Truth, Crushed To Earth, Shall Rise Again

The New York Times is catching up to Saturday Night Live. It’s a sad state of affairs when, as we wrote in the past few days, Americans must rely on not funny comedy shows which produce skits closer to the truth than Big Media “news” outlets.

We posted the Saturday Night Live skit earlier but it bears rewatching.

Close to a trillion debt to China… serious recession…. how many jobs has the “stimulus” created? – so far, none…. how exactly is extending health care coverage to 30 million people going to save you money?… I know what a “clunker” is…. Each of your plans to save money involves spending even more money – this does not inspire confidence… I suppose if I really wanted to get our money I could call and say I was a Wall Street banker who needs his bonus…. What steps?…. Do I look like Mrs. Obama… Why are you talking to me like I was Mrs. Obama?…

The day before we posted the Saturday Night Live skit, we wrote about the ugly reality of the numbers and the bad math that is not going away.

Today, the New York Times follows the “comedy” skit and our earlier “math” post, with even more frightening math and numbers:

The United States government is financing its more than trillion-dollar-a-year borrowing with i.o.u.’s on terms that seem too good to be true.

But that happy situation, aided by ultralow interest rates, may not last much longer.

Treasury officials now face a trifecta of headaches: a mountain of new debt, a balloon of short-term borrowings that come due in the months ahead, and interest rates that are sure to climb back to normal as soon as the Federal Reserve decides that the emergency has passed.

Even as Treasury officials are racing to lock in today’s low rates by exchanging short-term borrowings for long-term bonds, the government faces a payment shock similar to those that sent legions of overstretched homeowners into default on their mortgages.

Americans have never faced numbers like these before. If Obama was purposefully seeking to destroy the country, he could not do a better job than continue to run up the Chinese credit card.

With the national debt now topping $12 trillion, the White House estimates that the government’s tab for servicing the debt will exceed $700 billion a year in 2019, up from $202 billion this year, even if annual budget deficits shrink drastically. Other forecasters say the figure could be much higher.

In concrete terms, an additional $500 billion a year in interest expense would total more than the combined federal budgets this year for education, energy, homeland security and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We’ll be derided as “deficit hawks” by those that don’t care about paying the bills and not running up more debt. The American government has been “living beyond its means” for a long time.

Americans now have to climb out of two deep holes: as debt-loaded consumers, whose personal wealth sank along with housing and stock prices; and as taxpayers, whose government debt has almost doubled in the last two years alone, just as costs tied to benefits for retiring baby boomers are set to explode.

Are we the only ones paying attention? Will anyone cut that Chinese credit card in half and live in reality?

The problem, many analysts say, is that record government deficits have arrived just as the long-feared explosion begins in spending on benefits under Medicare and Social Security. The nation’s oldest baby boomers are approaching 65, setting off what experts have warned for years will be a fiscal nightmare for the government.

“What a good country or a good squirrel should be doing is stashing away nuts for the winter,” said William H. Gross, managing director of the Pimco Group, the giant bond-management firm. “The United States is not only not saving nuts, it’s eating the ones left over from the last winter.”

The current low rates on the country’s debt were caused by temporary factors that are already beginning to fade. One factor was the economic crisis itself, which caused panicked investors around the world to plow their money into the comparative safety of Treasury bills and notes. Even though the United States was the epicenter of the global crisis, investors viewed Treasury securities as the least dangerous place to park their money.

On top of that, the Fed used almost every tool in its arsenal to push interest rates down even further. It cut the overnight federal funds rate, the rate at which banks lend reserves to one another, to almost zero. And to reduce longer-term rates, it bought more than $1.5 trillion worth of Treasury bonds and government-guaranteed securities linked to mortgages.

As bad as things are now, get ready, it’s going to get worse. Much worse, and soon.

Those conditions are already beginning to change. Global investors are shifting money into riskier investments like stocks and corporate bonds, and they have been pouring money into fast-growing countries like Brazil and China.

The Fed, meanwhile, is already halting its efforts at tamping down long-term interest rates. Fed officials ended their $300 billion program to buy up Treasury bonds last month, and they have announced plans to stop buying mortgage-backed securities by the end of next March.

Eventually, though probably not until at least mid-2010, the Fed will also start raising its benchmark interest rate back to more historically normal levels.

The United States will not be the only government competing to refinance huge debt. Japan, Germany, Britain and other industrialized countries have even higher government debt loads, measured as a share of their gross domestic product, and they too borrowed heavily to combat the financial crisis and economic downturn. As the global economy recovers and businesses raise capital to finance their growth, all that new government debt is likely to put more upward pressure on interest rates.

Even a small increase in interest rates has a big impact. An increase of one percentage point in the Treasury’s average cost of borrowing would cost American taxpayers an extra $80 billion this year — about equal to the combined budgets of the Department of Energy and the Department of Education.

Much worse, much sooner:

The White House estimates that the government will have to borrow about $3.5 trillion more over the next three years. On top of that, the Treasury has to refinance, or roll over, a huge amount of short-term debt that was issued during the financial crisis. Treasury officials estimate that about 36 percent of the government’s marketable debt — about $1.6 trillion — is coming due in the months ahead.

