Horses, Women, Healthcare, Gays, Dimocrats, Beasts, And George W.

Yesterday, 3,000 miles from Washington, in California, a mare by the name of Zenyatta became the first female horse to win the most prestigious race in horse racing – The Breeders’ Cup. So spectacular was Zenyatta that now there is the very high possibility that she will be named Horse of the Year for 2009.

There is another horse that was, before yesterday’s Breeder’s Cup results, expected to easily win Horse of the Year – a horse by the name of Rachel Alexandra. This means that two female horses, are now vying for Horse of the Year. It seems that female horses, whatever their travails, get more respect than female humans.

Gay-Americans know they too get less respect than what we call animals. Remember this?:

During the primary Barack Obama organized a gay-bashing tour exploiting African-American homophobia to his benefit. On election day that homophobia continued.

Proposition 2 in California passed on Tuesday. Proposition 2 benefited farm animals. Proposition 2 protects pregnant pigs, calves and hens as well as any animal in an enclosed area. California farm animals have their rights enhanced in Barack World. California Gay-Americans are sent to the Obama slaughter house.

Proposition 8, with big help from Obama supporters passed in California. Many of those Obama supporters that supported Proposition 8 were African-Americans who voted for Proposition 8 by 70%. Obama said nary a word against proposition 8. Obama’s voice was employed by supporters of Proposition 8 in robocalls to win support for Proposition 8. The Obama South Carolina gay-bashing tour echoed in California.

Many African-American Obama supporters who wept and gloried in the end of racism in America turned on Gay-Americans. [Some wonderful African-Americans fought against Proposition 8 with the same strength that some African-Americans supported Hillary.] Obama said nary a word against the bigotry.

Gay-Americans: Welcome to Reality. .

Welcome to Barack’s World.

Women should have learned the lesson, Gay-Americans should have learned the lesson. Others will have to learn the lesson too:

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

But some women are too hardheaded, if not stupid or supine, to learn. Representatives Diana DeGette and Louise Slaughter (Chairwoman of the Rules Committee) are the laughingstocks who co-chair the laughingstock “Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus”. These two clowns wrote last night:

“Placing onerous new restrictions on a woman’s right to choose sets a terrible precedent and marks a significant step backwards. This effort will effectively ban abortion coverage in all plans, both private and public – marking a significant scaling back of the options offered under existing laws. Such a terrible, last minute amendment to a critical, historic piece of legislation is a shame. This kind of outrageous interference in health care by the government marks a sad day in this struggle and will result in women across America losing the right to health care.”

These two clowns issued the statement then voted for the health care scam last night. Louise Slaughter, as the wooden chair who runs the Rules Committee earlier scampered from the Rules Committee when the Stupak Amendment was allowed to proceed to a vote on the House floor.

Early last month, DeGette the clown wrote:

Since the beginning of the health care reform debate, we have committed ourselves to the premise that nothing in the bill should change existing abortion laws in this country. The Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus will not vote in favor of a bill that takes a woman’s access to care back one step.”

The Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus is over 190 members strong.

Shouldn’t that read “190 members weak“?

We certainly do not begrudge “pro-life” representatives the right to fight for their viewpoint. What we mock is the weakness of clowns like Slaughter and DeGette who prove to be useless cowards after making grand declarations about how they will fight and “not vote in favor of a bill that takes a woman’s access to care back one step.” Then these clowns vote for the bill even as they declare and denounce “a terrible precedent and marks a significant step backwards“. They are Clowns who must not be listened to or believed.

Remember when Obama, in a nationally televised speech promised the nation he would not support any bill over $900 trillion? The House bill passed last night is over a trillion dollars.

Remember the outrage when Obama in a nationally televised speech was called a liar when he declared illegal immigrants would not be included in a health care bill?

Joe Wilson was right:

Obama met at the White House with several Hispanic lawmakers who oppose any prohibition on the ability of illegal immigrants to use their own money to purchase health coverage in a new government-run marketplace.

“He listened to us. We listened to him,” said Rep. Nydia Velazquez, D-N.Y., head of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. “We made it very clear that 20 votes in the Hispanic caucus” depend on the language in the House bill. Currently, there is no prohibition in the House bill against illegal immigrants buying insurance in the exchange, but the White House backs such a ban and one exists in the Senate bill.

Whatever the merits of insuring illegal immigrants (“undocumented workers” in politically correct language), who can believe anything Obama says if he lies in front of a nationally televised audience? Then Obama thugs attack the truth teller in order to defend Obama. Big Media joins in the protection and does not explicitly point to the Obama lies.

Constitutional lawyer and clown Barack Obama must not have heard of Plyler vs. Doe, the 1982 Supreme Court ruling which effectively will assure that illegal/undocumented persons cannot be denied health care benefits.

Who can trust Barack Obama when he lies with such dexterity in a nationally televised forum, whatever the merits of an issue?

Who can trust Dimocrats when Dimocrats betray the deepest core values they publicly profess but then run away when the time to fight arrives? Who can trust the so-called “Congressional Progressive Caucus” who made all sorts of empty threats then voted for the Obamination? Clowns.

Who can trust Hopium den PINOs who now want war declared on those who voted against the toxic health care scam when they exhausted themselves mocking conservatives who removed a Republican who appeared to be more of a Dimocrat than many other Dimocrats. Frank Rich appears to be unaware of the civil war amongst the Dimocrats even today.

In the Hopium dens, PINOs blame pro-life Dimocrats while ignoring the biggest PINO of them all – Barack Obama. It was Obama who vowed to remove abortion funding from any health care scam he would sign. It was also Barack Obama who included the Hyde Amendment in the 2010 budget.

Some girls, women, and gays (and PINOs and Dimocrats, and Democrats and African-Americans and Jews) who don’t want to be considered less than animals better start singing a new song or remain beasts of burden for Obama.

Last night Nancy Pelousy and the Dimocratic “leadership” strutted like George W. Bush on an aircraft carrier. Now the mission many Americans will demand is to get rid of last night’s “accomplishment”. In 2010 that is exactly what will happen.