Obama Chicago Mud Politics On Veterans Day

It took Ben Smith of Politico years, and a promotional confession in a book from a Barack Obama Thug, to admit/disclose what we told our readers on Fathers Day 2007.

Back then, there were no Hillary support website blogs, other than Big Pink. The few Hillary supporters who dared identify as such on other websites were timid in their defenses of Hillary, if not apologetic. On Fathers Day 2007, we discussed the miserable Barack Obama and his Chicago mud attacks on Hillary. We also posted this gem which only now, more than two and a half years after the fact, the Obama campaign confirms:

We have heard from several John Edwards supporters that they suspect it was the Obama campaign that sent an anonymous whisper to the media alerting them to the infamous John Edwards $400 haircut.

This matters because Big Media continues to aid and abet Obama and his thugs. This matters because the behind the scenes Obama thuggery continues unexposed by Big Media.

Ten days after that Fathers Day, we specifically declared the $400 haircut story “planted by Obama opposition research“. We did so because we were a target of a concerted campaign (yes, the disguised Obama thugs with a smiley Joker-style face) asking that we be “nice”. We were implored by these thinly disguised Obama supporters to only say nice things about Hillary but not say anything which could hurt other nominees.

At the time, before Democrats openly became Obama Dimocrats and before the unDemocratic Rules and Bylaws Committee looted Hillary delegates to gift to Obama, we agreed that it was not necessary to be too truthful about the other nominees. But Obama, we said, was an entirely different animal. We wrote, in the wonderfully titled “Varmints”:

Senator Barack Obama (D-Rezko) is another matter entirely.

Obama’s campaign from day 1 has been a negative machine operation posing as clean new politics. We pointed out how his campaign began by hiring “hired muscle” in the form of David Axelrod. The Obama campaign is run by Robert Gibbs who ran advertisments against Howard Dean in 2004 which morphed Dean’s face into the face of Osama bin Laden (ironic isn’t it that the Obama campaign yells “foul” when horrible people refer to Obama as “Osama” – it’s called KARMA, Robert Gibbs.) You hire people for the type of campaign you want to run.

Then the Obama campaign, and yes it was the Obama campaign, decided to defame a Democrat, Senator Hillary Clinton of New York, as facist “Big Brother” from the novel 1984. We documented how the creator of the ad was a roomate of Ben LaBolt – a spokesman for the Obama campaign, even as Obama stated “we have no idea who this person was“.

The latest and ugliest smear was the attack Obama initiated, via right wing sludge machine The Drudge Report, against the last elected president of the United States Bill Clinton. It was an attack which employed the right wing smear machine. It was an attack which had been debunked previously by the New York Observer. It was an attack totally untrue in the substance. And – Obama has never apologized.

Obama also issued another anonymous attack against Hillary by calling her the representative from Punjab “(D-Punjab)” because of her work with the Southeast Asian community. Ergo, from now on we refer to Senator Obama as (D-Rezko) for his work representing his indicted slumlord friend and beneficiary Tony “Antoin” Rezko.

Most of the dummy “creative class” Big Blog Boys blamed the Hillary Clinton campaign for disclosing that very damaging $400 bit of news. But we knew better. We don’t expect the “creative class” Big Blog Boys even now to discuss this story let alone apologize and admit how stupid they were and continue to be.

It was the slimy thugs from the Obama campaign who, once again, accused the Hillary campaign of dirty tricks and “opposition research” when they well knew they themselves were the dirty ones. Big Media cooperated in the smearing of Hillary and the adulation and protection of slimy Obama. Big Blog Boys who protested at Big Media complicity in the outing of Valerie Plame kept quiet or blamed Hillary.

To be sure, the revelation of the $400.00 John Edwards haircut was entirely appropriate. It exposed the ineptness and hypocrisy of John Edwards the man, and the falseness of the John Edwards campaign. We wrote, in our first week of publication, on April 20, 2007:

Surely, “two Americas” Edwards must realize that $400 haircuts and huge compounds to live in are a dagger pointed at the throat of his campaign message. We do not begrudge Edwards having a massive house, nor having expensive haircuts. His hair is lovely enough that he should give it all the care and attention in the world and we would love a weekend or longer invitation to luxuriate in the “house”. Hell, didn’t Biden spend a fortune on follicle migrations from the back of his head to the front of his head and don’t most presidential candidates live in very comfortable circumstances? The complaint is not that Edwards has the right to live in the manner he chooses, but rather doesn’t Edwards realize the actual message his campaign is sending with $400 haircut headlines? Don’t they realize that this is simply a message disaster? Doesn’t Edwards remember Kerry windsurfing and skiiing (instead of humble everyday, everyman sports like basketball, or touch football), and the way that was exploited by Republicans? We know that the Republicans will create attacks out of nothing; they do that to Hillary every day. But it is not wise to supply them with so much ammunition.

What was offensive, and what Big Media “personalities” knew, was that the dirt was coming from the Obama campaign but Big Media kept quiet. Big Media kept quiet about the Obama mud-slinging and continued to report about how “clean” the Obama campaign operation was. Americans were deceived by Big Media and the Obama campaign (which were and are one and the same).

So now, two and one half years later Ben Smith writes a brief item about the souffle confession:

“We did much less of this [opposition research] than other campaigns did,” Plouffe writes a bit self-servingly, “but there were times we indulged — it was our researchers who found John Edwards’s infamous $400 hair cut expenditures.”

Big Media “personalities” (can’t call them “journalists”) knew the Obama campaign was busy attacking opposition candidates but only Hillary was held to any scrutiny. Ben Smith himself spent an inordinate amount of time examining pictures on this website and not looking at the evidence of Obama dirty work right in front of him. Now, Smith writes lamely:

It’s maddening when people assume political reporting is driven by opposition research when you’ve actually dug up something yourself, but in this case, I’m in no position to contradict Plouffe’s account.

Smith says “I’m in no position to contradict Plouffe’s account.” What does that mean? It means that all along Smith knew he received the dirt on Edwards from the Obama campaign but even today he protects Obama with weasel words. More Smith:

I was always interested in candidate Obama’s relationship with the dark(er) political arts and asked him at his first campaign press conference why he’d hired opposition researchers; he responded that they were to check out the candidate himself and to examine high-minded policy questions.

That was not, exactly, the whole truth. Indeed, Obama’s campaign had a particularly capable opposition research shop, a source of tips to many reporters, not all of them on policy. And Plouffe, in passing, outs the campaign as the source of a brief item I did in April 2007 off an Edwards campaign expenditure — probably driving as much traffic, chatter and grief as anything that short I’ve ever written.

