Prognosis Negative – The Black And Blue Death Of The Obama Health Scam

Remember our article called The Obama Health Plan Obama Supporters Do Not Want To Discuss? Today we present the “Big Media Article On The Obama Health Plan Obama Supporters Do Not Want To Discuss”.

Who’dathunk Big Media (via Politico) would get out of the gossip business and actually write about something that matters? We’re shocked to the point of having to give kudos to Carrie Budoff Brown of Politico.

Carrie Budoff Brown yesterday wrote the article few will write about or rationally discuss. The article is called Health Savings? No One Knows“. Here are some excerpts:

Barack Obama ran for president on a promise of saving the typical family $2,500 a year in lower health care premiums.

But that was then.

No one in the White House is making such a pledge now.

It’s one of the most basic, kitchen-table questions of the entire reform debate: Would the sweeping $900 billion overhaul actually lower spiraling insurance premiums for everyone?

A broken Obama promise is a “dog bites” story – not a single sentient being is surprised – that is what dogs do! What is astonishing is the question posted by Carrie Budoff Brown. In researching an earlier article for Big Pink we tried to answer the question and could not find any documentation or empirical evidence or numbers or anything on the question. Now we know why we came out empty-handed. The essential question has not been answered. Again, Kudos to Carrie:

No one really knows.

And in fact, for all the ink spilled on the effects of health care reform, no independent group has taken a comprehensive look at how the legislation would impact premiums for the 170 million Americans who receive insurance through their employers – a population that would receive little direct financial assistance under the various congressional proposals.

For small businesses and individuals who purchase their own plans, economists remain sharply divided over the impact on premiums.

“This town continues to miss what is going to be the real issue,” Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said. “The real lodestar, the thing people are focusing on at home, is all premiums, premiums, premiums. All you have right now is what the insurance industry has said.”

At a recent Senate health committee hearing, two health care rivals – Douglas Holtz-Eakin, an economic adviser to Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign, and Jonathan Gruber, an economics professor whose work is cited often by the White House – agreed comprehensive, objective evidence wasn’t available for small and large businesses.

“It’s insane,” Holtz-Eakin said.

After almost a full year of words, words, words, we are bereft of facts, facts, facts. There is a reason why we have lots of fast-talking and few figures and numbers: it’s a scam. It’s another Obama flim-flam.

Kudos to Carrie and kudos to someone we always heard was a dumb bunny – Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana. [A quick side note on Evan Bayh. On June 30, 2007 we wrote the following about Bayh: “Evan Bayh proved he was a good fundraiser before he dropped out of the 2008 race. Bayh made some dumb personnel decisions for his campaign but quickly corrected them, which we found impressive.” Bayh impressed us then and continues to impress even though everyone says he’s dumb. As a further note, the dumb hires Bayh got rid of were eventually hired by the Clinton campaign in a state she lost, which we were not at all happy with – but that is a story for another day.]

Senator Evan Bayh deserves major kudos along with Brown for writing about his efforts:

The lack of data prompted Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) to request a broad analysis from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office on premiums, which he said was “a basic, bottom-line question that we have to have answered before we can decide if this is an intelligent thing to do.”

Aides expect to see the report ahead the Senate floor debate on health care, which is causing anxiety among Democrats because of the uncertainty of what the famously cost-conservative CBO will produce. The possibility that congressional scorekeepers will conclude that premiums won’t flatten out or decrease would make centrists even more leery of reform, forcing adjustments to the bill just as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is already scrambling to meet a Christmas deadline.

Senator Bayh is sure to be attacked by those that don’t want to discuss facts. Bayh will be personally excoriated and trashed, because he is asking a very good question and demanding answers. Obama, of course, will be excused from the very promises he himself made:

Obama was the one who raised expectations of lower premiums. From one city to the next, and during the presidential debates, Obama made the pledge almost as often as he vowed to remove troops from Iraq: “We estimate we can cut the average family’s premium by about $2,500 per year.”

Hopium guzzlers and PINO poseurs will not care to hold Obama to his promises or his, um, words. The Bayh critics are not reality based. Obama’s promises will not be forgotten in the age of Youtube.

He has barely uttered it since taking office. The last recorded mention by Obama was in May, when he announced that six health industry groups agreed to lower the growth rate in health care spending by $2 trillion over 10 years, resulting in a savings of $2,500 per family “in the coming years.”

Campaign advisers sought to make Obama’s plan tangible to voters. But the $2,500 estimate was controversial, even among progressive health care economists. First, the figure represented not simply a family’s share of premiums, but also savings that would accrue for employers, Medicare and Medicaid. Second, experts did not expect the savings to materialize for many years.

David Cutler, a Harvard University economist who helped develop the estimate for the Obama campaign, said the savings are still achievable, but perhaps not for a decade. It depends almost entirely on whether Congress is strict about reducing the growth rate of health care spending in Medicare and Medicaid – and the private sector follows the government’s lead in wringing inefficiencies and waste out of the system.

The Boston Globe on May 21, 2009 quoted the slippery Obama:

In the final debate of the presidential campaign, while banks collapsed and layoffs mounted, Barack Obama turned to the camera to speak directly to the 56 million Americans watching at home. His healthcare plan, he said, would save families big money on insurance.

We estimate we can cut the average family’s premium by about $2,500 per year,” he said, repeating a promise he had made in the previous debate, and in stump speeches and television ads for the better part of a year.

As Congress prepares for a four-month sprint to pass a sweeping healthcare bill, though, it is hard to find anybody serious about health policy who believes premiums will actually drop anytime soon. Getting healthcare costs to grow at the pace of inflation, instead of two or more times that rate, would be “a tremendous stretch,” said John Sheils, senior vice president of the Lewin Group, a health policy consulting firm.

Indeed, even the Senate Democrats writing the healthcare bill acknowledge that it could, initially, cost some families more in higher taxes to underwrite the cost of insuring the uninsured. Democrats in Congress are talking about things like taxes on sugary drinks and alcohol, and about taxing a portion of employee health benefits of those individuals with the biggest salaries and most generous health plans.

But the president has continued to repeat his promise to save $2,500 per family – particularly after, last week, drug, hospital, and insurance industry leaders promised the president they would voluntarily reduce the growth of their revenues by $2 trillion over the next decade.

“Coupled with comprehensive healthcare reform,” Obama wrote to those leaders in a follow-up letter, “your efforts could save the Nation more than $2 trillion over the next 10 years and save hardworking families $2,500 in health care costs in the coming years.”

Hopium guzzlers will not hold Obama’s feet to the fire. Hopium guzzlers will instead nuzzle Obama’s toes with their tongues.

But facts are stubborn things:

“Far and away, what happens to premiums is dependent on whether you can bend the cost curve,” Cutler said.

And there are questions as to whether the bills even meet that goal.

Gruber, the favorite economist of the White House, said the bill “really doesn’t bend the cost curve.”

Gruber, is the favorite economist of Obama because he thinks “this bill starts us down the road” to bending the cost curve and because “relative to doing nothing” he argues the Obama health scam is better.

Reminded that Obama demanded a bill that lowers health care spending, Gruber said: “That is what he would like to do. But he’s not doing it.

Again, it is the difference between Obama words and Obama actions.

White House favorite Gruber, writes the epitaph on the Obama health scam tombstone:

If premiums are the benchmark by which reform is judged, “we are setting ourselves up to fail,” Gruber said. “Premiums will still go up, but they will go up less than they would” without the overhaul.

It’s the old argument of “saved” jobs recycled from the “stimulus” scam battles.

Gruber does try to help Obama out:

People who currently purchase insurance on the expensive individual market are most likely to see lower premiums, Gruber said. Small businesses could also see more manageable premiums, he said, because they would shop for plans in an exchange, which would offer the kind of bargaining power now available only to large employers. But those savings would vary widely based on the health of the firm’s workers, he added.

“Older, sicker, small firms will clearly win” since they pay the highest premiums under the current system, Gruber said. “Probably the healthy firms will lose a little bit. … The truth is I don’t think there will be a huge swing either way.”

We would like to see some numbers because, the reality of numbers is better than dazed walking into walls with Hopium. Let’s get data and cast aside Obama’s faith based approach on numbers which is reminiscent of Professor Harold Hill’s “think system” of music learning.

Like Professor Harold Hill who evades facts (“The school board arrives to collect Harold’s credentials, but he leads them in singing “Goodnight, Ladies” and slips away.”) Obama does not want to produce the facts and figures necessary to help Americans make an intelligent decision on a scam of massive proportions.

It would take years to implement the cost savings, but billions in new taxes would be levied immediately on insurers, device manufacturers, and drug makers, which the CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxation has said would be passed onto consumers. In the absence of an enforceable mandate on individuals to purchase coverage, various market reforms would also cause a spike in costs, Holtz-Eakin said.

The only question is how big this problem will be,” Holtz-Eakin said.

The issue has steadily crept to the forefront of the debate since the insurance industry released three reports over the last month warning about higher premiums. Democrats largely dismissed the analyses because of the source. But Republicans have seized upon the issue, making it central to their argument against the Democratic bills.

The question is why haven’t all the questions been answered. Again, we are forced to ask about Obama, where are the answers?

Lawmakers say they are hungry for data that assures them they are not voting for a bill that does the opposite what they have intended.

I want to see an objective, third-party analysis from people who don’t have a conflict of interest,” said Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.). “I like evidence.

As we have pointed out before, the biggest enemy of a scam flim-flam man is time and thought. Time and deliberative thought are the enemy of “all con artists, three-card monte thieves, and flim-flam men.”

Obama has thus far escaped scutiny on most of his scams, but if Evan Bayh gets his answers in time he will have enough to pummel the scam artist and his thug friends.

Time, thought, and answers will beat a black and blue death to the Obama health scam.


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  1. OO is like most flim flam rise to the top people. Once they reach the top (Usually they don’t stay long at any level below that), they finally have to perform, and they have to show that they can meet the goals.

    Where is that job application for President of the World. OO needs to move on quickly, as people are about to find out that he CANNOT DELIVER.

  2. Off topic, but the hoffman?Owens controversy is not goping away and it appears Pooplosi mauy have ILLEGALLY sworn Ownes in to get the majority needed for HCR.

    Check THIS!

    Nancy Pelosi ramroded through an unpopular, socialist Health Care Bill last weekend by a margin of 2 votes. Bill Owens apparent victory made a difference in the vote. Did Owens win the NY-23 election?

    John Charlton of The Post & Email just brought a breaking story to our attention.

    “It looks increasingly that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in her zeal to get the Health Care Federalization Bill passed, may have sworn in an unelected candidate for the NY-23 Congressional District, in violation of the U.S. Constitution and New York State laws.

    As a matter of fact, the Secretary of State of New York has not certified the election, in which Dough Hoffman and Bill Owens vied in a special election, nearly head to head, after Scozzafava retired in humiliation, having lost the support of conservatives in her district.”

  3. 😳

    “It turns out that Pelosi’s swearing-in of Owens had the political effect of garnering the addition Republican vote, of Cao, in the vote for the Health Care Bill, which passed narrowly, 220-215. The election fraud therefore puts in doubt the legitimacy of that vote also.”

    From the Syracuse Post Standard, November 12, 2009.

    “Recanvassing shows NY-23 race tightens even as Rep. Bill Owens is sworn into House seat”

    “Conservative Doug Hoffman conceded the race in the 23rd Congressional District last week after receiving two pieces of grim news for his campaign: He was down 5,335 votes with 93 percent of the vote counted on election night, and he had barely won his stronghold in Oswego County.

    As it turns out, neither was true.

    But Hoffman’s concession — based on snafus in Oswego County and elsewhere that left his vote undercounted — set off a chain of events that echoed all the way to Washington, D.C., and helped secure passage of a historic health care reform bill.

    Democratic Rep. Bill Owens was quickly sworn into office on Friday, a day before the rare weekend vote in the House of Representatives. His support sealed his party’s narrow victory on the health care legislation.

    Now a recanvassing in the 11-county district shows that Owens’ lead has narrowed to 3,026 votes over Hoffman, 66,698 to 63,672, according to the latest unofficial results from the state Board of Elections.

    In Oswego County, where Hoffman was reported to lead by only 500 votes with 93 percent of the vote counted election night, inspectors found Hoffman actually won by 1,748 votes — 12,748 to 11,000.

    The new vote totals mean the race will be decided by absentee ballots, of which about 10,200 were distributed, said John Conklin, communications director for the state Board of Elections.

  4. I love the title of this article!


    If New York’s Secretary of State hasn’t certified Owen’s status yet, then pelosi’s swearing in is moot and void.

