The Barack Obama Apologists In Retreat

We will likely publish another installment from our series “Mistake In ‘o8” this week. We do not publish articles which look back on the primaries and the general election to toot our own horn. We reference in many articles what we have written in the past in order to demonstrate that our objections to flim-flam scam man Obama are not transitory, not made to suit the present circumstance. It is also important to examine what happened because the past is prologue. Barack Obama’s history and character are keys to understand what will happen and what is happening now.

For years we have made a character argument in addition to our “Obama lacks the experience, Obama is NOT qualified, Obama is a race-baiting, and gay-bashing, and woman hating, flim-flam man whom we will not support” argument. Our years long, oft repeated catechism, on Barack Obama’s character is:

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

We have also made, for years, the argument that the once great Democratic Party, because of treacherous leaders, destroyed the once great alliance with the white working class in order to create the gibberish clown outfit which is the Barack Obama Situation Comedy Coalition. This Borgia treachery, by the Democratic “establishment” for the benefit of Barack Obama, has destroyed the party for generations.

Unless the Democratic Party rank and file uproot and throw out all those who committed the crime against the Party there will be no worthy opposition party. Scott Brown understood the abandonment of the white working class and he took full advantage of it. Massachusetts, true blue bluest of the blue Massachusetts, cheered Scott Brown on to victory. The result has been the disaster we have predicted long ago for the Obamination we call the Obama Dimocratic Party.

Chicago Clown

* * * * *

A year ago we lambasted Obama’s scams as “Sleeveless, Clueless, Truthless, Hopeless, Penniless“. We rejected Obama’s scams until we got answers. We wrote on February 27, 2009:

Americans need to know what Obama plans in regards to stabilizing banks and restructuring the finance system BEFORE considering budgets or taxes or new or better programs. Was it our imagination that there was a major economic crisis that needed to be addressed immediately?

We published article after article, some with videos, in which we showed that FDR and Bill Clinton had a rational program, explained their vision, and examined options. We wrote (in The George W. Obama Economy Stinks): “It’s the economy stupid!”

We repeatedly noted this (in Why We Trust Clinton Economics and Not Obama) lack of a plan:

We have opposed the Obama flim-flam “stimulus” scam as well as the Bush/Obama TARP crap. Our central objection has been that the so-called “stimulus” is not SMART. None of what Obama is doing is well thought out or coordinated with economic reality. What Obama is doing makes little economic sense but only political life-saving sense for Dimocrats in 2010 and 2012.

Dimocrats on Big Blogs and in Congress are ignoring economic reality (and the Japanese lessons). To these Dimocrats huge spending is the solution no matter how wasteful the spending is, no matter how precarious the American economic house is. These Dimocrats will not discuss how there will be any sources of credit for the private sector as the government sucks up with massive deficits whatever credit sources are available.

Bill Clinton in in his first address before a joint session of Congress focused on the economy and economic policy. Bill Clinton focused on “four fundamental components” in his comprehensive economic plan.

Bob Herbert of the New York Times, attacked those of us who said Obama is not explaining what he is doing. Frank Rich attacked anyone who questioned Obama and who wanted answers. One year later, Bob Herbert and Frank Rich are belatedly saying what we said one year earlier.

First Frank Rich in today’s New York Times makes excuses for Obama then echoes what we said:

And yet Tuesday’s special election was a dire omen for this White House. If the administration sticks to this trajectory, all bets are off for the political future of a president who rode into office blessed with more high hopes, good will and serious promise than any in modern memory. It’s time for him to stop deluding himself. Yes, last week’s political obituaries were ludicrously premature. Obama’s 50-ish percent first-anniversary approval rating matches not just Carter’s but Reagan’s. (Bushes 41 and 43 both skyrocketed in Year One.) Still, minor adjustments can’t right what’s wrong.

Obama’s plight has been unchanged for months. Neither in action nor in message is he in front of the anger roiling a country where high unemployment remains unchecked and spiraling foreclosures are demolishing the bedrock American dream of home ownership. The president is no longer seen as a savior but as a captive of the interests who ginned up the mess and still profit, hugely, from it. [snip]

If the tea party right and populist left agree on anything, it’s that big bailed-out banks have and will get away with murder while we pay the bill on credit cards — with ever-rising fees.

You read right. Now Frank Rich is finally showing respect to the Tea Party movement instead of his usual “teabaggers” sexual innuendo (of which Frankie-boy knows a great deal). We understood the Tea Party movement from the outset. Dimocrats, Nutroots, Olbermann, Matthews, and the rest laughed and cried and mocked “teabaggers”. Rich and friends are no longer laughing after Scott Brown and Massachusetts. Now Rich is concerned and saying what we said one year ago and before:

Obama has blundered, not by positioning himself too far to the left but by landing nowhere — frittering away his political capital by being too vague, too slow and too deferential to Congress. [snip]

Worse, the master communicator in the White House has still not delivered a coherent message on his signature policy. He not only refused to signal his health care imperatives early on but even now he, like Congressional Democrats, has failed to explain clearly why and how reform relates to economic recovery — or, for that matter, what he wants the final bill to contain. Sure, a president needs political wiggle room as legislative sausage is made, but Scott Brown could and did drive his truck through the wide, wobbly parameters set by Obama.

Ask yourself this: All these months later, do you yet know what the health care plan means for your family’s bottom line, your taxes, your insurance? It’s this nebulousness, magnified by endless Senate versus House squabbling, that has allowed reform to be caricatured by its foes as an impenetrable Rube Goldberg monstrosity, a parody of deficit-ridden big government. Since most voters are understandably confused about what the bills contain, the opponents have been able to attribute any evil they want to Obamacare, from death panels to the death of Medicare, without fear of contradiction.

Frank Rich will take a year to understand what we have written: Obama can’t be trusted. Obama worked deals with the pharmaceutical companies in January and February 2009, not because he needed to, but because he wanted to. It’s what Obama did in Illinois. In any fight between the powerful and the powerless, Obama will side with the powerful (while emitting sounds favoring the powerless). It’s the way Obama has always advanced HIMSELF. It’s what Obama always does. Obama is a stooge of the powerful and the establishment forces but Frank Rich can’t bring himself to write that solid truth.

Mullah Bob Herbert in March 2009, damned anyone who questioned his “Black Jesus”.

This intense, impatient, often self-righteous, frequently wrongheaded and at times willfully destructive criticism has come in waves, and not just from the right. Mr. Obama is as legitimate a target for criticism as any president. But there is a weird hysterical quality to some of the recent attacks that suggests an underlying fear or barely suppressed rage. It’s a quality that seems not just unhelpful but unhealthy.

Now Mullah Bob has joined the “self-righteous”, belatedly:

How loud do the alarms have to get? There is an economic emergency in the country with millions upon millions of Americans riddled with fear and anxiety as they struggle with long-term joblessness, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcies and dwindling opportunities for themselves and their children.

The door is being slammed on the American dream and the politicians, including the president and his Democratic allies on Capitol Hill, seem not just helpless to deal with the crisis, but completely out of touch with the hardships that have fallen on so many.

While the nation was suffering through the worst economy since the Depression, the Democrats wasted a year squabbling like unruly toddlers over health insurance legislation. No one in his or her right mind could have believed that a workable, efficient, cost-effective system could come out of the monstrously ugly plan that finally emerged from the Senate after long months of shady alliances, disgraceful back-room deals, outlandish payoffs and abject capitulation to the insurance companies and giant pharmaceutical outfits.

The public interest? Forget about it.

With the power elite consumed with its incessant, discordant fiddling over health care, the economic plight of ordinary Americans, from the middle class to the very poor, got pathetically short shrift. And there is no evidence, even now, that leaders of either party fully grasp the depth of the crisis, which began long before the official start of the Great Recession in December 2007.

Mullah Bob sounds hysterical, almost like one of the “crazed women” of the Hillary campaign he and his ilk excoriated. What a difference Massachusetts makes. Wait until November 2010 when we will be in the streets cheering Mullah Bob and Teabagger Rich as they imitate stockbrokers in 1929 and take the fast way down.

Mullah Bob is only now worried about the working class so easily discarded by Barack Obama and his disgusting Dimocrats. Mullah Bob is now worried about the poor after helping foist an inexperienced boob, stooge of the powerful, on the American people. Too late Mullah Bob, you’re one of those to blame.

Even the garbage scow called Maureen Dowd is grinding her high heels in the stinking Obama carcass.

On the cusp of the special election for Kennedy’s seat, when I interviewed Arnold at his favorite Beverly Hills lunchtime haunt, Caffé Roma, the governor was already confident that Martha Coakley was going down.

This is a major disaster — the Democrats are in a major panic mode,” he said, chuckling with satisfaction, leaning back in his black sheepskin-lined jacket and smoking a big stogie. “They’re going in the dead bed. It will be a punishing blow for the Democrats in 2010.”

About the cinematically handsome Brown, who campaigned in a GMC pick-up truck and once posed in the buff in Cosmo, Arnold ruminated: “In acting, they always tell you, ‘Don’t just talk. Don’t just let words come out of your mouth. Go and get inside the heart.’ I think the guy has that ability.” [snip]
Obama “up against the little guy no one has ever heard of before, the guy who is with his truck, driving around and shaking hands and really has new vision and energy. People look at that and say, ‘We’ve got to help the little guy.’ ”

Tea-party-style voter revolts are just part of “the rhythm” of American politics, he said.

Now it’s “Tea-party-style voter revolts” from Scow Dowd. No longer is it “teabaggers”. Fear can change vocabulary.

Fear can change thought too.
The Washington Post attacked anyone who questioned Obama’s pusillanimous response to the Christmas bomber barely failed attack. We wondered “Where’s Obama?“.

Now the Washington Post has changed it’s mind, supposedly because of new facts. The Post reflexively protected Obama without a thought to the facts. After Massachusetts, the Post has second thoughts:

We originally supported the administration’s decision in the Abdulmutallab case, assuming that it had been made after due consideration. But the decision to try Mr. Abdulmutallab turns out to have resulted not from a deliberative process but as a knee-jerk default to a crime-and-punishment model.

In testimony Wednesday before the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and Michael Leiter, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, all said they were not asked to weigh in on how best to deal with Mr. Abdulmutallab. Some intelligence officials, including personnel from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, were included in briefings by the Justice Department before Mr. Abdulmutallab was charged. These sessions did provide an opportunity for those attending to debate the merits of detention vs. prosecution. According to sources with knowledge of the discussions, no one questioned the approach or raised the possibility of taking more time to question the suspect. This makes the administration’s approach even more worrisome than it would have been had intelligence personnel been cut out of the process altogether.

Big Media is at least one year behind American public opinion when it comes to Barack Obama. Big Media is at least three years behind Big Pink opinion when it comes to Barack Obama.

At some point, we believe that will be after November 2010, Big Media and the American public will realize that Obama can’t be trusted. He simply can’t be trusted. Obama is a boob, when it comes to work. When it comes to self-advancement Obama is indeed a malignant genius. On the economy, Obama is a dishonest bankrupt stooge of the establishment. We have made this analysis long ago. We were attacked when we published the truth.

We will continue to advance our arguments against Obama and the perfidy of Obama Dimocrats. We will continue to advance. The Barack Obama apologists will continue to retreat.


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  1. #Repost from last thread- (seems our thinking is pretty much on the same page)

    The latest dirge from a Soros propagandist.

    What if Bernanke Isn’t Reconfirmed?

    What happens if Ben Bernanke isn’t reconfirmed? Well, some folks seem to think it will send markets into a tailspin. But it’s worth emphasizing that in literal terms almost nothing will happen. If a left-right coalition of 40 Senators blocks his confirmation, then it’s hard to see what other candidate would be more to their liking. You’d have gridlock. But Bernanke’s term as a member of the Fed’s Board of Governors is actually a 14-year term that doesn’t expire for a long time. Consequently, the same Open Market Committee that’s making decisions right now would just go on making decisions. Bernanke would, however, be unable to perform the formal responsibilities of the Chairman, so that role would devolve to Donald Kohn, the Vice Chair.

    Would that be a ridiculous situation for an erstwhile major country with a functioning political system to find itself in?

    Why yes it would. But it would merely be a reminder that we are, in fact, in a ridiculous situation and do not, in fact, have a functioning political system. Take a look at the current Treasury Department org chart and note that only one Undersecretary has been confirmed by the Senate. We’re missing the Undersecretaries for Domestic Finance and for International Affairs as well as a boatload of assistant secretaries. Those sound like important subjects to me amidst a financial crisis. And, in fact, they are important jobs. And they’re not exactly going undone—an ad hoc group of “counselors” to Tim Geithner and such are keeping the show running. But this is not really a good way to run the government.

    By the same token, the routine filibustering has done something odd to the president’s ability to fire subordinates. Obama can’t really sack any member of his cabinet or subcabinet unless he has a specific replacement in mind who he’s certain can secure 60 votes in the Senate. Which means he basically can’t fire anyone. I suppose in some cockamamie way all this might advance the electoral interests of Republican Senators (although it’s actually hard for me to see how it does) but it’s not good for the country. (see comments)


  2. Obama is well known for lifting others’ ideas, and assuming credit when things go well — assigning blame when they don’t. Obama’s game is the old okie-dokie — y’all know about okie dokie, right? — he tries to bamboozle you — hoodwink ya — tries to hoodwink ya — Alright!

    It;s time for Nokie-Donkie!!!!! as a middle finger to that okie dokie!!!

  3. Some suggestions for the tea party’s emblems:

    – Brown for color
    – Any cat family for the animal – Puma? Tiger? Lion?

  4. wbboei
    January 24th, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    Very powerful!

    Did you notice the author/producer’s comments on the side?