Smith writes that what Obama said “was not, exactly, the whole truth.” How about the word lie? Smith like the Big Media “personalities” involved in the Scooter Libby outing of Valerie Plame knew all along where the dirt was coming from. Smith remained silent and even now passively writes that he is “in no position to contradict Plouffe” – meaning Smith knew all along but remained silent while smearing and focusing investigations on Hillary and her supporters.

This matters because Big Media continues to aid and abet Obama and his thugs. This matters because the behind the scenes Obama thuggery continues. When we first discussed the Obama campaign planting the $400.00 Edwards haircut story our focus was on other lies Obama and his campaign were engaged in (Hillary was busy addressing, along with Republican supporters, the issue of stem cell research).

That Obama chose Fathers Day weekend to attack the last elected President of the United States, a two-term Democrat, is especially disgusting but typical for Obama and his Chicago thugs. [snip]

An interview from February 17, 2007 with Obama’s campaign manager, David Axelrod , called The Politics of Going Negative foreshadowed what the mudboys were really thinking. Its The Audacity of Desperation.

“As anyone not living in a cave surely knows, Obama launched his campaign for president last weekend by deriding the “smallness of our politics” and promising to change the tone of political discourse in America. But with Hillary Clinton leading Obama by an average of nearly 20 points in the six major polls taken so far this year, will Obama be able to close the gap over the coming year without playing hardball? And how can he attack Clinton without looking small himself and undermining the core rationale for his candidacy?”

“I put that question to Obama’s senior strategist, David Axelrod, before Obama’s presidential announcement last Saturday in Springfield.”

“If you have a difference over an issue that’s something different than a gratuitous personal attack,” Axelrod said. “But the real point is the premise that if you can inspire people and if you can give them something real to believe in, you can advance your campaign without tearing everybody else down. And that is our premise and we’re going to try and see if it works. If it does work, then we truly have changed our politics for the better. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. But that’s the only kind of campaign that he [Obama] really can run.”

“So, I quickly followed up, Obama won’t go negative?”

“I . . . I . . . I don’t . . . I would not say that he won’t draw contrasts where contrasts should be drawn,” Axelrod hedged. “But if you’re asking me, do we have a strategy to tear people down? We don’t. And maybe that’s incredibly naive, and maybe that is not feasible in modern politics. But we believe it is, and we believe it’s important to run a campaign like that.”

Axelrod is the mud-meister who, according to the New York Times “is known for operating in this gray area, part idealist, part hired muscle.” Axelrod is also the one who flung anonymous mud against “the millionaire liberal, Hull, who was leading in the polls…”

In that race Obama’s Axelrod secretly garbage dived into the Hull divorce, a typically nasty legal proceeding. Obama’s mud-slinging worked back then, “In the following few days, the matter erupted into a full-fledged scandal that ended up destroying the Hull campaign and handing Obama an easy primary victory.” Of course the Tribune was printing Obama’s mud. “The Tribune reporter who wrote the original piece later acknowledged in print that the Obama camp had “worked aggressively behind the scenes” to push the story. But there are those in Chicago who believe that Axelrod had an even more significant role — that he leaked the initial story. They note that before signing on with Obama, Axelrod interviewed with Hull. They also point out that Obama’s TV ad campaign started at almost the same time.”

On June 17, 2007 we hit the Big Media bulls-eye:

Reporters should divulge what other stabs at anonymous stories the Obama campaign has made. Did the Obama campaign plant the very hurtful story of the John Edwards $400 haircut?

As in the Rezko scandals Obama must start answering questions honestly and stop hiding behind a wall of well-crafted words which say very little. Obama must also take personal and public responsibility for what he has done. Obama also needs to fire those responsible for all the mudslinging — Even if that means firing himself.

Obama should fire himself. Big Media “personalities” who protected Obama on his smears should fire themselves or be fired by their should-quit bosses.

As Americans discover the real Obama Big Media has helped closet, Americans grow more “bitter”. “America is in a funk.” The “wave of optimism” is back amidst the debris and floating bodies of Lake Michigan. “Malaise” has returned. Republicans grow stronger in public appreciation. Independents have shifted support by a 22% margin to Republicans.

Big Media failed to vet Obama and continues to protect and defend Obama – which hurts America. As Americans discover more about Obama, his inexperience and thuggery, more Americans will turn on Obama. Big Media failed Americans. We must not fail ourselves.

* * * * *

Two years ago Obama ruined Fathers Day. Today is Veterans Day and we will not have Obama ruin yet another of many already Obama ruined holidays. On Veterans Day Americans remember in order to preserve the best of the past and learn for the future. We remember.


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  1. Great article! Obama with his Chicago politics is as slimy they come. I wonder what the Hulls have to say about Obama?

    On another slimy front…from the vipers mouth herself– Camille Paglia’s, that is: “Whether or not her bill survives in the Senate is immaterial: Pelosi’s hard-won, trench-warfare win sets a new standard for U.S. women politicians and is certainly well beyond anything the posturing but ineffectual Hillary Clinton has ever achieved.” (for full article see Drudge)

  2. Thanks admin, for the post and for the video. I’m finding myself very hungry for patriotic music today. And your declaration that “We must not fail ourselves.” must be our battlecry.

  3. Excellent reminder, Admin, on this Veteran’s Day – not only to honor our defenders of freedom, but also to remind us of the thugs who work covertly (including Big Media) in unraveling real democracy. The Chicago Combine is alive and well in the Windy City and D.C.

    Today’s Tony Blakeley article (from New Orleans Summit on Bipartisanship) about Hillary in 2012 bears reading over and over and over.


  4. Admin, Thanks for the song it was great and so was the video. I am thankful today to still have my dad living with me, he fought in WWII on board the USS Colorado. He had to man the outside guns and was the only one to survive during several months of Komi Kassi’s hitting the ship. He is a slight man and had to eat bananas by the truckload to even make the weight requirement to get in. He was in boot camp when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. They shorten/accelerated his boot camp to get him on that ship which he left only once in the 4 years he was in the Navy.

  5. The democrats had it all this election season, with the lies during the primary, and the misogny they expected us to just take Obama on their decision that he was the best to serve as CIC during this period of history. They were drunk with power and they blew all the mandate they had on a fraudulent candidate. The pumas never accepted him and he never acknowledged them and it is us who will and have taken him down. I hope they have realized their error. This mistake has cost the American people alot, we will now be led by the rethugs and our middle class will forever be gone.

  6. I was just reading over at the TexasMonthly blog, they are saying Rick Perry will run for POTUS in 2012′. After BUsh, Obama then a Perry, this country would be a barren country, the only thing left would be the churches still expecting their 10% of your income to walk in the door. Now that is a scary thought Perry for POTUS.

