‘How To Work A Scam’ – By Alexi Giannoulias And Elizabeth Edwards

The scam of the day is Barack Obama’s 3.834 Trillion Dollar Budget for 2011. We’ll discuss that scam on a later day. Today we will focus on Alexi Giannoulias and Elizabeth Edwards.

First, Saint Elizabeth. Elizabeth Edwards attacked Hillary and asserted her marriage was happier than Hillary’s. Bankruptcy lawyer Elizabeth Edwards participated in the John Edwards Bankruptcy vote scam of “I was wrong”. You might not know about that bankruptcy vote scam which we wrote about on June 7, 2007 in The Long Good-bye. Here are a few excerpts of what we wrote:

Now, let’s ignore the singular accomplishment of John Edwards in the Senate, his co-sponsorship, not mere voting for, the Iraq resolution…. About that vote John Edwards said “I was wrong.”

Let’s look instead at his Senate record on poverty — Edwards’ alleged signature issue. Edwards voted for the Bankruptcy Bill which badly harmed the poor and the struggling middle class. Let’s read Edwards’ echo statement rejecting once again his own history, this time on the misguided Bankruptcy Bill.[snip]

“Like a lot of Democrats, I voted for a bankruptcy reform bill before. I can’t say it more simply than this: I was wrong.

John Edwards did not need to learn anything, not a single solitary thing about “bankruptcy on the campaign trail” to know the horror of a Bankruptcy Bill he voted for. All John Edwards had to do was consult his Bankruptcy lawyer wife. It’s time they had another talk, about the bankruptcy of his campaign.

Two “I was wrong”s, don’t make a right. Elizabeth Edwards is now exposed as a scam artist. As bad as John Edwards is, Elizabeth is just as rotten.

Bankruptcy lawyer scam artist Elizabeth Edwards has a great deal to answer for. Indeed, Elizabeth and her husband are a cancer on the body politic.

This dynamic duo of dung, like Barack Obama and his mob, are shameless. We won’t get into the poisonous acts of the duo and their fake public pretenses about not knowing whom to endorse after their wretched campaign of lies was rejected by the voters. There is simply too much filth about this duo and their selfishness and rants against their own campaign workers and the ceaseless vulgarity of their cupidity.

We will not explore the fecal details of John and Elizabeth Edwards. Today, we want to focus on how scam artists like this disgusting duo are relentless and know how to work a scam.

Very recently, a Left Talker Polanski loving defense lawyer, the one who chortled about the arrest of Sarah Palin’s daughter’s baby’s father’s mother, and used that distant arrest as somehow something Sarah Palin was culpable for; the same Left Talker defense lawyer, who celebrated what she thought was sure to be a massive divorce and then indictment on corruption charges for theft of construction materials by Sarah Palin when Sarah Palin resigned as governor; that low-life, reality show watching Left Talker defense lawyer bemoaned the publicity given to accusations against Elizabeth Edwards.

The Left Talker is incensed because the truth emerges about the cancerous scum called John and Elizabeth Edwards.

The Left Talker in her hapless defense (pity her clients), opened up new doors in the cancerous scam which are John and Elizabeth Edwards. The reality show addict Left Talker clued us in on something we did not know: the day Elizabeth called the police – on John.

Here is the story no Americans read about when it occurred – October 10, 2008! “How To Work A Scam” – Elizabeth Edwards style. Here’s the story:

The Orange County sheriff’s office released today a copy of a report alleging a “domestic between spouses and larceny of wallet” on Oct. 10, 2008, at the home of John and Elizabeth Edwards.

In the report, Elizabeth Edwards describes how John Edwards came to the home to eat dinner with his children after a sports event, Mark Johnson reports. She told him they were dining with the babysitter, and he had no business being there, according to the report.

Moments later, John Edwards challenged his wife’s comment and said the house was his, as well. Then Elizabeth Edwards said she saw her husband take her lime green wallet, which contained $320, credit cards and a Motorola Razr phone. John Edwards went down to “the barn,” an adjoining structure that includes a full-size basketball court, for several minutes before beginning to leave, according to the report.

“As Mr. Edwards was leaving, he was asked to give the wallet back,” the report said, “and he advised that he did not have it.”

The report ends by giving Edwards – a former U.S. Senator, former presidential candidate and former Democratic vice presidential nominee – a new title: “suspect.”

UPDATE FOR THE CONSPIRACY THEORISTS: The report had been kept secret since it was filed more than a year ago at the request of Elizabeth Edwards, the sheriff said. He cited a state statute that allows incident reports to be kept confidential temporarily in cases where the documents’ release could endanger the victims physical or mental well-being.

The Left Talker conveniently posted the police report.

Students of scams take note – this police incident took place on October 10, 2008. Why did Elizabeth Edwards want to keep this police report secret? Easy answer – she had a book to sell, another scam to ply.

Scam artist Elizabeth Edwards had a book to sell. The book’s title was “Resilience”. Elizabeth Edwards is a resilient scam artist. Elizabeth went on Oprah, Elizabeth did many interviews – never once did she mention her marriage was over and her whole existence at that point was a scam. That is what scam artists do. Other than at Big Pink no one will dare call Elizabeth Edwards what she is – a cancerous resilient scam artist.

All during 2009, Elizabeth Edwards scored plaudits from the gullible. The L.A. Times book review commiserated in her misery:

That affair was, Elizabeth Edwards writes, a gut-wrenching addition to a life marked by tragedies sudden and inevitable, from the 1996 car-crash death of Wade, her oldest child, to the slow physical disintegration of her beloved parents; her discovery at a young age that her mother believed her father had had an affair, and — finally — the cancer that she has been battling since 2004 and that she expects will kill her.

Despite initial media accounts of “Resilience” (“After I cried and screamed, I went to the bathroom and threw up”), and the much-talked about Oprah interview Thursday, Edwards’ battle with cancer and Wade’s death dominate the new book, even more so than her 2006 memoir, “Saving Graces: Finding Solace and Strength From Friends and Strangers.” “Resilience,” in fact, can be viewed as a coda to “Saving Graces” — a meditation on her life after learning about her husband’s affair and the resurgence of her cancer.

Rubbish, all of it. Elizabeth Edwards traded on her cancer and her son’s death and all the miseries of her life. All throughout 2009 Elizabeth Edwards sold books and remained silent on the police report which only in 2010 has seen the light of day.

Jane Podesta, in an article which was attacked, proved not to be among the Edwards gullible:

Edwards can’t have it both ways — insisting that she won’t sit back as the passive political wife and disappear, while cashing in on her family’s personal crisis. Where were the fawning political handlers who once surrounded this couple, when she agreed to head off to promote this book? And what happened to the old Elizabeth Edwards who wasn’t afraid to answer any question hurled at her on the campaign trail?

Watching Elizabeth Edwards in freefall — pandering to chirpy Oprah and CNN’s reptilian Larry King — has been especially painful for me as a reporter who covered her closely for years. I interviewed Elizabeth Edwards shortly after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and in those days she waxed poetic, quoting Emily Dickenson: “Hope is the thing with feathers/That perches in the soul.” Edwards added,” I’ve thought about that a lot lately. It’s just a part of our nature to hope.” [snip]

Flash forward nearly five years and we find Elizabeth making the rounds promoting a shallow book that only briefly touches on her husband’s humiliating affair. From the voyeuristic TV interviews exploiting Edwards, viewers might imagine the book is a riveting look inside a troubled marriage. Turns out this is largely a rewrite of her earlier memoir — Saving Graces — but this time she mentions her poor mother’s fear that her Navy pilot father had an affair at the Willard Hotel — something that haunted Elizabeth throughout her life. She relives the awful tragedy of losing her oldest son, Wade, a wound that never healed.

* * * * *

“How To Work A Scam”. Elizabeth Edwards shows us that scam artists want to keep one step ahead of the law and love secrecy. One year’s delay of the truth is a gold mine for scam artists.

Alexi Giannoulias knows these lessons well. Here is Alexi Giannoulias’ latest scam straight out of the Obama and Elizabeth playbook.

Illinois Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias (D) held a press conference to discuss his family’s banking problems, but his refusal to answer a question whether he held responsibility for the bank’s struggles led to a tough AP story today: [snip

Giannoulias looks like he’s playing the political equivalent of the prevent defense in football – he’s led in the Democratic primary throughout the race because of his money, support from leading Democratic officials, and is hoping to hold onto that narrowing lead over David Hoffman with the primary just several days away.

Here is the story:

Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias refused to provide details Thursday about whether his decisions contributed to his family bank’s financial problems, saying five days before the election that those questions can wait for another time.

