An Early Thanksgiving From Mr. Hillary Clinton

This inspires us. It’s about power in the darkness. It’s about the type of good the United States used to do and can still do. It’s about an angel’s voice heard through iron, steel, and concrete, into a prison cell.

Obama has always been on the wrong side when it comes to Iran. While Iranians fought in the streets against a possibly crooked election, Obama stood silent. Hillary wanted a tougher American posture in support of the Iranian Iowa caucus and Florida and Michigan voters.

It’s long past Day 1 and Obama is still not ready.

Hillary has long been ready. Hillary spoke to the Iranian struggle when she said:

I have been moved by the … cries for freedom. … People that go back millennia, that have such a great culture and history, deserve better than what they’re getting.

As we wrote at the time, “Listening to Hillary speak Americans realized that we too “deserve better” than what we are getting.

Hillary is no dithering wimp. The Danger Of Obama Weakness is real.

What Hillary says now, she said during the presidential campaign. Hillary is no dithering wimp. Hillary speaks clearly, and informs America’s friends and enemies of what interests, what core democratic values, we will defend. Such clarity angers the Kooks – both foreign and domestic. Clarity is needed.

Obama is not only dithering on Afghanistan (next week B.O. will bore Americans with a nationally televised publicity stunt to finally say something on Afghanistan, then he is off again to the Nobel prize publicity stunt). The Iran deadlines continue to be written with invisible, cowardly ink too. The message from Obama is weakness and a willingness to wimp and bow.

* * * * *

This news article both intrigues and amuses us:

A new detailed map of Mars shows what was likely a vast ocean in the north and valleys around the equator, suggesting that the planet once had a humid, rainy climate, according to research published Monday.

The computer-generated map, based on topographic data from NASA satellites, also shows that the network of valleys on the red planet is at least twice as extensive as previously estimated.

Then the Martians elected Obama using an undemocratic caucus system. The once blue planet went Red. It’s still red. Only the Hillary Clinton coalition will turn it blue.

* * * * *

This war on the elderly (who are not part of the Barack Obama situation comedy coalition) angers us:

Hillary Clinton gives us reason for thanks-giving. Obama is a raw turkey, not fit for consumption.