  5. An illegal vote on the HRC, due to the swearing in of a Rep before the State validated the election. Can this get any better. Oh I forgot, the swearing in of a US President who has not been proven to be eligible, according to the US Constitution.

    When you have violated the US Constitution, violating the rules of the election of a state representative I guess is not that important.

  6. Gag/Bull warning!!!

    CNN taps John King to replace Lou Dobbs
    November 12, 2009

    CNN is handing Lou Dobbs’ 4 p.m. PT time slot to anchor John King, whose encyclopedic political knowledge and deft use of technology made him one of the network’s standouts during last year’s political coverage. King, who anchors the network’s Sunday morning show, “State of the Union,” will start his daily show early next year and give up the weekend program. The network this morning described the program as a “definitive political hour” in which King will interview newsmakers, political reporters and elected officials.

    “The program will reflect what CNN is all about: straight facts from our anchors and the widest range of opinions from across the political spectrum,” CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein said in a statement. “John has enthralled CNN viewers with his vast political knowledge, and he has spent the past year reporting from beyond the Beltway on pressing policy issues and the real people they impact. Every night, he’ll share his passion and his insights about what is really going on in Washington and across America.”

    King said he planned to use his new platform “to discuss and explore the big issues of our time.” “There is a lot of noise and conflict in our political discourse, which is fun to cover, but I’m convinced from my travels that people also thirst for more details as well as insight and context,” he said. “I’m looking forward to combining those conversations with top newsmakers, smart reporting and expert analysis.” The anchor came to CNN in 1997 from the Associated Press.

    The move comes after Dobbs made a surprise announcement on his program Wednesday that he was resigning after nearly 30 years at the network.

  7. NHMC takes aim at Dobbs radio show

    Now that Lou Dobbs is off CNN, the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) is seeking to have him knocked off radio as well. The group accuses Dobbs, whose wife is Hispanic, of anti-Hispanic hate speech.

    “The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) and the Latino community congratulate CNN management for directing Lou Dobbs to either return to being a credible journalist or find another home. Lou Dobbs’ editorializing and hate speech-aimed directly at the Latino community-had become an embarrassment to CNN and placed the network’s integrity in great question. Dobbs’ continuous misrepresentations and misinformation regarding the Latino community had become a cause of great concern to all people of good will who work day-in and day-out to make this a better nation,” said a statement sent to RBR-TVBR by NHMC President & CEO Alex Nogales.

    “As Dobbs leaves CNN the Latino community will turn its ear toward the radio network that allows and encourages him to continue his shrill hate speech and factual misrepresentations,” said Nogales. That would be United Stations Radio Networks. As reported, USRN told RBR-TVBR that Dobb’s exit from CNN would have no impact on his continuing radio broadcasts. USRN’s syndicated radio shows featuring Dobbs include a daily show, a weekend “best of” show and daily financial reports.

  8. Absolutely timely and hard-hitting post, admin.

    OT. Obama’s Muddled Message at Fort Hood or Not for the first time the system is blinking red:

    …In the media, the question of the hour is how the military could have missed the warning signs of Hasan’s impending attack. Such details are important, and it would be a great idea to have better mechanisms (or any mechanisms at all?) within the military to catch the warning signs and act in time. But vigilance of that kind starts at the top. Right now the biggest warning sign of all is a president who looks at a pattern of jihadi communications, recruiting and attacks on America, and tells the public that the bloodshed at Fort Hood is “incomprehensible.” Not for the first time, the system is blinking red.

    Claudia Rosett, a journalist-in-residence with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, writes a weekly column on foreign affairs for Forbes.

    www dot

  9. I guess even if Hoffman voted against it and that Repub, Cao, also voted against it, the bill would still have passed by 1, right?

    218 – 217?

    John King will never attract the audience size of Dobbs. He is dull boring and dweebish.

  10. Hasan to be charged with premeditated murder, Army official says

    By Peter Slevin and William Branigin
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Thursday, November 12, 2009

    FORT HOOD, Tex. — Army officials intend to charge Maj. Nidal M. Hasan with premeditated murder in last week’s killing of 12 soldiers and a civilian at Fort Hood, an Army official said Thursday. The murder charges are expected to be announced Thursday afternoon.

    Authorities have said Hasan will be tried in a military court because he is a service member, the shooting took place on an Army post, and all of those slain were Defense Department personnel. Of the 13 who died, four were officers, eight were enlisted soldiers and one was a retired chief warrant officer who was working as a civilian at Fort Hood.

    Hasan, 39, an Army psychiatrist, allegedly opened fire Nov. 5 with two handguns on unarmed soldiers who were preparing for deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. The attack at Fort Hood’s Soldier Readiness Processing Center also left 38 people wounded. It has been described as the deadliest mass shooting at a U.S. military installation. The rampage ended when Hasan was shot by civilian police who responded to the scene. Hasan was subsequently flown to an Army hospital in San Antonio, where he has been reported in stable condition as he recovers from four gunshot wounds.

    Hasan has refused to talk to Army or FBI investigators, authorities said. He requested legal representation and met with two attorneys. His civilian lawyer, retired Col. John P. Galligan, has said he would not permit Hasan to be questioned without a defense attorney present.

    Officials at Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio said Hasan was taken off a ventilator Saturday after arriving the day before from a hospital in Temple, Tex. A spokeswoman at Brooke said Monday, “He is in stable condition, and he is conversing with the medical staff, the doctors and nurses who are assisting with his medical needs.”

    Galligan, who was hired by Hasan’s family, and Maj. Christopher E. Martin, Fort Hood’s senior defense attorney, met with Hasan for about half an hour Monday night at Brooke. Galligan later questioned whether Hasan could get a fair trial at Fort Hood.
    The attorney said his client knew he was a suspect in the Fort Hood shootings but that there were no formal charges at the time that could be discussed at the Monday meeting.

    Colleagues and relatives have said that Hasan, a U.S.-born Muslim of Palestinian descent, opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and was upset about his own looming deployment to Afghanistan. Relatives also said he had been harassed because of his religion.

    At the apartment complex where Hasan lived in Killeen outside Fort Hood, another soldier had vandalized Hasan’s car and tore off a bumper sticker that read “Allah is Love,” prompting Hasan to file a complaint to police, a co-manager of the complex said. The soldier had been in Iraq and reportedly was upset to learn that Hasan was Muslim. Residents of the complex said Hasan gave away furniture, food, clothes and other belongings on Wednesday and Thursday before the shootings, telling neighbors he was going to be deployed to Afghanistan on Friday.
    Hours after Hasan gave an air mattress and other items to his next-door neighbor, Patricia Villa, and offered her money to clean his apartment after he left, he allegedly opened fire at the Fort Worth processing center.

    Prosecutors are expected to focus in part on Hasan’s actions at the apartment complex before the shootings as they seek to prove premeditation.

  11. basil9, WOW! That Nasty Pelousy is a criminal, I hope we can get her out. Has she read the constitution lately?? I doubt it. SHe seems to think she has the authority to certify and swear in any body she see fit too!

  12. A bright spot for all of us Hillary supporters.Better turn in your front door key for the house you have shamed Mr. O and let the real President take charge.


    FOREIGN SECRETARY ROMULO: Thank you all for joining us this afternoon. It is my privilege to welcome Secretary Hillary Clinton to Manila. She was here as First Lady with President Bill Clinton during our hosting of APEC in 1996, and this time she is here as the U.S. Secretary of State. In the issue that just came out, Time calls the Secretary the most powerful U.S. public diplomat in quite some time; let me add, also the most popular foreign secretary the world over, and in no country more so than here in the Philippines.

    Welcome, Madame Secretary. Our long history as friends and allies is deeply rooted in our commitment to freedom and democracy. We fought and shed blood together in the foxholes of Bataan and Corregidor 67 years ago. And we are determined to deepen and broaden our partnership, and to work together in facing today’s challenges. When Typhoon Ketsana in Burma battered our cities and towns, among the first to come to our assistance was the United States – in personnel, in resources, in equipment, in helicopters, in soldier boats, bulldozers, you name it, forklifts.

    In my area where I live, the first to rescue survivors were the U.S. Navy in the soldier boat. We are therefore honored to have the opportunity to personally express our deep gratitude to Secretary Clinton for the timely and substantial assistance given by the U.S. Government during our recent natural disasters. As Secretary Clinton has just said, she is now visiting us to show solidarity with our friends in the Philippines who have been battered and have suffered so much. Thank you, Madame Secretary

  13. I kind of like sec. Gates…

    And he is wisely worried about the leaks on Afghanistan….!!!!!!

    looks like the lefist people in BO’s admin are giving out all those “undislcosed” info!!!!

  14. Obama concedes defeat in showdown with Fox News

    November 12, 2009
    Kelly McParland

    Reports today indicate President Obama has sounded a retreat in his war with Fox News, which blew up a month ago when the White House accused the network of acting like an arm of the Republican party.

    The White House was doomed to lose this one, as (cough, cough) more than one person predicted. Picking a war with the press rarely works, since they tend to stick together, and there are way more of them than there are of you, as Anita Dunn learned to her detriment:

    President Barack Obama will sit down with Fox News’ Major Garrett for an exclusive interview next week, ending months of bickering between the White House and the network that kept the president mostly off its airwaves.

    The news that Obama would join Garrett during the president’s upcoming trip to Asia arrives hours after then-Communications Director Anita Dunn — who first voiced criticism of the Fox franchise — announced she would soon depart her position.

  15. ACORN says US funding cut was unconstitutional

    NEW YORK — ACORN has filed a lawsuit claiming that Congress violated the Constitution when it passed a law cutting off federal funding to the organization. The Center for Constitutional Rights filed the lawsuit on ACORN’s behalf Thursday in Brooklyn federal court. It claims the law was unconstitutional because it punitively targeted an individual organization.

    Messages for comment left at the White House and the federal agencies named in the suit were not immediately returned.

    ACORN, short for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, portrays itself as an advocate for the poor and minorities.

    The group’s CEO, Bertha Lewis, says she underestimated the impact of the Congressional action. She says state, local and most private funds have been cut off as well.

  16. Obama has thus far escaped scutiny on most of his scams, but if Evan Bayh gets his answers in time he will have enough to pummel the scam artist and his thug friends.


    Yes Evan Bayh!!! you go because you will be morely be the person to go against BO in 2012 and WIN!!!!!!

    As for Acorn I hope their case comes up against a tough conservative BUSH appointed judge!!!!!! And the case can go all the way to the supreme ct as far as I am concerned.

  17. Admin: Another awesome post. I want to run something by you. My sister has worked in the IT department of CHW hospitals for many years. In the past she has traveled a lot implementing upgrades and installing new services. However, her hospital was awarded hundreds of millions of flim flam stim. This was given to connect the CHW hopitals to each other. She has been on the project for months and has traveled to many states but the bulk of the project is being done in Las Vegas. If they don’t finish the project in time they will be fined millions per day so the pressure is on. I’m wondering if you heard anything about a “national coordinator of health and information technolongy”. I beleive the funding for this position came out of the flim flam stim as well. What about the “federal coordinating council for competive effectiveness research”? This leads me to believe that they are building the stepping stones to rationing care. Have you heard of either of these positions? Nice way to stimulate the economy, right?

  18. Strong article worth reading in its entirety:

    To listen to some pundits, Barack Obama’s public image began taking a serious beating when the off-year election returns came in a week ago. Or maybe it was the undeserved Nobel Prize, his approach to the war in Afghanistan, or when he revved up his pursuit of national health-care reform.

    But the pundits, as usual, are wrong. In reality, Obama peaked the night he was elected. [snip]

    The 10 months since he took the oath of office have been a letdown, even to most of his supporters.

    Obama still doesn’t seem to grasp that the collective Election Night reverie is over, and that now we are waiting for him to lead us in real time. Sure, a little bit of hubris was probably inevitable, but it led Obama to conclude, despite what he said back then, that the historic election had been about him. When in the end, as always, it was about us. [snip]

    For a while, the mainstream media – what little of it is left, anyway – gave Obama a virtual free ride. Even as they have become more skeptical, however, they’ve been drowned out by the increasingly loud faithful on both sides who reflexively praise or trash him.

    Who knows what to believe or how to figure out equilibrium anymore? The press used to be a check on presidents, but no longer. [snip]

    Like most who are new to the big leagues, Obama hasn’t spent enough time in public life to befriend the right people. As a result, he relies too heavily on the folks who got him where he is – whether from the campaign or Chicago – when he really needs advisors who see the world differently than he does, and are willing tell him what he doesn’t want to hear.