If I’m fortunate enough to make it out of the primary, we can have that conversation,” the Chicago Democrat told reporters.

Giannoulias, like Obama, like John and Elizabeth Edwards wants to answer questions, later. Later is too late. Giannoulias is ducking questions so he will say he is not ducking questions.

In a follow-up interview with The Associated Press, Giannoulias denied he was ducking questions.

He said that because he no longer works for the bank, he doesn’t have detailed information about its financial problems and what caused them. He also said he will have no role in family decisions about how to address the bank’s problems.

The Giannoulias family owns Broadway Bank, and he was a senior loan officer there before becoming Illinois treasurer three years ago.

Now the bank is in trouble. It has promised state and federal regulators that it will raise new capital, sell troubled assets and improve management. The bank must raise $50 million or more within 90 days.

When Giannoulias wins the Democratic Primary all the questions about Obama and Rezko and “Jaws” and the Broadway Bank will still not be asked. But maybe, they might:

But his rivals in the Democratic primary say Broadway is in trouble because of bad loans and putting too much money into a vulnerable real estate market. They argue Giannoulias, as a loan officer, bears some of the responsibility and is now trying to avoid blame.

“The reason that this Broadway Bank story and revelation is of such significance now is because it goes to the heart of matters of job performance and character,” Senate candidate David Hoffman said at a news conference.

Job performance and character” sounds to us like Barack Obama in Chicago who also did not want questions asked. If asked Obama would not answer. That chicken is now getting plucked:

Giannoulias denies his loan decisions contributed to the bank’s problems, calling it a silly political attack. But he wouldn’t discuss the issue in detail or provide any documents to support his position.

The Giannoulias family has taken $86 million in dividends and other financial benefits from the bank in recent years. Giannoulias said most of that was done to pay taxes and settle estate matters after his father’s death.

But he again declined to provide details or to say whether his family will put money back into the bank.

“How To Work A Scam?” Ask Elizabeth Edwards, Alexi Giannoulias, and the master scam artist – Barack Obama.


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  1. reposted, now I will go back and read your great post Admin

    February 1st, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    Rasmussen shows Obama got a SOTU approval bump


    While the Gallup poll, so far shows little movement to President Obama since his State of the Union address, Rasmussen shows a big bump for Obama among Democrats after the speech: from 25-42 strongly approve-strongly disapprove to 33-40. Obama’s overall approval rating also jumped from 46-53, to 50-50. These are the highest ratings for Obama in 4 months.

    More @ link

  2. Gonzotex, OMG, a bump among democrats after the SOTU, will wonders never cease. The man is a pathilogical liar, what part of that due dumocrats not understand??

    ADMIN: What a juicy and interesting article. I always knew the Edward’s were fake, fake, fake just like Obama fake, fake,fake. The real folks in the political arena is and have always been Bill and Hillary Clinton. This is there is such a thing as CDS, which has been invented by the fake, fake, fake folks because they are jealous.
    We can’t have real people watchin out for real people that just can’t be in the world of fake politics.

    I hope Obama’s buddy get his butt, browned!!

  3. I guess this bump means more Totus speeches? Oh brother, I am so glad I have a remote to change the channel.

  4. GonzoTx, the problem is independents and they are moving away faster from Obama.

    The big poll news today is Rubio’s big jump over Crist:

    Former state House Speaker Marco Rubio has now jumped to a 12-point lead over Governor Charlie Crist in Florida’s Republican Primary race for the U.S. Senate.

    A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely GOP Primary voters in the state finds Rubio leading Crist 49% to 37%. Three percent (3%) prefer another candidate, and 11% are undecided.

    The new numbers mark a stunning turnaround. Crist was the strong favorite when he first announced for the Senate seat, and Rubio was viewed as a long-shot challenger.

  5. While the Gallup poll, so far shows little movement to President Obama since his State of the Union address, Rasmussen shows a big bump for Obama among Democrats after the speech: from 25-42 strongly approve-strongly disapprove to 33-40. Obama’s overall approval rating also jumped from 46-53, to 50-50. These are the highest ratings for Obama in 4 months
    ————————————Many desperate people have been pounded into ground on studentloans and many have lost their jobs. As these hopes are dashed by his inability to deliver he will sink lower and lower in the polls. His psycological hooks are dramatic in the short term but they are unsustainable. This budget is based on taxes and false promises. An economy cannot work where 40% pay not taxes. We are sinking into chaos under Obama.

  6. A 2011 budget of almost 4 trillion? This is insanity!
    Where in the world is the money going to come from?
    How dare they even propose such obscene spending?
    I think Squat is determined to destroy us. I wonder if the congress will go along with him.

    And that f***ing Cryburn burns me, saying we have to SPEND our way out of this!

    HTF is this going to end?

  7. A friend of mine who teaches communications at the university level told me that she was watching Brent Baird on FOX today. Several days ago, he reported that Obama awarded a NO BID contract in Iraq or Afghanistan to one of OBAMA’S CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS–in direct violation of yet another campaign promise.

    Today, FOX mentioned announced that an Undersecretary of State had criticized FOX for its bias, but went on the announce that that award had been WITHDRAWN. He went on to say that an open bidding process would be conducted in its stead and place. FOX concluded by saying that this was unusual for Obama, and took credit for what they supposedly accomplished.

    I am informed that the driving force behind this change from a Chicago style arrangement to an open bid was engineered by Hillary. She will not put up with the corruption. She wants what is best for the American People.

    FOX failed to report this honestly. Instead of giving Hillary the credit, they gave it to themselves and gave a backhanded compliment to Obama. They see Obama as a one term figure and they are concerned about Hillary. Therefore they distort the news to deny her credit and wherever possible to make her look bad.

    I am partial to FOX because they have been the truth teller about Obama. The other stations rode the crest of the wave in the beginning and made alot of money. But now they have lost their audience. Indeed the total market share of CNN, NBC and ABC combined does not equal FOX.

    I said to her that if I were the CEO of one of those companies, I would expect to be shot for that at any moment. I would feel that I was a complete failure. My friend said yes that is true. But they are trapped. They have created a number of biased talking heads–like Campbell Brown and given them too much power. I still maintain they are weak executives–who deserve a good old fashioned shareholder derivative suit to rectify the problem.

    But getting back to FOX, my friend made the excellent point. They have an agenda to diminish Hillary so that when Obama fails she will not be the logical alternative she is now. As Hillary supporters we must be wise to what they are doing in subtle as well as obvious ways.

    Put differently, it is easy to see someone’s bias when they attempt to defend an indefensible position taken by Obama. It is much harder to see their bias when they agree wit us that his position in indefensible. And when they seem to agree with us we all have a tendency to let down our guard when they launch subtle attacks against Hillary as they did here.

    My friend believes that the only way to get this country back on the right track is to get Hillary in 2012. She stresses that this means we must call the game on FOX when they pull this stuff. If we do not speak out for Hillary on this stuff, then no one will, and the chance we hope for will never materialize.

    She asked me to blog that here.

  8. Wbboei, Thanks for the information on the no bid contracts from Obama. I did not know this was pulled by Hillary. We must band together and tell Fox they better tell the truth about Hillary’s work or their rating will be in the toilet with MSnbc. I hope your comment goes viral.

  9. “I am informed that the driving force behind this change from a Chicago style arrangement to an open bid was engineered by Hillary. She will not put up with the corruption. She wants what is best for the American People.”


    Thank you for bringing forth the truth.

  10. Former state House Speaker Marco Rubio has now jumped to a 12-point lead over Governor Charlie Crist in Florida’s Republican Primary race for the U.S. Senate.
    Music to my ears. I think highly of Marco. The only caveat is that Jeb is supporting him, but in Florida Republican politics it cannot be helped. Bush the elder was the first president to utter the words “new world order” and his connections to the Carlyle group never set well with me. But I think Marco is his own man, and I am supporting him–for whatever that is worth.

  11. The love for Obama that Klein, Sullivan, and Buckley express in their characteristic purple prose borders on ghoulish.

  12. pm 317: here is more on that video you posted. Specter is a despicable human being. The only arbitral words in that short sentence are human being. Years ago we had a serious assault and battery case. The former US Attorney (a Republican) and I met with the Assistant US Attorney (a Democrat) in charge of labor racketeering. The purpose of the meeting was to encourage him to prosecute a key figure in a major union in the Philadelphia are who paid for the job. We had the perp with us when we met with him and he told a convincing and truthful story. Yet they never prosecuted. Our speculation was that Specters influence played a part in that decision. That union was a major contributor to his candidacy and could deliver alot of votes. The other factor is play was the bias of that office. Never before and never since have I seen posters with mug shots of Halderman, Erlichman and Mitchell hanging on the walls of a US Attorneys office.