To lock in low interest rates in the years ahead, Treasury officials are trying to replace one-month and three-month bills with 10-year and 30-year Treasury securities. That strategy will save taxpayers money in the long run. But it pushes up costs drastically in the short run, because interest rates are higher for long-term debt.

Adding to the pressure, the Fed is set to begin reversing some of the policies it has been using to prop up the economy. Wall Street firms advising the Treasury recently estimated that the Fed’s purchases of Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities pushed down long-term interest rates by about one-half of a percentage point. Removing that support could in itself add $40 billion to the government’s annual tab for debt service.

The destruction is undeniable. The Incan disaster of 2012 might come much sooner. The Treasury Department knows the Obama shell game cannot continue:

This month, the Treasury Department’s private-sector advisory committee on debt management warned of the risks ahead.

“Inflation, higher interest rate and rollover risk should be the primary concerns,” declared the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee, a group of market experts that provide guidance to the government, on Nov. 4.

Clever debt management strategy,” the group said, “can’t completely substitute for prudent fiscal policy.”

Reality is both an irresistible force and an immovable object. If you elect a boob, expect boobery.

William Cullen Bryant wroteTruth, crushed to earth, shall rise again“. The truth is rising.

William Shakespeare (Hamlet, Act I, Scene 2) wrote: “Foul deeds will rise, Though all the earth o’erwhelm them, to men’s eyes.”

The truth is rising and it is ugly. No amount of Obama bamboozlement, nor Big Media complicity will o’erwhelm the hour of reckoning, which is fast approaching.

Obama and Obamanomics must be opposed at every turn and with every resource.


43 thoughts on “Truth, Crushed To Earth, Shall Rise Again

  1. Excellent, Admin.

    “Clever debt management strategy,” the group said, “can’t completely substitute for prudent fiscal policy.”

    Good luck with that, obama. You haven’t got a clue.

  2. can impeachment proceedings begin yet???

    Lawyer: 9/11 defendants want platform for views


    NEW YORK — The five men facing trial in the Sept. 11 attacks will plead not guilty so that they can air their criticisms of U.S. foreign policy, the lawyer for one of the defendants said.

    Scott Fenstermaker, the lawyer for accused terrorist Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali, said Sunday the men would not deny their role in the 2001 attacks but “would explain what happened and why they did it.”

    The U.S. Justice Department announced earlier this month that Ali and four other men accused of murdering nearly 3,000 people in the deadliest terrorist attack in the U.S. will face a civilian federal trial just blocks from the site of the destroyed World Trade Center.

    Ali, also known as Ammar al-Baluchi, is a nephew of professed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

    Mohammed, Ali and the others will explain “their assessment of American foreign policy,” Fenstermaker said. “Their assessment is negative,” he said.

    Fenstermaker met with Ali last week at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. He has not spoken with the others but said the men have discussed the trial among themselves. Fenstermaker was first quoted in The New York Times in Sunday’s editions.

    Critics of Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to try the men in a New York City civilian courthouse have warned that the trial would provide the defendants with a propaganda platform. Dean Boyd, a spokesman for the Department of Justice, said Sunday that while the men may attempt to use the trial to express their views, “we have full confidence in the ability of the courts and in particular the federal judge who may preside over the trial to ensure that the proceeding is conducted appropriately and with minimal disruption, as federal courts have done in the past.”

    Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee questioned Holder for hours about his decision to send the five 9/11 suspects to New York for trial. Critics of Holder’s decision — mostly Republicans — argued the trial will give Mohammed and his co-defendants a world stage to spout hateful rhetoric. Holder said such concerns are misplaced, and any pronouncements by the suspects would only make them look worse.

    “I have every confidence that the nation and the world will see him for the coward that he is,” Holder told the committee. “I’m not scared of what Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has to say at trial — and no one else needs to be, either.”

    The attorney general said he does not believe holding the trial in New York — at a federal courthouse that has seen a number of high-profile terrorism trials in recent decades — will increase the risk of terror attacks there.

  3. WTF, is going on in Texas??? I just saw an political ad for a Farouk Shami for Governor of Texas!! He is from China! What the hell are they taking over or what?? This is the first ad I’ve seen, so he is flush with Chinese money and is promising to only take $1. a year as pay. This could be very bad. It did not say if was Repub or Demo or Indy. This upsets me.

  4. Houston businessman Farouk Shami joins Democratic race for Texas governor

    12:00 AM CST on Friday, November 20, 2009

    By ROBERT T. GARRETT / The Dallas Morning News

    AUSTIN – Palestinian-born Houston businessman Farouk Shami jumped into the Democratic race for governor Thursday.

    Texans are “ready and open-minded” enough to vote for someone who’s serious about fixing the economy, he said, even a political long shot who has never held public office. “The people want me to run because I know how to create jobs,” said Shami, 66, who came to the U.S. in 1965 and struck it rich in the hair-product business, creating successful brands such as BioSilk and CHI hair tools.”

    Though he’s a political unknown, Shami could raise the profile of the Democratic race, said University of Texas political scientist Bruce Buchanan.

  5. If you want to know where the $timula$ money is going, check out the Phantom districts it’s being sent to-

    Check and see how much money your state was allocated and see how many jobs were created because of it. The LOOTING of America before your very eyes.