  7. excerpt from hasan movements:

    Thursday, 29 October & Friday 30 October 2009
    Nidal Malik HASAN visited the Starz Strip club, located just down the road from the main gate entrance to Fort Hood. Based on information provided by club employees, HASAN sat at a table in the back corner of the club, to the left of the stage on which strippers dance around a pole According to Jennifer JENNER, a dancer using the stage name “Paige,” HASAN bought a lap dance from her two nights in a row. She said he paid $50 for a dance lasting three songs in one of the club’s private rooms


    A terrorist in the same mode as other al queada members….visting strip clubs etc…..definitely a muslim hypocrit wating a “traditional” wife….

    NO way he was that DEPRESSED!!!!

  8. What I have been reading the RWN are getting bolder everyday. THey used to quietly dispise Hillary and Bill and now its full blown hate mongering again. Will they never learn, people are sick of this type of behavior.

  9. “Big Media “personalities” (can’t call them “journalists”) knew the Obama campaign was busy attacking opposition candidates but only Hillary was held to any scrutiny.”


    Amen, Admin. Well said!

  10. November 11, 2009

    Public’s Grim Mood Could Endanger Incumbents in 2010.

    By Susan Davis

    Americans are worried, and they’re increasingly likely to take it out on incumbent lawmakers next year, according to the latest Pew Research survey.

    About half of Americans said their representatives deserve re-election in 2010, while one in three said “most” lawmakers should be re-elected. Both of those figures are among the most negative in the past two decades. They are also on par with Pew data from 1994, when Republicans swept to power in Congess, and 2006, when Democrats captured control.

    Among independent voters—a growing force in the electorate as more Americans identify with neither party—the mood is even more negative. Just 42% said their representative deserves re-election and only one-quarter said most members should be re-elected.

    When Americans are worried about their lives and livelihoods, they tend to take it out on Congress. And data points to an unhappy state of the nation.

    Two-thirds are dissatisfied with the way the country is headed and 90% rated the U.S. economy as “fair” or “poor.” More to the point, nearly two-thirds describe their own personal financial situation as “fair” or “poor,” the most since the summer of 1992. That November, Bill Clinton ousted incumbent President George H.W. Bush.

    Democrats currently control both chambers of Congress, and while election analysts widely agree that they are likely to suffer seat losses next year, there doesn’t appear to be indication of a GOP takeover at this stage.

    Perhaps equally troubling to Democrats and inspiring to Republicans is that voter enthusiasm levels now tip towards the GOP. Nearly six in 10, 58%, of respondents who said they intend to vote Republican next year are very enthusiastic about voting, compared with 42% of those who intend to vote Democratic. Among independents who support Republicans, 56%, reported a high level of enthusiasm for the candidate compared with 32% of independents who intend to vote for a Democrat.


  11. Jen wrote downstairs:
    Going back to the tea parties for a moment… I think they’re fine if our goal is to give Bozo and his muppets in Congress a hard time and hopefully undo some of the damage that those BOlsheviks are doing to this country. But the people running the tea party movement will elect another Bush in a heartbeat.


    I agree, we need to be careful. I agree with some of the Tea Party issues: ramming unreadable trillion dollar bills is wrong, and might be called taxation without representation. I agree the bank bailouts were wrong. Congresscritters should be listening to their constituents on things like this. I’m sure most of these Tea Party people are good and sincere even when I disagree with their other rightwing issues. They shouldn’t be pictured as freaks.

    Didn’t this movement come in stages? Isn’t there evidence that the first stage was somewhat astroturfed by rightwing pols? THen a lot of sincere concerned centrist people (and some PUMAs) joined the early parties, protesting bailout stuff. Now hasn’t it sort of shaken down to rightwing GOP citizens, even if they are decent and sincere?

    So I fear that whatever support we give the movement as a whole, may end up strengthening the anti-Hillary and anti-abortion and anti-gay forces.

  12. Ineffectual?

    If you want an unbroken season of wins, stay in the minor leagues. If you want to undertake real challenges with real payoffs, you’ll win some and lose some.

    Women with cajones, Hillary and Palin, keep going after higher and higher challenges.

    What’s feminine of The Peter Principle? Keep promoting yourself to the upper limit of the sitaution.

    Dowd, Paglia, Pelosi wormed themselves into safe, no-lose positions and are safely staying there. By sniping at the women who have the courage to keep pushing to the front of the front lines.

    Hillary made 19 million cracks in the glass ceiling — Palin is making more. Hillarycare nailed to the hospital door a plan of what healthcare SHOULD be. That’s what Kuchinic et al are standing on still.

  13. jbstonesfan

    Hillary is at about 62% favorable whereas Pelosi is probably below 30%.


    Good point!

  14. I find this article to be one of the best descriptions of obama’s disastrous policy and the Middle East situation I have read to date. A little long but well worth it.

    November 10, 2009

    Dazed and Confused : The Israelis can’t figure out U.S. policy. For that matter, who can?

    By Elliott Abrams

    When I visited Israel in late October, not long before the latest visits of U.S. envoy George Mitchell and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Israelis of all political hues confessed that they were amazed, perplexed, and confused by the policy those two diplomats and President Obama are following.

    First came an instant attitude of hostility on the part of the Obama administration toward Israel’s new prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, even before he had taken office on March 31 and despite his efforts to create a centrist coalition. Second came its obsession with a “settlement freeze,” which in fact was a demand for something that no Israeli prime minister of any party could possibly agree to — a complete and immediate freeze on construction not only in every settlement (including those Israel will obviously keep in any final-status agreement) but also in Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. Third came the demand that Arab states reach out to Israel, a demand that the president himself delivered to the king of Saudi Arabia in a visit there in June and that, predictably, was rejected immediately.

    Fourth came the administration’s handling of the Palestinian leadership, which it pulled out onto the “settlement freeze” limb — for how could any Palestinian leader be less insistent on a total freeze than the Americans were? This meant that when the Obama team faced reality and dropped the freeze demand in favor of a call for “restraint,” the Palestinians out on that limb were simply sawed off. Later, when American diplomats prevailed upon the Palestinian leadership not to ask the U.N. Human Rights Council to approve the Goldstone Report on Israeli conduct during the Gaza War, they added insult to injury. Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas seems to have accepted U.S. demands and instructed his delegation at the Human Rights Council in Geneva to cool it, a move that won him unprecedented unpopularity at home. He should have said no and simply told the U.S. to veto anything that arose in the Security Council, but the U.S. should not have pushed him.

    That the administration did so suggests a powerful American desire to avoid a veto, presumably because such actions are so “Cold War,” so “George Bush” — and far out of line with the new Obama era of global engagement and multilateral action. So frustrated has Abbas become with all this that he has announced he won’t run for reelection in the planned PA voting on January 24. While he may well change his mind, and the election itself is likely to be postponed, the announcement is properly understood as his own protest vote against administration policy. Weakened by the Clinton and Mitchell maneuvers, he has about as much enthusiasm for Obama’s handling of the Middle East as Bibi Netanyahu.

