An Early Thanksgiving From Mr. Hillary Clinton

This inspires us. It’s about power in the darkness. It’s about the type of good the United States used to do and can still do. It’s about an angel’s voice heard through iron, steel, and concrete, into a prison cell.

Obama has always been on the wrong side when it comes to Iran. While Iranians fought in the streets against a possibly crooked election, Obama stood silent. Hillary wanted a tougher American posture in support of the Iranian Iowa caucus and Florida and Michigan voters.

It’s long past Day 1 and Obama is still not ready.

Hillary has long been ready. Hillary spoke to the Iranian struggle when she said:

I have been moved by the … cries for freedom. … People that go back millennia, that have such a great culture and history, deserve better than what they’re getting.

As we wrote at the time, “Listening to Hillary speak Americans realized that we too “deserve better” than what we are getting.

Hillary is no dithering wimp. The Danger Of Obama Weakness is real.

What Hillary says now, she said during the presidential campaign. Hillary is no dithering wimp. Hillary speaks clearly, and informs America’s friends and enemies of what interests, what core democratic values, we will defend. Such clarity angers the Kooks – both foreign and domestic. Clarity is needed.

Obama is not only dithering on Afghanistan (next week B.O. will bore Americans with a nationally televised publicity stunt to finally say something on Afghanistan, then he is off again to the Nobel prize publicity stunt). The Iran deadlines continue to be written with invisible, cowardly ink too. The message from Obama is weakness and a willingness to wimp and bow.

* * * * *

This news article both intrigues and amuses us:

A new detailed map of Mars shows what was likely a vast ocean in the north and valleys around the equator, suggesting that the planet once had a humid, rainy climate, according to research published Monday.

The computer-generated map, based on topographic data from NASA satellites, also shows that the network of valleys on the red planet is at least twice as extensive as previously estimated.

Then the Martians elected Obama using an undemocratic caucus system. The once blue planet went Red. It’s still red. Only the Hillary Clinton coalition will turn it blue.

* * * * *

This war on the elderly (who are not part of the Barack Obama situation comedy coalition) angers us:

Hillary Clinton gives us reason for thanks-giving. Obama is a raw turkey, not fit for consumption.


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  1. Admin,

    What a beautiful tribute to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a perfect condemnation of the moron in office who stole the presidency.

  2. And further regarding the mess he and the have made…


    No Room in Obama’s Jerusalem for the Jew
    Sunday, 22 November 2009

    The same media which can’t be bothered to notice that there is a proxy war going on between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Yemen, with Saudi jets bombing civilian targets. Who have paid no attention whatsoever to a week of violence between Algerians and Egyptians that included stonings and death threats, are up in arms over the building of 900 housing units in the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem.

    The Obama Administration and the media are naturally not upset by the Jerusalem municipality’s decision to build 500 housing units for Arabs in Jerusalem. No they’re upset by a private Jewish housing project built on privately owned land. And that double standard aptly conveys their premise that a Jewish house in Jerusalem is a “settlement”, while an Arab house in Jerusalem is just a house. A Jewish home violates the “status quo” and is “unhelpful for peace”, while an Arab home is just a home. There is of course a name for that sort of policy, it’s one that Jimmy Carter who is still continuing his tour on behalf of Hamas knows quite well, Apartheid.

    In response to the Nof Zion construction, Obama warned that, “additional settlement building does not contribute to Israel’s security”.But Nof Zion is not about security, as much as it is about an overcrowded Jewish population in Jerusalem looking for someplace to live. When the Arabs seized half of Jerusalem in Israel’s War of Independence, they forcibly expelled the Jewish population of Jerusalem in a brutal act of ethnic cleansing that goes ignored by the same leftists who focus on elderly Arab men waving keychains in the air. Homes belonging to Jewish families were replaced by Arab families, who in turn were not expelled when Israel liberated and reunited both halves of Jerusalem in 1967.

    While countries such as England recognized Jordan’s annexation of East Jerusalem, they have failed to recognize Israel’s reunification of the city. This has led to the ongoing absurdity in which children born in Jerusalem are treated as stateless by the US government and the US embassy remains in Tel Aviv, while the US Consulate in East Jerusalem does its best to pretend that it’s in the capital of Palestine, completely refusing to recognize Israel’s existence.

    Were security the issue, Gilo which faces the Arab towns of Beit Jala and Al Khader, and has been shot at repeatedly from them, would be a poor choice to live in. But Jerusalem is bulging at the seams. The price of housing has shot up, and while US Ambassador Richard H. Jones may have told Jewish residents of Jerusalem that “Sometimes people do have to move to a different location. They cannot always stay close to their families”, the reality is that living next to their families is exactly what people want to do. Regardless of what the State Department thinks about the matter.

    1800 years ago the Romans expelled the Jewish population of Jerusalem and renamed it Aelia Capitolina, a pagan city, and renamed Israel, Syria Palaestina. Today Obama and the State Department seem determined to do the very same thing. By calling a Jerusalem neighborhood, a “settlement”, Obama is actively attacking the right of Jews to live in Jerusalem. If Jewish Jerusalem is a settlement, then effectively every other part of Israel where Jews live is a settlement too.