    Posted by James Richardson (Profile)
    Monday, February 1st at 7:12PM EST
    Senator Arlen Specter and his brash temperament are back in the news.

    The incorrigible Republican-turned-Democrat attended a Pennsylvania Progressive forum Saturday, opposite his primary opponent Representative Joe Sestak, where he stormed the stage prematurely during Sestak’s closing remarks.

    Explaining why he is best suited both professional and politically for the post, Sestak was unexpectedly greeted by Specter, prompting a moderator to bluntly ask the senator to “get off the stage.”

    The forum’s rules were rather strict, holding that each speaker would answer a series of questions while the other was sequestered, according to the blog Pennsylvania Progressive. While the event’s protocol was established at Specter’s request, for whatever reason, he “shredded his own rules,” the blogger wrote.

    Two weeks prior, Specter caused a furor on Capitol Hill when he demanded of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann that she “act like a lady” on a joint radio appearance.

    Specter’s foes–both Republican and Democratic–are characterizing the episode as his “Kanye West moment,” and further symptomatic of a demeanor unqualified for the United States Senate.

    But unlike West, who ungraciously took the floor at the MTV Video Music Award show in September to endorse the efforts of another, Specter’s principle concern is himself. Most damning, though, is that West could give in earnest lessons in civility to the senior Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania.

  13. Paula
    February 1st, 2010 at 8:48 pm
    Bill Clinton to be named international coordinator for Haiti relief efforts.

    Thanks Paula. Bill Clinton achieves more in a day than obama will in a lifetime.

  14. The issue most worrisome to barack obama…

    When bambi goes to Australia next month, will he be taking his teletubby with him or only have room for his golf clubs?

  15. SOTU poll bumps are commonplace, but they usually dissipate in a week or so.
    It is like they say about second marriages: “I triumph of hope over experience”. Just words.

  16. Specter is toast.
    Just wish I wasn’t living in fear of the 9/11 trials being moved here(Pittsburgh) Not for me but for baby girl–formerly known as chickee chickee boom boom/ she’s out grown that. Wanted to put her in the best headstart available(whole family pitching in to pay) but the buzz seems to be that te trials will be held here. Forget the fear of a strike its the traffic that will be a nightmare.

  17. If Sigmund Freud had met Arianna Huffington, then he would have diagnosed her as an incurable case. In about 1970 she wrote a book attacking women’s lib, not in the way Camille Paglia did it years later, but more of an egotical long running bridge to nowhere sort of narrative. Afterwards I have it to a friend who was the wife of a democratic state senator. She read it and hit me in the head with it the next time I saw her. I have never been the same since. She went on to become a conservative voice while she was married to Michael, and when that ended the way it did, she went on to become the left wing screed we see today. She has never bothered to examine the many contradictions and hypocraisies in her own life, as she stoops to conquer the rest of us with diminishing success. Here Roger Ailes calls the game on her:
    ailes vs. huffington – who’s inciting who, exactly?
    By American Girl in Italy on February 1, 2010 at 10:30 AM in Current Affairs

    Today on This Week, Arianna Huffington (owner of Huffington Post) tried to confront Roger Ailes about Glenn Beck.

    “Aren’t you concerned about the language that Glenn Beck is using, which is, after all, inciting the American people?” Huffington asked him. “He did say one unfortunate thing, which he apologized for, but that happens in live television. So I don’t think it’s…I think if we start going around as the word police in this business, it will be…”

    Then Huffington added:

    “It’s not about the word police. It’s about something deeper. It’s about the fact that there is a tradition as the historian Richard Hofstadter said, in American politics, of the paranoid style. And the paranoid style is dangerous when there is real pain out there.”

    Ailes responded by citing HuffPo commenters.

    “I agree with you,” he said. “I read something on your blog that said I looked like J. Edgar Hoover, I had a face like a fist, and I was essentially a malignant tumor…Then it really went nasty, and I thought, gee, maybe Arianna ought to cut this out.”

    You really should watch this video here. It’s long, but the look on her face is priceless.

    Arianna responded to Ailes’ comments: “That was not by anybody we approved of..”

    Then, later, near the 11:40 mark, she said:

    “Words matter. And words that are actually being used by people we hire are different than words that are being used by commenters on our site like you mentioned.”

    Trouble is, the words Ailes is talking about are from this article:

  18. wbboei
    February 1st, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    wbboei —

    What is your source for Hillary deserving the credit on that one — I’ll do a post on it and put it up at NQ and BP and try to spread it around anywhere else I can — I’ve been on a deadline this weekend, so pardon me if you already posted the source here and I missed it. 🙂

  19. Great article regarding Elizabeth Edwards…while we all can sympathize with her medical condition , we cannot sympathize with how manipulative both of them were in the primary. Their actions may well have caused Hillary to lose IMO.

  20. Specter is toast
    Henry: I think you are right. If we can get Joe Sestak in the Senate that will be megapolitical in terms of our objectives. I wrote hundreds of letters to superdelegates in support of Hillary and his office was very receptive to what we said. He thinks the world of her.

    Joe is a former Admiral in the United States Navy and he is a living example of the paradigm of a naval officer given to us by our first American Admiral before he beat the British fleet and sailed off to serve Catherine The Great in Russia.

    “It is not enough that a naval officer should be a competent mariner. He must be that of course but a great deal more. He must be a gentlemen of refined manner, punctilious courtesy and the nicest sense of personal honor” . . if he is to serve i our nation in the highest positions of command, citizenship and government.

    In that video we saw a gentlemen namely Joe. We also saw a boor namely Spectre. Perhaps Michelle Bachman should tell Specter to start acting like a gentlemen.

  21. wobbie, concerning Hillary and the contract that was given to and then taken away from the FObama supporter, did Hillary try to nix the deal before or after it became public? I’m just trying to figure out if she ahead of the ball or behind it. I want to believe the premise that she did what was right because it was the right thing to do, and not because FOX news started harping on it. She needs to detach herself from this administration before bad decisions start to reflect on her.

  22. What is your source for Hillary deserving the credit on that one — I’ll do a post on it and put it up at NQ and BP and try to spread it around anywhere else I can — I’ve been on a deadline this weekend, so pardon me if you already posted the source here and I missed it.
    Ani: the professor I referred to. She has reliable sources. I put a call in to her a moment ago to see if there is more. She was not home but we agreed to speak tomorrow. If she calls back and has something to add–she very well might–then I will post it immediately. Otherwise tomorrow for sure. Without revealing sources, it may have to be pieced together logically.

  23. By the way, this was another good blogpost, admin. I find myself agreeing with much of what I read here. There’s intellectual honesty here that many blogs lack. I hope that it continues because it has made me a fan.

  24. wobbie, No need to answer my question as I now have read that ani had asked the same thing, and you just answered it.

    Sometimes, I read comments from newest to oldest. Sometimes , I read them the opposite of that, and make comments before I see if anyone else has addressed what I wanted addressed further down the comments thread, so I apologize for that.

    Also, depending on my I-phone for internet access makes this comments thingy much more cumbersome between reading comments, not being able to cut and paste (as far as I can tell), and having to type on this tiny touchscreen. It takes so much more time to do everything that sometimes I just read the blogpost and skip everything else.

  25. Nobama: I will ask that question to the professor as well. I am informed that she acted when she found out about it–regardless of anything else. This is seen by the professor as evidence that she is distancing herself from Obama and his circle of corruption. That she did this through an undersecretary gives further insulation. If you or I were a fly on the wall, I suspect she told Obama or Axelrod that she would not allow her state department to be used that way.

    Something I forgot to mention: the professor placed great emphasis on the undersecretary’s statement that the no bid contract arrangement could be interpreted or construed as the breach of a campaign promise. Now you just know that is not Obama or his Chicago thugs talking. These things are subtle to us, but obvious to her as a Professor of Communications with a strong background in politics–she was the speech writer for the speaker of the house in a major mid-west state.

  26. Wbboei, I just found out that Rev.Manning is saying that BHO never went to Columbia University and BHO recieved an honorary degree. Manning is organizing a march on Columbia and apparently suing them for treason or some such stuff.

    Do you think its possible that this could have happened?? The Saudi money is a powerful weapon to give to a university, especially one that has professors that invite Mahmoud Adenajad.

    Sometimes I think Rev. Manning has some real good information on BHO because he is in the middle of Harlem. I also think some in our govt. know this guys real story. Don’t you?


    Fool me once, shame on you.