    The net result of the administration’s approach is a massive policy failure. The Obama administration has weakened the Palestinian leadership it meant to strengthen, weakened the alliance with Israel by its hostility to Israel’s government, weakened its own reputation in Arab capitals for strength and reliability, and painted itself into a policy corner. For where does it go now?

    It is still possible that Mitchell, who ought to resign or be fired on account of his gross misreading of the situation in the region, will get Netanyahu to sign some sort of construction moratorium. But we know the conditions: It will not apply to Jerusalem, it will be time-limited, it will permit construction of about 2,500 new units in various stages of preparation, and it will not apply to needed public buildings like clinics or schools. The Palestinian leadership will immediately denounce such a deal, which is not what they thought Mitchell and Obama were demanding. They will not agree to commence peace negotiations on such a basis; indeed, on October 31, Abbas so stated when he met with Secretary Clinton in Abu Dhabi. And if they did start such negotiations, which is the fervent desire of the Obama administration, nothing could possibly come of them right now. Abbas is too weak (partly thanks to us) and too close to elections (called for January, though few believe they’ll actually take place then) to undertake serious negotiations at the moment. And remember: Last year, Israel’s then–prime minister, Ehud Olmert, made Abbas a peace offer that was so generous it probably couldn’t have carried in Olmert’s own cabinet. Abbas turned that one down, so it’s hard to believe that anything Netanyahu offers now might be acceptable to the Palestinians.

    So what has Mitchell achieved for all his travel and all his posturing? Nothing. Actually, worse than nothing: Mitchell has managed to obscure the only good news emerging from the area, which is the continuing improvement in life on the West Bank. More jobs, more freedom of movement, more law and order are apparent in 2009. But that’s usually mentioned in the fifth paragraph of any administration statement. If Obama had used all his early prestige last winter to ask Arab states to embrace the Palestinians (rather than to embrace Israel, which was an impossible goal), perhaps he’d have gotten somewhere. Perhaps the PA would today have the funds to build more schools and roads and hospitals — and jails, for that matter.

    American policy under Obama has aligned itself in a curious and possibly unintended way with the worst elements of Arab policy. Like that of the Arabs, it is cold toward Israel: Despite several visits to the region, the president has skipped Israel, and the White House’s aloofness toward Netanyahu is obvious. This posture makes peace far harder to achieve. Again like Arab policy, it is warm toward the Palestinians in ways that hurt the Palestinian leaders more than help them. That is, the rhetoric is warm but little or nothing is actually done to assist them, and they emerge weaker with every passing month. Again like the Arab approach, it puts a premium on rhetoric, negotiations, and diplomacy, with few sensible concrete steps.

    As a result, “world opinion” toward Israel has gone from cool to frigid — in Europe especially. U.N. actions such as the Goldstone Report are one manifestation of this; denunciations of Israel, not to mention efforts to prevent Israeli officials from speaking on campuses and indeed to jail them if they come to Europe, are others. The cause is clear: As the United States, Israel’s closest friend, has backed away from Israel since the Obama inauguration, Europeans have backed even farther. They have seen the American coolness as license, indeed encouragement, to excoriate the Jewish state, and have enthusiastically done so.

    Israelis watch all of this and wonder whether it is intended, or rather the product of the Obama team’s incompetence. I was asked repeatedly during my visit: What are they doing? What do they think they are doing? Do they realize it isn’t working? Is there a learning curve?

    Meanwhile, Israelis watch Obama’s handling of Iran, which for them is a deadly serious matter. They note that the administration congratulated itself on winning Russian president Dmitry Medvedev’s agreement for more sanctions, but they see that there actually was no agreement. They watched as administration spokesmen smugly said they’d gotten more from Iran in just days of talks than Bush had in eight years of hostility, but then saw Iran’s “agreement” to export almost all of its low-enriched uranium evaporate over the following weeks.

    These episodes do not instill confidence that the mishandling of Israeli-Palestinian affairs is a temporary aberration; instead they make Israelis suspect that the administration’s approach to world politics is simply naïve, and more given to self-congratulation than to making tough choices. The president’s decision on Afghanistan plays a role here too, for Israelis — like many Americans — wonder whether the dithering of recent weeks bespeaks a lack of “grit.” As in Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere, including downtown Washington, an Obama decision to overrule Gen. Stanley McChrystal or to offer him half of what he says he needs will be carefully noted in the Kirya, the headquarters of the Israel Defense Forces. Israelis want a strong, tough America, and they want to be its ally. A weak administration, whose judgment about the Middle East and about world politics is erroneous and often naïve, and that expresses a coolness to Israel and an indifference to the threats it faces, is an Israeli nightmare. Maybe feeling confused is their way of holding off the conclusion that that’s just what they’ve got in Obama.

    — Elliott Abrams is a senior fellow for Middle Eastern studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. He served as the deputy national-security adviser handling Middle Eastern affairs in the George W. Bush administration. This piece is adapted from the November 23, 2009, issue of National Review.


  15. Clinton addresses homelessness and HIV at Chicago House event

    Clinton delivers keynote at Chicago House luncheon

    by Brian Decker
    Wed. November 11, 2009

    Chicago, IL — As people around the nation acknowledge the service of veterans, Bill Clinton today addressed guests at a luncheon held at Chicago’s Palmer House hotel about the service and responsibility every individual has in addressing homelessness and the growing problem of HIV. “We are in this together; around the corner and around the world,” he told the crowd of nearly a thousand.

    The organization which invited the former president, Chicago House, was founded in 1985 to provide housing and supportive services for people living with HIV and AIDS. About one year ago as part of their mission, Chicago House CEO Rev. Stan Sloan established Sweet Miss Givings, a bakery and jobs program with a social purpose that provides job skills and employment for formerly homeless individuals being assisted by Chicago House.

    Clinton praised the Sweet Miss Givings program as “the best example of a back-to-work program that I have ever seen” and went further to say, “it should be rolled out through NGO’s [non-governmental organizations] across the country that can sustain such a program.”

    In addition to complementing the Chicago House and its staff for being a pioneer service organization, the former president talked about the current debate over national healthcare, the state of the economy and the recent tragedy at Fort Hood.

    Since leaving office, Clinton established the Clinton Global Initiative to work towards solutions to issues which include homelessness and the treatment HIV/AIDS.

    The former president commended the audience for their support and wrapped up the afternoon with a question and answer session.


  16. Just watched Glenn Beck’s first show after being out with appendicitis. He brought up the disconnect the President showed the day the soldiers were shot in Ft Hood. He kept saying that something is wrong with Obama, well we knew that quiet a while back.
    So I decided to look at some old videos of the CIC in Israel at there holocaust museum, today at the tomb of the unknown soldier, the prayer he placed in the waling wall and I will continue to look at these videos of Israel, military and the holocaust and see if I can find a similar disconnect.