    When even liberal US news outlets such as CNN have described Gilo as a Jewish neighborhood, in contrast to radical left wing British outlets such as the BBC and Reuters, who branded it as a “settlement”, Obama’s shift is a deliberate one. Helpful as always, UN Secretary General Ki Ban Moonbat stepped in to denounce Gilo as a “settlement built on Palestinian land that undermines efforts for peace”. Considering that Gilo already holds a population of 50,000, the land was privately owned and the Jewish presence there goes back to the Book of Joshua, but the facts are no obstacle to the lies.

    In Time Magazine, the increasingly unhinged Joe Klein claimed that Gilo “would be the capital of Palestine”, with presumably a Hadrianiac or Jordanian style ethnic cleansing solution for the 50,000 Jews who live there right now. Not that I imagine that would stop him in the least, so long as he had someone else to do the dirty work for him.

    But finally what is the basis for calling the Gilo neighborhood a “settlement”? The land on which Gilo was built was bought and owned by its Jewish residents. That land was occupied and seized by Jordan in 1948, until Israel liberated the territory in 1967. To call Gilo a “settlement”, recognizes the Jordanian invasion and seizure of the land as legitimate, while treating the Jewish presence there as illegitimate.

    And that is the real basis behind all this madness. The reason why a Jewish home in Jerusalem or anywhere in Israel is a settlement. To speak of “settlements” is to claim that the Jewish presence in Israel is illegitimate. And while some Israeli leftists may fondly imagine that settlers are religious Jews who live in caravans, as the case of Gilo once again demonstrates, all of Israel is a settlement. And that is why as far as the world’s diplomats are concerned, an Arab terrorist has more right to open fire on a Jewish family driving down the road, than the Israeli army has to shoot that same terrorist. And by giving in to US pressure to negotiate directly with the PLO, by signing the Oslo accords and by repeatedly agreeing to talk peace with Arafat and Abbas, the door was opened to greater and greater delegitimization of Israel.

    Israel’s global diplomatic position is far worse than it was 17 years ago. Israel’s strategic position is far worse than it was 17 years ago. The most rabid bigotry and the ugliest incitement has become the norm, the sort of language you would once hear in Ridyah or Damascus has now become cocktail party chatter in London, Paris and Washington D.C. All of Israel’s concessions have combined to put a gun to Jerusalem, and then to the rest of the land for a great going out of business, everything must go sale.

    The case of Gilo is one more wake up call that not only our terrorist “peace partners”, but even the so-called honest brokers of the world community do not believe that Jews have the right to live anywhere in Israel. Their backing of a Palestinian state has nothing to do with peace, as the fact that peace has failed to emerge over 17 years has not in any way dampened their ardor and enthusiasm for the project. Nor is it about a Two State Solution bringing regional stability. Even the dimmest paper pushers in the State Department and Foreign Ministry know that even were a Palestinian state to be created, the result would be more regional instability, not less. Only a One State Solution can succeed, and that solution is an Arab state and no Israel. The “Peace Process” and the “Two State Solution” are an incremental approach to bringing about that final solution.

    The men and women who toiled and worked the land, who turned swamps and desert into farmland and cities, understood that if there was no room for Jews in Israel, there was no room for Jews anywhere. Palestinian Islamic terrorism in turn is driven by the national and religious imperative to destroy the only non-Muslim country in the Middle East. And while America and Europe decry Israel’s capital as a Jewish settlement, Muslim settlements are springing up in their own capitals. While the cocktail party chatter is that serving up Israel on a platter to the beast will keep them safe, the violence is already in their streets. The same violence that Israel was built as a refuge against. And if Israel falls, they will be the next item on the menu.

  3. Just saw this:

    The hot rumor in Washington: Secretary of State
    Hillary Clinton could replace Vice President Joe Biden on the 2012 Obama re-election ticket. It would be a reward for her work at State and ready her for a 2016 run, as some strategists think Biden would be too old then to run for president.

  4. Lots of great articles admin. Hillary hets results, not the headlines the fraud craves so much. While I beleive we will never be the same because of his already irreperable damage, hopefully the county will wake up and slowly begin to attempt to mitigate some of the damage this man has done.

  5. Is Obama’s star dimming as U.S. stock drops?
    His celebrity is not enough to reverse an erosion of our global dominance—————-

    Article by another media turd – howard fineman on MESSNBC

  6. Paula, Has anyone talked to Biden? I wonder what he would think about this. Actually, Hillary at State, is a good thing.

  7. You are welcome admin.



    Does that also mean that obama can be punished and NOT be on the ticket in 2012?

    LOL…just wishful thinking.

  8. Realist, as per the last thread, you said I proclaimed that this Farouk individual is some sort of Chinese plot. Well if you haven’t seen his political ad you shouldn’t remark on what you DON’T know.

    Also realist, it is people like you who have stuck their head in the sand and believe in this stupidity we have as govt now that will be the END of the most powerful nation in the world.

