Howard Dean For President!

Update (November 30): Via Yale Daily News (Howie also has a new book, precursor to candidates announcing):

Congress isn’t going to pass a bill that reforms health care,” Howard Dean ’71 said. “What we want is to have the kinds of choices so that we can reform health care.”

Dean, former Head of the Democratic National Committee and a 2004 Democratic candidate for president, addressed 50 undergraduates at a Pierson College Master’s Tea Monday afternoon. His talk on health care comes on the heels of the release of his new book, “Howard Dean’s Prescription for Real Health Care Reform,” as well as the start of debate about the health care bill on the Senate floor. According to Dean, the most important component of the health care bill is the public option.

“If we don’t have a choice, this bill is worthless and should be defeated,” the former Governor of Vermont said.


Ever wonder why Howard Dean got zilch from the Zero?

Many Howard Dean Big Blog Boys think Dean got zap from Obama because of opposition from his enemy, Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel. Emmanuel, as head of the DCCC tasked with electing Democrats to the House of Representatives, fought with Dean over money when Dean was running the Democratic National Committee. But as usual, the Big Blog Boys are wrong.

Dean got zilch because Obama does not want vipers like himself around. Obama is a traitorous viper too. As the saying goes, “it takes one to know one”. Most people do not like traitors and liars around them. Al Capone of Chicago would use traitors from opposition gangs but eventually they would find their heads cracked by a bat wielded by Capone.

Obama, like Capone, welcomed traitors and liars but remained wary of them. If they betrayed once, what’s to stop them from betraying again? Obama welcomed traitor Greg Craig, even gave him a job, but soon Craig felt the bat on the noggin.

But Obama never welcomed Dean, never gave him a job. Obama saw how Dean debased his position as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee in order to rig the nomination for Obama. Dean betrayed the Democratic grassroots by not being a trustworthy arbitrator and instead manipulating and deceiving to help Obama.

Under Howard Dean, there were no fora to discuss women’s issues even though there was a woman running with a high probability of winning the nomination. Instead there were many fora and town halls featuring African-American issues and even more in Obama friendly sites like Chicago. There were no fora or town halls run by the DNC in Hillary friendly places like New York or in front of predominately women audiences.

Howard Dean was a dirty traitor to the Democratic grassroots and his position as Chairman. We wrote:

During this election cycle, Chairman of the Dimocratic Party Howard Dean remained silent on sexism and misogyny but any “racial” statements were quickly condemned even if the “racial” statements were merely hoaxes set up by the Obama campaign. The condemnation of “racist” statements however were not made against the Obama campaign when the barely veiled racism benefited Obama.

When Obama called Hillary in anonymous memoranda the Senator from Punjab only the East Asian community (and Big Pink) took offense. The Democratic Left which condemned the turbaned stereotypes of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom did not denounce this particular baiting by the Obama campaign.

Howard Dean attributed his silence on sexism and misogyny to ignorance because he did not get cable television. The Chairman must have missed the sexism and misogyny on broadcast television, in Obama statements, in newspapers, magazines and every conceivable Big Media outlet. The Hillary Clinton “nutcrackers” and the “Bro Before Ho” merchandise must also have escaped the Democratic Chairman from the Democratic Left. The good German did not know what was going on – he did not smell the furnaces burning.

It was Howard Dean who tried to force Hillary Clinton out of the primary race along with his hires such as Donna Brazile. When Obama supporters threatened riots at the Denver convention if Obama was not nominated Dean smiled. When Hillary supporters demanded a vote at the convention Dean stomped his feet and demanded “unity”.

It was Howard Dean who further rigged the “48 State strategy” by rejecting the voting rights of Michigan and Florida. It was Howard Dean, via the Rules and Bylaws Committee, who stole Hillary Clinton Delegates and “redistributed” them to thieving Barack Obama.

Obama, with nods and winks, grinned as Howard Dean abused his supposed to be impartial position as Chairman of the Party in order to rig the results for Obama. Obama saw how Dean used his power at the DNC and right then and there knew he would never give Dean any position of authority.

Dean, as a medical practioner, would have been perfect for a Health Czar position or Secretary of Health and Human Services. The HHS position in particular (as well as the Health Czar position due to tax cheat Tom Daschle’s problems) had been difficult to fill and Howard Dean would have been a perfect fit with the job. But Obama knew that if Dean had a Department to run he would abuse his position in the same way he abused his position as Chairman of the DNC.

In short, untrustworthy Obama could not trust untrustworthy Dean.

* * * * *

Which brings us to our topic.

When researching Turkeys For Thanksgiving we were forced to visit websites run by Big Blog Boys. It was a dirty job but we did it for our readers. Repeatedly we ran into delusional posts about how secure Obama is and that no one will ever challenge him. This is a good example of the delusional genre from one of the most delusional Obama lovers:

Is President Obama becoming vulnerable to a primary challenge in 2012? Further, is there any chance that challenge could be from the left?

