Brown Versus Coakley – Dr. Martin Luther King Speaks

We are one day away from the very special election in Massachusetts. On the ballot itself the contestants are Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown as well as Libertarian Joe Kennedy.

Martha Coakley is a mainstream Democratic candidate. Coakley is not worthy of hate nor vilification. Yes, Martha Coakley has made many mistakes, but those mistakes are not what weigh on her. Coakley ran a smart campaign for the Democratic nomination against the opposition of the Democratic establishment and won. Nancy Pelousy, went to Massachusetts to campaign against her but Coakley won. The Kennedy clan was against her but Coakley won. Coakley vowed to vote against Obama’s health scheme to enrich insurance companies and Coakley won.

After a huge victory in the Democratic primary Martha Coakley became the Coca Cola company. Remember the “New Coke” fiasco? The Coca Cola company threw out its popular product only to replace it with “New Coke”. Americans stocked up on “Old Coke”. It was a disaster which forced the company to return to “Classic Coke”.

After her massive Democratic Primary win Martha Coakley became the “New Coak”. She embraced the Kennedy clan and she embraced Barack Obama’s health scam. Martha Coakley took a draught of Barack Obama. Barack Obama is poison.

Scott Brown is a Massachusetts Republican. Scott Brown is not worthy of hate nor vilification. Scott Brown is not the monster Dimocrats, in desperation, try to create. Scott Brown is a canny candidate from a district that voted 60% for Barack Obama. Scott Brown will likely win in blue of the bluest Massachusetts tomorrow because he appeals to the voters the Obama Dimocrats threw out. Indeed, Scott Brown’s trajectory began to rise when he ran a campaign advertisement and tied himself to the old Democratic coalition. Scott Brown embraced John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

In the 1960 election Catholic John Kennedy had a problem. Protestant America and the white working class did not trust John Kennedy based on his religion. John Kennedy went to West Virginia and spoke to the Protestant white working class voters in the South. Kennedy won their trust and won the presidency. Kennedy, like Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and especially Bill Clinton won the white working class vote.

Barack Obama took a detour from the coalition that FDR and Jack Kennedy built. JFK also appealed to the increasingly enfranchised African-American voters after his historic call to Coretta Scott King, wife of the imprisoned and missing Martin Luther King, at a moment of great peril to the life of Dr. King.

Barack Obama snubbed the white working class voters and did not even bother to campaign much in states that Hillary Clinton would win, at a time that Obama was the presumed Democratic nominee, by 40 point margins.

Barack Obama chose to run a race based campaign and tarred Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, as well as their supporters, as racists. It was the “New Coalition” which we call the “situation comedy” demographic.

The Obama/Axelrod/Brazile vision for the Democratic Party mimics the desired demographics for a television sitcom.

As the long suffering Donna declared A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics.

Axelrod has declared The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years. This is not new that Democratic candidates don’t rely solely on those votes.

Into that abandonment of the white working class steps Scott Brown. There will be many Republican Scott Browns from now on until the “Classic Democrats” reject the “New [Coke] Coalition”. In “purple” Virginia the “situation comedy” was rejected. In “blue” New Jersey the “situation comedy” was laughed at. Tomorrow “bluest of the blue” Massachusetts will also likely change the channel.

Barack Obama, with all his money and tricks and schemes, was about to lose to the clumsy and often mocked John McCain who was in the actual lead for weeks after the Republican convention. It took a return to the center state of a loathed George W. Bush, due to a massive economic crisis, for American voters to finally shift to the inexperienced and unqualified Barack Obama.

Now, after a year of Obama, reality sets in. The voters reject Obama and the foil of their rejection and anger will be the Massachusetts special election. What happens tomorrow is almost beside the point. Republicans this close to victory in Massachusetts is already a rejection of Barack Obama and his “situation comedy” coalition.

At the height of the civil rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King spoke to the better angels of our nature. Dr. King did not speak in terms of skin color but of character as the defining attribute.

Barack Obama is not a fulfillment of Dr. King’s vision for America, quite the opposite.

Dr. King spoke at a time of dogs and fire hoses and vicious racists. Dr. King would not have smiled at race-baiting. Dr. King also knew that the white working class was not to be rejected but embraced and loved and must be part of the future.

Tomorrow blue of the bluest Massachusetts will decide, not by madness or stupidity, who their representative to the U.S. Senate will be. The voters of Massachusetts will not accept the “teabagger” (Tea Party), “birther” (Obama birth certificate), “wingnut” (right of center), “batsh*t crazy”, labels a desperate and vindictive Obama Dimocratic Party will try to smear Scott Brown with. The voters of Massachusetts will not accept the sexism and misogyny directed at her from some (not the Scott Brown campaign) misguided opposition supporters.

Martha Coakley or Scott Brown will win tomorrow. Barack Obama will lose. Dr. King’s dream will live on. Barack Obama’s dream will die.


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  1. They still don’t understand the root cause, but reality is beginning to assert itself even among the Hopium guzzlers:

    Democrats are far too preoccupied with how to ignore a defeat in Massachusetts, if it turns out that they lose tomorrow. Do they try to delay Brown’s arrival in the Senate? Do they try to push health reform through with reconciliation? Does the House pass the unamended Senate bill, avoiding the need for another vote?

    Good questions, no doubt, and not easy to answer. There are pros and cons in each case. But it would be a great error for Democrats to concentrate on these tactical matters as though the scare, let alone outright defeat, in Massachusetts did not raise bigger questions. [snip]

    But even if she ekes out a narrow victory, Democrats urgently need to stop and think–not about how to cram through health reform while they can, but about why everything is going so wrong.

    On the face of it, what is happening in Massachusetts is not politics as usual. Maybe the Coakley embarrassment can be dismissed. Certainly, she has been a pitiful candidate. But at the very least this needs to be argued through, not taken as read. Democrats need to recover some sense of shock at what the polls in Massachusetts are saying.

    They also need to ask what the electorate will make of a response that says, “We don’t care what the voters think. We know best.” I support healthcare reform; for all its flaws, I think the Senate bill is a big step forward. But supporters of the bill must take pause at its unpopularity, which the polls in Massachusetts underline. The plain fact is, the Democrats have failed to make their case. They need to ask why, and start trying to fix it. Finding cunning ways to carry on regardless sends a message of contempt to the electorate, and one thing we know is that the electorate always gets the last word.

  2. Great article. Admin he is not Martin Luther King. He is a racist himself, Dr. King wasn’t. That is the cruelest thing about this Potus.

    I wonder if the smell is bad at the airport? The seriousness of the look on Chelsea’s face makes me wonder if you could smell it where their at. It’s all so sad, just as WJC was making progress on helping them.

  3. Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s the Giant’s of that day molded my moral compass… MLK,JFK,RFK.I miss their passion and vision, but I do believe Hillary and Bill are up to the challenge. I just hope they watch their backs a little bit more. We already know of one attempt on Hillary.

  4. Bill Clinton in Haiti, defends pace of aid
    (AFP) – 3 hours ago

    PORT-AU-PRINCE — Visiting UN special envoy to Haiti Bill Clinton on Monday defended the pace of incoming foreign aid to the quake-devastated country, even as concern mounted that supplies and help were slow in coming.

    Clinton, tapped along with fellow former US president George W. Bush to lead a campaign to raise funds for Haiti, was whisked to the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince and given a first-hand look at the ruined capital and adversity facing survivors and those treating them after last week’s cataclysmic quake.

    Despite the deplorable conditions at the hospital that was lacking basic medical supplies, Clinton stressed that aid into the wretchedly poor nation was flowing at an acceptable pace.

    “No, I don’t think they were slow coming in,” Clinton told AFP as he walked down the hospital hallways cluttered with injured survivors.

    “The infrastructure broke down (as a result of the earthquake), and that’s what we’re building up.”

    The United States was leading the vital international humanitarian mission to Haiti, but simmering unrest has been stoked by the delay in supplies reaching hundreds of thousands of people who have been without a steady source of food or water since the quake struck.

    Haiti’s collapsed government, ruined port and roads, an overcrowded airport and a mounting threat of lawlessness in Port-au-Prince have conspired to impede the pace of relief efforts, with the international Red Cross warning Monday that access to clean water, food, shelter and medical care remains “extremely limited.”

  5. I worked with a black man from the Sudan, he was a janitor at one of the clinics I worked at in Houston. He had great admiration for Bill Clinton. When I brought up Bill Clinton’s name he got a huge smile on his face. His admiration was very real. He knew and knew of people that Bill Clinton personally helped with his global initiative. Yet here in our own country there is universal scorn for BC! Answer: the media

  6. “They also need to ask what the electorate will make of a response that says, “We don’t care what the voters think. We know best.”


    Exactly! However, given their self-administered halos, I doubt this will happen. I’m sure they will brush off a loss as nothing more as a ripple.

    I wonder if there will be bullying and thug-like behavior at the polls tomorrow. I also wonder if the media will ignore it again.

  7. All the polls today seem to think Brown will take it between 7% and 15%, it would seem in subsequent polls from ARG and suffolk and ppp that Brown lead is widening day by day.

    ARG yesterday was 48/45, today its 52/45. Coakley cannot get higher than 45 in most polls.

    The 3 major bellwehter counties have Brown up by at least 15% in each, if that happens, its a wipeout.

    Overall, If Brown is taking 2/3s of indies (51%), thats 34% start of base, another approx 95% of republicans (15%)so another 14% and about 20% of Dems (34%), thats about another 7%, that would make around 55%.

    However if the majority tomorrow are independents and democrats low turnout, Brown will win by about 60/40. Simple maths.

  8. Over on FDL, the kool-aid drinkers are saying the problems is that obama is a centrist. OMG, the is no bounds to the ignorance of these fools. Some are saying the hope Brown wins because Obama has lied, others are still drinking the kool-aid.

  9. In a word she’s screwed.

    A new InsiderAdvantage poll conducted exclusively for POLITICO shows Republican Scott Brown surging to a nine-point advantage over Martha Coakley a day before Massachusetts voters trek to the ballot box to choose a new senator.

    According to the survey conducted Sunday evening, Brown leads the Democratic attorney general 52 percent to 43 percent.

    “I actually think the bottom is falling out,” said InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery, referring to Coakley’s fall in the polls over the last ten days. “I think that this candidate is in freefall. Clearly this race is imploding for her.”

    The numbers show males and independents overwhelmingly breaking for Brown, who has married his GQ looks with a populist tone in a pick-up truck on the campaign trail.

    Brown holds a 15-point lead among males and crushes Coakley by 41 points among self-described independents, a group that’s been steadily inching away from the Democratic party over the last year due to growing apprehension with government spending, bailouts and health care reform.

    “Men are not going to vote for Coakley at all. You have a very angry male voter who’s repudiating whatever is being said in Washington and they’re taking it out on this woman. And independents are clearly going to the Republican in droves. What’s left are the Democratic voters,” said Towery, who is a former aide to Newt Gingrich.

    And the survey shows almost a quarter of Democratic voters lining up with Brown.