    It is people like YOU that don’t realize what Soros is up to. It is people like YOU that are so politically correct that Osama Bin Laden threat to take us over from within will be done. It is people like You that think conspiracy theories are just plain stupid. Well I guess you could call Soros’s plan a business plan, but I call like I see it. An evil man that has NO use for the average american and wants to see us squirm and suffer as much as those who he thinks we did it to them. The only thing is the people who made foreign countries suffer are the ones that are permeating the very same thing on the middle class. So if you politically correct individuals want to make everything even I sugguest YOU start with the rich bastards like Soros, Bush, Rockafellars, Zbig, Kissingers of those world and make them live in a mobile home on the bayou in Louisianna where they have to fish for their supper. The middle class american did nothing to make this disaster. You could also do this to Nancy Pooplosi also.

  9. Paula, reward my ass, it to save the little bastards ass!!! I personally would hate to vote against Hillary, but if she is vp with Obama, sorry, I will have to say NO vote.

  10. As I said, it may be a worthless rumor. But I don’t think too many people, inside and outside the Beltway, believe Biden is exactly setting the world on fire. Replacing him is not at all beyond the realm of possibility. He may not even want to be VP for eight years anyway.

  11. LOL…my writing is atrocious today. I meant to say that I think the whole reason bambi picked biden was that he wouldn’t set the world on fire.

  12. Thanks Admin, nice to get back to our “roots” here and honor the woman whose character and abilities brought us all together on this site. Bravo!

  13. Nov. 24 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. economy expanded less than initially estimated last quarter as consumer spending trailed forecasts, raising concerns about the strength of the recovery.

    Gross domestic product grew at a 2.8 percent annual pace, the Commerce Department said today in Washington, compared with its prior estimate of 3.5 percent. Consumers surveyed by the New-York based Conference Board were more pessimistic about the outlook for jobs in November and scaled back their buying plans, even as the group’s overall gauge of confidence rose.”

    Gee, they were off by almost a whole point. That doesn’t bode well. Wonder if the CBO is as accurate on the cost of the health care bills…:)

  14. Thats the one and only reason Hillary was NOT selected for VP is that she would have set the world on fire unlike Obama. Michelle and Bambi just couldnt have, Bill and Hillary outshining them as the VP’s.

  15. Moon,

    I hope you are right.

    but will there be anything left of the US? Did you hear the latest about the 3 navy Seals being court martialed coz they punched one of the top terrorist targets and gave him a bloody lip?

    Squat is trying to demoralize the troops as well as the country. PC has risen to absurd levels. Troops overseas are sitting ducks, not allowed to defend themselves unless their on the verge of being killed. This is madness. meanwhile Squat entertains Hollywood.

  16. This is a real president at work compared to the messiah standing next to the Indian leader with his Benito Mussolini pose head back,jaw thrust out and nose in the air along with the half smile on his face.Eventually they hung Benito for taking Italy into a war by his old fiend Adolf.


    Remarks at Luncheon for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

    Nov. 24, 2009: Remarks by Secretary Clinton and Vice President Biden at Luncheon for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.


    A new offensive has been launched against President Obama, and if it catches on it may make as much noise as a Birther at a Town Hall. It’s the new “Hope Is Fading Fast” t-shirt from LA streetwear company Freshjive — a sad, disappointed take on the iconic “HOPE” poster by Shepard Fairey. Here’s how FreshJive describes it on its website:

    Pre-releasing on Black Friday is the t shirt design, “Hope is Fading Fast”. This is actually the first item releasing without the Freshjive brand name on it. Read the recent post on the World’s Got Problems blog regarding how the Obama administration is maintaining continuity with its disgraced predecessor.

    Ouch. FreshJive founder Rick Katz is well-known locally as both a streetwear pioneer as well as a provocateur Here is FreshJive’s list of grievances against Obama, here is Politifact’s “Obameter” to track campaign promises, and here is a bigger version of the shirt:

    Freshjive Calls Out Obama [URB]

    site has photo of t-shirt and his version of many grievances regarding the continuation of bush policies and failure of O…

  18. I don’t remember where I saw this, but sometime during the spring of 2008 someone quoted their 10 year old son as saying, “You mean Hillary has a husband who used to be President?”

  19. moononpluto
    November 24th, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    something tells me, he aint going to run again, i feel it in my bones.


    That might fit with the personal vanity of the puppet Obama. But who would the puppet masters choose to replace him?

  20. Here’s some stuff on holding the 9/11 trial in NY. Dunno if it’s any good haven’t read it, but sometimes a worthwhile source maybe.


  21. thanks Puma-SF…I was trying to find a photo of her from the state dinner…politico and huffy post had some arrivals, but did not include Hillary


    This rumor was started by the White House. I guarantee it.

  24. It came from Axelrod and it is an attempt to prevent people from comparing Hillarys high numbers with Obamas sinking ones. Also this is intended to discourage her supporters who have no interest in seeing her become his vp. But from Hillarys standpoint it is madness. If you are a good politician like Hillary is and if you have the survival instincts that she does then the last thing you do it lash yourself to the Titanic. No one should place any credence in this rumor. It is pure propaganda.

  25. jbstonesfan: you mentioned Senator Jackson for the wonderful support he have to Israel. And so he was and he put serious pressure on the USSR to allow for the emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel. My political ties were to the other Senator from Washington Magnuson. I met Scoop liked him but barely knew him and he would not have known me from Adam.

