Brown Versus Coakley – The Last Mary Jo Kopechne

Obama will go to Massachusetts on Sunday to try to save, not Martha Coakley, but himself. However, instead of saving himself Obama is about to find out what the last hour of Mary Jo Kopechne’s life was like. What was that last hour of Mary Jo Kopechne’s life like?

“Kopechne’s actual cause of death is of some question since her parents, Joseph and Gwen Kopechne, refused to allow an autopsy of their daughter. However, the diver who recovered Kopechne’s body claimed that the corpse was still buoyant and that the carpeted floorboard of the car had been badly scratched, suggesting that she had not drowned, but had suffocated in her desperate effort to escape.

Like Mary Jo, Obama will bitterly cling to the floorboard, clawing for the last few desperate lungfuls of air. Having partied with massive Ted Kennedy size majorities in the House and Senate, Obama now realizes what we all realize: The Massachusetts special election this Tuesday is a REFERENDUM on Barack Obama. If Scott Brown wins in Massachusetts Obama’s presidency, almost exactly one year to the day of inauguration, is drowned and dead.

* * * * *

Hillary Clinton is in Haiti today. Hillary and Bill continue to save the world. Haiti, the island of the Clinton honeymoon over 30 years ago is in trouble. Hillary and Bill have long memories and they will help their friends.

Clinton, who cut short a trip to the Asia-Pacific region after Tuesday’s quake, said on Friday she and U.S. Agency for International Development Director Rajiv Shah would meet Haitian President Rene Preval as well as U.S. relief workers.

“We will also be conveying very directly and personally to the Haitian people our long-term unwavering support, solidarity and sympathies,” Clinton told a news briefing. [snip]

“I will be bringing out some American citizens who are waiting for evacuation, so there are some very tangible reasons for this,” Clinton said.

She said every effort would be made not to allow her visit to interfere with the relief effort.

“I will not be leaving the airport area, so I will not be using assets like automobiles that should be better used for transporting rescue workers or medical personnel,” she said.

Clinton said the trip would give her and her team a firsthand look at how the relief effort was unfolding, which she could then convey to other world leaders, adding the United States backed the idea of a donor conference at some point in the future.

“I’ve spoken to a number of foreign ministers and heads of state who are asking questions about how things are operating and what they can do to contribute. It just gives you a level of credibility,” Clinton said of the trip.

* * * * *

While Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton save the world, Obama is redrawing the electoral map. The disaster which is inexperienced and unqualified Barack Obama, will live up to his electoral promise of transformation. Obama in 2004 and in years since claimed “there are no red states, there are no blue states, there is only the United States”. We thought that claim was contrary to the divisions and reality we so clearly saw. But Obama the flim-flam man always wanted to play to his idiot band of believers who wanted to believe in a “uniter not a divider”. Now Obama’s boobery and treacheries, and incompetence, will make part of Obama’s old claim real. By the time transformative Obama is done with America there will only be red states.

Due to Obama and Dimocrats’ policies the bluest of the blue, Massachusetts, threatens to turn red on Tuesday. As Republican Bob McDonnell take the oath of office in now red Virginia from a Democratic governor, Obama prepares to turn Massachusetts from blue to red. Thanks to boob Obama, Scott Brown threatens to take the massive Ted Kennedy seat, a Democratic held post since 1952.

Obama, is as welcome in Massachusetts as the Redcoats at Bunker Hill. The out-of-touch royalist, Barack Obama, will go to Massachusetts to save himself, not Martha Coakley. The Massachusetts special election on Tuesday is now a referendum on Barack Obama.
But Barack Obama, who won Massachusetts with 62% of the vote, is no longer popular and wanted in Massachusetts. Obama is poison.

Unreliable news sources, like the Obama loving Politico still push the myth that Obama is “very popular”. Politico asserts that Obama is “still” especially popular in Massachusetts.

“Obama is still very popular in the liberal Bay State, and the hope among Democrats is that his presence will create a sense of urgency about the stakes of the contest to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy.”

But Obama loving Politico is an unreliable news source and skews reality in his favor. Obama is poison. Poison kills:

According to strategists familiar with internal polls conducted for Coakley’s campaign, the consequences of Obama’s visit could produce a net-negative effect on Coakley’s campaign.

Obama has a net favorable rating in MA, according to public and private polls. A Suffolk Univ. poll out today shows 55% of MA voters viewing him favorably, while just 35% see him unfavorably. But the intensity of voters who view him unfavorably, or who disapprove of his job performance, is so high that an appearance with Coakley could bring out more GOPers ready to vote for Brown than it could Dems set on their nominee.

Obama is radioactive in polls,” said one senior Dem operative who has seen the campaign’s internal numbers. “Every time they dropped his name in a poll, it was awful. So you just can’t take those kinds of chances.”

Obama is poison. Obama will go to Massachusetts to save himself, not Martha Coakley. The election in Massachusetts is a referendum on inexperienced, unqualified, electoral poison, Barack Obama.

The political stakes could not be higher. If Coakley wins, Dems preserve their 60-vote majority in the Senate. They can cut off debate on health care and pass a bill that has proven nothing but an albatross since even before it was introduced. If state Sen. Scott Brown (R) wins the race, he has promised to be the 41st vote against cloture, effectively killing Obama’s signature initiative as it stands at the brink of completion. [snip]

A Brown victory will be seen as a huge blow to the WH. It would also signal to Dems in Congress that the party is not safe, even in a state that hasn’t sent a GOPer to the House since ’94 and hasn’t sent a GOPer to the Senate since ’72. GOPers eager for a flood of retirements could see their dreams realized as panicked Dems really head for the exits.

Obama killed the Democratic Party because he abandoned the FDR/Hillary Clinton coalition for his own “situation comedy” demographics coalition. Now, in bluest of the blue Massachusetts, we see the signs of rigor mortis.

Obama campaigned for Craig Deeds in Virginia, Deeds lost. Obama campaigned in several rallies on the Sunday before the election for Jon Corzine in blue New Jersey, Corzine lost. Across the ocean, in ice blue Copenhagen, Obama campaigned for Chicago Olympics, Chicago lost. Barack Obama is poison.

Contrary to the hype, Barack Obama is extremely race conscious. In Is Barack Obama A Racist? we quoted Barack Obama’s friend from the exclusive Punahou School in Hawaii: “He [Obama] made everything out like it was all racial.” We heard Barack Obama attack the Cambridge police as “stupid” when it appears they were completely correct and proper in their dealings with one of Obama’s Harvard friends. Remember?

Martha Coakley’s husband must be “stupid” because he is a retired member of the Cambridge police department. The Cambridge Police Patrol Officers Association remember how “stupid” they are and have endorsed Scott Brown with these words:

Members of our Association have inquired and requested that we endorse Scott Brown in the upcoming election against Martha Coakley. Ms. Coakley along with some of her campaign workers have talked publicly about how her husband is a retired Cambridge Police Officer, giving appearances that she is being endorsed by the Cambridge Police. This may be an innocent insinuation but most do take this as our giving her our support and endorsement. Yesterday, the CPPOA Executive Board voted to endorse State Senator Scott Brown in the upcoming election for US Senate. In an 11 to 2 vote, the Executive Board voted overwhelmingly in favor of the endorsement. We do not endorse anyone who advocates changes in the health care that take away any bargaining rights or increases our cost along with our contributions. Senator Brown does not support the Comprehensive Healthcare Reform Bill and promises to be the 41st vote to ensure its defeat.

Obama is poison and his health scam, which transfers wealth to Obama buddies Big Insurance and Big PhaRma, kills. Obama is poison and his policies are bad for your health and the political health of Dimocrats. Bunker Hill will witness a miracle on Tuesday when Americans in blue Massachusetts liberate the nation once again.

Just about every Republican and commentator knows that Obama is going to Massachusetts to save himself, not Martha Coakley. The polls are turning against Coakley and every Dimocrat in the nation is in a panic. Obama is going to Massachusetts to calm down the Dimocrats sufficiently to get them to ram through the toxic health scam.

A new poll shows Scott Brown leading 48% to 45% in long blue Massachusetts. Other polls show Scott Brown fighting back the Obama Royalists.

One tells me that the most recent internal poll of the Scott Brown campaign shows the Republican winning by . . . 11 percentage points. I’m getting the sense that the folks hearing this are almost a little incredulous, but it seems every demographic and key group is breaking to Brown in the past day or two. [snip]

The second source heard through the grapevine that the Martha Coakley campaign’s internal poll shows the race . . . dead even. This would be more or less in line with a lot of the public polls (Rasmussen, PPP, Suffolk) and while a Republican would prefer to be ahead, has to like those odds with a furiously energized grassroots and bad weather coming next week. [snip]

Another offered a reaction to Obama, coming up to campaign for Coakley: “You know how it’s now Obama’s economy? Well, this race is now Obama’s race.”

Barack Obama will campaign for himself, Martha Coakley will be there too, on Sunday. Obama will be at Northeastern University at 3:00 p.m to try to rally dispirited Democrats not aware the old Democratic Party is dead and now they belong to the corrupt Obama Dimocratic Party. While Obama bores in Boston, Scott Brown will continue to meet independents. Independents comprise 50% of Massachusetts voters, Democrats 38%, Republicans 12%.

Obama’s campaign advertisement laid out the stakes for himself:

In Washington, I’m fighting to curb the abuses of a health insurance industry that routinely denies care. I’m fighting for financial reforms to stop Wall Street from playing havoc with our economy. I’m fighting to create a new clean energy economy and it’s clear now that the outcome of these and other fights will probably rest on one vote in the United States Senate.

Obama is still up to the ol’ razzle dazzle. What he says is the opposite of what you get. When Massachusetts rejects Obama the health scam is dead; the financial scam is dead, the energy scam is dead, the economic scams will be closer to death. Obama’s agenda is not what Americans want. Even, the union rank and file is on the move towards Scott Brown, even those with SEIU T-shirts.

Scott Brown’s campaign began to gather steam when he aired an advertisement which quoted JFK. Scott Brown is an elected Representative from a district that voted 60% for Barack Obama. Scott Brown is not the “wing-nut” caricature, the monster, Dimocrats use to keep power through the use of fear and scare tactics. The latest fear and scare tactic is a “malicious” advertisement on rape. Scott Brown is elected to that district because he respects his district.

Scott Brown respects his districts blue Massachusetts political make up. But Dimocrats in Washington do not respect the electorate. Now the Dimocrats threaten to pass the Obama health scam even as Americans in Massachusetts yell “No”, “Stop”. The Dimocrats will try to extract taxpayer dollars to gift those dollars to Big Insurance and Big PhaRma:

Even if Democrats lose the special election to pick a new Massachusetts senator Tuesday, Congress may still pass health-care overhaul through a process called reconciliation, a top House Democrat said.

That procedure requires 51 votes rather than the 60 needed to prevent Republicans from blocking votes on President Barack Obama’s top legislative priorities. That supermajority is at risk as the Massachusetts race has tightened.

This is all bluster and bull. If blue Massachusetts goes red, the Dimocrats will cravenly cave and be crushed. When the Dimocrats are finally crushed nationwide in November, only then can the old FDR/Hillary Clinton winning coalition be resurrected.

Obama in Massachusetts is coals to Newcastle, tea to China, snow to Eskimos. When Obama is rejected in Massachusetts it will be like Newcastle saying “No” to coal. But Obama has to go to blue Massachusetts to save himself:

President Barack Obama will travel to Massachusetts on Sunday afternoon to campaign for Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley—a risky bet that puts Obama’s own credibility on the line on behalf of a weak candidate in hopes of averting a loss that would shatter the party’s 60-seat Senate supermajority.

Obama’s trip represents a stark, late recognition not just that Coakley may lose, but also that her defeat can’t be spun away. The defection of independent voters and some Democrats in one of the nation’s most liberal states would deal a stunning, and possibly fatal, blow to the centerpiece of Obama’s first-year agenda, health care reform, which congressional leaders would be left trying to jam through using procedural loopholes.

“It’s all about 60,” said a senior White House official.

Obama is clawing the floorboards for air. Martha Coakley is indeed Ted Kennedy’s last victim.

But Barack Obama, as he scratches and claws in Massachusetts to inhale the last pocket of air, now knows what Mary Jo Kopechne suffered.


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  1. The top Dimocratic website in Massachusetts advises Obama NOT to mention healthcare:

    3. Do not mention the words “health care”. 98% of our residents have health care. The voters’ self-interest is against it. People are happy with their health care and think things moved too fast

    Also attack “illegal immigrants”:

    Doesn’t Scotts immigration policy encourage illegal immigration by rewarding big businesses that sub contract as much work out including savings gained by hiring illegal immigrants? (Are you listening Bob Kraft?)

    The final piece of advice is to forget Ted Kennedy:

    And mention Ted Kennedy once and in tribute. And that’s it. And please Sir, Do Not Mention The Red Sox! If you do then I will serve fried chicken and watermelon if you ever come to visit.

    Do, I repeat Sir, DO NOT make this a ‘Do It For Teddy’ rally. That is why Scott Brown is Kicking butt.

  2. Mrs. Teleprompter reading off the teleprompter. I notice none of them say to go to Clinton Global iniative/Haiti disaster.

  3. I can’t understand why they can’t put cases of water on helicopters and drop them down to the people??

  4. Well, when Obie was still learning to read the message off his teleprompter, BC did all the news shows and Hillary turned her plane around. I gave through CGF.

  5. confloyd
    Hillary said it is too dangerous to make air drops. Also she won’t even be leaving the airport so as to not waste resources.Flying in with food and water assessing the efforts and relaying the info to other world leaders. She is beyond impressive.

  6. confloyd,

    There would be a massive riot if they dropped water like that. It needs to be coordinated and policed by the military.

    As it is, I saw one clip of women and children being pushed to the back by big guys so they could get food first that was being distributed. The women and children ended up without.

  7. Clinton visits quake-hit Haitians

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has become the first senior Western official to arrive in Haiti after the earthquake that flattened the capital.

    Mrs Clinton said she was visiting to express the US’s “long-term, unwavering support, solidarity and sympathies”.

    Tens of thousands of people were killed and survivors have grown desperate as they wait for aid to arrive.

    Relief has been arriving, but little has moved beyond the jammed airport and there are reports of gangs and looting.

    A photographer for the Reuters news agency said he had seen a mob of about 1,000 people fight for goods found in destroyed shops and homes in the centre of the capital, Port-au-Prince.