    Fool me 6,032 times, shame on me.

    Dems, if you are still “not sure” about Obama, you are a lost fucking cause.

    “Maybe he’ll finally turn things around”.

    “He sounds sincere”

    Even Modo proved she’s a dingbat.

  28. wbboei
    February 1st, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    Many thanks, wbboei. In any case, god for Hillary for not allowing this crony b.s. to continue.

  29. Clinton’s ’08 camp pays down debt

    By: Jake Sherman
    February 1, 2010

    Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign paid pollster Mark Penn $150,000 late last year – and also expensed a meal at The Palm.

    Late in 2009, Clinton’s defunct presidential campaign chipped away at a six-figure debt to polling and political strategy firm Penn, Schoen and Berland. They also paid about $121,000 to a Washington law firm and bought a meal at The Palm in September 2009 for $145.27, according to a report filed with the Federal Election Commission Sunday.

    Clinton’s campaign has about $1.7 million on hand and still owes Penn’s polling firm $845,500.

    The campaign has made major headway in paying down its debt. This time last year, Clinton’s presidential campaign owed $5,362,277 to Penn’s firm alone and another roughly half-million dollars to various other entities. Clinton now has no debt remaining besides the six-figure sum to Penn’s firm.

    Most of the expenditures from the final months of 2009 are salaries to remaining staffers, various taxes and office expenses. Utrecht and Phillips, a D.C. law firm, got $120,949 from Clinton for consulting and legal work in October and December.

    A State Department spokesman did not immediately return a call for comment.


  30. To our many readers in Ohio: PUMA PAC, via Lynette Long, is petitioning the state of Ohio to place a statue of a woman in Statuary Hall in the nation’s capital.

    Governor Strickland, as well as anyone in any way associated with Obama, is in deep poll trouble. They should be easy to pressure into agreement to bring a bit more balance to Statuary Hall.

    We’re partial to Annie Oakley (but we also love Harriet Beecher Stowe). Here’s the information:


    Tell Ohio to put a woman in Statuary Hall! You all remember Lynette Long and her tireless efforts to expose the Fraudster’s caucus dirty tricks, right? She has a newish blog and Facebook group called Put A Woman in Statuary Hall. Statuary Hall is the beautiful gallery in the Capitol in which each of the 50 (not 57!) states has niches for two of its great native sons. There are hardly ANY native daughters featured, only 9 to be exact. That makes the Hall 91% men and 9% women. Shabby.

    Ohio will soon be swapping out one of its two statues and needs a replacement. Lobby Ohio’s leaders to honor one of Ohio’s many illustrious native women. Long is supporting Catherine Beecher. I feel pretty warm towards Annie Oakley (yes, partly because obama snubbed both Hillary AND Annie when he dismissively referred to one as a silly imitation of the other, but mostly just because Annie Oakley was such a straight-up BadAss.) But I digress. Any of the possible women Long mentions would be excellent.

    Please use Lynette Long’s instructions or follow mine below, and send an email, fax, or snail-mail letter to these Ohioans today!

    Copy and paste these emails into the BCC line of your email: prowl@pumapac.org, SD02@senate.state.oh.us, district64@ohr.state.oh.us, district79@ohr.state.oh.us, district33@ohr.state.oh.us, SD11@mail.sen.state.oh.us, Gillmor SD26@senate.state.oh.us

    Lynette says, “SNAIL MAIL LETTERS ARE BEST – since they will be distributed to the committee and some will be read from the house floor. Please send snail mail letters to: Senator Mark Wagoner, Ohio State House, Senate Building Room #129, 1 Capitol Square, Columbus, Ohio 43215.”

    Some of our Ohio readers have very high contacts in Ohio government – you know who you are – so please think about this as a project.

    Lynette Long’s website on this matter is:


  31. jbstonesfan
    February 1st, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    My urologist went to Columbia with Obama…..

    ….and…what’s the punchline?

    C’mon, there’s gotta be a punchline.

    How about:

    My urologist went to Columbia with Obama…..he said even back then, Obama came up short.

  32. Thank you for your response, wbboei.

    I am a supporter of the Clintons, but my expectations of them are high, which is the same expectations that I have of any politician anymore. If I find that the Clintons are playing the public in any way, then my support will end. I didn’t believe much of what was said about them in the past, and I was probably too forgiving of Bill Clinton for his piggishness while in office, but am in no mood to let any politician get away with anything at this time in my life. I want and value honesty from a politician more than anything, and my ability to forgive has declined as I witness the corrupt nature of politics in our great country.

  33. Wbboei, I just found out that Rev.Manning is saying that BHO never went to Columbia University and BHO recieved an honorary degree. Manning is organizing a march on Columbia and apparently suing them for treason or some such stuff.
    Well . . . if that is true . . then it would explain why no Columbia transcripts are available and why no one seems to remember him from his Columbia days. They do remember him him at Occidental, but not at Columbia. They remember him at Harvard as the no show editor of the Law Review who never wrote a single article. The Saudi connection was established during the campaign when a black legislator from New York City reported the fact that a member of the Saudi royal family gave him a recommendation to get into Harvard Law School, and I saw that interview. One can only speculate as to the story behind that, and why the Saudi Family would do that. If this were a Graham Greene or John La Carrier novel we would recognize the character as a foreign agent cut out. But of course we know that is not true. I am not quite sure how we know it, but we just know it because it is unthinkable, right? Most people would prefer to believe he is the Messiah.

  34. ani–


    I did not hear back tonight from the professor. I will talk to her tomorrow. In the meantime, I found this article at Newsmax which gives you some of the facts surrounding the withdrawal of the no bid arrangement. When I mentioned this before, I did not know who the State Department spokesman was–and neither did she. If you read the article you will see it is Crowley. He is a Hillary loyalist. Whenever he speaks I assume he is speaking directly for her even though it is seldom stated as such. That is another piece of corroborating information. Let’s see what if anything tomorrow brings on this.

    I am sorry I could not get this information in time for your current deadline Ani. But obviously I want to make sure it is accurate. That is why I am going back to the source.

    Obama Violated Pledge
    Sunday, 31 Jan 2010 08:50 PM Article Font Size

    The recent awarding of a lucrative federal contract to a company owned by a financial contributor to the Obama presidential campaign — without competitive bidding — “violated” President Obama’s many campaign pledges to crack down on the practice, a top State Department official told Fox News.

    The contract, worth more than $24.6 million, was awarded on Jan. 4 by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to Checchi and Company Consulting, a Washington, D.C.-based firm owned by economist and Democratic Party donor Vincent Checchi. The deal called for Checchi’s firm to train lawyers and judges in Afghanistan and thereby strengthen the “rule of law” in the war-torn country.

    “You make a valid point. If you want to say this violates the basis on which this administration came into office and campaigned, fair enough,” Assistant Secretary of State P.J. Crowley told Fox. A Fox reporter reminded Crowley that Obama had made many pledges during the 2008 campaign to crack down on the use of no-bid contracts. The president signed a memorandum last March instructing the Office of Management and Budget to curb the practice.

    Crowley confirmed that the contract has been “terminated” because the circumstances under which it was awarded “violated the Competition in Contracting Act.” Crowley said the contract was actually a renewal of a $44 million contract first awarded to Checchi and Company in October 2004 by the Bush administration — after a competitive bidding process — and will now be put out for competitive bids.

  35. This Checchi must be of Russian extraction. He is a federal government contractor. He was a strong Obama supporter and also gave money to Soros organizations. Another neolib. Money to Obama some money to Edwards no money to Hillary. Take a look at his contributions in 2008 and see what you think. Obviously, he hoped to maintain the exclusive dealing contract he had under Bush, and Obama would have done it but for Hillary.


  36. I think we should proceed on the assumption that the reported amounts listed above totalling $7500 is just the tip of the iceberg. Much more came in other ways which may have been lawful or may not. Notice his contributions to 527s. There are other ways to do it as well. You can be certain of one thing: for a guy like Checchi (call him Cheech) with business interests at hanging in the balance, none of those contributions proceed from a detached and disinterested generosity. If he had been able to slip past a competitive bid, he could have made substantial and potentially obscene profits at taxpayers expense. Tha is how they do business in Chicago, and Obama has established a nationwide franchise.

  37. Another significant fact which did not appear in the NewMax story. Competitors reportedly objected to the awarding of the contract to Vinnie. They wanted a competitive bid too. Evidently, they thought they could do the job for less than what he was charging. And that suggests he may have been charging too much, and maybe just maybe way way way too much. Thus, in addition to a competitive bid, we may need a forensic audit of past amounts charged to the government by this Obama worshiper.