  6. Middle East & Israel Breaking News » Opinion » Op-Ed Contributors » Article
    Nov 22, 2009 22:06 | Updated Nov 23, 2009 10:24
    Travesty in New York
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    Talkbacks for this article: 32
    Article’s topics: Obama, Khalid Sheik Mohammed

    For late-19th-century anarchists, terrorism was the “propaganda of the deed.” And the most successful propaganda-by-deed in history was 9/11 – not just the most destructive, but the most spectacular and telegenic.
    Guantanamo Bay inmate Khalid…

    Guantanamo Bay inmate Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
    Photo: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed , AP

    And now its self-proclaimed architect, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, has been given by the Obama administration a civilian trial in New York. Just as the memory fades, 9/11 has been granted a second life – and KSM, a second act: “9/11, The Director’s Cut,” narration by KSM.

    September 11, 2001 had to speak for itself. A decade later, the deed will be given voice. KSM has gratuitously been presented with the greatest propaganda platform imaginable – a civilian trial in the media capital of the world – from which to proclaim the glory of jihad and the criminality of infidel America.

    So why is Attorney General Eric Holder doing this? Ostensibly, to demonstrate to the world the superiority of our system where the rule of law and the fair trial reign.

    Really? What happens if KSM (and his co-defendants) “do not get convicted,” asked Senate Judiciary Committee member Herb Kohl. “Failure is not an option,” replied Holder.

    Not an option? Doesn’t the presumption of innocence, er, presume that prosecutorial failure – acquittal, hung jury – is an option? By undermining that presumption, Holder is undermining the fairness of the trial, the demonstration of which is the alleged rationale for putting on this show in the first place.

    Moreover, everyone knows that whatever the outcome of the trial, KSM will never walk free. He will spend the rest of his natural life in US custody. Which makes the proceedings a farcical show trial from the very beginning.

    Apart from the fact that any such trial will be a security nightmare and a terror threat to New York – what better propaganda-by-deed than blowing up the entire courtroom, making KSM a martyr and making the judge, jury and spectators into fresh victims? – it will endanger US security.

    CIVILIAN COURTS with broad rights of cross-examination and discovery give terrorists access to crucial information about intelligence sources and methods.

    That’s precisely what happened during the civilian New York trial of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers. The prosecution was forced to turn over to the defense a list of two hundred unindicted co-conspirators, including the name Osama bin Laden. “Within ten days, a copy of that list reached bin Laden in Khartoum,” wrote former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, the presiding judge at that trial, “letting him know that his connection to that case had been discovered.”

    Finally, there’s the moral logic. It’s not as if Holder opposes military commissions on principle. On the same day he sent KSM to a civilian trial in New York, Holder announced he was sending Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, mastermind of the attack on the USS Cole, to a military tribunal.

    By what logic? In his congressional testimony Wednesday, Holder was utterly incoherent in trying to explain. In his November 13 news conference, he seemed to be saying that if you attack a civilian target, as in 9/11, you get a civilian trial; a military target like the Cole, and you get a military tribunal.

    What a perverse moral calculus. Which is the war crime – an attack on defenseless civilians or an attack on a military target such as a warship, an accepted act of war which the US itself has engaged in countless times?

    By what possible moral reasoning, then, does KSM, who perpetrates the obvious and egregious war crime, receive the special protections and constitutional niceties of a civilian courtroom, while he who attacked a warship is relegated to a military tribunal?

    Moreover, the incentive offered any jihadi is as irresistible as it is perverse: Kill as many civilians as possible on American soil and Holder will give you Miranda rights, a lawyer, a propaganda platform – everything but your own blog.

    Alternatively, Holder tried to make the case that he chose a civilian New York trial as a more likely venue for securing a conviction. An absurdity: By the time Obama came to office, KSM was ready to go before a military commission, plead guilty and be executed. It’s Obama who blocked a process that would have yielded the swiftest and most certain justice.

    Indeed, the perfect justice. Whenever a jihadist volunteers for martyrdom, we should grant his wish. Instead, this one, the most murderous and unrepentant of all, gets to dance and declaim at the scene of his crime.

    Holder himself told The Washington Post that the coming New York trial will be “the trial of the century.” The last such was the trial of O.J. Simpson.

    – The Washington Post

  7. “Rep. Brian Baird of Washington mentioned his “twin 4-year-old boys at home. When I kiss them goodnight, they look for all the world like these three little Palestinian children. I don’t know that father, but I can imagine his grief.”


    Really? Can you then imagine the Israeli fathers, mothers, and children who have lost their loved ones through Palestian rockets and suicide bombings? Can you imagine that on the one side Israeli soldiers are told to do everything they possibly can to avoid civilian casualties while their enemies are told to do everything they possibly can to destroy as many Israeli citizens as they can?

    You are a disgrace to humanity.

  8. JanH, that article sickened me as well.. I will never vote for another democrat unless Clinton is her last name…

  9. jan & jbstonesfan: here is a disabled marine taking baird on at a town hall meeting in Camus Washington. His closing line is as a disabled marine I have done my duty for the country. Do you ever intend to do yours? It is good stuff. Baird is a clinical psychologist–just like wack-job Jim McDermott in Seattle. Clinical psychology and politics dont mix.

  10. wbboei,

    Thanks for the clip. Please tell me that Baird is on his way out. No one can be that racist and stupid and stay elected can he/she?

    oops…and then you have bambi..