    “It’s anarchy there now, total chaos, the police have gone away,” Chris Barria said. “They are fighting, hitting each other, throwing stones at each other.”

    There is little police presence in Port-au-Prince – a BBC correspondent was able to count six throughout the day on Friday – although some Brazilian UN peacekeepers are patrolling the streets.

    Criticism ‘not fair’

    Mrs Clinton, who is being accompanied by US Agency for International Development (USAID) administrator Rajiv Shah, arrived on a plane delivering aid and is to depart on another carrying evacuees.

    She is due to meet Haitian President Rene Preval and Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive at the airport.

    The two men have been living and working in the judicial police headquarters, not far from the airport, after their homes and offices were destroyed.

    Before leaving for Haiti, Mrs Clinton said she wanted to listen to Mr Preval, “to be sure we are as responsive as we need to be”.
    She also dismissed criticism from many in Haiti that aid was not leaving the airport and being delivered to the people who needed it.

    “It’s not fair, it’s not fair,” she replied, saying the aid was getting out.

    On Saturday morning, a magnitude-4.5 aftershock struck close to the capital, forcing people to once again flee buildings.

  8. Jan. 16, 2010

    Hillary Clinton Arrives in Haiti
    Secretary of State to Meet With Haitian President

    (CBS) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Haiti Saturday afternoon, shaking hands with officials on the tarmac after she disembarked from the plane.

    Clinton is traveling with Dr. Rajiv Shah, administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the secretary announced today. They will meet with Haitian President Rene Preval and other members of the Haitian government, as well as U.S. civilian and military leaders guiding the relief efforts from Haiti.

    “We will also be conveying very directly and personally to the Haitian people our long term, unwavering support, solidarity and sympathies to reinforce President Obama’s message that they are not facing this crisis alone,” Clinton said Friday.

    “I will also be able to see firsthand the ongoing efforts and deployment of U.S. government personnel and resources for maximum impact to support the vital lifesaving relief and recovery efforts.”

  9. NEWS ALERT: Sec. of ST Hillary Clinton Has landed in Haiti

    By cnn/Inqnews Staff RePORT
    Jan 16th, 2010

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has landed in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She is the highest-ranking U.S. official to witness firsthand the earththquake devastation.

    Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton landed in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She is the highest-ranking U.S. official to witness firsthand the devastation caused by this week’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake.

    Clinton will focus her trip on speeding the relief and recovery effort. She lands hours after President Obama announced Saturday that President George W. Bush and President Clinton have agreed to lead an effort to raise funds for Haiti.

    President Clinton, who is the United Nations special envoy to Haiti, said he wants to accomplish a fundraising effort like the one he organized with President George H.W. Bush after the Asian tsunami in 2005. “Right now, all we need to do is get food and medicine and water and a secure place for them to be,” he said. American officials announced that the massive search and rescue operation would continue through the weekend, and medical resources began to trickle in as the number of the quake’s injured mounted.

    Hillary Clinton is accompanied by USAID chief Rajiv Shah, who said the United States had mobilized million worth of food assistance, enough to help 2 million Haitians for several months. But he said physical and logistical impediments are hampering aid delivery.

    Raymond Joseph, the Haitian ambassador to the United States, said Clinton’s visit is critical to coordinating aid efforts. “I think her presence there will help smooth operations between the Haitian officials — some who are reticent in relinquishing some power — and U.S. officials,” Joseph said.

    Aid workers continued to trickle into the country Friday, trying to provide water and food to survivors in the country’s rubble-strewn capital that is still being rocked by aftershocks.

  10. Wow, Admin, it is almost redundant to keep saying how apropo your articles are and how well written. The 2010 elections in November video was magnificent. Anyway to post the one where Scott Brown used JFK? Hail to the Chief who should be our President, Hillary Rodham Clinton!!!!!!!

  11. Ed Schultz (23:02): I tell you what, if I lived in Massachusetts I’d try to vote 10 times. I don’t know if they’d let me or not, but I’d try to. Yeah, that’s right. I’d cheat to keep these bastards out. I would. ‘Cause that’s exactly what they are.

  12. Bravo, bravo!!
    I referred to Friday night PBS NewsHour/Jim Lehrer/Brook/Shields in the previous thread. Here’s a bit more because your current post has jogged my memory a bit. In an attempt to place MA as favorable territory for potus, one of them added “Hillary won MA.” Then he no doubt bit his tongue. I watched in amazement as they dropped that thought and moved on. They did discuss the possibility of Dem’s passing health care reform during a lame duck interval if Brown wins but has not yet been seated. All three agreed that that would be a crazy thing to do. But from all you’ve pointed out, and with a little help from Lehrer, it appears crazy for potus to head for MA.

    Have read elsewhere that some of the natives are not pleased that he’ll be tying up traffic in the middle of a 3 day weekend. It’s really looking like a lose-lose for the Dems.

    PS: TDO early this morning. Yes, NewsHour would also have zoomed in on an embarrassing photo of Palin – if they had one.

  13. This is by far the longest I have waited to see Hillary’s new conference. Someone posted above that she has kept say “this is no fair”. That completely sounds like the woman I wanted for Potus. Such a big heart. She certainly would have never been a telepromter Potus, she would have been a hands on Potus.

  14. Okay, the Democrats have completely gone off the rails. They care for nothing but POWER anymore, and votes and the will of the People be damned.

    Sorry, but that clip of Ed Schultz saying he’d cheat and commit voter fraud to beat Brown just INFURIATES me. If we don’t have a democratic voting process, we have NOTHING. I suppose after the RBC, I shouldn’t be surprised. But they don’t even care to hide it anymore – they are fucking FASCISTS.

    I’m really at the point where I want the Democratic Party to go down in total flames so we can rebuild from the ashes. I don’t care if I agree with you 100% on every policy issue, the voters MATTER. And I won’t stand for even things I agree with being shoved down the throats of the People against their will. NOTHING, not UHC, not an idyllic and just society, NOTHING is worth giving up democratic principles for. How you achieve things MATTERS.

  15. I guess getting water out of helicopters like that is dangerous since there is apparently no open land there. I feel so sorry for these folks.

  16. JanH, I saw those big guys taking the food and water, while the women and children go without. Babies being born in the street, I can’t even imagine. I personally have gone thru a huge natural disaster, but it was here in America, the ones in foreign countries I can’t even imagine. Thank God I live in the United States.

  17. News is saying they’ve evacuated terminal 8 (the American terminal) at JFK airport in NYC. Someone is in custody, no real info yet what happened.

  18. H4T, I totally agree about the dims going down in flames. They have done nothing to earn the votes of the American people. They have gone completely mad with power and money. Disgusting.

  19. She looks so Presidential, to think we could of had Hillary. THe cheaters are still in power. Lets all hope we can get them out.

  20. janH

    thank you so much for posting the raw video of hillary’s arrival in Haiti. it looks like she flew in on a coast guard C130 transport.

    what a leader. gotta love that girl.

  21. Clinton Addresses Haitians From Ground Zero, Offers Help


    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has held a press conference at ground zero in the Haitian earthquake disaster zone in which she pledged support and sympathy to the Haitian people.

    Tens of thousands of people have died in the earthquake, with many bodies still rotting in the streets.

    Mrs Clinton has travelled to Haiti to meet face to face with Government representatives, deliver aid and transport some American civilians out of Haiti.

    She said she had a “very good meeting” with President Rene Preval about the priorities of the Haitian government and the Haitian people.

    “We are focussed on providing humanitarian assistance to those who are suffering. We also are working with the Haitian government on the continuing rescue of those who can be rescued,” she said.

    Nearly 30 teams from all over the world were working “right now” to rescue people who were still alive, with Mrs Clinton adding most of the people that American teams have rescued are Haitians. She had met a man who survived five days under debris.

    “We discussed the priorities of restoring communications, electricity, and transportation and we agreed that we will be coordinating closely together to achieve these goals.”

    Addressing Haitian media directly, she said the US was un Haiti at the invitation of its government to help. “As President Obama has said, we will be here today, tomorrow, and for the time ahead.”

    “You been severely tested,” she told Haitians, “but I believe Haiti can come back stronger and better in future.”

    “I want to assure people of Haiti that US is a friend, a partner, and a supporter and we will work with your government … assist in every way we can,” she said.

  22. …and to think we could have had Hillary. Ohhhh, how I wish we had Hillary. My great-grandchildren’s future would be safe under Hillary.

    ABM90, in your honor I am going to write the words with a Sharpie “…and to think we could have had Hillary.” on a survey and request for contribution to the Dimocratic Congressional Campaign Committee and mail it back to them in their own postage paid envelope. lol

  23. This email was sent out earlier from the Scott Brown Campaign:

    This Breaking News FOX News Boston reported:

    BOSTON Republican Senate hopeful Scott Brown has filed a complaint with the State Ethics Commission after a report that a union backing rival Martha Coakley used state resources to urge workers to volunteer for Coakley’s campaign.

    The report by FOX25 said the Service Employees International Union used state computers and e-mail addresses to direct state employees to volunteer for Coakley, the Democratic state attorney general.

    Coakley’s campaign referred questions to the attorney general’s office. A spokeswoman said the attorney general’s office has received the letter from Brown’s attorney and will review it before commenting.

    The SEIU did not immediately return a call for comment.

    Totally illegal.

  24. Great post and great comments.



    Agreed 1000%. It’s the journey, mot just the destination that matters. The dim journey over the past few years has been a disgrace. I got off that train many stops past.

    BTW, unfortunately i caught a glimpse of the sleeveless one in a presser earlier and d@mn if that thing’s crazy eyes didn’t scare the cr@p out of me. She has one batsh!t crazy expression and I find her revolting. Same thing with Squat. I don’t find anything attractive about either one of them.

  25. JanH, Thanks for the video of Hillary’s arrival. She is truly amazing.

    Mop, this is the best news, lets catch the cheaters cheating, that will be powerful, especially on the heels of the “Game Changer” that showed how they cheated Hillary.

    I hope Brown is watching everything little thing and report the cheating. I also did not know that Scott Brown is the tea party candidate, is that true??

  26. JanH, You sure could see the Secret Service working around her on the first video. It was interesting to watch them work, talking into their wrist and such.

  27. Ed Schultz (23:02): I tell you what, if I lived in Massachusetts I’d try to vote 10 times. I don’t know if they’d let me or not, but I’d try to. Yeah, that’s right. I’d cheat to keep these bastards out. I would. ‘Cause that’s exactly what they are.
    It is no surprise that Stupid Ed would threaten to vote ten times. The interesting part is what he says next, i.e. I don’t know if they would let me. The they he is referring to are the Kennedy Machine hacks who control the voting process. And it is a close question. Why? Because they might let him vote that tenth time, or they might get shitty about it and cut him off after he had voted nine times. Perhaps that explains why Stupid Ed is so flumoxed. I started to say I feel sorry for his wife but then I remembered she used to work at a mental hospital, which is probably where they met.

  28. Really this is one of the worst run campaigns I think i’ve ever seen.

    A Day in the Life Of Martha Coakly: Two Lawsuits,Two Advertising Disasters plus a newly filed ethics filed complaints

    Depending on which poll you believe Republican Scott Brown is ahead by anywhere for 3-15 percentage points heading into the last two days of campaigning before election day. However no matter which poll one looks at, Scott Brown is moving up and Martha Coakley is moving down.

    During the past week Coakley had to pull two TV ads, one because she spelled the name of her own state Massachusetts incorrectly, in the other she insensitively used a picture of the twin towers as a background in an attack ad. But today was a “twofer.” Two of the Democratic Candidate’s Campaign Pamphlets drew lawsuits. One by United Parcel Service (UPS), the other by Scott Brown.

  29. Some stuff the msm is conveniently not reporting from Game Changer.

    in the first 40 pages of Game Changer there are several eye popping accounts of how Obama was seen by his own staff and allies, including this one sent along:

    After his election as Senator a lot of requests came in for him to speak..many of them fundraisers for other candidates. They required registration systems be set up that allowed Obama to get the email of all attendees for someone else’s event. But that is a digression. His aides were “praying it wouldn’t go to Obama’s head; his ego was robust enough already. They even conferred on the senator a new nickname: Black Jesus.”

    his book by page 30 comes down pretty hard on Obama. Just a couple of pages later he describes how bored he was with the Senate.


    The glacial pace, the endless procedural wrangling, the witless posturing and petifoggery, the geriatric cast of characters doddering around the place: all of it drove him nuts. To one friend in Chicago, Obama complained,

    “It is basically the same as Springfield except the average age in Springfield is forty-two and in Washington it’s sixty-two. Other than that, it’s the same bullshit”.

    After listening to Biden during a committee hearing, Obama passed a note to Gibbs that read “Shoot me now”.

    Time and again after debates on the floor, he would emerge through the chamber’s double doors shaking his head, rolling his eyes, using both hands to give the universal symbol for the flapping of gums, sighing wearily, “Yak, yak, yak”.

    Within a few pages of the new book:

    “He could come across as cocky, that was for sure. He knew he was smarter than the average politician and he not only knew it but wanted to make sure everyone else knew it, too. He would interrupt aides at meeting, saying Look (he does this all the time) and be off to the races, reframing the point, extending it and then claim ownership of it. “Whose idea was that? Was another of his favorites, employed with cheerful boastfulness whenever something he’d previously proposed had come up roses. His calmness and composure would veer into the freakish,., and sometimes concealed gaudy confidence in himself. When asked if he was nervous, Obama replied “I’m Lebron, baby..I can play at this level. I got some game”.

    In other words: he claims credit for others’ ideas, brags when “his” ideas turn out to work and -when he is not unnaturally apathetic (oh..sorry..calm) he is filled to the brim with hubris and ego.

  30. good god, i just saw a pro-coakley ad using a bush-cheney back drop. this woman just doesn’t get it!!!!

    the ads are back-to-back, coakley vs brown, on every boston based channel.

  31. MoonOnPluto, thanks for that report. There will be some more books coming out on the 2008 elections which will add more details on what really happened to our knowledge base.

  32. Now this is stunning, go read the whole thing.

    Cape Cod Times endorses Brown (this is Kennedy’s local)

    Seriously go read that endorsement, its about as fair an endorsement as you can get, they blast Martha to hell in it but give Brown a fair run and explain disagreements with policy.