  38. Just so you don’t think I am picking on this one poor guy, I think every government project should go out to public bid. During the Bush years the abuse became obscene. And it was not limited to just Haliburton. A friend who is a Pennsylvania Avenue lawyer and a strong democrat told me he walked into the Capitol Grill one night and sat down at the bar. He got into a conversation with another guest as you often do in places like that. My friend deplores the Iraq War and ventured that opinion to the other guy. He asked him when it would end. The guy responded I hope it never ends because I am making so much money. As you would expect, he was a government contractor working under a no bid contract. Unfortunately that is also the Chicago Way and it leads to shoddy performance and higher than market prices. It is inevitable.

  39. Want another example? Take the construction industry in New York as it existed in the 1980s. The La Cosa Nostra Commission gave that turf to the Lucchese Family. If you wanted to build a building in Manhattan for example you needed a general contractor and many different subcontractors. The mob infiltrated the sub contractors and they slowed down projects unless monies were paid. If you did not pay the vig then you would find your cement did not arrive when you needed it, or you encountered any number of problems that jeopardized your ability complete the project on time, and thus avoid penalties. There was a famous trial in Manhattan over this bought by Benito Romano or Mary Jo Whites office I do not recall. The name of the trial was The Windows Trial. The point which the US Attorneys office drove home was how this lack of competitive bidding and extortion added huge costs to projects. Even without those kind of egregious practices no bid contracts are a very bad deal for taxpayers.

  40. A great comment on NQ Just had to lift it to Big Pink.


    Current Article“An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton”
    By Rabble Rouser Reverend AmycloseAuthor: Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Name: Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy
    Email: susanunpc@gmail.com
    Site: http://www.rabblerouserruminations.blogspot.com/
    About: See Authors Posts (552) on January 27, 2010 at 5:00 PM in Bamboozling, Bill Clinton, Current Affairs, DNC idiocy, Hoodwinking, President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    Here we are, the day of President Obama’s first State of the Union address. Oh, yippee. While Obama still enjoys a fair amount of support among Democrats, this man who claimed to be the big Uniter, rammed down our throats by the DNC over OUR choice, ain’t doing so well in the polls. But this particular one is especially ironic since the DNC claimed Hillary Clinton was too divisive, and would never get elected. Want to guess who has the largest differential between the two parties of any president EVER in his first year???? That’s right, that would be Obama. “That One” who claimed he would end partisan politics, change the tone in Washington, D.C., blah, blah, blah. Well, he has certainly done that – he has made it more divisive than it was before. Way to go, DNC!!! Way to pick them!

    Maybe the DNC should have actually cared about who was voting for Hillary Clinton, who was crossing over party lines to support her. But no, they were hellbent on destroying her (and Bill), so now we have Obama. Great.

    It is for that reason, the partisan, closed door meetings, the attempts to shove legislation down our throats we don’t want, and so many, many more, that Will Bower wrote the following, An Open Letter to Secretary Clinton: Save Us from Obama, for Huffington Post recently. I think many of us share Mr. Bower’s sentiment. He writes:

    Madame Secretary Clinton,

    It’s time for you to save your party — and your country — from Barack Obama.

    You have been doing a remarkable job as Secretary of State, but now we need you as the new head of the Democratic Party … and as our next President of the United States.

    I know that it would be virtually unprecedented for a party nomination to be handed to a challenger over an incumbent, but it was unprecedented in 2008 when the party apparatus selected their then preferred candidate over the will and popular vote of the Democratic majority.

    You were the rightful candidate then, you are the rightful head of the Democratic Party today, and you would be taking your rightful place as the nominee and president you were meant to become.

    Every warning and critique you gave us in regard to Barack Obama has come to fruition. You were correct in every debate, in every political advertisement, and in every interview.

    We are where we are today because too many refused to listen to you.

    Only Smart Power can save us now, and you are the perfect person to bring us that much needed commodity. Just log into Facebook and you’ll see the numerous “Hillary Clinton for 2012″ groups springing to new life. A multitude of your supporters are ready to bring about the change that was falsely promised by your opponent in 2008. You got more votes than he did in 2008, and you can get more votes than him again in 2012.

    One might warn you that this would only serve to divide the party, leaving the presidency open to takeover by the opposition. Because of your steadfastness during this past primary season, you were given that same warning then, but your party went on to victory all the same.

    We tried it their way then. Now, it’s time to try it your way.

    In the upcoming midterm elections of 2010, your party will pay the price for its lack of vision. There is little to stop that now. Once that happens, more of a balance will be restored, and both your party and your country will be ready to move forward once again — with you at the helm — to a truly better future.

    Thank you, Madame Secretary. We’ll be standing by.

    Indeed we will. And if, for some reason, anyone needs a reminder as to why we supported Hillary Clinton in the first place, this video sums it up beautifully:

    Let’s help Obama fulfill his dream of being a “really good one-term president” (when are you thinking about getting started on that “really good” part?) rather than a mediocre two-term president (though he may just qualify as a “mediocre one term president”). I think if we all work together, we CAN help him leave office in 2012, whether it is on a good note or not. Well, I’m thinking it will be the latter if Year One is any indicator. That is all the more reason to get someone in there who can LEAD, who cares about the country and the people in it, one who is truly a populist leader, not just one who is now trying to act like one. That would be Madame Secretary, no doubt about it. Yes, let’s make this just one term for Barack Obama.

  41. I kind of got lost in those Hillary Campaign debt numbers. So is my thinking that after she pays that last bill, she will have money in that account correct?

    Admin, I probably am not one of those Ohio people that has influence, but I am right now amazed that I was educated in that state, took Ohio history, and did not know about those women. In fact, during my high school years, they did that Annie get your Gun musical in our school.

    So I will write to the people I know in that state, and tell them how disappointed I am that we have not educated our children about the great women that it producted. I will also contact some of my other classmates, and see if I can get them to participate. Thanks for the information.

  42. NMF,

    I’m thinking that this is the end of Hillary’s debt, so she will have money in the account left to build on.

  43. China says still room for negotiations on Iran
    (AFP) – 6 hours ago

    BEIJING — China said Tuesday there was still room for negotiations to resolve the standoff over Iran’s disputed nuclear programme, after Washington urged Beijing to support sanctions on Tehran.

    “There is still room for diplomatic efforts,” foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu told reporters.

    “China always believes that dialogue and negotiations are the best way to resolve this issue,” he said, after warning that Beijing’s cooperation with Washington on international issues could suffer over US arms sales to Taiwan.

    His comments came after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday upped the pressure on China to recognise the threat from Iran’s nuclear programme and join international calls for sanctions.

    The United States and its Western allies fear Iran is secretly developing fissile material for nuclear weapons under the cover of its uranium enrichment programme — a charge denied by Tehran.

    As a close ally of Iran with oil interests in the country, China — a permanent member of the UN Security Council — is reluctant to support sanctions.


  44. I have just posted that website to my facebook. Others might think about the same. I talk to a lot of strong women on my face book page.

  45. ———————-
    But there are also more subjective signs that Olbermann’s stridency and lack of proportion are alienating some of his natural allies. Quite a few eyebrows elevated last week when Jon Stewart, in a parody of one of Olbermann’s “Special Comment” segments, called out the newsman for going way over the top in his denunciations of Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts. The criticism was all the more remarkable, given that Stewart and Olbermann usually take the same side on most issues, especially when it comes to Fox News and the Republicans.

    This is from the above article. Like they say the Dims are now fighting amoung each other.

  46. I think olberman has the same affliction and bambi and the dims. They refuse to believe they aren’t right, don’t know better than everyone, and assume that everyone will worship them no matter what.

  47. Foreign Policy: Budgeting One Bureau At A Time

    by Josh Rogin
    February 2, 2010

    The president’s budget request for the State Department and foreign operations includes funding for 599 new jobs, 75 percent of those overseas. One-hundred thirty of those will go to expanded diplomatic and consular operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The rest are spread around the State Department and the world.

    “We at the State Department and USAID are ready and eager to take the lead in carrying out the President‘s foreign policy agenda,” wrote Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “Indeed, our work has already begun.”
    Here are some of the bureaus that are about to get much bigger, and some that are not … assuming the budget request makes it through Congress intact, that is:


    Bureau of African Affairs: The AF request includes $12 million for 37 new positions, 34 of those overseas. Two of the new jobs would be civil service, and one domestic Foreign Service.

    Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs: Thirty-six new positions in this shop would be realized if the request for $10.7 million in new funds are met. Fourteen domestic and 22 new overseas jobs would go primarily to Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador.

    Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs: NEA is requesting $9 million for 30 new positions, 22 of them overseas, which will allow staff expansions in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Algiers, Amman, Dhahran (Saudi Arabia), and Jerusalem. “Program positions will support expanded engagement in Libya, monitoring economic activities in UAE and cultivating and expanding bilateral relationships with Saudi Arabia.”

    Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs: The administration is requesting $8 million in new funding for 27 new jobs at EAP, 23 of those overseas. “Resources requested will also support outreach to new audiences and dialogues that advance U.S. interests,” the State Department said. Interesting…
    Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs: SCA is requesting $7 million for 25 new jobs, not counting Afghanistan and Pakistan. The 19 overseas positions will be to expand the bureau’s presence in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

    Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: The request for PM was $38.2 billion, a 6 percent increase over last year, and PM’s staff would increase by 17 positions if the budget request was enacted as is. PM is also going to play a key role in State’s takeover of the Pakistani Counterinsurgency Capability Fund, a major $1.2 billion operation. More on that later.

    Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor: The administration is requesting $1.6 million toward 19 new positions in this bureau, most of which will be to vet foreign assistance programs to make sure money won’t go to human rights violators, as mandated by law under what’s known as the Leahy amendment.


  48. NewMexicoFan
    February 2nd, 2010 at 9:29 am
    Keith Olbermann’s ratings down 44%. It could not happen to a nicer person

    Who could stand to watch it?

    I used to love watching “Keith”, when he was tearing Bush a new one. But when he became an Obamafellator, he just started looking like a pathetic liberal commentator who should go back to sports.

  49. Admin

    Can you explain how you get things you are quoting on the blog in a different color. For some reason I missed that lesson on the Blog.

  50. Clinton library plans special exhibit on Oklahoma City bombing

    February 1, 2010

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — The Clinton Presidential Center plans a new exhibit on the Oklahoma City bombing.

    The exhibit, “Leadership in the Time of Crisis,” will focus on former President Bill Clinton’s role after the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building.

    The exhibit is a partnership between the Clinton Foundation, the National Archives and the Oklahoma City National Memorial. The exhibit will include photos, video and artifacts from the attack.

    The exhibit opens March 1, and the center plans an event that night featuring survivors, families of victims, first responders and former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating and former first lady Cathy Keating.

    This year marks the 15th anniversary of the bombing that killed 168 people.


  51. An economy cannot work where 40% pay not taxes. We are sinking into chaos under Obama.
    Last I heard wbb, there is only a 49% work force in America.

  52. I don’t know why Hillary cont’s to save the Fraud from himself. She should have left this no bid contract continue and make BIG headlines, @ least @ Fox. She jumped in too soon. Seems everyone is trying to save the Fraud from his eventual disaster.

    As far as NBC>ABC< CBC and all still supporting him, I think that that is just part of their business plan. They don't stand alone. They are owned by big conglomerates and if they lose money..write it off, shuffle it here or there. Major issue with them appears to have soundboards where they can continue to push their agenda in TV and print. I would say radio, but for now, they are on the other side. I really don't think they give a crap yet. Maybe when their viewing portion is down to 3, maybe.


    Keep him away from the Oval Office desk where he can do real damage.

    Keep him busy with photo-ops and ribbon cuttings.

    Seriously, his preoccupation with celebrity and sports is a little disconcerting. Sure, the president greets championship teams…but this guy has waaaaay too much time on his hands.

    Go to the link to see damning photo of Obama “playing” announcer, just like he is “acting” in his role as “president”.

    Unflattering comments include:

    “President Obama has called for a college football playoff, appeared on last year’s Super Bowl pregame show for NBC and charted his 2009 March Madness bracket picks on ESPN with Andy Katz. So it was not unusual to see him courtside Saturday afternoon for the Duke-Georgetown men’s basketball game, slipping comfortably into the role of Verne Lundquist’s and Clark Kellogg’s partner.”

    “What next for the sports-loving, TV-friendly president? Shouting “Boogity boogity!” at a Nascar race with Darrell Waltrip?”


    Smooth Transition as Obama Joins the Crew

    President Obama has called for a college football playoff, appeared on last year’s Super Bowl pregame show for NBC and charted his 2009 March Madness bracket picks on ESPN with Andy Katz.

    So it was not unusual to see him courtside Saturday afternoon for the Duke-Georgetown men’s basketball game, slipping comfortably into the role of Verne Lundquist’s and Clark Kellogg’s partner.

    “After retirement, I am coming after your job, Clark,” Obama said.

    Obama’s seven-minute post-White House tryout came together quickly. Although the White House knew early last week that he would attend the game at Verizon Center in Washington, the CBS crew learned on Friday.

    The producer Bob Dekas said he told Mike Carey, Georgetown’s sports information director, “If you’re in communications with the White House, we’d like to have the president come over and do some commentary during the game, and if he addresses either team before or after the game, we’d like to be in the locker room.”

    The request was e-mailed to the White House, and the press secretary Robert Gibbs recommended it.

    “I spoke to him in late afternoon,” he said Monday, “and joked, ‘You’ve been in the booth on sports that you knew a lot less on than college basketball, but this sounds like a lot of fun.’ And he jumped at the opportunity.”

    During dinner in Georgetown on Friday night, Lundquist said that Dekas got a call from the White House to say Obama would join the broadcast. The next morning, a White House detail met at the arena with the CBS contingent, Lundquist said, “to see where the president would sit, which headset he’d use, who else would be at the table, and what the camera shot would be.”

    “We agreed on an angle that would eliminate the potential for anyone to make an improper gesture or hold up an improper poster behind us,” Lundquist said.

    Presidents regularly show up at sports events to throw out ceremonial first pitches, speak during a pregame show or join the announcers for a cameo. The appearances tie them to big events and present commanders in chief as regular guys. Sort of.

    Bill Clinton joined ESPN’s Chris Berman in 1995 when Cal Ripken set the major league record for the most consecutive games played. In 2008, George W. Bush was in NBC’s Beijing studio with Bob Costas during the Summer Olympics and with ESPN’s Jon Miller and Joe Morgan for the first game at Nationals Park.

    (Miller on Monday was chosen the winner of this year’s National Baseball Hall of Fame’s Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting excellence.)

    And on the eve of the 2008 presidential election, Obama and his Republican opponent, John S. McCain, spoke to Berman at halftime of ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.”

    In determining when Obama would go live on CBS, a White House aide suggested a specific time, Dekas said. He proposed that the president leave his seat when the game went to the first television timeout of the second half. “I was very impressed with the basketball savvy of the White House,” Dekas said. “They knew that it would be the first dead-ball timeout after the 16-minute mark.”

    Gibbs said, “It gave the president time to watch the flow of the game.”

    The plan, then, was to keep Obama around from one TV timeout to the next, but no longer.

    “I didn’t think he wanted to stay for the rest of the half,” Dekas said.

    On a monitor from the CBS truck, Dekas watched, gratified, as Obama quickly moved to the table when the whistle blew. In the president’s comments, he analyzed the defensive play of the Georgetown guards, narrated a replay, and assessed himself as a player over tape of his 2008 campaign scrimmage (part of CBS’s permanent digital archive) with the North Carolina team.

    Obama took Lundquist’s question (does the left-handed president have problems going right?) and turned it to political humor, saying, “I went to the Republican House caucus just yesterday to prove I could go to my right once in a while.”

    Lundquist said, “I was stunned at the quickness of his response.”

    The three discussed a 1981 game in which Kellogg’s Ohio State team beat Princeton, whose starting five included Obama’s brother-in-law, Craig Robinson. After Kellogg boasted a bit (he scored 13 points to Robinson’s 9), Obama said, “If the Buckeyes are bragging about beating an Ivy League team, that doesn’t say much.”

    On Sunday, Obama will venture once more into the sports world when he will be interviewed by CBS News’s Katie Couric before the network’s broadcast of the Super Bowl. What next for the sports-loving, TV-friendly president? Shouting “Boogity boogity!” at a Nascar race with Darrell Waltrip?

  54. oh, my!

    Currently, 35.4% of American adults view themselves as Democrats. That’s down from 35.5% a month ago and 36.0 two months ago. Prior to last month, the lowest total ever recorded for Democrats was 35.9%, a figure that was reached twice in 2005. See the History of Party Trends from January 2004 to the present.

    The number of Republicans is now down to 32.3%. The number of Republicans in the country has stayed between 32.3% and 34.05% in every month for the past 18 months.

    The number of adults not affiliated with either major party is now up to 32.3%. That’s the highest number of unaffiliateds since the summer of 2007.