  10. Rassmussen i think has just been on Hannity and has Brown up 7 also, i don’t see how she pulls this out of the hat frankly.

  11. Latest…

    Insider Advantage: Brown 52 Coakley 43 Brown +9

    ARG: Brown 52, Coakley 45 Brown +7

    PJM/CrossTarget: (R) Brown 52, Coakley 42 Brown +10

    PPP (D) Brown 51, Coakley 46 Brown +5

    InsideMedford/MRG: Brown 51, Coakley 41 Brown +10

    Daily Kos/R2000: Brown 48, Coakley 48 Tie

    Rassmussen – no exact figures but Brown +7

    Spot the odd one out – yes you guessed it our friends at Daily Kos.

  12. Per the CNN Political Ticker Blog, Scott Brown, in Boston and “still campaigning like he is 30 points down” said if he wins tomorrow…HE WILL be in DC by Friday.

    He said, If he wins he’ll be in DC by Friday whether they like it or not.

  13. admin, you got to laugh though, if Daily Kos has it as a draw, you know Browns gonna win it by a mile.

    They must be crying into their koolaid as we speak.

  14. Very telling, in fact they never do this unless they know something.

    BOSTON –With 24 hours to go before Massachusetts’ special election for a U.S. Senate seat, an Irish bookie already has paid off bettors who wagered that state Sen. Scott Brown, a conservative Republican, would win the seat held for nearly 50 years by liberal Democratic icon Edward M. Kennedy.

    Enough is enough. It seems that Senator Brown just has to get out of bed tomorrow to win convincingly. As far as were concerned, this race is well and truly over,” said Paddy Power, Irelands largest bookmaker.

    Before shutting down the betting, Mr. Brown had gone from 5-4 odds to 1-5 (meaning if a bettors put down $5, they only stood to make $1 if Mr. Brown wins). The odds against his opponent — Democrat Martha Coakley, the state’s attorney general — soared, from 4-7 to win to 3-1 to lose.

  15. MoonOnPluto, we’re not advising anyone to go near the sulfur DailyKooks website ever. But if Brown wins, the “reality based community” of Kooks will be hospitalized. Mental health professionals please be on alert for Hopium guzzlers breaking down tomorrow. Alert the hospitals.

  16. What the hell is Glenn Beck talking about, he has been asked to prepare us for Friday. He says if we don’t understand what the progressive movement has done now for sure we will by Friday.

    This fear mongering has got to fucking stop. I am sick to fucking death with it.

    I am sad for the democratic party. Its dead, it died May 31, 2008. Now we are trying to hang the responsible people. That’s great, but it still very, very sad. Years and years of the republican misogny, CDS, lies after lies about Hillary, now we’ve had to join the other side to kill the movement that was suppose to save us. I am so fucking depressed I can’t even stand it.

  17. What the hell is Glenn Beck talking about, he has been asked to prepare us for Friday. He says if we don’t understand what the progressive movement has done now for sure we will by Friday.


    By Friday we will know how the DEMS will vote on healthcare – with or without the MA senate race in mind…..

  18. confloyd, i think he’s talking about, Brown winning, Brown has has said if he wins he is going to DC on Friday whether the Dems like it or not. He’s going to demand to be seated if he wins.

  19. hwc
    January 17th, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    great comment, hwc


    two thoughts on my end:

    one – I would like to see a valid, reliable poll that asks, if you could vote today, who would you vote for Obama or Clinton?


    second, isn’t it ironic that the O admin and the corrupt Dims are creating Republican stars – for the most part, we can thank O for Palin’s popularity and creating the rise of Scott Brown from virtually no where…

    amazing…leave it to O and the dims to put together a winning repub ticket down the road…

    how can O and the dims be so TONE DEAF and Clueless???

  20. Why would we need to be prepared for that?? It doesn’t make sense. Beck has been hollaring about we need to let the country go broke and then rebuild it. He is a fear mongering bastard. I have half a mind to call the freaking show and tell him to STFU.

    He’s bitching about the politicians going to Haiti for photo ops, I guess he talking Bill and CHelsea. They bring supplies everytime they come in.

    I will be glad when the death of this party is over, it like we are at the death watch at the state death chamber.

    Beck is slamming every democrat he can find today Bill and everyone, the republicans think they have won now, so get prepared for incoming slams for every democrat we have ever honored and loved. The CDS is starting all over again.

  21. “We’re about to learn whether Obama can deliver electoral votes,” wrote DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas

    Where was this cretin during the Virginia and NJ races? Not to mention the disasters in Copenhagen I (Olympics) and Copenhagen II the climate redux?

    Conveniently forgotten. Obama failed 4 out of 4, he’s gone for 5 out of 5 and looks like he’ll get 5 out of 5 disasters.

  22. Confloyd, you and I both know there is going to be collateral damage in this, there has to be, its inevitable. We can only protect the people we can and support them but in the end they are still a part of a party that tore up the rulebook in 2008 and screwed us all over.

    The Dem politicians we support need to step back and starting directing their aim at Obama, then they will get our full backing until they do, they will be part of the voter anger being directed at them.

    Its a stand with us or against us time coming.

  23. REal Clear Politics

    Massachusetts Senate – Special Election

    Polling Data
    Poll Date Sample Brown (R) Coakley (D) Spread
    Politico/InAdv 1/17 – 1/17 804 LV 52 43 Brown +9
    PJM/CrossTarget (R) 1/17 – 1/17 574 LV 52 42 Brown +10
    PPP (D) 1/16 – 1/17 1231 LV 51 46 Brown +5
    ARG 1/15 – 1/17 600 LV 52 45 Brown +7
    Daily Kos/R2000 1/15 – 1/17 500 LV 48 48 Tie
    InsideMedford/MRG 1/15 – 1/15 565 LV 51 41 Brown +10
    PJM/CrossTarget (R) 1/14 – 1/14 946 LV 54 39 Brown +15
    ARG 1/12 – 1/14 600 LV 48 45 Brown +3
    Blue Mass Group/R2000 (D) 1/12 – 1/13 500 LV 41 49 Coakley +8
    Suffolk/7News 1/11 – 1/13 500 LV 50 46 Brown +4
    Rasmussen Reports 1/11 – 1/11 1000 LV 47 49 Coakley +2
    PPP (D) 1/7 – 1/9 744 LV 48 47 Brown +1
    Rasmussen Reports 1/4 – 1/4 500 LV 41 50 Coakley +9
    Boston Globe 1/2 – 1/6 554 LV 36 53 Coakley +17
    Suffolk 11/4 – 11/8 600 RV 27 58 Coakley +31
    Western NE College 10/18 – 10/22 342 LV 32 58 Coakley +26
    Suffolk 9/12 – 9/15 500 RV 24 54 Coakley +30

  24. This passage NEVER cease to INFURIATE me!

    “A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics.”

    And I can ALWAYS see Bradzilla’s fat smug mug as she said it!

    BTW admin,
    New Coak! You’re a riot!

  25. What time do polls close tomorrow night, i’m going to stay away i think most of the day and wait until results start coming in.

  26. mop, thanks for the pep talk. I just had flashbacks of the 90’s when Beck was going after Bill Clinton with as much gusto as they did when Newt and Ken Starr did. I think thatx OK though because in the long run if they can’t keep the talking heads quiet, the republicans will also feel the pain as the democrats are right now.

    Americans are sick of this behavior. This is our country, its not the democrats country and its not the republicans country, its our country. Bottom line we are just people and these parties made up of people who are getting rich off being able to manipulate the masses into being dim or rethug.

    I am a poor person and have lived thru the stupidness of both parties. When Carter was in there was no work, high inflation, gas lines. I have lived thru and have carnal knowledge of how that feels. WHen Reagan was in and he opened the doors and let the mexicans in and cut the oil field construction pay in half, I have carnal knowledge of that. THru all these things that happened I raised 3 children, went to college and built a house. Only thru mine and my husbands hard work did we get ahead during those times.
    I know what its like waiting for the govt. cheese truch to deliver food to our little town with 25% unemployment.
    So I am sick of politicians. When BIll Clinton was in we had a good life, and not before then and certainly not after.

  27. I can hardly believe this is really happening. For so long, it was just a few communities of Hillary support sites saying how the dims were going to implode. Now, it is really happening. Wow! Unbelievable. Yes, I do think they are tone deaf in arrogance and drunkness with money and power. The whole government is all about Obama and them; not about the American people. I hope Brown pulls this off. I don’t agree with his policies, but something has to stop the 60-vote majority in the senate. Too many other important bills and votes coming up in the next year.

    Think about it: Dodd and Dorgan retires, NJ Governor goes Republican, as well as Virginia, other congressmen are retiring. Who is next???

  28. admin, you got to laugh though, if Daily Kos has it as a draw, you know Browns gonna win it by a mile
    That is good really. Dead even. Then Obama entered the race on behalf of Coakley. To push her over the finish line. And the result of his labors. She loses by seven. Pretty tough to blame her for that. He owns it. The Messiah is delivering one miracle after another. A big loss in the bluest of blue states, and it is a referndum on Obama even more that Coakley.

    The fault lines in the Obama coalition are starting to show. Right now three senators (Bayh, Webb and X) and an undisclosed number of representatives want their health care votes back. That is why Obama will not allow another vote on the measure. Two of them are conservative and one is liberal. All of them promised fiscal responsibility and none of them delivered. What frightens them about this is a dramatic decline in their approval rating, in terms of its magnitude and rapidity over this single issue. Also, the emergence of republican challenges who sense blood in the water.

    Nevertheless, the party itself continues to be dominated by magic thinking. They are contacting grass roots leaders in various states on the eve of the Massachusetts election to see how the health care is selling. They tell themselves that this is a transient issue, the anger will pass, and everything will be fine. They vilify constituents who disagree with them, which is to say the least novel. They see Republican machinations behind every door. They justify playing fast and loose with procedures by saying Republicans did this when they were in power, thus ergo turnabout is fair play. If the people they speak with do not go along with this rehearsed script they accuse them of not being loyal to the party.

    Everyone sees politics through the prism of their own lives. The dimocratic party has become the party of lifestyle and many of the people asking these questions of their fellow democrats are well off financially, and cannot understand the reactions they are receiving. In addition they have swallowed the hopium and operate in a gravity free environment even though the rest of the world lives in the world where they are scoreboards, accounting ledgers and objective ways to measure performanc criteria which can be quantified. And most of all, they have not empathy for people who put their life savings into a house, lose their job, see the value of the house decline. They have no appreciation for the plight of the small business owner who operates on a thin margin and will be forced to swallow this health bill or pay fines and will therefore lay off employees just to survive. Until that changes, until the Age of Obama ends and reality sets in, the rift between the Democratic Party and the people of this nation will widen and deepen–and these party operatives will never know why.

  29. Birdgal, this site and us have all been the protectors of the free speech here for a long long time and we all warned them, they were told in no uncertain terms, elect Obama and the party will be destroyed. Unfortunately perhaps the only way for a political party to be renewed is to destroy it.

    They brought it on themselves, we knew it, Hillary knew, Bill knew it and they are about to know it.