    But a friend of mine who was a prominent labor leader knew him very well. The year was 1964. My friend led a dissident movement within a major west coast union. He orchestrated a west coast wide rejection of the contract negotiated by the union leadership, and pressed the NLRB to allow them to form their own union. The NLRB stalled.

    About that time the Governor of Washington Albert Rosellini threw a fundraiser at the Olympic Hotel for Senator Jackson. My friend got wind of this and was advised by his attorney to go and get Jackson to lean on the NLRB. So he went to the cocktail party, everyone handed him a drink and he was not one to refuse the gesture. Jackson arrived late, by then my friend was high as a kite. He went blatto.

    The next thing he knew he was in Jacksons hotel room, with his arm around Jackson, and Jackson was trying to put on a pair of red striped pajamas. The next thing my friend knew he was in his own hotel room with the alarm going off and a terrible hangover. He was not sure whether this was all a dream.

    A few weeks later, he received a favorable decision from the NLRB. He decided it was all a bad dream.

    Many years later Edmund Muskie declared his candidacy for President and came to town. Jackson came with him and spotted my friend. He called Muskie over and introduced my friend to him this way. ” I figured I had better introduce this guy to you now Senator because if I dont he will end up in your hotel room at 2am drunk out of his mind, and his arm around your neck.

    Evidently, he made a lasting impression on Jackson. He has had that effect on others as well.

  26. Great story Wbboei. And we agree that the Hillary rumor is Obama trying to get us to like him by dangling Hillary. Won’t work. Obama is unacceptable.

  27. JanH-

    I saw the same pic and also thought it was Hillary-


    I agree with wbb.. It would be political suicide for Hillary to agree to taking the VP spot. She is neatly sequestered away from BO in her approval numbers.

    BO’s Gallup approval numbers are down to 39% among whites this morning.. Amazing Hispanics are still clinging at 70% (hoping he’ll include illegals in the HCP ? )

    Obama’s Approval Slide Finds Whites Down to 39%

    h… w…

  28. I dunno…Biden steps down, “for personal reasons” sometime in late 2010-early 2011, Hillary is confirmed as VP, Obama pulls a “Johnson” and declines to run for a 2nd term, and Hillary is the den nominee, and finally our President in ’12.
    She won’t be tied to his failed domestic policies and will still be the most popular politician in the dem party. I thought it was political suicide to JOIN his administration, but she proved that to be dead wrong. I have no doubt that Hillary would thrive as VP (for a couple of months) and have a “bully pulpit” for her election…

  29. okay maybe we can take a blind eye to the fact that the writer is dowdy maureen…the info is of interest…

    November 25, 2009
    Op-Ed Columnist
    Thanks for the Memories

    At his Cabinet meeting Monday afternoon, President Obama took a moment to give thanks to his team. Sipping a glass of water, the president offered special gratitude to the woman on his right.

    “I advised this hard-working Cabinet to get a little bit of rest this week,” he said, looking at Hillary Clinton, “particularly the people who have been traveling around the globe day-in and day-out and don’t know what time zone they’re in.”

    The secretary of state, with a china cup and saucer in front of her, smiled.

    In the back of the room, back where they were parched, back where no water or coffee was served for the two-hour meeting, sat Greg Craig, the White House counsel who was a ghostly presence, given his death by a thousand leaks.

    Only a year after he had helped Barack Obama get elected by eviscerating his close friend, Clinton White House colleague and Yale Law School classmate, Hillary Clinton, Craig was himself eviscerated by the Obama inner circle.

    I remember meeting Craig at a book party during the campaign. He upbraided me for writing critical things about Obama. I didn’t like being chastised, but I admired his loyalty.

    It couldn’t have been easy for Craig, a special counsel in the Clinton White House who directed the response on impeachment, to break away from the Clintons and help the insurgent Obama shatter Hillary’s dream of shattering the Oval glass ceiling.

    As Todd Purdum wrote of Craig in The Times in 1998, “At Yale, he surrendered his $75-a-month apartment in New Haven to Mr. Clinton and his girlfriend, Hillary Rodham, who were a class behind him, and he remains especially close to Mrs. Clinton, friends say.”

    In a memo he sent to the press during the bitter 2008 Democratic primary, Craig made the case that Hillary had exaggerated her foreign policy experience and that she did not pass “the Commander-in-Chief test.”

    It was brutally effective, taking apart her claims of involvement, country by country, and noting: “As far as the record shows, Senator Clinton never answered the phone either to make a decision on any pressing national security issue — not at 3 AM or at any other time of day.”

    I often wondered if Craig and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, the other former Clinton official who helped undermine Hillary’s foreign policy record, would have done so if they had known that after turning on Hillary they would once more end up working beside her; if they had known that Obama can often be more interested in wooing opponents than tending to those who put themselves on the line for him.

    There were complaints that Craig was out of the loop, but couldn’t Obama have walked the single West Wing staircase up to his counsel’s office and looped him in?

    Craig was, after all, simply defending positions that Obama himself took during the campaign, from closing Gitmo to greater transparency.

    The way the Craig matter was handled sent a chill through some Obama supporters, reminding them of the icy manner in which the Clintons cut loose Kimba Wood and Lani Guinier. But then, Obama is surrounded by many old Clinton hands (and a Clinton).

