Barack Obama’s Fever Nightmare: Hillary Clinton

We were all set to finally publish our discussion of Item 10 today. We mentioned Item 10 in our article The World Series: The Hillary Clinton Coalition Versus The Barack Obama Coalition, Part III The discussion of Item 10 will be the focus of the first installment in a multi-part series we will publish regularly in the 12 months leading to the 2010 elections. In the series (titled “Mistake In ’08”) we will comprehensively discuss the Secretary of State Project and other topics.

But we yet again postponed publication of “Mistake In ’08” because of an article posted in the comments by JanH. We also wanted to feature a video posted by “S”. The video, as cartoon dad Homer Simpson says – “it’s funny because it’s true:

Obama’s Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner

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ABC News has a story today which echoes our own story from April 5 called World Leaders And North Korea To Barack Obama: “Sucker”.

ABC News notes that Nobel Prize winner Austin Powers Barack Obama truly is an international man of boobery. Reports ABC:

If Mr. Obama hoped that his week-long four-country visit to Asia, his first as president, would yield concrete accomplishments that might silence critics skeptical that he deserves that prize, he might be disappointed.

Though White House aides insist the president’s trip was mainly to reassert a US presence in Asian diplomacy, and that his itinerary set no expectations for major feats, the president has heard disappointing news in the past few days.

On Tuesday, even as one member of the White House National Security Council seemed to signal his belief that President Obama would soon be pushing for economic sanctions against Iran for refusing to cooperate with international diplomatic efforts to end its suspected nuclear weapons program, Chinese President and Paramount Leader Hu Jintao Tuesday signaled he might not be willing to go along if the matter comes up for a vote on the United Nations Security Council. [snip]

Earlier on his trip, in Singapore, the Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Loekke Rasmussen, the U.N.-sponsored climate conference‘s chairman, formally announced that he did not think there would be an agreement coming out of Copenhagen, and more negotiations will be necessary.

Then, after meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in a side meeting in Singapore, President Obama acknowledged that US-Russian negotiators would almost certainly not make the deadline for a new nuclear disarmament agreement to take the place of the START treaty that expires on December 5.

More frustrations followed.

On Monday, Chinese government officials refused to broadcast live President Obama’s Shanghai town hall meeting on state-run television.

Moreover, Chinese authorities attacked the US economy. China Banking Regulatory Commission chairman Liu Mingkang blamed falsely inflated assets throughout the world on “massive speculation” caused by a weak U.S. dollar and low U.S. interest rates, which he said prompted “unavoidable risks for the recovery of the global economy, especially emerging economies.”

World leaders continue to hold the callow, celebrity craving, clown in contempt. Austin Powers Barack Obama truly is an international man of boobery.

That world leaders continue to hold the callow, celebrity craving, clown in contempt did not surprise us.

What did surprise was an article by Big Time Democratic honcho Robert Shrum. Shrum has spent the entire year lighting incense before the Obama altar and singing a death Mass over the Republican Party and its tactics and prospects. No longer.

Today Shrum, who is a Democratic fixture having run several presidential campaigns and speech writing since the time of the Kennedys, echoes our article Les Jeux Sont Faits: Barack Obama, 10.2 Unemployed, 17.5 Broken. We ended that article with the Latin quote, Alea iacta est – “the die are cast”. Shrumie agrees, although he extends the deadline through December 15, the Ides Of December:

For Barack Obama and the Democrats, three tests in the last month of this year will cast the fate of both president and party. The first — on the economy — is largely decided, although we don’t yet know the outcome. [snip]

To push through major initiatives on climate control and energy, financial regulation, immigration and equal rights, Obama needs a gathering sense of confidence among Americans that the economy is on track. The December unemployment numbers, which will be reported in January, before the State of the Union message, won’t be vigorous enough to achieve that on their own; but they will be a signal of impending job creation or of persistent job losses in the coming months. If the prognosis is bleak, fearful Democrats will desert the Administration next year, and Republicans will dominate the midterm election and go on to block Obama at every turn in the following two years.