    “I had stopped the comments on this video for many reasons, for example: racist rants, death threats, calling out for murder, accusing me of things that are just not true”

  5. Free Republic has a picture of “Ellie Light”. We thought Ellie was Michelle, sending anonymous letters like Elizabeth Edwards does. We figured Michelle was sending her anonymous letters in support of Barack when she has a few spare minutes between sleeve yanking and massages.

    But we were wrong. Free Republic has a picture of Ellie – Warning – the truth is not pretty:

  6. Jan, nooooo! Looking at these other two is enough.

    Whoever did the picture even gave him, er, her a cleavage. In the age of Michelle Obama, the FLOTUS showing off her cleavage is a fashion statement.

  7. January 24, 2010,
    Janet Adamy

    Obama to Address Job Creation During State of the Union

    President Barack Obama plans to talk about additional steps the White House will take to create jobs during his State of the Union address Wednesday, a top White House aide said.

    The economy has lost seven million jobs since the recession began in 2007, White House adviser David Axelrod told CNN’s “State of the Union” program on Sunday. He estimated that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that the president signed last year saved two million jobs. “It is cold comfort to those who still are looking,” Axelrod said.

    Axelrod suggested Obama would enumerate in his Wednesday address specific measures that his administration planned to take to create more jobs, but didn’t provide details.

    The White House had hoped to tout a health-care victory during the speech. But a Republican victory in last week’s Massachusetts Senate election to replace the late Edward Kennedy has deprived Democrats of their filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, stalling Congress’ effort to pass that health-care bill. The Republican win also underscored the public’s concern that Democrats aren’t doing enough to fix the economy.

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) on Sunday said the White House has hindered job creation by calling for new taxes, and taken actions that “rattle” the stock market.

    “That’s not a very comforting message to business people looking at trying to expand employment,” he told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

  8. wbboei
    January 24th, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    This is very intense rebuttal to Obama.


    Powerful video, wbb- I wonder if Michael Moore will take the hint having the subject matter thrust in his face.

  9. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

    I hope the Mexican style rice and beans I just ate doesn’t recycle onto the keyboard.

    Double Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

  10. Look at the comments on this article from an independent who got scared of Palin and voted for Obama and now regrets it, after losing her small business in the last year.

    Big Media enabled him and voters like her fell for it. But you know what? Big media will also be his downfall. Because they are not telling him the truth about how people on the street are feeling and things may have gone too far for a course correction for him. Squandered away..

  11. Personally I think it will be a toss up between MSNBC and CNN as to who stops drinking the koolaid first…if they ever do stop.

  12. This period leading up to Nov can be a vicious cycle for the Dems. First of all, after MA, no good Dem will want to run. They won’t find good quality campaign staff — who wants to hitch their wagon to a losing candidate and then, especially have the WH trumpet that the candidate (indirectly their staff) was bad.

  13. HillaryforTexas
    January 24th, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    what a pathetic photo!

  14. 4.7 quake hits Haiti
    Sunday, January 24, 2010

    An earthquake measuring 4.7 in magnitude hit Haiti on Sunday afternoon, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

    There were no immediate reports of damage from the quake that struck 30 kilometres west of the capital, Port-au-Prince, at a shallow depth of four kilometres at about 5:51 p.m. ET, Reuters reported.

    In a preliminary estimate, the USGS said the quake was 5.5. in magnitude and had a depth of 33 kilometres.

    On Jan. 12, a 7.0 quake devastated Haiti, killing an estimated 200,000 and making two million homeless, according to the European Commission.

  15. This Axelrod’s quote makes my earlier point. Big media is not helping them to figure out where they stand. Yea, they are busy licking Obama’s feet and who knows what else.

    “Our own political operation will be more rigorously in communication with the other elements, so we can compare notes,” Mr. Axelrod said. “What we learned from Massachusetts is that we need to be more assiduous about getting our own data and our own information so we have a better sense of where things stand.”

  16. I hope Obama doesn’t try to tell me what my values are again. Bringing in the campaign team just shows are out of touch and desparate they are.

  17. HillaryForTexas, not only the congressman is news. It appears Beau Biden is bidding adieu too.

    BTW, this is a song we will probably play on election night in November:

  18. Great post Admin

    can really relate especially to below

    While the nation was suffering through the worst economy since the Depression, the Democrats wasted a year squabbling like unruly toddlers over health insurance legislation. No one in his or her right mind could have believed that a workable, efficient, cost-effective system could come out of the monstrously ugly plan that finally emerged from the Senate after long months of shady alliances, disgraceful back-room deals, outlandish payoffs and abject capitulation to the insurance companies and giant pharmaceutical outfits.

  19. uh, oh..I think Strickland is a good guy, supported Hillary.

    COLUMBUS — Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, who roared into office three years ago with nearly 61 percent of the vote, trails Republican John Kasich 51-45 percent in a Dayton Daily News/Ohio Newspaper Poll released Sunday, Jan. 24.

  20. admin,

    Just a correction on your blogpost above. Concerning Maureen Dowd and the Arnold, it was Arnold who used the term “tea-party-style-activists”. I suspect that Maureen still indulges in teabagging. 😉

  21. uh, oh..I think Strickland is a good guy, supported Hillary.

    COLUMBUS — Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, who roared into office three years ago with nearly 61 percent of the vote, trails Republican John Kasich 51-45 percent in a Dayton Daily News/Ohio Newspaper Poll released Sunday, Jan. 24.
    I completely agree. Strickland is a great guy. I know Kasich and I have met him. He is a tough customer. In those days he seemed like Richie Cunningham. He had a compelling rags to riches story much like Edwards, without the Edwards baggage. He was a member of the Gingrich Revolution and the class of ’94. He was part of Newt’s inner circle and was extremely effective. After retiring from the House he became a FOX commentator–but once you have seen the elephant its never enough. His re-entering politics even at the governor level may, repeat may be part of a Gingrich master plan. He is a high energy guy, and an aggressive cost cutter. If Bruner tries to pull a fast one on him there will be a new trophy hanging from the wall of the hunting lodge. He is nobody to mess with. If I were in a position to help Strickland I would. He was a Hillary supporter and wants no part of Obama. But in the Age of Obama just being a democrat is a liability in any competitive state, and Ohio hit hard by recession, and betrayed by Obama is ripe for plucking by the Republicans.

  22. “Even the garbage scow called Maureen Dowd is grinding her high heels in the stinking Obama carcass…”
    Great line admin!!!

  23. The once great Democratic Party, because of treacherous leaders, destroyed the once great alliance with the white working class in order to create the gibberish clown outfit which is the Barack Obama Situation Comedy Coalition. This Borgia treachery, by the Democratic “establishment” for the benefit of Barack Obama, has destroyed the party for generations.
    Admin: it is a tragedy of epic proportion. One which dooms the Party and imperils the country. There is no use pretending, as some do, that he will move to the center. That is not to say that he will not make those kind of noises at the State of The Union. The problem is nothing the man says is believable. It is merely a script. You need to go off script with him to see what he really believes. Some have and this is what he says in unguarded and unscripted moments about the American People: “I can make them believe anything I want them to believ”e. That is a statement of hubris, condescension and self delusion. It is symptomatic of a man who has gone off the deep end. It is who he really is. It is why he cannot be trusted by anyone who lives in the same world as most of us.

  24. After 2004 convention didn’t he also say he can play this game. What game and how is it going?
    Bad Leeroy Brown. If the Anerican People don’t do what he demands he will pout emote and wallow in self pity until everyone gets down on their knees and says please stop we cannot take it anymore. And it that is still not enough he will send Axelgrease on television to do his Tiny Tim routine. This is why the 6th Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

  25. The NYT take on what is in the SOTU
    January 25, 2010

    Obama to Offer Aid for Families in State of Union

    WASHINGTON — President Obama will propose in his State of the Union address a package of modest initiatives intended to help middle-class families, including tax credits for child care, caps on some student loan payments and a requirement that companies let workers save automatically for retirement, senior administration officials said Sunday.

    By focusing on what one White House official calls “the sandwich generation” — struggling families squeezed between sending their children to college and caring for elderly parents — Mr. Obama hopes to use his speech on Wednesday to demonstrate that he understands the economic pain of ordinary Americans. The proposals also include expanded tax credits for retirement savings and money for programs to help families care for elderly relatives.

    The address is still being written, but one senior official, describing it on the condition of anonymity, said its main themes would include “creating good jobs, addressing the deficit, helping the middle class and changing Washington.”

    With his poll numbers down and Democrats fearing disaster in this year’s midterm elections, Mr. Obama is at a particularly rocky point in his presidency and has been shifting his rhetoric lately to adopt a more populist tone. He heads into his first formal State of the Union speech in a radically reshaped political climate from even one week ago.

    His top domestic priority, a health care overhaul, is in jeopardy after the Republican victory in last week’s Massachusetts Senate race — a setback that White House advisers interpret as a reflection of Americans’ deep anger and frustration over high unemployment and Wall Street bailouts.

    One advantage of the president’s proposals is that they might appeal to people who are struggling financially without looking like the kind of broad expansion of the federal government that is making many Americans uneasy. They also would add little to the federal deficit at a time when Mr. Obama is pledging to reduce it.

    Mr. Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. plan to outline the proposals on Monday when they meet with the White House task force that has spent the past year examining ways to help the middle class.

    While Mr. Obama has been shifting his focus toward job creation in recent weeks, an official said the president also wanted to spotlight what the White House regards as “critical areas where middle-class families need a helping hand to get ahead,” like paying for college and saving for retirement.

    For example, the president is calling on Congress to nearly double the child care tax credit for families earning less than $85,000 — a proposal that, if adopted, would lower by $900 the taxes such families owe to the government. But the credit would not be refundable, meaning that families would not get extra money back on a tax refund.

    Another of the president’s proposals, a cap on federal loan payments for recent college graduates at 10 percent of income above a basic living allowance, would cost taxpayers roughly $1 billion. The expanded financing to help families care for elderly relatives would cost $102.5 million — a pittance in a federal budget where programs are often measured in tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars. And the automatic paycheck deduction program would simply be a way to encourage workers to save, and would include tax credits to help companies with administrative costs.

    Such programs are, notably, much less far-reaching than Mr. Obama’s expansive first-year agenda of passing an economic recovery package, bailing out the auto industry, overhauling the health care system, passing energy legislation and imposing tough new restrictions on banks. That agenda has left him vulnerable to criticism that he is using the government to remake every aspect of American society.

    Top advisers to the president insist that Mr. Obama is not in retreat and are resisting any comparisons to the kind of small-bore initiatives that the last Democratic president, Bill Clinton, used to try to get his presidency back on track.

    “In no way does this represent a trimming of the sails,” one adviser said on Sunday, referring to the package.

    Instead, the White House wants to use Wednesday’s address to explain how initiatives like the health care overhaul fit into his broader plan for job creation and the economy. On Sunday, as senior administration officials fanned out on the television talk shows, David Axelrod, Mr. Obama’s senior adviser, insisted that the health care bill was not dead. But he did suggest that the administration was now more focused on changing insurance practices than on a broad expansion of coverage to the uninsured.

    “There are so many elements of this — tax breaks for small business, extending the life of Medicare, more assistance for seniors with their prescription drugs, a cap on out-of-pocket expenses, help for people with pre-existing conditions — that are too important to walk away from,” Mr. Axelrod said on the ABC program “This Week.”

    With House and Senate leaders trying to figure out how to proceed legislatively, Mr. Axelrod also issued a warning to Democrats who were reconsidering their support for the health care measure.

    “As a political matter, the foolish thing to do would be for anybody else who supported this to walk away from it,” he said. He added, “The underlying elements of it are popular and important, and people will never know what’s in that bill until we pass it, the president signs it and they have a whole new range of protections they never had before.”

    How Mr. Obama will address health care in the State of the Union speech, though, remains an open question. Officials on Capitol Hill and at the White House said their talks on how to proceed with the legislation might not be resolved by Wednesday. This could put Mr. Obama in the awkward position of talking about a measure that is on shaky ground.

    Another open question is what the president will say about his program for job creation.

    The House of Representatives has passed a $154 billion bill to encourage job creation, and during an appearance in Ohio on Friday, Mr. Obama called for a jobs bill that would include tax breaks for small businesses and for people who make their homes more energy efficient. White House officials have not said what Mr. Obama’s jobs bill would cost, and they did not say on Sunday if he would mention a specific amount in Wednesday’s address.

    But they did try to hit hard on the jobs theme. And Mr. Axelrod, speaking on “State of the Union” on CNN, said Mr. Obama’s current predicament was no surprise.

    “A year ago, I said to the president, ‘A year from now, your numbers are going to be much different than they are right now because of the economic forecast that we were hearing,’ ” he said. “And we knew that even as the economy started growing, it would take time for the jobs to follow.”

  26. Top advisers to the president insist that Mr. Obama is not in retreat and are resisting any comparisons to the kind of small-bore initiatives that the last Democratic president, Bill Clinton, used to try to get his presidency back on track.

    “In no way does this represent a trimming of the sails,” one adviser said on Sunday, referring to the package.
    The amazing thing about this fool Obama is that he tries so hard to distance himself from Bill Clinton. Perhaps that is because Bill was a two term president and Obama will be lucky to last out a first term. We now know who he is and what he will do to us if he gets the upper hand. Our future depends on never letting this man to have unchecked power. We must never forget what he tried to do and damned near got away with. When you have your opponent on the ropes never let him up. Experience has shown that he will lie and bamboozle. Only a fool would believe what he says.