    Hard Cheese.

  30. We certainly don’t need a 60vote majority with crap and trade comes back up. I think we see some republicans vote for that though.

  31. Andrew Sullivan has chucked in the towel, the writing must be on the wall.

    Democrats can stop hoping at this point.

    I can see no alternative scenario but a huge – staggeringly huge – victory for the FNC/RNC machine tomorrow. They crafted a strategy of total oppositionism to anything Obama proposed a year ago. Remember they gave him zero votes on even the stimulus in his first weeks. They saw health insurance reform as Obama’s Waterloo, and, thanks in part to the dithering Democrats, they beat him on that hill. They have successfully channeled all the rage at the massive debt and recession the president inherited on Obama after just one year. If they can do that already, against the massive evidence against them, they have the power to wield populism to destroy any attempt by government to address any actual problems.

    This is a nihilist moment, built from a nihilist strategy in order to regain power … to do nothing but wage war against enemies at home and abroad.

    What comes next will be a real test for Obama. I suspect serious health insurance reform is over for yet another generation.

    Even if Coakley wins – and my guess is she’ll lose by a double digit margin – the bill is dead. The most Obama can hope for is a minimalist alternative that simply mandates that insurance companies accept people with pre-existing conditions and are barred from ejecting patients when they feel like it. That’s all he can get now-and even that will be a stretch. The uninsured will even probably vote Republican next time in protest at Obama’s failure! That’s how blind the rage is.

    Ditto any attempt to grapple with climate change. In fact, any legislative moves with this Democratic party and this Republican party are close to hopeless. The Democrats are a clapped out,gut-free lobbyist machine. The Republicans are insane.

    Yes, I’m gloomy. Not because I was so wedded to this bill, although I think it’s a decent enough start. But because if America cannot grapple with its deep and real problems after electing a new president with two majorities, then America’s problems are too great for Americans to tackle.

    And so one suspects that this is a profound moment in the now accelerating decline of this country. And one of the major parties is ecstatic about it.

  32. My sense is most Dem states where people went overwhelmingly for Hillary in the primary will play out this way when a non-threatening Repub runs (good looking, charismatic do not hurt). In all these states people did look at Obama during the primary and rejected him but came back to give him a chance in the GE which he has obviously squandered big time. There will be more of this in Nov.

  33. Hilarious on fox news

    Under Mass. law when polls close tomorrow, Kirk is no longer a senator, he ceases to be a senator as soon as polls close. His vote becomes invalid on any outstanding bill.

    Dems have only 59 seats as of tomorrow night. Republicans could launch a load of filibusters immediately.

  34. Shaping up to be a nightmare, isnt it.

    Another poll; another Democratic incumbent down big.

    Just a few days after Reps. Vic Snyder (D-Ark.) and Steve Driehaus (D-Ohio) saw themselves trailing by 17 points apiece in polling conducted for a Democratic-leaning blog, a Republican poll shows freshman Rep. Mark Schauer (D-Mich.) down by nine.

    The National Research Inc. poll, conducted for former Rep. Tim Walberg’s (R-Mich.) campaign, has Walberg leading Schauer 46-37, and 50-40 with “leaners.”

    Another, lesser-known Republican, Brian Rooney, trails Schauer 39-31 in the poll. Rooney is the brother of another freshman congressman, Florida’s Tom Rooney (R).

    President Obama is at 48 percent approval in the district, with 48 percent disapproving.

  35. I was just going to say, another state which went for Hillary big shows Dem incumbents going down to defeat, coincidence, i think not.

  36. A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics.”
    Basil: look at it this way: it makes a nice epitaph.

  37. I just noticed something, all these states that have Dems going down like baloons are all Clinton states.

    Snyder (Arkansas)resigned, Driehaus (ohio) losing by 20, boxer vulnerable in California, massachusetts kennedys seat, nj governorship. Reid in Nevada.

    Common denominator : All states Hillary won.

  38. The bots have gone crazy on FDL. There’s over 500 comments on Blue Texans article. Its crazy, they know they are getting their asses kicked.

  39. The Massachusetts miracle should be a call to arms to the people of this country. Put blind faith in neither political party. Insist on checks and balances. Never give either party a veto proof majority–it brings out their worst instincts. Elect only republicans until the balance is restore. 50-50 is the way it should work. Its a slow bumpy ride from Old Dallas to Old Santa Fe in the host dusty trail in 1888. But it is a damnsite better than a holdup by a masked man with an ear to ear grin followed by a runaway stage coach. The former may bore you but the latter can kill you.

  40. Moononpluto, Your above post, please tell how you think that is going to help?? Sounds more like they are killing Clinton’s coalition.

  41. wbboei,

    You are cranking them out today and your post at 6:28 is excellent.

    As a matter of fact, 44 posters are pumping out one fab comment after another this evening.

    We are PSYCHED!

    (Moononpluto, that include Tu!)

  42. I didnt say it would help confloyd, but is it perhaps Clinton voters chucking out Dems for the sake of it, if it is, this whole thing just got worse, or is it clinton voters chucking out bad Dems in their state.

  43. Andrew Sullivan has chucked in the towel, the writing must be on the wall.
    To prove his undying love to bambi he should convert that wet towel into a noose, wrap it around his own neck–and test the law of gravity. That is the only way discerning people will take him seriously.

  44. Henry: you popped up on the site a few days ago after a long absence. Are you loving what you are seeing right now? If you are around.

  45. Waterloo=Obama and everything he touches.

    I can’t even listen to him, because everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.

    Moon, interesting about Kirk not being a senator and his vote on any outstanding bills not counting. I wonder what the senate rules are?

    Coakley should not have sold out. She would have won.

  46. An intersting little tidbit of info here, seems this really is a referendum on obamacare!!

    from a Fox news article today

    the third candidate in the race is getting calls to drop out from Brown supporters.
    Joseph L. Kennedy, a Libertarian running as an independent, said Monday he’s gotten tens of thousands of e-mails from Brown supporters telling him to back Brown. Kennedy, no relation to the late senator, said his campaign had to shut down its e-mail account.

    He said the e-mails accuse him of being responsible for the health care reform bill.

    Kennedy and Brown both oppose the bill, but Brown supporters are worried Kennedy will siphon critical support from Brown during Tuesday’s election against Coakley.

    The Brown campaign said it’s not urging supporters to e-mail Kennedy, who says he’s staying in the race to the end.

    Fox News’ Carl Cameron and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

  47. Right, not onto very late tomorow, its the aussie open and the start of the european figure skating championships and the mass election.

    Its a busy old day tomorrow.

  48. Does it look like they are taking out the ones that went over to Obama and the ones that knifed Hillary in the back??

  49. JanH, Thats a given, the count will be corrupt. So I guess it will depend on how much more the republicans can cheat. It will be the survival of cheatists.

  50. Can I just say that this is payback to ole cogger Teddy and all the backstabbing Democrats who screwed Hillary and Bill. I hope she loses and I hope the Republicans take back the whole shebang. This Democrat party is trying to screw over the little people, working people and old people. SCREW YOU DIMWITS. You could have had Hillary.

  51. Moon thumbs up to the figure skating anyway. trying to watch the Haiti coverage and CNN is trying to still act like it’s just that Coakley is bad…Obambi is alreadyt laying tire tracks over her back. GO Brown. YOU COULD HAVE HAD A REAL President. One who likes to work instead of vacation and party.

  52. Here’s another thing that needs to be stopped and this is coming soon. Cass Sustein for supreme court justice. THis is over at TM.

  53. If you all wonder where I went, I found this really great game by Zynga called Mafia Wars. I play it on Facebook. It’s a real stressbuster. It lets you be in a mafia and take people out. Needless to say, I’ve had a ball. They have this good game called Farmville too, you can grow a virtual garden. I’m better at the war game. I think about Hillary EVERY fcuking day and I have not forgot the knife she took in the back. I love seeing her doing such a great job and see Obambi twisitng and turning in the wind.

    Isn’t it strange that this administration sends the racists Clintons as the first people to the blackest country in the world .. speaks volumes.

  54. Here is something I can identify with. A poster over at TM says that the tea party folks are the folks that voted for Perot, Clinton in 96′, Clinton in the primary and McCain in 08′. That me!

  55. Dot48, Thats the spin doctors at work saying its just that woman is bad. Yeah right, the “one” is bad.

    As soon as we clean the dims out, we need to turn around and cleanout the bad rethugs.

  56. Dot, I was just thinking about you the other day. Did you see the men’s competition? It was great. Abbott was sublime.

  57. I just watched the video of Coakley speaking at the service for MLK day. It totally disgusted me. She gave a freaking campaign stump speech – it was all about me me me vote for me, and very little about King or his legacy, except as a prop for the hard sell.

    Brown is correct – that was the inappropriate venue for that sort of politicking.

  58. moononpluto
    January 18th, 2010 at 6:36 pm
    Andrew Sullivan has chucked in the towel, the writing must be on the wall.

    Democrats can stop hoping at this point…………..

    You’ve got to love it, Sullivan blames the Republicans for the Messiah’s stumbling, bumbling ineptitude. Forget about an intervention, these fools will need psycho-analysis for years and still may never recover. Of course, the magic cure will be to tell them it wasn’t The One’s fault and blame it on Bush.

  59. State Of The Union Date Set
    The President will deliver his first State of the Union address on Wednesday, January 27, his aides said today, ending speculation that the White House was eager to hold off until health care reform was finalized in Congress. No word yet on why the White House chose the earlier of the two potential dates — the latter being in the next Thursday in February — but one guess would be that the President wants to try and clear the deck quickly of all the detritus remaining from a very tough month — a month that could include the loss of the Democratic supermajority in the Senate. Also: the President will propose his FY11 budget on 2/1.


    BTW that article by Sullivan….no place for putting in any comments!!!! I guess he could not deal with it…poor baby 🙂

  60. I also want you to know that even though I am ill, I’m committed to doing everything I can to achieve access to health care for everyone in my country. This has been the political cause of my life. I believe in a conscience protection for Catholics in the health field and I’ll continue to advocate for it as my colleagues in the Senate and I work to develop an overall national health policy that guarantees health care for everyone.

    Senator Ted Kennedy
    Letter to Pope Benedict

    Text of deathbed letter

  61. I’m pretty sure that Teddy’s wife Vicki knew what was in his dying letter to the Pope. Funny, I haven’t heard her speak up as Obama/Coakley hammers Scott Brown for having the same position as Ted Kennedy.

  62. BTW that article by Sullivan….no place for putting in any comments!!!! I guess he could not deal with it…poor baby

    Yeah. I mean, doesn’t your heart just ache for him?

  63. Come to think of it, I think Andrew Sullivan should go see a speech therapist and work on changing his voice so that he can cry just like a 4 year old girl.

  64. Imo this is the more important message to look at.

    The numbers show males and independents overwhelmingly breaking for Brown, who has married his GQ looks with a populist tone in a pick-up truck on the campaign trail.
    “Men are not going to vote for Coakley at all. You have a very angry male voter who’s repudiating whatever is being said in Washington and they’re taking it out on this woman. [….]”