  11. Advancing Women a Top Clinton Goal

    Published: November 24, 2009

    WASHINGTON — When Hillary Rodham Clinton heard that an 8-year-old Saudi girl had been sold to a man in his 50s to pay off her father’s debt, the U.S. secretary of state telephoned the Saudi foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, to protest.

    Mrs. Clinton’s call — on the type of issue usually handled by an aide — symbolized her fervor for making women’s advancement a core part of her national-security efforts, even in dealing with problems such as Iran’s suspected nuclear threat or the Islamist violence in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    “Women are key to our being able to resolve all of those difficult conflicts,” Mrs. Clinton said in a speech in August. Since then, she has pursued initiatives to help women gain political power, personal safety and enough money to help their communities and countries improve economically and transition to democracy.

    “There is nothing that has been more important to me over the course of my lifetime than advancing the rights of women and girls,” she said in a Washington speech Nov. 6. “And it is now a cornerstone of American foreign policy.”

    Mrs. Clinton, 62, has been pushing the cause from remote Congolese villages to the U.N. General Assembly. She appointed Melanne Verveer, 65, her former chief of staff, as the first U.S. ambassador for global women’s issues. On every foreign trip, Mrs. Clinton schedules an event with local women.

    She visited a Cape Town community built by homeless women and consoled rape victims in the war-racked eastern Congo during an August tour of Africa. Her brow furrowed as she asked a volunteer at a refugee camp why women were venturing alone into a nearby forest to gather firewood, exposing them to attacks from militiamen.

    While Mrs. Clinton is America’s third female secretary of state, the political profile of women is still low: Only 18.6 percent of Parliament members globally are women, according to the Geneva-based Inter-Parliamentary Union. Women perform 66 percent of the world’s work and produce 50 percent of the food, while earning 10 percent of the income and owning 1 percent of the property, data from the United Nations Development Fund for Women show.

    A new focus inside the State Department is financial inclusion: ensuring that women have access to savings accounts, health insurance, home ownership and business funding. Women already get the majority of small loans made by more than 1,400 institutions worldwide tracked by MIX Market, a microfinance databank in Washington. SKS Microfinance Private, India’s largest microlender, has five million borrowers — all women. Profits soared to $17.5 million in 2008 from $71,121 in 2004.

    President George W. Bush and his wife Laura, who worked to expand opportunities in Afghanistan, recognized the national-security value of improving women’s lives.
    Karen Hughes, a close Bush aide, focused on the issue as an under secretary of state, a job that convinced her that “it is increasingly the women of the world who are the agents of change, the arbiters of peace and reconciliation,” she said in an e-mail.

    A strategy to combat radicalism in part by empowering women has limits, says Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert at Georgetown University in Washington. While it may bear fruit against Al Qaeda or the Taliban, groups such as Hamas or Hezbollah in the Middle East “have highly motivated women fighters who are treated well and hate us, even if we are a secondary enemy,” he wrote in an e-mail.

    By elevating the plight of women so publicly, Mrs. Clinton has breathed new life into women’s issues on Capitol Hill. Senator John Kerry and Representative William Delahunt, Massachusetts Democrats, are expected soon to introduce legislation to make permanent the ambassadorship Ms. Verveer now holds.

    Their measure would also direct the administration to create a five-year strategy that reduces assaults against women and girls in at least 10 nations and creates ways to judge the effectiveness of U.S. aid in advancing the goal.

    The administration’s willingness to consider women’s issues when making policy is being tested in Afghanistan. American fatigue with fatalities there is growing, and women have much to lose with a return to Taliban rule, which would mean a reimposition of restrictions on almost all aspects of their lives.

    Nita Lowey, a Democratic representative from New York who chairs a House Appropriations subcommittee, told President Hamid Karzai in May she would stop civilian aid unless he quashed a proposed law legalizing marital rape. Some of the bill’s most offensive provisions were removed. Similarly, after Mrs. Clinton’s intervention in April, the Saudi girl was allowed to divorce.

    Internationally, women want to leverage Mrs. Clinton’s enthusiasm to win U.S. ratification of the 30-year-old Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Conservatives on Capitol Hill have long objected to the treaty because it affirms a woman’s right to reproductive choice.

    The United States is one of only a handful of countries that have not ratified the treaty, along with Somalia, Sudan and Iran. Mrs. Clinton’s aides say it is on her “treaty priority list.” U.S. approval would prevent countries from using America’s lack of participation as a reason for not enforcing the agreement, said Mahnaz Afkhami, a former Iranian Parliament member and treaty advocate.

    “I’ve never seen such awareness” in Washington, she says. “There is all sorts of hope that maybe this degree of seriousness will bear fruit.”