  27. Looky, Looky at this! Not only are Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Twitter Yahoo! Bookmarks Print Play Video Reuters – Export ban on ‘bogus’ bomb detector
    Play Video Video:Joe Biden in Iraq over election row Reuters Play Video Video:Iraq president queries they now releasing crap on the State Dept. under Condoleeza Rice they are now after Hillary too. Who’s doing it, but our beloved Claire McCaskill and everyones favorits Susan Collins. Two vultures/pirahnnas who need to look at the horrible jobs they’ve done in the last 12 months.

    WASHINGTON – For nearly $4.5 million a year, the State Department in June assigned a 16-person security detail to protect six U.S. contractors in Iraq who already had a team of hired guards they didn’t really need.

    The expensive miscue is one of many described in an audit issued Monday of a $2.5 billion State Department contract with DynCorp International for training Iraq’s police force.

    The department repeatedly failed to oversee the contract properly, according to the audit by the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction. The findings also suggest the department remains ill-equipped to watch over the vast amount of U.S. money flowing into Afghanistan.

    “I think they need to act quickly to remedy this long-standing concern,” the special inspector general, Stuart Bowen, said about the State Department’s shortage of people and resources to oversee work done by the private sector.

    In comments included in the report, Assistant Secretary of State David Johnson disputed the audit’s central conclusion that weak oversight made the $2.5 billion vulnerable to waste and fraud. Johnson said payments are only made to a contractor after the invoices have been carefully checked.

    But the report challenges that assertion.

    Bowen said the police training contract awarded to DynCorp of Falls Church, Va., in 2004 is the largest ever managed by the State Department. Yet for the few years of the arrangement, the department had a single contracting officer in Iraq to monitor invoices to ensure the government got what it was paying for.

    Overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of the paperwork, the lone officer was approving all DynCorp invoices without questioning them. That means there is “no confidence in the accuracy of payments of more than $1 billion to DynCorp” during the early stages of the contract, the report says.

    There are now three contracting officers in Iraq overseeing the work, but the audit says that’s still too few. These officers also lack needed guidance on how to do the job.

    The audit didn’t assess DynCorp’s performance of the work, Bowen said.

    In a statement, DynCorp spokesman Douglas Ebner said the company has done well in a “difficult environment” and welcomes additional oversight personnel.

    Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., the chairwoman of a Senate panel with contracting oversight, called the situation unacceptable.

    “They’ve been managing this contract in Iraq since 2004 and, according to this report, they have no idea where any of the money went,” McCaskill said in a statement. “What’s even worse is that these are the same people responsible for police training in Afghanistan, so I don’t have any confidence that they’re doing a better job there. If we don’t correct this immediately, we are going to be having the same conversation a few years from now.”

    The ranking Republican on the committee, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, said the report’s findings “are simply outrageous and illustrate the need to move quickly and systemically to reform how the government manages federal contracts in the field, particularly in complex environments like Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti.”

    Among other problems listed in the audit:

    _The State Department has paid $450,000 since 2006 to lease two power generators for houses at a camp in northern Iraq. Both generators could have been bought for $78,000.

    _Leases for contractor lodgings reimbursed by the State Department ballooned — in one case from $12,000 a month to $20,000 a month. The lease agreements lacked price escalation clauses that would have limited the increases.

  28. The two vultures after Hillary’s approval rating are at it again. I can’t wait until November and these ladies get what they deserve and thats looking for a new line of work.

  29. Looks like China got all our green energy jobs. Its a thriving industry over in China and it seems their govt. is moving fast to get all these green jobs on line. Their leaders can make a decision, ours can’t.

    Reuters has the story. As I posted last week China’s GDP is 10.7 in the last quarter, ours is crap. We have a Potus who takes 4 months to make a decision, that’s why there are NO jobs.

    My co-worker just got laid off his other job because medicatre is going to pay 30 to 40% less on imaging at free standing imaging centers. Why? It is certainly cheaper to have an xray there than at a hospital?? Sounds like Chicago politics to me.

  30. Why would he wait til November to do this??? Is he nuts or is he trying to get rid of all the bluedogs?? This is from drudge.

    Trying to win the votes of fiscal moderates, President Barack Obama formally endorsed legislation Saturday creating an independent commission with the power to force Congress to vote on major deficit reduction steps this year, after the November elections

  31. James Carville has spoken…..he says Obama is naive…..isn’t that what Hillary said……”the skies would open, a light would shine down and angels would sing and everything in Washington would change”!!!!

    Democrats need to learn the blame game
    By James Carville

    Published: January 24 2010 20:20 | Last updated: January 24 2010 20:20

    The most exciting spectator sport in American politics is in full swing in Washington following last Tuesday’s once-unthinkable election result. And it is just beginning.

    Contrary to what you might think, I am a proud member of the pro finger-pointing caucus. It wasn’t too long ago that my longtime colleague Paul Begala and I urged our friends on the other side of the aisle to engage early and often in the blame game.

    Now it is the Democrats’ turn. Point fingers is exactly what Democrats have done following Republican Scott Brown’s surprise victory in Massachusetts, and the subsequent setback for healthcare reform .

    The White House, Martha Coakley, the Massachusetts attorney-general, Celinda Lake, her pollster, congressional Democrats, the Democratic National Committee, Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, and Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, are just a few of the circular firing squad that has sucked up every last breath in Washington this past week.

    I should admit I watched the cataclysmic election and the subsequent war of words from over 9,000 miles away. As author of 40 More Years, in which I outline how the Democrats are well positioned for sustained electoral dominance for the next three decades, I couldn’t help but be happy to be watching the sun set in the Seychelles rather than have to defend my thesis (which I stick to) Stateside.

    Democrats would not be playing the blame game with one another for the loss or for the healthcare debacle if they had only pointed fingers at those (or in this case, the one) who put Americans (and most of the world) in the predicament we’re in: George W. Bush.

    It is under his disastrous tenure in the White House that health insurance premiums nearly doubled for the average American family and the number of uninsured skyrocketed. It was under Mr Bush that the deficit spiralled out of control as we fought an unnecessary and endless $3,000bn war in Iraq and enacted the largest unfunded entitlement programme in history with the Medicare prescription drug benefit. It was Mr Bush’s economic team that worshipped at the Church of Deregulation and was asleep at the wheel as banks and insurance companies became too big to fail.

    But Barack Obama, the US president, and his team admirably and eloquently argued that the US was ready to turn the page on the Bush years, ready to be united. Rather than look backward we should march forward in a new post-partisan environment.

    Part of the problem is that Mr Obama was refreshingly naive in believing his own rhetoric. He really believed we could rid Washington of revolving doors filled with lobbyists or that “there is not a liberal America and a conservative America”. Mr Obama and his team really believed he could bridge the partisan divide. Being elected as a change candidate in a change election does not translate into changing Washington. Nothing can change Washington.

    You can’t fault him for believing forward-looking governance is what the country really wanted. He saved the economy from near collapse and was on the brink of passing sweeping healthcare reform. But at some point reality catches up with you. So as the healthcare bill sat in committee for months waiting for a Republican senator to support it, momentum began to build for reform’s opponents. “Tea parties” popped up in the unlikeliest places, and Republican obstructionism set in firmly. No votes for the costly but necessary bail-outs, no votes for the stimulus package, and virtually no votes on healthcare.

    While Republicans decided that obstructionism would be their winning tool of choice, Democrats were left trying to explain what happened to the thriving America they once knew. Democrats were blamed for the recession and 10 per cent unemployment, while Mr Bush raised millions for his presidential library in Texas.

    In the end, blaming Mr Bush might not have been enough to win in Massachusetts, or to deflect anger from the governing party, or to get a healthcare bill signed. Maybe healthcare reform is just hard. Just think, if the US only spent $4,763 per person on healthcare costs, like Norway (the second-highest per capita costs of a developed nation), there would be nearly $750bn less to spread around insurance and drug companies and their 3,000 lobbyists. There’s a reason why Presidents Truman, Nixon, Carter, and Clinton all failed before.

    There is still a chance Mr Obama and congressional Democrats can get some aspects of reform passed in the coming months. And the shift toward populism – reining in a banking industry which so badly needs it – will appease both allies and tea party critics alike. But Mr Obama now knows that he and his Democratic majority in Congress are mostly on their own in their attempt to get the American economy and morale back on track. In the aftermath of Massachusetts, our country and our political system seem more divided than ever.

    My Republican wife Mary Matalin recently pointed out that: “It was once said of Mike Tyson, he hits you so hard, he changes the way you taste. If we (Republicans) win a seat in Massachusetts on the signature issue of the Obama agenda, healthcare, this will change the way politics tastes.” And taste differently it does: sweet harmony has turned sour in Washington.

    The writer, chief strategist for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, is an international political consultant
    Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2010. You may share using our article tools.

  32. Soros is crying in his beer, everything his boy Obama touches goes to hell….LOL!!! No more Crap and Trade…Hallelujua!

    PTI A giant globe placed outside a shapping mall during the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen in 2009. The Indian and Chinese governments have had a rethink on signing the Copenhagen Accord, officials said on Saturday. Photo: PTI
    The Indian and Chinese governments have had a rethink on signing the Copenhagen Accord, officials said on Saturday, and the UN has also indefinitely postponed its Jan 31 deadline for countries to accede to the document.

    An Indian official said that though the government had been thinking of signing the accord because it “did not have any legal teeth and would be good diplomatically”; it felt irked because of repeated messages from both UN officials and developed countries to accede to it.

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has written to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon seeking a number of clarifications on the implications of the accord that India — with five other countries — had negotiated in the last moments of the Copenhagen climate summit in December, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    “That letter, and the defeat of the Democrats in the Massachusetts bypoll, has forced the UN to postpone the deadline indefinitely,” an official said. “With the Democrats losing in one of their strongholds, the chances of the climate bill going through the US senate have receded dramatically.

    “So if the US is not going to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent, which was a very weak target anyway, why should we make any commitment even if it does not have any legal teeth?” the official said.

    China also appears in no mood to sign the accord.

    “With the deadline postponed, we are not going to sign now,” said a Chinese official now here to take part in the BASIC (Brazil, South Africa, India, China) meeting to chalk out a climate strategy.

    The meeting of the four environment ministers Sunday is likely to end with the announcement of a fund they will set up to help other developing countries cope with the effects of climate change, said an official of the environment ministry.

    Only four countries — Australia, Canada, Papua New Guinea and the Maldives — have signed the Copenhagen Accord so far, though Brazil, South Africa and South Korea have also indicated their willingness to do so.

    Though Australia and Canada have signed, they have not indicated the greenhouse gas emission reductions they are committing under the accord — something developed countries are supposed to do.

  33. Check this out, I found it at the DNC blog. You can see by this Obama and his dimocrats don’t like the over 50 group of people. Glenn Beck segment about progressives and eugenics seem to go hand in hand with what the White House is setting up now.

    Join the Generation Forty Four National Roll Out Call

    Tomorrow afternoon, DNC Chairman Governor Tim Kaine and Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory A. Booker will take part in a national conference call to kick-off Generation Forty Four.

    Gen44 is a program that will cultivate and empower a rising generation of leaders for the Democratic Party. Gen44 will work with this groundbreaking group, all under the age of 40, to serve as a platform for political mobilization and to ensure that President Obama has the resources and infrastructure needed to implement the change we want to see.

    The call will take place at 2:45 P.M. Eastern. Click here to RSVP and to receive call-in information.


  34. Can anyone please define the term progressive for me. I am at a loss with a lot of former friends as I believe we hold the same beliefs but they label themselves as progressives and claim my politics are what is wrong with America. I think I just have common sense and realize everything will never go my way and accept that most things take time. But I am interested in knowing how those on this board define progressive.

  35. Henry, that is such a good question, I have often wondered that too. I think there are two kinds of Progressives though, theres the Hillary kind and then there’s the Cass Sustein kind. Maybe Wbboei can answer it for us.

  36. H4T,

    That’s a better clip than the one I posted last year!
    My Quaker is nestled under my chin looking over his shoulder at the monitor wondering what in the world that big bird is doing. hehehehe.

    Snowball should compete in “So You Think You can Dance.” He’d win wings down.


  37. ROTF!

    Wbboei, you NAILED it!

    I have been trying to figure out who Axelgrease reminds me of besides Hitler and it it TINY TIM!


  38. I think this is what James Carville is saying about Obama, he is naive, just like Hillary said in this youtube video.

    h t t p ://

  39. Hmmmmmm.
    This progressive agrees with what we’ve been saying for over a year, now and even calls Squat a Manchurian candidate, just like us.
    from CommonDreams;

    All of this represents the best prescription I can imagine for wrecking a presidency, and Obama has followed it with exacting precision. Indeed, doing so would appear to be his only real passion. It’s almost as if he were a Republican sleeper politician in some party politics version of the Manchurian Candidate, planted to arise on cue and destroy the Democratic Party from within.
    And thus – while anything’s possible, of course – I am hard pressed to see how the Obama administration is anything but finished.
    Of course, I don’t give a shit about Barack Obama anymore, other than my desire that really ugly things happen to him as payment in kind for the grandest act of betrayal we’ve seen since Benedict Arnold did his thing. But what about the country?

  40. Haiti earthquake: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to attend UN summit to plan long-term aid

    BY Helen Kennedy
    Monday, January 25th 2010,

    Twenty nations will meet in Montreal Monday for an emergency summit to coordinate aid for quake-struck Haiti.

    Secretary of State Clinton will attend the United Nations conference called to map out a long-term strategy for the impoverished nation.

    One of the major proposals on the table is forgiving Haiti’s $1 billion foreign debt. “[It] would be both cruel and unnecessary” to make Haiti repay loans while it is struggling to overcome cataclysmic devastation, Oxfam Canada Executive Director Robert Fox said.