    Writing in Politico, Elizabeth Drew called it “the shabbiest episode of his presidency,” saying that it had caused people who had helped Obama rise to question whether he would behave in as classy and non-Clintonian a fashion as they had hoped.

    It recalled Obama’s failure to lift a finger to help Caroline Kennedy — after she had lifted him at a crucial moment — when the loopy Gov. David Paterson was dragging her through mud and refusing to announce a decision on the appointment for the New York Senate seat. Paterson was being lobbied by a vengeful Bill Clinton. Bill was still upset at Caroline for bestowing the Camelot mantle, which he had tried to claim during his campaigns, on Obama. Yet no one from the Obama camp tried to counteract Bill and straighten out Paterson.

    Although a handful of donors were invited to the premiere state dinner Tuesday night — as well as erstwhile allies Craig and Hillary — many donors and passionate supporters are let down by Obama’s detachment, puzzled at his failure to make them feel invested when he’s certain to come back to tap their well soon enough.

    It is especially puzzling given that Obama faces tough midterms and a less-than-certain re-election — and given that we all now know someone on the unemployment line. (A new poll shows Obama and Sarah Palin neck and neck among independents, but then it is a Fox survey.)

    Bill Clinton may not have cared any more about contributors than Obama does, but he was such a talented politician that he made them feel as though they were in “a warm bath,” as one put it.

    Obama is more like a cold shower.

  30. JanH
    November 25th, 2009 at 11:00 am

    She manages to turn it into a smear-piece and hatchet job on the Clintons, in the guise of a critique of BO

    “But then, Obama is surrounded by many old Clinton hands (and a Clinton).” Talk about venom…

  31. George Will Lampoons Obama’s “First Pacific President”…

    Barack Obama’s irresistible, or at least unresisted, propensity for self-aggrandizement bubbled up yet again during his recent trip to the Far East when he proclaimed himself “America’s first Pacific president.” Hearing this, Asians may have muttered about inscrutable Occidentals. Obama’s exercise in rhetorical grandiosity, while hardly his first, was exquisitely meaningless. Yes, Obama lived for 14 years in Hawaii, which is in the Pacific. But two presidents (Ronald Reagan, and before him Richard Nixon, who in 1972 ended the freeze in U.S.-China relations that began in 1949) came from California, which is on the Pacific. So, is the world-historic difference in the preposition?

    Yes, Obama lived four years, until the age of 10, in Indonesia. But two young men who were to become America’s 35th and 41st presidents also had formative experiences in the Pacific: John Kennedy’s PT-109 was sunk beneath him, and George Herbert Walker Bush, a future envoy to China, had his Grumman Avenger shot down. And before becoming America’s 27th president, William Howard Taft governed the Philippines for about as many years as child Obama lived in Indonesia.

    it continues;

  32. TheRealist
    November 25th, 2009 at 11:28 am
    November 25th, 2009 at 11:00 am

    She manages to turn it into a smear-piece and hatchet job on the Clintons, in the guise of a critique of BO


    Yep. But I found the first few lines and his acknowledgement of her hard work to be interesting. Dowd is as Dowd does. She plays both ends and comes up short every time.

  33. Gosh, that word “self-aggrandizement” is such a perfect label for the idiot. I’m going to have to remember that one.

  34. Jan,

    The “comments’ are better than the column…

    “Poetic justice? On its way. Sipping coffee at the Cabinet meeting while anatomizing those in the room, Hillary all the while weighs the incline of Obama’s poll numbers and watches comfortably from the sidelines as Obama is sucked into the Afghani morass. In 2011 she will resign her post and in 2012 will again reach for the golden ring.

  35. Dowd has a “captain Ahab” complex about the Clintons. It is almost comical that she can play six degrees of Clinton with almost every topic she excretes…not surprising that she is turning on BO now too…:)

  36. JanH:

    First, “Marcia! Marcia!! Marcia!!!” Just had to get that out.

    We are on the same wave length about articles we post here. I saw Modo’s article too and had the same thought.

    Big Media is continously pushing the “Obama is a master politcian” line. But as we see, his numerous and major flaws were ignored, excused, and papered over.

    But his inexperience and disinterest have become too obvious to ignore. Obama incurs the ire from the right, the left, and the center, for jeopardizing the country on both domestic and foreign fronts.

    Bill Clinton could walk and chew gum (substance and style, foreign and domestic, “tastes great” and “less filling”). BO = POS.

  37. Can we stipulate to the fact that MODO is emotionally disturbed. It is as plain as night and day. Perhaps a more accurate diagnosis would be floridly delusional. There is nothing funny, cute or witty about severe mental illness.

  38. #
    November 25th, 2009 at 10:45 am

    “I dunno…Biden steps down, “for personal reasons” sometime in late 2010-early 2011, Hillary is confirmed as VP, Obama pulls a “Johnson” and declines to run for a 2nd term, and Hillary is the den nominee, and finally our President in ‘12.”