  12. Here’s more news about this guy running for Texas Governor!

    Astounding ‘Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations as ISGH Organized Eid Prayers at GRBCC
    As per last week’s prediction by Pakistan Publications Inc., hundreds and thousands of Muslims thronged George R. Brown Convention Center (GRBCC). According to an estimate, more than 30,000 Muslims of all faces and facets of life responded this last Sunday, September 20, 2009, to the call of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH) and attended ‘Eid-ul-Fitr prayers at the GRBCC. The prayer hall overflowed, and thousands had to stay outside due to fire-code regulations’ and were accommodated in a subsequent prayer.
    Pakistan Publications Inc. extends Heartiest Congratulations and Kudos to the ISGH for organizing such a mammoth gathering in the most efficient and effective manner.
    The Special Supplications and Presence Slogans (called the Takbeerats of Eid-ul-Fitr Prayers) by the attendees thundered in the hall since before 8:00am., while thousands of impressively dressed people in traditional dresses of almost the whole world, like the Far-East Australasia; South Asia India – Bangladesh – Sri Lanka – Pakistan; Middle East; Africa; Europe; and the Americas; made their ways through every door and into the Hall.
    The meaning of these is Takbeerats is as follows : “Allah is Great, Allah is Great: There is no one worthy of prayer but Allah, and Allah is Great; Allah is Great, All praise be to Allah, It is He Who Guides.”
    These Takbeerats continued for about one-hour, when around 9:00am. Shaikh Omar Inshanally, Imam at the ISGH Main Center Masjid, stood up to lead the prayers, which includes Seven Extra Calls of Allah is Great (Allahu-Akbar in Arabic) during the First Phase (called Rakat) and Five Extra Calls of Allah is Great (Allahu-Akbar in Arabic) during the Second Phase (called Rakat) of the Prayers.
    During these Two Phased Eid-ul-Fitr Prayers, Shaikh Omar Inshanally recited from the passages of Quran that convey Allah’s unfathomable love for believers; remind believers of the inevitability of an end of everyone’s earthly life & the ultimate destination in front of Allah; and that Allah forgives all sins of those who sincerely repent and uplift their morality. Without exception, those interviewed after the prayer said that they felt deeply moved, and complimented the Imam’s Recitation (called Qiraa’at in Arabic) – The choice of passages, fluency, voice control, and mellifluousness.
    After the prayers, ISGH President Dr. Aziz Ahmad Siddiqi provided in a positive fashion the State of Affairs of ISGH and the Muslim Community in the Greater Houston Region. He cited several major developments that whoever will seek, will benefit many, regardless of ethnic background or country of origin. President also mentioned that this year the ISGH membership has experienced an unprecedented growth of more than 25 percent. It was nice that Dr. Siddiqi’s presentation was not long and contained linguistic beauty.
    Houston Mayor Bill White also addressed the audience, noting the size and importance of the local Muslim community. Mr. White is seeking higher state office, and a positive impression on him could be to the advantage of Muslims. The Chairman of the ISGH ‘Ulema Committee, Shaikh Abdul ‘Aziz of the Brand Lane Masjid also graced the occasion.
    After the prayers and addresses the crowd filled the air with mutual bright smiles, cordial ‘Eid greetings, and warm expressions of love and unity. This all made for a truly awe-inspiring ‘Eid-ul-Fitr celebration organized by the ISGH. For more information, one can visit
    Farouk Shami to Run For Texas Governor
    He is the famous Houston hair-care millionaire Farouk Shami (originally from Palestine), seriously considering a run for Governor as a Democrat. He has already appointed a Treasurer, but has not yet filed papers.
    At his Annual Ramadan Dinner at the Arab Cultural Center (ACC) Houston, the 66 year old Shami asked hundreds gathered if he should run or not and he got a tremendous “Yes,” with everyone standing and clapping.
    One may recall that Farouk Shami first got some attention in the political arena during 2006 governor’s race, when as his business partner; he supported the independent gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman.
    Farouk Shami got much appreciation last month for his decision to move 5,000 jobs from Asian manufacturing plants in China to Texas over the next five years to manufacture his famous hair-care products of BioSilk and CHI brands. He invented ammonia-free hair color products, was the official hair care sponsor of the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants and has sales that top $1 billion a year.
    Farouk Shami in an inspiring speech said that Texas needs a change and he through his entrepreneurial spirit will bring fresh ideas to increase the tax base, create new jobs of the future, brings dignified healthcare for all, and make Texas the best place to live in the USA.

  13. Here Yah go ActBlue is supporting Farouk Shami. ActBlue is a Soros agency and is connected to Acorn.

    My worry is Soros is making sure we get the TransTexas HIghway and he will need a governor that will ablige. We must stop this as it is what the Soros’s one world govt. is all about.
    h t t p s: //

  14. They are already washing the net of anything on this guy. As I was looking up these articles thing were taken off Wikipedia. He must have something to hide.

  15. Thanks for the clip. Please tell me that Baird is on his way out. No one can be that racist and stupid and stay elected can he/she?
    I am surprised he got in there. I remember his predecessor in office and she was a conservative republican. Linda Smith was her name. As a matter of fact, I contributed to her when I was a Republican. This joker has been there a decade now. The 3d CD of Washington is located in southwestern Washington and borders on the Columbia River. I suspect it has grown more liberal due to the growth of Portland which has spilled over the Oregon border to places like Vancouver Washington. I do not have a good feel for his re election prospects. He did take a stand on Health Care that we needed to know the costs before they voted on it, but I suspect he was simply triangulating. He has got some minor whip position so he will not hold out one nano second longer than he has to. I suspect he will be hard to dislodge. If you read his bio in Wikipedia you will see that he went to the Gaza Strip last February with that other nitwit from Minnesota.