  55. Gonzo, if Hillary didn’t do what she did, they will fault her for it as well. This was USAID, her turf. If she ran in 2012, she could say she stopped no bid contracts.

  56. Seriously, his preoccupation with celebrity and sports is a little disconcerting. Sure, the president greets championship teams…but this guy has waaaaay too much time on his hands.
    I was thinking about this as well, and asking myself why does he make such a big production of never missing a sporting event. One theory is that it is a good way to avoid the serious problems confronting the country which he and his radical associates are clueless on solve. Another theory is that his handlers see this as a way for him to bond with middle class who love sports while he and his cronies are stealing them blind. I have a hard time deciding which of the two it is but one thing I do not doubt and no one who lives in the same world as the rest of us can doubt after watching him stagger and sway from one end of the stage this past year: this like everything else he does is rehearsed and planned more meticulously than any Broadway Play or Puccini Opera. It is only when he wanders off the script that shit happens.

    A warning to the American People: Fore !!!! . .. . . . . .

  57. I
    must ask the Lord of the flies.How soon o lord when you resign or get yourself IMPEACHED?

    Hillary continues to make you look like a SoS.


    Daily Appointments Schedule for February 2, 2010

    Washington, DC

    February 2, 2010



    8:15 a.m. Secretary Clinton meets with Members of Congress from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee, at the Department of State.

    9:50 a.m. Secretary Clinton meets with Greek Alternate Foreign Minister Dimitrios Droutsas, at the Department of State.

    3:30 p.m. Secretary Clinton holds a Bilateral Meeting with Iraqi Vice President Dr. Tariq Hashimi, at the Department of State.
    Pre-set time for cameras: 2:45 p.m. at the 23rd Street Entrance.
    Final access time for print journalists and still photographers: 3:15 p.m. at the 23rd Street Entrance.


    1:30 p.m. USAID Administrator Raj Shah and State Department Counselor Cheryl Mills brief the Press on the Way Forward in Haiti, On Camera and On the Record, in the Press Briefing Room, at the Department of State.

  58. Add a third theory to your list — he is the cooool president, young and hip doing things other presidents didn’t do. It is also his demographic, he thinks. His whole presidency centers around shock value and cheap thrill.

  59. I guess there aren’t any serious problems to keep bambi at home…

    Barack Obama to travel to Indonesia with family
    US President Barack Obama and his family will retrace his childhood steps, travelling to Indonesia next month in a nostalgic return to the country where he lived with his late mother and Indonesian stepfather in the 1960s.


  60. Funny RGB44HRC…we just had dinner the other night and discussed their time at Columbia..He does not necessarily agree with all his policies, but “is impressed by his intellect”. I will use that great punch line you came up with next time I see him, which is quite often given my enlarged prostate at only 47 yrs old!!!

  61. February 2, 2010

    Sarah Palin Calls on Obama to Fire Rahm Emanuel for Offensive Comment

    Former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Monday called for President Obama to fire his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, because of an offensive comment he reportedly made.

    At an August strategy session of liberal groups and White House aides, the Wall Street Journal recently reported, Emanuel told liberals they were “F-ing retarded” for planning to air attack ads against conservative Democrats opposed to health care reform.

    Palin, whose youngest child has Down Syndrome, said in a Facebook note that “our president is doing himself a disservice by seeming to condone Rahm’s recent sick and offensive tactic.”

    “I would ask the president to show decency… by eliminating one member of [his] inner circle, Mr. Rahm Emanuel, and not allow Rahm’s continued indecent tactics to cloud efforts” to debate important issues, she wrote.

    The post was titled: “Are You Capable of Decency, Rahm Emanuel?”

    She called out the White House for ignoring the incident while groups like the National Down Syndrome Society have condemned the remark. The White House has said Emanuel has apologized for the remark and has called the head of the Special Olympics to apologize, Politico reports. “The White House remains committed to addressing the concerns and needs of Americans living with disabilities and recognizes that derogatory remarks demean us all,” a White House official told Politico.

    Nevertheless, Palin compared the remark to racist language. “Just as we’d be appalled if any public figure of Rahm’s stature ever used the ‘N-word’ or other such inappropriate language, Rahm’s slur on all God’s children with cognitive and developmental disabilities ? and the people who love them ? is unacceptable, and it’s heartbreaking,” Palin wrote.

    Liberal activists have not taken kindly to Emanuel’s aggression, either. As the Journal reported, Cenk Uygur, a liberal talk radio host, calls Emanuel “Barack Obama’s Dick Cheney,” while one progressive advocacy group has run ads against him in his hometown of Chicago.

    Meanwhile, as Palin takes hold of her own press via social networking tools like Facebook, her public persona still makes her persona susceptible to outside media. In the latest example of that, a new single-issue magazine was released last month, the Washington Post reports, focusing solely on Palin.

    Entitled, “Sarah Palin: Faith, Family, Freedom,” the 100-page magazine sells for $8.99 and claims to give the “untold story… in her own words!” The publisher told the Post that the magazine was produced without Palin’s knowledge or participation.


  62. wbboei
    One theory is that it is a good way to avoid the serious problems confronting the country which he and his radical associates are clueless on solve.

    Another theory is that his handlers see this as a way for him to bond with middle class who love sports while he and his cronies are stealing them blind.

    February 2nd, 2010 at 11:53 am
    Add a third theory to your list — he is the cooool president, young and hip doing things other presidents didn’t do.

    All three appear to be valid points:

    * Obama doesn’t do that “working hard thing”, that’s for suckas. He also can’t handle stress, so lots of bathroom breaks, smoking breaks, trips abroad, and miscellaneous distractions are just what the doctor prescribes.

    * Presidents always pretend to be “regular guys” (even though not many regular guys go to Harvard, Yale, and have a mansion and a yacht), but Obama has raised this faux “middle class” pretense to a new level

    * If he ever does things that are unseemly or disrespect the office of President, AxelPlouffe repackage that as “hip and cool”, “unprecedented”, “bold”, ad nauseum.


    Let us hope the progressives are smart enough to understand who killed health care. Obama and his Rasputin–David Axelrod. Nobody else. Reid and Pelosi are tools of this White House–even thought they would vehemently deny it. Lest we forget, the sell-out to Billy Tauzan to Big Pharma occurred at 1600 Louisiana Avenue and that was at the core of this legislation. This was Barack’s failure, it is covered with his fingerprints, so when the time comes that he throws Reid under the bus–after he loses his election in Nevada we must remember who the real culprit is–not Barney Fife but Barack Hussein/

    But Barack is so likeable . . . etc. According to the Washington elites. Likeable–let the jury decide. Presidential???–control of both houses, supermajority in the Senate, yet he cannot get his radical agenda passed. Better he should spend his time watching football and playing hoops. Leadership and sound governance? Not for him.


    As the reality of the political and economic situation that the White House and the country finds itself in — brought on to us by that February rite of passage, the budget — health care reform is fading in the rear window.

    Highly unpopular, expensive, politically painful for proponents and manna from heaven for opponents — there was one Dem who was consistently correct and brave about what health reform would bring his party. He is the Dean of the sane Dems on health care, Lawrence O’Donnell, who was the Democratic staff director for the Senate Finance Committee during the 1993-94 Clinton health care debate.

    And O’Donnell says the Dems are “in full bluff mode.”

    He right, of course. It’s not much of a bluff, since everyone knows the Dems have a weak hand — except for Speaker Pelosi, the Trillion Dollar President and David Axelrod. (This graph will help you visualize the pair of twos the White House and the Speaker are holding.)

    The main question is not whether the Dems have a weak hand, it is whether the Trillion Dollar President and the Speaker are so out of touch, so self-destructive and so arrogant that they will try again.

    O’Donnell also points out “There’s no such thing as ‘Let’s take a pause in legislating so that we can gain momentum on it.’ It’s insulting.”

    I salute O’Donnell, and salute his courage to say what he thinks on Morning Joe.

    I really, really cannot stand cowards. O’Donnell is courageous. He is not like the rest of his clan who sat there and watched their pals and colleagues be politically destroyed by the Jonestown Kool-Aid Brigade force-feeding the public and Congress health care reform, but who were too weak, too stupid and too cowed to stand up for themselves and their colleagues.

  64. jb:

    For the prostate, saw palmetto is an excellent natural remedy, in case you haven’t heard.

    As for Columbia, WKCR is home of the Bird Flight radio program that I love listening to, hosted by Phil Schapp, a person who knows more about Charlie Parker than even Parker himself ever knew.