    “She won’t be tied to his failed domestic policies and will still be the most popular politician in the dem party. I thought it was political suicide to JOIN his administration, but she proved that to be dead wrong. I have no doubt that Hillary would thrive as VP (for a couple of months) and have a “bully pulpit” for her election…”


    You’re right, You don’t know! Hillary would never take the VP spot, not now not ever- For the reasons all of us stated. On the other hand, I always supported her taking the SOS position and still do… She proved “you” to be dead wrong… again- The VP position is analogous to an understudy waiting in the wings (powerless) for the star to have a tragic experience unable to perform their duties. Not a fortuitous prospect for one who should have been the STAR in the first place. As VP, Hillary would be sidelined and hidden away as Joe Biden is right now.

    Hillary will play her cards as she has laid them until she decides to run. Then she will resign and let the games begin.

  39. wbbeoi & confloyd this will be of special interest to you both!

    BIG NEWS! from Big Hollywood / Big Government’s Andrew Breitbart who tweets: We bought it & are excited to launch it in ‘10. Fun times!
    dija: what does this mean? That he is buying a site to expose soros? Or that he is playing to the flat earth society and claiming this is merely right wing conspiracy talk or the maunderings of a toxic dream?

  40. I have a low opinion of Craig. Very low. He was a traitor to Hillary. And now that he got eviscerated he has got to go around whining about it to anybody who will listen. The man has no honor. If Obama ever did anything right it was taking care of this guy. I sure would not want him on my team. How the hell could you ever trust him?

  41. Ironically however this is exactly the kind of issue that will upset the Georgetown social set. Why? Because they are just like him.

  42. rgb44hrc
    November 25th, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    First, “Marcia! Marcia!! Marcia!!!” Just had to get that out.


    LMAO! That made me smile! 🙂

  43. Mrs. Smith
    November 25th, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    You are entitled to your opinion, but no one knows what the future will bring, not even you. Time will tell…why so hostile?

  44. O…”like a cold shower”…I will go with that…about sums him up…people will continue to put 2 + 2 together…cold shower + self aggrandizement – no jobs + many more taxes = O and his teleprompter…

    …more and more people will wake up as those ‘under the bus’ explodes and more supporters are burnt and cut loose…

    Bill Clinton will soon only look better and better in reflection…and to all the karma paying traitors struggling in Dante’s inferno…

  45. I took it to mean it is going to be used to expose soro’s

    November 25th, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    wbbeoi & confloyd this will be of special interest to you both!

    BIG NEWS! from Big Hollywood / Big Government’s Andrew Breitbart who tweets: We bought it & are excited to launch it in ‘10. Fun times!
    dija: what does this mean? That he is buying a site to expose soros? Or that he is playing to the flat earth society and claiming this is merely right wing conspiracy talk or the maunderings of a toxic dream?

  46. Off topic:
    I wanted to take a moment to update you all here on me.

    I have mentioned a few times here why i have been not active on the forum this summer, that i was taking care of my mother through her chemo treatments and then later as her full time hospice caregiver. Well my journey with my mother came to an end last Friday November 20th in the am. And I am now in the throws of memorial planning, so many details! So i am busy at this time and don’t get a lot of time on the computer and big pink. but i wanted you all to know that I have enjoyed my few moments a day catching up here and i look forward to getting back to being an active participant once again. Admin…I can’t say enough how i look forward to each and every new article. for me you can’t pump them out fast enough! 😀

    God bless you all!!

  47. djia,

    I am so sorry for your huge loss. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and God bless you and your family as well.

  48. have you seen this???

    Iowa and North Carolina Reports Raise Fears H1N1 Mutations Have Reached United States

    Bird Flu Pandemic
    November 25, 2009

    New reports from Iowa and North Carolina are raising concerns that the deadly H1N1 swine flu mutations that have been confirmed by the WHO in Ukraine, Norway and elsewhere have already reached the United States. In Iowa, a report that doctors are seeing “very heavy, wet hemorrhagic lungs, lungs with a lot of blood in them” in H1N1 patients is creating concerns among health experts that the deadly Ukraine H1N1 has already spread there. In addition, a report of Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 swine flu in North Carolina is raising questions about the ability of medical authorities to combat H1N1 if thousands of people do start dying. If deadly H1N1 swine flu mutations have already reached the United States, what does that mean? Doctors in Ukraine have been reporting that victims of H1N1 there are experiencing violent hemorrhaging in their lungs. As the patients near death, their lungs reportedly become as “black as charcoal” and literally begin to disintegrate. Will this start happening soon inside the U.S.?

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa has officially recorded 21 H1N1 deaths, including seven in Polk County alone. But the county’s medical examiner said he has performed autopsies on some residents who were never diagnosed with H1N1, but actually had it.

    “In the autopsy, what we’re seeing is very heavy, wet hemorrhagic lungs, lungs with a lot of blood in them,” said Dr. Gregory Schmunk.

    He said the official count of seven H1N1 deaths is inaccurate, but patient rights laws prohibit him from giving specific numbers.

    He said there are two reasons for the discrepancy. First, not all sick patients get tests and second, the virus is difficult to detect. Some patients may be too sick to receive the most accurate H1N1 test.

    “They’re not always done and it can be hazardous to the patient if they’re in a respiratory critical situation,” Schmunk said.

    He also said that some tests reveal a false negative.