    Despite some signs of normality returning to Port-au-Prince, the new UN chief of mission said he needs more manpower to get millions of dollars worth of supplies to the earthquake victims. “I need soldiers,” said Edmond Mulet, whose predecessor was killed when the UN headquarters collapsed in the Jan. 12 quake. “We’re getting all this food and assistance, but we need to distribute that.”

    An estimated 200,000 people died in the quake, but the final death toll might never be known because it will take years to clear the rubble, Mulet warned. The Haitian government said the death toll in Port-au-Prince alone was 150,000, not counting bodies in the rubble.

    “Nobody knows how many bodies are buried in the rubble – 200,000, 300,000?” said Haiti’s communications minister, Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue.

    More than 600,000 people are homeless, camping out in makeshift tent cities that doctors fear will be rife with disease.

    On the positive side, most corpses have been cleared from streets and some shops have reopened. Operations at the heavily damaged port are due to restart today. Mobile phone networks were back online and banks reopened, allowing Haitians to cash in money orders sent from relatives abroad.

    In Brooklyn, Rep. Ed Towns held a “Healing for Haiti Prayer Service” at Beraca Baptist Church. “A lot of us lost loved ones, lost friends. It gives us strength,” he said. Pastor Mullery Jean-Pierre said the church hopes to raise $182,000 to send 30 people to Haiti to help with food and medical care. “God has answered our prayers. Help is on the way,” said Malory Toussaint, 20, a secretary who lost two cousins and her uncle in the earthquake.

  41. Bill Gates was just interview by Stephanapolis, mostly about his charities. However, they did talk about the economy, and how O was handling it. Bill Gates was given very soft questions, and unfortunately we got very soft answers.

    1. O inherited a very bad situation.

    2. The government can do very little about the economy. It will just have to work its way out.

    I guess Gates went down in my estimations.

    #1. He knew what he inherited, and over and over again said he could handle it. He did not say there was very little he could do about the economy. I also think you endorsed him, and did not say those things when you did.

    #2. Due to the computer system, which you help invent, people EXPECT a quicker recovery, or some defined progress. Over and over again, he claimed he could do it, but the media did not point out over and over, he did not have a detailed plan. Why, because he would be judge against it.

    So, Bill Gates, as you sit there with all the money the world has to offer, the man you endorsed to help people get out of this dire economic situation (and don’t say that we had no right to expect that, since you did not say that when you endorsed him), who have no health insurance, you say OO is not responsible, and really has very little control over it.

    Just as we expect the world to jump more quickly into Haiti, we expected to see some progress with our economy. Unfortunately, the man at the top has no idea what he is doing, AND YOU ENDORSED HIM. I think instead of lamely covering for him, you should start helping the American people.

  42. Hillary is on the move again…
    London conference on Afghanistan’s future

    By Guy Jackson

    LONDON — Stabilising Afghanistan so NATO troops can hand power to locals will top the agenda at world power talks in London this week, with the heightened threat from Al-Qaeda in Yemen also centre stage.

    Security will be tight as foreign ministers including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gather for the talks Wednesday and Thursday, while Afghan President Hamid Karzai will also be in town.

    The week of high-level diplomatic activity will be followed by a day of intense political drama Friday, when former prime minister Tony Blair makes his long-awaited appearance at Britain’s Iraq war inquiry.

    Re-elected in bitterly disputed circumstances in November, Karzai is struggling to keep a hold on his country in the face of a resurgent Taliban.

    The London conference is likely to discuss that, plus issues including security, tackling corruption and regional cooperation, said a British government official speaking anonymously.

    Such measures could help stabilise the country amid hopes, cited by the official, that some districts could be handed over to Afghan control over the next 12 to 36 months.

    Karzai told the BBC Friday he would use the London talks to present a plan to offer money and jobs to Taliban fighters to lay down their weapons.

    “We must have peace at any cost,” Karzai said in the TV interview.

    “Those that we approach to return will be provided with the abilities to work, to find jobs, to have protection, to resettle in their own communities.”

    In response, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates described the Taliban as part of Afghanistan’s “political fabric”, but said any future role would depend on the insurgents rejecting violence.

    British Foreign Secretary David Miliband told the BBC Sunday that “dividing the enemy is a very important part of our strategy, it’s the counterpart of a military strategy, it’s vital”.

    Taliban leadership remains hostile to any negotiations.

    Miliband will also chair a meeting of 21 countries Wednesday to discuss the deep political and economic problems facing Yemen, the poorest state in the Arab world.

    This comes a month after the attempted bombing of an airliner as it approached the US city of Detroit by a Nigerian thought to have been trained by Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

    Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden claimed the incident for his network Sunday, while vowing further strikes.

    The alleged attack exposed the rising prominence of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, which analysts warn could become a failed state in which extremists can openly thrive unless urgent action is taken.

    Miliband said Sunday that the Detroit incident marked a “new phase” in Al-Qaeda’s campaign against the West and that was why Wednesday’s meeting was being held.

    The London meeting will last just two hours, prompting claims from some British lawmakers that it is little more than a gimmick.

    Adding to the pressure on the British security forces guarding the two meetings in London, Britain has raised its terror threat assessment from substantial to severe, suggesting an attack was “highly likely”.

    Then on Friday, former prime minister Tony Blair faces tough questions over his role in taking Britain to war in Iraq.

    Amid protests and being watched closely by relatives of soldiers killed in the conflict, Blair is expected to be grilled on the claim that Iraq could deploy weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes, a key premise for Britain’s involvement in the war.

  43. 55,000 sign petition against Obama statue

    25 January 2010

    About 55,000 Indonesians have signed a petition to have a statue of US President Barack Obama removed.

    The statue of the US president as a young boy is located in a park in the capital Jakarta and was unveiled last month. Barack Obama lived in Jakarta from ages six to ten.

    Critics say Mr Obama has done nothing for Indonesia and does not deserve a statue. They have opened a petition on the network site Facebook and submitted the results to the Indonesian authorities who have said they will consider the issue.

    Dwi Bintarto, the official responsible for Jakarta’s city parks, says the statue does not represent Obama as president of the United States, but rather as a young boy. He said the statue is intended to motivate young people to study hard and set themselves ambitious objectives.

  44. NMF: #1. He knew what he inherited
    Yes. And cheated and lied, clawed and scratched, to get it.
    I know that those of us here understand that, but I’ll be happier when more realize that speaking as they all do (look what the poor guy inherited) is false sympathy, i.e. a comment to be avoided. Like O avoided hc at Martha’s rally. Don’t remind the people what he stood for.

  45. The repugs better win big in 2010 b/c imo unlike what happened in Mass, every single African American will once again show up in 2012 to elect their own kind…they way they abandoned the Clintosn was just a precursor to the means they will go to elect this fraud.

  46. confloyd @ 5:13, that “deficit reduction” commission is a crock. The rules expressly FORBID it from looking at any spending cuts. So you may as well call it a “Tax Increase Commission”, because if you can’t cut spending, how else are you going to balance a budget?

    Hang onto your wallets, Obama and the Dims are coming after more.

  47. Okie, the boob pissed me off when he went on his world apology “We Love Islam” tour and said something like “No faith teaches bloodshed and violence”.

    Bullshit. Not ALL sects of the Muslim faith teach bloodshed and violence, but many most certainly do. They preach it every day from mosques all over the world, and that is just a fact. Ignoring that FACT is crazy insane, and dangerous. Ignoring that specific religious groups are indeed preaching and encouraging violence, and that their “faith” is IN FACT what is motivating these people is just stupid.

    He could have said that “So many of the Muslim faith are peaceful, but we are absolutely at war with any sect that would preach the destruction of America. All Imams are not our enemy, but those that seek to destroy us most certainly are, and their hiding behind religion will not shield them.”

  48. So are the repubs the lesser of the two evils? I hope the independent movement rises and more independents get in.

  49. When I clicked on this article by Barone this morning…I expected the screen to turn “pink”…lol

    January 25, 2010
    Voters Spurn the ‘Boob Bait’ of the Educated Class
    By Michael Barone

    When the New York Times columnist David Brooks first sat down with Barack Obama, they talked a lot about Burke. That’s Edmund Burke, the 18th century conservative British politician and philosopher. Not Jimmy Burke, the 20th century Massachusetts pol, who said that all you had to know to serve in Congress was “Social Security and shoes.”

  50. JanH, neither are good IMO. I will be voting and donating strategically to
    a) get rid of the movers and shakers who destroyed my party, and permanently break their hold on it, and

    b) support those, R or D, who seem to have “gotten” the radical idea that they have to LISTEN to the People.

    IMO we have to reboot the system before we can start voting on specific policies again. That’s just my take on it – some may differ.

  51. H4T, Already with you.

    Another Flip Flop: He’s Hitting the Reset Button

  52. Independents are the key. They turned on Bush not because they are all lefties at heart, but because they felt BULLIED and LIED TO by the GOP.

    The solution to that is not to be bullied and lied to by the Left, and the Dems are discovering that fact. But seem to be learning nothing at all from that discovery.

    Off to read your article, Okie…

  53. Unbelievable!
    January 25, 2010

    U.N. Seeks to Drop Some Taliban From Terror List


    KABUL, Afghanistan — The leader of the United Nations mission here called on Afghan officials to seek the removal of at least some senior Taliban leaders from the United Nations’ list of terrorists, as a first step toward opening direct negotiations with the insurgent group.

    In an interview, Kai Eide, the United Nations special representative, also implored the American military to speed its review of the roughly 750 detainees in its military prisons here — another principal grievance of Taliban leaders. Until recently, the Americans were holding those prisoners at a makeshift detention center at Bagram Air Base and refusing to release their names.

    Together, Mr. Eide said he hoped that the two steps would eventually open the way to face-to-face talks between Afghan officials and Taliban leaders, many of whom are hiding in Pakistan. The two sides have been at an impasse for years over almost every fundamental issue, including the issue of talking itself. “If you want relevant results, then you have to talk to the relevant person in authority,” Mr. Eide said. “I think the time has come to do it.”

    In recent days, Afghan and American officials have signaled their willingness to take some steps that might ultimately lead to direct negotiations, including striking the names of some Taliban leaders from the terrorist list, as Mr. Eide is suggesting.

    The remarks by Mr. Eide were the latest in a series of Afghan and Western efforts to engage the Taliban movement with diplomatic and political means, even as a new American-led military effort was under way here.

    American, Afghan and NATO leaders are also preparing to start an ambitious program to persuade rank-and-file Taliban fighters to give up in exchange for schooling and jobs. That plan, expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars, will be the focus of an international conference this week in London. The plan aims at the bottom of the Taliban hierarchy — the foot soldiers who are widely perceived as mostly poor, illiterate, and susceptible to promises of money and jobs. In 2007 and 2008, a similar effort unfolded in Iraq, where some 30,000 members of the country’s Sunni minority — many of them former insurgents — were put on the American payroll. Partly as a result, violence there plummeted.

    Mr. Eide, who will leave his post in March, said that such efforts at reintegration would be useful but not enough. While some rank-and-file Taliban soldiers might be fighting for economic reasons, he said, the motives of most were more complex. The Taliban’s leaders exert more control over the foot soldiers than they are given credit for, he said.

    “I don’t believe it’s as simple as saying that these are people who are unemployed, and if we find them employment they will go our way,” Mr. Eide said. “Reintegration by itself is not enough.”

    In the past, talks between the Afghan government and the insurgents have foundered on a few core issues. Afghan leaders have demanded that the Taliban forswear violence and their association with Al Qaeda before talks can begin. For their part, the Taliban have demanded that the Americans and other foreign forces leave the country first.

    But some Taliban leaders have indicated that they might be willing to engage in some sort of discussions if their names were stricken from the United Nations’ so-called “black list.” The list contains the names of 144 Taliban leaders, including Mullah Mohammad Omar, the movement’s leader, as well as 257 from Al Qaeda. Under United Nations Resolution 1267, governments are obliged to freeze the bank accounts of those on the list and to prevent them from traveling.

    Some Taliban leaders say the black list prevents them from entering into negotiations — if they show their face, they say, they would be arrested. “This would allow the Taliban to appear in public,” said Arsalan Rahmani, a former deputy minister with the Taliban who now lives in the Afghan capital, Kabul. “It would allow the possibility of starting negotiations in a third country.”

    Mr. Eide said he did not believe that senior Taliban leaders like Mullah Omar should be removed from the list. It was Mullah Omar, after all, who provided sanctuary to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, which launched the Sept. 11 attacks.

    But some second-tier Taliban should be taken from the list, he said. Those leaders are not necessarily associated with terrorist acts but might be able to speak for the movement, he said, and might be willing to reciprocate a good-will gesture.

    The request to strike any Taliban names from the United Nations list would have to made by the Afghan government. In the past, Afghan officials have indicated that they might be willing to take some names off — even that of Mullah Omar. But they have kept details and their ultimate intentions under wraps.

    Last week, the American envoy to the region signaled some willingness to allow the names of some Taliban to be taken off the list as long as they are not senior commanders responsible for atrocities or associated with Al Qaeda. “A lot of the names don’t mean much to me,” Richard C. Holbrooke, the Obama administration’s special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, said last week in Kabul. “Some of the people on the list are dead, some shouldn’t be on the list and some are among the most dangerous people in the world. “I would be all in favor of looking at the list on a case-by-case basis to see if there are people on the list who are on the list by mistake and should be removed, or in fact are dead,” he said.

    Mr. Holbrooke showed no willingness to ease up on the leaders of the insurgency, including Mullah Omar and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of the Islamic Party, a group fighting the government and the Americans. “I can’t imagine what would justify such an action at this time,” he said, “and I don’t know anyone who is suggesting that.”