    “There are many people who would like to make this race a referendum on the current health care debate, but the election is more than one issue, no matter how important that issue might be. This election is about representing the people of Massachusetts on all issues.

    While we have common ground with Coakley on some points, we have our concerns about her ability to be effective in Washington based on her underwhelming campaign. With the luxury of being the front-runner since the first day of this race, Coakley has done little to demonstrate her passion for the office and commitment to the people. She squandered an opportunity to show vision but instead has run a campaign that seemed intended to run out the clock.

    It is no surprise that Brown has been gaining momentum in a state, even though Democrats outnumber Republicans three to one. He has run an energetic campaign and has been outspoken on the issues. More importantly, however, we believe he is less likely of the two candidates to toe the party line. For example, in an editorial board meeting with the Cape Cod Times earlier this week, Brown was critical of President Bush and defended President Obama regarding the current financial crisis.”

  33. Hillary Clinton is at work. What are Obama and Mary Todd up to this somber night?

    The president took the First Lady out for a surprise birthday dinner Saturday night at Restaurant Nora, just west of Dupont Circle.

    Michelle Obama turns 46 tomorrow, and pool reports that the children seem to have been left at home. The motorcade arrived at the eatery, which describes itself at America’s first certified organic restaurant, at 6:38.

    POTUS wore a gray suit with a collarless black shirt, and FLOTUS was in a black, long-sleeved dress.

    Michelle Obama must have gotten sleeves as her birthday gift from flabby arms Barack.

  34. Seriously Confloyd, I’m beginning to think they are deliberately ruining her for some nefarious reason or are they just so full of themselves they thought they could go to sleep and coast into the senate.

  35. mop, it is kind of fishy. How could they screw that many things up unless they want this. I hear over FDL that they want to cleanse the party of the Bluedogs. The abhore that all democratic Potus’s move to the right of center once they get elected. Those poor lefties don’t even know that the American people are to the right of center. They are just stupid.

    It does sound like they are trying to throw the race.

  36. Yeah, I wonder if she is in on it?? It seems they are getting rid of the blue dogs to me. Shuster on MSNBC keeps asking who is screwing up in Haiti? The folks that are running the search and rescue are saying its going as well as can be expected. I think the administration is getting rid of the blue dogs.

  37. moononpluto
    January 16th, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    Great article. Turndown needs to read it.

  38. Moon and Confloyd, on some levels it does appear that someone is trying to throw the election, which is reminiscent of the McCain campaign. But, I think it has more to do with hubris and taking the election for granted. It seems like the dims and Coakley thought it would be a cakewalk, with the dims in charge and sentimental thoughts for the Kennedys. But, it seems like the tide has changed and people are wanting a real change. Whether or not, Brown wins or not, the dims need to lose the arrogance and taking the votes for granted. Who would have thought a month ago, that this election would be so close, in blue MA?

    I don’t think the DNC, DSCC, etc., would be pouring so much money into the election, if they were trying to throw it. Do you really think, Obama would be going there, if they weren’t panic stricken or at least, very concerned about the outcome?

    Even in CA, Boxer is at 46%, just several points separate her from Carly Fiorina. There is a ways to go, but it is interesting, to see things change so quickly.

  39. Helicopters are droppping meals down in Haiti. Just saw it on the news. The people are fighting over the food. The aid workers are working on putting more security in place.

  40. Ok, i’m logging off, I am off to Ankara for a week, i need to get my visa for my month long trip to India in March, i may drop in during the week but i doubt you’ll hear from me until Wednesday, have fun folks.

  41. I am sick of buy the queen of DC’s organic food. I am sick of paying for their dates. Crap they have a complete set of chefs and cook in the WH, why the hell do they need to go out. Its ridiculous, I don’t remember any of the other Potus’s doing this, why now??

    Wasting taxpayers money of this crap. THese two are revolting. I can’t wait until we see their behinds walking away from the white house.

  42. Electing Brown over Coakley will not in fact stop the HC bill, as Reid has other ways to pass it.

    Democrats are prepared to use a budgetary procedure to pass healthcare reform legislation if they lose a key Senate race on Tuesday, a House leader said this weekend.

    Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), the assistant to the Speaker and chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), said using budget reconciliation is “an option” to pass a healthcare bill.

    “Even before Massachusetts and that race was on the radar screen, we prepared for the process of using reconciliation,” Van Hollen said during an appearance on Bloomberg television over the weekend.

    Budget reconciliation is a procedural rule allowing a bill to pass the Senate with a simple majority, instead of the 60 votes usually needed to end debate on any given piece of legislation.

    h/ no w

  43. An excerpt:

    When Bill Clinton married Hillary Rodham in 1975, a friend gave them a trip to Haiti. Since that honeymoon vacation, the Caribbean island nation has held a life-long allure for the couple, a place they found at once desperate and enchanting, pulling at their emotions throughout his presidency and in her maiden year as secretary of state.

    With the world’s attention now trained on the devastated Haitian capital, rebuilding the country will be a central part of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s lives going forward. And for the 42nd president, the catastrophe offers the opportunity to fulfill whatever unrealized ambitions he has for the long-suffering nation.

    “This is a personal thing for us,” Bill Clinton said in a interview Thursday. He said he and his wife have “always felt a special responsibility” for Haiti and its 9 million people. “She has the same memories I do. She has the same concerns I do. We love the place.”

    On that first trip in December 1975, Clinton said he and his wife watched as a wreath was placed at the national monument to celebrate Haitian Independence Day. They toured the old hotel where the writer Ernest Hemingway once stayed and visited a voodoo high priest dressed in all white. They sat in a lonely pew of the Port-au-Prince National Cathedral, which lies in ruin following Tuesday’s earthquake.

    “We just became fascinated with the country,” Bill Clinton said by telephone from his charitable foundation’s office in New York. “We followed all its ups and downs.”

    The Clintons’ enthrallment has lasted for more than 30 years. They decorated their homes with Haitian art. They flew back again and again. Hillary Clinton once said that theirs was a “Haiti-obsessed family.” At a dinner in Rwanda with African leaders in 2008, Bill Clinton talked more about Haiti than Rwanda.

    When the Clintons learned that sites in Port-au-Prince they had visited as tourists were destroyed in the earthquake and locals they had come to know were injured or unaccounted for, Bill Clinton said he was “personally emotionally affected.” His wife, he said, became “physically sick.”

  44. admin, thanks for posting that. It shows that Hillary has the true heart of a President. She doesn’t call out to supporter before telling America what had just happened at Ft. Hood. She care about people, not just the rich and the well connected, but all people, even those who are not in America.

    Obama only cares about himself.

  45. Politico posted about an ‘over the top’ rape flier at h/
    One link from Politico leads to Sargent’s blog ath/ no says: Meanwhile, the state GOP sends over a statement ripping the Coakley campaign (which didn’t author the memo) as “negative,” “flailing,” and “malicious.”
    Poltico’s earlier source link, “Via Sargent” leads here:h/ no two pages of the ad are shown. The blog says that the ad was “paid for by the Massachusetts Democratic Party” but I have not seen any admission from the MA Dem Party or any evidence that it really was.
    If the GOP sent it to the press, and the GOP benefits from it, then the most likely suspect for printing it is the GOP themselves.

    The mailer is so far out that no one could take it seriously. For the GOP to pretend to take it seriously is … suspicious. 😉

  46. Turndown: my sense is that Van Hollen’s statement is simply a political ploy to influence voters in the election. He wants those who do not want Obamacare to believe that is not a reason to vote for Brown because even if he wins he cannot stop it. Not one they intend to follow through on if Brown wins. Put differently I dare them to do it if the voters elect Brown.

    If this was not a referendum on Obama before it is now. He made it that when he went in. If Coakley loses it will be a knockdown blow for Obama. Pundits of the right will say it is proof he has no coattails, people on the left will say it was lost before he went in, but in my view the real impact of such a loss goes to nature of his leadership.

    Again, his authority is not institutional–he has not been in the party long enough to make that claim. It is not experience based since his record of accomplishments since he first took office is unimpressive. But if that were the basis for his leadership then he could recover such a loss. He could blame other factors, say we live and learn and just move on.

    But that is not the kind of leadership style he deal in. He has been marketed as a Messiah. And as with all messiahs, their continuing legitimacy depends on his ability to perform miracles. Big media continues to promote the big lie that he is infallible. If he is shown to be a failure, then his claim to leadership becomes a hollow shibboleth. When that happens, his entire model collapses and his disciples can no longer suspend disbelief.

    After Copenhagen, Virginia and New Jersey that is what is ultimately at stake here–if Brown wins.

  47. A crazy ‘rape’ mailer not written by Coakley’s campaign (nor by the Dems either?)

    Politico posted about an ‘over the top’ rape mailer at

    One link from Politico leads to Sargent’s blog at
    h/ no w

    which says:
    Meanwhile, the state GOP sends over a statement ripping the Coakley campaign (which didn’t author the memo) as “negative,” “flailing,” and “malicious.”

    Poltico’s earlier source link, “Via Sargent” leads here:
    h/ no w

    where two pages of the mailer are shown. The blog says that the mailer was “paid for by the Massachusetts Democratic Party” but I have not seen any admission from the MA Dem Party or any evidence that it really was.

    If the GOP sent it to the press, and the GOP benefits from it, then the most likely suspect for printing it is the GOP themselves. (Or some frat bot.)

    The mailer is so far out that no one could take it seriously. For the GOP to pretend to take it seriously is … suspicious. 😉

  48. wbboei
    January 16th, 2010 at 11:39 pm
    Turndown: my sense is that Van Hollen’s statement is simply a political ploy to influence voters in the election. He wants those who do not want Obamacare to believe that is not a reason to vote for Brown because even if he wins he cannot stop it.


    Maybe. But then where are more credible ploys, such as rumours of one or more un-named GOP Senators set to not show up at the filibuster, or to press the wrong button?

    That idea is floating around pumapac, I’m floating it myself, but I thought of it myself.

  49. Wbboei, Please go over to the cannonfire blog and check out what he says about the election in Mass., he really makes sense, but let me know what you think. I will be up late so let me know. Its in his piece about Haiti.

  50. Sorry my italics for quote and my emphasis got lost on the mailer post. Here is the key quote:

    h/ no w

    Greg Sargent’s Blog
    Meanwhile, the state GOP sends over a statement ripping the Coakley campaign (which didn’t author the memo) as “negative,” “flailing,” and “malicious.”

    This is the blogger Sargent writing. He is stating as a fact that the Coakley campaign “didn’t author” the mailer.

  51. My how the mighty have fallen. No greek columns and football stadiums this time around. The One will speak tomorrow in the Northeastern University gymnasium, which seats 2500 for basketball.

    The much larger Agganis Arena at Boston University is not being used tomorrow.


    I tied up a poor Coakley phone banker for over half an hour today. Poor thing. I told her that, yes, we had Coakley signs in the yard, that my wife an I had both voted for her in the primary, that my wife had been volunteering and had contributed a sizeable sum to her primary campaign, that we were college classmates of Martha, that my wife had already voted absentee and that I was definitely goign to vote on Tuesday. The phone banker was practically giddy, until I dropped the bomb on her that I was so angry about the pharm lobbyist fundraiser that I didn’t think I could vote for Martha….

    “Couldn’t she at least wait ’til after the election to start acting like a Washington insider? Couldn’t she at least pretend that she’ll still love us in the morning? This just stinks like dead fish. It’s like deer walking up into your yard and eating your garden in broad daylight. It’s so brazen. Do you have any idea how angry people are about this stuff?”

    She then said something about all the evil outside special interest groups coming in. And I continued, “Oh, I know. It’s awful. I’ve heard from SEIU, the IBEW, Emily’s List, the DNC, the DSCC, and Organizing for America, all coming in from out of state supporting Martha. And, those pharma lobbyists down in Washington…”

    “Listen I really appreaciate the call, I think it’s great that you are so involved. I never dreamed of not voting for Martha, but this is the hardest election I’ve ever had. I mean, there was the first time I ever voted for a Republican. I hated the guy, but what could I do. My Democratic Senator had been caught stuffing cash into his raincoat. I had to vote against him. But, this is even worse, because I could be the vote that decides it all and after seeing her go down to Washington and take money from pharma and insurance lobbyists like that, how can I believe that she will represent the people? I dunno….”

    “It’s not the health care bill that people are so mad about. It’s the way it’s all being done behind closed doors with the unions and pharma and the only people without a seat at the table are you and me. They don’t hear us. I don’t know anything to do but to keep swatting ’em on the nose with a rolled up newspaper like a puppy that keeps peeing on the carpet. Maybe someday they’ll listen….”

    “Anyway, thanks for calling….”

  52. Looking more closely at the images of the mailer.

    The first page is crazy.

    The second page is substantially correct (except perhaps for the fine print which I can’t read).

    “Scott Brown would allow hospitals to ban emergency contraception birth control even after women are raped.”

    His 2005 amendment did allow a hospital to refer all rape victims wanting emergency contraception ‘to another facility’.

    “sponsoring a law to let hospitals turn away rape victims in need of emergency contraception”

    That is what his 2005 amendment allowed: refer ‘to another facility.’

    The text in the image may be misleading about the time frame if it is referring only to Brown’s failed 2005 amendment. If Brown is currently sponsoring such a law, I haven’t heard about it.

    The picture is quite appropriate imo. It shows a woman in a hospital gown and wheel chair who would have difficulty and discomfort being transferred ‘to another facility.’ Actually the picture understates the mailer’s case. It might have shown the woman on an x-ray table or in a hospital bed connected to tubes and in traction. No matter the woman’s condition, per Brown’s amendment the hospital could still insist that if she wanted a morning after pill she would have to be taken ‘to another facility.’ In fact of course this means she would be confined in the first hospital with no access to the morning after pill till she was well enough to get out, by which time it would be too late.

  53. confloyd, her campaign manager is Kevin Conroy. On the AG site for the state of MA [don’t know how current this may be] is the following:
    Kevin Conroy
    Chief, Business and Labor Bureau
    Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office
    Kevin Conroy is the Chief of Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Business and Labor Bureau. Kevin is responsible for overseeing the Divisions in the Bureau, which include Business, Technology and Economic Development; Energy and Telecommunications; Fair Labor; Medicaid Fraud; and Non-Profit/Public Charities. Prior to joining the Attorney General’s Office, Conroy served as Chief of Staff and General Counsel of the New England Council, a business trade organization focused on economic development in New England. In that role, Conroy managed the day to day operations of the organization and focused on energy, health care, financial services and transportation issues. Conroy previously practiced law at Foley Hoag LLP where he handled a range of litigation, real estate and legislative matters. Conroy also served as the Deputy Director of Political Affairs for the Democratic National Convention Committee in 2004. Conroy is a graduate of Tufts University and received his law degree from Boston College Law School.