Looking President Obama’s job approval by partisan and ideological self-identification, looking at the partisan and ideological self-identification of the Democratic primary electorate as a whole, one can quickly answer “no” to both of those questions.: [snip]

This means that, at least right now, President Obama is not vulnerable to a primary challenge, and what little danger he faces comes primarily from his right, not his left.

So far, the dominant narrative among liberal and progressives is that President Obama is on their side and accomplishing what he can. Any shortfalls are the fault of Republicans, conservative Democrats, the media, corporate lobbies, or anyone who is not President Obama. This can be seen in the actions of most progressive grassroots organizations, such as The basic idea is that progressives are pushing conservative Democrats to fall in line with President Obama’s agenda, not that President Obama himself is failing to push hard enough (or actually opposed to progressive ideas).

Whether this narrative will change following large and long-term troop increases in Afghanistan, the coming across the board spending freezes or cuts, and the formation of commission to cut Social Security, remains to be seen. However, my guess is that all of this won’t have any particularly strong impact on President Obama’s approval among the left. [snip]

Instead of a primary challenge, I expect the continuing economic malaise and factionalization within both parties to result in one–or more–strong third party candidates in the 2012 elections. Once again, the strongest of those challenges will not be on the left, but either in the Perot-Buchanan line of American exceptionalism, or from the hard-right teabaggers. The self-identified left is still largely with President Obama.

All the delusions of the above are too many to take on. Let’s just say reality is more aligned with this comment responding to that pile of delusions:

Remember the balmy days between the election and the inauguration? Those were the days progressives took Obama’s campaign promises literally and were convinced that, between the “demographic shifts” and all the young people brought into the political process via Pouffe’s Organizing For America folks, the conservatives and the Republicans were doomed for years to come.

Remember that?

Now the OFA folks have been carefully subsumed in the DLC’s DNC and even the generic polls show the generic Republicans out in front.

That’s what happens when you have an electorate that doesn’t have a clue as to how power really functions in our “democracy”.

Indeed, that 87% of liberal Democrats actually approve of Obama’s presidency to date speaks volumes about the blind leading the blind to the deaf and dumb.

And now here we are discussing the possibility of Obama being challenged from the right!!

Only the Bilderberg folks behind the scenes in the Obama administration are a lot less blind than “the people”.

So far, the dominant narrative among liberal and progressives is that President Obama is on their side and accomplishing what he can.

Really, how appalling…how scary…is that?!!

Dean implemented a successful program in Vermont. His opinion should be taken very seriously. He’s the one whose 50-state plan landed Obama in the WH. He should have been surgeon general or secretary of health but he and Rahm ‘I’m-a-f**king-c*ntface’ Emmanuel don’t get along so Deano got snubbed.

The above comment, minus the lack of perception regarding Emmanuel/Dean which we explained at the outset, is the point we wish to address.

We have good news for that commentor and the rest of the Nutroots. Howard Dean might be the one to challenge Obama from the left. Indeed, if we were friends of Howard Dean (we are friends of very, very, very, close friends of Dean) we would advise him to take Obama on – from the left. Dean might be doing just that. Listen to the video below and you will see Dean possibly positioning himself to take on Obama after 2010’s election disasters.

It’s not only on health care that Dean can take on Obama. Dean, after 2010, can attack Obama for not following through on the “50 State strategy”. Dean can take Obama on regarding all the lobbyist, ethics, promises Obama made during the campaign but has not delivered on and does not intend on delivering on.

Dean is also a darling of his beloved Nutroots. If the Big Blog Boys had to choose between Dean and Obama they would have wet dreams every night but eventually go with their first true love – Howie. It was with Howie Dean that all the nutkooks that now infect our politics got their start. It would be true love to once again flack for Howie.

Howard Dean could also take on Obama (and Nancy Pelousy) on Iraq/Afghanistan.

President Obama will reveal his new Afghanistan war strategy in a speech Tuesday evening to cadets at West Point, but his most skeptical audience is likely to be the powerful Democrats on Capitol Hill who oppose a troop buildup. [snip]

On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) described what she called “serious unrest” in her caucus over the prospect of another vote to finance billions of dollars for an expanded war. It is, she said, the most difficult vote she can ask of the members of her party. “We need to know what the mission is, how this is further protecting the American people and is this the best way to do that, especially at a time when there’s such serious economic issues here at home,” she told bloggers on a Tuesday conference call. [snip]

In June, Pelosi strong-armed anti-war Democrats into voting for a $100 billion measure to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. During an interview in July, she recounted her appeal to the lawmakers: “Will you change your mind and one more time vote for war funding?” She also promised not to ask again. “This is the very last time,” she told them.

Now, barely five months later, Pelosi and Obama will soon have to go back to the war well, even as they seek difficult votes from the same Democrats on health-care reform, climate change legislation and regulation of the financial industry.

Howard Dean would have a lot of fun opening another front against Obama. Howie could help us in our job to drive Obama from ever running for office again.

If Howie had any guts, he would run against Obama.

We’ll cheer Howie on. Get a dog to kill a dog.

We’ll giggle, we’ll laugh, we’ll watch in horrified glee as two dogs fighting prepares the way for a real president to emerge wearing a pantsuit.

Howard Dean For President!