  17. Michael Scherer at Time magazine (a generally good reporter who is slipping into the mud) is one of the few outlets reporting the Ben Smith complicity with the Obama campaign:


    Politico’s Ben Smith has, alas, confessed, more or less, that the Obama Campaign was his source of the John Edwards $400 haircut scoop. Back in March of 2007, I wrote a story for Salon.com about the role of opposition research in shaping the primary news cycle, which I termed the “Matt Drudge Primary.” At the time, Smith, a fine reporter loyal to his sources, declined to admit what was then fairly obvious–the news of Edwards’ silly haircut had been fed to him from a rival campaign.

    But Smith’s source eventually outed himself. As Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe writes in his book,

    We did much less of this [opposition research] than other campaigns did, but there were times we indulged — it was our researchers who found John Edwards’s infamous $400 hair cut expenditures.

    As Ice T put it, “Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.”

  18. I’m sure most of these Tea Party people are good and sincere even when I disagree with their other rightwing issues. They shouldn’t be pictured as freaks.

    Turndown. The tea party members are from all walks of life, not just right wing.

  19. Here’s Pastor Manning’s newest, filmed just before the Ft.Hood massacre. I think maybe Rev. Manning is right on just who we should trust. I do remember what Hillary said during the primary about Obama’s heritage. Watch it to the end so you can see what I am talking about. I think its ominous!

    h t t p :/ /w ww . youtube.com/watch?v=7zB66NkS674

  20. Admin,

    So many Judas’s took obama’s pieces of silver, it’s amazing. Tempted by evil and determined to destroy the one woman who could have made America a better place today, and now they are creeping out of the woodwork to admit their unethical crimes?

    What are they asking for? Clemency? Forgiveness for their sins?

    Good luck with that.

  21. I have not been to any tea party events, however I watched a lot of it on c-span during their big event…and just like when the left had its protests and events…all kinds of people would show up, socialist this and anarchist that…etc…all extremes show up and many are bussed to these events…

    …as for the so called ‘tea party’ people I think you get all types, you get the extremes and far right repubs but also a lot of people that feel like many of us…many moderate dems, indep, and repubs that are just FED UP…FED THE HELL UP…fed up with the bailouts, the intense federalized govt control of EVERYTHING, take over of cars, health, banks, wall st…all our taxpayer money disappearing and no jobs…and the banks continue to screw us…they are worse than loan sharks…seizing people’s homes and raising interest rates and fees that would make the mafia embarrassed…and our Congress is useless…Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are complicit…they talk the talk…but do not walk the walk…they have allowed all kinds of gimmicks and loopholes so that we, the american taxpayers, remain enslaved and punished…

    so I say, thank goodness that people are speaking up and making themselves heard…forget the labels…forget tea party, dems, repubs, etc…the mood is INDEPENDENCE AND we are angry…FED THE HELL UP! ENOUGH…enough with the platitudes and false heroes who do nothing to actually assist the people footing the bills for their escapades…

  22. confloyd
    November 11th, 2009 at 6:49 pm


    I’m glad that Reverend Manning is keeping these issues alive.

  23. Jen the Michigander
    November 10th, 2009 at 11:00 pm


    I have too gone to several Tea Party events and while there are certainly right wing people there, there are MANY others. Not sure where you attended but i am from Texas and have attended in Austin, Round Rock and San Antonio,

    As far as BC mentioning Tea Party as Repub, that is very unfortunate. Lot’s of people are Indies there. Bill needs to let the Fraud fail as he should so America can win.That goes for this Health care bill, Pass anything, really Bill? Jesus help us.

    and Turndown, most people now know what “tea bagging is” thanks to MSN/NBC/ABC/MSNBC constant “jokes” .

    I for one am proud to be a member in spirit.

    For those who think the tea parties are just for GOP members here is an excerpt from an email I received
    Fellow Patriots,

    As we’ve mentioned before, the Tea Party Movement now faces a serious head to head battle with the GOP establishment. We posted about this over at TaxDayTeaParty.com. You can read and comment on that post here.

  24. JanH, I tell you to watch this video that was filmed a couple of days before the Ft.Hood massacre and then watch how Obama was so insensitive to the killing of our soldiers was just amazing. I realized what the problem is is that he is not an american and wasn’t raised with american values and that is why he has a disconnect to our heritage. Veterans day ceremonies, wreath on the unknown soldiers, threats against our kids in the service, the whole gambit of things that we as americans hold dear. Its because he is not from this country. Rev. Manning tells us the reason in that short video.

  25. Inside Cover RSS ARCHIVE

    Print Page | Forward Page | E-mail Us

    Murdoch: Glenn Beck Right on Obama ‘Racist’

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009 3:28 PM

    Article Font Size

    In an interview with his own Sky News Australia, News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch said he agreed with Glenn Beck’s view that President Barack Obama’s has made racist comments.

    “He did make a very racist comment about blacks and whites, etc, which, he said in his campaign he’d be completely above,” Murdoch told the interviewer. “And, that was something which perhaps shouldn’t have been said about the president. If you actually assess what he (Beck) was talking about, he was right.”

    Special: Get Sarah Palin’s New Book – Incredible FREE Offer — Click Here Now.

    Beck made the comments in July after the arrest of Obama’s close friend, the scholar Henry Louis Gates, by a white Cambridge police officer. Beck was making the larger point that instead of letting the facts speak for themselves, Obama immediately drew the most sinister interpretation of the police officer’s motives.

    “This president, I think, has exposed himself as a guy, over and over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture,” Beck said. “I don’t know what it is.”

    “I’m not saying he doesn’t like white people,” Beck said. “I’m saying he has a problem. He has a — this guy is, I believe, a racist.”

    On Wednesday, a News Corp. spokesman stressed to Politico that Murdoch “does not at all, for a minute, think the president is a racist.”

    The video of the interview:

  26. gonzo,

    I agree wholeheartedly with you that many of the tea party participants are honest, decent people, true democrats and independents.

    My point yesterday was simply that maybe Bill Clinton thought he was referring to the Republicans only. In doing so it is a shame that it lumped everyone together though and shouldn’t have happened that way.

  27. birdgal, Holy Moly! Lou DObbs resigned! WOW! Gee I wonder where he is going. He was the only one with enough guts to ask where the birth certificate is. WOW!!!

  28. birdgal,

    I know I should be shocked but given that cnn is as corrupt as they come, I am glad that Lou Dobbs is moving on.

    His was the only show I watched on that poor excuse of a network and now I can boycott it completely.