  54. Clinton v. Kerry: The AID war begins
    Posted By Josh Rogin Thursday, January 14, 2010 – 6:52 PM Share

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may be headed for a significant fight with Congress over the future of U.S. development policy, just as USAID takes on its biggest humanitarian mission in years with the crisis in Haiti.

    Clinton spent last week laying down her marker for how State wants the overhaul of the government’s development effort to look, giving a major speech and presiding at the swearing-in of a new USAID administrator, Rajiv Shah. Over the next few weeks, State’s policy review, which has a huge development component, will take shape and major structural decisions are in the offing.

    But lawmakers will have their own version of what those changes should look like, and The Cable has obtained a draft version of a report by Senate Foreign Relations chiefs John Kerry, D-MA, and Richard Lugar, R-IN, that lays out their position on foreign aid reform -a position that will very likely be at odds with Clinton’s State Department on several key issues, such as how independent USAID should be from State.

    “If Hillary’s speech was one way for her to foreshadow what will come from the QDDR, this is our way to weigh in,” said a Senate aide. “What we’re trying to here is say, ‘here’s why we think giving some separation and independence to USAID is important.'”

    The main disagreements between Clinton and State and the senators are over whether USAID, and Shah specifically, will be given control over all State Department humanitarian relief functions; whether he will be given real power in the interagency process; and whether the “integration” of development with diplomacy and defense as announced by Clinton will dilute the development mission for the benefit of the other two.

    “It is becoming an article of faith in the foreign policy community that development is a third pillar of U.S. national security, but in resources and stature, our assistance programs are poor cousins to diplomacy and defense,” says the Senate report.

    The report goes into detail about what that means — a lot more detail than the State Department has offered about how it’s thinking about these issues.

    For example, the committee wants USAID to take back a lot of the authority it lost under the Bush administration, including control over its policy and budget, which was stripped when State’s Bureau of Foreign Assistance (the F bureau) was created. As it currently stands, Shah is the nominal head of the F bureau, but the money is actually controlled by Deputy Secretary of State Jack Lew.

    What’s more, the committee wants Shah to have a seat a principals meeting, cabinet meetings, a direct line to OMB, and several other privileges. That would be quite a coup for the 36-year-old whiz kid Shah, to be able to sit across the table from giants like Clinton, Robert Gates, and Jim Jones.

    But isn’t Shah the government’s point man for the biggest humanitarian mission in years? Well, the committee has some thoughts on that as well. You see, Shah doesn’t really control all the humanitarian relief assets, notably the State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM), run by Assistant Secretary Eric Schwartz. “Our sense is that since refugee issues and crisis response are interconnected, we think the administratin should consider consolidating it into one entity under Raj,” the aide said.

    The Kerry-Lugar foreign aid reform bill could be moving in the coming weeks, possibly with all or parts of it being folded into the soon-to-be-introduced State Department authorization bill.

    Meanwhile, multiple sources tell The Cable that the National Security Council has agreed to delay issuance of its major development review, called the Presidential Study Directive (PSD), to allow State to release first the interim results of it Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR).

    This again shows how Clinton is maneuvering to make sure State’s take on development policy comes out first to frame the debate. The interim QDDR results are expected in February but that’s far from certain.

    Meanwhile, there’s no doubt that the development community is nervous that their lifelong effort to preserve independence from the military and the perennially short-term foreign relations policy game may be coming to a close. “It an ambiguous area right now,” one development source said. “We see a lot of signaling without a clear direction about what will be the role of USAID

  55. turndownobama:

    You are going to single-handedly turn me into a right-to-lifer. When I donate, I’m going to donate in your name. Just sayin…

    There are only eight Catholic hospitals in Massachusetts. Two or three of them were already dispensing the morning after pill to rape victims before the 2005 law.

    All eight of the Catholic hospitals are located within blocks of the main not-for-profit hospital serving those communities — the hospitals where acute emergency patients would be taken by ambulance, the main emergency room for the town.

    Excuse my french, but this is a total non-effing issue. The exact procedure is used now with abortion services paid for under the state insurance plans. Reasonable people, respectful of each others religious views, have worked out a fine system where Catholic hospitals refer patients back to the insurers for a referral to an alternative health care provider for these services.

    Just so we are clear: the morning after pill is available without prescription over the counter at pharmacies across the state. It is NOT difficult to get.

  56. Maybe. But then where are more credible ploys, such as rumours of one or more un-named GOP Senators set to not show up at the filibuster, or to press the wrong button?
    That would have been smarter than making themselves look like the bad guy.

  57. Oh, BTW, the religious objector provision in the House version of the bill, passed by a 153-17 margin, was sponsored by a Democrat from Norwood.

    Dan Perrin
    Red State Blog

    WashPo is reporting on the widely circulated quote from House member Van Hollen that the Dems still consider reconciliation an option.

    The House Member talking about a procedure used in the Senate to avoid a 60 vote threshold is, well, you know — not credible. I know Van Hollen was a Senate staffer, which gives him enhanced credibility to make this threat, but he is making it for the Senate. (I know Van Hollen, I worked on the other side of the aisle of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations staff from him. I know him as smart, personable and persuasive, but he is clearly drinking way too much of the Jonestown Brigade Kool-Aid on this one).

    Reconciliation is not a viable option for many, many reasons, points of order among them, but mostly because of opposition from various Dem Chairmen of Committees of Jurisdiction in the Senate — Budget and Finance — to name two.

    Finally, maybe, the Dems are waking up to the toxic politics of their health deform (H/T Erickson) and WaPo linked to above is reporting the Dems working feverishly to cut some kind of deal that gets 218 and 60 to try and get it off the front page.

    It is beyond bizarre and illustrative of the fact THEY DON’T GET IT that they think passing something the public hates will make them hate it, and the Dems, less.

    Reconciliation would keep health care on the front pages (again) for months — because the Dems would have to start over at the Committee level. Oh boy, BIG FUN. It would be like crawling over glass for the Dems (uh, more light bulbs please — they are so FUN break.)

    (For the record, yes, I still think — as I have since Obama was elected — that ObamaCare will not pass, and that no health care reform will pass this Congress. I am still annoyed every time I hear — something will pass. I’m at Nyet it won’t — regardless of the outcome of the Scott race.)

    First, the Dem members would revolt — er, whine a lot (since they have proven they don’t revolt) if any move was made to pass health care via reconciliation.

    But, the political consultant class — those responsible for re-electing and electing Dems — would revolt, President Obama’s Captain Ahab routine with the health-care-white-whale notwithstanding.

    In a nutshell, reconciliation ain’t gonna happen. Van Hollen is a smart guy, but he’s bluffing

  59. hwc said:
    the morning after pill is available without prescription over the counter at pharmacies across the state. It is NOT difficult to get.


    Unless the victim has injuries which prevent her leaving the ‘conscience’ hospital to get it. Unless she was lucky enough to be taken by a knowledgeable ambulance to the other hospital in the first place. Too bad if she arrived by some other means without knowing which hospital was safe.

  60. Ronald Reagan: “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall”
    Ben Nelson: ” Mr. Obama (and Reid) take back your bribe!”


    WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska is asking Senate leaders to eliminate a controversial Medicaid deal for his state in the health care bill.

    The moderate Democrat, who provided the crucial 60th vote for the Senate health care bill, has been criticized because Nebraska was exempted paying any cost of a proposed expansion of Medicaid.

    All other states would have to pick up a portion of the tab after the first few years.

    Nelson’s been arguing ever since that he never wanted a special deal for Nebraska and that he wants all states protected from burdensome new costs.

  61. wbboei quoted Dan Perrin:
    I still think — as I have since Obama was elected — that ObamaCare will not pass, and that no health care reform will pass this Congress. I am still annoyed every time I hear — something will pass. I’m at Nyet it won’t — regardless of the outcome of the Scott race.


    Well, that’s interesting. Here’s Perrin also saying the Scott race won’t make any difference to whether the bill passes. 😉

    Maybe we should both just go out and get drunk and lean on lampposts with white rabbits.

  62. Unless the victim has injuries which prevent her leaving the ‘conscience’ hospital to get it. Unless she was lucky enough to be taken by a knowledgeable ambulance to the other hospital in the first place. Too bad if she arrived by some other means without knowing which hospital was safe.

    An injured rape victim requiring ambulance transport would be taken to the local emergency room. As I mentioned, all eight of the Catholic hospitals in Massachusetts are located within blocks of the large public regional hospital with the local emergency room. Why would an ambulance take a severely injured woman to a private Catholic hospital instead of the emergency room with the official rape nurse trained to collect evidence?

    You keep acting like this is Siberia and the catholic hospital is the only one for miles and miles. I’m done here. You have no interest in the real world. I suspect that you wouldn’t be happy until the Pope is required to perform abortions.

  63. Now Turndown I would not put too much faith in what he says. After all he is a . . . Republican. I wonder if he was this bullish a few weeks back before Brown made his move. Probably. Wouldn’t it be grand to be as certain as he is. And how much grander it would be to be a Messiah. Yes, a great messiah who came into the world to save mankind through Chicago scumball tactics, stimulus slush fund, crap and trade, Obama care with the Rezko touch, the ability to concentrate on his golf game while we are under attack, quadrupling the deficit and the inner peace that passeth all understanding. Amen.


    There are customs and norms, above them there are laws and ordinances, above them there are constitutions and above everything else there is megapolitics–the logic of violence. Something which the peace protestors who put flowers in the rifles of soldiers, or stand in front of earth moving equipment in the Gaza Strip will never understand.

    Consider the following example:

    A thief armed with two pistols held up a store. Whereupon the sales manager in a feat salesmanship persuaded to thief to sell his guns to the store manager. Whereupon the store manager forced the thief to flee the scene empty handed. The thief confused the rules of the game. He failed to grasp the fact that the almighty dollar is not almighty. It is alway hostage to the power of the gun.

    This is so fundamental that it is hardly ever mistaken on the battle lines of society, at the points where the rule of law is contested by violence. In such showdowns violence can be bettered only by superior force. Not by good intentions, much less by mere pieces of paper with ink on them. Gary Cooper could not have won the showdown at High Noon if he had reached for his wallet instead of his holster.

    People who live in delightful well mannered suburbs who have never had to physically contest for their lives and property, often fail to grasp the subtle logic of violence. Criminals on the other hand are normally connoisseurs of power’s subtleties. They understand as law abiding people do not that laws are merely wishes on a piece of paper unless there is sufficient power to enforce them. The ultimate law is the law of the jungle, the desert, the dark alley. And what that law says is this: what is yours by right and justice is yours only so long as you or someone else can protect it.

    Humans have always had incentives to employ violence to get what they want. Yet this is a fact that peaceful cultures discourage individuals from bringing into clear focus. You have heard it said that crime is a sickness or war does never solves anything. Such views are profoundly misleading. They reflect a combination of wishful thinking and the workings of a cultural taboo against violence which is essential to civil peace. But it would be a mistake for you to stop thinking at the boundary of this taboo. To focus on its deranged quality is to miss its deeper logic.

    Like a hammer pounding on a prescious metal, megapolitics changes the shape of society. It explains in cold logic the collapse of communism, the coming world depression, the bankrupcy of the welfare state, the impoverishment of the Third World, the growth of tribalism and racism, THE MENACING CHALLENGE OF ISLAM, and the revival of religion in the West. All of these are connected and driven by the law of violence.

    Violence pays off in many situations. War does change things. It changes the rules. It changes the distribution of assets and income. It even determines who lives and who dies. It is precisely the fact that violence does pay that makes it so hard to control. The ultimate cure for violence is not words, treaties or money. It is superior force.

    It is like the John Ford movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and the song that went with it. It could just as easily be called the folly of Obama:

    When out of the East a stranger came
    A law book in his hand
    The kind of a man the West would need
    To tame a troubled land


    Some of these quotes were drawn from the book The Great Reckoning, by James Davidson and Lord Reese-Mogg.

  65. I saw my Iranian friend about what is going on in his former country and the efficacy of Obama’s approach, My friend voted for Obama but at this point to say that the bloom is off the rose would be an understatement. He has sent emails to the White Hose to no avail. Here are some of the points he made which have fallen on deaf ears:

    1. The administration is having a hard time suppressing the opposition. That is because it is diffuse, and has no single leader whom they could lean on and prosecute.

    2. The administration has imported police forces from Hamas in Lebanon and riot vehicles from China. He told Obama we should highlight this because it would embarrass China, who is currently attempting to achieve first world power status.

    3. The protesters are behaving well. When they capture the police force members they release them unharmed. The protesters themselves are still being slaughtered. American Media is hiding this from the American People to protect Obama.

    4. Hillary is right that sanctions should target the elites rather than the poor. Many of the elites now are the Basijis. Their foreign holding could be confiscated, Just last week we finally froze the assets of a wealthy foundation which was founded under the Shah and is still in operation.

    5. If the oil workers went on strike the administration would collapse over night. He thinks they are vulnerable if the people have the will to act. The protesters no longer trust the United States because of Obama. They see him much like the rest of the world sees him with the obvious exception of big media. Other than them the headline reads: “Paper Tiger”.

  66. hwc said:
    Why would an ambulance take a severely injured woman to a private Catholic hospital instead of the emergency room with the official rape nurse trained to collect evidence?
    I’m done here.


    Good, because I’m tired of correcting your misreadings. I pointed out that not all injured people arrive by ambulance.

    I hope the official rape nurse happens to be willing to give contraceptive, because by Brown’s amendment she could refuse to.

  67. wbboei
    January 17th, 2010 at 2:48 am
    Now Turndown I would not put too much faith in what he says. After all he is a . . . Republican.


    I’m not putting faith in either of them, but it’s interesting that a Dem and a Repub agree the Brown/Coakley race won’t matter to the HC bill — tho they disagree on what will happen to the bill.

    Suppose we suspect that the both of them are secretly in league, what do you think they want? For the voters to stay home obviously.