    As for the Taliban prisoners, American officials say that they imposed a more rigorous review process several months ago, and that they are examining the case of each detainee. This month, after years of keeping the names of detainees secret, the American military released the names of 645 detainees being held in the main detention center outside of Kabul.

    Since September, when the new review process was imposed, the Americans have reviewed the cases of 576 detainees, and 66 of those have been released, Col. Stephen Clutter, a United States military spokesman, said. A review of all 645 detainees will be completed by the end of March, he added. Mr. Eide said he hoped it would go further. “There needs to be a more comprehensive review of the list that has now been published,” Mr. Eide said.

    Still, for all of that, it wasn’t clear Sunday just how the Taliban would respond — or if it would at all.

    “I don’t know what they will do,” Mr. Rahmani said.


    Top advisers to the president insist that Mr. Obama is not in retreat and are resisting any comparisons to the kind of small-bore initiatives that the last Democratic president, Bill Clinton, used to try to get his presidency back on track.

    Idiots. Bill’s “small bore initiatives” that they sneer at worked, and here’s why:

    They worked because the American people have a (in many ways justified) distrust of big govt. That is just a fact, and all the “but the majority of the country is really Liberal, they just don’t know it!” whining in the world will not change that FACT.

    Clinton got things done because he did simple, popular, small, common-sense reforms that WORKED. He showed the people in small, concrete ways that govt was not always a) over-reaching, and b) a wasteful fuck-up.

    That built trust, which then gave him the political capital to ask the people to trust him for the next initiative.

    Obama has done the opposite. He is actively reinforcing every damn meme that govt is power-mad, ineffective, interested in it’s own advancement not the People’s, and out to destroy the middle class. The Dems are becoming every damn thing we spent so long trying to convince the People we are NOT.

  55. Independents are the key. They turned on Bush not because they are all lefties at heart, but because they felt BULLIED and LIED TO by the GOP.

    The solution to that is not to be bullied and lied to by the Left, and the Dems are discovering that fact. But they seem to be learning nothing at all from that discovery.

  56. Stepanapolis is a TOADIE. He represents the worst form of journalism. He is there to protect Obama and trash anyone who opposes him. He shapes his interviews to do precisely that and it shows. This is hardly surprising since he is a member of the White House Media cabal. He has been given the inside track and NBC has filed a complaint over it. He introduced the Health Care deform discussion, if I recall correctly. And for a period of time Stepanaoplis served as an internal advisor to the White House on media stategy. At the same time, he acted as moderator of the old David Brinkley show–and guided the discussion to favor Obama. That was and is a blatant conflict of interest, nor is it mitigated by his decision to take on their morning program. He served in the Clinton White House and then wrote a tell all expose about it. As such, he demonstrated a lack of loyalty and committed a material breach of his confidentiality agreement. In sum, George Stepanopolis, aka the little Greek is perfect example of all that is wrong with big media. Corrupt and unpatriotic to the core.

  57. H4T, Indian Muslims somehow don’t count as role model Muslims for the rest of the world. Recently, there was a hoopla about ID cards for Muslim women voters who cover their faces and the SC came down on no veil for Muslim women if they want to have the ID cards and vote. Muslim leadership supported and accepted it.

  58. But the jaw-dropper is Berry’s claim that President Obama personally dismissed any comparison between Democrats now and under Bill Clinton 16 years ago — by saying his personal popularity would bail everybody out.
    Does this not corroborate the statement which I have alluded to in this blog time and again–his statement to an unimpeachable source in the throes of the campaign he said this about the American People: “I can make them believe anything I want them to believe”. That is his continuing state of mind. It is pure delusion, and it is downright dangerous. People like this end up in Fuerher bunkers in Berlin playing Deutchland Uber Alles to drown out the sounds of Russian artillary and muttering to themselves about the non-existent Southern Redoubt which will appear as if by magic to push back the Asiatic Hordes–or in this case the Republicans, the racists and ultimately the productive part of the American People who have a grasp on reality which he and his cronies do not. ACORN are his Hitler Jugen, and Big Media up to now at least has been his Goebbels. No he is not Hilter. However, the parallels are less farfetched than they seem.

  59. pm317
    January 25th, 2010 at 12:38 pm


    The arrogance and hubris continues to be breathtaking.


    Thanks, admin, for pointing to the Frank Rich piece. Delish.

    My snarky $$$ comments interspersed between some of his excerpts:

    It was not a referendum on Barack Obama, who in every poll remains one of the most popular politicians in America.

    $$$ Ummm, yes, it was. Dude, he’s below 50%, and that’s WITH all the puffing up and mulligans. If he’s so POPULAR, why are all the blogging heads asking, “What’s wrong with Obama?”?

    It was not a rejection of universal health care, which Massachusetts mandated (with Scott Brown’s State Senate vote) in 2006.

    $$$ If it looks like a rejection, and smells like a rejection. People in Mass. did not like Coakley campaigning strongly in the primary to fight certain poison pills in the health care reform bill, only to have her immediately start waffling the minute she won. It’s almost as if she admitted that there was a back channel from the White House who helped “select” her, and then was going to pull her strings.

    It was not a harbinger of a resurgent G.O.P., whose numbers remain in the toilet.

    $$$ …A party in the toilet which is nonetheless poised to make major gains, and possibly be the majority in the House and/or Senate. Don’t forget,Dems are polling in the toilet as well.

    Brown had the good sense not to identify himself as a Republican in either his campaign advertising or his victory speech.

    $$$ Brown ran a smart campaign. Repubs were smart to throw a lot of resources his way. Dems were literally and figuratively “on holiday”, then woke up in early January asking, “Do I smell a fire?”.

    Yes, last week’s political obituaries were ludicrously premature. Obama’s 50-ish percent first-anniversary approval rating matches not just Carter’s but Reagan’s.

    $$$ Boy, this guy can round up. How 46-47% becomes 50-ish. Was he also involved in the “jobs created or saved” scheme? Is this what they mean by “new math”?

    However, let me give Frank Rich some credit for the following bon mots:

    “Obama has blundered, not by positioning himself too far to the left but by landing nowhere — frittering away his political capital by being too vague, too slow and too deferential to Congress.”

    “Worse, the master communicator in the White House has still not delivered a coherent message on his signature policy. He not only refused to signal his health care imperatives early on but even now he, like Congressional Democrats, has failed to explain clearly why and how reform relates to economic recovery — or, for that matter, what he wants the final bill to contain. Sure, a president needs political wiggle room as legislative sausage is made, but Scott Brown could and did drive his truck through the wide, wobbly parameters set by Obama.”

  61. JanH, I’m all for conquering and dividing Taliban. Many are just low level tribal guys who are trying to protect themselves bc the Afghani government can’t. It makes sense to open talks. It’ll also help with security concerns in the more desolate regions of Afghanistan.

    H4T, we’re seeing two different schools of thought on retreat. Some say, yes. Some say, no. Hell, after yesterday’s talk show rounds where these same advisers couldn’t give the same info on jobs saved by the stimulus, it’s safe to say one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. I bet he takes C&T off the agenda, scales back HCR to insurance reform (and still fails), and he does a WPA style jobs proposal.

    Pm, Berry is awesome. He could not have done more damage than by stating Obama personally cited his own popularity. That’s the height of conceit.

    Wbboei, the Tiny Greek is just someone who prefers access and celebrity. He’s not nearly as bad as Tweetie or Olbermann or Chris Wallace.

  62. Posted by Erick Erickson (Profile)
    Monday, January 25th at 1:00PM EST
    1 Comment
    When Obama takes to the podium for the State of the Union, one of the things he is allegedly going to push is a wholesale federal take over of the student loan industry.

    Already, his plans are causing a lot of students, particularly of private higher ed colleges and universities, problems with getting financing for education. Obama intends to shut out the usual third party lenders and put everything within the federal government — under a program that has been shown repeatedly to be highly inefficient and burdensome for academic institutions.

    More troubling, by putting everything under the Department of Education, universities and colleges will be forced to adhere to federal rules, some of which conflict with the values of sectarian institutions that presently use the third party student loan system for their students.

    The feds controlling the student loan industry means the feds get to tell academic institutions what values they can and cannot promote among the selection and disciplining of their students.

    Brigham Young, etc. better watch out.

    More troubling, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan sent out a letter recently to colleges and universities telling them to get on board the federal program right now. There’s just one problem — the Congress has not passed the program. Likewise, the Department of Education is encouraging outside groups to lobby for the legislation, a clear violation of federal law.

    In other words, Duncan is trying to get schools that have expressed real apprehension over the program to get into the program now so Congress will believe the expressed concerns have been ameliorated.

    The wholesale take over of education funding by the feds will, like a wholesale take over of healthcare, drive up prices through decreases in competition and, more troubling, allow the feds a backdoor into higher education learning and indoctrination.

  63. Wbboei, the Tiny Greek is just someone who prefers access and celebrity. He’s not nearly as bad as Tweetie or Olbermann or Chris Wallace
    He is driven by celebrity and ego alright. But that can be said for all of them. His agenda is similar to the others you mention only he is more subtle about it. Does he sound like a judge or an advocate to you? When he has someone like Gates on from whom he wants to extract testimony favorable to Obama, doesn’t the structure of his questions, what he chooses ask and what he choose to avoid remind you of a direct examination? It does to me, and that tells us something about his bona fides. There are so many relevant and material questions which would illuminate the dark areas, and the contradictions of this presidency that go unasked and unanswered by people like him who have the microphone but want to hide the ball. Time is alwasy a constraint, but what he chooses to ask and to avoid is telling. Also, that conflict of interest seems troubling to me. That is what I am referring to. What is your take on all this?

  64. pm, I agree with you about Indian Muslims, and I think that it is the PC bullshit itself that is helping to associate all Muslims with terrorism.

    Divide and conquer. Make a CLEAR distinction in public statements that we are not at war with Islam as a whole, but we ARE at war with those sects of Islam who would destroy us for their bogus religious reasons, and calling it “their faith” will not be anything they can hide behind. Failing to make any distinction at all is bullshit, and in many ways drives the suspicion of all Muslims, because people see through the farce of “it has nothing to do with their religion” when the statements of the murderers THEMSELVES say “I did it for my faith”.

    Rather than avoid any discussion of the religious motivation at all (which is the current course), we need to drive a wedge between Muslim doctrine that is peaceful, and Muslim doctrine bent on world dominance and destruction. Treating these terrorists as if their religion “has nothing to do with it” is so ludicrous that it actually FEEDS the suspicion of Muslims as a whole.

  65. RGB: superb rebuttal. Obama is not popular with anyone I know. Not now. Not after this. Likability is no longer the issue. The issue is trust. That is the question pollsters should be asking. Why? Because the former goes to the question of campaigning whereas the latter goes to the issue of governing. And, the president’s job is to govern.

  66. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 25% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-one percent (41%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -16.

    The Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance issues draws mixed reviews from voters. Sixty-five percent (65%) say corporations and unions should be allowed to buy ads to let people know how politicians voted on issues.

    Forty-nine percent (49%) of voters nationwide are worried the government will try to do too much to help the economy. Thirty-nine percent (39%) have the opposite view and worry it won’t do enough.

    Overall, 47% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance. Fifty-three percent (53%) disapprove.

    In Indiana, new polling shows that Senator Evan Bayh has joined the list of potentially vulnerable Democrats in Election 2010.

    Democratic incumbents who currently trail their challengers include Harry Reid in Nevada, Michael Bennet in Colorado, Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas and Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania. Barbara Boxer from California has a narrow lead but finds herself in a more competitive race than usual.
    Republicans lead open-seat races in Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Ohio. Democrats lead in Connecticut, and the race is close in Illinois. A commentary by political analyst Larry Sabato, suggests that if the election were held today, “the (59-seat) Democratic majority in the Senate would be reduced to just 52 seats.”

    Sixty-one percent (61%) now say Congress should drop health care and focus on the economy.

  67. Larry Johnson at No Quarter–at his best, from yesterday

    Barack Obama and His Ship of Fools
    By Larry Johnson on January 24, 2010 at 9:44 PM in Current Affairs
    So David Plouffe, campaign manager extraordinaire, is back at the White House to perform some miracle act of rescue for the sinking Obama Presidency. This event encapsulates what is wrong with Obama and his Presidency. And it also is a stark reminder that these boneheads simply do not understand the pickle they are in.

    Obama and the morons who surround him and enable him in the White House have failed to realize that they are no longer campaigning. They must govern. They must lead. And those are skills Obama has never developed.

    The incompetence of the Obama staff, at least in the governing mode, is staggering. Look at what they did today.

    David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett and Robert Gibbs hit the airwaves today to insist health care had not hurt them in Massachusetts and that Obama has done wonders for the economy. Problem? These stupid nimrods did not have a coordinated message. They were just making “facts” up out of thin air. The Politico had the story and noted the different messages:

    Axelrod, on CNN’s State of the Union: “But understand that, in this recession that began at the beginning of 2007, we’ve lost 7 million jobs. Now, the Recovery Act the president passed has created more than — or saved more than 2 million jobs. But against 7 million, you know, that — that is — it is cold comfort to those who still are looking.”

    Jarrett, on NBC’s Meet the Press: “The Recovery Act saved thousands and thousands of jobs. There are schoolteachers and firemen and— and— teachers all across our country, policemen, who have jobs today because of that recovery act. We’re investing in infrastructure. We’re investing in public education so that our kids can compete going forth into the next— generation.”

    Gibbs, on “Fox News Sunday”: “Well, Chris, let’s take for instance the example you just used of the stimulus package. We had four quarters of economic regression in terms of growth, right? Just last quarter, we finally saw the first positive economic job growth in more than a year. Largely as a result of the recovery plan that’s put money back into our economy, that saved or created 1.5 million jobs.”