    In terms of practical leadership, then, Obama has let Congress take the lead (which, if he were an effective leader, he wouldn’t allow to happen), even though its approval ratings are some 30 points below his. Worse, when it comes to finding “experts” to solve our national crises, he has relied on all the usual, conventional suspects, such as Tim Geithner and Larry Summers – even though they’re the sort of people who helped get us into this economic mess in the first place. Having bought into a solution to the financial crisis that centered around bailing out Wall Street – essentially a continuation of the Bush policy, despite what the Tea Partiers think – he’s left himself open to a populist insurgency that poses the biggest threat to his political success. It’s no surprise that Main Street no longer trusts Obama– it never will.

    Another rookie mistake of Obama’s is his belief that, in order to wrest control back from adversity, he must repeat what he did as a successful candidate. In his case, that means making endless public appearances, delivering the same speeches, and attacking his political enemies with the talking points of the day. But Obama isn’t in Kansas or anymore. Or, more to the point, Illinois.

    Put simply, Obama has misread his mandate. Perhaps he thought he was elevated to pass health care – they loved it in Iowa! – but in fact it was the economic crisis that got him elected, is now our national preoccupation, and will be the solution of which (or lack of one) that determines whether he’s re-elected.

    Obama seems to have forgotten all the stuff he proclaimed in the campaign about a new type of non-divisive presidency, even though that promise of bipartisanship was the facet of his candidacy that appealed the most to independents. Of course, the Republicans have made bipartisanship difficult. But he was the one in the campaign who claimed he could deal in a new way with those across the aisle – in contrast with his primary opponent, Hillary Clinton, who once called that opposition “the vast right-wing conspiracy.”

    Obama further miscalculated what a president actually does and is expected to do in a constitutionally weak office. When it comes to the economy in an interdependent world, there’s not a whole lot under his office’s control.

    Now that we, as a nation, have awakened from our post-election, post-racial dream state, we’ve begun to notice that our president may not be much interested in being a chief “executive,” given that he’s never run anything before or expressed the slightest inclination to do so. He has big ideas, to be sure, but that’s only a small part of the job. The hard, nitty-gritty labor of figuring out how government can actually work better – the operative word is “governing” – seems to hold no appeal for him.

    Put another way, where are our flu shots? It’s worth recalling that, in what seems a lifetime ago, it was Clinton – not Obama – who promised to be ready on Day One.

    Even giving speeches is overrated, especially in a media universe so oversaturated that the president can’t get nearly the mass audience he could just a generation ago, when there were only three networks and no Internet. The bully pulpit has become a megaphone, and not a very large one at that.

    The question now is whether Obama can learn and change. It’s not an easy one to answer. Yes, all presidents have to grow in office to prosper. Many of the challenges Obama faces – to say goodbye to most of his old friends or recalibrate his political antenna – have been ably surmounted by others with less talent and far less brains. But brains are overrated in the presidency: just look at the politically successful Ronald Reagan and the unsuccessful Jimmy Carter.

    Besides, what Obama needs to do requires more of a psychological transformation than an intellectual one. The milestone-minded, transformative nature of his candidacy can never be replicated or matched – you can only be elected the first African-American once. He needs to come down from his mountaintop because, in this country, only the faithful appreciate a president who consistently makes us listen to him, rather than the other way around.

    So far, the signs aren’t good. In his quest to surpass what he’s done before and reprise his role as the nation’s Moses, Obama appears to be on the verge of an “historic” remake of one-sixth of the American economy, namely health care – despite the fact that a solid majority of Americans oppose the change. Whatever the merits, pushing for major societal change without bringing society along is a guarantee of prolonged strife, and is as unprecedented in its own way as his election was. It is – dare we say it? – very George W. Bush-like in its disregard of the popular will; meaning that, in the ultimate irony, history may pair these two as mirror reflections of one another.

  19. Puma-SF, be afraid, be very afraid:

    The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) is at the forefront of the Administration’s Health IT efforts, and a resource to the entire health system to support the adoption of health information technology and the promotion of nationwide health information exchange to improve health care. ONC is organizationally located within the Office of the Secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

    ONC is the principal Federal entity charged with coordination of nationwide efforts to implement and use the most advanced health information technology and the electronic exchange of health information. The position of National Coordinator was created in 2004, through an Executive Order, and legislatively mandated in the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act [HITECH Act] of 2009.
    ONC’s mission includes:

    * Promoting development of a nationwide HIT infrastructure that allows for electronic use and exchange of information that:
    o Ensures secure and protected patient health information
    o Improves health care quality
    o Reduces health care costs
    o Informs medical decisions at the time/place of care
    o Includes meaningful public input in infrastructure development
    o Improves coordination of care and information among hospitals, labs, physicians, etc.
    o Improves public health activities and facilitates early identification/rapid response to public health emergencies
    o Facilitates health and clinical research
    o Promotes early detection, prevention, and management of chronic diseases
    o Promotes a more effective marketplace
    o Improves efforts to reduce health disparities
    * Providing leadership in the development, recognition, and implementation of standards and the certification of HIT products;
    * Health IT policy coordination;
    * Strategic planning for HIT adoption and health information exchange; and
    * Establishing governance for the Nationwide Health Information Network.

  20. Admin (1 or 2 or the whole gang!!):

    Looks like that realclearpolitics article is echoing what you have been saying from DAY 1. YOU were right and ready on DAY 1 !!!!

  21. “Like Professor Harold Hill who evades facts (”The school board arrives to collect Harold’s credentials, but he leads them in singing “Goodnight, Ladies” and slips away.”) Obama does not want to produce the facts and figures necessary to help Americans make an intelligent decision on a scam of massive proportions. ”

    Excellent metaphor. And I would say that Obama employs this strategy in many realms. The scam could be healthcare, or could even be who he really is, or his eligibility for office. We’re just supposed to hum along to his tune, not ask to see the instruments.

  22. lorac,

    Does this misfit even know the facts? Isn’t he spoonfed and teleprompted everyting he needs to know/they want him to say?

  23. And I would say that Obama employs this strategy in many realms. The scam could be healthcare, or could even be who he really is, or his eligibility for office. We’re just supposed to hum along to his tune, not ask to see the instruments.


    Yes. A more complicated contiuation of the ploy he admitted in his book: being a blank shirt on which different people could project different positions.

    That shirt was blank. Now it’s bills that are so big and complicated that no one can make sense of them, so different people choose different scraps to project on. And Obama can deny that any of the scraps are HIS!

  24. Admin: Thanks for the info and I am very afraid. I thought medical records were private like doctor patient priviledge. If it’s true that the “league rationing board” already has a center with 15 appointees and a budget of $1.4 billion that we are already screwed. You add to that the “council for competive effectiveness research” and rationing is alive and well.

  25. admin
    November 12th, 2009 at 3:57 pm
    Strong article worth reading in its entirety

    Very insightful article and so true. Too bad, other people didn’t see this last year.

  26. Pelousy at work again. I really, really loathe that woman.

    From Politico:

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be endorsing Rep. Michael Capuano in the Massachusetts Senate special election, choosing her House colleague over Attorney General Martha Coakley, who is seeking to become the first female senator in the state.

    Pelosi will be heading to Boston tomorrow morning to make the formal endorsement.

    “Mike’s proven record of accomplishment in the House is clear evidence that he will be an outstanding advocate for the people of Massachusetts in the tradition of the late Senator Kennedy,” Pelosi said in a statement.

    In her statement, Pelosi noted Capuano’s support for the historic health care legislation that she shepherded through the House. Coakley said she opposed the legislation that passed through the House because it contained a provision restricting federal funds from going to abortion providers.

    “Saturday the House of Representatives passed a historic health care bill that was a great victory for the American people,” Pelosi said. “Mike Capuano not only cast a courageous vote for this historic legislation, but was a constructive force in improving this bill and moving it to the Senate.”

    Capuano is lagging behind in the four-way Democratic primary against Coakley, according to public polling. A Suffolk University poll released today showed Coakley leading with 44 percent of the vote, Boston Celtics co-owner Stephen Pagliuca in second with 17 percent, and Capuano in third with 16 percent.

    The special election primary will be held December 8 and the winner will be the favorite to fill the Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy. Sen. Paul Kirk (D-Mass.) is holding the seat on an interim basis.

  27. “I want to see an objective, third-party analysis from people who don’t have a conflict of interest,” said Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.). “I like evidence


    Good luck with that Kent

  28. Although i would have liked to hear her say Hillary was mentioned, and i know many Tea Party advocates are Hill supporters, this is for those of you with questions regarding Tea Party members, not “baggers”

    American Thinker

    November 12, 2009
    Tea Parties: Misunderstood and Vastly Underrated

    By Kyle-Anne Shiver

    Elected officials of every political stripe ought to be shaking down to their Gucci loafers and pumps. History is forming and firming up harder than the proverbial brick wall right outside their congressional glass house. Yet they seem utterly oblivious.

    Since last April, I’ve written a few columns on the Tea Parties, but I had never actually attended one in person. I harbored a few misconceptions, formed at a distance through the media’s drive-by lens. Being a woman who tends to cower in crowds and who loves the security and solitude of my little office-cloister, I had been content to write based on the observations of others. But an Alabama homemaker-turned-activist, Suzanne Green of Birmingham, pulled me into the bosom of the Tea Party movement along with the Rainy Day Patriots.

    And, honey, I’m here to tell you, it’s a fiery hot bosom indeed.

    Monday, I went to Birmingham and Atlanta and saw for myself. I asked and asked and asked questions of people of all ages, both black and white, male and female, former Republicans and former Democrats, seemingly of very diverse socioeconomic situations, and I even rode the Tea Party Express Bus to interview the insiders.

    So what’s a Tea Party?

    In a nutshell, the Tea Parties are a visible expression of the widespread rekindling of the love of liberty. This rekindling of freedom’s fires seems to be occurring among diverse individuals independently, and then they seek out fired-up others with whom to connect. Among Tea Party participants, there is a demonstrated willingness to actually do something tangible in order to claim those unalienable rights of which our Founders wrote, and for which so many have given their lives in battle.

    This may be the movement Americans truly have been waiting for. It’s the real deal, the genuine article. It comes from the groundswell of the people, not from the power-broker elites in political, corporate, or religious America. It’s middle-class, thoroughly unpretentious, with a good sense of humor and a keen disdain for things like faux Greek columns, tacky props, and professionally written hyperbole. At a Tea Party, you won’t find puffed-up hubris or even a tad of the liberally popular it’s-all-about-me syndrome.

    The Tea Party messages are clear and strident.

    Party operatives? Not welcome. Political candidates? Keep your mouths shut and your ears open. Prefer a D or an R after your name? Not here, not on our time, or on our dime.

    The clear message: This is the people’s movement. Outsiders, opportunists, and party pols are vehemently not invited. Want a voice in this groundswell, bottom-up oriented movement? Fine. All comers welcome to pitch in, get involved, stand up to tyranny, and do your own thing. Just don’t try to hijack the people’s movement for personal gain. Like our grandparents’ generation, these folks can spot disingenuousness a mile away. They don’t suffer fools or counterfeit passions.

    I talked to over fifty Tea Partiers in Birmingham and Atlanta on Monday, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen such a variety of people from different walks of life, different types of livelihood, and different ways of speaking all in the same place, united in one cause: Throw the bums out.

    Out of all the people I spoke with — every single one — I did not find a solitary person willing to identify with a political party. “Independent” was the only identifier with which people would agree to be labeled. Some said, “I used to be a Democrat,” or “I used to be a Republican,” but they invariably put a sharp edge on the words “used to be.” The sense of betrayal by politicians is palpable among Tea Partiers.

    If there is a shared ideology among them, it is the one espoused by our Founders, simply put: God and Liberty. “Unalienable rights” was a phrase I heard over and over again.

    The only political figures for whom there was a visible shred of professed admiration were Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Joe Lieberman. Sarah Palin was roundly regarded as a Ronald-Reagan-style “rogue.” Michele Bachmann was getting lots of kudos for two reasons: her stand against government overreach and her willingness to be public and visceral in her denouncements. Joe Lieberman is becoming the new hero to the Tea Partiers for his willingness to stand alone with the voice of freedom on the health care power-grab.

    When I reminded one woman that President Reagan was a Republican, she declared, “No, he wasn’t. He was an American, and the only reason he had to put that R beside his name on the ballot was that they were the least off-the-rails party. But G. W. Bush ruined that for Republicans.”

    When I asked her how he had done that, she didn’t hesitate. “He spent like he was using Daddy’s credit card and made the already-too-big federal government bigger.”

    The uncompromising message in the Tea Party movement to politicians of all stripes is clear: You work for us, and you have betrayed our trust. The anger wasn’t only about the amount of money spent for unpopular causes, but also against the waste and fraud being perpetrated with hard-earned taxpayer money. Several angered taxpayers stressed the need for term limits to keep opportunistic pols from using public office to enrich themselves.