  68. TIME is laying down a mattress for BO:
    Scott Brown Rides a Perfect Political Storm in Mass

    snip “As opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?” she said dismissively to the media, after being asked why she was practically hiding out. Now, she has forced the President of the United States to preside over two rescue operations: Haiti and saving a Senate seat for Democrats. Friday, it was Bill Clinton in town to help drag her across the finish line. Obama arrives Sunday. The state, Massachusetts, is often mistaken for an easy Democrat lay-up….
    Read more:,8599,1954366,00.html?xid=rss-topstories

    ABC’s morning network show is supposed to address BO’s falling numbers.

  69. Oh yeah. Forgot. BOMO going to church today near or in DC. After the worhip service, he’ll speak to the congregation about Haiti.

  70. Heres some info on the Saudi Prince.

    Saudi billionaire eyes new links with News Corp.

    By TAREK EL-TABLAWY, AP Business Writer Tarek El-tablawy, Ap Business Writer – 1 hr 27 mins ago
    CAIRO – The Saudi billionaire whose investment firm is one of the biggest stakeholders in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. said he is looking to expand his alliances with the media giant, in the latest indication that his appetite for growth remains robust even as his company retrenches.

    Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a nephew of the Saudi king and who was listed last year by Forbes as the world’s 22nd richest person, met with News Corp.’s chief executive Rupert Murdoch on Jan. 14 in a meeting that “touched upon future potential alliances with News Corp.,” according to a statement released by his Kingdom Holding Co. late Saturday.

    Media reports have indicated that News Corp, parent to Fox News and Dow Jones & Co., among others, may be thinking of buying a stake in Alwaleed’s Rotana Media Group, which includes a number of satellite channels that air in the Middle East.

    Neither company has commented publicly on the possible deal, but the talks offer an indication yet that such an agreement may yet be in the offing.

    Kingdom Holding’s statement said Alwaleed is already the second largest stakeholder in News Corp., with 5.7 percent of the shares of the media company. The stake is held through Kingdom Holding, in which Alwaleed holds a 95 percent stake.

    The investment company has a diverse portfolio, ranging from hotels to shares in Apple, eBay and Citigroup.

    Alwaleed, and the investment firm, were hit hard by the global meltdown.

    He has since focused on shoring up borrowing power, in part through a recent decision to transfer 180 million of his shares in Citigroup to Kingdom Holding. In a statement last week, he described the move — valued at about $600 million — as key to facilitating future borrowing and growth.

    The Saudi royal also met last week with Citigroup’s chief executive Vikram Pandit, according to a statement by Kingdom Holding e-mailed Sunday.

    Alwaleed told Pandit that the “honeymoon is now over,” a clear indication that one of the banking giant’s largest investors wants solid results this year, according to a transcript of an interview that aired Thursday on Fox Business News.

    “I told him that clearly the market gave you two years leeway, but I think now it’s time to deliver,” Alwaleed said. “And 2010 is really for him is year to make it or break it, and he has to deliver. ”

    Alwaleed raised his stake in Citigroup to 5 percent in late 2008 from less than 4 percent in a move that came as the company was facing a possible collapse. Kingdom Holding says Alwaleed is the single largest shareholder in Citigroup.

    Citigroup has repaid the money it borrowed from the U.S. government during the financial crisis, but still faces a new fee to be levied on banks by the Obama administration to recoup $120 billion in taxpayer money used to support faltering companies.

    Alwaleed said he was opposed to the move, arguing that “I believe taxing the banks right now is not the right time at all.”

    “It’s like you have a patient just coming out of ICU, intensive care unit, and all of sudden bang him with another tax. I think it’s too much, it’s too early for that if it’s going to have that happen,” he said, according to the transcript.

    The $120 billion recovery goal is the most that administration officials expect to lose from the government’s $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program that bailed out banks, automakers and other financial firms.

    Alwaleed’s Rotana already has an alliance with News Corp.

    In 2008, the two companies teamed up to bring Fox Movies to the Arab world and then last year, Rotana and Fox International Channels signed a multi-year output deal with The Walt Disney Co. to provide a range of programing to viewers in the Middle East, according to the statement by Kingdom Holding.

    Alwaleed has also been meeting with officials in Abu Dhabi, the oil-rich emirate that recently bailed out Dubai, its glitzy neighbor awash in debt.

    A statement by Kingdom Holding said the Saudi royal met with senior officials in Abu Dhabi, which holds the presidency of the United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven semiautonomous city-states.

    Abu Dhabi’s largest sovereign wealth fund, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, alleges “fraudulent misrepresentations” by Citigroup over the fund’s $7.5 billion investment in the banking giant. ADIA has said it is seeking compensation or an exit from the deal.

  71. I just heard on ABC, Obama is an illegitimate President that was not born in America?? Did anyone else hear this. I caught the end of it, but I think that what I heard.

  72. Did anyone see President Clinton and Bush on MEET THE PRESS this morning? I only caught the tail end of the interview. I certainly may be very over sensitive because of all the recent Clinton bashing that is rearing it’s ugly head again, however, it seemed that David Gregory was favoring Bush with his questions and at the end he told Bush that he was back again and there was a little light banter with him and then almost as an after thought, he thanked BOTH presidents for coming on the program or something like that.

    It just seemed that the ghost of Russert was there.

    Did I just get in on the end of the interview and read this wrong?

  73. I only caught the tail end of ABC’s morning talk show, Its used to be George Stephanoupolas’s but there is a woman on it now. So please some one watch in it entirety because I thought they called Obama an illegitimate President that was not born in this country. Did I hear this right???

  74. I am sick to death about this abortion fight. In this country the woman has the right to control her body without having an abortion. There are birth control pills, a shot that lasts for 3 months, IUD’s for those that can’t take the pill. Theere is NO excuse for needing an abortion for the exception of rape and incest or fetal abnormalities or the life of the mother. Now all of you guys can chew me out for this. I believe like Hillary does, abortions should be legal, safe and RARE!

  75. Ria Misra

    Hillary Clinton’s First Year Report Card: The Good, the Bad and the Undecided


    With John Heilemann and Mark Halperin’s presidential election tell-all, “Game Change,” hitting shelves this past week (spoiler: Obama wins), political enthusiasts are arguing over delegates, endorsements and tactical maneuvers with a relish I haven’t seen since, well, 14 months ago.

    There’s nothing wrong with rehashing the politics of years past — and the 2008 presidential election is a particularly fine vintage to sample. But, if in the spirit of looking back we can spare a thought for the year just ended, next week also marks the first anniversary of Hillary Clinton’s swearing in as secretary of state — an excellent time to take stock of her tenure in that role so far. Let’s look back at what was good, what was bad, and consider what’s to come.

    The Good

    It’s rare for a secretary of state to be more popular than a first lady — it’s even rarer for one to be the same person. This time last year, as her Senate confirmation kicked off, Gallup noted that Clinton’s approval rating had risen to its highest point (65 percent) in the last 10 years, and it has remained high. Clinton’s first year as secretary of state was marked with high-profile international trips, including several tours through Asia and a seven-nation tour in Africa — a new, but perhaps not unfamiliar, task. James Lindsay, vice president for the Council of Foreign Relations, noted to Politics Daily that “she’s a former presidential candidate, and far more comfortable with the public side of the job [than her predecessors]. If you look at her trips abroad, she has a lot of enthusiasm for the public diplomacy side of the job.”

    But the most interesting takeaway from Clinton’s first year as secretary may be in two areas that have reliably been popping up on the State Department’s agenda: global hunger and women’s rights. These are not new concerns for State, but Clinton has become increasingly likely to frame them in economic or security terms rather than in humanitarian ones, calling hunger “a threat to the stability of governments, societies and borders” at a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative this summer, and repeatedly citing girls’ education as a basic component of economic development. It’s still early in Clinton’s tenure, but her focus on the policy implications of two areas that have historically been on the periphery of State’s humanitarian efforts suggests that they will become increasingly important agenda items as she continues her term.

    The Bad

    In 1995, Clinton delivered a fairly stirring indictment of China’s record on human rights to the U.N.’s World Conference on Women in Beijing. For those hoping to see more of the same in 2009, Clinton’s generally tepid language to China has been disappointing, particularly after a February trip to Beijing, during which human rights remained largely out of the spotlight.

    As 2009 wrapped up, the issue seemed to be creeping back onto the agenda — though with noticeably softer rhetoric than in 1995. Clinton noted in a speech at Georgetown in December that she was taking a “principled pragmatism” approach in pressing human rights concerns with China and Russia.

    The Undecided

    With just one year under her belt, the real tests for Hillary Clinton as secretary of state are yet to come, and some of them will undoubtedly be surprises — like the unexpected coup in Honduras over the summer, followed by the even more unexpected stealth return a few months later of ousted president Manuel Zelaya, who has holed up at the Brazilian Embassy (U.S. calls to restore Zelaya to power were ignored by the new government). Still, the big issue looming is the nuclear ambitions — and growing capabilities — of Iran and North Korea.

    Last summer, Clinton and North Korean officials traded barbs over the rogue nation’s nuclear program. When Clinton compared the staging of missile tests to small children or teenagers demanding attention, Pyongyang countered by calling her “a funny lady.” If that slightly oblique insult failed to register, it’s follow-up, comparing her to “a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping,” must have stung a little more. The possibility of renewed talks was batted around throughout the year, with occasional signs of a thaw. But so far, even negotiations over how to return to the negotiating table have stalled, with the United States insisting on six-party talks on disarmament and North Korea still aiming to negotiate with the U.S alone or return to six-party talks only with certain conditions in place.

    As for Iran, Clinton spoke on Monday of an as-yet-unrevealed plan for targeted sanctions to deter its nuclear program. According to the New York Times, she said:

    “There is a relatively small group of decision makers inside Iran. They are in both political and commercial relationships, and if we can create a sanctions track that targets those who actually make the decisions, we think that is a smarter way to do sanctions. But all that is yet to be decided upon.”

    So far, sanctions — or the threat of them — have been remarkably ineffective, doing little to dampen either the movement towards nuclear capabilities or the brutal suppression of Iranian dissidents (which flared in June when protests of Iran’s much-criticized presidential election were quashed). Whether a proposed tiered system of sanctions would be any more fruitful remains to be seen, but the effectiveness of any sanctions would likely depend on the ability to pull other countries, particularly Russia, on board.

    The Memorable

    One of the early arguments trotted out against Clinton’s appointment as secretary of state was that she has always been a lightning rod for critics and supporters alike, which could turn a diplomatic role into a contentious one, not only abroad but domestically as well. That scenario hasn’t materialized. Despite a salted-earth presidential campaign, Clinton and Obama have a smooth working relationship and she’s been widely lauded as an influential Cabinet member.

    Still, with tidbits from the Democratic primaries occasionally resurfacing to make headlines, there’s been no shortage of reminiscing about Clinton’s past as a candidate and a first lady. Which is why, for better or worse, one of the most memorable sound bites of Clinton’s first year was her incredulous response to a student who questioned her about Bill Clinton’s thoughts on loans from China: “You want to know what my husband thinks? My husband is not secretary of state — I am.”

    The Measure

    It’s relatively early to assess Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, but instructive to see how her time in office parallels — or breaks with — that of recent predecessors in the role. Some of the conflicts faced are familiar. Madeleine Albright’s first year, for instance, saw, among other things, the expulsion of American weapons inspectors in Iraq and a failed attempt to restart the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Condoleezza Rice took over from Colin Powell as the war in Iraq deepened and prospects deteriorated. Now it’s the war in Afghanistan that is deepening, and the prospects are anything but clear. But on top of that, Clinton also faces unique challenges, including a spiraling and stubborn economic crisis that serves as a sobering backdrop for two lingering wars, nuclear tensions in the Far East and Middle East, and now a devastating catastrophe in Haiti. All in all, the secretary of state’s plate is full, if not overloaded. The only thing certain for the year ahead is that the challenges will not get any easier.

  76. January 17, 2010

    Picture emerging of Obama as arrogant, bored, and ‘peevish’ about campaign

    Ed Lasky

    As I read Game Change , a recurring motif is how often Barack Obama would be bored or annoyed by either his Senatorial duties or the rigors of campaigning. He is not infrequently “fatigued” or “tired” or “peevish.” If we had known of these qualities we might better have appreciated his readiness for the office.

    He has been AWOL quite often on the issues of the day (his penchant for playing golf is a problem) as others toil away to do the heavy lifting (Reid, Pelosi). He was slow to respond to the Christmas Day terror attack, as well. They just weren’t fun as say, trips down Broadway or to Copenhagen or some speeches before crowds.
    Excerpt (page 108):

    The schedule was killing him. The fatigue was all-consuming. The events piled up on top of one another, making his temples ache. He tried not to bitch and moan too much, except when it got out of hand-meaning almost every day.

    He also grew exasperated that Hillary would continue her campaign as long as she did-how dare she? “Obama was frustrated. By the end of his winning streak, the thrill of victory had lost a modicum of its luster for him. He complained to his aides about the sameness of the succession of mega-rallies, about a certain staleness creeping in” (page 229). He complained that , “these people never die” (meaning the Clintons).

    “His irritation was leavened by a grudging respect for Hillary’s tenacity” (page 229). Irritation – how dare they not fall into line. When Hillary started winning contests, “Obama was having no fun at all. He was consumed by visions of doom”(page 248). The book is laced with this dichotomy: he was blissful and happy when the crowds were rapturous towards him (even that was subject to the laws of diminishing returns but was dejected and irritated when the slog continued, just as he found work as a Senator drudgery.

    That is just one of many examples of his approach to the hard work of campaigning. No wonder he complains about the mess he has had to clean up

    Another excerpt: His team had , of course, done background research regarding Hillary Clinton. The public had “Clinton fatigue, that is was bubbling out there..the trick would be to incite it, subtly, by implication and inference. To revive the voters’ worst memories of the Clinton eviscerate her without damaging Obama’s reputation as an exponent of clear politics. To go negative, in other words, without seeming nasty. We will do this, Obama said , but he was adamant that certain ethical boundaries not be breached”. (pages 119-120)

    Well it is commendable that certain boundaries were established – unclear and unstated as they may have been. But it certainly did not extend to refusing to use the race card against Hillary Clinton and later McCain. The book reveals several examples of how Obama and his campaign played the race card (distorting Bill Clinton’s words, referring to McCain supporters who may not vote for a man to be President who doesn’t look like other presidents on dollar bills, working with black media to stoke the issue, using surrogates such as Jesse Jackson, Jr., to prolong the controversy-see page 198).

