but their interpreters told CNN this week that they were present when group members spoke with some of the children’s parents. Some parents in a village outside Port-au-Prince said they had willingly given their children to the Americans, who promised them a better life, and who said the parents could see their children whenever they wanted to.

    Government approval is needed for any Haitian child to leave the country, and the group acknowledged that the children had no passports.

    Some members of the group belong to Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho, where the pastor asked for privacy and would not discuss the matter.

    “I know you have many questions but we don’t have answers right now,” Assistant Pastor Drew Ham said in a note to reporters.

  60. There is only one tried and true answer to the problem between congress and the administration: he needs to go down to the capitol while they are in session and do a few victory laps around the chamber as the ass kissers in the group thunderously applaud. This time they could hoist him on their shoulders like a chariot and scream hail Caesar. Big media could swoon.

    Well . . . it worked the last time.

  61. I think with the stock market going down, its the Saudi’s and the Soro’s telling Obama the bank tax is BS. I think the strings are being pulled by the puppetmasters.

    I noticed the dollar going up a couple of days ago against the Euro, so things in the speculator business is going at full swing.

    The jobs report is a lie, no one has jobs, its totally false.

  62. Apparently it is snowing in D.C., it is an omen of what it is to come. Worst snow storm in 30 years they say. I hope people stay warm and safe.

  63. wbboei
    February 5th, 2010 at 2:11 pm
    I still believe Hillary will run, but it will depend on the Othug.
    I do not think it depends on him at all. I think he is toast.

    Ummmm. Burnt toast. “I love the smell of burnt toast in the morning”.

  64. Glenn Beck is on my last nerve today. He is listing the states that are in trouble financially and is saying that these are the progressive states and that the GOP run states are solvent. He is harping on California. California problem is natural disasters, but this is blatant lying.

    I do wish Obama would call his red phone on this one.

    I guess he is forgetting that Arnold is the governor of California.

  65. Now they have a special on Ronnie Raygun enduring legacy. I don’t know how much longer I will be able to watch Fox.

    Now there talking about Michigan, can I say big business took their companies to foreign soil to make more money. Lets talk unfettered capitalism is the cause, not progressivism.

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