  16. Thank you Wobboei for that emotional video. Sadly, I believe we have lost our country 4ever. The powers that placed Obama into power control all aspect of our daily lives now and imho, it it too late to reclaim what has been stolen. Within 10-20 yr, this country will resemble a third world nation, with the very few on top, and the hundreds of millions living in squalor. We will also be under sharia law in many areas.

  17. Here Yah go ActBlue is supporting Farouk Shami. ActBlue is a Soros agency and is connected to Acorn.

    My worry is Soros is making sure we get the TransTexas HIghway and he will need a governor that will ablige. We must stop this as it is what the Soros’s one world govt. is all about.
    h t t p s: //
    Good work Confloyd. I am quite sure Soros influence and money do not stop there. Texas is Bush country and Soros has said many times that he hates Bush. They ought to rename this prick Santa Ana. That way he will get all the La Raza votes, and the rest of Texas will say no to him–as only they can. After the Alamo there was the Battle of San Jacinta. This is an NWO character I suspect. Just like Obama. Not an American.

  18. Confloyd,

    Forgive me but yesterday you claimed the guy was part of some Chinese “plot”, today after I posted one of the many articles about the Houston Hair products magnate, he’s a soros puppet, and a muslim trojan horse?
    As to “washing the net”

    Results 1 – 10 of about 53,500 for Houston businessman Farouk Shami joins Democratic race for Texas governor.

    Seems like just another rich guy spending his own money to run for office, and no more sinister than Tom Gollisano or Bloomie or Corzine. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…

  19. Thank you Wobboei for that emotional video. Sadly, I believe we have lost our country 4ever. The powers that placed Obama into power control all aspect of our daily lives now and imho, it it too late to reclaim what has been stolen. Within 10-20 yr, this country will resemble a third world nation, with the very few on top, and the hundreds of millions living in squalor. We will also be under sharia law in many areas.
    If present trends continue then yes. When I wrote that magnum opus on Soros I thought people would wake up and smell the coffee. But to date that has not happened. The reaction was a yawn. Or they do not want to believe this is happening. The one thing the elites may want to bear in mind is that you cannot have small oasis of wealth amid vast deserts of poverty without engendering storms that will blow those oasis off the map. Even the gnomes of Switzerland are vulnerable. When complex societies form they do so around a middle class and when that middle class fails that entire civilization goes down the tubes.

  20. Forgive me but yesterday you claimed the guy was part of some Chinese “plot”, today after I posted one of the many articles about the Houston Hair products magnate, he’s a soros puppet, and a muslim trojan horse?
    As to “washing the net”

    Results 1 – 10 of about 53,500 for Houston businessman Farouk Shami joins Democratic race for Texas governor.
    Take a look at who is supporting him.

  21. Correction: we wrote the other day that Obama only figuratively, not literally, bowed before China. We were wrong. Here’s a picture of Obama bowing to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao:
    Very good Admin. But I suspect the camera man caught him only half way through the downward arc of that knee deep bow. I wonder what it is like to be a tyrant and have this tall skinny man walk up to you lean forward and drop down to your zipper in a unctuous bow. Question: is he a beggar or merely your servant?

  22. Alert: Among the sure to be many Obama publicity stunts next week, he will be boring the nation on Tuesday, December 1. Another televised publicity stunt to finally announce something on Afghanistan.

    The question left unanswered is how Obama will bungle this up.

  23. JanH, Thank you so much for posting that N.Y. Times article on Hillary’s advancing the rights of girls and women. That’s one of the reasons I’m so happy she’s SoS. And I’m glad to see someone in the media acknowledge this focus of hers is one of the cornerstones of her tenure at State.

  24. Correction: the above statement is over broad. Here is the the proper iteration.

    1. Obama is subservient to foreign dictators and the financial elites/

    2. Obama is contemptuous of the American People and uses them as his cash cow.

    3. Obama is a lousy golfer–but he is Tiger Woods compared to his ability as President.

  25. Paula,

    You are very welcome. I have to admit that I was a little bit shocked to find the NYT saying anything positive about her, but it was a good article.

  26. ACORN Dumped Sensitive Documents as Probe Began, Private Investigator Says

    Monday, November 23, 2009

    A private investigator says he found tens of thousands of sensitive documents dumped outside a California ACORN office just days after the state attorney general announced an inquiry into the community organizing group.

    Derrick Roach, a licensed investigator based in San Diego, told he paid an impromptu visit to the city’s ACORN branch on Oct. 9 and watched from his car as a man tossed bags of files into a Dumpster outside the building.
    After ACORN staff left for the day, he says, he searched the trash bin and discovered more than 20,000 documents he believes point to illicit relationships between ACORN and a bank and a labor union — as well as confidential information that could put thousands at risk for identity theft.

    “We’re talking people’s driver’s license numbers, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, tax returns, credit reports” — all tossed in public view in the Dumpster, he said.

    In one document shared with, an ACORN employee’s name, address, date of birth, Social Security number and driver’s license number were revealed, and photocopies of the employee’s license and Social Security card were also included. Another document showed bank account information for a woman paying an ACORN membership fee by check. “It was just a careless disregard for the people that ACORN claimed to be helping,” Roach told “They put these people at risk.”