    “Because of our limitations on testing, sometimes the tests aren’t positive,” he said. “They do appear to fit clinically the course of a H1N1 viral-type pneumonia.”

    He said the cases he’s seen in Polk County were all middle-aged adults with a few underlying health conditions.

    “These may be the patients that are obese,” Schmunk said. “Obesity restricts your ability to breathe and clear the virus from your upper respiratory.”

    He also said that some of the patients had diabetes.

    Schmunk said his urging people to get the vaccine.

  49. dija
    Nine Years ago next week I went through the same experience with my mom. My sympathies to you and your family…


    Yahoo has Politico story on UNPRECEDENTED use of the word “UNPRECENDENTED” by Obama and his worker bees.

    Turns out that the lazy, golfing, vacationing, fund-raising W. is being outdone by Obama in these pursuits. Some quotes found in the article:

    Obama even treads on unprecedented territory in ways he’s not trying to highlight. At this point in his presidency he’s spent more time on the golf course, for instance, than his immediate predecessor. He’s also attended more fundraisers. And sometimes he surprises people with his characterization of himself as “America’s first Pacific president,” as he did in Tokyo last week.

    White House’s unprecedented use of ‘unprecedented’

    The Obama White House is addicted to the “unprecedented.”

    Perhaps it was a sign when President Barack Obama sat down in January to record his first weekly address and announced: “We begin this year and this administration in the midst of an unprecedented crisis that calls for unprecedented action.”

    What has followed is declaration after declaration of “unprecedented” milestones. Some of them are legitimate firsts, like the president’s online town hall at the White House in May.

    But others the president wins merely on a technicality, and several clearly already have precedents.

    The White House’s announcement of its unprecedented — “a first by an American president visiting China” — town hall meeting with students in Beijing, for instance, drew a collective eye roll in certain circles back home, namely among former aides to President George W. Bush, who had already been grumbling about Obama’s carefree application of “unprecedented.”

    “I think I attended a town hall with President Bush in China,” former Bush adviser Karen Hughes quipped with a laugh, recalling a 2002 Bush speech in Beijing at which he took questions from the audience. “I thought: Were they asleep? Or were they dreaming? I remember standing and watching President Bush engage in a town hall that I believe was televised.”

    President Bill Clinton also took questions from Chinese students at an event during a trip to the country in 1998, then did a radio call-in show in Shanghai the next day.

    The White House’s characterization of Obama’s Beijing town hall mirrored the description staff gave Obama’s address to students on the first day of school, which the Education Department called “historic.” Yet President George H.W. Bush delivered an address to students, as did President Ronald Reagan. Maybe it was the streaming online video of Obama’s speech to students that was unprecedented?

    Either way, for a president whose approach to exaggerated critiques of his administration is to “call ‘em out” and who has made an issue of forcing corporate America to expose the fine print, one wonders whether his use of “unprecedented” would pass his own litmus test.

    Indeed some of his efforts are unprecedented. Obama noted, for example, that world leaders took “unprecedented steps” on nuclear nonproliferation at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council that he was the first U.S. president ever to chair.

    But at times Obama’s use of “unprecedented” is questionable.

    Obama has said he “took office amid unprecedented economic turmoil” and that the situation demanded “unprecedented international cooperation” and resulted in his signing of the “unprecedented” Recovery Act. Yet it seems the Great Depression and the New Deal might be considered precedents for the current economic crisis and the $787 billion stimulus plan.

    And Obama’s promise of “an unprecedented effort to root out waste and inefficiency” sounded a lot like promises of past presidents.

    “I believe the Congress and the American people approve my goals of economy and efficiency,” President Lyndon B. Johnson told Congress in 1965. “I believe they are as opposed to waste as I am. We can and will eliminate it.”

    On bipartisanship, Obama raised a few eyebrows when during his first press conference he cited “putting three Republicans in my Cabinet” as “something that is unprecedented.”

    “He is right — assuming he’s talking specifically about selecting three Republicans (and not Democrats in a Republican administration) simultaneously and during the first term (not over the course of a presidency),” the National Journal pointed out. The magazine noted that Johnson, Harry S. Truman and Franklin D. Roosevelt had three Republicans serving in their Democratic administrations. Republicans Gerald Ford and Dwight Eisenhower had three Democrats serving in theirs.

    The White House stands by its claims.

    “During his first year in office, President Obama has taken historic and, in some cases, unprecedented actions to fulfill his campaign promise to change business as usual in Washington and confront the wide-ranging challenges facing America,” said deputy White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

    “Cynics may say they’ve heard it all before, but the progress we’ve made on health care reform, energy reform and transparent government demonstrates these changes — in the view of the American people — can’t happen soon enough,” he said.

    And when it comes to the Chinese town hall, White House officials say the ex-Bush aides have it all wrong — saying it was the first full-blown “town hall” by a U.S. president in China (because Clinton and Bush took questions after a speech). It was also the first U.S. presidential event streamed to an Internet audience in China and the first with questions from the Internet. And it garnered the biggest viewership, with 55 million online hits alone — making its audience unprecedented, oneofficial said.

    The desire to be seen as treading on an unbeaten path is a part of the Obama brand. His candidacy was built on the notion that his rise to the presidency followed no footprints. He wasn’t a Clinton or a John McCain. He had a uniqueness that made him an unprecedented, if not unlikely, candidate.