    This message — taking out anger on a competent woman who has worked for Hillary’s values — is more important than a speedbump for HC. What’s important is to NOT send this anti-woman message.

    THis is the same dynamic as Obama vs HIllary. The competent, dues-paid woman who has worked for the right values all her life — being shoved aside for the flashy young man in a blank shirt (or no shirt as the case may be). Except that Brown’s values are openly contrary to Hillary’s. See his website.

  65. Andrew Sullivan was quoted above:
    Even if Coakley wins – and my guess is she’ll lose by a double digit margin – the bill is dead. The most Obama can hope for is a minimalist alternative that simply mandates that insurance companies accept people with pre-existing conditions and are barred from ejecting patients when they feel like it. That’s all he can get now-and even that will be a stretch.

    If the HC bill is dead anyway — by all means lets crucify Coakley for voting for Hillary in Denver, while we’re at it.

  66. Kennedy and Brown both oppose the bill, but Brown supporters are worried Kennedy will siphon critical support from Brown during Tuesday’s election against Coakley.

    A good protest vote for those who don’t really want a GOP Senator.

  67. confloyd
    January 18th, 2010 at 7:36 pm
    Does it look like they are taking out the ones that went over to Obama and the ones that knifed Hillary in the back??


    Very good point. That will be the message if the anti-HIllary’s lose — but Coakley and the other pro-Hillary’s win.

    If Coakley loses too, the message could be pro-GOP, anti-choice, whatever.

  68. dot48
    January 18th, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    Can I just say that this is payback to ole cogger Teddy and all the backstabbing Democrats who screwed Hillary and Bill.


    Dot, if you haven’t heard, Coakley voted for Hillary on the floor in Denver. She opposed the Kennedy/Obama faction this fall.

  69. While I agree that Coakley losing will hurt Hillary to a certain level, it will hurt BO, Pelosi and REID EVEN MORE…

    and at this moment in time, that is what I want….even hillary and her strongest supporters do not not get undivided loyalty over issues bigger than the individuals.

    I am thinking about other bills in the coming until 2010!!!!

    And lest we forget, I have to question Coakley on some of her stupid comments …like the no terrorists in afghanistan, curt/yankees etc…she does not seem to be the smartest person around…

  70. As I understand it, rather than ‘flipping’, Coakley’s position all along has been that she would not accept the HC bill as long as it contained the Stupak anti-abortion language, but would accept a version with weaker language. The backers are taking out the Stupak language so she is “reluctantly” accepting the non-Stupak version.

    Here is a letter from her campaign posted a few days ago at RD.

    Thank you for being in touch with the campaign, and for sharing your thoughts on health care reform. It is true that Martha would reluctantly support the Senate healthcare bill. As a feminist and a
    person committed to true reform with a public option and one that does not compromise women’s rights, she certainly understands your disappointment in this decision. However, she is unwilling to let Republican obstructionism thwart reform altogether. She has long said that she would vote for a reform bill only if it greatly expands coverage, improves quality and contains costs. While far from perfect, Martha believes the Senate bill takes significant steps toward
    reaching these goals. She understands that the fight for a better healthcare system will not end with the January vote. Rather, once the bill is passed, Martha will continue fighting for the progressive improvements that we agree would achieve the most affordable and comprehensive coverage for all Americans.

    To your comment, Martha finds the abortion language in the Senate bill troubling. As Attorney General, she fought hard to ensure a woman’s right to choose, defending legislation that would create and expand
    buffer zones around reproductive healthcare facilities and, earlier this year, filing lawsuit challenging Bush administration provider conscience regulations that jeopardized a woman’s ability to access reproductive healthcare services. That said, there are important
    distinctions between what was passed in the House and what was passed in the Senate. As you note, the House provision would effectively bar any insurance plan accepting government subsidies from covering
    elective abortions. The Senate bill, on the other hand, would allow such insurers to sell plans covering abortions, but would require women to pay for that portion of the coverage separately. While this
    is a disappointing, added administrative burden, the Senate bill will still allow people to buy this coverage, provided that they pay for the portion covering abortions separately.

    Martha understands that a much better bill can be imagined, but she is unwilling to block reforms that Democrats and other progressives have sought for decades. We hope this information will change your mind about the upcoming election, and you will decide to vote on January 19th

  71. mp,

    I think the media distorts comments by honest wonks such as Hillary, Gore, Palin, and now Coakley. Hillary has learned how to guard herself better, but the others are still new to it.

  72. turndownobama:

    I agree with that media distortion but coakley did not play the smarts….just like Hillary in her first few primaries….and you are right that Coakley is facing some anti-woman thing in MA. I want the 59 senate more than even Hillary/Coakley/palin right now….one step at a time…next I want some anti-obama agenda from the Clintons!!!!!

  73. Turndown, I believe that this election is more a referendum on the health care bill and Obama’s policies than Coakley. She has made some mistakes, but the larger issue is unhappiness with the health insurance reform. Unfortunately, this seems to be the wrong time for her.

  74. Greetings All-

    I have missed reading and posting here for what seems like an eternity but translates to only a few weeks out of the loop.

    wbboei has been a wonderful friend giving me insightful updates at what is going in the Coakley/Brown race.

    I haven’t had a chance to read all of your posts here over the last week or so- but, I and my family thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers that helped me over the most perilous time of my life; winning a war over Streptococcal Pneumonia. My heart stopped beating not once but twice. The second incident accompanied by septic shock is the one no one usually returns from to the living. A miracle indeed-

    I thank everyone, admin too, for the kind words and
    prayers, because you know what, the prayers worked. And to me this means the good in this world is still strong enough to crush evil whenever it raises it’s head grabbing for a new foothold to silence the truth.

    I feel as weak as a kitten but glad to be home and back on line in great company with great friends.


    Mrs S.

  75. You wonder if a Brown victory will have any impact on the magic thinking of Big Media. One excuse they may try to pull is Brown won because he was a RINO, Martha lost because she ran a bad campaign, and Obama made a brilliant attempt to save the bacon but even his magical powers could not make up for it.

    If that is what they say then they will miss the fundamental point. The reason Brown won, assuming he does, is because the electorate is wise to Obama, as Schilling said voting for him was a mistake and the health care deform he is determined to shove down our throats would destroy the quality of their health care and impose a huge tax on them. If they want to staunch the bleeding of audience to FOX they will get off the hopium train, because the country is sick.

    And then there is this: corruption is nothing new in the realm of politics. Before Obama it was acknowledged to be inevitable, was treated as a cost of doing business, but operated in the margins. Withe Obama however it is blatant and right out there in the open, and if you object you are scoffed at and if you persist you are threatened. In other words Obama and his Chicago crew have crossed the Rubicon and the American People will have their revenge.

  76. Mrs. Smith,

    I’m so glad you are back home now. I have missed your posts.
    I very much hope you regain your strength quickly.

    You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.

  77. So now we know there is Dunb, there is Dumber and there is good old Chris who makes both of them look like rocket scientists

    Red State Blog
    Monday, January 18th at 8:46PM EST

    So the Coakley vs. Brown MA SEN race is for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, right? Apparently Chris Van Hollen forgot this fact when he stated:

    Why would you hand the keys to the car back to the same guys whose policies drove the economy into the ditch and then walked away from the scene of the accident?

    …into a ditch and then walked away“? A DITCH? Really? REALLY?

    I’ve been accused of speaking without thinking before, but Van Hollen goes into the fences with this one.

    Ted Kennedy. ”Into a ditch and walked away”.



  78. Mrs.Smith, So glad your back. Sorry to hear you had such a horrible time. Those were some pretty bad things to come back from. It is truly a miracle your here, much less able to get back on the computer.

    Take care of yourself while your recuperating, we need your input.

  79. Worried Matthews Wonders If Election In ‘Cradle of LIberty’ Will Be the ‘Deathbed of Health Care’
    Caution: The prozac supply is running low. The honest title is Health Care Deform and may the cure be not worse than the disease–don Quixote.

  80. Wbboei, I agree, that was a stupid analogy regarding Teddy Kennedy’s seat. Seems like the dems in MA aren’t quiet up to par.

    Good luck everyone on tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll here listening to the blow by blow though. My boss is going to Haiti, so I will work her shift for a couple of weeks while she out saving lives in Haiti.

    I could go, but I am not in to camping out, esp. with people who carry machete’s. I am way too chicken for that.

  81. I get great pleasure in reading all the great c
    omments and I must say that I have very little to say.It is very difficult for me to add much to the great discussions going on here at Big Pink.This one finger hunt punch and miss method is slow and very often results in being old news.


    By ABM90 “AND WE WILL”

  82. here is a death threat against Coakley now. The weirdos are coming out of the cracks
    During the primary the primary campaign such threats were invented by Axelrod for their dramatic effect. Absent reliable proof I discount them from a political standpoint but law enforcement cannot afford to do so.

  83. wbboei, that is what I thought too, it was an Axelrod ploy to get sympathy for Martha. I never thought the death threat was anything but an Obama plant.

  84. dems in MA aren’t quiet up to par.
    That tend will continue and accelerate as the cumulative effect of their mistakes catches up with them. Far from solving the problems of this country they are making them infinitely worse, and it is too late now to blame Bush.

  85. Actually running the car into the ditch comment was made by Chris Van Hollen, my congressman, he is some kind of leadership guy in the House. Will not vote for him again.

  86. Cheers for Mrs. Smith!
    So glad to see you here again!
    It’s an exciting time to be alive!
    Take care – get lots of rest and all that. xoxo

  87. Mrs. Smith, glad to hear you are better and back. Get well soon.

    dot48, invite me to be your friend and neighbor in FaceBook; we could be neighbors on our farms.

    Happy day tomorrow, at the close of the polls Kirk will no longer be a voter.

    Big Pink is always educational. Thanks, Admin.

  88. JanH and confloyd:

    Your power of intention is as unrelenting and as potent as you both are in RL. (please, never change.) The director of Chaplin Services at the hospital said he prayed with my family throughout this ordeal saying, they were as focused as lasers on keeping me here and not letting me go over to the other side without a hell of a damn fight.

    I’ve always believed we are here for a reason. What that reason is is up to us to discover. So we must keep searching until we know.

  89. Thanks again all for the welcome home and get well wishes. I sure do appreciate having you as friends in my life. (will be napping on and off temporarily)

  90. Mrs. Smith…. great to see you back !
    this list really did miss you and your posts.

    scary stuff you just went through, so glad to know that you’re a fighter!

    look forward to you seeing your posts again.


  91. Although I seldom watch CNN, just now I stopped to see Anderson Cooper doing a piece on orphans and how Gov. Ed Rendel had just flown out several to the United States who were already being adopted. He interviewed a couple who were concerned for the little boy they are adopting and so hopeful that he was on the plane with Gov. Rendel. It was an emotional interview.

    Then the next segment Cooper had was with Sanjay Gupta about the shortage of medical staff and supplies. Cooper was up in arms about a plane with Doctors Without Borders who were not allowed to land and had to go to another airport miles away and travel by land to Haiti.