    Roach said that data breach laws bar dumping like the kind he uncovered at ACORN’s office. Tossing the documents into a Dumpster, he said, constitutes a crime in California. “So if someone wanted to, they could bring legal action against ACORN for doing this,” he said.

    A top ACORN official in California apologized for the lapse Monday, saying that some confidential information might have been thrown away during a massive clean-up of their offices last month. “In early October, when our San Diego staff were doing an office clean-up in preparation for a major 10-station phone bank program being set up in our offices, it appears that included in the piles of garbage being thrown out may have been some documents containing private information,” said Amy Schur, state head organizer for California ACORN, in an e-mailed statement.

    Schur implied that “this guy” Roach, a former Republican candidate for statewide office, may have had political motivations for unearthing the documents. She said ACORN would seek the return of the documents “so that we may give proper notice of the compromising of the information as required by law.”

    Roach told he has been going over the trove of ACORN files and has found connections to the California Teachers Association and to Citibank. “ACORN was acting as an agent” for Citibank, Roach charged. “They had mortgage information for homeowners … who were in foreclosure, who were in default.”

    Roach says that the documents suggest that ACORN staffers would go out on “assignments” to take pictures of some residences or even to “go out and actually make contact” with people living in homes financed by Citibank loans. He said he believes Citibank will have to report to its customers that their information may have been at risk when ACORN threw it away. “They took information and they just dumped it in the garbage,” he said.

    Citibank ran an outreach program through ACORN that utilized the group’s local staff to encourage homeowners at risk of defaulting on their mortgages to contact the bank and work on avoiding defaults. That relationship has since been severed, a spokesman for Citigroup told in an e-mail. “Over time, Citi has worked with a variety of not-for-profit partners, including ACORN, to provide financial education, meet affordable lending needs, promote stable homeownership for low- to moderate- income consumers and help in foreclosure prevention,” the spokesman said.

    “We are deeply concerned about the recent media reports regarding ACORN. We recently suspended our charitable financial support and program relationships with ACORN, and we are waiting for the results of the independent audit of ACORN’s activities now underway.”

    Roach also charged that the California Teachers Association, the state’s largest teachers’ union, was “funneling information to ACORN for political activity” — a relationship that he said would not be illegal but would require ACORN and the CTA to disclose fully. “I’ve done some checking into the reports that have been filed for the CTA, for ACORN, and I’m not finding any of this information being disclosed,” he said. He did not provide any documents illustrating the relationship to

    CTA spokesman Mike Myslinksi said the union had no comment on documents it had not seen. “That’s out of left field,” he said.

    Roach’s accusation comes in the wake of a national scandal for ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Staffers were caught on tape this summer in six cities offering to help a pair of filmmakers posing as a pimp and prostitute to lie to the IRS and acquire illegal home loans.

    ACORN fired an employee in its San Diego office, Juan Carlos Vera, after video surfaced of him offering to help the “pimp” and “prostitute” smuggle in girls from Tijuana, Mexico, noting that he had many contacts in the city who could assist in smuggling them across the border. The group is now under investigation by a number of city, state and federal agencies, and Congress has cut off funding for the group.

    On Oct. 1, California Attorney General Jerry Brown launched a state investigation of ACORN. It was just eight days later that Roach says he retrieved the sensitive files — timing he says he finds fishy.

    “I think if you look at the timeline of events when the attorney general made the announcement, when the documents were dumped, I think that it’s highly suspicious.”,2933,576466,00.html

  27. admin
    November 24th, 2009 at 11:42 am

    Notice the Chinese pm is looking at him and this idiot is looking down.

  28. Notice the Chinese pm is looking at him and this idiot is looking down.
    The man is an embarrassment.

  29. JanH, that “Mr. Hillary” clip is the type of Hope we believe in. The man is in prison and he hears an angel’s voice. Hillary calling.

  30. admin,

    That is what I thought too. She does so much good work that we rarely hear about. It is an honor to support her.

  31. Admin: Can’t he do anything without boring us with another press conference? I’m not sure how he will bungle this one but it will mostly likely involved bending over and puckering up.

  32. No Room in Obama’s Jerusalem for the Jew

    Written by Sultan Knish
    Sunday, 22 November 2009

    The same media which can’t be bothered to notice that there is a proxy war going on between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Yemen, with Saudi jets bombing civilian targets. Who have paid no attention whatsoever to a week of violence between Algerians and Egyptians that included stonings and death threats, are up in arms over the building of 900 housing units in the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem.

    The Obama Administration and the media are naturally not upset by the Jerusalem municipality’s decision to build 500 housing units for Arabs in Jerusalem. No they’re upset by a private Jewish housing project built on privately owned land. And that double standard aptly conveys their premise that a Jewish house in Jerusalem is a “settlement”, while an Arab house in Jerusalem is just a house. A Jewish home violates the “status quo” and is “unhelpful for peace”, while an Arab home is just a home. There is of course a name for that sort of policy, it’s one that Jimmy Carter who is still continuing his tour on behalf of Hamas knows quite well, Apartheid.