    When I asked Tea Partiers about expenses for the events, I was hit with one resounding answer: “We pay for everything ourselves.” A point made over and over again by various responders was, “There’s no ACORN here. We don’t soak the taxpayers for our protests.” There seemed to be quite a lot of resentment over any groups of protesters using tax dollars to support their personal causes.

    I decided to broach the social issues that have dominated so much of the national discourse over the past twenty years: abortion and gay marriage. I found only one opinion among all those I polled: they’re state and local issues. The federal government has no business telling all Americans what social standards they can have in their state laws and their schools and their hospitals. “Butt out!” was the ubiquitous answer on social issues from Tea Partiers.

    That, of course, brought me to ask about the Supreme Court and its role in deciding such matters for all Americans. One man, a doctor from Huntsville, answered matter-of-factly, “The Supreme Court has become a tyrant, using ideas not in the Constitution and turning them into a weapon of tyranny against the people.”

    One table under a canopy was reserved for petition-signing. There were only two. One was a state sovereignty petition and the other was a gun rights petition. A return to the Constitution, as written, seemed to be the overriding demand of the Tea Partiers.

    When I asked whether this was a person’s only involvement, nearly all responders said “no” and “not by a long shot.” Women readily proclaimed their citizens’ committees, their petitions, their phone calls, e-mails, and hand-written letters. Many said they were either precinct captains or otherwise involved in locally forming conservative parties. Others said they had signed up to work for Republicans, but only if they remained true to constitutional, limited government.

    If anyone asked me to adequately describe the Tea Party movement, I would have to reach back into my American civics book to find its root.

    Simply put, the Tea Party movement is 1776 brought back to life.

    Liberty Boys abound, now both black and white, and led in many instances by Liberty Gals. Paul Reveres use hand-held microphones instead of lanterns. Hand-lettered signs replace tar and feathers. Minutemen use the vote in lieu of muskets. The Declaration of Independence is revitalized as a document of proclaimed anti-dependence on government to solve personal problems. The Constitution is celebrated, revered, and yes, thought to be the primary weapon against tyranny. God rests firmly in place as America’s only King.

    Honey, if you love America and truly desire liberty, then these are the ones you’ve been waiting for!

    It’s a movement, all right. A true red-white-and-blue citizens’ movement.

    And it is not likely to fizzle the day after elections are held because these folks are entirely self-motivated. None were persuaded by political operatives or stipends. Nor were they given professionally manufactured signs and led by hand to show up at the rally.

    Among the all-American individual ingenuity in the signage department, these were my personal favorites:
    Congress get your resumes ready; send them to Chavez & Castro!

    Can you imagine what a Fannie & Freddie Medicine would look like?

    Vote Democrat; It’s easier than working.

    It’s the Constitution, STUPID.

    Drill damn it! Drill already!

    Declaration of Independence, not the Declaration Dependence on Government

    Give us liberty, not DEBT!!
    And, my own contribution:
    Don’t you dare tread on me, honey!!
    The spirit of 1776 reigns at Tea Parties. It’s awfully hard to argue that there’s anything whatsoever un-American about this movement. And while President Obama mocks these crowds of independent American voters as “extremists” and the “tea bag, anti-government” people, he more and more resembles a petulant European monarch who is clueless about the strength of the people’s resolve.

    When these staunchly independent men and women say, “Don’t tread on me!” they seem to mean they’re simply not going to stand for much more government tomfoolery and usurpations of power.

    Office-holders beware! They’re onto you, and they don’t like what they see!

    Americans are on the march. Like it or not, they’re a force to be reckoned with. And they’re here to stay.

    If they succeed, then perhaps the slogan, “Free at last! Free at last!” will actually mean what it says. Free to succeed, free to fail, free to fall flat on our faces upon our own efforts, without the nanny government capriciously dictating outcomes. Freedom, say the Tea Partiers, means freedom — period. And to a man and woman, they seem ready to reclaim it, no matter the personal cost.

    Now, does America have any leaders capable and humble enough to be led by the people? Answer I got from the Tea Partiers: God will provide.

  29. gonzotx
    November 12th, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    The Lou Dobbs video has been pulled


    Why? Because he dared to tell the truth?

    Shame on bambi’s nazi supporters.

  30. It Isn’t Political Correctness, It’s Shariah
    By Pamela Geller

    In surveying the cultural carnage in the wake of the worst terrorist attack on a military installation in US history, it bears noting that there have been seismic shifts in America. When America was free of the shackles of Islam, say, fifty years ago, the current response to such an attack by an enemy faction would have been unthinkable.

    I have watched in abject horror the stunning reaction of elites in this country to this act of war. The denial, the submission, the excuses, the dodging, the self-flagellation, the shame, the deceiving of the American people by the media, the military, society, law enforcement, authorities and politicians, all the way up to and including the White House, amounts to the enforcement of Shariah law.

    Shariah law forbids criticism of Islam. And here we are.
    ****from Bp

  31. Another issue BM is busy ignoring.

    Feds seize NYC skyscraper and 4 US mosques for illegally funneling money to Iran.

    NEW YORK – Federal prosecutors Thursday took steps to seize four U.S. mosques and a Fifth Avenue skyscraper owned by a nonprofit Muslim organization long suspected of being secretly controlled by the Iranian government.

    In what could prove to be one of the biggest counterterrorism seizures in U.S. history, prosecutors filed a civil complaint in federal court seeking the forfeiture of more than $500 million in assets of the Alavi Foundation and an alleged front company.

    The assets include Islamic centers in New York City, Maryland, California and Houston, more than 100 acres in Virginia, and a 36-story office tower in New York.

  32. Charlie Gibson says Hasan has links to middle eastern terrorism. Obama has ordered a full scale investigation.

    We already knew this, Obama can’t see the forest for the trees. Can’t make a decision in less than 1year because he wants guarantees, well there are no guarantees in this life for the exception of one, you will not be re-elected.

  33. Here’s an interesting article about Iran’s Nuke facility:

    APNewsBreak: Sources: Iran nuke plant 7 years old
    By GEORGE JAHN (AP) – 7 hours ago
    VIENNA — Iran’s recently revealed uranium enrichment hall is a highly fortified underground space that is a year away from completion after fitful construction that first started seven years ago, diplomats told The Associated Press on Thursday.
    The diplomats also said that a recent inspection of the facility near the holy city of Qom by the International Atomic Energy Agency has reinforced suspicions that it could have been planned as part of a secret military nuclear program. Iran says it wants to enrich only to make atomic fuel but the West fears it could retool its program to churn out fissile warhead material.
    One of the diplomats — a senior official from a European nation — says the hall is too small to be able to house the tens of thousands of centrifuges needed for peaceful industrial nuclear enrichment but the right size for the few thousand advanced machines that could generate the amount of weapons grade uranium needed for a military nuclear program.
    The construction timeline of the facility, near the holy city of Qom is also important because it could help shed light on Tehran’s ultimate nuclear aims and reflect its determination to keep its activities secret as far back as the initial revelation seven years ago that Iran had a clandestine nuclear program. Iran says it wants to enrich only to make nuclear fuel but the West fears it could turn its program toward making fissile warhead material.
    The diplomats said Thursday that Iran started building the plant near Qom in 2002, then paused for two years in 2004 before resuming construction in 2006.
    Those years jibe with the years Iran’s secret nuclear program was initially revealed, its suspension of enrichment — a key international demand — and its resumption of the activity.
    All of the diplomats have access to information compiled by the International Atomic Energy Agency. They demanded anonymity in exchange for discussing confidential matters.
    Iran acknowledged in September that it was building the facility in a restricted note to the IAEA only a few days before the U.S., British and French leaders jointly denounced Tehran for keeping its existence secret. IAEA inspectors visited the planned enrichment plant last month.
    Iran maintains it fulfilled its legal obligations in revealing it was being built, but IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei has said Tehran was “outside the law” and should have informed his agency when the decision to construct it was made

  34. Gonzotx, Exactly what I expected the Raygun lovers, no mention of a democrat at all even though one of the best President’s of all time was a democrat. They are dissatisfied republicans, that is what the tea parties are now, they weren’t in the beginning, but are now. Just another way for the republicans to take over, just like they did when voted Obama in and Hillary out. They are all so scared of Hillary they can’t see straight. I have NO use for anyone who love Ronnie Raygun.

  35. Here is more on the story that Basil posted:

    U.S. Moves to Seize New York Skyscraper & Islamic Centers In Crackdown on Iran, Bank Melli
    Agents Use Executive Order Accusing Iran of Spreading Weapons of Mass Destruction
    Nov. 12, 2009 —

    Iranian officials, in violation of numerous U.S. laws, have used an American foundation as a front company to control a Fifth Avenue skyscraper, avoiding taxes and feeding cash to a bank owned by Iran, according to federal prosecutors in New York.

    In addition to the prime piece of Manhattan real estate, the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan sought to seize real estate that had tenants or current owners including three Islamic educational centers and mosques and one religious school, alleging in part that the properties were purchased with laundered money.

    The civil complaint details the alleged internal machinations of the Iranian government’s ambassadors and other officials over control of the property and its cash flow  Iran’s primary economic engine in the United States. Read the complete complaint here.

    The main building, at 650 Fifth Avenue, was built during the reign of the Shah of Iran, a U.S. ally, and paid for through a foundation set up to manage the Shah’s charitable interests in the U.S. After the Iranian revolution, the Islamic Republic of Iran essentially staged a palace coup  ousting the majority of the foundation’s board members and replacing them with members who served at the pleasure of the new regime.

    The civil action cites a Reagan era executive order and subsequent Clinton and Bush executive orders as granting the Justice Department the authority to bring the action. The executive orders state that Iran actively supports terrorism as state policy.

    It also alleges that the Iranian government used the proceeds of money laundering to acquire assets in the United States, and those assets, which include substantial real estate properties. The action also seeks the forfeiture of those properties.

    A “Front” For Anti-American Activities, Feds Said
    The complaint is based on an investigation by federal, state and New York City counter terrorism investigators, and cites information seized in a search of the property.

    In 2007 ABC reported on the investigation in the past, and noted that the law firm of former Attorney General Michael Mukasey represented the Iranian controlled interests. Read that report here.

    Officials say that for more than 25 years, intelligence and law enforcement agencies have suspected the New York-based Alavi Foundation is a “front” for Iranian espionage and anti-American activities.

    During that time, court records show the foundation has been publicly defended and represented by the New York law firm, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, where former attorney-general Michael Mukasey was a partner.

    The foundation says the law firm continues to represent it.

    Mukasey personally handled at least one matter in court for the foundation.

    One real estate dispute in 1981 occurred at a time when reports first surfaced that the foundation, originally set up by the Shah, had been taken over by the new Ayatollah and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    A notice of forfeiture was posted at the skyscraper today, but no tenants were affected, officials said

  36. confloyd
    November 12th, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    no you are wrong. We come from many different backgrounds. i have personally met MANY Hillary supporters. This article was written from someone with a Repub slant, but even then she could dont ignore the Dems and Indies that are a very real part of the Tea Parties. I go so I do know.

  37. gonzotx says:
    November 12th, 2009 at 6:40 pm


    great article gonzotx…like we were saying – forget the polictical labels…independence is the future…WE ARE FED THE HELL UP!

    …AND then there is this:

    …to hear Pelosi talk about “fairness” after the bailouts and the funneling of our taxpayer money that this democratic congress under Bush and Obama has allowed is insulting…so according to Pelosi, wall st and the bankers can rob us blind…and we, the taxpayers, will keep them solvent, but taxpayers who do not want to follow her and O’s health payout to drug co and insurance co…can and should go to jail…

    …BRING ON THOSE TEA PARTIES…sign me up…this democratic congress is out of control…and from the WOMAN who sells out women’s rights and female candidates…

    when did the USA become a dictatorship…I do not think most people voting last year expected this kind of governmental takeover…these people are out of control…and beyond arrogant…they need a few lessons in humility…and reality…

  38. Admin, your kitchen-table question of ‘how much will US families be paying in premiums” is probably the most important one that has thus far been overlooked by the media. Thank you for bringing it up – it is something I have been looking into over the last few days as well. My analysis is not complete yet, but I will share what I have found so far.

    In 2008, American workers who received health insurance through their employers, paid, on average, $881 (single) and $3394 (family), in premiums. The overall cost of their policies was higher ($4386 single, and $12,298 family), but their employers, as most of us know, paid a portion of their cost. So the cost to the employee, in terms of what of the worker paid for premiums, was $881 for single coverage and $3394 for family coverage.