    Gupta and Cooper then hit Gov Rendel hard and also threw in footage of President Clinton landing in Haiti. They said there were unnecessary people being allowed to land and lives were being lost because of them when they could have had the doctors instead.

    Wonder if the couple interviewed prior to this hit piece felt used? Of course, we are not surprised to seeing President Clinton being trashed in this nasty way, however, we never get used to it and we will never forget.

    Did anyone else see this?

  92. Admin and fellow Big Pinkers, TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!

    I see it as a shame that all the coordination that went into the primary is not being utilized; wonder if it could be used to hound the press and yowl like crazy whenever something like that b!tch slap from Cooper and Gupta, Tweety,and all the others?

    Soldier on.

  93. With Election Day tomorrow, rather today now, doesn’t it feel like going to bed on Christmas Eve when you were a kid with all the anticipation?

    “…hound the press and yowl like crazy whenever something like that b!tch slap form Cooper, Gupta, Tweety…happens.”

    Who let the dogs out? Hopefully this wonderful Big Pink and other sites are causing the gates to be thrown wide open for the hounding.

  94. happen to catch Kerry whining on TV about how bad the brown supporters are acting and he went on and on about the things they were saying and doing towards Coakley and I could not help but say “You big phoney”…

    …Kerry, Kennedy, Dodd, Leahy and the rest of the snakes not only did not step in to ‘protect’ Hillary when she was being called names by repubs and OTHER OBAMA DEMS and her supporters harassed…NO, NOT ONE WORD FROM ANY OF THEM…not only did the snakes not step in to stand by Hillary, they hounded her to get out of the race before it even started…hounded her even when she was winning state after state with actual VOTES, not some rigged caucus…

    …the chicago dems and the elitist dem establishment can really dish it out but they are a bunch of complaining whiners the minute someone throws anything back on them…

    if anyone finds that clip of Kerry whining, it is worth linking just for a laugh…

    and one other thing…what’s with MSNBC and Matthews with ‘Obama’s America’ – really, since when…since when is America under the possession of Obama…these people are a real piece of work…they want to talk about race while acting like racists themselves…

  95. btw…Greta had a wonderful interview with Hillary…once again, Hillary is so presidential, so in command of her thoughts and priorities…as she said, she wants to see priorties and coordination established…that is her plan…Hillary exudes not only confidence but a sense of calm and genuine cool headness in this tragedy, not Obama fake ‘cool’

  96. Very interesting take on the Coakley vs brown race..

    found this comment on NQ tonight…..

    “By Guest
    Obama strong-armed Coakley to change her vote for health care. She got the last laugh by intentionally throwing the race to Brown. That’s my story & I’m stickin’ to it ! ‘

    what do you all think? interesting huh… one i have not seen brought up here before……so is it a possibility? sure would explain all her gaff’s etc.

    maybe it’s a payback for hillary’s sake??

  97. happen to catch Kerry whining on TV about how bad the brown supporters are acting badly
    How badly John? Did they throw their metals at the Capitol to show their contempt for the country like you did? Looking back on your silver spoon existence, Miss Manners might well say that you are a bigger problem than they are. At least they are loyal to the country, and do not eat oats out of a feedbag like you do John.

    Stay tuned John. They are playing your song:

    PS: Mrs. Smith you raised horses. I thought you told me they are smart.

  98. BTW, Rachel Alexandra won Horse Of The Year last night. Her only opponent was another filly – Zenyetta. Zenyetta is a winner too because she is now “un-retired”. First time ever that the only finalists were fillys.

  99. wbboei…… i have horses and yes they are extremely smart…. have heard they learn 10x faster than humans

    I tend to agree

  100. Here is a wonderful post from our friend Ani at No Quarter. This is important because there is article at FOX NEWS stating that Democrats think Obama is doing a fine job compared to Clinton and Ani’s article is a wonderful rebuttal. Fox, Gingrich et al. have come to the same realization many of us have that Obama is toast and when everything crashes they do not want a strong challenger like Hillary standing in their way to the presidency. I doubt Hillary is thinking those thoughts at the moment given everything she is involved in but evidently FOX is.

    One of the worst things about the 2008 election – aside from the obvious of Hillary Clinton being unceremoniously pushed aside in favor of a disingenuous, inexperienced candidate with elastic policies – is that her supporters were likewise treated with horrid disrespect. We were told our concerns didn’t matter. We were told we didn’t matter.

    Fast forward to the end of year one of President Obama’s rule. He outsourced control to the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Franks, et al – the worst of the what current Democratic Party has to offer. Just like the Bush Administration before them, they co-opted the “never let a crisis go to waste” mantra, using the fears of the American people to ram through an unsuccessful pork-laden stimulus package and an incomprehensible health care giveaway to insurance and big phrma. But no jobs. Where are the jobs? Tone deaf. Arrogant. 2008 all over again. We are still being told we don’t matter. But this time, it is not just Hillary supporters – it is all of the American people. I live in a liberal area and I am seeing the anger growing even here.

    Citizens at both ends of the spectrum are steaming and do not appreciate having their good will and trust abused. This was made clear in the past two Governor’s races. The special MA Senate race, where it looks as though Scott Brown may actually pull out a win in true blue Massachusetts, is sending shock waves in political circles throughout the country. As it should. That is the price you pay for treating the American people like we are a bunch of idiots. Congress, living in its rarified air, has the audacity to think they know what is best for us when they do not share our struggles.

    But how can we blame Obama and Congress for thinking the American people can be led around like sheep when that is exactly what happened last year. The majority of voters bought into a commercial brand, without any evidence that the product could deliver as advertised.

    How many of us have been calling our representatives complaining of reckless spending? My Congressman’s assistant had the facts wrong on the health care bill even as she bragged to me about its merits. My Senators’ staffers are arrogant and impatient when I call. And they are elitist as well. I have done my homework. I am their constituent and voicing my righteous concerns. And I am still being told to sit down and shut up.

    The Democrats are as drunk with power as the Republicans were when they had a huge majority in 2002. The neo-cons predicted a supermajority for 20 years. They got their comeuppance. The same is coming for Democrats. I am heartbroken after biting my lip for eight years with the rule of the neo-cons that this is the “change” we are stuck with. Bailing out Wall Street and not Main street, back door deals and no transparency. Continuation of the policies of the previous administration.

    I, too, was for Martha Coakley and wrote on her behalf when she was contesting the primary. I still believe she was the best of the Dem. primary contestants (particularly since she was running against a Pelosi pick) but I am disturbed by what I have learned and seen unfold this last week. Considering Coakley fought back the Stupak amendment, supports Gay rights and supported Hillary to the end, I am miserable to see her stand in lock step now with Obamacare and some of her other statements and actions this week have knocked me for a loop.

    For her to fall into Party groupthink behavior is not what we need in the Senate. We have far too much of that already. Coakley having a fundraiser thrown by Big Insurance/Big Phrma was not the message the Coakley campaign wanted to send. Part of the reason I liked Coakley was that she did not stand with Obamacare. She has folded. In so doing, she has likewise turned a deaf ear to the mood of the country and to her own principles. That action has also tied her to Obama, scapegoating her for the actions of this reckless Administration.

    The herd mentality is common to both parties and is killing us all. We need independent thinkers regardless of party. In our current system where there is no limit on campaign spending or fundraising, how is it possible for our public servants not to be slaves of the almighty dollar. When they are threatened with primary challenges if they do not kiss the feet of their respective party’s establishment and follow their orders, how can they vote their consciences? Clearly, public service of this kind is not meant to be a lifetime career. A little less focus on self-aggrandizement or re-election and more focus on doing the people’s business is in order.

    Scott Brown may have skeletons in the closet of his record as well. Coakley might be the sacrificial lamb here since the Pelosi wing clearly has no use for her. But the fact is, what we have of late discovered about some of Coakley’s record does not look good. As much as I would like to trumpet a qualified woman for this office, I have seen that my wish to break the boys club and reward someone with the guts to stick with Hillary to the end allowed me to trust what I saw on the surface without digging in deeply for myself. Yet I am not assuming that Scott Brown by himself will be able to stop Obamacare as it currently stands. Like the Bush Administration before them, this bunch will push through whatever they see fit.

    Such arrogance brings into sharp focus another mistake of the Coakley campaign post-primary. She, like many of us, assumed that in blue Massachusetts, winning the primary was as good as winning the general — what Republican would gain a foothold here? What Republican indeed. Nothing can or should be be taken for granted. Media boobs like MSNBC’s David Shuster wondering whether the people of Massachusetts “have lost their minds” and the likes of Shuster, Anderson Cooper and even Senator Schumer referring to the opposition as “teabaggers” does nothing to help Coakley’s cause.

    Scott Brown is offering a populist message and in his Sunday campaign rally skillfully used Obama’s 2008 rhetoric against him. Truly I have no idea what he’s going to do if he gets into office. He could likewise be capitalizing on the mood of the country and trumpeting a populist message he has no intention of enforcing. I have seen far too much kabuki theatre from both sides to be trusting again. I can only hope that he is sincere. Nonetheless, the bigger picture has become breaking the supermajority. And sending a message to the arrogant few who are telling the many that we don’t matter.

  101. Seems like Pataki is getting ready to run in NY. Seriously this is starting to look so bad for 2010. It would seem voters are about to hand Democrats a serious smack round the head with a 2×4.

    Pataki would trounce Gillibrand

    Gillibrand – another in the firing line

    Could old George be the new Brown?

    A new Siena poll shows that former New York Gov. George Pataki, who left office with the popularity of week-old lox, would sweep past Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand by an impressive 51-percent-to-38-percent margin.

    The poll marks the first time any New York Senate candidate has broken through the magical 50 percent threshold — and also marks the first time Gillibrand, who was appointed by Gov. David Paterson a year ago, finds her disapprovals outpolling her positives.

    Thirty-two percent approve, and 30 percent approve, with a whopping 38 percent undecided.

    One glimmer: Nobody knows who Harold Ford Jr. is and Gillibrand defeats him by a 41-percent-to-17-percent margin among Democrats.

  102. Nice, just nice, Senate Campaign Heats Up in Massachusetts; Coakley Supporters Wrap Cameraman Up in Campaign Sign

    Springfield, Mass. —A cameraman working on a ballot integrity initiative with Americans for Limited Government Foundation was wrapped up in a large Martha Coakley campaign sign by her supporters as he tried to video the campaign rally.

    According to Erich Heyssel, who was attempting to film a Coakley campaign event, “While filming at a Martha Coakley event I was approached by two men holding a 4×8 sign. They proceeded to hold the sign up in my line of sight, I tried to move, and was continuously blocked by these men and their sign.”

    Heyssel continued, “The situation escalated as they forcibly held me in place by wrapping the sign around me.”

    Tripp said “things could get ugly out there tomorrow as tensions rise in this close election. As we seek to identify, publicize and prevent election fraud tomorrow, I have instructed my crews to travel in teams. If Erich had been alone, this could have been worse.”