    In response to the Nof Zion construction, Obama warned that, “additional settlement building does not contribute to Israel’s security”.But Nof Zion is not about security, as much as it is about an overcrowded Jewish population in Jerusalem looking for someplace to live. When the Arabs seized half of Jerusalem in Israel’s War of Independence, they forcibly expelled the Jewish population of Jerusalem in a brutal act of ethnic cleansing that goes ignored by the same leftists who focus on elderly Arab men waving keychains in the air. Homes belonging to Jewish families were replaced by Arab families, who in turn were not expelled when Israel liberated and reunited both halves of Jerusalem in 1967.

    While countries such as England recognized Jordan’s annexation of East Jerusalem, they have failed to recognize Israel’s reunification of the city. This has led to the ongoing absurdity in which children born in Jerusalem are treated as stateless by the US government and the US embassy remains in Tel Aviv, while the US Consulate in East Jerusalem does its best to pretend that it’s in the capital of Palestine, completely refusing to recognize Israel’s existence.

    Were security the issue, Gilo which faces the Arab towns of Beit Jala and Al Khader, and has been shot at repeatedly from them, would be a poor choice to live in. But Jerusalem is bulging at the seams. The price of housing has shot up, and while US Ambassador Richard H. Jones may have told Jewish residents of Jerusalem that “Sometimes people do have to move to a different location. They cannot always stay close to their families”, the reality is that living next to their families is exactly what people want to do. Regardless of what the State Department thinks about the matter.

    1800 years ago the Romans expelled the Jewish population of Jerusalem and renamed it Aelia Capitolina, a pagan city, and renamed Israel, Syria Palaestina. Today Obama and the State Department seem determined to do the very same thing. By calling a Jerusalem neighborhood, a “settlement”, Obama is actively attacking the right of Jews to live in Jerusalem. If Jewish Jerusalem is a settlement, then effectively every other part of Israel where Jews live is a settlement too.

    When even liberal US news outlets such as CNN have described Gilo as a Jewish neighborhood, in contrast to radical left wing British outlets such as the BBC and Reuters, who branded it as a “settlement”, Obama’s shift is a deliberate one. Helpful as always, UN Secretary General Ki Ban Moonbat stepped in to denounce Gilo as a “settlement built on Palestinian land that undermines efforts for peace”. Considering that Gilo already holds a population of 50,000, the land was privately owned and the Jewish presence there goes back to the Book of Joshua, but the facts are no obstacle to the lies.

    In Time Magazine, the increasingly unhinged Joe Klein claimed that Gilo “would be the capital of Palestine”, with presumably a Hadrianiac or Jordanian style ethnic cleansing solution for the 50,000 Jews who live there right now. Not that I imagine that would stop him in the least, so long as he had someone else to do the dirty work for him.

    But finally what is the basis for calling the Gilo neighborhood a “settlement”? The land on which Gilo was built was bought and owned by its Jewish residents. That land was occupied and seized by Jordan in 1948, until Israel liberated the territory in 1967. To call Gilo a “settlement”, recognizes the Jordanian invasion and seizure of the land as legitimate, while treating the Jewish presence there as illegitimate.

    And that is the real basis behind all this madness. The reason why a Jewish home in Jerusalem or anywhere in Israel is a settlement. To speak of “settlements” is to claim that the Jewish presence in Israel is illegitimate. And while some Israeli leftists may fondly imagine that settlers are religious Jews who live in caravans, as the case of Gilo once again demonstrates, all of Israel is a settlement. And that is why as far as the world’s diplomats are concerned, an Arab terrorist has more right to open fire on a Jewish family driving down the road, than the Israeli army has to shoot that same terrorist. And by giving in to US pressure to negotiate directly with the PLO, by signing the Oslo accords and by repeatedly agreeing to talk peace with Arafat and Abbas, the door was opened to greater and greater delegitimization of Israel.

    Israel’s global diplomatic position is far worse than it was 17 years ago. Israel’s strategic position is far worse than it was 17 years ago. The most rabid bigotry and the ugliest incitement has become the norm, the sort of language you would once hear in Ridyah or Damascus has now become cocktail party chatter in London, Paris and Washington D.C. All of Israel’s concessions have combined to put a gun to Jerusalem, and then to the rest of the land for a great going out of business, everything must go sale.

    The case of Gilo is one more wake up call that not only our terrorist “peace partners”, but even the so-called honest brokers of the world community do not believe that Jews have the right to live anywhere in Israel. Their backing of a Palestinian state has nothing to do with peace, as the fact that peace has failed to emerge over 17 years has not in any way dampened their ardor and enthusiasm for the project. Nor is it about a Two State Solution bringing regional stability. Even the dimmest paper pushers in the State Department and Foreign Ministry know that even were a Palestinian state to be created, the result would be more regional instability, not less. Only a One State Solution can succeed, and that solution is an Arab state and no Israel. The “Peace Process” and the “Two State Solution” are an incremental approach to bringing about that final solution.

    The men and women who toiled and worked the land, who turned swamps and desert into farmland and cities, understood that if there was no room for Jews in Israel, there was no room for Jews anywhere. Palestinian Islamic terrorism in turn is driven by the national and religious imperative to destroy the only non-Muslim country in the Middle East. And while America and Europe decry Israel’s capital as a Jewish settlement, Muslim settlements are springing up in their own capitals. While the cocktail party chatter is that serving up Israel on a platter to the beast will keep them safe, the violence is already in their streets. The same violence that Israel was built as a refuge against. And if Israel falls, they will be the next item on the menu.

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