Still Below 50% Barack Obama Bows To Banker China

The Gallup poll now measures Obama’s approval by Americans at 48%. Gallup is not alone. The Celestial Choirs are booing the Boob. Obama is a chump offering chump change.

No amount of Senate or House shenanigans will flim-flam the American public into supporting the further looting of household incomes with the IRS acting as the Frank Nitti style enforcer for insurance companies and Big PhaRma along with their government cronies.

No amount of publicity stunts will save this Humpty Dumpty who went to the Wall and had a great fall. Obama’s publicity stunt to China and other Asian countries was universally acclaimed as a triumph of boobery.

The New York Times summarized the boobery in Asia:

Instead, with the novelty of a visit as America’s first black president having given way to the reality of having to plow through intractable issues like monetary policy (China), trade (Singapore, China, South Korea), security (Japan) and the 800-pound gorilla on the continent (China), Mr. Obama’s Asia trip has been, in many ways, a long uphill slog.

So it is no wonder that on the last day of the toughest part of his trip — the China part — Mr. Obama took a hike: a brisk, bracing 30-minute climb up the Great Wall. At around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Obama’s mile-long motorcade arrived at the Great Wall’s Badaling section, which snakes over jagged, rocky mountains.

The Chinese are not impressed with mile long publicity stunts.

But Mr. Obama quickly discovered that popularity on the Asian streets did not necessarily translate into policy successes behind closed doors in the Kantei, the Japanese White House, let alone in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

While in China for his latest publicity stunt, Obama figuratively bowed before Banker China. We’re not talking the “kiss my ass” bow in the latest Saturday Night Live sketch which reads more like serious history than comedy:

Close to a trillion debt to China… serious recession…. how many jobs has the “stimulus” created? – so far, none…. how exactly is extending health care coverage to 30 million people going to save you money?… I know what a “clunker” is…. Each of your plans to save money involves spending even more money – this does not inspire confidence… I suppose if I really wanted to get our money I could call and say I was a Wall Street banker who needs his bonus…. What steps?…. Do I look like Mrs. Obama… Why are you talking to me like I was Mrs. Obama?…

As Obama continues to spend, spend, spend with more plans to spend, spend, spend, – Big Media continues to protect Obama. The latest bit of protection is the little coverage of the China bow. Have no doubt, even though the Obama bow to banker China was figurative, Obama bowed.

At 90 degrees Obama bowed to the Saudi King and at 90 degrees Obama bowed to the Emperor of Japan. But in China Obama outdid himself with the equivalent of a 45 degree bow which lowered his lips to Chinese government shoes.

The Obama bow in China was figurative, not literal. Obama bowed to the power of China – the American banker. Americans can be sure that our Chinese money masters will be as kind as Snidely Whiplash on a nasty day.

The Obama bow to China is the latest Obama scam soon to arrive with a flurry of publicity stunts. Here’s what happened:

President Barack Obama gave his sternest warning yet about the need to contain rising U.S. deficits, saying on Wednesday that if government debt were to pile up too much, it could lead to a double-dip recession.

With the U.S. unemployment rate at 10.2 percent, Obama told Fox News his administration faces a delicate balance of trying to boost the economy and spur job creation while putting the economy on a path toward long-term deficit reduction.

His administration was considering ways to accelerate economic growth, with tax measures among the options to give companies incentives to hire, Obama said in the interview with Fox conducted in Beijing during his nine-day trip to Asia.

But first Obama will spend more, lots more.

All the flim-flam talk by Obama that soon he will stop the wild spending is an attempt to bamboozle more money from China. This latest flim-flam is also an attempt to bamboozle the American public that the “charge it to the Chinese” spending spree will eventually end. We don’t believe Obama for a second.

“It is important though to recognize if we keep on adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery, that at some point, people could lose confidence in the U.S. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double-dip recession,” he said.

Obama is destroying the American economy with his spend, spend, spend and “charge it to the Chinese” Obamanomics (Obamanomics is “voodoo economics”). But Obama will soon hold countless publicity stunts to convince Banker China and the American taxpayer that he is not a wastrel and a destroyer of worlds.

To get the truth Americans have to rely on anything but Big Media “news sources”. Big Media will protect Obama and his booberies as long as possible. But the truth is seeping out.

It is not only via not very funny “comedy” shows like Saturday Night Live that Americans get the truth. Like Soviet era dissidents or Chinese government opponents Americans discover daily that the official news outlets are mechanisms for lies. But the truth is seeping out. The truth is seeping out on Saturday Night Live and by listening in as photographers take pictures of the Boob In Chief.

All that Obama pretense about playing golf? Obama can’t play golf either. Or bowl. Obama is not ready on Day 5000 to play golf, let only be ready to govern. Obama “sucks” say the photographers whose pictures don’t tell the story. The official pictures paint Obama as a tiger of the links, but the photographers elbowing their sides in secret clownishness say “Obama sucks”.

Slowly, the truth is seeping out. Obama can’t do anything right – not even bow, bowl, golf or speak without TelePrompter.

The truth is seeping out. Next time Obama bows, Americans need to kick him in the change purse and back to the slimy depths of Lake Michigan and Corrupt Chicago.