    This data was found at a MEPS statistical brief. MEPS (the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey) is the nation’s go-to place for policy researchers on national health care data. They are the standard…..and here is the link to the specific July 2009 document where the above information was found. H..p://

    Now, compare this to the numbers that CBO has estimated for the cost of premiums (with subsidies) in the lowest cost health insurance plan in the ‘forthcoming’ health insurance exchange. One of the Big Pink poster brought this information here a few days ago and we discussed it a bit then. Here is the link again to that document…


    From this document we can make a guess on which income levels end up paying more for their premiums than they currently are. The CBO document has a table of how much will be paid in premiums for the health insurance exchange plan, based on one’s income.

    What is found then?

    Well, if $881 is the current national average premium cost for single coverage – then look to those who will have to pay more than $881 in premiums.

    This ends up being people who make more than $20,600 per year. For them, after all the subsidies, they will pay $900 in premiums. As one makes more money, they will pay more. If you make $26,500….single coverage in the lowest cost health insurance exchange plan will run you $1,900. If you make $32,400….then single coverage will cost $3,100 after subsidies. If your income is $44,200…then $4,300. This number continues until it reaches a level of $5,300 for single coverage.

    Contrast that with, again, the $881 that workers on average pay for single-person health care coverage.

    We can do this for family coverage as well.

    Family coverage, as mentioned above, cost the worker, on average $3394, in 2008.

    In the health insurance exchange, this translates to the $54,000 income level – where a worker on the health insurance exchange plan will have to pay $3,900 in premiums (after subsidies) for family coverage.

    Persons who make $66,000 and above will have to pay $6,300 in premiums. An income of $78,000 will cost $8,800 in premiums, until finally, it will cost $15,000 for family coverage.

    Again, contrast this with the $3394 that workers currently pay on average.

    I don’t know about anyone else but this seems like placing a huge, disproportionate burden on the middle class.

    Political Caveats:

    It should be mentioned that while there is little other way to do this kind of comparison, this analysis compares 2008 costs with 2013 costs. Also, be mindful of the fact that Obama and co have laid the groundwork for “well, if we did nothing then it would cost much more.” Indeed, health care costs have been increasing at a very high rate of the last few years….and so the “it would have been much higher” refrain may fool some people.

    Nevertheless….when we see that if workers lose their employer sponsored coverage and have to enroll on the health insurance exchange, many workers – single-person coverage purchasers who make more than $20,600 and family-coverage purchasers who make more than $54,000 – can expect to pay for premiums in the health insurance exchange plan than did previously.

    Personal Caveats:

    As I mentioned at the beginning of this post – this is a work in progress, and I have not completely polished the analysis to my personal standards. So apologies for anything I may have overlook and I invite all Big Pink readers to corroborate this on their own (we have so many great minds here). Still, I thought I would share what I have found so far, and see what others may think of this.

    Final Note: Admin, by the way, I wanted to mention….I really enjoy your site. Thank you so much for all that you do…..there is really one word that comes first to mind when I think of Big Pink….inspiring.

  39. Nevertheless….when we see that if workers lose their employer sponsored coverage and have to enroll on the health insurance exchange, many workers – single-person coverage purchasers who make more than $20,600 and family-coverage purchasers who make more than $54,000 – can expect to pay MORE for premiums in the health insurance exchange plan than did previously.

  40. so Fifth Dimension…what are people going to do when they see these huge increases, especially people who are not budgeted annually to take out an additional $2000 -$4000 for health insurance when they have other obligations that exist…

    I do not understand how this Congress does realize that people are going to see their premiums going way up…how does O and the dim congress plan on explaining that away???
    I know there is something about nothing taking effect until 2013 when supposedly they have all been re-elected…but how do they actually plan on pulling this scam off? there are articles popping up all over the place showing that the drug companies are going to be making billions more…and we know the insurance companies will be enslaving hundred of thousands of new customers…because that is to me what this is all about…enslaving us as customers our whole life…like it or not…

  41. S….your first question re: what are people going to do when they see they have to pay $2000-$4000 more is the one that stumps me — I do not know what they are going to do, but I suspect many people will not be happy.

    As for how O and the dims will legitimate this — here is some speculation. At the onset of this ‘health care reform’ debacle, I remember reading somewhere that….if health insurance costs continued to go up as they had over the last few years, then by some date in the future, the total cost of a health care policy (employee share and employer share combined) would be $25,000 some dollars. (I have tried to find links to that info again, but so far unsuccessfully).

    So what they will do is use these “well it would be this high” scare tactics to browbeat people into taking this plan. But the problem with that is that it rests on assumptions (and the worst case assumptions at that) to scare people into compliance.

    But that is how, if I were to guess, they will try and legitimate this increase in cost. We have seen it all along after all, the tired refrains of “If we do nothing, everything will implode, etc etc.”

    As for your comment about enslaving us as customers — I agree. This health care reform will, IMO, create a permanently poor middle class, because of their obligations to pay such high costs for health care coverage, higher costs than they currently pay.

    Those at the poverty level will be largely unaffected — they will have 97% subsidies to help them pay. And the ‘rich’, people who make more than $100,000 for instance (I know that’s exactly rich, but just using it as a data point)….and for the rich, the increase in costs may not be as difficult to bear because well, they make more money so it will be somewhat easier for them to absorb the increase.

    But the middle class….the people who make $20,000 to $90,000….they will be hit the hardest.

  42. The dr. told my ex.son in law that he had to lay flat. That just doesn’t make sense. They get pneumonia so I would think slightly elevated would be better.

  43. Clinton turns sports forecaster: Paqcuiao will win

    By Lira Dalangin-Fernandez

    MANILA, Philippines – Visiting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could not have endeared herself to Filipinos more than this Friday when she predicted that boxing idol Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao would win against his Mexican foe next week.

    “Of course the Pacman’s going to win, is there any doubt?” Clinton said when asked about Pacquiao’s match against Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas November 14 (US time) at a forum aired live by the ANC news channel at the University of Sto. Tomas in Manila. She said she would watch the match.

    Clinton said she has heard that boxing and basketball “were pretty big” sports in the Philippines and have a lot of following. She said the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks were her teams in the National Basketball Association.

  44. sorry to hear that about your grandson, confloyd. I will keep him in my thoughts and will pray that he makes a speedy recovery.

  45. November 12th, 2009

    Clinton finds ‘Hillary fans and fanatics’ in Philippines

    If you’re a hard-traveling foreign secretary and need a place to recharge your batteries after a week of diplomacy, the Philippines seems to be the place to go.

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got an enthusiastic welcome on arrival in the capital Manila Thursday after a week of visits that included stops in Berlin and Singapore.

    Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo called her “the most popular foreign secretary the world over.”
    “The Filipinos love her,” he told a news conference. “I told her that there are Hillary fans and fanatics here.”

    To demonstrate the point, she was greeted by a couple thousand cheering school students when she visited Malanday High School in suburban Marikina. The school was inundated during massive flooding in September that left the first floor of the multi-story building under water.

    The school has been receiving U.S. aid to help it get back on its feet, including desks, fans and some 50,000 books. Clinton brought with her a pledge of another $5.2 million in flood relief for the Philippines, which has been hit in quick succession by Tropical Storm Ketsana, Typhoon Parma and Typhoon Mirinae.

    The U.S. secretary of state seemed invigorated by the excited school kids and the warm welcome.
    She told the crowd she’d learned a new word as she toured some of the classrooms, but then had to bring a girl up to the podium to help her pronounce it.

    After a moment’s whispered consultation with the youngster, Clinton turned back to the microphone and said “mabuhay!”
    The popular Tagalog greeting, meaning “long live,” is roughly the English equivalent of “live long and prosper.”

    Clinton later received the Sikatuna award with the rank of Datu from Philippines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The award is given by the Manila government to foreign diplomats or officials who have worked to improve ties with the Philippines

  46. I should point out that my analysis was based on what would happen if those who currently have employer-sponsored health care plans were to be dropped from those plans and had to sign up with the health insurance exchange. The increase in premium costs is for those who would lose employer sponsored coverage and would now have to buy the coverage on exchange.

    As for the impact of the health care reform bill on those companies that decided to continue to insure their employees through their plan? That is the great unknown.

    But I think, any analysis that speculates to project the impact on employer-sponsored plans, would have to taken into account the fact that, with the creation of the health insurance exchange, insurance companies will see that they can charge more for the same coverage (on the exchanges) than they do for employer-sponsored plans. They may be encouraged to normalize the differences then, and thus the costs of employer sponsored plans may go up, until they reach levels similar to what it costs in the exchanges.

    Also, the other unknown here is — will employers continue to offer health insurance coverage, when they can tell their workers that they now have the option of purchasing insurance through the exchange? No one knows for sure, but business, I suspect, will take a very dollars and sense approach to the matter….and if it comes down to getting rid of one or two workers completely, or getting rid of health insurance for everyone so they can still keep people in their jobs, I suspect they would take the latter option. Dollars and sense after all. At which point then, those who did have employer-sponsored coverage, would find themselves on the health insurance exchange…

  47. I am not trying to belittle Al Gore or take away what he has done, but I can say after you read this you will know that the folks that award the nobel prize are POS’s. I got this in a e-mail.

    Irena Sendler

    There recently was a death of a 98 year-old lady named Irena. During WWII, Irena, got permission to work in the Warsaw Ghetto, as a Plumbing/Sewer specialist. She had an ‘ulterior motive’ … She KNEW what the Nazi’s plans were for the Jews, (being German.) Irena smuggled infants out in the bottom of the tool box she carried and she carried in the back of her truck a burlap sack, (for larger kids..) She also had a dog in the back that she trained to bark when the Nazi soldiers let her in and out of the ghetto. The soldiers of course wanted nothing to do with the dog and the barking covered the kids/infants noises.. During her time of doing this, she managed to smuggle out and save 2500 kids/infants. She was caught, and the Nazi’s broke both her legs, arms and beat her severely. Irena kept a record of the names of all the kids she smuggled out and kept them in a glass jar, buried under a tree in her back yard. After the war, she tried to locate any parents that may have survived it and reunited the family. Most had been gasse d. Those kids she helped got placed into foster family homes or adopted.

    Last year Irena was up for the Nobel Peace Prize … She was not selected.

    Al Gore won, for a slide show on Global Warming

  48. Fifth Dimension
    November 12th, 2009 at 8:33 pm


    Great work! I am going to copy it and take it to work tomorrow. I work in a hospital. Most of us are not Fraudcare supporters. I think it will be a disaster. Just look @ the national emergency called on h1n1 and then not having any vaccines available for those who want them. It is a massive insult to the American people. This is how our Gov works and they want to control all of our health care…to control us.The middle class will be no more. Who wants to bust their behind to pay for everyone else that doesn’t want to put the effort in. I personally am working 16-20 hours overtime each week to keep our heads above. Inflation and the weak dollar are just going to get worse. 100,000 a year is really not much for a family with a mortgage. I would think 250,000 a year or more might be able to handle such an increase, but not 100,000.

  49. confloyd

    Sorry about your grandchild. The only thing I can think of, and it probably doesn’t relate to this, but, my sibs and I had polio when we were 2,3,4 years old. Poor, and the Dr @ that time told my mother that we had to be very still. Imagine that, we, a couple of toddlers and a preschooler. The Dr told my mother the polio would get much worse with activity. She apparently had us walking like ducks to keep us slow, etc. We were lucky not to get the most virulent form of polio and survived with out any problems. I was just thinking it had to do with the virus’s progression. Ask the Dr. I will ask @ work. Hadn’t heard of that.

    I will say a prayer.

  50. That is so weird. Something is happening between my spell check and postings. Words disappearing, sentences misplaced.

    Poor mother the sentence should read.

    We were very poor, but that is besides the point!

  51. confloyd
    November 12th, 2009 at 9:03 pm
    The dr. told my ex.son in law that he had to lay flat. That just doesn’t make sense. They get pneumonia so I would think slightly elevated would be better.

    I think you are right and your ex-son-in-law misunderstood the instructions that he was given. If someone has a respiratory infection, it is easier to breathe and cough, if the person is in a slightly elevated position or higher, if needed. The lungs can’t expand, if a person is flat all the time.

  52. Can we say BS..all of a sudden, a Black man brought down the terrorist, not the 5’2″ woman. This smells

    From the NYTimes

    KILLEEN, Tex. — Sgt. Kimberly D. Munley has been applauded as a hero across the nation for shooting down Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan during the bloody rampage at Fort Hood last week. The account of heroism, given by the authorities, attracted the attention of newspapers, the networks and television talk shows.