    As previously reported at Washington News Alert, Americans for Limited Government Foundation launched a ballot integrity initiative in Massachusetts last Friday.

    The initiative features over 40 members of a media team working with poll watchers in targeted precincts across Massachusetts. Once the polls open, a real-time news stream of ballot integrity initiative activities can be viewed at

  103. Ani was quoted from NQ:
    “Considering Coakley fought back the Stupak amendment”

    I’m glad Ani noticed that.

    “Part of the reason I liked Coakley was that she did not stand with Obamacare. She has folded.”

    How does Ani think Coakley fought back the Stupak amendment OTHER than to agree to vote for a version without it? If Coakley had said “Screw the HC and all future versions of it” they would have said “Screw you” and passed it Stupak and all.

    Wbboei, you understand negotiation. You push as far as you can, take the best you can get — and settle. Otherwise they go on without you and you get nothing.

    Clients always think the negotiator folded too soon….

  104. good morning boys and girls.

    it is a crisp winter morning here in New England. the beginning of the end of dear leader. take heed, GOPers. this is an independent fury you will witness today.

  105. Good Morning Alcina!

    Since you’re on the ground could you PLEEEEZE keep us updated about local coverage?


  106. In contrast to the light turnout for the party primaries last month, both candidates expected heavy a turnout following the national attention thrust upon their race. There was a clear sign at one polling place: A line of cars stretched for nearly a half-mile from the gymnasium at North Andover High School, the polling place for a community of about 30,000 about a half-hour north of Boston. Some drivers turned around in exasperation.

  107. Secretary of State Clinton: Relief in Haiti Represents the ‘Best of America’

    Tuesday , January 19, 2010

    GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Over the weekend we did go to Haiti with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She went “On the Record.”

    HILLARY CLINTON, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE: Good to see you, Greta.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Obviously in a horrible situation.

    CLINTON: It is, but I’m very pleased you’re here on the ground, as you often are.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Obviously, this isn’t our country, and we are desperately trying to help, and we need the cooperation of their government. What is the state of the government to help us?

    CLINTON: They’ve been hit very hard, but we just had an excellent meeting with the president and the prime minister. And they were very specific about what they’re trying to achieve.

    Clearly, their highest obligation is to get necessities to the people who are living, to clear the streets of the corpses, and that is a very tragic job that has to be done, and to begin working on the electricity, the transportation, the telecommunications, you know, the nuts and bolts of how they get up and going again.

    VAN SUSTEREN: You are down here just a couple days after this happened. How long can we sustain this? And are we getting help from other foreign governments? And how are you coordinating that so we can collectively make this work out?

    CLINTON: We are getting an outpouring of help. First and foremost the United Nations, despite suffering their own horrific losses, are here, are getting stood up. We saw a lot of U.N. trucks.

    We have a great group of other countries in our hemisphere and beyond. We are beginning to meet, and I talked with many of my counterparts, the foreign ministers around the world.

    So there is going to be an international effort. The key is coordinating it, and to make sure that we are each doing what we can do best.

    Watch Greta’s interview with Secretary of State Clinton

    Now, there isn’t anybody who could have gotten this airport open and up and running besides the United States military in the time that we did it. We are going to be looking at the pore to make sure we can take information and expertise we have and try to get that port up and going

    So the teams that are here, there are I think 30 search-and-rescue teams, six of those are Americans and the others are from all over the world. Everybody has been saving lives. It is really heartwarming. And from my perspective what the world is doing on behalf of this terrible tragedy is a great tribute us to.

    VAN SUSTEREN: In our great zeal to help, and we came in the other day at this airport, you think it would be so easy to take over an airport, but it is not. I don’t think people realized we had to work something out. What did you have to be able to have the authority to do that?

    CLINTON: We’re here as a humanitarian assistance and disaster relief mission. That’s what the United States military is here for. They are here as we all are at the invitation of the Haitian government that knows they need help.

    And this airport is a perfect example. There’s only one runway. This is not ideal. Thank goodness it was not damaged. If the earthquake had knocked this runway out I don’t know where we would be in terms of trying to help.

    So we went to the Haitian government. We said we were ready to help. They asked for our help. We negotiated an agreement so that the United States military could get it open and prioritize the flights in and out, because, as you can tell, it’s a small airport, but we’ve made it very busy and we’ve got to be sure people are safe coming in and out.

    VAN SUSTEREN: So we have all these supplies, cargo coming in, and we’re shipping it out into the country. But the things like hospitals, and we would like to help in the hospitals — does the United States have to work out agreements there? Is there any sort of resistance?

    If we can help in those hospitals, because we are hearing horrible stories there.

    CLINTON: The Haitians have said we need all the help we can get. It’s a question of getting to where the help is need, setting up a facility, making sure it’s well-staffed and well-equipped. There are military hospitals by a number of countries being set-up around the affected area. There will have to be more.

    We are also trying to resupply and support the Haitian hospitals that are still operating. Before I got on the plane this morning I got an e- mail from Dr. Paul Farmer who you has a long history here in Haiti and Partners in Health, which he was one of the founders of. He has a team working in one of the hospitals, giving me a report.

    So it is all hands on deck. Everybody in our government and all these other governments are doing our best.

    VAN SUSTEREN: We see the men and women of our military here. What is with the U.S. embassy?

    CLINTON: Our ambassador is the chief of mission. Everybody in country is reporting to him. He’s coordinating the civilian and the military assistance. General Keen, who is the military commander on the ground works closely with our ambassador. Our ambassador negotiated the agreement with the Haitian government to get this airport open and have our folks help to prioritize.

    So literally there’s more work than any human being can do in a 24 hour period. But everybody is working hard. What we want to make sure we are prioritizing and coordinated, and that’s my goal.

    VAN SUSTEREN: I think it is interesting to show the all hands on deck — even your staff was out last night hustling at drug stores around Washington, D.C., buying all sorts of items to bring. So it really is really all hands on deck.

    CLINTON: It really is. It is the best of America. And I’m so proud of our State Department, our USAID, our military, all of our private citizens, the generosity of the American people.

    This is a terrible, horrible catastrophe for the people of Haiti, but I think that the outpouring from America and beyond should give them some reason to hope.,2933,583326,00.html

  108. Mon, Jan. 18, 2010

    Scene moves Bill Clinton to tears


    As the United States moved to take over Haitian government-run aid distribution centers Monday, a teary-eyed former President Bill Clinton saw first-hand the destructive scars of Haiti’s biggest natural disaster.

    Clinton flew into this battered Caribbean capital shortly after 1 p.m., arriving bearing medical supplies. He later met with Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive and President René Préval before leaving. Préval spent much of the day meeting with international donors in the neighboring Dominican Republic.

    During a visit to Haiti’s largest public hospital, Clinton was clearly moved by the scores of injured disaster victims sleeping in the yard. Just days ago, doctors had to use vodka to perform surgeries because they had no alcohol.

    As he stepped into the bare-bones building, the man designated as the U.N. special envoy for Haiti was greeted by the smell of formaldehyde and the agony of old men, and toddlers screaming in pain.


    The scene: partially-naked men and women with broken limbs, children with bruised faces and surgeons performing surgery in an open room.

    “Seeing all of these people . . . sleeping on the street, seeing the largest hospital in the country having all of those people waiting to be cared for, it gives you an idea of the mammoth nature of the human loss, the physical and financial damage, and the continuing possibility of further loss and healing depending on whether we can respond quickly enough and well enough,” Clinton told The Miami Herald in an interview.

    He was joined here by his daughter Chelsea. The two also brought with them two bags stuffed with teddy bears.

    Clinton’s visit came one day before the one-week anniversary of the earthquake. On Saturday, his wife, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited. During her visit, she told Préval that the U.S. was proposing a joint operating task force to help his overwhelmed government move millions of dollars of aid coming into Haiti.

    That task force began showing signs of life Monday as the U.S. military took over a distribution center at the Petionville country club.


    “Yesterday, we took charge of one of four distribution points the government of Haiti had designated,” Lt. Gen. Ken Keen, deputy commander for the U.S. Southern Command said Monday. “. . . We passed out water and rations of medical supplies all day long as long as we had supplies.”

    MINUSTAH, the U.N. peacekeeping force that had added humanitarian assistance to its security duties in recent days, is operating the other three centers, Keen said, adding that he was moving “to take responsibility of those other three so [MINUSTAH] can focus” on security.

    “We are going to focus in the area of humanitarian assistance and expand our reach,” Keen said. “Everyday we increase our capabilities to reach out.”

    Clinton stressed that moving aid quickly will be the key to saving lives in the coming days and weeks, while emphasizing his commitment to the country. “I think that if the Haitian people and the Haitian leaders want us, the rest of the world will be there for this long-term effort,” Clinton said.


    Despite the destruction and Haitians’ growing frustration over the slow distribution of aid, Clinton remained hopeful.

    “I feel that these human networks will be a big part of our restoration,” he said.

    “Is this going to be hard? Yes. Do I think we can do it? Absolutely I do.”

  109. Congratulations, Mrs. Smith on suviving a very difficult illiness. It was obvious on the blog that you were missed, and worried about. Take care and rest to get your strength.

    The pinapple express is in full force, and three storms are headed our way. One hit last night, and by Friday, the desert might see snow perhaps in the whole state.

    Today, we will anxiously watch as the democratic process works in MA, and also watch how both sides spin it. I really want the medical environment straightened out for the American people, but unfortunately, the people in office are not listening to what the people want, and how they think it should be financed. It is very hard to add significant governement programs, when the people still do not think recovery to the economy has happened.

    Today should be an interesting day on the blog.

  110. UPDATE: Coakley Campaign Removes Signs after Police Called
    By michaelnoyes on January 19, 2010
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    Two Coakley Campaign Signs at the Entrance of the Dorchester Polling Place could violate election laws

    Michael Noyes, special correspondent for

    DORCHESTER, MASS. – An official for Martha Coakley’s campaign removed two campaign signs (pictured right) from near the entrance to the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School polling place after a Boston Police officer responded to a call from an election official.

    Election Warden Mary Vines viewed the signs after she was questioned by a reporter about the legality of the placement.

    “That’s not supposed to be there,” Vines said. “It’s supposed to be at the street. We’ve had that problem in the last two elections.”

    A Boston Police Department officer responded to a call from Vines and spoke with a campaign observer from the Coakley campaign. The Coakley observer then removed the signs.

    DORCHESTER, MASS. – Residents going in to vote at the Boys & Girls Club polling place in Dorchester this morning were greeted by two Martha Coakley for senate signs lashed to the handrails leading up the steps to the front entrance.

    Inside the building, election officials brushed off questions about the legality of signs posted for the Democratic candidate at the entrance of the polling place.

    “How we going to measure them?” said a man who identified himself as the election warden and would only give his first name, Angel, when asked whether the signs were legally placed.

    “Ask me something that makes sense,” he said. “Are you serious?”

    An election warden at Sarah Greenwood Elementary School made a call to elections officials when questioned about a Coakley sign posted on the fence that sits just feet from the school building and is at the entrance to the parking lot.

    “That was there when we opened up,” said the election warden whose nametag identified her as Shirley Montgomery.