Shrumie knows the prognosis on the economy, is bleak already, but he wants to grade Obama on a generous curve. What Shrumie is actually doing is pushing himself away from the albatross called Barack Obama so that he can later on say “I told you so.” Sorry Shrumie, we ain’t buying.

Shrumie admits that Obama will try to waste more money and bigger deficits while at the same time issuing a deceptive call for “deficit reduction”. Shrumie know this will not work:

But it will take time for the effects of more spending to be felt — likely more time than the months remaining before next summer, when voters will settle on the economic verdict they will deliver in November.

Shrumie just threw Obama under the bus.

Next Shrumie shovels dirt on the Obama and Dimocrats’ coffin on the issue of health “care” “reform”:

The final stage of the health reform battle will require an all out effort from Obama himself. At stake is more than a landmark achievement and the president’s subsequent capacity to pursue change across the board. At stake is also his capacity to hold the Democratic Party together. The sights and sounds of liberal dissatisfaction abound — in nightly commentaries on MSNBC, in last month’s 200,000-strong gay rights march in Washington, and across hundreds of different blogs. What modulates the protests, and contains the criticism, is not merely the president’s personal appeal, but a shared commitment to finally realizing health care as a right and not just a costly privilege.

Devotion to that cause has tempered the unease of the Democratic base, giving the White House leeway on decisions ranging from delayed action on global warming to “don’t ask, don’t tell” and the defenestration of White House Counsel Greg Craig, who was smeared for trying to keep the President’s pledge to close Guantanamo. If health reform falls short in December, however, not even White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel will be able to bar the door. Like Congressional Democrats, the President can’t afford to lose this one (which is also another reason the bill is likely to pass).

“Bolt the door, Louise” Shrumie yells, “disaster is a-comin'” for Boob Obama and his enabler Dimocrats. According to Shrumie, Obama won’t even be able to be a “uniter not a divider” for the Dimocrats, let alone the entire country.

On Afghanistan, Shrumie provides more excuses for dithering, inexperienced, unqualified, never held an executive job, Obama.

By the Ides of December, Obama must answer a third critical test — on Afghanistan.

So desperate is Shrumie that he trashes General McChrystal, the man Obama himself appointed with so many blaring trumpets and words, words, words, of promise of CHANGE and HOPE.

If Gen. McChrystal truly believes that fantasy, what can his recommendations be worth?

Trash the military Shrumie, trash the General that dithering, inexperienced, unqualified, never held an executive job, Obama appointed. That’s the way to go to finish off the Obamination called the Obama Dimocratic Organizing for Obama Dimocratic Obamination Party.

Shrumie also advances the notion of Afghanistan as “Obama’s War”.

But if Obama plunges ahead and the conflict still has no end in sight, the Republicans will simply shift their partisan attack to “Obama’s war.”

With all the under-the-bus, “Obama’s War”, Democratic Party falling apart paragraphs, there is only one sentence that contorts Obama’s face and plunges Michelle Obama into a paroxysm of sleeve yanking. There is one sentence which drenches Obama in a Fever Nightmare. The sentence, which when tied to the Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin someday summit, is this one:

Inconceivable as it now seems, the President could also face a challenge for renomination from within a fractured Democratic Party.

Shrumie ends his job-hunting, Obama distancing article by noting:

By the Ides of December, the die will be cast.

While we don’t think Hillary Clinton will directly challenge Obama for the nomination in 2012, we do think it is the job of sensible Democrats and smart Hillary supporting websites to drive Obama from the 2012 race. It is also the job for American citizens who care about the country.

Did we mention that “two-thirds of the public thinks that Secretary of State HIllary Clinton’s qualified for the Oval Office. That’s more than Vice President Joe Biden, who’s currently next in line for the presidency.”?

The CNN survey indicates that 67 percent of people questioned say that Clinton is qualified to serve in the Oval Office, 17 points higher than the 50 percent of Americans who think that Biden’s qualified to take over as president.

Who else but Hillary?

We’ll echo Shrumie echoing us: Alea iacta est .