    But the initial story of how she and the accused gunman went down in an exchange of gunfire now appears to be inaccurate.

    Another officer, Senior Sgt. Mark Todd, 42, said in an interview Thursday that he fired the shots that brought down the gunman after Sergeant Munley was seriously wounded. A witness confirmed Sergeant Todd’s account.

    In the interview, Sergeant Todd said he and Sergeant Munley had pulled up to the scene in separate cars at the same time. He said they began running up a small hill toward the building that held the processing center where unarmed soldiers reported for check-ups and vaccinations before deployment. The gunman was already outside, Sergeant Todd recalled.

    “That’s when the bystanders were pointing in his direction,” he said. “And when we popped up, he was standing there, and we shouted our commands — ‘Police, drop your weapons!’ — and he just opened fire on us.”

    Sergeant Todd said he was slightly in front of Sergeant Munley on the hill. “Once we took fire, she broke right and I broke left,” he said.

    Sergeant Todd said he did not see Sergeant Munley get shot. He said he started to circle around the building, but then backtracked as panicked bystanders told him of the gunman’s movements.

    “As it unfolded, I went a different direction and he went a different direction, and we met up in the front of the building,” he said.

    Sergeant Todd said he then saw Sergeant Munley on the ground, wounded. He shouted again at the gunman to drop his weapon.

    “Once I came around the front of the building, I caught his attention again, started shouting commands, and then he opened up a second time,” Sergeant Todd said. “And that’s when I returned fire, neutralized him and secured him.”

  53. Greg Craig is OUT.


    Official: Craig to step down as White House lawyer

    TOKYO — The White House’s top lawyer is announcing his resignation on Friday, senior administration officials said.

    White House counsel Greg Craig has been the subject of questions about his future since late summer, dogged by talk that President Barack Obama’s promise to close the controversial Guantanamo Bay military prison by January went awry under Craig’s leadership.

    Craig also oversaw the president’s revamping of U.S. policy on terrorism interrogations and detentions, including a ban on torture, and was at the center of administration moves to release many documents relating to the treatment of terror suspects under the Bush administration — and to oppose the release of photos of abuse of detainees overseas by U.S. personnel. All those decisions earned Obama considerable criticism, some from the right and some from the left.

    Bob Bauer, who was general counsel on Obama’s presidential campaign and a longtime adviser to Obama, has agreed to take Craig’s place, the officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the announcement, first reported by The Washington Post, has not yet been made.


  54. I can’t believe the Catholic church would except money from Soros (evil incarnate! Here’s the article!

    Atheist Soros Funds Catholic Groups

    By Cliff Kincaid Thursday, November 12, 2009
    The critical role of the Catholic Church in passing national health care reform legislation is coming under serious media scrutiny. But the story has taken a strange turn. It has now been revealed that George Soros, the billionaire hedge fund operator and well-known atheist, has been pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into “progressive” Catholic groups that are significant players in the national debates over health care and immigration.

    On the surface, it would appear that Soros would be opposed to many positions of the Catholic Church. A major financial backer of the ACLU, Soros supports such causes as drug legalization, the rights of “sex workers” and felons, euthanasia, radical feminism, abortion rights, and homosexual rights. He does all of this in the name of promoting an “open society.”

    But a review of the records of his Open Society Institute finds that a group calling itself Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) has received $200,000 from them over the last several years.

    James Todd of, which represents traditional Catholics, calls such groups “CINOs,” or Catholics In Name Only. He explains, “This group and several others have sprung up recently-I suspect purposely organized and funded-to counterbalance the growing influence of the faithful Catholics AND to try to deceive and mislead the middle of the road Catholics that have determined the last 13 Presidential elections.”

    An AIM investigation also finds, however, that Soros money has gone into the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), an organization established by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops back in 1988. It has received at least $530,000 from the Open Society Institute.

    The two issues merge in the fact that the Catholic Bishops are demanding that national health care legislation cover illegal aliens.

    In a story headlined, “Religious Leaders Seek Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants,” the Los Angeles Times recently quoted Kathy Saile, director of domestic social development with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, as saying that illegal immigrants should be included in any healthcare reform plan. Father Richard Estrada of Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church in Los Angeles was described as being part of a religious service and phone bank “to urge congressional leaders to include illegal immigrants in any healthcare reform plan.” His church has in the past offered sanctuary to illegal immigrants.

    CACG played a role in House passage of H.R. 3962, the bill known as Pelosicare and boasts that it had joined with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Catholic Health Association, and “dozens of other Catholic and faith-based groups in celebrating this historic vote.”

    The group’s blog even offered a “Health Care Reform Prayer,” asking for God’s help in passing federal legislation.

    John Gehring, CACG media director, told AIM that “We have been primarily focused on highlighting the moral dimensions of this issue and articulating how Catholic social teaching addresses health care as a human right central to a just society. Along with other faith-based groups like PICO National Network, Faith in Public Life, Sojourners and others we brought citizens and faith leaders to Capitol Hill several weeks ago to meet with representatives and they emphasized the urgency for reform and specifically the critical issue of affordability. For example, Fr. Joseph Shad, S.J., a hospital chaplain at Mercy Hospital in Portland, Maine, came to Capitol Hill and met with representatives. He shared stories we have collected from citizens across the country as part of our project, Voices for Health Reform.”

    On the passage of the Affordable Health Care for America Act, H.R. 3962, CACG said, “As Catholics, we applaud the efforts of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Bart Stupak, and others who helped extend current restrictions on federal funding of abortion to health plans participating in the public [health] exchanges.”

    But Judie Brown of the American Life League says the provision doesn’t go far enough and accuses the Bishops who lobbied for passage of wanting “mandatory, government-run health care for one and all more than it desires the protection of all vulnerable human beings’ right to life.”

    The anti-abortion restrictions, Brown points out, still permit federal funding of abortions in some circumstances. What’s more, she says the bill:

    Expands access to and funding of abortifacient contraception (section 1714). Promotes federal funding of Planned Parenthood-style permissive sex education programs (section 2526). Allows euthanasia through withholding or withdrawing “medical treatment or medical care” and withholding or withdrawing of “nutrition or hydration” (section 240). Has only vaguely worded references to conscience rights and only partial protection of the same (section 258 and 259). Contains language that forces a “participating health benefits plan” to not “discriminate” against any facilities that provide, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for abortions (section 304).Meanwhile, Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute says that “Catholics should be outraged at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops” because while they succeeded in getting a pro-abortion provision dropped from the bill, they “abandoned the Church’s doctrine of subsidiarity by endorsing the rest of the Democrats’ plan to centralize power in Washington.” Cannon says his grandfather served as counsel to the Bishops.

    But the Soros-funded Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good has high-level connections of its own. The Treasurer-Secretary is Francis Xavier Doyle, a former top official of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and the Executive director is Victoria Kovari, a former organizer for the Gamaliel Foundation, the same group that helped launch Barack Obama’s career as a community organizer in Chicago. The chairman is Alfred M. Rotondaro, a senior fellow at another Soros-funded group, the Center for American Progress.

    Although CACG describes itself as “a lay Catholic organization that works to promote the common good and the broad spectrum of Catholic social teaching,” Frank Walker of the conservative Pewsitter website labels it a religious and political Trojan Horse designed to mislead Catholics and produce votes for the Democratic Party.

    One purpose of the Soros money, Walker says, is to play down the importance of the abortion issue to Catholics and even make abortion rights a “respectable” Catholic position.

    Walker notes that “The CACG is run and advised by powerful Democrats. Their board, staff, and advisory committee include top fundraisers and strategists as well as major labor union representation.” He adds, “Catholic Church Leadership from the Sisters of Mercy, the Jesuit order, the government-funded Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services are also represented at CACG. Catholic academia has a strong presence.”

    Indeed, the CACG advisory council includes figures from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), AFL-CIO, Catholic University of America, Georgetown University, and Boston College.

    In addition to health care reform, other big issues for CACG are “immigration reform” and “worker justice.” The latter links to a group promoting a bill, the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it easier for unions to gain members.

    The SEIU representative on the CACG board is Tom Chabolla, who serves as assistant to SEIU President Andy Stern. Before joining SEIU, he was associate director of programs for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), the agency of the Bishops that funded ACORN to the tune of $7.3 million over the last decade. Funding of ACORN-but not of groups like Gamaliel-has been suspended by the Bishops.

    Gamaliel says on its website that “Barack H. Obama, former Gamaliel organizer, is the 44th president of the United States,” and that this makes the organizing community proud. It also has a story about Obama friend and White House adviser Valerie Jarrett speaking to a Gamaliel event in Washington, D.C. of 2,500 activists. Jarrett is the official who said that “we” had recruited communist Van Jones to the White House. Another speaker was Melody Barnes, Obama’s Director of the Domestic Policy Council.

    Before coming to the White House, Barnes was the executive vice president for Policy at the Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP). Van Jones also worked at CAP before going to the White House. CAP CEO and President John Podesta, who served as President Clinton’s chief of staff, is a major “progressive Catholic” and member of the ACORN advisory council, and served as a professor at Georgetown University.

    Interestingly, Tom Chabolla of the SEIU and formerly of the CCHD was on the dinner committee for the 33rd Annual Hubert H. Humphrey Civil Rights Award Dinner, which was held on May 7, 2009 in Washington, D.C. One of the award winners was none other than Van Jones.

    On Saturday, November 21 and Sunday, November 22, Catholics across the country will be asked to support the CCHD with their financial offerings. Gamaliel is appealing for support, saying that it is “under attack from those with a partisan agenda to de-fund groups committed to organizing for social justice.” It says: “Many Gamaliel Foundation affiliates rely on funding from CCHD to serve their communities.”

    But Gamaliel also relies on George Soros. His Open Society Institute provided $300,000 to the organization in 2008.


  55. Cannot trust or believe Obama:

    As has been rumored for months, White House counsel Greg Craig will announce his resignation today, effective at the end of the year, senior administration officials tell ABC News. Craig will be replaced by attorney Bob Bauer, who has served as President Obama’s private attorney. Bauer will start work in December, so as to help create a seamless transition.

    Senior administration sources confirmed last night what Craig was denying vehemently as recently as a few weeks ago.

    “I have no plans to leave whatsoever,” Craig told the National Law Journal in October. “The rumors that I’m about to leave are false. The reports that I’m about to leave are wrong. I have no plans to leave.” [snip]

    “Greg originally wanted a foreign policy job, but Hillary becoming Secretary of State complicated that,” the official said, alluding to Secretary Clinton’s feelings of betrayal after Craig, a former White House Special Counsel for Bill Clinton, endorsed Obama during the primaries and became one of his most ardent defenders and a pointed critic of his former boss’s wife. [snip]

    The weird Washington kabuki began over the summer, when the Washington Post’s Al Kamen reported that a “rumor has been circulating for several weeks inside and outside the administration that White House Counsel Gregory Craig is on his way out as the top lawyer in the West Wing.”

    “Sounds like typical Washington parlor games to me,” deputy White House chief of staff Jim Messina emailed in response. “These rumors are wrong.”

    White House officials vociferously denied the story to ABC News and other outlets.

    In August, the Wall Street Journal reported that “Obama administration officials are holding discussions that could result in White House counsel Gregory Craig leaving his post, following a rocky tenure, people familiar with the matter said.”

    White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina said: “We’ve addressed these rumors before. They are nothing more than typical Washington parlor games. It’s disappointing that while we are focused on reviving the economy and fighting two wars, others spend their time pointing fingers in an attempt to promote their own status.”

    In September, the Washington Post’s Anne Kornblut and ProPublica’s Dafna Linzer reported that three administration officials told them that they expected Craig to leave his current post in the near future.

    On October 23, Fox News Channel’s Major Garrett reported that Bauer “is emerging as the top candidate to replace Greg Craig as White House Counsel… Democrats close to the situation said Bauer is under serious consideration as Craig’s replacement. Craig is expected to leave the White House by year’s end – if not sooner.”

    Again, from the White House and Craig: denials.

    Asked if Craig resigned today because the president is out of town, and thus his resignation may get less press attention, the senior administration official denied that was the case.

    “This has been the date planned for a long time,” the official said.

    But wait — what about all those denials?

    Oh, never mind.

  56. confloyd
    November 12th, 2009 at 11:34 pm

    I posted about this last year and was told by some that it was like apples and oranges and Gore still was more deserving.

    I happen to disagree vehemently.

  57. So Anita Dunn resigns and now hubbys get the WH counsel job!!!!

    Looks like all in one bed in the WH cooking their stories!!!!

    I guess Michelle picks the ingredient as the “chief Chef”!!!!