    He also taunted Hillary Clinton with the story that her campaign had planted a question at a public appearance. “Obama was enjoying himself, too, at Hillary’s expense. He and his advisers took no small pleasure in the planted question town halls, Obama would slyly mock Clinton” by challenging the audience to ask him any question they want (page 160). Then, of course, there was his mocking comment after she was asked about her likeability “You’re likeable enough Hillary.” Afterwards, Hillary “marveled, yet again, at the insufferability of Obama’s arrogance” (page 180).

    He also was offended when John McCain called him out for hypocrisy. Obama had agreed to work with McCain and others on both sides of the aisle for a bipartisan initiative on ethics. Obama had attended a meeting with the bipartisan group but then backed away, neglecting to call McCain to inform him of his decision to instead side with a Democratic version of ethics legislation. McCain was offended at what he considered both a betrayal and rudeness and objected that Obama was just exploiting the issue for political gain. Obama retorted to his staff, “I’m not interested in being bitch-slapped by John McCain” (pages 324-325). This is just one example of Barack Obama’s use of profanity revealed in the book – apparently the master of rhetoric and one of the great orators of our time is not reluctant to swear-including the “F-Word.”

    When the financial crisis hit before election day and both McCain and Obama flew to Washington to meet with President Bush and Congressional leaders to discuss what needed to be done, “Obama was annoyed at having to be there rather than preparing for the debate” (page 387). Obama being annoyed and irritated and peevish are not uncommon occurrences.

    So much for a new kind of politics. No politics of joy here.

    Running throughout the book is the pass that major media continually gave Barack Obama. All these instances of his conduct and revelations of his feeling bored, fatigued, irritated, annoyed were readily available real time in 2008. Instead the media fell into line and refused to report. Even now we see the same bias in play: why have none of these revelations about Barack Obama been covered by any of the many reviews of this best-selling book?

    As people read this book – and it is compulsively readable – they should ask themselves the same question: why does Barack Obama always get a pass from the media — always?

  77. JanH, I am not sure that was not a hit piece on her. THe paragraph on the bad is quiet a bit larger than the good. The good has sprinkles of bad in it and the ending did not give her credit for anything.

    Looks like the knives are sharpening.

    Did anyone see the whole round table on ABC??

  78. confloyd,

    The “Meet the Press” interview with Clinton and Bush was fairly well balanced with questions going back and forth for each man. It wasn’t until the very end that there was the Bush “you’re back” soundbite and it lasted less than 30 seconds at most.

  79. These fuckers on meet the press, they sit on their asses in their offices and try to find blame on the delivery of goods to Haiti. The people who they are hammering are the ones working their butts off to save lives in Haiti. David Gregory is turning into fat boy rather quickly. Looks like the media is about to turn on Obama, or at least on Hillary. They are sure sucking up to GWB. They keep saying the “Bush/Clinton Haiti project” when clearly Obama has called it the Clinton/Bush Global Initative in Haiti.

  80. I watched most of the talking head shows while housecleaning, even tweety (gulp) and i confess that I think he got one thing right.

    HRC was sabotaged by Reid, Schumer and Rockefeller who told Squat secretly they were supporting him but couldn’t say that publicly.

    So we were right about everything here at 44. That sinking feeling we had in the pits of our stomach was real. They were backstabbing her from the beginning.

    What an outrage.

  81. My personal opinion, the problem or at 80% of our problems here in this country is the press. The press who sells its soul to devil every 4 to 8 years. We need to clean them out as well as capitol hill.

  82. confloyd….. YES!! we need to get rid of the press
    from all mediums and start over.

    with out the press in the WH’s hip pocket anymore the WH will be then held accountable to the people and “the peoples press”

  83. Wbboei, I don’t know where you get that Mark Halperin is a republican, he a kool-aid drinking RINO with CDS. I just heard the little jerk slam Hillary and McCain and say that Obama has done a outstanding job running the country, his only fault was he did not make Americans understand what he was doing.

    OMG, this was the most ridiculous thing I have heard. WHy in the hell was Bush’s old chief of staff Karen Hughes on “meet the press”?? Why are they dredging up all of Bush’s old buddies?? Seems sort of fishy to me.

    Seems to me they think the Bush coalition is back!

  84. Halperin says that Martha is going to sweak by and win. Hmmm, hmmm, they must have carnal knowledge of the future cheating that will be going on.

  85. The Bad

    In 1995, Clinton delivered a fairly stirring indictment of China’s record on human rights to the U.N.’s World Conference on Women in Beijing. For those hoping to see more of the same in 2009, Clinton’s generally tepid language to China has been disappointing, particularly after a February trip to Beijing, during which human rights remained largely out of the spotlight.

    As 2009 wrapped up, the issue seemed to be creeping back onto the agenda — though with noticeably softer rhetoric than in 1995. Clinton noted in a speech at Georgetown in December that she was taking a “principled pragmatism” approach in pressing human rights concerns with China and Russia.
    The writer of this nonsense has an agenda of some kind. When all he can say on the good side is that she is popular, and all he can say on the good side is that her position on China has changed since 1995 it rings very hollow. Or perhaps he does not understand that the power of the United States was at its zenith in 1995 and China’s power was not whereas today the roles are reversed–thanks to that blithering idiot in the White House. That is principled pragmatism as well.

  86. wbboei, I am sick today of the freaking press. They are again spinning their crap against giving the Clinton’s any credit for what they do. I am just plain sick of it. THe freaking press is bought and paid for and now the Saudi Prince is buying up Fox and CNN.

  87. Well, I have wasted 3 years of my life on this crap, I feel like turning off this computer and never turning it on again. The govt. and the powers that run it could care less about the people of this country.

  88. Obama fails voters’ first-year report card

    January 18, 2010

    A YEAR into his presidency, President Barack Obama faces a polarised nation and souring public assessments of his efforts to change Washington, according to an opinion poll.

    Days before the first anniversary of his inauguration on Wednesday nearly half of all Americans surveyed by The Washington Post-ABC poll say Mr Obama is not delivering on his major campaign promises, and a narrow majority has just some or no confidence that he will make the right decisions for the country’s future.

    More than a third believe the President is falling short of expectations, about double the proportion polled at the 100-day mark of Mr Obama’s presidency in April. At the time, 63 per cent said the new President had accomplished a ”great deal” or a ”good amount”. Those levels have dropped to 47 per cent.

    Just how much voters have soured since Mr Obama took over a country in chaos a year ago is reflected in the President’s last-minute decision to rush to Massachusetts to campaign for the embattled Democratic Senate candidate, state Attorney-General Martha Coakley.

    Polls show Ms Coakley and Republican state senator Scott Brown are in a dead heat heading into tomorrow’s special election to fill the seat of the late Senator Edward Kennedy, despite the state’s long Democratic tradition and his stature as a party icon. Just 14 months ago, Mr Obama cruised to victory in Massachusetts by 26 per cent over Republican presidential candidate John McCain. The state last elected a Republican to the US Senate in 1972.

    But Republican activists nationally became energised after polls showed Mr Brown surging from a double-digit deficit to catch up with Ms Coakley. Republicans are particularly critical of Mr Obama’s efforts on big domestic and foreign issues.
    Just 20 per cent of Republicans approve of his overall job performance, compared with 87 per cent of Democrats. That partisan gap is bigger than any that former Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush snr or Ronald Reagan ever faced among the public. It is about on par with divergent ratings of George W. Bush across his second term.

    But Mr Obama continues to benefit from weaknesses within the Republican party. Three-quarters of all adults lack confidence in the Republicans in Congress to make good decisions for the future, and when it comes to laying blame for the nation’s economic woes, about twice as many fault the George W. Bush administration as do Mr Obama’s.

    There is a growing racial divide in public assessments of Mr Obama. African Americans overwhelmingly approve of the job he is doing, just as they did in April. There has also been little change in the numbers saying he has accomplished a lot so far. But among white voters, Mr Obama’s overall approval rating has dropped nearly 20 points since the April polls.

    In April, 58 per cent of whites said Mr Obama had brought needed change to Washington; now that number is 41 per cent. Over all, 50 per cent of all those polled say Mr Obama has delivered the change that was a main theme of his candidacy; 49 per cent say he has not.

    At the 100-day mark, nearly two-thirds of independents said the President had brought change; in the new poll, fewer than half say so.

    The telephone poll was taken from a sample of 1083 adults.

  89. confloyd
    January 17th, 2010 at 12:00 pm
    Halperin says that Martha is going to sweak by and win. Hmmm, hmmm, they must have carnal knowledge of the future cheating that will be going on.

    Of course they will….maybe Ted Kennedy is still able to vote – he may not be off the voting list…and don’t forget BO’s illegal aunt!!! If I remember, she used to live in Boston!!! I am sure he is going to target that group in his speech today to come and vote…

  90. hwc, the MA election Tuesday is NOT about Coakley but about OBAMA!!!!! It is about Obama and all the wrongheaded marxist/communist/fascist bills he and his proxies are CRAMMING DOWN OUR THROATS. Is this a free country – still???? It is even more about what kind of country (free or totalitarian) that we will leave for our children and their children. It is also not about Dimocrat or Republican – and those who continue in that vein are, well you know. You can not say they are not well informed because we have been shouting this from the rooftops for about 3 years now. It is all about what is (W)right and Wrong. Our mother’s taught us that. It is about who LOVES this country as a free, independent, and capitalist nation! And yes we have a war on our hands to try and save our Norman Rockwell world for our children and future generations.

    I for one REFUSE arguments against and lose respect for those who beat the American Woman over the head, time and time and time again, with their reproductive organs. Let me tell, if I wanted an abortion and thought I needed one, I would have one. It will not be legislated by any government anywhere. If you and your God restrict your choice for any medical procedure including abortion- THEN DON’T HAVE ONE!!!!! That is between me and my God (even if I do consult my partner)and how dare ANY male (or another female) dictate to me…are we living under Sharia Law here or what? Not yet.

    Now, those who continue to live in the pre-birth control age and issue statement after statement after statement after statement against one candidate or another on the basis of how he/she stands for or against abortion or a convoluted interpretation of a statement about healthcare workers’ religion and abortion procedures/pills is hurting their cause. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Brown (or Coakley for that matter) allows Catholics to recuse themselves from administering a morning after pill (like there wouldn’t be someone else there to do it), then that same female could have a late-term abortion that Obama supports. The knives could pierce the veil of the placenta and the brain of the fetus could be chopped up like meat for a casserole, even though the fetus were viable.

    Remember Rep Layton during the fight for women’s right to vote in 1917? He revoked his wife’s household budget and then took her kids away from her, because the law of men at the time considered the children of a marriage the ‘property’ of the husband. This has been the trump card in America used against women – that they are property and their children are property and that their rights’ are the property of others. I ask for the American Woman to STOP THE INSANITY, and whenever ANYONE uses your female parts and the fruit of those parts to further their own agenda SQUASH THEM LIKE THE PARASITES THEY ARE!

  91. Off the subject, but I think those Cowboys are going to lose! Farve might be an egomanic, but he is a great quarterback.

  92. The problem is if the American People are disenfranchised through voter fraud and intimidation they will resort to other means to prevent the destruction of their way of life. Once again it is megapolitics. In the long run it is stupid for the people behind Obama to think they can get away with corrupting the voting process. The vote is not only a mechanism for peaceful transition of power, it is also a vital source of feedback from reality. The bottom line is megapolitics, and the certainty that there are more of us than there are of them. Our side is beginning to appreciate the power of communication, coordination and the importance of assessing culpability where it rightfully belongs.

  93. #
    January 17th, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    wbboei, I am sick today of the freaking press. They are again spinning their crap against giving the Clinton’s any credit for what they do. I am just plain sick of it. THe freaking press is bought and paid for and now the Saudi Prince is buying up Fox and CNN.


    Our Saving Grace is that the American as well as the Foreign people are awake to the trickery/lies/Boobery of the media and are also awake to the same said of the American Government’s flim flam Boobery scams being played on the American people.

    There is a revolution in our country being undertaken right is evident in MA Today.
    And that is only possible because the American people are finally standing up and say NO MORE!!

    Things are a changing……THE CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!!!

    YES WE CAN!!! 😀

  94. Connie: did you ever see the movie about the discovery of the South Pole. It was about the contest between the Brits (the Shackelford Expedition) and the Square Heads (the Amundsen Expedition). One of my relatives–Beck was his name was the Ice Pilot for Amundsen, and died on the return voyage off the coast of Peru–nice piece of irrelevant trivia.

    There is a point in the story where Shakelford is ruminating over one of his crew members who has decided Antarctica is a cold place and he would like to get back to a more temperate climate sooner rather than later–meaning now. Shakelford is heard to say in disbelief–he (the one who wants to leave) goes to Antarctica and complains about the weather. In this instance that is like going to MSNBC, and that is why I never go there. Why let a pack of liars make your life miserable? Their audience is a group of fellow travelers and people too dumb to spit. I try to avoid people and places like that.

  95. Joining the revolution, Detroit is drumming for freedom from tyranny.
    Listen Up Congress! The Sound of Drums & Fifes are coming from the direction of Detroit
    By Judi McLeod Sunday, January 17, 2010

    “Given that politicians have made all but a ghost town of their still proud Detroit, the Southeast Michigan 9.12 Project and their allied grassroots organizations have something special to protect: Drums and fifes forever in Detroit.
    They made Old Man Winter warm when they gathered by the thousands yesterday at the southeast corner of Big Beaver and Coolidge, at Troy’s Somerset Mall, sending a typical Michigan loud message to DC: “Listen Up Congress!”
    Motorists tooting their horns in support proved that patriotism is alive and well in Detroit, Michigan.

    “Our peacefully rally’s purpose was to express our concern and indignation with our elected representatives in Washington D.C.,” Stephen Ross, chairman of the Southeast Michigan 9.12 project told Canada Free Press (CFP). “Congress and the President have failed to acknowledge that fellow citizens of the United States are concerned that the 2,000 pages plus health bill will soon be passed into law. The result of this law will ultimately force everyone into a federally mandated health care program. This one size fits all bill that is laden with pork, and is being forced upon the citizens of the United States does not remedy the problem. There are other alternatives. Congress and the President have refused to consider those alternatives all during the 2009, and now are recklessly deconstructing the best health care system in the world.”
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good pictures – the uniforms are beautiful.