    Then they compound the error by whining about the terrible economy they inherited. Blaming Bush, rightly so, for running up a one trillion plus deficit. So what is the prescription of Barack Obama for the sagging economy? He quadruples the deficit. See, Barack and his band of buffoons want you to believe that a deficit by a Republican President is awful and damaging to the economy but, when a Democrat does four times more of a deficit than Chimpy McBush then it is economic genius.

    A then they wet themselves because they only have 59 votes and those goddamn Republicans are stifling all legislative progress. Let’s ignore the fact that Republicans got a lot more done (much of it bad) with a much smaller majority. I guess Mr. Axelrod and his team of idiots think it is useful to portray Democrats as a bunch of hapless clowns.

    The bloom is definitely off of the rose. Barack got hammered today from all sides. David Michael Green tears him a new asshole. Here’s my favorite from his rant:

    Barack Obama has now, in just a year’s time, become the single most inept president perhaps in all of American history, and certainly in my lifetime. Never has so much political advantage been pissed away so rapidly, and what’s more in the context of so much national urgency and crisis. It’s astonishing, really, to contemplate how much has been lost in a single year.

    Michael Goodwin then conjures up the image of Barack Obama as the Cowardly Lyin (aka Lion).

    We the people of the United States owe Scott Brown’s sup porters a huge debt of gratitude. They didn’t merely elect a senator. They ripped the façade off the Obama presidency.

    Just as Dorothy and Toto exposed the ordinary man behind the curtain in “The Wizard of Oz,” the voters in Massachusetts revealed that, in this White House, there is no there there.

    It’s all smoke and mirrors, bells and whistles, held together with glib talk, Chicago politics and an audacious sense of entitlement.

    At the center is a young and talented celebrity whose worldview, we now know, is an incoherent jumble of poses and big-government instincts. His self-aggrandizing ambition exceeds his ability by so much that he is making a mess of everything he touches.

    Barack will continue to fail and will continue to be clueless. Why? He lacks a core belief and vision. Ronald Reagan really did believe that America was destined for greatness. He offered a positive vision that resonated among the American people. That’s why he was re-elected and regularly kicked the ass of the party of the Jackass err, I mean, Donkey. Obama does not have that quality or character. He is a liberal Avatar. A fake character. But we knew that early on, which is why we tried to persuade American voters to reject him knowing that this day would come. Who knew it would come so soon?

  68. Question: How do you spell delusion?

    Answer: B-A-R-A-C-K O-B-A-M-A


    1. But the jaw-dropper is Berry’s claim that President Obama personally dismissed any comparison between Democrats now and under Bill Clinton 16 years ago — by saying HIS PERSONAL POPULARITY WOULD BAIL EVERYONE OUT.–Politico

    2. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that twenty five (25%) of the nations voters STRONGLY APPROVE of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-one percent (41%) Strongly STRONGLY DISAPPROVE giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -16.

  69. There are so many relevant and material questions which would illuminate the dark areas, and the contradictions of this presidency that go unasked and unanswered by people like him who have the microphone but want to hide the ball. Time is alwasy a constraint, but what he chooses to ask and to avoid is telling. Also, that conflict of interest seems troubling to me. That is what I am referring to. What is your take on all this?
    I think the Tiny Greek lacks sincere curiosity and gravitas about a great many subjects. Unfortunately, his job requires questioning people on all manner of subjects other than what he likes which is war room style political maneuvering. He’s a politico who has become a political reporter and now morning show anchor. He’s not a Charlie Gibson or Tom Brokaw by a long shot.

    I don’t think he’s hiding the ball as much as dumbing it down for the average viewer. Ratings are always a problem on political shows. ALWAYS. There may be a few diehards who watch like us here at Big Pink, but the majority of folks are searching for another Paula Dean episode. The alternative is to dumb it down so people don’t feel intimidated by the messenger and the message being conveyed by the guest.

    When he used to offer opinion on GMA in the mornings before Diane left, he would actually cut through spin by dissecting it and explaining what the minutiae meant. He’s not able to do that in some of the things his job requires like interviewing. Besides, frankly, I don’t thing the caliber of most WH advisers these days would lend itself to tougher questions (unlike when Clinton was POTUS). These assholes are moronic to the nth degree and wouldn’t know what the hell to say since they are so very ill-prepared.

    Anyhow, I think you just don’t like the Tiny Greek which is okay, but I don’t think he’s as bad as Keitho or the Chris’s who are definitely trying to push a POV. He clearly enjoys the access and his high paying job and title, but he’s not a zealot by any means.

  70. 3. NB: personal popularity matters if you are a celebrity. But when you are president the criterion is tangible quantifiable results.

  71. Anyhow, I think you just don’t like the Tiny Greek which is okay, but I don’t think he’s as bad as Keitho or the Chris’s who are definitely trying to push a POV. He clearly enjoys the access and his high paying job and title, but he’s not a zealot by any means.
    You are right about me not liking him. But that is a conclusion reached after seeing how he operates. Also, I know someone who knows him, and although that is not material here it further colors my impression. Lastly, his lack of loyalty to the Clintons, which prevented Bill from talking to him for years. Do you like him, and if so why? Maybe there is something I am missing. It has been known to happen.

  72. Jarrett, on NBC’s Meet the Press: “The Recovery Act saved thousands and thousands of jobs. There are schoolteachers and firemen and— and— teachers all across our country, policemen, who have jobs today because of that recovery act. We’re investing in infrastructure. We’re investing in public education so that our kids can compete going forth into the next— generation.”


    I wish she’d tell that to the citizens in my state. Tulsa is laying off 10+% of its emergency responders (firemen, police, EMT’s) and OKC is about to do the same within the next (90) days.

    Yeah. Our two largest metro areas (Norman is third and suffering a critical downturn in revenues) are losing critical services. If there were an (another) attack or a (another) natural disaster, who the hell will be there to save lives????

    Valerie Jarrett ought to have her ass kicked. She’s a smug, veracity challenged sycophant who sells out to the highest bidder like a common whore. Fuck her.

  73. wbboei, I don’t necessarily like him; I dislike him less than the others and recognize his own professional handicaps due to the forum he is in (ABC news vs cable punditry).

    I do not know anyone who knows him per se, but the reporting at his gym is that he wears a sweater and it’s very tiny.

  74. Do you think it is a matter of dumbing it down or not pursuing. I have a friend who was president of our bar who used to tell me every time I hear a politician say something I want to stand up and object even though we are not in a court room.

    By the same token every time I see the Tiny Greek interview Obama supporters, he seems to pull his punches, and avoid the areas which you or I might want to pursue, whereas when his guest is an Obama opponent like Hillary in the primary he goes hammer and tongs for the jugular. I am trying to think of some examples but they do not come readily to mind.

    I will say this much for Matthews. Now at least he is giving people like Dean and that good old boy Congressman from Florida the full hammer and tongs treatment–which was needed. Stepanopolis is capable of that, but I doubt you will see it.

    You are right that he is hemmed in to some extent by the his corporate role, but if that is all he is then he is just another corporate shill. I have seen too many of them over the years, and it is a stall fed existence not conducive to the truth. We need truth tellers in the media– like Krauthammer. That is my idea of a journalist and commentator.

  75. wbboei, here’s a point about the Tiny Greek: he may have asked softball questions of Obama last week, but what do you do when an answer is so obviously flubbed?

    “That I do think is a mistake of mine,” the president told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “I think the assumption was if I just focus on policy, if I just focus on this provision or that law or if we’re making a good rational decision here, then people will get it.”

    What’s George to do? 1) Laugh at him?, 2) Point out he just had another arugula type moment and nail him?, 3) Let it go knowing there will be a lot of offended people in the audience?, 4) Kick him in the baby maker?

    By choosing #3, a whole new story is created and he does nothing to let him fix the flub.

    Keitho would have just chosen #5. Gotten on his knees and gone for the baby maker while saying “My life for you! My life for you!” ala Trash Man.

  76. HillaryforTexas
    January 25th, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    pm, I agree with you about Indian Muslims, and I think that it is the PC bullshit itself that is helping to associate all Muslims with terrorism.
    By and large, Muslims in India have assimilated well and are mostly contented with their religious freedom and restrained in their reaction to majority Hindu rule (the constitution is secular and affords them protection due to any minority community but we still have majority-minority tug of war).

    Recently, Musharaff was touring India giving speeches. In one Q and A, an Imam stood up to say that he and his fellow Muslims are happy in India and he asked Musharaff to mind his own business and keep his own house in order (paraphrasing). Musharaff was taken aback and retorted and belittled the Imam about being a minority. This is the video of it (I think, I don’t have sound here)

    On my recent India trip I also learnt a new fact that in fact Kashmir was not a problem until the mid or late 80s and it was a deliberate move on Pakistan’s part, a policy of death by 1000 cuts instituted by Zia Ul Haq by bringing in the religious mullahs into the political arena and then unleashing them on the Kashmir border — this coincides with the Mujahaddens on the Afghan border as well, I think. So politicians from various countries have exacerbated and manipulated the poor and illiterate people by using religion. They don’t have military or economic strength but they inflict pain and suffering by supporting extremists to advance their own political goals.

  77. wb- here’s a gift. 😀

  78. Sherman Frederick has some nice lines over at the LVRJ:

    Of course, Democrats didn’t invent duplicitous political behavior. But Obama appears to have perfected it, and I dare say that we’ve never seen anything quite like its consequences, in both speed and in severity. Consider that in a simple Republican vs. Democrat vote, Americans a year ago favored the Democrat brand 52 to 30. Today, Americans favor Republicans 48 to 44.

    That’s nothing short of stunning.

    And so long as Obama, Reid and other national Democratic leaders fail to grasp why Americans are so disappointed in their performance, it will continue.

    If they could find a moment of clarity to examine why Americans are so drawn to genuine figures — Ronald Reagan and Harry Truman come immediately to mind — they might yet find political redemption and begin to understand the American longing for honesty over intellect, straightforwardness over arrogant subterfuge. You know, something like that “hope” and “change” thingy.

    But that’s a hard road few travel in American politics. Redemption requires a contrite heart and true respect for the American voter, neither of which seem readily apparent in the White House or among top Democrat leaders today.

    That’s the truth as best I can say it.

  79. Lets take the analysis one step further. The problem with the Stepanapolis approach is it is predicated on the notion of a quid pro quo: access in exchange for favorable coverage. The inherent problem is the journalist is reduced to the role of servant and mouthpiece for those in power. And the problem with that is the lose their sense of curiosity, and that is where the dumbing down occurs. And when they render themselves dumb in that way, they become oblivious and/or dismissive of changes in the political climate and equilibrium. It wasn’t just the administration who misread the tea party movement and tried to bludgeon it to death with the thugs sent into Missouri by Deputy Chief of Staff Messina (a former Harry Reid operative). CNN paid strategists and talking heads, the same people who pounded the words weapons of mass destruction, Hillary is polarizing and citizens who exercise their First Amendment rights to object to health care and march on Washington are teabaggers, racists , ignorant and all the rest of it. The little Greek is part of that machine. He sold whatever integrity he had for a mess of pottage. And the elder statesmen are said to deplore it privately, but refuse to speak out. The big media outlets are bombarded I am told with an average of 12 emails per day by the White House. Access, influence and celebrity come at a very high price to any journalist with a conscience.

  80. Oakie: brilliant stuff. Its why redemption for Obama is not in the cards–even though you will hear about it from people like Stepanopolis after his State of The Union. He is the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    f they could find a moment of clarity to examine why Americans are so drawn to genuine figures — Ronald Reagan and Harry Truman come immediately to mind — they might yet find political redemption and begin to understand the American longing for honesty over intellect, straightforwardness over arrogant subterfuge. You know, something like that “hope” and “change” thingy.

    But that’s a hard road few travel in American politics. Redemption requires a contrite heart and true respect for the American voter, neither of which seem readily apparent in the White House or among top Democrat leaders today.

  81. JANUARY 25, 2010, 1:19 P.M.

    A Rahm Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

    The chief of staff has been surprisingly absent in the past few weeks.


    Not everyone is buying the White House’s claim that no senior staffer’s job is in jeopardy in the wake of last week’s debacles. It may not come quickly, but a reshuffling is almost certain even if the shakeup must wait until after the midterm elections in nine months.

    For now, Obama political strategist David Axelrod told ABC News his boss doesn’t react to “When are we going to throw a body out?” stories that call for White House resignations. “That’s not how we roll,” he said.

    That won’t stop the knives from being sharpened in anticipation of a high-level departure. Topping the list of unpopular staffers is Rahm Emanuel, the pit-bull chief of staff who clearly miscalculated when he assured President Obama that the 2008 election and the financial crisis had ushered in a transformational moment that would allow a massive expansion of government.

    Republicans have long had it in for Mr. Emanuel, ever since Election Night 2006 when he praised his role as Democratic campaign chief for delivering “a thumpin'” that ended GOP control of Congress. But Democrats have also grown disenchanted with their former House colleague. “I haven’t seen Rahm Emanuel except on television,” Bill Pascrell, a Democratic lawmaker from New Jersey, told last week. “We used to see him a lot. I’d like him to come out from behind his desk and meet with the common folk.”

    For its part, the Washington punditocracy is bidding down Mr. Emanuel’s chances of survival. On this week’s McLaughlin Group, all five panelists agreed he would be gone by year-end, with even stalwart liberal Eleanor Clift saying that the Massachusetts defeat will necessitate some personnel changes in Team Obama.

  82. Another Dem “retirement:”

    From RCP: Also BREAKING in DE: Appointed Democratic Sen. Ted Kaufman reiterates that he, too, will NOT run for the seat previously held by Biden.