    The election official on the phone referred questions to the secretary of state’s office and asked that reporters leave the polling place.

    “I have an election to run,” she said, identifying herself as an election commissioner.

    Signs were also posted near the building at Boston Middle School Academy and Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School.

    The signs at each location in Dorchester were identical and read “Martha Coakley, U.S. Senate.”

    Dorchester is not the only city with suspect campaign signs. Special correspondent Ashley Badgley has more here.

  111. here’s more:

    Teacher Alleges Intimidation at MA Polling Place

    By Andrew Griffin on January 19, 2010
    Print This Article Print This Article

    By Andrew W. Griffin Oklahoma Watchdog, editor

    January 19, 2010

    LAWRENCE, Mass. — Minutes after the polls opened at Guilmette School here in Lawrence, school teacher Diane MacDonald drove up into the parking lot in a car sporing a Scott Brown for Senate bumper sticker in her back window. Stopping her to talk, MacDonald told Oklahoma Watchdog that for over a week she had been blasted with emails from her teacher’s union telling her and other teachers to be sure and vote for Democrat Martha Coakley.

    Pointing to her Brown sticker, MacDonald smiled and said, “I’m really in enemy territory being a school teacher.” Noting the pro-Coakley email blasts from her union, MacDonald added: “They are using school computers to send out those emails. That’s illegal.”

    MacDonald said that while “you can’t do that,” referring to using public computers to send partisan messages, she said that she’d be looking for trouble by responding.

    Still, other teachers have whispered to MacDonald that they are supportive of Brown but are afraid to voice their opinions publicly.


  112. White House Scraps “Saved or Created” Jobs Numbers
    By Bill McMorris on January 11, 2010
    Print This Article Print This Article

    Do not expect to hear the term “saved or created job” anymore. The federal government has disposed of the figure that had been used to measure the efficacy of the stimulus.

    ABC News’ Jake Tapper has the scoop:

    In a little-noticed December 18, 2009 memo from Office of Management and ,b>Budget director Peter Orszag the Obama administration is changing the way stimulus jobs are counted.

    The memo, first noted by ProPublica, says that those receiving stimulus funds no longer have to say whether a job has been saved or created.

    “Instead, recipients will more easily and objectively report on jobs funded with Recovery Act dollars,” Orszag wrote.

    In other words, if the project is being funded with stimulus dollars – even if the person worked at that company or organization before and will work the same place afterwards – that’s a stimulus job.

    Read here(linked) for stimulus troubles in the past, as well as Watchdog’s exclusive on phantom congressional districts.

  113. Kerry has the balls to say how bad Brown’s supporters are acting???? No one has ever been as bad as those bots. Those bots are still obnoxious.

    Well I had a change of opinion, I just think that Hillary was asked to fight on the floor in Denver for us, she chose to tow the party line and support the fraud. As hard as it is to this we must do it because it will show them that when we actually vote someone in, it should be that person who takes the job not the ones that superdelegates wanted.

    I don’t know if the party would not of split anyway if Hillary had fought on the floor for us, but I don’t think there would have been so much anamosity. I also think if Obama would have extended his hand to the Hillary supporters, thing might of been different. I also think if the like of Brazile would have been a little nicer things would be different.

    The revenge of the “lunch bucket democrats” is at hand. Its been a long year.

  114. Is George Voinovich going to screw the GOP on health care?
    By Michelle Malkin • January 19, 2010 09:40 AM

    Scroll for updates…

    Sorry, I couldn’t word it any more politely than that. But the very prospect of GOP Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio bailing on his party to cast a swan song 60th vote for the government health care takeover bill makes me want to spit nails.

    Voinovich is meeting with President Obama at 11:30am Eastern today in the Oval Office.

    Nate Nelson at the Rust Belt blog notes that since Voinovich has already announced his retirement, he has nothing to lose. He’s infamous for turning into a blubbering mass on the Senate floor — while crusading for the illegal alien amnesty and voting against U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, Is George Voinovich going to screw the GOP on health care?
    By Michelle Malkin • January 19, 2010 09:40 AM



    Washington, D.C. Office:
    524 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20510
    Main: (202) 224-3353

    Cleveland, OH Office:
    1240 East 9th Street
    Room 3061
    Cleveland, OH 44199
    Main: (216) 522-7095
    Fax: (216) 522-7097

    Southeast, OH Office:
    78 West Washington Street
    P.O. Box 57
    Nelsonville, OH 45764
    Main: (740) 441-6410
    Fax: (740) 753-3551

    Cincinnati, OH Office:
    36 East 7th Street
    Room 2615
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
    Main: (513) 684-3265
    Fax: (513) 684-3269

    Northeast, OH Office:
    1240 East 9th Street
    Room 3061
    Cleveland, OH 44199
    Main: (216) 522-7095
    Fax: (216) 522-7097

    Toledo, OH Office:
    420 Madison Avenue
    Room 1210
    Toledo, OH 43604
    Main: (419) 259-3895
    Fax: (419) 259-3899

    Dayton, OH Office:
    (Based out of Cincinnati)
    36 East 7th Street, Room 2615
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
    Main: (513) 684-3265
    Fax: (513) 684-3269

    Central, OH Office:
    37 West Broad Street
    Room 310
    Columbus, OH 43215
    Main: (614) 469-6697
    Fax: (614) 469-7733


    Update: Readers who have reached Voinovich’s staff says he remains opposed to the health care bill. Philip Klein sends along Voinovich’s statement from last month opposing Demcare.

    We’ll see what he says after the 11:30am meeting in the Oval Office.

  115. Democrats Desperate to Pass Health Care — Win, Lose or Draw in Massachusetts
    a close election would still be seen as a victory for Republicans and enough of a negative judgment on health care reform to spook moderates, who were already anxious over passing a bill that has proved unpopular in the polls. House Democrats’ dreams of creating a public option and taxing the rich to pay for it go out the window under this scenario.


  116. I remember Indiana where Hillary was up by a pretty big margin and then she lost it. So you can bet they will be cheating their asses off today. Those bots who run the voting stations will forget to turn in their box of ballets.

  117. The anti-HC message has got through already. No need to throw out a pro-choice PUMA with the bathwater.

    h/ no w

  118. Coakley has worked against DOMA.

    Mr. Brown opposes same-sex marriage, and in 2007 he voted to pass a constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between a man and a woman.


    Fred Hiatt of WashPo thinks Obama’s first year is pretty good.


    In Obama’s first year, successes outweigh missteps

    By Fred Hiatt
    Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    On Wednesday one year will have passed since President Obama’s inauguration. Much of the tidal wave of assessments has been negative: Falling poll numbers. Unfulfilled promises. Disappointed supporters, disillusioned independents, angry opponents. He’s been too cool or too egotistical, too left-wing or not left-wing enough. And if voters repudiate his policies in a special Massachusetts Senate election on Tuesday, as is quite possible, the tidal wave will become a tsunami.

    So before that happens, I’d like to interrupt the anniversary-bash-Obama-fest with a simple proposition: Obama has done a good job so far.

    I’ve had my share of complaints. I harbor my share of misgivings. But on the issues that mattered most in his first year, Obama got things right.
    [SNIP!!! I can’t take any more. Go to the link if you enjoy vomiting]

  120. From NYT:
    But even as Democratic leaders pondered contingencies, the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, insisted that the legislation would move forward, though she acknowledged that Tuesday’s results could force a tactical shift.
    “Certainly the dynamic will change depending on what happens in Massachusetts,” Ms. Pelosi told reporters in California on Monday. “Just the question of how we would proceed. But it doesn’t mean we won’t have a health care bill.”
    “Let’s remove all doubt,” she added. “We will have health care one way or another.”

  121. Mr. Hiatt,

    What would those “issues that matter most” be?

    *Snoring through every single 3 A.M. call to date?
    *Reverse Racism behavior?
    *Teleprompter dependence?
    *Terrorist loyalty?
    *Throwing Israel under the bus?
    *Pandering to Muslim hatred of Jews?
    *Taking credit for all of Hillary’s hard work and accomplishments?

  122. A Brown win in Massachusetts would be seen as a big win for the tea party movement. The Republicans will claim that victory as theirs and say it is proof that they are the party of the big tent. Don’t believe it. They have a vested interest in their own power structure, and a man who tells Hannity that he is a Scott Brown Republican as opposed to a Reagan Republican does little to warm the cockles of their heart. As for the Dimocrats he is a direct threat to their imperious take over of the country, and there is no way they can spin it as a defeat. I asked someone in the know whether they would be cheating in this election, and was told it would not be as great as they would like because they assumed that this would be an easy victory and were not organized. They said they will never again be blindsided like this and will lay the groundwork for cheating in all future elections months in advance since they now know that the American People do not like what they are peddling and if the elections in key states are honest they will lose. I argued against that point but the individual I spoke to held firm. This individual went on to say that this election caught big media by surprise as well. When he announced, there was only one reporter present. So they have a vested interest in nipping this populist uprising in the bud as well because it threatens their social order, perks and privileges. What all this means is the tea party movement must be on guard, and one of their planks should be to raise the issue of cheating to a high level of public awareness. If we can catch operatives doing this in the right case–like what the Obama supporters did in Texas, they need to be fried.

  123. • HillaryforTexas
    January 19th, 2010 at 10:46 am
    LOL! Jon Stewart’s take on MA is freaking hilarious. Sad, but hilarious.

    Thanks for posting this! — lol all around the room here
    There’s an atmosphere of celebration in this area of Mass this morning! Cars tooting at Brown signs, lots of grinning faces and thumbs up etc — I just want to say to all you Browners, “Happy Electiion Day! Let’s Bust the Big Machine!”

  124. turndown

    Martha caved in, she has no backbone to stand up for the American People and their will.

    It makes no difference to me what “good” she may have done in the past or stance on other issues when her present is riddled with siding with obama and his ilk today.

    I don’t even give a damn that she “appeared” to stand with hillary…that is all past it’s what is before her today and the stand or fall in line that she chooses today that matters

    so your RAh Rah for martha is falling on deaf ears.

  125. Gavin Newsome gets it. Let’s hope the rest of the party wakes up, but I won’t hold my breath.

    “Regardless of the outcome (in Massachusetts) this should be a gigantic wakeup call to the Democratic party — that we’re not connecting with the needs, the aspirations and the desires of real people right now,” Newsom said. “We better get our act together — and quickly.”

    “There’s real intensity and fervor out there, as represented by the tea party and others… that we’re belittling,” he said.

    “Washington D.C. is completely disconnected. So is Sacramento. So I’m really fearful,” he said. “I see this thing tipping in the wrong direction” that could result in the loss of Congressional seats in the Central Valley.

    “This is real. At our own peril, we dismiss these tea parties as some sort of isolated extremism. It’s not,” Newsom said.