  96. Yes to wbboei above! I have never seen it written before, but yes the vote is the ‘peaceful’ means to project the will of the citizens. Even down here in paradise, there is a little gun stand that resembles a ‘lemonade stand’ of our youth. It is only open on Saturdays, so I do not know if it has traffic. It is just over the county line. Remember it was our state and MI that did not have a vote and then only half a vote during the Dimocratic primary! That will not be forgotten.

    On an ABC show this morning as I watched those two females, one Brazilla, supporting Obama and his agenda were so bizarre in their rationale. Tucker Carlson and another male were on the opposite side. The men were respectful of the women, but the logic of the women were very similar to the logic of those females in NOW – they all must have been deprived of motherly love in their infancy, or dropped on their head.

  97. The same goes for their parent organization NBC who gets my vote for Whore of The Industry, despite some very stiff competition from CNN, an ABC is now in the running as well, since Soros made a large investment.

    Nevertheless, the universe is run not by the intentions of the people behind Obama but by the theory of chaos.

  98. Our Saving Grace is that the American as well as the Foreign people are awake to the trickery/lies/Boobery of the media and are also awake to the same said of the American Government’s flim flam Boobery scams being played on the American people.

    There is a revolution in our country being undertaken right is evident in MA Today.
    And that is only possible because the American people are finally standing up and say NO MORE!!

    Things are a changing……THE CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!!!

    YES WE CAN!!!
    Bingo! That is what my friend David Horowitz believes and so do I. There is a revolt going on against a corrupt order and it will take time to set things straight again assuming we are allowed to work peacefully toward that end. Obama is an illegitimate leader and that along with his lack of problem solving skill will be his undoing. If you look at the military history of this country, we tend to lose first battles but win the wars. Bull Run (Mannassas), The Battle of Corregidor and so on. That is reason enough to not get discouraged. Lets see how this thing goes in Boston on Tuesday and adjust our future srategy from there.

  99. lil ole grape, did you notice the clock with the countdown until Obama leaves office? And their masthead read: Canada Free Press….Because without American there is no free world!
    Also, CFP has initiated a Photo Gallery where they are saying it is important because America has the most anti-American President in history. They are requesting viewers to send in photos of families and freinds and America as it stands right now as if they are also afraid America is about to cease to be.
    I have not seen anything like this in the American press in the USA. It just shows to go you that our media is so corrupt and is high gear to brainwash us if they can not anniliate us.

  100. Did anyone watch the Mackerel President’s address to the DC church honoring MLK this morning? I watched as much as I could stand. He seemed like the air had been let out of his balloon, and seemed to be working from notes. This address was not inspirational. It was tepid. Perhaps he is in the dog house with MO because today is her birthday and she wanted him all to herself today. My thoughts went back to the book about his personality characteristics. Bingo!

    Dang, this couple could mess up a wet dream (oh, that is so unlady like). First He had to be born on my birthday, then She had to be born on my anniversary. YUCK!!!!!!

  101. holdthemaccountable
    January 17th, 2010 at 7:30 am

    TIME is laying down a mattress for BO:
    Scott Brown Rides a Perfect Political Storm in Mass

    Now, she has forced the President of the United States to preside over two rescue operations: Haiti and saving a Senate seat for Democrats..
    Read more:


    Yes. They’re bad-mouthing Coakley personally so as to make it about her instead of a referendum on Obama and his HC.

    They want to make her out as a bad person or bad candidate. Imo this will cheapen Brown’s win if he wins.

    Imo the real message should be, that even an excellent candidate like Coakley is being sunk because of the HC ‘perfect storm’.

  102. can we pleazzzzzze move away from the “contraceptives” topic???

    It’s as over done just as obama’s change mantra is.

  103. ShortTermer
    The “without America there is no free world” has been on their masthead for a long time. This site leans a little far out sometimes, but I like to take a peek at it from time to time because they do publish news that we often hear or read nothing about in USA…also, they really do “get it”

    Someone reading from another computer just said to me, “Do you think turndown is working for the Dimocrats? Sounds like those bots who showed up from time to time during the primaries.”

  104. ShortTermer said:
    Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Brown […] allows Catholics to recuse themselves from administering a morning after pill […] then that same female could have a late-term abortion that Obama supports.


    Someone here actually said that! He said that letting the rape victim get pregnant gives her more choice because she can ‘terminate’ the pregnancy if she doesn’t want it!

    That’s what denying of contraceptives leads to — need for real abortion later.

  105. The time magazine people can sit in their offices, smoke dope and ignore the world around them. But the world knows bambi is not presiding over Haiti. Bill and Hillary are. Anyone who reads time or newsweek is desperate. Anyone who believes what they say is gullible–hell they don’t even believe what they write themselves.

  106. just heard on fox news that they were unable to fill the auditorium @ northeastern to capacity for BO and coakley. that says a lot.

  107. Here is what John Batchelor wrote at No Quarter this morning:

    Mrs. Pelosi’s remarks on the secret and stubborn healthcare pow-wow — especially her empty rhetoric of “common ground”– reveal the fact that there is a collective slow-down in the monomaniacal talks between the House and the Senate.
    The cause of the slow-down is Massachusetts. Everyone at the White House is watching the polls from Boston and the early reports of Scott Brown leading in absentee ballots, and leading with 20% of the Democrats voting Brown.

    The Brown surge gives plenty of room for those in the healthcare talks to refuse to cooperate.

    Why give Mrs. Pelosi anything when Brown is about to wreck the Senate’s 6th vote?

    If healthcare fails, let it fail without concessions from liberals or conservatives in the Dem caucus.

    Also, there is a sweet argument that the Democrats on the Hill want Brown to win and are stalling the White House pow-wow as they wait for Righty.

    A Coakley loss will wreck the process, sink the bill, and free everyone of the bad news of Harry Reid.

    Also, a Coakley loss will relieve Boston of the burden of electing a junior senator who does not understand (or want to understand) the Red Sox Nation. The Curt Schilling flub is incomprehensible. The smear on a flier — paid for by the state Democrats — that Brown wants rape victims abused the more was not only clumsy, it also gave Brown an easy counter-punch — almost as if Coakley has been ordered to take a dive?

    Nah. There is also the strangely frail and snobby remark by John Kerry,

    “This race is do or die in our state,” U.S. Sen.John Kerry told voters in an e-mail. “We have to stand with Martha as she tries to win this seat.”

  108. OMG, the old man is kicking some Romo butt. LOL! He may be the oldest quarterback, he may have an attitude, but he is one fine quarterback.

  109. WAVING AT THE VIKINGS!!¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GOº°¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø,„VIKINGSº¤ø ¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø ø¤º° GO°¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø¸VIKINGSº¤ø ¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø ø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GOº°¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø,„VIKINGSº¤ø ¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø ø¤º°º°¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø,„VIKINGSº¤ø

  110. Alcina, they couldn’t fill up the stadium for the “ONE”, the “Messiah”, the “Black Jesus”, OMG, can it be true people no longer won’t hear the “telepromter-in-chief”. ROTFLMAO!!!

  111. I wonder who the cartel that makes Presidents will blame for their ill-gotten Potus’s fall from grace???

  112. coakley is speaking now. you can tell she knows she is toast. she is only speaking from her notes, not her heart.

  113. Wbboei, I’m sorry but its the playoff, which is way more important than Massachusettes—LOL!!!

    Yes that is something to wonder about, you think they want her to lose so they don’t have to put this bill out on the American people. She may be doing this too. Maybe the bluedogs are suckering the “One”, into putting his ______________ on the line in Kennedy country. It will be shutdown of biblical proportions.

  114. alcina
    January 17th, 2010 at 3:32 pm
    just heard on fox news that they were unable to fill the auditorium @ northeastern to capacity for BO and coakley. that says a lot.
    Great news alcina. How the mighty have fallen. Time was he could enrapture 70,000 people on the banks of the Wilammette River with his his sonorous tones, and promises of a new heaven and a new earth. That was before he and his crony took office, looted the country, upped the ante in Afghanistan, made a Rezko deal with big pharma and hid out on a golf course while the country was under terrorist attack. The big media chorus has not changed but the public perception of this crook certainly has, regardless of what happens in Massachusetts. The reason I do not listen to him is because nothing he tells us is true. It is the same way with NBC and CNN.

  115. turndown@323

    Someone here actually said that! He said that letting the rape victim get pregnant gives her more choice because she can ‘terminate’ the pregnancy if she doesn’t want it!

    I’m the one you are referring to, and that’s a LIE. Sorry, but if you are going to quote me, quote me accurately. What I said was that your contention that an unconscious rape victim should be administered a morning-after pill without her knowledge or consent was wrong. What I said was some women might not want that pill, and it violated her rights in a way that could not be “undone” later. Whereas a woman who wanted to terminate any resulting pregnancy, but did not get the pill, could still do so after she woke up, if she so chose.

    And I said that choice meant choice – and the woman who might not want to terminate should not have her CHOICE taken away by automatically giving the pill to every woman.

    That is in no way shape or form saying that “letting a rape victim get pregnant gives her more choice.” Don’t fucking lie about and twist what I said just because it suits your agenda.

    Oh, and I am not a he, I am a she.

  116. THe Boys have given up, just horrible. Phillips will join the unemployment line by the end of the week and I certainly hope Romo gets traded.

  117. jesus is on now. fox news. he’s “fired-up” and doing his best yelling-leaning into the mic thing. he’s just soooo dreamy!

  118. So he is doing his Reverend Wright thing. Nothing new under the sun. The thing Massachusetts voters need to remember is that a vote for Coakley is a vote for Obama and a vote for Obama is a vote for taxation without representation.

  119. Hubby and I took a drive to the country today, and passed a ranch that I had not seen since prior to election 08. They have a big horse wagon in the front pasture that used to have an Obama sign on it.

    Today we drove past, and it had been replaced with a giant hand-painted sign that said: “Change Back”.

  120. wouldn’t you know, i walk away for a few minutes, and the place erupts in heckling. i hope they show what happened after this is over.

    he keeps making fun of brown’s truck. maybe brown isn’t able to run around in a limo like BO and his friends.

  121. What was the heckling about? I saw they marched what looked like a family out. It rattled his cage
    Like when Joe Wilson said you lie! That rattled him too. But then again it is easy to rattle a rattle snake.

  122. It did rattle him. He not used to being heckled like that. I thought for a minute he was going to walk off. Then mindless kool-aid drinkers started with the Martha, Martha and he was rejuevenated while they removed the hecklers.

  123. a limo like BO and his friends.
    A bullet proof limosine, which is probably for the best.

  124. I read at another blog that the arena where Squat is blathering holds 3G and there’s no more than 2G there.

    I simply can’s STAND to see or listen to him so I rely on the 44 warriors and bravehearts at other sites to let me know what’s going on.

  125. djia
    January 17th, 2010 at 3:19 pm
    can we pleazzzzzze move away from the “contraceptives” topic???

    It’s as over done just as obama’s change mantra is.


    Amen & please.

  126. I’m confused. They didn’t feel up the stadium for the sainted one?

    Did they forget to bus in their regular zombie bots for the event?

  127. Washington (CNN) – Multiple advisers to President Obama have privately told party officials that they believe Democrat Martha Coakley is going to lose Tuesday’s special election to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy for more than 40 years, several Democratic sources told CNN Sunday.

    The sources added that the advisers are still hopeful that Obama’s visit to Massachusetts on Sunday – coupled with a late push by Democratic activists – could help Coakley pull out a narrow victory in an increasingly tight race against Republican state Sen. Scott Brown.

    However, the presidential advisers have grown increasingly pessimistic in the last three days about Coakley’s chances after a series of missteps by the candidate, sources said.

    BTW – Bill C. is going to Haiti tomorrow!!!

  128. Bill Clinton headed to quake-devastated Haiti

    WASHINGTON — Former US president Bill Clinton, the UN special envoy to Haiti, said he will travel to the quake-devastated country Monday to deliver relief supplies and meet with leaders and survivors.

    “As UN special envoy for Haiti, I feel a deep obligation to the Haitian people to visit the country and meet with President (Rene) Preval to ensure our response continues to be coordinated and effective,” Clinton said.

    The Clinton Foundation said the former president would “deliver emergency relief supplies including water, food, medical supplies, solar flash lights, portable radios, and generators.”

    He will also meet with “members of the Haitian government and the international community to discuss the way forward, as well as visit with personnel and volunteers on the ground.”

    Clinton and former president George W. Bush have been asked by President Barack Obama to lead a major fundraising effort in the devastated Caribbean republic.

  129. JanH
    January 17th, 2010 at 4:31 pm
    January 17th, 2010 at 3:19 pm
    can we pleazzzzzze move away from the “contraceptives” topic???

    It’s as over done just as obama’s change mantra is.


    Amen & please.

    Yes, Yes, Please, Please.

  130. What does it say when China sends the lowest level of representatives to an important meeting of this nature?

    January 18, 2010

    Beijing blocks talks on tackling Iran nuclear threat

    James Bone in New York

    A key meeting aimed at tackling Iran’s suspected nuclear arms programme has ended in failure after a low-level Chinese delegate blocked a new round of sanctions against the Islamic republic.

    Political directors from the foreign offices of Britain, France, Germany, Russia and the United States met in New York on Saturday, with China sending only a junior diplomat from its UN mission.

    The six-power group, known as the E3+3, agreed that Iran had given an inadequate response to its overtures by the year-end deadline set by President Obama. The UN has so far imposed three rounds of limited sanctions on Iran — in December 2006, March 2007 and March 2008 — to force it to stop enriching uranium in its suspected pursuit of nuclear weapons.

    The Western powers want to proceed with a fourth round.
    However, at the three-hour meeting on Saturday China, which imports about 15 per cent of its oil from Iran, went no farther than saying that it was ready to agree to start talks on possible sanctions. The participants will confer again by telephone before the end of the month, but the political directors do not know who to call in China. “It is inconclusive in the sense that we didn’t make any decisions right away,” Sergei Ryabkov, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, told reporters.

    China’s long-time Iran negotiator, He Yafei, skipped the meeting even though it had been postponed from before Christmas so that he could attend.

    New York was even chosen as the venue so that he could travel there from a visit to Mexico.
    Instead, China was represented at Saturday’s meeting by Kang Yong, a counsellor in its UN delegation in New York.