  58. confloyd,

    I’m sure I read somewhere that when doctors are examining children and adults for swine flu they have them lay flat. But that is the only time.

  59. Clinton honors fallen WWII soldiers at the American Cemetery in Taguig

    By Niña Catherine Calleja
    Philippine Daily Inquirer

    MANILA, Philippines—US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton honored on Friday fallen World War II American and Filipino heroes at the Manila American Cemetery in Taguig City where she led the wreath-laying rites.

    Accompanied by Ambassador Kristie Kenney, Clinton proceeded to the cemetery right after a forum at the University of Sto. Tomas in Manila.

    Before the start of the ceremony, she was met by eight US military veterans who waited for her for more than two hours. There, she shook their hands and thanked them.

    After the wreath was laid, Clinton was toured around the cemetery’s hemicycles which have brightly colored military maps on the walls.

    Hubert Caloud, assistant superintendent of the Manila American Cemetery, said Clinton’s visit at the cemetery was her second time. The first was in 1996 when she joined her husband, former US President Bill Clinton, he added.

    The 152-acre or (61.5 hectares) cemetery, built by the American Battle Monuments Commission, was considered the largest cemetery site of WW II soldiers, sailors, and personnel, in terms of the number of graves. The remains of 17, 202 US and Filipino scouts were buried there.

  60. Medicalizing mass murder

    By Charles Krauthammer
    Friday, November 13, 2009

    What a surprise — that someone who shouts “Allahu Akbar” (the “God is great” jihadist battle cry) as he is shooting up a room of American soldiers might have Islamist motives. It certainly was a surprise to the mainstream media, which spent the weekend after the Fort Hood massacre playing down Nidal Hasan’s religious beliefs.

    “I cringe that he’s a Muslim. . . . I think he’s probably just a nut case,” said Newsweek’s Evan Thomas. Some were more adamant. Time’s Joe Klein decried “odious attempts by Jewish extremists . . . to argue that the massacre perpetrated by Nidal Hasan was somehow a direct consequence of his Islamic beliefs.” While none could match Klein’s peculiar cherchez-le-juif motif, the popular story line was of an Army psychiatrist driven over the edge by terrible stories he had heard from soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    They suffered. He listened. He snapped.

    Really? What about the doctors and nurses, the counselors and physical therapists at Walter Reed Army Medical Center who every day hear and live with the pain and the suffering of returning soldiers? How many of them then picked up a gun and shot 51 innocents?

    And what about civilian psychiatrists — not the Upper West Side therapist treating Woody Allen neurotics, but the thousands of doctors working with hospitalized psychotics — who every day hear not just tales but cries of the most excruciating anguish, of the most unimaginable torment? How many of those doctors commit mass murder?

    It’s been decades since I practiced psychiatry. Perhaps I missed the epidemic. But, of course, if the shooter is named Nidal Hasan, who National Public Radio reported had been trying to proselytize doctors and patients, then something must be found. Presto! Secondary post-traumatic stress disorder, a handy invention to allow one to ignore the obvious.

    And the perfect moral finesse. Medicalizing mass murder not only exonerates. It turns the murderer into a victim, indeed a sympathetic one. After all, secondary PTSD, for those who believe in it (you won’t find it in DSM-IV-TR, psychiatry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual), is known as “compassion fatigue.” The poor man — pushed over the edge by an excess of sensitivity.

    Have we totally lost our moral bearings? Nidal Hasan (allegedly) cold-bloodedly killed 13 innocent people. His business card had his name, his profession, his medical degrees and his occupational identity. U.S. Army? No. “SoA” — Soldier of Allah. In such cases, political correctness is not just an abomination. It’s a danger, clear and present.

    Consider the Army’s treatment of Hasan’s previous behavior. NPR’s Daniel Zwerdling interviewed a Hasan colleague at Walter Reed about a hair-raising grand rounds that Hasan had apparently given. Grand rounds are the most serious academic event at a teaching hospital — attending physicians, residents and students gather for a lecture on an instructive case history or therapeutic finding.

    I’ve been to dozens of these. In fact, I gave one myself on post-traumatic retrograde amnesia — as you can see, these lectures are fairly technical. Not Hasan’s. His was an hour-long disquisition on what he called the Koranic view of military service, jihad and war. It included an allegedly authoritative elaboration of the punishments visited upon nonbelievers — consignment to hell, decapitation, having hot oil poured down your throat. This “really freaked a lot of doctors out,” reported NPR.

    Nor was this the only incident. “The psychiatrist,” reported Zwerdling, “said that he was the kind of guy who the staff actually stood around in the hallway saying: Do you think he’s a terrorist, or is he just weird?”

    Was anything done about this potential danger? Of course not. Who wants to be accused of Islamophobia and prejudice against a colleague’s religion?

    One must not speak of such things. Not even now. Not even after we know that Hasan was in communication with a notorious Yemen-based jihad propagandist. As late as Tuesday, The New York Times was running a story on how returning soldiers at Fort Hood had a high level of violence. What does such violence have to do with Hasan? He was not a returning soldier. And the soldiers who returned home and shot their wives or fellow soldiers didn’t cry “Allahu Akbar” as they squeezed the trigger.

    The delicacy about the religion in question — condescending, politically correct and deadly — is nothing new. A week after the first (1993) World Trade Center attack, the same New York Times ran the following front-page headline about the arrest of one Mohammed Salameh: “Jersey City Man Is Charged in Bombing of Trade Center.”

    Ah yes, those Jersey men — so resentful of New York, so prone to violence.

  61. Charles Krauthammer is right on target!!!!


    Now the press is syaing that “hasan is paralysed and will not ever recover”!!!!

    Well he will be useless to those 70+ virgins when he finally gets to “his god”

  62. ATTENTION: Fellow Hillary Supporters

    This is an urgent message that you all need to read and inform everyone you know. First thing many of you may not be aware, but right now in Illinois there is a Continential Congress convening now until November 22nd. There are delegates from at least 47 states who are supposed to be trying to rein in our Congress to follow the Constitution. They are to come up with ways on how to do that. The Congress airs live streaming during the day on its website— One of the main issues they are addressing on Saturday is Obama’s eligibility, but there are some delegates who do not want to deal with the issue. I was disgusted when I heard some mention they could not address the issue because there would be rioting in the streets, and I intend to email each delegate my feelings.

    On a different matter—while many of you already know about what they are putting in the swine flu vaccines—are you aware of what they are putting in our food, water, and daily items we use that are poisonous? If not, you may want to google some items: Agenda 21, mercury poisoning, fluoride poisoning, and a great resource is which is Alex Jones’ website. I personally was having severe medical issues, and discovered that it was being caused by mercury poisoning from our city water and what I was eating/drinking.

    Raw milk is great. There is so much good stuff in it that can build up your autoimmune system. is a great website to locate farmers in your local area that sell raw milk and raw milk products.

  63. November 12, 2009

    Historic Continental Congress 2009 Convenes
    Liberty in the Making:
    FREE Live Webcast All Day, Every Day!

    Independence Hall, Philadelphia

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009 may one day be known as the day the American People convened, for the first time in over two centuries, an Assembly of representatives of the People in order to fully exercise of the “Capstone Right” — i.e., the Petition clause of the First Amendment.

    At approximately 3:00 pm Wednesday, WTP Chairman Bob Schulz convened the Assembly to begin the selection of Congress officers from the ranks of elected Delegates who will preside over the 11-day long Assembly. Constitutional scholar and former Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik was selected as the presiding officer of the Congress while Delegate .

    Following the ceremonial Liberty Banquet dinner at the St. Charles, Illinois Pheasant Run venue, the Delegates gathered in the main deliberation hall for the Opening Ceremony which was broadcast live. The song-centered ceremony featured presentation of the fifty state flags by the Delegates, as well as several patriotic group songs and inspirational prayers.

    For over a decade, WTP Foundation has championed an intensive, well-researched and coherent effort to hold the Government accountable for its escalating violations of fundamental Rights and the Constitution through use of the Right of the People to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Those ongoing abuses include violations of the Constitution’s tax, money, war, general welfare, privacy and other clauses that are at the heart of the conditions that now plague our nation. (See our Petitions for Redress)

    Although the public has known little about the history or nature of the Right to Petition, scholarly and historical research has established without argument, that the Right, first articulated as the cornerstone of Western Law in Magna Carta (1215), provides the People an individual Right to hold Government peacefully accountable for its abuses.

    Far beyond the right to merely send “complaints” to the government (which are virtually ignored by all officials), the Right of Petition embodies the profound Right to enforce the Right to Petition by withdrawing support from the Government until Redress is secured.

    Summaries of this important research can be reviewed as part of the legal pleadings of the 2004 landmark WTP lawsuit, We The People vs. United States, which sought to have the Judiciary declare – for the first time in history – the legal and constitutional meaning of the last ten words of the First Amendment. In 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear this controversial case involving the essence of Popular Sovereignty.

    Continental Congress 2009 will take the process of holding Government accountable and restoring the Constitution to the next level by first creating a formal record of the vast violations of the Constitution and Individual Rights now suffered by the People. Next, the Congress will debate and decide upon a series of practical but strong “Civic Actions” the People may take in order to restore their Liberty.

    The agenda for the CC2009 Assembly also provides for the development and adoption of formal “Remedial Instructions” to be served upon federal and state officials, in essence ordering them to cease and desist their official abuses and giving them formal Notice as to the “Civic Actions” of (peaceful) resistance the People may take, en masse, if those officials, yet again, choose to ignore the People’s Petitions for Redress.

    Most of the CC2009 event can be viewed live each day at these links: or at

    The professionally produced webcast includes news commentaries and highlights/wrap-up segments each day. On-demand archive streaming will soon be available for those unable to watch the live video streams.

  64. Thankyou for all your prayers, expecting to get an update this evening on my grandson.

    JanH, I hadn’t realized you had posted that article about the woman who saved so many children during WWII.

    How could Gore possibly more deserving than this woman and how could the woman who risks her life everyday in Afganistan to teach girls??

    It makes you wonder how a speech on Climate change and speech on world peace compares to these feats of courage?

    My opinion is that the people who decide who gets awards hate Jews and hate women and they are the same crew who are pulling the strings of our current POTUS….George Soros and company.

  65. Hasan is paralysed, oh poor thing, there are just as serious injuries of his victims. Some were shot several times in the legs and arms.

    Those 70 virgins are going to be off limits for a quadraplegic.

  66. confloyd
    November 12th, 2009 at 11:34 pm

    I am not trying to belittle Al Gore or take away what he has done, but I can say after you read this you will know that the folks that award the nobel prize are POS’s. I got this in a e-mail.

    Irena Sendler

    There recently was a death of a 98 year-old lady named Irena.


    The writer of the email text is trying to belittle Gore by referring to his work as a ‘slide show’.

    The Nobel is supposed to go to someone who has
    1. done substantial world-impact work already
    2. can use the money to do more of the same

    That’s why it is given only to living persons who are in the midst of their work. Irena was long ago retired, and did not need to buy any more sacks. She was personally heroic but I doubt her actions had world impact.

    Obama does not deserve the prize because he hasn’t done anything yet (except become a figurehead by cheating).

  67. just saw a clip of the Oprah and Palin interview. Oprah asked Sarah if Levi would be invited to Thanksgiving…Oprah better be careful she had her white hate face on. She clearly does not like Palin. The answer was that Sarah laughed as wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where he would want to come to Thanksgiving and laughed very loudly.
    I won’t watch, but there will be excerpts of disgust.

  68. Its crazy to try the 9/11 terrorists in New York. This shows how out of touch the left is with the victims of 9/11. These terrorists will use the US court system to spread their views and use the information to plan another terror attack.

    I am sick to death of these lefties.

  69. Oprah usually smiles while interviewing people, but she couldn’t muster one up for this interview. I hope she shows her true racist self during this interview. I hope people wake up to the kind of people that are occupying the WH.

  70. November 13th, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    just saw a clip of the Oprah and Palin interview. Oprah asked Sarah if Levi would be invited to Thanksgiving…Oprah better be careful she had her white hate face on. She clearly does not like Palin. The answer was that Sarah laughed as wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where he would want to come to Thanksgiving and laughed very loudly.


    That sounds almost worthy of Hillary!

    I hope Palin has learned a lot about dealing with hostile interviewers since last year.

  71. Release on eve of Clinton visit was no coincidence

    Friday November 13 2009

    IT was no coincidence that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in the Philippines only hours after Irish priest Fr Michael Sinnott was released by his kidnappers.

    Reliable sources have confirmed that the US State Department was deeply involved in the complex negotiations to secure Fr Sinnott’s freedom after 32 days held hostage.