    That theme, which is driven by his personal narrative, has carried over into the White House. And in the context of the something-to-prove drive of a young president with scant executive experience, the Obama White House has used “unprecedented” as a rhetorical means through which he has asserted himself.

    It’s also a reflection of the president personally.

    “It says how very unique he feels he is,” said Stephen Hess, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who worked in the Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford and Carter administrations. Hess described Obama as “a man who sees himself as unprecedented in every way … given his background — his mother, his father, where he grew up, how he became president of the United States.”

    “Of course, biblically, there’s nothing new under the sun, and for most everything he’s done as president there is some precedent for somewhere,” he added. “What he does is variations on a theme.”

    Still, Hess said, the word doesn’t have “great political currency.”

    “I don’t think he gets special credit for being unprecedented, but he thinks that way,” he said. “I think that tells us more about him than really anything else about how he runs the White House.”

    Andrew Jackson was the first president to use the word “unprecedented,” in 1831, according to a search of the archives of The American Presidency Project. For more than 100 years afterward, presidents used the word “unprecedented” in 72 speeches and mostly reserved it for major addresses.

    But since FDR talked of meeting “the unprecedented task before us” during his first inaugural address in 1933, presidents have used the word on almost 2,000 occasions to describe everything from the death of Elvis Presley (Carter) to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan (Reagan).

    Obama has relied on “unprecedented” in more than 90 instances, using the word at least 129 times in everything from major addresses to small speeches, statements, memorandums and proclamations. (Bush, by contrast, used the word 262 times over eight years.)

    Obama has used “unprecedented” to describe his efforts on science research, his plan for the auto industry and his administration’s ethics, transparency and accountability guidelines.

    He has promised an “unprecedented commitment” to education, to developing clean energy and “to preserving America’s treasured landscapes,” which, Obama has noted, have seen “unprecedented droughts” and “unprecedented wildfires” in the face of climate change.

    There has been “unprecedented consensus” on health care reform under Obama’s watch, as well as “the unprecedented intervention of the federal government to stabilize the financial markets” and an “unprecedented” bank review.

    His administration has also taken “unprecedented action to stem the spread of foreclosures,” Obama said, including the creation of “an unprecedented fund, in partnership with the Federal Reserve,” to get credit flowing.

    “I wonder if they believe that everything is really unprecedented, or is it just their talking point,” said former Bush spokesman Gordon Johndroe, who is among those smarting over Obama’s use of unprecedented. “This rhetoric is more understandable during a campaign, but I’m not sure it’s going to get them far while governing when the facts don’t always agree.”

    It arguably started during the campaign, when Obama’s team was clocking one unprecedented milestone after another: his trip to Europe, his Internet connectedness, his fundraising strategy, his rallies, his crowds. Obama’s election was historic. His inauguration broke attendance records that reportedly required “unprecedented” security.

    And sure, once in office, the administration faced a massive economic crisis. And, yes, the Obama team brought the White House onto Facebook and Twitter.

    But by applying the “unprecedented” label to a so many scenarios in government — from transparency to efforts to reduce the environmental impact of mountaintop coal mining — the Obama administration risks outsize expectations and overhype.

    “It comes close to a certain arrogance,” Hughes said, “as if this president has done things that no other president has ever done before — except that they have done them before.”

    Obama even treads on unprecedented territory in ways he’s not trying to highlight. At this point in his presidency he’s spent more time on the golf course, for instance, than his immediate predecessor. He’s also attended more fundraisers. And sometimes he surprises people with his characterization of himself as “America’s first Pacific president,” as he did in Tokyo last week.

    Obama’s unprecedented use of “unprecedented” will likely continue in his second year in office, when the administration is expected to tackle the unprecedented deficit.

  51. 1. first president to hail from the Windy City of Chicago and the corrupt political machine
    2. first president to grant terrorists equal rights with the American People
    3. first president to bankrupt the country
    4. first president to ignore the wishes of 2/3 of the American People re. health care
    5. first president to take his wife on mega expensive expensive dates at taxpayer expense
    6. first president to passionately embrace Chavez, Castro and Ortega
    7. first president to side with Abminizjad against the freedom fighters in Iraq
    8. first president to bow to his knees to the world dicators, and refuse to pledge allegiance to the flag
    9. first president to be openly anti white and anti middle class
    10.first president to be owned and controlled by George Soros

  52. unprecedented, unprepared, unbalanced, unconscionable, underhanded, undesirable, uncouth, undignified, and my personal favorite………unworthy

    That pretty much describe the twit.

  53. unprecedented, unprepared, unbalanced, unconscionable, underhanded, undesirable, uncouth, undignified, and my personal favorite………unworthy

    That pretty much describe the twit.
    Yes. He is the uncola/

  54. administration is expected to tackle the unprecedented deficit.
    give me a T
    give me an A
    give me an X
    give me an E
    give me an S

    what have you got?

    a substantial INVESTMENT in our future

    or money to pay the interest on the interest of the spiraling debt he created?

  55. Wbboei, we mention the “unprecedented” nonsense in the new article. You might want to repost you “unprecedented” list.

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