    Complicating matters further, Mr He has now been removed from his post as a deputy foreign minister and named China’s Ambassador to Geneva. The other Iran negotiators do not know who is to replace him.

    At the meeting, Mr Kang repeated Beijing’s position that it was not the time for new UN sanctions. Western officials noted, however, that China did not say never. They aim to have a new round of UN sanctions passed before the start of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty review conference in New York in May.

    Robert Cooper, the EU official who chaired the meeting, said that Iran had failed to follow up on the key commitments that it made at its last meeting with the six powers in Geneva on October 1, “in particular by refusing further meetings to discuss the nuclear issue”.

    He said that the group was also concerned about Iran’s construction of a secret uranium enrichment facility near Qom, its lack of co-operation with the International Atomic Energy Agency and its failure to take up the UN agency’s offer to swap Iranian-enriched uranium for fuel for its Tehran Research Reactor.

    Mr Cooper insisted that the six powers remained committed to a “dual track” approach of sticks and carrots. “That implies that we will continue to seek a negotiated solution but consideration of appropriate further measures has also begun,” he told reporters.

    However, China’s hardline stance led some to question its continued commitment to the “dual track” policy. Beijing now finds itself isolated in the six-power group as Russia reluctantly agreed that a new round of sanctions was necessary.

    ? Tehran has sentenced the former MP Mohsen Safai Farahani to six years in jail, opposition websites reported. The 61-year-old leader of Iran’s largest reformist party, the Islamic Iran Participation Front, was arrested after the disputed presidential election in June.

  131. C’mon. No football spoilers. Some of us have DVRs recording the games so that we can spend the afternoon following the Senate race in our home state.


    Obama got “town hall’d” at his Coakley rally. There was a group loudly jeering him for portions of his speech.

  132. from CNN, Sanjay Gupta asks Hillary Clinton about the United States’s special obligation to Haiti.

    SECRETARY CLINTON: It’s been a series of reasons, Sanjay. I mean, it was a colony. It was largely populated by slaves. It was never recognized — the United States didn’t recognize it when it won its independence. Other countries didn’t help it. We even occupied it for a period of time in the 20th century. They had a series of bad leaders who didn’t really help the people. It’s just an unfortunate confluence of events. And yet, we know that Haitian Americans are some of the most successful people we have in many of our communities from Florida to New York. So the ingredients are all there, and what I want to see is a good partnership with the Haitian Government and the international community to help the people of Haiti now build bigger, better into the future.

    QUESTION: We’re talking a lot about the humanitarian mission. Is a natural disaster in Haiti the same as a natural disaster in another country, in terms of the U.S. response?

    SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I think because it’s a neighbor, we feel a real need. But we respond. We’ve responded in the past in our own hemisphere and obviously around the world. The tsunami in 2004 is the last great disaster that we had. But I think, too, that there’s a special connection. There are family connections and personal experiences. I can’t tell you how many Haitian Americans have called and emailed — doctors and nurses and teachers and business leaders who have family here, who come back here all the time. The Catholic Church is very important here, and many other faith organizations do mission work here. So it’s really remarkable how many people feel a personal connection to Haiti in our country.

  133. So, my college blog (I was a college classmate of Coakley’s) is following the race closely and and heatedly. This morning a lefty posted op-eds from Andrew Sullivan and TPM in support of Coakley.

    I thought ya’ll might enjoy my response:


    Oh my, a veritable cornucopia of pundits this morning! Andrew Sullivan. Talking Points Memo. Yeah, these are definitely guys I would turn to for an in-depth understanding of what is happening in the Massachusetts massacre.

    These are the same guys who clapped like trained seals looking for a mackerel when the know-it-all Obama operatives arrogantly proclaimed a new Democratic coalition that didn’t need Reagan Democrats anymore (i.e. working class white Democrats) because they had a permament majority of brilliant young college students, limosine liberals, and minorities. Sounded good on paper. Until you need some turn-out.

    Now we see what these races are like without Reagan Democrats. The college kids have moved on from politics (dude, I got the new iPhone!), the minorities couldn’t care less about a race with no “black Jesus” just two white folk giving them the “okie doke”, and the limosine liberals are running around like Nancy Pelosi late for a botox appointment trying to figure out how the voters could be too stupid to love their policies. I mean, what Massachusetts voter wouldn’t embrace banning Roman Catholic nurses from working in emergency rooms? Sheesh, what’s wrong with these people!

    Once upon a time, a political operative from Lousiana who understood Reagan Democrats hung a sign in a Little Rock campaign office that said, “It’s the economy, stupid”. The Democrats could have used a sign like that while they were busy doing back-room deals with pharma and unions and Wall Street lobbyists. Now, the Reagan Democrats are going to make them pay. Not just make them pay, but make them pay ’til they hurt. Simple as that, really. Probably too simple for Andrew Sullivan to understand.

  134. i dunno. making fun of people who drive trucks just ain’t gonna go over well in the blue collar community. does BO really think he’s going to win over voters by playing the arugala snob routine? i hope brown drives his pick-up right up his ass this tuesday.

  135. A little long, but a good read (although I disagree completely with his mark/comments on health care)…


    The grades are in for Obama’s first year in office – and they’re not so good

    Author: Andy Dabilis
    17 January 2010

    Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there (American humorist Will Rogers)
    You’d think being only the third American President to win the Nobel Peace Prize – and this in his first year in office – would have propelled Barack Obama to the highest popularity levels ever, but – like someone who wins an Oscar for Best Actor and appears in a couple of duds the same year – he finished ignominiously, tied for the lowest approval ratings ever with former US president Ronald Reagan. How did it happen?
    It’s in the report card for his Freshman year. Let’s hope he graduates in three more.

    WAR: F
    He proved that fighting for peace is like fornicating for virginity, won’t keep his promise to bring the troops home from Iraq – where they’re no threat to the US – or Afghanistan, where he applauded President Hamid Karzai’s fraudulent re-election because he’s “our guy.”

    Bill Clinton failed miserably, but Obama has somehow succeeded in bringing universal health care, as basic a right as food or shelter, to the US, despite the gonzo opposition of people who think creeping Socialism is as bad as bounding Communism – until they need a doctor and can’t pay for it. This despite failing to keep his promise to have a transparent debate, which probably goes to show that people shouldn’t know how laws, or sausages, are made.

    Yes, he inherited a mess, but Obama said he wasn’t elected President to help fat cat bankers on Wall Street – some of his biggest supporters – but he’s done just that, allowing them to keep the trillions of dollars they got from George Bush’s administration without controls on how they use it. They’ve enriched themselves by using taxpayer money to speculate in risky investments, the same tactics which created the Great Near Depression of 2008-09, instead of loaning it to small and medium sized businesses, or for safe mortgages. Bankers, like Wall Street fund managers, prefer absolute greed with someone else’s money and their actions and Obama’s inaction created a false recovery with short-term dividends in the stock market at the same time jobless lines keep growing, at 10% unemployment and stuck there, with another 85,000 Americans losing their jobs last month while the bankers pay themselves bonuses. Obama apparently missed the class in economics which said a recession is when someone else is out of a job, and a depression is when you’re out of a job. If he really wants to trigger a Real Deal to help the US, and the world, he could ban adjustable rate mortgages, which keep bursting the bubble of recovery as they kick in and people are kicked out of their homes, and instead clamp controls on banks and jail some violators there and on Wall Street, and turn his attention to Main Street, if he can find it without a long black limousine.

    He said he would support gay marriages but ran away from that issue faster than Tiger Woods hot-footed it away from his wife who was swinging a 3-iron in his direction for being a serial adulterer.

    He’s just as bad in his passivity as Bush was in his aggression to deal with terrorists who’d love to bring the US to its knees while killing as many people as possible. Bush, who was asleep at the wheel for eight years, waking up every so often to order somebody’s toenails pulled out, had his shoe bomber, and Obama has his underwear bomber, his own al-Qaeda operative who tried to bring down an airliner with plastic explosives. Obama accepted the blame for the failure of US intelligence agencies who’ve been hamstrung by his orders to go easier on suspects and interrogation, although someone should have informed him that terrorists groups don’t follow the Geneva Convention. The murder of 13 soldiers at Ft. Hood in Texas by a US Army soldier who had terrorist leanings wouldn’t have happened either if the spooks the US employs to stop them were allowed to do their jobs.

    While Bush was an addle-brained cowboy who shot first and asked questions later, Obama has used his tongue and kept his gun in his holster while giving American would-be enemies the chance to engage in dialogue, and a chance to let negotiations lead to peace. But he hasn’t realized what Rogers said about diplomacy: “It is the art of saying ‘Nice doggie’ until you can find a rock.” His administration has backtracked or reneged on promises in the Middle East where he let Israel expand settlements in the Palestinian Occupied Territories because he prefers the Jewish-American vote to peace there, and the EU is a spectator. Obama is willing to talk the talk, but not walk the walk and can’t even get both sides to even talk. But he’s wisely staying out of hatred cauldrons like Yemen, where a US invasion to stop terrorist incubators would create new legions of terrorist martyrs.

    IRAN: C
    Iran is building a nuclear bomb. Repeat: Iran is building a nuclear bomb and the US and EU and Israel know it, but Obama has settled for a middle-of-the-road approach, the kind that never works because there’s only talk –the EU’s favored approach – and never a solution, until there’s a big mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv or somewhere, and then the inevitable retaliation. Obama is sane and reasoned, while Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not, and you can’t talk to a man with a nuclear bomb in his hand, especially if he’s crazy enough to use it. This one is a hot potato because Israel wants to go after Iran, the US vacillating, and the EU – as it always is –wants someone else to do the thinking, talking and fighting and stay out of it.

    He’s a lot more acceptable to the EU than was Bush, and at least he’s listening instead of doing all the talking, although he still treats Britain like an American colony.

    He promised to close the US terrorist suspect detention center in Cuba within a year of taking office but missed the deadline, disappointing his rabid EU supporters who thought Mr. Change would make a change there, even if they disappeared when asked how many former detainees they were willing to accept in Europe, which was few indeed because they don’t want some of the many who’ve returned to terrorism to ride subways in London or Madrid or anywhere else in Europe.–and-theyre-not-so-good-/98509.php

    He’s a lot more acceptable to the EU than was Bush, and at least he’s listening instead of doing all the talking, although he still treats Britain like an American colony.


    He does not treat Britain like an Americna colony!!!!

    He treats Britain with such contempt – being a grandson of a chef to the British army in colonial Kenya….that is why he has such contempt and hatred for the british…

  137. What does it say when China sends the lowest level of representatives to an important meeting of this nature?
    It means they have important business interests with that country and want to block a US led solution to the problem. It is yet another illustration of megapolitics, the politics of violence, the reality which that duffer (golf slang for an incompetent player) in the White House will never comprehend.

  138. Obummer, some of us had rather ride in the ‘seat’ of Scott Brown’s pickup truck going backwards, than go forward in the ‘seat’ of Teddy Kennedy’s limousine driving toward Chappaquidic (sp?)

    Some observations about the Messiah/Coakley come to Jesus meeting:
    -half the audience was the Kennedy Clan
    -some of the audience did not support the Messiah
    -parts of his speech were lackluster, and reports are that all of Coakley’s was
    -the mother in me wanted to hug that young guy behind the Messiah because he reacted with absolute shock that anyone/hecklers would disagree with his Messiah, and to tell him the true history of our country and the founding fathers and mothers
    -that the Messiah’s ego is so fragile that dissent in any order shakes his confidence
    -that he wants the MA voters to vote in Coakley for HIM, so he owns the defeat lock, stock, and barrel
    -the venue with the fewest number of seats still could not be filled
    -the only inspiring moments were when he went Wright and that tired old, Fired Up thing

    Then came the play by play that included Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. OMG, could a politician be any more lame than her, and show it? I spoke to her at the protest rally at the DNC; I had heard someone come up to the leaders of the DNC that were present and tell them that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz ‘did not support the Dimocratic candidates’; I informed her of that sentiment thinking it would help her. She has since become a rabid ‘toe the party line’ person. I do not respect her any longer because she placed party over country. I will campaign against her in the future.

  139. I too noticed he talked about Scott’s truck. Truck’s are usually seen as masculine, in fact, here in Texas I have notices some people are actually hanging a set of testicles on the rear bumper.

    Obama is one of the Prius set. He abhores trucks!

  140. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz ‘did not support the Dimocratic candidates’; I informed her of that sentiment thinking it would help her. She has since become a rabid ‘toe the party line’ person. I do not respect her any longer because she placed party over country. I will campaign against her in the future.
    100% right about her.

  141. However, the presidential advisers have grown increasingly pessimistic in the last three days about Coakley’s chances after a series of missteps by the candidate, sources said
    Thanks mp. Let me comment on CNN’s motive in saying this. The prevailing wisdom is the race is dead ever. If Brown wins in the bluest of blue states then the Obama factor was a big negative. If Coakley wins then the margin of victory is the measure of the Obama factor, discounted by the fact that this is the bluest of blue states. In short, loss is a huge red flag to anyone who would put their career on the line for him. A narrow victory is reassurance whatsoever. He should have gone to Haiti.

  142. As for the vile media and what they have done with their “stories and narratives”, go to and read Bob Somerby’s new site HOW HE GOT THERE.

    Somerby tells about how George Bush got into the White House. “It is a story of massive public dysfunction-of stunning journalistic misconduct.”

    Does this sound familiar? Early campaigning: Inventing a Liar
    New Hampshire primary: Narrative hardens
    Spring break 2000: Inventing a leader
    October: Inventing a winner

    Chapter 1 also gets a bit into the Clinton treatment as it rubbed off on Candidate Gore.

    It describes the behavior of the elite media in general and names names quoting hit pieces they wrote.
    It is a painful “book” to read but it tells what the media has done to certain people like the Clintons and what they are still doing. The Introduction and Chapter 1 are there. Chapter 2 is available although they say it won’t be out until January 26th.

    HOW HE GOT THERE is a must read, if you can stand the pain, for all of us. Our media is vile and this “book” puts it all together.

  143. Looks like the Obama goons revved up the old bus and started laying down the tiretracks on Coakley’s back even while he was speaking!

    What a guy!

  144. HillaryforTexas said:
    January 17th, 2010 at 3:55 pm
    Whereas a woman who wanted to terminate any resulting pregnancy, but did not get the pill, could still do so after she woke up, if she so chose.

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