    I wish this noble man the very best in the future and sincerely hope he turns up somewhere else on television in a better and more honest environment (if there is such a thing anymore.

  29. Good for Dobbs. I am afraid though that the MONSTER converson @ CNN will be complete. I too will NEVER darken it’s door again…

  30. CNN is at the bottom in the ratings…they are all identity politics all day and night long…trival, stupid reporting…Lou was a voice that had something to actually say…

    where do you go when you are at the bottom already? what are they going to do give Roland Martin another show…

    the late great CNN hits rock bottom!

  31. confloyd
    November 11th, 2009 at 6:18 pm
    Just watched Glenn Beck’s first show after being out with appendicitis. He brought up the disconnect the President showed the day the soldiers were shot in Ft Hood. He kept saying that something is wrong with Obama,

    you’ve heard the expression “the emperor has no clothes”, well, in BO’s case, “the emperor has no soul”. the man is empty inside. a complete void. he cares for no one but himself.

  32. Great post Admin. We always knew it was 0bama’s campaign that was dirty. They had the nerve to say Hillary was running a dirty campaign. Great video as well. Oh, and thank you confloyd for the Paster Manning video. He’s fun to watch.

  33. basil 9, yesterday you posted that you read that the soldiers at Ft.Hood addressed Potus as Mr. and Mrs. Obama, where did you see that? If it wasn’t you, sorry it must have been someone else.

  34. thank you for acknowledging the sell-out of the gay community – no gay person i know (im gay myself) voted for obama, and we all lament how our supposed ‘leaders’ have sold their soul to the devil (obama). we sympathize and live the oppression our sisters live under ….. what a revolution we could have if we all banded together.

  35. From BP

    Hi to all,
    I read the article on Drudge about Lou Dobbs, especially this part about some advocasy group Presente.org which had called on CNN to fire Lou Dobbs, and were now declaring a victory for his leaving. The only reason CNN still had any type of audience other than the kool-aid slobberers was because of Dobbs. Now he’s gone and I predict their bottom of the barrel ratings they now have will go lower than the underbelly of a snake. I can’t wait to hear who their replacement for that time slot will be. Maybe Jeannene Garafalo would suit CNN just fine.

  36. Re Tea Party people, all I know is what I read here and pick up elsewhere. I had the impression that some RW pols had set it off, then lots of centrists showed up, but it was shaking down to RW’s now. Hope I’m wrong.

    I guess different Tea Parties are different. Is there any way to get an objective overall picture?

  37. Larry Johnson is saying that Hasan broke no laws and therefore the CIA and FBI are out of the picture. It should have been noticed by his superior officers and they should have taken it to the next level.

    Some say if he hadn’t had a gun he would have taken to being a suicide bomber. I believe that.

    So our Muslim Potus is driving us on the brink of war over Israel. Syria now is threatening to start a war and Turkey is now saying they will tell the Iranians of any Israel getting ready to bomb them. It looks like all sides are coming against Israel. This is worse than I have ever seen it. We can blame this on Obama and his love of the Palestinians and Muslims over the Jewish state.

  38. confloyd
    November 11th, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    He was communicating with know terrorists via his computer and the anti-American conversations he had while a Major in the Armed forces would @ least qualify him for treason! Larry is wrong

  39. Turkey showed their true colors when they denied US troops access from the North into Iran….they are now, under it’s current Gov, making a hard turn towards Islam. It is sad as Israeli’s and Westerners have traditional enjoyed Turkey as a moderate Muslim nation…I remember visiting Istanbul when I was 16 and it was a very modern city even back then….Israel , at this point, has no friends…it’s closest ally is now probably, believe it or not Germany and or France, as well as Czech Republic. (and off course the hard Christian right).
    Much as we did not believe Obama would beat Hillary, I am coming to the conclusion that Iran will get it’s nukes, and an all out way will ultimately be launched on Israel…if this happens under the Obama administration, Israel will not be deended or even re-supplied with arms to defend itself as Nixon did when Israel was in trouble in the 73 Yom Kippur war…Bibi can only buy time and pray Obama is out, but that is very unlikely imo…

  40. jb

    …if this happens under the Obama administration, Israel will not be deended or even re-supplied with arms to defend itself as Nixon did when Israel was in trouble in the 73 Yom Kippur war…Bibi can only buy time and pray Obama is out, but that is very unlikely imo


    Maybe this is why he went to Russia, he may have made a deal because he knew he couldn’t trust the Fraud.

  41. THe one thing that is protecting is God. Have you all ever heard of what really happened during the 6-day war?? An amazing story.

    I had no idea that Nixon choked out Israel in 73′, well looks like Nixon got his due then. Same thing will happen to Obama if he chokes out Israel.

    I am very concerned for Israel as I have never it seen it this bad before.

    I think this is why they finished off Hezbollah in Lebanon before the election, they already knew what Obama was about. Only the American people have been blacked out of the real heritage of Obama. Israel would do good to get out to real Americans what they know about Obama.

  42. confloyd,

    The 6-Day War was an amazing example of a miracle in the making.

    jbstonesfan is right about Istanbul. I myself was there in the 70’s and the difference between then and now is night and day. I don’t think France is really on Israel’s side at moment. It’s demands regarding settlement stoppage, etc… is just as much a show of strong-arming as is obama’s blustering.

    Germany, as odd as it sounds, really may be Israel’s only supporter, although India has shown signs of solidarity as well lately.

  43. And Hezbollah is now bragging that their missiles can reach all parts of Israel. Iran’s support of this terrrorist group is disgusting.

    The United Nations is a joke, an antisemitic disgrace.

    Bibi stands alone with his people behind him. This is a modern-day story of David and Goliath. He isn’t perfect, but then what leader on the canvas is today?

  44. JanH, It is odd that Germany will be the one that helps, but you know they’ve already had their messiah and they remember what he talked them into doing, America hasn’t and are blinded by the rhetoric. My brother in law is German and has been here in this country for almost 30 years on a green card. He said Obama scares the hell out of him, he remembers what his parents told him and what he learned growing up there.

    During the 6-day war stories that I read was that Israel won while being outnumbered and outgunned. They found evidence that the Arabs deserted their tanks and ran the other way. Is that what you heard?? I wish I could remember where I read this story, it was a long time ago that I read it. They had the help of God. I think the whole thing is coming to a head and it won’t be long now.

  45. JanH, I have always admired Bibi, I actually like him better than Sharon. What has ever happened to Sharon?? I don’t think he has past away, maybe still alive but a vegetable? I don’t thing he is still on the vent though.

  46. I guess Letterman hasn’t learned his lesson because he is still slaming Sarah Palin. I remember BC on there a couple of weeks ago, I got the idea that Clinton did not really like Letterman, but that is just my opinion after watching him.