  83. wbboei, Why do you think Palin scared the shit out of Dem and GOP leadership so much in ’08? It’s not her “I can see Russia” shit (although that was actually Tina Fey…). It was authenticity and an ability to connect in the same way RR and HT did.

    McCain’s campaign people screwed up in keeping her sequestered and buying her expensive outfits. They should have let her be her. It would have resonated better for longer. When they cut access, cut her speeches and took her to Saks they screwed up her image and thus, it was easier to caricature her as inauthentic and loony. No wonder he’s got her helping in AZ now. Not the same people throwing the election this time….

  84. CNN Poll: 3 of 4 Americans say much of stimulus money wasted

    January 25, 2010

    Washington (CNN) — Nearly three out of four Americans think that at least half of the money spent in the federal stimulus plan has been wasted, according to a new national poll.

    A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Monday morning also indicates that 63 percent of the public thinks that projects in the plan were included for purely political reasons and will have no economic benefit, with 36 percent saying those projects will benefit the economy.

    Twenty-one percent of people questioned in the poll say nearly all the money in the stimulus has been wasted, with 24 percent feeling that most money has been wasted and an additional 29 percent saying that about half has been wasted. Twenty-one percent say only a little has been wasted and 4 percent think that no stimulus dollars have been wasted.

    “One reason why the economic stimulus bill is no longer popular with the American public is the perception that a lot of the money has been wasted. Six in 10 believe that the projects in the stimulus bill were included for purely political reasons,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “Nearly three-quarters believe that at least half the stimulus money spent so far has been wasted, and one in five say nearly all of it has been a waste,” Holland said.

    According to a CNN poll released Sunday, 56 percent of the public opposes the stimulus, with 42 percent supportive of the plan. Last March, just weeks after the stimulus bill was signed into law by President Obama, a CNN survey indicated that 54 percent supported the program, with 44 percent opposed.

    The program, formally known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, attempts to stimulate the country’s economy by increasing federal spending and cutting taxes at a total cost to the government of $787 billion. No Republicans in the House of Representatives and only three in the Senate voted in favor of the bill.

    The CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll was conducted January 8-10, with 1,021 adult Americans questioned by telephone. The survey’s sampling error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

  85. But that’s a hard road few travel in American politics. Redemption requires a contrite heart and true respect for the American voter, neither of which seem readily apparent in the White House or among top Democrat leaders today
    Which gets back to what you said yesterday about their to the manor born attitude and arrogance, which is the stock in trade of neo libs or what they used to call limousine liberals. Peter Lewis is one of them. He is a kind, compassionate, and socially responsible man. His wants to save humanity with opm–other people’s money. He makes to Open Society entities who promote radical change. Don’t worry they are tax deductible. Perhaps he will contribute more to Haiti that Barack did to paying down Hillary’s debt–$4800 while she raised $6 million for him. And Barack has really shown his largess by contribution $15,000 of his own money to a country where 150,000 souls were killed. $.10 per body. But back to Peter for a second. Being a billionaire he undoubtedly has an army of tax accountants and attorneys to preserve the bulk of his estate. It is other people’s net worth is wants to go after to solve the problems that ultimately threaten his own wealth and standing. Is there really such a thing as an honest limousine liberal or is it mainly a case of preening and posturing?

  86. OkieAtty
    January 25th, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    EVERYONE gets new clothes for the campaign trail. Don’t EVEN think about the costs of the Frauds suits. That was an inside hit. Probably a Romney person.

  87. wbboei, Why do you think Palin scared the shit out of Dem and GOP leadership so much in ‘08? It’s not her “I can see Russia” shit (although that was actually Tina Fey…). It was authenticity and an ability to connect in the same way RR and HT did.
    Okie: if you saw the movie Dr. Zhivago then you may remember the scene early in the movie where Kamorovski (Rod Steiger) and Laura (Julie Christy) are at a ball thrown by the Romanov Family. The setting is regal, everyone is gay and then from the streets we hear the voices of the people marching and shouting, while a Cossack contingent of Ivan Skavitsky Skavars stands poised to attack. The rising sound of their voices casts a chill in the ballroom, and silence. Whereupon Kamovoski breaks the silence and asks I wonder if they will sing in tune after the revolution.

    In two words, class warfare. The beltway culture and society sees itself as the center of the universe. Populists are never welcome in their house–not legitimate ones. That was true of John Paul Jones when he tried to raise a navy to defend their sorry asses, it was Andrew Jackson when he became President and pushed for Manifest Destiny, and it was true of Bill and Hillary when they brought peace and prosperity to the nation and a better life to working people I knew.

    In sum, people like Sarah represent a threat and a painful reminder that there are more of us than there are of them. They represent the greater threat that at some point, the people outside the beltway will organize politically in ways which are not congenial to their interests. For the same reason they had to destroy William Jennings Bryant and William Jefferson Clinton–true populists they were hell bent to destroy Sarah. Obama on the other hand is not a threat. Notice how he has marginalized Jessee Jackson, among others.

  88. wbboei- your comments on the noblesse oblige and the lack of largess by Obama reminded me of this stuff about the Hamilton Group:

    If you recall, the deputy general counsel left for there at the same time Greg Craig was fired…. Soros is only part of the equation….

  89. In sum, people like Sarah represent a threat and a painful reminder that there are more of us than there are of them. They represent the greater threat that at some point, the people outside the beltway will organize politically in ways which are not congenial to their interests. For the same reason they had to destroy William Jennings Bryant and William Jefferson Clinton–true populists they were hell bent to destroy Sarah. Obama on the other hand is not a threat. Notice how he has marginalized Jessee Jackson, among others.

    One thing about the people outside the beltway- they always want to be in the beltway. That’s why Obama was able to get them to cannibalize the only candidate in the final process that was most like them and most like their values.

    Never underestimate the mount of self-loathing the average American possess.

  90. This class warfare dynamic can be seen across the full breadth of American History. It as mitigated somewhat by the westward expansion. One of the great things about my city is it was present but not in your face from many years. Today however with the Gates and Paul Allens that has changed.

    A great example of this clash happened in the immediate aftermath of the Revolutionary War at a place called Newberg New York. A group of officers from the Continental Army met to discuss what Congress had done to them. I think they were part of that organization called the society of cincinatus, but I am not sure. They had a valid grievance. The wealthy interests in Congress had promised them land in western Virginia in exchange for their service, and after they had rendered that service Congress reneged on its promise. So they met to discuss what to do about it and they decided they would leave the colonies and head west to Ohio, leaving the colonies unprotected against hostile Indians, French forces and the like. Washington himself had to intervene, he pulled out a pair of glasses they had never seen wear, apologized and told them his eyes had grown weak and he had grown old in the service of the country, bid them to keep their powder dry and he would personally appeal to Congress. He did so, and land grants were given in the Ohio Valley. That was another example of what I am referring to. Pure class warfare by wealthy elites. I do not expect it to end any time soon.

  91. This just popped up:

    ‘Never Been Stronger’
    Posted by Tom Bevan | Email This | Permalink | Email Author

    In an email to Obama’s grassroots army asking them to gather together for house parties to watch the upcoming State of the Union Address, former Obama campaign manager and newly rehired White House political strategist David Plouffe writes:

    We’ve hit some serious bumps in the road recently in our march toward change. We always knew it would be difficult, but this past week has definitely been a hard one, for all of us.

    But this movement didn’t come so far without making it through some challenging times. It’s at moments like these when we need you most. People are hurting. Our country is at a crossroads, and in communities like yours all across America we must all fight for the progress our families and businesses need to thrive.

    The President’s resolve has never been stronger to keep fighting for health insurance reform, for lasting job creation, and to rein in the big banks and fight the undue influence of lobbyists. Wednesday’s speech will be a pivotal moment for us all to get on the same page and continue the fight together.

    So just who is paying Plouffe to restart the campaign network? It’s massive and massively expensive. If a third party is, there’s a problem. If the taxpayers are, it’s also a HUGE problem. Where’s the money flowing in from???

  92. Washington himself was also given land for his service in the Revolutionary War. He was allowed to select land anywhere he wanted and he chose the area around Charleston West Virginia. I campaigned there for Hillary. It is as beautiful in its own way to me as the Monterrey Peninsula in California. I never would have imagined it but seeing is believing.

  93. OkieAtty, we were onto Obama and his plots to destroy Social Security back in September 2007.

    We’ve published several discussions of how and why Obama will destroy Social Security

    Obama’s Social Security Treachery

    Barack Obama’s Social Insecurity

    Obama wants to destroy Social Security for a very simple reason (cue Willie Sutton) because that is where the money is. (see Obama: Rob the Old People – )

  94. So just who is paying Plouffe to restart the campaign network? It’s massive and massively expensive. If a third party is, there’s a problem. If the taxpayers are, it’s also a HUGE problem. Where’s the money flowing in from???
    Okie: a “pivotal” question, to borrow a word from the author of that email.

    PLEASE CONSIDER DIRECTING THAT QUESTION TO THE AUTHOR OF THAT PIECE TOM BEVAN. His email address is listed. He has the resources to follow-up on it. It goes to the larger question of who is buying our elections and stealing our democracy.

    I cannot get with him on my new machine, or I would do it for you.

  95. Plouffe’s words are concerning…he did, after all, bring down the Clinton machine. His book seemed to have not had any real traction, so I guess he will get more involved in the day to day stuff….not good for Hillary or Bill-or any of us.

  96. I received this is an email



    Published on on January 25, 2010

    Printer-Friendly Version

    Highly informed sources on Capitol Hill have revealed to me details of the Democratic plan to sneak Obamacare through Congress, despite collapsing public approval for healthcare “reform” and disintegrating congressional support in the wake of Republican Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts.

    President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid all have agreed to the basic framework of the plan.

    Their plan is clever but can be stopped if opponents of radical healthcare reform act quickly and focus on a core group of 23 Democratic Congressman. If just a few of these 23 Democrats are “flipped” and decide to oppose the bill, the whole Obama-Pelosi-Reid stratagem falls apart.

    Here’s what I learned top Democrats are planning to implement.

    Senate Democrats will go to the House with a two-part deal.

    First, the House will pass the Senate’s Obamacare bill that passed the Senate in December. The House leadership will vote on the Senate bill, and Pelosi will allow no amendments or modifications to the Senate bill.

    How will Pelosi’s deal fly with rambunctious liberal members of her majority who don’t like the Senate bill, especially its failure to include a public option, put heavy fines on those who don’t get insurance, and offering no income tax surcharge on the “rich”?

    That’s where the second part of the Pelosi-deal comes in.

    Behind closed doors, Reid and Pelosi have agreed in principle that changes to the Senate bill will be made to satisfy liberal House members — but only after the Senate bill is passed and signed into law by Obama.

    This deal will be secured by a pledge from Reid and the Senate’s Democratic caucus that they will make “fixes” to the Senate bill after it becomes law with Obama’s John Hancock.

    But you may ask what about the fact that, without Republican Scott Brown and independent Democrats such as Joe Lieberman, Reid simply doesn’t have the 60 votes in the Senate to overcome a Republican filibuster that typically can stop major legislation?

    According to my source, Reid will provide to Pelosi a letter signed by 52 Democratic senators indicating they will pass the major changes, or “fixes,” the House Democrats are demanding. Again, these fixes will be approved by the Senate only after Obama signs the Senate bill into law.

    Reid also has agreed to bypass Senate cloture and filibuster rules and claim that these modifications fall under “reconciliation” and don’t require 60 Senate votes.

    To pass the fixes, he won’t need one Republican; he won’t even need Joe Lieberman or wavering Democrats such as Jim Webb of Virginia.

    His 52 pledged senators give him a simple majority to pass any changes they want, which will later be rubberstamped by Pelosi’s House and signed by Obama.

    This plan, of course, is a total subversion of the legislative process.

    Typically, the Senate and House pass their own unique legislation and then both bills go to a conference committee. In conference, the leadership of both Democrat-dominated houses wheels and deals and irons out differences.

    The final compromise bill is then sent back to the full Senate and full House for a vote and has to pass both to go to the president.

    In the House, a simple majority passes the legislation. But under Senate rules, major legislation requires 60 votes to end a filibuster.

    As it stands, the House bill and Senate bill have major discrepancies. Reid does not have 60 votes to pass a compromise bill that would no doubt include some of the radical provisions House members have been demanding.

    But if the House passes the exact Senate bill that passed by a 60-39 Senate vote last month, there is no need for a conference on the bill. It will go directly to the president’s desk.

    There is a rub to all of this.

    This secret plan being hatched by Pelosi and Reid requires not only a pledge by 52 Democratic senators to vote later for the House modifications. House liberals must actually believe these Senators will live up to their pledge and pass the fixes at some future date.

    A Senate source cautions: “Senators more than House members and both more than ordinary people, lie.”

    Still, my Senate source and others in Washington believe that the liberals in the House, grasping at straws after the stunning Massachusetts defeat, will go along with the Reid-Pelosi plan to bypass a conference bill and ultimately will vote for the Senate version without changes.

    Among the key “fixes” House liberals are demanding the Senate pass in reconciliation at some later date include a “carve out” for unions from the “Cadillac policy” insurance tax. The Senate plan funds their healthcare plan by heavy taxes on so-called “Cadillac” insurance plans that provide those insured with exceptionally good coverage including almost unlimited health access with little or no co-payments. The Senate’s view was that rich people have such plans and should be taxed for them to pay the less fortunate.

    But many unions have Cadillac plans for their members, and they are furious their members will be hit with the Senate tax. The unions have told their minions in the House to oppose the Senate Cadillac plan tax.

    House liberals also are requiring a fix that increases fines for those who flout the law and don’t buy health insurance (the Pelosi-passed plan includes criminal penalties, including possible jail time if a person doesn’t purchase insurance). Another fix will raise subsidies for low-income families seeking to buy insurance.