    Last week, the Irish Embassy in Washington briefed Ms Clinton, who agreed to raise Fr Sinnott’s plight on her visit to the Philippines. The freeing of Fr Sinnott came at the end of an epic diplomatic mission mounted by the Department of Foreign Affairs involving the governments of the Philippines, Britain, the United States and Malaysia.

    The beheading earlier this week of a school principal kidnapped by extremist groups had heightened fears for Fr Sinnott. News of the murder of the hostage broke just when Ambassador Dick O’Brien in Manila believed that Fr Sinnott’s release had been successfully negotiated with a splinter group of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).
    Mr O’Brien, based in Singapore and a very experienced and highly regarded diplomat, arrived in Manila the day after Fr Sinnott was kidnapped.


    Within days, Mr O’Brien had met officials from the British Embassy and senior police and officials from the Department of the Interior in Manila. While concerns about Fr Sinnott’s health grew, Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin spoke to the Philippines’ foreign secretary and Arab diplomats to secure a supply of medication.

    A few days later, on October 31, the MILF kidnappers released a week-old video of Fr Sinnott with a demand for €1.35m. Within days, Mr O’Brien met the Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno and was told that contact had been established with the kidnappers. Mr O’Brien secured the agreement of US diplomats to raise the issue with the executive secretary of the Philippine government.

    On Tuesday, Mr Puno travelled to Mindanao, where Fr Sinnott served, to “personally supervise” negotiations to free Fr Sinnott, while extra police and military were drafted into the area.

    MILF sent a message to Mr O’Brien later on Tuesday that they would cooperate in any efforts to release Fr Sinnott.

    On Wednesday, Mr O’Brien informed Dublin that a process was under way to release Fr Sinnott in the context of the arrival of Hillary Clinton in the Philippines.

    Last night, preliminary plans were being made for Fr Sinnott to return to Ireland after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton touched down in Manila.

  72. Hillary closeup and personal: Pacman wins, loser Knicks, weekends with Bill

    By Jerry E. Esplanada
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    November 14, 2009

    MANILA, Philippines – US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton drew loud applause at a forum with students Friday by giving the right answer to a most pressing question: Is Manny Pacquiao going to win this weekend? The most popular Filipino will be back in the boxing ring in Las Vegas on Saturday (Sunday in Manila) to take on Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico in a fight that will make the Philippines stand still.

    “Of course the Pacman’s going to win. I mean, is there any doubt?” Clinton said to the delight of the 800-plus college students gathered at the University of Sto. Tomas in Manila during a nationally televised forum.

    She charmed the audience with talk of her family, basketball, boxing, The Beatles and her “crush” other than Bill Clinton. Clinton said she had “heard that basketball and boxing are pretty big here in the Philippines.”

    Asked by popular cager Chris Tiu about her favorite sport, the world’s second most popular American (after US President Barack Obama) disclosed that “for basketball, I have followed two teams” in the National Basketball Association. “I’m originally from Chicago. That’s where I was born and raised, so I followed the Chicago Bulls, particularly when Michael Jordan was there,” she said.

    But when she became the senator from New York, she “followed the Knicks, but that’s kinda discouraging.”
    “I followed it, but it’s hard to get as enthusiastic as I would like to. The Knicks are trying maybe to get Lebron James. That would make it very exciting in New York, but I’m not sure what exactly will happen,” Clinton said.

    Fabian, Beatles, Jagger

    During the ABS-CBN forum, Clinton also gamely responded to a number of very personal questions—like her crushes when she was younger.

    “Like all young girls, I had lots and lots of crushes. Both on boys I knew and entertainment stars, like Fabian, a popular teen idol of the ’50s,” she said. According to the top US diplomat, she was “president of the Fabian Fans Club and there’s three of us in it.”

    “And of course, I was a huge Beatles fan. Later in life, I got to meet Paul McCartney which was an exciting opportunity for me,” she said.

    Clinton, the 67th US secretary of state, also disclosed that her 90-year-old mother “has always had sort of a crush on (rock star) Mick Jagger. Don’t ask me why. I liked him a lot but my mother really, really liked him and she’s gone to two of his concerts. And one of the best things that I did for my mother was to introduce her to Mick Jagger.”

    Asked if she gets to spend time with her family as she and her husband, former US President Bill Clinton, are always traveling, the 62-year-old diplomat said: “My husband travels as much as I do. Sometimes, even more, depending upon the time of year and what his obligations are. When we come back home, in the weekends, we just do what people like to do—take long walks, go to the movies, have dinner, and catch up on our sleep.”

    Last weekend, she said, “my husband and I were at [daughter Chelsea’s apartment in New York], visiting with her, catching up on her life.”

    Asked about Chelsea’s political plans, she said: “She has carved out her own life and has own group of friends, a social circle she finds very rewarding. I think she respects and appreciates the political world but has no plans of being part of it at this time in her life.”

    Advice to Filipino youth

    Clinton also charmed her audience with self-deprecating humor. When asked when the United States would have a female president, Clinton quipped: “I’m probably the last person you should ask, because I certainly tried.” She praised the Philippines as a role model because it has had two female presidents—democracy icon Corazon Aquino in 1986 and current President Macapagal-Arroyo. “The Philippines is ahead of us. I really should ask you what is the secret of your success,” she said.

    On her advice to the Filipino youth, Clinton said “every person has the opportunity to make the most of their lives… Every life faces challenges, but with faith and perseverance, persistence and a sense of mission in your life, you can keep going and make a contribution.”

    In addition to a group of “congressional interns” from Mindanao, eight Metro Manila schools were represented during yesterday’s forum. They were the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, University of the East, Far Eastern University, Adamson University, National University and host UST.

  73. Big interviews: Joe Biden on ‘The Daily Show,’ Hillary Clinton on ‘Meet the Press’ and ‘This Week,’ Laura Bush on ‘On the Record’

    Nov 13, 2009

    Vice President Joe Biden will make his sixth appearance on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” next week. But his appearance Tuesday will be his first on the show as vice president. In fact, it will be the first time a sitting vice president has been questioned by Stewart. “The Daily Show” airs at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central.

    Former first lady Laura Bush talks to Greta Van Susteren tonight. Bush will discuss women’s rights and her role in the George W. Bush Institute at Southern Methodist University. “On the Record With Greta Van Susteren” airs at 10 on Fox News Channel.

    Attorney General Eric Holder talks to Jim Lehrer for tonight’s “NewsHour” on PBS. The program airs at 7 o’clock on WMFE-Channel 24.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks about Afghanistan, Iraq and other foreign-policy issues on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this weekend. Moderator David Gregory also will offer a panel discussion on education with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and the Rev. Al Sharpton. The program starts at 9 a.m. Sunday on WESH-Channel 2.

    Elsewhere Sunday morning:

    *** Clinton also visits ABC’s “This Week,” which starts at 11 a.m. on WFTV-Channel 9. The round-table discussion brings together George Will, PBS’ Gwen Ifill, Bob Woodward of The Washington Post, David Brooks of The New York Times and David Corn of Mother Jones.

    *** “Face the Nation” features Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., and Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-Mich. The topics will include Afghanistan and the Fort Hood shootings. The CBS program airs at 10:30 a.m. on WKMG-Channel 6.

    *** “Fox News Sunday” will welcome Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.; Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y.; and Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The round-table discussion features Liz Cheney, Juan Williams, Mara Liasson and Bill Kristol. The program starts at 9 a.m. on WOFL-Channel 35.

    *** CNN’s “State of the Union” will feature senior White House adviser David Axelrod, Sens. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., and Judd Gregg, R-N.H.; Bill Bennett and Donna Brazile. The four-hour program starts at 9 a.m.


    A few thoughts on healthcare reform:

    1) Just talked to a very insightful Capitol Hill Watcher who doesn’t think Harry Reid has the votes in the Senate to pass anything resembling comprehensive healthcare reform. You can count out Lieberman, Landrieu, Nelson and maybe even Bayh.

    2) First, of course, comes the CBO’s analysis of various proposals. Any of them that boosts the deficit or healthcare premiums are DOA. Remember, healthcare reform was supposed to expand coverage, lower premiums and bend the curve on the long-term deficit.

    3) Assuming Reid can get 60 votes to proceed to the floor sometime next week, we are talking December being taken up with debate on amendments concerning the public option, abortion, taxes. As it is, Reid is reworking the Senate bill on the fly. One day it is a new version of a PO trigger, the next a hike in payroll taxes. Reconciliation? “That ship has sailed.”

    5) Time does not help. Once the Congress goes homes, members could be inundated with complains and protests, just like in August. Also, the rising unemployment rate continues to sap public confidence in the Obama agenda and Washington, in general.

  75. Appearing on the Joy Behar Show (HLN), Maxine Waters says that in the matter of hc legislation Obama will sign whatever he’s given. He’s not going to fight for anything. He believes he needs a bill to get re-elected and that’s that.
    www dot

  76. Fifth Dimension…thanks for your comments and analysis…how anyone cannot see thru this scam is beyond me…just today there is an article that Big Pharma is ready to pull support if the congress does not stick to the secret deal they made with the WH and Senate…

    frankly, I think beyond the tea party protestors and people with agendas, many ‘average’ people are still not paying attention and have no idea what is going to be demanded of them…the cost and commitments they are going to be forced and mandated to pay…

    I saw a ‘man on the street’ segment last week and you would be AMAZED, absolutely AMAZED, how many people do not even know who the Vice President is…people really are not paying attention…they have no idea what is coming…


    Confloyd…praying for you and your family…you are in our positive thoughts…


    Tennessee Rep. Jim Cooper, who backed the House health care bill last weekend despite deep misgivings about the legislation, told his hometown paper on Thursday that reform “is still on life support” even after the narrow win.

    “If you peel back the layers further, you realize it may be difficult for the Senate to vote on anything,” Cooper told The (Nashville) Tennessean’s editorial board. “I’d say health reform, despite the House vote, is still on life support.

    Cooper, a cerebral fiscal hawk, had a complicated role in the last serious push for universal health coverage in the 1990s, with some still blaming him for its eventual demise. He voted for the most recent version late Saturday night after warning fellow Democrats for months that party leaders were pursuing a path that could add to the deficit over the long term and fail to the slow the rapid growth in health care costs and insurance premiums.

    The outspoken Blue Dog predicts moderate Senators will turn their back on most of the House provisions and force the lower chamber to swallow whatever legislative compromise Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) cobbles together.

    There are a number of senators saying they’re not going to send it to conference. They’re going to say to the House, take it or leave it,” he told the newspaper. “They know what they have to do to get the 60 votes. … A 60-vote majority is very fragile.”

    Cooper also dismissed speculation that he traded his vote for any assurances from Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), like a promise to grant him a coveted seat on the Energy and Commerce Committee – the panel he occupied before pursuing a Senate bid in 1994. For years, members and aides have speculated that former Chairman John Dingell (D-Mich.) kept blocking his return to the committee as payback for defeating Clinton Care.

    “It’s really not like she’s ever done anything for me,” he said. “If I’ve gotten anything, it’s the back of her hand.”

  78. Anyone else feel that Holder’s announcement he’s trying the WTC terrorists in NYC is an insult and a slap in the fact to New Yorkers and Americans?

    I cannot believe what Squat and his crew are doing to us.

    It’s as if he’s deliberately trying to thumb his nose in our faces.
    It is disgusting.

  79. holdthemaccountable
    November 13th, 2009 at 2:44 pm
    Appearing on the Joy Behar Show (HLN), Maxine Waters says that in the matter of hc legislation Obama will sign whatever he’s given. He’s not going to fight for anything. He believes he needs a bill to get re-elected and that’s that.


    Yep, it is always about him, him, and him.

    He doesn’t care what is in the bill, as long he signs some “Healthcare” bill.

  80. …”Clinton, the 67th US secretary of state, also disclosed that her 90-year-old mother “has always had sort of a crush on (rock star) Mick Jagger. Don’t ask me why. I liked him a lot but my mother really, really liked him and she’s gone to two of his concerts. And one of the best things that I did for my mother was to introduce her to Mick Jagger.”


    This makes my week end on a happy note.

  81. S wrote on
    November 13th, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Fifth Dimension…thanks for your comments and analysis…


    You’re welcome, S. You guys here at Big Pink, NoQ, and others are my light in the dark. Thank the Maker that there are still some places out there that ask the questions no one else dares to.

    As for the matter of premiums, if lower premiums is one of the stated goals of the health care bill, they seem to be going about it entirely the wrong way…

  82. In any case, it will be interesting to see what CBO thinks of the impact to premiums. As the current Big Pink article mentions, they seem to be in the process of examining such impacts now…

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