  65. jbstonesfan
    February 2nd, 2010 at 12:20 pm
    He does not necessarily agree with all his policies, but “is impressed by his intellect”.

    Con artists are known for putting on airs, sounding intelligent, and pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes.

    What amazing “intellectual gifts” does this man possess? Or has displayed?

    From where I sit, he was only intellectually underperformed in the Dem primary debates by Mike Gravel, but at least Mike had candor in his favor. And he still can’t form coherent sentences, ergo, the teleprompter crutch.

  66. realclearpolitics.com/news/ap/politics/2010/Feb/01/analysis__dems__missteps_led_to_health_breakdown.html

    February 01, 2010
    Analysis: Dems’ missteps led to health breakdown

    Ricardo Alonso-zaldivar

    Democrats say they never saw it coming, but the breakdown of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul was abetted by their own mistakes.

    It wasn’t just a political fluke brought on by the surprise election of a Republican senator in true-blue Massachusetts.

    Looking back, Obama and his congressional allies failed to appreciate the depth of frustration with Washington — people’s desire for health care legislation that would respond to their anxieties, not the clamor of interest groups.

    Former President Bill Clinton was criticized for dictating to lawmakers when his health care plan imploded in the 1990s. But Obama may have swung too far in the opposite direction, giving free rein to Capitol Hill’s culture of insider dealmaking.

    Democrats bowed to ideology over pragmatism. They allowed a dispute within the party over a government insurance option pursued by liberals to drag on last year, even when it was clear the Senate wasn’t going to pass it and Obama was unwilling to save it.

    As Republicans closed ranks against the sweeping remake sought by Obama, Democrats lost more time last summer waiting to see if bipartisan talks in the Senate would produce a compromise bill.

    But GOP negotiators came under relentless pressure from their own party, and the three-month exercise yielded nothing. Many Democrats felt it was an elaborate game of political rope-a-dope. Early on, Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., had captured the defiant mood among Republicans when he said health care would be Obama’s Waterloo. “It will break him,” he said.

    Maybe not.

    Unlike the 1990s, Democratic congressional leaders are working overtime to salvage the health care overhaul that consumed them for a year. The House and Senate bills would cover more than 30 million uninsured people, yet neither chamber seems ready to yield on differences over important details. Even if leaders can agree, lawmakers worried about their re-election prospects this year may not go along with a complex rescue plan requiring a series of controversial votes.

    Obama’s 2011 budget, released Monday, renewed his call for major changes, saying the bills stuck in Congress would begin to rein in costs and contribute to the economic recovery.

    Yet, at a pivotal moment in his presidency, Obama has turned introspective. In his State of the Union speech, he accepted responsibility for failing to communicate the benefits of the legislation to the public. With more workers in jobs that lack health insurance, the Democrats’ plan for government to subsidize affordable coverage for millions had inherent appeal.

    Instead, the legislation was defined by the activists who turned out at town hall meetings last summer riding a current of populist anger over the government’s expanding role in a time of economic crisis. Obama was forced to relaunch health care with a September speech to Congress that calmed Democrats and got them back on track.

    But the deals lawmakers cut to get votes fired up the critics again, and Obama belatedly has joined in pointing the finger at Congress.

    “The health care debate as it unfolded legitimately raised concerns not just among my opponents, but also amongst supporters, that we just don’t know what’s going on,” Obama said in a recent ABC News interview. “It’s an ugly process and it looks like there are a bunch of backroom deals.”

    Ugly process. For Democrats in Congress, that stings. Administration officials cut deals, too — with drug companies, hospitals and others. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., said she thought Obama endorsed the legislative strategy: one big bill in the House, two in the Senate.

    “As far as I thought, the president thought it was a good idea to have three separate bills debated,” said Landrieu, calling the strategy “a tough plan.”

    Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., said Obama could have moved more quickly to settle differences between the House and Senate to get a final bill. The president jumped in the week before the Massachusetts election and drove them close to a deal.

    “The president’s role in health care reform initially is to steer the boat,” said Carper. “At some point in time, the president needs to start rowing.” Should Obama have done that sooner? “Probably so,” said Carper, “but I wouldn’t fault him.”

    What Obama wants now is unclear. Even as he insists Congress must pass comprehensive changes, he’s not telling lawmakers how to break their impasse. Behind the scenes, administration aides are exploring all options.

    The uncertainty recalls what happened for much of last year on one of the central issues in the debate, whether the government should offer its own insurance plan to compete with private carriers. Many liberals saw that as a pathway to Medicare-for-all, and Obama was unwilling to settle the dispute raging in his own party.

    As a result, the slim chances for a bipartisan solution disappeared, and the public plan overshadowed almost everything else.

    “The public option was a bright line for Republicans, and one we would not cross,” said Michigan Rep. Dave Camp, author of the House GOP health care bill.

    Drew Altman, president of the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation, said the focus on the public option “diverted attention from core consumer issues such as affordability” and added to the delay.

    Time is running out now. Obama has challenged Republicans to come up with a better health care plan if they don’t like his. That’s not likely, not when Republicans have the Democrats just where they want them.

    Carper says his party fumbled the football a couple of yards short of scoring a touchdown. “The ball was bouncing around, and we fell on it and recovered it,” said Carper.

    The question now for Democrats is if Obama will call in a winning play.

  67. Con artists are known for putting on airs, sounding intelligent, and pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes.
    Correct. I have never met a successful con man who did not look you straight in the eye when he lied to you, and was likable as they say about Barack. To anyone with judgment it is never about style, it is always about substance. But rubes always get hooked on style and never realize their wallet is missing until later, and then they wonder how they could have lost it while they were standing there talking to this nice guy. The fuckers never connect the dots because they believe style and substance are the same. When you are dealing with ethical people they are roughly congruent. But when you are dealing with con men or in some cases partisans what you see is not what you get.

  68. A couple of quotes from the above piece, and my $$$ comments:

    “The president’s role in health care reform initially is to steer the boat,” said Carper. “At some point in time, the president needs to start rowing.”

    $$$ Inept. And lazy.

    What Obama wants now is unclear. Even as he insists Congress must pass comprehensive changes, he’s not telling lawmakers how to break their impasse.

    $$$ Unsure. Aimless. “I need a miracle, everyday”.

    Time is running out now. Obama has challenged Republicans to come up with a better health care plan if they don’t like his.

    $$$ The Big Diversion. The Big Fake Showdown. The tough guy act. That’s what you do when you don’t know what you are doing.

  69. Gonzotex, I am excited at the thought that Obama wants to annouce basketball games, I wish he would quit his day job now and go on to do what he really likes announcing basketball.

    I hate basketball, all I want is for him to stay out of FOOTBALL. I don’t want to see that face at the football games I watch!!

    Basketball is his game.

  70. Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., said Obama could have moved more quickly to settle differences between the House and Senate to get a final bill. The president jumped in the week before the Massachusetts election and drove them close to a deal.

    “The president’s role in health care reform initially is to steer the boat,” said Carper. “At some point in time, the president needs to start rowing.” Should Obama have done that sooner? “Probably so,” said Carper, “but I wouldn’t fault him.”
    Carper is a real dud.

  71. wbboei, You said that there was a black legislator in New York City that broke the Saudi story, perhaps this is where Rev. Manning is getting his information. I imagine that Rev. Manning knows alot of the story. It can’t be held that closely that no one knows. There’s lots of payoffs going on I imagine. We all know Obama is dirty and not who and what he appears.

  72. wbboei —

    Thanks for continuing to do research on Hillary stopping the no-bod contract. Don’t worry about a deadline. I’ll check back in to see if anything comes up and will keep looking around

    I appreciate your diligence. 🙂

  73. Apparently according to Fox, Sarah Palin is calling for Rahm Emmanuel to be fired. He has said something nasty about Trig, here down syndrome baby.
    Rahm is one stupid guy to say that, there is a huge amount of people who are touchy about those things.

    wbboei, I got a newletter from NoLimits.org and we are going to start getting information about the economy and jobs on Hillary’s website.

  74. I also just heard on Fox that Virginia has said “no mandate” on the health insurance. I wonder if Jim Webb has anything to do with that??

  75. no-bod contract
    ani–in your case I am sure it was a typo. But if sullivan or buckley had said it, then it would be a fredian slip. Those two “journalists” (or whatever they are)–are madly in love with bambi’s skinny bod and flabby abs. And they make no secret about it. There is only one problem. If they want to press their case in personam then they will have to contend with his body person and caddy Reggie Love. I doubt they are prepared for that challenge so they will sit there and warble and whatever else Chris does in his spare time. He just does not seem like the kind of guy his father would own up to, but it is too late to ask.

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