    In the original House bill that passed, healthcare expansion costs would have been paid for by an income tax surcharge on the “rich.” House liberals are pushing for that fix as well.

    So what is the counter-move? How do opponents of Obamacare stop this?

    Opponents cannot rely on liberal Democrats in the House who might balk at passing the Senate bill with just a “pledge” from 52 senators. I have no doubt House liberals, despite their skepticism, will fade under pressure from Pelosi and Obama. They will do their duty and pass the Senate bill, whatever their current posturing.

    Instead, the key to stopping the Pelosi-Reid plan lies with conservative or “moderate” Democrats who voted for the healthcare bill the first time.

    There are 23 of these conservative-leaning Democratic House members who voted for Pelosi’s Obamacare back in November, which passed by just five votes, with 39 Democrats defecting to vote against the bill.

    All 23 of these congressmen who did vote for the Pelosi bill are extremely vulnerable.

    Opponents of Obamacare need to climb all over these 23 congressmen with TV ads and advocacy campaigns in their districts to get them to change their vote this time, to vote “no” to the Senate bill when it comes before the House.

    Voters need to say, “You voted for Obamacare the first time. But your district opposes it by 2 to 1. Now it is coming up for a vote again. Listen to your constituents and vote no. We don’t want Medicare cuts or premium increases or rationing of medical care. Don’t monkey with our healthcare. Vote no this time.”

    Since the House healthcare bill passed by five votes, much has happened and the political landscape has changed dramatically.

    The Massachusetts election of a Republican to Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat has sent shock waves through Washington. Every one of these 23 Democrats knows they will face an angry backlash in their districts if they vote for the Senate bill and go along with Pelosi-Reid plan to ram through Obamacare.

    I believe now is the time for opponents to act. The truth is that Obamacare is hanging by a thread.

    Opponents, if they move now, can drive a stake through its heart.

    Once these congressmen hear from their aroused constituents, they won’t be able to back Obamacare.

    As I mentioned, the Pelosi health bill passed the House by only 220-215. Nancy Pelosi knows she has no margin for error.

    If only a handful of these 23 congressmen change their vote under public pressure, the Pelosi-Reid plan is stopped and Obamacare is dead.

  97. jbstonesfan, I’m not worried about Plouffe. Governing is not the same as campaigning. Plouffe is an excellent campaign advisor, but the arena he is entering now is NOTHING like a campaign.

    You actually can sell a shit sandwich. Once. After the people have taken a few bites, the job becomes much harder. The country has changed in SEISMIC ways since the glory days of unicorns and rainbows and “the first black president”.

  98. Hope you are correct HillaryforTexas….
    and speaking of shit, does anyone take anything Morris says seriously..he has thrown out so much “shit” and hopes something will stick…I actually dislike him more than Pelosi and that is pretty shitty..

  99. Plouffe’s words are concerning…he did, after all, bring down the Clinton machine. His book seemed to have not had any real traction, so I guess he will get more involved in the day to day stuff….not good for Hillary or Bill-or any of us.
    Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright,
    The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
    And somewhere men are laughing, and little children shout;
    But there is no joy in Mudville — mighty Casey has struck out.

    The baseball diamond is different, the left field fence is further away, the umpire is less inclined to call strikes balls, and the pitcher has a knuckle ball and high inside fast ball he has not seen. Mighty Casey runs that risk when he decides to not rest on his laurels. Also, his team is behind, and it is the bottom of the eighth inning.

  100. Looks like Scott Brown is backpeddling on Healthcare which swept him into office. Maybe BO got him bamboozled!

    h t t p ://

  101. Aaaaand…… once again the Left shoots themselves in the foot by railing against the very voters they need to convince. Why am I not surprised?

    Klein goes apeshit at the audacity of voters to not be a fan of the stimulus results. Keep it up, Dems. Just keep right on calling the public nasty names, demanding that they give up their own opinions and bow to the Left’s superior intellect. That’s the way to win votes, fershure! Any day now they are going to come running to the polls to vote for the people who call them stupid and ignorant.

  102. wbboei, done and done.

    Admin, I remember those articles quite well. Thanks for posting them again. 🙂

    H4T and jbstones- The dumbass from FL that Tweetie f’d up alluded to that exact plan yesterday. Pass the measure with the House taking the gamble on reconciliation after the fact. Tweetie basically called him an idiot, but there may be some truth to this backdoor plan. They run the risk of killing the student loan bill (which IMHO is a better plan in a lot of ways and more deserving of the reconciliation card)….Morris may be more right on this than you may think.

  103. Clinton cites exodus effect from Haitian capital


    MONTREAL — An effective recovery strategy for Haiti must take into account a sudden rush of thousands of quake survivors from Port-au-Prince into the countryside, where the economy cannot sustain them, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday.

    Clinton, speaking to reporters during a break in a daylong conference intended to review and improve the delivery of short-term aid as well as chart a course for long-term recovery, said she was encouraged by the analysis of Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive. He told the conference that the exodus from Port-au-Prince has added a new twist to the post-quake challenge.

    “The distribution of people (and) their needs have changed,” Bellerive said. “We have to reassess the whole country,” in terms of job creation and requirements for housing.

    At a closing news conference, Clinton said the U.S. would host an international donors conference for Haitian relief in March at U.N. headquarters in New York.

    Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon told the final news conference that Monday’s talks had produced “the beginnings of a roadmap” for helping get Haiti back on its feet, as well as a “shared vision” of the island nation’s longer-term rebuilding.

    Earlier, Clinton said after a one-on-one meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper that she was pleased to see Haitian leaders addressing this problem. “I was quite heartened to hear the prime minister say that as part of our multilateral efforts to assist Haiti we should look at how we decentralize economic opportunity and work with the Haitian government and people to support resettlement, which they are doing on their own as people leave Port-au-Prince and return to the countryside from which most of them came,” she said.

    Harper said he shared Clinton’s view. “It does also indicate to us the need for us to work closely with the Haitians, who do understand the conditions on the ground maybe a little better than some of us with high intentions but a little farther-away view,” Harper told reporters.

    “Ultimately, the Haitian people will be the ones to lift up their country and chart their own destiny,” she said, according to a copy of her prepared remarks. She also called on other countries to join Brazil, Argentina and other Latin American nations in contributing to the U.N.-led military and police force in Haiti.

    She called Monday’s conference “the beginning of a conversation” about Haiti’s future that will continue for years. On her flight to Montreal from Washington, Clinton told reporters traveling with her that the U.S., in collaboration with international donors and organizations, had been mapping out a plan for Haiti’s development for months before the quake. She indicated this could be the basis for a revised plan now. “I don’t want to start from scratch, but we have to recognize the changed challenges that we are now confronting,” she said.

    Attending the conference were foreign ministers from more than a dozen countries, plus representatives of eight international bodies, including the United Nations and the Organization of American States, and six major non-governmental organizations. They hoped to set a target date for a followup conference at which donations would be pledged for Haiti’s recovery and rebuilding.

    Haiti’s magnitude-7 earthquake killed an estimated 200,000 people and left the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere virtually without a functioning government. It wrecked the presidential palace, parliament, government ministries and the U.N. headquarters, among thousands of other structures. Haiti’s government wants many of the homeless to leave the capital city of 2 million people, to look for better shelter with relatives or others elsewhere. Officials estimate that about 235,000 have taken advantage of its offer of free transport to leave the city, and many others left on their own, some even walking.

    In her remarks to an afternoon session that was closed to press coverage, Clinton stressed the importance of not dictating to Haiti what its priorities should be.

  104. Reading the comments to that Klein piece is just sad. Why is it that the party that claims to be on the side of the People always seems to have such unrelenting unbridled contempt for the opinions of the People?

  105. confloyd’s video of Downtown Scott Brown disturbs me; I worked pretty hard to help get him elected; does Obummer have fairy dust left after all??? Our now Governor, Charlie Crist, is running for the senate. He has been a pretty popular governor, however, he was giddy over Obummer and the stimulus. Marco Rubio is running against him as a conservative who believes (he says) in the consititution and small government and as an opponent of Obummer. His parents came to our country in exile form Cuba. He is an American of Cuban heritage.What do you all think of Mark Levin’s endorsement and of Marco Rubio? Mark Levin has endorsed him and interviewed him on his show as follows:

  106. Plouffe and Axelrod are trying to demean and demonize the republicans anyway they can. How can they accuse them of the very same misdeeds they themselves have done over and over. It reminds me of the Harry and Louise paper Obama himself used during the campaign against Hillary. It also came back and bite him in the ass when he tried to pass what he himself demonized to beat Hillary. Although his bill was BS, he reminded the voters of their fears about the public option.

    Here’s what he is saying now about the republicans.

    \..GOP sends letter appearing to be census form

    “Strengthening our Party for the 2010 elections is going to take a massive grassroots effort all across America. That is why I have authorized a Census to be conducted of every Congressional District in the country,” GOP Chairman Michael Steele says in a letter mailed nationwide.

    The letter was sent in plain white envelopes marked “Do Not Destroy, Official Document.” Labeled “2010 Congressional District Census,” the letter uses a capital “C,” the same as the Census Bureau. It also includes a “Census Tracking Code.”

    The letter makes a plea for money and accompanies a form asking voters to identify their political leanings and issues important to them. There are no disclaimers that participation in the GOP effort is voluntary; participation in the government census is required by law. Failure to participate carries a $5,000 fine, though it is rarely enforced.

    Sara Sendek, a Republican National Committee spokeswoman, said the letter was not an attempt to mislead voters.

    “The document clearly indicates that it is an RNC mailer. The purpose of this document is to gather Republican opinion from across the country and raise a little money,” Sendek said.

    The letter asks political questions, including, “Do you think the record trillion dollar federal deficit the Democrats are creating with their out-of-control spending is going to have disastrous consequences for our nation?” and, “Do you worry that the Obama administration is committed to greatly expanding the government’s role in your life?”

    Democrats said the letter was part of a deceptive pattern by Republicans. They said it could mislead voters to believe it’s part of the nationwide census being conducted this year. The Census Bureau officially begins its head count this week in rural Alaska; the count for the rest of the nation begins in March.

    “When you have no new ideas to offer, all you are left with are the deceptive ideas,” said Hari Sevugan, a Democratic National Committee spokesman.

    U.S. Census Bureau spokesman Michael Cook says he has received several complaints over the past week from voters who believed the letter was misleading. Cook says the agency is still deciding what steps to take

  107. Scott Brown in that video is quite consistent. His campaign thing was let us go back to the drawing board and do this better. I think he is saying the same thing here. Am I reading it differently?

  108. ShortTermer, I think we might need to realize that both parties are in this, even though Scott came across as a populist, his best friend is McCain or as I call him Rollover McCain.

  109. Brown never said he was against any and all healthcare reform. He said that the monstrosity under consideration was awful – to start over.

  110. H4T, I AM AGAINST ANY healthcare reform under Pelosi/Reid/Obummer’s watch. ANY! Period. Do. not. want. it. to. happen. I trust Hillary, but no one else.

  111. HFT…this is how the far left is…it is either their way or no way…that was a big awakening for me last summer…silly me…thinking our side was fair and open minded and our humane instincts were for all…including all women…silly, silly democrats…we had to learn the hard way…that the left in ‘our’ party does not want to hear another opinion…no, you are not entitled to your own opinion…it is either ‘their’ way or no way…and if you dare to have an differing opinion…you will be demonized and destroyed…very totalitarian…the far left in the democratic party…all in ‘group think’ or else…

    …and we just had a front seat to see them all in action…a chosen few of the hierarcy in the party called behind closed doors to do the secret deals…and then forget the transparency they promised…that was just a ploy to get you on their side…they had no intention of being open and honest…O and his fake dims…
    …just secret deals and bribes for the insiders and whomever they needed at the time temporarily…

    …and now…these dims are threatening to do away with the filibuster…so the minority will have NO SAY AT ALL…this is what is left of the once great Democratic Party…we were supposed to be better than the other side…we are worse…


    January 25th, 2010 at 10:26 am
    55,000 sign petition against Obama statue

    25 January 2010


    oh the irony, in Bosnia and all over the world…people erect statues to President Bill Clinton for actually saving lives and doing good works that have effected them and people love him for it…for doing the hard work people want to acknowledge and recognize Bill Clinton…somehow the Nobel Peace Prize committee seems to be asleep at the wheel…but the PEOPLE in this world know the truth…

    …which brings us to Indonesia…what brave people to speak up and shout out what everyone knows…O had done nothing to warrant a statue except spend time in Indonesia when he was six…

  112. I believe Scott Brown was also against the secret deals and the bribes that went on with the health reform scam…and he was representing the people of Massachusetts because they were also sick of the private deals and bribes that they were going to have to pay for…

    …big difference between actual health care reform and the insurance and drug co scam that O and the dims were trying to force on us…

  113. Remember the Arkansas soldier killer, the one BM wouldn’t cover, the guy who killed a young men in cold blood and wounded another?
    Look at what he’s saying now.
    “In the handwritten letter dated January 12, Abdul Hakim Muhammad said he did not want a trial and insisted the shooting was “justified” under jihad.
    “This was a jihadi attack on infidel forces that didn’t go as plan,” he wrote. “Flat out truth.”
    In his letter to the judge, Muhammad claimed he had links to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen, a group that has claimed responsibility for the attempting bombing of a U.S.-bound airliner on Christmas Day.
    “My lawyer has no defense,” he wrote. “I wasn’t insane or post traumatic nor was I forced to do this act. Which I believe and it is justified according to Islamic laws and the Islamic religion jihad — to fight those who wage war on Islam and Muslims.”

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