    I guess the Bambi’s crowd is still scared of Sarah, they should be because by the time 12′ gets here, he will be a has been, especially after his Ft.Hood moment. They are all talking about his wonderful speech in Texas, pls folks that was a written speech with acting lessons. His true feelings were off the cuff on the first press conference when he wanted to shout out to a voter.

    When will this misogny stop, we really need to let them know somehow, we are not going to put up with it from either side this time around. Women need to unite, but how with the crackheads that write nasty articles about Hillary daily. They need to be tarred and feathered.

  47. confloyd,

    From what I remember, the Arab nations were even at that time determined to wipe Israel off the map and used many provocations to escalate a war to this end.

    First the Egyptian troops began moving into the Sinai, then Syrian troops were moved into the Golan Heights. Then Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran, Israel’s only supply route with Asia, to all Israeli shipping and all ships bound for Eilat. And finally you had the armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon all ready to attack.

    I believe Israel made sneak air attacks on Egypt’s airfields, destroying the majority of their aircraft while the Egyptian pilots were eating breakfast, and then did the same with Jordan and Syria’s airfields.

    It was a brilliant tactic and weakened the enemy, carried over into on land, and rife with stories about small groups of Israeli soldiers fighting them off until reinforcements could arrive.

  48. I’m sure it was the Obama campaign who tipped off The Enquirer about pretty boy’s affair as well. They were probably blackmailing him all along. He was just a pawn in their evil chess match.

  49. Hillary and her military brass supporters have agreed that the extra troops must be deployed now.However BHO (D)REZKO is in disagreement with them.Revolt is in the process and Hillary is showing her independance and what I believe is the subtle undertones of her campaign run.Strong women in politcal scenarios do not show their cards.She is a master patriot like no one we have had in modern day political strategic awareness.I would sure like to meet her in person one day but she never stops giving for her country and her causes.She has never looked better than Mon at the Berlin
    wall event.Look after her my friends.the messiah is in
    meltdown mode and stands out there Naked and Bewildered.


    Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Underscores U.S. Commitment to APEC

    Posted: 11 Nov 2009 11:18 AM PST

    Trip Information Page | Interactive Travel Map | Text the Secretary

    Today, Secretary Clinton participated in APEC ministerial meetings in Singapore. Following the meetings, the Secretary said:

    “Here in Singapore, we’ve had a productive day of discussion, covering the full range of regional and global issues confronting our nations. I have stressed the Obama Administration’s commitment to substantive cooperation. That is a commitment that I have felt very strongly about and made clear on my first trip as Secretary of State to Asia earlier this year. And when President Obama arrives here later this week, he will underscore our view that APEC is an essential forum for engagement and for common action.”

    In her comments, Secretary Clinton also addressed regional topics that were discussed during the APEC ministerial. She said:

    “North Korea’s nuclear program is of foremost concern, and the United States is committed to making progress on this issue. Our Special Representative for North Korea Policy, Ambassador Stephen Bosworth, will visit Pyongyang in the near future. The decision to send him was reached after extensive consultation with our partners in the Six-Party process. They share our view that Ambassador Bosworth can use this opportunity to press the basic principles of the September 2005 joint statement, including full, peaceful, verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and work toward the resumption of the Six-Party Talks.

    We have made the purpose and parameters of this visit clear to the North Koreans. This is not a negotiation; it is an effort to pave the way toward North Korea’s return to the Six-Party process. Let me emphasize that our expectations of Pyongyang have not changed and will not change, nor has our commitment to the Six-Party process. We will use diplomacy and we will work closely with our partners to find a peaceful path to our shared objective on the Korean Peninsula.

    We also discussed the United States approach to Burma. We have begun engaging the Burmese authorities in high-level dialogue to advance our goals of democratic reforms and human rights. Burma’s neighbors and members of ASEAN have an especially important role to play in encouraging the Burmese Government to move forward on reform, to start a meaningful internal dialogue with Aung San Suu Kyi, political parties, and ethnic minorities; and to hold credible, fair elections in 2010. I reiterated that U.S. sanctions will remain in place until we see meaningful progress in key areas.”

    The foreign ministers also discussed climate change. Secretary Clinton emphasized U.S. commitment to working with the international community to reach a global, legally binding climate agreement. The Secretary said:

    “The United States has taken dramatic steps in the past year to change the way we use energy at home, and we have taken our seat at the table in international climate negotiations. We believe all nations have a responsibility to address this urgent global challenge, and we are prepared to assume our share of responsibility.

    Going forward, we are committed to reaching the goal of a global, legally binding climate agreement. And we will continue working vigorously with the international community toward that end. If we all exert maximum effort and embrace the right blend of pragmatism and principle, I believe we can secure a strong outcome at Copenhagen, and that would be a stepping stone toward full legal agreement. We cannot let the pursuit of perfection stand in the way of progress, but there are clear metrics by which we will judge the result at Copenhagen.

    First, any agreement must involve immediate global action in which all nations do their fair share. We cannot afford further delay. Second, any agreement should cover all of the major issues, including adaptation, financing, technology cooperation, dissemination of technology, forest preservation, and others. It should include a commitment to strong mitigation actions like national reduction targets for developed countries and actions by major developing countries that will reduce their emissions significantly compared to business as usual.

    Third, any agreement must include a commitment to a system that will ensure transparency and accountability with regard to the implementation of domestic actions. Fourth, any agreement must endorse funding facilities to assist developing countries. We are prepared to support a global climate fund that will support adaptation and mitigation efforts and a matching entity to help developing countries match needs with available resources. Funding through the new global climate fund and a technology mechanism will help developing countries identify what they need, where to get it, and how to finance, operate, and maintain it.

    These are the yardsticks we will use to measure the outcome. But under any circumstance, Copenhagen is not the end of the process. It is part of our larger collective commitment to hold ourselves and others accountable, to speed the transition to a low-carbon global economy, and to leave a cleaner, greener planet for our children and grandchildren.”

    Read the Secretary’s full remarks here.

  50. ‘Big Media failed to vet Obama and continues to protect and defend Obama – which hurts America. As Americans discover more about Obama, his inexperience and thuggery, more Americans will turn on Obama. Big Media failed Americans. We must not fail ourselves.’

    This is one of your all-time best posts, Admin.
    it was difficult to read – nauseating at times remembering all the politrix and lies but you nailed every point.

    I just hope it’s not to late for us.

  51. Way off topic but check this out.

    Remember Hoffman and Scuzzafuka and Owens up in NY-23?
    Turns out there was a lot of ‘mis’counting. Hoffman now trails by only 3,000 votes and there are still 10,000 left to be counted.


  52. Clinton: U.S. concerned about Afghan corruption

    Thu Nov 12, 2009
    By David Alexander

    MANILA (Reuters) – The United States is concerned about corruption and poor governance in Afghanistan and has raised those issues with the administration of President Hamid Karzai, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday.