    Read more:

  126. Warden a No-Show, Police Open Polls
    By Andrew Griffin on January 19, 2010
    Print This Article Print This Article

    By Andrew W. Griffin, Oklahoma Watchdog editor

    Posted: January 19, 2010

    LAWRENCE, Mass. — At the Essex Towers senior public housing, voters are being allowed to vote despite the poll warden not showing up. According to a poll watcher for Republican candidate Scott Brown, a Lawrence Police Department officer unlocked the ballot box. This was observed by Brown and Martha Coakley poll watchers, as well as Americans for Limited Government.

    The poll warden had taken a child to school, according to one observer. The police later opened a polling machine for a handicapped man. There was still no evidence of a poll warden one hour after the polls opened.


  127. djia
    January 19th, 2010 at 1:38 am
    Very interesting take on the Coakley vs brown race..

    found this comment on NQ tonight…..

    “By Guest
    Obama strong-armed Coakley to change her vote for health care. She got the last laugh by intentionally throwing the race to Brown. That’s my story & I’m stickin’ to it ! ‘

    what do you all think? interesting huh… one i have not seen brought up here before……so is it a possibility? sure would explain all her gaff’s etc.

    maybe it’s a payback for hillary’s sake??

    I cannot believe you mentioned that djia — I could not understand how Coakley could fall so far so quickly and I had this same thought, then put it out of my head. Perhaps that is what happened. Otherwise I cannot see how a woman as smart as Coakley would make the comment about there being no terrorists left is Afghanistan, the Curt Shilling and Fenway Park comments, and capitulating on health care. I’d better tighten the screws on my tin foil hat.

  128. jbstonesfan, Zogby also said Kerry would win. He didn’t run a poll, he’s just talking about his “feeling”.

  129. ani
    January 19th, 2010 at 11:37 am

    I never was a conspiracy nut, but i admit after following politics for a couple years I’m stocking up on tin foil. LOL

    but seriously, it’s an interesting take on things
    one that made me go Hhhmmmmmm?

  130. I can speak more freely perhaps about the future demise of Evan Bayh since Hannity last night mentioned him by name.

    His father Birch was a charismatic politician who was very popular in Indiana, but lost his seat in the Reagan landslide of 1980. Shortly thereafter he showed up in a plush lobbyist job and made alot of money. The loss was wrenching and the lesson wss not lost on Evan who was a young at the time.

    Evan was more introverted than his father, and many people associated this with solid midwestern values like honesty. He ran for governor, won and did a wonderful job. He steered a middle course and made some tough political decisions that benefitted the people of the state. He became popular with both parties, and the people for those reasons. That popularity in turn helped usher him into the Senate seat. His popularity and stature grew accordingly.

    Unbeknownst to many, Bayh was on a short list to become Vice President. Biden–the humble man with much to be humble about was selected based largely on his vast experience, foreign policy experience and ability to entertain a crowd with a raft of Hennie Youngman one liners, which the great unwashed (big media) misinterpreted as gaffs. Obama thinking at its best.

    Fair winds, calm seas and then out of nowhere came this health care deform bill conceived by unimaculate conception in the bowels of the Obama White House. What is a good decent honest mid west politician to do. He said wait a minute. I need more information. Can we afford this. I cannot cast a vote in favor of it until I know.

    Up went his poll numbers. The popular Republican Governor says he will not run. More fair winds and calm seas. Red skies at night sailors delight . . . .

    A period of time went by. The health care bill got into more and more trouble thanks to FOX. The other networks hid the truth from the American People and riveted their attention with deathless prose and searching questions like Michelle what kind of a garden will you plant next year. So everyone looked at Bayh, and said Honest Evan will protect us. We know in our hearts this is a bad bill, and so does he.

    Then he came forward and said I have looked at the cost factor and I am satisfied.

    His constituents were apoplectic. They figured he had been bought off and betrayed them in the process. A job on K Street like his father–guaranteed by big pharma? The Vice Presidency in 2012? Who knows. And then reports surfaced that he had been for the bill all along and pushing it for other senators. He lied to his constituents about his position, and now a long time Republican Congressman Mike Spense has announced that the will challenge him.

    The approval rating of Evan Bayh went down like a headshot goose.

    Looking ahead to 2012 it is a case of red skies at morn sailor be warned. This is why democratic operatives are calling around and worried. The people of Indiana are trusting by nature. But they don’t like to be lied to. It looks to me at least like he is toast.

  131. #
    January 19th, 2010 at 11:35 am

    Zogby says Coakley will win!!! Upsetting as he is usually correct…

    Have you even seen a zogby poll on the race?

  132. this race just seems like martha is throwing it to brown on purpose…doesn’t it?


    brown wins, kills the HRC bill, 2010 brings a cleansing of many dems and repugs that deserve it..especially those who conspired against Hillary in 2008….2012 obama is a one termer and isn’t re-elected…..2012 brings us our true 44th Madam President Hillary R. Clinton…..who then can finally usher in a “real” health care reform we(Americans)can all benefit from.

  133. Mass. Senate candidate Brown drives self to polls

    Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    WRENTHAM, Mass. — Republican Scott Brown says if he wins the Massachusetts Senate special election, he hopes to be sworn in swiftly.

    The state senator drove himself to the polls Tuesday in the green pickup truck that came to symbolize his workmanlike campaign. The odometer read over 201,000 miles.

    Secretary of State William Galvin – a Democrat – has said it could take weeks to certify the results, but more recently he says he will send the Senate secretary a letter outlining the Tuesday trends to speed a swearing-in.

    A victory would give the GOP the 41st vote it needs to stop President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.

    Brown, Democrat Martha Coakley and independent candidate Joseph L. Kennedy were on the ballot. All are vying to succeed the late Sen. Edward Kennedy. He died in August of brain cancer.

  134. Herald Pulse
    You call it. How will the election results break? Rout or squeaker?

    27% – Brown by 10% or better

    47% – Brown by 5% or better

    16% – Brown by 2% or under

    5% – Coakley by 2% or fewer

    3% – Coakley by 5% or better

    2% – Coakley by 10% or better

  135. jbstonesfan,

    I hope this is one time that Zogby is dead wrong. His polling is always skewered where obama is concerned so maybe this is just wishful thinking on his part.

    I hope so.

  136. We have been disappointed too often the last few years to count on a Brown victory imo. Yes, it’s great that the dems are getting a real fight for a seat that none oo us thought had a chance a few months ago, but I have a funny feeling she pulls it out and guess who takes the credit for “saving” her at the last minute-you guessed it- Obama a/ka/”black Jesus”.

  137. Agreed HillaryforTexas, but to go out on a limb like that for a respected pollster is quite telling imo….

  138. Oh brother!!!


    ABC Empathizes with White House: Coakley Loss ‘Shakespearean,’ ‘Tragedy of Greek Proportions’

    By Brent Baker

    ABC on Monday night again empathized with the Obama White House’s disbelief that they could lose “Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat” — and thus ObamaCare — if Republican Scott Brown beats Democrat Martha Coakley in Tuesday’s special election in Massachusetts. George Stephanopoulos saw a “Shakespearean” tragedy just over a week after PBS’s Judy Woodruff, on ABC’s This Week, described such a scenario as “a tragedy of Greek proportions.”

    Stephanopoulos conveyed on Monday’s World News how “Democrats in the White House and Capitol Hill are braced for a shattering loss. And it’s really hard for them to wrap their head around it, the idea that…health care reform may be in peril because Democrats can’t hold the seat that Teddy Kennedy held for nearly half a century. You know, one White House official summed it up in a single word: ‘Shakespearean.’”

    During the roundtable on the January 10 This Week, CNN and NBC veteran Woodruff despaired: “I was just going to say, quoting somebody in the White House, a tragedy of Greek proportions if Ted Kennedy’s successor is the one, is the one who was responsible for the death of health care.”

    Disappointed ABC anchor Diane Sawyer pleaded to Stephanopoulos Monday evening: “After all these months of fighting for it, and then may be slipping away at the last minute for the White House. But are there options on health care reform? Other ways to go to get a vote?”

    The MRC’s Rich Noyes caught this exchange on the Monday, January 18 World News with Diane Sawyer:

    DIANE SAWYER: What are they saying in the White House tonight, George?

    GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Not much they can say, Diane, but Democrats in the White House and Capitol Hill are braced for a shattering loss. And it’s really hard for them to wrap their head around it, the idea that John [Berman] just alluded to, that Democrats — that health care reform may be in peril because Democrats can’t hold the seat that Teddy Kennedy held for nearly half a century. You know, one White House official summed it up in a single word: “Shakespearean.”

    SAWYER: After all these months of fighting for it, and then may be slipping away at the last minute for the White House. But are there options on health care reform? Other ways to go to get a vote?

    STEPHANOPOULOS: You know, there’s only one realistic option, and it’s a longshot. The idea that Democrats in the White House and Capitol Hill are working on right now is to convince enough House Democrats to simply pass the bill that passed the Senate, which is not exactly like the House bill — there are differences in abortion, there are differences in the way that taxation happens — but the argument to those Democrats will be, to the progressives: “It’s never going to get any better than this;” and to the conservatives and moderates who’ve already taken the tough vote, that they’re going to have the worst of both worlds if they get nothing for it.

    But, Diane, that is a very long shot. I think most Democrats right now would agree with Congressman Barney Frank, a loyal supporter of the President, who said that health reform in this form is likely dead if Coakley loses.

    SAWYER: Dead, period? Or would they revive it later on?

    STEPHANOPOULOS: They’ll have to go back to the drawing board, try to get something else later on, but the form that basically passed in the House and the Senate, that basic structure, hard to get through.

    SAWYER: So much riding on tomorrow for this White House. Thanks to you, George.

  139. Dems: Coakley down 10
    Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 11:11 AM by Domenico Montanaro
    Filed Under: Norah O’Donnell, 2010

    From MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell
    Some early tidbits from the campaign about turnout….

    According to a top Brown campaign adviser, there are “longer lines outside Boston than inside. Not good sign for Coakley. Scott’s voters highly motivated.”

    A Democratic source says get-out-the-vote efforts have been good for Coakley, but adds, “I don’t know if the machine gets you 10 points.”

  140. Might want to check out Laura Ingraham – she said she wanted to hear from people in Masssachusetts today – lots of calls from all over the state are coming in – all are saying they have never seen people so excited over any election before and its all about Brown – homemade banners, demonstrations, decorated cars – it’s a holiday!

    Provincetown… a sign “Tubby Lesbians from Provincetown for Brown”
    Guy from Okla phoned in to say “Mass is giving the rest of the nation the courage to do the same!”

    In my corner…
    Just went to vote on Martha’s Vineyard and the parking lot isn’t big enough to hold everyone — they had to open up a nearby field for parking — this has never happened before! And all the people I saw were buzzing about Brown.
    One group was singing, “The spirit of Massachusetts is the spirit of America!”

    The enthusiasm is just wonderful. I wish you all could be here!

  141. This is amazing — Martha’s Vineyard as been soooo BLUE for so long, but I swear to you everybody I encounter is talking like they read hillaryis44!It’s more than just healthcare, it’s more than abortion, gays — any of those issues. It’s all about getting back at the Dims for ignoring the will of the people. Mad, and not going to take it anymore! JUbilant over the chance to strike back!

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