    But Clinton declined to say whether the issues were being weighed as part of President Barack Obama’s review of his Afghan strategy. And she would not confirm a Washington Post report that U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry had written memos to Obama expressing concern about sending more U.S. troops to the country until Karzai’s government demonstrates it is willing to tackle corruption and mismanagement.

    Karzai was recently elected to a second term in office in a fraud-tainted election.

    “We are looking to President Karzai as he forms a new government to take action that will demonstrate … to his own people that his second term will respond to the needs that are so manifest,” Clinton told a news conference in Manila. “I think the corruption issue really goes to the heart of whether the people of Afghanistan feel that the government is on their side, is working for them.”

    Obama is weighing final options for a new strategy for the Afghanistan war, including whether to send additional U.S. troops to stem a resurgence by the Taliban eight years after the start of the war.

    The U.S. leader’s top military commander in Afghanistan has recommended increasing the number of U.S. forces in the country. A proposal to add an additional 30,000 troops has gained favor among top advisers, officials said.

    Clinton said she shared concerns that had been raised by a number of leaders about Afghanistan, including corruption, lack of transparency, poor governance and an absence of the rule of law.

    “Corruption is corrosive in a society,” she said. “When leaders enrich themselves at the expense of their people, when they put their own fortune ahead of the fortune of their people it has a very unfortunate impact.” “We are concerned and we’ve expressed those concerns and we are looking for measures of accountability and transparency that will demonstrate a clear commitment to the kind of governance and outcomes that the people of Afghanistan deserve,” Clinton said.

    She declined to say whether Obama was considering corruption specifically as a factor in formulating a new Afghan strategy. But leaving the review process aside, the administration deals with the problem frequently, she said.

    “Of course we’re looking at it,” she said. “we’re looking at it every day at the State Department. If we’re going to be providing development assistance, we want to be sure it goes to where it’s intended.”


  53. unscripted propoganda obama style…another corrupt kodak moment.

    Obama may ditch meeting with Chinese youth on tripUS and China yet to agree on terms of president’s face-to-face meeting with young people during maiden trip to China

    Tania Branigan in Beijing guardian.co.uk, Thursday 12 November 2009

    US and China yet to agree on terms of president’s face-to-face meeting with young people during maiden trip to China

    The US is understood to have wanted a ‘town hall’ style meeting in Shanghai for around 1,000 young Chinese people.

    Barack Obama may ditch his sole meeting with the Chinese public on his maiden trip to China because Washington and Beijing have yet to agree on the terms of the event, days ahead of his arrival.

    It is understood that the US initially wanted an unscripted, “town hall” style meeting in Shanghai of around 1,000 young people, mostly Chinese students, to be broadcast live on television or streamed direct on major web portals.

    In a White House briefing on the Asia trip on Monday, Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser, told journalists: “We will be having an event where the president will have the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with Chinese youth, where he’ll have the opportunity both to speak to them and also to take some questions and hear directly from young Chinese.”

    Questioned on the details, including how participants would be chosen and whether the meeting would be broadcast, he said: “We’re still working out some of the details that are related to that event … Obviously the president would appreciate the opportunity to reach the broadest possible audience. That’s always a priority of his.”

    But it has since emerged that while talks have been going on for around a fortnight, the US is still unclear whether the event can go ahead on terms it considers satisfactory. A source with knowledge of the issue said that if it does, it is thought a maximum of 600 people would participate.

    Ditching the event would be embarrassing to both sides. It is common for visiting leaders and other politicians to deliver speeches at Chinese universities and take questions afterwards, and hold other meetings with young people.

    The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, also took part in a webchat with Chinese internet users – via the site of a state-owned newspaper – when she visited earlier this year.

    In reality, participants in such meetings are carefully vetted by the Chinese authorities, and fully briefed on the questions they should ask. But Chinese officials may be anxious at the size of the audience the US sought and the unscripted nature of the event combined with the live aspect.

    In January, Chinese state television cut away from Obama’s inauguration speech when he referred to the defeat of “fascism and communism”.

    Obama is due to visit the Forbidden City and the Great Wall during his maiden trip to China, as well as holding talks with the country’s president, Hu Jintao, its premier, Wen Jiabao, and the mayor of Shanghai. The Us president will hold a joint press conference with Hu.


  54. I just heard McCain on FOx actually say that Ft Hood was a terrorist attack. I also heard Hillary include the Ft. Hood attack when she brought the terrorists attacks of 9/11 in her speech at the USS New York.

    Whats with the closet in Hasan’s apt that read Do Not Enter?

  55. Clinton vows Philippines support

    Hillary Clinton has pledged continued US support for the Philippines in the fight against southern Islamist rebels.
    In her first visit to the Philippines as US secretary of state, she also highlighted the US military’s role in relief work after devastating typhoons.

    About 600 US troops are in the country providing training and intelligence for the Philippine army fighting the separatist rebels.

    She also visited a badly damaged high school and pledged $5m (£3m) in aid.

    “I would just reiterate that the United States stands ready to assist our friends in the Philippines who are seeking to counter terrorism and the threat of extremism and we will be willing to support them in any way that is appropriate that they request,” Mrs Clinton said after meeting Philippine President Gloria Arroyo and Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo at the beginning of her two-day visit.

    “We were very pleased that we can respond quickly with our military assets,” she said, referring to joint US-Philippine rescue work during widespread floods caused by several back-to-back typhoons. “Filipino and American doctors worked side-by-side to help thousands of flood victims. We saw our military forces working together to airlift thousands of tons of food, equipment and other vital cargo.” US troops will continue to provide assistance in the Philippines, she said.

    Sources close to the secretary of state say Mrs Clinton will also take the opportunity to reject calls to renegotiate the stationing of US troops in the south.
    Senators in the Philippines have called for an amendment to the Visiting Forces Agreement, a pact which allows American troops to be based in the country. The US says the soldiers are taking part in training.

    But those in opposition to the agreement question the troops’ true purpose in the south, where Islamist militants have been fighting for an independent homeland for decades.

    Burma call

    Mrs Clinton also used her visit to urge Burma’s military leaders to release opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, applying pressure before the prime minister, Thein Sein, is expected to meet President Barack Obama at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Singapore on Sunday.

    “We are trying to encourage Burma to conduct the kind of internal dialogue with all the stakeholders, including Aung San Suu Kyi, that could lead to there being fair, free and credible elections next year,” she said.

    Ms Suu Kyi has spent 14 of the last 20 years in detention. Her house arrest was extended earlier this year by 18 months, meaning she can not participate in the elections.
    Her National League for Democracy won elections in 1990 but the military never recognised the victory.


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